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Best Friend

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Mrs. Hudson was absolutely thrilled to have tenants again. She waited patiently inside her flat after hearing Sherlock letting himself in, purposefully letting a few minutes pass before climbing the stairs to 221B. He had sounded so pleased over the phone yesterday, raving about John. She was already imagining having married ones like Mrs. Turner.


Half a minute later, those dreams were dashed.


“Sherlock, this is John? Your new flatmate?” she asked.


“Yes! Is he not exactly as I described him?” Sherlock replied. “Medium height, somewhat stocky, ash blond hair, very intelligent eyes-”


“Yes, just as you said. However, you failed to mention that he was a dog.”


John was neatly curled in the armchair. He picked his head off his paws when Mrs. Hudson met his eyes, and gave a wag of his tail.


“He‘ll be staying in my room, he has a bit of limp and nightmares, the poor chap. I‘ll get him through civilian life, though, won‘t I, John?”


He gave John a fond look, and John sat up straight, tail wagging and eyes focused adoringly on Sherlock.


Mrs. Hudson let herself out of the flat a minute later. She smiled widely as she walked down the stairs, content. She had a feeling that there would never be a pair quite like Sherlock Holmes and John.


Her boys.