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Star Gazing

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John stopped by Rodney's lab. "You free after dinner?"

Rodney looked around at several monitors, tapped on the desktop computer, and then consulted the tablet in his hand.

"Amazingly, I am!" Rodney said.

"I traded for some of that beer you like," John shrugged easily. "Thought we could go out to the pier and enjoy a quiet night. Weather is supposed to be good for star watching. You being an astrophysicist and all."

"Well, now you've jinxed it!" Rodney laughed. "But sure, sounds good."

"Make sure you get some dinner," John said. "You get cranky when you're hungry.!

Rodney frowned.


John was already sitting out on the pier by the time Rodney finished in the lab and had eaten some dinner.

"Hey!" Rodney said as he sat next to John.

"Hey back at you," John replied. He handed Rodney a Canadian beer from the cooler he had gotten in another trade.

John watched as Rodney took a long drink.

"Ah! That's good," Rodney said appreciatively.

"What are we looking at?" John asked. "Anything we can see?"

That got Rodney going on the various stars and galaxies they could see from Atlantis. "Although, if Atlantis moves again, it'll all be different."


"I got chips," John offered. "The folk in the mess have been playing around with using local tubers to make them." He held a paper bag out to Rodney.

"Ohh... I wonder what they used this time," Rodney said. "At least we have plenty of salt from the city and the Athosians have grown not-soy crops so we can have oil."

They munched on the chips, finishing off the bag.

"Those were good," Rodney admitted.

"Yeah, they were."

John inched closer to Rodney and took his hand, just holding it.

Startled, Rodney looked down and then back up at John.


"What..." Rodney stopped himself. He narrowed his eyes as he thought through the options.

"This is a date!" Rodney crowed.

John nodded. "Want another beer?"

"Sure! You could have said something."

"Not a big deal," John shrugged. "Just wanted to spend time with you."

"We live together," Rodney countered.

"Yeah, but we don't always have time to just sit and look at the stars."

"Huh. No we don't," Rodney said softly. He moved closer to John. "You can't really see it without a telescope, but there's a red giant out there. Another ten thousand years and it'll probably be extinct."


John leaned in for a kiss. Rodney tasted of salt and beer. Rodney placed a hand on the side of John's face and deepened the kiss.

Breaking the kiss, Rodney rested his forehead against John's. "Come on. We have a comfy bed we can use."

"We do, don't we?" John teased.

John held Rodney's hand as they strolled through Atlantis going back to their apartment. They fell into bed together, making love was soft and tender as the night went on.

"Thanks for a great date," Rodney falling asleep.

In the dark, John whispered. "Ten thousand years isn't long enough."