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New Life as a Lewd Futanari Succubus

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“I said, I want you to reincarnate me in a generic fantasy world with a game-like system as a voluptuous futanari succubus with big tits and irresistible smile.”

“Wh-wh… hah?” the blonde, scantily-clad goddess with full lips and giant tits appeared to be malfunctioning.

“You can’t do it?” the old man asked, disappointed. He thought the meaning of the goddess’s phrase “near-limitless possibilities for reincarnation” was pretty straightforward. The old man took a sip from the teacup the goddess offered him when he awoke in her garden, sitting at a round golden table, opposite of the goddess.

“I-I-I… What’s a futanari?” Luluna finally asked. Yes, the big-tittied goddess’s name was Luluna.

“You don’t know?” the old man, Simon, was legitimately surprised.

“Should I?”

“Everyone knows what’s a futanari!”

“They do?”

“Well, if they don’t know, they should!”

“Should they?” Luluna raised her eyebrow and took a sip from her porcelain cup. “I don’t know, and I don’t feel like I’m missing out on something.”

“Oh, but you are,” Simon smiled imagining the busty goddess with a dick, fucking her twin sister, then spraying her load all over those gigantic cow tits.

“I don’t have a twin sister!” Luluna shouted slamming her teacup against the table, breaking it to pieces. Some of the tea sprayed on her pure white dress. It didn’t escape his attention that the goddesses’ cheeks were as red as a beetroot.

“That’s too bad,” Simon smiled, noting to himself that the goddess was capable of—at the very least—peeking into his imagination. But how could he control himself? Each time he looked at Luluna’s natural bosom, he wanted to titty-fuck her. To think that I died without experiencing something like that at least once! Holding her breasts tightly together… My hands would probably sink into her—

“Stop that!” Luluna waved both her hands in front of her. “That’s it! Clairvoyance, OFF!”

“Ok-ok, I’m sorry,” Simon chuckled.

“You have no shame!” Luluna frowned. “Every time it’s the same thing! So what that I have big breasts! Did you know that I finished top of my class in worldbuilding?”

“Alright, I get it! I really am sorry,” he apologized, sincerely worrying that he hurt the goddesses’ feelings.

It probably does get pretty annoying, if all of this blonde’s interactions with perverts like me end up with her seeing images of being ravaged in all kinds of degrading ways. Simon was also thankful that humans never developed any mind-reading abilities in his lifetime… Where were we? Oh, right!

“As I was trying to explain,” Simon continued. “A futanari is a sexy girl of legal, consent-giving age with a functioning dick!” he explained the obvious to a goddess that—honestly—should have known better. “Sometimes a futanari also has a pussy, sometimes just a dick. Usually, if a futanari has only a dick, then she also has balls, but if she has a pussy, then the dick is usually an extension of her clitoris. Though, of course, a futanari can also have all three: dick, balls, and pussy.”

“I think I’m going to be sick,” the goddess said weakly with disgust on her face.

True, she does look a little pale, but what does she have to be disgusted about? I think it’s pretty sexy for a smoking hot woman to have a dick to fuck another girl with and fill her up with semen, that—

“Oh, I almost forgot!” Simon smacked his fist against the palm of his old wrinkly hand. “Make sure to give me a skill that allows me to choose when my cum can impregnate the women I’m fucking!”

“A skill?”

“Yes, a skill!” Simon snapped back at the useless goddess. “Didn’t I mention a game-like system? You’re a goddess, aren’t you? How can you not know these things? Role-playing games with systems, skills, health points have been part of our world since the last century!”

“I… I’m sorry—I’ve just recently been promoted to this job,” Luluna apologized, all flustered. “And I haven’t gotten such a strange request yet.”

“How many people have you offered reincarnation to so far?” Simon asked out of curiosity.

“Only three,” Luluna lowered her head.

“And what did they choose?”

“Well,” Luluna looked away, stalling her answer. “One of them wanted to reincarnate as a talented actor that would become a star as a child.”

“Boooring,” the old man rolled his dim eyes.

“The other one wished to be reincarnated within a family where he would have three younger and three older open-minded, perverted sisters…”

Simon whistled, impressed with his predecessor’s choice.

“And the third one?” he asked.

“He asked to be reincarnated as a hot nympho girl that was immune to STDs and had no gag reflex,” Luluna mumbled, lowering her head even lower.

“Well, obviously, my world must not have any STDs at all,” Simon said, grateful for the reminder.

“But why a girl with? And with a… A penis?” Luluna asked.

“Because girls are hot! And I want to be hot! But I also want to fuck other girls! And a lot of them! Petite ones, voluptuous ones, MILFs and their daughters, princesses and their sisters… If I see a hot girl with a nice ass, I want to bend her over and fuck her right there. And I want all of them to love it and beg for more!”

“Did… Did you never grow up?”

“I thought I grew up,” the old man said. “I thought that such depraved fantasies were beneath me. All my life I lied to myself.”

Luluna shook her head and then slapped her cheeks twice. To regain composure? To wake up?

“Listen, you were a brilliant researcher,” the goddess said, trying to redirect the conversation. “I mean, you found a cure for cancer! And you were a loyal husband! A father to three beautiful daughters. A man who was respected, who—”

“Regretted his life choices on his death bed,” Simon finished the goddess’s sentence properly. “I only did those things because it was the “right” thing to do. I didn’t cheat because it was the “right” thing to do. I wasted the best years of my life studying and working instead of partying and fucking hot chicks.”

“But your work was revolutionary!” the goddess kept pestering him, reminding the old man of his past life. “You saved hundreds of thousands of lives! Your name will be recorded in the annals of history! You will be remembered for—”

“I DIED REGRETTING MY LIFE!!” Simon shouted at the top of my lungs, letting out his repressed feelings. “Do you really think I cared about what I did for humanity when I was lying in my own shit, weak and in pain, realizing that I never once had a threesome!? Do you really think I care that some ungrateful imbeciles might stumble upon my name in Wikipedia a hundred years from now while my corpse rots away six feet under!? And that’s assuming they’ll finally start human trials now that I’m dead and can’t profit from my own research! By the time they’re done with it, my name most likely will be nowhere near the final product!

“I’m making a difference”, “I’ll be remembered for this”, “I’m a good family man”—It’s the kind of bullshit I used to tell myself during those long, lonely nights in the lab, while my colleagues were high on drugs, screwing barely legal teenagers!”

Simon spat to the side, into the lush grass, disgusted with himself. “I wasn’t honorable or a great man. I was a fraud! A coward who didn’t have the guts to tell his wife he wanted to leave her a long time ago! Eventually, I escaped into my work completely, comforting myself with fantasies of fame and glory. In the end, I was denied even that…”

Simon chuckled and realized that his eyes were wet.

“That is true—in the human world you will finally gain the recognition you deserve long after your death,” Luluna said somberly. “But here, in the higher realm, you are recognized for your work! Karma cares not for fame, glory, or intentions. Only hard work and the end result matter. And your soul has extraordinary potential for great things! Even though your memories will be erased, even though you might face countless hardships, souls like yours are needed for—”

“No! Please! Don’t send me back into that meat grinder!” Simon pleaded. “Losing my memories… Learning nothing from all of my regrets and suffering? Wouldn’t I end up making the same mistakes again?”

“No life is the same as another,” Luluna said. “But for a soul to achieve great things, sacrifices—”

“No!” Simon shouted. “I’ve sacrificed enough for one lifetime! Do you have any idea what I went through in the last years of my life? The crushing weight of soul-ripping regrets?”

“If it was so horrible, why not erase all those painful memories and start over?” Luluna asked.

“Have you ever had to lie to someone on their death bed by saying “I love you”?” Simon asked. “Just because you were too big of a coward to break their heart early enough to give them a chance to find someone who would have truly loved them?”

“I can’t say I have,” Luluna said quietly.

“I am the only one who knows. If you erase my memories, then it might as well never had happened. But it did! I know! And I don’t want to forget that! Even those horrible last years of my life, they were mine! No matter how painful… To forget everything… To erase everything... Erase me? When I finally know what I truly desire? For what? Another round of noble sacrifice? What was so noble about it? Call me selfish, evil, or a monster but I want none of it! If my work really was recognized here for something, I want to cash out that karma for all it’s worth and drown myself in wish-fulfillment and carnal pleasures!”

Luluna sighed and said, “While that is possible—I must warn you, if you choose to tarnish and debase your soul to such extents as you propose, we will not meet again.”

Simon took a deep breath and said, “I am who I am right now. And right now, finally, I choose to be true to myself!”

“Very well,” Luluna closed her eyes and waved her arm in a large arc. Bright, sparkly light followed her hand. “Let us see about this world you wish for…”

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The blinding navy light that filled the cold, unwelcoming room subsided, returning to its origin in the center of the oval room, where a stone altar was placed on a pedestal. About two dozen hooded figures in blue robes were on their knees in a circle around the altar.

With the disappearance of the otherworldly light, the room returned to the dark, lit only by a dozen torches upon the granite walls. The men and women inside the room waited for their eyes to readjust to the dark after the sudden miracle of their ritual.

One of the men adjusted quicker than the others. Garbed in gold and purple, with a long, twisted staff in his hand. The topper of the staff was a cracked skull of some small, misshapen creature. That man was the first to see the shape of a girl's naked body, laying on the altar.

“SUCCEEEEESSS!!!” the man in purple shouted as he jumped up from his knees. “The hero that has been promised is finally here!”

It was this screeching voice—bouncing from wall to wall—that awoke the girl. She opened her eyes and sat up, startled, and overwhelmed by her returning sensations.

The last time she was alive, she felt very little besides pain and cold. Her eyesight was almost gone and all her hearing did was subject her to that unending, one-note ringing noise.

In hindsight, she should have realized that she also felt very little in Luluna’s realm. Certainly, no cold. But no warmth either. At least, her insides weren’t continuously ripping themselves to pieces. But how could she not notice that the tea had no flavor or consistency?

It all contributed to the surreal experience of suddenly inhabiting a living, breathing, healthy, youthful body. Her sharp hearing was assaulted by the unbearable echoing of the shouting madman. Her keen eyesight quickly adapted to the dark. She saw the hooded figures surrounding her better than she ever could for the last five years of her previous life, though she did not know what to make of the strange gold symbols all over one of the men’s layered robes. She felt the cold of the hard slab she was resting on. Even the strange aching, rising heat just below her abdomen.

“She’s alive!” the same man in purple shouted again when he saw the naked girl sit upon the altar. But then he froze and just stared at the girl, mesmerized. It took him several seconds to snap out of it. “Ah, Forgive me!”

The man in purple dropped to his knees, prostrating himself before the girl on the altar. The other figures followed suit—prostrating themselves as if before a deity. There was little doubt that the girl was not human. Her beauty alone would be enough for some to deem her divine. However, the small leather-like wings on her back and a thin, long tail with a heart shape at the end, suggested a more sinister origin. The color of the girl's hair that reached her shoulder blades was also unnatural. A color that some had seen in the lakes of the Forbidden Valley.

Ah! Could it be? The girl’s heart skipped a beat. For a moment her excitement managed to override the barrage of sensations. Did that goddess really do it? A wish-fulfillment fantasy world with a system? Only one way to find out!

The girl extended her slender hand and shouted, “Status!”

Before the girl’s eyes a semi-translucent, square window appeared, a variation on countless games, novels, and tv shows. The girl grinned from ear to ear as she studied her own status tab. She wiped her eyes when the window got blurry from tears.









1 (0%)

Health Points

100/100 (+0.2/sec)

Arousal Points

20/20 (+0.01/sec)

Stamina Points

20/20 (+0.05/sec)

Physical Attack


Physical Defense


Magic Attack


Magic Defense





“Beatrice,” the girl read quietly. “I like that name.”

“You heard that!?” the man in purple raised his head and shouted to the others. “Our savior just revealed her name! Beatrice! What a splendid name! Etch it into your minds! Spread it across the land! The name “Beatrice”! Praise our Savior, Beatrice!”

“Praise!” all in the room—except for Beatrice—repeated in unison.

Beatrice was still unsure of what was going on. She was sweating and breathing heavily, though she clearly understood it was not even warm in this room. Even though she was sitting, she felt light and heavy at the same time, somehow off-balance. An imposter in a stranger’s body.

Beatrice tried adjusting and shifting her weight just slightly. As she did so, she felt a weight around her chest she never felt before. She looked down and saw a pair of natural splendor. Something that she never got to see in such shape and volume. Not in real life, anyway. And so close! On full display, though from an unusual angle.

Beatrice’s hands reached all on their own. Before she even realized what she was doing, she was already breathing hard and massaging her soft breasts with both hands. The aching, pulsating heat below her abdomen, grew only stronger, demanding immediate attention.

Beatrice looked to the source of the heat. She gasped when her eyes fell on a thick, throbbing cock between her legs. By all indications, she was clearly in a developed woman’s body—thin waist, wide hips, slender arms and fingers, large breasts as soft as her thighs. And yet, there was this thing that at first glance did not belong on a woman’s body at all. But if that erect, veiny penis did not belong on Beatrice’s body, why did she feel so good stroking it?

“Ahn!” Beatrice moaned. That’s right! This is what it felt like! Oh, God, how long has it been!?

“Ooooh!” The futa girl increased the pace of her hand, tightening the grip around her pulsating member. She could think of nothing else except the increasing, trembling build-up at the base of her cock. Something forgotten and yet familiar was approaching fast. And she wanted nothing else but to experience it as soon as possible! With her free hand, Beatrice kept massaging her soft breasts. She felt her cock trembling and tried pinching her pink, hard nipple with two fingers.

“Haahhn!” Beatrice cried out and arched her back as if a bolt of electricity ran through her spine. The rapidly growing pressure in her throbbing shaft burst, unleashing waves of pleasure through the girl’s body. Beatrice moaned and kept furiously stroking her cock while it shot load after load of thick cum high into the air.

“Ah, the first blessings from our Savior!” the man in purple shouted and extended his hands above him, with the palms of his hands facing up. “Savor the shower of our Savior’s deepest essence and beg for forgiveness! For we not worthy!”

The other hooded men and women followed their leader's example—extending their hands toward the shower of their Savior's deepest essence.

The ramblings of the high priest barely even registered in Beatrice’s mind, who was still basking in the afterglow of her first orgasm in this new body. Tears rolled down her cheeks. The pleasure that was lost to her... The pleasure that she had no hope of experiencing ever again… It was here. Now. Stronger than she ever remembered. And after such a long time, this wasn’t nearly enough. Beatrice’s cock was still just as hard and ached for more.

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"Elen! Elen!” A girl with long fiery-red hair screamed and kicked while she was held tightly around the waist by a muscular older man. Both lightly armored, the man’s naked, sweaty muscular shoulders were reflecting the light from the scattered torches lying on the ground, next to the bloodied corpses of their fellow comrades. They were underground, deep in the tunnels beneath the mountains.

“She’s gone, Helen! Gone!” The muscular man with a blue mohawk shouted in the girl’s ear, trying to talk some sense into her. Helen’s torso armor was covered in some slimy translucent liquid that had the stench of rotten eggs and made it more difficult for the man to prevent the struggling girl from slipping away.

“Aaah!” the other survivor, Elen, cried out. She was on the ground, on her back, twitching, and jerking, her perky C-cups bounced with each movement. The plated and leather armor that served as Elen’s protection was destroyed. Some pieces were ripped apart, others—melted, scattered all around Elen, leaving her almost entirely naked.

Elen’s facial features were similar to Helen’s but twisted. She was sweating, her face was bright red. Tears rolled from her eyes and saliva leaked from her open mouth. At times, Elen’s eyes rolled back into her head as she struggled under the assault of a giant fleshy abomination.

Elen’s entire lower body up to waist was already inside the creature’s repugnant mouth. The fat, protruding purple lips of the creature’s mouth enveloped the girl’s waist. Slimy liquid continued seeping from the creature’s mouth. Slowly, inch by inch, the creature sucked Elen deeper inside.

“Uaah!” Elen cried out again as her whole body spasmed. She appeared too weak to put up any resistance to the creature. Elen managed to put her hands on the putrid lips of the creature. Whether it was a coincidence or the creature reacted to the girl’s touch, the fleshy monster effortlessly lifted the girl several feet from the ground and slammed her back down.

“GHAAH!” Elen let out another cry. She stopped fighting back and laid there, breathing heavily. Her entire body continued twitching, even her hard nipples. With her last remaining strength, Elen reached out to her comrades and called her sister’s name, “Hel… Helen… Helen!”

“Let me go!” Helen screamed as her companion slowly retreated with the girl in his arms. “She needs me! She’s pleading! Brock, I beg you! Help her!”

“We can’t help her!” Brock answered between heavy breaths. “Think of Lily! Who will take care of her if you stay!? Do you really want her to lose both her older sisters in one night!?”

“B-but!” Helen looked at her older sister. She never saw her sister in such a state and barely recognized her. Why was she making that face? A strong, proud warrior, Elen saved them all countless times, and when she needed their help… Helen couldn’t hold back her tears. Their eyes locked for the last time before Brock pulled Helen away around the corner of the repugnant tunnels.

When Helen returned home and wobbled inside like a living corpse, she barely mustered the courage to face her little sister. But even then, she couldn’t look Lily in the eyes when she finally gathered the strength to tell of their older sister’s demise.

“Why didn’t you save her!?” Lily, the blue-haired nine-year-old cried. “Elen always took care of you! Why couldn’t you!? You can never do anything right! I hate you! Bring me my sister back!”

Helen took the barrage of accusations without an answer. She simply clenched her fists and teeth, cursing her own uselessness.

“I wish you were the one who was killed!” Lily screamed and stormed off into her room.

Helen huddled in a corner and wept.

That night Helen couldn’t sleep. She futilely rolled naked on her bedsheets. She was sweating. Burning up. Each time Helen closed her eyes, she saw her older sister’s face. That vulgar expression. At first, Helen lied to herself. That’s not what I saw. Not Elen. She would have never… She begged for my help. She called my name! And I didn’t help…

But as the night progressed, Helen’s excuses made less and less sense to her. She knew what she saw. As much as Helen tried to deny it, that scene was not something she had never seen before. That unmistakable expression on the face of lesser adventurers who met a similar fate. The face of ecstasy. Her sister did not cry out in pain. She cried because of the intense pleasure. Elen did not call her sister’s name to plead for help. She reached out inviting Helen to join her.

How could they have known they would encounter a Devourer in those tunnels? An S-class monster that Helen only ever heard rumors of. It was beyond the skills of even someone like her older sister. The fluid that the malformed abomination constantly secreted, was only one of its deadly weapons.

The taste, the smell, even simple direct skin contact with the fluids of the Devourer has an immediate effect on humans. What matters is the level and length of exposure. Even momentary contact with the fluid weakens the Devourer’s prey. Over time, it drives both men and women mad with lust. Helen had no idea what the long-term effects of the contact could be. She never knew anyone who lived to tell the tale.

Helen now knew that the fluids also had acidic properties, as they heavily damaged her armor. But because of this discovery, Helen had some peace of mind that the fluid did not reach her skin because she did not have a single burn mark. Not even a rash. But for someone like her older sister…

Both the belly and the mouth of a Devourer are supposed to be always filled with that dangerous fluid. To have her lower body submerged in those fluids… At the peak of their effect, they continuously alter the human mind and body, until all, five senses are only capable of deciphering any sensation as pleasurable and arousing.

Helen wondered if her sister was still alive, inside the belly of the devourer. Was she thinking of her sister right now? Helen realized it was unlikely.

Eventually, the Devourer’s fluids dissolve the human mind completely—it is simply overwhelmed by the continued overstimulation that it has not evolved to endure. Before long even the most strong-willed humans would not be able to form coherent thoughts. Their entire existence devolves to the simple need to orgasm again and again, willingly giving themselves to the ever-increasing levels of pleasure they could never experience during normal sex. Even if they beg for more, even if they beg to stop, the result is the same—absolute submission to the endless waves of ecstasy, no matter what is being done to them. The human part is gone. The only thing that remains is semi-conscious flesh, drooling from the demonic pleasure that never ceases.

Helen continued fingering her drenching pussy, imagining what it would feel like to be in the place of her older sister. She remembered her older sister’s twitching nipples. Helen always thought her sister was better in every way, including her looks. To see her dear sister in such a state. Even though it was so wrong, why did Helen find it so arousing? Why couldn’t she stop masturbating, thinking of all the ways her sister’s hot body was toyed with?

When Elen reached out and called her sister’s name to join her in the clutches of the Devourer. What if she did? Would they be both inside its belly now? Entwined, licking each other, cumming again and again while the monster’s fluids drive them both mad.

Even when Helen climaxed for the second time to these depraved fantasies, it was still not enough. How could it be enough? When her older sister could experience so much more!

If Helen went out right now, would she be able to reach that same creature that swallowed her sister? Would she make it in time to join her older sister in the belly of the beast? She couldn’t. She didn’t deserve such pleasure. She made her choice when she ran away. Even if she regretted her decision now, she would never make it to her sister on her own.

Helen now only had her fingers and her fantasies to satiate that ache that never went away. Her sheets were drenched, her throat was dry and sore but Helen continued assaulting both her holes again and again until she finally passed out early in the morning.

Over the next several days Helen barely functioned as a human. She drank little and ate almost nothing. She even left her dear little sister to her own devices. Not because she hated her or held a grudge for what Lily said. Helen was simply kept forgetting that Lily existed. All her thoughts were with her older sister and the Devourer. During both the day and night, Helen could think of little else, sinking deeper and deeper as her fantasies got more depraved, shameful, and increasingly arousing.

Their supplies ran low, and the debt that had only increased due to the sisters’ failed expedition was not going anywhere. However, Helen had no place in her mind for such things. After a few days, Lily got seriously worried about the state her sister was in, but Helen either weakly brushed off her concerns or outright ignored her little sister.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Lily was not supposed to open the door to strangers. She hid in the corner of her room, with her ears covered, but the knocking—that soon turned into banging— had already continued for well over an hour. And all this time Helen ignored it completely. Helen did not leave her locked room, nor even so much as respond to Lily’s frightened calls for help.

After another hour of banging on the door, Lily couldn’t take it anymore. She rushed out of her room, run to the wooden door, that still somehow remained on its rusty hinges, and opened it wide.

A tall pale man in his mid-twenties with short spiky silver hair stood at the entrance. He wore purple robes with golden symbols and looked calm and collected for someone who had banged on a door for several hours.

“May I come in?” He asked Lily.

“Who are you? What do you want?” Lily asked in a strong tone, looking directly into the man’s crimson eyes while clenching her fist tight for courage.

“My name is Lucarad,” the man answered and bowed. “I am looking for Helen. You must be Lily?”

“I-I am,” Lily answered.

“A pleasure to meet such a lovely young lady,” Lucarad smiled. “Is your sister still here? Is she well? Could you call her for me?”

“I… Already tried. What do you want with her?”

“I want to help. May I come in?”

“Y… Yes,” Lily said.

The next moment Lucarad rushed past Lily with a gust of wind, like a dog that’s been let off its leash. He rushed to the second floor as if he knew where Helen was all along. Without knocking, he broke down the door into Helen’s room and found her on all fours on the wooden floor—moaning and fucking herself in her ass and pussy with the hilts of her daggers.

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Helen ignored the man in purple robes that just barged into her room. No, it was more correct to say that she didn’t even notice him. Had her house been burning down, she probably would not have noticed that too. Helen only gripped the blades of her daggers tighter and moaned louder as she increased the pace with the hilts of which she assaulted her holes. Her hands were bleeding through her damaged armored gloves.

“It looks like I made it just in time,” Lucarad said, completely unfazed by the sight before his eyes. Out of his purple robes, he pulled out a small misshapen skull and raised it high into the air. Lucarad then chanted words in an unfamiliar, crude language.

A black mist formed around the skull. And as Lucarad continued his chanting, a similar mist seeped directly out of the pores of Helen’s skin, flowing into the skull. Helen screamed and jammed the hilts as deep as she could inside her, up to the crossguards.

She tensed up and trembled while the last of the black mist was drained out of her. After that, she collapsed on the ground—breathing hard but alive.

“Ah... It worked?” Lucarad gasped. His grin grew wider. “Ha! It worked! Bwahahahaha! Suck on it, Ginhels! You all laughed at me! Well, who’s going to have the last laugh now!? Hahaha!!”

As Helen came to her senses, her eyes grew wide. She gasped in horror, finally aware of her actions, as if awoken from a dream.

“Lily!” Helen screamed and ran out of her room, down the wooden stairs. She found her little sister close to the stairs and fell to her knees at her side. She hugged her tightly and cried.

“Please forgive me!” Helen wept and begged her sister, “I’m sorry! I’m sorry I’m such a useless sister! I’m sorry for everything!”

Lily just stood there, in her sister’s tight grip—speechless and confused. Finally, she said, “Sister, you’re crushing me.”

“Oh!” Helen let go of her little sister and wiped the tears from her own eyes. “I-I’m sorry.”

Then Helen looked at the young man in purple robes, who stood behind them at the base of the steps.

“Thank you,” Helen said. “But… Who are you?”

“My name is Lucarad,” the young man smiled and bowed like an actor on stage. “And I’m the one who’s going to save this world!”


“Are you deaf?” Lucarad asked and his smile disappeared. “I said I’m going to save this world! And for that, I will require your assistance!”

“M-my help?” Helen pointed at her useless self. She was convinced that she was the one who desperately needed help.” What could I possibly do to help save the world?”

“That!” Lucarad pointed at Helen’s pussy, still moist from her earlier actions.

“Ah!” Helen screamed, flustered, and covered her private parts. She only now realized that she’s completely naked before her little sister and a complete stranger.

“I am searching for humans who came in contact with the Taint and somehow managed to survive,” Lucarad explained. “Which is not easy, because every single one of them is not long for this world. In one way or another. I require the essence that people like you continuously produce.”

“E-essence? Produce?” Helen asked. Her cheeks were as red as cherries.

“I will explain more on the way. I’m taking you with me to the capital.”

“W-wait, no! I can’t!” Helen protested. “What about Lily? I can’t leave her. I can’t go at all! I have debts I need to take care of. The winter is coming, and—”

“Your debts will be taken care of,” Lucarad assured Helen. “Your sister will also be provided with enough supplies and provisions to prosper until your return. I may not look it, but I have certain influential sponsors.”

“But I can’t leave her on her own!” Helen insisted.

“That’s right!” Lily supported her sister. “We’re staying together!”

“The capital is no place for a cute little girl,” Lucarad said. “You had no problems leaving your sister alone for weeks before.”

“How do you know that?” Helen asked.

“Typical life of a commoner Adventurer,” Lucarad said, waving off such dangerous, pitiful existence. “You think you’ll be able to provide a better life for your sister on your own?”

“Y…” The word stuck in Helen’s throat. After her older sister’s demise, she had no self-confidence to speak of.

“I’ve wasted enough time here,” Lucarad said and turned towards the exit. “But I must warn you—the drain I performed was only temporary. Now that you are Tainted, your body will continue to produce more of the essence. You will eventually succumb, and your little sister will be left alone anyway. But without anyone to support her.”

Helen was left speechless. Lucarad did not wait for an answer and slowly walked toward the door. When he placed his hands on the handle and opened the creaking door, Helen shouted, “Wait!”

Lucarad smiled and then turned to Helen, “You have ten minutes to get dressed and set your affairs in order. I’ll be outside.”

As soon as Lucarad walked out the door, Helen placed her hands on Lily’s tiny shoulders and said, “Lily, I’m sorry for being such a useless sister! If I was any better, our big sister would be with us. If I was any better, I could solve this on my own. But I can’t. I have to make sure that you’re safe and taken care of. That responsibility is on my shoulders now. And right now I can only do that by going away. But I promise I’ll return!”

“Promise?” Lily asked, tearing up.

“Promise,” Helen said softly and hugged her sister tighter. She then had to hurry to get dressed and pack her things.

Helen’s only good armor was ruined, so when she got dressed she looked no different than a peasant. When Helen went outside, Lucarad was already on his black horse.

Helen hugged her sister one more time and said, “Take care of our home until I return. Can you do that for me?”

Lily nodded.

“Good girl,” Helen said as tears rolled down her cheeks. “You’re a much more dependable younger sister than I am.”

Helen walked alongside Lucarad’s horse. Only when her home disappeared behind the grassland slopes did she speak to her new companion.

“I’m grateful for your help, but how did you even know I needed it? How did you find us?”

“Brock told me I could find you here,” Lucarad said without looking at Helen.

“Brock!” Helen exclaimed. “I completely forgot! I was supposed to meet him days ago! We’ll have to—”

“He’s dead,” Lucarad stated matter-of-factly.

“No!” Helen gasped and froze in place, covering her mouth with her hands.

“No stopping!” Lucarad raised his voice. “We have a lot of ground to cover! You stopping and delaying us, will not bring him back.”

Helen took a deep breath and continued walking, hurrying to catch up to Lucarad’s horse.

“What happened?” She asked.

“The Taint plays tricks on human minds, as you are well aware of yourself. One of the very few coherent things I was able to deduce from his ramblings was where you lived and that you might also be affected by the Taint.”

“And how am I supposed to help you… Save the world?”

Lucarad grinned and dug into his robes with his right hand. He then pulled out an old, wrinkled scroll and showed it to Helen before putting it back.

“I will not be saving the world directly,” he said, barely able to contain his excitement. “Legends tell of a hero that will one day arrive in this world. For decades I’ve studied these legends until I found these old scrolls. They foretell a summoning using the very same energy that we want to destroy. And after many more decades and grueling experiments, I have finally found a way to harvest it!”

Decades? Helen thought and looked at the young man.

“I need to find many more affected by the Taint!” Lucarad said with excitement. “Together we will summon the hero that has been promised! The hero that will be able to fight and defeat the demons and their creatures! The hero whose very essence will be strong enough to defeat and cure the Taint!”

Years later, Helen found herself in a cold, dimly lit room, on her knees, reaching with her hands and sticking out her tongue for the essence of a lust-filled being that they had summoned.

Chapter Text

“What a splendid being!” The man in purple robes shouted as he caught the futanari’s raining cum into the palms of his hands, grinning like a madman. “Her face, her breasts, her pussy, her dick! She is perfect in every way! We are all truly blessed to see the mythical Futanari in our lifetime!”

At the same time, for a couple of brief seconds after orgasming, Beatrice was lucid enough to realize what she was doing in front of all these hooded strangers.

Did I seriously just masturbate in front of all these people!? Beatrice was shocked by her own actions. What the hell was I thinking? No matter how good it felt, I should have had some control and used common sense! But… They don’t seem to mind. In fact, they’re catching my cum with their hands and tongues? They’re happy!

When a white drop fell near the corner of Lucarad’s mouth, the young man licked it off his face and continued, “Many thought Futanari to be fairy tales. Stories passed around by whores in brothels. But I knew the truth! I’ve always known!”

Ah, that’s right. If this was a normal world, I’d be either thrown in jail or raped right here where I lay! Yet they keep babbling something about me being a savior? That damn Luluna goddess! She really came through on this one!

“Hnn,” Beatrice let out a moan when she realized she’s been massaging breasts and cock this entire time. What the hell? I just came a minute ago! The head of my penis should be hurting if I rub it like this. Why am I still so hard? Why does it still feel so good? Wait! What was that in my status?

Arousal Points

15/20 (+0.01/sec)

Arousal Points? Beatrice wondered what it meant. Health Points, Mana Points, and the like were standard fare for most roleplaying games. Mana Points were sometimes Energy or Stamina Points, but they usually meant the same thing as far as game mechanics went. But this. And I’m down five points. Could it be from cumming? If only I could right-click—

Arousal points.

A Succubus rarely thinks of anything but sex. Its need for sexual pleasure constantly grows, and the longer a Succubus goes on without release the hornier it gets. As Arousal Points get closer to the cap, Succubus’s brain prioritizes search for pleasure over everything else, until the Succubus can think of nothing else but sex and self-satisfaction, whatever the cost.

“Haaah,” Beatrice moaned. Something like this is a part of my system? And the points did decrease when I orgasmed. But that means I need to cum four times to bring it back to zero? And the regeneration rate per second—

“Ahn!” Beatrice moaned again and bit her lip. She could no longer do any math. Not right now. She couldn’t do anything else. All unnecessary thoughts were overridden by her primal need. Beatrice was still horny and couldn’t resist stroking her cock, lubed by her own cum that trickled down her shaft after the big sprays of her first orgasm.

“Are we cured?” one of the hooded figures in blue robes—a man—asked.

“I don’t feel cured,” another figure—a woman—spoke up.

“Are you complete morons?” Lucarad—their leader—shouted. “The Taint cannot be cured so easily! Not from a couple of droplets! Even if they come from the Savior!”

Beatrice paid little attention to the hooded figures. Her cock demanded her undivided attention. Her previous orgasm was sublime, but it seemed that it only reignited her desire for pleasure. The nerves that were long dead and severed in her old body, were at their prime in this lust-driven body and ached for more.

What those Arousal Points meant, how they controlled her actions, Beatrice had already forgotten. She was hard and horny. That was all that mattered to her now.

“Our hero is still horny!” Lucarad shouted. “Don’t you see she’s overtaken by the lust of the ritual!? Taking all of your lust we collected over years! Something that a normal human being would be driven mad by! We must show our support! We must show our gratitude to our Savior and service her properly! Hurry! Prove your devotion!"

"Helen!” Lucarad screamed and pointed at the girl with his index finger. “It is time for you to do your part in the salvation of this world! You did not withhold from sex for a month for nothing! Prove your usefulness! Take care of our Savior who in turn will make this world safe for you and your little sister!”

“Useful”, yes, Helen thought as she rose to her feet and approached the altar. This is what I came here for. This is how I can take care of my little sister. How I can be useful. I can finally be useful. With small, timid steps, Helen approached the big-tittied futanari who was again lost in pleasuring herself.

Chapter Text

Once at the altar, Helen leaned toward the futanari’s cock. Amazing, the priestess thought, studying the thick piece of meat. She watched how the futanari slid her gentle hand up and down the veins of a hot, thick, pulsating cock. Nothing like the other priests, Helen thought and then gasped. Where are the testicles? How could she cum so much without them? Truly a being of legends!

And her pussylips! Helen kept staring with her mouth half-open. Such an amazing shape! What is that liquid leaking from her? No! I can’t possibly touch her there! I have no right! Do I even dare touch her cock? Do I dare to interrupt her? No, I have to! It is my job to satisfy the cock of our Savior! The High Priest himself ordered me to do so! I can do it! I can! For my little sister!

Helen finally mustered the courage to reach for the hot object. She didn’t dare to touch it with her hand. She probably knows much better what to do than me. I can do only one thing. Something she cannot do! Helen opened her mouth and slowly lowered it over the head of Beatrice’s cock. She took it into her mouth and licked the head of the cock with her tongue.

“Oooooh!” the futanari cried and tensed up from the new sensations.

If only Elen could see me now! Helen thought. She would be so proud of me! I’m helping save the world! Yes! This is required of me. I must do my duty as a priestess. It is not for my enjoyment. But… If I touch myself, the Savior might enjoy the show and have her relief faster. Yes—for the relief of the Savior! I’m doing this for the Savior, not for myself. The Savior will love to see me plunge my fingers inside my naughty pussy. Look! I can take three fingers inside me so easily!

Helen’s efforts did not go unnoticed. Beatrice took a look at the redhead that was sucking her off. She had always dreamed of having sex with a girl that enjoyed giving head so much that she could not help but reach toward her own pussy.

Helen felt Beatrice’s cock expand inside her mouth. Oh, the Savior likes it! Her cock is as hard as a rock! She really likes it! She likes me! I’m doing a good job! And I can make her feel even better! I can take her deeper—

“Ugh,” Helen gagged and had to let go of Beatrice’s cock to take a breath. As Beatrice’s cock exited Helen’s mouth, they were connected by strands of spit. Beatrice’s entire cock was wet and slippery from Helen’s spit. And while the redhead breathed deeply from her inexperienced mouth, she instinctively knew to stroke the futanari’s cock to keep the stimulation going, spreading her own lube all over it.

Once recovered, Helen took the futanari’s cock into her mouth again, as deep as she could, pressing it against the opening that led to her throat.

“Uuugh, so good!” The futanari moaned and arched her back.

“Good”? She said “good”! She said that word! She praised me! Helen thought while servicing the futanari’s cock. I’m doing a good job! See, older sister? I’m not useless after all! See what a good cocksucker I am? I wish you were here right now! I wish we could suck this cock together! We could rub each other’s pussies as we serviced this thick piece of meat. Lick each other’s saliva off it. You would like that, wouldn’t you, big sister?

Beatrice couldn’t know what Helen was thinking, but she could feel that the redhead enjoyed her cock. And that was all that mattered to Beatrice. She placed her hands on the back of Helen’s head and pushed her down, penetrating the gentle opening to the girl’s throat, plunging deep inside.

“Glhrgh!” Helen gurgled, her eyes teared up from the unexpected violation. She convulsed and gagged, barely holding back from vomiting. But the futanari just kept roughly moving her head back and forth for her own selfish pleasure.

“Hhhn! Incredible!” Beatrice moaned. “So, this is what it feels like!? Ugh! The pressure—Haah! The pleasure of having my whole cock inside a pretty girl’s mouth!”

It only took a couple more of rough bobs of Helen’s head for the futanari to unleash her second load down Helen’s throat. The redhead could feel the semen pumping directly into her stomach, overflowing her canals, filling up her mouth. She struggled to break free until finally, Beatrice released her head.

“Gaaaah!” Helen gasped for air and let cum leak from her mouth, while Beatrice sprayed more over her messy face.

 -5 Arousal Points.


Arousal Points

11/20 (+0.01/sec)


Two tabs quickly flashed through Beatrice’s mind in rapid succession now that she had climaxed, but her thoughts were elsewhere—with the redhead she just used for her pleasure.

Helen was exhausted. She collapsed on the floor at the altar. But seeing her breathing hard, her pretty face smeared with cum, tears, and saliva, only excited the futanari more. Beatrice’s dick remained hard. She lusted after Helen’s body. She wanted to rip off her robes and violate her fully—a proper reward for the good service.

“Priscilla! Victoria!” Lucarad called out the names of two more women among his members. “Do you not see our Savior’s lust-filled gaze? Have you not yet realized that a futanari summoned by lust will not be satisfied so easily? Hurry up and help Helen take care of our Savior’s needs!”

Chapter Text

“Heavenly Strike!” Victoria screamed and cleaved the last enemy, an Arachling in half. The two feet high, eight-legged creature fell motionless, four legs to each of the halves. The heavily-armored warrior with blonde, wavy hair swung her claymore to shake off the purple blood off the blade.

“We really should have prepared more before heading out,” a petite girl with twin ponytails said while healing the wounds of another party member, a knight named Rebecca. She wore heavy armor, similar to Victoria, but relied on her trusty short sword and heavy triangular shield.

“Nonsense, Priscilla,” the leader of the party, Amarantha said. She was tall and slender, her bob haircut suited her deep purple hair. She wore black leather armor and had a single curved dagger for a weapon. “How could we delay any longer when the villagers literally begged on their knees for our help?”

“I agree with Amy!” A green-haired ranger, Cassy said. “If we waited any longer, the girls might be beyond saving.”

The ranger wore a cute, short, low-cut light green dress that revealed a good third of her large breasts, while also put her thighs on full display thanks to a combination with her white stockings. On her back, Cassy had a quiver full of finely crafted arrows and a small bow as her weapon. If all those things were not enough to give away her origin, her long, pointy ears left no doubt that Cassy was an Elf.

“They are probably beyond saving already,” Victoria said.

“This discussion is pointless now,” Rebecca said as she stood up and took up her weapons. “We must find Ararachni before its spawn wears us down.”

The five girls ventured deeper into the web-covered tunnels. After about five minutes since their last combat encounter, they finally found one of the girls from the villages.

“Here, come quick!” Cassy screamed.

“Quiet!” Rebecca whispered, worried about them attracting more unnecessary enemies.

The girls rushed to Cassy, but none of them could say a word when they saw the villager. The girl was pinned to the wall, completely nude, wrapped in webs. Only her perky breasts and pussy were exposed. All her limbs were bound to the rocks, except for her left arm, which was pressed to her torso. By mere luck or by some devious purpose, the girl’s free hand ended up right at her crotch. And she kept continuously rubbing her clit over and over while her pussy extruded a strange white liquid.

“Happy… Happy… So happy,” the girl repeated over and over again.

“It’s like she’s in a trance,” Rebecca said.

Cassy slowly reached to the liquid, but Victoria grabbed her hand.

“Don’t touch it!” Victoria said in a strong, ominous tone.

“But we have to help her!” Amy said.

“These webs are all connected,” Rebecca said, pointing at the complex maze of webs that spread from the girl all over the walls, disappearing in the darkness ahead. “If we try to free her, the whole nest will be warned of their prey trying to escape.”

“First we deal with the main threat, then we free who we can,” Victoria concluded. “Let’s go.”

The five girls went further. Rebecca first, followed by Victoria, then Amarantha, Priscilla, and the last—Cassy. The ranger looked back, worried. “I hope nothing happens to her while we’re gone,” she said.

“She’s beyond our help anyway,” Amarantha said with a smile.

“What? How?” Priscilla asked.

“Haven’t you heard?” Amarantha asked. “How else did you think Ararachni’s little spawn can drag human girls away so easily?”

“Don’t they use large numbers?” Priscilla asked.

“Yes, that’s the lie the villagers tell themselves to ignore the fact that the girls let themselves be taken away,” Amarantha said.

“Why would they do that?” Cassy asked.

“Because the poison of these creatures is highly toxic to humans,” Amarantha explained. “It affects the brain, that drowns the human in pleasure. Consumed by lust, the prey is unable to resist. Even the webs are soaked with this poison.”

As the group walked deeper into the tunnels they saw more girls, all bound in compromising positions. All of them nude, all of them lost in their own little worlds of ecstasy. The few of the girls that were still able to speak coherent words, all kept repeating similar things. Joy. Pleasure. Some even begged for more, clearly driven mad already.

“How horrible!” Cassy teared up.

“But why do they only abduct girls who are eighteen years old or older?” Rebecca asked.

“For impregnation,” Amarantha giggled. “Ararachni and its spawn sense when the girl’s bodies are ready. Ararachni uses human girls to lay its eggs and grow its brood. Sometimes the girls lay a dozen eggs at a time. That is the other reason why they poison the brain to produce so much pleasure. Without it, the mutation of human bodies needed to successfully produce the offsprings would be unbearable.”

“No,” Cassy gasped and looked around at the girls who were not even aware of their presence.

“Exactly. And the side effect of such heavy alteration is that when the girls finally lay eggs for the first time, they reach such peaks of ecstasy that their brains simply malfunction. They want nothing more but to lay eggs again and again, eagerly waiting for their turn to be impregnated once again. They probably don’t even remember that they’re human.”

“Ugh, I think I might throw up,” Priscilla said, looking paler than usual.

“This is a new form of evil,” Rebecca said with disgust on her face. “We have to find that creature right away and rip it to pieces!”

“Yeah, about that,” Amarantha said and disappeared from sight.

“What?” Rebecca looked behind her when something flashed through the air.

“I’m afraid I can’t let you do that,” Amarantha said with a smile, standing inches behind Rebecca.

“Ghuagh!” Rebecca choked when her throat split open and blood poured forward.

Chapter Text

“Kh… Kha—” Rebecca choked on her own blood. She tried to hold the gaping wound on her neck with her hand, but it was no use—the blood kept pouring through her fingers.

“REBECCAAA!!!” Priscilla screamed and rushed to her fallen sister in arms.

“You traitorous—” Victoria dashed at Amarantha with her claymore drawn, but the assassin disappeared from her sight.

Amarantha appeared behind the Victoria and thrust her dagger through the gaps of the warrior’s armor—at the waist and behind the knee, both critical hits. Crippled, Victoria fell to her knees while Amarantha sprinted to Priscilla.

Because Amarantha’s [Blink] spell was on cooldown, Priscilla saw the purple-haired assassin coming and managed to dodge a fatal attack at her neck, but the second attack from Amarantha proved just as deadly. The assassin effortlessly cut through the side of the healer’s light armor and rushed to her last target while Priscilla bled out on the ground behind her.

“AMY! STOP!” Cassy desperately screamed. She raised her bow and managed to nock an arrow despite her shaking hands. The ranger grit her teeth, aiming at the swift and nimble assassin, but there was no conviction on her face. The terrified girl could never have imagined that one of their own, someone with whom they’ve spent their entire lives ever since they escaped from that dreadful orphanage, would betray them in such a cruel and senseless way.

“Please, why are you—” Cassy tried to reason with her dearest friend but was swiftly silenced. Forever. Cassy never found out why Amarantha betrayed her and the others. The only mercy she received was a quick death—the ranger’s decapitated head fell to the ground at Amarantha’s feet before her headless body toppled over.

“MURDERER!!!” Victoria screamed and swung her claymore at the standing Amarantha. But the assassin effortlessly dodged the attack and increased the distance from the warrior until they were at least thirty feet apart.

Amarantha gracefully landed on her feet, while Victoria barely managed to stand. She used her claymore for support and pressed her wound with her free hand. Victoria looked at the grinning, self-satisfied assassin and said, “You bastard... How could you do this to your sisters?”

“We’re not even related,” Amarantha shrugged.

“We’ve been together for eighteen years!” Victoria screamed. “How could you!?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Amarantha asked sarcastically and raised her hands as if the others should have seen this coming. “Remember the night when the four of us had some fun while you sat in the corner polishing your claymore?”

“… You’re going to have to be more specific,” Victoria said. Way too many cold winter nights flashed through her mind when her lesbian sisters in arms kept each other warm the best way they knew. Victoria was the only one who refused to participate, despite the blatant advances from the others, especially Priscilla.

“That time I asked Cassy to put small wooden balls into my pussy which I then slowly squeezed out while she fingered my butt?”

“Oh, no,” Victoria gasped as the horrifying truth dawned on her.

“That’s right!” Amarantha proclaimed. “For years I have fantasized about oviposition! To have a creature like Ararachni lay its eggs inside me. To deliver them with a smile on my face like a good incubator! Eventually, my fantasies were not enough. I rushed our expedition to this lair. And when I saw how happy the girls here are, I made up my mind. I want nothing more than give my body to Ararachni!”

“Then why didn’t you just go here alone and disappear along with your disgusting fantasies!?”

“And risk you killing the creature? No! You were the only competent adventurers in the area. Obviously, you all had to die!”

“You’re insane!” Victoria screamed.

“It’s the rest of the world that’s insane!” Amarantha said. “Why should I suffer through the rest of my life, fighting for scraps to sustain a meager existence, when a much better option exists? No pain. No worries. Just pleasure for the rest of my life in the best way I could possibly imagine!”

“I’ve heard enough!” Victoria said and raised her claymore. Her whole body ached from each move she made, but Victoria’s resolve was strong. “I will kill you for what you have done. Here. Now!”

“You can try,” Amarantha smiled wickedly and licked the blood off her dagger.


Victoria’s attack was interrupted. Both she and Amarantha were covered in webs right where they stood. Out of the shadows, their original target, Ararachni, approached. An eight-legged abomination.

“Ara… Ara,” the monster hissed in a high-pitched voice, that pierced the ears. Ararachni was grotesque. Its flesh was sickly red, green, and purple. Each of its legs was of different lengths and thicknesses. The head of the monster was asymmetrical, with fifteen protruding black eyes, covering the head seemingly at random.

It approached Amarantha first, towering over the girl.

“Valkyrie’s Last Stand!” Victoria shouted. Her blade shined with divine light, melting the surrounding web from the claymore and her arm. Ararachni paid no attention to Victoria. Instead, the monster salivated over Amarantha. Victoria managed to cut the rest of the webs that held her and freed herself. She looked ahead at Amarantha, who was face to face with the eight-legged abomination.

“Ah, Yes!” Amarantha extended her one free hand toward the monster. “For so long… I’ve waited for so long! Please, take me now! I can’t bear it anymore!”

Victoria raised her claymore, ready to charge and strike down her former comrade, but hesitated at the last second when she saw Ararachni already raising its many crooked appendages above the captured girl.

If I move there now, even if I can strike down Ararachni’s prey, it will surely strike back against me in vengeance, Victoria thought. And as I am right now, I won’t be fast enough to avoid both its legs and the webs.


Victoria turned around and saw Priscilla, bleeding, covered in webs, but with open eyes.

“Priscilla!?” Victoria screamed in surprise. She’s alive!?

Victoria left Amarantha to her fate and limped toward Priscilla.

“Hold on, dear sister,” Victoria said and freed Priscilla from her ropes. Victoria then helped Priscilla up, supporting most of her friend’s weight.

“Ugh,” Priscilla moaned, wincing from the pain that emanated from the gaping wound on the side of her torso. “If I somehow make it through this I will eat you out as no girl has ever done before. Which would be—cough—completely immoral if we were related by blood.”

“It’s a good thing we’re not,” Victoria said, indulging her friend’s fantasies. Anything to keep her alive while they took their first steps away from the monster’s lair. “Let’s get out of here while we still can!”

Though Priscilla was usually light as a feather, Victoria’s own wounds were getting the better of her. Even killing a single Arachling they encountered on their way out took Victoria to the brink of collapse. Did I seriously think I could kill Amarantha and get away with it? Victoria thought and almost laughed at her foolishness.

Victoria tried not to look at the trapped girls—lost in pleasure—that she passed. I can’t help them. I can’t help them, Victoria kept repeating. I can barely get myself and Priscilla out. And the way they are… They would probably resist, even if I was in any condition to help.

They look like they’re in heaven… How can it possibly feel good enough to throw your life away? To betray your non-blood-related sisters in arms? How could she? Amarantha, you treacherous snake! Did you get what you want? Are you drowning in pleasure like these girls? Are you having fun as your reward for killing your friends? Your lovers?

Victoria’s blood was boiling. That fate is too good for that traitor! I should go back and cut off her head! If she enjoys being a monster’s plaything that much, maybe she’ll enjoy being run through as well! I might be able to get away… And if not… If Ararachi does capture me... Would it be that bad? At least I’d get to have my revenge.

The price for killing a comrade is giving yourself to the monster to have its way with you? Somehow that seems right. Would it make me a bad person if I gave myself to that fate? If I enjoyed that? But what about Priscilla? Do I take her with me? Would she be ready to join me among the other girls trapped here? We would both end up impregnated by Ararachni? For the rest of our lives, our only purpose would be to lay eggs for monsters and climax each time

“Light… There’s light up ahead,” Priscilla uttered weakly.

The voice of her dear friend snapped Victoria out of her delusions. She did not even notice how far she managed to walk while lost in her own fantasies. Her friend’s voice gave Victoria the strength to take the last steps outside Ararachni’s lair.

“Haaaah,” Victoria gasped and collapsed on the ground from overexertion. Her consciousness faded.

“Victora? Victoria!” Priscilla shouted, trying to shake her friend back to reality, not noticing that blood kept pouring from her own wound.

“Perhaps we can help?” Priscilla heard a man’s voice.

She looked up and through a haze saw two figures standing on the rocky terrain that surrounded Ararachni’s lair. A young man with short white hair and in purple robes slowly approached her. Timidly trailing just behind him, was a redhead in blue robes. That was when Priscilla's body finally gave out and she fell unconscious next to her Victoria.

Chapter Text

Two cloaked figures approached Beatrice who was still on the altar, unable to control her lust.

The shorter figure removed the hood that covered her face, revealing a youthful girl with blue twin ponytails, about twenty years old. Unlike the others, this girl, it seemed, went out of her way to adjust her robes to be form-fitting. In several places, she accomplished this by strapping and tightening old leather belts around the baggy cloth, such as around her torso and arms. If her goal was to show off her petite figure, she accomplished that.

The taller figure next to the twin-tailed girl also removed her hood, revealing a beautiful woman with long blonde wavy hair. She had strong features and sharp eyes.

A bodyguard? Beatrice wondered, judging by the blonde’s stern expression.

They stopped just a few feet from the stone altar. The short girl hopped behind the blonde and grabbed hold of the blonde’s prominent breasts, fondling them through the robes.

“Priscilla!” Victoria screamed and looked back at the twin-tailed girl. The blonde seemed shocked and ashamed but did nothing to stop the little pervert.

“Masturbation and a half-decent blowjob won’t cut it when you have girls like us,” Priscilla said while looking Beatrice straight in the eyes. “Wouldn’t you rather fuck one of us? Or both of us?”

“Priscilla—Ah!” Victoria exclaimed, blushing and deeply embarrassed about the degrading ways her friend spoke about them both. “How can you say such things?”

“How can I?” Priscilla asked and sunk her hand into Victoria’s robes, digging deeper and lower, past the blonde’s abdomen, until she reached her target between Victoria’s thighs. “You’re the one who’s not being honest here!”

“Ahn!” Victoria moaned and clenched her fists, trying to control herself under the assault of Priscilla’s skilled fingers.

“You’ve never gotten this wet, this fast with me!” Priscilla complained. “Could it be… Is it because of the Savior? Is it because of her looks? Or because the size of the Savior’s cow tits rivals your own?”

‘Cow tits’? Beatrice thought and massaged her breasts. Sure, they’re big, double Ds most likely. But they’re not saggy in the slightest!

“D-don’t say—hn—such things!” Victoria whimpered in a way that Beatrice would never have expected when she first saw her.

Priscilla kept up her attack on her friend’s weak spot with one hand while undressing her with the other. Without wasted movements, without relenting her assault even for a second. It was clear to Beatrice that the twin-tailed girl had done this many times before.

As soon, as the blonde’s ample right breast dropped into the open, Priscilla pinched the exposed nipple.

“Hyah!” Victoria screamed while Priscilla continued undressing her. Victoria’s entire upper torso was now on full display and Beatrice was able to appreciate Priscilla’s frustration. Victoria’s breasts were massive and with no bra to support them, gave in to gravity.

“This really pisses me off!” Priscilla growled while sliding the remaining robes down Victoria’s legs. “I can tolerate you being blessed with these watermelons. They’re two of the reasons I like you, but I absolutely hate how you go into heat the moment you see another set like yours!”

“That’s not true!” Victoria cried.

“Who are you trying to fool!?” Priscilla yelled and plunged two fingers deep between Victoria’s swollen pussy lips.

“Ooooh!” Victoria moaned and arched her back while Priscilla stood behind and fingered her.

“At least your lower lips don’t lie,” Pricilla said with a wide grin and kept finger fucking the blonde. “Don’t think I didn’t see the way you rubbed your thighs under your robes! The way you squirmed when you saw our Savior’s big perky tits! The way you licked off every last drop from your hands, I saw it all! I’m always watching you!”

Victoria just stood there with her eyes closed and let Priscilla have her way with her, moaning all the way while Priscilla berated her. Just as Victoria got used to Priscilla’s unrelenting rhythm, Priscilla pulled her fingers out of Victoria’s drenching pussy and raised them up close to the blonde’s face.

“See how wet you are?” Priscilla asked as she held her fingers—glistening with Victoria’s pussy juice—close to Victoria’s lips.

“Aaah,” Victoria opened her mouth and took Priscilla’s fingers inside, sucking on them, licking off her own juices with her tongue.

“Good girl,” Priscilla said softly and smiled.

Priscilla stood up on her toes, reaching to Victoria with her wet tongue, salivating for a kiss. Victoria turned around and gladly accepted Priscilla’s tongue inside her mouth. They embraced in a passionate kiss.

Chapter Text

How these two have changed, Lucarad thought as he watched two of his priestesses make out. The Taint did a number on them. Was it the powerful poison of Ararachni combined with near-death experience? At first, their fantasies revolved around submitting themselves to monsters for impregnation. I suppose it was only a matter of time before they had to take care of their sexual frustrations with each other.

Or was it a coping mechanism to deal with what happened to them in those tunnels? Lucarad wondered while Victoria undressed Priscilla, revealing her slender A-cup breasts. The girls got only more excited and continued exchanging sloppy kisses. Either way, there really is a limit to how much I can keep the Taint in check with my Skull of Nightmares.

Victoria’s and Priscilla’s passionate lovemaking was interrupted when warm white liquid sprayed over their one side.

“Ah!?” Victoria exclaimed and separated from Priscilla’s lips when something warm and sticky splashed on her cheek. She winced instinctively, protecting her eyes as more of the white liquid sprayed over them, coming from the altar.

“Aaah, aaaah, uuuuh,” Beatrice kept jerking her cock, aiming and spraying her cum directly at the girls. She splattered on both the girls’ sides—their thighs, hips, stomachs, most of Victoria’s right breast, all over their hair, especially Victoria’s golden locks.

In her past life, Beatrice had never witnessed two hot girls make out right in front of her and for her amusement. She simply couldn’t hold back. When the girls locked in a kiss as they undressed, all Beatrice could think about was cumming on their faces and have them lick her cum off of each other.

 -5 Arousal Points.


Arousal Points

7/20 (+0.01/sec)


Unfortunately, Beatrice did not fully fulfill her fantasy. Beatrice’s inexperience with her new body, combined with her heightened arousal, overexcitement of indulging in her missed fantasies, and heightened sensitivity of her penis from cumming two times before, led to poor control and aim. Only two meager shots reached Victoria’s face.

“Haaah,” Beatrice breathed deeply, trying to regain her composure. She was sweating, her heart was beating wildly. But most of all Beatrice was deeply ashamed of her poor performance.

So, this is what it means to be a level 1 succubus? She asked herself. Did I even last a minute?

However, Beatrice’s lamentations vanished from her mind when she saw the twin-tailed blue-haired lick the cum off Victoria’s cheek.

“My my, aren’t we lucky?” Priscilla said as she continued collecting all of Beatrice’s cum off Victoria’s face. Once she was done, she added, “Although the taste hasn’t improved.”

“Sh-she already came three times,” Victoria said quietly while looking at Beatrice’s cock with hazy eyes. “But her... T-thing is still hard?”

“Yes, it is,” Priscilla said and grinned, staring at the futanari’s cock herself. “How badly do you want to be fucked by it?”

“W-what!?” Victoria exclaimed, seemingly surprised by Priscilla’s words.

“Don’t play coy!” Priscilla giggled and slid her index finger across Victoria’s pussy lips. “You’re so horny, your juices are literally flowing out of you! Do you want to be fucked by the savior that badly?”

“Hn, don’t say such things,” Victoria whimpered.

“I can’t blame you, she’s a stunner,” Priscilla said and glanced at Beatrice who again gently massaging her shaft. “You always did have a thing for giant tits. And this one even comes with a thick piece of meat to ravage you with. She really is everything you could dream of, isn’t it?

“Please stop,” Victoria begged and teared up.

But Priscilla only added another finger to her second attack on Victoria’s pussy and said to Beatrice, “See what a hopeless slut my dear sister in arms is? She puts up this high and mighty act, but as soon as she sees a pair of big tits she goes in heat!”

“Ahn, No!” Victoria moaned and had to lean on Priscilla because her legs were shaking from the stimulation.

“Don’t you dare lie to me!” Priscilla shouted. “Do you really think I don’t know about all the times you sneaked out at nights for a quicky with the local tavern wench? I knew the true reason why you never joined us for the fun nights! It was because our breasts weren’t big enough for your taste! And I know you secretly made advances on Cassy, even though she cared only for that snake, Amy!”

“H-haah… H-how?” Victoria barely managed to speak, powerless against Priscilla’s fingers.

“Didn’t I tell you? I’m always watching you! And your encounters with the wenches? At first, I had a hard time figuring out which you enjoyed more—having your cow tits licked, or burying your face in a pair of another’s. But I made sure to study carefully the techniques you used on each other.”

“Ah! Y-you mean…”

“That’s right! I followed you! Every. Single. Time. Hehe,” Priscilla giggled and licked her lips, quickening the pace of her fingers inside Victoria’s pussy, while rubbing her swollen clit with her thumb at the same time. “Even during the coldest winter nights, after all the others were asleep. I could barely keep myself warm, you know? Buried in the snow under the tavern’s window. I often ended up with frostbitten fingers, despite doing my best to keep them warm in my pussy. I often used four at once to be efficient, while I watched you warming yourself in the embrace of another. That’s how I learned all your deepest desires!”


“The toys you carved out of wood, and the way you used them on those wenches. You never brought them out with me! Even though I learned to lick your breasts the way you like! Even though I learned to treat your pussy properly! Is it just because my breasts aren’t big enough!? Did you fantasize about big-breasted wenches every time you lay with me?”

“N-no! Ahn!” Victoria denied Priscilla's accusations.

“Don’t lie to me!” Priscilla screamed. “Your pussy lips never lie! That’s why I love them! I know you’re fantasizing about the Savor! I know you want her to take you like a man would while you lay on your back and squeeze her breasts! I know! I had to climb the uneven, slippery tavern walls to look through the second-floor window, so I know!”

“Ahhh! Ahn!” Victoria only moaned. She no longer had the strength or the will to argue against Priscilla. Over a decade of combat experience and training was the only thing that still kept the blonde warrior on her feet, despite the growing waves of pleasure.

“The Savior really is the perfect woman for you!” Priscilla screamed, her own eyes watered. “She has huge tits, unlike me! She has a thick dick, unlike me! I would gladly fuck you if I had a dick between my legs as the Savior does! I would gladly smother you with my breasts if they were big enough!”

Priscilla momentarily relented her assault on Victoria’s clit and pussy, and wiped the tears from her eyes. “But it’s alright. It’s fine! It’s not your fault you are this way. Although we were once only sisters of combat, we have are now sisters of love. And lovers forgive. I will always forgive you, no matter how selfish you are! No matter how many times you betray me!”

With reddish and wet eyes, Priscilla turned to Beatrice and said, “Well, miss Savior-sama… A flat-chested little sister or a big-tittied onee-san—which would you prefer as your first fuck in this world?”

Chapter Text

“Hn—hah?” Beatrice couldn’t believe what she just heard. The futanari had stopped massaging her cock for a while now. She just sat on the edge of the stone altar, taken aback by the twin-tailed girl’s outburst of anguish, caused by—how it ultimately seemed to Beatrice— nonreciprocal love.

“I’m saying that this blonde slut is desperate for a futanari cock,” Priscilla said with a forced smile and spread Victoria’s pussy lips to reveal her welcoming wet hole. “What are you still waiting for? I find it hard to believe she’s not your type, but I suppose that is why the High Priest, Lord Lucarad offered me as well, just in case you had a fetish for girls cursed with tiny breasts.”

Beatrice didn’t answer. Priscilla, was it? Despite everything she said a minute ago, this girl is inviting me to fuck her… Friend? Sister? Lover? While she just watches with an aching heart? She’s even offering herself despite having feelings for that big-breasted blonde?

“Why are you hesitating?” Priscilla asked. “Your cock is still hard, which means you want to fuck at least one of us, right?”

Suddenly, Beatrice thought the same thing. Why am I hesitating? Just moments before I couldn’t help but masturbate and pleasure myself over and over again in front of everyone, not caring about what they might think of me! No, I completely forgot about their existence! What has changed now? Is it that “Arousal” system? Is it controlling me that much?

Beatrice mentally brought up in her mind’s eye the specific stat.

Arousal Points

10/20 (+0.01/sec)

Wasn’t it at seven Points before? Beatrice tried to recall through the haze of pleasure and orgasms. Either way, it is recovering at a frightening rate!

Though Beatrice had no clock to tell how much time had passed, by doing quick math in her head she started to realize how fast her AP would max out every time.

“If these girls are not to your liking, we have many others!” The white-haired High Priest said loudly, from farther away. “If you’ve taken fancy to Helen, you may use her however you see fit to satiate your lust!”

“N-no-no, it’s fine!” Beatrice responded quickly while she was still lucid. Arousal wasn’t the issue—Victoria and Priscilla were plenty hot.

Ah! Beatrice nearly gasped and her eyes went wide. She had completely forgotten about the redhead she was enamored with mere minutes before and looked beneath the altar she was still sitting on. Helen was on the floor, at Beatrice’s feet. She was leaning with her back against the altar with her eyes closed, sucking on her index finger while rubbing herself between her legs. Helen’s blissful face was as clean as it could be, which—as Beatrice summarized—meant that she cleaned herself off with her fingers and licked them clean, now savoring the aftertaste.

That scene made Beatrice’s dick swell to its full form. It ached to ravage the redhead, who was clearly lost in pleasure and would probably indeed let herself be used in any way Beatrice wanted. Isn’t this what I wanted? Why I came here? Beatrice thought, fighting desperately against her base instincts that grew stronger with each passing second. No, Beatrice wanted to take care of something else, something fleeting—Priscilla!

Beatrice looked at the petite blue-haired girl, who now ended up in a rather awkward position along with Victoria—their further fate entirely dependant on Beatrice’s choice. They both looked at Beatrice.

Victoria’s surface thoughts were easy to read for Beatrice. The blonde looked at the futanari with guilty anticipation. She breathed hard, her face was flushed, and she kept squirming and rubbing her thighs craving for more stimulation that Priscilla stopped providing.

Priscilla’s pained expression was more complex. Beatrice looked deeply into Priscilla's teary eyes, trying to figure the girl out, and her relationship with Victoria. Though Priscilla clearly waited for Beatrice’s response, it wasn’t clear what result she was truly hoping for.

She already cried once, Beatrice thought. If I reject her now completely, take the redhead for my pleasure, while ignoring all of what Priscilla had done, how she poured her heart and soul out... How would she handle it? What would happen to her? What would it say about me?

This strange cult seems eager to please me in any way I see fit, but what about those I reject so blatantly? Would there be consequences for them? I find it hard to believe there wouldn’t be, considering how easily their High Priest was ready to discard his offering for a different one.

“My Lady, Beatrice—” Lucarad addressed the futanari again, but she interrupted him.

“It’s fine!” Beatrice said loudly and got off the altar that she spent all her time on in this world up until now. “I’ve made my choice!”

Chapter Text

When Beatrice stood up—tall and proud in the nude, all her assets on full display in front of two dozen people—she caught herself with the thought that she should have been way more embarrassed than she was. And yet—despite her hard dick pointing at the ceiling as it swayed from side to side with each of the futanari’s movements—Beatrice felt no shame in the slightest. Was it because of the whole Arousal system? Because of her Succubi race? Or was it simply her true pervert nature taking over?

That didn’t matter to her now. She had to concentrate all of her willpower on one task. Beatrice walked past the redhead who was in her own little world of pleasure. The futanari did not dare to look at the lewd redhead, fearing her own uncontrollable impulses. She instead slowly moved toward Victoria and Priscilla, toward the offerings this cult provided.

Beatrice was always partial to women with big tits, but something about the twin-tailed girl seemed particularly enticing. Was it just her petite, youthful body? Sure, Priscilla looked around twenty years old and her body was in its prime, but Victoria did not look more than a couple of years older and had much more womanly, voluptuous shapes.

At first, it was Priscilla’s open, playful attitude that caught Beatrice’s attention. Something, that Beatrice rarely experienced directed directly towards her in her past life. And definitely never that blatantly by a girl she never even met before.

Usually, that kind of open seduction would mean that the girl wanted something—either cheap thrills or money. Either way, it was an attitude Beatrice used to look down upon. In retrospect, she realized—all too late—that she looked down upon it because it was either not directed toward her, or she foolishly and cowardly avoided the places where she could experience it.

But here, even if all these people did want something from Beatrice, she had nothing to offer but her good looks and her hard, willing cock. On top of that, whatever this group of people really was, it looked like they practically worshipped her. If these people wanted a lustful sex goddess, Beatrice was more than willing to play the part.

And here I thought that goddess was innocent to these kinds of things, Beatrice thought as the realization set in that she could choose whichever pretty girl she wanted to fuck. If this keeps up, it really will be a one-of-a-kind experience.

Beatrice reached the two girls, who were both on their knees by now. They looked up at the futanari, past her erect dick that would have cast a shadow on Victoria’s face, had it not been for the poor lighting.

Beatrice wanted to fuck Priscilla, she really did. But the girl had become more than just a faceless fuck-toy to be used. Beatrice pitied her. She wanted to treat her properly. But she also wanted to shove her dick inside the twin-tailed girl... Grab her narrow hips and drive her up and down a futanari’s girthy cock. Watch Priscilla’s flat stomach, impatient to fill her insides with semen... Fuck I really am a pervert, Beatrice thought while dirtier and dirtier images flashed through her mind. No, she deserves a different prize first.

“Victoria,” Beatrice finally spoke and looked the naked blonde in the eyes. “If you want my dick inside you, turned around and lick Priscilla’s pussy.”

“Ah!” Victoria and Priscilla gasped in unison. Their eyes opened wide, Priscilla’s cheeks turned as red as cherries.

“B-but… Your tits… I want to…” Victoria mumbled sheepishly.

“Do you really only think about yourself?” Beatrice asked Victoria with a strong, scolding tone. “Are you always that selfish? Or only when you’re in heat?”

Am I pushing this too far? Beatrice wondered. No, if they see me as someone to be revered, I have to display a strong, confident, commanding side. And I must learn how far I can push my authority in this group.

“I’m n-not… Selfish!” Victoria moaned. Her hands buried between her closely-held together thighs. “After all I did… I just… You’re so… I was ordered to take care of your needs! That’s why… I… Wanted to… Your breasts—”

“If you make Priscilla cum, I’ll let you touch my breasts,” Beatrice interrupted Victoria’s excuses. “What I want right now is to take care of my needs by using your pussy while I watch you take that girl to heaven with your tongue. Now turn around!”

Victoria stared at Beatrice’s breasts, then at Beatrice’s cock. After an audible swallow, Victoria turned around on all fours, raising her into the air toward the succubus’s cock, while lowering her face to Priscilla’s crotch.

Priscilla hesitated for a moment. It seemed she could not foresee such a scenario and could not believe it even as it was happening. But she did lean slightly back, resting her hands on the floor. Finally, without saying a word, Priscilla parted her legs for Victoria.

Yes, this is my will, so you have no choice, Beatrice thought. No need to sugarcoat it. Especially for Priscilla—that way it will be easier for her to accept what she wanted all along.

Priscilla’s chest moved up and down, barely able to withstand the anticipation. She trembled just from Victoria placing her hands behind Priscilla’s thighs while the blonde moved closer with her mouth to the petite girl’s dripping pussy.

“Ahhhh!” Priscilla moaned and closed her eyes when Victoria’s lips finally touched her most sensitive area.

From her position, Beatrice could not see the details, but the slurping sounds coming from where the girls were connected, and Priscilla’s loud moans gave the futanari all the information she needed. When Beatrice saw Victoria run her hand down to her own clit and start rubbing it while juices dripped from her pussy, she could no longer hold back.

Beatrice got down on her knees and pressed the tip of her hard cock against Victoria’s overflowing wet pussy.

“Mmmn,” Victoria moaned while servicing Priscilla’s clit with her tongue. Her juices ran down the futanari’s shaft, signaling how ready she was. She slid her hand across the length of Beatrice’s cock, aiming it inside her slippery hole.

This was simply too much for Beatrice. She grabbed Victoria’s thighs and thrust deep inside her pussy, shoving her entire length inside in a single motion.

“Mmmmm!” Victoria moaned into Priscilla’s pussy. The rough movement pushed her further into Priscilla, who could not have been happier.

“Ahn, yes!” Priscilla moaned. She leaned forward and put her hands into the blonde’s luscious hair. Priscilla grabbed Victoria’s head tightly and pushed her deeper into her crotch. “Aahhhhh! Yes! This is where your lying lips belong! Right here, sucking on my clit!”

While Priscilla used Victoria’s upper lips for her pleasure, Beatrice pounded the blonde’s pussy as fast as she could. She could not control herself. She was in heaven.

My threesome! My first threesome! Beatrice kept repeating in her mind while she grunted and moaned. It was one thing to watch two girls have fun with each other. But to participate in it. To have one of the girls willingly service them both, to fuck her roughly while all three of them moaned, thinking of nothing else but their pleasure. How could she hold back?

Beatrice was too excited. She felt the familiar, pleasurable pressure building, and she gladly raced toward it. Her cock was aching to release inside Victoria’s tight pussy. She thrust hard and deep into Victoria until the rising pleasure overwhelmed her and she shot her first stream of cum into Victoria’s pussy. Beatrice groaned and sunk her nails into Victoria’s plump ass while continuing to unload inside the lustful blonde's warm pussy.


-5 Arousal Points


Level up!


Additional Skill Points available!


Chapter Text

“Yes, that’s it! Oh, don’t stop!” Priscilla moaned as she kept holding Victoria’s head, pushing it into her throbbing clit. Priscilla wrapped her skinny legs around Victoria’s upper back, like a spider that caught its prey. The blonde was not going anywhere until she properly satisfied Priscilla.

And Victoria gladly obliged. She held tightly onto Priscilla’s small ass, raking it with her fingernails.

“Ahhh, yes!” Priscilla screamed and threw her head back. She bit her lower lip as tears of joy formed in the corners of her eyes.

Beatrice did away with the announcements of the system from her mind’s eye. Beatrice was still inside the voluptuous blonde that she just came into. There was no way she would interrupt her first threesome to fiddle with stats and skills. Neither could she possibly go limp during a threesome, despite having already cum four times. Seeing the two girls enjoy each other made the futanari swell again and it was the perfect opportunity to finish what she had started.

Beatrice was well aware that she came first, without bringing Victoria to climax. And that simply could not be left unattended. What kind of a revered lust hero was she, if she couldn’t make a slutty big-tittied blonde cum at least once? Beatrice was not about to quit. Her pride as a newly-summoned succubus was on the line!

As her dick hardened, Beatrice moved her hips again, sliding her back and forth inside Victoria’s cum-lubricated pussy.

“A-again!?” Beatrice heard Victoria’s surprised voice, shocked about the succubus’s lack of any refractory period. Victoria must have parted her mouth from Priscilla’s pussy, because the petite girl clamped down on Victoria with her legs, tightening her grip and putting the blonde back in her rightful place.

“YEESSS!!” Beatrice heard the High Priest’s ecstatic voice behind her. “Our Savior celebrates her arrival to this world in the only proper way—by bringing pleasure to the sexually frustrated! Drowning them and herself in lust! We must follow the example of our Savior!”

“Everyone, unleash your lust!” The high priest screamed even louder. “Your pent-up feelings, your frustrations, your deepest desires that you held back for so long in preparation for this ritual, let it all loose! We must celebrate and bless this day by joining our naked bodies in the oldest and holiest of human acts! An act that brings love! An act that brings life! An act that shall bring us salvation!”

Through her peripheral vision, Beatrice saw men and women all around her undress and remove their robes. But the succubus only cared about the two girls in front of her and paid little mind to what the others did around them. Similarly, Priscilla and Victoria paid no attention to the other priests and priestesses. In fact, neither of them reacted to the newly-started orgy at all. Perhaps, they did not even notice. All of their attention was on each other.

As Beatrice moved in and out of Victoria, she realized that all the present men and women were already naked, engaged in sexual acts with each other. One bald man fucked a skinny, bent-over brunette from behind, while another man took her head and pushed her down on his cock, shoving it down the woman’s throat. He rocked his hips back and forth to his own rhythm. Each time he entered her all the way up to his balls, his cock bulged her throat.

Two other women—twins it seemed—sat in the corner and scissored each other. Several men were around them, stroking their cocks while a young woman with short red hair serviced them.

Beatrice even recognized the high priest—the only one here with white hair—having his way with Helen. She was on all fours, with her robes pulled over her, thrusting his cock inside her ass. The high priest pushed the redhead’s face against the stone altar, where she gagged on Beatrice’s cock earlier before. Helen moaned in pleasure and scraped her fingernails against the stone, clearly enjoying giving herself to carnal pleasures.

But despite all the men and women losing themselves in depravity, not a single one of them dared approach and interfere with Beatrice’s threesome. Not once did one come within a ten-foot radius of the succubus. Are they too scared to disturb us? Beatrice wondered. Is it per High Priest’s instructions? As long as they did not get in her way, Beatrice didn’t care.

Chapter Text

As the dark oval room filled with echoes of grunting men and moaning women, fucking all around the Succubus, Beatrice concentrated her efforts on Victoria.

Beatrice moved her hips faster and faster. Each of Beatrice’s thrusts into Victoria pushed the blonde into Priscilla’s pussy. Slowly, but surely, Beatrice took control of Priscilla’s pleasure. The faster and deeper the futanari moved, the greater stimulation Priscilla received from Victoria. Priscilla moaned each time Beatrice reached Victoria’s deepest point. Beatrice felt as if she was fucking the petite twin-tailed girl.

“Mfm, yesh,” Victoria moaned through her busy mouth as her body trembled. She moved her hips against Beatrice’s cock, eagerly slamming her shaking hips against Beatrice.

“Ugh, I’m—” Beatrice gasped. She felt the pleasure emanating from her cock rising rapidly. But she wasn’t alone. Victoria pushed her hips with all her force, impaling herself on the futanari’s rod. Beatrice heard the blonde’s muffled screams as she tensed up and her pussy clamped down around the futanari’s aching cock.

Even as she came, Victoria buried her face into Priscilla’s pussy. That, combined with the excitement of seeing her dear sister lost in pleasure, brought Priscilla closer to her own climax.

“Ah, yes!” Priscilla screamed. “Make me cum! Aaaah! Make me cum, Victoria-chan!”

The blonde’s inner muscles kept pulsing around the futanari’s cock inside her, and that sent Beatrice over the edge. She gripped Victoria’s hips tightly and thrust into her shaking pussy, exploding inside Victoria.

As Beatrice filled Victoria with her cum, the blonde gripped Priscilla’s ass and pulled the petite girl’s hips into her face, shoving her tongue deep inside Priscilla’s pussy. Priscilla lost herself in pleasure.

“I love you! Ahn!” Priscilla screamed as her whole body shook from head to toe. “I love you so much, Victoria-chan! Victoria-chan! Victoriaaaaaaaaaaaaa~!”

With shaking hands and legs, Priscilla kept pushing down Victoria, trying to raise her pleasure as much as possible. To extend her orgasm as long as possible.

-5 Arousal Points


Level up!


Additional Skill Points available!

Again, information tabs appeared in Beatrice’s mind’s eye, informing her of progress in this world’s system, and again Beatrice removed them from her mind’s eye. It was a distraction from the scene before her.

Beatrice pulled out of Victoria and got up. She then walked around the fucked blonde and reached to her face. With a gentle touch, Beatrice guided the blissful blonde to her sticky cock. Victoria understood right away—she parted her upper lips before they even reached the futanari’s cum-smeared dick. The blonde gently kissed the slippery head with parted lips and slowly took it inside her mouth. She licked the cum and her own juices with her tongue, sucking off the remaining liquid with her lips.

“Ahn,” Beatrice moaned as she watched the blonde work on her half-numb cock, enjoying the heavenly service. She then saw Priscilla get up on her knees beside Victoria.

Beatrice didn’t know whether Victoria could not or decided on purpose to not take the full length of Beatrice’s cock inside her mouth, even though it had softened and was not as girthy as before. This left plenty of Victoria’s pussy juices on the shaft, mixed with the futanari’s cum. And Priscilla greedily licked it all, savoring every drop of her lover’s juices.

Priscilla moved her tongue and lips inch by inch, closer to Victoria’s lips that were still around the head of the cock. The two girls’ lips connected at the tip of Beatrice’s cock. But they did not part from it. Instead, they stared directly into Beatrice’s eyes, keeping their lips around the tip of her cock. Victoria’s lips were on the left, Priscilla’s lips were on the right. They then slowly moved in unison, sliding their wet, sticky lips back and forth on Beatrice’s shaft.

“Haaahhh,” Beatrice moaned. Her cock was aching, hurting, but she still got hard from the double blowjob of two lovely girls, on their knees before Beatrice. Victoria and Priscilla continued to service the futanari's penis, sucking and licking the trembling shaft from both sides. Finally, they parted from Beatrice’s cock and wrapped their arms around each other’s naked bodies, exchanging sloppy kisses.

Their tongues were out. They pressed them together, licked each other’s lips, invaded each other’s mouths. The two girls moaned softly while they exchanging the sticky, bubbly mix of saliva, cum, and pussy juices.

Oh, God, that's hot! Beatrice lost her mind when she saw her fantasies become reality.

The futanari grunted as she violently jerked her penis. It hurt, but she continued regardless. Her cum-addled brain could barely separate pain from pleasure. She was too turned on by the sight of two girls passionately exchanging her cum in their mouths. Beatrice wanted to bring herself to climax one more time as fast as possible. To cover these two girls with her cum while they made out and played with her cum—that would be heaven. That imagined image of her splattering all over their faces, repeated over and over in Beatrice’s mind. She felt the numbing heat build again at the base of her shaft.

“Uuhhh, haaah,” Beatrice grunted as she jerked her cock with both hands as fast as she could. The friction hurt, but the pleasure increased with the pain. Beatrice’s tits bounced back and forth, her whole body trembled. She leaned over her cock, losing all sense of reality. She let out a deep grunt and lost control of her body.

Beatrice’s entire body convulsed as she shook and moaned through her mind-numbing, orgasm. Each jet of cum that rushed through the futanari’s cum brought her pain and blissful pleasure at the same time. She was still trembling even after cum had long stopped flowing out of her cock.

Beatrice couldn’t tell how long she stood there, tortured by her orgasm. Finally, her shaking knees gave out and she collapsed on the floor, lost in the afterglow of her orgasm.

When Beatrice came to her senses, she saw Victoria and Priscilla licking the remains of her cum off of each other’s faces. Beatrice couldn’t help but smile gleefully as she laid back on the floor and watched the two girls embrace in a deep, passionate kiss.

Chapter Text

After cumming so many times that she lost count, Beatrice finally calmed down enough to analyze her situation. The orgy of naked priests around her was approaching its climax. Victoria and Priscilla were in each other's arms, lying on the floor next to Beatrice. For once, Beatrice was able to observe the two girls without the urge to ravage them. This gave her an opportunity to look through her own stats with greater care.

Beatrice recalled leveling up two times during her intercourse, so it seemed a good idea to finally figure out what changed and how this world's "system" worked.









3 (2%)

Health Points

140/140 (+0.28/sec)

Arousal Points

0/30 (+0.01/sec)

Stamina Points

40/40 (+0.1/sec)

Physical Attack


Physical Defense


Magic Attack


Magic Defense





Ah, my Arousal Points are down to 0 from all that… “Sensual experience”. I suppose this confirms that I’m currently way too reliant on these points to be able to think clearly. What a strange system. Is this because of this Succubus class? Why is it even a class? Shouldn’t it be a race? I guess that would be “Demon”, but my race isn’t shown here.

Maybe that Luluna did a shoddy job with the system. The whole Arousal Point thing seems more like a curse. Or is it some form of deep commentary on the cursed nature of the Succubi? Can I interact with this in any way—Ah!

Beatrice imagined pressing on the [Class] tab, then the [Succubus] tab, like she would by right-clicking on them in a video game, and somehow that resulted in an additional information window appearing before her. But though these tabs kept appearing, Beatrice felt that only she could perceive them.


An ancient Demon of lust and desire. Even the weakest of the Succubi can be dangerous. Their near-ceaseless arousal and extraordinary beauty can drive most men mad with desire. And while a Succubus will gladly engage in sexual activity to satisfy its own desire, repeated acts with a Succubus can drain and weaken its prey, sometimes even leading to their death.

The Succubi are one of the few Demons that grow in power both through combat and sexual activity, rapidly expanding their arsenal of powers. Among the Demons of this world, none can match a Succubus in the sheer variety of skills they can learn.

A mature and experienced Succubus is a dreadful foe, skilled in many Crafts. Even a defeated succubus is dangerous. If outmatched in direct combat, the Succubus will rely on other methods to escape, outwit, or subdue its foe.

In appearance, a Succubus is similar to a Human. Apart from her extraordinary beauty, the identifying physical features of a Succubus include long nails, bat-like wings, and long, slick tails.


Woah, Beatrice gasped, left speechless from reading her own description. I guess that explains how I was able to gain two levels without so much as fighting a fly. If I can continue leveling and gaining stats by fucking my way through this world, I might as well avoid combat entirely!

Ah, wait! Beatrice realized what she just read and looked behind her. Indeed, on her back was a set of two tiny, bat-like wings. Growing directly out of Beatrice’s skin between her shoulder blades, they were hardly bigger than the open palm of her hand.

When the succubus looked lower, she indeed saw a long tail growing just above her butt, where her tailbone would be. How did I miss this? Beatrice asked herself, and quickly remembered that she was too preoccupied with… Other things. Her purple tail was currently lying on the stone floor, but Beatrice could easily get it to move. It was as easy as moving her arm. The tail was just another part of her body.

Beatrice looked through her stats again. And while she could not recall the precise number of each of her stats when she saw them last, it was clear that every position increased in number. All my stats increased through leveling. Even the Arousal Points are up by ten points, which is definitely a good thing. Though at their current regeneration rate, it gives me… Fifty minutes till cap! Not much at all, she frowned.

If I can level through sexual activity, my best bet might just be to combine pleasure with work and gain as many levels as possible so that I can get this Arousal system under control. Heh, if this would be the “grinding” of this world, that might just be the best grinding I’ve ever heard of. Not a bad way to spend a week or two, if you ask me.

Beatrice tried to interact with the [Level] tab the same way she did with the [Class] tab but got very little information out of it.

Level 3

Current level – 3. Progress to the next level – 2%.


Yeah, sure! Might as well add “Can’t you read?” to the tab while you're at it! Beatrice complained sarcastically to the inanimate system. With no information on the amount of experience I gain per act, how much I need, and how fast it might fall off, this does make it harder to predict my leveling rate. Do I need different partners? Different sexual positions and acts? Both?

And even if I avoid combat, gaining more stats is still advisable to avoid some freak accident. Beatrice double-checked if her Health Points meant what she thought they meant.

Health Points – 140/140

Current Health Points – 140. Maximum Health Points – 140.

Current Health recovery rate +0.28 Health Points per second.

Health Points are a numerical representation of the overall condition of a character’s body. Wounds suffered in combat, illnesses, curses, falling off a cliff—all contribute to loss of Health Points. If Health Points ever reach zero, the character dies.

Alright, pretty straightforward. Though, depending on how this system works, the saying “death by a thousand cuts” might become quite literal.

More importantly, my class description did say “Demons of this world”. Which means there are others out there. For now, the smartest thing to do would be to avoid reducing my Health Points to 0. Which in turn means avoiding any possible hostile encounters with any demons for as long as possible.

The start of this world is a promising one, but until I learn more of this setting, in which difficulty direction it is skewed and how heavily, I should be cautious.

There is also a question of how human society will treat me. I am a demon after all. And even if these sex-crazed lunatics worship me, how the rest of the world will interact with me is still an open question. In order to not only survive but prosper in this world, I need to gain more information from the main priest once they are done.

Beatrice looked around and realized that not much progress has been made in the orgy of the priests.

Chapter Text

Huh? Beatrice blinked twice. They’ve made so little progress? I could’ve sworn that fat guy was about to blow his load at least five minutes ago! I was analyzing my stats and reading information tabs all this time, and yet…

Beatrice did not have a watch to look at the time, but she had the next best thing her character’s information in which three of her stats had a clearly defined recovery rate per second. Beatrice popped open her information and checked the one stat that was recovering in points.

Arousal Points

1/30 (+0.01/sec)


That confirms it! Beatrice thought. No matter how the system rounds up the Points to full, no more than three minutes could have possibly passed.

Beatrice could have sworn that she spent a lot of time analyzing her stats and reading the information tabs. But Beatrice’s system information was manifesting inside her mind. Reading through several pages of a book might take minutes, but the thoughts and processes inside a human—or in this case, a Succubus’s—mind operate on another level.

Beatrice had no intention to waste a single moment while she waited for the High Priest to be done with Helen. Better learn as much as I can about myself within the system while I have the time, Beatrice thought. The skills! The class description implied I should have a large variety of them. Most of the cool skills probably come at later levels and might take considerable effort to unlock, but I need to understand what I have to work with right now.  Before I get to those Skill Points I was offered for leveling up.

Now, how to get that information? Beatrice wondered and tried imagining in her mind what her skill tab could look like. Skills?

Skill List




Unnatural Beauty



Succubus's Wings



Succubus's Thermoregulation



Succubus's Tail



Futanari Succubus's Dick



Futanari Succubus's Semen



Sharp Claws







 Bingo! Beatrice smiled and proceeded to check her skills one by one.


Skill Name: Unnatural Beauty

Skill Rank: B

Type: Mischief Craft / Passive

Cost: -

Cooldown: -

Description: Such is the beauty of a Succubus that few can resist staring at her. Many may find the succubus to be the most beautiful female they have ever laid their eyes on. Great Willpower or B-Rank and higher protective spells are required to remain unaffected by the Succubus’s beauty.


Skill Name: Succubus's Wings

Rank: F

Type: Combat Craft / Passive

Cost: -

Cooldown: -

Description: Tiny wings on Succubus's back. Hardly anything more than decorative.

Can protect from fall damage by additional 2 feet compared to humans.


Skill Name: Succubus's Thermoregulation

Rank: E

Type: Combat Craft / Passive

Cost: -

Cooldown: -

Description: The Succubus’s body is able to control its body temperature slightly more effectively than a Human. This allows the Succubus to withstand colder and warmer climates for long periods of time before suffering damage or ailments such as frostbite, ultimately making it easier to wear skimpy outfits.


Skill Name: Succubus's Tail

Rank: F

Type: Eros Craft / Passive

Cost: -

Cooldown: -

Description: One of the lesser-known weaknesses of a Succubus. With little protection from damage, the tail is also one of Succubus’s most sensitive erogenous zones. Even grabbing a Succubus’s tail can severely weaken them. The full extent of the debilitating impact depends greatly on the extent of the Succubus’s Arousal.


Wait, what!? Beatrice was shocked at the discovery she made just now. The first thing she did was wrap her tail around her waist to keep her weakness close and out of reach of prying hands. Did Succubi really have such a weakness? Beatrice had to admit that she did not know much about Succubi apart from their mythical great powers and fondness for carnal pleasures. I’ll need to be more careful in the future.

Skill Name: Futanari Succubus's Dick

Rank: E

Type: Eros Craft / Passive

Cost: -

Cooldown: -

Description: Even among the already-rare Succubi, a rarer being still is a Futanari Succubus. Possessing the reproductive organs of both genders, it is the only type of Succubus that can successfully impregnate female Humans.

The five-inch dick of a Succubus might not look like much at first, but what it lacks in length it makes up with its veiny girth, ensuring a ‘tight fit’ in nearly every situation.

A successful climax lowers Arousal by 5 Points.

No cooldown? That’s what Victoria said, Beatrice smiled at her little joke.

Skill Name: Futanari Succubus's Semen

Rank: E

Type: Eros Craft / Toggle

Cost: -

Cooldown: 60s

Description: The Sperm of a Futanari Succubus cannot impregnate unless the Succubus chooses to do so. Self-impregnation not possible no matter how much a sex-crazed Futanari Succubus may wish to do so.

Upon ejaculation can release up to 50ml of semen at high velocity. The amounts of semen decrease rapidly with each consecutive climax.

Beatrice glanced at the naked Victoria. The succubus had no conscious intention of getting the blonde pregnant, and yet she had mixed feeling about her discovery that Victoria was beyond a doubt “safe”. Obviously, Beatrice would not want to get any woman pregnant unless the woman wished for it. And yet. And yet. What was this fleeting feeling of subtle disappointment? Was it the “male” part of her that had the natural urge to spread its seed? And to know that there was no chance. No risk. Unless she decided to. Only one way or the other with a hundred percent guarantee…

Beatrice tried not to dwell on the thought and checked her remaining skills.

Skill Name: Sharp Claws

Rank: F

Type: Combat Craft / Toggle

Cost: 6 Stamina per minute

Cooldown: 10 seconds

Description: A Succubus can extend its fingernails into sharp, long, deadly claws. Often considered as a sure tell sign of the Succubus preparing for combat, it can also be a feign to scare off any unwanted company.

Once activated, increases the Succubus’s Physical Attack by 25%.

Well, that looks underwhelming, to say the least, Beatrice frowned. And it basically halts my Stamina regeneration. No wonder this skill is ranked as the bottom of the barrel. The “toggle” most likely means that I can activate and deactivate it at will. I’ll have to test it out at some point, but the cooldown is most likely in place to prevent me from activating the skill for a split second during an attack and then toggling it off to conserve Stamina.

Skill Name: Daze

Rank: E

Type: Mischief Craft / Active

Cost: 10 Stamina

Cooldown: 30s

Description: A single-target magic spell to temporarily disorient an opponent. The target will be affected for up to 20 seconds. Maximum cast range 20 feet. The target must be in a clear line of sight. This Skill may be resisted by higher-level enemies.

Beatrice let out a deep sigh. Most of these are atrocious, the succubus concluded when she closed her last skill’s information tab. There is no way I’m going anywhere near a fight with the abilities of this caliber.

Going through her current skills reaffirmed Beatrice’s earlier strategic plan—fucking her way to power. And she had to use her Skill Points accordingly.

Chapter Text

Alright, I should have some unspent Skill Points, right? Beatrice thought, further analyzing her character’s system. Let me see… “Skill Points”?

Skill Points

Total Skill Points


Unused Skill Points


Skill Points in Combat Craft


Skill Points in Mischief Craft


Skill Points in Eros Craft



Oh, I received four Skill Points total during the level-ups? Alright, that should give me some options. Now, to see how they work…

Skill Points

Total Skill Points – 12. Unused Skill Points – 4.

Skill Points are used to enhance skills and acquire new skills Requirements must be met to acquire and enhance skills.


Hmm, seems simple enough, Beatrice thought. Now, about those requirements… If I wanted to enhance a skill… Skill enhancement… What would the requirements be for the [Unnatural Beauty] skill?

Skill Enhancement: Unnatural Beauty (+1)

Skill Rank: A

Type: Mischief Craft / Passive

Cost: -

Cooldown: -

Description: Such is the beauty of a Succubus that few can resist staring at her. Straight women turn gay for her, Men cannot help themselves but lust for her body, overcome by the desire to impregnate the succubus and have her bear their child.

Great Willpower or A-Rank and higher protective spells are required to remain unaffected by the Succubus’s beauty.

Minimum Requirements:

Character level: 15

Skill Points in Mischief Craft: 15

Skill Points in Eros Craft: 8


Oh, Jesus! Alright, some leveling required for that one. What about new skills? And since my current strategy is to use my Succubus body to its full potential… Sex Craft!

In her mind’s eye, Beatrice navigated through her skill tree, searching for skills she could learn, oblivious to the priest orgy around her. Then she came upon a skill that instantly piqued her interest.

Skill Name: Arousal Pool

Rank: F

Type: Eros Craft / Passive

Cost: -

Cooldown: -

Description: Increases Arousal Points cap by 10 Points and additional 2 Points per level.

Minimum Requirements:

Character level: 3


“Sold!” Beatrice said out loud and acquired her first new passive skill. Sure, it would have been wiser to refrain from spending her Skill Points so soon and so impulsively, but Beatrice also learned to appreciate having a clearer head. Like a drowning woman that finally got above the surface to fill her lungs with fresh air, being able to think about other things than sex and having some self-awareness was refreshing. At least for a short moment.

This should help me keep a clearer mind for at least a couple of minutes longer, she thought, and checked her current AP stat.

Arousal Points

3/46 (+0.01/sec)


Still nowhere near optimal, but at least it gives me an hour until I really start losing it, Beatrice thought after doing quick math in her head. It’s going to be a long day…

Hmm, could I just enhance this skill also? Beatrice wondered and inspected the enhancement information of [Arousal Pool].

Skill Enhancement: Arousal Pool (+1)

Rank: E

Type: Eros Craft / Passive

Cost: -

Cooldown: -

Description: Increases Arousal Points cap by 20 Points and additional 5 Points per level.

Minimum Requirements:

Character level: 5

Skill Points in Eros Craft: 6


Not just yet, eh? In that case, it might be wise to invest in my main weapon…

Skill Enhancement: Futanari Succubus's Dick (+1)

Rank: D

Type: Eros Craft / Passive

Cost: -

Cooldown: -

Description: Even among the already-rare Succubi, a rarer being still is a Futanari Succubus. Possessing the reproductive organs of both genders, it is the only type of Succubus that can successfully impregnate female Humans.

The six-inch thick and veiny dick of a Succubus is able to contort its shape to perfectly fit most desired holes. Tight or loose, it fills them all, ensuring a "tight fit" in every situation.

A successful climax lowers Arousal Points by 20% of maximum AP.

Minimum Requirements:

Character level: 2

Skill Points in Eros Craft: 4


Ah, it switched to percentage removal? Must be because of the rapid increase of the Arousal Point cap. And my dick is increased by an additional inch? It’s not like five inches is small or anything, but… For the additional Arousal Point removal, I probably have no choice but to enhance the skill. Yes, for the Points, Beatrice reasoned. Though, in all likelihood even if the enhancement just increased the size by half an inch Beatrice would have still enhanced the skill.

As echoes of moans and screams of pleasure grew louder and louder Beatrice returned from her character management back into reality. She looked around and saw about what could have been expected to take place while she was fiddling with her Skills.

Most of the girls were already covered in cum. A few of them laid on the floor exhausted. Most of the girlseven those that were exhausted beyond the point that they could move or form coherent sentences were still taken for yet another round by the men that still had the stamina to continue.

The two twins were on their knees, with arched backs, facing each other. Each of the women had one man behind them. They were both probably at least twice the age of the women as they already had plenty of gray hair on their heads and chests. They held the two women’s arms behind their backs and pushed their faces into each other.

The men clearly didn’t care if they kissed or not and simply used them for their pleasure, which the twins seemed to enjoy. The women simply swayed there with their cheeks pressed against each other, tongues rolled out, and eyes rolled back. They moaned and giggled meekly. Their breasts were flopping back and forth while the men took them roughly from behind.

A young woman with short red hair laid not far from them, passed out with a happy smile on her face. Even with the poor lights from torches on the walls, Beatrice could see that the redhead barely had a square inch of skin that wasn’t covered in semen.

The High Priest himself had just finished unloading into Helen’s butt. As soon as he pulled out, the redhead turned around and lunged at his thin, long cock, licking it clean with her tongue.

The orgy was reaching its conclusion.

Chapter Text

As the sex orgy concluded Beatrice and Lucarad found themselves knowingly looking at each other. Still on the floor, next to Victoria and Priscilla, Beatrice looked directly into the eyes of the High Priest. The High Priest stared right back into the eyes of the naked succubus while he wiped the remaining liquids on his cock against Helen’s face. It was clear to both Lucarad and Beatrice that their sexual desires had been tamed, at least for now, and time had finally come for open communication.

Beatrice stood up from the floor. For the first time, she was fully conscious of her nakedness and not as dismissive of it as before. Especially when Beatrice found more and more dazed eyes looking straight right at her. Men and women alike looked at their Savior in wonder. Many of them were still recovering from the unrestrained, primal sex, and some were still basking in the afterglow of their orgasm.

“Wonderful! Simply wonderful! Our Saviors body is second to none!” The high priest was the first to speak. He spoke loudly and passionately, barely restraining his voice from shouting. Victoria, Priscilla, please tell us of your experience with the Savior!”

“Ah!” Victoria gasped and looked around. All eyes were now on her. She seemed uncomfortable with such attention. The blonde pulled her legs closer and tighter, and meekly covered her nipples with one arm. She looked lost at what to say. Victoria looked at the succubus that took her from behind not long ago, and stuttered, “I-I… It was…”

Why is she so ashamed now? Beatrice wondered. Is this not a normal occurrence among these priests? Was she simply lost in the moment with Priscilla? Did she not expect the High Priests question? Beatrice couldn’t deny that she too was interested in hearing a review on her own performance.

“Speechless I see,” The High Priest put words into Victoria’s mouth. “I understand. We can only imagine how hard it is to compose yourself after experiencing what you did. And with the image of a perfect being still right here, before your very eyes. The memory of her inside you still fresh, forever burned into your mind… I understand. Though concealing even an inch of that smooth, immaculate skin is a crime against all humanity, it seems we have no other choice.

We must gift our lady Beatrice new clothing and dress ourselves, lest we risk losing our minds from staring at her most seductive parts for too long! Cindy, Mindy, what are you waiting for!? Bring our gifts to the Savior!”

While the High Priest and most of his followers put their robes back on, two buck naked voluptuous brunettes grabbed one small package each, wrapped in fine red cloth, and rushed to Beatrice, holding the packages in front of them. The succubus recognized the twins that were scissoring each other earlier before they got passed around like cheap whores during their lust-induced stupor. But it did not escape Beatrice’s attention that as one of the twins ran, a little bit of white liquid rolled down her cheek to the corner of her lips. The woman licked it off before she reached the succubus.

When Cindy and Mindy stopped a few feet before Beatrice they bowed before the succubus and held up the packages like humble gifts from commoners to a queen.

“Behold, Lady Beatrice,” Lucarad spoke again, pointing to the twins. “Humble gifts from our small congregation!”

The packages or the twins? Beatrice wondered half-jokingly. Considering her experience with Victoria and Priscilla, the succubus couldn’t be certain, but she decided not to ask and simply took the first package and opened it. Inside Beatrice found two pieces of light-blue lingerie.

Beatrice held it up and wondered exactly how much was it supposed to cover. The lace bra and panties—though undoubtedly pretty—were barely a step above a string bikini set. Then again, ever since Beatrice got off that stone altar, she didn’t feel particularly cold either. No doubt thanks to that [Succubus's Thermoregulation] skill, she thought. Well, it is pretty, and I should wear at least something. I can always get something else later.

With that reasoning and slight curiosity about what could be in the second package, Beatrice put on her new panties. This won’t hide my penis at all, Beatrice thought when the fabric pressed her flaccid penis against her body. If anything, it accentuated her penis, and anyone not completely distracted by her giant breasts would notice it immediately.

With the bra, she had to fumble more than she would have liked to. In hindsight, it wasn’t surprising, and Beatrice should have expected it since she never wore a bra in her previous life. But the priests had no way of knowing that, and Beatrice grew increasingly embarrassed as she awkwardly tried to hook the bra together behind her back.

Each passing second seemed like an hour, Beatrice started to sweat. How hard can it possibly be? Beatrice cursed at herself. Why am I fucking up something so simple so hard?

Even the High Priest’s wide grin noticeably wavered for a moment as he watched Beatrice grunt and struggle. Finally, with a deep sigh of relief, Beatrice succeeded. She half-expected some achievement to appear, like “Putting on your first bra”, but thankfully Beatrice was spared the fate of a jab from a sarcastic system.

To move on as quickly as possible, Beatrice opened a second package and saw inside only a thin dark-red choker. Though Beatrice took the gift, she raised an eyebrow, wondering the purpose of this item.

“A rare and valuable item,” Lucarad explained. “Enchanted with the blood of a Phyx, when worn this choker can rapidly heal and close up cut veins and arteries in the body, essentially all but completely preventing its wearer from bleeding out.”

Sounds impressive, hope I’ll never need it, Beatrice thought as she put the choker around her neck. I wonder if there's a way to check this item for additional stats? There is an RPG-like system, after all. So... Inspect? Appraise? Analyze?

An information tab did appear in Beatrice's mind's eye. But not due to a specific word. Beatrice was slowly learning that interacting with her system was more like eating or walking, rather than pressing a button on a keyboard. No one thinks of each finger they carefully put around a spoon before bringing it to their mouth, they just start eating after an inner, nameless command that doesn't take even a fraction of a second.

Item: Choker of a Phyx

Item Class: Rare

Health Points: +10

Physical Defense: +3

Magic Defense: +6

Effects: Bleed resistance +80%

Not bad at all. In that case, what about my lingerie? Beatrice wondered.

Item: Pretty Lace Bra

Item Class: Uncommon

Health Points: +5

Physical Defense: +1

Magic Defense: +1

Effects: Persuasive Set (2/2) - Persuasion +15%

 Item: Pretty Lace Panties

Item Class: Uncommon

Health Points: +5

Physical Defense: +1

Magic Defense: +1

Effects: Persuasive Set (2/2) - Persuasion +15%

... Is persuasion like some hidden stat or skill check? Beatrice couldn't help but feel that she was being messed with, though she had no proof.

“T-thank you for the gifts!” Beatrice said, realizing that she barely said a word the entire time she’s been here.

“We are the ones who are grateful for your arrival,” Lucarad said and lowered his head in a bow. “The world is in peril! It is all but destroyed by monsters and demons from Beyond! And only you can save what is left!”

“Huh?” Beatrice let out as her mouth dropped half-open.

Chapter Text

An awkward pause hung heavily in the dimly lit room.

“My Lady,” the High Priest finally spoke. “How much do you know about the state of this world?”

“I… Well, you see,” Beatrice tried to come up with some half-believable excuse as fast as possible. “The summoning has messed with my memories it seems! It’s as if I am in this world for the very first time.”

“What!?” Lucarad exclaimed. He then paced back and forth, mumbling to himself, “How can this be? A savior was promised. A savior has arrived. But yet the savior has no idea what needs to be done? Was I wrong—no, that is impossible! Ah, her powers! Victoria!”

Lucarad shouted and pointed at the blonde that was now dressed and remained close by Priscilla’s side.

“Victoria, you never answered my question!” Lucarad accused his priestess. “How did it feel to have the savior inside you!? What was the experience like!?”

“Ah, well,” Victoria stalled and looked away. It was obvious she had hoped that everyone would forget about her. “It felt really great! More than that! It was…”

“Amazing!” Priscilla added.

“Who asked you?” Lucarad glared at the petite blue-haired twin-tail girl.

Lucarad pulled a misshapen skull out of his robes and walked toward Victoria. He put it up close to her face and stood motionless for several seconds.

“Still there,” he said somberly. He quickly put the skull away and said loudly, “We must hurry to the king at once!”

Lucarad walked up to Beatrice, bowed slightly, and said, “My Lady, please follow me! I will explain further on the way there.”

“Alright,” Beatrice agreed. It’s not like I have that many options. And I need to find out what exactly is the deal with this place.

“Ember!” Lucarad called. A young woman with short red hair rushed to the High Priest. She was dressed in the same blue robes that everyone else, but Beatrice remembered her cute, freckle-covered face and the mouth that she used to service the priests’ cocks not even twenty minutes ago.

“Follow us!” Lucarad commanded the girl. “Cindy, Mindy, watch over Victoria! Notify me immediately if there are any changes! The rest of you clean up and return to the Tower of Meditation!”

Then Lucarad hurried to the only door in the oval room and opened it. With a long, annoying squeak the door opened. Ember and Beatrice followed the High Priest out of the room.

“Light of the dying Phoenix,” Ember whispered, and a small flame formed in the palm of her hands, lighting the path forward.

The path took the trio through the dark and narrow stone corridors. The ceiling was so low that the high priest had to slouch all the way to a winding staircase up. The air was noticeably fresher here and Beatrice took a deep breath.

“Yes,” Lucarad said as they ascended the stairs. “The Chamber of Sacrifice has ventilation shafts built that bring fresh air from the outside. But in these tunnels, many of those shafts have collapsed. We are deep under the Royal Palace.

We had to perform the ritual in secret because there are many who are fine with the way things are now. Others simply refused to believe and—well, it doesn’t matter now. We will stand before the king and will present the Savior of this world.”

“You keep calling me “the Savior”, but what do you expect me to do?” Beatrice asked.

“The demons from Beyond are terrifyingly strong in their own right,” Lucarad said. “But what is truly deadly about them is that many possess the ability to corrupt even the strongest and most resilient of our warriors! They are able to unleash, what I call ‘the Taint’. It robs our warriors of their strength, their will to fight, their will to resist.”

The trio ascended to the next level of the dark tunnels and proceeded forward. The corridors, twisting and turning, steadily led them upward while Lucarad continued his explanation.

“The scrolls have foretold that a mighty hero will come to this world. That hero would possess the power to resist even the most terrifying powers of the demons from Beyond. The Savior’s fluids could combat the effects of the Demon fluids. Though the scrolls were not clear on how much fluids would be needed and how long before the effects would take place. “

“They also were not clear on exactly which of the Savior’s fluids would possess the cure,” Ember added.

“True, the scrolls were not clear on a lot of things,” Lucarad nodded. “That is one of the reasons Ember will be staying with you, My Lady.”

“It is a great honor,” Ember said.

“As well as being an exceptionally skilled bodyguard she is also skilled in many other areas,” Lucarad said. “It is her duty to always be by your side to satisfy your every need. I would also humbly ask you to consider experimenting on her!”

“What?” Beatrice asked, shocked at the proposition.

Ember looked back and explained, “If you used me to test the limits of your abilities, perhaps you could discover some hidden powers within you. We may need to explore… More unconventional techniques.”

“I-I see,” Beatrice said, trying to keep track of all the strange directions her knowledge of this world expanded to.

Chapter Text

Beatrice did not know what else to answer to Ember’s proposition. A cute young woman, no older than twenty, encouraging to use her in any manner of “unconventional” ways?

But they are expecting me to perform, Beatrice thought. She opened up her skill list and quickly read through their descriptions again, while they continued through the dreary underground. Her skills had potential but required much investment. I’ll have to go through their enhancement routes one by one and figure out the optimal enhancement route.

But I can’t continue disappointing this cult. This High Priest seems loyal, but if continue to be way below his expectations that could change, and suddenly. If there’s one thing this Priest isn’t, it’s a level-headed individual, Beatrice concluded looking at Lucarad’s back.

Then again, I might be overthinking it. So far this world has been doing nothing else but showering me with willing girls, literally worshiping my name, gifts, praise, convenient developments, and promises of a heroic future. If this was a dream it would seem too good to be true.

A minimal effort of careful consideration never hurt anyone, Beatrice thought. In times like these, overconfidence is the proper stance. I will have to do what I have to do anyway, so being confident will just give me extra respect points without changing the actions I have to take later. Failure is never an option anyway, and even at failure, early confidence could help me bluff, while meekness would only cement my fault.

“You don’t have to worry!” Beatrice said with conviction. “It is only a matter of time before I regain the full extent of my powers. And if Ember is willing to assist, I will gladly accept her aid to speed up that process!”

“Exactly!” The priest agreed. “You need to grow stronger, and I have no doubt you will! Your vigor is already impressive and I sense there are many other areas in which you will not only improve but surpass any living being!”

They exited the winding paths and narrow corridors and through a hidden door in the wall entered a darker, but decorated hall. It had wide red rugs on the floor, though dirty and showing signs of age. The pictures on the walls with intricately cut wooden frames, painted in gold were dusty, Beatrice saw several cobwebs and even one spider that was the size of her glans.

As they walked through the halls, turned one sharp corner, then another, the lighting improved, but little else. The dusty halls were strangely empty. Beatrice noticed that the dusty iron chandeliers were spread unevenly, she even saw the holes in the ceiling, confirming her suspicion that many were removed. The same could be said for other things. The lonely empty tables, empty spaces on the walls… Did this place get robbed or something? Beatrice couldn’t help but imagine what these halls might have looked like in better times.

After turning yet another corner they finally encountered people. Two young men, shirtless, passed out on the floor. The droll that trickled from the corner of their mouths formed a small puddle under their cheeks.

Lucarad and Ember didn’t even acknowledge their existence by looking at them and just walked straight past the unconscious men.

“Are they alright?” Beatrice asked. “Shouldn’t we help them?”

“We have more important things to do,” Lucarad said coldly. “They’ve made their choice. Let them sleep it off.”

Further ahead the trio encountered a small group of people, all men, quietly talking among themselves. They looked like they were somewhere between thirty and fifty years old. Their clothing reminded Beatrice of medieval noblemen. Long costumes with long sleeves, tailored cloth leggings. All in a variety of colors—blue, red, green, and brown. No unifying scheme.

When the men saw the approaching trio, they first all fixed their eyes on Lucarad first. One of the men was about to say something, but then his gaze fell on Beatrice, as did the others. All of them stood speechless, eyeing the succubus from top to bottom. Her long legs, her tail that was wrapped around her waist, her breasts, covered by a thin lace bra, her tiny wings on her back. It didn’t take long for their stares to settle on the futanari’s crotch.

“L-luca, is that—” one of the men finally spoke up.

“What is she?” the other man asked.

“Exactly what you suspect!” Lucarad said loudly, with a smug grin.

“No way,” a third man gasped.

Lucarad, Ember, and Beatrice continued past them.

Once Beatrice was sure they couldn’t hear her, she whispered to Lucarad, “They didn’t seem to react like I was their savior.”

“Yes, well, they’re idiots,” Lucarad disregarded the intelligence of anyone who disagreed with him.

“Will everyone at the palace react to me this way?" Beatrice asked. "What about the king?”

Lucarad stopped. They were standing at the twenty feet tall double doors. They were white with a golden frame and handles. On each of the doors, there was a golden sigil—a sword put through the head of a monster.

“As I’ve set before, our congregation is small,” Lucarad spoke softly. “I hope to gain additional financial support from the king. But that goal is only optional. Every single person—both in the palace and in the entire city—has a badge on them,” Lucarad said and got out a small rectangular golden badge. “That is how everyone tells each other apart from potential refugees or enemies that might attempt to sneak in. And that is the only thing we need from the king—your ability to move freely through the city. And the king will be easy to convince. I will speak first.”

And with those words, Lucarad pushed the doors open.

Chapter Text

The giant massive double doors gave in easily to Lucarad’s forward motion, suggesting more strength within the skinny white-haired High Priest than meets the eye.

Ember and Beatrice followed the High Priest inside, finding themselves inside a giant throne room.

Like the other places within the palace, it seemed a pale shadow of its former glory. The hall that could easily fit twenty elephants was nearly utterly empty of decorations. The couple dozen people that were inside, standing together in small clusters, seemed like ants here. They all stopped their discussions and look at the arriving trio. Like before, though at first, the nobles looked at the High Priest, their gazes quickly switched and remained on the practically naked, big-breasted succubus. Beatrice tried no to look back at them and continued walking behind Lucarad.

Lucarad, Beatrice, and Ember walked on the wide red carpet that led directly to the throne. The throne stood on an elevated marble platform, that stretched from one side of the room to the other, was wide enough to fit an orchestra, and had five steps along its length to ascend to it.

Upon the golden throne with a narrow, five-foot back, sat an elderly man with long, unkempt grey hair and a messy beard. His garbs were worn and dirty. The golden crown on the man’s head was about the only thing that informed of his royal status. In front of him, he had a small table with a glass surface, on the same level as his knees.

Standing just behind the throne stood a single guard in heavy armor. Nearly seven feet tall, he had a weathered red cape and a giant claymore behind his back. The figure seemed to have no weakness. Not a single spot of skin was visible. The helmet covered the guard’s entire face, not even his eyes were visible. Beatrice would’ve mistaken him for a statue, had the guard not moved his head slightly in the direction of the arriving trio.

Beatrice couldn’t help but feel a menacing aura emanating from the guard. He seems like the type that would rush into combat ahead of the other troops and dominate the carnage, she thought of the knight.

The guard did seem to draw attention to himself. Only when the doors closed behind them and Beatrice looked back, did she notice that there were two more guards at the doors behind them. Looking around, the succubus counted eight guards apart from the one behind the king. They were armed with spears, taller than the men themselves, but even though they were also heavily armored none of them were as menacing as the guard at the throne.

Beatrice wrote it off to the fact that their helmets were open and revealed the faces of the men—young, clean-shaven, with a sense of duty in their eyes. But deep inside Beatrice knew, the guard behind the king was unlike the others. He’s not human, a thought flashed through Beatrice’s mind. Thus far, she had only seen and met humans. But in no way did she feel any kinship with the guard.

Apart from the guards, on the platform stood a girl who was talking with one of the guards. Unlike the others, she paid no attention to the arriving trio, until they were nearly at the throne. Her bright aqua eyes met with Beatrice’s for a moment, though they were not friendly, nor welcoming.

The girl had straight ruby hair that reached her shoulder blades. Several of her long bangs fell on the girl’s face but her bright aqua eyes shined through. She wore an embroidered blood-red dress with a tight waist. Her gloves ended above her elbows. Her black choker was adorned by a ribbon. Her collarbone and shoulders were covered, but the dress was low-cut, revealing the so-called “boob-window”.

Beatrice also could appreciate the look of the girl’s thin, smooth, naked thighs, which were revealed thanks to the black over knee boots and the cut-up dress that looked like a miniskirt. A separate part of the dress, attached with belts and brooches reached all the way down to the floor.

“Lucarad? How dare you show up like this unannounced?” One of the nobles scoffed at the passing High Priest.

“It’s fine!” the man on the throne spoke.

One of the guards on the platform took a step forward and announced to the approaching trio, “You are standing in the presence of king Selirius, of the Sinatus line, the eighteenth ruler of the Kingdom of Larpsus!”

The king leaned forward and put his nose on the glass surface of the table, pressing his left nostril against the glass. Beatrice finally saw a line of black powder on the table surface. The king closed his right nostril with his finger and slid his left nostril across the black powder line, vacuuming it all inside.

“That's the good stuff!” the king exclaimed as he straightened his back and shook his head. He then wiped under his nose with his finger and looked at the trio that stood within permittable speaking distance from the throne. “Now, what is it that you want from me this time, Lucarad?”

Chapter Text

Lucarad took a step forward and spoke loudly and proudly, “I have come to inform you, that The Hero That Was Promised, the one who will save this world as foretold by The Scrolls, The Savior, has finally arrived to this world!” Lucarad said loudly and proudly, and then bowed to the king and added, “Thanks to me, of course!”

The High Priest’s announcement was met with laughter from the other nobles present.

“Again with that nonsense, Luca?” one of the nobles asked in-between laughter.

Even a few guards couldn’t help but chuckle, although the king and the princess retained a stern expression.

“Haven’t we had enough ‘Saviors’ come through these doors?” another noble asked.

“Those were all imposters! Liars! Thieves!” Lucarad snapped back at the nobles.

“And what makes your presentation any different?” another man among the noble crowd asked with contempt. Beatrice could not see him at all, save his glistening, oiled bald head. “We have seen enough "saviors" to last us several lifetimes! Men, women, catboys, fishpeople, zombies, and cripples... Now you bring this… This... Half-human stripper?”

“Despite the persistent interference from some of the vermin present,” Lucarad continued talking to the king while throwing death glares at one of the noble groups, “I was finally able to perform a successful summoning ritual! Dozens of men and women risked their lives—"

“Sex-crazed lunatics!” a noble shouted over Lucarad.

“Risked their lives to summon forth a hero that will bring us salvation!” Lucarad spoke louder, bordering on screaming, to bring his point across over the annoying noble’s insults. He then reached into his robes and continued speaking passionately, “This event has been described in detail in The Scrolls—”

“The authenticity of which is still greatly disputed by the Royal Scholars,” a short bald man interrupted Lucarad and stepped forth from among the other nobles. The five-foot-tall man wore golden robes. His thin, gray beard dragged on the floor behind him as he walked up the steps and took his place on the right side of the throne. “You dare bring this… This… Thing! A stranger, an unknown monster into the very heart of our kingdom!? Look at her! Some kind of half-male, half-female abomination!”

“That’s right! Look at her! What is that between her legs!?” The nobles nodded and added to the bald man’s accusations.

The man continued speaking, “You risk the lives of everyone present! If your word and those smelly old scrolls in your possession are the support to your claims, then this woman you have brought is just as likely to be an assassin to slay our righteous ruler!”

The nobles gasped and the guards pointed their spears at Lucarad and Beatrice.

“Is this what it has come to!?” Lucarad shouted. “You would point your weapons at unarmed men and women that have come offering you help? Has the noble rule of the Sinatus line fallen so low that it would strike down potential allies, giving in to fear and paranoia? The king I knew would break bread with any stranger willing to fight demons in his name. The Selirius I knew would trust those strangers to guard his back in the battle against the horrors from Beyond!”

“Enough!” The king raised his voice.

Beatrice nearly gasped when she heard king Selirius’ voice. For a moment, she had forgotten altogether the king was still there on his throne. He had no presence. Even now he seemed lethargic, even though he seemed in high spirits after interacting with the strange black powder.

“What do you want from me, Lucarad?” the king asked. “I’m too old and crippled to return to battle, and the treasury is spent. All I have are my useless counselors and spoiled daughters with no allies to sell them to.”

“This woman is The Hero That Was Promised!” Lucarad insisted. “The one who would save this world! The one who shall cure the Taint! Have we really fallen so low that we cannot scrape together even the bare minimum of finances for such a cause?”

“Ha! ‘The Taint’!” the bearded bald guy scoffed. “More of your baseless claims and delusions! Have you not heard the king!? The royal treasure is bone dry and you know it! And If this woman really is who you say she is, she will have no problem procuring funds for your dysfunctional cult of fanatics by doing “favors” for the local populace.”

King Selirius raised his hand demanding silence and asked the High Priest, “Do you know how many “heroes” this kingdom has been through?”

“Yes, I do, but this time—"

“Do you know how many times I’ve heard ‘but this time’?”

“Let her prove her worth!” Lucarad insisted.

The king sighed and closed his eyes. No one dared utter a sound for those few seconds. Then the kind opened his eyes and said, “Very well.”

“Your Highness!” the short bald guy exclaimed and turned to the king.

“Shut up!” Selirius growled at his counselor and then looked at Beatrice. “You haven’t spoken a word since you got here, young lady. What is your name?”

“M-my name is Beatrice, Your Highness,” the Succubus said, stuttering a bit from the sudden question from the king. But she quickly regained her composure and kept her cool.

“And are you the savior of this world?” the king asked. “Have you come here to rid this world of all the monsters and demons from Beyond?”

“That is exactly why I am here!” Beatrice lied through her teeth.

Chapter Text

The king smiled when he heard Beatrice’s positive answer.

“So be it,” Selirius said. “Savior, this is your first Royal Quest! Kill twenty Demonlings and bring me their heads. If you do that, I might just believe you to be the hero we’ve been waiting for.”

“Demonlings?” one of the nobles asked the other as if he’d misheard.

“Twenty?” another one repeated.

“She might as well go kill herself right now,” someone else spoke amongst the present nobles.

“Poor girl.”

“Combat is no place for beauties like that.”

Now I’m a beauty again? Beatrice thought and raised an eyebrow as she listened to the nobles, remembering how she was labeled a monster minutes ago. Their opinions change with the slightest breeze.

“That’s right!” Another noble agreed, emboldened by the comments of the others. “She should have stayed where she belonged—on her knees, getting plowed from behind by a rich noble!”

Many of the nobles chuckled and laughed.

How about I plow you from behind? Beatrice thought to herself, though in reality, she would not want to even breathe the same air as those men. She did however make a mental list of people that were now on her bad side.

“Indeed,” a particularly arrogant young noble jeered. “With her looks, she should put her womb to good use and produce plenty of sons for someone worthy.”

“Like you?” the arrogant young noble’s friend snickered and all the nobles laughed together.

While the nobles laughed Beatrice imagined impregnating their wives as just revenge for such comments. I’d probably even let you lot watch how your wives beg me to fill their wombs with my cum, Beatrice thought with a smile and even got a little harder due to her vivid imagination.

Beatrice then looked at the girl in the blood-red dress. I wonder if she also has to endure their comments? Who is she? Another noble? Then why is she standing apart from the others? The princess? This decrepit king produced such beauty?

 Beatrice continued to stare at the girl. Her enticing cleavage. Her smooth thighs. Thanks to the fitting dress, Beatrice could imagine exactly how the girl would look naked, on her back, with her legs spread open. Who will be the lucky guy to pick this cherry? Do all the nobles imagine her on her knees, just as they imagine me? None of those scum is worthy. She… Deserves a hero…

“Thank you, Your Highness!” Lucarad spoke loudly, over the poor attempts at humor by the nobles. “To that end, I would humbly ask for you to give the order to have a badge issued to Beatrice so that she can move within your city.”

“Done,” the king said.

“And what is the reward for saving the Kingdom of Larpsus?” Beatrice boldly asked the king.

Lucarad looked back at the succubus. For a moment anger flashed across his face, but he masked it instantly with genuine surprise.

“Hoho, aren’t you putting the cart before the carriage?” the king asked Beatrice.

“I want to know what I’ll be risking my life for,” Beatrice explained with a smile.

“I see,” king stroked his messy beard. The stray gray strands refused to fall into place. “Somehow I have a feeling you’ve already decided on your reward. What is it that you desire for saving my kingdom?”

Beatrice silently pointed to the girl in the blood-red dress that stood in the shadows, a distance behind the throne. When the girl saw the succubus pointing at her, her stern demeanor broke. She was shocked and outraged.

The king looked behind him. His gaze stayed for the moment on the girl. Then he turned back, looked at Beatrice, and started to laugh hysterically.

“Oh? Bwahaha! Is that it!?” Selirius asked, laughing himself to tears. “You can have her now!”

“WHAT!?” countless nobles screamed in unison, astonished and refusing to believe what they just head.

Wait, seriously? Beatrice snapped back into focus from the sheer shock of the king’s outlandish response. I guess that’s the type of world I’m in.

“Your highness!” the bald counselor exclaimed.

“Hm?” the king looked at his counselor and stroked his beard again. “What’s the big deal? You’ve gifted plenty of women for favors to our friends, allies, and even enemies. Giving away a single one for saving the kingdom seems perfectly reasonable.”

“Those scam artists have not saved anyone yet, Your Highness!” The counselor tried to reason with his kind. “Lady Mary is a princess! Your daughter!”

“Bah, what’s the big deal?” Selirius asked and shrugged. “I’ve got more of those upstairs! Maybe this will motivate our newest hero better than the others? I wonder why I hadn’t considered such a strategy before?”

“FATHER!” The princess shouted and stormed forward to her father, trying to somehow get through to her parent. “I’m a fair maiden! I’m not going to be traded as some furniture for a favor!”

“You’ve been a fair maiden for long enough!” The king shouted back and slammed his fist against the armrest of his throne. “You’re the princess of a king! It is in your job description to have your pussy traded for political favors!”

“Kh,” Mary took a step away from the throne, speechless, disgusted with her father.

“I’ve had enough meetings for today,” the king said. “Mary, you would do well to go to your room with the Savior and train in the skills of a proper woman. The Savior seems to have the necessary tool between her legs, and I’m sure she will gladly aid in your training. Will you not, Savior?”

“O-of course!” Beatrice said. “If that is what the princess desires—“

“Who cares about what the princess desires!?” Selirius shouted. “I am the king! It only matters what I desire! Here is your second Royal Quest, ‘Savior’! Teach my useless daughter how to properly please a man! Do not return to me until she can make any man cum at least two times within ten minutes!”

Some nobles were still stunned at this development. The others chuckled. One young, heartbroken noble had a single tear roll down his face. He then glared at Beatrice, fueled with youthful rage.

“Your Highness—” the royal advisor tried to protest again.

“We will use Silas here as the benchmark,” the king gestured with his wrinkly old hand to his bald advisor. “Maybe that will stop his incessant complaining. Eh, Silas? How would you like to stick your little pecker into my eighteen-year-old daughter?”

Is he senile? Beatrice wondered. What was that black powder? Medicine? Drugs? Is he senile and on drugs?

“I-I-I—” the bald counselor stammered, unable to answer his king. He sweated buckets and had to wipe his forehead and eyes with the sleeves of his dress.

“What?” Selirius grinned menacingly. “The king’s daughter is not good enough for you?”

“Of course, not—I mean she is—I mean I would never—"

“Bwahaha, I’m just messing with you!” the king broke into laughed again and repeatedly slammed his fist against the armrest of his throne. “I rather not subject myself to such a woeful sight, hahahaha!”

So, that’s the king? Beatrice could hardly believe that this lunatic was still in power and not assassinated a long time ago.

“Lord Lucarad,” Selirius—finally calmed down somewhat—called the High Priest who took a step forward after the king called his name

“Yes, your highness?” Lucarad asked and bowed.

“Stay with me for a while,” the king said. “You always have some new bizarre stories to tell. As for the rest of you, layabouts, unless you have a good story or Black Powder to share with me, GET OUT OF MY SIGHT ALREADY!!”

“You better go with the princess,” Lucarad whispered to Beatrice. “We will meet later.”

Princess Mary threw a scornful look at the succubus and Lucarad before turning around and walking to the nearest door behind the throne room.

Beatrice and Ember hurried up the wide stairs, after the princess. The guards let them pass and then dispersed themselves, along with the advisor Silas, and the other nobles.

Only the menacing, faceless, king’s royal bodyguard remained in the throne room together with the High Priest Lucarad and king Selirius.

Chapter Text

Beatrice and Ember walked at a brisk pace through the door at the back of the throne room, following princess Mary. They found themselves in a spacious white oval room with a dozen simple wooden doors all around that were also painted white. Beatrice walked into the oval room just in time to see Mary disappear through the darkness of a door straight ahead.

“Wait!” Beatrice called out. Mary didn’t wait.

“Tsk,” Beatrice was now annoyed. Why did that High Priest have us go with her? She clearly doesn’t want anything to do with us? I look like some creepy stalker.

Beatrice rushed ahead, into the dark, determined to put a stop to this farce one way or the other. She ended up nearly running into a wall. Beatrice looked to her side and saw Mary, standing with crossed arms, looking directly at the succubus.

“Oh, you weren’t fried to a crisp?” Mary asked, seemingly disappointed.

The princess stood at the start of a long bright corridor. The walls were painted gold with white panels on both sides at three-foot height. The ceiling was also white while the floor cover was made of dark wood. Despite countless fixtures on the walls and ceiling emanating bright light, the hall felt claustrophobic, as there wasn’t a single window in sight.

“Of course not!” Beatrice scoffed, having no idea why she should have been burned to a crisp.

“Did you really think we were demons from Beyond?” Ember asked.

“I had hoped to finally see that useless barrier in action,” Mary frowned.

Wait, but I am a demon! Beatrice thought. And one that’s supposed to be summoned by the same powers that those mythical demons from Beyond are said to have. Why didn’t that barrier work on me?

“But now that you’ve utterly disappointed me in the one thing I expected from you, you can just stop being an eyesore and go die somewhere,” Mary said. “Don’t you have a quest to do?”

Ah, the quest! Beatrice concentrated and tried to imagine how a quest log would look in her mind’s eye. Sure enough—a quest log manifested itself.

Quest Log

Active Quests

Royal Quest:  Proof of Heroism

Royal Quest: Useless Daughter


Beatrice imagined clicking on the quest name to expand it or pop it up in a new tab with more information, and the system did not fail her.


Royal Quest: Proof of Heroism


1.       Find and kill twenty Demonlings.

2.       Bring twenty heads of the Demonlings to King Selirius.

Rewards: Princess Mary


Royal Quest: Useless Daughter


1.       Teach king Selirus’s daughter how to properly please a man

2.       Return to king Selirius with his daughter once she can please a man at least two times within ten minutes

Rewards: ???


“…” Beatrice was speechless. She was left wondering whether the system had a sense of humor, and how exactly would the ‘rewards’ be distributed.

But the king did say I could have her already, Beatrice thought and said, “About the whole quest and reward thing—”

“Get in line!” Mary interrupted the succubus. “Every man and woman in this city wants to have sex with me. What’s your S.E.C.R.E.T. rank?”

“S-secret rank?” Beatrice asked.

“Oh, don’t even start that shitty ignorance act!” The princess rolled her eyes. “It’s so grating! As if there’s anyone left in this entire palace besides some of my dimwitted sisters and that senile old man that doesn’t know about the S.E.C.R.E.T. Guild? Or do you think a ‘fair maiden’ such as myself should be spared such ‘unpleasant’ knowledge? I joined that guild the day I turned eighteen!”

“I was summoned into this world… Like two hours ago,” Beatrice confessed.

“Are you shitting me!? You mean to tell me that the whole story that lunatic spewed wasn’t a pile of horseshit?”

“E-eh, no,” Beatrice stuttered while Mary rapidly circled Beatrice, taking a closer look at all the succubus’s features with great interest. Ember stood a couple of feet from both girls, following Mary with her eyes.

Beatrice was taken aback more and more by the princess Mary’s behavior. It was strange for her to see this beautiful princess with piercing bright yes swear like an old construction worker. Whatever Beatrice thought she imagined princess Mary to be, that image was falling apart.

Who would have thought she had such a filthy mouth? Beatrice looked at the lips of the princess and imagined in what other ways the princess dirtied her mouth when—

“Hyaaaaah!” Beatrice cried out in a high-pitched voice and Mary jumped back eight feet in surprise.

What the hell was that!? Beatrice wondered breathing hard. It was just for a split second but her whole body was rocked by orgasmic pleasure. I almost creamed my panties! And I’m not even fully hard yet!

“I just thought the tip of your tail looked funny, so I grabbed it,” Mary said.

Seriously!? All that from just her touching my tail?? Beatrice recalled learning about it in her [Succubus's Tail] skill description. But for the sensations to be so overwhelming… Ah! It dawned on Beatrice why she was so sensitive, and she brought up her character’s information tab.


Arousal Points

34/46 (+0.01/sec)

Chapter Text

Not good, Beatrice thought, still recovering from the sudden burst of pleasure. No wonder it felt so incredible! The [Succubus's Tail] skill’s effect scales with Arousal Points. The closer I get to my max, the higher the impact. My class is really full of weaknesses! How could I possibly ever go into combat with such a set of skills!? But conversely, that means... If it felt so good from just her grabbing the tip of my tail with her hand... Then, if she touched it more… With that naughty mouth of hers…

Beatrice’s mind was bombarded by images of all the ways she could make use of her tail. In Beatrice’s daydreaming fantasy in mere seconds Mary was already on her knees, at the succubus’s mercy.

“Oh, you’re much more well-endowed than most of the shitters in this palace,” Mary said with a sly smile as she subtly pointed with her index finger at Beatrice’s crotch. The head of the futanari’s erect penis was sticking out of her lace panties.

“Want a taste?” Beatrice blurted out without thinking.

“You are tempting me, I will not lie,” Mary said with hunger in her eyes. “I have no doubt you’d perform better than most of the shitters in this palace who are only good for one thing… I shouldn’t… But…”

Mary looked around and stormed to the nearest door. She swung it open and shouted, “Get out!”

“Kyaaaa!!” Beatrice heard two high-pitched screams.

Within five seconds Beatrice saw two half-naked catgirls running out of the room. Their lower garments were similar to a French maid uniform and they both pressed some loose clothing to their breasts as they ran past princess Mary. Both girls had a pair of small furry ears sticking out of their candy-colored hair at the top of their head, next to the black and white headpiece.

As the catgirls ran down the hallway, their long furry tails swinging behind them, Princess Mary took a step into the freed room that the catgirls ran out of. She then turned around, looked at Beatrice and Ember, and said, “Don’t just stand there! Get inside! Or are you that much of an exhibitionist?”

With that, Mary went into the room. Beatrice followed the princess, Ember was close behind.

The room was spacious, in similar colors to the hallway, with a large double bed at the far-side wall. Unfortunately for Beatrice, this room was also devoid of windows. The succubus sighed, starting to wonder if she’ll ever see the light of day.

Beatrice stepped over a pink bra that was lying on the wooden floor. It was clear as day what the two catgirls were up to in this room. The scattered lingerie. Messy bedsheets. When Beatrice saw two empty glass bottles on the floor by the bed, she chuckled. Did we miss a party or something? The succubus wondered. With each passing second, she was wished more and more that princess Mary had kept the catgirls around for some playtime.

How did Mary know they were here? Beatrice wondered. And weren’t those two maids? They had maid uniforms after all. Is that really what maids and servants are up to in their free time in this palace?

“I’ll have you know that I’m an A-rank in the S.E.C.R.E.T. guild!” Mary said proudly. “B-ranks and above are highly discouraged from engaging in any sexual activity with D-ranker trash and below. Most of the garbage in this palace is D-rank at best.”

“And who the fuck is that anyway?” Mary asked and pointed at the redhead as if she was asking about a piece of furniture. “Your personal fucktoy?”

Yeah basically, Beatrice thought and looked at her bodyguard, acknowledging how close the princess was with her demeaning remark.

“My name is Ember,” the redhead said softly and calmly, displaying no emotion toward Mary’s rudeness. “I am Lady Beatrice’s personal assistant.”

“Oh?” Mary smiled as she slowly approached Beatrice and looked at Ember like fresh prey. “And are you going to assist Beatrice in this?”

Mary gently put a single finger on Beatrice’s slick tail that was still wrapped around her waist.

“Hn!” Beatrice let out a moan and tensed up. Shivers went down the futanari's spine, culminating in a gentle, warm tingling along the length of her hard cock. Beatrice was expecting this touch, she knew what was coming. Perhaps that was the reason why the pleasure wasn’t nearly as overwhelming this time compared to a sudden attack.

Meanwhile, Mary circled around Beatrice, sliding her finger slowly along the succubus’s tail. Beatrice bit her lip to avoid moaning. She clenched her fists and ended up standing on her toes as her body moved on its own, mimicking her rising, trembling cock. Even if Beatrice’s swollen penis had not been pressed up by her panties, it would have still been pointing straight at the ceiling.

“Some of our beastkin servants have similar reactions if their ears or tails are touched properly,” Mary said and stopped behind Beatrice. “But none have reactions nearly as strong as yours. And their fur is disgusting. On the other hand, your tail does not have a strand of hair on it. It’s smooth. Strong. Long. Inviting.”

Princess Mary got down on her knees and opened her mouth, reaching for the heart-shaped tip of Beatrice’s tail.

Chapter Text

Beatrice realized what the princess was about to do.

“Wait—” was the only thing Beatrice could meekly say before princess Mary put the heart-shaped tip of the succubus’s tail into her mouth. Beatrice’s tail spasmed, unleashing a shockwave through her entire body. That same shockwave rushed down the entire length of the futanari’s cock in a wave of warm pleasure that causing her cock to swell and twitch.

“Ghuuu,” Beatrice groaned as thick bursts of semen erupted out of her penis head that was sticking out of her lace panties. Beatrice shot rope after rope of cum, hitting the exposed skin of her underboobs, splattering all over her giant breasts and bra strings.

-9.2 Arousal Points

 Mary took the tip of the succubus’s tail out of her mouth and snickered, “Hehe, that was fast! Now I know that your thing is real and not just a rotting piece of stinking meat stitched on there. And look at how wet you are!”

The succubus’s panties were soaking through. Her juices were even trickling down her inner thighs.

But Mary wasn’t done. She firmly grabbed the end of Beatrice’s tail asked with a voice of a kid that was about to pluck the wings off a butterfly, “I wonder what will happen if I do this?”

With one hand Mary slid Beatrice’s panties to the side, and with another—guided the succubus’s tail to her pussy.

My pussy? Beatrice realized and screamed, “Wait! No!”

But it was too late. Mary plunged the succubus’s own tail inside her wet hole without restraint or mercy.

“Whuaaaaahhh!!” Beatrice screamed as her whole body spasmed violently. Mary did not stop. She used the succubus’s tail like a cheap dildo and thrust it in and out of her squelching pussy. Waves of pleasure kept rocking Beatrice’s body over and over with each thrust. And with each thrust her cock twitched and swelled. It was too much for the inexperienced succubus to handle. Within seconds of Mary’s vicious assault on Beatrice’s pussy, the succubus’s cock burst for the second time.

Beatrice was still shooting cum into the air when her legs gave out and she fell limp to the floor.

Instead, she fell into Ember’s soft embrace. The redhead did not let Beatrice fall face-first on the floor in the middle of a brain-numbing orgasm. Beatrice rewarded her loyal bodyguard by spraying her blue robes with her thick cum.

-9.2 Arousal Points

But Mary wasn’t satisfied. Ember saw a wild look in the eyes of the princess that had found herself a new toy. She simply slid her hand lower on the succubus’s tail before tightening her grip.

Beatrice twitched but was too weak to resist. She simply whimpered, “Huuu, no.. No more… Please… I can’t... Anymore…”

There was no way Mary would stop now. She moved the succubus’s tail inside her pussy once again. Despite dripping wet, Beatrice let out a yelp of pain. Mary only picked up speed with each plunge, eager to see the futanari’s reactions.

Ember was worried for Beatrice and considered stopping this, when she realized that the Savior bucked back onto her own tail, meeting the princesses’ rough thrusts. Beatrice’s head remained lowered as she moaned loudly, clutching the freckled girl’s robes with both hands, barely able to withstand the pleasure of the assault by her own sensitive tail.

Even though Mary took control and was in charge of the rough pace, Beatrice felt as if she was fucking herself. The pleasures of both man and woman joined in a united attack on an already weak mind was not something humans were made to handle.

With tears in her eyes, Beatrice looked up at her adorable bodyguard. She was glowing. Maybe it was her cum-addled, malfunctioning brain causing hallucinations. Beatrice didn’t care. She reached up and kissed Ember on the lips, pushing her tongue inside the girl’s mouth. Ember didn’t resist. She gladly met the Savior’s tongue with her own

“Let’s see how far you can take this!” Mary shouted and thrust the succubus’s tail as deep inside as it would go.

“MMMMMMMMFMFM!!!!” Beatrice screamed into Ember’s mouth. Her own tail was pressing against something inside her. Attempting to break inside into a forbidden place. She felt it with her tail, she felt it with every single cell inside her pussy. When her tail broke through, Beatrice’s mind went blank.

Ember held Beatrice’s convulsing body tightly while Mary grabbed the succubus’s trembling tail with both hands and thrust it in with all her strength. Again. And again.

Beatrice moaned continuously into Ember’s mouth in a single note while her twitching cock jerked up and down, spurting cum and spraying Ember’s robes completely. Even once the last drops of cum were squeezed out of Beatrice’s twitching cock, Beatrice still trembled in the ecstatic pleasure with her eyes rolled back. Ember wondered if the Savior could recover from this.

-9.2 Arousal Points


Level up!


Additional Skill Points available!

“Princess, the queen, that is your mother, requests your presence,” Ember and Mary heard a soft voice coming from the door. Both of them turned their heads and saw a figure with a small frame standing by the door, inside the room, looking straight at them.

Chapter Text

Beatrice’s orgasmic misadventure was interrupted suddenly and rudely by someone entering the room. Beatrice had still not come to her senses and hung limply in Ember’s arms, basking in the afterglow of three consecutive, mind-shattering climaxes.

Ember heard the door squeaking open just moments before, but had no chance to warn the others as she was busy exchanging mouth fluids with Beatrice. Still supporting Beatrice in her arms, Ember looked at the small figure at the door.

Similar to the two catgirls before, there stood another beastkin with a somewhat melancholic expression.

“What the fuck, Noel!?” princess Marry growled and slipped her right hand under her dress. “GET OUT!!”

Mary got out a knife from beneath her dress and threw it directly at the beastkin’s face.

The knife flew straight through the beastkin’s melancholic expression like through thin air.

“I’m sorry, My Lady, but I am not here,” Noel said somberly. “That is, I am here where I am currently standing, but my ‘here’ is not your ‘here’, where you are, which is the bedroom of one of our head maids, namely Tabitha. And where you are is not where I am, therefore you cannot interact with me in the direct physical manner which you just seconds ago attempted, which was impaling my face with a throwing knife. And you cannot interact with me in such a manner because this is a projection. That is an image that I am projecting to your location along with my voice, thoughts, and physical appearance. This means, that although you cannot interact with me in a direct physical manner, you can interact with me by using your voice to convey words—”

“Oh, shut up!” Mary shouted at Noel, with her voice and expressions full of contempt, and slowly got up from her knees.

Unlike the previous two catgirls, Noel was properly clothed. But instead of a maid uniform, Noel wore a dark suit with an olive-colored strap running to the side from where a necktie should have been. Noel was short, no more than five-foot-tall, with a narrow frame. Two furry cat ears, as well as a small seed-shaped green gem, stuck out of Noel’s olive-colored hair that barely reached the shoulders.

“What the fuck does the old hag want from me?” Princess Mary asked as she dusted off her blood-red dress.

“Her Highness wouldn’t say,” Noel answered. “But you should know that because she never states her reason for summoning her daughter whenever she summons you.”

“Sure, just let me run to her every time like a fucking call girl,” Mary said as she threw death glares at Noel. She then turned to Beatrice, threw her a small brown badge, and said, “Here’s your stupid badge!”

Beatrice was only now coming to her senses, so Ember caught the small item instead. All Beatrice could do was look half-lucidly at the item that was supposed to grant her the right to safe passage through the city.

“Is that any way to talk to our guests?” Noel asks. “That is, they are your guests, in a certain way. However, I am speaking on behalf of the royal body, and as such the guests become ‘our’, and I find it is not polite to shout or scream at someone you have just been fucking with their own appendage.”

“Tch, you have some balls on you,” Mary scowls. “Just because you’re my mother’s sex slave you think you have the right to waltz around the palace, give out orders, and speak ‘on behalf of the royal body’ as if you’ve ever been a part of it? I am a princess!! THE princess! Firstborn! You are nothing!!”

“Although my physical presence is indeed not where you are, that does not mean that I do not exist. And even where you are located right now, some of my being does manifest a visible form and an audible voice. Therefore, to say that I am—”

Another dagger flew through Noel’s face and impaled its blade deep in the wall behind the beastkin.

“It was a joke,” Noel explains, unfazed by the princesses’ futile attacks. “That is, I obviously understood what you meant by your saying that I am ‘nothing’ and it was hurtful. Thus I decided to misdirect my objection to your accusation by stating the facts that countered the direct pronoun definition of your statement instead of the adjective informal meaning—”

Another dagger flew through Noel’s face.

“Do not make the queen wait,” Noel said. “That is, for your own sake, it is in your best interests to arrive at her quarters.”

And with that statement, Noel vanished.

“Who the hell was that?” Ember asked.

“My mother’s little pet,” Mary answered, still looking where Noel was a moment ago. But with the beastkin gone, her anger visibly subsided. “Unfortunately, I don’t have much time to play with you anymore.”

Beatrice finally recovered enough to stand on her own two feet and adjusted her damp panties.

“Let me help with that,” Ember said and crouched at Beatrice’s feet. The redhead mumbled some kind of enchantment, her hand started to glow red. Ember placed her hand on Beatrice’s panties and pressed them hard against the futanari’s crotch.

“Hnnn-hot!” Beatrice moaned and winced.

“It will only take a moment,” Ember said as she dried Beatrice’s lace panties.

Mary watched this scene with amusement and said, “I don’t know how serious your whole thing about saving the world is, but you need to develop better resistance. I suggest you join the S.E.C.R.E.T. guild. It will do you some good.”

The princess then went to the bookshelf that stood next to the bed. She slid her finger across the upper row of books until she found what she was looking for – a thin, dusty blue book, that would most likely go unnoticed by anyone not looking for it. Mary pulled the book out halfway, then inserted it back. She repeated that two more times, and on the third insert the whole bookshelf slid to the side, revealing a hidden passage behind it.

“Go straight, never take a turn, and this tunnel will take you outside the palace,” Mary explained to Beatrice and Ember.

“Can’t we take the normal way out?” Beatrice asked.

“The throne room will be locked for hours,” Mary said. “And even if you were not morons and knew the other ways outside through the Oval Room, this is the quickest way.”

“It’s not a good idea to wander around the palace without Master Lucarad,” Ember said while she dealt with the massive cum stains on her robes. With both her hands she heated up her robe to the point that steam formed around her. Once she was done, she and Beatrice went closer to the passage, where Mary waited for them.

“Good luck!” Mary said with a smile. “I’m looking forward to our next meeting. And you better not come back as some shitter D-rank! I expect more of somebody who can come three times in two minutes!”

And with that the bookshelf slid back into its original place, leaving Mary alone in the room.

Chapter Text

As the bookshelf closed behind them, Ember used her [Light of the dying Phoenix] to form a flame in the palm of her hand as a source of light.

"She could have given us one of those light thingies inside the palace, or at least some torches," Beatrice complained. "Were we supposed to walk here in the dark?"

Either way, with nothing much to do in these dull tunnels, the duo proceeded down the sloping rocky formations.

“Have you been in these tunnels?” Beatrice asked with a passing interest.

“Not in these ones," Ember answered. "The palace is a maze. In more ways than one.”

I guess we'll be here for some time, Beatrice thought with a sigh and decided to spend her time productively by going through her skills and spending some hard-earned Skill Points. She brought up the Eros Craft skill tree in her mind's eye and started looking through a list of skills, most of which were grayed out.

One skilled piqued the succubus's interest. It was grayed out which meant she was not high enough level to get it right now, but she still brought up the skill's information tab to see the details and how many levels she was away from acquiring this skill.

Skill Name: Dream Invasion

Rank: B

Type: Eros Craft / Active

Cost: 100 Stamina

Cooldown: 4 hours

Description: Invade the dreams of a single sleeping target. The succubus has direct control over the target’s dreams. No bodily harm can be done but has the potential to break the target's mind and spirit.

Requires line of sight. Maximum cast range 30 feet.

Minimum Requirements:

Character level: 10

Skill Points in Eros Craft: 12


Damn, I have much more fucking leveling to do before I can get that skill, Beatrice thought with slight disappointment and took a look at another potential skill.

Skill Name: Dick Growing

Rank: D

Type: Eros Craft / Active

Cost: 20 Stamina

Cooldown: 30 minutes

Description: Grows a single dick on a single target. The dick is fully functioning but lasts only up to 3 minutes or until the first climax. Cannot cast on self.

Requires direct skin contact

Minimum Requirements:

Character level: 4

Skill Points in Eros Craft: 7


“Fuck!” Beatrice cursed when she read the description “Cannot cast on self”. Maybe one of the later enhancements would let me do that? But can’t check those until I get the skill.

Beatrice brought up her Skill Points summary tab to see how many Skill Points she has and in which Crafts.

Skill Points

Total Skill Points


Unused Skill Points


Skill Points in Combat Craft


Skill Points in Mischief Craft


Skill Points in Eros Craft



Alright, I’m still getting two Skill Points per level. I just need to put two more into Eros Craft. Let’s see what other skills I have available. Oh!

Skill Name: Arousing Touch

Rank: D

Type: Eros Craft / Active

Cost: 25 Stamina

Cooldown: 30 minutes

Description: With a single touch the Succubus can increase the arousal of her target. For maximum effect touching erogenous zones is recommended. Great Willpower or C-Rank and higher protective spells are required to remain unaffected.

Requires direct skin contact between the Succubus and the target.

Minimum Requirements:

Character level: 4


This will combo really well with the [Dick Growing]! And it’s just a useful skill all around to improve someone’s mood. Sold! Not just one more Point…

Now I just need to improve another skill and I’ll have the Points I need, Beatrice thought as she went through her possible skill enhancements again. Not high enough level… Not high enough level and Craft Points… Aha!

Skill Enhancement: Succubus’s Tail (+1)

Rank: E

Type: Eros Craft / Passive

Cost: -

Cooldown: -

Description: One of the lesser-known weaknesses of a Succubus. With little protection from damage, the tail is also one of the Succubus’s most sensitive erogenous zones. Even grabbing a Succubus’s tail can severely weaken them. The full extent of the debilitating impact depends greatly on the extent of the Succubus’s Arousal. During climax, Succubus will shoot cum through her tail as well as through her dick.

Minimum Requirements:

Character level: 4

Skill Points in Eros Craft: 5


Not that much of an improvement… Ah, but this way I could shoot my cum in two girls’ mouths at once! Or fill her mouth and pussy at once. Or mouth and ass. Or even… I’ve changed my mind—this enhancement is great!

Beatrice enhanced her [Succubus’s Tail] skill, double-checked to confirm she now had seven points in Eros Craft, and went back to the Skill tab to get the coveted [Dick Growing] skill.


Skill Points

Total Skill Points


Unused Skill Points


Skill Points in Combat Craft


Skill Points in Mischief Craft


Skill Points in Eros Craft



I better leave the last Point unused, just in case, Beatrice decided and then checked what the future held for her [Dick Growing] skill.

Skill Enhancement: Dick Growing (+1)

Rank: C

Type: Eros Craft / Active

Cost: 60 Stamina

Cooldown: 30 minutes

Description: Grows a single dick on a single target. The dick is fully functioning but lasts only up to 20 minutes. or until the first climax. Cannot cast on self.

Requires direct skin contact between the Succubus and the target.

Minimum Requirements:

Character level: 8

Skill Points in Eros Craft: 14


“Hehehehe,” Beatrice couldn’t fully suppress her laughter, imagining the things to come.

She then checked her current stats after the recent level-up.









4 (6%)

Health Points

180/180 (+0.32/sec)

Arousal Points

14/53 (+0.01/sec)

Stamina Points

50/50 (+0.13/sec)

Physical Attack


Physical Defense


Magic Attack


Magic Defense





Even after that… “encounter” with the princess, I still have some Arousal Points left, huh? Beatrice summarized and stared at Ember’s adorable freckled face while they walked side by side. I don’t need to take care of it now… But it would be wise to test out my new abilities before going into the city.

“What?” Ember asked, catching the succubus’s intense gaze. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Undress,” Beatrice ordered.

Chapter Text

Ever since sharing that passionate kiss in one of the princess Mary’s room, Beatrice wanted to fuck her redhead bodyguard. And Ember’s readiness to follow the succubus's order without questions or hesitation made Beatrice want to do her even more.

Ember chanted a spell and placed several flames along the stone walls to light the surrounding area while she herself began undressing her blue robes.

Beatrice already saw the young redhead naked once before—when she was servicing the other men during the cult’s orgy. But this time Beatrice could watch the girl closely as she revealed her perky C-cups, her narrow waist. Beatrice felt her cock grow. The tip of her penis already peeked out of her small panties.

The light from the flames fell on Ember from the side accentuating her subtle but visible abs. The redhead was clearly fit, but she did not have the bodybuilder's “six-pack” that Beatrice preferred not to see on a woman anyway.

“How old are you?” Beatrice asked while admiring Ember’s youthful skin.

“Twenty-five,” Ember answered while she slid out of the remaining robes, revealing her pink pussy.

“For real!?” Beatrice was shocked. “How is that possible? You can’t possibly be older than twenty! I-I mean, good for you!”

In all her time here (which wasn’t even half a day), Beatrice was yet to savor the taste of a girl’s pussy. And she certainly appreciated Ember’s nicely shaved pussy that only had a thin trimmed line of pubic hair going straight up from the top of her pussy lips.

“Make a pillow out of those robes and sit your butt down,” Beatrice instructed Ember with a smile.

Her bodyguard understood the succubus’s intent and smiled back before she sat down, leaned back, and spread her legs. She even looked up at the succubus, licked two fingers with her tongue, and slid them across her pussy lips, parting them slightly, enticing Beatrice.

Beatrice got down on the stone floor, realizing just how freezing cold it was. Ember noticed her Savior’s momentary hesitation and after a quick inaudible chant placed her hands on the floor. Heat spread from her across the floor, warming it up considerably. In seconds Beatrice felt surprisingly comfortable on this medieval heated floor.

Beatrice approached Ember slowly. The futanari succubus was eager to jump the girl, and her big hard dick was the undeniable proof if the lust in the succubus’s eyes was not enough. Still, Beatrice held back. She wanted to toy with her bodyguard, and she had new Skills she wanted to try out on her too. Ember was willing and even excited to be her Savior’s little test subject.

Beatrice started out slow. She slowly licked Ember’s smooth and warm inner thighs, patiently working her way closer to the ultimate prize. The first time Beatrice licked Ember’s pussy lips she did it as lightly as possible. Ember’s deeper inhale through the nose was all Beatrice needed to know she was on point.

Slowly and subtly Beatrice increased the pressure and speed of her tongue, sliding it between Ember’s lower lips, attacking from different angles.

“Mm,” Ember moaned softly when Beatrice touched her clit with her tongue for the first time.

With a smile at Ember’s reactions, Beatrice continued moving her tongue around Ember’s clit in circles. Although at first Beatrice had intended to already use her new Skills by now she changed her mind and decided to see this through with just her experience from her past life.

Beatrice found new excitement in licking a new, fresh pussy of an obedient girl. When was the last time? Beatrice wondered. Too long ago to even bother counting the years. It was Beatrice’s first time in this world and she was determined for this to be one that Ember remembers for the rest of her life.

Beatrice didn’t even bother using her fingers. She decided that her tongue alone will be enough. She continued alternating between using her lips and her tongue. She sucked on it gently, then swirled her tongue around it while it was still in her mouth, continuing this for minutes and minutes on end, getting Ember wetter and wetter.

Beatrice felt Ember’s juices flowing, mixing with her saliva. Ember moaned louder. But Beatrice wouldn’t give her a quick, strong orgasm. She continued teasing the redhead, driving her to the finish line as slowly as possible. Every time Ember tensed up, and moaned louder, Beatrice eased up her tongue work, bringing Ember back, edging her on.

Ember moved her hips toward Beatrice’s tongue, desperate for more pleasure, more stimulation, more pressure on her clit. Beatrice gave her that pressure but eased up each time Ember was close.

“Ohh, not again!” Ember whimpered. “I was so close!”

Beatrice didn’t care. She knew what pleasure awaited Ember if they continued this dance. Soon Ember was raising her butt and thrusting her hips at Beatrice. She rested on her forearms and clenched the crumbled garments beneath her in her fists. The cloth was wet from Ember’s sweat and a puddle of pussy juices mixed with Beatrice’s saliva.

“Don’t stop! Please don’t stop this time!” Ember begged as her moans got louder and echoed through the tunnels.

She’s ready, Beatrice decided. She grabbed Ember’s butt with both hands, squeezing her firm cheeks that tensed up as Beatrice sped up her tongue across Ember’s swelled, throbbing clit.

“Oh, yes! Ohhh, yessss!!!!” Ember moaned and arched her beck. Beatrice felt her clit tremble in her mouth as Ember’s entire body was rocked by an overwhelming orgasm.

It took Ember half a minute before the waves of pleasure let up enough so that she could sink into the wet robes beneath her. Her breasts moved up and down as she struggled to calm down and regain her breath.

Chapter Text

Beatrice had no intention of ending this with just a single orgasm for her bodyguard. The main event was yet to start. After giving Ember a minute to calm down she slowly started licking her swollen clit again.

“Mmmn,” Ember moaned. She reached to Beatrice’s head, holding it, not sure whether to pull away and protect her over-sensitive pussy or to give in.

Ember did not stop Beatrice, and that was all Beatrice needed. After a couple of minutes of easy playing and luring Ember back into the land of pleasure, Beatrice used her first skill. She touched Ember’s clit with the tip of her tongue and cast [Arousing Touch].

“Ohhhh!” Ember moaned and her entire body convulsed. A stream of liquid spurted into Beatrice’s face.

Did she just squirt? Beatrice asked herself, barely holding back a self-satisfied smile. Either way, the succubus was not about to stop here. She continued assaulting Ember’s pussy with her tongue while before casting her second spell.

Beatrice had checked her stats before. She had fifty stamina to work with, and [Arousing Touch] cost twenty-five Stamina, leaving her with another twenty-five. [Dick Growing] cost twenty Stamina. It actually made some sense why [Arousing Touch] would cost more as it could even be used in combat as a form of crowd control, debilitating a single enemy. Either way, using both skills left the succubus with a meager five Stamina points and possibly defenseless in a case of a sudden attack. But for this experiment that was all Beatrice required.

Beatrice put her hand on Ember’s abdomen and cast [Dick Growing] while sucking on Ember’s clit.

“Oh my God!” Ember squirmed in pleasure as the magic spell took effect.

Beatrice felt something grow just outside her lips, rubbing against them, and her nose. She looked down and saw a limp penis, growing just where Ember’s two pussy lips merged. The dick was summoned limp, but with Ember sinking deeper into pleasure it grew firmer by the second.

“Ooohhh, Whaat-Hnnn,” Ember couldn’t even form sentences as pleasure overwhelmed her.

As if Beatrice couldn’t tell before that Ember was lost in ecstasy by her leaking pussy, it could now be doubly confirmed by her growing, temporary member.

“Wh-whaahn—is—hoooh—going oooooon!?” Ember moaned and looked down, only to see her own erect penis swaying with each of her uncontrollable spasms.

Beatrice saw that her bodyguard’s face was flushed. Bright red. The redhead was truly in heat. Her eyes were as wet as her pussy. The girl couldn’t hold back from reaching to her swollen cock.

“Uhnn!” Ember moaned just from touching the tip of her newly formed penis. “W-what is this... Is this what men feel like... When they touch themselves?”

With her right hand, Ember reached to her pussy, sliding it between herself and Beatrice’s lips. Ember rubbed it across her wet lower lips and sunk her fingers inside to lube them up with her own juices. Then she smeared those very juices across the upper part of her throbbing cock and moved her hands up and down.

Beatrice was as hard as a rock as she watched this scene and continued to lick Ember.

“Nhaaah! No way!” Ember moaned as her whole body shook. She couldn’t handle the overwhelming pleasure. Her already-sensitive clit, enhanced by magic was stimulated to greater heights than ever, increasing her arousal to which new penis responded with its own heat-waves and demands for stimulation, sending more pleasure across Ember’s body, forming a feedback loop that slowly but surely drove the poor girl insane.

Beatrice’s cock throbbed as she listened to Ember’s sultry moans. She looked up and saw the redhead massage her cock with lustful abandon as any man would. Beatrice couldn’t hold back from reaching to her own cock and jerking it with both hands as well.

Beatrice didn’t know what had got into her. It could not have been just the Arousal Points. Was it Ember’s pussy juices? Or was she just too high on lust from seeing this young, adorable redhead moan and twist her skinny, youthful body as she massaged her erect cock, giving herself up to new sensations?

Beatrice knew the true way to give pleasure to a cock. From first-hand experience, the futanari knew that just mere hands were, good, but nowhere near enough. And the succubus got the urge to give her bodyguard proper pleasure.

She stopped licking Ember’s pussy, and moved upward, reaching to Ember’s cock with her mouth.

“M-my lady?” Ember uttered weakly when she saw Beatrice’s lips approach her throbbing penis. Beatrice was close, too close. “Hah! Wh—hnnn... What are you—”

“Aaah,” Beatrice opened her mouth and took the tip of Ember’s cock inside.

“Oh God!!! Ahn!”

What am I doing? Beatrice wondered as she licked the head of Ember’s cock with her mouth. It was the first cock Beatrice sucked in this world. The first cock she had sucked ever. Once upon a time, she could never imagine herself doing something like this. But now...

Beatrice remembered how Helen serviced her on the altar. How much joy she gave. How much joy she received. And how Helen serviced the High Priest, to the point that her throat bulged. Could I do that too? How would it feel to take it deep down, all the way?

Just at the thought of taking another cock deep into her mouth, imagining the pleasure she would give, made Beatrice’s own cock swell. She rubbed it furiously with one hand while rubbing Ember’s cock with another. Beatrice had to know just how deep she could take it.

“Ahn! Lady Beatrice... Lady Beatrice!!! S-Something... Nnhhh!”

Beatrice could feel that Ember was close. The redhead’s cock swelled in the succubus’s mouth. It was now or never. Beatrice opened her mouth as much as she could and slowly lowered herself on Ember’s throbbing cock that was about to explode.

“Ghaa,” Beatrice let out involuntary sounds as she stretched her mouth to the limit. It can’t fit! Beatrice thought. I can’t possibly take anymore! Her own body resisted, yet Beatrice tried to get just a little more inside. With both hands, she jerked her own cock, about to burst from the mere realization of what she was actually doing.

“Ahn! My Lady, I... I—” Ember arched her back. She was no longer in control of what was coming. Her hips shook, signaling the wave of cum that was about to burst.

Beatrice lowered herself more on Ember’s cock. The tip of it pressed hard against the back of Beatrice’s mouth and she gagged involuntarily. She winced and felt tears roll down her face.

“Aaaahhhh!!!” Ember screamed and released rope after rope of cum right in Beatrice’s mouth.

“Blrgh!” Beatrice gagged again when the first rope of cum hit her the back of her throat. And at that same moment—while her mouth was under assault—her lower body shot waves of hot pleasure across her body as she burst her own load, splashing cum against the stone floor below her.

Beatrice rose from Ember’s cock as the second rope filled her mouth. As soon as the foreign dick slipped out of her mouth, Beatrice felt more cum splashing right in her nose and across the left side of her face and closed eye.

“Gaaah,” Beatrice let cum drip from her open mouth right on the cock that she just sucked while she squeezed every last drop out of her own cock.

Ember moved toward the blue-haired succubus, lovingly put her hands around Beatrice’s head, and started licking her own cum off Beatrice’s face. Soon, her cum-covered tongue found its way into Beatrice’s mouth and the two girls exchanged deep kisses. Both their mouths were full of the redhead’s cum, and they gladly slurped it out of each other’s mouths, mixing it with their saliva and greedily gulping it down.


-10.6 Arousal Points

Chapter Text

“That was... I don’t have any words,” Ember gasped as sweat rolled down her entire body. After her climax, her temporary magical dick softened and quickly shriveled, smaller and smaller until it disappeared. Finally, the redhead asked, “Was that one of your new powers?”

“Yes,” Beatrice answered.

“Then did your powers fully return to you?”

“No, not yet,” Beatrice said. “It will probably take some time, but I am getting stronger with each passing moment.”

Beatrice checked her stats to see how much progression she made toward her level five.









4 (55%)

Health Points

180/180 (+0.32/sec)

Arousal Points

14/53 (+0.01/sec)

Stamina Points

50/50 (+0.13/sec)

Physical Attack


Physical Defense


Magic Attack


Magic Defense





Half a level, huh? Beatrice thought. Not bad, but not spectacular also.

Then the futanari looked at her recovering bodyguard. Who cares about levels? Beatrice thought while she gazed deep into the redhead’s green eyes. She’d do this again even if she would not get a single experience percentage. But Beatrice knew she had to proceed forward, otherwise, she’d make no progress at all at this rate.

“We should go,” Beatrice said with a deep breath and got up. She then extended her hand to help her bodyguard up too.

After a couple of minutes of cleaning themselves up and getting dressed (which for Beatrice wasn’t much, but she wasn’t complaining thanks to her [Succubus's Thermoregulation] passive), the girls moved further down the tunnel.

The route was monotone. The girls took care not to venture into any side tunnels that connected to this tunnel and not to deviate from their sloping and twisting path. To kill some time Beatrice sparked up a conversation about something princess Mary had mentioned before.

“Do you know anything about that S.E.C.R.E.T. guild the princess talked about?” Beatrice asked her bodyguard. “She mentioned ranks, but was never clear on what that guild was all about. Although I have a suspicion.”

“You really are not from this world,” Ember concluded and sighed a little. “At least not from this kingdom. What little is left of it that is.”

Ember was silent for a moment, thinking how to approach the subject, and finally said, “Unlike what the guild’s acronym would suggest that guild is anything but “secret”. Sexual Entertainment and Carnal Rapture Expertise and Talent Guild, that’s what it stands for. And it ranks its members accordingly.”

“Haa, so it’s basically a sex club?” Beatrice asked.

“Club?” Ember raised an eyebrow. “It has nothing to do with weapons.”

“No, no, I meant as an organization for sexual activities… It’s a term we used in our world, ah never mind.”

“Ah, how foolish of me!” Ember exclaimed. “Of course, you would also have such guilds in your world!”

“Yes, well, they are illegal in many places,” Beatrice said. “More importantly—how did the royal princess end up wrapped up with such a guild?”

“As the princess said, there are very few people that aren’t,” Ember said calmly. “Without a doubt that guild’s buildings are the most popular in the entire capital.”


“The guild rapidly expanded and took over the surrounding area. Now it is an entire district with its own tavern, shop, lodgings.”

“Nobody has anything better to do?”

“Exactly! The Kingdom of Larpsus is in ruin. This is one of the last cities in the entire kingdom that is still deemed completely safe from the monsters and demons from beyond. It also has become completely isolated. Which is one of the reasons everyone must have a citizen’s badge on them. The guards are always on the lookout for any potential infiltrators or refugees that might try to sneak in during supply deliveries.

Food is more often stale than not. Morale is low. Even in better times, people were looking for distractions in this overcrowded city. That’s how the S.E.C.R.E.T. guild formed originally. And although the guild has never been recognized officially—that would require a royal degree—restrictions have been lifted and laws softened over time.

Public nudity, masturbation, consensual sexual activities are not only legal, they are all but encouraged. As long as nobody involved is under the age of eighteen, anyone can have sex with anyone anywhere. With a few exceptions. And the S.E.C.R.E.T. guild provides a handy service in this regard. Anyone who is registered in the guild and has a rank within it is guaranteed to be eighteen years old or older.”

“By being a member of this guild, you’re basically signaling you’re up for guilt-free sex,” Beatrice concluded.

“Exactly! It lets both parties skip formalities and lets you know how skilled your potential partner is. Needless to say, the ranking is more forgiving for women, but in this city, nobody is left without plenty of sex.”

As they walked, Beatrice looked at her bodyguard, paused, and finally asked, “Are you a part of this guild?”

“I am,” Ember said and got out a badge that was different from Beatrice’s citizen badge. Ember’s badge was metal, small enough to easily fit in the palm of the girl's hand. It had the shape of an eggplant and even had leaves engraved on one end. In the middle, a prominent letter “C” was engraved with two signatures below it.

Chapter Text

Beatrice looked at the S.E.C.R.E.T. guild’s member badge that her bodyguard showed her with a tinge of sadness. Rank “C”, huh? Beatrice thought. I wonder if the ranking is similar to my skill rankings.

“What’s the lowest rank in that guild?” the succubus asked.

“F-rank,” the redhead answered and put away her badge back into her robes.

“H-how—" Beatrice stopped her own question. She was about to ask “How long have you been a part of this guild?”, but got a feeling that she might not want to know the answer. Instead, the succubus recovered with a different question. “How does the S.E.C.R.E.T. guild determine the ranks of its members?”

“Part of it is peer review,” Ember answered as she and Beatrice proceeded forward. “But the final decision is always with the guild’s Inspectors.”

“‘Inspectors’? No doubt that’s a dream job for many around here,” Beatrice smiled.

“Wait!” Ember said suddenly and stopped. She extended her arm in front of Beatrice and the succubus walked straight into it, boobs-first. Beatrice almost let out a moan from how her nipple pressed through the thin cloth of her bra into Ember’s open palm.

About fifty feet in front of the two girls five figures appeared one by one out of a connecting tunnel and slowly walked toward them. Three men and two women. They stopped about thirty feet in front of Beatrice and Ember. Standing side by side, the five-man group completely blocked the way forward.

“Ha! I told you she’d be here!” the scrawny guy said. “In your face, Bob!”

“Alright, alright, you don’t have to rub it in, Garry,” the bulky guy with a neckbeard said as he drew his loaded crossbow.

A fight already? Beatrice thought, slightly worried. I had hoped to avoid any combat, at least for now.

Ember stood next to the succubus and carefully observed the newly-arrived group.

“But how can we even be sure that this is that “Savior” chick we’ve been sent for?” The tallest of the two girls in the group exclaimed. She looked like she was in her early twenties. She had long green hair and a fragile frame. Most of her skin was exposed as she wore several pieces of green cloth that roughly formed a very loose idea of what mage’s robes would look like if designed by a pervert. And while none of her private parts were completely exposed, the mage’s outfit left very little to the imagination.

“Are you kidding!? Look at her!” The shortest of the group screamed. She was a girl in a dark-blue ninja outfit with bleached hair tied in a high ponytail and long bangs falling on her face. In contrast to the scantily clad, skinny mage girl, the ninja had almost none of her skin exposed. Even her mouth and nose were covered by a dark-blue cloth mask.

“Do you know of any other women in this entire godforsaken city with a huge dick between their legs!? Or have you finally lost your sight along with all your other senses you fucked away?”

“Hey!” The skinny mage protested with a pout.

“Well said, Olivia,” The tallest of the group said with a nasty smirk. He was in his early thirties, and was good-looking, with a square jaw. But his entire demeanor emanated a malevolent intent of somebody you did not want to meet alone in the dark. He wore nothing but black pants and an open vest, revealing his shredded abs. “For once, luck is on our side!”

“Oh, I knew you could do it, Sebastian!” the mage instantly changed her demeanor from a pouty girl to an overly supportive lover. Although the mage was nearly two heads taller than the ninja, Sebastian towered over her. She wrapped her skinny arms around Sebastian’s giant biceps and kissed it. Then she looked up lovingly at the man who did not even bother looking back and cheerfully said, “This will finally restore your relations with young Julius!”

“Hey, stupid! You’re not supposed to reveal the name of our boss!” the ninja girl screamed at her female companion.

“What does it matter, Olivia?” The girl pouted. “They’re as good as dead anyway!”

“The slut is right,” Sebastian said. “Their luck ran out when they ran into me.”

“Oh, come on, Sabby! You know I like it when you call my name!” the mage pouted again. “Ta-bi-tha. Remember? Now, how about I tell them who exactly wants to kill them and why? I found it quite funny and I think—”

“Think?” Sebastian interrupted Tabitha and snorted. “I do not keep you around to think! I’m amazed your cum-addled brain can still form coherent sentences!”

Garry and Bob laughed, while Olivia kept her eyes on Ember and Beatrice. Tabitha did not react in any way to Sebastian's remark or her teammates' laughter, though for just a split-second Beatrice noticed the mage’s eyes glaze over.

“But damn, she’s a looker!” Bob pointed out. “Do we really have to kill her? Like right away? Can’t we have a little fun first?”

“Seriously? Again with that crap? You’ve been in the S.E.C.R.E.T. District for the past week! Haven’t you had enough?” Olivia seemed repulsed.

“Nah, Bob is right on this one,” Sebastian said and scratched his abs. “She’s a ten out of ten!”

“Hey!” Tabitha pouted again.

“That’s just how it is,” Sebastian said coldly. “That doesn’t mean I plan to keep her though! As long as we bring her head to Julius, nobody can blame us for having some fun.”

“Hey, if her dick works, maybe have her fuck her friend?” Bob suggested. “We could take turns taking her from behind while she does it!”

“Nice idea! I like it,” Sebastian said and smirked again.

Nope! I am not getting done in by these rejects! Beatrice decided. But I really don’t want to fight either. That would mean investing in my Combat or Mischief skills. And I don’t even know how high-leveled these guys are. If this is a standard wish-fulfillment setting, I should be able to mop the floor with these losers and brush their teeth with my cock! But I better play it safe, for now.

Beatrice threw a glance at her bodyguard who’d been standing beside her all this time and calmly listening to the exchange of the five-man group. She’s calm and focused—that’s a good sign, Beatrice thought. So far bluffing hasn’t failed me, so no reason to stop now!

Beatrice raised her chin a little, straightened her shoulders, puffed out her impressive, barely concealed breasts, and asked in a confident, slightly dismissive tone, “Who the hell even are you? Some wannabe mercenaries?”

“We’re not just any wannabe mercenaries!” Tabitha shouted and took a step forward. “We're Golden Daggers! And Sebastian is the greatest mercenary in the entire kingdom! And his cock is the girthiest of them all! He's just been slightly unlucky lately with lousy jobs, that's all!”

The ninja girl audibly groaned as her eyes rolled back into her skull.

“You really have no idea who you’re messing with, do you?” Beatrice asked. “Honestly, you’re beneath me! I might as well let my friend toy with you and not bother dirtying my own hands.”

The succubus took a couple of steps back, past Ember. As she walked past Ember, Beatrice whispered, “You’ve got this, right?”

Ember simply nodded and took a step forward.

“Why don’t you surrender peacefully?” Bob asked and aimed his crossbow at Ember. “I have lots of ideas about what to do with you and very few of them involve impalement by an arrow.”

“Sure, let me think about it,” Ember said sarcastically as she raised her hand.

Chapter Text

“Bob—” was the only thing the ninja girl had time to say before Bob fired from his crossbow, aiming at Ember’s stomach.

“[Unholy Roasting]!” Ember shouted the name of her spell and a dark flame flew from her hand directly at Bob, intercepting his arrow. The arrow disappeared in the flames, disintegrating from existence.

“Uwaaah!!” Bob scream and tried to dodge the firebolt, but he was too slow. The flames engulfed him completely.

“Aaaaaaahhhh!! UuAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaa!!!” The man screamed in agony running back and forth while the tunnels filled with the stench of burnt meat, leather, and hair. Within a couple of seconds, Bob collapsed to the ground and burned silently as the flames slowly subsided.

“You bitch!!” the scrawny guy, Garry, screamed and ran at Ember while throwing knives at her.

“[Curtains of Hell]!” Ember shouted and a wall of flame rose in front of her. Five feet wide, seven feet high, reaching all the way to the ceiling. The knives entered the flames, but did not go out, burnt to a crisp.

“What are you standing there for you useless whore?” Sebastian shouted at Tabitha and got out his greatsword.

“I-I’m sorry,” the green-haired mage whimpered. “I’m still weak from… this morning.”

“Useless slut!” Sebastian cursed and ran at Beatrice, aiming to run past the firewall together with Garry.

Beatrice took a couple more steps back as the flame wall in front of her bodyguard dissipated. Come on, don’t make me fight! Beatrice thought and glanced at Ember. If they get any closer I’ll have to active my [Sharp Claws] and use [Daze] on one of them.

“[Curtain Fall]!” Ember shouted.

The same wall of fire that appeared in front of her now fell from the tunnel ceiling right on top of Sebastian and Garry.

“Guh!” Sebastian tumbled and dodged the flames at the last second. He ended up against the tunnel wall and nearly lost his sword.

“AAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaa!” A scream once again filled the tunnels.

As Sebastian rose to his feet he looked at Garry and saw the scrawny man fall to his knees as most of his clothes burned away.

The poor man let out the most gut-wrenching screams of pain as he touched the molten flesh on his face with his charred hands. He only had a single charred pinky and both thumbs remaining, cracked and burned like campfire wood that was about to crumble.

His fingers stuck to the molten flesh of his cheeks that were blue, black, pink, and white, burned all the way through the muscle. His nose was gone completely, revealing the openings in his skull. Both his cheeks were black and white as his eyes poured down his face, leaving blackened, soul-chilling openings.

What… the… Beatrice was left speechless by the power her slender, unassuming bodyguard could unleash.

Suddenly, the ninja girl appeared behind Ember, having dashed through the carnage. Without a moment of hesitation, Olivia thrust her kunai through Ember’s robes, just above the waist. She sunk the blade through the cloth and deep into Ember’s flesh, all the way up to the hilt, before turning it to open up the wound.

“Guh!” Ember let the air out of her lungs and arched her back with and looked back with wide eyes, astonished by the ninja’s sudden attack. The next second her entire body burst into flames.

“Ah, a fire clone!?” Olivia winced from the heat and jumped further back from the blazing hot flame where Ember’s body should have been.

Now Olivia found herself way behind Beatrice, separated from Sebastian and Tabitha. The green-haired mage ran up to Sebastian while Ember was nowhere to be seen.

“[Phoenix Tears]!” Ember shouted, materializing in a cone of fire even further behind Olivia. Ember formed a circle with her index finger and thumb at her mouth and spit fireballs one after another at Olivia, driving her away from Beatrice, nearly pinning the ninja to the wall, and forcing her to retreat to hop and dash back to her comrades.

Olivia kept a few feet of distance from both her comrades and the walls to avoid getting pinned by area of effect attacking spells that Ember hurled one after another so effortlessly. The narrow but obstacle-free tunnels proved greatly advantageous for the fire-wielding mage.

“Enough of this!” Sebastian shouted and took his broadsword into both hands, holding it firmly in front of him. He got deeper into a stance and let out a deep grunt. His silhouette started glowing light-blue, increasing in brightness.

Charging some sort of an attack or a power-up? Beatrice thought. I could interrupt it, but… Beatrice looked behind her. Ember calmly walked forward, toward Beatrice. They’re completely outclassed, aren’t they?

Giving me such a strong support unit right from the start… Beatrice thought, remembering the goddess Luluna. Someone that can not only waste my enemies but gladly satisfies any of my needs? It’s like I’m playing a game with cheats! But although it is fitting to let my underlings do my dirty work for me, it is also dangerous to have them remain stronger than me. I’ll have to adjust that eventually.


Beatrice quickly looked back at Sebastian and saw blood seeping through his throat and a knife next to his neck that was in the mage girl’s left hand.

“T-t-t-t-Tabith—” Sebastian attempted to speak while looking behind his shoulder.

“Now you remember!” Tabitha cheered and sunk her knife into the side of Sebastian’s neck, splitting the previous wound wide open.

“Ghlruahk!” Sebastian choked on his own blood and dropped his sword.

“WHAT!?” Olivia turned her attention from Ember and saw Sebastian fall to the ground while futilely trying to keep the wound in his neck closed.

The ninja girl pressed her feet against the ground to leap away from the treacherous mage, but the ground under her lit up in a two-foot wide, bright-yellow circle. Olivia’s feet barely got a couple of inches into the air before her arms and legs were bound together tightly by four bright-yellow rings. The ninja girl plummeted to the ground like a sack of potatoes.

Chapter Text

Sebastian gurgled his last gasps, lying in the pool of his own blood while the green-haired mage, Tabitha, jumped on bound Olivia’s back, and pressed the ninja girl’s face against the ground. She then leaned to Olivia’s ear and said with a smile, “[Golden Rings] take a while to channel, but they are very effective. Unlucky for you, you never once saw me use this spell.”

Ember came up to Beatrice and whistled.

“A friend of yours?” Beatrice asked.

Ember shook her head.

“I’ve heard stories, but I never believed them,” Tabitha said gleefully and looked at Beatrice and her bodyguard while holding down Olivia. “That one day a savior would come to our world with sexual potency greater than any demon from Beyond!”

“You traitorous whore!” Olivia barked. “You betrayed us to join Lucarad’s lunatic cult? Do you seriously believe that scam artist?

Scam artist? Beatrice noted.

“Since when did you start giving a damn about this rotten world?” Olivia continued berating Tabitha.

“I don’t!” Tabitha smiled cheerfully. “Don’t tell me you haven’t heard of the sexual bliss that demons from beyond can grant human females? I have fantasized for years about that! The only reason I’ve stuck around with that useless brute was that he had the biggest dick that was willing to fuck me and was mercilessly rough during sex. There wasn’t a day I didn’t have to waste most of my mana to heal the bruises Sebastian left all over my body.”

“N-no way,” Olivia grew paler. “That’s why you were always so useless in fights?”

“Oh, but it was worth it!” Tabitha moaned, closed her eyes, and bit her lip. “Every time he pounded my pussy while choking the life out of me I was imagining that I was in a demon’s deadly grasp. Fighting for my life while my body and mind betrayed me-bringing me to ever greater heights of ecstasy!”

“You’re insane!” Oliva shouted and struggled to break free, but Tabitha’s binding spell remained strong, leaving the ninja girl squirming like a worm.

“Everyone in this city is the ones who are insane!” Tabitha shouted. “Why are we locked away here like prisoners!? Why can’t we each pursue our dreams freely!? You really think some second-rate sex with selfish assholes is enough when I know that there’s true bliss out there? Ah, but now I do not need that.”

Tabitha pulled Olivia’s head up by her hair, looked directly into Beatrice’s eyes, and said, “Oh, great Savior, please forgive me for getting in your path and not putting a stop to this charade sooner! Please, accept this humble gift from me. Do with her as you please. Fuck her, rape her, kill her—”

“What!? Get off you psycho!!” The ninja girl screamed and struggled fruitlessly.

“I’m not going to kill or rape a bound hostage,” Beatrice tried to calm the situation.

“What? But she tried to kill your friend!” Tabitha was perplexed. “Oh, you have something worse planned? Will you feed Olivia to that redhead? She looks like the cannibal type.”

“Haa?” Ember’s jaw dropped open. Even your usually reserved bodyguard was absolutely flabbergasted at what she heard.

“Whatever it is, please, I beg of you,” Tabitha continued pleading, ignoring Olivia’s screams and struggles. “Drown me in the pleasure that mere mortals cannot hope to achieve! Even if it is just once! Even if it means my death! As long as I’m able to experience ultimate bliss at least once in my life, I’ll be happy.”

Is she for real? Beatrice thought. Maybe the ninja girl is right, and this mage is simply not well. She just confessed that she was beaten daily. I really shouldn’t indulge her. No matter how much she wants to be roughed up and have her holes filled with hard cocks. Ah, and I have my tail. I bet she hasn’t experienced- No! No! Think!

Beatrice lightly slapped her cheeks to get a hold of herself and cleared her throat. Then the futanari succubus finally spoke, trying to maintain the high attitude that served her so well, “Y-you’re making a lot of assumptions. Why are you even so convinced that I’ll be able to give you what you want? And do you think I’d want that?”

“Ah!” Tabitha whimpered. “A-am I not good enough?”

“N-no, that’s not it,” Beatrice stammered. Did I just hurt her feelings?

“B-but I stopped the fight!”

“After it was already obvious that your side lost,” Ember said with cautious suspicion.

“No! It’s not my fault!” Tabitha cried out as tears built up in her eyes. “I was low on mana, and this spell was the only one I knew would work on Olivia. It took time to charge. Everything happened so quickly! I tried to stall! Please believe me!”

Beatrice and Ember looked at each other, gauging whether the other one took Tabitha’s words seriously.

“My feelings are true! I swear! And this girl that tried to harm your friend” —Tabitha pulled on Olivia’s hair even harder, arching the ninja girl’s neck backward—"Here take her! If you don’t want her, maybe your cannibal friend can use her?  She clearly gets off on burning people alive. Use her! Use me! I’ll gladly let you burn me alive while you ravage my body!”

“I’m not a cannibal!” Ember protested.

Oh boy! Beatrice was convinced that she was dealing with a total nutcase.

“Have you come to this world to save it?” Tabitha continued her monologue. “Or to fuck the last remnants of humanity into blissful ignorance while everything crumbles around us? Whatever it is, please make me a part of that! I have much to learn but I will do whatever it takes to improve as a mage! Are you searching for women to fuck into submission? Men? I will gladly assist you and lure them to you! Just rape me alongside them just as mercilessly! No! Even more mercilessly! Ravage my body as a demon would!

Will you go into combat against the demons? Use me as a cheap meat shield against their attacks and fuck my dying body as a demon would! Use your bodily fluids to keep me just on the edge of life! The thrill of life and death… Not knowing when I will breathe my last as you choke me with a giant cock inside my womb and tail deep in my ass… Oh, I’m wet just from the thought!”

Tabitha leaned against Olivia with sultry moans. Her hand was already between her legs and she breathed warm air into the struggling ninja girl’s ear.

“Stop it! Get off me, you freak!” Olivia screamed.

Beatrice was left speechless. She had no idea how to respond or what to do with this sudden proclamation by the horny, masturbating mage. Was Tabitha ill? Then what did that make Beatrice who finally noticed that she had a raging boner?

Chapter Text

The mage was not right in the head. Beatrice knew that. It was abominable to ask someone to rape another and fantasize about that. Beatrice knew that too. Only a truly sick person would get aroused at the prospect of having a sexual intercourse that would end in death. It was. It was and yet Beatrice found her heartbeat quicken and her dick grow stronger as she watched the demented girl masturbate atop her captured former comrade.

Beatrice did not find the thought of raping an unwilling victim exciting in the slightest. She was hard for a different reason. In all her life, this or the previous one, she never experienced sex with a partner who truly got off on rough, hardcore sex. Not any of the light butt-slapping. The really depraved stuff.

Eventually, Beatrice had settled for the thought that women who claimed to be into that sort of stuff on the internet were either lying or were actually men posing as women for laughs. Sure, Beatrice saw all kinds of degrading stuff in pornos, but that was just that—videos for cheap entertainment. One sicker and more extreme than the other, fighting for attention in the oversaturated market. Or it was something desperate women would let men do to themselves for one sad reason or another.

Sure, it might have been a shallow and narrow-minded perspective. But it was a way for Beatrice to cope with the fact that she never encountered a true masochist that would get horny from a strong hand around her neck and a hard slap across the face.

But to see a young, twenty-something-year-old, laying on another girl right there in front of Beatrice, masturbating to the fantasy of being roughly fucked in all holes while being choked out, genuinely begging for the ultimate taboo, with no strings or conditions attached, nothing for her to be gained… For Beatrice, it was a surreal sight.

If she finds pleasure in being used in the most extreme ways imaginable, would I be in the wrong to give it to her? Beatrice wondered as she listened to Tabitha’s moans and lightly slid her fingers across her hot cock, craving for stimulation. If it is her dream. Her ultimate desire. If I was truly the only one that could give this girl what she desperately craved for, begged for, why would it wrong for me to fulfill her fantasy? God knows I want to stuff her full.

But I can’t, Beatrice argued with herself. Not yet. The person she imagines me to be. The savior that is greater than any demon from beyond. I’m not that person yet. But what if I confess that to her? How disappointed will she be? She just betrayed her team for this. Will she hate me? What the hell am I thinking!? I want to fuck her brains out and push her masochism to its limits!

“Ahn, please!” Tabitha begged. “I can see your hard cock! Why aren’t you ravaging me with it? Please, shove it down my throat—haaah! I can take it! My gag reflex is long gone! But if you want to see me vomit, you can just punch me in the stomach. I’ll lick it up if that’s what you’re into, just—mmf—please... Do you want me to crawl to you on all fours?”

Tabitha got up on her hands and knees and slowly approached Beatrice and Ember. The ninja girl tried to use this opportunity to get out of her restraints but only managed to roll around on the ground as the yellow rings binding her remained strong.

“Ahn!” Olivia screamed when walls of flame appeared on both sides around her.

“Don’t move!” Ember ordered in a soul-chilling tone. Both Olivia and Beatrice understood that Ember could end the ninja’s life with the snap of her fingers without a second thought or hesitation.

Doesn’t that mean I would be lying to her? Beatrice desperately fought against her rising urge to ravage the crawling, begging mage. Using her? But that’s what she wants!! Does she even realize what she’s asking for? Can she even handle my huge cock inside her ass? What about my tail? Oh my God, I could fill her ass and pussy at the same time, all by myself!! What would that feel like? Would she moan? Would she scream? Would she cry? Would it be from pain? From pleasure? Both? How do would I know? I heard there are safe words for—whogivesafuckjustfuckheralready!!! I want to fill her ass and have her scream from masochistic pleasure!

It’s been so long since I’ve fucked! Beatrice was losing it. She moved her panties to the side. They were in the way! The futanari slowly stroked her cock as she watched the green-haired girl crawl toward her. As hot as that quickie with Ember was, I didn’t screw her. And that princess screwed me!! How long was it? How long were we here?

“Ahn!” A moan escaped Beatrice.

The realization flashed through Beatrice’s mind that her Arousal Points must have been close to full again. But she did not bother to look if that was the case or how full they were. No. She did not look on purpose. Beatrice knew she wanted to fuck a true masochist. This gift from heaven was too good to pass up! No Arousal Points would change that.

The succubus gathered what little remained of her willpower and moral values and said to Tabitha, “If your only wish is to be ravaged and consumed by a demon, I will not grant you that wish now.”

“Ahn?” Tabitha moaned in disappointment and looked up at Beatrice. The futanari’s cock cast a shadow on Tabitha’s face from the light of Ember’s fires.

“One day, I will grant you the pleasure that no mortal being has ever experienced in this world,” Beatrice said and reached down to Tabitha’s neck. Beatrice noticed her hand tremble for a moment. She was about to experience a different side of herself. A darker side. One she had fantasized about in her past life, but never got a chance to explore. Never hoped to explore.

Beatrice grabbed and squeezed the mage’s neck tightly, pulled her up to her own face, and said, “But only if you prove to be a fun and useful toy!”

“Gh,” Tabitha smiled despite struggling to breathe.

“Is that what you want?” Beatrice asked. “To be a fun toy?”

“Ghee,” Tabitha nodded.


Beatrice slapped Tabitha hard across her face.

“I can’t hear you!” Beatrice said strongly.

“Gh-hyeesh,” Tabitha struggled. “Yesh!”

“’Yes’ what?”

“I... whanth... tho bhe... hah... thoy!”

Beatrice spat in Tabitha’s eye and asked, “What kind of a toy?”

“Whath...hevher... hyou whanth!”

Beatrice let go of Tabitha’s neck and the mage collapsed to the ground, coughing and gasping.

“Prove it!” Beatrice ordered.

Chapter Text

With a hard cock, Beatrice looked over the gasping mage lying at her feet. What little cloth used to cover Tabitha’s private areas was already sliding off. Only one of the mage’s perky C-cups remained covered, revealing the light pink nipple on her right breast.

Beatrice barely held back from ravaging the mage, but she deliberately commanded the girl to prove her depraved commitment to what they were about to do.

Beatrice was going out of her comfort zone. She was not a harsh or cruel person in her past life and had no intention to become one in this life. But even as a sexual game, the succubus had never acted out a role this fierce. And while it was something she had fantasized about, it was only under the condition that the enjoyment was mutual.

Beatrice had no tolerance for cruelty. No matter how rough or degrading the sexual treatment that Tabitha demanded would be, even if tears rolled down the mage’s eyes and she cried in pain, Beatrice had to be certain Tabitha got mental or physical pleasure from the act.

The succubus did have the [Arousing Touch] skill, but according to the skill’s description, it only worked to increase the arousal. And Beatrice was not willing to use that skill to make someone do something they would not otherwise.

“Well? What are you waiting for?” Beatrice asked harshly while Tabitha recovered.

“I-I’m sorry!” startled, Tabitha jumped to her knees. She was still breathing hard as spit drooled down her lower lip and chin, but she wasted little time and started stroking Beatrice’s hard cock with one hand while she wiped her eyes with the other.

The succubus found this scene incredibly sexy, and her arousal kept her hard despite the friction being slightly unpleasant. But after only a couple of strokes, Tabitha realized her error and spat on Beatrice’s dick to lube it up with her own saliva and proceeded to stroke the entire length of the futanari’s shaft with both hands.

“That’s better,” Beatrice grunted. But not even ten seconds had passed before the horny succubus already grew impatient. “How long do you plan to give me a second-rate handjob?”

“Ah!” the flustered mage gasped, realizing the error of her ways, and opened her mouth, moving her head closer to the succubus’s cock.

First, the mage took just the tip of Beatrice’s cock, stroking the shaft some more, while her tongue slid around the underside of the glans. But Tabitha breathed deeper through the nose, relax her jaw and let Beatrice’s cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. As her cock filled Tabitha’s mouth, Beatrice felt resistance in the back of the mouth, the mage’s throat was not yet ready to accept the veiny girth of Beatrice’s member. But Tabitha was determined, adjusted her tongue under Beatrice’s cock, and—while looking into Beatrice’s eyes—simulated swallowing to open up the entrance to her throat and let Beatrice inside.

Tabitha slowly slid her slippery lips across Beatrice’s shaft, struggling with even just the head of Beatrice’s penis inside her throat. Despite being only six inches long, the girth of the succubus’s cock proved a challenge for the mage—her stomach involuntarily jerked and she gagged on the cock before her lips could touch the base of Beatrice’s ball-less cock.

“Ghaah!” Tabitha withdrew from Beatrice’s cock before the contents of her stomach escaped her. A thick strand of translucent saliva still connected her mouth with Beatrice’s cock when Tabitha got back to jerking it, coughing for the violation of her narrow throat.

“Is that all you’re capable of?” Beatrice asked the mage, shaming her for her poor performance. “Just moments before you were spouting all that nonsense about wishing to be used, and yet this is your limit?”

“No! I’m sorry!” Tabitha cried, stroked the futanari’s cock, and put it back into her mouth, almost as if in an apology. She tried to force it down her throat again, but with a similar result—pulling back coughing, and spitting as her eyes watered again. “I’m sorry—cough—It’s just that you’re so… Compared to Sebastian—I thought he was big, but you…”

“What? Did he have a straw for a cock?” Beatrice asked. Spoiled by the skill of the girls from her sex cult, the Succubus had quickly gotten used to the idea that anyone could effortlessly service her slightly above-average girl-cock.

Ember chuckled. She stood some twenty feet from Beatrice, keeping an eye on the bound ninja girl.

“He doesn’t compare!” Tabitha gasped before taking Beatrice’s cock back into her mouth. She bobbed her head, sucking and licking veiny member, competently servicing the succubus while letting her throat rest.

Meanwhile, Ember walked closer to the both of them and said, “I’ve seen this from time to time in the S.E.C.R.E.T. guild—girls getting used to one partner, thinking themselves to be far more skilled than they actually are. She just needs to be properly broken in.”

Both Beatrice and Tabitha looked at the redhead and found a devilish smile on her face.

“If only I had my toys with me,” Ember lamented as she looked down on Tabitha. “I’d have you pay for those remarks about me.”

Toys, huh? Beatrice thought as she recalled seeing something about this in the Skill Tree. I do have one more Skill Point left…

Letting Tabitha service her, Beatrice mentally retreated into her Skill System and opened up the Skill Tree in her mind’s eye. The succubus glanced over all the locked or acquired Skills and found the one she remembered.

Skill Name: Summon Sex Toys

Rank: F

Type: Eros Craft / Active

Cost: 5 Stamina

Cooldown: 5 Minutes

Description: Allows a Succubus to summon toys that are unavailable to the inhabitants of this world. Summons a flexible silicone dildo, that lasts for up to thirty minutes. Limited adjustments of size and shape are available before summoning.

Minimum Requirements:

Character level: 2


At the time Beatrice thought it to be an utter waste to use a Skill Point on something like this. But now the choice was obvious to the horny Succubus who was too intrigued by her bodyguard's suggestive comments. Without a second thought, the overly excited futanari traded her last Skill Point for a dildo on demand.

Chapter Text

With the cost of just 5 Stamina, Beatrice did not hesitate to use her new Skill to summon the biggest dildo she could and ended up with a flexible, silicone, pink dildo in her slender, delicate hands. In length, the dildo was just below seven inches, not including the decorative testicles which the Succubus herself did not possess. The succubus frowned for a moment when she realized that her summoned toy was longer than her own real live thing, but cheered herself up with the fact that she was the clear winner in the girth department. The dildo also had a suction cup base, but Beatrice could not foresee it coming into play with the uneven surfaces of the tunnels they were in.

“Will this work?” Beatrice asked as she tossed the dildo to her bodyguard.

“Oh?” Ember was surprised to see the new item appear seemingly out of nowhere, but despite that effortlessly caught the toy into her left hand.

“What is this material?” Ember asked, not even bothering to hide her amazement as she closely examined the dildo in her hands, sliding two fingers across the smooth surface of the artificial phallic object.

“Something from my realm,” Beatrice spoke in half-truths. “So?”

“It’s a little on the small side, but it will serve its purpose,” Ember said with a mischievous smile. The redhead then walked up to Tabitha while Beatrice took a couple of steps to the side, to have a clear view of everything. For a second Tabitha reached to Beatrice’s cock, which moved away from the mage, but recoiled her hand when Ember’s shadow fell upon her.

Even though Ember herself was of a smaller frame, Beatrice couldn’t help but feel that the redhead towered over Tabitha. It was more than just a matter of size. Beatrice could almost feel a subjugating aura emanating from her bodyguard. Judging by Tabitha’s timid expression, she felt it too. She pulled her hands closer to her naked chest, looking at Ember with curiosity and worry. Holding the pink dildo in her hand firmly by the balls, Ember looked down at her prey with a smile of a jock that was about to deflower a clueless, naïve college girl. And her intent proved far more dastardly.

Without warning, Ember jammed four fingers into Tabitha’s mouth, pulled down the girl’s jaw, forcing her mouth wide open, and thrust the pink dildo into the girl’s mouth and down her throat, all the way to the base, pressing the silicone balls into Tabitha’s chin. Beatrice saw Tabitha’s throat bulge as her back arched and her entire body jerked.

Beatrice saw Tabitha convulse through her stomach once. Twice. On the third time, Ember roughly pulled the dildo out. The girl rose half a foot, following the dildo with her contorted, wide-open mouth. Thick saliva escaped her, attached to the dildo and Tabitha collapsed to the ground coughing, covering her mouth, afraid that her stomach contents would follow the dildo.

But Ember gave the girl no rest—she grabbed Tabitha by the neck and with a single hand pulled her up—back on her knees where Tabitha belonged—displaying feats of strength that should not be possible for a girl her size.

“Open you mouth!” Ember commanded in a strong and merciless tone. Not even a hint of kindness remained in Ember’s red eyes, which—usually warm and passionate—now appeared impossibly cold.

Tabitha did not dare to disobey her new master, whose voice bounced from wall to wall, echoing through the tunnels. With teary eyes, she opened her mouth and Ember jammed the dildo back down her throat. This time though she did not hold it down. She pulled the dildo nearly completely out, Beatrice even saw the edge of the fake head on the dildo appear on the inner edges of Tabitha’s trembling lips before Ember again forcefully thrust the dildo into the gagging girl's mouth. She thrust the dildo in and out of Tabitha’s throat with a relentless speed, as if trying to test just how much she can get away with.

“Glhu-glhu-glhu-glh-glh—” depraved squelching escaped Tabitha’s throat as her neck bulged and contracted, her lips and neck were covered in throat slop that Ember pulled out along with the dildo and drooled down to her tits in long, sticky strands.

“Glhu-GLHUHAAAA!“ Tabitha finally escaped Ember’s assault and coughed out a small while puddle of slop that landed on her thighs and smeared across them.

“Kha! Kha!” With tears in her eyes, Tabitha coughed and gasped for air as more liquid hanged from her mouth in thick strands, slowly drooping down. She tried to wipe her mouth with the back of her hand, but Ember grabbed her hand and smacked her across the face with the dildo.

“Who told you to touch your mouth!?” Ember asked the girl in a loud voice. She then let go of Tabitha’s hand and with her own hand smeared the thick saliva from Tabitha’s mouth all across the assaulted girl’s reddish, wet face.

“That’s a good slut!” Ember said with a smile as she grabbed tightly Tabitha’s both cheeks, squeezing the degraded girl’s face. “Who’s a good slut?”

“Ghi am,” Tabitha gasped.

“Then open that fucking mouth wider!” Ember demanded, but instead of waiting for the girl to act, forced her mouth open with her hand before thrusting the dildo back in.

Beatrice jerked her cock with both hands. The sight of a beautiful naked woman in the prime of her years on her knees, gagging and gurgling on a long dildo in her throat was too much to bear. She’s not resisting at all, Beatrice thought to herself. It took immense willpower for the futanari not to cum then and there, as she wanted to cum inside the dominated girl, yet didn’t want to interrupt her own private show.

But when Beatrice saw Tabitha reach down to her pussy and start violently rubbing herself off, that took the succubus over the edge. She knew she was beyond the point of no return. She rushed to Tabitha and Ember—

“Ah!” Ember noticed the succubus approach and stepped aside while pulling the dildo out of Tabitha’s mouth just in time for Beatrice to grab Tabitha’s face with both hands and thrust deep into her mouth.

“Mff!” only for a brief moment muffled moans escaped Tabitha’s mouth, before Beatrice’s cock penetrated her throat.

“Ghuuu!” Beatrice grunted as she finally unloaded her cum down Tabitha’s throat. At the same time, Beatrice felt cum rush through her tail. Recalling the additional effects of her Upgraded [Succubus's Tail (+1)] Skill, Beatrice had only enough time to move her twitching tail and aim the head at Tabitha’s naked back before a fountain of sperm erupted and splattered all the throat-fucked girl. Beatrice held Tabitha’s head down tightly, pushing her down on her trembling cock as much as she could, and slightly jerked her hips forward with each rope of cum that she sent into Tabitha’s stomach while more sperm flowed down her spine, toward her ass.

-10.6 Arousal Points

Chapter Text

“My, you’re an impatient one,” Ember said with a sly smile as she watched Beatrice grunt like an animal while holding Tabitha’s head firmly with both her hands and cumming down the submissive girl’s throat with the entire length of her cock fully stimulated by Tabitha’s mouth and throat.

Only when the very last drop was squeezing out of her cock, did Beatrice let go of Tabitha’s head and let the girl finally gasp for a breath of fresh air. Beatrice still breathed heavily, her chest rising and falling with each deep breath through her mouth. She looked down at her cock which was still firm and covered in bubbly, translucent, thick saliva. She then looked down at the violated Tabitha who struggled to come to her senses after the prolonged assault on her throat first by Ember, then by Beatrice.

Beatrice looked at her own two hands, still slightly trembling from the excitement. The succubus understood that although she had passed the buck to her bodyguard, in the end, she used the girl for her own pleasure all the same. Was that who she really was? Could she really pass all the blame on the Arousal System? Beatrice kept reminding herself that Tabitha was really into being violated. She even masturbated during it after all!

But in the end, Beatrice’s experience in these kinds of plays was severely lacking. Even though this was a completely different life from her previous one. Even though she was a completely different person now. Even though she had resolved to devote her life to precisely these types of perversions that she missed out on in her previous life, Beatrice could not disregard the fact that it was a real human being she just abused. It’s fine, she kept telling herself. Just another type of sexual act that we both enjoyed in our own way. Stop being such a soft, pathetic weakling! You’re a different person now! This girl is literally all you could hope for! A gift from the heavens! Get a grip!

Beatrice’s thoughts were suddenly interrupted when Ember took a swift step toward her and grabbed the succubus by the throat. The freckled redhead’s momentary toyful demeanor swiftly changed back to a rough, dominating one. She did not let go of Beatrice’s by the throat, instead, she tightened her grip, squeezing hard on the gentle neck of the succubus, and said, “You’ll have to be punished for interrupting my play!”

“Wh-what—gkh—are you doing?” Beatrice asked weakly, struggling not only to speak but also for breath from the sudden cut-off of the oxygen by her own bodyguard.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Ember asked ominously and then grabbed Beatrice’s sleek, overly sensitive tail about ten inches from the tip and jammed it into the Succubus’s wet pussy without warning.

“GHGHHUAAKHHHAAA!!” Beatrice screamed as her entire body jolted from the overstimulation. Her back arched, sending her big breasts flopping into the air as the Succubus’s eye’s bulged from the sudden wave of mind-crushing pleasure.

Overly excited, the Succubus let her guard go completely and let her major weakness—her sensitive tail exposed for abuse. Just a simple touch of her tail would be already pleasurable all on its own but combined when thrust into her pussy that already was dripping wet from the degenerate show before her and thrust deeply by her own tail that was even more sensitive than her own cock...

To be thrust into and in some sick, perverted, arousing way be also the one that ends up doing the thrust... Penetrating herself... Feeling the foreign object hit something deep within her while also feeling hitting something with her tail WHILE the airflow of to her brain has been suddenly obstructed... Was there any wonder that she couldn’t stop leaking cum from her cock, disregarding the fact that she came not even a minute ago?


-10.6 Arousal Points


Level up!


Additional Skill Points available!


But it took the cum-addled mind of the Succubus some time to realize that her twitching cock was already shooting her second load of cum. And even as she realized this, she could do little more than whimper weakly while looking down at the dark-red, gigantic head of her cock that continued oozing cum that fell to the floor, increasing the puddle under her feet.

Beatrice bit her lip, unable to come to terms with her mixed feelings of intense pleasure and deep shame. She still felt both her tail deep inside her and Ember’s strong hold on her neck. Realizing that both of those contributed to her mind-shattering orgasm, Beatrice wrestled with the reality that she might have discovered masochistic tendencies she never knew she had.

Was it wrong? Shameful? Degrading? If anyone knew... But the pleasure what undeniable! What did that make of her? Was she just another pervert? No better than the mage that proclaimed her wish to be used, abused, and ultimately fucked to death?

All those questions disappeared from Beatrice’s mind she felt Ember’s soft lips upon her own. Ember’s warm, gentle hands, sliding across her shoulders. Ember’s soft tongue entering her mouth. Every touch was kind, soft, and reassuring. Beatrice embraced her bodyguard and the two girls exchanged a long, deep, passionate kiss.

Chapter Text

“I think that slut is ready for some proper treatment,” Ember said with a smile while lovingly looking into Beatrice’s eyes.

“Y-yes,” Beatrice answered with a single word. At that moment the succubus felt she would’ve agreed to anything Ember proposed, but she couldn’t deny how her heart jumped at the thought of continuing this new experience with Ember’s guide. And it turned out that her heart wasn’t the only thing that jumped as Ember's downward look and coy smile pointed to the reawakening of the futanari’s cock.

Just as Ember turned to Tabitha who was on her knees beside them, Beatrice grabbed the redhead’s hand and said, “Wait!”

Ember turned around with a curious smile and warmly asked, “What is it?”

Beatrice swallowed, inhaled, and said, “I want us to both to fuck her at the same time! From the front and behind!”

Ember slightly opened her mouth, but before she could reply Beatrice activated her [Dick Growing] Skill, casting it on Ember, using her hand for the direct skin contact requirement.

“Ah!” Emer gasped when she felt a familiar growth and throbbing between her legs.

“We don’t have much time,” Beatrice reminded Ember.

Her bodyguard replied with a wink and turned around to Tabitha, pulled her by the hair, and said in a loud, cold voice, “You hear that slut? On your hands and knees.”

Ember roughly shoved the girl into position and undid her own robes.

Beatrice walked around Tabitha, who got into a doggy-style position as commanded. Tabitha looked disoriented and confused but gasped when she saw a huge hard cock unveiled from under Ember’s robes.

Ember did not miss the opportunity to fill the opening so graciously provided.

“Oh, yes, I remember now!” the redhead moaned as for the second time in her life she enjoyed the warmth of a girl’s mouth around her cock. “But don’t think I’ll be nearly as gentle as I was with her.”

“Mmf?” Tabitha obviously didn’t have a clue what Ember was talking about.

However, the redhead’s words left a big impact on Beatrice who’s cock filled with blood and swelled further at the thought that Ember obviously would treat her differently. Thinking about the pleasure they gave each other before and would give again, Beatrice now wanted to fuck this submissive girl together with her caring bodyguard. The futanari got on her knees behind Tabitha, put the swollen head of her cock against the girl’s pussy lips, and thrust inside, all her length, all at once.

Each of the succubus’s thrusts fucked Tabitha further into Ember’s cock, forcing Tabitha to gag as the cock kept pushing through, forcing open her jaw and squeezing down her throat.

“Ah, let’s turn this slut around!” Ember told Beatrice.

Beatrice saw no reason to object and the two girls withdrew out of Tabitha, before flipping her on her back. Beatrice wasted no time. She lifted up the girl’s legs, putting them on her own shoulders, and proceeded to thrust into her pussy, watching the breasts flop back and forth. With Tabitha on her back, it opened a straight path for Ember to reach even deeper down Tabitha’s throat.

“Open wide!” Ember ordered Tabitha.

Tabitha eagerly opened her mouth, but instead of a cock she had the silicone dildo thrust into her mouth instead.

“Ghlu-ghlu-ghlu—” Tabitha let out the same sounds from her throat as before under Ember’s relentless assault. The girl coughed and whimpered when Ember finally let her catch her breath only to reward Tabitha with hard slaps on both her cheeks with the slop-covered dildo.

“Why are you crying!?” Ember shouted. “You don’t want your throat roughed up!?”

“I—KEHE—I want—OOH! … Your cock… I want your cock!” Tabitha begged as she moaned with tears in her eyes and bit her lower lip from the similarly brutal assault of her pussy by Beatrice.

“Who cares what you want!?” Ember disregarded Tabitha’s pleas with a devilish grin. “If you want it that badly, beg for it!”

“Plea-ghu—” Tabitha’s plea was interrupted by the same dildo thrust down her throat.

“I can’t hear you,” Ember said as she thrust the dildo in and out of the gagging girl.

“Pl-glhu-please—ghaaa—give me—ghuaa—your cock, I—ghu-ghu-ghu-ghu-ghaaaa… I want it so bad,” Tabitha whimpered.

Ember laughed and said, “Open your mouth wide and stick out your tongue!”

“Ah~” Tabitha gladly obeyed. Saliva dripped from her stuck-out tongue, down her turned-over face, and even got into her left eye, which she closed, but kept her mouth as wide open as she could. Tabitha even pushed her breasts close together and forward, trying to entice her new mistress in any way she could.

Ember aligned her hard cock with Tabitha’s open mouth and finally rewarded Tabitha with the thing she desired so badly.

Chapter Text

Tabitha cried from joy when she felt Ember’s cock in her mouth, but her face soon contorted in the struggle as Ember pushed deeper than ever before due to a favorable position. While Beatrice fucked Tabitha’s pussy, she saw her neck bulge further and further down, clearly noting the depth of Ember’s cock.

Ember was not satisfied with just that, however. She put both her hands on Tabitha’s neck, squeezing tightly, and proceeded to thrust her own hips back and forth, using the girl’s throat like a cheap sex toy.

“Haah, this whore is first class!” Ember grunted as she choked Tabitha, squeezing her neck around her cock, stimulating her cock beyond reason.

Beatrice was astonished that Ember still hadn’t cum. The succubus had no doubt she would’ve cum by now, and the only reason she hadn’t already was her two previous climaxes mere minutes ago. But even despite that Beatrice had to slow down her own pace inside Tabitha because the way Ember used Tabitha was too stimulating for Beatrice’s senses.

The succubus knew first-hand that submitting to yourself to rough handling could bring immense pleasure. And this was doubly confirmed by the way Tabitha’s pussy muscles contracted around Beatrice’s cock in rhythm with Ember’s thrusts.

Beatrice could barely withstand the unusual stimulation around her cock and couldn’t help but wonder what heights of pleasure was Tabitha reaching from such brutal choking and throat-fucking and if she too would drown in ecstasy should she find the courage to give herself to such degrading treatment.

Finally, the stimulation proved too much for Ember. The redhead thrust harder and faster. Her moans grew loud enough to rival Tabitha’s gurgling and squelching. Beatrice could clearly see Tabitha’s face turn red and got legitimately worried for the girl’s wellbeing. But before she could decide whether to do something, Ember thrust hard, arched her back, and climaxed into Tabitha’s throat while squeezing the girl’s neck tightly.

The second her orgasm subsided, Ember let go of Tabitha’s neck and withdrew her softening cock. With the orgasm reached, her temporary cock quickly shriveled and disappeared.

Beatrice breathed a sigh of relief when she heard Tabitha cough and desperately gasp for fresh air to fill her deprived lungs. But just as Beatrice's mind was put at ease about Tabitha’s wellbeing, her thoughts were swiftly overtaken by a singular purpose—she was not yet done with the girl. She too wanted to experience the orgasm brought on by fucking a totally submissive girl senseless.

Beatrice pulled out of Tabitha’s trembling pussy, got up, and walked over to Ember. The succubus then kissed the redhead passionately on the lips, recalling how great it felt when Ember did that to her. Satisfied with the kiss, but still desiring a greater satisfaction, Beatrice retraced her bodyguard’s actions and pulled Tabitha up by her hair, into the proper position on her knees.

But before Beatrice gave Tabitha the same treatment Ember did, she picked up the slippery pink dildo that Ember left on the ground.

“Ah,” Tabitha gasped, frowning in disappointment as she looked at the toy that—as she thought—was once again about to replace the real thing.

But Beatrice—hard at the thought of what she was about to do—placed her left hand on the back of Tabitha’s head, guiding her mouth onto her veiny cock while leaning forward, over Tabitha.

“Ooh,” Beatrice moaned in pleasure as her cock slid inside the warm, lubricated, thoroughly stretched mouth of Tabitha. And while she slowly pulled Tabitha down on her cock, with the dildo in her right hand she reached for Tabitha’s asshole. Beatrice placed the tip of the dildo against Tabitha’s tight muscular ring and slid it around in a small circle, smearing it with the girl’s own, thick throat juices, preparing her back entrance.

“Mmm!” Tabitha moaned, realizing what the succubus’s plan was, but that was all she had time to do as Beatrice pushed the lubricated dildo into Tabitha’s ass with a singular purpose.

“Mhmmm!” Tabitha moaned into Beatrice’s cock, but the succubus only pushed Tabitha’s head further onto her engorged cock, pushing through the entrance to her throat. It was no difficult task, as Ember had properly prepared the girl for her Savior.

After the first inch of Beatrice’s cock entered Tabitha’s throat it was a matter of seconds before Beatrice was fully inside Tabitha’s mouth once again. And this time she had no intention of letting Tabitha go. Instead, the futanari gripped the pink dildo tightly and pushed it deep into Tabitha’s asshole, all the way to the balls of the silicone penis.

Tabitha moaned and her throat muscles contracted around Beatrice’s cock. Beatrice’s already great pleasure from the extremely tight fit inside Tabitha’s throat was now magnified by the irregular massage of the girl’s throat muscles.

Beatrice lost herself more and more by the second from the pleasure. Her right eye twitched, her hands trembled. Eager to increase the pleasure even more she started thrusting the dildo in and out of Tabitha’s asshole. Just like Ember did to Tabitha’s throat previously, which gave Beatrice the current perverted idea.

Tabitha gagged, moaned, and cried, choking on the succubus’s cock, yet at the same time cumming through her asshole. To increase her own demented pleasure, she once again started rubbing her clit wildly.

This time, Beatrice didn’t even notice the arousing act. She was lost in her own little world of heavenly ecstasy. She moaned and screamed, letting her own tears of joy flow from her eyes, further obstructing her already blurry vision, impaired by her dopamine-overloaded brain.

Feeling her orgasm approaching fast and cum build-up at the base of her cock, Beatrice kept vigorously abusing Tabitha’s twitching asshole and pushed Tabitha’s head down on her cock with what little strength she had left, wishing to penetrate as deep as she could, wishing for an even longer cock to thoroughly ravage the girl’s throat. And when Beatrice felt the familiar warmth and taste of Ember’s lips upon her own, she moaned into Ember’s mouth, letting go of the dildo to pull the redhead closer to her, and—finally—exploded down Tabitha’s throat while savoring the taste of Ember’s lips, tongue, and their mixed saliva.

-10.6 Arousal Points

Chapter Text

Beatrice regained her senses in her bodyguard’s warm and gentle embrace, with Tabitha laying at their feet, naked, on the cold stone floor.

I really am a horrible person, Beatrice thought. After all here she was, resting, cared for by her bodyguard for whom she was quickly developing feelings she had not felt in decades in her past life. However, what made Beatrice feel horrible about herself was not the fact that they both left Tabitha on the floor, used and discarded, but rather it was the fact that Beatrice could not muster herself to console the used mage or make her feel as cared for as Ember did. Despite the fact that Beatrice knew first-hand how important it was, how safe and reassured it made her feel.

Beatrice thought herself to be better than that. Was it just because she enjoyed Ember’s slow caressing that much? Or was it because Tabitha explicitly wished to be treated like that and much worse? Did Tabitha get exactly what she wanted? Beatrice couldn’t bring herself to ask.

“We should take care of her,” Ember said, nodding toward the bound ninja girl, Olivia.

Beatrice’s eyes snapped wide open as if awoken from a trance. She had completely forgotten that the ninja girl was alive and conscious all this time. Even now Olivia was staring them down, quietly, sending death wished with her eyes, but not visibly taking any action toward escape.

“Don’t worry, I kept an eye on her so that she didn’t try anything stupid,” Ember explained when she felt the succubus tense up. “But you should get dressed. It’s about time we moved out of these tunnels before more trouble finds us.”

Getting dressed for Beatrice didn’t mean anything more than put on her light-blue bra and panties, and required only about as much time as it took to find where she discarded them during her sex craze.

“Aha!” Beatrice finally found what she was looking for, and while she put her only clothing on, she considered the exact meaning of Ember’s words. And that meaning was clear even before Ember clarified.

“The only logical choice is to kill her,” Ember said while toying with a small flame at the tip of her fingers. “We obviously can’t walk around the city in broad daylight with a bound prisoner on a leash, and letting her go is out of the question.”

Beatrice was conflicted. Obviously, the ninja girl had intended to kill both Beatrice and Ember for profit, possibly after letting her scumbag friends rape them, had they gotten the chance. And the others had already either paid with their lives or—in the case of Tabitha—submitted in both mind and body.

On top of that, this is supposed to be a wish-fulfillment world for me! Beatrice reminded herself. Why should I spare any thoughts toward anyone wishing me or my friends harm? Off with her head and be done with it, she tried to encourage herself.

The decision should have been that simple. But For the second time today, Beatrice had to come to terms with the fact that it’s not that simple of a choice when staring into the eyes of a living, breathing human being. Beatrice tried to imagine herself slitting the bound girl's throat. The thought churned the stomach. She couldn't kill a helpless prisoner. Even though she knew very well that the ninja girl would not be as kind if the situation had been reversed.

In self-defense? Maybe. But right now that would be cold-blooded murder. As revenge for something Olivia and her partners miserably failed to do. There has to be another way...

“Ah!” An idea popped into Beatrice’s head. “What if we act like she’s just one of our slaves? Surely, something like that shouldn’t be unheard of if the city is anything like I suspect it is—with nearly all its inhabitants a part of a sex guild. At least until we figure out what to do with her.”

“You’re just delaying the decision that has to be made now,” Ember pointed out. “And what you’re suggesting would only work if that girl played her part, which she has no reason to do. She can easily make a scene as soon as we’re in sight of the city guards.”

“Then why not hand her over to those very guards?”

“And tell them what? That this girl that we drag around like a slave, attacked us with four others, but we killed three of them and fucked the fourth one silly? Best case scenario we all get locked up together and waste precious time hoping for Lucarad to free us.”

"Bring her to Lucarad?” Beatrice suggested more timidly, discouraged at how easily her suggestions got shot down one after the other.

“We don’t know how long he’ll be with the king. It would be foolish to disturb any royalty with something like this and we must concentrate on awakening your powers as quickly as possible.”

Beatrice sighed and looked at the silent ninja girl.

Finally, Ember broke the silence with a suggestion, “If you’re that intent on keeping her alive, I suggest we cut off both her arms.”

Chapter Text

“WHAT!?” Beatrice screamed and looked back to her bodyguard, barely believing what she heard. “What are you saying? That’d kill her outright! She’d bleed to death!”

“I can cauterize the wounds to prevent that,” Ember reassured the succubus.

“W-wha... Th-that’s torture... No, worse! That’s... N-no way,” Beatrice was taken aback by Ember’s proposal, afraid to even imagine doing something like what her bodyguard suggested.

“I’m just doing my job to keep you safe,” Ember explained. “If you don’t want me to kill an assassin that tried to take your life and will no doubt try again if given the chance or sell valuable information about us to our enemies, I have to propose the next best thing to ensure your safety and prevent any realistic retaliation from this girl. Ah, I’ll have to cut her tongue out too!”

“We’re not cutting out her tongue!! We’re not mutilating or torturing anyone! No way!”

Ah, I’m seriously defending someone who tried to kill me? Beatrice thought. But cutting limbs, tongue... Something like that...

“Speaking of torture, I didn’t bother bringing it up because it quickly became obvious that you’d be against it, but we should get additional information out of her about who would want to kill the world’s Savior desperately enough to send assassins.”

“Tabitha can tell us that! We don’t need to torture anyone!”

“Sigh, as I thought. You’re too trusting. All of this could be a ploy to infiltrate our... organization. I can manage to keep an eye on this degenerate if she continues satisfying your needs and makes you happy, but two is absolutely out of the question.”

Beatrice didn’t answer. Ember’s logic was merciless, but not without reason. And as much as Beatrice was against senseless violence, she also couldn’t think of a better alternative. Just let the ninja girl go? That’s naive, Beatrice concluded. But the alternative? Killing someone in cold blood? Torture? Even if I don’t do it with my own hands, simply standing by would be just as bad. No, worse! Is there no better way?

“You’ve been awfully quiet,” Beatrice finally said to Tabitha. “Do you have anything to say considering the fate of your friend?”

“S-she’s not my friend, never has been!” Tabitha said and glared at Olivia. “And as I’ve said before, do with her whatever you desire.”

“Oh, so it’s not like you have no feelings toward her,” Ember grinned as Tabitha’s comment piqued her curiosity.

“She’s mean!” Tabitha shouted while looking at Olivia.

The ninja girl didn’t respond. Ember shrugged her shoulders, quickly losing interest at the lack of drama.

Beatrice turned to Olivia but kept her distance from the bound captive in case of any unforeseen surprise attack.

“What do you think we should do with you?” Beatrice asked Olivia. “Ember made a strong case for your execution.”

“If you let me go, I promise to never come after you again,” Olivia pleaded with a teary eye.

“Pfft,” Ember snorted. “Can’t blame her for trying.”

“I swear it! On my mother’s heart! I’ll even leave the city if that’s what you want! Just please don’t kill me!”

“Ember is right,” Beatrice said. “I can’t blame you for trying, but you obviously would say anything for us to let you go.”

“I’ll tell you everything I know! Anything you want to know! What—”

“Sebastian was employed by Julius,” Tabitha said loudly, interrupting Olivia. “He’s in love with princess Mary and has been vying for her hand for over a year. Furious that she’s been promised like a cheap whore to a random freak of nature, he hired several groups of assassins to hunt you down and bring him your head.”

Olivia was left speechless with a half-open mouth. Beatrice could see that Tabitha clearly did additional damage to Olivia’s already dire situation by taking away her main bargaining chip.

Ember chuckled, realizing the same thing.

“SHE’S LYING!! That’s not who hired us at all!”

Ember laughed and said, “Nice move. Trying to undermine our trust in Tabitha and hope to gain new information from you. But you forgot that I don’t trust either of you. And you’re not a very good liar.”

“She’s the one who’s lying! Not me! Please! Not like this… My sister… I have to save her…”

“Oh boy,” Ember sighed after rolling her eyes at the new sob story.

“Your sister?” Beatrice raised an eyebrow, dubious of the ninja girl’s new story.

“Yes,” Olivia cried. “I’ve only got into this dirty work because it’s one of the few ways left to earn any money. She was kidnapped by lord Belmot’s men. He lives in a literal fortress on the edge of the city. Someone with my skills has no chance to rescue anyone from there.”

“Belmot? Who the hell is that?” Beatrice asked.

“A slave trader,” Ember said. “One of the most influential men in the city. His desires… Are unconventional.”

Beatrice has a bad feeling and hesitated to ask.

Ember felt Beatrice’s hesitation and added, “Yeah. He doesn’t care for all the carefree sex the city is drowning in. He’s only interested in raping unwilling girls until they completely broken and then selling them for cheap. Before that, he offers to sell them to the highest bidder, often back to their own family. For a gargantuan ransom.”

I’m gonna be sick, Beatrice thought. The new discovery hit her like a truck. What kind of a world is this?

Chapter Text

With Beatrice rattled by what she just heard, Ember stepped up and quickly reminded everyone of her view on the subject, “That little sob story obviously doesn’t change anything though. She might be lying. It’s not that hard to come up with. There are many who know about Belmot’s… activities. Either way, she’s too dangerous to be left alive!”

Beatrice didn’t respond, yet again, trying to fight the right course of action. Both Ember and Olivia waited, trying to gauge where the succubus’s thoughts lied. Then, with a flash of determination in her eyes, Beatrice briskly walked closer to the bound ninja girl, crouched down, and asked her, “What do you want?”

“… What?” The ninja girl asked, perplexed, clearly not understanding the question it seemed.

“I mean exactly what I asked. What do you want? Literally. Anything. Even if you said nothing but lies all this time. If you could have anything you wanted, what would it be?”

“My sister’s freedom of course!” Olivia spoke up passionately, even a little angry that she was accused of lying about her sister.

“Anything else?” Beatrice asked calmly.

“Ah… I guess… A place where I could take care of her. I don’t even want to imagine what she went through already.”

“That’s it?”

“Isn’t that enough?”

“More than enough. And if you sincerely want all of that—work for me!”

“What!?” Ember lost her composure.

Beatrice disregarded her bodyguard’s shock. She did not let her eyes off Olivia, and said, “That Julius Ceaser or whichever guy you were working for, clearly is either a weakling or a coward or incompetent, if he sent you to do his dirty work. And whatever he promised to pay all of you combined can’t be enough to pay off someone as despicable and power-hungry as that Belmot you’re describing. That is also the reason I asked what you wanted. Because if it was money, that is also more than arrangeable. And you’ll need it to properly take care of yourself and your sister. I’m sure lord Belmot will have more than enough for all of us.”

“How can you possibly promise all of this?” Olivia asked with clear distrust.

“It’s simple—we’re going to kill Belmot, free every single person he’s imprisoned, and take all of his stuff as our own.”

Ember whistled behind Beatrice, moved by the Succubus’s ambitious plans.

“You talk as if you can just waltz up to Belmot and slit his throat!” Olivia said, annoying at the ease with which Beatrice disregarded the difficulty of the task. “His fortress might as well be impenetrable! And most of the city guards are either directly or indirectly on his payroll. What gives you the right to spout such nonsense and play with my feelings!? From what I’ve seen, you’re just a sex-crazed nympho just like Tabitha!”

“Oh, I’m much more than a sex-crazed nympho!” Beatrice stood up and spread her arms, her tiny wings, and unwound her tail from her waist. “I’m a Succubus! The Saviour of this world. Summoned her to finally deliver this world from the evil that has besieged it! And I will start with this city!”

Beatrice took a breath to fill her lungs and continued her declaration, “Now, don’t get me wrong—By no means am I here to undo all the wrongdoings of the world. I am a Succubus! What I want is to have lots and lots of hot, passionate, satisfying sex. And sometimes just to press a hot girl against a wall and pump her pussy full of my cum… Erm… But how can I possibly go on blissfully drowning myself in non-stop carefree sex after what I’ve just learned?

I am by no means a moral Succubus! In fact, I’m probably a horrible person myself. Shallow… Egotistical… But I am also not about to sit idly and do nothing when there is some rich, corrupt, sadistic, malevolent, disgusting piece of shit raping and selling girls at this very moment, in the exact same city I am in! He’s going DOWN! Who’s with me!?”

Beatrice looked around. The freckled redhead was smiling, in a “well, damn” sort of way. She raised up her hand at her head level, signaling that she’s in, while chewing a bubble—What is she chewing!? Beatrice wondered, realizing that there probably shouldn’t be any chewing gum in this fantasy world.

Tabitha also excitedly raised up her hand and passionately announced, “I’m in! Even if you use me as nothing more than a distraction for the guards to violently rape and fill all my holes before you cut their dicks off as they cum inside me!”

Beatrice looked at Olivia. Olivia looked back at Beatrice, battling with distrust, utter defeat, and wishful thinking. Finally, the ninja girl said, “Don’t you dare let me down after giving me a sliver of hope!”

Chapter Text

“I won't lie—I’m going along with this more out of morbid curiosity than anything else,” Ember said to Beatrice as they both stood next to the bound ninja girl while Tabitha undid her spell.

“Ugh,” Olivia moaned, finally free from her bonds.

The ninja girl clearly had issues moving her limbs after being bound and remaining in the same position for… Hm, I wonder how much time has passed? Beatrice wondered. Has it even been an hour?

The stench from charred remains of Bob and Garry had spread through the tunnels in full force, and Beatrice wondered how she didn’t notice it before. It smelled of seriously over-burned chicken—a smell all too familiar to Beatrice, as she never was much of a cook and frequently managed to burn her meals, engrossed in her formulas. Maybe she wasn’t as hungry, as Beatrice realized that she hadn’t eaten a single thing since she got here. And as much as doujins would like you to believe otherwise, cum was not the only nutrition required for a slut.

“Please tell me there’s something decent to eat on the other side of these godforsaken tunnels,” Beatrice asked Ember.

“We have been here for a while, haven’t we?” Ember scratched her shin and looked up and to the side in thought. “I can’t say that this city spoils its citizens with a rich choice of food. But don’t worry, I might know just the place!”

The four girls got themselves in order and prepared to move forward when Ember said with an insincere smile, “Olivia, you wouldn’t mind taking the lead, right? Just keep straight and down, alright?”

“… Sure,” Olivia said coldly. It was obvious to everyone except Tabitha that Ember preferred to watch Olivia’s back and not the other way around.

Before moving on, Tabitha glanced at Sebastian, remembering the many nights she spent with him. And after massaging her pussy as she gleefully relived the moment where she slit Sebastian’s throat, Tabitha moved on with the others, striking her former lover from memory.

While the party of four girls moved to the exit of these dark, stone tunnels, lighted only by Ember’s fire magic, Beatrice, as always, decided to spend her time productively, assessing her stats and skills. She vaguely recalled leveling up during her lustful threesome. So, she brought up her character stats menu to check what has changed.









5 (1%)

Health Points

200/200 (+0.36/sec)

Arousal Points

23/60 (+0.01/sec)

Stamina Points

60/60 (+0.15/sec)

Physical Attack


Physical Defense


Magic Attack


Magic Defense





A slow rise, Beatrice thought. I need to measure my strength before I go assaulting any fortresses. I can’t do it against Olivia or Ember, and risk failure. Not after I boasted so much.

But first thing’s first. Beatrice remembered that her [Arousal Pool] Skill had a level 5 requirement for an enhancement. And it was an enhancement she desperately needed to keep her clear mind for as long as possible. Normally that might not have even been much of an issue if all Beatrice wanted was to suck and fuck.

But now, with her new self-imposed mission looming over her, she could not afford to lose her mind to her lustful Succubi nature. Not unless she wanted to end up as a cheap sex toy for Belmot and his lackeys.

And with that in mind, Beatrice used one of her two Skill Points to enhance the [Arousal Pool] passive Skill to rank E.

Skill Enhancement: Arousal Pool (+1)

Rank: E

Type: Eros Craft / Passive

Cost: -

Cooldown: -

Description: Increases Arousal Points cap by 20 Points and additional 5 Points per level.

Minimum Requirements:

Character level: 5

Skill Points in Eros Craft: 6


Beatrice immediately checked her main stats to confirm the effect of the enhanced passive.

Arousal Points

24/85 (+0.01/sec)


Alright, that’s a massive increase! Beatrice celebrated. For a moment she felt a tinge of sadness, realizing that she just permanently prolonged how much she would have to wait to reach that euphoric, mind-breaking pleasure state, even if just by some minutes. But the succubus shook her head and focused on numbers to get her mind off those shameful, pussy-lubricating thoughts.

With this I have… Eh… Zero point zero one times sixty… That’s zero point six per minute… Eighty-five divided by zero point six… Ugh, I’m sure could’ve done this math in a couple of seconds back in the day... I wish I had a calculator.

After a little bit of struggling, Beatrice determined that it would take a little over two hours and twenty minutes for her Arousal Points to fill up completely. This, combined with her [Futanari Succubus's Dick] enhanced passive that lowered her Arousal by 20% with each climax, meant that she would be fine as long as she came four times about every two hours.

Never would have thought that impulsive fantasy sex as a futanari succubus would involve this much math.

This left Beatrice with just one Skill Point left. Beatrice glanced at the next possible Enhancment for [Arousal Pool].

Skill Enhancement: Arousal Pool (+2)

Rank: D

Type: Eros Craft / Passive

Cost: -

Cooldown: -

Description: Increases Arousal Points cap by 30 Points and additional 8 Points per level.

Minimum Requirements:

Character level: 10

Skill Points in Eros Craft: 14


Fourteen, huh? Beatrice thought and brought up her Skill Point tab.

Skill Points

Total Skill Points


Unused Skill Points


Skill Points in Combat Craft


Skill Points in Mischief Craft


Skill Points in Eros Craft



That would require me to continue focusing on Eros craft. And the increase is not that big comparatively. Though it will add up with levels.

More importantly, is there any point for me to switch out of Eros craft now? I might need some serious firepower soon, but considering how underwhelming low-level skills are without significant investment—Beatrice’s stomach growled again, and she decided to delay planning her strategy until it has been filled.

Chapter Text

“Finally!” Beatrice rushed to the exit when she saw the faint glimpses of natural sunlight breaking through an opening up ahead. It may not have been smart, but the succubus wanted to finally breathe fresh air. The final few steps of the tunnel made sudden, sharp twists and turns. Beatrice had to stop suddenly to not drop several feet down from the side of a rough and uneven mountainside. Beatrice leaned against the sharp rocks that obscured the entrance to the tunnel and took a long, deep breath.

“Aahhhh,” Beatrice exhaled with a smile on her face. A gentle breeze brushed her cheeks. The air was fresh, something that a city-rat like her in the past life was not used to. Most of the view was obstructed by a wall of pines, but that only added to the pleasant change of scenery. Beatrice might have even gotten a glimpse of the sunset as the sky above her was nearly perfectly clear, save a few small white clouds, smeared across the sky as if with a brush.

Even in the evening, it was still pleasantly warm, Beatrice could tell that her [Succubus's Thermoregulation] passive did not have to do much work in these conditions. She looked around and realized that she stood nearly at the very base of a steep cliff. Some six feet below her flowed a narrow river, no more than thirty feet wide.

“Are you sure we’re actually in a city?” Beatrice asked, finding it hard to believe she was not in some forested mountain valley.

“A very large one, yes,” Ember answered. “This area provides a great cover for this emergency exit from the palace.”

Beatrice looked up. Indeed, high above her head, she saw blue flags, blowing in the wind, mounted at the tower peaks that were firmly rooted into the rocky terrain.

“Olivia?” Ember called out the ninja girl that was a couple of steps behind.

“Yes?” Olivia answered with an audible sigh.

“What are you waiting for?” Ember asked with a smile. “You know this area too, right? Lead the way!”

Without objections, but also without much enthusiasm, Olivia took the lead and led the girls down to the edge of the river and the crossing that consisted of nothing more than a couple of rocks, sticking out of the water. They were too narrow to balance on without risk of falling into the water and too far apart to reach the next one without going into the water anyway.

Of course, Olivia jumped onto the nearest rock, landing with but the tips of her toes, before hopping onto the next one, and with one more effortless jump the ninja girl was on the other side.

For a moment, Beatrice wondered if Olivia would try to escape, but saw a small flame in the palm of Ember’s, turned away from Oliva, but clearly ready for a deadly strike.

Calm with the thought that Ember had things under control, Beatrice decided to concentrate on how to get over this river herself. She was pretty sure she could not pull off the same acrobatics that the ninja girl did, and she certainly wasn’t about to embarrass herself in front of everyone by trying.

Investing her one remaining Skill Point into her [Succubus's Wings] passive seemed absurd because when she skimmed over her available Skills and Enhancements before, it was clear that wings would take a lot of investment before they became useful. And while flying would indeed prove an incredible advantage against melee opponents, her Eros Craft proved that it takes major investment into any craft to unlock the more powerful versions of skills.

But the water did not seem to be literally filled with shit and piss, despite what Beatrice would’ve expected of flowing water in a major medieval city, so perhaps just getting across the old fashioned way would be fine?

“How deep is this?” Beatrice asked Ember.

“Roughly to the knee, if you don’t slip from the path,” Ember said. “This part is deceptively shallow.”

“Oh, that makes this—WUAH!!” Beatrice couldn’t help but scream when she noticed a naked body of a muscular man in the river, flowing face down and approaching the crossing in the mild stream.

“Ah, the main reason the tunnel to the palace is so well hidden here,” Ember smiled as she looked at the body. “Years ago, a certain royalty made sure to turn this forested area into an all-but-legal zone for murder and body disposal. You’re in trouble if you’re caught by guards of course, but for you to be caught there have to be guards assigned to patrol this area.”

As the body flowed past them, Beatrice saw the deep cut in the man’s neck that nearly severed the head completely. No blood flowed out of the gaping wound any longer.

“The river flows through a culvert under the outer walls some three hundred yards ahead,” Ember pointed ahead, though the view was completely obstructed by the trees. “The bodies are neatly washed away without the need of having them rot in the city or contaminating the entire river had they been dumped upstream. Of course, any attempts to contaminate the river elsewhere are punished severely.”

“Why not instead concentrate efforts to stop the actual murderers instead of providing ways for them to dump bodies?” Beatrice asked.

“Did you forget that we just murdered three people an hour ago?” Ember asked. “Don’t think we’re the only ones who think to be ‘justified’.”

Chapter Text

With the sunlight obstructed by both the unseen city walls and the thickly forested area, it was rapidly getting darker soon after all four girls crossed the river.

Beatrice wasn’t a fan of walking in the dark through an area where murderers and assassins disposed of evidence of their wrongdoings, but after she thought about it, she found a new perspective.

Not to mention her feet hurt quite a bit as she was the only one not wearing any shoes or boots to speak of. Beatrice checked her stats and saw that she did not suffer any actual damage, so at this point it was more of an annoyance than anything else.

Realistically, who would be sent to do such dirty work? Only lackeys, Beatrice concluded. Even if a murder took place right here, nobody of note would want to stoop to carrying or dragging a dead body around. At least I wouldn’t—I would end up ruining my image as a leader!

And a skilled assassin would not be caught dead with a body anyway. They’d just take proof of their deed and leave the rest to deal with the mess. Which means, running into some lowlifes might actually be a very useful—

As if right on cue, Beatrice and the others noticed four figures crossing their path just some forty yards ahead. Just as the girls stopped in their tracks when they saw a possible threat, so did the four men.

One of them was a long, slender man. He had long, straight black hair, tightly-fitting leather armor, and two katanas strapped crossed on his back. It was not at first obvious it was even a man, especially in the decreasing light. He had both feminine and masculine features. But with a visible bulge in his pants, but no sign of breasts, Beatrice concluded it to be a man, perhaps an androgynous man, but a man nonetheless, and not a futanari like herself.

The shortest of the four was, simply put, a furry with orange fur. Armed like a rogue, he bore more resemblance to a bipedal fox than a human. Beatrice was well aware of the fascination with beings such as this in certain communities in her past life, though she herself never found much kinship with those people, despite their detailed descriptions of why they felt how they felt.

Beatrice would’ve wondered if this fox boy was indeed a boy or a man, if not for the writing in white letters on his armor that read: “yes, I’m 18. no, I’m not interested in some fun.”

The third man was rather unremarkable in everything but his age. He was probably no less than fifty, though, as Beatrice often noted, a grey beard always made a man look older than he really was. Scrawny build, a single short sword at his side with a bloody blade. Completely unimpressive.

The fourth man was a rather bulky one, to say the least. He wore red, heavy, spiky armor. In shoulder width, he was probably as wide as the other three men combined, which made him seem much shorter than he actually was. He had rough, unkempt hair, and lost an eye in combat that was now replaced by a black eyepatch. At his back, he had a morning star. The ball was as large as the man’s round head, and much like the old man’s sword, it was also painted with blood.

In short, four ruffians had crossed Beatrice’s path. Perfect!

Alright, let’s see... Stamina Points...

Stamina Points

60/60 (+0.15/sec)


Good. That gives me enough for... Yeah, should be enough. Just barely.

Beatrice turned to Tabitha and told her quietly, but firmly, “If you intend to stay at my side then expect to be used in any way I see fit and be thrown into the jaws of death at a moment's notice. If not—run away now, and never show up before me again.”

“I would rather impale myself on the nearest branch than run away from you!” Tabitha said with steel commitment.

“Good,” Beatrice said, turned back to face the new company, and took a step forward to be in front of the group.

The men did not take action at first. They seemed to be judging what to do with the sudden encounter, just like the girls did.

“What... The hell... Is that?” the bulky eyepatch guy spoke slowly while looking at Beatrice with bewilderment. And no surprise—she was almost naked, with wings on her back (that the men would not have seen had she not turned to Tabitha), and a tail wrapped around her waist.

“Huh—What!? Is that a demon or something?” The greybeard asked, taking a step back from the group of four shadowy silhouettes.

“No idea, John,” the fox boy said with a surprisingly gravelly voice and reached for a dagger.

The long-haired man also reached for his katana and said, “We should—”

“Wait, don’t tell anyone you saw us!!” Beatrice shouted and stepped forward.

“Huh?” the greybeard seemed stunned by the sudden plea.

“What are you doing?” Ember whispered.

“I’m a succubus, aren’t I? I can deal with this,” Beatrice whispered to her bodyguard and continued walking slowly toward the group of the four ruffians.

Chapter Text

“What... What are you?” the eyepatch warrior asked the approaching blue-haired girl.

“An unfortunate daughter of a demon and an innocent woman,” Beatrice said with teary eyes. “Please! I’m willing to do anything it takes to protect my secret and remain in this city with my friends!”

“Anything?” The androgynous man asked with a smirk.

Anything,” Beatrice reassured him and took another step forward.

“Wait, what the fuck is that!?” The eyepatch guy pointed at the futanari’s crotch.

“The unfortunate consequence of giving birth to a demon’s baby,” Beatrice said and slid her panties to the side, revealing both her pussy and her soft penis. “But I also have a perfectly functioning pussy! I cum buckets when fucked rough. But you can also do my loyal slave, who’ll do anything you command. Tabitha!”

The green-haired mage walked forward and already begun undressing, revealing her perky C-cups.

“Please—ahn—be merciful,” Tabitha said as she played with her own nipples and smiled at the long-haired androgynous man. “I know how to be grateful.”

“Oh, I bet you do,” the long-haired man smirked and walked toward the mage. “I really needed this after hauling bodies for a whole day.”

The eyepatch warrior also seemed more interested in Tabitha, walking toward her while readjusting his cock in his pants.

“Jade, can I have her ass after you’re done?” He asked his partner. “She looks like she has a tight one.”

“Yeah, whatever,” Jade answered, barely paying attention. Tabitha took two of his fingers into her mouth and guided them to her pussy.

Beatrice concentrated her efforts on seducing the other two men.

The fox boy meanwhile continued looking intensely at Ember, past the succubus’s shoulder. “Wait, don’t I know you?” he asked Ember loudly while squinting.

“Who knows,” the redhead shrugged and looked at Tabitha. The mage was holding onto Jade and moaning while he fingerfucked her.

“Who cares about her?” Beatrice asked the fox boy and pouted. She then put her hand on the fox boy's elongated mouth, guiding his gaze to her big breasts instead. “Wouldn’t you rather look at something more pleasant? I have never buried a fox’s nose into my tits before.”

Beatrice then leaned to the fox boy and whispered into his ear, “I can’t imagine anything sexier than getting my pussy knotted and pumped with semen.”

Beatrice then moved a step away and looked down at the fox boy's pants. To her delight, she saw an immediate effect of lies—a rapidly growing bulge in the furry’s pants.

“I’m not sharing pussy with no furry,” the greybeard grumbled with a scowl.

“Oh, don’t worry,” Beatrice took a step toward the old man. She looked directly into his eyes, put both her slender hands on his cheeks, and cast [Arousing Touch] on the disinterested man. “I’ve learned many skills to help me survive in this world. Even my mommy said I was talented.”

While still gently holding both hands on the old man’s cheeks, Beatrice squeezed her massive tits together with her arms, showing off their natural cushiness. She then unwound her tail from her waist and slid it across her stomach up to her tits. She slid her tail into her own bosom, pressing upward between the soft flesh until the tip of her heart-shaped tail popped out on the other side.

“Ahn!” Beatrice couldn’t help but moan softly from the tit-job she just gave her overly-sensitive tail.

Focus! the succubus reminded herself.

The old man was blushing with a wide, salivating grin.

“You will be gentle, won’t you?” Beatrice pleaded innocently while batting her eyelashes.

“Oh, sure, I will,” the old man undid the belt on his pants and dropped them, revealing his wrinkly, but strongly erect penis.

Beatrice looked to the fox boy, who also revealed his throbbing intent for the Succubus.

“Oh, you boys,” Beatrice graced the two men with a coy smile, standing between them, and reached for both their cocks. She then activated her [Sharp Claws] toggle skill and sliced off both their dicks with her freshly-extended razor-sharp claws.

“WUAAAAAA!!!” Both of them screamed in agony and dropped to their knees, holding their bleeding, shortened cocks, futilely trying to stop the bleeding.

“YOU BITCH!” The old greybeard growled at the succubus, looking up at the demon, just before she sliced his neck, cutting an artery. Beatrice then did the same to the furry and left both of the men to bleed out in the moss while she dashed to Tabitha who was under Jade, with her legs crossed behind his back.

Twenty feet! Twenty feet! Beatrice kept repeating and cast [Daze] on the bulky, eyepatch warrior as soon as she was in range before he could strike against her.

“U-huh?” the warrior shook his head, took an unsteady step, and fell sideways to the ground like a drunkard.

“What happen—” Jade was about to turn to look, but Tabitha grabbed his head and reached up for a deep kiss.

“Concentrate on me!” Tabitha moaned, moving her hips against Jade’s, giving him the final pleasure of her pussy before Beatrice sliced his neck with three of her claws.

“Ghahhhhhaalgh,” Jade choked on his own blood that poured out of his three gaping wounds that nearly severed his head.

“Ahhh!” Tabitha moaned and smiled as warm blood sprayed across her face, neck, and tits, while she continued moving her hips, pulling Jade closer to her with her legs, planting his still-hot cock into her pussy, fucking the life out of the dying man, accelerating his demise.

By that point, killing the eyepatch warrior was an afterthought.

And with all four men dead, Beatrice was greeted with a familiar message.

Level up!


Additional Skill Point available!



Chapter Text

Skill Point? One? Beatrice wondered as she read the notification that popped up only for her to see. She hurried to check her total Skill Points. And indeed, her suspicions were confirmed.

Skill Points

Total Skill Points


Unused Skill Points


Skill Points in Combat Craft


Skill Points in Mischief Craft


Skill Points in Eros Craft



Last level I had sixteen Skill Points, Beatrice sighed. Seriously, only one per level now? At least gaining levels was easy until this point. Wait... What did I...

Beatrice looked at her blood-stained hands and for a moment froze up. I really did just that? So easily? And my first worry was Skill Points?

Beatrice knew she’d have to stain her hands sooner or later. But she couldn’t help but be astonished at how easily she did that. And without hesitation? But what was there to hesitate about? More rapists and murderers, praying on the innocent and defenseless... More importantly...

Before deactivating her [Sharp Claws] Skill Beatrice walked back to the old greybeard that she left to bleed out. She walked past Tabitha, who laid in a puddle of the long-haired ruffian’s blood with a delighted smile on her face and a distant gaze into the dimming sky above them.

Considering how easily I seduced these morons, no doubt half the city will be lusting after my appetizing body, the succubus thought, worrying that she’d be attracting a little too much unwanted attention. I better cover up myself at least a little bit.

Beatrice had no intention of removing the clothes off the gutted, bled-dry men, most of which would not fit her anyway. But one item she found perfect for her use—the old man’s cloak. It was so generic and forgettable that Beatrice didn’t even notice it when she first saw the four ruffians.

This should counteract my own sexiness at least a little bit while I’m in the city, Beatrice theorized while removed the cloak from the dead man’s body. It was soaked in the man’s blood on one edge. The succubus cut that part off with her claws and deactivated her [Sharp Claws] toggle Skill.

Item: Damaged Generic Grey Cloak

Item Class: Common

Physical Defense: +2

Effects: While covered up, lowers Speed by 1 Point.

 Figured that it would have negative effects, Beatrice sighed. She put on the cloak and looked at her information tab.









6 (12%)

Health Points

220/220 (+0.4/sec)

Arousal Points

47/95 (+0.01/sec)

Stamina Points

34/70 (+0.17/sec)

Physical Attack


Physical Defense


Magic Attack


Magic Defense




Speed is the same as the last level. So, it increased by one point? Beatrice brought up the information on her speed and saw a [-1] penalty originating from her cloak.

My Speed increased by about one point every two levels… Same for Physical Defense, not counting the item buffs. The largest increase has been for Magic Attack, which kept increasing by one point per level. But this tells me next to nothing!

Without a way to find out the stats of others, Beatrice couldn’t even hazard a guess for how well she was progressing. And considering how nobody brought up the concept of stats or systems even once, she was left assuming that nobody else was even aware of such a mathematical representation of everyone’s capabilities.

Beatrice looked to her party members. Ember and Olivia were walking toward her. Olivia looked at Tabitha with disgust as she passed the blood-covered mage and checked the bodies one by one, making sure they were dead before going through their belongings.

Ember didn’t grace Tabitha with more than an uncaring glance. She stopped the mage and surveyed the bodies with her eyes from a distance before walking toward the succubus.

Beatrice reached for the greybeard’s sword and took it into her hands to check the sword’s statistics.

Item: Poorly Crafted Short Sword

Item Class: Common

Physical Attack: +8

Speed: -3

“Bah,” Beatrice dropped the weapon. While it would contribute to her damage, she did not feel like carrying something so heavy for such a pitiful increase in stats. She took a step toward the fox boy and reached for her dagger when Ember arrived.

“Impressive,” the redhead said with a smile. “And nice thinking on the fly to make them lower their guard. Obviously, your little story had holes, but the horny bastards were thinking with the wrong heads. Lucarad will be overjoyed to hear how quickly your powers grow.”

“One of them seemed to recognize you,” Beatrice pointed out while she inspected the furry’s dagger. “Did you know these people?”

Item: Common Steel Dagger

Item Class: Common

Physical Attack: +5

Ember shrugged, just like she did the last time, and said, “I might have encountered some of them once or twice. No matter how big this city is, with everyone stuck here, sooner or later people start recognizing each other.”

Beatrice sighed and put the dagger down next to the body. Just as she did that, Olivia crouched next to her and went through the pockets of the dead men.

An all-powerful Succubus, capable of seducing men and women with a couple of words and a single touch, carrying around a common old dagger? Beatrice felt insulted. She did not become a Succubus to burden herself with junk worthy of a commoner or an NPC in an MMORPG. I’m finding a better cloak the first chance we get.

“Not much but a few coins on them,” Olivia said as she stood up next to Ember and Beatrice. “Their payday must’ve been after they finished their business here.”

“I need better clothes,” Beatrice blurted out what she was thinking, barely paying attention to what Olivia was saying.

“... I agree,” the ninja girl said. Though the girl’s face was covered, Beatrice could tell from Olivia’s eyes alone that she was not impressed with the succubus’s latest acquisition.

Ember chuckled and said, “Leave it to me.”

“Good,” Beatrice said and cleared her throat, looking to switch the subject fast. “Is there any way to tell who these men were working with or for?”

“It’s not like bandits and assassins get signed contracts with their employers,” Olivia said.

“... Were they also part of the S.E.C.R.E.T. guild?” Beatrice asked, remembering that even Ember had the guild’s badge.

“They were,” Olivia confirmed and added, “Bottom of the barrel. I didn’t see it even worth mentioning. What do we do with the bodies?”

“Leave them—a little gift to the city guards,” Ember smiled. “No use for us to delay here, waiting for more trouble.”

“Agreed,” Beatrice said, feeling her stomach doing flips from hunger. “How far is it to that place you mentioned?”

“Not too far,” Ember said. “It’s near the edge of the forest.”

“Then let’s go,” Beatrice said but looked back, realizing that they were missing one person.

Tabitha only just now got up and started cleaning herself up by scrubbing the blood off her body with fresh moss from the ground. All the while she smiled and seem upbeat as if she just got out of a refreshing bath.

Chapter Text

With the sun gone, the surroundings darkened by the minute. Though her eyes adjusted, soon Beatrice could barely see ten feet ahead of her in the dense forest. Ember did not light a way for them, to avoid new unwelcome encounters. Their every step seemed eerily loud in the dead-silent forest. Beatrice started to forget they were supposed to be inside a busy city.

“We’re close,” Ember said and pointed ahead at the tiny glimmering yellow dots that appeared and disappeared in the tiny gaps in the trees. Though they looked dimmer than the stars, Beatrice understood that those lights came from the patrolling guards, high on the pitch-black city walls.

As the group approached the walls, Beatrice saw another dim light up ahead, shining through a square opening. They approached a large house. No, more like a barn or some storage, Beatrice thought, looking at the dark silhouette.

Suddenly, Ember lit up a small fire in her hand. Just as quickly she quenched it. She then lit it up again. And quenched it. In rapid succession, she did this four times.

Morse code? Beatrice thought at first, but the signals made little sense in morse code. Which meant they were in fact just that—a signal.

“What are you doing?” Olivia spoke in a hushed voice and ran up next to Ember. “Somebody’s going to see that!”

“That’s the idea,” Ember answered and calmly walked forward. “Unless you’re itching for another fight?”

Olivia held one of her kunai tightly, anticipating an ambush. But no ambush came even as the group approached what turned out to be two buildings, built in the shadow of the eighty feet high solid stone walls of the city.

The first building that drew them with its solitary light, turned out to be an impressive (for medieval times) two-story stone and wood building with a gable, tiled roof. The light came from a single window in the wall facing the forest, next to a wooden door.

Next to the house, connected by a short but sturdy stone and mortar tunnel, stood a far more impressive building, built with the same stone and mortar as the tunnel. Over fifteen feet high, twice as wide, thrice as long. It seemed like the house was built as an addition to this windowless building rather than the other way around.

As Beatrice walked closer to the stone behemoth, she felt a cool breeze coming from the building. She touched one of the smooth round stones in the wall and her skin nearly stuck to it.

“Freezing cold,” Beatrice uttered, recoiling her hand before her skin froze to the stone.

“It has to be,” Ember said with a smile and went to the two-story house. The others followed.

“Who lives here?” Beatrice asked.

“A butcher,” Ember answered with a smile and knocked on the wooden door. Nobody answered. Ember knocked again and shouted, “I know you’re in there, Samuel! Why are you hiding from me?”

Silence. Then Beatrice heard footsteps. She heard metal scraping against metal, then the door finally opened.

Inside stood a rather short, aging man. His ginger hair was fighting a losing war against the grey strands on both the man’s beard and receding hairline. He was barely taller than Olivia and twice as wide.

At least, he’s not starving, Beatrice thought.

The man’s greyish, dirty shirt was probably once white. Over it, he wore a brown leather apron that had visible stains of blood.

“How you’ve been?” Ember asked cheerfully, spreading her arms for a hug. Samuel did not reciprocate. He did not even so much as force a smile. Instead, he kept staring right into Ember’s eyes. It was obvious to Beatrice that the man was not happy to see the redhead.

“You…” The old man uttered, growing paler by the second. He acted as if the undertaker had arrived. “What do you want?”

“Is that any way to greet those closest to you?” Ember asked and—not waiting for an invitation—welcomed herself inside Samuel’s home. She walked past the man who did not dare stop her and looked around.

From what Beatrice could see inside past Samuel’s wide figure, was a rather simple abode. A candle burned on a wooden table. And the succubus’s gaze immediately fixed on a pile of red apples, that laid on the table next to the light.

“Not bad, not bad,” Ember said, shaking her head in approval of Samuel’s home. “How are your knees by the way?”

“… Fine…” Samuel mumbled.

“Fantastic!” Ember turned around and clapped her hands. “Then you won’t have an issue with holding up to your part of the deal, right?”

“I already asked you—what do you want?” Samuel repeated.

“So cold! Do you get that from your daughter?” Ember joked, pretending to be hurt. “But don’t worry, I don’t want anything much. Just a warm supper for me and my friends, and a place to stay for the night.”

Samuel looked behind him, at Beatrice, Olivia, and Tabitha that still stood outside.

“I don’t have that many—”

“Sure you do!” Ember interrupted the butcher. “This place is big enough to house a dozen people!” You’ll figure it out, right?”

“One night?” Samuel asked Ember.

“One… Maybe two. Can’t you at least invite my friends inside first?”

“… Make yourselves feel at home,” the butcher said solemnly to Beatrice and the others and gestured them inside.

“Thank you,” Beatrice said before stepping over the threshold. Olivia bowed her head slightly to the man of the house and followed the succubus inside. Even as Beatrice walked inside, she couldn’t help but feel like the man was being blackmailed at best.

“What deal are you talking about?” Beatrice whispered to Ember while Tabitha entered and Samuel closed the door behind the mage.

“Oh, nothing much—just saved his kneecaps from some loan sharks, as well as his daughter’s virtue… Isn’t that right, Samuel?”

Chapter Text

“That’s one way of looking at it,” Samuel said.

“Oh, come on! Why are you acting like that?” Ember asked, still all smiles. “Don’t pretend like you’re not much better off here! A lot of people would kill to be in your position, you know?”

“And how many died for me to end up here?”

Ember sighed and plumped down on the nearest wooden chair that stood next to the door they walked in through. She then looked up at Samuel and said, “Somebody was going to die that day. I have no doubt I’ve made the right call in helping you out. Need I remind you how you ended up in that particular predicament?”

Samuel once again did not answer. He walked across the room to one of the shelves and seemed to preoccupy himself with searching for something.

Tabitha sat down on another empty chair. Olivia leaned against the wall and seemed about as uneasy as Beatrice would be if not for the succubus’s hunger that led her to the table with the enchanting pile of fruits on it.

“And why do you always keep this place so dark?” Ember criticized Samuel and lit a flame at the tip of her finger.

“Stop that!” Samuel finally raised his voice. “Do you want to burn this whole place down too!?”

“That was an accident! And a long time ago. I’m much better at controlling my powers now! Ah! Speaking of which, where is the little ice princess?”

“… She’s busy.”

“You should bring Jenny here,” Ember said. “Even if you’re ungrateful, I need to show my friends that at least somebody is happy here, otherwise they might think—"

“Auntie Emma!” A short, waify girl in plain clothes appeared in the farthest doorway, opposite from the entrance. The girl was no more than twelve years old. Her fiery red hair was tied in a single, thick braid that reached nearly to her knees. Her clothes were covered in red stains—both dried and fresh. She had a similar apron to Samuel’s, clearly cut down from one meant for an adult and still seemed loose.

The girl stood there for a second with excited wide eyes before running with her arms spread straight to Ember. Beatrice’s bodyguard barely had the time to stand up before the girl wrapped her arms around Ember’s waist and hugged her lovingly. “It’s been so long! I’ve missed you, Aunie!”

Beatrice saw a vein pop on Ember’s temple.

“Pft!” Tabitha barely held in her laughter by putting a hand over her mouth and puffed cheeks.

“How many times do I have to tell you not to call me ‘Auntie’?” Ember lightly scolded the girl.

“But you are my aunt, aren’t you?”

“On a technicality,” Ember said while looking at Samuel.

“You’re daddy’s sister! That’s the definition of an aunt, not a technicality! So, you’re my Auntie!”

“Wait, how old are you?” Olivia asked Ember.

Ember glared at the ninja girl. At that moment Beatrice knew that Ember could not set people on fire just by looking at them, otherwise, Olivia would be burned to a crisp.

“It’s not my fault our dear mother didn’t know when to stop when it came to pumping out offsprings!”

“Don’t talk about grandma like that!” The girl pouted and lightly hit Ember on the side of the hips.

“What? It’s the truth! Now, are we getting something to eat or not?”

Samuel breathed heavily and said, “I’ll get something ready.”

“Oh?” Jenny exclaimed in excitement and her eyes lit up. “I’ve just finished cutting some delicious calves and—"

“No meat!” Ember interrupted her.

“What? B-but those are the best—”

Ember put her hand over her niece’s mouth, leaned down, and whispered something in the girl’s ear.

“B-but,” Jenna stuttered, still trying to argue.

“No ‘buts’! I’m a vegetarian and I will not have any of you eat any meat in front of me!” Ember instructed everyone, then turned to Beatrice, put her hands together, and added, “Please?”

“Ah… Shure… I ghuess,” Beatrice said while stuffing her mouth with a giant apple. “I’m famished… So…”

Tabitha rushed to the table to join Beatrice. Oliva showed restraint though her hungry gaze betrayed her. The ninja girl finally pulled down her mask (rather anticlimactically as Beatrice had started to expect the ninja girl’s face reveal to be reserved for some dramatic moment) and said, “I’ve… The thing I’ve had to survive on some days… I couldn’t possibly complain.”

“Great! Thank you!” Ember said with seemingly genuine relief.

Meanwhile, Samuel lit a glass oil lamp and took it with him.

“Come, Jenny,” Samuel motioned his daughter to him. “We have some work to do to prepare everything for our… Unexpected guests.”

“Sure!” Jenny hurried to her father and waved to everyone. “See you soon!”

After the back of the girl disappeared into the shadows of the next room, Tabitha said, “I can’t remember the last time I saw a child that cheerful.” She then took another mouthful of the crunchy fruit.

“I can’t remember the last time I saw a child,” Oliva said and took her own bite.

Chapter Text

“Wait, what do you mean?” Beatrice took her eyes off her apples for a moment when she heard Olivia say something disturbing.

Olivia sat down on the opposite side of the room from Ember, while Tabitha and Beatrice still stood at the table.

“Well, who would want to have their son or daughter running around in a place like this? I mean… My sister…” Olivia dropped her half-eaten apple and covered her mouth with a whimper.

Ember rolled her eyes and said, “Her imaginary sister aside—”

“FUCK YOU!” Olivia screamed. Tears rolled down her left eye. Olivia’s right eye was always concealed by the bangs of her bleached hair.

Why are you antagonizing her? Beatrice wanted to ask her bodyguard. She couldn’t help but wonder if Ember somehow drew pleasure from putting everyone else on edge.

“Whatever,” Ember didn’t even bother looking at Olivia. “The point is that this city is basically cut off from the rest of the world apart from the infrequent supply deliveries.”

“Food,” Beatrice realized.

“Correct! Too many additional mouths would make things even worse in an already starving city. So, as one of the perks of participating in the S.E.C.R.E.T. guild, they provide mandatory sterilization potions for all their members.”

“S-sterilization?” Beatrice stuttered.

“Well, it’s supposed to be temporary, but we’ll see about that.”

“A distraction and population control all in one,” Beatrice concluded.

Ember nodded.

That would explain why everyone so far seemed so carefree about cumming inside. Beatrice recalled a few of her sexual encounters and blushed from the sweet memories. Wait! Didn’t I…

Beatrice was sure she saw something about this already. While finishing up her fourth apple, she went through descriptions of her current Skills and found what she was looking for.

Skill Name: Futanari Succubus's Semen

Rank: E

Type: Eros Craft / Toggle

Cost: -

Cooldown: 60s

Description: The Sperm of a Futanari Succubus cannot impregnate unless the Succubus chooses to do so. Self-impregnation not possible no matter how much a sex-crazed Futanari Succubus may wish to do so.

Upon ejaculation can release up to 50ml of semen at high velocity. The amounts of semen decrease rapidly with each consecutive climax.

  Ah, of course—a “Toggle” skill. Just like my Claws, the skill isn’t active unless I choose to.

Beatrice glanced at Tabitha’s naked belly. The thought of impregnating this young mage stirred something within her. Beatrice swallowed hard. What would win? The S.E.C.R.E.T. guild’s sterilization potion or succubus’s powers?

As Beatrice filled her own stomach with one apple after another, her hunger for food lessened, and a deeper, greater need rose to the surface, previously concealed by her body’s primal need for sustenance. Has it been that long? Beatrice wondered. But she soon realized that it didn’t matter.

She double-checked her main stats. There was only one stat that mattered to her now.

Stamina Points

70/70 (+0.17/sec)

Seventy points… Good, more than enough.

“Do you actually have a plan on how to rescue my sister?” Olivia asked Beatrice, disturbing the succubus from her thoughts, much to her annoyance.

“Do you?” Ember asked in response, literally guessing Beatrice’s question.

“I did,” Olivia answered. “By bringing your heads to Julius and earning my sister’s ransom.”

“And how did that work out for you?”

Olivia didn’t answer that. She just glared at Ember with her one eye that wasn’t covered by her hair. Beatrice tried to recall if she always found this type of hairstyle sexy.

Beatrice cleared her throat and said, “As long as I can take care of Belmot’s lackeys a couple at a time, it should be relatively straightforward.”

“Few in Belmot’s forces are as weak as those four back in the Shadow Woods,” Olivia said. “And I hope those were not the limits of your abilities, because that would mean you’re much slower than me.”

“Speed isn’t everything,” Beatrice said. “Yes, you’re probably faster than I am… For now...” Beatrice walked closer to the sitting ninja while staring her down. “If you take your dagger and attack me right now, you might even be able to kill me—”

“NO!” Tabitha screamed and rushed between the succubus and the ninja girl.

Ember shifted in her chair.

Beatrice was happy with this small test. Tabitha again proved loyal to a fault, and Ember wasn’t about to let her get killed either.

“I have powers that you can’t even dream of,” Beatrice said to Olivia.

“Like what?” Olivia asked.

Oh, you want a demonstration? Beatrice almost said that aloud. Well, if my speeches are no longer working on her, then why not?

“I guess I have no choice,” Beatrice shook her head. “I’ll have to give a demonstration of my powers by using them on you. That should put it to rest once and for all, right?”

“If you can beat me,” Olivia added.

“By the way, how old are you?”

“Twenty-one, why?” Olivia raised an eyebrow.

“No reason.”

Chapter Text

“You sure about this?” Beatrice asked Olivia who was sitting on a chair in front of her. “You really have no idea what you’re signing up for.”

“On the contrary—I saw your earlier fight. You gained the element of surprise on a couple of horny idiots who thought with their lower heads first. That won’t work on me.”

Arrogant, Beatrice concluded. Good.

“Alright, don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

“You misunderstand,” Olivia said. “I sincerely hope that you have what it takes to help me save Emily. But I need more than just words. And this is the simplest way to see what you’re truly made of.”

“No, I understand quite well. But for your test to work, you have to be willing to go all out against me, like any of Belmot’s men would do. And in that case, I obviously can’t hold back either. Not when my life is on the line.”

Still sitting on the chair, Olivia stared the succubus dead in the eye and reached for her dagger.

“Woah, not here obviously!” Beatrice gestured to the ninja to calm down. “We’re guests here after all. We shouldn’t stain our host’s house with blood.”

Beatrice walked over to the window from which she saw the same forest they came from and said, “We'll go there. Tabitha, stay here and make sure that supper is waiting for us when we get back. Oh, and don’t let that little girl near the windows.”

“M-me?” Tabitha pointed her finger at herself and sunk in disappointment. “B-but I wanted to see—”

“That’s an order,” Beatrice said calmly. “If you can’t handle that much, I’ll find someone else, who can.”

“N-no! I-I mean… Yes, sir!” Tabitha gave a trembling salute to the Succubus.

Beatrice barely held back a grin. A pleasant chill ran down her whole body. Giving out orders… Loyal servants… I could get used to this.

“This won’t take long,” Beatrice said to her loyal mage and went to the door.

Ember, who was already sitting next to the door, stood up and opened it for Beatrice, letting the Savior pass first. Olivia followed a couple steps behind. Ember followed the ninja’s back with a look that a snake would give to a clueless mouse. She then followed the two girls into the night, closing the door behind her.

As the trio walked the very narrow distance between the house and the first trees of the forest, Beatrice looked up behind her at the flickering yellow lights far above them on the city walls. She thought she had some thoughts about those guards above them, but now she only wondered if the guards would be able to hear them from so high above.

“Let’s go a little deeper not to attract unnecessary attention,” Beatrice suggested, though she had no intention of allowing objections.

“Good idea,” Ember said. “Wouldn’t want to give away any of our secrets… I wonder how many men and women were guided into the Shadow Woods just like this? Never to return.”

Again, she does this, Beatrice noted. Is she trying to ruin the mood?

“Nobody is going to be killed,” the Succubus said and glanced at Oliva. The ninja remained composed and focused.

“This is enough, isn’t it?” Olivia said when she looked back and could barely see the light from Samuel’s house anymore.

“Yes, this will do just fine,” Beatrice said and stood next to Olivia. “Oh, and just in case… If something did happen to me. You asked how I planned to deal with Belmot’s forces…”

“Yes?” Olivia looked up at Beatrice. The ninja’s curiosity broke through her stern facade.

“Can you keep a secret?” Beatrice asked.

“Of course!” Olivia exclaimed without hesitation.

“Very well,” Beatrice smiled mischievously and leaned to Olivia’s ear. The succubus put her hand to her mouth to make sure Ember couldn’t hear the “vital” information and whispered into Olivia’s ear, “I will kill them if there is no other choice, but I would much rather make them my sex slaves.”


“Like this,” Beatrice said softly and put the palm of her open hand over Olivia’s mouth for maximum skin contact, and cast [Dick Growing].

“MMMF!!” Olivia’s eyes grew wide in horror when she felt something grow between her legs. It pressed against her skin-tight ninja outfit, aching to burst free.

Beatrice couldn’t help but smile when she saw the growing bulge where there should not have been one. The succubus activated her [Sharp Claws] and carefully cut through Olivia’s dark-blue fabric. A big, fat cock sprung out through the hole, ready for action.

“Hard already?” the succubus exclaimed, overjoyed at the sight. “I haven’t even done anything yet! Don’t tell me you were horny all this time? You should’ve said something sooner—I would’ve gladly helped!”

Olivia’s muffled moans only enticed the succubus further. She was surprised how little Olivia ended up resisting.

“I thought you were stronger than this,” Beatrice said. “Don’t worry, I’ll make it all better.”

Beatrice deactivated her [Sharp Claws] so that she didn’t hurt the girl by accident. She then put her hand around the shaft of Olivia’s new-grown dick and cast [Arousing Touch].

Chapter Text

“Ooohn!” Olivia moaned into Beatrice’s hand the second the succubus used her [Arousing Touch] skill while gently squeezing Olivia’s already-hard cock.

“That’s it… Slowly,” Beatrice whispered into Olivia’s ear and slowly started moving her hand on the throbbing member that grew from Olivia’s clit. Beatrice was careful. She adjusted her grip to move the foreskin on Olivia’s cock along with her hand and not irritate the still dry and sensitive cock that Olivia acquired for the first time in her life.

“S-stop…” Olivia uttered weakly between ragged breaths. But the drops of precum that leaked from Olivia’s rock-hard cock betrayed her own body’s true desires.

“You like this that much? A man’s cock?” Beatrice asked and slid her fingers across Olivia’s precum to use it as a lubricant for the ninja girl's cock.

“W-what have you done to me?” Olivia asked.

“Opened a whole new world for you.”

“Ah! It’s… Tingling… The more you touch it… Stop it… Please… No more!”

“Alright,” Beatrice said and let go of Olivia.

“Hah?” Olivia gasped and fell backward right on her butt. Beatrice took a couple of steps away from Olivia while watching her cock swing back and forth from the girl’s fall.

“W-why?” Olivia muttered. She couldn’t keep her eyes off her giant, grotesque cock that refused to go away and was nothing like the rest of her maidenly body.

“Why? You wanted me to stop, didn’t you?” Beatrice asked the confused ninja.

“Y-yes, b-but,” the blushing ninja-girl was at a loss for words. She kept squirming back and forth, trying to resist. She didn’t dare to touch her cock that visibly twitched and demanded stimulation.

Olivia closed her eyes, took several deep breaths, gathered what little of resolve she had remaining, glared at Beatrice, and shouted, “Get this thing off me right now, or I swear I’ll kill you!”

“Alright, alright calm down,” Beatrice said, unable to hold back her smile. Neither was Beatrice able to hold back her own erection from the thoughts of how much she wanted this desperately defiant ninja. “You can easily make that cock disappear. All you have to do is cum within the next… 2 minutes. Otherwise, it will stay on you forever.”


“Of course! Remember the tunnels?”

“Tunnels? What about them? It was dark… And I got tired of looking at your disgusting depravities!”

“Tired? Or you wished to join us?” Beatrice asked and her smile widened. “Were you horny all this time? Was that why you were so cranky?”

“…” More blood poured to Olivia’s face.

“Beatrice is stalling,” Ember spoke up.

Olivia and Beatrice looked at the redhead who stood a short distance away. Ember leaned against a wide, sturdy tree and watched the unfolding scene with great amusement, and quickly added, “Can’t you see that Beatrice wants you to end up with that dick between your legs forever!? You have to cum before it’s too late! Though it would be funnier if you didn’t. Your popularity in the S.E.C.R.E.T. guild would skyrocket.”

“N-no!!” Olivia screamed in tears and put her hands around her cock. She instantly started jerking her hard cock like possessed.

Beatrice’s and Ember’s eyes met, and they exchanged a knowing smile. Of course, their story about Olivia’s magic dick staying forever was complete bullshit. Three minutes was only how long Olivia’s temporary dick would last before the low-level skill’s effect ran out. A flaw that Beatrice was now determined to fix as soon as possible to extend her playtime with her friends.

“Nh, I have to get this off!” Olivia moaned as she fiercely jerked her cock, squeezing it tightly with both hands. “How will I ever face my sister like this? I have to—Hn—Get… This off… Ahn! Why does it feel so… Me doing this—haah—while my sister is… Ah!”

Beatrice removed her panties and stroked her own erection. She watched the moaning twenty-one-year-old girl. The girl that was so defiant. The girl that had glared at her through those sexy bleached bangs so many times before. The girl that had even threatened to kill her. The girl that was now with her ass on the grass and jerking her own brand-new dick in the middle of the forest while thinking of her sister. Beatrice wanted this girl to be her new toy.

The succubus slid her fingers to her pussy. She was already wet. Both her organs desperately wanted sexual satisfaction. Her dick wanted to ravage the temporary-futa ninja. To fuck Olivia while she came through her clit-dick and covered herself in cum. But Beatrice’s pussy wanted that same hard cock deep inside to reach that aching spot and taste the ninja’s first-ever ejaculation.

“Not much time left!” Ember reminded Olivia and giggled.

“U-huh!” Olivia half-moaned, half-whimpered.

She didn’t even notice Beatrice walking up to her until the succubus was already standing right in front of her. Olivia looked up and the first this she saw was Beatrice’s own erection. The thick, veiny dick of the futanari succubus looked intimidating. Olivia’s heart skipped a beat when she imagined having something like that inside her.

“Ah!” Olivia winced when a drop of liquid nearly got in her eye. But there was no rain. The skies were clear. That’s when Olivia’s gaze fell on the succubus’s juicy, wet pussy. Beatrice gently touched her own pussy lips with both hands and slowly spread them apart, enticing Olivia with a warm, wet hole, craving for a dick.

Chapter Text

“You want to stick it inside, don’t you?” Beatrice teased the horny ninja girl.

Olivia bit her lip. She couldn’t stop masturbating, and her eyes were fixed on the succubus’s wet pussy.

“I promise you will enjoy this just as much as I will,” Beatrice said and slowly lowered herself onto Olivia’s cock.

“H-hn,” Beatrice herself could not hold back her moan. Just the tip of Olivia’s cock touching her pussy lips was nearly enough to send her over the edge. She never had a cock inside her. She never had been fucked. Despite all kinds of perverted things she did in this world already, this would be something new. Beatrice recalled the few ecstatic seconds of Princess Mary assaulting Beatrice’s pussy with her own tail and hoped this would feel just as well.

Even though Beatrice already had sex countless times today with many different girls and situations, she felt as if she had been sex-starved for months. She was hornier than ever before and needed a good fuck. Beatrice didn’t care what was right or wrong, she needed to be filled right now. The succubus looked at Olivia’s entranced, bright-red face, and knew that the over-stimulated girl would not last more than a few seconds. Only a few seconds and her dick would disappear.

“Better make it count,” Beatrice said aloud to both herself and Olivia and impaled herself on Olivia’s huge dick in a single resolute motion.

“OOOOOH, FUUUCK!” Beatrice cried out. Her orgasm started the second she filled herself. It built from deep within her pussy and radiated outwards. Beatrice slammed her hips against Olivia’s crotch. Up and down, fucking herself with Olivia’s magic cock, wishing to drive her building orgasm as high as possible.

“Ahh!! Huahh!! What have you done to me!?” Olivia moaned and screamed. But instead of resisting, she put her hands on Beatrice’s naked hips and helped herself to the futanari’s tight pussy. She raised Beatrice up and down on her cock, while Beatrice’s own rock-hard cock swung down and up, spraying precum all over Olivia.

“Yesss! Fuck-me-fuck-me-fuck-me! Fuck me with your cock!” Beatrice screamed while thrashing on Olivia. She was burning up. She felt Olivia’s cock swell and tremble inside her. Olivia was about to cum. Olivia was about to cum for the first time and give Beatrice’s inexperienced pussy its first taste of cum. Beatrice’s cock twitch at the thought. She felt her cum build up at the base of her swaying shaft. “I feel you, Olivia! Ah, I feel you! Give in to the pleasure of the cock! Spray your girl-semen inside me! I want to feel you cum inside me when I cum!!”

“Ugh! Then have it, you dumb nympho!” Olivia screamed and thrust her hips up, against Beatrice. Olivia was defiant to the end. The surprised succubus got knocked off-balance and Olivia used this to rise up and push Beatrice to the ground.

“AAAHHHH!” Beatrice screamed as her mind went blank. But not from pain. Not even from surprise. The tip of the succubus’s wrapped tail was the first to hit the ground. The sudden impact against the overly sensitive organ jolted Beatrice’s entire body and broke the valve that held back her orgasm. White and yellow sparks flashed across Beatrice’s mind, while cum rushed through both her tail and cock. Her swollen cock twitched one more time, right before the first jet of cum burst out, flying straight into Beatrice’s open mouth. While the tip of her tail unleashed a torrent of cum against her naked back.

Olivia pinned the helpless succubus beneath her and with her remaining strength, thrust her swollen cock into Beatrice’s convulsing pussy, as hard and deep as she could just as Beatrice came through her cock. “This is what you wanted, eh? Your pussy ravaged while you cum disgracefully? Then take it! Take all my cum like the cheap slut that you are while you choke on your own! Ghu—”

With an almost animalistic grunt, Olivia thrust inside Beatrice again and tensed up as her mind went blank. Olivia’s eyes glazed over and she let her own orgasm wash over her as she relished the feeling of her cum rushing through her cock, exploding into the crazy nympho’s tight pussy.

Through a fog, Olivia watched Beatrice shoot rope after rope of cum from her own cock. Each shot matched Olivia’s own torrent into the succubus’s pussy which made Olivia feel like she was the one covering Beatrice's face, tits, and stomach with her sticky cum.

-19 AP

Chapter Text

Still between Beatrice’s legs—who was on her back, covered in her own cum—Olivia unloaded rope after rope into the futanari succubus’s clamping pussy, each shot releasing more dopamine in her brain. The ninja girl had no idea men could cum so much. Nor that it felt so good.

As Olivia’s cum sprays grew weaker, so did her cock grow softer and smaller. She pulled out of Beatrice’s still twitching pussy and cum poured out almost instantly. Olivia took her soft cock in her hands. By now her stream of cum was little more than a trickle of a few white drops with ever-increasing intervals. The orgasmic effect subsided. But not only that. Olivia realized that her cock was not just softening like any man’s would after a climax, but that it was in fact shrinking further, turning back to its original form of a girl’s clitoris.

“Ah, no!” Olivia gasped in dismay, realizing that the cock that granted her that indescribable, addicting pleasure will disappear in a matter of seconds. But the ninja instantly cowered her mouth with her hands, realizing just what exactly she just said.

“Missing it already?” Beatrice said with a sly smile. Despite the strong orgasm, a single quick fuck was nowhere near enough to satisfy the rapidly growing appetite of the succubus. Beatrice was itching to return the favor to the ninja.

“What!? No!” Olivia snapped back at the succubus, but her eyes turned back to her shrinking cock that was now barely more than an overly enlarged clit that quickly returned to its normal form.

“I see,” Beatrice said with a smile and slowly got up to a sitting position. “Well, as you can see I can use my powers to make anyone lose themselves in pleasure. Even someone like you.”

“Y-you can do this to anyone?” Olivia asked.

“Yes, although I can’t make them do something they wouldn’t. It’s not mind-control. I just make them more honest with themselves.”

“A-and you can do it any number of times?”

“... Why?” Beatrice asked barely holding back her widening grin. The futanari would make this girl her’s.

“B-because there will obviously be many guards in the fortress!” Olivia got flustered. “Can you really take care of a dozen at a time?”

“Oh?” Beatrice raised an eyebrow before slowly standing up. As she rose, her steel erection came into full view of Olivia. The cock of a succubus that had just unleashed so much cum, seemed to only grow thicker and bolder, twitching for a fresh, tight pussy to violate. The ninja girl stared in awe at the veiny rod that seemed to tower over her face.

“You still doubt my power?” Beatrice asked, looking down on the wide-eyed ninja girl, whose one eye was covered by yet-unstained bleached hair.

“Y... Yes!” Olivia answered with a challenge and for a moment managed a serious face.

Beatrice looked into the ninja girl’s challenging eye. They both understood what this challenge meant and both knew what was coming next. Beatrice’s gaze fell lower, past the ninja’s stomach, to the cut cloth below her abdomen. Beatrice saw the glistening liquid trickling from Olivia’s exposed pussy lips. Olivia followed Beatrice’s gaze and realized what the succubus saw. The ninja swallowed hard.

She’s mine! Beatrice declared, dropped down to Olivia, and pulled the girl closer to finally taste her lips and tongue. Olivia did not resist for a second. She parted her lips for the succubus’s invading tongue and welcomed it in her warm, salivating mouth.

Beatrice glanced to the side at Ember, who seemed to be perfectly content with leaning against a tree, providing minimal light with her controlled fires, and enjoying the show of two hot chicks making out.

Beatrice couldn’t care less if she was watched. She was enjoying herself and that was all that mattered. And growing quickly accustomed to her fabulous body and ever-growing powers, she didn’t find it difficult to come to the conclusion that most of the people who watched her would be jealous anyway, wishing it was them who the succubus decided to drown in pleasure.

While the girls played with each other’s tongues, Beatrice undressed Olivia. Olivia did the same to Beatrice, though the Succubus only had her cum-stained bra on by this point.

“Mf,” Beatrice moaned in frustration as she fumbled undoing the many layers of Olivia’s complexly tied ninja garments. I thought I was better at this! Beatrice cursed how rusty she had gotten. Did I get distracted by Ember after all?  For a second Beatrice wished for a skill to instantly undress any girl, before realizing how pathetic that would be if she couldn’t do it on her own.

But then she thought of how hilarious it would be if she could undress any person at any time, preferably from a distance. That would be one way to catch enemies by surprise. Literally lowering their defense, ha! Wait, concentrate! Beatrice re-engaged Olivia’s tongue while the ninja girl put her hand behind her own back and undid the part of her binding that Beatrice was stuck on.

When Olivia’s upper garments finally fell, Beatrice could feast her eyes on the slender pair that were Olivia’s breasts. She had nowhere near the outrageous size that most of the girls seemed to sport that Beatrice came across, but they suited the ninja’s smaller frame perfectly. Beatrice’s cock twitched at the thought of covering them with her semen.

Chapter Text

Beatrice reunited with Olivia’s lips, leaning forward when a sudden electrifying shock made them both moan and tremble. Because of her sheer size, Beatrice ended up pressing her breasts against Olivia’s, and their nipples touched. Beatrice never experienced something like this. Though she touched the nipples of her new female breasts plenty of times already, pressing them against the nipples of another girl felt completely different. And much more arousing.

Beatrice slid her hand to Olivia’s breast to find out how she felt. At the same time, she noticed Olivia’s hands ignore her giant tits outright, and instead slide toward a body part, that girls usually didn’t have.

“You really liked my gift that much, huh?” Beatrice whispered in Olivia’s ear.

Olivia nodded.

“If you behave properly from now on, I might just... 'Gift' you again,” Beatrice whispered. The next second a shiver went down her spine when she felt Olivia’s fingers gently slide across her hard shaft.

“Ughn!” Beatrice moaned and bit her own lip. She couldn’t hold back any longer. A favor had to be returned! She pushed Olivia down. This time the ninja was the one on her back. Beatrice barely held back from ravaging Olivia right there on the spot. But the succubus's desire to submit the ninja girl to her will was greater. She wanted Olivia to experience fully the pleasures of being a futanari girl, and experience her in the process. After that, she’ll be mine, Beatrice concluded. Forever!

The succubus didn’t even consider how possessive she had become. Only her base desires mattered to her in this state. She held down Olivia’s arms—though it wasn’t like the ninja girl resisted—and locked with her lips again. At the same time, Beatrice went into her mind’s eye straight to her Skill List looking for a skill she had completely disregarded before.

Combat Craft really has all kinds of crazy skills, Beatrice thought as she scrolled through an impressive list of skills. [Sharp Claws] was obviously a Skill designed for combat, but Skills like [Succubus's Thermoregulation] and [Succubus's Wings] seemed to be just lumped in there with the rest of “general-purpose skills”. And one such skill was [Refresh Cooldown].

Skill Name: Refresh Cooldown

Rank: C

Type: Combat Craft / Active

Cost: x3 Stamina of target Skill

Cooldown: 12 Hours

Description: Allows a Succubus to refresh the cooldown of a single Skill for triple the stamina cost (cannot be used on this Skill).

Minimum Requirements:

Character level: 6

Who would’ve thought something so horrible would come in this handy in such a situation? Beatrice couldn’t help but giggle.

At first glance, at three times the cost of any Skill it refreshes, [Refresh Cooldown] Absolutely ravaged Beatrice’s current Stamina Pool of 70. [Sharp Claws] was a Toggle Skill, so it would be pointless to use on that, and Beatrice didn’t have any other Active Combat Skills.

And even if she wanted to compromise two enemies at once by using [Arousing Touch] on them and bypass that Skills’ cooldown, she wouldn’t be able to. With her current Stamina Pool, she outright couldn’t afford to refresh the cooldown of that skill. Twenty-five times three was more than seventy. Basic math.

For [Refresh Cooldown] to be at all viable, she’d need to dramatically increase her Stamina and acquire low-cost, long-cooldown Combat Skills worth refreshing. That was Beatrice’s logic before.

However, thanks to her rapid Stamina regeneration at 0,17 per second, Beatrice already had her Stamina back up at 70 since she used her skills on Olivia just a couple of minutes ago.

Beatrice acquired [Refresh Cooldown] the moment she opened up the Skill’s description to confirm her choice. And the very next second she used it to refresh the thirty-minute cooldown of [Dick Growing].

Wait thirty minutes to add another addicting toy to a sex party!? As if! Beatrice declared to the transcendental system while she continued to toy with Olivia’s soft and warm tongue.

This left her with just ten Stamina Points. Just ten Stamina Points away from casting the refreshed [Dick Growing] Skill on Olivia. Just a minute away before Beatrice would fuck her very own made futanari girl for the first time. Just a minute away from showing Olivia the other side of heavenly pleasures that a futanari girl can experience.

Just a minute away from getting Olivia hooked on the drug that was two simultaneous orgasms brought forth by the continued, intense, simultaneous stimulation of both cock and cunt. Each organ feeding into the pleasure of the other, complementing each other, overloading the brain with dopamine. Enough to make anyone hopelessly addicted.

Chapter Text

Beatrice was done with taking care of her Skills in her mind’s eye and returned her full attention to the naked ninja girl beneath her. And that’s when the Succubus noticed that her excitement did not match Olivia’s. Still reserved. Still unable to let go of her inhibitions. Ever since Olivia filled the succubus’s pussy to her satisfaction, she refused to commit. Timid nods, half-assed making-out. And that’s with liquids gushing out of her pussy! Beatrice enjoyed dominating a submissive girl as much as the next succubus, but this one was not being honest with herself. And it really started to piss Beatrice off.

Beatrice straightened her back and looked down at the naked girl beneath her. Olivia could not keep her eyes off Beatrice. No wonder—the succubus was a killer! Both her face and body were enough to turn heads even in this depraved world. And Olivia had already shown that she had no qualms about girl-on-girl action when she roughly screwed Beatrice to her heart’s content.

And yet, after a momentary glimpse of a girl that let go of all restraints, that passionate Olivia was locked away again. Not even trying to play with the succubus’s giant, 100% natural cow-tits? What an insult! And the way she timidly touched Beatrice’s cock like a virgin despite operating her own temporary one like an experienced futa girl was a joke! Olivia kept hiding her true self. Pretending to be someone she wasn’t. Someone above such base desires? For whom exactly did she put on this show of a ‘serious, proper girl’? Herself?

Olivia reminded Beatrice of someone. And Beatrice’s anger grew. But it wasn’t Olivia she was angry with.

Beatrice sighed and asked the girl beneath her, “When was the last time you truly let go and had fun?”

“Let go!?” Olivia snapped into reality and stared dead in Beatrice’s eyes. “Did all the cum get into your brain? Every day is a fight for survival here! I’ve had to sell my soul just for a chance to save my sister—”

“Enough!” Beatrice cut off Olivia’s tired speech. “Sister this, sister that! When was the last time you lived for yourself!?”

“For myself!? Are you dense? I have responsibilities! Emily—”

“Yes, yes—you have to save your sister,” Beatrice scoffed. “God forbid you so much as crack a smile without tormenting everyone—including yourself—about how horrible it is to smile while your poor little sister is in captivity.”

“Why you—"

“Why not abstain from eating?” Beatrice suggested. “If there are so many people starving in this city, shouldn’t you be ashamed about how you stuffed your mouth with those apples?”

“How dare you!” Olivia shouted and rose up from the soft moss, but Beatrice easily pushed her down.

“How dare I what!?” Beatrice asked. “Finally enjoy myself instead of waking up one day to realize that my whole life passed me by?”

“Oh, so I should just forget about everything and fuck my way across the city like ninety percent of people here!? Oh, I might as well drug myself to numb the pain, like the remaining ten percent? Screw everything! Right?”

“Maybe a day of that is exactly what you need,” Beatrice shrugged.


“Let’s say you save your dear little Emily,” Beatrice proposed. “But that’s not enough. Saving her life is one thing. Then comes the living part. You had to save her, which means she’s incompetent enough to need saving. Then you’ll—no doubt—will protect her further. Can’t possibly let anything happen to Emily after you’ve gone through all that trouble, right? How old is she by the way?”

“Thirteen,” Olivia grit her teeth.

“Alright, so you protect her for five or so years until you think she’s old enough to be on her own. But then you’ll still hover over her like a hawk. Who knows what kind of horrible boyfriend she might find? Still so fragile after that traumatic experience, right? So you’ll continue to suffocate your little Emily—”

“I would never!”

“—until she can’t take it anymore and runs off just to escape from you.”

“She would never!”

“Why not? By that point, you’d be the dullest, most obsessive person she’d know.”

“I-I’m not!”

“Right now, your whole existence revolves around saving your sister! You can’t possibly allow any form of joy for yourself while Emily is suffering, right?”

“How can I? I have to give it my all to try and help her! If I don’t, I’ll never forgive myself if I fail!” Olivia teared up. “And even with giving it my all it's painfully clear that I’m simply not good enough, so how can I take it easy when I’m such a failure?”

“And if you save her, what will change?” Beatrice asked. “If you’re that hard on yourself, you won’t be able to enjoy yourself until you secured a good life for the both of you. And that seems to be no easy feat in this place. Starvation. Mobs. City run by seemingly insane royalty. When do you plan to finally relax?”

“You mean give up? The streets are full of those who gave up on any hope for a decent life. I will not!”

“No, I don’t mean giving up.” Beatrice shook her head. “I mean relax. Live a little. Because one day you’ll wake up and you’ll be fifty. If that’s even attainable with your lifestyle. And you better have something to show for it by then.”

“… I’ll cross that bridge when I get there. What’s the point in talking about what I’d do if I saved Emily when I haven’t even done that?”

“We will save your sister, that I promise to you,” Beatrice said with conviction. “But it will not be today. And it will not be tomorrow. What I can also promise you, is that if you keep bringing up your sister in every other conversation, someone will kill you before the sun sets tomorrow.”

“Well sorry for worrying about my sister!”

“Kh—I’d think you did that on purpose, had you shown any sign of a sense of humor,” Beatrice cracked a smile. “What I want to know is what can you do right this second that would help Emily?”


“Well?” Beatrice asked. “Just lay on the floor and think about her all night? That won’t help. You need sleep, so you’d just make things worse. Feel guilty that you’re in a warm bed, while she’s in a cell? Sad, but that doesn’t help her in any way. Train? You’ve been through two life-or-death fights just in the last couple of hours. Your body and mind need rest too.”

“Oh, really?” Olivia raised an eyebrow. “And your proposed method of rest is…?”

“That’s right,” Beatrice smiled and placed the palm of her hand on Olivia’s abdomen. “Let yourself go.”

And with that, the succubus cast her [Dick Growing] Spell on Olivia for the second time.

Chapter Text

“Ah!” Olivia moaned when warm tingling spread through her abdomen. She looked down where Beatrice gently pressed the palm of her hand and saw a gentle light seep between the corners of Beatrice’s hand and Olivia’s skin. The pleasant warmth kept coming, with Beatrice’s hand acting as the source. At first, tt spread on the surface of Olivia’s tummy, like a gentle tide of a warm summer ocean. It then seeped deeper under Olivia's skin, spreading forth in all directions within her body. Her belly, her thighs, between her legs.

“Hn,” Another lewd sound escaped Olivia’s mouth when the pleasure reached her lower organ.

The succubus slowly moved her hand down and with it—the warm fuzzy feeling that Olivia couldn’t help but enjoy. As the warmth moved lower the pleasure increased, and Olivia’s hidden wish was only that it would move lower faster.

“Hah,” Olivia gasped when Beatrice’s lower palm touched the ninja girl’s labia. Close! Beatrice’s hand was so close to the point where Olivia needed the Succubus’s touch the most!

“Let go,” Beatrice whispered in Olivia’s ear.

Olivia reached down, placed her hand on Beatrice’s, and guided it toward the desired spot.

“That’s it,” Beatrice smiled.

Olivia was immediately rewarded with the sweet pleasure she coveted. The warm tingling engulfed her clit and sent a wave of pleasure through her body.

“Ahn!” Olivia moaned and arched her back. The sudden surge of pleasure was greater than she anticipated. And it did not cease!

What started as a pleasant, gentle massage, quickly escalated. Olivia felt something grow at the epicenter of the pleasure that spread from the succubus’s hand. And as it did, the pleasure grew. Rapidly.

“Mmm! W-what’s—Ah!” Olivia could not form words. Though she had a feeling what was happening. And she gave herself to the transformation.

“How interesting!” Beatrice giggled. “Is this reaction because it’s your second time with the spell? Or simply because you’ve willingly accepted what is coming? Both?”

Olivia felt something grow at the epicenter of the warmth. Her swollen clit, caressed by unseen magic to orgasmic levels, grew beyond common norms or reason. And with it, the pleasure grew to orgasmic levels. Olivia did not resist. She embraced the change. Embraced the pleasure.

“That’s it!” Beatrice encouraged her. “Let it all go! Forget it all and give yourself to the pleasure! Enjoy the fleeting moment of bliss! Here, in the dark, you are safe from the everyday troubles of the world. No one knows. No one cares. Nothing else exists. Only your pleasure. You know you want it! Embrace your own desires!”

“Yes! Ah!” Olivia moaned as her clit grew in Beatrice’s hand. Olivia knew these were all temptations. But was it so wrong to give in to them? Olivia knew the succubus was right—no matter what she did tonight, nothing would change. So what does it matter? Why hold back? At least she’ll have something sweet to hold on to before she throws herself on a suicidal mission! And no one would know either way. And even if the entire world knew, what would it matter? Who would judge her? This whole city was rotten to the core!

“Shh!” Beatrice saw wrinkles form on Olivia’s forehead and massaged them away with her free thumb. The twenty-one-year-old was still troubled. She shouldn’t be. Not tonight. Not now. Beatrice leaned closer for a kiss. Olivia’s lips parted instantly, and the girls’ tongues entwined.

Fuck it all! Olivia cursed the world and erased it from her concern. Who knew if either of them would even survive the week? Fuck it all! She embraced her temptress, her source of blissful oblivion.

Make me forget! Olivia prayed and grabbed Beatrice’s massive tit. It couldn’t possibly fit in the petite girl’s hand! Olivia squeezed it hard, in frustration and bit Beatrice’s lower lip.

“Give me it all and make me forget!” Olivia whispered her command. “I want all of it! Every—Ahn!”

Olivia tensed up and sunk her nails into Beatrice’s malleable tit. She did even realize when it happened, but her clit was already long and hard enough to be stroked in length by the Succubus. And that was what she did! Olivia looked at Beatrice and saw a devilish smile.

“You’re mine!” Beatrice declared as she expertly massaged Olivia’s girl-cock and sent waves of shuddering pleasure through the ninja’s body. And that was what Olivia wanted.

“Yes!” Olivia moaned and threw her head back. She wanted more! More!

As Beatrice stroked Olivia’s clit-dick toward a familiar, throbbing satisfaction, Olivia craved additional stimulation. She let go of the succubus’s breast and plunged two fingers into her aching pussy. They effortlessly slid into her tight, wet tunnel, further feeding the inhibition-freeing drug that was pleasure.

Olivia barely registered how loud she must’ve been. She did not care. The stimulation of both her pussy and cock made her remember the euphoric bliss she experienced when she filled the succubus full of semen. And she vividly recalled how Beatrice lost herself, cumming from over-stimulation of both her sex organs, spraying cum all over her sex-craving body. Olivia wanted that. She needed that.

Lost in pleasure, Olivia didn’t even notice Beatrice shift down, closer to the organ she so enthusiastically serviced. Then, she felt something familiar, but not where she ever felt it before. Soft. Plump. spreading around the tip of her girl-cock.

Olivia opened her eyes, looked down, and saw Beatrice—spreading her lips around the cock she was still stroking. Then Beatrice stopped stroking and lowered her lips down on Olivia’s cock. Lower and lower. The succubus’s hot, wet mouth-hole reminded Olivia of the succubus’s pussy. She stopped caressing herself and watched Beatrice lower her head, inch by inch take more of Olivia inside her mouth.

Olivia tensed up. Her butt twitched as something built rapidly at the base of her cock. She felt it once before—the pleasant tingling before the storm. Olivia felt her cock hit resistance in the back of Beatrice’s mouth. For a split second, Olivia was disappointed that her pleasure would not continue rising further. But then she felt Beatrice push further down still. The tip of Olivia’s swollen cock pressed hard against the resisting walls in the succubus’s mouth. But then Olivia heard the succubus swallow, and—with a pop—her cock slid deeper into the tight, wet depths of the succubus’s upper hole. Olivia’s mind went blank.

Chapter Text

With her cock buried deep down Beatrice’s throat, Olivia’s pleasure skyrocketed to the inevitable crescendo. The succubus had succeeded in achieving what Olivia desired. Nothing else existed—only Olivia’s throbbing girl-cock, massaged by the highly enthusiastic tongue and throat muscles of a Sex Demon.

“Ohhhhh—” Olivia gasped, unable to control herself and at the mercy of Beatrice’s eager mouth. A tingle ran from her shaft to her asshole. She knew that she was close. Somewhere far in the back of her mind Olivia did not want it to end so quickly, and yet she could not wait for her climax, eagerly anticipating the blissful surge that came the last time cum rushed through her magical organ. In fact, the thought of cumming deep down the succubus’s mouth enticed Olivia further.

Just how much did Olivia have to endure in the last couple of hours? Nearly killed. Bound. Belittled. Ridiculed. Humiliated. And all because of this Demon! Fiend! Nympho! Shameless slut! No better than the free-use whores in the S.E.C.R.E.T. District! Yes! If she enjoys it that much, why not give her what she wants?

Olivia moaned. She was close! So close just from a couple of seconds of the succubus’s demonic service. Perhaps she underestimated this Demon from the start. The tingling spread through Olivia’s lower body. Her muscles spasmed. Olivia closed her eyes and embraced the inevitable wave that—

“Hn—What!?” Olivia nearly screamed in frustration. Mere moments away from her orgasm, her bliss was abruptly and unceremoniously interrupted. Olivia looked toward the source of her disappointment and shouted, “Why!?”

Beatrice had wrapped her thumb and index finger around the base of Oliva’s cock and tightly squeezed, which cut off Olivia’s orgasm like a knife cutting a sausage in half. Beatrice then slowly moved her head up, sliding her lips up the length of Olivia’s shaft while her tongue slithered from side to side at the bottom of Olivia’s cock. Finally, with a slurping sound, and while releasing bubbles of spit along with it, Beatrice let Olivia’s cock out of her mouth. Thick, hanging saliva strands still connected Beatrice’s full lips to the tip of Olivia’s saliva-smeared cock even as the distance between them slowly grew.

“Aaahh,” Beatrice gasped and smiled with a self-congratulatory satisfaction while looking right into Olivia’s jade-colored eye. The other eye was—as always—still obstructed by her bleached bang, which somehow managed to remain in perfect condition throughout the day, despite the tumbling, the fighting, and the making out in the middle of the forest. Beatrice made a mental note to find out what kind of magic Olivia's hairstylist used.

“It looks like you enjoyed my little service a little too much,” Beatrice noted.

“Why did you do that?” Olivia asked, frustrated.

“Because I’ve recently discovered that taking a cock into my mouth from time to time actually turns me on a whole lot!”

“No! I mean, why did you stop me from cumming!?”

“You wanted to cum into my mouth that badly, huh?” Beatrice giggled.

“Of course!” Olivia no longer saw a reason to pretend otherwise.

“But you don’t get to cum so easily,” Beatrice said. “The spell lasts for three minutes, and I intend to use every last second of it!”

That’s when Olivia noticed the succubus’s tail rise into the air and watched it steadily, purposefully approach her mouth. Olivia tightly pressed her lips together and slightly recoiled back from the tip of the tail as if a snake approached. The phallically-shaped tip of Beatrice’s tail stopped just a few inches away from Olivia’s sealed lips.

“Really?” Beatrice frowned. “You want me to worship your snake, but you refuse to even land a kiss on mine?”

“Ah... I-I...” Olivia mumbled. She realized Beatrice had a point. Yet Olivia was still reluctant. She did not look back fondly on her last few experiences with “snakes”, and would rather forget those whole experiences altogether.

“How about a deal?” Beatrice asked. “Service for service? You might just rediscover yourself... Just like I did!”

And without a moment wasted, without even closing her mouth after her last word, Beatrice went down on Olivia’s cock again.

“Ahn!” Olivia gasped from the sudden stimulation and the horny succubus did not miss the opportunity to sneak her tail into an open hole.

"Mfmm~!" Olivia found her own mouth stuffed just like Beatrice's, though with a little extra encouragement, but with no less satisfaction.

Chapter Text

“Mmm,” Beatrice moaned with a mouthful of cock. And although the mental satisfaction from pleasuring another girl was great, her true source of pleasure came from Olivia’s mouth.

Beatrice already knew how dangerously sensitive her tail was, as well as how deviously pleasureful its stimulation can be. The psychotic Princess Mary demonstrated that perfectly well when she made the succubus cum in seconds by stuffing her pussy with her own tail. But that was just a memory. This was real. Her tail slithering deeper into Olivia’s unprepared mouth, reaching all the way to the back of her mouth before recoiling back. And then further in again.

As strange as this blowjob was, it felt no less good than any other time she had her futa-cock serviced. No, it was better. Her tail was much more sensitive. The pleasure from fucking Olivia’s mouth with her tail was incredible. And although Beatrice made sure to continue squeezing Olivia’s cock hard at the base to prevent the ninja girl from climaxing prematurely, Beatrice herself had no qualms about cumming as much and as fast as she desired. And desire she did.

Beatrice used her free hand to stroke her aching primary cock that was long overdue for some much-needed stimulation. With her mouth she continued going down on Olivia’s girl-dick, pushing down and letting it back into her tight throat, while her tail thrust back and forth inside Olivia’s mouth, never fully leaving her heavenly upper hole.

Olivia did not resist any of this. Why would she? A deepthroat service from a stunning girl while being kept on the brink of orgasm from her overstimulated cock? Yes, please! Thought Olivia as she pinched her hard nipples and gave her mouth to succubus’s use.

Beatrice could not last long like this. She did not want to. She sprinted toward the finish line. A pleasant tingling that started at her groin, spread to her thighs and both phallic ends. Beatrice continued jerking her cock faster and faster while using the same speed to satisfy her tail with Olivia’s mouth. The warm, saliva-filled mouth was all that was needed for the overly sensitive tip. The forceful massage of her throat-muscles that—despite making her gag—provided a completely different kind of carnal, degrading pleasure was just what was needed to blow past the point of no return and reward the stimulation of both her phallic ends with a much-needed release.

Beatrice moaned into Olivia’s cock and unleashed a torrent of cum from both of her fat cock-heads.

“Ghh!” Olivia gagged when the succubus suddenly stormed her mouth with thick ropes of cum that quickly filled her tiny mouth to overflowing.

The euphoric succubus was busy milking her cock for all it was worth, but she showed mercy and withdrew from Olivia’s mouth, only to splatter more cum all over her face and tits.

-19 AP


“Gaaah,” Olivia breathed heavily and let Beatrice’s cum drool out of her mouth. The semi-white liquid splashed on Olivia’s pale skin, just between her small breasts, and flowed down to her belly in thick strands, completely marking Olivia’s body.

But the Succubus wasn’t nearly done. Despite covering the ninja girl's body in spunk, as well as leaving an equally impressive puddle on the moss underneath both girls, Beatrice was as hard as a rock. Even her tail was squirming for more as if having a life of its own. But there was one more organ that the succubus left unsatisfied.

Beatrice held on to Olivia’s cock for dear life, afraid that as soon as she loosened her grip, Olivia would cum and thus lose her temporary toy. I really need to improve that spell ASAP, Beatrice cursed as she raised her hips and moved directly over Olivia’s cock, ready to straddle her to satisfy her pussy.

“Ah,” Olivia moaned weakly—excited, yet disappointed at the same time. The ninja girl had her pussy ignored this entire time and had secretly hoped that the succubus would fuck her, just like she did before.

“Oh, don’t worry,” A devilish grin formed once again across Beatrice's face. “You will not be left empty any longer.”

Beatrice’s tail that had just explored Olivia’s upper hole was now moving to satisfy her lower one. The tip of Beatrice’s tail just lightly touched Olivia’s pussy lips, yet it was enough to make both girls moan in ecstasy, salivating at the pleasure that was about to follow.

Chapter Text

“Yesssss,” Olivia purred when Beatrice slowly pushed the tip of her tail and parted Olivia’s labia. The poor, deprived girl was so wet, that the tail slid in effortlessly.

The pleasure was equally intense for Beatrice. She bit her lower lip as she aligned her own pussy with Olivia’s swollen shaft, aching for release. And while Beatrice slid deeper inside Olivia’s cave of wonders, she lowered her hips and filled her own tight, wonderful cave.

“Aahhh!” Beatrice moaned as the air was pushed out of her lungs in tandem with having her pussy jammed full of thick girl-cock.

“Ooohh, yesssss~~!” Olivia screamed in pleasure unapologetically when the pleasure from both her sex organs reached her brain. She did not even have to do anything. The girl simply leaned back against her arms, threw her head back, and let the pleasure take over her mind and body.

Meanwhile, the horny succubus held nothing back and fucked herself silly, using Olivia’s temporary cock as her own personal toy.

“Yes! Yes! yes!” Beatrice screamed in ecstasy while she jumped up and down Olivia’s fat, hard rod. Her giant tits bounced in the opposite direction. The sight was magical, and the body of a succubus took care of itself well—Beatrice was free to enjoy herself without the fear of her tits ever sagging despite her impressive proportions.

As Beatrice jammed Olivia’s cock deep inside her gushing twat, her own cock swayed up and down, trembling as it prepared to shoot yet another magical load of cum into the air. That alone would have been enough to make the horny succubus cum in minutes. But the addition of another layer of pleasure coming her tail, which Beatrice used to thrust in and out of Olivia’s tight little hole, was enough to make Beatrice cum right then and there.

Cum flew from Beatrice’s swaying cock, covering both girls with thick loads. It was the third time Beatrice had cum in the past half-hour, yet the amounts of cum were as large as ever. Olivia was in her own blissful little world and didn’t even notice how she opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out to catch stray ropes of cum that flew in all directions.

-19 AP


At the same time, Beatrice kept pumping so much semen into Olivia’s pussy that any girl would get pregnant. But Beatrice did not choose to do so just yet. Her Skill [Futanari Succubus's Semen] was kept toggled off the entire time. She made sure to do that while she was sane so that she did not impregnate every girl in the city during the highs of her horniness.

Instead, Beatrice continued slamming hard down against Olivia’s cock, shoving it as deep as she could into her hungry cunt. Neither did she stop fucking Olivia’s pussy. Even as she continued spasming and moaning in throes of orgasm, she just kept fucking herself to ever greater heights of pleasure. Beatrice’s cock was hard, her tail ached for tight, wet pussy, and she swore to never ever deprive herself of her desires again.

Beatrice finally let go of Olivia’s cock, unleashing all the built-up tension all at once.

“OOOOOOHHHH~” Olivia screamed and fell back. She could not take it anymore. She had never experienced anything like this. What girl did?

Both girls lost themselves. As Beatrice fucked herself silly she pinched her own nipples—taking a page from Olivia’s book—and discovered to the surprise of no one that she quite liked the tinge of pain to spice up her mind-blowing orgasms.

An ordinary human would have simply passed out from so much continuous stimulation, but Beatrice just kept going. Going and smiling. She was finally free. Free of inhibition. Free of reservations or pent-up frustrations. With each thrust, she accepted herself more. Not ashamed, but proud. Proud of everything she liked. Everything she enjoyed. Everything she experienced and would experience.

Maybe that’s why Beatrice was so hard on Olivia? She did not want the twenty-one-year-old to make the same mistakes Beatrice did, when she had a life full of potential ahead of her. Some of it will be good. Some will be painful. Olivia has to experience it all! And so will Beatrice!

And as both girls experienced the pleasure they provided for each other, Olivia’s swollen, hurting cock could not take it anymore. Mere seconds after Beatrice let it loose, it throbbed and twitched and trembled under the succubus’s relentless assault, until finally, Olivia erupted and unleashed her own cum deep inside Beatrice. The succubus clamped down on Olivia’s cock, and as the sperm hit her womb, Beatrice let out a guttural moan and climaxed for one more time.

-19 AP


Level up!


Additional Skill Point available!


Chapter Text

“Incredible,” Olivia uttered weakly as she wiped away sweat and cum off her forehead. She laid on the fresh, summer moss, next to Beatrice, both of the girls were covered in each other’s semen.

“Don’t you feel silly now, that you could have slept through your entire life without experiencing something like this?” Beatrice asked Olivia while gently caressing her giant, cum-stained breasts.

“I… I would like to do this again… After…” Olivia searched for words as she came to grips with herself, the possibilities before her, as well as responsibilities.

“I understand,” Beatrice said, seeing how the ninja girl struggled. The succubus then rolled and gave Olivia a soft, gentle kiss on the lips.

After their lips parted, still connected by a thin strand of saliva, Beatrice said, “We both have a lot of things to do. But now, even if you never get a chance to do something like that again, at least you have something to feel good about.”

“Y-yeah… Thank you,” Olivia said with a tint of melancholy.

As the heat of the moment passed, and both girls calmed down, having each fulfilled their pent-up sexual frustrations, the light around them grew brighter—Ember approached them from just beyond the trees, with an illuminating flame in her hand. As she walked closer, the flame grew dimmer. Ember only kept the bare minimum amount of light necessary for the girls to conduct their business. She made sure they could not be seen from the walls through the thick greenery of the Shadow Woods.

“Here,” Ember said and handed the two girls a couple of pieces of clean cloth with her free hand.

Olivia jumped up from the shock, having completely forgotten about Beatrice’s bodyguard’s presence nearby this entire time. After all—where did the light come from in the dead of night?

Olivia grabbed the cloth and hurried to cover herself from Ember’s belittling gaze and annoyingly white teeth that showed through the redhead’s grin.

Post-sex cleanup was never glamorous, especially not for someone who produced as much cum as this horny futanari succubus did. However, even as Beatrice cleaned the cum off her otherwise near-silky skin, Beatrice did not feel the slightest hint of guilt or shame. Neither for how she acted, how she enjoyed getting filled with cock in both mouth and pussy, getting covered with the sticky reward that came with climaxing, nor for how she acted toward Olivia, neither for the fact that Ember saw their entire depraved, lust-filled intercourse.

Beatrice and Olivia simply had a good time in the best way they saw fit. They gave in to their desires and they enjoyed themselves without holding back anything. What would they have to be ashamed about? What would they have to hide? If someone even tried to shame either of them for it, it would only show their ignorance and jealousy. Beatrice would know. In her past life, she might have labeled such behavior as ‘risqué’ or outright ‘slutty’. What nonsense! Never again!

This is my time! Beatrice declared with a confidant smile as she put on her panties.

However, the succubus noticed that Olivia did not have as easy of a time getting rid of all her insecurities.

“Did you enjoy the show, Ember?” Beatrice asked with a smile.

“It was entertaining, I must admit,” Ember replied with a similar smile.

“Why didn’t you join us?”

“I wasn’t invited.”

“Well, you certainly missed out,” Beatrice said. “Not only was the sex incredible, but we also both discovered something new about ourselves, didn’t we, Olivia?”

“Ah? Y-yes,” Olivia muttered as she hurried to get dressed.

“And what did you discover, Olivia?” Ember asked in a mocking tone. “Your place as our Savior’s new little sex toy?”

Beatrice noticed tears form in Olivia's eyes, before the ninja her face in silence and shame.

“Apologize!” Beatrice ordered.

“H-huh?” Ember raised an eyebrow and turned her head toward Beatrice, slightly confused. “Me?”

“Yes, you,” Beatrice said.

“For what?” Ember asked, clearly unhappy. “Do I need to remind you that she tried to kill you, and then lied repeatedly just to save her skin? It’s fine to have fun with her if you wish to do so, but as far as I’m concerned, her standing with us is far below the masochistic mage!”

“And what is your standing with us?” Beatrice asked.

“I-I…” Ember stuttered. The redhead was clearly taken aback by the change in Beatrice’s behavior, but she quickly recovered.

“I am your faithful bodyguard and loyal servant of course!” Ember said and bowed.

“It is also your duty to always be by my side to satisfy my every need,” Beatrice reminded Ember.

For a split moment, Beatrice thought she noticed Ember tense up.

“Yes of course! Whatever is your wish, I will carry out my duties in whatever way the Savior sees fit!” Ember said with conviction. “And should you require to test out your capabilities, please do not hold back in experimenting on me!”

She even recited that little instruction from Lucarad, Beatrice thought. So what was that? Did she simply get carried away by mistake? Is she scared Lucarad might find out?

How about a little test? Beatrice thought and approached Ember.

The succubus checked her current stamina.

Stamina Points

60/80 (+0.2/sec)


Heh, time flies by fast when you’re having fun, Beatrice thought, marveling at how quickly her Stamina regenerated. 12 Points per minute. And unlike Arousal Points, there were no downsides to this regeneration.

Thus, when Beatrice placed the palms of her hands on Ember’s soft cheeks and leaned in for a kiss on the lips, she had more than enough Stamina Points to cast [Arousing Touch].

Chapter Text

“L-lady Beatrice—” Ember started, but it was too late. The succubus made her move and their lips connected.

Did her lips really feel so good before? Ember wondered as she got light-headed. Beatrice’s lips were soft and warm. And when Beatrice’s lips slowly parted to make way for her tongue, Ember’s lips gladly welcomed it all on their own.

Damn spell, Ember thought as the two girls embraced. A pleasant heat spread through Ember’s body. Starting from her lips and mouth—which Beatrice was now thoroughly exploring with her tongue—the heat spread lower. Lower…

“Hnm!” Ember moaned into Beatrice’s mouth and squirmed. The pleasant, spreading heat had reached below her abdomen. And after seeing such a wonderful reaction, Beatrice couldn’t possibly hold back from putting her hand there. She started to slowly caress Ember’s pussy over her blue robes.

But that wasn’t enough. Both Beatrice and Ember knew it wasn’t enough. The succubus snuck her hand through the redhead’s layered robes and slowly worked her fingers past Ember’s belly, toward her shaved pussy. Soon Beatrice touched Ember’s lower lips directly.

“Ohh!” Ember moaned when her whole body jolted. She momentarily parted from Beatrice’s lips, breathing heavily.

“It looks like our show was more than a little entertaining for you,” Beatrice said with a devilish grin and kissed the side of Ember’s neck. She felt just how wet Ember really was. Her fingers effortlessly slid across Ember’s drenched labia. Beatrice knew this reaction was not just from her [Arousing Touch] Skill. The redhead’s robes were wet long before Beatrice cast her spell.

Beatrice gently nibbled on Ember’s ear and slid two fingers inside the redhead’s moist cavern.

“Mm!” Ember moaned again and dug her nails into the Succubus’s perfectly smooth skin, nearly piercing the upper layer.

Beatrice moved her fingers in and out of Ember’s wet snatch, steadily picking up her pace. The wet squelching sound was blatant, despite all the layers of Ember’s robes that should have blocked the obscene sounds.

As Beatrice pumped her two fingers in and out of Ember’s drenching snatch, more liquid flowed out and covered Beatrice’s hand. The succubus turned her wrist as she continued fingering her bodyguard, in an effort to find and hit her g-spot.

Ember’s knees grew weaker. Beatrice felt her bodyguard put more and more weight on her shoulders. By now, it was clear that Ember could no longer even stand upright and would have fallen had it not been for the succubus. Ember was now relying fully on Beatrice for support and—more importantly—for pleasure.

Truthfully, Beatrice did not fully expect such a response from her bodyguard, when she first moved in for the kiss. And with such wonderful reactions, her futa-cock stirred again, despite having climaxed countless times already. However, Beatrice had other plans for Ember’s satisfaction.

Beatrice pulled Ember closer and looked past her, at Olivia. The ninja girl was now fully clothed, leaned against the nearest tree, and was staring at the succubus and her prey, unable to take her eyes off the two girls. Olivia’s face was flushed, her chest moved up and down. When Beatrice’s and Olivia’s eyes met, Olivia brought her index finger to her lips instinctively to calm herself, unable to look away from Beatrice’s piercing gaze.

After a few more seconds of intense finger-fucking, Beatrice parted her lips from her Ember’s upper lips and her fingers from the girl’s lower lips.

“Haaah?” Ember breathed heavily and looked at Beatrice in confusion. For a moment, Ember caught herself with the thought of disappointment that the succubus had ceased her movements. The string of glistening saliva that connected the two girls’ sweet lips tore when Beatrice took a step backward and revealed a cheeky smile. The succubus had a more devious plan than simply making out with her bodyguard and bringing her to a quick climax.

Ember lost her balance and fell over—her legs still weak and thighs trembling from the stimulation she just experienced, and so rudely was now denied.

“Wh-what happened to you?” Ember asked and looked up at Beatrice. “You’re… Different...”

“Oh?” Beatrice raised an eyebrow. “Didn’t I say we both discovered something new about ourselves?”

“And what was it?”

“For me?” Beatrice asked with a slight smile and pondered for a moment. She then answered with conviction, “Determination!”

Beatrice then raised her eyes back to Olivia and her smile grew wider. Olivia swallowed hard, afraid to imagine what a Succubus’s smile could entail this time.

“Olivia, come here, please,” Beatrice spoke aloud. “I have an important task for you.”

Chapter Text

“A-ah, y-yes!” Olivia jumped up and hurried to Beatrice, wary of making the succubus wait.

“Don’t worry,” Beatrice reassured the ninja girl, feeling her unease. “I only want you to help our mutual friend.”

“Ah… H-help how?” Olivia asked and looked at Ember who had a flushed face and was breathing heavily. Though Beatrice’s stimulation had stopped, it only made the effects of [Arousing Touch] stronger on an unsatisfied body.

“Well… About that,” Beatrice paused and looked through the list of her current Skills.

Skill List





Unnatural Beauty




Succubus's Wings




Succubus's Thermoregulation




Succubus's Tail (+1)




Futanari Succubus's Dick (+1)




Futanari Succubus's Semen




Sharp Claws








Arousal Pool (+1)




Arousing Touch




Dick Growing




Summon Sex Toys




Refresh Cooldown





At first, Beatrice had thought of giving Olivia a dildo, but on second thought, that would be a little too simple. No, Beatrice decided to check what other options she had.

Skill Points

Total Skill Points


Unused Skill Points


Skill Points in Combat Craft


Skill Points in Mischief Craft


Skill Points in Eros Craft



Two skill points left to use, huh? Beatrice thought when she double-checked her Skill Point tab. She then brought up the list of unacquired Skills as well as possible Enhancements to her current ones. Beatrice nearly burst out laughing when she saw a Skill that did not serve many purposes to her currently (save a comedic one) but had lots of possible applications in the future.


Skill Name: STRIP!

Rank: F

Type: Mischief Craft / Active

Cost: 10 Stamina

Cooldown: 30 Minutes

Description: Forcibly removes all clothing and armor off a single target. Great Willpower or E-Rank and higher protective spells are required for the target to remain unaffected.

Requires line of sight. Maximum cast range 20 feet.

Minimum Requirements:

Character level: 5


Great Willpower or protective spells? Beatrice wondered. Assuming that any decent opponents would have ways to resist this, it still might be a hilariously viable way to deal with some mook. Beatrice thought and made a mental note to consider acquiring this Skill later.

Beatrice then moved on to other Skills and hovered over the description of the one Skill that she most assuredly could not wait to upgrade.

Skill Enhancement: Dick Growing (+1)

Rank: C

Type: Eros Craft / Active

Cost: 60 Stamina

Cooldown: 30 minutes

Description: Grows a single dick on a single target. The dick is fully functioning but lasts only up to 20 minutes. or until the first climax. Cannot cast on self.

Requires direct skin contact between the Succubus and the target.

Minimum Requirements:

Character level: 8

Skill Points in Eros Craft: 14


Still out of reach, Beatrice frowned in disappointment when she was reminded of the requirements for the Enhancement. With the requirements being both [Character level: 8] as well as [Skill Points in Eros Craft: 14], even if Beatrice sunk both her unused Skill points into Eros Craft, she’d still need two more levels to unlock that beauty of an upgrade.

But what an upgrade it was! It dealt away with nearly every limitation Beatrice could think of. Or at least mitigated them to the point of not being actively disrupting.

Not today, Beatrice sighed and swiped the description away from her mind’s eye, moving on to the next Skill.

The succubus disregarded both the Combat and Mischief Craft Skills. She was looking for something simple for now.

Oh! Beatrice smiled in delight when she found exactly what she was looking for in another possible Enhancement of her current Skills.

Skill Enhancement: Summon Sex Toys (+1)

Rank: E

Type: Eros Craft / Active

Cost: 5 Stamina

Cooldown: 5 Minutes

Description: Allows a Succubus to summon toys that are unavailable to the inhabitants of this world. In addition to summoning a flexible silicone dildo, that lasts for up to thirty minutes, can now also summon a remote-controlled egg vibrator. Limited adjustments of size and shape are available before summoning.

Minimum Requirements:

Character level: 4

Skill Points in Eros Craft: 5


“Perfect!” Beatrice said and enhanced her Sex Toy Skill.

“Huh?” Both Olivia and Ember asked in unison, when Beatrice finally said something after around fifteen seconds of contemplation, both blissfully unaware of what enhancements Beatrice had made using her mysterious System.

“Hold out your hand, Olivia,” Beatrice said as she slowly extended a lightly closed fist.

Olivia swallowed, stepped closer, and extended her hand, palm up.

“Good girl,” Beatrice said and hovered her fist over Olivia’s trembling hand, before casting opening it and casting [Summon Sex Toys].

The very next moment Olivia felt two light objects fall into the palm of her hand.

Chapter Text

“W-what is this?” Olivia asked Beatrice, looking at the two egg-shaped pink objects in the palm of her hand. She moved her hand up and down to gauge the weight of the two foreign objects. They were about as light as an egg, unnaturally sleek, and painted in pink color in a perfectly smooth layer, unlike anything Olivia had ever seen before.

So, it really does have no wires? Nice! Beatrice thought looking at the vibrator and its remote control. Since the toy would disappear in half an hour anyway, battery life wasn’t an issue. But time was. As always, with these low-level Skills…

“See the one with the three buttons?” Beatrice asked Olivia and pointed to the slightly bigger of the two pink objects.

“B-buttons?” Olivia asked, confused.

“Oh, right, of course,” Beatrice realized Olivia couldn’t possibly know what a button was in this fantasy world. “See the bigger thing with those three circles on it?”


“That’s the control for this thing,” Beatrice explained. “Don’t worry—this whole thing is a lot simpler than you might think.”

Well, actually this one object was far more complicated than Olivia could possibly imagine, but operating it was simple enough, and that was all that mattered to Beatrice.

“And what do I do with this c-control?” Olivia asked.

“You keep the control with you. The better question is—what do you do with the vibrator?”

“Eh? What’s a ‘vibreter’?” Olivia looked at Beatrice, completely confused.

“It vibrates, silly!” Beatrice smiled. “Look, I’ll show you—”

Beatrice took the control out of Olivia’s hand and pressed the middle of the three buttons, the one between the ‘+’ and ‘-‘. The vibrator in Olivia’s hand started buzzing and vibrating immediately.

“AAAH!!” Olivia screamed and recoiled her hand in a split second as if she just burned it against a blazing hot pan, dropping the vibrator on the moss beneath their feet.

“Careful,” Beatrice said and turned the vibrator off. She then picked up the egg-shaped toy, dusted it off, and said, “You’re supposed to keep it clean! And if you drop it often enough, it will break eventually—though it doesn’t matter with this one.”

Beatrice then returned the vibrator back to Olivia, though she hesitated to take it into a hand again, reacting the same way that someone would if they were handed a cursed necklace.

“As I said, don’t worry—it doesn’t bite,” Beatrice said. “Try not to drop it this time, okay?”

“I-I’ll do my best,” Olivia answered.

“… I’m not asking for you to go and cut your way through the entrance to Belmot’s fortress on your own,” Beatrice said in a much colder tone. “Just don’t drop the damn egg, alright?”

“Y-yes!” Olivia replied like a soldier would—straightening her back and clenching the pink egg in her fist. Olivia suddenly started wondering why indeed was she fidgeting over something so small and insignificant. By this point, it was unreasonable to think that Beatrice would try to harm her after what they just went through.

Eh? Olivia’s eyes opened up a little wider. I’m… Trusting her?

“That’s better,” Beatrice complemented the ninja girl. She then looked at Ember that was still sitting on the ground a few feet away from them, paying close attention to what was going on.

She doesn’t speak up after I’ve just left her there and ignored her existence, Beatrice noted. Is she just obediently waiting, or does she want to find out what exactly I’m planning? Both?

“Alright,” Beatrice returned her attention to Olivia. “Now, I’m going to turn it on again. Ready?”

“Yes!” Oliva nodded, preparing herself mentally as she would before a fight to the death.

For the second time, Beatrice pushed the middle button on the control, and for the second time, the vibrator’s buzz was heard, this time from within Olivia’s fist.

Olivia tensed up, but within a couple of seconds completely relaxed. She even felt silly now about her over-reaction before.

“Well? How does it feel?” Beatrice asked.

“Kind of… Ticklish?” Olivia said, not sure what to make of this never-before-felt sensation.

“Can you think of any possible uses for such an item?” Beatrice asked with a cheeky smile.

“The vibrations are too small to cause any harm,” Olivia said as she started inspecting the vibrator in her hand. “From what distance can it be activated? It might just be loud enough to be used as a distraction to get a guard’s attention—”

“Wrong!” Beatrice interrupted and rolled her eyes. “One more chance.”

“W-what… What if it was force-fed to someone?” Olivia asked. “Could it be used as a torture device?”

Beatrice snorted out a laugh.

“I’m sorry,” the succubus said, still laughing. “I’ve never even considered that someone might ingest one of those things. And I’m now kind of surprised I’ve never heard of it. I mean how many stories I've heard of people going to the doctor about how they sat down on a—Ahem! Nevermind...”

Olivia just looked at Beatrice, perplexed.

“But you are kind of right—it could be used as a torture device… Sort of,” Beatrice said and looked at Ember.

Chapter Text

“Wh-why are you looking at me like that?” Ember asked. Like Olivia, she had no idea what the succubus was planning, nor could possibly know the true purpose of the two small objects Beatrice had summoned.

“Are you really going to pretend that you have no idea?” Beatrice asked her bodyguard, that by now should know quite well for what purpose most of the perverted succubus’s Skills are used. And Beatrice had a feeling her bodyguard did already know what was coming.

But Beatrice wanted to nudge Olivia a little into the desired direction. So she turned to the ninja girl and asked, “Olivia, how did Ember’s comments make you feel?”

“T-they… They hurt, obviously!” Olivia said.

“Then, she should be punished!” Beatrice instantly delivered her predetermined judgment.

“I…” Olivia hesitated, obviously worried about what Ember would do to her later if she acted against her now.

“Why are you hesitating again?” Beatrice asked. “I thought we already had gotten through this.”

Olivia clenched her fist. Was she really scared of Ember? But what would have happened had Tabitha not betrayed her? Could she have won? Or would she end up burned alive like Bob and Garry? Olivia would have liked to tell herself that she stood a chance, but deep down she knew that Ember had toyed with Olivia’s entire group.

“So, Ember shouldn’t be punished?” Beatrice asked. “You’re fine with being shamed and humiliated just for giving in to your urges for once in your life?”

“Of course not!” Olivia snapped back.

“Oh? And what will you do about it?” Beatrice asked.

“Humiliate her!”

“… Good,” Beatrice smiled, satisfied that she got through to Olivia.

“But I don’t want to hurt her,” Olivia said as she looked closer at the pink egg-shaped object and turned it in her fingers, trying to figure out what kind of magic made it vibrate before.

“Don’t worry—it won’t hurt her,” Beatrice said.  “Quite the opposite in fact.”

“What do I do with this?” Olivia asked.

“It’s quite simple. Take the vibrator, go to Ember, and put it between her legs.”

“What!?” Ember and Beatrice both asked in tandem.

“Absolutely not!” Ember protested and started rising from the ground. “I will not have this little—”

“Sit down!” Beatrice ordered.

Ember fell back on her bum, flabbergasted by Beatrice’s commanding demeanor.

“Good,” Beatrice said. “You said it yourself, remember? Besides your duties as my guard, you are also here to help me test out my growing abilities and skills. You’re the one who encouraged me not to hold back.”

Ember swallowed.

“And I have no intention of holding back ever again. Olivia?” Beatrice called the ninja’s name, reminding her that she was given a task. “I’d say whenever you’re ready, but that little toy is on a timer, so… Don’t keep us waiting too much longer.”

“R-right,” Olivia stuttered and walked toward Ember.

The redhead shifted back a little and kept her legs closed.

“I’ve made a promise to you, lady Beatrice,” Ember said. “'Help the Savior in any and every way that is required.' That is the task given to me by the High Priest Lucarad. But he said nothing about letting some no-name gutter trash lay hands on me!”

Beatrice sighed.

“G-gutter trash!?” Olivia repeated through grit teeth. “Beatrice, I have a better idea! How about I take this egg and shove it deep up her arrogant little ass!”

“Oh?” Ember jumped up. “Try it! I’ll send you to Samuel well done and ready to serve. On a fucking kabob!”

“Enough!” Beatrice shouted before it got any worse.

Beatrice rubbed her forehead in frustration. She took a deep breath through the nose and exhaled. Another inhale, repeating a breathing exercise she used on many occasions in her past life to deal with stressful situations.

What am I going to do with these two? Beatrice wondered. Her plan for some light sexual teasing culminating in a sensual orgasm almost turned into a bloody fight to the death.

“Just… Just forget it!” Beatrice said and put an end to this. Needless to say, the moment for erotic play was not only gone—it had packed its things, got on a ship, and was already halfway across the ocean to Argentina. Only this fantasy world probably had no Argentina.

“Let’s go back,” Beatrice said. “And you two will be sleeping in separate rooms tonight.”

“Considering that we’re staying at my brother’s house, I could just have her thrown outside like a d—”

“No!” Beatrice said flatly and put her hand on Olivia’s forearm before the ninja drew one of her kunai.

“Fine,” Ember sighed. She then got her robes in order, rekindled the dying flame in her hand, and with a smile said, “After you.”

Beatrice made sure to stay between the two girls while they walked back through the woods to Samuel’s house.

Chapter Text

Although Beatrice was sure that her little “demonstration” for Olivia did not take more than an hour, the night had fully set in by now. And the stars that were dim and barely noticeable when they approached the wall of the city last time, were now bright and many. Even through the dense trees, Beatrice caught glimpses of just how many stars there were in the sky. Beatrice actually looked forward to exiting the forest just to marvel at the sky that hasn’t been polluted by her previous, modern world.

The trio swiftly navigated the forest thanks to the light provided by Ember. And as they approached Samuel’s house, and Beatrice saw a light coming from the familiar window, she suddenly stopped when she saw more lights approaching the two buildings. Torches. She concluded, judging by the uneven movement and flickering lights. Nearly identical as those many lights that moved far above them, atop the eighty feet wall that surrounded this city.

Olivia also noticed the lights and reached for her kunai.

“Were we expecting company that I wasn’t aware of?” the ninja girl asked.

The only one who did not seem to give a damn about the lights was Ember.

“I think I know who came to Samuel for a visit,” she said.

And just like last time, she lit up and quenched the fire in her hand. Again, and again—four times—she gave her signal and proceeded to move ahead, to the abrupt edge of the Shadow Woods.

As the trio moved closer, it became obvious Beatrice’s keen sight did not fail her—those were indeed torches she saw. Four men with torches to be exact, next to the stone and mortar fifteen-foot-high building that was connected to Samuel’s house.

Only two buildings stood here, beneath the wall. And with enough open space in three directions from the buildings to see any intruders long in advance, it was clear that whatever was going on here, it was under the watchful eye of those atop the walls. Beatrice also guessed that there had to be some hidden door or passage that led from the walls, to swiftly deal with any unwelcome company, though she could not see one now.

“Who goes there?” A deep, animalistic growl formed human words, coming from the direction of the group of dark figures.

“It’s just me,” Ember replied as she exited the woods and confidently approached the unknown group. Beatrice remained just a step behind her bodyguard. Olivia—another step behind Beatrice and always opposite of Ember, as Beatrice was determined to keep the two at a distance for the time being.

It turned out, that instead of four people, there were in fact seven. One figure did not hold a torch and instead seemed to be commanding the operation. Two more dark silhouettes exited the stone building, which Beatrice had assumed before was some kind of cold storage. The two men left with empty hands from the building, went up to a large, but simple wooden wagon, and lifted off some kind of large bag.

Beatrice recognized one of the silhouettes—the well-fed Samuel. Whatever he and his partner were unloading and carrying into the stone building was heavy enough that it required two people. And while Samuel gave many impressions, weak was not among them.

Something shady was going on under the cover of the night, in this remote, secluded area. That much was painfully obvious to Beatrice. She made sure not to let the four figures out of her sight. And as the trio approached, it grew apparent that all five were men, beastkin to be exact (in Beatrice’s old world they’d be simply referred to as ‘furries’), and all were armed to the teeth. In fact, for most of them, their teeth were also their weapons.

The largest, most imposing figure among them was a bipedal beast with the head of a lion. Like a lion, he had a prominent, even royal, golden mane. And unlike Samuel, his large figure resembled a turned-over triangle—a dream shape of any bodybuilder.

A steel breastplate on his chest and a giant claymore on his back. And among everyone present, this lionkin looked like the only one who could even lift such a weapon. A commanding presence.

Two other beastkin resembled hyenas. And they acted like it too—jittery, with dumb smiles on their faces, garbed in poorly sewn-together leather armor. Beatrice wondered if it was even safe to trust with the torches, and half-expected that at any moment one of them would set the other on fire. However, they also had at least ten blades between them and seemed like the first that would cause trouble at the slightest provocation.

Two more men were wolfkin. The entire time they had stood like statues near the wagon. But when they saw the approaching girls, they walked forward and took position just behind the lionkin. Their swords looked like toothpicks compared to the giant claymore. And the wolfkin themselves looked like boys in presence of a man, but that was a misleading play on the eyes due to the lionkin’s figure. Beatrice even wondered if that was on purpose—the wolfkin get underestimated to their advantage, while the lionkin looks like an unassailable mountain by comparison.

“Well, I’ll be damned!” the lionkin growled and took a step toward Ember. “You manipulative, double-crossing, pyromaniac! You’ve got a lot of nerves showing your face here after what you’ve pulled!”

Chapter Text

“Oh?” Ember raised an eyebrow. “Look who’s grown a pair since we’ve last met.”

The wolfkin growled put their paws on the hilts of their swords.

Another fight already? Beatrice thought as she looked at the lionkin’s threatening grimace. Use [Daze] on one wolf, and have Olivia take care of the other one, she strategized and got ready to toggle on her [Sharp Claws]. Maybe it’s time to put some Skill Points into Combat Craft.

The hyena’s kept jittering back and forth between the wagon and the wolfkin, clearly unable to come to a decision whether their job is to continue protecting the wagon or join their boss against the new opponent.

Wouldn’t the boss expect them to be the first to act? But what if it’s a test of whether they’d keep to their original task or abandon their post? But it’s their job to hack and slash intruders! But it’s also their job to follow their boss’s orders without question!

The hyenas got nowhere in their closed logic loop and continued running a ten-foot little spring back and forth, having already trampled a narrow path for the two of them.

Samuel and his giraffekin partner didn’t even bother to stop to look at all the commotion and simply continued hauling the bags.

The lionkin suddenly started laughing in full force, his voice echoing against the massive walls behind them. Even his laughter was menacing though. A jaw filled with razor-sharp teeth, each longer and thicker than Beatrice’s index finger. It also flashed through Beatrice’s mind that there wasn’t a single person present whose entire head wouldn’t fit inside this brute’s gaping maw.

The lionkin smiled from ear to ear and screamed, “I’ve missed you, you little devil!”

He then ran up to Ember with a gleeful smile and with arms spread wide. But no matter how cheerful the lion may have seemed, the half-open jaw of a predator still made it look like the lionkin was running in for a quick snack. Beatrice dashed aside quickly and not a moment too soon as the giant, muscular lionkin would have probably swiped her away without even noticing.

“It’s been a while Bernard—UF!” all the air got squeezed out of Ember’s lungs in one, powerful hug. “Bh-Bernard? Hu—BERNARD!”

“Yes? Oh! My bad, my bad!” Bernard laughed and let Ember go. “I keep forgetting how fragile the frame of our most seasoned killer is.”

“Right,” Ember said and dusted herself off from all the hair that already stuck to her robe.

“When are you coming back?” Bernard asked. “I have contracts piling up, and we could use someone with your set of skills.”

“Not for some time it seems,” Ember answered. “I did warn you that this would be a big one.”

“I know, I know,” Bernard waved his gigantic paw. “It’s just that… Something’s been missing ever since you went to that group.”

“Uhuh. How’s tonight’s haul?”

“Erm,” Bernard looked at Olivia and Beatrice that stood just behind Ember. Out of the two, the lionkin studied Beatrice far longer. From top to bottom. “Th-the commoners aren’t really supposed to know about this place... But more importantly—who is this stunning beauty?”

“It’s fine, they’re with me-eeh?” Bernard moved Ember aside mid-sentence and approached Beatrice.

“Where are my manners?” Bernard asked and took Beatrice’s hand with his giant paw. He then brought Beatrice’s hand to his jaw, but before Beatrice decided if she should slit his neck with her [Sharp Claws], he kissed her hand gently. “My name’s Bernard. A pleasure to meet you!”

“B-Beatrice,” Beatrice stuttered, surprised, trying to get a read on the eccentric beastkin. “L-likewise!”

“Oh, enough you old pervert!” Ember took Bernard’s paw off Beatrice’s tiny hand.

“My apologies,” Bernard said and winked to Beatrice with a light smile.

Beatrice’s heart might have just skipped a beat.

“Right! The haul!” Bernard reminded himself and looked back at the wagon. “Better than usual actually. We were already on our way here when we picked up four more to add to the pile. In surprisingly good condition too. The young foxkin lad looked particularly healthy, so my bet is that he’ll go on some royal’s plate.”

Huh? Beatrice wondered if she heard that right.

“Wh-what?” Olivia stuttered.

“Yeah, I didn’t believe it too at first,” Bernard concurred, though he might have missed what exactly was the ninja girl so surprised about. “Most of the beastkin meat is repulsive, but foxkin are an unusual exception, so it is rare to find a body so intact.”

“Oh,” was all that Beatrice could say as it all clicked together in her head. Oooh…

Chapter Text

Foxkin on a royal’s plate... Samuel is a butcher… A shut-off, starving city… Beatrice replayed in her mind everything she learned in the last couple of hours. A city constantly on the verge of starvation. To the point that they have to limit their population while distracting them with non-stop, cheap thrills...

As Beatrice came to terms with what she just learned, her feet got a bit wobbly. Light-headed and on the verge of throwing up, it took all her effort just to stand upright.

Where do they get their supplies from? Beatrice wondered. I thought from some outside farms. It has to be! There would be enough bodies to feed an entire city! They’d literally run out of people!

“I’m a vegetarian and I will not have any of you eat any meat in front of me!” Beatrice recalled her bodyguard’s words. The succubus looked at her bodyguard, realizing that even then, despite her often-belittling attitude, she was looking out for their best interest.

Now that Beatrice thought about it, it did seem strange that there would even be any vegetarians in this medieval-like fantasy world, though Beatrice was not particularly educated on the subject. In her past life, she could not imagine depriving herself of the countless cuisines involving seafood, beef, and the like.

What was it that Samuel said? Beatrice tried to recall. No! It was the girl!

“I’ve just finished cutting some delicious calves”, Jenny’s cheerful expression flashed in Beatrice’s mind. She thought that the butcher’s daughter was talking about some young bovine. Beatrice’s stomach churned when she realized what Samuel actually meant.

She said ‘delicious’! They’re both… Beatrice looked at the father with disgust, just before he disappeared into the bowels of his storage, carrying another—what was now apparent—bodybag.

Beatrice looked at the carriage—filled with bags—and finally noticed that many of the bags were damp. The blood of the fallen still leaked from some of the recently deceased, collecting into a dark-red puddle under the carriage.

The morbid realization that one of her murder victims would eventually be served on a plate with some sauce, was revolting. Beatrice kept looking at the bags, wondering which one had the foxkin that was so prized by Bernard’s group, or if perhaps that corpse had already been strung up on some meat hook by Samuel.

“Wait,” Olivia was also struggling to catch up to reality. Beatrice looked at the ninja girl, whose face lost all color from disgust. “You mean… The bodies that we left behind… They’re in those bags? Carried in to be—”

“You left those bodies?” Bernard asked Olivia.

Olivia realized she said too much even before the silent wolfkin drew their swords.

“Heh, nice going, dumbass,” Ember chuckled and crossed her arms. “You do remember that you’re not supposed to confess to murder to the city officials, right? What kind of a murderer-for-hire were you?”

“These are city officials?” Olivia asked with contempt.

Beatrice understood the ninja’s scornful disbelief very well. The six beastkin looked more like some thugs for hire—like Olivia—or outright members of some more sinister criminal organization. Combined with the fact that they were literally hauling dead bodies for cannibalistic purposes, it did not make them seem like candidates for representatives of the people.

Then again, considering exactly what impression the powder-snorting king left on Beatrice, she concluded that perhaps it made perfect sense, that these would be the types that the rulers would employ to oversee their city.

The succubus looked up at the wall, where the guards patrolled. It was impossible that they did not know. Even if this section was left to a handful of trusted individuals, there was still a chain of command that had to be involved. There was no way this was some small-time operation.

“Lucky for you, it’s below Bernard’s paygrade to deal with insignificant lowlifes such as yourself,” Ember said to Olivia with an ever-demeaning smile. “Right, Bernard?”

“I suppose she’ll avoid getting her butt spanked tonight,” Bernard said with a laugh, and the wolfkin sheathed their swords. “Are you sure it’s okay for these two to know about this? Can they keep their mouths shut? There’s also another one inside the house, and I hadn’t decided what to do with that one.”

“She’s also a part of our group,” Ember said. “I know how much you like parting tongues from their owners’ mouths, but there’s no need for that this time.”

Beatrice looked at the silent wolfkin and understood that their silence was not fully voluntary. She then looked at the hyenas, neither of whom could still sit or stand in one place for more than five seconds. She saw that there was not even a hint of a tongue waggling in their half-open, saliva-drooling jaws.

It also became increasingly apparent to Beatrice that Ember was by no means below Bernard, and most likely not even on the same standing as him.

Just what the hell is she? The succubus asked herself and wondered how this girl—one who seemed to be knowledgeable in many areas that were beyond the knowledge of the commoners—ended up in a sex cult, following the orders of some deranged lunatic, and eventually as a bodyguard for a succubus.  

Chapter Text

“All this time… Those few slices I shared with… Dead men floating downstream…” Olivia kept mumbling quietly.

“Aw, cheer up!” Ember tried to cheer up the ninja insincerely and patted the hunched girl on the back. “It’s not like all the meat in this city comes from corpses. There are also rats, maybe a small birdie, if you’re lucky. And some salted pork does make it into the city from time to time—”

“YOU KNEW!!” Olivia screamed and kicked Ember’s hand away. “You knew all this time!”

“Yes, and?” Ember asked, clearly annoyed as she rubbed her lightly bruised wrist. “I warned you not to eat the meat—you didn’t eat any. What more do you want, you annoying little twat?”

“Fuck you! How can you be a part of something so disgusting!? How long did you know!?”

“On second thought”—Ember turned to Bernard—"I think you better remove this one’s tongue.”

“With pleasure,” the lionkin chuckled and took a step toward Olivia.

“Back off!” Olivia grabbed her kunai and leaped backward to gain solid fifteen feet of distance between herself and the lionkin.

“You think you’re out of reach of my Widowmaker?” Bernard grinned menacingly as he grabbed the hilt of his claymore.

“No one is getting their tongues removed,” Beatrice said and stepped between Olivia and Bernard. She kept a firm tone but did not raise her voice, purposefully, to deescalate the situation. “Not today, anyway.”

“You heard the lady, Bernard,” Ember smiled to her friend.

“Well, now,” Bernard grinned and let go of the hilt of his claymore. “When was the last time someone willingly came in front of my Widowmaker. I suppose if the courageous, big-breasted beauty values her comrade’s tongue that much, I’ll let her keep it for now.”

“Thank you,” Beatrice said, glad to resolve a stupid conflict so easily. Then she looked at Ember and said, “And you—stop provoking her!”

“Alright, alright,” Ember waved off Beatrice’s remark. “If you’re that fond of your new toy, fine. But, my Lady, if that girl keeps it up, she will not just get herself killed—she’ll put you in danger as well.”

“You’ll have to be a little bit more understanding of her shock at the discovery that the citizens here are unwittingly being turned into cannibals,” Beatrice said.

One of the cheap negotiating tricks that Beatrice had learned in her past life—half of it is in the voice. As long as she managed to get her own emotions under control—speaking calmly, even slower and softer than usual, always provided a much better result than engaging in petty shouting contests.

And it was easier for the succubus to get over the repugnant discovery, as at the very least she did not have the misfortune of getting served corpse meat. On the bright side, she no longer felt hungry, despite having eaten nothing but some apples the entire time since she got here.

With things deescalating, Olivia also put away her weapons. Beatrice even thought that she saw the ninja breathe a sigh of relief.

“Though I find it strange that no one noticed this all this time,” Beatrice said. “How long has this been going on?”

Ember and Bernard glanced at each other.

“I’m sure that where you come from, you have marvelous feasts that would make our king jealous, if he hadn’t melted what few brain cells he had left,” Ember said.

“Where does a beauty such as yourself come from?” Bernard asked Beatrice.

“Not now, you horny bastard,” Ember cut off the lionkin. “As for how long… Let me think… Three? No, four. I’ve known about this for four years. But this has probably gone on in one form or another for over ten years, as this place became increasingly isolated. It always starts with cats and dogs in besieged cities.”

“And when was the last time someone ate fresh chicken or pork to know the difference?” Bernard asked. “Any proper meat that we do get here is already half-spoiled anyway, even with what little salt they can spare to try and preserve it.”

“Ugh, can we, please, not talk about this anymore?” Olivia asked. All three looked at the ninja girl.

With the adrenaline from the sudden threat of a fight to the death wearing off, the ninja looked even paler than before.

“Agreed,” Beatrice nodded. “This one evening might be enough to fuel my nightmares for a month.”

“Do you have nightmares?” Ember asked.

“I—” Beatrice froze mid-response. Do succubi have nightmares? As far as she knew, succubi are supposed to invade the dreams of others. She even had proof of this in the form of a [Dream Invasion] Skill that was still out of her reach.

But Beatrice had only just become a succubus. Or inherited the system of one. In whatever way Luluna’s god powers worked that created this whole situation. So, when a succubus sleeps, what do her dreams look like? Beatrice wondered. Do succubi even sleep?

“Let’s find out,” Beatrice said.

Ember questioningly tilted her head and raised an eyebrow.

Chapter Text

As the trio of the girls were about to leave the beastkin to their work and go to the other building, where they were supposed to stay the night, one girl hesitated—Olivia.

“I think I’d rather spend the night outside,” she muttered.

“Terrific,” Ember said before adding, “Just don't get into another argument with Bernard or you’ll also end up on somebody’s plate.”

Olivia did not even have it in her to form a retort.

“Nobody’s spending the night outside,” Beatrice put a stop to any more foolish ideas. As much as she wanted to keep Ember and Olivia separately, she also didn’t want Olivia to get into more trouble, which seemed more and more likely, especially when the ninja girl is distressed.

“But... That house,” Olivia muttered weakly.

“Don’t worry—you’re in good company with Samuel and his sweet, innocent little child,” Ember chuckled. “Just like all the other—”

Beatrice glared at Ember and the redhead stopped.

“Sorry,” Ember apologized insincerely and walked toward Samuel, who just came out of his storage.

Beatrice sighed, walked up to Olivia, and put her hand around the listless girl.

“I know what you’re thinking,” Beatrice whispered. “But if you’re going to keep that attitude up, you’ll never be able to sleep with anyone in this city ever again.”

“That’s exactly my intent!” Olivia said and grit her teeth in new-found determination. “I’ll gut that pig Belmot like the subhuman swine that he is! Then I'll free Emily and take her as far away from this revolting city as I can!”

“By all means,” Beatrice said quietly. “But in the meantime you’ve got to keep it together. And remember—just like you—that girl inside this house is a victim of circumstance. Just like you, I was disgusted with them all at first. But now—I feel sorry for her. Having to grow up in such a world, not even knowing any better...”

“And you’re supposed to be the ‘Savior’ that’ll make everything better, right?” Olivia chuckled bitterly.

I will certainly try, was what Beatrice’s old self would say. Beatrice paused for a second before answering, “Without a doubt, I will make this city a better place!”

“Good luck with that. Some places… Some people are beyond salvation,” Olivia said and looked at Ember who had just walked up to Samuel.

 “You did have the time to prepare something edible for us, right?” Ember asked her brother, clearly having not lost her appetite despite what she witnessed.

“… Jenny has the table ready,” Samuel said without even making eye contact with Ember.

“Great!” Ember cheered and clapped her hands. “Oh, and don’t worry—we’ll be out of your hair tomorrow.”

“Fantastic,” Samuel said flatly and went with the giraffekin to the carriage to unload another bag.

“Alright, we’ll leave you guys to it,” Ember lightly waved to Samuel, Bernard, and his wolfkin.

“Wait!” Bernard called out to them and ran up to Beatrice.

The giant lionkin grabbed the succubus’s hand and asked, “If you wait for but a moment, wouldn’t you rather spend your night with me?”

“Haah?” Beatrice’s mouth dropped wide open.

“My place might not be much, but it is certainly far more luxurious than this isolated butcher shop!” Bernard continued making his case. “A beauty such as yourself deserves a good company, and someone who not only can protect her, but also take care of her every need.”

Ember cleared her throat to get Bernard’s attention and gave him a challenging look.

“Are you saying that I’m not a good company?” the redhead asked and crossed her arms.

“You are a perfectly adequate company,” Bernard said with a straight face. “And I would be glad to have you join us as well! However, there are certain things that even you cannot do.”

Ember snorted and said, “Do tell,” while trying to hold back from laughing out loud.

“I am not the same lionkin you knew when we parted ways!” Bernard explained and turned back to Beatrice. “My dear, I’ll have you know, that I’m the holder of the rare and prestigious A rank in the S.E.C.R.E.T. Guild!”

“My, my, the horny bastard has been moving up in the world,” Ember laughed, half-impressed.

“Ah… Wow! That’s… Impressive.” Beatrice tried to formulate a response while also not looking into the eyes of the horny beastkin. “You’re only the second person I’ve met today that has an A-rank in that guild.”

“Bwahaha!” Ember laughed out loud. “That’s a rejection if I ever heard one.”

“B-but why?” Bernard asked, heartbroken. “You and I, we are made for each other! Think of what beautiful children we would have one day!”

Oh boy! Beatrice realized it was time to get out of this animal’s grasp before he really tried to impregnate her, while Ember continued laughing in the background.

“I’m sorry, but I simply cannot take you up on your proposition,” Beatrice tried to be as kind as she could to the lionkin. “It’s… It’s not you—it’s me!”

“I... I don’t understand,” Bernard seemed crushed and visibly got a foot shorter as if the entire world was on his shoulders. However, he did not press the issue and let go of Beatrice’s hand.

“Sorry big fella,” Ember clapped on Bernard’s back. “There’ll be other big-breasted women for you to fertilize.”

 “Impossible!” Bernard cried out and turned his back toward the girls. Rejected and betrayed! “Where will I ever find such a heavenly creature ever again?”

“Is he going to be alright?” Beatrice quietly asked Ember.

“Yeah, don’t worry—he does this all the time,” Ember smiled.

“Alright, maggots, back to work!” Bernard growled at his henchmen.

Olivia, Ember, and Beatrice went inside Samuel’s home.

Chapter Text

The moment Beatrice stepped through the door, Tabitha jumped from the table, knocking the chair aside, and ran right into Beatrice’s face.

“WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL THIS TIME!?” The skinny, half-naked, green-haired mage screamed.

Beatrice pushed Tabitha back and wiped the mage’s spit off her face before saying, “Calm down! We’ve been gone for like an hour or something.”

“It felt like years!” Tabitha cried out.

“Don’t exaggerate,” Beatrice said. She felt like she had to calm down her companions a little too much lately. I might need to find some more-level-headed partners, she thought.

Tabitha then switched her gaze from Beatrice to Olivia. The ninja still had her head lowered. But what was actually disgust and sickness due to Olivia’s recent discovery, Tabitha interpreted as after-sex shame.

“You,” Tabitha hissed. “Don’t tell me… You hadn’t… Don’t tell me you did it and you didn’t even let me watch!”

“Don’t forget your place!” Beatrice said firmly, but slightly raising her voice involuntarily. The succubus did not intend to raise her voice, but she simply couldn’t handle another fight right now. Beatrice also noted that Tabitha had started to develop some possessive traits. As if she already doesn’t have enough unhealthy personality traits! Beatrice thought.

“Eh?” Tabitha squeaked like a mouse and dropped to the floor. “I beg your forgiveness! I don’t know what I was thinking! When I imagined you at what you do best, I just…”

“It’s fine,” Beatrice sighed. “It’s been a very, very long day.”

“Then may I offer you some supper before you all go to bed?” the butcher’s little twelve-year-old with a single, thick red braid falling to her feet cheerfully asked, reminding of her presence, and gestured to the table with a humble array of food. Beatrice looked and saw several plates with boiled potatoes, carrots, some more apples, bread, and filled cups.

“Exactly, what I wanted to hear!” Ember said and rubbed her hands, excited to fill her belly.

“Oh! It’s great!” Tabitha jumped to her feet with excitement. “Everything’s fresh! I don’t know who these guys are that they can get this type of stuff, but it’s incredible! We should come here more often! And you absolutely have to try the stew!”

“What?” Ember asked and froze in place when she heard Tabitha’s suggestion.

“The stew! The little kid didn’t even bother offering it, and just kept eating it in the corner by herself, mumbling something about her father’s instructions not to offer it to the guests… But she didn’t mind sharing, and it’s delicious! By far the best I’ve eaten in ages!

Oh, no, Beatrice’s heart sunk. She had a bad feeling. And for a good reason—the mood in the room went sour. Ember stood in like a statue, not taking another step to the table. Jenny looked away and nervously played with her fiery red braid. Olivia looked paler than a corpse.

“Did the stew have any meat in it?” Ember asked.

“Oh, some of the very best!” Tabitha exclaimed, trying to share her joy. “Not like that smelly old stuff they serve at the Limp Pony!”

“I’m guessing you weren’t paying attention to what’s been going on outside?” Ember asked Tabitha.

“Why?” Tabitha wondered. “There was this big lion that came and talked with the girl’s dad. He couldn’t fit through the door so they talked outside. The dad said he had a delivery to take care of, but that he’d be back real soon, and that his daughter would arrange the food for us. I-I’m sorry, Beatrice! I tried waiting for you! I thought you’d all be right back! But it smelled so good! And I was so hungry!”

“Did you forget that Ember asked not to eat any meat here?” Beatrice asked.

“B-but she wasn’t here, and I thought…” Tabitha’s voice trailed off.

“Look, Samuel is a butcher,” Beatrice stated calmly. “But where do you think the meat in your stew came from?”

Tabitha shrugged. Then, as if a lightbulb lit up above her head, she raised her hand and called out, “Oh, I know, I know! That delivery that just arrived!”

“Very good,” Beatrice congratulated her like a teacher her pupil. “And do you know where that meat came from that they delivered?”

Tabitha thought for a couple of seconds and then answered, “Does it matter if it’s actually delicious and not the half-spoiled garbage I usually have to live on?”

“Ah,” Beatrice thought about what the mage just said. What must life be like when one of the most basic of human needs is met with about the same quality as what bums would get back in her old, modern world?

The succubus walked up to the little girl, patted her on the head and made a silent vow—I’ll make this world a better place!

Chapter Text

“I think I’ll just go lie down somewhere,” Olivia mumbled with a broken spirit. Clearly, she would not have an appetite for quite some time. Beatrice wondered if Olivia got enough nutrition from their time spent together in the woods—No! Concentrate! Beatrice reminded herself.

“For once, you might have the right idea,” Ember said.

The fact, that her bodyguard said that, really surprised Beatrice and clued her in that this evening was truly over.

“Eh? Seriously?” Tabitha seemed the only one that could not (or simply refused) to read the mood. “You won’t even try it?”

Whether it was her succubi nature or the fact that she had not been fooled into unwittingly consuming corpse meat, Beatrice was not as squeamish about trying some fresh vegetables. She went to the table and filled her plate with a little bit of everything that clearly was not meat, nor was it at any point close to any meat.

“Do we have some rooms we’ll be staying in, or—?” Beatrice asked the little girl, Jenny.

“We do keep several rooms prepared at all times,” Jenny answered quietly with a lowered head.

“Since people come here often with new deliveries and to take the processed ‘product’, it is part of their job to also have lodgings available at all times,” Ember explained and also walked up to the table to grab a few things to eat, her hunger getting the better of her. “Though I thought I was clear about the meat.”

Jenny squeaked like a mouse and bowed deeply, “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

“Don’t terrorize the poor girl,” Beatrice scolded Ember.

“’Poor’, eh?” Ember said.

“Also, make sure to keep these two” —Beatrice pointed at Ember, and then at Olivia—“As far away from each other as possible.”

“Understood!” Jenny replied. “There are three free rooms upstairs and one more on the first floor.”

“I’m staying next to you, obviously,” Ember said to Beatrice and took a bite out of a carrot. “So, Olivia will be down here.”

“Fine with me,” the ninja girl said. Clearly, she did not care much one way or another.

“That means I’ll be next to Lady Beatrice!” Tabitha cheered.

“I wholeheartedly recommend that we tie them both up,” Ember said to Beatrice while gesturing at Tabitha and Olivia.

“Oh!? And what will you do with me after binding my arms and legs!?” Tabitha asked with even greater excitement, her cheeks turning red.

“Just leave you on the floor, alone,” Ember said the opposite of what Tabitha hoped for.

“Then I refuse!” Tabitha pouted.

“Since when was your compliance a factor?” Ember asked playfully.

“It’s fine,” Beatrice smiled. She was glad that Tabitha’s near-oblivious attitude somehow proved positive, and—at the very least—slightly revitalized Ember. “Jenny, could you guide me to my room?”

“Yes! Right away!” the girl raised her head and went to the door leading out of the guest room.

“At the very least let me place a protective spell at your door!” Ember asked Beatrice.

“Do you have one that will not incinerate anyone that walks by my door by accident?” Beatrice asked.

“… No, I do not,” Ember confessed.

“In that case, I’ll politely refuse,” Beatrice said, took her plate, and walked to Jenny. “Lead the way!”

Jenny grabbed a candle on an old, bent, metal holder and led Beatrice through an otherwise completely dark corridor. Beatrice saw a couple of wooden doors to the left and right, but nothing noteworthy. Perhaps, for these medieval times and in this world, this house could be counted spacious and far more than an ordinary butcher had any hope to dream to afford, but it certainly wasn’t luxurious.

At the end of the wooden corridor, Jenny turned right and led Beatrice upstairs. Beatrice stopped and turned her head left when she felt a familiar chill coming from a door just further ahead opposite the stairs to the second floor.

“You’re not allowed to go there,” Jenny said from a few steps above Beatrice.

The succubus wondered how exactly this girl hoped to stop anyone should they decide to ignore that rule. But considering, that Beatrice knew what exactly that door led to, she had no interest in visiting that place, and instead followed Jenny upstairs, and eventually to her crampy, but separate little room.

Chapter Text

Beatrice’s temporary room was nothing to write home about—small, uninspired wooden panels without any décor, a single bed, chair, table, and two wooden boxes to put belongings into. While Jenny lit a few candles on the table (a fire hazard, if Beatrice ever saw one), the succubus walked up to the solitary window in this room and saw an utterly depressing view—a wall of giant, uneven, gray stone blocks only a couple of yards from the window.

I’ve seen prison cells more welcoming than this, Beatrice sighed and stepped away from the window to put her plate with lukewarm vegetables on the table that was full of cracks and splinters. At least I haven’t seen any cockroaches yet, Beatrice thought and knocked three times on the table—a silly superstition.

“The wood is sturdy,” Jenny said, misunderstanding why the succubus knocked on the table.

“Good. Thank you, Jenny,” Beatrice said, took another apple from the table, and went to the bed to lie down.

The bed was, surprisingly, reasonably soft and comfortable—the solitary saving grace of this room, but also the most important part. Even the pillow felt nice. Beatrice rose a bit and pressed her hand against the giant cushion that was probably filled with feathers. Beatrice then wondered what was under the bedsheets that made the bed so soft and comfy. However, concluding that ignorance was bliss, she quickly stopped herself from uncovering any more undesirable secrets of this establishment.

“I will take my leave then,” Jenny said and went out the door, closing the squeaky door behind her, and leaving Beatrice alone in the dim, depressing room.

Samuel must really not want any guests to overstay their welcome, Beatrice thought as she looked around the room. Now that the room was not completely dark, she saw that every corner was full of spiderwebs. The corner opposite of her bed even had green mold spreading.

Bugs! Beatrice thought and jumped from her bed to check the sheets and blankets. She checked and rechecked, making sure that she was not sharing a bed with any skittering, unwelcome company.

Thank God, Beatrice breathed a sigh of relief when she found nothing and checked under the bed to be sure.

After she was done with her inspection, Beatrice plopped back on the bed, took another bite out of the red apple, and wondered if she should instead say ‘Thank Luluna’ from now on. ‘Thank God’ was such a common phrase that Beatrice got used to using it without thinking, but God did exist. A Goddess to be exact! In a skimpy outfit, with wide hips, and giant tits!

Damn! Beatrice cursed, realizing that despite all her newfound freedom, lust, and vigor, she could not try out all her sexual powers on the Goddess herself. Beatrice imagined giving Luluna her own futa-dick to make her cum with. Even better—summon an identical twin sister of the Goddess and have them fuck each other silly!

Fuck! Beatrice realized she was getting horny again. She tried to think of something else. How much she needed to do tomorrow. Whether to invest in her Combat Craft or not. But it was no use! Beatrice turned from side to side, but her dick kept aching even while soft. She simply wouldn’t be able to fall asleep like this.

Those two damn idiots! The succubus cursed her petty companions—Ember and Olivia—who just couldn’t help themselves not get into a fight right when things were getting interesting. If Beatrice had a literal ball sack under her futa-dick, she’d no doubt have a case of blue balls.

Beatrice brought up her stat information in her mind’s eye to check the one stat that was on her mind.

Arousal Points

39.8/105 (+0.01/sec)


Figures! Beatrice thought and sighed. Though she had fully satisfied herself with the ninja girl—even grew as a person, some might say—but her Succubi nature was starting to get the better of her.

Maybe just a quick wank? Beatrice thought, feeling her futanari cock grow in size, ready for action. She threw off the thin blanket and confirmed with her own eyes what she felt—her cock was already halfway outside her light-blue, lace panties.

And just as Beatrice was pulling down her panties and letting loose her fast-growing erection, she heard a knock on the door.

The succubus hurried to throw the blanket over her exposed, standing proudly upright cock, and asked, “Who is it?”

“I-It’s me, my Lady,” Beatrice heard Tabitha’s voice.

Beatrice breathed a sigh of relief at the fact that Ember had not in fact put a protective incineration spell at her doorstep. At least not yet.

“C-cum in,” Beatrice stuttered, welcoming the mage inside, and came to terms with the fact that she was even hornier than she had first thought.

Chapter Text

The door to Beatrice's room opened and—as expected—a skinny, skimpily-clad twenty-something-year-old girl with long, fresh grass-colored hair stepped inside from the shadows of the corridor. Her practically exposed cleavage was only one sudden movement away from a nip slip, while her long, toned legs were utterly exposed for viewing pleasure as her garments were designed by a pervert who sought to only cover the mage's private parts, and nominally at that.

“I-I’m sorry, my Lady,” Tabitha apologized nervously and turned around to close the door behind her. The square straight fabric of her lower garment trailed behind the mage's movement, showing off most of her bubbly butt.

“The more I thought about you and that two-timing— …” Tabitha started to explain herself, but stopped, searching for the right words. “I’m sorry, I just couldn’t sleep! I tried to calm myself by masturbating, but it’s just not the same when I told feel your hands around my neck or your fat cock down my throat!”

Beatrice swallowed. This is not what she needed to hear if she had any hope of calming down.

“I tried to squeeze put my hand around my neck myself, but it is simply not the same!” Tabitha passionately explained. “Please! I—”

Tabitha’s eyes fell on the blanket, under which Beatrice hid her nakedness. More specifically, Tabitha’s gaze fell on the area just around Beatrice's crotch, where the futanari’s erection stood tall and proud, lifting the blanket like a tent.

“Oh,” Tabitha smiled mischievously, brought a finger to her lip, and lightly bit down on it. “I… I see.”

The green-haired mage closed the door behind her. She then put her hands behind her back and undid her upper garment—which was little more than a skimpy, green crop top—letting it drop to the floor, revealing her ample, yet perky breasts.

Fuck, she’s hot! Beatrice thought and rose up on her bed. The succubus threw the blanket off her body, revealing her massive erection.

“You want this?” Beatrice asked while pointing at her hard, veiny cock.

“Oh, yes!” the green-haired mage salivated and slid her hand under her skimpy, thigh-revealing skirt. The lewd sound that filled the room instantly gave away what Tabitha was doing and how horny she was for some succubus cock.

“Who gave you the right to start masturbating in my room?” Beatrice asked, getting into the dominating role that the mage enjoyed so much.

“A… Ahn!” Tabitha removed her hand as if she’d just been whipped. “I-I’m s-sorry, it’s just that—”

“That you’re a horny slut,” Beatrice finished saying what they both knew to be true. “I already know that. Now, ask for permission to touch your pussy in my presence!”

“Haah… M-may I please touch my pussy?” Tabitha asked, breathing hard. She leaned back against the door and slid what little piece of fabric she had covering her wet cunt. Her pussy juices were already flowing down her inner thigh.

“P-please, my lady! Hn, I need it so bad…”

“Spread those lips,” Beatrice said as she sat down on the side of her bed.

“Ahn,” Tabitha moaned and obeyed. She pulled the outer lips of her clean pussy with her fingers, revealing the pink fruit within. She then slowly slid her finger toward her clit.

“Don’t touch it!” Beatrice interrupted Tabitha’s sneaky actions. “Did you really think I wouldn’t notice?”

“Hn—B-but my lady,” Tabitha whimpered. “It’s aching so much!”

“And because of that you thought to disobey me?”

“I-I didn’t mean to!” the horny mage cried.

“It just can’t be helped,” Beatrice sighed and stood up. It’s not like her own cock wasn’t aching to ravage that tight, wet cunt, desperate for some rough dicking. “If you can’t control yourself for even a minute, despite my instructions, I’ll have to punish you.”

“P-punish!?” Tabitha asked. The corners of her lips could not hide her excitement as they formed an anticipating grin. The mage then moved one of her fingers forward to her clit and pressed against it, to finally give it the attention it so desperately craved.

“Does the prospect of getting punished excites you so much that you don’t even bother holding back?” Beatrice asked.

Beatrice couldn’t tell whether Tabitha indeed just sought a momentary relief when she touched her clit, naively hoping that it would ease her need for more while she waited for further instructions, or if she really purposefully went against Beatrice’s instructions, excited by the prospect of some devious sexual punishment. But whatever it was, Tabitha could not hold back. She began circling her finger around her clit, while with her other hand she started moving all four fingers up and down her labia that she was supposed to keep pulled apart.

“You really are hopeless,” Beatrice said and moved toward the masturbating mage. It only took a couple of steps for the two to be within an arm’s reach. And as soon as they were within that range, Beatrice quickly moved her arm and grabbed a tight hold of Tabitha’s neck.

“Gyeeesh!” Tabitha groaned in excitement and moved her fingers faster.

Chapter Text

“Gheek,” Tabitha choked as Beatrice slowly but surely squeezed the mage’s neck. But her choking sounds were overshadowed by the sounds her wet pussy made as she feverishly rubbed her labia and clit with both hands, euphoric from the start of the succubus’s rough treatment.

“What a nasty slut,” Beatrice whispered in Tabitha’s ear, and with her free hand thrust three fingers inside the green-haired mage's cunt.

“Chg-hiiii,” Tabitha’s uttered some guttural moan with a wide grin as her eyes rolled up and face turned red, while she let herself be rough-handled by the succubus.

“You’re really enjoying this, aren’t you?” Beatrice asked while she thrust her fingers in and out of Tabitha’s squelching pussy, faster and faster.

The mage’s body trembled under such assault, but she asked for only one thing, “More!”

“Seriously?” Beatrice let go of Tabitha’s neck and let the mage fill her lungs with much-needed oxygen. “You’re asking for more punishment?”

“P-please,” Tabitha whimpered, breathing hard while her face skin color returned to its natural pale tone.

“Earn it!” Beatrice growled, roughly turned the mage around, and pushed her against the door.

“Ugh,” Tabitha grunted when her boobs got pressed against the wood.

But Beatrice wasn’t nearly done. She placed her hand on the back of Tabitha’s head and kept her face pressed hard against the door. With her other hand, Beatrice moved the small piece of cloth that was Tabitha’s lower garment out of the way, putting the mage’s ass and pussy on full display.

“Hn,” Tabitha moaned into the wood and shook her greedy ass up and down, craving to be filled by Beatrice’s thick, hard rod.

“Quit that twerking!” Beatrice commanded and slapped Tabitha’s so hard that the sound echoed across the room.

“Ahn!” Tabitha cried out from the sudden pain, but instead of trying to break free or asking for Beatrice to stop, she just moved her ass higher into the air, as if daring Beatrice to slap the other cheek.

“I told you to stop moving!” Beatrice repeated her command and slapped Tabitha’s other ass cheek.

Tabitha moaned again and just moved her ass further against Beatrice, shoving it into the succubus’s groin.

Beatrice wasn’t angry with Tabitha. Not even for a moment. It was an obvious game they both played, and both were aroused by. Even though Tabitha had tears forming in her eyes from the sharp slaps across both her butt cheeks, she continued moving her slapped ass up and down Beatrice’s hard cock, rubbing it with her bubbly, bright red butt.

“There’s no helping you,” Beatrice said and grabbed Tabitha’s butt cheek to keep her still while she aligned her cock with Tabitha’s drenching pussy.

“Ohh—” Tabitha held her breath in anticipation when she felt Beatrice’s cock touch her needy cunt.

If Beatrice wanted to be considerate and gentle, she’d obviously move slowly, and patiently, while her partner relaxed and adjusted to the thick phallic object that would stretch any tight pussy to its limits. But Tabitha had no need for consideration, and clearly no patience for going slowly.

Just as Beatrice thrust her cock hard and fast inside Tabitha’s craving cunt, Tabitha moved her hips against Beatrice to meet the invading cock and fill herself up as fast as possible.

“UUAAAHHH!!” A deep scream escaped the mage’s lungs as her well-lubricated pussy was stretched to it’s limits in one swift motion, mixing pleasure with pain—a double dose of sensations that the mage so desperately needed to get off.

“You can’t even wait for one second!?” Beatrice grunted and started fucking the horny mage with all her might.

“Yes! Uuuhh! Don’t stop!” Tabitha moaned, not listening at all to what Beatrice was saying.

The succubus’s thighs slapped against Tabitha’s as both girls quickly found a matching rhythm to satisfy each other. Each time Beatrice rocked her hips back—Tabitha moved further. And when Beatrice’s cock was just at the entrance of the wet warmness, nearly slipping out, both girls swiftly moved their hips toward each other, slapping their sweaty skin together, filling Tabitha up to her womb.

The stimulation for Beatrice’s cock was incredible. Beatrice couldn’t believe that such a masochistic slut was still so tight and hadn’t been fucked loose and passed around by every perv in town.

Beatrice felt a familiar tingling and knew her orgasm approached, but she wanted to do something before she came.

Beatrice let go of Tabitha’s head and cast her Skill [Summon Sex Toys (+1)]. Two familiar pink objects appeared in the succubus’s open palm. The same two objects, that she didn’t get to use earlier tonight in the forest.

Chapter Text

With her cock still deep inside Tabitha, Beatrice stopped moving her hips. She looked at the pink vibrator and its remote control in the palm of her hand, and smile like the devil itself.

“Whyyyy?” Tabitha cried out, complaining about the stop of her deep, hard railing. The mage moved rocked her hips, impaling her pussy on the succubus’s fat rod, but it simply wasn’t the same without the hard thrusting that Beatrice provided.

The stimulation was most certainly pleasureful for Beatrice, who was already so close to cumming. However, Tabitha was getting ahead of herself, and the horny succubus had a lewder idea in mind than just screwing the masochist against the wall until they both came.

Beatrice squeezed hard on Tabitha’s ass, digging her nails into the mage’s soft, malleable butt, and forcefully stopped any further movement by Tabitha.

“Nooo!” Tabitha cried and turned around to see what was the reason for depriving her of the pleasure they both obviously enjoyed. In mere moments her eyes focused in on the two pink objects in Beatrice’s hand.

“W-what is that?” Tabitha asked.

“Your undoing,” Beatrice said ominously, with a devilish smile.

The succubus then pulled out of Tabitha’s pussy. The mage clamped down hard on Beatrice’s cock, desperately holding on to the veiny staff of pleasure with her inner muscles. But Tabitha’s twat was too well lubricated by her own lewd juices and Beatrice’s cock—covered with the natural lubricant—escaped her grasp.

“P-please put it back in!” Tabitha begged and started shaking her hips again. Like a bitch in heat, she signaled her mate that she needed her hole filled and creamed by spreading her scent and liquids, hoping to get her mate interested in finished what she started.

But Beatrice was interested. Interested in driving Tabitha into a sexual frenzy. The fact that Tabitha got off on being treated like a cheap whore, choked, slapped, and beaten, was plain as day. But Beatrice saw other ways to overstimulate the needy mage. Ways that did not require leaving her partner covered in marks and bruises.

Beatrice pressed the ‘on’ button on the vibrator’s remote control. The small room the girls were in was instantly filled with the light buzzing sound that emanated from the egg-shaped vibrator. Beatrice pushed down the ‘+’ button that increased the intensity of the vibrator and threw the remote away.

“W-what is that sound?” Tabitha asked as she looked at the vibrating pink egg with fascination while the remote controlling it clanked against the wooden floor twice before sliding under the bedframe.

“The source of your blissful agony for the next twenty-nine minutes,” Beatrice said with excitement. She then took the egg in her fingertips, lowered her hand, and pressed it against Tabitha’s wet, needy pussy.


“Hn-YAAAA!” Tabitha’s eyes went wide as her whole body trembled from the sudden, overwhelming, buzzing stimulation. “Ssssooooooo-HNNNN~!”

Tabitha dug her nails into the wooden door, bracing hard to deal with something she could not possibly have ever experienced in this world. The egg merely touched her pussy lips. But the vibrations penetrated deep within her. They tormented her clit, they shocked her inner walls, causing them to twitch and contract.

“It’s-HUAAA—It’s tooooo muuuuch~” Tabitha cried under the assault on her sensitive pussy. Her body instinctively pulled away from the buzzing toy, but Beatrice grabbed the mage’s hips and pulled her back into place for maximum stimulation.

“You were the one who decided that it was okay to repeatedly disobey my instructions,” Beatrice said loudly so that she could be heard over the buzzing and the moaning of a mage in heat. “This is your punishment!”

“HHN—I’m—Ahn—I’M~” the masochist felt something building between her legs. The unrelenting stimulation that made her entire body tremble provided sensations the mage never knew existed. And even though it hurt, even though she thought she couldn’t possibly endure it, Tabitha felt something big rising with each wave of muscle spasms that her body went through. “UUhhh~I... I… I think I’M-mmmhnuuuu~”

Beatrice knew what the mage meant. She saw many girls this day go through all the stages of giving themselves to carnal pleasure. Including herself. Some denied they wanted it, like Olivia. Others pleaded and bargained for it, like Tabitha. In the end, they all accepted their basic instincts.

They all do, Beatrice thought. Humans, Beastkin—They’re all the same. Eventually, they all succumb to their basic, animalistic desires to receive pleasure that comes as a reward for propagating like bunnies.

And even if some had learned to control the act of insemination, the pleasure remained. No, it did away with any excuses to hold back.

“Haaah… L-lady B-b-b-beatriiiii~” Tabitha stuttered when another wave of mind-breaking pleasure rocked her body. “Hnnnn… I’M… I’M-I’M—”

Tabitha was on the very edge. And just as the stimulation of her pussy lips drove her to the very apex of her pre-orgasmic bliss, Beatrice moved the vibrating egg and pressed it hard against Tabitha’s swollen clit.

“HYAAAAAAAAA~~~!!!!” Tabitha screamed and arched her back as an electrifying shockwave blasted through her entire body and a stream of translucent liquid blasted from her spasming cunt.

Chapter Text

“Cumming without me, huh?” Beatrice said with a devilish grin while Tabitha screamed and spasmed, squirting out of her twitching cunt, with her back still arched, her nails dug into the wooden door, wet from the mage’s spit and tears of agonizing joy.

The floor was wet from Tabitha’s pussy shower. The puddle reached Beatrice’s naked feet. The succubus removed the continuously vibrating egg from the mage’s swollen clit to give Tabitha a momentary reprieve.

But the succubus’s mercy was deceitful. Beatrice wondered if Tabitha was foolish enough to think that this was where her punishment had ended. Beatrice grabbed a fistful of Tabitha’s dark-green hair, roughly pulled back, arching the mage’s back further still and bringing her ear closer to the succubus’s full lips that brought words of despair.

“This is for squirting all over my feet,” Beatrice whispered, took the egg-shaped vibrator, and jammed it deep into Tabitha’s hyper-sensitive, post-orgasm cunt.

“AAAAAAHH!” Tabitha screamed and involuntarily scratched the wooden door when her still-recovering pussy was once again attacked—this time from within. With the egg stuck halfway inside, the vibrations it emitted spread throughout Tabitha’s pussy—from her pussy lips, all the way to her unused womb.

But Beatrice was just getting started. Aching for a pleasureful release of her own, she aligned her thick, aching cock with Tabitha’s sensitive pussy lips, took Tabitha by the hips, and brought the mage down on her cock, while thrusting forward herself.

“GUH!” A single gasp escaped Tabitha as all air was pushed out of her lungs with a single, powerful thrust from Beatrice. Momentarily, Tabitha’s brain did not even register anything else besides the bliss of being filled by an alpha-cock, but the mage was about to be reminded of what awaited her.

Beatrice pulled back and thrust a second time, lodging the buzzing, vibrating egg all the way into Tabitha’s wet, hot tunnel. That was when Tabitha’s mind realized what was happening—the small vibrating tormentor was just lodged against her womb. And as the vibrations began stimulating her womb directly, the masochist let out a shriek as she started cumming instantly, mere seconds after her previous orgasm.

“Ooh!? You like it that much?” Beatrice grunted as she felt Tabitha clamp down around her aching cock. “Then you won’t mind if I help myself, will you?”

Beatrice started pounding Tabitha’s spasming cunt with all her strength, thrusting all the way inside. Tabitha’s writhing, unbearable orgasm turned into a wonderful stimulation for Beatrice’s cock. As if Tabitha’s pussy had turned into a specially constructed toy of her own, continuously tightening around the futanari’s cock, providing constantly changing and unpredictable stimulations along all its length.

Beatrice was already so horny, that it only took seconds of such unique stimulation to send the succubus over the edge and start pumping copious amounts of cum deep into Tabitha, filling every nook and cranny with thick, hot, creamy mass.

“YEESHHHHHHH” Tabitha cried when she felt the succubus’s cock tremble within her and unleash hot seed deep into her already-burning pussy.

But Beatrice came not only through her futa-dick. In the heat of the moment, she completely forgot that should she orgasm, cum would also rush through her tail. The succubus had already lost several loads that shot aimlessly from her twitching tail all over Tabitha’s back as well as Beatrice’s own shaking tits before Beatrice guided it toward a proper cum repository.

“MMFFF!?” Tabitha’s wide-eyed muffled surprise signaled that a good connection had been made as Beatrice unloaded her remaining cum into Tabitha’s mouth. And despite already missing several shots, the great amounts of cum a succubus unleashed with each orgasm meant that Tabitha’s mouth was filled within seconds and the mage had no choice but to swallow the succubus’s bitter cream. Not that Tabitha had any objections to such filling “misfortune” as she greedily gulped down every shot that went inside her while swirling her tongue around the bottom of Beatrice’s tail’s tip.

Apparently—contrary to what the tightness of her pussy might have suggested—Tabitha was quite an experienced and skillful cum-swallower, as even during the first few waves of cum that filled up her mouth, the mage did not let a single drop of cum go to waste. She did not let cum shoot through her nostrils, nor did any cum leak through the corners of her lips.

Maybe she preferred having her upper hole used, Beatrice thought as she flew in her own orgasmic bliss while her cock and tail were milked for all the cum they had stored in the last hour or so.

Chapter Text

-21 AP

A familiar tab flashed through Beatrice’s mind’s eye, but she could not care less about it. The succubus did away with the tab as fast as she could to concentrate on pounding the trembling, screaming mage.

Despite having just climaxed and filled her partner in both her lower and upper hole, Beatrice was still as hard as a rock. Tabitha was trapped in an unending orgasm—each thrust from the succubus’s futa cock lodged the vibrating egg hard against the mage’s womb, sending a new wave of agonizing pleasure through her body.

“MFMMM-DHONT SHTOPH!!!” Tabitha screamed out when Beatrice finally retrieved her tail from the mage’s mouth that had milked it dry.

“HUUUUUUU—MOOOOOOOORRRRR~” The pain and humiliation seeking mage was already on the verge of going mad, however the unabating pounding of the entrance to her womb preventing Tabitha from passing out. The masochist’s trembling legs had already given up and the only reason she was still upright was that she braced against the wooden door while Beatrice impaled her on with that rock-hard piece of meat.

Beatrice held on to Tabitha’s hips for dear life, thrusting in and out of Tabitha’s magical pussy as if possessed. Nobody could go soft when fucking such a nympho that got off on being rough-handled. It was a self-sustaining positive feedback loop. The harder and roughed Beatrice fucked Tabitha, the farther Tabitha fell into the depths of sinful rapture, in turn clamping down on Beatrice’s cock, providing endless joy to the succubus which only further enticed the mage to dig her nails into Tabitha’s flesh and fuck her with ever-growing vigor.

Beatrice’s own senses were on the brink of overload. And not just her swollen cock that grew so large it might start hurting if this continued.

The sight of the thrashing bent-over naked girl before her, with an arched back and bright-red butt, slapped by Beatrice’s hands and groin as she screwed the masochist silly. The moans, entwined with screams. The scent from all the passionate sweat and juices that the girl kept releasing as she got her hole so wonderfully abused.

Beatrice was now only seeking ever greater heights of pleasure for both of them. In her half-orgasmic stupor, the succubus decided to use her [Summon Sex Toys (+1)] Skill again. It only had a five-minute cooldown, which had just come up, and Beatrice did not hesitate to abuse the short cooldown and the low, five-Stamina cost. Tabitha was too far gone to notice that the succubus had ever-so-slightly slowed the speed of the jackhammering of her pussy while she summoned the second vibrator into her hand.

Tabitha even did not notice that the buzzing sound had spread through the room again despite the fact that the vibrator was still clear, and relentlessly attacking her womb, and could not have spread the sound through the room while lodged so deep. Even when buzzing intensified as Beatrice ramped up the vibrator to the maximum (before dispensing with the controller as she did with the previous one) Tabitha just kept uttering guttural gasps and moans. Had the whole world gone on fire, the mage would not have realized it, nor cared.

Tabitha did not even pay attention while some sleek object was slid across her sticky, sweaty, naked back.

Only when Tabitha felt something press against her other hole, forcing it open easily by using the excess supply of white, sticky lubricant that had trickled down her spine, did Tabitha get an inkling that something was about to happen.

Beatrice had coated the second egg-shaped vibrator with her own sperm that was so readily available on Tabitha’s back, pressed it against the mage’s asshole, and pushed it in, pressing it down with her thumb.

“UH!” Tabitha grunted as the lubricated egg got easily pushed through her anal sphincter.

“Hnnnn—” Tabitha braced when she felt the vibrations inside her other tight hole, spreading the strong waves deeper inside, assaulting her inner walls from the other side. Her half-numb pussy was now under a triple-front, merciless attack by two sourced of vibrations and a cock that had swollen to past reason.

Little did the mage know that that was just the warm-up. Barely a second after the vibrator entered Tabitha’s rectum, another, thicker shape pressed against her sphincter. The pleasure-crazed succubus pressed the thick tip of her tail against Tabitha’s asshole and mercilessly pushed inside.

Chapter Text

“OOOOOHHH FUUUUUUCK~!” Tabitha yelled out as Beatrice pushed inside the mage’s tight asshole using her tail.

With one hand, the succubus held Tabitha by the hip as she plowed her pussy with her swollen futa-cock, and with another, the succubus grabbed her own tail tightly and pushed it deeper inside Tabitha’s rectum.

The heart-shaped tip of the tail was already inside, pushing the vibrating dildo deeper inside Tabitha’s canal, but there were so many more feet of this all-natural dildo left to go. Inch by inch, the thick black tail was forced deeper into the cum-lubricated ass. No less girthy than her futa-cock but far longer than any cock in this world, it was only a matter of how much the masochistic mage could handle.

“UUUUUGGHHHH,” Tabitha grunted as she tried to deal with the pain coming from her ass that struggled to let the succubus’s tail so deep inside. Though it was slight—and even unnoticeable to the eye—Beatrice’s tail increased in diameter from the tip all the way to where it grew just above the succubus’s voluptuous butt. And Tabitha felt both her sphincter muscles stretch. Even when the girth increased a tenth of an inch—she felt it. The endless increase. The pain that further fed the masochist’s everlasting orgasm.

“You’re tearing me apart!” Tabitha cried.

“And you love it!” Beatrice grunted as she kept fucking Tabitha’s pussy. Beatrice then pulled her tail slightly back out, before plunging it back, full force, deeper than ever.

“UUAAGH I DOOOOO~~” Tabitha screamed as another small stream of watery liquid shot out of her vagina. Tabitha squirted so much already, that there was hardly any liquid left to eject. A great puddle formed at both the girls’ feet—Tabitha’s watery ejaculation mixed with Beatrice’s potent cum that was pushed out of Tabitha’s stuffed pussy, drop by drop after each hard thrust.

The girls could only hope that it didn’t already trickle through the gaps in the wooden floorboards down to the first floor and on somebody’s head. Not that any of them had the awareness or the brain capacity left in their cum-addled brains to consider such things.

“What a good little slut!” Beatrice praised Tabitha for taking such unrelenting fucking so well. “You’re mine to do with as I please, aren’t you?”

“OOOOH YESSS!!” Tabitha’s moans were like screams. She was completely at the mercy of the attacking succubus. With no strength or desire to stand or resist, Tabitha gladly gave all her holes to be used in whichever way Beatrice saw fit. The only thing she wanted in return was pleasure. And she got it in spades! Even all the pain from getting stuffed past reason eventually turned to pleasure.

“DO ME! FUCK ME! RAVAGE ME! BREAK ME! I AM YOUUURSSSSS~!” Tabitha screamed in a half-lucid, euphoric trance.

Tabitha’s womb was already half-numb from the ceaseless vibrations that coursed through it, combined with powerful thrusts that threatened to invade the organ directly, while another vibrator was lost deep within her rectal bowels, massaging her backdoor muscles while the succubus’s tail spread them to their limit.

Beatrice was already on the verge of orgasm even before she entered Tabitha’s rectum. The momentary arousing distraction had slightly decreased her efforts toward reaching a climax, but now it was inevitable. When the succubus felt new pressure against her cock, coming from the stretched, trembling inner walls that separated Tabitha’s two fuck-holes, she grunted and unleashed a second wave of cum, no less potent nor less copious than her first.

“OOOOOOOOOOHH FUUUUUUUUUUCK!” Tabitha screamed as her insides were filled with more hot, sticky liquid.

But with both Tabitha’s holes stuffed full of cock and tail, the futanari’s cum could not escape the mage’s body. The succubus’s tail pumped Tabitha’s bowels full, sending the cum further up her inner canals. But inside Tabitha’s already overflowing pussy the cum-pressure kept rising. There was only so much that could leak outside, past the tight, sacred connection of cock and pussy. Thus, the hot load of cum was forced directly into Tabitha’s womb.


“I AM INSIDE YOU!” Beatrice screamed in reply as she herself could not stop cumming. “AND YOU ARE MINE! FOREVER!!”

“YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSS~~” Tabitha shrieked as her eyes rolled into the back of her head. There was only so much rising pleasure a human mind could take before overloading.

-21 AP


Even though Beatrice’s orgasm should have subsided, even though her swollen cock hurt from the overstimulation, the convulsing masochist’s spasming holes were too irresistible to stop screwing. As long as Beatrice had strength, as long as she had breath, she had to continue giving Tabitha what she so desperately craved. And after just a few more powerful thrusts, Beatrice felt the third wave of cum unleash.

Beatrice’s mind went white. She could not see or hear. The succubus’s body only knew one thing instinctively—to fuck and breed the sexy bitch in heat before her.

Beatrice jammed her tail as deep inside Tabitha’s ass as she could, thrust her cock hard into Tabitha’s pussy, pushing the convulsing mage against the wooden door, shoving aside the vibrator inside her pussy and nearly breaking into her womb directly, and started pumping the holy nectar directly into Tabitha’s womb.

-21 AP


Level up!


Additional Skill Point available!


Level up!


Additional Skill Point available!


Both girls passed out as they came. And even as they collapsed on the floor, in a puddle of ejaculate, cum, and sweat—they were still connected. By luck or some other divine power, Tabitha fell directly beside Beatrice, with the succubus’s arm at her waist. And when Beatrice’s other arm fell atop Tabitha’s other side it looked like both girls fell asleep like that. Calmly sleeping like two newlywed lovers—embraced and happy.

Both girls were unconscious for many hours, and even the vibrations of two egg-shaped vibrators inside Tabitha’s ass and pussy could not awake her. A subtle hum remained in the room until the magic of the items ran out and the vibrators disappeared as if they had never existed.

Chapter Text

“You shall go no further, foul demon!” A boy, clad in armor way too big for him monotoned in a robotic voice. He was no more than eight years old, yet the steel armor he wore was real. As was the dagger in his hand, that looked like a sword for such a small figure. And the realness of his armaments showed in a way that the boy could barely stand up straight and used both hands to keep the steel dagger above his waist.

“Grrrr-agh! You are no match for me, foolish hero!” Another boy growled at the armored kid who could barely keep his balance. This boy seemed not much older, maybe a year. Two at most. He was also a beastkin, type-cast for his role as a scary monster. He remained on all fours even when he talked, and was dressed in several layers of furs with strange, cracked black plates sewn own all over his garbs at random places, and a twisted black helmet that hid half his face. Clearly, he played the role of some monster or a bug.

“Take that! Gu-rah!” the ‘bug’ lightly pushed the armored ‘hero’ who unceremoniously fell on his back with a loud thud.

“Gasp! Oh no!” a dozen children cried out in make-belief horror.

The children stood upon a brightly lit stage. The stage was large enough to fit no less than a hundred people, should such a need ever arise. And the several dozen rows of seats that were placed in a semi-circle arc facing the stage could seat an audience of at least four hundred humanoid beings.

But currently, there was barely any audience present. A couple of maids sat in the front row. They had several trays of untouched food prepared in front of them: fruits, bread, cheese, thin slices of ham. The food was obviously not for the maids, but for those that were on stage. Or someone among them.

Two guards in plated armor, armed with long, sharp spears, stood at their post at the tall arched doors that were the entrance to the auditorium. Several more guards were spread throughout the auditorium, though none close to the stage itself.

“Oh no! Our chosen hero has been defeated!” One of the girls among the crowd of children exclaimed and turned toward a teenage boy beside her who had a golden crown on his head. He wore old, ruined clothes that clashed with the real gold crown on his head. A gray wig and a messy fake beard glued on his jaw suggested the teenager was playing an older man.

“What shall we do, king Selirius?” another child among the crowd asked the teenager with the fake beard.

“I do not know, nor do I care!” the bearded teenager declared and sniffed his finger, sliding it past his nostrils back and forth several times.

“It is hopeless!” another kid declared. “Left without a hero! Left without a leader! We are doomed!”

“But wait!” A girl cried out and pointed off stage with a trembling finger. “Who is that approaching from the distance?”

The kids looked to the side of the stage, where the girl was pointing, emphasizing their search by blocking their eyes from the non-existent sun. Strangely though, despite the fake premise and situation, a tinge of unease was present. A smell of true fear, that seemingly had no place in this playful children’s play.

Several children were sweating, though the air in the auditorium was far from hot. In the back row of the small crowd, a few of them were even trembling and glancing at each other. The girl who pointed the finger could not stop her hand from shaking, as if a real monster had been approaching, opposed to the make-believe one that stood on all fours before them.

“Fear not for I am here!” A girl’s voice echoed through the auditorium.

A pink-haired teenager walked on stage, followed by two more girls carrying red banners. The red banners displayed a single-color female figure that held a bolt of lightning in her hand above her head, ready to strike down those below her. All three girls wore armor, though the pink-haired girl stood out by far.

An undisputed beauty even at such a young age, the thirteen-year-old had her armor decorated with shining jewels. Even her braid—that collected her hair in a graceful, luscious ponytail—was pure gold with three diamonds at the top.

The girl stepped on stage with utter surety. She held her head high, her back perfectly straight. A slight smile, because she knew she was the best. The whole world belonged to her. The whole world was her stage.

One of the unremarkable boys in the crowd took a step forward and asked, “Who is this fair beauty?”

The pink-haired girl grimaced. Her perfect aura snapped as her face contorted in a rageful fury.

“THAT’S WROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG!” the pink-haired girl screeched like a banshee and unleashed a crackling wave of electricity straight at the boy.

Chapter Text

“WAAAAAA!” all the children screamed and jumped away from the boy that was struck by electric magic and collapsed where he stood.

“YOU RUINED EVERYTHING!!” The pink-haired teen shrieked as she shot electricity out of her hand at the poor boy. “You were supposed to say ‘Who is this jade beauty?’!!!!!”

“GHUAAAAAAAAAA~~!” the poor boy screamed in agony and lost all motor functions as electricity tore through his body, making him spasm uncontrollably.

“KYAAAA~~” all the kids screamed in horror and huddled together, away from the poor boy and the girl that tortured him.

“H-H-HEUUUUEAAAAAAAAAAAAALP!” the boy screamed in a broken, throaty voice as smoke spread from his mouth and skin while he thrashed on the ground uncontrollably. The electric attack used the liquid inside the boy’s body as a conductor, boiling and frying his inner organs, turning them to mush.

“M-my lady!” One of the guards rushed to the stage, his purple cape flowing behind him.

“One more step and I’ll fry you with him!” the pink-haired girl shouted at the guard before focusing her attention back on the source of her uncontrollable fury and intensifying her electric attack with both her hands.

“Run! Summon lord Belmot!” one of the guys at the entrance to the theater urged the other. The guard opened the big door and rushed off through the impressive, decorated, high-ceiling, arch-shaped corridor. The other guard remained to guard the entrance to the pink-haired monster’s playground.

“UAAUUUUUAAAAAAAAAAAAA~~!!” the dying boy wailed in agony. A stench of burnt meat spread from the dying boy as his skin turned black, the ghastly smoke intensified, and the boy’s shirt set on fire. He stopped making noise after his eyeballs started boiling and exploded out of their sockets.

The other kids bawled and covered. A few of them hugged each other, hoping the other would somehow spare them of this horrific scene. Several girls and boys fell on the floor in a fetal position, several more of them fell on their knees and threw up. However, not a single one of the children dared to run away. Despite the horror, they stayed. They knew what fate awaited those that dared to run.

When the pink-haired teenager finally ceased her electric attack, the boy was hardly anything more than smoldering charcoal in human form with burning clothes, spreading the stomach-churning, putrid stench of burnt meat, hair, and leather.

The pink-haired teenager stood there, breathing hard as if she had just run a marathon. Her fury seemingly passed. But then the teen took in a deep breath and shouted at the top of her lungs, “DAAAAAAAAADYYYYYYYY!!!!”

“Coming, my sweetie!” An older man’s worried voice echoed through the auditorium, coming from the entrance.

An overweight lord ran through the doors and between the rows of seats, hurrying to his daughter. He had pink, puffed cheeks, a thin, curled, gray mustache, and a thin, swirling, gray goatee. His hairline was severely receding, to the point that most of the top of his head was bald, and only on the sides the man still possessed a fair layer of short, but curvy hair.

His clothes were mostly different shades of purple, with several pieces of jewelry decorating them. On his fingers, he had three rings with different colored gems. A golden chain hung around his neck and reached all the way to his bloated belly. The belly, in turn, hung over a tightly strapped belt, for there was no belt that could secure such belly at the belly button.

The man’s legs were disproportionally skinny, and as he ran, he scurried, hurrying to place the next step before his top-heavy body fell over. and a golden chain hanging from his neck, reaching to his bloated belly.

By the time the old man reached the stage, he was already bright red from exhaustion and looked like he could pass out at any moment. The guards ran to his sides to make sure he did not fall over.

“I-I’m here—haah—my princess,” the pink-haired teen’s father gasped, half-bent over, bracing against his knees with both arms.

The maids jumped up and hurried to bring cups of water to their lord. The man grabbed a cup and quenched his thirst. But just as he was done with the cup, he suddenly dropped it and grimaced in revulsion.

“U-ugh!?” the bloated man closed his nose his hand to try to block the stench and looked at the body on the stage, finally realizing what had happened. “N-not again!”

Chapter Text

“What do you mean ‘not again’!?” the teenager shouted, turning to her father. “You’re the one who keeps bringing me these rejects, daddy! I try and I try, we rehearse and re-read and repeat, and yet this is the result!? Someone can’t even repeat a SINGLE LINE PROPERLY!?”

In fury, the girl launched another wave of electricity at the smoldering corpse, but it did not even move. All the nerves were fried. The body was utterly destroyed.

“Lady Ophelia!” one of the maids—a catgirl with whiskers, pronounced orange fur, and fluffy ears—took a step forward. “You must not talk to our lord like—KYAAAAAAAA~”

The pink-haired girl zapped the catgirl with her electric powers, sending the furry flying several rows of seats backward.

“Who the fuck hired this furry slut that dares interrupt me!?” Ophelia shouted and looked around, searching for the culprit.

The other maid only looked at the catgirl that now laid amidst broken chairs. The experienced made knew better than to make a sound or sudden movements.

“Uuugh…” the electrified catgirl maid moaned weakly and rolled on her back, holding her side that got smashed into the hard wood of the chairs. She was alive at least, and apparently without a broken back. Far luckier than some other newbies, the experienced maid thought to herself.

“Haah… Haah…” Ophelia breathed hard, calming down after another outburst. The two girls behind her (each no older than twelve or thirteen, like the princess) stood still like statues, not daring to move a muscle. They knew their job—to hold the banners perfectly vertical, perfectly aligned with each other. And by doing their job to perfection, they were able to stay by Ophelia’s side without getting barbecued. But even their experience could not prevent them from completely hiding their terror of their leader, though they tried to mask it as best they could.

“M-my princess…” The sweaty father stuttered and pulled a hanker-chief out of his back pocket to wipe the sweat off his forehead. “You can’t—”

“I CAN’T!?!?” the teen bellowed, interrupting her own father.

“I-I mean… You really shouldn’t do such things,” he hurried to correct himself and wiped away more sweat from his forehead. “It’s not easy to get these children here. There are already such disgusting rumors spreading about me, and each time you—”

“You just don’t love me enough, daddy!” the girl interrupted again, crossed her arms, and theatrically turned her head away. “If you really loved me you wouldn’t worry about what peasants say and instead would find me better play-partners!”

“O-of course I love you!” lord Belmot’s assurance sounded more like a plea.

“You keep saying that, but you never keep your promises!” the girl puffed her cheeks.

“I-I…” Belmot stuttered, trying to remember which specific promise Ophelia referred to, as the girl’s list of demands brought about by her whims was extensive.

“You said that I would be the princess of this kingdom!” Ophelia reminded. “You lied!”

“You’ll always be my little princess—” lord Belmot tried to weasel his way out.

“A REAL princess!”

“B-but… T-things changed! I can’t just go in and tell the king to—”

“I want to be a princess!” the girl shouted and stomped her armored foot down on the wooden stage. “I want to! I want to, I want to-I-want-to!”

As Ophelia threw her tantrum, repeating the same thing while stomping her foot down, again and again, electricity sparked around her. The shot-tempered girl wittingly—or even worse, unwittingly—was charging another attack.

“A-alright, my sugar!” lord Belmot caved in. He shouted so that Ophelia could hear him over her own tantrum. “You’ll be a princess! I promise! I’ll figure something out!”

“Oh? Really!?” Ophelia instantly changed her demeanor and looked at her father lovingly and excitedly, like a kid before Christmas that was promised a puppy. “Promise, daddy?”

“I promise,” lord Belmot promised with a smiled lovingly, though the corner of his mouth twitched, hinting at the many worries deep within his heart.

“Good!” Ophelia clapped her hands and switched her thoughts to present issues. She turned around to her terrified playmates and announced to them as if nothing had happened, “Alright, we’ll take it from the top! Kevin, you’ll take the role of… of…?”

“Tom,” the girl behind Ophelia whispered.

“Yeah, Tom,” Ophelia nodded. “Take five minutes to get into positions and repeat your lines. And somebody—get this stinking gutter trash off my stage!!”

Two of the guards looked at each other, sighed, pulled up their purple collars to use them as masks against the stench, and—reluctantly—went on stage to take the charcoal corpse away.

Chapter Text

“Haah~” Beatrice let a soft moan escape her lips as she turned, lost between the realm of dreams and reality.

But what was reality? A bitter reality. Lying on a hospital bed. Old. Weak. In pain. Broken in both body and spirit. And alone. All alone. How could she let her life turn out this way? How could she give up on her dreams so easily? Why did she realize it so late? What’s the point in having regrets now? Beatrice cursed herself and felt her eyes get watery in despair. Why now? Why only now when my body is withering away into nothingness! Stupid! So fucking stupid! … Wait.

‘She’? ‘Her’? That’s right! The dream! The dream where she was young and beautiful. A girl unlike any other. In a world full of sin and carnal desires. In a world where countless girls fell at her feet, captivated by her beauty. A succubus whose many powers and abilities drove girls mad with lust. They worshiped her. Worshiped her dick. Submitted themselves to it. Succumbed to their true selves. As did she.

Such a wonderful dream.

“Hn!” Beatrice’s body trembled. Reality called. Something pulled her out of her dreams.  In her last days, she often shivered uncontrollably as her body gave out, giving up the fight for her very life.

No! Please no! Beatrice desperately resisted the pull back into her bitter existence. She hung on to those sweet fantasies with all her feeble strength. She wanted to stay there—in that magical world where she could do whatever she pleased, fuck whomever she chose. A whole world her playground! Ripe for the taking! She just had to reach out and grab it!

“Haaah… Mh… No,” Beatrice whimpered weakly. She felt her temperature rising. A warm feeling spread from her groin. “H-huh?”

Beatrice finally, slowly opened her teary eyes, wondering what was going on. Her sight still blurred and misty, she could barely see anything. The poor light that came from a small, solitary window did not help. Though the hospital room had a much bigger window. She could afford at least that much in her final days.

It must be raining, Beatrice thought, but realized that she did not hear a single drop outside. Instead, she heard a strangely familiar slurping sound.

“Ah,” Beatrice moaned again as the pleasant feeling grew stronger. She saw a green figure move up and down at her groin.

Aliens! Beatrice thought in her dazed horror. I’m being abducted!!

Beatrice moved on her bed to get away from the small green monsters that slid up and down on her wet, slippery dick, warming in, making her feel so good.

“Mfm!? You no longer like it, my lady?” the alien spoke in a girl’s voice.

“H-huh!?” Beatrice wiped away her tears with the back of her wrist and rubbed her eyes to finally see better.

When Beatrice opened her eyes again, she saw the green-haired Tabitha, naked, laying on her stomach between Beatrice’s half-spread legs. Tabitha held Beatrice’s saliva-smeared futa-cock and licked her lips like she had just sucked on a sweet lollipop.

“Tabitha!!” Beatrice exclaimed and teared up again. It wasn’t a dream! It’s not a dream!!

“Yes, that’s me,” Tabitha smiled and went down on Beatrice again. The green-haired mage pushed herself all the way down on the futanari’s six-inch cock, invading her own throat.

“Guuuh!” Beatrice grunted and clenched the bedsheets in her fists from the sudden tight pleasure.

Tabitha held her head still like that for a couple of seconds—all the way down on the succubus’s fat cock—before moving back up and releasing the girthy joy-lollipop, covered with a fresh coat of her own throat juice.

“When I woke up you were already hard as steel, covered in cum,” Tabitha said as she stroked Beatrice’s long, hard shaft. “I slurped it all up, but even after that it only took a couple of strokes for you to unleash another load of your thick seed. I almost missed it!”

I… Did I come even before this? H-how many times? And I’m hard again? Beatrice was shocked, still coming to grips with the fact that she’s in a young, healthy, eighteen-year-old girl’s body, and not in a decrepit, decaying, wrinkly corpse!

That’s right! Beatrice reminded herself. It’s only natural for a healthy young futa to be hard in the mornings!

“For a moment I thought you didn’t want my mouth around your cock anymore,” Tabitha pouted teasingly.

“Stop slacking off!” Beatrice commanded the teasing mage and gave her submissive slut what she wanted—strong hands behind her back and a hard push down on a girthy cock that belonged to be lodged deep in the masochist’s throat.

“Ghurgh~” Tabitha gagged from the sudden rough handling but looked directly into Beatrice’s eyes with a happy, cock-stuffed smile.

I’m back!! Beatrice cheered and begun thrusting her hips up while rocking Tabitha’s head up and down on the swollen, saliva-lubricated cock. I’m here!! Oh, thank you, Luluna!!!

I will not let this opportunity go to waste! Beatrice promised as she face-fucked her gagging slut.

Chapter Text

“Ugh, that’s a good mouth-hole!” Beatrice grunted as she continued facefucking Tabitha.

“Ghlr-glhr-glhr~” Tabitha let out slobbering throat sounds as her eyes rolled into the back of her skull from the rough morning deepthroat.

“Ooooh, that’s good! Your throat feels real tight right now,” Beatrice complimented her submissive mouth-hole, enjoying the thorough massage of her cock by Tabitha’s throat muscles.

What could possibly beat a morning deepthroat? Beatrice tried to recall the last time she even had a morning blowjob in her past life... When was it? It must’ve happened once or twice, right? Must not have been that impressive if she could not even remember. And it no longer mattered. The slutty mage was here, right now—taking Beatrice’s to heaven by doing nothing more than letting herself be used as the succubus’s morning cum-dumpster.

“Hang on, little slut, I’m almost done,” Beatrice moaned and quickened her pace. She felt her orgasm approach.

Judging by Tabitha’s incomprehensible moans, it wasn’t obvious whether the mage was happy or disappointed that she would get a reprieve so quickly. Beatrice suspected the latter. And she was right! The masochist got off on the rough treatment and would have preferred to continue servicing the succubus in whichever way was required. But it couldn’t be helped that Beatrice found such utter submission so arousing! The succubus held the back of Tabitha’s head tightly, pushed her as far down as she could—all the way to the base of her futa-cock—and thrust forward, pumping load after load of her futa-cream down the mages gullet.

“Ga-khhhh,” Tabitha snorted as she struggled to contain the massive fountain of cum that the succubus could unleash. Far greater amounts than any mortal man could pump out—it took a special kind of cum-starved whore to gulp it down without letting any go to waste.

But—just like last night—Tabitha expertly handled her duty and swallowed all of her morning protein shake like the good little slut that she was.

-25 AP


Only after Beatrice was done unloading every last drop down Tabitha’s throat did she release the mage for a much-needed breath of fresh air and closed her eyes, relaxing in the euphoric daze of an early morning orgasm.

I wonder how many times I came before this? Beatrice wondered as the after-glow of her orgasm subsided. Tabitha mentioned that Beatrice was covered in cum. And that was before Tabitha blew the unwitting, sleeping futanari to another orgasm.

That Arousal system! Beatrice concluded that her Arousal Points must have continued rising even as she slept, and no doubt were the instigator to her wet dreams.

I was lucky to get any sleep at all! Beatrice thought and secretly thanked Tabitha for taking care of her morning horniness even before Beatrice realized how much she needed it.

“What a cute little thing you are,” Beatrice said as she looked into Tabitha’s eyes and gently caressed the mage’s cheek.

“T-thank you,” Tabitha said with a cute smile.

Was it any surprise that it made Beatrice want to fuck this cute girl even more?

“O-oh?” Tabitha gasped in surprise and looked at the futanari’s cock that slowly took shape once more right beside her face.

“Come here,” Beatrice said to Tabitha quietly. And even if it wasn’t meant as an order, Tabitha obeyed without hesitation. Both girls embraced in a deep kiss, swirling their tongues in each other’s mouths with their eyes closed. All the while Tabitha ground her hips, sliding her moist pussy up and down against Beatrice’s hardening cock, hastening the return of the morning soldier to his full, stalwart, one-eyed potential.

“Mfm,” Tabitha moaned into Beatrice’s mouth and slid forward, aiming to penetrate her constantly needy pussy with the futanari’s thick cock head.

“Not so fast,” Beatrice whispered as she looked into the mage’s horny blue-green eyes. The color of the ocean water at some fancy resort beach. Beatrice wondered if it was within her power to bring such a paradise to this dark world. No! It wasn’t a matter of ‘if’! She would absolutely make this world a paradise. Her paradise!

And Beatrice was going to start by giving a little bit of paradise to her morning lover. Why not? Her other two companions already had a momentary chance to experience the heavenly joy of a futa’s pleasures. It only seemed fair to let Tabitha have a taste of these forbidden delights too.

And with that in mind, Beatrice made a proposition to Tabitha that the girl could not possibly refuse, “Milk my cock with your ass and I’ll give you pleasure you’ve never experienced, and never will again without me.”

Chapter Text

The constantly pleasure-seeking mage did not have to be told twice to climb on top of the futanari’s crotch and raise her ass over the throbbing, veiny girl-cock. If anything, Tabitha’s face got even more flushed, and her breathing through her mouth more labored. She smiled excitedly as if she was just waiting for an excuse to impale her ass with something thick and hard.

Beatrice relaxed for a moment and simply enjoyed the view of Tabitha’s youthful body. Narrow waist, flat stomach, and especially the ample cup size of her perky breasts. Are breast implants really not a thing in this fantasy world? Beatrice wondered, trying to understand how such a skinny woman could keep so much fat in her breasts. Yet Beatrice could see no scars, and as the mage got on top of her in a cowgirl position, her breasts swayed and changed shape under the forces of gravity completely naturally.

But while the succubus appreciated Tabitha’s two gifts from God (or Goddess in this world), all of Tabitha’s attention was on the futa succubus’s thick, glistening rod. She took the veiny, wet piece of meat into her hand the guided the futa-dick to her rectum.

“Ah,” a moan escaped Tabitha’s lips as she slowly pushed her ass against the girthy tip, and slowly—but surely—pushed down against the straight member, opening the backdoor for her favorite toy with little effort, as it was lubricated by her own throat-slop.

“Ghuh,” Beatrice grunted as her cock got buried deep in Tabitha’s tight hole in a matter of seconds. She did not even have time to get impressed or give the mage a degrading complement before Tabitha already had begun rocking her hips and massaging her back tunnel with the futa’s meat.

Beatrice placed her hands on Tabitha’s hips, feeling her hip bones lightly stick out against the skin. The succubus licked her hips and help Tabitha raise her hips, while Beatrice herself begun thrusting up and picking up the pace.

It did not take long for both girls to lose themselves and move faster and faster. Beatrice was amazed at how good her cock felt inside Tabitha’s ass. The tightness between the mage’s ass and pussy was so similar, it was almost unbelievable. And thanks to the proper lubrication performed by Tabitha, there was no unpleasant friction for either of them.

Beatrice didn’t even notice how fast her pleasure built up, as she had already begun to experience the first tingling signals of an approaching orgasm. She had to properly control her rhythm so that she did not climax too fast. Yet she couldn’t hold herself back from giving Tabitha more degrading comments they both enjoyed so much.

“What a good little ass-slut!” Beatrice said with a smile as she squeezed Tabitha’s hips harder and thrust upward deeper to expand the skinny mage’s tight asshole with her fat cock after every compliment.

“Yes! I’m your ass-slut!” Tabitha embraced her role with pride. She met Beatrice’s thrusts with her own movement to give the succubus maximum pleasure and milk her cock properly as she was instructed. Like a good little slut. “I’m your throat-slut! Anything you desire! Just please expand my ass more! Rip me open! Use all of my holes as your private cum dumpster! I need your cum! I live for your cum! Fill my ass!”

Hearing such degrading confessions, aroused the succubus even more—hardening her cock and further stretching Tabitha’s tight ass.

“Uuuuuu~ ” Tabitha moaned and pinched her own nipples as she bounced faster and faster on Beatrice’s cock. “I feel you! I feel how much you like my ass!! I love how you’re stretching me even more!”

It took considerable effort for Beatrice not to cum already, despite the fact that her dick had clearly been already milked several times this morning, even while the succubus was unconscious. Beatrice theorized that it was that very morning milking that lowered her Arousal Points enough for the succubus to be able to control herself to such an extent and not just fuck Tabitha wildly to a breaking point. Though she probably would love that, Beatrice thought and her dick swelled from that thought.

The thirsty mage had worked her pretty little mouth off, and the succubus—feeling that she could manage to last a little while longer—decided to reward the mage properly for her morning service.

The succubus placed the palm of her hand just below Tabitha’s flat stomach and cast [Dick Growing].

Chapter Text

“OOOOOOOOH~” Tabitha uttered a guttural moan from a sudden magical surge at her abdomen and looked down to confirm her stimulating suspicions. She felt—and then she saw—her already huge clit swell further and further, and further. It grew beyond reason and with it, the burning desire to touch it, to rub it, to suck it, to stick it somewhere. Anywhere. To fuck. To be fucked. And each time Tabitha slammed against Beatrice’s girth, each time her asshole stretched a little more, her clit swelled a little more.

“Ah! Ahn! Uah!” Tabitha kept fucking her asshole by slamming herself against the big fat cock of the futanari succubus. With each new thrust, the mage was rewarded with more pleasure in her butt which in turn accelerated the growth of her own throbbing girl-cock.

“What? … Whaaat…. What is—Aaaaaah!” Tabitha screamed in a mix of shock and ecstasy as her tongue hung from her mouth and her thighs twitched from the double pleasure. She just kept smashing her ass against Beatrice’s groin, pummeling her ass with the futanari’s thick cock while her small sexual button transformed into a fully formed, functional, aching for satisfaction, battle-ready cock.

Tabitha reached with her hands to her newly formed, aching futa-cock, but Beatrice reacted quickly. The succubus grabbed Tabitha’s arms by the wrists and bound them together behind the bouncing girl’s back.

“AHN~!” Tabitha cried out. Denied the quick and easy satisfaction of her male organ, she continued to impale herself on Beatrice’s cock, desperate to somehow quench her ever-growing thirst for satisfaction. Tabitha even increased the pace with which she fucked herself, jumping up and down on Beatrice’s hard cock, ravaging her ass, filling the room with the lewd, squelching sounds of wet flesh of two horny futa’s slapping together. All the time Tabitha was unable to take her eyes off her hard, swaying cock.

But Beatrice wasn’t done yet. She knew how to properly take care of a cock-whore that got off on choking on cocks. Beatrice sent her tail upward, slithering it along the mage’s spine until the tip of her tail reached the mage’s neck.

“Ah?” Tabitha gasped and shuddered from the sudden tickling at her nape by the heart-shaped tip of the succubus’s tail. Before the mage even had the time to think, the tip of the tail lunged forward with the speed of an attacking snake, as if it had a will of its own, and wrapped itself around the mage’s neck.

“GHKAKH!” Tabitha gasped as the tail tightened its grip around her neck like a python choking the life out of its prey.

For a moment Tabitha instinctively tried to break her arms free from Beatrice’s tight hold, but as soon as she slammed her ass against Beatrice’s groin and lunged that fat cock up her ass, Tabitha's grin widened and the masochist's true nature kicked in.

“Ghuaaghhh~” Tabitha gurgled with a wide, satisfied grin as saliva foam formed at her half-open mouth. Each second that she was deprived of oxygen increased her euphoria. Her cock grew harder, her thoughts grew simpler, and her pussy juices kept flowing as she shook her ass, thrusting towards the fast-approaching blissful climax.

“HEYSH, YESH, YEEESSSH~!!” Tabitha kept repeating with a half-sane smile as she grew unable to think of anything but sex and dicks. She grew increasingly light-headed, her hips moved purely on instinct now. The mage’s oxygen-deprived brain further intensified the pleasure from the rough ass-fuck. And each source of the tight, stretching push against her insides, each second of squeezing tightness around her throat, or the sweet, tingling pain—all of them the masochist’s cum-addled brain only interpreted further fuel to her pleasure.

Tabitha’s swollen cock head started twitching. As the mage flew higher toward bliss, she sensed her ultimate pleasure approach. She yearned for it. She needed it. The ultimate happiness. Pure bliss. Pure ecstasy.

“GHAA~ YYEEEEESSSSSSS~!” Tabitha cried from the heart as her dopamine-raddled mind went white, and her cunt unleashed a jet of translucent liquid all over Beatrice’s stomach. Tabitha’s body could take no further, and the pressure relief valve that was her futa-cock opened up.

“UAAAAAAAAAA~~” Tabitha screamed as cum rushed through her cock. The protective function of a cock’s orgasm was meant to act as a blocker before the continuously increasing pleasure would break the human mind. However, as it released the pressure in form of thick futa-cream it rewarded the brain for the breeding attempt by unleashing more dopamine directly into the pleasure circuits of her already malfunctioning brain.

The sudden surge temporarily tripled the pleasure that Tabitha’s ecstatic body experienced, sending her further into euphoric madness. Tabitha’s body involuntarily jerked and spasmed under the attack of the waves of pleasure that consumed her.

During all this madness, Tabitha’s felt her ass fill up deep by a hot, hard object. Pushing in deep within her, it swelled and twitched before unleashing hot, thick cream into her bowels.

“Ghaaaaagh~” Tabitha moaned weakly as she floated barely conscious from the absolute bliss that the filling of her ass provided. The warm fulfillment spread all the way to her belly. And as Tabitha choked out by the tight grip of the succubus’s tail around her neck, and with a girthy cock lodged deep in her ass, she experienced the purest orgasm of her life through her temporary cock and unleashed rope after rope on her big-titted succubus partner.

Each rope of cum sent a new wave through the mage’s skinny body, forcing her to arch her back and utter another low, gurgling gasp of ecstasy while her swinging cock sent cum flying into the air, landing in thick strands on Beatrice.

Her stomach. Her huge tits. Her face. Her luscious hair. Absent-minded Tabitha marked the voluptuous succubus with her thick spunk and in her euphoric flight didn’t even notice how the horny, orgasming succubus accepted Tabitha’s girl cream into her open mouth, sticking out her tongue to catch a little more.

Chapter Text

As Beatrice continued thrusting into the choking, thrashing mage’s clamping ass, she herself could not go on much longer. Beatrice saw how much sick joy the masochist got from getting choked out while her ass was pounded and her hard, throbbing futa-cock swung up and down, aching for release.

Beatrice wanted to see Tabitha cum through her cock. She needed to see it. A hands-free, stimulation-free cock climax, brought upon by unrelenting ass-pounding, magnified by the intense pleasure the mage felt as she struggled to breathe. Tabitha was so close. So close. The masochist kept moaning and gurgling, barely holding on to consciousness which only further magnified the pleasure she felt.

And watching that erotic scene—the scene of pure, unabashed, masochistic surrender to pleasure—aroused Beatrice further by the second. With each thrust, the succubus was closer to her orgasm. She only hoped she could match her orgasm with Tabitha’s. Cumming at the same time—Beatrice wanted that so badly! She needed it!

Beatrice could already imagine it: unleashing her thick load into Tabitha’s tight asshole while the convulsing, euphoric slut erupts from her temporary meat rod and covers them both in hot cream. Beatrice wanted to see and feel her entire body get covered in cum. Her succubus body was too hot to not do so. At the very least she had to cover with cum her giant breasts that bounced up and down while she rammed Tabitha’s ass. It would be criminal not to! At least those need to be smeared with the sticky liquid. Her stomach too! And her face?

Fuck! Beatrice cursed as her pussy twitched and her cock throbbed at the mere thought of how sexy she was. She wanted to mark her own face. Using Tabitha as a proxy, she needed to get a load across that sexy face. The Succubus’s tongue rolled out of her mouth without her even realizing it, salivating to catch at least a drop of the hot reward that she had earned for holding on for so long without cumming.

But the horny succubus’s imagination proved her undoing. The synergetic mix of her depraved, degrading sexual fantasies together with the tight, thorough stimulation of the entire length of her cock, combined with the auditory and visual stimulation of Tabitha’s majestic pre-orgasm performance, sent Beatrice over the edge. Beatrice felt she passed the point of no return and her only choice now was to sprint across the finish line to maximize the pleasure of her climax.

With both hands, Beatrice squeezed Tabitha’s hips hard and pulled her down on her cock, aiming to impale the mage’s ass with all the force she had while at the same time she thrust her hips up, forcing her throbbing cock as deep as she could into the spasming mage’s asshole. A couple more of such moves was all it took for Beatrice to see sparks before her eyes as her cock erupted, sending wave after wave of cum into Tabitha’s bowels.

And the succubus’s efforts were rewarded. As she sent her first rope of cum into Tabitha’s clamping rectum while squeezing her tail around the gurgling mage’s neck, Tabitha’s cum-addled brain could take no more of such extreme overstimulation. The masochist's cunt was the first to let loose—squirting its liquid all over Beatrice’s groin and abdomen while Tabitha’s limbs twitched and bent in all directions as her swinging cock erupted, unleashing waves of cum in all directions.

Tabitha’s cum-fireworks were complimented by the cum that rushed through Beatrice’s tail. Accompanied by even more pleasure, the succubus’s tail unleashed amounts of cum no smaller than Tabitha did. The first wave from the tail hit Tabitha directly in her face, but the aim of the tail was poor and it kept splashing its load with no better aim or control than Tabitha’s swinging cock.

Beatrice threw her head back, her body arched on its own as she gave herself to the pleasure of emptying her cum reserves into the euphoric, spasming Tabitha while the two futas marked each other’s bodies with thick loads of sticky, glistening girl cream. Both futanaris lost themselves in euphoric pleasure with their tongues hanging out. Both girls got to taste their bittersweet reward for the hard work they did and the bliss they gifted each other.

-25 AP


Level up!


Additional Skill Point available!


Chapter Text

“Haaah, haaah,” Beatrice breathed hard as laid on her bed, basking in the afterglow of her magnificent orgasm. Her glistening, cum-stained breasts rose up and down with each heavy breath.

Beatrice wiped away the sweat and cum off her forehead and raised her head a little to look at Tabitha at her feet.

“Ghee~heee~,” Tabitha uttered satisfied sounds as she laid powerless at the succubus’s feet with that same happy grin she had when she climaxed. Every couple of seconds her whole body twitched which caused her cunt to eject another weak spurt of translucent pussy juice.

It was clear to Beatrice that Tabitha would need some time to recover from such euphoria-inducing sex, and right now the masochist needed to simply rest.

Beatrice herself had no desire to move from where she was after such wonderful morning sex, even though a new day had begun and she knew she had a lot to do.

Might as well look through my stats, Beatrice thought of a way to spend the resting time productively as she recalled a level-up notification flash through her mind as she climaxed. In her mind's eye Beatrice brought up her main information tab and her eyes went wide for a moment.









10 (7%)

Health Points

300/300 (+0.56/sec)

Arousal Points

5.4/135 (+0.01/sec)

Stamina Points

110/110 (+0.28/sec)

Physical Attack


Physical Defense


Magic Attack


Magic Defense





Level 10!? Beatrice gasped. Wasn’t I just level 7 yesterday?

The succubus tried to recall what could have caused such a rapid increase in levels and that’s when it struck her. Through a fog, Beatrice vaguely recalled her last night’s depravities with Tabitha when they both found it difficult to sleep. The succubus tried to remember if she saw notifications for a level up, but Beatrice’s mind was so far gone by the time she climaxed that she could remember little else other than pure ecstasy as she filled every hole the mage had.

Three level-ups, huh? Beatrice still could only barely believe it. She had leveled up during sex before, of course. In fact, it was currently her main way of leveling up, besides that one time in the Shadow Woods when she practically single-handedly dealt with the band of ruffians, with a little help from Tabitha’s sexual distractions. However, it usually took more than one sexual encounter to gain a level up. And even if she had just enough experience to level up after another one more orgasm, it hardly explained the second level up, not to mention the third.

How many times did I cum this morning while I was sleeping? Beatrice wondered again as it looked like her Arousal System brought new meaning to the term ‘wet dreams’.

Looking through the rest of her stats, Beatrice appreciated that her Arousal Point maximum increased without increasing the regeneration rate. After doing some quick math in her head, Beatrice counted that it now took well over three hours for her Arousal Points to max out. Two hundred and twenty-five minutes to be precise. Which wasn’t all that much, to be honest, but still a lot better than the half hour that she started with.

Beatrice had no intention of ceasing her sexual exploration of this world but being less at the mercy of the system certainly helped. Otherwise, the succubus risked finding herself hopelessly aroused in the middle of a life and death fight. Now Beatrice could also begin exploring her combat options, which she has no chance of avoiding in this dark and twisted world.

A hundred and ten Points in Stamina also helped. The succubus’s Stamina Points kept increasing at a steady pace of ten Points per level and it broadened her capabilities in both sex and combat. And especially if the opportunity arose for sex during combat.

The value of her other stats was less transparent. Sure, Beatrice managed to dispose of the four ruffians, but chances were that they were utterly weak and provided no valuable metric for how powerful Beatrice actually was. And the items Beatrice had in her possession did little to increase her combat capabilities.

Item: Choker of a Phyx

Item Class: Rare

Health Points: +10

Physical Defense: +3

Magic Defense: +6

Effects: Bleed resistance +80%


Item: Pretty Lace Bra

Item Class: Uncommon

Health Points: +5

Physical Defense: +1

Magic Defense: +1

Effects: Persuasive Set (2/2) - Persuasion +15%


Item: Pretty Lace Panties

Item Class: Uncommon

Health Points: +5

Physical Defense: +1

Magic Defense: +1

Effects: Persuasive Set (2/2) - Persuasion +15%


Item: Damaged Generic Grey Cloak

Item Class: Common

Physical Defense: +2

Effects: While covered up, lowers Speed by 1 Point.


Beatrice sighed as she looked through the pitiful statistics of her items. In her past life, one of her friends was an MMO addict. Beatrice recalled looking at the gigantic tabs with walls of text and numbers for some of the best items that her friend spent months acquiring. Compared to those video game items, these looked pathetic.

Other than the Bleed Resistance and possibly Persuasion stat (which at 15% was next to impossible to test out anyway), her items were nothing to write home about and needed a replacement at the first opportunity.

Chapter Text

Concluding that her combat stats are unreliable at best, Beatrice decided to shift focus to her Skills, as they had not failed her thus far. A quick glance at her Skill Points tab confirmed the most important aspect of her level-ups.

Skill Points

Total Skill Points


Unused Skill Points


Skill Points in Combat Craft


Skill Points in Mischief Craft


Skill Points in Eros Craft



Four Skill Points to use, huh? Beatrice’s mind rushed to the [Dick Growing] Enhancement.

Skill Enhancement: Dick Growing (+1)

Rank: C

Type: Eros Craft / Active

Cost: 60 Stamina

Cooldown: 30 minutes

Description: Grows a single dick on a single target. The dick is fully functioning but lasts only up to 20 minutes. or until the first climax. Cannot cast on self.

Requires direct skin contact between the Succubus and the target.

Minimum Requirements:

Character level: 8

Skill Points in Eros Craft: 14


However, as enticing as the enhancement was, Beatrice could not afford to get this upgrade right now. Even though she now had the levels required to enhance the skill, she still required three more points in Eros Craft. And that would mean ignoring her combat capabilities. And now that Beatrice was able to think with her brain instead of her cock for more than three minutes, she decided to save the bedroom fun-time enhancements for later.

Which left the choice of either Mischief Craft or Combat craft. And since Beatrice had ignored both of these crafts for so long, her options were currently severely limited, locked behind the Craft Point requirements.

Ah! With an excited grin, Beatrice instantly rushed to her Mischief Craft Skill list and found the one she saw before. Confirming that all the requirements were met, the succubus purchased her first new Mischief Skill.

Skill Name: STRIP!

Rank: F

Type: Mischief Craft / Active

Cost: 10 Stamina

Cooldown: 30 Minutes

Description: Forcibly removes all clothing and armor off a single target. Great Willpower or E-Rank and higher protective spells are required for the target to remain unaffected.

Requires line of sight. Maximum cast range 20 feet.

Minimum Requirements:

Character level: 5


“Hehe,” the succubus giggled deviously. Sure, she could only use the skill once every half hour, and she wouldn’t be able to take down high-level targets with it, however it should severely hamper her opponent’s ability to fight. And the cheap Stamina Cost combined with her [Daze] Skill, expanded her Crowd Control arsenal to deal with several assailants at once.

However, Beatrice couldn’t deny her inner voice that the main reason she got this skill was simply that it looked fun. After all—this is my wish-fulfillment world, is it not?

But Beatrice knew she also needed ways to deal with single, more powerful opponents. For that, she went to her Combat Craft and found a starter Skill that just served such a purpose.

Skill Name: Extend Claws

Rank: F

Type: Combat Craft / Active

Cost: 5 Stamina

Cooldown: 2 Minutes

Description: Rapidly extends a single, needle-sharp fingernail in a straight line for up to two feet in length in the direction the fingernail is pointing.

Requires [Sharp Claws] to be active.

Minimum Requirements:

Character level: 4 


Beatrice felt comfortable trying to deal with her enemies swiftly and from a distance whenever possible, to avoid any chance of actually getting hurt. And to that end, she searched both Crafts for a low-level Skill she could acquire that would further increase her survivability. And there was one such skill in Mischief Craft.

Skill Name: Illusionary Split

Rank: D

Type: Mischief Craft / Active

Cost: 10 Stamina

Cooldown: 5 Minutes

Description: Sends a hallucinogenic energy wave into the target’s retinas, doubling the target’s vision and forcing it to see two identical versions of the succubus for five seconds, with no way of telling which is the real one.

Requires eye contact. Maximum cast range 20 feet.

Minimum Requirements:

Character level: 7


Beatrice liked the idea of causing confusion and disarray. Picking off disoriented enemies one by one seemed much more alluring than fighting tooth and nail. Not to mention the succubus wanted to avoid damaging her perfect skin at all costs, even if the game-like system would regenerate her back to full health in a matter of minutes.

With three skills used up, Beatrice decided to—once again—keep one in reserve for an emergency and took a look at her growing Skill list.

Skill Points

Total Skill Points


Unused Skill Points


Skill Points in Combat Craft


Skill Points in Mischief Craft


Skill Points in Eros Craft



Skill List






Unnatural Beauty





Succubus's Wings





Succubus's Thermoregulation





Succubus's Tail (+1)





Futanari Succubus's Dick (+1)





Futanari Succubus's Semen





Sharp Claws










Arousal Pool (+1)





Arousing Touch





Dick Growing





Summon Sex Toys (+1)





Refresh Cooldown










Extend Claws





Illusionary Split






Time to do some combat leveling so that I can expand my arsenal even more, Beatrice thought with determination and rose from her bed, excited to increase her power in all Crafts.

Chapter Text

With all her business with Skills done, Beatrice was ready to go and started looking for her clothing (which was still mostly just bra and panties). Beatrice’s search did not take long as there were very few items in the room, to begin with. Mostly just the two girls’ clothes and some leftover food from yesterday. Beatrice found her panties. They laid on the wooden floor and the white fabric (with a slight tint of blue) stood out on the old wooden panels. Beatrice dusted off her panties before putting them on and looked at Tabitha who had fallen into a gentle slumber.

That’s when the succubus thought of an idea. If the system tracks so many of my statistics, skills, and levels. Wouldn’t it also track my… “encounters”?

With that logic in mind, Beatrice tried calling different variations in her head of what such a hypothetical “stat page” could be named while imagining this tab and trying to call it into her mind’s eye.

Sex stats! Lewd stats! Sexual statistics! Intercourse Information! Intercourse accounting! Lewd stats! Succubus’s journal! Taboo statistics! Encouraged statistics! Horny stats! Horny log! Horny dog stats! Horny dog log! Happy fun time stats! Snu snu stats! Sexual accounts! Sexual activity stats! Trophy case! Trophy tally!

One of those names, or more precisely a certain combination of those names, worked and indeed a statistic of Beatrice’s recent sexual activities appeared. Beatrice went through them, point by point.

Sexual Tally

Number of Sexual Partners


Number of Climaxes



Seven already in a single day, huh? Beatrice counted. So that’s… Tabitha, Ember, Olivia… And the rest were priestesses? No, didn’t I only have sex with three of them? Then the other… The princess! Even though I didn’t get so much as play with her tits a little! I’ll have to pay her a visit and return the sexual favor that she gave me.

And 23 climaxes… At this point I’m not even sure if that’s too many times or too few, considering how much I’ve been fucking yesterday. Thank the Goddess for my quick recovery time or my dick would have fallen off by now!

Beatrice went further down the list.

EXP gained through sex

1 097


Well… This tells me fuck all since my level progress is measured in percentages. Luluna clearly cut some corners in a few places.

At least this confirms that I do in fact gain experience and levels through sex as if that wasn’t obvious. But is it flat exp? Is the growth exponential? Is the length of the intercourse a factor? Do I get bonuses for new girls or new positions? Bonuses for originality? It’s not impossible, considering how many levels I’ve milked just out of Tabitha…

Number of Threesomes


Number of Foursomes


Number of Fivesomes+



... Clearly, I need to step up my game. Even if this is still infinite times more threesomes than I had in my past life.

Total amount of Cum Unleashed, ml

1 145


… … Too bad they’re going out of their way to limit reproduction in this city, otherwise, I most definitely could have opened and sustained an artificial insemination clinic all on my own.

Maybe if I continue leveling my [Futanari Succubus’s Semen] Skill, it’ll develop some healing properties and I could open a potion shop?

Beatrice wasted no time in switching to her Skill Enhancement options to find what kind of upgrade was currently possible.

Skill Enhancement: Futanari Succubus's Semen (+1)

Rank: D

Type: Eros Craft / Toggle

Cost: -

Cooldown: 60s

Description: The Sperm of a Futanari Succubus cannot impregnate unless the Succubus chooses to do so. Self-impregnation not possible no matter how much a sex-crazed Futanari Succubus may wish to do so.

Upon ejaculation can release up to 150ml of semen at high velocity. The amounts of semen decrease rapidly with each consecutive climax.

Makes the Succubus's cum taste differently for every person that takes it in their mouth - as their favorite food.

Minimum Requirements:

Character level: 4

Skill Points in Eros Craft: 5


Disappointing, Succubus sighed and closed the Enhancement description, upset that she couldn’t go through with her Operation Healing Potion Shop right now. I guess I shouldn’t have expected too much out of a D-rank Skill.

Wait! Beatrice realized her error nearly instantly. Wouldn’t making it taste like each person’s favorite food be good enough!? In a world where they’re eating half-rotten garbage!? Screw the potions! I can open my very own Cum Restaraunt!!

The temptation to upgrade the Skill that Beatrice was ready to forget and ignore grew by the second. Maybe a little later, Beatrice finally decided. At the very least, I need to see how this day goes first. And if the amounts of ejaculations keep increasing at such a rate, I’ll eventually be able to fill a bathtub in an afternoon.

Now.. what else...

Times Got Pregnant



Well, obviously! I am after all protected by my [Futanari Succubus’s Semen] Skill. My [Dick Growing] Skill seems to operate under the same logic as it is a spell created by me… Otherwise, I would’ve already been in trouble. But it says nothing about semen from other males, so I should be careful about that.

Now then, all that’s left here is


Pregnancies Caused


Number of Offsprings





Chapter Text

“Huh?” Tabitha rose from the bed, drowsy and lethargic. She looked at the succubus that just shouted across the room in shock and disbelief.

“A-a-ah,” Beatrice stuttered looking at Tabitha. “I thought I saw a cockroach...”

“Huh?” Tabitha slowly looked on the floor from side to side, still half-awake.

“I guess it was just a spider... Ahem, never mind!” Beatrice cleared her throat and tried to regain her composure, and got busy searching for her bra to hide her agitation. “Time to get moving anyway.”

“A-ah, of course!” Tabitha jumped up, casting her slumber away. She looked out the window. Despite the utterly blocked view by the stone wall, it was still obvious that the sun got even higher since she started working on Beatrice’s cock. “How long was I out?”

“No idea. Long enough,” Beatrice said as she covered her massive tits with the tiny piece of cloth that was her slutty bra and moved over to the only table on the other side of the room, where some leftover food still remained.

“Get dressed, eat something, and meet us downstairs,” Beatrice said as she took a bite out of a boiled potato and took some veggies with her. “We’ll be leaving this place as soon as possible.”

With that Beatrice opened the door to her room and hesitated for a moment before taking a step outside. She wouldn’t put a defensive trap that kills the target it’s supposed to protect, right? Beatrice reassured herself and took a single wary step on the other side of the doorframe.

Nothing happened, Beatrice did not get set on fire by Ember’s supposed spells, and Beatrice proceeded outside. The corridor was as dark during the day as it was last night. Not a single window. Not a single candle. Depressing and claustrophobic even for Beatrice who never had many issues in narrow places or fear of elevators. The succubus moved slowly, taking small steps, one at a time, while placing her hand against the wall to guide herself in the dark, despite the rising urge to get out of this bleak place as fast as possible.

And as Beatrice treaded through the darkness, she tried to make sense of what she just saw in her [Sexual Tally] tab.

How did I get anyone pregnant? Who was it?

The [Futanari Succubus's Semen] Skill is supposed to be absolute! I always kept it toggled in a way that doesn’t get anyone pregnant. Is the System malfunctioning? Was the description a lie? The system never seemed malicious toward me, or anyone else, despite having plenty of opportunities to screw me or others over.

Are some Skills bugged? It’s not impossible, considering how many corners Luluna cut in the System. Or did I somehow toggle the Skill on by accident? No way! I’ve never accidentally used any other skills.

More importantly, who is pregnant? At least it’s not me—the [Sexual Tally] tab kindly confirmed that. So it’s one of the seven girls. But who? Can’t be the princess, since I didn’t even get to touch her! I didn’t even penetrate Ember yet, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t cum into that first priestess that sucked me off... So, that leaves… The two other priestesses, Tabitha, and Olivia… No matter how you look at it, Tabitha is the most likely one. To think that the biggest nympho could be the one that managed to get herself pregnant!

Didn’t they talk about how this town went out of its way to curb any chances of unwanted reproduction? That was one of the purposes of the depraved S.E.C.R.E.T. Guild, right? So it doesn’t work all of the time? Far more likely that the magical power of a succubus overpowers whatever shady attempts the Guild made to stop pregnancies.

But how do I confirm this? I can’t just walk up and ask “Do you feel pregnant by any chance?”. I could try to find out if they have some sort of pregnancy test in this magical world. Though that is not necessarily the biggest worry. Women usually notice when they’re pregnant pretty quickly. The more important thing is…

Beatrice stopped when she reached the staircase to the first floor as the major realization finally caught up with her.

Oh wow, that’s right! I’m going to become a parent again, aren’t I?

Chapter Text

Beatrice looked at her hands as the crushing responsibility of parenthood set in. What is this? Trembling already? Beatrice laughed at herself. It hasn’t even been a day since conception, so it’s literally nine months away, and I don’t even know the mother… What the hell?

Beatrice’s mind flashed to her three daughters from her past life. How could she have failed so horribly? She had so many chances to make things right… In the end, those arguments seemed so petty… Beatrice wondered if they even bothered showing up to her funeral. Did anyone?

I have another chance! Beatrice clenched her fists. This time I will not fail my children! And all the more reason to fix this broken world! No cannibalism or starvation! They will be able to walk out of their home without fearing for their lives! I’ll make them proud!

… I just need to figure out who the other parent of my child is…

The reinvigorated succubus walked down the steps toward the light that came from the corner turn at the bottom of the stairs. It was getting hard to believe that Beatrice was supposed to be in some kind of livable home and not a dungeon.

And just as Beatrice got to the last few steps and was actually now able to see where she put her naked feet, the door opposite of the stairs opened, unleashing a cold gust of air as if it was a walk-in fridge. And—remembering what exactly was stored past that door, and how cold the walls felt on the second building attached to this house—Beatrice concluded that the door did in fact lead to a giant refrigeration unit.

The surprising part—that in hindsight should have been obvious—was when Beatrice saw the butcher’s little daughter walk through that door and close it behind her with hands that were paler than a corpse. No, not pale—they were covered in a thin layer of ice. From her elbows to the very fingertips, the girl’s hands looked like they belonged on a snow witch.

But Jenny’s hands and fingers were not frostbitten. Nor did they have gangrene that should have developed had she literally let ice build up on her arms. The girl moved her fingers freely when she closed the door shut behind her.

When the girl turned around, she did not show any sign of surprise or embarrassment. The girl simply took two steps toward the mostly-naked succubus, bowed, and said, “Good morning!”

“G-good morning!” Beatrice replied, feeling the chilling air that Jenny emitted. That’s not because she spent too much time in that place. She’s the one who maintains the cold, Beatrice now realized. What a “nice” system they’ve developed here. The old man butchers mutilated gang members and murder victims for meat, while his own daughter makes daily walks through the slabs of human meat, preventing them from spoiling until delivery.

“Breakfast is ready—” Jenny informed, but then noticed the succubus carrying some leftover veggies from yesterday. “Oh, you’re already… I can pack what I’ve prepared for you so that you can take it with you…”

“I-it’s fine,” Beatrice didn’t want to trouble the little girl too much. She felt even more pity for the little redhead now. What a way to let a child grow, Beatrice thought, imagining how fucked up Jenny’s psyche will be by the end of it all. Or does this count as a decent life in this world?

Enough! Beatrice clenched her fist and stormed past Jenny, through the corridor that led to the guest room where Ember and Olivia were already eating, sitting on the opposite sides of the room, as far away from each other as possible.

Ember was sitting at the table, opposite of Samuel who kept his head down and avoided making eye contact with both Ember and Olivia. Utensils clanking against the plates were heard clearly, as neither of the trio said a word. Ember merrily took a drink from her cup and seemed to pay no mind to the fact that neither Olivia nor even Ember’s own brother enjoyed her company.

“Ember!” Beatrice called out to her bodyguard and walked straight toward her.

“Oh? Good morning!” Ember said as her lips formed a cheeky grin. “How was last night? Did you get a good night’s sleep? I thought I noticed someone come into your room, but I—”

“What can you tell me about those Demonlings the King mentioned?” Beatrice interrupted Ember’s bullshit and got straight to the main point.

Chapter Text

The room fell silent the moment Beatrice said the word ‘Demonlings’. The very air got heavy.

Samuel raised his head, blood drained from his face, similarly to how Olivia looked yesterday when she learned the secrets of this grim establishment. Olivia herself was not looking much better. It was hard to tell whether the ninja girl was still reeling from yesterday’s discoveries or if this was the effect of hearing the name of some monsters Beatrice knew nothing about.

“What do you want to know?” Ember asked. For once, there was not even a hint of her usual carefree or sarcastic attitude.

“Everything,” Beatrice said flatly. “What are they? Where are they? How strong? How many? Why does the king want them dead? Though, judging by their name alone, and everybody’s reaction, I assume they’re at least the partial cause of this whole mess?”

Ember sighed, then took a sip from her cup to water her throat. Then she asked the succubus, “How much do you remember of what the High Priest Lucarad told you?”

“Oh, after the whole orgy thing?” Beatrice specified and tried to recall. She realized that between all the sex, attempts on her life, more sex, and then some more sex on top of that, she had completely forgotten her talks with the High Priest before she met the powder-snorting king.

“Something about the Demons from… Beyond?” Beatrice spoke slowly, pulling the words through a thick cum-fog that shrouded her memories. “That these Demons have appeared some time ago and nearly destroyed this world, right? He also mentioned some sort of corruption and how I’m the one who could somehow combat the effects of it.”

“Right,” Ember took another sip with her eyes closed. “Now, starting with your last question. Yes, the Demonlings are a part of the menace that plagues this world. They are one of the weakest and most numerous among the forces of the Demon Legions that crossed into this world.”

“But don’t let the word ‘weakest’ fool you,” Olivia said ominously.

“How strong are they then?” Beatrice asked.

“Well…” Ember paused and looked at Olivia. “That one would be torn to shreds in a matter of seconds…”

Olivia glared at Ember but did not respond to yet another insult.

I-is that actually true? Beatrice wondered why would the ninja girl not even try to make a retort like usual.

“If the four of us fought together…” Ember paused again as her eyes wandered, studying the ceiling. “And no—I’m not talking about you, dear brother. Rather that nympho on the second floor, that’s still recovering from the railing that our Savior gave her.”

Beatrice blushed and looked away.

“Which is good, because we need you to awaken as many of your powers as fast as possible,” Ember said, without a hint of sarcasm. “You’re the biggest X-factor of this small little group of misfits. But realistically, if we use the other two as meat shields, we’d probably end up killing a couple of Demonlings before we’d be done for.”

“T-that few?” Beatrice stuttered. “If they’re that strong, how is there anyone left alive at all?”

“Well, the king did just nonchalantly give you a quest to start fighting the Demons of the Beyond,” Ember shrugged. “They are part of the Demon Legion proper, not some off-shoot monster mutations that the world is full of now! Lucarad presented you as a Savior that would save the world, so the king gave you an appropriate quest for a hero. If it was that easy, the whole nightmare would have been dealt with long ago.”

“The problem with Demonlings is that they are always moving in large numbers,” Olivia explained. “If you throw large enough count of bodies against them, they eventually can be pushed back. But if it’s just a small party, it doesn’t matter if the task is to kill two or two hundred of the monsters. They’re not the type of enemy you can just pick off one at a time. We’re either strong enough to defeat the entire group, or we shouldn’t bother. Yes, I do not stand a chance against a group of those insects. Neither does Ember—the Demonlings are near-impervious to all but the highest tiers of magic.”

“And regular arrows or other such ranged weapons can’t pierce their armor,” Samuel added. “The ballistas that are on the bastions around this city are strong enough pierce through those things, but... I don’t expect you to be allowed to take a ballista, nor that you would want to haul it across the rocky terrain outside these walls.”

Holy shit, Beatrice said to herself, realizing how strong she needs to become before she can complete her starting quest.

Chapter Text

Hearing how ludicrously powerful her first real enemies are, Beatrice brought up one of her two quests that King Selirius gave her, to confirm it.

Royal Quest: Proof of Heroism


1.       Find and kill twenty Demonlings.

2.       Bring twenty heads of the Demonlings to King Selirius.

Rewards: Princess Mary


Somehow, I doubt that Princess Mary will simply consent to become a trophy for some 'proof of strength' test, Beatrice thought when she remembered what her reward for the completion of the quest was supposed to be. So, this was supposed to be that challenging? Or has the old man simply lost his mind? Or he doesn’t care? Judging by the state of his castle, probably the latter.

“I’m guessing no one here has a trophy Demonling head hanging on a wall of their home?” Beatrice asked jokingly.

“As if,” Ember half-smiled at the sad joke.

“And if we were to go looking for these Demonlings, we’d be able to find them?” Beatrice asked.

“S-sure,” Ember confirmed this with hesitation while wondering if Beatrice seriously intended to go looking for the monsters.

“Alright, then I just need to get strong enough to wipe out the Demon Legion foot soldiers,” Beatrice said as if all it would take for her to get that strong would be some push-ups and squats.

“H-how do you plan to achieve something that no single person has been able to do for over a decade?” Samuel asked.

“I’m not like any of the others,” Beatrice stated confidently.

“Oh, everyone’s here already?” Tabitha’s voice came from the corridor as she walked into the room where everyone was talking, past Jenny who stayed at the door, leaning against the wall.

“Perfect, we’re ready to go then?” Beatrice asked everyone.

“Go where?” Olivia asked.

“To get stronger, obviously!” Beatrice answered. “Ember, there have to be other forms of entertainment in this city besides sex, right?”

“… Sure, though it depends on what you mean by entertainment.”

“Fights! Blood and violence!” Beatrice said as she spread her arms.

After all, it worked for Ancient Rome, Beatrice thought. Whenever people needed to be appeased, Sex and Violence came to the forefront. Surely, they’ve tried something like that here too. If the people require distraction, then besides sex, offering them live shows of desperate souls fighting each other for a loaf of bread seems like a no-brainer. In a starving city where extra mouths are a liability, there is no better alternative!

“Oh, you’ve got a taste for blood after your yesterday’s performance,” Ember asked with a curious, anticipating smile.

“‘Excited’ you say?” Beatrice repeated quietly and looked at her hands that she stained with the blood of four men yesterday. “I did erase four souls, didn’t I? And even if you say it was self-defense, there were ways that avoided murder.”

“Y-you? Yesterday’s dead…” Samuel’s eyes widened when he realized who was responsible for his yesterday’s ‘work’.

“Even if it was self-defense, I killed them without hesitation,” Beatrice continued, ignoring Samuel. “They would have done the same to us, so fair is fair, but that’s not even the reason.”

This is my wish-fulfillment world, after all, Beatrice said to herself, but not to others. Sex, drugs, and rock n roll, was it? The opposite of my previous life… I could blame the succubus or demon nature of my new person, but that would be just an excuse.

“It was exciting!” Beatrice confirmed. “To be able to get rid of scum with my own hands. Make the world a little better in a couple of swift motions. And every time I fight, I become stronger. Every time I kill, I become even stronger!”

“Ah~ Wonderful!” Tabitha exclaimed and clapped her hands, love-struck by Beatrice’s confession.

A concerned look developed on Olivia’s pale face.

“And every time I become stronger, we are that much closer to rescuing your sister,” Beatrice said to Olivia, reminding the ninja girl of how they even ended up together. “I must first rescue this one city before I can proclaim to having the strength to rescue an entire world!”

“Something changed about you,” Ember said with a sly smile.

“My resolve grew,” Beatrice said. “I will not hold back. Never again! Now, lead the way!”

“Heh, Yes, My Lady!” Ember stood up and bowed.

Chapter Text

“Bye-bye!” Ember waved to Samuel and his daughter as she, Beatrice, Olivia, and Tabitha walked away from the house, back into the Shadow Woods (but this time into the southern part, rather than the west from where they exited last night.

“Bye~!” Jenny waved to her aunt. Samuel didn’t bother saying a word. His relief at seeing his sister leave could not surpass his desire to never see her again.

Once their conversation about what to do next was over, there was little reason to linger. Olivia was itching to leave the source of the unwitting cannibalism in the city and sat as close to the exit door as she could the entire time. And the lack of love between siblings in Ember and Samuel was obvious, despite Ember’s seeming cheerfulness.

Jenny had already prepared some provisions for them to take until they reached the populated area of the city. No meat, as per the request of everyone except Tabitha who even seemed disappointed. Beatrice wondered if the mage simply played dumb but then figured that would be giving her too much credit.

Either way, with the food prepared, and the next goal set, the group had no reason to stay.

“When am I going to be able to eat such delicious, fresh meat again?” Tabitha lamented.

“Don’t you stuff your mouth full of fresh meat all the time?” Olivia asked.

Though it was a thinly veiled insult, Tabitha merely giggled and looked at Beatrice. Beatrice caught the mage’s look and smiled back. The succubus saw nothing insulting in sucking cock if that was what made someone happy.

As the group approached the woods, Beatrice used the chance of the light of day to look at the base of the giant walls that the house stood next to. She quickly found what she was looking for—a small gate at the base of the stone, through which the guards could no doubt quickly come to the defense of the building. Beatrice looked up and confirmed that—just like yesterday—there were tiny figures, far up above, patrolling the walls and keeping an eye on the city’s meat supply.

The group entered the forest, walking in near parallel to the huge wall that surrounded the city.

“We won’t be staying in these woods for long, right?” Beatrice asked, getting a little tired of the same scenery over and over again. As much as Beatrice enjoyed the fresh, unpolluted air and the morning chirping of the birds, she also already had in mind the next stage of her wish-fulfillment journey. And that journey had very little to do with walking on moss, over branches, and animal feces for the second day in a row.

“Ah, not really,” Ember answered. “It won't take the whole day at least. But you do understand now why that place has to be further away from the public eye?”

“But if there is such vast space available within the city,” Beatrice wondered as she looked around. “Why not just cut down the entire forest and use this land to grow crops?”

“It’s not like they didn’t try,” Ember said. “But something is wrong with the soil. Whether it was poisoned on purpose or damaged during one of the costly sieges many years ago, either way the result is the same. Nearly nothing grows. And even though it may not look like it, this forest is also dying.”

“It doesn’t look like it,” Beatrice said as she looked around and under her feet where she took steps on fresh moss.

Ember knocked several times on one of the trees she passed by. The hollow sound revealed a concerning issue.

“Hollow,” Ember said. “More and more each year. Cutting this forest down would provide little more than firewood. That’s why a more drastic approach was chosen.”

“But isn’t that… Your brother?” Beatrice asked. “How did he end up with such a… Responsibility?”

“That’s a long story,” Ember said with a smile.

“Can we please not talk about that place ever again?” Olivia asked with a ghastly appearance.

“Only if you never bring up your kidnapped sister again,” Ember replied joyfully.

Beatrice sighed.

“Oh, don't worry,” Tabitha tried to cheer up her succubus lover. “They’re just cranky because they didn’t start their day with an exquisite orgasm... Or several!”

“Good point,” Beatrice said.

“Haaaaaah!?” Oliva gasped as her cheeks turned red and she looked at the half-naked mage. Then she looked at the half-naked succubus. Both of the girls were always half-naked. Both of the girls were hot as hell. Both were very open about their libido. Perhaps it made enough sense for her not to be shocked.

“At least there’s some color back on your face,” Ember chuckled.

Chapter Text

It took a couple of seconds for Beatrice’s brain to register that Tabitha might have been even more right about the whole morning orgasm thing than she even realized. After all, who wouldn’t have a better day if they started each morning with a blissful orgasm? To Beatrice the answer was obvious. And the succubus was all too painfully aware from her past life that even a morning quickie was woefully sparse for the majority of people due to the same, depressing, monotonous morning rush of everyday life.

Beatrice remembered her depressing mornings in the office and imagined how different the aura in the office would be if everyone had some nice, passionate sex in the morning before getting to work.

Beatrice looked at Olivia. The girl had tell-tale signs of morning depression and deep dissatisfaction with her situation in life. The succubus asked the ninja girl, “Olivia, you sure you don’t want to—”

“No!” Olivia cut off the Succubus, quickly and correctly guessing what she was about to suggest.

“Do you even know what you’re passing out on?” Beatrice asked the ninja girl. The succubus was slightly disappointed that Olivia had so decisively and brashly dismissed her offer for some ‘fun’ in the morning. “Didn’t we have a talk about holding back yesterday?”

“Not everyone is so open-minded about casual polyamorous, guilt-free sex as you,” Olivia answered. “You should join the S.E.C.R.E.T. Guild. Without any sarcasm or joking—you’d fit right in, and would be quite happy there too.”

“You’re no fun,” Beatrice said, embracing her own open-mindedness toward sex. But the succubus was not about to force the issue. That would just kill the mood even more.

“Forget it, My Lady!” Tabitha scoffed. “She wouldn’t be able to handle all of your vigor anyway. Ohn~ Just remembering it…”

Even as they walked, with Tabitha trailing last, she slid her hand under her skimpy lower garment and moved her fingers between her legs.

“Mff, if you need to release some pent-up frustrations because of that frigid, stuck-up brat’s denial, you can take it all out on me! I’ll accept all of you!”

Beatrice looked back at the skimpily-clad, sexy green-haired mage that not only had fingers at her pussy, but also massaged her perky breast as she walked. The cock of the futanari succubus stirred at the sight, despite having cum not even a full hour ago.

Perhaps a quickie, Beatrice thought, figuring that a cock that if her cock was getting hard again and she had a sexy girl that wanted it, what possible reason would there be to deny them both of what they wanted?

“Haah, M-my lady,” Tabitha moaned as she leaned back against a tree and dug her fingers deeper into her pussy. Her face was red. The mage did not even bother trying to hide what she was doing. “Y-your cock… Please! I see it rising! I want it… I need it… Again!”

Tabitha further enticed the succubus by sliding her lower garments aside and revealing her naked, shaved pussy that was already wet from desire and the finger-fucking that the mage gave herself.

“Very well,” Beatrice said and turned around, toward her horny companion.

“You… you can’t be serious!?” Olivia gasped when she saw Beatrice move toward Tabitha with a throbbing intent.

“Heh,” Ember chuckled. “I actually just wanted to suggest taking a detour to go check on something. If it’s alright with you, I’ll just go ahead and do that now. It shouldn’t take more than an hour.”

“That’s fine,” Beatrice agreed without letting her eyes off the masturbating mage. After all, they’ve been through in just the last day alone, the succubus trusted her bodyguard enough to let her act on her own. And it gave Beatrice plenty of time to take care of her needy companion.

“I-I’ll go with you,” Olivia said to Ember and walked toward the redhead, eager to escape the discomforting situation.

“You stay,” Beatrice commanded Olivia in such a strong and imposing voice that the ninja froze in place.

“You heard the lady,” Ember smiled and walked off, deeper into the forest, taking a sharp turn from the direction they were going in up till now.

“M-my Lady…” Tabitha moaned, calling for attention from the succubus. The squelching sounds from her pussy spread through the forest, making every living being aware that there was a bitch in heat here, desperate for satisfaction.

“Why are your tits still covered?” Beatrice asked and ripped off Tabitha’s skimpy top, satisfying her eyes with a beautiful titty drop of a youthful female’s perky breasts, further enforcing the futanari’s own erection that now required immediate attention.

Chapter Text

“Ahn!” Tabitha let out a moan when her perky tits were so suddenly and rudely exposed.

“Well? What are you waiting for?” Beatrice asked in a dissatisfied tone, getting into her dominating role that Tabitha came to expect from the succubus. And Beatrice would be lying if she said that it was all for show and that she did not also enjoy ordering the horny girl around.

Tabitha’s eyes fell on Beatrice’s crotch, where a throbbing six-inch cock was already well out of the succubus’s panties, looking straight up at the mage.

“Haaah,” Tabitha grinned excitedly, salivating at the mere presence of the futanari’s manly part, anticipating the joy that was to come.

The mage moved her fingers faster in and out of her pussy and grabbed her naked breast, pinching her nipple hard for the additional spicy stimulation, letting out a provocative moan, when suddenly, “GHUUUHK~”

Tabitha choked because Beatrice grabbed the mage by her neck, pinning her against the tree. Beatrice wrapped her fingers around the mage’s neck and squeezed hard, pressing her thumb against the pulsating artery of the girl.

“What the hell are you waiting for?” Beatrice asked Tabitha intimidatingly, not lightening her grip around the mage’s neck in the slightest. “You get me worked up and now expect me to just stand here with a cock in my hand?”

“Gheee~” Tabitha grinned, drooling from the corners of her mouth and just intensified her own finger-fucking, already losing her touch with reality.

“Get down on your knees and start sucking!” Beatrice ordered Tabitha and roughly shoved the mage down.

Am I overdoing it? Beatrice wondered for a moment, concerned for the girl’s wellbeing. But Tabitha put her hand around Beatrice’s cock and started stroking it with no hesitation, so the Succubus’s worry was unnecessary. Tabitha swirled her tongue around the head of Beatrice’s cock, sliding it up and down on both sides while jerking off the succubus and continuing to masturbate herself all at the same time.

Beatrice was honestly impressed that Tabitha managed to all of it at once with such precision. However, it was also not what she instructed the cock-slut to do.

“I said suck it!” Beatrice reminded Tabitha, put both hands behind Tabitha’s head, and pushed the girl down on her cock in a single motion, hitting the back of her mouth and penetrating her throat in a single thrust.

“GLHBR~” Tabitha gagged and jerked from the sudden invasion, but Beatrice just moved her head up and down, using the girl like a masturbation toy.

“Glhr~Ghlr~Glhr~” Tabitha gagged and gurgled as her eyes rolled back while Beatrice continued face-fucking her.

“Stop it! You’re hurting her!” Olivia screamed and ran closer to the duo, unable to stand on the sidelines any longer.

“Hurting her?” Beatrice raised an eyebrow. She then grabbed a fistful of Tabitha’s green locks and pulled the fuck-toy off her thick, throat-slop-lubricated cock that was just getting used to the stimulation that would have led to a quick climax.

“Ghaaaa~” Tabitha gasped for air even as her tongue still reached for the futanari’s glistening, slop-covered cock that quickly went out of reach of the cock-loving nympho.

“Look at her!” Beatrice said to Olivia, turning Tabitha’s face toward the distressed ninja.

“Gheee,” Tabitha had a satisfied grin across her messy face. Tears rolled down her cheeks, but those were tears of joy. Deprived of cock to choke on, Tabitha returned to masturbating herself to orgasm while roughly massaging and squeezing her breasts.

“Don’t you see how much she enjoys this?” Beatrice asked Olivia. “You’ve been in the same group with her for how long?”

“N-not that long!” Olivia got flustered and even redder from embarrassment. “I-it’s not like we got in each other’s faces bout everyone’s sex lives! And that Sebastian guy she was with was a real nasty piece of work!”

“That’s then and this is now,” Beatrice said. “You have one more chance, one opportunity to get to know your comrade better. Will you take it?”

Comrade?” Olivia asked, questioning the use of an honorable word to describe what in her mind was a dishonorable person. “You mean the one who back-stabbed me at the first opportunity, offered me up as a sacrifice, and almost got me killed?”

“Oh, I see, how foolish of me,” Beatrice said and let go of Tabitha’s hair. Tabitha slumped further down beneath the two girls, moaning and masturbating herself to heaven.

“W-what are you—?” Olivia took an uncertain, single step back from Beatrice who took several confident steps forward and leaned to Olivia’s ear.

With a widening, plotting grin, and a seductive voice, Beatrice whispered into Olivia’s ear, “You still have more pent-up feelings to take care of, don’t you?”

Chapter Text

“I… Have no idea what you’re talking about,” Olivia feigned ignorance, denying Beatrice’s accusations, even as she trembled from the succubus’s warm breath gently tickling her ear.

“Really?” Beatrice chuckled and slid her hand toward Olivia’s abdomen and continued whispering in Olivia’s ear, enjoying the ninja girl’s cure reactions. “The one who back-stabbed you at the first opportunity. The one who offered you up as a sacrifice for me to rape or kill. Your words, not mine. You mean to tell me you felt nothing when you watched this traitor get her face fucked mercilessly?”

“O-of course not-Hn!” Olivia stuttered and a little moan escaped her lips. “I’m not a degenerate, like her!”

“A degenerate?” Beatrice found Olivia’s comments funny. “Then what does that make me who finds pleasure from that degenerates impressive throat skills? What does that make you, who lost herself while I rocked my hips against your magical girl-cock? Did you forget how many times you came while we fucked each other silly and marked each other’s bodies with our cream?”

“T-that was-Ahn~!” Olivia moaned and shuddered when Beatrice slid her hand between the ninja’s clothes.

"Looks like you fixed up your outfit from last time," Beatrice chuckled.

"O-of course I did! I-ah-I can't... Hah, walk around like..."

"Like your favorite pastime is getting off on getting your pussy pounded by a succubus while you shoot cum all over yourself from your very own dick?" Beatrice asked as she touched the dishonest girl’s moist pussy lips. “Look at how wet you are already! I didn’t even do anything yet.”

“That’s because of your… Voice… Ahn, the way you… Touch me,” Olivia breathed heavily. Hot air escaped her mouth.

“Then I should stop touching you?” Beatrice asked.

“Ah?” With a flushed face and glossy look in her eyes, Olivia hesitated, leaving her mouth half-open. Her thin, trembling lips were too inviting for the succubus to pass up the opportunity. She moved her free hand behind Olivia’s head and quickly locked lips with the girl, sticking her tongue inside. Olivia replied in kind without hesitation.

“Ahn~ M-my lady!” Tabitha moaned and masturbated at the girls’ feet while they both made out. She craved for rough attention from the packing futanari. “I… Please! I’ll do anything you want! Just… Ahn~ … Give me more!”

Beatrice parted her lips from Olivia and said with a smile. “You see? Even though causing you such distress, Tabitha can think of nothing but cock! Are you still going to deny that you got wet from watching Tabitha get what was coming to her?”

“S-she gets off on it anyway,” Oliva whispered timidly and looked away.

“And you got aroused from it anyway,” Beatrice said and stuck a third finger inside Olivia’s dripping cunt.

“Hhhhn~” Oliva dug her fingers into Beatrice’s shoulders as another pleasureful shudder ran across her spine.

“Why not do both yourselves a favor and give that masochist what she wants?” Beatrice asked a leading question with a cheeky smile.

“W-what do you mean?” Olivia again looked away from the succubus’s seductive gaze, pretending she did not know what the succubus suggested.

“What else?” Beatrice asked softly and kissed Olivia’s neck while gently massaging the insides of the ninja girl’s pussy. “Remember how much you liked it last time?”

“I-Ahn-I do!” Olivia confessed and tilted her head, exposing her neck for more tremble-inducing gentle kisses. She sunk her hand into Beatrice’s luscious hair while caressing the succubus’s back with her other hand, moaning, reveling in the memory of how amazing it felt yesterday.

“Are you going to tell me you haven’t thought about it since then?” Beatrice asked, showering Olivia in kisses, subjugating Olivia to her will with nothing more but indulgence in consensual pleasure.

“I-I did,” Olivia confessed.


“A-ahhh… All night! Hn~ How could I forget something like that? With all the disgusting discoveries we made in that place, it was the only thing that could help me forget the living nightmare that I’m in!”

“You masturbated, didn’t you?”

“O-of course! I came to the memory of cumming inside you! I’ve never experienced such deep powerful orgasms! I tried replicating it with my fingers… Hn… I… I… I tried jerking my clit… It just wasn’t the same!”

“Don’t tell me that was the reason for your sour mood,” Beatrice giggled and kissed Olivia on the lips again to comfort her.

“D-don’t laugh!” Olivia pouted and parted from Beatrice’s lips as tears formed in her eyes, though her one eye was still obscured by her thick, bleached bang. “Don’t you understand what you’ve done to me!?”

“Opened a whole new world for you,” Beatrice said as she looked directly into Olivia’s eye and gently moved her fingers inside Olivia’s pussy.

Chapter Text

“Ahn,” Olivia moaned and trembled from Beatrice’s skillful fingers. She could barely stand on her feet and had to support herself by holding onto Beatrice’s shoulders. “Op-opened a new world?”

Beatrice did not respond. She just listened to Olivia’s frustrations while guiding her towards orgasm.

“T-this world… The murders… The depravities… The deceit… The revolting truth of just how much the people here are lied to! All the scum that have spread and multiplied within these walls… I want to fight it… I want to destroy it! Haaah~  And yet I spent the whole night trying to forget it all, thinking of nothing but how good you made me feel! I’m as disgusting as everybody else here!! I have no right to judge anyone!! Hhhh-nnnn~”

Olivia shuddered and held tight onto Beatrice, teetering on the verge of a tearful orgasm.

“Haaah… P-please, my lady,” Tabitha begged as she writhed on the ground, desperate to remind about herself. She grabbed Beatrice by the leg with her one free hand while she humped her hips against her fingers that she sunk into her squelching pussy.

“See?” Beatrice whispered in Olivia’s ear, turning her slightly so that she could see the naked mage at their feet. “Here you are, crying your heart out, and that one could not care less. Selfishly concerned only about her own cravings. She’d probably betray you again without a second’s thought if it meant getting my cock faster. She’s even doing it right now—betraying your feelings, your needs, hoping that I forget about you, begging for me to discard you and go satisfy her instead. She deserves to be punished, doesn’t she?”

“Haah, p-punished?” Olivia whimpered.

“Isn’t it about time you stopped pretending you don’t know what I mean? Isn’t it time to stop lying to yourself? How long will you carry those feelings? Burying them deeper will only make it worse.”

“I-I’m not like this-Hn~! I’m a good… Good-ahn!”

“Of course you are!” Beatrice reassured Olivia with a kiss on the cheek and then put her soft, wet lips around the ninja girl’s earlobe, kissing it, playing with it with her tongue, all the while slowly fingering Olivia’s pussy.

“I-I need it too!” Tabitha begged. “P-please! Don’t ignore me! I’m not like that frigid liar! I want it! I need it! Please, I’ll do anything! Do anything to me!”

“Frustrating, isn’t it?” Beatrice continued whispering in Olivia’s ear. “You do your best to hold back, to be a better person than most. And all you get is ridicule, dismissal or contempt. Don’t hold your frustrations inside. Don’t let them fester! Let them go! We can help you. We accept you! We’ll accept all of you. Just say the word.”

“Mf~” Olivia moaned. She hesitated. She wanted to, but she hesitated.

“She represents all that is wrong in this city,” Beatrice continued. “Treachery, depravity, selfishness, disregard for the well-being of others. Your desire for punishment is not wrong. It’s justice! Why can’t justice feel good? Is it right for others to drown in the pleasure of shortsighted, instant gratification, while you’re supposed to deny yourself those simple treats of life that is otherwise surrounded by hardship and misery? Are you supposed to be a saint and fight your inherent human nature until your dying breath? That’s not right! That’s not just!”

“Aaah!! L-lady Beatrice! P-please!” Tabitha cried.

“She wants it,” Beatrice whispered. “She knows she’s been bad. She knows she’s nothing but a slave to her pleasure-seeking instincts. She needs to be punished for it! For everything that she’s done. She needs your justice. She can’t go on without it.”

“It… Ahn~ I… Hn~ That’s not… It-hn-can’t be…” Oliva moaned louder and louder with her eyes closed. The succubus’s fingers, her warm, sweet words… It was too much for the ninja girl to handle.

“If you hold back your justice, you will not be hurting just yourself,” Beatrice whispered. “You both will only suffer, deprived of what you desire. But if you punish her, and punish her for everything, if you deliver justice, you both will find serenity. That’s what true justice brings! Justice through punishment! It is not about cruelty or vengeance. It is about finding peace.”

“Y-yes… Hn~… Piece…” Olivia repeated weakly.

“Will you take it upon yourself to be the deliverer of justice?” Beatrice asked.

“I… I don’t know if I can.”

“Follow your feelings. Follow your heart. Punish her for what she has done, and if you hold nothing back you will find justice.”

“I-Ah~… I will try…”

“Good girl,” Beatrice lovingly kissed Olivia on the forehead, pressed two fingers against Olivia’s G-spot, and cast [Dick Growing].

Chapter Text

“Aahhh~” Olivia moaned as Beatrice’s Skill [Dick Growing] took root. Channeled from the tips of Beatrice’s fingertips that pressed against Olivia’s g-spot, the magical energy sent pleasure waves through Olivia’s pussy, all the way to her clit on the other side.

“Aaah!!” Olivia screamed. Her clit was already sensitive from the succubus's sensual caressing. Now the magic sent waves throughout her body, concentrating their assault on the ninja girl’s clit. At first, it tingled, then it twitched and swelled.

“I-It’s… Uwah! Why is it soooo goooood!?” Olivia arched her back and thrust her hips forward, repeatedly jerking them back and forth, unable to control the pleasure of her clit rapidly growing into a fully functional, hard, and aching-for-satisfaction dick.

“Diiiiiiiiick~~” Tabitha uttered guttural sounds. The horny, naked mage let go of Beatrice’s leg and reached for Olivia instead, who was humping the air in a new lustful stupor while holding onto Beatrice.

“Aahh!?” Olivia gasped in surprise and recoiled when Tabitha tried to climb her legs like a ghoul, salivating for cock.

Beatrice was quick to respond. She sunk her hand into Tabitha’s green locks and pulled her hard, away from Olivia.

“Aahn!” Tabitha desperately tried to reach Olivia’s cock that was now just barely out of reach. Olivia’s twitching cock was mere inches away from Tabitha’s grasping fingers.

“Who gave you permission to go for any other cock than mine!?” Beatrice asked and wrapped her coiling tail around Tabitha’s wrists before she could harm or scare Olivia even more. She then turned Tabitha away from Olivia, toward her own cock. Tabitha barely had the chance to shift attention from one cock to another before the succubus thrust it into Tabitha’s salivating mouth and pushed forward, shoving it deep down Tabitha’s throat.

“Ghhh-hmf!” Tabitha gurgled while Beatrice roughly moved her head back and forth, thoroughly fucking her throat. This throat training lasted only for a couple of seconds before Beatrice completely pulled out her cock, along with a thick coat of Tabitha’s throat-slop.

“Ghuuuaaaa~” Tabitha’s tongue followed the thick futanari cock even as she gasped for a breath of fresh air.

“What made you think you could interrupt me when I was with another girl?” Beatrice asked.

Tabitha did not answer and only reached for the futanari’s cock with her mouth. Tabitha’s hands were still bound, and Beatrice had no intention of letting go of the cock-slut’s wrists. Instead, she wrapped another ring around them and tightened her grips so that the mage could not escape.

Beatrice raised Tabitha’s arms high above her head and pulled back to keep Tabitha from reaching the object of her desire, stretching her slim, sexy figure, raising her perky tits to even greater prominence. And all that Tabitha could do in response is stick her tongue out toward Beatrice’s hard cock.

 “Are you even listening!?” Beatrice asked.

The answer was obvious. Denied a cock, denied a way to pleasure herself, Tabitha could only squirm and whimper while moving her hips to stimulate her nether regions any way she could.

“Answer me when I speak to you!” Beatrice commanded and slapped Tabitha across the face with her cock.

“Y-yesh!” Tabitha answered, though her gaze was glued to the futanari dick that was in front of her face.

“I guess you can only listen with your mouth,” Beatrice said when she saw how needily Tabitha tried to touch the futanari girl-cock with her tongue. “You want this, right?”

“Y-yes! Please!” Tabitha begged.

“Too bad,” Beatrice scoffed and pulled Tabitha’s wrists further back, further separating Tabitha from what she craved. Beatrice crossed her arms as she looked down on Tabitha’s tearful dismay and added, “If you truly wished for my cock, you should have been a proper sex slave and not gotten in the way!

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” Tabitha cried in desperation. “I’ll be better! I’ll never get in your way again!”

“Unfortunately for you, I’m not the one you should be apologizing to,” Beatrice said.

The succubus then used her tail to turn Tabitha’s wrists, which forced the girl to contort her body in the same direction. Guided with the same grace as a disobedient horse, Tabitha was turned back toward Olivia.

While Tabitha’s attention was on Beatrice’s cock, she had no way of seeing what Olivia was doing. But Beatrice did. The playful scolding and teasing of the masochistic mage required little concentration from the succubus and she was able to keep an eye on how the horny ninja girl massaged her temporary girl-cock, masturbating to the sight of a succubus and her disobedient pet.

Chapter Text

“Haaah,” Tabitha switched her attention to Olivia’s twitching cock. She reached to Olivia again, but Beatrice kept her at bay, tightening her tail’s grip on Olivia’s wrists.

“Not yet!” Beatrice exclaimed. “Did you forget already?”

“I’m sorry!” Tabitha cried out to Olivia. “I’m sorry! Please! I need a cock!”

“’S-sorry’?” Olivia repeated, coming to her senses from her pleasure-stupor. “Do you even know what you’re apologizing for?”

“I… Eh… For interrupting you and Beatrice!”

“You don’t even remember!?” Olivia shouted in fury. Overtaken by rage and lust, the ninja girl rushed to Tabitha, her hard erection swaying with each hurried step, grabbed the cock-deprived nympho by the head, and thrust her cock deep inside the salivating hole.

“GuAAAAHHH,” Olivia twitched and grunted as the warm pleasure of Tabitha’s mouth-hole overtook her body. Olivia bent over Tabitha’s head, rolling her eyes in pleasure, holding still and letting the new sensations consume her.

However, Tabitha herself was the first to move. Not satisfied with just having her mouth defiled, she pushed further toward the base of Olivia’s cock to scratch the unsatiable itch in her throat.

“Uaahh~?” Olivia shuddered when she felt her cock push against a tight, hot opening. The girl instantly recalled the phenomenal sensation that was a deepthroat, which also reinvigorated her anger.

“Really!?” Olivia shouted and pulled Tabitha’s head and mouth off her cock.

“Guah!? Nhnoo!” Tabitha whimpered in disappointment with her tongue out and waggling for cock.

“You neither know nor care about what you did and only care about pleasuring yourself using me as some cheap cock-toy!?” Olivia was furious. “You almost got me killed!!”

“Wha—GHLU!!” Tabitha’s only word of response was interrupted by a rageful thrust of cock down her throat.

“This is what you wanted!?” Olivia screamed and thrust back and forth, in and out of Tabitha’s mouth. “Just this!? Only this!? You don’t care that who you betray? You don’t care who you get killed? As long as you get a big, fat cock, it’s all the same to you!?”

“GHLagu-GHLRA!” Those were the only sounds Tabitha could make in response while her tearful eyes rolled into the back of her skull from the merciless throat fuck.

“UAHH~~ I was scared shitless!” Olivia continued mixing rage and pleasure, drowning her pain with the pleasure she got from savagely fucking Tabitha’s tight, slippery throat. “That redhead bitch had every intention of killing me! And you just kept enticing them! Hnn~!! Using my life as some cheap bargaining chip!”

Olivia kept thrusting faster and faster, without a care for whether Tabitha could breathe or not when a cock was lodged down her throat and blocked her windpipe. No, it wasn’t like Olivia didn’t care. She just forgot. The pleasure that was fueled by rage was too much for Tabitha to handle and the inexperienced throat-fucker just kept absent-mindedly racing toward a quick finish.

Olivia’s first deepthroat blowjob from a succubus was divine, but now she could attempt to relive that experienced by controlling the tempo in whichever way she wished. And she wished to go faster, deeper, as far down Tabitha’s throat as she could reach. A familiar feeling was building fast, and Olivia did not have the willpower to delay it. She wanted this gratification. She deserved this gratification.

“You wanted this right!?” Olivia asked as she kept bulging Tabitha’s throat. “Anything to get a cock down your throat! You always were a useless slut that got off on being used. Well, how does it feel to be used by me!? You thought you could trade my life for a fuck!? WELL GET FUCKED! GET FUCKED! CHOKE ON MY COCK!! CHOKE ON MY COCK WHILE YOU DROWN IN MY CUM!!”

Olivia looked down at the face she was fucking. Tabitha was barely present. Her eyes were white, saliva bubbled at the corners of her mouth as she let Olivia have her way with her. And seeing Tabitha in such a degrading, pathetic state, seeing the one who almost ended her life get fucked senseless, used, and humiliated was what finally opened the floodgates.

“EAT MY CUM YOU CRAZY SLUT!” Olivia screamed as her cock swelled and unleashed blast after forceful blast down the mage’s throat. Tabitha was barely present at all, but she kept with Olivia’s cock and continued sucking, vacuuming all of Olivia’s juices.

“Yesssss! Ghuuuh~! just like thaaaat~” Olivia grunted as the pleasure waves that came with each pump of cum through her cock overtook her completely and she gleefully poured more and more thick jizz directly into Tabitha’s stomach.

Chapter Text

“Good job,” Olivia heard Beatrice’s soft whisper in her ear. It awoke the ninja girl from her orgasm-induced trance enough to become aware of her surroundings and reflect on what she was doing.

Breathing hard and sweating profusely, Olivia did not even notice the succubus approach her from behind. Tabitha’s arms were no longer bound by the succubus’s tail and fell weakly toward the ground, while the succubus slowly slid her hands all over Olivia’s body, and into her outfit, one hand even reaching her perky breast and hard nipple.

“You might want to let Tabitha breathe a little,” the succubus suggested as she played with Olivia’s nipple. Olivia finally noticed that she still had her hands behind Tabitha’s head, holding her in place and that her cock was still down Tabitha’s throat, choking the masochist to death.

“AH!” Olivia instantly let go of Tabitha’s head—as if caught by the police with a smoking gun—and withdrew her long, girthy cock from Tabitha’s throat.

“GHUUUAHGH, GHOUH-KHUUH,” Tabitha coughed and gagged, spitting out thick strands of messy, slippery liquid as she gasped for life-saving oxygen, taking in hard, ragged breathes through her messy mouth.

“Not bad at all for your first attempt,” Beatrice said when she looked at the state Olivia’s rough facefucking left Tabitha in and went back to kissing Olivia all over her neck, shoulders, ears...

“Ahn, so soon?” Olivia whimpered in disappointment when her magical temporary girl-dick softened and shriveled the second it left Tabitha’s mouth. Each second it shriveled by an inch until it returned to its original form as a swollen clit of a horny girl.

Beatrice’s [Dick Growing] Skill was only Rank D, after all. And this meant cumming only once was enough to end the magic.

“But that was hardly punishment,” Beatrice commented on Olivia’s performance. “Even if my spell lasted for an hour, you would not have held out long enough to make full use of the extra time. And then there’s another issue… Tabitha, how was it?”

“Ih-haah-Inhredlbl,” Tabitha uttered weakly in between ragged breaths and she slowly came to her senses.

“See? You gave her exactly what she wanted,” Beatrice said to Olivia and giggled.

“B-b-but… You said… What I wanted… And I was even more… Than I thought…” Olivia stuttered and grasped for words, trying to figure out what she did wrong.

“It’s fine, it’s fine!” The succubus comforted Olivia with another kiss and slowly began undressing her. “I did tell you that you did a good job, didn’t I? It’s just that you ended up doing all the work, that’s all.”

“All… the work?” Olivia was confused. “B-but Tabitha… She’s barely breathing.”

“And that’s just one of the things that get that masochist off,” Beatrice explained calmly while further undressing Olivia and exposing her petite, twenty-one-year-old figure to Tabitha. “But she has to satisfy you too. We’ll just make her work extra hard now to make it up to you… You hear that, Tabitha?”

“H-huh?” Tabitha looked up weakly with a dazed look and a piece of cloth fell on her face. Tabitha removed that and saw a nearly completely naked Olivia standing over her, with the seductive succubus behind her, caressing the youthful body.

“You see this?” Beatrice pointed to Olivia’s cleanly shaven pussy. However, Tabitha’s attention quickly shifted to the hard cock of the futanari succubus that appeared just beneath Olivia’s pussy, sliding through the ninja girl’s thigh gap.

“Ah~” Tabitha moaned and slowly got on her knees, ready to service another cock.

“Woah there!” Beatrice put a stop to Tabitha’s sucking intentions by putting her sleek black tail in front of the cock-slut’s eyes and wagging it in a ‘tsk-tsk’ motion. “You’ve had your fun, now it’s time for someone else.”

“Uhm… Hah… Beatrice?” Olivia’s breathing grew heavier as she looked at the long, hard cock between her legs. Even though she had climaxed mere moments ago, the succubus managed to excite her again. It took all her willpower not to start fingering herself on the spot, or (even worse!) jump the succubus’s cock and fuck herself silly, swinging her hips up and down, stretching herself on the fat girth.

“What can I say?” Beatrice chuckled. “I’ve been horny for a while now thanks to that cock-hungry slut, and seeing you two have so much fun… Can you blame me for wanting to screw you both where you stand?”

“Oh, yes~!” Tabitha exclaimed and her entire body and posture sprung to life, reinvigorated at the thought of having a threesome with Beatrice. But just like last time, Beatrice’s tail, swaying in a ‘tsk-tsk’ motion put a hold on Tabitha’s intentions.

“Not so fast!” Beatrice said, smiling like the devil itself. It was clear, that Tabitha would not get what she wanted as easily as she got it with the inexperienced Olivia.

Chapter Text

“I have been holding out for some time now without participating,” Beatrice said as she pressed the tip of her cock against Olivia’s pussy lips. The girl did not object in the slightest, and even moved her hips a little, just barely sliding her wet pussy back and forth on Beatrice’s cock, as if hoping that nobody would notice her massage herself with Beatrice’s hard, fat girth.

“Oh, despite what I’ve said earlier to Olivia about prolonging the pleasure, I won’t be able to keep myself from cumming for long either. Not when this horny girl is already rubbing herself on me like this,” Beatrice said with a smile, making Olivia blush even more. “So, you better make her cum even faster, before I release inside her!”

“W-what!?” Tabitha exclaimed and sunk her tensed-up fingers into the wet moss beneath her that she covered in her own liquids just moments before. She wanted to be the one to have her holes ravaged by the thick cock of a succubus! Tabitha raised her ass into the air, arching her back to try and entice Beatrice into changing her mind.

“You heard me. Lick her clit and pussy and make this sweet girl squirm in delight while I fuck her!” Beatrice said, having already made up her mind. She moved her hips to press the tip of her cock against Olivia’s pussy, effortlessly parting the juicy lips, ready to accept the thick pussy-pleaser.

But seeing the effort Tabitha put in, Beatrice moved her tail toward Tabitha’s dripping cunt and lightly slapped her against it.

“A-ahn!” Tabitha cried as her whole body shuddered. However, her expression was that of sweet delight, instead of pain or suffering how it would have been for some other girl from such abusive treatment. Tabitha shook her ass and instantly started moving her hips toward the abusive tail, grinding her freshly beat and red pussy against Beatrice’s sleek tail. “Oh~”

Tabitha wasn’t stupid when it came to this. She knew that she wasn’t supposed to pleasure herself. Her goddess made it more than clear. And that was exactly why Tabitha did what she did. Not just for the current pleasure, but for the “reward” that would follow shortly.

“Heh,” Beatrice let out a chuckle. Even now she was somehow still getting impressed at how Tabitha managed to find joy in all forms of painful and degrading treatment. The succubus relented, pulled her tail away from Tabitha’s drenching pussy, and slapped it again, much harder than the last time.

“AAAAHH~!” Tabitha cried even louder even as her ecstatic grin grew wider. Again, the masochist got exactly what she wanted.

“What a hopeless whore,” Beatrice sighed theatrically as if she did not get hard from having such a wonderful and willing sex addict as her personal toy.

“Listen carefully. Make Olivia cum before I climax and release inside her! Do that and you’ll taste heaven,” Beatrice promised. “Fail, and I’ll tie you to a tree and have you watch how I make her cum over and over while denying you any attention or satisfaction!”

“Nooo!” Tabitha cried as her bliss turned to horror.

“Ehh?” Olivia woke up from her pleasure stupor just enough to wonder if she heard Beatrice’s words right. But Olivia got no chance for clarification or even a say in the matter of her pussy’s pleasure.

Tabitha leapt to Olivia’s pussy with her tongue out and—without wasting a second—got to work before Olivia had any time to pretend to object. At the same time, Beatrice pushed her cock further against Olivia’s pussy, easily slipping in deeper, parting Olivia’s drenched pussy walls that were lubricated and ready to accept Beatrice’s cock, and plunging deep into the tightness of the warm pleasure-hole.

“Ahhh, shit,” Beatrice groaned from the sweet pleasure that suddenly came over her swollen cock.

The succubus had been aching to fuck these girls for a while now, but once she plunged herself inside the sopping wet hole and felt the wonderful stimulation of slick youthful flesh enveloping her cock, she could not hold back from fucking the owner of this wonderful, overflowing pussy silly. Beatrice began fucking Olivia’s hole with ever-increasing ferocity. Each thrust inside the flooded cunt, gave just enough satisfaction to crave for more, just enough to make Beatrice thrust a little harder, a little faster.

“Oohhhh, yessssss~” Olivia moaned and arched her back, throwing her weight onto Beatrice, surrendering herself to the succubus completely.

“N-not yet!” Tabitha cried as she licked Olivia’s clit and pussy like her life depended on it. Tabitha had her fair share of girl-on-girl experiences, but never before in her life was she this desperate to make another girl cum.

Chapter Text

Tabitha realized that the succubus went into a lust-frenzy. The cock-slut had seen this before in Beatrice, she knew that it would not take much time for Beatrice to cum now. And she also knew that Beatrice had no reason to hold back, as the horny sex goddess could cum again and again with little effort. Tabitha was terrified of being left out and forced to watch her sex goddess have fun with others while deprived of pleasure herself. And Tabitha’s fear invigorated her efforts to pleasure Olivia’s clit and pussy to absolute perfection.

“Oh, fffffffffuck YES!” Olivia let out cries of ecstasy as her pussy was assaulted from both inside and outside. Having avoided any lesbian interaction all her life, she was somehow astonished at how well a woman could pleasure another woman’s sex organ, hitting all the right spots, with just the right intensity.

Getting more and more excited as her brain zoned in on the pleasure while blocking out any unnecessary thoughts, Olivia not only embraced Tabitha’s service, she demanded more of it! Olivia grabbed Tabitha’s head and pushed her into her crotch for extra pressure on her needy clit, which had gotten used to the stimulation levels of a throbbing cock.

At the same time, Olivia moved her hips against Beatrice’s pistoning cock, that despite its girth somehow managed to fit her perfectly every time. Thick enough to stretch her pussy walls to a reasonable limit, yet not so much that caused pain instead of pleasure.

Even though Olivia had experienced a cock of similar size once before, the experience was horrible and painful, nothing like with Beatrice. She couldn’t believe that a cock this large could feel so good inside her small pussy, and happily pounded herself against it, enjoying every inch of the hot, fulfilling rod that massaged her inner walls in incredible ways, putting different levels of pressure along its veiny length.

Olivia couldn’t know that the succubus’s [Futanari Succubus's Dick (+1)] Skill came with bonuses other than just a mindless pole of meat that mere human jocks could offer.

The six-inch thick and veiny dick of a Succubus is able to contort its shape to perfectly fit most desired holes. Tight or loose, it fills them all, ensuring a "tight fit" in every situation.


That was part of the description of the Skill that only the succubus knew about. And while the length might not have come even close to the extraordinary specimen of the male population, the succubus could more than make up for this small deficit of a low D-ranked Skill with other bonuses that no ordinary male possessed.

And with such magnificent cock inside her, Olivia was quickly sent to the heavens.

The ninja girl kept moaning without a care in the world, sending the passionate moans of her gentle voice throughout the forest. Her body trembled from the expertly and purposeful assault of two determined pleasure-sluts. She had given up on holding her own weight a long time ago, supported by Beatrice’s surprisingly strong hands and cock, while she let her pussy be used as a cock-sleeve for the succubus’s cock. With each thrust inside her, each lick and suck around her clit, Olivia came closer to her second mind-shattering orgasm. And that was exactly what Beatrice wanted.

Beatrice kept smiling gleefully as she held Olivia in her arms and had her way with her, corrupting the girl into happily accepting the pleasure from someone she actively despised.

Not only that, the whole threat to Tabitha was nothing but a ploy. Beatrice had cheated a little when she made this competition. While it was fun to lightly play with and torment her nymphomanic cock-slut, Beatrice had no intention of passing out on a wonderful threesome she could have. The fact that Beatrice would not be able to hold out long was absolutely true. But Beatrice had full faith in Tabitha’s tongue and mouth skills. And combining that with her own cock that Olivia was already dripping for… There was no woman on the planet that could endure such simultaneous service without rising to the heavens in pure bliss.

And as Beatrice’s own cock twitched and trembled, ready to unleash a healthy dose of cum inside the young fertile female, Beatrice just had to double-check one thing.

Skill Name: Futanari Succubus's Semen

Rank: E

Type: Eros Craft / Toggle

Cost: -

Cooldown: 60s

Description: The Sperm of a Futanari Succubus cannot impregnate unless the Succubus chooses to do so. Self-impregnation not possible no matter how much a sex-crazed Futanari Succubus may wish to do so.

Upon ejaculation can release up to 50ml of semen at high velocity. The amounts of semen decrease rapidly with each consecutive climax.


The skill was clearly toggled off. So Beatrice could not impregnate Olivia. Then how did I last time-Ugh! The succubus could no longer think. She fucked further and further toward rapture, and the pressure within her finally reached a critical point. Just a few more thrusts! Beatrice felt it clearly as she dug her nails into Olivia’s silky skin. And that’s when Olivia’s pussy walls clamped down on Beatrice’s cock and the ninja girl embraced her orgasm.

Olivia’s body shuddered and Beatrice only had the time to moved her tail in front of Olivia’s sultry, moaning, open mouth, aiming inside it. With just a few more pumps inside Olivia’s clamping pussy, Beatrice unleashed the first wave of cum inside the corrupted ninja girl’s mouth and pussy.

Olivia greedily collected Beatrice’s seed that shot inside her mouth, barely keeping up with swallowing it while excess shots sprayed more sticky, white jizz across the girl’s orgasmic face and hair.

Beatrice shot each load of her hot cum with a deep, powerful thrust of her cock.

Olivia continued meeting those thrusts by slamming her hips down against the hot pulsating cock of the succubus while holding down Tabitha’s head in her crotch, digging Tabitha’s lips and tongue into her swollen clit to prolong her heavenly orgasm as long as she possibly could.

Only when Beatrice’s cock and tail were completely emptied and cum leaked out of both Olivia’s mouth and pussy, did the ninja girl weakly slump into the succubus’s warm embrace, resting her back against Betrice’s massive soft tits.

-27 AP


Level up!


Additional Skill Point available!


Chapter Text

Another level? Beatrice was slightly surprised when she saw the second and third notification tab flash through her mind’s eye while she released the last few spurts of cum inside Olivia. The ninja girl performed well, and now Beatrice expected her to do even better.

Despite the decrease in Arousal Points that Beatrice’s succubus nature restored so rapidly and required the release of to think properly and simply function as anything else but a sex machine, Beatrice was now as horny as ever, excited to further release Olivia’s inhibitions and pull her into the world of carnal pleasures.

“You liked it that much?” Beatrice asked Olivia before turning the ninja’s head closer and giving her a loving kiss on the lips. Olivia was still basking in her post-orgasm bliss and simply went along with everything Beatrice did, even slipping her tongue into the succubus’s mouth to taste Beatrice’s saliva while giving the succubus a taste of her own love juices. Beatrice did not mind this in the slightest and the two stunning females swapped the mixing liquids back and forth in their mouths. This excited Beatrice further and made her cock harden again just when it was getting soft enough to let cum slip out of Olivia’s pussy, which Tabitha greedily devoured every last drop of.

The nymphomanic mage that was just done licking Olivia to a quick orgasm, was now sliding her tongue all around Beatrice’s cock, even slithering her tongue in between the hardening shaft and Olivia’s pussy lips to collect those extra few drops of the succubus’s love nectar. All the while she fingered her cock-deprived pussy with two fingers, moaning out warm breath into Olivia’s and Beatrice’s sex organs. This only further hurried the rise of Beatrice’s cock to full form as the succubus formed her next carnal plan for further ways to pleasure herself and her girls.

We’ll still be in this forest for a while, Beatrice thought to herself when she remembered Ember’s words. So, I won’t really need [Refresh Cooldown] Skill for some time still. And since my leveling is going so well right now… Some would say it would be foolish of me to hold back… Heh…

Wait! How long has it been since I cast it? Do I even need to use [Refresh Cooldown] Skill? Beatrice checked her [Dick Growing] Skill and saw that indeed, of the thirty-minute cooldown, there were only a little over five more minutes left before she could use the Skill again. I guess I can wait at least that much to save the twelve-hour cooldown on the [Refresh Cooldown] Skill.

Beatrice parted lips from Olivia, thin sicky strands still collected their lips. She let Olivia rest on her huge tits and massaged and played with the ninja’s breasts. A little cum had trickled from Olivia’s face down to her torso and breasts, and Beatrice made sure to smear it across those nice, small breasts for lubrication to avoid friction during the boob massage.

“Tabitha really did do a wonderful job, don’t you think?” Beatrice whispered in Olivia’s ear as she kept playing with her breasts, once in a while lightly touching the girl’s nipples. “You used her throat like cheap cock-sleeve to please your dick, then you used her tongue and lips to massage your clit. Her mouth really has been working overtime.”

“I-Ah-I deserved at least that much for… For everything she’s done to me,” Olivia said between hot breaths as she too enjoyed Tabitha’s cum-collecting tongue work combined with Beatrice’s massage.

“Oh, no doubt,” Beatrice chuckled softly. “But for all your demands for Tabitha to get fucked, you only fucked one of her holes. Something that you should absolutely fix to deliver proper justice for what she’s done to you, don’t you think?”

“A-again…” Olivia stuttered when she realized that there was more that the succubus still expected of her. “I… I don’t think I can.”

“Of course, you can!” Beatrice encouraged her with a smile. “Hey, slut! Enough drinking rewards that were not meant for you! You have to work for your cum!”

“B-but I did as you commanded!” Tabitha complained. “I made her cum before you released! I felt her shudder just moments before you filled her second-rate hole with your magnificent seed! You promised a reward! You promised I would taste heaven!”

“That is true...” Beatrice said less with a simple agreement and more with foreboding ominousness. And, having said that, Beatrice writhed her tail, moved it to Tabitha’s ignored pussy that only had the girl’s thin fingers for stimulation (a poor substitution for the long, thick cock of a succubus). Without warning or preparation, Beatrice thrust her tail inside Tabitha’s wet cunt, impaling Tabitha all the way up to her womb.

Chapter Text

“GUAAAAAAAAH!!!” Tabitha screamed as her whole body was moved forward and lifted several inches from the ground by the sudden, forceful penetration by the succubus’s long, thick tail.

“Look at her,” Beatrice told Olivia while mercilessly thrusting her tail inside Tabitha’s gushing, squelching cunt, pounding the girl’s womb repeatedly.

“YEEEESH!! OUAGHHHHHHH-yAHAAA~~” Tabitha collapsed beneath Beatrice’s feet and writhed on the ground, belly and tits up, arching her back while Beatrice bulged her abdomen with her tail. “THAAAAAAAAAAAHNKYOUUUUUUUUU~~”

The sight of the masochistic beauty writhing on the ground with a bulging belly, pinching the nipples on her bouncing breasts as hard as she could to intensify the forbidden, painful pleasure, made Beatrice harden and swell to full force inside Olivia’s cum-and-pussy-juice-lubricated pussy. Beatrice couldn’t possibly stop herself from slowly moving her cock inside the hot pleasure-hole even as talked to Olivia, further compromising the ninja’s morals.

“See what a hopeless degenerate she is?” Beatrice whispered to Olivia. “You were right about her, of course. But unless you push her limits, you will not gain any fulfillment out of the justice you deserve. You cannot hold back. This isn’t the girl who will appreciate your concern if that means she gets only second-rate fucking. She must feel your punishment! The pleasure and gratification must be absolute for it to be true justice!”

“B-but I cannot… Ahn! I do not have a tail such as yours… Hnnn,” Olivia whimpered and moaned as she too could not hold back from rocking her hips against Beatrice’s rock-hard cock that filled and massaged her pussy in all the right ways. “And even the cock you gave me…”

“Do not worry, I will have it back,” Beatrice said and nibbed Olivia’s ear. “But even if you do not possess the length of my tail, with our efforts combined, I’m sure you will be able to deliver the justice you deserve and have a satisfying peace of mind.”

“I… I will try,” Olivia promised with closed eyes as her mind once again wondered, unable to process anything but pleasure.

“Excellent,” Beatrice smiled and kissed Olivia on the lips. The two girls swirled their tongues together, exploring each other’s hot and wet mouths, while Beatrice brought up her [Dick Growing] Skill in her mind’s eye and counted seconds until she could cast it again.

Tabitha could not even count one plus one as her mind was blasted with over-stimulation coming from her pounded womb while she thrashed and screamed with her eyes rolled back and her tongue hanging out as if possessed.

Meanwhile, Olivia enjoyed her gentle fucking and French-kissing with the succubus. Every couple of seconds Olivia sneaked a peek at the thrashing masochist and secretly hoped that the succubus wouldn’t notice that her pussy got slightly wetter from the sight of Tabitha’s ruthless pounding combined with her degrading ahegao look and animal-like howls.

And the second the cooldown for Beatrice’s [Dick Growing] Skill was up, she cast it on Olivia once more by channeling it through her throbbing cock, pushing hard and deep, reaching Olivia’s womb and channeling the stimulating magic directly through it, sending Olivia into another orgasm.

“O-oooooohhh~” Olivia shuddered and clamped on Beatrice’s cock when the unexpected orgasm took hold of her. Her entire body twitched as she enjoyed another blissful moment in the hands of the succubus. But none of her body parts twitched as hard as her clit which had seen more action in the last twenty-four hours than in the past year combined.

With each second Olivia’s clit swelled and grew, sending pleasure waves through Olivia’s body with the growth of each beautiful inch of its girth that any girl would lust over. It rose to the occasion and took the familiar form that Olivia was starting to get used to seeing. The form of a fully functioning and impressive girl-cock. Ball-less, yes, but that has never stopped Olivia from spurting copious amounts of girl-cum.

And though Olivia’s temporary girl-cock had no balls, she kept her pussy, keeping the pleasure that girls experienced when filled to the brim with cock.

“Excellent,” Beatrice smiled and looked over the shoulder of Olivia’s petite body that she held in her hands: legs up in the air and spread apart, pussy filled, and cock twitching for a hole to fuck.

Olivia didn’t dare to confess that she was only partially hard because of Beatrice’s skillful fucking. Her true desire was to ravage Tabitha that writhe underneath them. Olivia bit her lip, unsure what to do. What to do with her sinful, burning desire. Perhaps just imagining it would be enough? But just thinking about fucking Tabitha into madness just like Beatrice was doing right that second made Olivia desire it even more.

Olivia’s cock burned. It hurt. Despite desperately craving stimulation, Olivia didn’t even dare touch it, afraid to cum prematurely. She wanted to fuck Tabitha. She needed to screw her in all the fucked up ways she could imagine. She had to be punished. It was justice after all, wasn’t it? Olivia was mortified by her own desires, but she could not deny them.

“Do it,” the sweet whisper of the devil was all it took.

Chapter Text

Something snapped inside Olivia when she heard the succubus’s sweet, temptatious words. She braced against Beatrice, rose from her cock, and jumped to the writhing Tabitha who laid on her back and moved her hips against Beatrice’s tail that continued ruthlessly assaulting her womb.

“Enjoying giving up your useless twat for fucking?” Olivia asked with ominous contempt as she got on her knees at Tabitha’s face and placed her hands on the moaning girl. Olivia hovered her throbbing cock over Tabitha’s face with obvious intent just as her gaze met the lust-filled eyes of Tabitha. The tail-fucked girl opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue.

“Here’s some more!” Olivia screamed and jammed her cock all the way in Tabitha’s throat.

“GLHUGHHRHL” Tabitha gurgled from the rough impalement as the spit roast commenced in full force.

“UYEAAAAAH!” Olivia grunted like an animal as she lodged her cock into Tabitha’s throat. The mage was tits up and Olivia could clearly see her cock bulging Tabitha’s neck. She grabbed Tabitha’s neck and squeezed tightly, feeling her own girth through Tabitha’s throat muscles.

“GGHLRHHHHHUAHHGH!!!!” All Tabitha could do was continue gurgling incomprehensibly, choking on Olivia’s cock while the crazed ninja strangled her neck and the succubus used her tail to keep pounding the masochist’s womb.

Olivia held Tabitha’s neck tightly and moved her hips back and forth, using Tabitha’s throat and neck as nothing but a cheap cock-sleeve.

“GHUAA-HAAAAH~! This is too good! I could come like this in seconds!” Olivia kept moaning and groaning with an ecstatic grin as she thrust her hips into Tabitha’s face.

However, Olivia quickly had to stop her movement, once again lodging her cock deep down Tabitha’s throat. “But you’re not getting off as easily as you did last time!”

Olivia roughly and swiftly withdrew from Tabitha’s throat, letting oxygen flow to the used masochist’s cum-addled brain.

“GHUAAAA-HAAAA… M-moarh~” Tabitha begged half-lucidly as her chest moved up and down.

And Olivia planned to give Tabitha just that. More ruthless fucking. She grabbed a fistful of Tabitha’s hair and rolled over the punishment-loving slut over by her hair. She then moved around Tabitha who was now laying on her tits and cunt that Beatrice continued merrily fucking with her tail.

“Ass up!” Olivia screamed and leaned over to slap the mage across the ass.

Tabitha obeyed without a second’s thought. She braced against the ground on her elbows and got into a doggy-style position, raising her ass high up in the air. She waggled her butt up and down, both from Beatrice’s tail-fucking and to signal that this horny bitch in heat wanted even more.

Beatrice saw what was coming and for a moment stopped her tail’s thrusts inside Tabitha to change positions. She moved around Tabitha and got behind Olivia, while the ninja prepared for the ass invasion.

“Eeeeehhhh?” Tabitha whined as she instantly noticed the abrupt end to the fucking of her womb. And she reacted accordingly. By supporting her upper body weight with just one hand now, she moved her hand to the tail that stopped inside her pussy and started forcefully moving it herself, fucking herself with it like a horny slut would with a dildo.

Is she for real? Beatrice could barely believe what a gem she found. The level of Tabitha’s dedication was actually admirable.

Oblivious to anything but sex, Olivia got on her knees behind Tabitha’s shaking ass. She smeared Tabitha’s throat-produced lubricant across her entire cock and pressed it against Tabitha’s backdoor opening.

“Ungh,” Tabitha bit her lip in anticipation and shook her ass repeatedly, pushing back against the cock that pressed against her closed anal opening. Tabitha couldn’t stand a second of waiting. With the tail’s stimulation abruptly ended, she sought more by impaling her ass against Olivia’s cock herself.

“Impatient whore!” Olivia screamed and slapped Tabitha’s ass roughly. Again, again, and again. She then grabbed Tabitha by the ass, plunging her nails deep into the mage’s skin, and thrust forward, completing the anal invasion that Tabitha herself had started.

“How do you like that!?” Olivia screamed as she fucked Tabitha with all her force and slapped her ass once more, turning both cheeks bright red from the bruising.

Standing behind Olivia, Beatrice got on her knees to be on the same level with Olivia, got close to the lust-driven ninja, and whispered, “Let me help you a little.”

Chapter Text

As Olivia kept pounding Tabitha’s ass, Beatrice moved behind Olivia and prepared to join the lustful party. The succubus first pulled her tail out of Tabitha’s pussy that was used as nothing more but a dildo. It was so lubricated that Tabitha had no chance of holding on to it, though the mage desperately tried to.

Beatrice then raised her tail to Olivia’s lips and whispered, “Taste it.”

In her sex-frenzied Olivia gladly opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue, and sucked on the tail of the succubus. She would have done so without an invitation.

“Good girl,” Beatrice praised Olivia, kissed her on the neck, and parted her tail from Olivia’s mouth to move it towards further lewd purposes. And those purposes were to slither her tail up Tabitha’s back and reach her neck. The succubus wrapped a circle around it and forcefully pulled Tabitha by her neck off the ground, up and back toward the duo.

“Ghuuu~” Tabitha once again found herself choking with her dripping tongue stuck out as she rose from the ground with her back arched in a big arc and her tits flopping through her euphoric convulsions.

Beatrice pulled Tabitha close to Olivia and whispered to the ninja, “Grab her and don’t let go!”

Olivia did not have to be told twice. Just as Beatrice let go of Tabitha’s neck, before the ninja could collapse back on the ground, the tail of the succubus was replaced with Olivia’s fingers, which squeezed tightly.

Beatrice then quickly moved her tail to its previous position inside Tabitha’s needy, spasming twat, but before resuming the thrusting Beatrice prepared her cock for satisfaction as well.

“I want to feel you fuck her,” Beatrice whispered to Olivia and aligned her cock with the ninja’s pussy.

“Yesss! I need your cock inside me!” Olivia confessed and licked her lips. She did not realize how much she needed to be filled until the succubus stated her intentions. And now she could not think of anything better than being properly satisfied for punishing a treacherous nymphomanic bitch.

“Fuck me while I fuck this garbage whore!” Olvia grunted and fucked Tabitha’s ass with even greater passion as she tightened her grip on Tabitha’s throat.

“As you wish,” Beatrice smiled and thrust into both Olivia’s and Tabitha’s drenched cunts at the same time.

“GHUAaAA~!” Both Olivia and Tabitha moaned in a slutty chorus as their pleasure doubled.

Beatrice moved her hips with horny abandon, enjoying every moment of passionate sex with the two inhibitionless, horny beauties. She fucked Olivia’s squelching pussy with her fat cock, swollen from the arousal she got from experiencing this depraved scene that went far and beyond anything she had could have ever hoped for or even imagined in her past life. Beatrice matched her rhythm with Olivia to thrust deep inside her just as Olivia was at her deepest inside Tabitha’s ass, pushing the ninja girl an inch further in, fucking Tabitha through Olivia.

And while Olivia lost herself in the sweet pleasures of both a man and a woman, Tabitha, was beyond the realm of mere mortals. Her ass and pussy were pounded violently. She felt her sex goddess through Olivia, savoring every little push and painful thrust that the succubus added to her forbidden and twisted euphoria. Olivia’s tightening grip, slowly but surely deprived Tabitha’s brain of oxygen, sending the masochist further and further into a flying, lightheaded, dream-like euphoric bliss.

Tabitha could not even tell when she started cumming. She simply gave herself to the narcotic pleasure as she twitched and spasmed under the relentless assault.

In this state, Tabitha’s only wish was that Beatrice could fuck her ass as well. Olivia’s cock was good enough, but the tail of the sleek, twisted inches of the succubus’s tail allowed for depths impossible for mere humans. Tabitha wished to be fucked thoroughly. And even as she spasmed, gurgled, and screamed in ecstasy, she imagined her sex goddess taking all of her holes at once, filling her deeply. Endlessly. Completely.

The convulsions of a masochistic bitch in heat were not to be taken lightly by an inexperienced cock owner like Olivia.

“YEASH! TAKE IT! TAKE ALL OF IT!” Olivia kept fucking orgasming Tabitha over and over. She felt the masochist clamping from pure ecstasy. And she couldn’t help but feel jealous. Olivia’s jealousy only fueled her efforts to fuck Tabitha with even greater force, as her own cum-addled brain imagined that it was she that was fucked to madness but the succubus and lost in carefree ecstasy.

In ecstasy where no troubles existed. Where she could just let go and be fucked, again and again, surrendering to mindless pleasure to numb the pain of this world.

“Harder!” Olivia begged. “Fuck me harder! Like her! More! I want more!”

Beatrice herself was approaching orgasm. The stimulation of both her cock and tail inside two drenched, spasming pussies of sex-craving sluts was too much for any mortal. But who was Beatrice to refuse a girl that begged her for a thorough fucking? Even if this meant bringing this depraved threesome to a close, Beatrice was glad to end it on a high note by providing proper stimulation for all participants. The succubus had been gentler with Olivia before, but now she increased her efforts to please her growing sex-addict in one final sprint toward sweet, simultaneous climax.

“Yesh! That’s it! More! More!” Olivia lost herself utterly in the twisted delights of hedonism. A faint glimpse of her former self could not believe the words she was saying, the things she was doing. But that could not possibly hold her back now. She wanted to fall. She wanted to lose herself just like Tabitha. Not think about anything. Only sex. Only pleasure. “Even more! All of it!”

Feeling that she understood what Olivia wanted, Beatrice placed her hand around Olivia’s neck and gently squeezed.

“YEEEEESHHH!” Olivia grinned as her own cock swelled and ached. The double pleasure multiplied by the forbidden one sent Olivia into a pre-orgasmic bliss. Her eyes rolled back, she grinned just like Tabitha, preparing herself for the orgasm that was approaching, and just whimpered, “Mhoar~”

“GHUU~” Beatrice squeezed tighter around Olivia’s neck, delivering the ninja the same taboo pleasure that the ninja delivered to Tabitha. At that moment, both Beatrice and Olivia went past their thresholds for building pleasure. The pressure within their cocks could no longer be contained.

Both futanaris' minds went blank, overloaded with the stimulation not meant for mortal brains, and their throbbing cocks finally unleashed the copious, hot payload into their respective hungry holes. And although Beatrice ended up the only one without getting any of her holes filled with the hot reward of futanari sex, she more than made up for it by filling her two half-lucid partners to overflowing.

-29 AP


Level up!


Additional Skill Point available!


Chapter Text

“Haaah, haaaah,” Beatrice breathed hard, trying to recover as she laid amidst a small pile of cum-oozing, sexy, naked female forms. All three were knocked out by the intensity of their last intercourse and had barely the strength to breathe. Though the succubus was fairing better than the two girls that she had just violently fucked.

“Tabitha?” Beatrice moved closer to her green-haired partner that took on the most intense stimulation not only of the trio, but of anyone Beatrice had ever met. In this life or the previous one. Beatrice lifted the mage’s sticky, wet bangs of hair from her face to look at the semi-conscious girl and asked, “Are you alright?”

“… I-I… Inhredble…” Tabitha muttered weakly with a satisfied smile. “M… My… Sex… Ghoddessss~”

But even though Beatrice knew Tabitha enjoyed this kind of rough action, the succubus also felt responsible to take good care of the mage. Despite Tabitha’s confessions to her desires to experience even greater stimulation and experiences, Beatrice had no intentions of letting anything happen to her willing sex toy just yet. Especially if Tabitha crowned her as a ‘Sex Goddess’, it only gave Beatrice all the more reason to be a proper Goddess to her loyal acolyte.

Since the system felt so generous to me lately, I can afford something like this, Beatrice thought as she searched through her list of available Skills. There it is!

Skill Name: Fast(er) Recovery

Rank: D

Type: Eros Craft / Active

Cost: 10 Stamina

Cooldown: 2 Minutes

Description: Despite the marvelous, otherworldly orgasms, sex with a succubus can be taxing for mortals. This skill heals succubus’s sexual partners from their post-sex exhaustion, restoring a portion of the target’s Health Points and Stamina Points. The target and the succubus must have had sexual intercourse for this skill to be usable.

Requires direct skin contact between the Succubus and the target.

Cannot be used on the same target more than once per hour.

Minimum Requirements:

Character level: 6


Beatrice had disregarded such single-purpose, one-dimensional Skill before, but looking at the condition of her partners and figuring that the likelihood of things getting even crazier in the future was highly probable, Beatrice decided that this Skill might be not only a worthy investment but also a humane one. Though the irony of a “humane” approach from a care-free, wish fulfillment-oriented, pleasure-seeking sex Demon was not lost on Beatrice.

The succubus acquired the Skill, put her hand on Tabitha’s naked breast, and immediately used the rejuvenating Skill to heal the barely lucid masochist.

“E-eh?” Tabitha’s eyes snapped wide open as if she just awoke from a trance. She even rose from her horizontal position a little. “W-what happened? I feel… Strangely… Energetic?”

“We can’t be lying here all day, so I’ve decided to speed things up a little,” Beatrice said feigning indifference. Beatrice wasn’t about to show how much she cared for her twisted little pet, especially when it seemed to Beatrice that Tabitha wanted exactly the opposite. “Get yourself in order and gather your things. I’ll use the same Skill on Olivia in a couple of minutes and we’ll be moving on as soon as Ember returns.”

“O-of course!” Tabitha said and jumped to her feet, rejuvenated and smiling ear to ear.

‘Rank D Faster recovery’? This is some high-tier insta-heal! Beatrice thought, looking at Tabitha’s energetic appearance. The Skill seems to be a resounding success! Highly situational? Sure! But highly effective as well. And it seems that the likelihood of multiple-partner intercourse also has been accounted for judging by the low cooldown... And only a one-hour limit on re-use time? Does this system expect me to solve every problem with sex? Need a level-up? Sex. Need to heal a party member after a tough battle? Sex.

And as Beatrice watched Tabitha energetically moving back and forth gathering her things, as if she had just downed a huge mug of coffee, Beatrice brought up her Sexual Tally.

Sexual Tally

Number of Sexual Partners


Number of Climaxes


EXP gained through sex

1 580

Number of Threesomes


Number of Foursomes


Number of Fivesomes+


Total amount of Cum Unleashed, ml

1 305

Times Got Pregnant


Pregnancies Caused


Number of Offsprings



Still the one, huh? Beatrice looked at the ‘Pregnancies Caused’ part of the Tab and then looked back at Tabitha. Could it really be her?

Beatrice recalled Tabitha’s confessions. Her proclamations and desires. Her greatest and darkest wishes. How would someone with such twisted desires react if they discovered that they’re pregnant?

Chapter Text

While Beatrice waited for the two-minute cooldown to use [Fast(er) Recovery] on Olivia, she brought up her character information tab to confirm the level-up notifications that kept popping up before her eyes just minutes before.









12 (14%)

Health Points

340/340 (+0.64/sec)

Arousal Points

9.2 /155 (+0.01/sec)

Stamina Points

120/130 (+0.325/sec)

Physical Attack


Physical Defense


Magic Attack


Magic Defense





So that wasn’t a mistake, Beatrice concluded. Two more levels... I’m really making progress. The level-gaining rate was out of this world this time. Why though? The ‘EXP gained through sex’ in the ‘Sexual Tally’ tab confirms that the level distribution is not completely random. Though this whole system is confusingly gamified, there should be some logic to it. More experience for threesomes?

Certainly, I remember gaining levels in my previous times too, but I don’t remember gaining two within such a short time. Or am I mistaken? And if I remember correctly, in leveling games each level is supposed to take longer to acquire than the previous one. Did it have something to do with Olivia? Something specific I did to her? Or something that she did?

“Bah! Guessing is annoying!” Beatrice cursed, slightly frustrated. She looked at Olivia, who laid naked next to her. Her breathing was slow and peaceful. “Asleep!?”

Beatrice chuckled. After all that, she just falls asleep like a baby.

However, Beatrice had no intention of staying in this place any longer. She placed her hand on Olivia’s naked shoulder and cast [Fast(er) Recovery].

“Rise and shine,” the succubus whispered in the ear of the sleeping ninja girl, gently shaking her shoulder. “We’ll be going soon, so you have to get ready too.”

“Mhm, I had the weirdest dream,” Olivia mumbled still with her eyes closed.

“That’s wonderful,” Beatrice replied with a smile.

“H-huh?” Olivia slowly opened her eyes. “Wh-where...”

The effects of the spell sped up Olivia’s return from the world of dreams. She rolled on her back, looked at Beatrice, focusing her eyes, and quietly said, “Oh... You’re... Then before-AH!!!”

Olivia’s eyes snapped wide open and she jumped into a seating position as if electrified and then coiled up, covering her nakedness as best she could with her arms and legs. Though Olivia was obviously filled with vitality and energy from Beatrice’s [Fast(er) Recovery] Skill, a dark shadow fell on the ninja girl’s eyes from her messed-up bleached hair.

Olivia quickly looked around in terror, confirming her surroundings. Her gaze stopped on Tabitha for a moment, who was already dressed and was killing time by juggling four magical rings of yellow energy, eerily merry like a kid. Olivia’s eyes then fell on Beatrice’s stunning naked form. The ninja could not stop herself from letting her eyes fall between the futanari’s legs as if confirming that the succubus did indeed still have her cock which was currently soft. Beatrice somehow could tell that images flashed through Olivia’s mind, recalling which hole that cock was filling just recently, as well as every other depraved little detail.

Olivia sunk and curled up, resting her head against her legs, only her dim eyes were barely visible from beneath the messy bleached hair as she stared into the ground at her naked toes, mortified about the events that had transpired now that her sex-frenzied oblivious daze had passed.

Beatrice felt a little sad for the conflicted girl and tried to cheer her up, “Don’t be like that. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. You did splendidly! We all had a good time, didn’t we?”

“J-just leave me be for a little,” Olivia murmured into her legs.

Beatrice sighed, but respected Olivia’s request. The succubus got up and searched for her own bikini-like two pieces of clothing that she somehow threw off in the heat of the moment without even noticing, nor recalling where it was.

Just as Beatrice managed to find and put on all of her few possessions, she saw Ember walking through the trees, returning from the same direction into which she walked off not long before.

“My my,” Ember did not even try to hide her joyful sneer. “I give two horny lovebirds their privacy, yet what do I see? The high-and-mighty little ninja! Naked and wallowing in shame! That delightful, guilt-ridden expression alone is enough to make my morning!”

Chapter Text

“WAAAAAHHH!!!” Olivia screamed in fury and threw a kunai at Ember.

Beatrice did not even have the time to wonder where could have the ninja girl hidden that kunai as she was still completely naked. The kunai flew through the air at the speed of a gale, aiming straight at Ember’s disparaging smile, only to disintegrate within her flames that sprung up from her open palm, inches from her unflinching face.

“Well, that woke you up,” Ember laughed. “But have you considered the consequences of your actions? What would have happened had you been actually competent and managed to kill me right now?”

Olivia did not answer. She did not seem much fazed about the fact that her attack utterly failed, nor about the fact that one of her kunai got disintegrated.

Tabitha caught all four of her energy rings in her hand and observed with great interest what would happen next like a curious passerby staring at a burning building, waiting for the inevitable explosion.

“Hm… Is it my turn now to send an unprovoked attack at you?” Ember asked and compressed her file into a small fireball the size of an orange.

“You will do no such thing,” Beatrice said calmly but firmly to Ember.

“Aw, well that doesn’t seem fair at all!” Ember jokingly complained before crushing the fireball in her fist. A few thin flames slipped through her fingers and dissipated within seconds.

Tabitha seemed genuinely disappointed and also let her energy rings disappear one by one.

“But Ember is right,” Beatrice said as she turned to Olivia. “Since you got your spirits back, we can proceed forward.”

“I take it you had a good time?” Ember asked Beatrice as she approached closer while Olivia swiftly hurried to her belongings.

“Not just me,” Beatrice said while still looking at Olivia. “I just wish she’d be more honest about it too. Each time I seem to break through to her, she locks up all over again. Really, it’s two steps forward, one step back with that one.”

“Your patience is impressive,” Ember said. “You do remember that you still have a cult full of men and women who’d kill for a chance to sleep with you?”

“And yet none of them are here,” Beatrice replied. “Just because Olivia doesn’t fall to my feet and lick them clean doesn’t mean I should discard her in search of an easier lay. I’m fairly confident that nearly every single person in this city would gladly sleep with me.”

“Ah, so it’s the thrill of the hunt?” Ember smiled. “Taking someone who at first rejects you. Seducing them, corrupting them until they are yours…”

“I never made her do anything she did not want to,” Beatrice said. “By the way, it’s been an hour already? I completely lost track of time. Where were you?”

“Just collecting a small package,” Ember said and adjusted a hidden item within her robes. “Oh, it’s nothing fancy, in case you were wondering. As a mage, I don’t use weapons, so I would have no need to hide them. Gold on the other hand… Well, let’s just say half of the people in Lucarad’s cult would slit someone's throat for much less than what I have here right now.”

“So… You put a stash of money here before joining the cult?” Beatrice asked. “That doesn’t seem like an action of someone with plans to stay within the cult long-term. And that cult didn’t seem like the type to attract someone with long-term plans.”

“I wasn’t even hired to stay there long-term,” Ember shrugged.

“What was the reason you were hired?” Beatrice asked.

“To temporarily boost Lucarad’s group’s fighting capabilities. I’m still not sure just how strong he really is, though he’s not weak by any means. But if he was the only one with above-average combat potential, his little cult would have probably been slaughtered a long time ago.”

“A mercenary,” Beatrice said. “Is there any other profession in this entire city here besides mercenaries, bandits, and guards?”

“You’ve just met a butcher,” Ember pointed out.

“You know what I mean. So far it seems that all anyone does here is kill and/or fuck.”

“That sums up this city quite nicely actually,” Ember said with a smile. “Isn’t that right, Olivia?”

“How has no one cut out your tongue yet?” Olivia asked in response, approaching Beatrice and Ember fully clothed and ready to go.

“That indeed is a question you should ask yourself next time you think about doing something stupid again,” Ember said with a smile of a venomous snake.

“You’re the one who keeps provoking her,” Beatrice said.

“And she’s the one that tried to kill us both yesterday,” Ember reminded. “If she can’t even handle light teasing, I can just execute her on the spot as I planned to do in the first place.”

“That won’t be happening,” Beatrice said and moved forward through the forest. “Let’s go!”

Chapter Text

Beatrice, Ember, Olivia, and Tabitha proceeded quickly through the Shadow Woods. Ember was leading the way, followed by the succubus, then Olivia, and Tabitha was last, covering their flank. The forest seemed to be purposefully preventing them from staying near the giant city wall that should have been an obvious and easy guiding marker. The rocky terrain and went up and down, often with nearly straight falls or climbs, treacherous pitfalls were obstructed from view by trees both standing and fallen. It was a hazard that no one would go through willingly. And as they maneuvered around these hazards, they got further and further away from the city wall, until it was completely obstructed from sight.

“That path is a nightmare, and not even the shortest way out of here,” Ember explained without worry as they seemingly lost their giant position marker. “A portion of the forest continues along the wall all the way to the East Gates. Those that can navigate this place don’t waste their time there.”

Under Ember’s guidance, they moved exceptionally quickly through the winding paths of the maze-like forest and managed to cover more ground in just three hours than anyone unfamiliar with this place could hope for in a day. And as they moved out of the deepest parts of the Shadow Woods, more and more light passed through from the bright noon sun.

Beatrice kept an eye on the sulking ninja girl whose mood remained unchanged. After some time had passed, she tried to break through to her partner for the second time and said, “If you’re mad at Ember… Or at me—”

“I’m mad at myself!” Olivia snapped, cutting off Beatrice mid-sentence. “I’m no better than Tabitha! No, I’m far worse!”

Getting such a reaction, Beatrice realized that it was still too early to have a rational dialogue with Olivia. And she would not have gotten a chance anyway.

“Help! Help!” cries of a young girl sounded through the forest. Louder and louder with each one.

“Can’t you hear that?” Beatrice ran up to Ember, who continued to lead the way as if nothing had happened.

“Of course, I can,” Ember said as she continued walking.

“And?” Beatrice asked a leading question.

“I’m your bodyguard, remember? Leading you toward guaranteed trouble is the opposite of my job description.”

“I won’t be much of a ‘Savior’ if I ignore calls for help,” Beatrice said.

“Even if it’s a trap?” Ember asked and stopped, turning toward Beatrice.

“Especially if it’s a trap! If there are scum here who’d use cries for help as a way to lure and punish any remaining good-hearted people, they must be dealt with first.”

Ember smiled and pointed away from where she was leading up till now, “It’s coming from that direction.”

“Hurry up!” Beatrice shouted to the others and ran first toward the desperate pleas for help.

After several minutes, as they got closer to the source of the screams, Beatrice also heard other voices.

“How is that brat so fast?”

“How did she still not collapse?”

“She ain’t no ordinary brat! Or did you forget!?”

Beatrice finally close enough to see figures approaching from up ahead. And the closest figure was also the smallest. A young girl in a dark dress with long, flowing brown hair, fluffy ears, big breasts, and a giant fluffy tail desperately tried to keep the distance between herself and half a dozen armed men that followed her. And despite tripping and falling at least two times, she somehow still managed to run fast enough to not get caught.

“Help! Please help!” the beastkin fox girl pleaded for help when she saw the barely clothed succubus and ran toward her “Killers! Murderers! Monsters!”

“You’re the monster, you fucking slut!” one of the men chasing the girl screamed. He wore heavy armor, had a round shield and a sword on his back.

Though they had different weapons (spears, bows, swords), all six men had the same uniform armor and purple capes flowing behind them.

Beatrice was impressed that they could run at all in that getup through this terrain. And she couldn’t even hazard a guess how long this chase had taken place. If nothing else, their physical condition was outstanding, even if they had failed to catch up to a child. And considering the many magical and physical abilities that inhabitants of this fantasy world possessed, Beatrice wondered whether the men were indeed slow due to their armor that they should not have brought if it would have slowed them down, or it was the case that the young, but wide-hipped and big-breasted fox girl was actually much faster than anyone would have expected.

“What the hell?” Olivia ran up to Beatrice and looked at the commotion. Her eyes went wide, and she froze in place when she saw purple capes blowing behind the armed men.

Chapter Text

“Who’s there?” a man with spiky green hair stopped in his tracks when he saw Beatrice’s group approach. He instantly took the bow from his back and nocked an arrow. His flowing purple cape moved, for a moment revealing an orange symbol sown into it—a human heart skewered by a long spear.

Now that the fox girl was closer, Beatrice appreciated how enticing the young beastkin looked. And even the fully covering dress could not obscure her prominent womanly features. Despite having a long, fluffy tail and clearly animalistic, furry ears sticking out from her hair, the girl otherwise looked completely human. Beatrice could have easily mistaken her for a cosplayer if not for the fact that she was indeed in a fantasy world, as well as the fact that the tail continued to move on its own instead of hanging down like a cheap prop.

“P-please help!” the buxom fox girl begged in tears as she fell to her knees at Olivia’s feet, grabbing tightly with trembling hands into Olivia’s clothing. Her eyes and cheeks were bright red from crying and exhaustion. She could barely breathe but still could not stop crying. “P-please! T-they killed my parents!”

“I… I see,” Olivia uttered through grit teeth. She did not even look at the girl. Instead, she stared down the men with burning fury. As if it were her parents those men had killed.

“Let go of her and back off!” one of the men—the biggest among the six men—ordered Beatrice’s group and took his spear. The others followed suit and took up their weapons, ready to cut down anyone that stood in their way.

Beatrice momentarily glanced at the ninja girl and saw that her clenched fists were trembling. The Succubus looked at the six men and asked, “It takes four men to muster up the courage to chase after a single, defenseless girl?”

“Hah! Defenseless!? She’s a monster!” the shorter of the men, with orange mohawk haircut, screamed as he pointed the tip of his sword at the crying fox girl. “She killed three of my friends in a blink of an eye!”

Beatrice was momentarily taken aback by such accusations. Looking at the bawling, trembling girl, certainly, she didn’t seem like the type that could hurt a fly. But upon looking carefully, she did notice that her dark dress was sprayed with blood.

“Then she’s lying about her parents?” Beatrice asked, convinced that the men had ill intentions for the girl they hunted.

“Who the hell do you think you are!?” the biggest of the men—and apparently their leader—shouted. He only had a long spear for a weapon. Despite his size and wide shoulders, his face was lean, which meant that under all that armor he packed massive muscles. He had a neatly shaved beard and a short, shaved haircut. Beatrice thought how this man would’ve definitely been a celebrity, maybe even a movie star in her old world. “The Purple Capes Do not answer to a bunch of half-naked whores!”

“Haa…” Beatrice was at a loss for words. Despite the man’s looks, his tone and choice of words were almost stereotypically awful. She wasn’t even insulted, rather she was amazed at the brazenness of these people, even disappointed a little. Sure, they looked intimidating, and even if the leader of these ‘Purple Capes’ happened to be as dumb as a brick, he had more than enough muscles to compensate. However, Beatrice knew full well that physical strength was not all that mattered in this world and was surprised that these men would disregard the potential for magic so easily. Unless they were in fact that strong…

“Oooh, this is going to be good,” Ember said and took a couple of steps closer to Beatrice and Olivia. “Nobody has dared call me a whore for a long time!”

“And apparently it also has been a long time since you’ve seen what happens to those that get on the bad side of The Purple Capes,” their leader said.

“Captain Flavna warned Lord Belmot about this,” the other man complained to his buddies. “You show the slightest hint of compassion, and even the lowest of drags start stepping on your head, forgetting their place.”

“Agreed,” the leader nodded. “Makes sure to leave their faces intact. Captain Flavna will want the people to look into the dead eyes of those who step out of line. And keep the big-breasted whore alive. She is definitely my type.”

“Mine too!”

“No mine!”

“You hear that!?” the leader shouted and laughed. “You’re lucky that you have a nice bod! You’ll get the privilege of servicing the cocks of The Purple Capes!”

“Charmed,” Beatrice said with disgust.

“Don’t worry,” the archer said with a smirk. “We’ll make sure to take you alive to the barracks to share with the others after we’re done with you so that you get a chance to experience everything that the Purple Capes have to offer!”

“And what about the girl?” Olivia asked, putting her hands on the girl’s shoulders protectively. “You plan to ‘experience’ her too?”

“Ew, hell no!” the leader grimaced. “Who do you take me for? The Purple Capes do not lay with animals! Nor do I have any interest in any woman whose breasts don’t at least rival the size of her head!”

“She’s a birthday present to our Captain!” the mohawk swordsman grinned. “She recently developed a taste for foxkin.”

“W-when you say ‘taste’…” Beatrice hesitated to ask.

“Her parents are getting chopped up as we speak to be served at the birthday party,” the mohawk man cleared any doubt from what he meant by ‘taste’.

Chapter Text

“NOOOOOOOOO!!!” the fox girl screamed and collapsed to the ground. She bawled and covered her ears with her as if that would help shut out the knowledge of what fate fell on her parents.

Beatrice had a rising urge to widen the mohawk man’s grin from ear to ear just for the fact that he said those heinous atrocities with such glee. But the succubus was not the only one whose blood reached a boiling point.

“You know… I’m really glad you guys showed up,” Olivia hissed in a low, trembling voice. She kept her head down, her eyes were hidden in the shadow of her hair while her fists were clenched with iron resolve.

“You shouldn’t be,” the brute said with a smirk as he rested his spear on his shoulder. “I have no intention of sticking my cock in flat-chested idiots. Though… If you kill the other two and hand over the girl, I will be merciful.”

“Recently I’ve been learning to deal with my pent-up feelings,” Olivia continued, completely ignoring what the smirking brute said. “That I shouldn’t suppress them… That I should be true to myself… You’ll do just fine as outlets for my pent-up frustrations!”

Olivia jumped over the fox girl and dashed straight ahead—one versus the six men.

“Die then!” the leader of the Purple Capes screamed and got into a combat stance, pointing the tip of his spear at the quickly approaching ninja girl.

“She really thinks she can take them all on?” Ember smirked.

Beatrice wondered the same thing. Either Olivia thought she was strong enough to deal with this threat or she just foolishly threw her life away in a fit of rage. In either scenario, Olivia made her choice to fight alone. I hope you know what you’re doing, Beatrice thought as she watched Olivia’s back.

As Olivia approached the men, she threw a kunai at the youngest of the Purple Capes—the man with the spiky green hair, the only one who had a ranged weapon. The archer shifted his weight and leaned away from the kunai that would’ve otherwise pierced his neck. For his reply, he released his arrow straight at Olivia’s head, but the ninja girl dodged the arrow with equally little effort. As she did so, she got a small round sphere out of her weapon pouch and threw it against the ground where the Purple Capes stood. The sphere exploded, releasing a cloud of smoke into which Olivia disappeared along with five out of the six men.

The leader of the Purple Capes instantly leaped backward out of the smoke cloud.

“Stupid!” he cursed. “Everyone, just fall back!”

Per his orders, the remaining four Purple Capes ran out of the smoke cloud one by one, coughing and gasping for air.

“Cough-Toxins!” the mohawk guy gasped with closed, watery eyes as he waved his hand in front of his face to clear the air faster. It didn’t help as he already breathed some of the smoke in, and he leaned on his knees, coughing roughly like a sickly man.

“Moron! Back in formation!” the leader commanded.

Just as the last of the four men appeared out of the smoke, Olivia leaped out of the dissipating smoke cloud with a kunai in each hand, charging straight at the leader of the Purple Capes.

“Idiot!” the man shouted and with a swift thrust impaled Olivia through her chest.

“Ghuh!” Olivia gasped and coughed up a massive amount of blood as the spear pierced her lung.

“ARGH!” The man moved forward, completely stopping Olivia’s momentum, pushing her back. Holding his spear, he then jumped into the air and pushed Olivia to the ground, pinning her and driving the spear deeper through her bleeding body.

“What were you thinking?” the leader asked as he stood over Olivia, surprised by the sheer foolishness of the young warrior.

The convulsing ninja girl tried to answer but choked and coughed out more blood that poured out of her mouth. She could not even muster the straight to raise her arms that laid spread out above her head. The tip of the spear was wide enough to completely destroy her left lung and a good portion of her ribcage, which further damaged her internal organs and caused massive internal and external bleeding.

“Brutal!” Tabitha exclaimed with excitement. She acted as if she was watching a gladiatorial fight rather than as if she just saw her comrade get skewered.

Ember sighed and shook her head.

Chapter Text

Seriously!? Beatrice could barely believe what she saw. She really had more faith in Olivia and did not expect her sexual partner that she put so much “hard work” into to be incapacitated so brutally by the first opponent she fought. Beatrice really thought Olivia had more potential than that. Maybe it was only the sexual potential? Beatrice wondered, getting hard at the memory of her most recent threesome.

“Cough-Good job, Steve-Cough!” the mohawk swordsman cheered his leader while the green-haired archer quickly approached the mohawk swordsman from behind.

“Are you okay?” the archer asked.

“Y-yeah,” the mohawk swordsman answered through his coughs. “More importantly, we still have 3 more to take care of! Right, Steve?”

“Yeah, but—!!” Steve let go of his spear and turned around just in time to raise his arm and use his armguard to block a kunai aimed for his nape.

“Gh-hhh!” mohawk guy choked on his blood that poured through the gash in his neck that Olivia made.

“What the hell!?” the other Purple Capes screamed and charged Olivia. The ninja girl threw another orb against the ground, creating a new smoke cloud.

Steve pulled the kunai out of his armguard. A couple of droplets of blood followed the tip of the kunai that was thrown with enough force and speed to just barely penetrate the thin metal. Steve turned back to the corpse that her so skillfully impaled and saw that it was his own man—the young archer—that laid half-dead on the ground, rapidly bleeding out and losing consciousness, impaled through his decimated chest.

“Shadow Body Swap,” Ember said with a smile. “Not too bad, though she fucked up and missed her chance to kill the biggest threat.”

“B-body swap?” Beatrice asked, wondering how exactly that could work. Even with magic, the physical implications went beyond anything that she theorized possible in her previous world. The succubus’s mind instantly went to the sexual potential of such a “body swap” skill.

“It’s not an actual swap,” Ember explained, crushing Beatrice’s newly born fantasy. “The naming might be confusing, but at the end of the day it’s nothing more than an illusion. Although she made it look like that ‘Olivia’ was charging in to attack their leader, unless that archer really did want to murder his friend, nothing would have happened.”

“Wow, you know about that skill?” Tabitha asked, impressed.

“It’s a lousy skill,” Ember said, clearly finding nothing to be impressed about. “It works only in situations like this. And there is no way that trick will work a second time.”

Like last time, the Purple Capes escaped from the smoke cloud within seconds, but as the last of the men escaped the concealing smog, a kunai flew his joint behind the knee. The man stumbled and fell, sliding forward. Olivia did not miss her opportunity to finish the man off by jumping over him and stabbing him in the back of the neck. Olivia then pulled out both kunai and threw it at the other two men to stop them from retaliating while she leaped backward to increase the distance between herself and her enemies.

Just as the distance between Olivia and the two Purple Capes increased to be safely out of reach of their spears, Steve appeared behind Olivia and pierced her from behind, straight through the heart.

“Ghuh!” Olivia choked on her own blood and her body stiffened from the sudden impact for just a second before disappearing in a puff of smoke. Instead of Olivia’s body, Steve now found himself holding the mohawk guy’s body impaled on his spear.

“Annoying cunt!” Steve cursed and shook the mohawk guy’s body off his spear.

“Corpse Possession,” Ember said quietly with a smile on her face, content to be just an observer for this fight.

Could she actually be able to do this? Beatrice wondered with hope, now that Olivia’s opponents were down to three. The succubus cheered on the ninja girl, even as images flashed through her mind of a naked, orgasmic Olivia with a pussy full of the futanari’s cock while they both fucked Tabitha.

Oh, fuck, Beatrice realized that she was literally getting hard while Olivia fought not only for her life but to also avenge the parents of the sexy fox girl.

Beatrice quickly brought up her information tab, looking only for a single stat.

Arousal Points

128.2/155 (+0.01/sec)

Chapter Text

Figures, Beatrice thought when she saw that her Arousal Points were close to the cap. She realized how long they’ve wandered through the Shadow Woods before this encounter, and it now made sense why her mind kept drifting more and more toward sex. Looks like even with all the leveling I did, 3-4 hours without sex is still the limit. I’ll have to enhance the [Arousal Pool] Skill some more.

But Beatrice did not even get to bring up her Skill Enhancement tab. A familiar sound distracted the sexually frustrated Succubus whose mind kept wandering toward sex. Beatrice looked behind her and saw that Tabitha was already leaning against a tree with her legs apart and naked nether regions, masturbating to the sight of blood and death.

Beatrice quickly glanced at the buxom fox girl that pleaded for help, realizing that she hadn’t heard the girl make a sound for some time now. It looked like the beastkin girl had simply passed out. Whether she passed out from exhaustion or stress, Beatrice couldn’t tell, but the succubus had to do something about her hard cock and fast before she ended up assaulting the sexy teenage kitsune that they were intending to protect. Beatrice needed a release. And she needed it fast.

As Olivia desperately fought the remaining three Purple Capes, Beatrice swiftly walked to the masturbating mage, past Ember who only raised an eyebrow when she saw the futanari succubus rush past her with a hard cock sticking out of her panties.

Beatrice turned Tabitha around—face against the tree and ass toward the succubus’s hard cock. Tabitha did not protest in the slightest, she moaned when Beatrice turned her around and licked her own pussy juices off her fingers before bracing against the tree as she lifted her ass higher to provide the succubus easier access.

Beatrice had no time for games. She needed to cum fast, in case the fight went poorly. Luckily, Tabitha already lubricated herself properly, and Beatrice did not want to even think about whether she could have held back from fucking Tabitha dry if she had to. And that’s when the horny succubus realized her own intentions. Beatrice slid her cock up and down Tabitha’s pussy, rubbing it between the mage's pussy lips, lubricating it with the sweet juices of a horny nympho masochist. And then, without warning, Beatrice plunged her cock deep into Tabitha’s ass, all six inches in one go.

“UAAARGH!” Tabitha screamed from the sudden pain and scratched her nails against the tree bark.

“Keep quiet and don’t distract Olivia!” Beatrice growled as she started ass fucking Tabitha. “You get off on this anyway! Why else would you shake your perky ass so tantalizingly!”

“Uuuugh-Yes!” Tabitha moaned. “Aghn! I wanted your big fat cock in my ass!!”

“I told you to stay quiet!” Beatrice slapped Tabitha’s ass and continued the fast, rough pounding.

And while Tabitha got her ass pounded by Beatrice, Olivia desperately fought to avoid getting her ass handed to her by the remaining Purple Capes. The ninja girl still had enough stamina to avoid the attacks from Steve and his two lackeys. One of those lackeys collapsed shortly after he ran out of the second smoke screen, unable to last even a minute in the fight against Olivia. He fell to his knees and coughed roughly just like the mohawk guy did before his unfortunate demise.

“One breath was more than enough!” Olivia declared and threw a kunai at the man’s neck, slicing his jugular.

The man collapsed, coughing and bleeding. Each cough further forced out a strong spew of blood out of his neck that he could not possibly contain by simple pressure application with just his trembling hands.

With just two opponents left, Olivia was momentarily locked in close combat with the last of Steve’s men. The man proved a proficient spear user despite his lack of any distinguishing characteristics or personality quirks. But his combat ability was competent enough to let Steve take this opportunity to use a skill of his own.

“Eight Spears of Virtue!” Steve shouted the name of his attack and threw his spear high into the air above his head. The spear turned red in color, then split into two spears. Then those two spears split again, those four spears split again until there were eight spears in total levitating in the air above Steve’s head.

“Die!” Steve screamed and commanded the spears forward with his hand, aiming them at both Olivia and his own man.

Chapter Text

Steve’s eight spears rushed through the air at incredible speed. Neither Olivia nor Steve’s own man anticipated that Steve would fire his spears at them both while they were in melee, fighting to the death. Steve’s man’s surprise was bigger as he got impaled from behind through his chest, stomach, and shoulder. His eyes were wide from sudden shock as he lost control of his body mid-air and blood spewed out of his mouth and wounds.

Olivia’s surprise was similar, though less fatal. As she was facing the direction from where the spears flew, she noticed the approaching death soon enough to partially avoid it. She only got nicked in her left upper arm and thigh.

“Guh!” Olivia tumbled sideways as fine sprays of blood trailed after her from her wounds.

“There really are no depths to which Purple Capes won’t sink,” Olivia said with disgust. “Even killing your own teammate!!”

Steve did not bother to give Olivia a response. That would mean giving his wounded opponent time to recover. Steve simply smiled while preparing his next attack, not even so much as blinking at the fact that his former ally fell to the ground, bleeding out.

Steve moved his hand back in a motion as if he pulled something back. And at that time the three spears that were lodged deep in his comrade withdrew violently out of the body, further ripping apart his flesh and causing even greater massive bleeding. Along with those three spears, the five spears that flew past their targets also returned back. Steve stopped them mid-flight and with his hands commanded the spears to fly at Olivia.

The ninja girl dodged the next batch of attacks as best she could, jumping from one corpse to the next, but her thigh wound slowed her down each time she put pressure on her left leg. Olivia fell on one knee and used her last kunai to hit a few spears mid-air and knock them off their course.

“You’re done for!” Steve cheered with a grin that a psycho serial killer would be proud of. He rushed forward, commanding two spears to return to him. He grabbed a spear into each hand and lunged at Olivia, supported by more spears that flew behind him.

Steve impaled Olivia with both spears through her chest, pinning her to the ground. Once again, Olivia’s body disappeared in a puff of smoke, revealing the hole-ridden corpse of the most recently deceased Purple Cape who fell victim to Steve’s own attacks.

But this did not dampen Steve’s spirits in the slightest. He let go of the two spears that impaled his companion, turned his head, and commanded his six spears at one of the bodies further away on the ground. One of the bodies suddenly jumped from the ground, revealed to be Olivia. But she moved too late and one of the spears cut through the side of her stomach.

“Aargh!” the ninja girl screamed in pain and fell on one knee on the ground, pressing her hand against her fresh wound. She was sweating and breathing heavily.

“Bwahaha! Tired already!?” Steve laughed, pulled the two spears out of the impaled corpse, and ran at Olivia. “You should have hidden better if you wanted to rest!”

The ninja girl threw several kunai at Steve in an effort to slow him down. But the weapons that she collected with such effort while narrowly avoiding Steve’s attacks, were avoided all too easily when Steve jumped sideways and springboarded off a tree to change his direction. This put him on a direct course toward the wounded ninja girl that was quickly running out of options.

“Unpleasant Restraints!” a female voice chanted the name of a spell. Six straight, thick yellow lines materialized a couple of feet from Steve (who was still mid-air), surrounding him, pointed at him like arrows. The magical yellow lines flew at Steve a second after appearing, aimed at his waist, but Steve spun his spears around him to knock the magic away, shattering the lines into hundred little pieces that dissipated and ceased to exist.

But the lines stalled Steve’s attack enough for Olivia to move out of the way and Steve was left with no better action than to land on the ground and prepare to face the unknown assailant.

With his feet back on the ground, Steve took a combat stance that allowed him to observe all his enemies. Closest to him—only about twenty feet away—stood Olivia. Forty feet away, at a different angle, partially obscured by the trees, stood Tabitha and Beatrice. Steve’s keen eyesight allowed him to see that for some reason Tabitha had stains of thick white liquid on her lips and chin, and the same liquid also flowed down her inner thigh.

Chapter Text

“H-huh?” Steve blinked twice, not believing his own eyesight. Steve was not so innocent to not understand what that thick white liquid was that stained the half-naked green-haired mage. What he did not understand however was the source of the liquid, since the enemy group he encountered was comprised of females only, while all the men that were not Steve were already dead. That’s when Steve finally noticed the bulge between Beatrice’s legs, hidden in her panties.

“W-what… What are you!?” Steve shouted at Beatrice in disbelief. He could not understand how he missed it before, nor could he comprehend why or how such a stunning female beauty—perfect in every way—would have an organ that did not belong to be located anywhere on stunning female beauties.

“What do you mean?” Beatrice asked. The succubus had very little desire to exchange any words with the abhorrent, traitorous man who hunted helpless girls after slaughtering their parents. However, she was more than willing to stall for time to give Olivia a chance to recover.

“Y-you were so perfect!” Steve shouted in frustration.

“Were?” Beatrice raised an eyebrow.

“Obviously!” Steve couldn’t understand what the big-breasted, defective bimbo couldn’t understand. “Decently symmetrical face! Smooth skin! Wide hips! Breasts as big as your head! Your body screams ‘fuck me and fertilize my womb’! But then why do you have a penis between your legs!? A perfect body ruined!”

“Ugh,” Beatrice groaned in disgust. “Such shallow thinking.”

“Beatrice is not ruined!!” Tabitha shouted. “She is the perfect being! Capable of granting levels of ecstasy that your wrinkly penis and non-existent sexual technique could not even dream of beginning to approach!”

“My penis is not wrinkly!!” Steve shouted. “That’s it! You all die! The one-trick ninja, the defective beauty, the slut that lets herself get fucked and creampied in mouth and cunt while her teammate fights—”

“It was an anal creampie!” Tabitha corrected Steve.

“AAAARGH!!” Steve screamed and sent all eight of his spears flying straight at Tabitha. And while the spears flew away from him, Seve adjusted the angle of his forearm as if to block something and shouted, “Shield of Dignity!”

A snow-white heater shield materialized in Steve’s arm. Big enough to cover over eighty percent of Steve’s body. All four angles of the shield were sharp, the top part of the heater shield had two arcs that united in the fourth sharp angle. The shield’s material was impossible to tell as it was surrounded by a white glow. It was certainly thick enough to withstand a blow even if it was made of wood. And Steve wielded this shield effortlessly despite its size and thickness.

Steve spun around in place, just in time to block an attack aimed at his back. Olivia crashed into the shield at great speed, her kunai-bearing arm bent at an unnatural angle. The force of suddenly stopping as running into a brick wall would have already been enough to knock Olivia back, but by adding his own strength to the counterblow Steve violently hurled Olivia back, sending her flying back-first into a nearby tree.

“GUAH!” Blood escaped Olivia’s mouth as she crashed against the tree sideways, her back arching. For the third time today, Steve saw blood fly out of the ninja girl’s mouth. But this time there was no puff of smoke, no body double to replace the ninja girl and take on the damage in her stead. She collapsed to the ground under the tree with a broken arm and possibly broken back.

“So, you really can’t use your replacement techniques while attacking?” Steve asked though he did not anticipate nor care to receive an answer from Olivia. Her defeated body lying on the ground was enough confirmation for his theory.

Olivia either used an illusion to hide her presence among an enemy group or cast an illusion on one of her enemies to cause confusion. Or both. The illusion caused Steve to think that Olivia ran at him with weapons ready for a killing blow, but in reality, the attack would never have come. Similarly with how Olivia replaced her own body with that of a corpse. Corpses could not attack unless moved by high-ranking magic that very few people possessed. Clearly, this barely average female warrior was not capable of such magic.

Within two seconds from when Steve sent his flying spears at Tabitha, Olivia was defeated, and her body laid on the ground before the flying spears even reached Tabitha or Beatrice. Steve did not even bother wasting his time to finish Olivia off and instead turned his attention to his fresh opponents.

Chapter Text

“Arcane Shield!” Tabitha put up a thin, glowing, yellow magical shield in front of her before Steve’s spears reached her. Unfortunately for Tabitha, Steve’s spears broke right through the thin shield, shattering it, and nearly impaling the mage.

“WUAH!!” at the very last second, Tabitha dodged the spears by falling on her face while three of the spears flew over her body. The rest lodged themselves deep into nearby trees, two times outright shattering the thin, brittle trunks and causing more splinters to shower over Tabitha.

Steve recalled his flying spears for another attack when two big-breasted succubi appeared before him, both with raised arms, they looked as if they were about to hug Steve and snuggle him with their giant, soft breasts.

“This would make for a very pleasant afternoon,” Steve said with a melancholic tone and sighed before shouting, “If only you weren’t defective!!”

Steve’s resolve allowed him to see that instead of a hug, the succubi unleashed their sharp, long, deadly claws from where their fingernails were supposed to be. Steve swung his heater shield and aimed to maim the head of the succubus on the left side. But that succubus vanished as if it never existed and the succubus on Steve’s right side pointed her index finger directly at Steve’s eyeball.

“Extend Claw!” Beatrice said with a tone of a cold-blooded killer and her already sharp fingernail rushed forward, extending directly where Beatrice was pointing—into Steve’s eyeball.

“Ghuh!” Steve moved his head and leaned away, but the extending claw was fast enough to nick his cheek.

Beatrice had no chance to do further damage as—with a motion of his free hand—Steve commanded his eight spears that returned from the attack on Tabitha to impale Beatrice. The futanari succubus was just barely fast enough to avoid being hit, but that was mostly because she was directly between Steve and the spears, and Steve had to restrain the speed of the spears to avoid impaling himself.

“I’m the one who marks female faces! Not the other way around!!” Steve shouted as he stopped the spears in front of his face and straightened his posture. This revealed a bloody scratch across the right cheek from which a thin stream of blood poured down.

“In that case, I’m taking over your face marking job,” Beatrice declared, putting on a confident front while she considered her options.

“Your breasts are a hundred ounces too light to take me on!” Steve responded and took one of his spears into his right hand, keeping his giant shield in his left while seven spears hovered above him.

Beatrice was now 15 Stamina down from using her [Illusionary Split] and [Extend Claws] Skills, both of which were now on cooldown, as well as losing 6 Stamina per minute that she kept her [Sharp Claws] active.

But before Beatrice decided on her next move, both she and Steve noticed sudden movement through the trees.

“Sadist’s Whip!” Tabitha shouted while a magical, brightly glowing yellow whip flung through the air toward Steve’s neck. Tabitha approached from Steve’s left side with her whip in her hand.

But before the whip could wrap around Steve’s neck and strangle him, Steve simply moved one of his spears to intercept the whip. It neatly wrapped around the spear, Steve commanded the spear to fly to his right side, which suddenly jerked Tabitha’s arm who did not let go of the whip in time and sent her flying straight into Steve’s giant Shield of Dignity.  Steve prepared an intimate introduction of his shield to Tabitha, and—like with Olivia—intercepted the hapless mage with full force and a heavy thud, before knocking her back and sending her body flying: broken and unconscious. When Tabitha landed with another thud she did not so much as twitch.

Beatrice barely resisted the urge to facepalm. Within four seconds of extending pleasantries with Steve, Beatrice was down her second ally who had no right engaging into melee range.

Steve was turning out to be a far tougher opponent than all his dead lackeys combined, while most of Beatrice’s allies turned out to be the opposite. In the end, Beatrice’s fears of Olivia being indeed too overconfident and rash were confirmed. It did not really surprise Beatrice, because otherwise, Olivia would have probably tried to take on Belmot’s fortress on her own by now.

Meanwhile, Tabitha proved to be a barely competent support mage whose both defensive and crowd control capabilities were easily outmatched by the first semi-competent opponent they’ve encountered. And this left Beatrice re-evaluating her combat stats as well as her chances of victory.

Chapter Text

“I will give you this one chance,” Steve said to Beatrice after swiping Tabitha away like a bug. “If you surrender now and hand over the fox girl, I will take you to captain Gamesh. He practices holy magic, and he might be able to cure you of your deformities.”

“Thanks, but no thanks,” Beatrice said while still wondering what to do.

The succubus’s only accomplishment thus far has been that she was the only one that succeeded in actually drawing blood from Steve. The 25% Physical Attack boost from [Sharp Claws] Skill brought up Beatrice’s Physical attack to 15, which seemed enough to chip at Steve’s health, but Beatrice did not hold much hope that that puny number would be enough to cut through Steve’s Shield of Dignity. She wasn’t even sure she’d be able to cut through his armor.

That was the consequence of devoting so much of her attention to Eros Craft Skills, even though that did pay off in its own way because Beatrice managed to gain 11 levels in less than 24 hours while having lots of fun and with minimal fighting.

If Combat Craft was not cutting it, and Eros Craft was out of the question since Beatrice had no desire in engaging in any sort of sexual conduct with this particular opponent, that left Mischief Craft as the only remaining option. However, Mischief Craft Skills had a particularly nasty drawback in that they could be resisted by high-level enemies. And by each passing second, Steve proved himself to be just that.

This is my wish-fulfillment world! Beatrice reminded herself. I will not be undone by some prude who can’t handle a girl with a big, fat dick between her legs!

“So be it!” Steve shouted and charged Beatrice.

“Ah!” Beatrice was quickly running out of options. Putting all her faith into her status as a Saviour and a hero of her wish-fulfillment world, crafted for her by the Goddess Luluna herself, Beatrice raised her arms forward and pointed the palms of her hands at Steve as if intending to block all eight of his spears with her bare hands. The succubus channeled her recently acquired Mischief Skill and shouted “STRIP!!”

As Steve ran at Beatrice, his armor vanished in an instant. His helmet, purple cape, boots, pants—everything except his spears and magic shield was gone in an instant.

“Wuah!” Steve lost balance because of the sudden change of weight and misplaced a step, causing him to stumble and fall face first at Beatrice’s feet.

Beatrice was stunned herself for a split second—shocked that her Skill worked so well. But the momentary lapse passed and Beatrice lunged with her Sharp Claws at Steve’s exposed nape.

“GARGH!!!” Steve grunted like a beast and knocked Beatrice’s claws away with his shield.

Beatrice leaped back to avoid the same fate as Olivia and Tabitha while Steve rolled on the ground away from Beatrice before jumping to his feet.

Beatrice cursed her own inexperience with combat. If she did not get surprised by her own Skill and delay her attack or if she did not waste her [Extend Claws] on a pointless attack and waited for a better opportunity, Steve would have been dead already. Instead, they were both again at some thirty feet away from each other, though this time Steve had no clothes to speak of.

“Defective Monster! What did you do!?” Steve shouted and covered his nakedness with his Shield of Dignity.

“D-do you… You have no willpower, do you?” Beatrice asked.

“I have tons of willpower!” Steve protested.

But the [STRIP!] Skill’s description was quite clear.

Great Willpower or E-Rank and higher protective spells are required for the target to remain unaffected.


Beatrice smiled. Steve was literally wide open for her attacks. With no armor to protect himself apart from that annoying shield, Beatrice only needed one slice across a major artery. The only issue was Steve’s offensive capabilities. But since it turned out that Steve’s willpower was so weak that he could not even withstand an F-Rank Skill, Beatrice had an easy way to finish.

“What’s that behind you!?” Beatrice pointed behind Steve’s back and ran forward.

“As if I’d fall for such an old trick!” Steve said and prepared to take Beatrice on.

But that was exactly what Beatrice wanted. Her only goal was to reduce the distance from her opponent from thirty feet to twenty feet, and as soon as she was in range she cast her [Daze] Skill.

Chapter Text

“H-huuuh?” Steve’s expression changed the moment he was hit by Beatrice’s [Daze] Skill. The hard look of an experienced, vicious warrior transformed into that of a deeply confused, drunken fool.

All eight spears fell on the ground around Steve, and his Shield of Dignity dug into the earth under its own weight as Steve barely kept it upright.

The [Daze] Skill would last a whole twenty seconds, but Beatrice only needed two. With Steve’s shield barely protecting his legs and abdomen, Beatrice had countless angles to finish him off.

I wonder how many experience points I’ll gain from this? Beatrice wondered as she closed in on her first kill of the day.

“H-huh-AARGH!?” Beatrice screamed and covered her eyes from the blinding light that engulfed Steve and repelled the succubus. Everything was white even with her eyes closed shut. Along with the light and the strange repelling force that threw her back, a high-pitched sound assaulted Beatrice’s ears. Like a one-note signal from a TV that was cranked up to eleven.

Beatrice fell on her butt, disoriented and blind from the light that suddenly assaulted her retinas at point-blank range. But before Beatrice could think of what to do, the sound that blasted Beatrice’s ears suddenly stopped and the forest fell quiet, though Beatrice’s ears still ringed in the aftereffect. And although Beatrice was still blind, seeing nothing but huge bright light bulbs, she felt that no more light emanated in front of her.

Slow, light footsteps informed Beatrice that someone was approaching her from behind. Beatrice tried to get up to her feet and face whoever was approaching, but her attempt was far too slow and clumsy to have a chance at protecting herself from any possible enemy and she ended up falling back on her butt, not only blind but also dizzy.

“He’s gone,” Beatrice heard Ember’s voice.

“What was that bright light?” Beatrice asked, still seeing nothing but white bulbs and blurred-out shadows. “Did he run away?”

“No, that was some sort of a teleportation spell,” Ember said.

“I’m surprised you didn’t rush in sooner,” Beatrice said.

“Was I mistaken in thinking that you wanted to test your abilities?”

“Of course not! But it was close…”

“I had a spell already on the move at one point, but you got it under control,” Ember said and crouched opposite of Beatrice. Then Beatrice felt Ember’s hands on her face and her bodyguard said, “Open your eyes.”

“I-I already tried, but I still see nothing but white,” Beatrice said but opened her eyes again. The result was the same—a barely visible shadow that was supposed to be Ember’s face, obscured by huge bright white bulbs.

“You’ll be fine,” Ember said. “The damage is not permanent. You should have some of your sight back within ten minutes.”

That’s a relief, Beatrice thought and then realized, “Wait, how did he use any spells at all? He was done for!”

“That means that he wasn’t the one who used the spell,” Ember said. “The Purple Capes have powerful people among them. If you made the mistake of thinking that Steve was the most that they have to offer, you might want to reconsider your plan of taking on Belmot’s entire forces.”

“N-no… It’s fine,” Beatrice said and sighed. “I just need more training… How’s that fox girl?”

“Still out cold.”

“And how are the other two?”

“Oh? I think this is the perfect opportunity to be rid of them both.”


“Alright, alright, I’ll go take a look,” Ember said without much enthusiasm as if she was asked to babysit two annoying, spoiled children. She slowly got up and added, “But if they’re that weak, there’s not much point in keeping them with us.”

“Olivia did fine one against them all,” Beatrice said.

“She acted foolishly,” Ember insisted.

“Yes,” Beatrice agreed. “But right now, my power level is similar to theirs.”

“That will change quickly,” Ember said. “You’re already faster and stronger than yesterday. Those losers won’t keep up with your growth.”

“Even so, they’re important to me,” Beatrice said. “Go.”

“I don’t see why, if that’s your wish…” Ember’s voice trailed off as she probably went to check on Tabitha and Olivia. Beatrice still could not see well enough to be sure.

Beatrice sighed, disappointed in her performance, as well as the fact that a possibly huge chunk of combat experience just escaped her. Beatrice had several reasons to keep Tabitha and Olivia around. The only reason she wasn’t ready to mention was that one of them was likely a becoming mother of her future child.

Chapter Text

“Ghah!” Steve gasped as he fell on all fours against the hard, cold floor. He was no longer in the forest, but he was still naked. The spell successfully moved him away from danger. Steve was in a large, but poorly illuminated room. The only light came through several narrow windows in the thick exterior wall.

The last thing Steve recalled was the deformed half-naked whore charging at him, casting another spell on him. A few seconds later, the light engulfed him. But the teleporting spell was not his. And even if Steve did possess the magic abilities to master such a spell, he would not have been able to do anything under the debilitating effects of the spell that was cast on him by the deformed whore.

Steve looked up and saw his savior—sitting at a long but simple wooden table, enjoying her dinner. Even with the standard armor and shoulder pads that all Purple Capes wore, her small figure and narrow shoulders were obvious. Her black hair was done in a ponytail that reached just to her nape, except for the three thick bangs of black hair that fell across her thin face, nearly reaching the tip of her nose. With plenty of eyeliner, dark eyeshadow, and black lipstick the girl looked like some rebellious teenager. And yet, this skinny nineteen-year-old had the mark of a captain.

The captain had a large plate in front of her. And on that plate was unmistakably a well-cooked, humanoid lower leg, that the captain was eating without utensils.

“C-captain Flavna!” Steve kneeled, keeping his head low.

“You had twelve people to bring me a couple of foxkin,” the girl spoke. “How did you end up needing saving?”

“S-she was more powerful than we anticipated,” Steve tried to explain his failure. “She killed three of my men in an instant!”

“My men, not yours,” captain Flavna corrected Steve. “But you lost eight of my men, not three. Who killed the other five?”

“We ran into a… A strange group,” Steve murmured and looked away.

“Is that right? ‘A strange group’?” Flavna asked as she looked at Steve with utter disgust.

Flavna dropped the leg that she ate and disappeared from Steve’s sight. The next moment she reappeared in front of Steve – as if she had teleported – and front kicked Steve across his face, sending him flying up. She then threw a spinning kick into Steve’s stomach that popped like a gunshot and sent Steve flying back against the wall, smashing into the stone with a greater force than with which he incapacitated Tabitha and Olivia in his fight.

Steve fell face-down, naked on the cold floor, with a giant bruise on his back. His entire body trembled as he tried to raise his body even a couple of inches off the floor, but he started coughing up blood before he could even raise his head to look at Flavna.

“You lost eight men!” Flavna screamed. “You failed your mission! You brought shame to the uniform you wore! And you can’t even do a proper report!?”

“You shouldn’t scream like that,” a man spoke up from the other side of the room. He stood between the windows, obscured by the created shadows. Much taller than captain Flavna, he was not currently wearing his standard-issue armor. He was clearly muscular, but not over-buff muscle-bound like Steve. Rather, he looked strong and agile. With spiky dark blue hair that flowed back, except for a couple of short strands that fell across his dark blue eyes. Like Flavna, he also had a captain’s mark on his chest. Gamesh, the only man of equal ranking to Flavna among Belmot’s entire forces. He was utterly calm and composed, with his arms crossed, and simply added, “It makes your face wrinkly. And it also makes it seem like you’re not in control.”

“C-control?” Flavna asked and brushed away her three long bangs that fell across her eyes. “This little piece of shit was two seconds away from being on his knees, naked, face in the mud, ass to the sky, getting rammed like a common whore! He let some random group of nobodies and a fucking fox make an utter fool of him! Of us!”

Flavna swung her thin leg again across Steve’s jaw, sending blood and several teeth flying through the air.

“All our reputation that I’ve built over the years! All our power!” Flavna shouted at Steve, unable to control her rage as she stomped on Steve’s head and pressed it against the stone floor. “It’s bad enough that you’re a disgrace! You made the Purple Capes look like a joke!”

“They were weaklings anyway,” the blue-haired captain shrugged.

“Not you too!” Flavna shouted, seemingly exasperated as she took her leg off Steve’s head. She then took a few steps toward Gamesh and said, “Our power comes from our reputation. Our reputation depends on the strength, effectiveness, and ruthlessness of my soldiers. The King is getting increasingly difficult to predict. The murder princess just added another charred body to my list of things to take care of! Meanwhile, Belmot is even more useless than usual!”

Lord,” Gamesh mumbled as he visibly shook his head and looked to the side, reminding Flavna of the skipped honorific.

“He hasn’t been deserving of that title for over half a decade,” Flavna said with disdain. “But if the other nobles start getting ideas…”

“Aren’t you angry just because he didn’t bring the fox girl for you to cook?” Gamesh asked.

“I deserve something for all I’m dealing with!” Flavna shouted in frustration at Gamesh, but then looked away and took deep breaths to calm down. She then walked over to Steve and with a swift kick to his kidney flipped him over.

Flavna then stepped on Steve’s chest, leaned against her knee, grinding her heel into his chest, making his ribs creak, and said, “Start from the beginning. Don’t leave any details out.”

“Or do,” Gamesh said and revealed a menacing grin. “I’ve been looking for new test subjects.”

Chapter Text

“Bad news,” Ember said when she returned to Beatrice from the inspection of the wounded. “Olivia might live, though she’ll be an utterly useless cripple for the foreseeable future. And Tabitha has massive internal bleeding and will probably die within the hour.”

“What!?” the half-blind succubus struggled to her feet the moment she heard the terrible news.

However, unlike the distraught succubus, Ember did not seem all that concerned. She said ‘bad news’ but nothing in her tone indicated any worry or even a hint of sadness for the situation of her party members.

“Help me get to Tabitha first!” Beatrice told her uncaring bodyguard.

“Sure thing,” Ember said and put her arm around Beatrice’s waist. Despite showing zero care for the well-being of Beatrice’s new toys, Ember had no intention of hindering the future Saviour. Though that did not stop her from trying to convince Beatrice of the futility of her actions, while slowly guiding the succubus toward her fallen friends.

“There isn’t much we can do for them now,” Ember said as she and Beatrice slowly walked in tandem. “Tabitha will die in pain and Olivia will eventually starve. No one will waste their time on a cripple.”

“Don’t you have any healing spells or items?” Beatrice asked her uncaring bodyguard.

“Sadly, healing is not something I have any talent in,” Ember said, again without sadness.

Shit! Beatrice cursed, thinking what to do.

“Here we are,” Ember said and stopped with Beatrice next to Tabitha who was lying on the ground.

Beatrice fell on her knees next to Tabitha and tried to perform an examination as best she could. Beatrice knew human anatomy better than most in her field. This would have been easy if she had any equipment from her past world or if—at the very least—she wasn’t half-blind. As it was, Beatrice was forced to rely on nothing more than her sense of touch, as well as her ears that were blasted just a couple of minutes ago.

“Tch,” Beatrice realized how awkward and difficult it was performing palpation with her long fingernails. She moved her fingers slowly, applying varying degrees of pressure. She did not dare to move Tabitha. Within the first thirty seconds, it was obvious that she had several broken bones in just her left arm. And judging by the force with which Steve threw Tabitha around, a broken spine was likely.

Beatrice found an artery on Tabitha’s neck and measured her pulse. While she did that she heard the obviously abnormal breathing.

“Pulse is through the roof,” Beatrice said grimly.

Second by second, inch by inch, Beatrice reluctantly confirmed Ember’s grim prognosis.

“How far are we away from the city?” Beatrice asked while she continued her exam, momentarily forgetting that they were in the capital, just a very strange one, that had a gigantic forest within its walls for some reason. “I mean... Actual civilization. A doctor or healer or something?”

“At least another three hours,” Ember answered. “And that’s without carrying wounded. Obviously bringing someone here would be too late.”

Of course, Beatrice gave up on any outside help and instead applied pressure on Tabitha’s upper left abdomen.

“Tender,” Beatrice mumbled to herself, despairing even more.

“M-my G-g… Goddess… It... W-was...” Tabitha mumbled barely audibly between her short breaths before succumbing to another wave of violent coughing.

“Shut up, you fool!” Beatrice snapped, nearly in tears. Even with her vision foggy and still obstructed by dimming white lights, Beatrice could see that Tabitha was coughing up bubbly blood.

“The lungs,” Beatrice said and moved her examination to Tabitha’s ribs. There was bruising and swelling all over.

Fuuuuck! Beatrice despaired internally and fell back. Her mouth was dry. The succubus forcibly filled her mouth with saliva, swallowed hard, and took a deep breath.

“Broken bones, dislocated shoulder, ruptured spleen, broken ribs, punctured lung,” Beatrice listed off what she found just in a couple of minutes of a surface-level physical examination.

“The best thing we can do for them now is put them out of their misery,” Ember suggested. “A mercy killing.”

“SHUT UP!” Beatrice screamed at Ember, flatly refusing the barbaric solution. Instead, she turned to her own Skills for a solution.

I still have two points to spend! Beatrice thought as she went through the list of potential Combat Craft Skills in her mind’s eye. But she could not find what she was looking for. Neither could she find it in the Mischief Craft. As for Eros Craft…

[Fast(er) Recovery] really is the only healing Skill I can get? Beatrice despaired. We’re not talking about a little post-intercourse exhaustion here! Her internal organs are on the verge of shutting down!!

With nothing better to offer, Beatrice gently put her hand between Tabitha’s breasts, barely touching the bruised area, and cast the rejuvenating Skill.

Beatrice remained completely still for a couple of seconds, holding her breath while she listened to Tabitha’s labored breathing.

Nothing! Beatrice lowered her head, realizing her Skill had no effect. The answer to “why?” was obvious.

Skill Name: Fast(er) Recovery

Rank: D

Type: Eros Craft / Active

Cost: 10 Stamina

Cooldown: 2 Minutes

Description: Despite the marvelous, otherworldly orgasms, sex with a succubus can be taxing for mortals. This skill heals succubus’s sexual partners from their post-sex exhaustion, restoring a portion of the target’s Health Points and Stamina Points. The target and the succubus must have had sexual intercourse for this skill to be usable.

Requires direct skin contact between the Succubus and the target.

Cannot be used on the same target more than once per hour.

Minimum Requirements:

Character level: 6


‘Must have had’! Be more specific!!! Beatrice wanted to scream at the nebulous system. Beatrice needed to have sex with the person she wanted to heal. But apparently, this also meant that she needed to have sex right before using this Skill.

“Fuck!” Beatrice cursed and brought up her Skill Enhancement tab and searched for [Fast(er) Recovery].

Skill Enhancement: Fast(er) Recovery (+1)

Rank: C

Type: Eros Craft / Active

Cost: 30 Stamina

Cooldown: 2 Minutes

Description: Despite the marvelous, otherworldly orgasms, sex with a succubus can be taxing for mortals. This skill heals succubus’s sexual partners from their post-sex exhaustion, restoring 20% of the target’s maximum Health Points, 20% of the target’s maximum Stamina Points, removing debuffs and status effects of Rank C or lower. The target and the succubus must have had sexual intercourse for this skill to be usable.

Requires direct skin contact between the Succubus and the target.

Cannot be used on the same target more than once per hour.

Minimum Requirements:

Character level: 12

Skill Points in Eros Craft: 12


Beatrice jumped to her Skill Point Tab to confirm her Skill Point distribution.

Skill Points

Total Skill Points


Unused Skill Points


Skill Points in Combat Craft


Skill Points in Mischief Craft


Skill Points in Eros Craft


A glance at her information tab confirmed what Beatrice already knew.









11 (14%)


I really have no other choice, do I? Beatrice thought, understanding what needed to be done, and acquired the enhancement for her [Fast(er) Recovery] Skill.

Chapter Text

With a decent healing Skill secured, Beatrice had only one thing left to do—complete the prerequisite condition for the Skill to be usable. Again, Beatrice swallowed hard. She needed to have sex with the dying girl.

Slowly and with great anxiety Beatrice moved to take her position between Tabitha’s legs. The closer Beatrice got to her position, the slower she moved. Beatrice was sweating. She knew what needed to be done. All that it required was a raging hard cock. A hard cock and a quick pounding were all it took in this world to save someone from dying. At least for a magical, Goddess-blessed sex demon-like Beatrice. There was only one problem. The succubus was not getting hard at all.

True, she had a quickie with Tabitha in the middle of Olivia’s fight just to calm down, but that was it. It was just to calm down. She only came two times. Just in case, Beatrice checked her Information to make sure that her Arousal Points had not gone into the negative for some reason.

Arousal Points

73.28/155 (+0.01/sec)


Big surprise, Beatrice thought as she looked at her nearly half-full Arousal Point Pool.

Maybe if she had taken a hit from Steve as bad as Tabitha or Olivia, Beatrice could have written her current flaccid condition as some sort of physical trauma. But no, Beatrice knew exactly what this was. Something she had not felt since she was summoned to this world. Performance Anxiety.

Beatrice knew she had no reason to be worried about her performance. Not after nearly twenty-four hours of non-stop sex. She knew she could make girls cum. She knew she had more stamina than most and could get hard again and again. She knew all that. But why was she stuck in her head? Why was she repeating the same thing over and over, convincing herself of things she already knew to be true?

It was embarrassing. But more importantly, she had no time for this! Tabitha’s life was hanging in the balance! Was that really all it took? A little bit of pressure for her confidence to crumble? Why?

This makes no sense!! Beatrice screamed internally as she massaged her soft cock, trying to get her soldier to perform. She closed her eyes, recalling all the good times she had in this world. She remembered how just this morning Tabitha gave her such a wonderful start to the day. But it only made things worse. The pleasant memory turned to pain as Beatrice instantly remembered how badly bruised and beaten Tabitha was currently, laying at her feet.

Even though she could barely see it at the time, Beatrice’s own imagination did all the work for her. Beatrice could clearly see as if with her own eyes, every dark blue and red bruise across Tabitha’s chest, the broken arm, the blood on her lips. It was even worse, because Beatrice’s imagination was not limited by her eyes, and she clearly envisioned how Tabitha’s organs bled out internally, how the broken rib that punctured Tabitha’s lung, drove itself deeper with each labored breath of the dying mage. In and out of the tissue, damaging it further.

And Beatrice was supposed to have sex?

What a cruel joke, Beatrice thought, cursing her own education that allowed for such vivid images.

Beatrice realized that all of this anxiety and damn erectile dysfunction started from her reservations at the thought that she had to perform the highly questionable act of having sex with a dying girl.

No! She’s not dying! Beatrice reminded herself. She won’t die! I won’t let her! That’s exactly why I need to do this! Pull yourself together, dammit! Are you a succubus or not!? If you won’t do this, she WILL die! Ember could not give two fucks! And even if she did, she has no way to heal wounds like this and we’re still in the middle of nowhere!

Fuck! Beatrice almost hit her own dick in frustration. I don’t have time for this!! Every second like this felt like an eternity. How long has it been? Seconds? Minutes? Hours? Tabitha didn’t have either hours, or minutes, nor even seconds! Even now, Beatrice was wasting precious seconds. As if a giant old-timey clock was put against Beatrice’s ear, she could vividly hear the last seconds of Tabitha’s life ticking away. If it continued like this Beatrice would lose the mother of her unborn child!

No! Beatrice argued with herself. I don’t… I don’t know that… But… Even though Beatrice had no proof. She could not shake off the feeling that it was true. That Tabitha was the one who was pregnant. As could sweat poured from her forehead and into her semi-open eyes, the succubus realized that her hands were shaking.

Chapter Text

Fuck! Come on! Beatrice cursed herself, her thoughts going in circles. If only she didn’t play around! If only they took this more seriously! If all four of them attacked together, this wouldn’t have happened! But Ember wasn’t to blame. Beatrice was. Beatrice was the one who wanted to test her limits as well .as the limits of her companions. She didn’t want to constantly rely on Ember. And this was the result.

In desperation, Beatrice returned to her memories, trying her best not to think of Tabitha. She had plenty of other lewd memories just from her first day in this world.

Beatrice recalled her first threesome in Lucarad’s underground lair. How she seduced Olivia for the first time. But it was all for nothing. Each time her mind returned to Tabitha. Her thoughts dashed from Lucarad’s lair to a similar underground tunnel and her quickie with Ember, which naturally flashed forward to the same place where she took Tabitha together with Ember. The memory of the seduction of Olivia led to an even hotter one together with Olivia and Tabitha. A memory that instantly turned bitter and returned Beatrice to the present. Even when thinking of Olivia—

Olivia!! Beatrice's eyes snapped wide open (though her vision was still foggy and good for nothing) when she remembered that she had another teammate to attend to. While Beatrice was wasting her time wallowing in regret and self-blame, Olivia’s condition was no doubt getting worse! Beatrice recalled how Olivia’s back smashed against the tree. And here she was…

“Fuck!” Beatrice shouted in frustration as she stood on her knees over Tabitha. Pathetic! Pathetic!

That’s when Beatrice felt Ember’s breath at the back of her ear.

“It’s alright,” Ember whispered as her hands slid across Beatrice’s skin.

Ember slowly undid Beatrice’s bra and gently caressed her big breasts. Her fingers circled Beatrice’s nipples, sending electrifying shocks up Beatrice’s back. Ember used the same tricks on Beatrice that the succubus used on Olivia: playing with Beatrice’s ear lobe, licking at sucking it, while her hands massaged Beatrice’s massive breasts. Ember then slid her fingers down, across the succubus’s seductive belly, toward Beatrice’s cunt and dick, which started to grow firmer from the redhead’s skilled stimulation.

Beatrice was desperate to forget her predicament. To think of something else, anything. The succubus gladly gave herself to Ember’s seductive touch, which distracted her from her own doubts and replaced the crippling thoughts in her mind with much more pleasant feelings.

“Yes, that’s it,” Ember chuckled when her hands reached Beatrice’s growing dick. She lightly wrapped her finger’s around Beatrice’s cock and stroked it slowly, touching it just enough to stimulate but to keep Beatrice wanting more. Ember then brought her fingers to Beatrice’s lips and said, “Lick them!”

Beatrice not only licked those fingers, but she wrapped her big lips around them, lubricating them with her saliva while she imagined them inside her pussy. Ember planned just that—she withdrew her fingers from Beatrice’s mouth and rewarded the succubus for following her instructions by pressing them against Beatrice’s pussy lips, circling slowly across them.

Whether it was Ember’s skill or Beatrice’s own desire to drown her mind in oblivious pleasure, but the futanari’s pussy quickly filled with juices that prepared her for the much desired, imminent entrance. Beatrice moaned when Ember slid two fingers inside her. Ember’s offensive was incredible—the redhead seemed to know exactly how and where to apply pressure to provide the most pleasant stimulation by using nothing more than her two fingers.

“Cough-Ghuuuaaah-Cough! Cough!”

Tabitha’s painful coughs through ragged gasps for air pulled Beatrice right out of her pleasure world. Like a bucket of cold water, it instantly snapped Beatrice’s mind back to reality and the succubus was made painfully aware of the gravity of the current situation.

Am I that easily distracted? No, that was exactly what I needed! The hell? Stay focused! This is for Tabitha!

But the thought that Beatrice let herself be toyed with and got an erection out of it when she couldn’t manage one by her own power, sent new doubts into her mind. She gained pleasure by submitting herself and running from her responsibility to heal her teammate! What sort of leader does that!? This had an instant effect on the firmness of her erection which did not go unnoticed by Ember.

“I could have saved her, you know,” Ember whispered in Beatrice’s ear as she took a firmer grip around the futanari’s dick and picked up her stroking pace along with the pace of her two fingers inside Beatrice’s pussy. “But it’s okay. We have each other. I can take care of all your needs.”

Ember’s words made Beatrice furious. Again and again, the same thing!

“I already said we’re not letting them die!” Beatrice said through grit teeth.

“It’s too late, and you know it,” Ember whispered into Beatrice’s ear and chuckled. “I was looking for a chance to get rid of this whore. I could have intervened in the fight before it got to this, but I held back on purpose. I wanted both these useless sluts to get themselves killed. They held you back anyway! Distracted you from your goal. Stole your attention from me. But not anymore! Now I can have your big dick all to myself!”

Beatrice snapped and before she realized what was going on, she was on top of Ember, pinning her bodyguard to the ground.

Chapter Text

“Finally!” Ember giggled and looked directly into Beatrice’s eyes. The succubus straddled the redhead and pressed her wrists to the ground, squeezing tightly.

Beatrice’s blood was boiling from rage as she looked back at Ember. How could this girl laugh so gleefully about the death of others? It took the succubus a second to realize that Ember’s robes had somehow come undone in the scuffle and now one of Ember’s perky breasts was exposed. Beatrice’s eyes fixated on the tantalizing hard pink nipple.

“Yes! That’s it!” Ember moaned with a seductive smile and squirmed underneath Beatrice, which caused her robes to further slide off her body. “You want it, don’t you?”

Beatrice didn’t answer, studying the seductive body of her bodyguard. Firm breasts, flat stomach, smooth skin. The peak of female fertility.

“It hurt when you didn’t even look at me anymore,” Ember said and continued rubbing her thighs against each other. “If I knew I would get such a quick and firm reaction, I would’ve gotten rid of those two a long time ago!”

Firm? Beatrice questioned, but then looked down and realized that her dick was hard as a rock for her bodyguard’s body. Though Beatrice had tasted Ember’s pussy, and even had Ember’s temporary dick in her mouth, she never conquered her bodyguard fully.

But anger again swelled inside Beatrice’s chest. Ember was fine with going against her orders and dispose of her valuable companions just to get her dick inside her?

“Why didn’t you say anything?” Beatrice asked, barely able to control herself.

“I’m not about to beg for attention!” Ember pouted. “It’s not hot if you don’t want me. Who’d want a dick inside them out of pity? I wanted you to ravage me like there’s no tomorrow! And that meant that those two needed to go!”

“It was not your choice to make!”

“It was! Because now I have you on top of me. I’d kill anyone for that! I just didn’t expect that those two dumb whores would get themselves killed so easily and spare me the trouble! Hahaha!”

Beatrice lost it. She ripped Ember’s robes off the redhead’s already semi-exposed body, spread her legs, and thrust her hard cock deep inside Ember’s pussy.

“UAAHHH~” Ember gasped as air was pushed out of her by the sudden powerful thrust.

Beatrice let go of Ember’s wrists and grabbed the girl by her hips.

“Is this what you wanted!?” Beatrice shouted as she thrust her cock in and out of Ember’s tight, wet pussy.

“Yessss~! Ahn~! This is exactly what I wanted!” Ember moaned and smiled, and laughed as she ran her hand all over her body.

Beatrice raised Ember’s hips into the air as she kept fucking the tight female. Ember's robes fell underneath her, exposing the redhead fully to the succubus. Only at the arms did Ember’s blue robes still remain attached to her, crumpling under her shoulder blades while Beatrice fucked her harder and harder, pushing her into them with her powerful thrusts.

Ember partially supported her lower body by the very tips of her toes, the calves of her skinny legs flexed doing so. The position made Ember’s stomach appear even flatter, to the point that Beatrice was half-expecting to see Ember’s abdomen bulge from her thrusts if only her dick was a little longer.

“Yes! That’s it! Keep going!” Ember moaned as she brushed her red hair off her face and bit her finger, barely able to deal with the stimulation. “Fuck me to your heart’s content!”

As Beatrice was losing herself in the simple, carnal pleasure, something pulled on her conscience. She looked at the moaning sexy girl she was fucking, her ecstatic expression of getting filled by a hard cock, but instead of Ember, Beatrice momentarily got a vision of Tabitha, who lived for Beatrice’s cock, and was now dying.

Beatrice’s movements slowed. She continued fucking Ember, but the redhead instantly noticed the drop in passion. The tiniest decrease in the girth of a swollen cock-head in a tight pussy could not escape Ember’s attention.

The redhead braced against the ground, wrapped her legs around Beatrice’s hips, and swiftly leaped up from the ground until she was face to face with Beatrice. Ember’s breasts slapped against Beatrice’s massive tits and Ember instantly started rocking her hips with Beatrice’s cock deep inside her. She put her hands on Beatrice’s face, turning her away from Tabitha.

“No! Only me!!” Ember said with firm conviction while looking at Beatrice. “I’m-hn-all that you need! The only one! The Savior’s cock is mine! AHH! Mine alone! You don’t need those useless sluts! Second-rate cum-dumpsters! Good riddance! Haha!”

Beatrice’s eyes went wide and red from shock and fury. Then they narrowed, like that of a predator, and the succubus said just one thing while her tail sprung into action, “Be careful what you wish for!”

Chapter Text

“Oh?” Ember grinned with anticipation once she heard Beatrice’s foreboding words and saw the tail swirl towards her nether regions.

But Beatrice no longer minced words and did not explain herself further. If Ember wanted to replace Olivia and Tabitha, and take on all that the “sex goddess” succubus had to offer, then so be it!

Beatrice held up Ember by her perky little butt and pulled out of her fucked cunt. But Ember did not stay empty for long. Beatrice moved the tip of her tail to and pushed it against Ember’s drenched pussy lips, and at the same time, she pulled Ember closer by her butt and aligned her fat cock with Ember’s backdoor entrance.

“W-wait—” was the only word Ember got out before Beatrice thrust inside the redhead’s vacant holes, filling her up all the way in a single, powerful thrust.

“UAHHHH~!” Ember screamed out as she threw her head back and dug her nails into Beatrice’s shoulders, scratching the succubus’s skin.

Beatrice pulled back, but only far enough to not slip out of neither Ember’s ass nor twat, and thrust again inside her, full force as deep as she could, filling Ember to the brim. Having a six-inch, as hard as steel rod shoved up her ass was already hard to handle for Ember, but there was no pussy in this world that Ember knew of that could contain the length of Beatrice’s lewd tail.

Beatrice reached Ember’s womb with the first thrust of her tail, and with the second thrust, she pounded against Ember’s fertile organ full-force, cementing her presence inside Ember, making sure that the redhead never forgot this experience.

Beatrice wanted to see Ember’s flat belly bulge, and now she got her opportunity. She threw Ember off her upper body but still held her hips firmly. Ember’s shoulder blades hit the ground and the redhead once again found herself under Beatrice, with an arched back and a stuffed pussy. Her cunt was in the air, facing Beatrice, her tits bounced back and forth from the rough fucking. And Ember kept her ecstatic grin all the way through it.

“Ahn! Yes! Just like that! Fill me up! Mess me up!” Ember moaned and screamed, wincing in discomfort when Beatrice thrust particularly deep. Beatrice’s cock and tail rubbed against each other through Ember’s thin inner walls, providing enough stimulation that Beatrice would’ve ordinarily cum by now.

But something snapped within Beatrice. Her bodyguard’s disobedience. Her disregard for life. The reveling in the imminent death of people to who Beatrice grew attached. Ember needed to be taught a lesson! But to think that she’d be enjoying this so much! Reveling in it! Beatrice fucked Ember harder and harder, but Ember seemed to be insatiable, moaning for more.

“You enjoying this that much!? This was what you wanted all along!?” Beatrice grunted as she kept hate-fucking Ember, confused whether she was punishing her bodyguard or giving her exactly what she wanted. “You called them ‘whores’ and ‘sluts’, but you’re no better!”

“Yes! I’m a whore! A slut! A slut for your big cock! Use me however you see fit!” Ember cried out and put her hand on her abdomen, where it bludged from Beatrice’s particularly hard and deep tail thrusts. “I’m the only one the Savior will ever need! The only one who will take care of the Savior’s lustful desires!”

“What do you know about my desires!?” Beatrice screamed. She was hurting on the inside, on the verge of breaking mentally, but her cock was as hard as a rock and the stimulation she got from massaging her sensitive tail by fucking and bulging Ember’s tight cunt was almost too much for Beatrice to handle. This back and forth of emotions was the only thing that kept Beatrice from cumming already as she took out her frustrations on Ember.

“AHN! I know what your cock wants!” Ember replied through sultry moans. “That hard cock that’s about to fill up my ass with your holy seed!”

“M-my goddess?” Tabitha moaned weakly behind them.

Beatrice froze and turned her head. Tabitha’s whole body was trembling as she attempted to sit up through sheer willpower. But Tabitha’s attempt was unsuccessful and as she collapsed back down after getting only a few inches off the ground.

Beatrice looked at Tabitha in pain, then turned back to Ember.

“You’re ready for her,” Ember said quietly with a smile, feeling that Beatrice’s cock was at its peak of girthiness and strength.

“You…” Beatrice instantly realized what Ember was doing this entire time, but there was no time to waste. The succubus pulled her cock and tail out of Ember and moved over to Tabitha before it was too late.

Chapter Text

Beatrice’s confidence was back. Thanks to Ember’s machinations, the succubus was as hard as she could possibly be, on the verge of unleashing her load, and fully ready to complete the prerequisite steps to using her healing Skill. Within two seconds of pulling out of Ember, Beatrice was already towering over weakened Tabitha, who still could only lay on the ground.

“Y-yes,” Tabitha smiled with building excitement when she saw Beatrice approach her with a raging boner between her legs. “One final fuck from my goddess!”

Tabitha spread her trembling arms, welcoming Beatrice, and said, “Please! Cough! Take me! I’m ready! Impale me with your cock! Send me to—”

“Shut up!” Beatrice commanded as she got into position between Tabitha’s legs and aligned her swollen cock with Tabitha’s pussy.

Beatrice couldn’t help but be amazed. Even now, in this condition, Tabitha was getting wet at the mere thought of getting fucked by Beatrice. Or was it because she was about to get fucked in this horrible condition that Tabitha was getting aroused faster than ever. Her pussy juices were already leaking out of her pussy and forming a puddle.

Beatrice hadn’t checked Tabitha’s pussy during the physical examination—there was no need for it—but now she couldn't help but wonder if Tabitha was aroused even before she saw the futanari succubus approaching with the massive erection.

Beatrice looked into Tabitha’s eyes and spoke slowly, choosing her words with care, “Listen carefully, this is not your final fuck! You will not die here today!”  

“Eh?” Tabitha seemed confused, almost disappointed.

But Beatrice was adamant. She knew of Tabitha’s perverted fantasies. Tabitha confessed them herself. The mage might have indeed been perfectly happy with this outcome, even ecstatic about it. But Beatrice had other plans.

Even as the succubus slowly spread Tabitha’s glistening pussy lips and pushed inside, she did so not with hard, brutal roughness that Tabitha nearly always begged for and got wet for. Instead, Beatrice proceeded with the utmost care, going out of her way to avoid any possible harm.

Beatrice put her hands on Tabitha’s hips, holding them firmly, but not squeezing too hard. She held Tabitha in place by the hips so that she did not move any more than necessary, protecting the mage’s damaged organs. The succubus did everything in her power to prevent Tabitha’s wounds from getting any worse.

“There are still so many things that neither of us has seen or experienced,” Beatrice said as she slowly fucked Tabitha. “It would be an incredible waste to deliberately miss out on so much more pleasure that life has to offer.”

Tabitha seemed to have already resigned to her fate, even anticipated it. She put her hands around Beatrice’s forearms. She attempted to squeeze them to show her resolve but was too weak physically. But there was still life in Tabitha’s eyes, and she argued for her fate, “But dying here would be the greatest pleasure of them all! Using myself for your cause… The way he smashed my body! Just remembering it—”

“Shut up and listen to me!” Beatrice interrupted Tabitha’s foolishness. “I forbid you to die! As long as I wish it, you will remain alive and do everything in your power to stay alive!”

“B-but, I—”

“You gave yourself to me! Fully! To use in whichever way I see fit! You do not get to simply take it all back by dying at the first opportunity! You are mine! And you will remain by my side for as long as I wish! Is that understood!?”

“Y-yes!” Tabitha squeaked like a mouse.

“Good!” Beatrice smiled. “Here’s your reward!”

Beatrice thrust her cock forward one more time and let go of Tabitha’s hips. With her swollen cock twitching deep inside Tabitha’s moist warmth, Beatrice braced with her forearms against the ground and leaned close to Tabitha.

“Ahn!” Tabitha let out a soft moan just before she received a warm kiss from Beatrice.

And as their lips pressed closer together, Beatrice came deep inside Tabitha’s pussy.

The girls continued kissing with open mouths, their tongues entwined while Beatrice continued pumping her seed into Tabitha. Beatrice disregarded the metallic taste of blood, she wanted to comfort Tabitha. And before Beatrice’s cock released one final spurt of cum, Beatrice used [Fast(er) Recovery] to heal Tabitha from her mortal wounds and save her life.

-31 AP



Chapter Text

“Take a deep breath,” Beatrice said as she placed her ear between Tabitha’s breasts. “Breath out. Breath in… Incredible…”

Beatrice continued her physical exam of Tabitha, barely believing what she felt and saw. Beatrice’s eyesight continued to return, but even her impaired vision could not hide the supernatural improvement of Tabitha’s condition. Sure, Tabitha still had many wounds, but her life was beyond any doubt no longer in danger.

“You should rest here for a little more while you can because we’ll be moving on soon,” Beatrice said to Tabitha.

“Give the command! I’m ready to follow you wherever you please,” Tabitha answered.

Beatrice stood up and walked to where Olivia was supposed to be.

“Those are some advanced healing powers you have,” Ember said to Beatrice when the latter passed her. The redhead had already put on her robes and save for her messed up hair there was very little to indicate that Ember had just been plowed like a cheap whore.

“Those were some advanced acting powers you have,” Beatrice answered and stopped to talk with her bodyguard.

“Thank you!” Ember smiled, seemingly genuinely happy to receive such praise. And that genuine happy smile seemed somewhat eerie, coming from Ember and considering what exactly Beatrice was praising.

“An interesting strategy to antagonize me on purpose.”

“You just looked so sad with that flaccid dick in your hands,” Ember chuckled. “You usually get uncontrollably horny if you haven’t had sex for some time, evidenced by your earlier intercourses with Tabitha, especially the one in the middle of a fight. We were walking for about three hours. So, three to four hours is about as much as you can handle before you need to screw some hot girl again, right?”

“Very perceptive,” Beatrice said, thinking to herself that she really needs to increase her Arousal Point pool.

“Thank you!” Ember chuckled again. “But since you fucked Tabitha during the fight, so you could not have been horny enough to want to fuck a dying girl that you fancy so much for some reason. Not to mention that if you had been, your dick would not be so pathetically small. So, it had to have been something else. I bet it on being some sort attempted further development of your sexual powers.”

“And the solution was to get me angry enough to hate fuck you?”

“I’ve seen many guys with confidences issues,” Ember laughed. “Some require different approaches, but in the end, it all comes down to them thinking too much and just needing to be dragged out of their own heads.”

“Well, your continuous antagonism toward Tabitha and Olivia made your ploy very believable.”

“When it comes to their combat powers, I did not lie,” Ember said flatly. “They’re barely worth what they cost to feed. But I will not deny that sometimes cheap meat shields come in handy, and since you need to recover more of your powers to fully come into your own as this world’s Saviour as Lucarad’s Scrolls predicted, sex slaves will come in handy to help you in developing your powers.”

“They are not sex slaves!” Beatrice insisted and walked to where Olivia was supposed to be.

“Call them whatever you want,” Ember shrugged and followed Beatrice. “The name of an object doesn’t matter. Only its purpose matters.”

“People aren’t objects,” Beatrice said as she approached Olivia.

“Again, you’re too concerned about names,” Ember chuckled.

Beatrice sighed. She was grateful for Ember’s help in saving Tabitha’s life, but somehow Ember found a way to undermine even that. The succubus decided it was more productive to concentrate her efforts on Olivia.

The ninja girl was unconscious, and a quick inspection revealed that she was in a similarly rough shape, like Tabitha.

“Olivia!” Beatrice attempted to wake Olivia, being careful not to move the damaged ninja girl.

She awoke easily, though she was obviously weak from her battle.

“W-what happened?” Olivia asked as she looked at Beatrice. Then she looked around, saw Ember close beside her, and asked, “Where’s the last one?”

“He’s gone,” Beatrice answered as she continued her inspection of Olivia. “He used some sort of magic to escape. And you have a broken back.”

“A… A… B-broken?” Olivia teared up. All her hopes of saving her sister, of having her revenge… It all crumbled in a blink of an eye. “I couldn’t… I couldn’t even dispose of a few underlings! I thought… I thought that I could at least manage that much… If you could bring at least some justice to this rotten world… And now… And now…”

“It’s not over yet,” Beatrice said as she finished her exam of Olivia.

Considering what state Tabitha was in just minutes before and that now she was not only not choking on her own blood, but was even ready to walk all on her own, a simple broken back seemed trivial compared to bringing someone back from the brink of death.

“How!?” Olivia shouted and tried to get up, but obviously, she could not. Everything below her waist was paralyzed and refused to obey her commands. “Look at this! I’m a cripple! It’s over!”

“It isn’t,” Beatrice said. “I can heal you.”

“Y-you can? How?”

“Take a guess,” Ember chuckled.

“H-huh?” Olivia looked at Ember with a foreboding feeling. Ember was smiling, and Olivia did not like that at all.

“Let’s just say that you probably won’t feel a thing,” Ember said while Beatrice pulled out her dick.

Chapter Text

Several minutes later the deed was done, and Beatrice used her [Fast(er) Recovery] Skill to heal Olivia’s broken back along with her other—albeit minor—injuries.  

“You feel that?” Beatrice asked when she squeezed Olivia’s big toe.

“Y-yes!” Olivia said in amazement. She even moved her toes all on her own. Then she blushed and added, “it’s not the only thing I feel.”

“Oh, right!” Beatrice pulled out of Olivia and wondered where to wipe her cock that was covered in cum and Olivia’s pussy juices.

The succubus turned toward some big leaves on one of the nearby bushes when she heard a scream: “Waaaaaait!”

Tabitha rushed to the rescue, limping and breathing heavily, with an even redder face than Olivia. The green-haired mage dropped to her knees at Beatrice’s feet and licked the succubus’ cock clean.

“I didn’t dare interrupt your ritual,” Tabitha said. “But that doesn’t mean I couldn’t masturbate as I watched you fuck her into health. And I most certainly will not allow your delicious nectar to go to waste!”

“You would have done quite well in a certain person’s certain cult,” Ember crossed her arms and chuckled while Tabitha moved from Beatrice’s cock to Olivia’s pussy to collect the leaking goods.

“W-wait!” Olivia tried to push Tabitha away and close her legs, but Tabitha’s skilled tongue proved too pleasant to the girl that just got her sensations back. Olivia relented and simply enjoyed letting Tabitha do her thing.

Seeing the eager mage on all fours, licking the semen out of another hot girl’s pussy, got Beatrice hard again. Having her dick licked clean was already a turn-on, but this sealed the deal. Beatrice got on her knees behind Tabitha, grabbed her by the hips, and thrust into the wet pussy that Tabitha had finger-fucked mere moments ago.

“Ohmf, Yemfs!” Tabitha moaned into Olivia’s pussy as Beatrice fucked her doggy style.

“Don’t talk with your mouth full!” Olivia scolded Tabitha half-heartedly. The ninja girl threw her head back and enjoyed the rising pleasure. Tabitha had already sucked out all the cum that was to be found within Olivia and was now licking Olivia’s juicy pussy just for the thrill of it.

Beatrice hadn’t planned on turning this into an after-battle threesome, but when a girl suddenly just starts licking another girl’s pussy while wagging her own wet hole in the air, begging for attention, how is a succubus supposed to resist?

“That’s it! Make her cum!” Beatrice commanded Tabitha while plowing her from behind.

“Mfm! Yes! I will! Ahn! Imfm will!” Tabitha rose from Olivia’s cunt just long enough to moan and fill her lungs with air, before getting back to work. When she was filled with Beatrice’s cock, she would do anything to keep it inside. Licking another girl to orgasm was just a bonus. Tabitha slid two fingers between Olivia’s pussy lips and slowly pushed them inside while working on Olivia’s clit.

“Oh, God!” Olivia moaned. She never had her pussy licked by a girl before. She was never attracted to girls, so this was supposed to feel wrong. Disgusting! But it didn’t! It felt fucking amazing!

Olivia felt her orgasm approach quickly. And with that pleasureful feeling, a certain shameful thought crept into her mind. If Beatrice hadn’t healed her back, she would have never experienced pleasure like this again. She was supposed to be worried about her sister, and yet here she was—moaning and thrusting her pussy into another woman’s mouth like a slut, relieved that her sexual adventures were not over.

“What a horrible person I’ve become,” was what Olivia wanted to say. Instead, she screamed, “More! Ahn! Deeper! Fuck me deeper! Lick my clit more!”

Olivia decided to ignore her conscience. No, to drown it! Drown it with pleasure! And she begged for it! Begged for Tabitha’s skilled tongue and fingers to make her forget herself.

And as Olivia approached her orgasm, so did Tabitha and Beatrice, spurred by Olivia’s shameful begging.

“So close~!” Olivia moaned. “Make me cum! Ahn! I’m gonna cum! Ahn!”

Olivia’s tongue stuck out as she begged for release. And the sight of her open mouth and wet tongue was too much of a temptation for Beatrice to resist. As the succubus approached her orgasm, she moved her tail toward Olivia’s open mouth and tongue. Olivia started licking and sucking the tip of Beatrice’s tail all on her own. That sent Beatrice over the edge.

The succubus trembled as her cock and tail twitched and shot ropes of cum into Tabitha’s cunt and Olivia’s open mouth. This set off a chain reaction that quickly led to the orgasm of both the girls. Tabitha dug her face into Olivia’s crotch, pressing her tongue against the horny ninja girl’s twitching clit, while Olivia’s abdomen spasmed in orgasmic waves and she caught Beatrice’s delicious cum with her tongue.

-31 AP


Level up!


Additional Skill Point available!


Chapter Text

Another level? Beatrice thought with amazement as she, Olivia, and Tabitha got themselves up and back into a presentable condition.

Better do this now, to lessen the chance of similar mid-battle “crises” in the future, Beatrice thought as she went to her Skill Enhancement tab intending to use her newly acquired Skill Point to Enhance her [Arousal Pool] Skill.

Skill Enhancement: Arousal Pool (+2)

Rank: D

Type: Eros Craft / Passive

Cost: -

Cooldown: -

Description: Increases Arousal Points cap by 30 Points and additional 8 Points per level.

Minimum Requirements:

Character level: 10

Skill Points in Eros Craft: 14


Ah, fuck, Beatrice cursed, remembering the number of Skill Points she had last time she checked. Adding a Point to that from the [Fast(er) Recovery] Enhancement, would mean...

Skill Points

Total Skill Points


Unused Skill Points


Skill Points in Combat Craft


Skill Points in Mischief Craft


Skill Points in Eros Craft



Yeah… Damn!

“My Lady,” Tabitha put her hand on Beatrice’s shoulder.

“Ah! Yes?” Beatrice returned to reality from what must have looked like her daydreaming to the others.

“Are you okay?” Tabitha asked, concerned.

“Yes! Of course… Just let me think for a minute,” Beatrice said and walked aside for a minute.

Do I really commit my last two Points to Eros? Beatrice wondered. She did plan to train her Combat capabilities, though the leveling up of Skills always returned back to How many Skill Points she could acquire.

And there was another Skill waiting for Beatrice at fourteen Eros Craft points.

Skill Enhancement: Dick Growing (+1)

Rank: C

Type: Eros Craft / Active

Cost: 60 Stamina

Cooldown: 30 minutes

Description: Grows a single dick on a single target. The dick is fully functioning but lasts only up to 20 minutes. or until the first climax. Cannot cast on self.

Requires direct skin contact between the Succubus and the target.

Minimum Requirements:

Character level: 8

Skill Points in Eros Craft: 14


Do I really pass up on this fun? Beatrice contemplated.

With only two free Skill Points left, she had to use the first one to get to fourteen in the Eros Craft, and only then could she Enhance either [Arousal Pool] or [Dick Growing].

“Beatrice!” Ember called to the succubus. “We really have to get going to make good time.”

“Yeah, yeah, just a minute,” Beatrice said without even looking at her group.

As tempting as [Dick Growing] Enhancement was, it was basically a “have even more perverted, depraved fun” Skill. And after so climaxing five times within the last hour, the succubus had drained her Arousal Points to the very bottom which allowed her to think clearer than ever. The succubus wanted to be free to make her choices as often as possible. And that meant siding with [Arousal Pool]. This also came with one additional bonus—the Skill that Beatrice would acquire to get to fourteen Eros Craft Points.

Skill Enhancement: Futanari Succubus's Semen (+1)

Rank: D

Type: Eros Craft / Toggle

Cost: -

Cooldown: 60s

Description: The Sperm of a Futanari Succubus cannot impregnate unless the Succubus chooses to do so. Self-impregnation not possible no matter how much a sex-crazed Futanari Succubus may wish to do so.

Upon ejaculation can release up to 150ml of semen at high velocity. The amounts of semen decrease rapidly with each consecutive climax.

Makes the Succubus's cum taste differently for every person that takes it in their mouth - as their favorite food.

Minimum Requirements:

Character level: 4

Skill Points in Eros Craft: 5


Fuck it! Beatrice decided and used her first Skill Point to enhance [Futanari Succubus's Semen].

If all else fails, I’ll just open that Cum Shop I’ve been thinking about and sell my Cum as flavoring to the inhabitants of this accursed city, Beatrice thought half-jokingly and laughed.

And with both requirements for Enhancing [Arousal Pool] for the second time complete, Beatrice enhanced that Skill too. As soon as she did, she opened up her Information tab to confirm her new stat values.









13 (1%)

Health Points

360/360 (+0.68/sec)

Arousal Points

1 /214 (+0.01/sec)

Stamina Points

140/140 (+0.35/sec)

Physical Attack


Physical Defense


Magic Attack


Magic Defense





Almost six hours, Beatrice concluded after doing some quick math in her head.

Chapter Text

Beatrice hurried back to her group. All of them were standing, clothed and ready, even Olivia. The ninja girl was favoring her left foot, was red-faced from what happened minutes before, and was even more reserved than earlier, but at least she wasn’t an invalid.

“What are your plans for the girl you so valiantly saved?” Ember asked Beatrice.

“Oh, right,” Tabitha exclaimed. “I completely forgot about her!”

Beatrice decided not to confess so readily that she too had forgotten about the foxkin that they started this whole mess for. But the succubus couldn’t be blamed! Between fucking because of Arousal Point horniness, fighting for her life, fighting for the lives of her friends, and having a quick celebratory threesome, how could she remember?

“Wasn’t that girl the whole reason you charged into that fight in the first place?” Ember reminded Tabitha.

“No, she was the reason Olivia charged in,” Tabitha corrected Ember. “I followed Beatrice.”

“This is pointless,” Beatrice stopped the bickering before it could grow in force and hurried past the group to where they left the fox girl. “Better go check if she’s even alive or if she ran away already.”

The fox girl had not run away. Nor did she die. She was sleeping. Calmly. The girl hugged her orange tail like a body pillow. Her fox ears twitched once in a while in her sleep. Other than those two features, and a cute button nose, she seemed indistinguishable from a human.

Beatrice felt bad for waking the girl up, considering what that girl had gone through today, but she had no choice. They couldn’t stay here, and Beatrice most certainly had no intention of leaving the girl here. The fact that the fox girl was incredibly hot even with her fully covering dress on, had almost nothing to do with Beatrice’s decision to take the girl with them.

Beatrice crouched next to the girl, gently shook the fox girl by the shoulder, and said, “Wake up!”

After a few repeats, the girl did wake up. She slowly opened her eyes that were still red from crying. And when the late teen saw Beatrice’s face, she teared up again and asked, “It wasn’t a dream, was it?”

“If you’re talking about your parents being dead and probably already chopped up into portions for meals of some psycho, then no,” Ember said without the slightest hint of compassion.

Beatrice was left with her mouth open and no idea how to follow that one up while two teardrops ran down the fox girl’s cheeks.

“What’s your name?” Beatrice asked so that she didn’t have to constantly refer to the fox girl as ‘the fox girl’.

“Rafaelia,” the girl answered and slowly got up to a sitting position.

“I’m Beatrice,” the succubus said and extended her hand for a handshake.

Rafaelia just stared at Beatrice’s hand and did not reciprocate the handshake.

“At least you’re safe… Kind of,” Tabitha tried to cheer the girl up. “Do we take her back to her home?”

“Are you insane?” Ember protested. “The Purple Capes will no doubt be waiting for her there!”

“They might also be busy with carrying her parents’ remains to their captain,” Olivia added. “What was her name? Fauna?”

“No, it was Lava!” Tabitha objected.

“Doesn’t matter!” Beatrice intervened. “Her parents are gone! Either Belmot’s men took what they wanted and returned from whence they came, or they doubled down their forces there, waiting for the girl and/or us. And since one of them managed to escape, the latter option is more than likely.”

“Either way, there’s no point for us to go there,” Ember concurred. “Unless someone got a taste for blood and is looking to charge into another suicidal fight?”

Olivia frowned and looked away. She was now even gloomier than during her post-sex walk of shame, and it wasn’t hard for Beatrice to understand why. Olivia had her one opportunity to test her capabilities against the forces that held her sister. And she failed. There was little doubt that Olivia was now her harshest critic, and neither false words of encouragement nor further shaming would help.

“How badly do you want to get stronger?” Beatrice asked.

Olivia looked at Beatrice with eyes full of determination and ask in reply, “Do I even need to answer that?”

Beatrice smiled, “No. We’ll be looking for a fight tonight. Though not with Purple Capes. If your resolve is indeed that strong, you’ll start by walking off what remains of your wounds through sheer willpower because we have no time to lose.”

Beatrice then turned to Rafaelia and said “You have a choice to make. Will you walk the path of revenge? Or do you want to step aside from violence and try to salvage what chance at normality you still have?”

“Normality?” Rafaelia tilted her head with a questioning look. “I want to carve out that captain Fauna’s guts and force feed them to her for what she’s done!”

“O-oh?” Beatrice let out a sound of surprise and shook her head, wondering why she hadn’t expected this sort of a response from a traumatized teen that would obviously want revenge.

But before Beatrice could respond, Rafaelia wiped away her tears and added, “Are you planning to fight those Purple Clowns?”

“Absolutely!” Olivia declared and clenched her fist, trying to regain some of her lost resolve.

“Then please take me with you!” Rafaelia pleaded. “I want to slaughter as many of them as I can with my own hands! I know that I’m weak and useless, and would probably get in the way, but I… I need this! I have no gold or items to offer except my dirty body… But I will do anything if you let me come with you and help me slowly torture that captain pig!”

“E-eh,” now Beatrice was at a complete loss for words. “Offering your body…”

“I know it’s not much!” Rafaelia continued her plea. “Obviously a beauty such as yourself can no doubt get as many hot men and women as she pleases at any time of the day, but… but… My daddy’s best friend said I was the best cock sucker he ever had!”

“O-of course he did,” Beatrice sighed.

“It’s true!” Rafaelia insisted. “I ate his wife out too, and she squirted right in my face from the pleasure while her husband fucked me from behind! I’m really good! All my neighbors know it! Go ask them!”

“You’re hired,” Ember said with a smile.

Chapter Text

“Welcome to Klapsus, the capital of the Kingdom of Larpsus!” Ember announced to Beatrice and gestured toward the countless rooftops as both girls stood atop one of the last sharp hills that overlooked the busy streets below.

After several more hours since the fighting, healing, sexing, and recruiting, Beatrice’s group of five (increased by one by the latest addition of one vengeful and prideful fox girl) had finally emerged relatively unscathed (thanks to Beatrice’s emergency healing) out of the walled-in capital’s stupidly large and difficult to traverse forested area.

“Finally!” Olivia gasped and fell to her knees when she emerged out of the woods dead last, even behind the newly recruited, teenage fox girl.

Beatrice couldn’t blame the ninja girl. Even Ember managed to hold in her usual snide remarks, which by her standards could be taken as high praise. Even though Beatrice’s healing did fix Olivia’s broken back, she was still severely hurt and had to limp and struggle to keep up with the others as they all navigated through the rocky, twisted, uneven, dying, seemingly unending Shadow Woods. Even for the succubus, the journey was not easy as her developing physical abilities tried to keep up with the growing demands.

The one person who was absolutely glowing was, surprisingly, Tabitha. Even though she had suffered even greater injuries than Olivia, even though she should have been in an even greater pain as she tried to keep up with the pace set by Ember—

Oh, of course! Beatrice almost slammed her forehead with the palm of her hand. Of course, the masochist would be glowing with satisfaction and smiling from ear to ear after being subjected to several hours of grueling, unrelenting, glorious pain-inducing march!

And while everyone enjoyed a breath of fresh air after leaving the smothering Shadow Woods, Beatrice took in the sight that was the capital of the kingdom she was summoned to save.

The medieval buildings of the city were placed haphazardly and stuck tightly together without any regard for planning or efficiency. It reminded Beatrice of a maze that was continuously upgraded and made more complex. In fact, after looking carefully, it was clear that the city became more and more cramped over time.

What might have been once a meticulously planned and crafted city landscape became overbuilt and overcrowded as countless new houses were built next to each other, on top of each other, adding uneven, mismatching floors to buildings that could barely support them. One house managed to grow into a four-story monstrosity that was supported by haphazardly added thick wooden beams that went into surrounding damaged buildings.

This overbuilt maze went on for miles and miles, with barely an end in sight. Far away, Beatrice saw what should have been gigantic, eighty feet high stone city walls. They looked tiny and completely threw Beatrice’s sense of scale and distance.

Once in a while, a particular structure stood out from the crowd. Most of them were unmistakeably fortresses, sitting atop rocky elevations. Strong, tall, and impressive compared to what was going on beneath them. Beatrice recalled that one of these fortresses was supposed to belong to lord Belmot, so she simply turned to Olivia, whose hateful, unwavering gaze pointed straight to the farthest building. A separately walled-off behemoth that looked smaller than the others only because of the distance. When compared to the city walls, the many peaks of Belmot’s keep seemed to be even higher than the walls themselves.

Beatrice tried to find the palace from which she emerged yesterday. All the way to her right, greatly obstructed from sight by the forest that she stood in the shadow of, she saw the familiar blue flags, resting calmly over the tower peaks. The palace looked impressive, but it was clear that it had not been maintained for many years. If this continued, the royal palace would no doubt end up looking like some bleak, haunted abandoned fortress of evil. The very place that it was meant to be the opposite of.

“Why are you looking at this dump as if you’re seeing it for the first time?” Rafaelia asked Beatrice and pulled the succubus out of the moment.

“Ah, right, you don’t know,” Beatrice remembered that very few people actually knew who she was supposed to be, and even fewer would believe her, as evidenced by her meeting with the king. “I’m not from around here.”

Rafaelia looked at Beatrice and studying her from head to toe. Just at that moment, the wind blew Beatrice’s cloak back, allowing the fox girl a close inspection of all succubus’s buxom features. Rafaelia’s eyes stopped at the bulge in Beatrice’s panties, but she quickly averted her eyes.

“If you’ve come here looking for sex, you’ve come to the right place,” Rafaelia said while blushing a little.

Chapter Text

The moment Beatrice and her group got down from the overlooking hillside and into the streets of city proper, Beatrice realized what she was in for. The city did not disappoint.

The medieval-like buildings were non-descript, generic, and nothing to write home about. Pressed against each other, these one-story, two-story, and three-story buildings looked cramped, many of the wooden doors and misaligned no doubt caused major heat-loss issues in the winter. Though Beatrice had no conclusive evidence on what kind of climate this city was in, and whether there was any winter at all. But the succubus did not care to ask and figure the simple climate matter out, because all her attention was on something else.

Beatrice could barely control herself as she walked through the city. The overwhelming majority of the city’s citizens walked around in extremely revealing, slutty clothing. Skin-tight shorts, fishnet shirts with no bras underneath, exposing all shapes and sizes of breasts to those that would desire to cream them. Many girls seemed to struggle to keep their pants on that stayed around their hips, strapped by worn belts. But none of those girls seemed to mind that their bubbly butts were half exposed to the public, with nothing but a thin string from thongs or g-strings “covering” them.

A petite elf walked past Beatrice wearing no pants at all, and instead of panties she worse only strapped together, tiny, narrow black belts that barely covered the slit of her shaved pussy. Public indecency clearly isn’t a thing here, Beatrice concluded, realizing just how much she already enjoyed walking through this degenerate city. Beatrice and the elf looked back at each other and the elf smiled mischievously. Beatrice’s growing cock throbbed, and the succubus knew it would not be long before she would lose all control and jumped some hot chick or three.

Beatrice’s group walked further into the city, walking past a couple casually having sex in plain view. Some wolf-life beastkin lifted the girl up by the hips and pressed her back against the wall of one of the houses as he thrust his cock inside her. The cat girl wrapped her legs around the guy’s legs and moaned in his ear. After a particularly powerful slam, the cat girl dug her long nails into the beastkin’s furry shoulders and bit into his ear.

One skinny guy was sitting on a bench, laid back, with his arms spread and resting against the wooden back of the bench. His shirt was unbuttoned, revealing a flat, nearly hairless chest and a little belly, and his pants were down around his ankles. Two imposing bodyguards stood behind this unimpressive looking man, while two dark-skinned, big-breasted blondes (that wore nothing but thongs and string bikinis that were too small to cover their nipples) were on their knees in front of him, licking the skinny man’s average-sized cock from both sides, covering it in their drool, before taking turns deepthroating it down to his hairy balls.

“Are we in that S.E.C.R.E.T. Guild district?” Beatrice asked, barely looking away from the sight.

“Huh? No!” Ember laughed. “That’s several miles over in that direction.”

“Amazing,” Beatrice uttered as she continued looking around. Even with all the upgrades, she did to her Arousal Pool, the succubus could barely control herself when presented with such degenerate sights.

The succubus thought that Tabitha’s mage outfit was slutty, but compared to some of the girls here, the masochistic slut was modest. Meanwhile, Ember, Olivia, and Rafaelia were dressed like catholic nuns by comparison.

Beatrice wondered how much non-stop, casual, carefree sex and public displays it took to normalize this to the point that an average person could walk these streets as if nothing out of the ordinary was going on.

“Shit!” Olivia cursed, bringing Beatrice out of her daze.

As hard as it was, Beatrice looked past all the naked flesh and sex and saw what Olivia noticed further down the street: three Purple Capes, fully armed and armored, walking toward them.

Already? Beatrice sighed in disappointment. Even though the chances that every Belmot’s Purple Cape guard would already know how Beatrice and the others looked like, it wouldn’t be wise to take any chances, and starting a fight the moment they appeared in the city was definitely a bad idea.

“This way,” Ember said and spirited away sideways into a nearby alley. Beatrice and the others followed her before the Purple Capes could see them through the thinning crowd.

Once in the alley, Beatrice saw that they walked in on a couple of naked girls having a little fun. Namely, a bunny girl with long, fluffy white ears pressed against a brick wall with one leg raised in the air. Squatting under her was a big-breasted blonde with long blond hair and giant tits hanging down, waiting for somebody to milk them while she ate out the bunny girl.

Chapter Text

“S-sorry!” Olivia apologized instantly, the moment she noticed that the alley had already been taken by a pair of indulgent, sexy ladies.

The bunny girl looked at the five uninvited guests but didn’t answer. Not even a word. Just a blushed, sweaty expression of a mix of shame and bliss. The big-breasted blond glanced at the newly-arrived group, but as it didn’t look like anyone had any intention of interrupting them, the blonde did not interrupt her actions and continued to eat out the bunny girl.

“W-we should go,” Olivia was about to turn around.

“We should get undressed,” Ember said and wasted no time opening up her robes to reveal her naked upper torso.

“The hell-mfm!?” Olivia’s shocked outrage was interrupted when Ember pushed her against the wall and sealed her lips shut with a kiss.

“If they did not see us before, they will definitely see us if we go back out now,” Ember said when she parted her lips from Olivia’s. “Which do you think that the Purple Capes are more likely to notice: a pile of naked flesh making out in a sex-drowned city or five frigid, nervous weirdos hiding in an alley next to two naked, obviously unrelated girls?”

“Makes sense to me!” Tabitha said cheerfully, got on her knees, and pulled down Beatrice’s panties.

“Whoa!” Beatrice let out an automatic surprised exclaim, though she made no attempt to stop Tabitha’s action. Upon a momentary reflection, Beatrice realized that her automatic “modest” reaction was some archaic reflex from her past life where people were supposed to—for some reason—object to sudden, public sexual advances as if it was something bad and should have been frowned upon.

Beatrice took a mental note that she should curb such unnecessary reactions while Tabitha unleashed Beatrice’s erection that had been bothering the futanari succubus during most of the walk through the streets of Klapsus.  

“Get in deeper,” Rafaelia said and pushed Beatrice and Tabitha deeper into the alley.

Beatrice didn’t object and let Rafaelia lead them deeper, as (upon further reflection) it made sense to at least somewhat conceal themselves from the Purple Capes and not stand three feet deep into the alley.

Tabitha managed to not fall over even while pushed in a crouching position. The experienced cock-sucker would not be so easily parted from a cock she worshipped.

Rafaelia guided Beatrice to the wall right next to the naked bunny girl and her big-breasted lover. Beatrice’s back barely touched the brick wall when Tabitha opened wide and took the full length of Beatrice’s cock down her gullet in one go.

“Haah!” Beatrice gasped from the sudden, but much-needed stimulation to her ignored cock that had started hurting from all the arousing scenes it throbbed to partake in.

Beatrice had grown accustomed to Tabitha’s excellent throat skills, but what neither Beatrice nor Tabitha had expected was that Rafaelia would drop her dress on the ground and drop on her knees behind Tabitha’s back, pull the narrow piece of cloth that covered Tabitha’s ass and crotch aside, and plant her mouth right on Tabitha’s pussy, eating the mage out with every bit of passion that the unnamed blonde had for the bunny girl’s pussy.

“Mmn,” Beatrice moaned from the pleasant stimulation as Tabitha’s reaction was instant—the skinny green-haired mage’s throat muscles contracted around the thick shaft from the unanticipated pleasure. And as the fox girl licked ate out Tabitha, Tabitha kept staring into Beatrice’s eyes, watching the succubus’s cute reactions that Tabitha’s throat contractions caused.

Whether Olivia liked it or not, Ember’s argument made sense. And since Olivia was unwilling to start a fight with the Purple Capes right in the city, that meant committing to Ember’s plan. Though, in this case, Ember did all the committing—kissing Olivia while undressing her and messing up her hair. All Olivia had to do was half-heartedly reciprocate Ember’s actions.

By the time the Purple Capes reached the alley, both Ember and Olivia were already naked from the waist up and making out, while Beatrice, Tabitha, and Rafaelia were in a full-blown threesome, competing for who would make the other cum faster. Rafaelia’s decision to also rub her own pussy was a particularly nice touch, appreciated equally by Beatrice who had a soft spot for visual stimulation, the three Purple Capes who stopped and gawked at the sight of seven naked young women having sex, and the fox girl herself who, as it turned out, knew how to put on a show while also enjoying herself.

Chapter Text

“Woah, look at that!” one of the three Purple Cape guards said as he stopped the others and pointed into the alley where seven young women were indulging themselves.

“Nice,” the other said with a lecherous smile and whistled.

“Come on you perverts, haven’t you—Well I’ll be damned!” The third guard said in shock when he saw what he saw.

Maybe we overdid it a bit, Beatrice thought when she realized that even though Ember and Olivia seemed to just be casually making out, she and the others were providing a far more spectacular scene. Some random girl getting nailed by some random dude might be nothing of note in this city, but seven stunning beauties playing with each other without a single dick in sight might be just a little too much for an average pervert with a working dick.

And now that Beatrice was able to sneak a closer look at the three men that were part of the Purple Cape guards, she knew right away that these were just the type of men that could not simply ignore a lack of dicks in an orgy.

Two of the men looked like they barely hit their twentieth birthday. Their naïve eyes, lack of any poker face or subtlety, as well as the bulges pressing against their trousers just under their body armor were just a few of the indications that these two young men were at the prime of their horny youth. Easily excited by a pair of naked titties and any warm pussy that spread open for them, not satisfied until they spread their load at least three-four times per day.

The third man was a more seasoned man, the wrinkles on his forehead as well as the sporadic strands of gray hair giving away the many years he already spent spreading his seed. His main feature however was the giant mustache that put even the most blatant pornstaches to shame. Covering his mouth completely, it looked like it belonged at the end of a heavy-duty floor brush. Beatrice almost felt the aura of a special kind of pervert that radiated from this man.

“Looks like you ladies could use some company,” the pornstache man said, his heavy mustache barely moving. “We all know that just a few fingers will not be enough to fill those slutty holes of yours, right foxie?”

Rafaelia glared at the man with murderous intent, but her blatant killing intent was obstructed by the shadows of the alley and her fur-like orange hair that fell over her eyes.

“Sorry, boys”—Ember giggled—“No dicks allowed in this party.”

“‘A-allowed’?” the 'pornstache man parroted and took a step forward. Raising his voice he asked, “Who the hell do you think you are!?”

“Forget it,” one of the younger men said and put his hand on the pornstache’s shoulder. “Hardcore dykes are ill in the head anyway. We can always find girls with a proper appreciation for hard cocks.”

“Bah! Whatever!” the mustache man shook off the hand off his shoulder. “None of you could handle my huge cock anyway!”

And with that—raising his nose high and closing his eyes, with an insulted, almost pouty expression—he walked away from the alley. The other two men followed him slowly, not taking their eyes off the naked women until they were completely out of sight.

“Enough!” Olivia said as she broke free from Ember’s embrace once the Purple Capes were gone. “Wragh!! Typical scum!”

After a couple of deep long breaths, Olivia peeked out from the corner of the alley and with a nod confirmed that the Purple Capes had moved on.

“No dicks allowed?” Beatrice laughed as she looked at Ember while Tabitha continued to hide her dick in her throat.

“It’s not my fault those losers can’t handle a basic shit test,” Ember shrugged and walked outside of the alley to look around.

“We do kind of stand out in the crowd in th-HAAH~!” Beatrice said but was cut short by Tabitha’s actions. It appeared that Beatrice was not the only one horny, and now that the Purple Capes were away, Tabitha let Beatrice’s dick out of her throat—just long enough to take a much-needed breath—before taking it all in again, giving her sex goddess an exquisite throat massage. All the while the fox girl was on her knees half-naked, eating out Tabitha, spurring her on to indulge her carnal pleasures (not that Tabitha needed much encouragement on that front).

“There’s an acceptable inn just a little up ahead,” Ember said as she returned to the alley. “Well, it’s barely above the pathetic standards of this city, but I know the owner.”

Beatrice found it hard to concentrate on anything Ember was saying or doing when she was right in the middle of a deepthroat blowjob, while the girl who blew her got eaten out by an apparently equally lewd newcomer to the group, AND while two complete strangers continued their own sexual indulgences right next to her.

“Then… We go there?” Olivia suggested to Ember, trying her best to not look directly at the perversions that took place well within her peripheral vision.

“Define ‘we’,” Ember chuckled while looking at Beatrice quickly lose herself in her carnal desires.

“You-haah-go on ahead,” Beatrice said in between ragged breaths. “We’ll be there soon.”

“Aye, aye,” Ember saluted Beatrice, and then said to Olivia, “Looks like it’ll be just you and me for now.”

“D-don’t… Don’t do anything stupid! Either of you!” Beatrice strongly warned the bitter duo.

“Yes, yes, she’ll be in one piece when you get back,” Ember said as she walked outside.

Olivia followed Ember silently and took one last conflicted look at Beatrice and the others, before disappearing from sight.

Meanwhile, Beatrice did something she wanted to do the moment she saw the two girls indulging themselves—she touched the bunny girl’s naked shoulder and cast [Dick Growing].

Chapter Text

The long-eared bunny girl let out an inaudible gasp as Beatrice’s warm, pleasant, tingling magic spread. From the girl’s shoulder that the succubus touched, through her perky, ample chest, down her flat stomach, all the way to her clit that was in the big-breasted blonde’s mouth, taking root in the bunny girl’s pleasure button.

The blonde opened her eyes in surprise when she felt something grow within her mouth. She let it out of her mouth for a moment to confirm her suspicions with her eyes. Indeed, the bunny girl’s clit was growing fast, its head expanded and took an unmistakable shape of a male pleasure organ.

The blonde did not recoil in fright. She did not scream or cry. She just looked at her bunny partner to confirm if the girl was in pain or fear, and when she saw the flushed expression that could only belong to a bitch in heat, the blonde smiled and went down on the bunny girl with an even greater passion than before. And even as the bunny girl’s cock grew by the second, the blonde bobbed her head and took the cock all the way to its pussy base each time without fail. The bulging of the blonde’s throat confirmed what everyone could already tell—that the blonde bimbo was no stranger to taking cock down her throat.

Beatrice’s chest moved faster as she got more and more excited by how accepting and lewd the citizens of Klapsus were. She put her hand on Tabitha’s head and slowly bobbed her back and forth, matching Tabitha’s rhythm with the blonde’s. Beatrice looked at the nubile bunny girl’s expression of succumbing to the primal joy of getting your hard dick sucked by an eager, skilled, hot, and genuine cock-loving slut.

Beatrice wondered if she had the same expression as the young bunny girl. Probably not quite, Beatrice thought as the bunny girl’s gaze that was mixed with surprise and discovering anticipation gave away the fact that she had never experienced the pleasures of being on the receiving end of cock worship.

The blonde let out the bunny girl’s fully-formed, sticky saliva-covered cock just long enough to take a breath. Several thick strands already connected the blonde’s lips to the cock she serviced. The bimbo stuck out her wet tongue and slapped it with the bunny girl’s dick with an excited, grin. She then smeared those juices all over her face and stuck two fingers deep within her mouth to lube them up. And as she took the bunny girl’s dick back into her mouth, she moved slid hand between the long-eared girl’s skinny thighs, moving her lubed-up fingers to the girl’s small, perky butt.

The bunny girl’s eyes went wide, she suddenly tensed up, and ground her nails into the bricks of the wall she was leaning against for support. Her silent cry, when two fingers invaded her butt, was made audible by Beatrice when Tabitha suddenly took her cock as deep down her throat as she could, her nose pressing against Beatrice’s soft smooth skin. This, in turn, was caused by an excited but ignored Rafaelia who started roughly finger fucking Tabitha’s pussy with three fingers at ever-increasing speed while sucking on her juicy, swollen clit.

Beatrice was close to cumming, and so was the bunny girl. And as if both cock-loving sluts had agreed upon this beforehand, both Tabitha and the big-breasted bimbo eased up on their stimulation to prevent a premature end to their joy.

However, this was not something Beatrice had agreed to. The succubus was far too horny to take it slow. And Beatrice knew that when she was this excited, there would be no issues in repeating her performance. She placed both hands behind Tabitha’s head and put her mouth back where it belonged—choking and salivating on her fat cock.

Both the bunny girl and the blonde looked at Tabitha like hypnotized, marveling at Tabitha’s skills of near-effortless cock-pleasing.

Maybe the girls here are too used to men that go limp and out of commission after cumming just once? Beatrice wondered while she used Tabitha like a toy for her cock. The succubus decided to reassure her alley-sex neighbors.

“If you’re worried about ending the fun too soon—don’t,” Beatrice said while she moved Tabitha’s head up and down her cock. “That dick will disappear in three minutes no matter whether you cum or not, but I can gift you one more round if you like it that much!”

Hearing that, the blonde did not waste another precious second. She took the bunny girl’s cock all the way down her throat. The big-breasted bimbo closed her eyes and simply enjoyed the feeling of cock massaging the back of her throat while her giant tits swung back and forth. Bubbles of spit escaped through the gaps between her big lips and the bunny girl’s long shaft that disappeared and reappeared out of the blonde’s mouth. The bunny girl raised her left leg and placed it over the bimbo’s shoulder. She pulled the blonde closer, further down on her cock, confirming without words that she was enjoying what the blonde did and wanted more of it.

Chapter Text

Neither Beatrice nor the blonde could know for sure when the three-minute timer on Beatrice’s [Dick Growing] Skill would run out, but the blonde was determined to taste the bunny girl’s cum before the time was up. Even while she was enjoying herself, the blonde’s double stimulation of the bunny girl’s cock and ass was more than enough to bring a virgin to orgasm within seconds. It was after all why the blonde eased down just moments before. But now she was back at it full-force, with nothing held back. And while Beatrice could not know whether the bunny girl was a virgin or not, she was most definitely a cock-virgin.

The bunny girl’s breathing quickened, her chest moved faster and faster, and she curled her fingers and toes as her entire body tensed up. She threw her head back and arched her back in a silent cry of ecstasy as her cock throbbed, approaching the limit of pre-orgasmic pleasure before dam burst and she unleashed her load down the blonde’s throat.

As Beatrice watched the cute, innocently sexy bunny girl, the succubus was overcome with the desire to fill the bunny girl’s open mouth. To feel the bunny girl’s lips around her shaft while she slid it deep inside and gave her a taste of her potent semen. And the horny, overexcited succubus could not find a single reason not to.

Just as both futanaris were about to cum, Beatrice sprung her tail to life and moved it toward her alley-sex neighbor’s open mouth. The bunny girl opened her eyes wide when she felt the heart-shaped tip of the succubus’s tail enter her mouth and slide further inside. At its widest part, Beatrice’s tail tip was just as wide as the head of her cock, and simulated the feeling of a cock in a girl’s mouth perfectly, even though it was so sensitive that Beatrice winced, barely able to withstand the stimulation.

“Swallow!” Beatrice instructed, feeling her orgasm overtake her as cum built up at the base of her cock and tail, ready to flow.

The bunny girl obeyed without hesitation. She swallowed, again and again. The swallowing motion moved the muscles of her throat and allowed Beatrice’s tail to slide further in, down the bunny girl’s throat just as the combination of two points of simulation sent both horny futas over the edge.

Bunny girl’s cock twitched repeatedly and shot its copious contents into the back of the blonde bimbo’s mouth who looked like she was having the time of her life, massaging her mouth and throat with her favorite toy like there was no tomorrow. When the blonde felt the first rope of cum hit the back of her mouth she sealed her lips shut around the bunny girl’s shaft and moved her lips all the way down to the base of it, bulging her throat, and ensuring that she took every last drop directly into her stomach.

Beatrice—who was already on the verge of cumming from facefucking Tabitha, witnessing the sexy bunny girl take her in so willingly and enthusiastically as she herself came down her big-breasted friend's throat with her magical cock—was driven over the edge by the double throatjob.

Beatrice pushed Tabitha down on her throbbing cock and made sure to repeat her neighbor’s performance. In an explosive climax, Beatrice unloaded copious amounts of her potent seed deep into Tabitha’s convulsing belly while also filling the belly of the bunny girl through her long tail that was lodged somewhere down the bunny girl’s stretched throat.

And while Beatrice pumped gagging Tabitha’s stomach, Rafaelia kept fucking Tabitha from the other side, now with four straight fingers and the speed of a jackhammer. Tabitha’s hips twitched and trembled as her eyes rolled back and she came with a mouth full of cock and pussy full of fingers.

And as the three girls came, Beatrice kept cumming and cumming down two throats at once, seemingly without end. In her orgasmic stupor, Beatrice could not understand why she had one of the longest orgasms in her life, but she did not care. The succubus simply threw her head back and enjoyed the bliss of two simultaneous throatpies, unleashing load after load, after load, filling the bellies of two sexy sluts with the daily required portion of protein, making good progress toward the daily minimum.

-42.8 AP


Chapter Text

As Beatrice came down from her dopamine high, she was able to finally think of things other than showing dicks into sexy girls’ holes. And something had been bugging the succubus ever since she gifted the bunny girl her temporary pleasure stick. The girl had yet to let out a sound. She did not let out even so much as a peep. Not when her clit grew and turned into a cock, not when she felt a girl’s lips and tongue around the tip of her cock for the first time, the wetness of her tongue, the warmth of her moist mouth. Even as she came, she did not let out ecstatic moans (though at that point Beatrice might have been at fault for shoving her tail so deep down the bunny girl’s throat).

It wasn’t like Beatrice expected cries of gratitude or something, but she was expecting some audible reaction. The lack of any such reaction made the succubus genuinely intrigued.

As far as Beatrice was concerned there remained only two possibilities: either a sudden cock growth on a fully female girl was so pedestrian in this world that even a skilled deepthroater could not make it exciting (which was actually not impossible in a world this perverted), or the girl was physically unable to speak. And the bunny girl's facial expressions made the former option highly improbable.

Beatrice exhaled deeply when Tabitha finally let the futanari’s softening cock out of her mouth with a big smile. Even after such a thorough throatjob, she managed to lick clean the dick of her sex goddesses. Rather than continuing to guess and make assumptions, Beatrice decided to simply talk with her sex-alley neighbors while everyone took a moment to rest and recharge.

“Is something like this common in this city?” Beatrice asked the two original temporary residents of the alley.

“Fellatio?” The blonde asked when she took the cock out of her mouth with an audible pop. She slowly and lovingly stroked it while the cock shrunk until it turned into an overly swollen, but otherwise normal clitoris of a young woman.

“More common than kissing,” the blonde continued and gently kissed the bunny girl’s hypersensitive clit. “But my long-time friend suddenly growing a cock while I eat her out? First time I’ve seen something like that.”

“I’m Beatrice by the way,” the succubus extended her hand for a handshake, but the blonde simply looked at it, confused as to what to do with an offered empty palm of a futanari girl.

“My name is Galla,” the blonde said and slowly rose to her feet. She was just a couple inches shorter than the bunny girl, whose height was accentuated by her narrow frame and long bunny ears.

Beatrice appreciated Galla’s thicc, well-toned thighs, and butt, no doubt trained by having to constantly carry around such massive breasts. Every time Galla dropped to her knees to suck some hard cock and rose up after the deed, she ended up performing a full, weighted squat. No wonder her legs and butt were trained.

“My parents believed that names have power,” Galla said with a smile as an answer to Beatrice checking her out. “So they gave me a name that started with a letter ‘G’ in hopes that I would develop breasts that men would fight over.”

“It worked!” Beatrice said as she marveled at the beauty of all-natural watermelons that only in a fantasy world could retain the firmness that they had without sagging below Galla’s waist.

Galla smiled back at Beatrice before she embraced her friend and moved in for an open-mouth kiss, which the bunny girl instantly reciprocated. The bunny girl’s breasts disappeared in Galla’s massive bosom, even though the bunny girl was not exactly an A-cup either.

While the two girls made out, Beatrice had to admit that even her own ample bosom could not compare in sheer volume. Though there was also a point to consider that it is a matter of taste.

And just like some people preferred gigantic melons that they could lose their dick in during a titjob, others preferred flat-chested girls that they could easily lift into the air and pound senseless right there on the spot, while the girl threw back her head and arched her tantalizing flatness that the guys wanted to cover with cum, inside and out.

To each their own, Beatrice said to herself while her cock rose as she imagined how a titjob could feel when performed by such love pillows.

“You made a certain promise,” Galla said with a smile after parting from the bunny girl’s lips, reminding Beatrice of what she said while her brain was in pleasure-pleasure, fuck-fuck mode.

“Oh?” Beatrice smiled back, as her cock rose faster and harder, twitching for another round.

“You know, a certain dick for a certain cute girl,” Galla said with a tantalizing smile as she looked directly into Beatrice’s eyes while running a finger across Beatrice’s hard shaft.

Chapter Text

“Don’t worry—I remember,” Beatrice said, excited to get her hands and cock all over Galla’s giant milk cans. “But won’t the cute bunny ask for it herself? How else are we supposed to know if she likes it or not?”

“Hah!” Galla scoffed. “As if you couldn’t tell!”

“I don’t even know her name,” Beatrice said.

“Her name’s Alice. And, unfortunately, she’s mute,” the blonde explained. “Unfortunately for others that is. Because I find it to be a positive rather than a detriment—her silent reactions absolutely adorable!”

“That is true,” Beatrice agreed as she looked at Alice’s big, anticipating eyes that kept jumping from Beatrice’s face to her cock. The bunny girl’s desire was clear without words. And Beatrice could not deny that the Alice’s flustered, embarresed, and at the same time aroused expressions were indeed cute.

“So, we’re up for round two?” Galla asked as she continued playing with Beatrice’s cock by just using her fingertips.

“What’s in it for Beatrice?” Tabitha asked as she stood up. “Why should she use her mana to grant freebies left and right?”

Mana? Beatrice noted. The succubus’s Skills did not use mana, but Stamina instead. But that might not have been true for other powers in this world, like Tabitha’s magic. More importantly, Beatrice felt a tinge of hostility emanating from Tabitha toward Galla.

“I suppose simply watching an incredibly shy, but incredibly cute bunny girl grow a dick and get sucked off to orgasm while she silently moans in ecstasy is not enough?” Galla asked. “But no worries—I’m more than capable of servicing two cocks at once. And I’ve never sucked cocks that were attached to such beautiful young women, so it is an experience that I have no intention of passing up!”

“That’s more reasons why you want Beatrice’s cocks, not a single one why she should grant them!” Tabitha insisted and swiped away Galla’s hand from Beatrice’s hard dick.

Is she jealous? Beatrice realized. It wasn’t like the slutty masochist had never shown such signs before. And Beatrice understood that Tabitha must have been worried that with a nearly endless parade of hot, horny sluts this city had to offer, she might end up getting less and less attention herself. But as adorable as such a reaction was, Tabitha was not actively getting in the way of Beatrice and a titjob of her life.

Galla sighed and said, “I was convinced we were all mature enough, that no one needed to state the obvious. But I do have two, very big reasons to get what I want.”

As Galla said that she caressed her giant, watermelon-sized tits. The woman clearly had no issues with self-confidence and for a good reason. It would take an extraordinary person to pass up on an opportunity to play with such toys.

“Tabitha,” Beatrice said her loyal mage’s name.

Tabitha looked back at Beatrice, turned pale in a second, and dropped on all fours instantly, prostrating herself before the futanari succubus.

“I’m terribly sorry, My Lady! My Queen! Please forgive my insolence!” Tabitha cried for forgiveness. Even the slightest hint of displeasure on Beatrice’s face was enough to make Tabitha terrified of falling out of favor with her sex goddess.

“It’s fine, get up, get up,” Beatrice helped Tabitha to her feet before the teary-eyed mage completely killed the atmosphere. “I’m not angry as long as you trust that I know what I’m doing.”

“O-of course I do!” Tabitha exclaimed. “You could do no wrong! I don’t know what came over me that I dared intervene! It will not happen again!”

“Alright, alright, that’s enough, that’s enough,” Beatrice calmed Tabitha by snuggling her face with her breasts and patting her head.

“She gets emotional sometimes,” Beatrice explained to Galla.

“I think I understand,” Galla smiled. “But I do have one more reason to give why I ask for this magical favor. You see, it’s Alice’s birthday today!”

“Birthday?” Rafaelia exclaimed. Beatrice had almost forgotten about the fox girl that ended up on the far end of festivities, though she performed her assign duties splendidly.

“Eighteenth birthday, to be precise,” Galla added as she looked at the approaching, nubile fox girl. Physically, she resembled the bunny girl. But the look in Rafaelia’s eyes was nothing like Alice’s naïve, innocent one.

“An important date, as you understand,” Galla continued. “When I found out, I just had to taste her fresh pussy. Luckily it wasn’t that hard to convince her. After all, despite being shy, she’s still a healthy bunny girl. Poor thing had been masturbating nearly non-stop! I just had to show her that there are other pleasures in life besides her naughty fingers and pillows!”

“Well, why didn’t you say so?” Rafaelia said with a grin and looked at Alice like a fox would look at a small, delicious little bunny.

Chapter Text

Alice met Rafaelia’s gaze for but a moment before looking away. The fox girl licked her lips and grinned.

Oh, that’s right! Beatrice remembered. In her horniness, Beatrice didn’t even notice that her new fox girl companion did not react at all to a female having a cock. Galla, a clearly experienced bimbo, said that she never saw a futanari—No! She said she never saw a girl suddenly grow a cock. Does that mean that there are other dickgirls in this world after all? How can they react to something like this so calmly?

Unless... All three of them are completely depraved sluts that get even more aroused when they see a stunning beauty with a hard cock that twitches for their holes? Is this world that degenerate? Was Olivia one of the last outliers that I corrupted?

But before Beatrice could consider whether she did right by Olivia, Rafaelia came up to Galla and kissed her right on the lips while playing with one of Galla’s big, hard, pink nipples. Beatrice’s cock reacted the moment Galla parted her lips and let the fox girl’s tongue into her mouth. And the succubus was not the only one watching closely. Both Alice and Tabitha watched with bated breath as the two girls who did not even know each other suddenly started making out.

Rafaelia parted her lips from Galla’s and—while still playing with Galla’s nipple, caressing it in circles and pinching it slightly—whispered something into the big-boobed bimbo’s ear. As Galla listened, her lips formed a grin not dissimilar to Rafaelia’s.

“I myself had my eighteenth birthday less than a year ago, so I can attest to how important such a date is for a blossoming young woman,” Rafaelia said as she devoured Alice with her eyes. She then said to Beatrice, “I suggest we give this eighteen-year-old birthday girl an experience she won’t soon forget!”

“I couldn’t agree more,” Beatrice said and used [Refresh Cooldown] on her [Dick Growing] Skill.

Galla came up to Alice, gently kissed her on the lips while caressing her cheek, and asked, “Are you ready for round two, my dear?”

The bunny girl, red-faced as ever, nodded.

“Have fun,” Beatrice smiled and placed her hand on Alice’s pussy.

So wet! Beatrice noticed as she cast [Dick Growing] while slowly and gently massaging the bunny girl’s swollen clit and pussy lips.

Alice bit her lips and threw her head back as she let the succubus’s magic take its roots inside her for the second time. Alice’s breathing got erratic, the bunny girl let out inaudible gasps as she gave in to the pleasure that came with growing a dick through succubus’s magic.

And while Alice enjoyed the very tip of the pleasure iceberg that was about to hit her, Rafaelia got on her knees, face-to-dick, and studied the growing process.

“Amazing,” Rafaelia gasped. She brought her nose close to the tip of the magic cock that had almost completed its growth and whiffed the swelling organ that already twitched for a warm hole.

Just in case, Beatrice confirmed with Galla, “You don’t mind sharing?”

“Not when it’s temporary, and for our both benefits,” the blonde smiled. “And especially not when it’s an offer like this... Alice, look at her!”

The bunny girl lowered her gaze to the fiery fox girl that was on her knees, studying the magical girl cock. The predator that mere moments ago looked like she was about to eat Alice, was now looking to swallow a very specific part of the bunny girl. The fiery fox’s thin lips were mere inches away from Alice’s cock.

Galla got down next to Rafaelia and sunk her hand into the fox girl’s luscious, thick, furry hair.

“See the way she looks at your cock?” Galla asked while playing with Rafaelia’s ears. The blonde then slid her finger into Rafaelia’s mouth and forced it open. The fox girl’s tongue rolled out, dripping saliva while the fox girl looked at Alice’s cock as if hypnotized. “This stupid little slut is a hard-core lesbian it turns out!”

Bullshit! Beatrice thought, remembering Rafeaelia’s previous confessions. But the succubus let the story play out while doing her best to hold back from laughing.

“Those men had no idea how right they were about this one!” Galla said as she further stretched Rafaelia’s mouth open, degrading the fox girl even further. “But she figured that as long as the cock is attached to the girl and it’s only temporary, she can get away with having a taste while still remaining a lesbian, isn’t that right?”

“Ghaarh,” Rafaelia let out a deep breath that was supposed to mean agreement since her eyes were still glued to Alice’s hard cock, but obviously the fox girl could not speak properly while Galla played with her mouth.

“Look at how desperately she wants to suck it!” Galla exclaimed and turned her attention from Rafaelia to Alice. “What do you say we give this clueless, horny lesbian a thorough experience of girl cock?”

Alice nodded, biting her finger in anticipation.

Chapter Text

Lesbian!? Beatrice questioned the preposterousness of Galla’s story about Rafaelia. Even if Rafaelia’s claims about her sexual exploits were a complete fabrication, the fox girl’s previous actions betrayed her obvious experience around sex.

But it wasn’t like the succubus minded this little white lie. After all, it was for the benefit of the birthday girl’s experience, so why would anyone possibly deprive her of that? If anything, Beatrice was now even more interested in how the bunny girl would act with her second round of dick possession.

The bunny girl did not react verbally, but her dick twitched from the warm breath that escaped Rafaelia’s pried open mouth.

“Why are you still not gagging on Alice’s beautiful girl cock?” The big-breasted blonde asked the fox girl as she pulled on the corners of Rafaelia’s lips, stretching them to their limits while also prying them further apart, forcing Rafaelia’s mouth open as far as was possible, spreading it wide, contorting the fox girl’s innocent-looking face.

Beatrice watched with silent awe as Galla toyed with Rafaelia’s face, preparing her and the bunny girl both physically and mentally for the upcoming service. That was when she felt Tabitha’s hands around her hard cock, caressing it from behind Beatrice’s back. Despite Beatrice’s reprimand, the horny mage could not hold back from touching the futanari’s hard cock that was left unattended.

“That’s a better look for a cock-slut!” the blonde grinned, put her thumbs behind Rafaelia’s ears, and moved the fox girl’s head like an object onto the bunny girl’s temporary cock. “Haha! That’s it!”

The alley was instantly filled with the slobbering sounds of cock repeatedly penetrating a girl’s tight throat. Alice braced for the stimulation, digging her teeth deeper into her knuckle while her cock bent in and out of Rafaelia’s gagging mouth and throat.

“Yes! Service hear cock real good!” Galla kept encouraging Rafaelia with a wild grin. “Don’t hold back! It’s a girl cock, so you’re still a lesbian! We don’t have much time, so you better make her cum within the time limit!”

Galla let Rafaelia come up for air just long enough to let the fox girl fill her lungs with air and smear the hanging saliva across Rafaelia’s messy face before pushing her down right back on Alice’s hard cock.

Not even three feet away from them, Beatrice could no longer be satisfied with just Tabitha’s hands. She moved her tail to Tabitha's neck, wrapped around it.

“Ahn! Hehe,” Tabitha giggled with excitement when she felt familiar, but light pressure around her neck. A subtle but certain pull of the tail guided the mage down toward the ground, on her knees. Tabitha hurriedly followed the tail’s guidance, with elation crawling toward the succubus’s dick even faster than the tail pulled her toward it. She took Beatrice’s dick in her mouth as soon as she was in range to do so before the rest of her body could even reach the optimal dick-sucking position.

Galla moved Rafaelia’s head all the way on bunny girl’s cock, all the way to the base, bulging Rafaelia’s throat and making Rafaelia gag as tears rolled down her face.

However, despite the fact that it looked like Galla blatantly abused the teen fox girl, Rafaelia kept a wild grin on her face that was not merely the product of Galla’s controlling hands. The excitement in Rafaelia’s eyes was not something that could be controlled by someone else. Rafaelia watched Alice’s reactions and got off on how much pleasure the bunny girl received from her mouth skills.

“See how much this slutty fox is enjoying your bunny dick?” Galla asked Alice while she controlled Rafaelia’s head and moved her up and down bunny girl’s cock. The fox girl’s throat made unsavory sounds, her eyes were wet, her stomach involuntarily convulsed. Her body’s natural reaction was to gag when a giant object was shoved so deep where it normally would not belong.

“I don’t care that your body doesn’t want to accept it!” Galla berated Rafaelia. “You’re a cock-slut! And a slut’s throat is meant to be filled with cock!”

Galla pulled her fingers out of Rafaelia’s mouth and with one hand pushed Rafaelia’s head down on Alice’s cock while with another hand, shoved three fingers deep into Rafaelia’s pussy.

“Mmmfm!” Rafaelia moaned with a mouth full of cock while Galla gave her pussy the same treatment and the same squelching intensity that Rafaelia gave Tabitha’s pussy not long ago. Rafaelia’s entire body started spasming and her pussy gushing from the double-pronged attack on her mouth and twat.

“There! Much better!” Galla said with a smile. She let Rafaelia come up for air again, but only let the fox girl take a couple of ragged breaths before kissing her hard on the lips. The two girls exchanged sloppy, passionate kisses, and Galla slurped out the sticky saliva out Rafaelia’s mouth while continuing to finger-fuck the fox girl’s pussy.

Chapter Text

Galla and Rafaelia did not leave the bunny girl’s cock unattended for long. They did not even part their lips when they moved back on the bunny’s hard shaft, enveloping it with their lips, sliding along its full length from both sides. The bunny girl looked at them with a silent scream as she was already close to orgasm from the sudden double blowjob.

Galla and Rafaelia laughed and parted their lips from Alice’s cock so that she did not climax prematurely. They then took turns deepthroating Alice’s cock, one long, deep move at a time, while playing with each other’s pussies.

Beatrice’s jaw nearly dropped from what she saw while Tabitha merrily sucked her off.

When Beatrice first saw this eighteen or nineteen-year-old teen fox girl, she saw a damsel in distress, a cute girl that needed protection. Rafaelia’s later confessions shocked Beatrice, even if they perhaps should not have in this lewd world.

But this alley experience completely changed the succubus’s impression of the girl. Even earlier, the way Rafaelia instantly dropped her dress to sell the “lesbian orgy” scene and jumped at the chance to lick Tabitha’s pussy. There was no hesitation. The fox girl was eager to do it.

And now that the trouble had passed? The fox girl doubled down on stuffing her face with cock. A magical cock of a total stranger! A true denizen of a morally bankrupt city! Gone was the image of an innocent girl in trouble. Instead, the image was now that of another sexy, slutty young brat that lived for cock and pleasure.

Her parents were murdered! She was hunted for termination! Beatrice kept reminding herself. Is this just a coping mechanism? Is she that broken? Or is she no more broken than any other man or woman in this city?

And how broken was Beatrice that she now wanted to facefuck the slutty little fox girl? The succubus was too horny now to ask herself that question. Instead, she took Tabitha by the hair and pulled her off her throbbing cock. The succubus moved closer to Alice, Rafaelia, and Galla, moving her cock next to Rafaelia’s face. And when the two girls swapped again and Galla took Alice’s cock deep down her throat, Rafaelia moved in on Beatrice’s cock without even waiting for an invitation.

“Ohh!” Beatrice gasped as Rafaelia bobbed her head up and down on the succubus’s cock. The fox girl looked up and grinned, satisfied with the response to her skills.

This left Tabitha ignored and sad, but Beatrice was not about to leave any of the three girls unattended. She let Rafaelia go, took Tabitha by the hair again, pulled her closer. Tabitha’s mood instantly improved and she opened her mouth for Beatrice’s cock just in time to receive it, while Beatrice gave Rafaelia a different treat, one that the fox girl had not yet been accustomed to.

Beatrice moved her tail to Rafaelia’s mouth to quickly remedy the fact that Rafaelia’s mouth had been left empty. Beatrice slithered her tail deep down Rafaelia’s throat, testing the limits of the fox girl who was not prepared for such deep invasion.

The fox girl gagged and choked on the succubus’s tail. Beatrice withdrew her phallic tail to let the fox girl recover while taking an interest in another participant instead. Galla had let Alice’s clit-dick out of her mouth, of which Beatrice made Rafaelia aware by using her tail to shove the fox girl’s face into the bunny girl’s cock before moving that tail to Galla’s curious mouth.

By this point, all five girls were close together. Beatrice was shoulder to shoulder with Alice, while Tabitha, Rafaelia, and Galla were on their knees next to each other servicing the futanaris. Beatrice’s long, nimble tail allowed her to fill any empty mouth that was left without a cock for more than a second. Rafaelia ended up being the one who swapped phallic objects most often—from cock to tail to cock—barely having the time to catch a breath before getting stuffed, while also managing to finger-fuck herself whenever Galla was unable to.

Beatrice preferred to use her tail on Galla, not the least because the tail’s length allowed her to slither through the blonde’s massive bosom before reaching those big, soft lips. But even while taking in the formidable length of Beatrice’s tail, Galla did not neglect the other girls—pushing Rafelia’s head down on a cock whenever she caught the fox girl slacking, while also fingering Alice’s overflowing pussy, now that the bunny girl was on the verge of orgasm.

Chapter Text

Despite how hot it was standing shoulder to shoulder with a sexy futanari bunny girl while enjoying blowjobs from three sexy sluts that were on their knees, loving every second with the dicks they were granted, Beatrice was too aroused to leave it just at this. Her discovery of the fox girl’s character left the succubus horny and throbbing to fill the legal teen’s pussy and pound her from behind like a true cock-lover deserved to be pounded. And seeing Alice so close to cumming, the horny succubus could not resist the temptation to further increase the bunny girl’s birthday futa-girl experience to the maximum.

Tabitha had just let Beatrice’s cock out of her mouth to lick the length of the futanari’s girthy shaft from the outside when Beatrice suddenly grabbed her by her green, luscious hair to pull her tongue away from the cock of Tabitha’s dreams. Tabitha still tried to reach Beatrice’s cock with her tongue, when Beatrice grabbed Tabitha by the neck and pulled her up from her knees.

“Hold on for a moment,” Beatrice said to Tabitha whose disheartened face due to parting from the cock she loved was utterly ruined from her second throatjob in this alley. “You’ll get a proper treatment after I deal with the birthday girl and her temporary fox-pet!”

Having said that, Beatrice kissed Tabitha with an invigorated passion, having made up her mind how to satisfy all the girls while also making herself happy. Tabitha and Beatrice exchanged mouth fluids for a couple of seconds before Beatrice let Tabitha’s neck go and the mage collapsed to the ground, breathing hard and waiting for more from her god-like master.

Tabitha followed Beatrice’s cock with her eyes while masturbating to deal with her cravings while Beatrice walked around her and Rafaelia.

Beatrice got behind Rafaelia whose fluffy tail wiggled like that of an excited puppy. Beatrice wrapped her long, sleek, black tail around the fox girl’s waist and lifted the girl’s lower body up.

“What a nice ass,” Beatrice said as she slapped Rafaelia’s ass, making the fox girl’s tail straighten in a line. Rafaelia could not react much more than that because her head was currently pushed down by Galla onto Alice's cock, who was passively but quickly approaching her climax.

“So, gagging on a cock still counts as lesbianism as long as there’s a girl attached to it, right?” excited Beatrice mocked Rafaelia’s and Galla’s cheap, porn-flick-worthy story for Alice’s benefit. “Then—since I’m also just a girl with a throbbing cock for sexy sluts—if I fuck your pussy right now, that will still count as girls making love, right?”

Galla looked like she was barely holding back from laughing when she looked at Beatrice. Galla pulled Rafaelia’s head of the bunny girl’s cock and asked, “You don’t mind, right? It’s just us girls here after all. You can please two girls at once, right?”

Rafaelia looked at Galla. The fox girl was breathing heavily, her fiery hair stuck to her saliva-smeared face and covered her hazy eyes that she could barely focus.

The fox girl wiped the hair off her eyes and said, “Of course! This is nothing! That little bunny is just standing there, still like a statue, while your hand got so slow that I was wondering if you fell asleep. Maybe Beatrice can operate her girl-dick a little better before I get bored.”

Beatrice listened to this with wide eyes. At no point did it seem to anyone like Rafaelia was bored or simply going through the motions instead of enjoying herself. Though there was one other explanation. Beatrice put her hand on Rafaelia’s crotch and slid two fingers inside the fox girl’s pussy.

The fox girl tensed up, in an effort not to moan when she just made such a defiant proclamation, but the succubus got all the information she needed. The ease with which Beatrice’s finger slid inside Rafaelia’s drenching lower lips proved that her upper lips made up adorable little lies about boredom.

Beatrice was not surprised. After all, if the fox girl made one story to spice up the encounter, why not another? Only this time, it seemed, the bunny girl’s blonde friend was excluded. And even if Galla did catch on to Rafaelia’s cheap ploy, she certainly did not let it show.

Galla’s shocked silence lasted for a couple of precious seconds. And that shock swiftly turned to fury.

“You heard that, Alice!?” Galla growled with an animalistic grin as she grabbed a fistful of Rafaelia’s furry hair. “This slut is unimpressed by our efforts! We’ll just have to step it up a notch while she gets railed from behind, lesbo-style!”

Chapter Text

Galla parted Rafealia’s lips with her fingers and pushed the fox girl down on Alice’s cock with such a force that Rafaelia barely got time to prepare herself. In a single motion, the bunny girl’s cock was back in the fox girl’s mouth. Galla pushed Rafaelia down all the way until the fox girl’s button nose sunk into Alice’s skin and her chin pressed against Alice’s wet pussy.

Galla then put her hand below Rafaelia’s jaw and started moving the fox girl’s head back and forth on Alice's cock, not letting it out of Rafaelia’s throat for even a moment. Galla moved her hand lower to Rafaelia’s neck to feel the bulge increase and decrease with each slow, deliberate movement.

Beatrice knew that the inexperienced bunny girl would not last long under such stimulation. Beatrice moved the fox girl’s long, fluffy tail to the side to get a good view of her behind. She then grabbed Rafaelia by the hips and plunged her cock deep into the wet, naughty cunt that made all kinds of stories to fill her holes with cocks.

The fox girl moaned into Alice’s cock, and Beatrice quickly picked up the pace, aroused to no end by her new sexy, young companion who clearly loved cocks way more than she led on.

As for Alice, whose pussy was left woefully unattended by the enraged blonde who concentrated on Rafaelia, Beatrice has plans for that too. Before the time ran out for Alice’s temporary cock, and having already experienced one of Alice’s holes, the succubus moved her tail to the bunny girl’s nearly-gushing pussy that twitched from pre-orgasmic waves of pleasure and thrust her tail inside.

Alice’s entire body was rocked as her brain got blasted by the sudden penetration. The bunny girl’s body continuously twitched, her back arched and eyes rolled back from electrifying surges of pleasure coming from both cock and cunt, each more exhilarating than the other. Beatrice mercilessly fucked Alice’s pussy while Galla fucked Alice’s cock by using the fox girl’s mouth and throat like an onahole.

The bunny girl would have screamed across the entire town if she could, letting every single citizen know the bliss of getting deepthroated while your wet, needy pussy is stuffed and stretched to the absolute limits, bordering on unbearable.

“Is this still boring for you, huh you fox-slut!?” Galla yelled with a wide grin as she felt Alice’s cock move in and out of Rafaelia’s throat whose own eyes started rolling back into her skull from the relentless throat-fucking combined with a thorough pounding from behind.

It wasn’t Rafaelia’s first rodeo, but she could not remember the last time she experienced a fucking of this intensity. On average the guys were so thrilled to have a stunning, innocent-looking young girl like her go down on their cocks as if they spewed out honey that they barely had the effort to do their part as well. Rafaelia had her urges like any other girl. She wanted to get thoroughly taken, pounded, and bred as nature intended. And this merciless spitroast was exactly what she needed.

Rafaelia let out deep, incomprehensible sounds into the cock in her throat as she salivated at the thought of tasting the semen of an inexperienced dickgirl she was about to bring to orgasm with her throat alone. The cock that pounded her pussy was just girthy enough to fill her properly, stretch her just to the limits, as if it was made to breed her cunt. And as the fox girl envisioned getting bred like the bitch in heat that she was and started shaking from the approaching orgasm as she gagged on an inexperienced bunny girl’s cock in her throat, Rafaelia’s only regret was that the cock inside her was not just a little longer to pound against her womb as well.

Beatrice grabbed Rafelia by her narrow waist and moved her hips faster and faster, slamming her thighs against Rafaelia’s ass as she plunged her cock as deep into the girl’s sublime, tight, hot pussy as she could. The double stimulation from two fresh, clamping pussies of girls in animalistic heat was too much for the succubus to bear.

Beatrice moaned louder and louder as she watched Alice throw herself against the wall behind her as her legs trembled and were about to give out from the level of mind-altering pleasure for which her mind (that only knew the gentle pleasures of her own fingers and a few other objects) was not prepared. The bunny girl’s hips moved on their own, spurred by the succubus’s tail to plunge deeper down Rafaelia’s throat and unleash all that cum right where the fox girl craved for.

And as Beatrice lowered her gaze to the waify fox girl, at the absolute prime of her sexual health, the body that men would kill for, and the sexual appetite that countries would go to war for, she felt Rafaelia clamp down on her cock again and again as she started convulsing in climax, and that sent the succubus over the edge as well.

Beatrice’s breathing got more and more erratic, she moaned louder and louder as she lost sense of where she was, and—after a few more thrusts—her mind went white as she felt the euphoric rush through her cock and tail. But even as cum rushed through both her phallic organs, Beatrice kept thrusting deep and hard, on pure instinct, driven by some primal desire to plant her seed as deep into the two fertile girls as she could.

-42.8 AP

Chapter Text

“Haah! Aaaahn!” Beatrice moaned in bliss as she kept cumming and cumming, pumping her potent seed deep inside two sexy girls she just met today.

Beatrice finally stopped cumming long after her white juices overflooded the girl’s pussies and leaked out with each of the succubus’s jerking thrusts.

As Beatrice regained her senses, she first withdrew her tail out of the bunny girl’s twitching pussy. The bunny girl herself had just stopped pumping her second load of the day (as well as her entire life) from her temporary girl-cock down Rafelia’s throat. A thick stream of cum poured out of the bunny girl’s fucked pussy while barely stood on her trembling legs with her back against a wall, staring obliviously somewhere far into the distance, basking in the afterglow of the best orgasm she had in her entire life.

With her orgasm coming to an end and the duty of the dick she was granted dutifully fulfilled, the bunny girl’s temporary girl-dick shrunk rapidly inside Rafaelia’s mouth. The fox girl gasped for air, finally able to breathe while Galla still held her head by her hair.

After such a life-changing, intense experience Alice no longer had the strength to stand. No one could say what force kept her upright through the event, but now that it was over, the last specks of energy forsook Alice and she slid along the wall, down and sideways, to the hard, cum-soaked, uneven pavement beneath her. Before the bunny girl powerlessly fell into a puddle of cum at her feet, her soft, shrinking dick slipped out of Rafaelia’s mouth and returned to its original state as a clit (albeit swollen and aching).

The fox girl faired similarly. After spending three minutes on the giving end of several deepthroats, culminating in a brutal throat-fuck, controlled from the side by a different person entirely while yet another girl pounded her pussy just the way she liked it, the fox girl collapsed right where she was—in an alley, at the feet of a girl that filled her throat with cock and stomach with cum, satisfied and pleased by the fucking she orchestrated for herself.

Rafaelia laid on her side on the pavement with a satisfied, open-mouth grin on her face, breathing hard to regain her oxygen levels. As the girl calmed down, she slowly caressed her swollen pussy lips with her fingers, reliving the fresh memory of taking it like a good girl and enjoying every moment of it while a mix of Beatrice’s cum and her own juices oozed out of her through her fingers.

But there were still several young women in the alley left who were filled with energy. And none more so than the succubus herself. Despite having cum twice already, the double fuck seemed to only further invigorate the futanari sex demon. Beatrice’s cock did not even go soft when Rafaelia powerlessly slid off it. And now the succubus had her eye on the big-breasted friend of the resting bunny girl.

Of course, big-breasted was an understatement when it came to Galla. How her breasts managed to retain their shape without plastic surgery that would make them look like inflated balloons, Beatrice could not even begin to imagine. Plastic surgery could not accomplish this.

Beatrice saw her fair share of “giant porno cans” that looked more like a joke than something she could be aroused by. Usually, when breasts began approaching such proportions they came in two groups. Either they looked like volleyballs with skin stretched over them, or they sagged down to the model’s belly because gravity existed.

Galla’s breasts defied gravity. They managed to look soft and natural while not sagging under the force of gravity as if held up by an invisible push-up bra. Beatrice did not know what spell the parents of the giant, watermelon-like breast owner cast on the woman, or whether it was the gods themselves that blessed the blonde bombshell, and, to be honest, she did not care. Beatrice had a hard-on for the blonde with the giant tits and narrow waist and just had to experience that body. The fact that Galla had just helped her sexy friend to a fuck and throatjob from a bunch of strangers was an arousing character bonus. And judging by the way Galla looked at Beatrice’s cock, she was more than willing to experience Beatrice’s assets as well.

Chapter Text

Too horny to wait for even a second longer, Beatrice walked over to Galla and said, “Your turn.”

With a cheeky smile, Galla took Beatrice’s cock into her hand and started stroking it. Galla was the perfect cock worshipper.

She looked into Beatrice’s eyes as she kissed the tip of her cock, licked it, took the tip of it into her mouth. Just the tip, but it was enough. She sucked on it, wrapping it with her big lips while gently stroking the rest of Beatrice’s shaft with her hands, not breaking eye contact with Beatrice even for a second.

How many men and women has she hypnotized with those big green eyes? Beatrice wondered. The succubus knew this look too well. Most popular porn actresses and high-tier escorts had it nailed down and could say “I want your cock” just with her eyes.

Galla did not answer the question she could not hear. But she smiled with a cock in her mouth. And with a smile that would subdue a lesser person, Galla let Beatrice’s cock out of her mouth and licked the whole length of Beatrice’s shaft with her hot, wet tongue, up and down, covering Beatrice’s cock with her saliva. She then started kissing the tip of Beatrice’s cock again, from different angles, while stroking the shaft with both hands, slowly picking up the pace.

“How does a cute girl like you come upon such a magnificent toy?” Galla asked. “I’ve never heard of such magic.”

“I was born with it,” Beatrice answered with a half-truth.

The futanari succubus was indeed born with it in her past life. And in this life, she was summoned with it. But the more precise answer would be that Beatrice had custom-designed her own body with the help of a reluctant Goddess. And whether succubi with a cock would normally exist in this depraved world that the aforementioned Goddess either found or created, Beatrice could not say.

“And unlike the cock you gave to Alice, this one won’t disappear if you keep cumming again and again?” Galla asked and took Beatrice’s cock into her mouth. She bobbed her head in a swirling motion, taking Beatrice’s shaft deeper and deeper into her wet warmth while also stimulating Beatrice’s cock with her tongue.

“A-ah-Absolutely not!” Beatrice answered. And as much as she enjoyed Galla’s warm-up performance, her gaze kept jumping to the blonde’s giant swaying tits. This did not go unnoticed by Galla, who was used to jokingly reminding people that her eyes were a little higher.

“You’re not the first one unable to take her eyes off my ‘assets’,” Galla said with a smile, let go of Beatrice’s cock, and slid her hands across her breasts. She lifted them up a little higher and pushed them together for Beatrice’s viewing pleasure.

“Many men have a hard time deciding whether they want to cum on these beauties or on my face, or both, or in my mouth, or creampie me while sucking on my nipples,” Galla said as she lifted her tits even higher, bringing her nipples closer, and leaned in to lick one nipple and then another while looking at Beatrice. “But, without exception, every single one of them wants to smear their load all over my tits at least once in their life.”

Beatrice could not agree more with such a notion. And her tail moved into action to make that thought a reality. Beatrice used her tail to grab Rafaelia’s dress that she left lying around and threw it just behind Galla. The blonde barely had the time to look behind her at what Beatrice was doing before the succubus used her tail to throw Galla on her back and on that dress. The next moment Beatrice dropped to her knees with her legs apart over Galla’s waist, leaned further down, and took Galla’s giant breasts into her hands.

“Haah, incredible!” Beatrice exhaled as she groped the giant gifts from the gods.

Galla’s breasts felt amazing! How can they be this soft and moldable while she’s laying down, yet remain so perky when she’s standing? Beatrice asked herself in awe as she kept cupping the giant pillows, playing with them in her hands. Beatrice moved her hands to Galla’s nipples and stroked them with her thumbs.

Of course, they’re hard! Beatrice expected nothing less and gently pinched the poking nipples. They were hard and poking out. Beatrice had to take them into her mouth. She had to lick them! And a second later that was exactly what she did when she lowered her mouth and started sucking on Galla’s hard nipples.

Chapter Text

“Mmm, Yes!” Galla moaned and caressed her own breasts while Beatrice sucked on her nipples. “Neither men nor women can resist my breasts! You’re in love with them as well, aren’t you?”

Beatrice had no time to answer silly questions. Her actions were all the answers anyone needed. Beatrice kept working on Galla’s nipple with the tip of her tongue, sucking on it with her lips, swirling her tongue around it. Beatrice then did the same to Galla’s other nipple while continuing to sink her hands into them, between them, exploring every last inch of this wonderful flesh. Neither was Beatrice content with just sucking on the nipples. She further explored those giant breasts with her tongue and lips, pressing Galla’s breasts together and licking between them, imagining how her cock will feel there when she sinks it into Galla’s bosom. Beatrice salivated at the thought and did not hold back from covering Galla’s breasts with her saliva, preparing her for the hard cock.

“Ahn!” Beatrice moaned and squeezed Galla’s breasts hard on pure reflex when she felt someone’s wet, warm tongue between her legs. The succubus finally parted her tongue from Galla’s heavenly tits (even though she could not compel herself to stop massaging those tits with her hands) and looked back to see a familiar naked body of a skinny girl, with long, green locks of hair falling to the side while the owner of that body buried her face between Beatrice’s legs.

“W-what are you-Ahn!” Beatrice moaned, unable to finish a sentence while Tabitha continued to lick her pussy. Waves of pleasure made Beatrice’s entire body shudder each time Tabitha’s wet tongue slid across her pussy and touched the base of her hard cock.

“Haah… Aaah!” Beatrice moaned with her eyes closed, barely keeping herself from falling on top of Galla.

What the hell!? Why does it feel so good!? Beatrice realized that during all this time as a futanari dickgirl she experienced a lot of things: being on both ends of blowjobs, stuffing tight pussies with her fat cock and getting her own pussy pounded and filled with cum, screwing more hot women in the past twenty-four hours than in her entire past lifetime. But—somehow—Beatrice managed to avoid having her pussy eaten out this entire time.

Is this what girls feel like!? Beatrice wondered in amazement. She thought that creaming deep into a sexy girl’s tight pussy while getting her own pussy pounded was the pinnacle of sexual bliss. Oh, what a fool!

Without saying a word, Tabitha continued eating out Beatrice’s exposed pussy. She took a mouthful of Beatrice’s juicy pussy lips, slid her tongue across them while breathing hot air on them through her mouth. Each time Tabitha’s tongue reached the base of Beatrice’s cock, another wave of pleasure ran down Beatrice’s spine.

“Uuuuhn!” Beatrice collapsed on Galla’s tits with her back arched and ass high up to give Tabitha the best possible access.

Beatrice could not possibly protest such sublime treatment. She gladly gave in to it and returned to playing with her latest favorite toy—Galla’s giant tits.

“Go ahead—enjoy them!” with a sultry voice Galla encouraged Beatrice.

And enjoy them she did. Beatrice continued to lick Galla’s tits all over, slowly losing her mind from enjoying the first cunnilingus of her life. Her cock swelled and ached. The seconds between the times that Tabitha touched Beatrice’s aching cock seemed to go on forever. Even though it seemed that Tabitha’s tongue lingered a little bit longer at the base of Beatrice’s hard shaft each time it reached it, it wasn’t enough. The succubus wanted more stimulation. Galla’s tits were the only thing that kept Beatrice from reaching to her cock and jerk herself to orgasm while Tabitha ate her out.

But Beatrice had another “cock”. She moved her black tail further, sliding it between her and Galla’s body, quickly approaching the mountain of fatty flesh that were Galla’s tits. Spit continued to escape Beatrice’s open mouth with each of her moans. The succubus did not stop that. She used that spit to cover the tip of her tail before she slid between Galla’s tits.

She pressed the tip of her tail between Galla’s breasts, gently enough not to slip inside until she lubricated herself. Beatrice knew that salvia dried out quickly so she made sure to apply a thick coat with her hand.

“Aaahn!” Beatrice moaned and squeezed the tip of her tail when she felt Tabitha’s lips on the base of her cock. An open, sloppy kiss, with Tabitha's tongue circling Beatrice’s cock’s stretched, veiny skin. Tabitha had been slowly spending more and more time with Beatrice’s cock, and now, she did not part from it. Beatrice’s pussy was absolutely drenched. So that it did not get left out, Tabitha caressed Beatrice’s squelching pussy lips with her fingers while she slowly slid her wet lips and tongue up the length of Beatrice’s shaft, approaching the engorged, aching tip.

Chapter Text

To the surprise of no one, Tabitha could not resist the tempting allure of a big, fat cock staring at her face. She was a cock-lover to the end. As much as she enjoyed eating the pussy of the sex demon that she worshipped like a goddess, gagging on the cock of that same goddess was an even greater joy, impossible to resist.

And as Tabitha massaged Beatrice’s pussy while sticking her middle finger inside the wet hole to massage and finger Beatrice's pussy simultaneously, Tabitha approached the tip of Beatrice’s cock with her tongue and took it in her mouth. Tabitha purred in delight when she finally got Beatrice’s cock back into her mouth. She supported herself on her elbow underneath Beatrice's hips while she sucked the engorged lollipop.

Tabitha squirmed and rubbed her thighs. She needed more. And in her pleasure-seeking mind, there was only one solution. She grabbed Beatrice's ass, took her cock deeper into her mouth, and pulled down, signaling Beatrice to lower her hips so that Tabitha could continue sucking while laying on the ground. This freed up the arm Tabitha used to support herself and she was now to finger her own pussy with her legs spread wide while sucking and rubbing out Beatrice.

Beatrice moaned when her cock entered Tabitha’s mouth. The pussy massage had turned her on too much, making Beatrice unable to withstand the final act. For a regular woman, this would be the concentrated effort on pleasing the clit, in the futanari’s case this was sucking on a big fat cock that twitched from the build-up to the climax.

Realizing that her climax was approaching Beatrice lost all inhibition and started titty-fucking Galla with her tail with nothing held back.

“Ohhh,” Beatrice moaned into Galla’s nipples as she slid her tail back and forth between Galla’s saliva-covered tits, deeper and deeper with each thrust. It took an impressive boob size to even attempt a titjob that did not look pathetic. Even then, Beatrice had considered it more of an aesthetic pleasure, a gimmick for pornos. As it turned out, exceptions existed.

Beatrice’s tail did not simply disappear underneath Galla’s massive boobage. Her tits were surprisingly soft and malleable and did not leave any part of Beatrice’s tail unsatisfied. And—when lubricated by the saliva of a succubus—the friction was non-existent.

Beatrice knew her spit should have smeared about and dried up quickly. Instead, it felt like the succubus had used a top-grade lubricant. And when lubricated between such heavenly tits, Beatrice felt like her sensitive tail was inside a pussy. A pussy that Beatrice could massage, squeeze, lick, pinch, and toy with however she pleased. Beatrice wanted to go deeper. Galla’s pussy-tits felt too good to be true and Beatrice wanted to stimulate as much of her tail as possible.

“Ahh~” Beatrice moaned as she thrust her tail deeper and deeper between Galla’s soft tits. And as she thrust her tail deeper into Galla’s bosom, Beatrice realized that she’d been rocking her hips up and down without even realizing this.

The succubus mind had somehow gotten used to the pleasure that came from her nether regions, as well as also getting used to the fact that the pleasure would increase if she moved her hips. And when welcomed by such an inviting mouth, who wouldn’t thrust deeper inside it?

Tabitha had not said a word this entire time, but the slurping, gagging sounds that escaped her mouth along with bubbles of spit was all the language the succubus needed. Beatrice smiled as she bit Galla’s nipple, realizing that both her pussy’s squelching sounds from Tabitha’s rubbing and fingering as well as Tabitha’s gurgling as her throat was stretched out by the futanari’s fat cock had become nothing more than simple background noise to her depravities. The only noise she needed.

Beatrice pressed Galla’s tits together, squeezed them, and molded them so that the blonde’s hard pink nipples would be together and the succubus could suck them both at once while she thrust deeper between those malleable gifts from gods.

“Mfm, yes! That’s it!” Galla moaned as Beatrice kept fucking her tits while getting rubbed out, fingered, and sucked off. Obviously, Galla could not let herself be the only one with an idle pussy when she had two working hands. Leaving her tits in Beatrice’s capable hands, the blonde had been pleasuring herself for some time now. And when Galla saw the swollen black tip of Beatrice’s tail push through her tips and appear inches from her chin, Galla opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out, welcoming the insatiable intruder.