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Hyunjin didn’t intend on wrecking Chan tonight, or at least not as much as he has already. 


It started in the shower, after Chan asked him to be his boyfriend. Their bodies just started to move together, eagerly wrapping around each other. Which isn’t abnormal, especially since they haven’t done anything in a good amount of time. 


Hyunjin had Chan pinned to the side of the shower, his feet were still planted firmly to the floor but he was stuck in place. Jin could tell Chan was needy, he knew that before even coming into the shower though. 


What he hadn’t expected though was for Chan to drop down on his knees and stare up at him like an obedient bunny and suck the soul out of him. He’s never properly fucked Chan’s mouth, at least not up until then he hadn’t. 


He never knew he needed to see what Chan, gagging, crying, and drooling on his cock looked like. But god it has been a fucking crime that it took so long to see. 


Hyunjin held his face down as he came and Chan swallowed around him and then looked up looking for praise. His glassy eyes and puffy red lips made Hyunjin’s head spin. 


Which is how they’ve got to where they are now. 


Hyunjin has him in bed with his legs spread wide, his face pushed into his bicep as he tries to contain his noises. 


Chan whined on the way out of the bathroom while Hyunjin had been carrying him. He’d whimpered about not getting off too. Jin has never seen him this deep in subspace, he’s fucking adorable. 


But because of his whining and crying Hyunjin decided to be a little mean. 


He’s working his cock slowly, extra lube on him to make him even more slick. One hand strokes his shaft while his other rolls his palm over the head. 


Chan cries and tries to push his hands away. 


“Don’t make me have to tie your hands up bunny.” He warns with a smirk. 


Chan stills completely and looks at him with wide eyes. 


“You want your hands tied up don’t you baby?” Jin bends down and scrapes his teeth over his slit. Quick to soothe the feeling with his tongue, Chan whimpers and bucks his hips forward. 


Hyunjin pulls back before he can thrust further, “I’ll stop if you don’t answer Channie,” he smirks, hands slowing down. 


“No no no! Don’t stop, please don’t stop.” Chan cries out. His eyes filled with alarm. 


Hyunjin laughs, “you gonna answer now? You want your hands tied, yes or no?” 


Chan swallows, his face completely flushed. 


“I’ll be good.” He whispers. 


Hyunjin takes that as a no. Chan likes to touch too much to willingly have his hands restrained. He’d like it if Jin did it with force and as a punishment, but he’d fight about it too. 


“Then be a good bunny and stop moving.” His voice is stern. Chan nods and grabs at the blankets instead. “Don’t move baby.” Hyunjin repeats and then slides off his bed to the side table. 


Chan whines at the lack of contact. 


“S-Sir-“ “ his voice breaks and Hyunjin whips around. He stares and then a grin breaks out across his face. 


“What’d you call me bunny?” 


Chan seems to register what came out of his mouth, his hands go down to cover his face and he squeezes his legs shut. He’s clearly embarrassed. 


Hyunjin grabs what he’s looking for from the drawer and crawls back up to him. He quickly pulls his hands down and lifts his chin, he connects their lips hard. 






He’s never had a sir kink before but he fucking does now. Hearing Chan cry out for him like that was beautiful, it sent shock waves through his entire body. It was so unbelievably hot. 


Hyunjin disconnects their lips and presses their foreheads together. “That was so fucking hot, don’t be embarrassed. I call you hyung for fucks sake babe, it’s no different.” He whispers and kisses him again. 


“I didn’t mean to.” Chan whines. 


“Do it again.” Hyunjin sets his hands on his hips and waits for him to speak. Chan bites his lower lip, “what’s my name bunny?” He rolls their hips together slowly. 


“S-sir.” Chan whispers, he grinds up on him, trying to get more friction. 


Hyunjin hums, a little giggle coming out too, “mm that’s right baby, you’re such a good boy.” He bites under his ear and forces his legs apart again. “My baby bunny.” 


Chan moans, Hyunjin sits back again and grabs the lube along with the vibrator he just took out. “Keep your legs open, keep them right here.” He pats his thighs. 


Chan nods while biting at his fingers. 


Hyunjin smirks and clicks the toy on, he runs it gently over his sensitive skin on his stomach. Watching Chan’s body twitch with each movement. 


He slides it along his hips and between his thighs, teasing around his balls. 


“Please-“ Chan whimpers around his digits. 


Hyunjin’s eyes flicker up to him, he smirks and moves it down to rest right on his slit. Chan squirms and tries to move away but Hyunjin grabs him. 


“No!” Chan giggles softly. 


Hyunjin shifts him around, he gets him on his stomach and holds his waist tightly. His other hand keeps the toy against his cock, he moves to straddle his waist backwards so he can’t move. 


“You said please baby, I’m just doing what you want.” Hyunjin drips lube down his entrance as he speaks. He slides his fingers down to his hole and slips one inside. 


Chan moans even louder. 


Hyunjin giggles and kisses his hip, he moves the toy at a slow pace watching Chan twitch and buck under him. 


“S-sir gonna-make me c-cum.” He sobs into the pillows. 


The younger groans at the name again. It does far too much to his ego. 


He pushes a second finger in and works both hands at the same pace. Chan ruts into his sheets and squirms more, his hands curling into fists. 


Hyunjin smiles and shifts his fingers up, he feels Chan push himself to his knees and he shrieks. 


“Channie!” He giggles, nearly sliding off his back. Chan whines and tries to flip over. 


Hyunjin moves quickly, he lets Chan turnover and is met with his tear stained red face. His cock is bright red and leaking, lips bitten and puffy. “You’re so pretty, all fucked out bunny.” He pushes his fingers back inside him and Chan arches. 


He moves the toy directly under his head and watches with wide eyes as Chan starts twitching, his stomach tensing up. The older man cries out as he cums all over himself, way more than he usually does too. 


Hyunjin works him through it, he adds his third finger too and spreads them wide. He sets the toy to the side, letting Chan have a second before he resumes his torture. 


“H-Hyunnie-“ Chan whimpers, his body still bucking involuntarily. 


Hyunjin shifts and kisses him lovingly. “You did such a good job baby boy.” He whispers against his lips and earns a happy little noise from his boyfriend. 


“You still in there bunny? Or do you want me to stop?” He kisses the tip of his nose and rubs his thigh gently, reading Chan’s body language. 


“Want you.” He whispers, “want you to fuck me.” He trembles in his arms. 


Hyunjin hums and kisses him again, “okay. Can you take a deep breath for me Channie?” He kisses along his jaw, needing the older man to calm down for a moment. He can tell Chan is deep, from his shakes to his bare minimum sentences he’s forming. 


He just wants to make sure he’s still okay. 


Chan breathes deeply and wraps his arms around him. 


“Please sir?” He whines into his mouth. 


Hyunjin groans loud, “you’re gonna kill me.” He whispers and pulls back to grab a condom. 


“No no no!” Chan tries to push the packet out of his hands. 


“Yes baby.” 


Normally Hyunjin would agree. But he knows sounded minded Chan doesn’t want them having unprotected sex, it’s not a conversation they’ve fully had. He wants to fuck Chan raw, he wants Chan to fuck him raw. 


It’s not his fault his pet play kink holds hands with a breeding kink. 


“But want you.” He pouts. 


“Bunny not when you’re this deep.” 


Hyunjin watches tears come to Chan’s eyes and then he quickly blinks them back. The younger kisses him again, he’s so fucking cute. It’s taking all his strength not to do what Chan wants. 


“B-but…I want…I want baby bunnies…” he pouts even harder. 


Hyunjin feels his soul leave his body. The blood drain from every part of him ever. His mind goes blank even. 


Seconds pass and his brain rewires itself, he pushes Chan’s thighs to his chest and grabs the lube. 


“Baby bunnies.” Hyunjin mutters, still unable to properly think. “You want me to breed your pretty hole Channie?” The words tumble out, he runs his fingers over his entrance again, tempting himself even more. 


Chan whimpers and nods, “yes! Yes please!” He grabs at him eagerly. 


“Fuck-“ Hyunjin growls and squeezes his thighs, possibly leaving handprints on his pale skin. He’s trying to think rationally but fuck he doesn’t wanna. He wants to plunge himself into Chan and fuck him until he’s unable to form words at all. 


“Please sir~” Chan bites his lower lip. 


“N-no, not till we talk and your head is back from the clouds, bun.” He finally says but reaches over to his nightstand and grabs unscented sensitive skin lotion. 


He squeezes it all over Chan’s hole and then pushes the condom down his length. Despite Chan’s whining for him to take it off. His words die on his tongue as he pushes inside him. 


Hyunjin moans into his neck, he presses into him deep and smirks watching Chan squirm around and claw at his back. 


“H-Hyunjin-“ he gasps in his ear. 


“Mm gonna pump you full of babies now bun.” He whispers and begins fucking into his hard. 


Chan cries out, his eyes rolled into his head and back arched off the bed. His tongue practically comes out of his mouth too, a steady pool of drool drips down his chin. 


Hyunjin buries his face in his neck as he fucks him harder than he ever has before. He quickly realizes he’s never topped Chan unininjured. The time that he did he was still seriously hurt. He fucked Chan up that time, this time he’s going to make him unable to walk practically. 


He uses the full force of his body with every thrust, moaning into his skin. Chan is sobbing, clinging to him with everything he has. It makes him smirk and change the angle he’s going at. 


“Hyun-“ Chan’s voice cuts off, Hyunjin looks down at him to see he has the expression of a fucked out anime girl. He looks so unbelievably lewd, so ruined. 


“You’re such a good boy for me Channie, you’re doing so well.” He pants into his ear. Chan whimpers and shakes his head, “yes you are. My pretty baby, you’re taking your alpha’s cock like such a good bunny.” He smirks and Chan clenches up. 


Hyunjin has gone off the rails (so have I me Ezra what’s happening I’m dying) any kind of filter he had before is gone. 


“Hyunnie-please~” Chan scratches down his back. 


The younger shifts again and hits his prostate, he watches Chan clench and is sprayed with an absolute mess seconds later. 


“Oh fuck baby-“ he bucks and cums hard, deep inside Chan. His orgasm makes his entire body shake. 


Chan is shivering under him, still crying and moving on him. 


Hyunjin pulls out and looks down at his boyfriend. Lotion leaks out of his hole and he’s covered in cum and piss, Chan squirting was fucking amazing. He wants to fuck Chan like this every night for the rest of his life. 


“Easy baby, you’re okay.” He holds his face and kisses his forehead, “deep breath for me. You look so pretty all messy, I love you so much.” He wipes his sweaty curls off his forehead and rubs his back. 


Chan whimpers, “want you.”


“I’m right here bun, I’m not going anywhere.” 


“Mm sorry-“ Chan hiccups suddenly. 


“Hey hey, why are you sorry? Channie that was so fucking hot. I wanna make you feel that good every time.” Hyunjin ties off the condom and tosses it into the nearby trash and scoops the older man up. “You’re perfect, absolutely perfect baby.” 


Chan wraps around him tightly, nuzzles into his neck. “Love you.” He mumbles. 


“I love you. Let’s get you cleaned up and get some food in you.” He sets Chan down first, not trusting his own legs for a moment. 


When he’s sure he can stand he picks him up again and carries him back into the bathroom. Where all of this started to begin with. 


Chan is a bit calmer now, clearly so deep in subspace he can barely speak. 


Hyunjin turns the shower on, sad that they don’t have a bath to cuddle in. He makes sure to test the water before bringing Chan under the warmth. The older man hums and nuzzles into him, yet to put his legs down. 


Hyunjin washes them both up and kisses all over Chan, talking to him quietly, getting to drop slowly but surely. 


“I got you baby, I’m not going anywhere.” He murmurs as Chan whines about being put down. 


“Don’t let go.” Chan murmurs. 


“I’m just gonna wrap a towel around you bunny.” Hyunjin kisses his forehead now that they’re completely washed. Chan is barely in his brain still, his hands grabbing at the younger at every chance he gets. 


Hyunjin gets a towel around his waist and then scoops him up bridal style. Chan shrieks and nuzzles into his neck. 


“I want to die.” Chan mutters a little while later while Hyunjin is forcing him to eat something sweet. 


“No.” Jin kisses his cheek and hugs him, “I love you too much to let you die.” 


“That was so embarrassing.” Chan hides his face in his arms. 


Hyunjin pouts, he wraps around him from behind, only in his bathrobe. “No it wasn’t.” 


“Yes it was. Every, every single thing I-“ Chan trails off and goes back to hiding. 


“Babyboy it was so fucking hot. Nothing was embarrassing, you’re literally perfect babe.” 


Chan sits up, “I called you sir and said I want baby bunnies.” His cheeks are bright red. 


“Yeah? And?” Hyunjin lifts his chin, “if I wasn’t into it would I have said I was going to breed you full of bunnies?” He cocks his head to the side and watches Chan squeeze his legs together. 


“Channie if you’re afraid I’m going to react badly to your kinks I’m not going to I promise.” He wipes a tear that falls from Chan’s eye gently. 


“I just…I don’t want you to get weirded out.” Chan whispers. 


“I really don’t think you’re the one that has to worry about that baby. You want my list of kinks? You’ll be the one running away.” Hyunjin lifts his chin and kisses him again, his hands on either side of his face. 


Chan pulls him closer, bringing him up into his lap. He giggles and straddles him, making sure Chan’s back is against the counter so they don’t fall over. 


“I love you.” Hyunjin whispers, fingers gently running through Chan’s damp hair. His heart is full, he’s so intensely in love with Chan. It used to scare him, sometimes it still does but he’s accepting it more and more now. 


“I love you.” Chan tilts his head back looking for more kisses. 


Hyunjin smiles and leans down to kiss him again and again, until his tongue is down his throat once more and Chan’s hands are under his robe. The two of them are both so needy still, it’s obvious. 


Hyunjin rocks down on him and feels Chan shiver. 


“We should move off the chair.” He whispers, knowing one or both of them are going to end up on the floor. 


“Good idea.” Chan giggles and starts to pick him up. Only Hyunjin moves first, no way in hell is Chan lifting him when his legs are still made of jello. 


“Yeah you barely can stand you’re not carrying me.” He teases him while easily picking the older man up. 


Chan whines but doesn’t protest as he’s laid down in clean sheets. Hyunjin climbs back into his lap and straddles him again. 


“You, you gonna tell me the list?” Chan whispers while holding his hips. 


Hyunjin throws his head back and laughs sitting right on his dick. He wishes it was inside him. He’d like to just lazily ride Chan, to keep him hard enough to edge him again. 


“You know quite a few already.” He giggles and lets his robe slip off his body. Chan is watching him with curious eyes, his fingers tracing across his hip bones slowly. 


Hyunjin reaches over and grabs the lube, already knowing what he wants. He pushes Chan flat and drips the liquid along his entrance. Chan watches him with needy eyes. 


“Is that your way of saying you’re not gonna tell me?” Chan whispers while staring up at him, his lower lip between his teeth. 


Hyunjin hums softly while pushing two fingers inside himself. Chan moans quietly, following his every move. 




The younger smiles down at him, “I love when you call me your puppy, and I’d wear a collar with your name on it if you bought it.” He shuts his eyes while spreading his digits, rocking back on them slowly. 


Chan makes a soft sound, “really?”


“Hmhm… but I’d also keep my baby bunny on a leash too.” He smirks, locking eyes with Chan as he speaks. 


“I love the thought of you breeding me, and making me wear a plug all day.” He adds and rolls his hips more. 


Chan pulls him closer, “I, asked you to though…” he whispers. 


Hyunjin giggles, “I’ll stuff you up too baby boy, that’s the beauty of being a switch and a verse.” He smirks and leans down to kiss him slowly. “I know you could tie me up and make me cry, I know that you could fuck me until my eyes are crossed and I can’t speak. I want you to do all of that…” he bites under his ear before continuing any further. 


“I know you like dom and sub stuff.” Chan whines. 


Hyunjin bites down on his lower lip and makes him squeal. 


“I like the thought of sucking you off in an office full of people. I like sex with many people, I like knowing someone can get use out of me. I like when you call me pretty and slap my ass.” He kisses him again and slides his third finger inside himself. It makes him moan softly and tense up. 


Chan arches against him, his hips bucking up into his thighs. 


“What do you mean many people?” Chan whispers against his mouth. 


“Orgies Channie.” 


“You were serious?” Chan gasps in disbelief. 


Hyunjin giggles softly and rolls his hips down onto his fingers. “Yeah, I get the feeling you wouldn’t like them.” 


The older man pouts, “why do you say that?” 


“Cause you don’t like other people looking at me let alone touching me.” Hyunjin sits back, fingers coming from his hole as he grinds down on his boyfriend’s cock. 


“Cause you’re mine.” Chan grabs his hips a little more forcefully this time. 


Hyunjin makes a soft sound, he kisses him again, harder this time. Their tongues slide together slowly, Chan ruts into his ass and thigh eagerly. As if he didn’t just get off several times.  


“You know we have to go to work in the morning.” Hyunjin teases him. 




“It’s already two bunny.” He giggles but even as he speaks and bounces on his cock as if it’s already inside him. Chan reaches between them and grabs the lube. 


“When was the last time?” He asks softly. 


“Hm?” Hyunjin kisses along his neck, biting marks into his skin. 


“That you were tested?” Chan squeaks. 


“Are you asking if I’m clean Channie? We’ve been having sex for months now babe, if I wasn’t I’d tell you way before you wanting to cum in me.” Hyunjin cages him in with his arms and looks down with a smirk. “But right before I broke out was the last time I was tested and I was clean and I’ve only slept with you since then.” 


As he says the words he realizes that’s not true, he had sex with Jeongin too. But it was only once. 


“Well you and one other person but that was a while ago.” He mutters and feels Chan still under him. 




Way to ruin it Hyunjin. 


“Who?” Chan grabs his chin and forces his face up. Hyunjin makes a tiny noise, his cheeks bright red. 


“It was a while ago baby.” He whispers, Chan has his hand loosely around his throat, he knows that’s not the older man’s intention. But it’s hot. 


“Who was it?” Chan is dead serious he can tell. 




Hyunjin shrieks as he gets yanked down, their lips crash together and Chan bites him hard. He moans, unable to help himself. 


“When?” Chan nearly growls. 


Hyunjin feels his nails digging into his hips and whines softly, “it was just sex, it didn’t mean anything. It was after everything with Felix. I just…needed to feel normal.” He whispers the last part.  


He regrets sleeping with Jeongin that night, all it did was make upset, it made him miss Chan. 


Chan’s hand moves from his throat to into his hair, he’s not aggressive or angry, it’s not what Hyunjin is used to. He’s used to getting in trouble and having his head ripped back, just like Felix attempted to do earlier in the night. 


Once Upon A time he liked that. 


But now, now he doesn’t like that aggression, it scares him, makes him have flashbacks. 


“Did it make you feel normal?” Chan is genuinely asking, he knows he is. 


“No, it made me miss you.” He shuts his eyes, this went from sexy to he doesn’t even know what but he doesn’t like it. 


Chan brings his face down and kisses him lovingly. Hyunjin wants to wrap around him and never move again. 


“I’m clean too.” Chan murmurs, Hyunjin laughs softly, “Aw I don’t get to interrogate you?” 


Chan sticks his tongue out at him, and it just makes him giggle more. He grabs the lube and slicks him up. Chan holds his hips again and slowly guides him down. 


Hyunjin’s breath hitches, he sinks down and his eyes roll back as Chan’s cock pushes into him inch by inch. 


“Fuck~” he groans softly, his eyes stay in the back of his head. It’s so much more intense now. 


“You’re gonna have to do all the work again.” Chan giggles, “I’m pretty sure you blew my back out.” 


Hyunjin laughs and makes him sit up. His arms wrap around his neck and their lips meet happily. Hyunjin hums against him as he just sits on his cock, loving how full he feels. 


“Did you just tell me to use you like a toy bunny?” Hyunjin smirks, he feels Chan shiver and nod timidly. 


“I love when you ride me.” Chan whispers into his neck, nipping under his ear. “I love when you use me.” 


Hyunjin lights up, he shouldn’t have said that. Now he’s never gonna let him live that down. He threads his fingers into his hair and rolls his hips slowly, “are you my toy baby?” He smirks and hears Chan whine into his skin. 


“Yes-“ the older man grips his hips and scratches, making even more marks. Although between the two of them right now, Chan is the one covered in love bites. 


Hyunjin has done a number on him. 


To the forming hand prints on his hips from earlier, and the kiss marks all over his neck and shoulders. It’s payback from when Chan bit him from his ear down to his nipple. 


Hyunjin lifts his face and kisses him hard, Chan whimpers and bucks up. They pull away for just a second, their foreheads touching. Hyunjin looks into his eyes, his heart filling even more. 


“I love you.” He whispers, unable to help himself, “I love you so so much.” His fingers twist in his curls gently, tears nearly coming to his eyes. 


Chan pulls him closer, “I love you.” He kisses down his neck and chest, hands moving his hips slowly. Hyunjin tips his head back and lifts himself up a bit more before falling back down. 


Chan runs his hands along his torso and chest, fingers tugging softly at his nipples. Hyunjin whines and pushes his touches away, Chan just giggles and flips them over. 


He groans almost instantly up on all fours but stays hesitant. 


“Thought I was doing the work?” Hyunjin teases from under him, he scratches his nails down Chan’s back and pulls him in. The older man nuzzles into his neck needily, falling forward between his hips. “Does your back hurt?” He giggles while Chan pushes back inside him.


It makes his eyes squeeze shut and his lower lip go between his teeth. 


Chan feels so good without anything between them. 


“N-no-“ Chan rasps while trying to thrust into him.


Hyunjin hums and wraps a leg around his waist, “you lying bunny?” He smiles and kisses along his ear, “what happened to being my toy?” 


Chan whimpers, “wanna make you feel good.” 


Hyunjin nearly melts, “you always make me feel good baby.” He holds his face in his hands as Chan sits up again. The older man is pouting, looking down at where they’re connected. 


“Get on your back bunny.” 


“But I wanna.” He whines back. 


Jin laughs softly, “your back hurts.” He gets an idea and suddenly yanks Chan down to his chest, his limbs wrapped around him tightly. 


“Hyunnie-“ he mumbles into his neck, trapped in his hold. 


“What if I just keep you warm for the rest of the night?” He smirks into his ear. 


Chan inhales sharply, his hips snap forward, Hyunjin groans and scratches down his back. He arches slightly and nuzzles into the side of his head. 


“Lay down.” He whispers, fingers in Chan’s messy curls. 


The older man hums softly and wraps around him, his body weight finally releasing to fully rest on Hyunjin. 


“Good boy.” 


Hyunjin blindly reaches for the blankets they kicked down to the end of the bed. Chan giggles softly and grabs them for him. 




“What?” Chan looks up. 


“The lights.” Hyunjin sighs heavily, he leans up and kisses Chan gently, fingers tracing across his collarbone. 


Chan falls back into him instantly, shifting inside him too. He grinds slowly, causing Jin to flutter his eyes shut and rock up too. He can’t help himself, Chan is nestled perfectly against his prostate. 


“Okay, okay. You’re gonna get me fully hard again.” Hyunjin giggles and kisses his forehead. He reaches over to his nightstand and grabs an empty bottle. He closes one eye and throws it successfully hitting the light switch by the front door. 


“Sometimes I really hate you.” Chan snorts while nuzzling into him again. 


“That is a contradictory statement to what you just said.” Hyunjin giggles. 


“Why are you good at everything?” 


“I’m not. I’m very bad at being a real person, you know this.” 


Chan shakes his head and hugs him closer too, “you’re getting better at the person thing.” He murmurs. 


Hyunjin smiles, “yeah, I’m trying.” 




“Is this what you break into find every morning?” 


Hyunjin’s eyes pop open, the sound of Felix’ voice so close wakes him instantly. 


“Actually, no. Chan doesn’t usually stay here all that often.” Jisung answers him. 


“Only when I’m here of course.” 


Hyunjin sits up, looking at the two of them with narrowed eyes. 


“I’m sorry did I forget I sent out a breakfast invitation?” He hisses at them both. 


Jisung freezes, mid coffee pour, Felix sitting up on the countertop next to him. They both blink at him and then just continue on. 


“Both of you need to learn boundaries.” Hyunjin mutters. 


“You go to therapy once and now you tell me I need boundaries.” Jisung whines at him. 


He rolls his eyes and slips out from Chan’s grasp, the older man is still dead to the world. Which is unsurprisingly considering they went to bed at like three am, and he was incredibly deep in subspace. 


“Jeez babe, share some with us.” Jisung giggles and pokes the scratches on his back as he pulls on a pair of sweatpants. 


“Pretty sure you don’t need me to share little orgy boy.” Hyunjin pushes Jisung over and the younger whines at him. He looks over at Felix who’s watching him carefully. 


“Why are you both here so early?” Hyunjin leans against the counter. Felix just next to him, his ex moves slightly making a cup of coffee. 


“Did you want me to leave grouchy? You didn’t get enough dick last night?” Jisung scrunches his nose at him. 


“Pretty Jin wasn’t getting dick.” Felix snorts. 


Hyunjin pushes him over, his cheeks red. Of course Felix heard them. 


“I’m not grouchy, I'm merely asking why I’m getting a wake up call before my alarm?” 


Jisung gives him a look and then glances at Chan, and then at Felix. 


“He gonna wake up?” Sungie asks. 


Hyunjin raises his brows, “probably not anytime soon. Why, what do you have to say?” 


He knows Jisung’s paranoid expressions by heart, and this is one of them. He sighs softly, “go outside, we’ll talk out there.” He motions for him. 


Jisung instantly grabs his coffee and his bag that he brought and heads out to the balcony. 


Hyunjin sighs heavily, “here.” Felix presses a cup of coffee into his hand and hops off the counter too. 


“Thank you.” Hyunjin nearly pulls him close, things felt so, normal for just that second. 


Felix making him a cup of coffee, his teasing tone, the way his voice is a little extra raspy first thing in the morning. Hyunjin feels his heart twist, it hurts, it still hurts, he wonders if it ever will stop hurting. 


He grabs his robe and follows Jisung outside, Felix just beside him. 


“So, have you two like kissed and made up?” Jisung asks while laying out whatever mastermind plan he has on the table. 


“Um…” Hyunjin takes a sip of his coffee. Felix mimicking him. 


“Okay let me rephrase that. Will you two work together?” Jisung stands up straight. 


“Sungie I seriously can not steal something-“ 


“Shh, just listen, don’t say the S word. Just answer me, will you two, work together?” 


Felix looks over at him, Hyunjin pinches the bridge of his nose, “yeah sure whatever.” He mutters, this is hurting his head already. 


“Great!” Jisung claps. 


“I didn’t say yes!” Felix pouts. 


“Are you gonna say no?” 




Hyunjin hides his smirk in his coffee cup, it’s the small things. 


“Great! I think I found the music box.” Jisung smiles proudly. 


What?!” Felix nearly tips over. 


“Really? How?” Hyunjin comes over to the side of the table to look at Jisung’s handy work. 


“Well, I thought about it, we knew, or we thought we knew where it was when we were sixteen. But clearly we didn’t, so then I thought, hm, where could the lies have been.” Jisung points to one of the charts he made up. 


“All of us thought it was in Barcelona, that’s where everyone thought it was at the time. However, there were a few key people that had doubts. So I tracked them down.” 


Hyunjin’s eyes scan over the many lines and charts connecting. To anyone else except for him and Felix this would look like the scribbling of a madman. 


And it is in a lot of ways. 


However, to them, they see how Jisung’s mind works. Hannie is a genius. 


Insane, but a genius. But those words usually go hand and hand. 




“And I found out three people had three different locations for it.” 


“Yeah but, when I went to steal it it was in the right place. Someone just got there before me.” Hyunjin points out. 


“Okay but, what if it was never there! What if, the one we went after was a fake.” 


“That’s one hell of a con.” Felix mutters. 


“Yeah it is.” 


“The three other locations were, Paris, New York, and Rome, more specifically the Vatican City. I tracked all three sightings in these areas and narrowed it down to Rome and Paris. The one in New York is a fake for sure. The question now is, why does the guy that had you want it so bad? We figure that out and we figure out which place is hiding the real one.” 


“I don’t know why he wants it so bad.” Felix says almost instantly. “That’s not even me being cryptic, I genuinely don’t know. All I know is he’ll go to serious lengths to get it, obviously serious lengths.” He mutters the last part, arms wrapped around himself. 


“So you want us to fly out to Paris or Rome, find the box that might be there and steal it. Just for the hell of it now?” Hyunjin raises his brows. 


“You don’t want it anymore?” Jisung cocks his head to the side. 


Hyunjin makes a face, “my reason for wanting it is standing next to me now so.” 


Felix pushes him gently, “don’t act like I’m the only reason. You lied, said you had something when you didn’t. You’re not credible anymore Jinnie.” 


“I didn’t lie, everyone assumed. And my credibility doesn’t matter anymore, I’m not a thief, not anymore.” 


“You’ll always be a thief Hyunjin. No matter what kind of fantasy world you live in with your little FBI pets, there’s no changing who you are.” Felix locks eyes with him. 


“Yes there is.” He says after a moment of thinking. 


“Okay well, we can’t get it without you. So that means you have to, it’s bro code.” Jisung announces. 


“I-no it’s not. Why do either of you want it? All it’s done for you and caused pain.” Hyunjin narrows his eyes at Lix, “does attempted murder not tell you stop helping someone?” 


“You’re here standing next to me so.” Felix shrugs. 


Hyunjin clenches his jaw, “even if I wanted to help I couldn’t. I can’t go across town let alone leave the country.” 


“Okay but what if we brought it here?” Jisung smiles. 


“How?” Felix crosses his arms. 


“By requesting a gala be shown here.” Hyunjin sighs, already knowing Jisung’s train of thought. “It’s probably assumed that those two boxes, since there’s two, are fakes. I’m supposed to have the real one, when actually one of those ones is the authentic box, which is why no one has stolen them before.” 


“Ding ding ding!” Jisung cheers happily, “we ask for a showing to be brought here, both collections, we have the money.” 


“Don’t say we, I’m poor.” Hyunjin cuts him off. 


“That’s a lie, I know you have money everywhere you little shit.” Jisung points at him. 


He rolls his eyes, “if a collection that big, let alone two collections, from museums of that size were brought here we would be watched like hawks. There’s no fucking way, the entire white collar division would be looking at me and you Ji.” 


“Not me, they don’t know me.” 


“You fucked with the guy that’s literally the boss of all of us, and another agent. I’m pretty sure they know you babe.” 


“You I did what?” Felix gasps. 


“You heard me.” 


“You both are fucking rats now? What the hell!” Felix throws his hands up. 


“Hey hey! I’m not like Jin, I’m not drooling over mine, mine actually are just sex.” Jisung snaps back. 


“Not like me.” Hyunjin rolls his eyes, “sorry I’m fucking happy.” He crosses his arms over his chest and leans against the railing. 


“You’re just scared we’ll get caught.” Felix states, “like last time.” 


“I know we’ll get caught. This is a stupid plan, I don’t understand how either of you realize that.” 


“It’s not stupid! Don’t call my plan stupid!” Jisung pouts at him. 


“Ji is right it isn’t stupid. We could do it, you know we could do it. You just don’t wanna give up this fake life you’re living now.” Felix shakes his head. 


Hyunjin takes in a steady breath trying to keep himself calm, “it’s not fake!” 


“It is. I get you're happy Jinnie but they have you on a leash, you can’t do anything you want to. Everything you do do gets questioned, you’re their pet that’s all. I know you love Chan, but they don’t care about you, not like I do.” Jisung locks eyes with him. 


“Neither of you get it. Neither of you have to risk anything, I went to prison, I took the fall for all three of us. Don’t you fucking understand that? I told them neither of you had anything to do with anything, I said it was all me! Who the fuck gets a ten year prison sentence on art theft? I should have had three years max but you know I fucking took the blame for everything.” He snaps at the two of them. 


“We didn’t ask you-“ 


“You didn’t ask but he did it anyway because he loves you both. Maybe try respecting what Hyunjin wants for once.” Chan’s voice makes him turn around. 


The older man has sweatpants on and a cup of coffee in his hands too. He has no idea how long Chan has been standing listening to them. Judging by the alertness of his eyes he’d guess a few minutes. 


Jisung scrambles to hide everything on the table. 


“I already heard what you said and it is a stupid idea.” Chan adds, “impressive that you tracked it down to the two collections, but there’s no way bringing them here wouldn’t trigger the entire white collar department to all three of you.” 


“I didn’t ask you suit.” Jisung scrunches his nose up. 


“No you didn’t but I’m telling you before you do something stupid that’s going to land all three of you in prison.” 


“I said no!” Hyunjin instantly says. 


“It doesn’t matter, you know about it.” Chan gives in a stern look. 


“I, that, that’s not fair.” He pouts. 


“So what you’re gonna haul us all in now?” Felix glares. 


“No, not unless you do it.” 


“You shouldn’t have even heard this. You’re going to ruin it.” Felix tries to walk away. 


“Is the man that had you, was his name Al?” 


Hyunjin sees Felix freeze up, his eyes darting over to him immediately. 


“What did you say?” 


“His name, is it Al?” Chan repeats. 


Hyunjin moves first, grabbing Felix before he can lash out at Chan. He pulls him to his chest, “he just wants to help, he’s not being a jerk Lixie.” He whispers instantly. 


Felix shoves at him, tears staining his cheeks. Hyunjin picks him up and holds his arms to his chest, he carries him back into the apartment before he can try and hit Chan anymore. 


“Hey hey, settle down.” He pins him against the counter. “Use your words, talk to me.” 


Felix sobs into his shoulder suddenly, wrapped tightly around his frame. 


“H-he’s g-gonna find m-me-“ his voice breaks. 


“No, no he’s not.” Hyunjin keeps him close, letting him cry, he’s never seen Felix freak out quite like he is right now. 


“I got you, you’re safe.” He whispers into his hair. 


Felix sucks in a harsh breath, “h-how does he kn-know?” 


“Al is the head of the white collar division.” Hyunjin whispers, he wipes Lix’ cheek. 


“Fucking rat.” The younger snarls through his tears. 


“It’s him? That’s who had you?” 


Felix looks up through his wet lashes and nods, “how long h-have you kn-known?” 


“I haven’t, well, I was suspicious of him but I didn’t know. It was just a guess.” He murmurs. 


The balcony doors open and Chan and Jisung come inside quietly. 


“You’ve known he’s a dirty rat and you haven’t done anything?” Felix pushes away from Hyunjin and goes to Chan instantly. 


“No, I didn’t know. You can’t just accuse the head of our division of being dirty. Now that we know for sure though, that changes things.” Chan explains. 


“No, you didn’t do anything, you don’t give a fuck, just like you didn’t give a fuck about everything to happened to Jin!” Felix growls at him. 


Chan’s eyes go to him and Hyunjin’s heart drops, “Felix-“ 


“You still haven’t told him have you?” Felix laughs, “you don’t want him to have a guilty conscience?” 


Stop!” Hyunjin snaps. “You have no fucking idea what you’re talking about.” He shakes his head angrily. 


“I don’t? Who’s the one you cried to? The one that was actually there every time you got r-“


“Shut up! Shut up, shut up! I’m trying to be nice. I'm trying to forgive you even though you’ve hurt me. But you make it so fucking difficult to even be in the same room as you let alone forgiveness! The way you act now makes me question our entire relationship. You’re not just older, you’re a whole other person! One second you seem somewhat like the man I loved for the last thirteen years but then like a switch flips and you are a complete stranger!” 


Felix stares at him, Hyunjin clenches his fists, “You don’t know what you’re talking about, you have no fucking clue. So before you open your mouth and say something that I don’t even want to think about let alone say out loud shut the fuck up.” 


Everyone stays quiet, Hyunjin shakes his head, “it’s fucking eight in the morning why the hell were you two even awake?” 


“To tell you the plan that you think is stupid!” Jisung shrieks. 


“Because it is stupid Sungie! Chan is standing right there for fucks sake!” 


“Are you gonna squeal? Are you gonna say some shit? After everything are you gonna throw him back in jail?” Jisung turns to Chan. 


The older man shakes his head, “the reality that you live in isn’t real Jisung. You have to realize there’s consequences to your actions, just because you’re friends with Hyunjin doesn’t mean I’m going to turn a blind eye to you doing illegal-“


“The guy you work for fucking wants it! Don’t feed us some, ‘do the right thing’ bullshit when the system you stand for is just as corrupt as we are.” Felix sneers. 


Chan stays quiet, “this is insane.” He mutters finally. 


“You’re sleeping with a convicted felon, welcome to our world, you wanted to be in it so badly.” Felix laughs now. 


“The fact you think you get a pass to be a fucking asshole to him because you used to date is insane.” Chan snaps back. “You manipulate him to feel bad about shit you’ve done just to get what you want. You cry and throw a fit and pretend you care when all you care about is yourself.” 


Hyunjin stares, he doesn’t want Lix and Chan to exchange blows like this. This is one of his biggest nightmares, the thought of them fighting it haunts him. 


“You think because he fucks you suddenly know him? You don’t know shit, and you never will because all you are is a distraction.” Felix snarls back at him. 


Chan who usually keeps his mouth shut, who usually doesn’t engage in this kind of arguing looks as if he’s going to pop a fuse. 


“I know him way more than you think I do. I know you don’t fucking matter, he’s helping you because he feels bad for you.” 


“Okay! Stop!” Hyunjin nearly pulls out his hair, “stop yelling everyone please stop yelling.” He covers his ears and squeezes his eyes shut. 


Chan looks over at him, he wants to curl up against his chest, forget all this bullshit. Can he have one day of peace? Ever? 


“You two find somewhere to go. I don’t wanna talk to either of you.” He glares at Jisung and Felix. 


“Jinnie~you said we’d get breakfast.” Jisung pouts. 


“Yeah that was before you acted like a dickhead.” 


Jisung comes over and hugs him, he gets pulled out to the balcony again. Away from the other two men who are still silently fuming. 




Chan tries to settle himself down, really he does. But Felix drives him up a wall, and frankly Jisung is too this morning. 


He woke up to an empty bed while still a little subby which sucked, then found Hyunjin plotting out on the balcony. Or more so trying to stop the plotting. 


All he wanted this morning was to get lazily fucked and eventually get to work. 


“You don’t know him. I don’t care how much he claims to love you, you will never know him like I do.” Felix says once Hyunjin and Jisung are talking out on the balcony. 


Chan rolls his eyes, “I don’t need to know him like you do. I know him like I do. I don’t understand how you’re bitter when you broke up with him.” 


“Because of all people he could get with, he got with you. Without a second thought, he jumped from me to you like it was as easy as breathing.” Felix flips around on him. 


“You think it was easy? You think it wasn’t hard for him? Do you not understand that he cried, drank himself to sleep for the first month he was out. He was not okay, he still isn’t okay. What part of he broke out of prison for you haven’t you gathered?” 


“ I know he broke out of prison. But he didn’t need to go to you, he didn’t need to just so casually fall into whatever the fuck you two are doing. I spent years worrying he’d leave me for you and now look at everything.” 


“We wouldn’t be together if you didn’t try to have him killed.” Chan snaps. 


Felix just stares at him. This is the first time he’s properly spoken to Felix, actually spoken to him, just the two of them. 


“You really gonna try and tell me you two haven’t been sleeping together since he got out?” 


“We haven’t but you aren’t going to believe anything I say anyway Felix so there’s no point in me trying to convince you otherwise.” Chan sits on the edge of the bed, hiding his grimace as he moves. 


Jin really fucking did a number on him. 


“You’re loud. I know his dick is good but you’re fucking loud.” Felix states. 


Chan stares, his mouth open. Out of all things that was the last thing he expected Felix to say. 


“I didn’t think he’d fuck you either but who am I to judge.” Felix mutters, his arms crossed over his chest. Chan watches him carefully, he sees the way he’s twitching and scratching at himself. His constant mood swings make sense too. 


“You have withdrawal symptoms.” He says while leaning back. 


“I just said Jin’s dick is good and you wanna talk about my drug habits?” 


“I know his dick is good…but your mood swings and outbursts make sense. Jin said you were taking pain killers.” 


Felix looks up, “of course he did.” 


“You know, you can get help, especially now that you’ve gotten away from him.” 


“Yeah I know I can.” 


Chan leaves it alone, he doesn’t want to argue anymore. 


After some time Felix clears his throat and is standing in front of him. 


“I, want to get help. I know I hurt him, I know I continue to hurt him…he loves you, and you know I’ve come to terms with that deep down. I’m not happy about it but I know it’s the truth.” He begins. 


Chan is shocked, he stays quiet, waiting for Felix to continue. 


“All I want for him is to be happy. I know how much pain I’ve caused. These mood swings, this rage, it comes out of nowhere and I have no idea how to control any of it. I’m paranoid about everything, worse than Jisung sometimes…I don’t know why I’m telling you all this.” 


“There’s programs you can go into, getting help doesn’t mean you’re weak. I know you can’t be found out, but I’m sure if you used one of your lesser known alises the agency isn’t going to be checking rehab facilities. Al thinks you're dead, he’s going after Hyunjin now. You’re free to get the help you need.” 


Felix laughs and tips his head back. 


“I get why he loves you.” He murmurs in English, the sudden switch catches Chan by surprise. He had no idea Felix was Australian. Like Hyunjin they have no background on Felix, not a birth place, or birth date, nothing. 


“Do you?” 


“Yeah. You care about him for more than just his talents, you care about him as a person.” 


“You didn’t?” 


“I did. We’re not that different Chan. We both love him, the difference is you got to say goodbye for ten years and pretend it all didn’t happen. I spent every year, every month, week, with him, I saw the decline of his mental state, his physical health. Watching the person you love get hurt everyday and there’s nothing you can do about it, it sucks. There were times where I wish he’d just die, not because I wanted him dead, but because he suffered so much.” 


Chan stares, he knows he shouldn’t ask. 


“What happened to him? He won’t tell me, no one will.” 


Felix scoffs, “you really don’t know? Or have you blocked it out?” 


“I don’t know.” 


Felix gets closer to him, “he was raped, over and over and over. He was tormented daily by the guards, they beat him, used him, broke him. You saw him at the end of his sentence, go back a year and he’d look completely different, would act completely different.” 


“What?” Chan whispers, in shock, in absolute shock to the point of having tears in his own eyes. 


“He won’t tell you because he doesn’t want you to look at him differently. He doesn’t want you to see his broken pieces for what they actually are. He’s always dissociated, he’s always had really high highs and really low lows, he just hides it well.” Felix sits down, “now you know. Are you gonna look at him differently?” 


Chan swallows, why wouldn’t Hyunjin tell him?


“No, I never would.” 


“Are you still gonna sleep with him?” 




“Hyunjin uses sex to cope with the things around him. If you haven’t figured that out yet. Or are you still just enjoying getting railed every time you’re alone?” 




Hyunjin sits down in the car, Chan is acting weird, very weird. After Felix and Jisung left he got even weirder, and now in the car he’s being distant. 


“What did he say to you? You’re acting like I did something wrong.” 


“Felix told me.” Chan blurts. 


“Told you what?” Hyunjin’s heart drops. 


“What happened to you in prison. He told me everything. I know you didn’t want me to know, but he told me.” Chan glances over at him, “why didn’t you tell me before? I could have, I could have hurt you, I could have-“ 


“Please stop.” Hyunjin whispers, he bites his lip and curls up in his seat more. 


Of course Felix told him. 


Because he has to ruin everything. 


“Hyunnie, I’m not upset with you for not telling me. I just want to understand.” 


“What’s there to understand Chan? I got passed around like a fucking sex doll. Why the fuck would I tell the person I want to love me and be with me that I’m a disgusting fucking whore.” He snaps, tears coming fast. 


“Hey, hey, no. No you’re not, look at me.” Chan turns his chin, “what happened to you, is not your fault, not in any way. You’re not disgusting, you’re not a whore. Me knowing what happened to you doesn’t make me love you any less or think of you any differently.” 


“Don’t lie, you’re already looking at me differently. Don’t tell me you won’t touch me differently, you won’t treat-“ 


“Hyunjin, no, baby no. I don’t think any of that. I’m not upset you didn’t tell me, that’s…that’s a lot to go through. I understand why, why you wouldn’t tell me.” 


“Why would he tell you…fuck, why would he-“ Hyunjin curls into himself. 


Chan unbuckles both their seat belts, “look at me. Nothing is wrong with you. None of that was your fault. You not telling me is okay, I’m sorry you weren’t the one to tell me.” 


Hyunjin hiccups softly, his hands pull at his suit jacket, “I don’t wanna talk about it please.” 


“Okay. Can I touch you?” Chan scoots closer. 


The younger looks up and takes his hand timidly, “I love you. I’m s-sorry I d-didn’t tell you.” He sniffles again and looks away. 


“It’s okay. Have you, did you tell your therapist?” 


“Yes, a-and Minho knows.” He whispers and squeezes his eyes shut. “I’m sorry.” 


“You don’t have to say sorry pup. I love you too, so much Hyunnie. What’s happened to you, is traumatic, you don’t ever have to tell me something you’re uncomfortable with.”


Hyunjin wraps around himself still holding Chan’s hand, “I wanted to tell you…I know, I know it’s a big deal th-that I didn’t since we sl-sleep together. B-but I, trust you, completely. Which is why even though you didn’t know, I was never scared.” 


“Will you tell me the things that aren’t okay to do?” 


“I don’t know what they are…Mainly people touching me without my permission. O-or yelling, yelling is bad. That night you had those swat members search me…that triggered a flashback. Getting pushed, my face getting hit against stuff, people touching me without my consent. Th-those are the main ones.” He whispers, refusing to look up. 


“I don’t want you to be afraid to be with me now.” His voice breaks. 


“I’m not afraid to be with you. I meant what I said last night baby, I wanna have a life with you, I wanna be together.” Chan rubs his thumb across his knuckles. 


“I don’t wanna go back to prison Channie.” More tears leak down his cheeks. 


“You’re not gonna. I’m proud of you for turning them down.” 


Hyunjin sniffles, “I don’t wanna go to work.” 


“I know but we gotta pup.” 




Chan holds Hyunjin’s hand all the way into the building and even in the elevator. He’s worried about him. 


Hyunjin is fidgety, more than usual. With obvious reason of course. 


“You’re at your desk today.” 


“Why can’t I go in the field with you?” 


“Because, you have too much going on in this pretty head of yours today. I don’t want you hurt.” 


“I’m fine.” 


Chan sighs, “Hyunnie, I’m not doing this because of what I was told this morning. I’m doing this because you can barely sit still and concentrate. I don’t want you out in the field and you’re not aware of something.” 


Hyunjin nods, “h-how’s your back?” 


Chan snorts and resists the urge to push him. The younger smiles softly, “I’m sore.” He murmurs. 




“Your dick was in me almost all night baby boy.” Hyunjin looks down, “so yes, I’m sore.” 


Chan shakes his head, “I think I beat you in who’s more sore today.” He kisses his cheek as the doors open and they both walk out. 


The second they do they get signaled up by Al. Hyunjin makes a noise, “the hell does that fucker want?” 


“Be good. We can’t do anything about him until we have more evidence since we both know Felix isn’t going to come forward.” Chan whispers as they walk up the stairs. 


“Fine. But if he brings up his little camera perv show again I’m gonna lose it.” 


“His cameras didn’t catch anything.” 


“Yes, yes they did.” Hyunjin squeezes his hand and gets to the top of the stairs. Chan understands it, Hyunjin is very private, that privacy includes how they are behind closed doors. 


Hyunjin’s walls come down around him. 


Chan knows Jin isn’t ashamed of them being together. It’s the fact he doesn’t want people to see his real self. The man that is much more quiet than he seems to the immediate eye. The one that likes to have a glass of wine and cuddle up to shitty horror movies. 


The one that trusts Chan completely. 


The man behind closed doors is Seok Hyunjin, not Hwang Hyunjin. 


“You two are late.” Al announces once they get into the conference room. 


“No, we’re actually early. Considering all of us were here till ten last night.” Hyunjin sits down. Chan watches his mask go up, the facade that’s for everyone else. 


“What’s going on?” Chan cuts in before either of them can really start arguing. 


“A huge fire broke out downtown this morning. Can you guess what was in the center of it?”


Hyunjin makes a soft noise, “he left the painting?” 




Chan watches Hyunjin, the younger man’s gears turning behind his eyes. 


“The real one?” 


“It hasn’t been tested yet.” 


Chan sits back, “they’ve never done anything arson related.” 


“The last stunt he blew up a safe.” Hyunjin points out. “It’s not about stealing for him or even making a profit. It's about making a name.” 


“What do you think the painting means?” Minho asks from his desk chair. 


Chan looks at Hyunjin waiting for him to answer, “he wants us to believe it’s the real one.” He answers before the younger can. 


“I was thinking the same. With the last crime he stole those pieces beforehand, put his shitty replicas in place and then when it mattered he blew it up. While also selling the real ones.” Hyunjin adds. “The painting left behind isn’t the real one. The painting isn’t special, there’s thousands of copies in the world so it doesn't matter if it’s real or fake, the price tag won’t be much different.” 


“So why do all this?” Chan crosses his arms. 


“Like I said, he wants to be noticed. That’s all this is about.” 


“So this entire thing is a popularity contest?” Al asks, “what’s the point?”


“People have done other stuff for less. Whoever the person is probably is a decent artist, but they don’t want to be known for their art theft. They want to be known for the chaos that happens around the crimes.” 


Chan hums and shifts in his chair, “are we allowed to go down to the scene?” He asks, looking at Al. 


“That’s why I asked you in here. I want you to go and look at the scene, no one was hurt but it was obvious arson. I want you to see what you can find.” 


He nods and glances at Hyunjin. 


“We can go now.” He states and gets to his feet. 


“Hwang you’re staying here. Take Changbin Chan.” Al’s voice is stern. 


“The Cinderella case is the whole reason we took Hyunjin out of prison, why can’t he go?” Changbin asks. 


“I have a different project for him.” 


Hyunjin just nods and sits back down. Chan watches him lean on his hand and relax his body, he has something he wants to say. 




“Hwang you stay here.” Al calls to him after everyone is broken up into their teams. 


He sighs and shuts the door, Al sits at his desk still, his eyes locked on him. 


Chan is already down with Changbin, the two of them getting ready to go look at the crime scene. 


“What can I do for you?” Hyunjin slips his hands into his pockets and leans against the wall. 


“Sit.” Al motions to one of the chairs. 


Jin hums and takes a seat, his legs crossing in front of him. He has no idea what this is about. 


“You’ve been out of prison for five months or so now?” Al asks as if he doesn’t know the answer. 


“Yes. It’s five months this month.” 


“You would have been a free man had you not broken out.” 


He shrugs, “I try not to dwell on it. I think what I have now is pretty good.” 


Al nods, “have you disclosed to Chan why you broke out? Or are you still using the guise of because your boyfriend left you.” 


Hyunjin’s eyes flash up and he laughs, “oh so you want to talk about Felix, that’s what this is about.” He smiles and relaxes even further. 


This should be good. 


“I’m merely asking if you’re still sticking to that story. Have you heard from Felix at all? You’re not supposed to have any contact with people from the past.” 


“No I haven’t, he took off which is why I broke out. I know that must seem hard to believe since I’m such an evil criminal.” 


“So you haven’t had contact with him?” 


“Do you know something I don’t? I haven’t heard from Felix since I got kidnapped by those people. Why? Is he okay? Do you, do you know where he is?” He forces himself to sound scared, upset, as if he were still looking for Felix. 


Al has no idea, after all he probably thinks Lix is dead. He’s clearly looking for information. 


“We’ve gotten some reports that your old fence, Yang Jeongin, I.N, has been setting some deals up. He only ever fenced things for you Felix, and your mystery partner.” 


Hyunjin stares, he’s playing into his part perfectly. 


“I haven’t talk to Felix or I.N, I know the rules, I know what will get me in trouble. How would you even like me to sneak around with Chan on my back constantly?” He rolls his eyes as if annoyed with the older man. 


“Are you still acting as if the two of you aren’t sleeping together? I saw on those cameras.” 


“So what’s with the camera thing? Are you just a perv or were you hoping I’d get up to no good?” Hyunjin fires back. 


“The cameras were there for another form of surveillance.” 


“Yet you told us they were Shift Lights. What’s this about? Just get to the point.” He pretends to get annoyed. If anything he is working Al getting him to talk more. 


“Felix is dead.” 


“What?” Hyunjin’s face drops. 


He’s not a conman for no reason, he’s one hell of an actor. 


“What did you say?” 


“Lee Felix, your boyfriend, or I guess ex. He’s dead, seems all the things he got up to in your time away caught up to him. I’d figure I’d let you know before you saw pictures.” 




Now he’s curious, he knows Lix is alive of course. He saw him, touched him, argued with him this morning. What kind of story that is about to get fed to him is going to be interesting. 


“His body was found outside of a warehouse, looks like a stab wound. Didn’t think you two were the violent type.” 


“We, we-we’re not. Are you s-sure? H-he can’t be…” he trails off like he’s about to start crying. 


Al hums, “we’re sure.” 


“Do you have his body? I’m his only family, I don’t care if you think he’s bad he deserves a funeral.” Hyunjin makes his voice break and tears spill over his lashes. Al clearly wants him vulnerable. 


“I’m sorry but we can’t release his body to you. You’re not next of kin.” 


“He doesn’t have anyone else! Is this all you wanted to tell me? To tell me the love of my life is dead? Is this some kind of joke to you?!” He snaps and pushes away from the desk. 


“I’m telling you so Chan doesn’t have to. And so you don’t run off. I know Chan is lenient with your anklet, and about the people you see.” 


“Who do I have to see? The people here? You? Chan? I have nobody . You just told me my boyfriend is dead.” He wipes at his eyes, making his face even puffier. 


“You made very bold accusations the other day, care to explain those?” 


“What?” Hyunjin sniffles, now they’re getting into the good stuff. 


“If I remember correctly you accused me of framing you.” 


“Yeah well you’re a fucking creep. You put cameras in the bedroom Chan and I had to share so you could try and catch us sleeping together.” 


“So you’re not? Because that’s a conflict of interest. If I believe your relationship has crossed the line of handler and convict I will terminate the deal.” 


No we’re not. Why the hell would I sleep with the guy that put me in prison?” He snarls. 


A good question he asks himself everyday really. 


“So the activities in that bedroom were between colleagues then? Is that how you are behind closed doors with all of my agents?” 


“You put us under as a married couple, a married couple that was supposed to have a foursome with the bad guys for information. You told us the cameras in the bedroom were the shift light cameras. If the people you wanted us to sleep with, didn’t see us at the very least act like a couple in our bedroom do you really think it would work?” 


Al smirks, “so it was all acting? You do admit to sleeping together?” 


Hyunjin blinks, “are you interrogating me for something? Should I have a lawyer present? In one conversation you’ve, told me my boyfriend is dead, told me I’m going to go back to prison. Accused me of sleeping with my handler, threatened to terminate my consulting position. What is the goal here? To make me upset?” He’s laying it on thick now, making his voice crack between words. 


“Well you see Hyunjin, it’s been brought to my attention that you, are not mentally stable.” 


“So this test? You’re trying to make me have a breakdown?” He stares. This fucker really is all over the place, he doesn’t actually know what he’s getting at. All the things he’s said haven’t actually upset him either, but he doesn’t need to know that of course. 


“Everything I’ve told you is true. I’m simply seeing how you handle it.” 


Hyunjin sits back in his chair and rubs his eyes again. 


“You’re crazy.” He mutters. “Do you have something useful for me to do or was this all just part of your game?” 


“What do you know about the music box?” 




Now this is interesting. 


“You asked me if I had found it yet. What do you know about it?” 


Hyunjin shakes his head, “I don’t know, it’s all they’d ask me about when I got kidnapped. I don’t know shit about it. If I did I would have told them and saved myself a lot of trouble.” 


Al hums again and writes his words down now. “So your accusation was based on what?”


“It was based on the fact you piss me off.” He stands up, “if your goal from this conversation was so make me up set congrats you did it.” He walks out, angrily, pretending to be angry but still angrily stomping down to his own desk. 


He gets stuck there for the whole day pretty much. 


Chan and Changbin come back and go right to Chan’s office. The two of them discussing what they found. 


Hyunjin pouts as he’s not given any attention. 


“You wanna get lunch?” Minho bumps his chair while he’s sulking. He sighs and nods, grabbing his wallet. 


Seungmin is also with Minho, he’s found the younger man is pretty quiet. He’s clearly a rookie, but a good rookie, he notices things others don’t. Hyunjin admires him for that. 


“What did Al have to say to you?” Minho asks once in the elevator. 


Hyunjin snorts, “he was trying to get me to break down, he did the maze of questions and statements type of interrogation.” He leans against the wall arms crossed. 


“Yeah I figured as much. He’s been poking at me for information on you too.” Minho sighs heavily, “he was asking what I knew about you and Chan outside of work.” 


Hyunjin laughs, “Seungmin don’t date or even look at anyone that works here okay? No one can mind their business.” 


“Yeah well I’m married so I don’t have that issue.”


“What?!” Both of the older men whip around to face him. 


“Since when?” Minho narrows his eyes. 


“Since four years ago…I don’t tell people for his safety considering our line of work.” Seungmin shrugs, “that’s why I don’t wear my ring to work either.” 


“Wow, you don’t even go under cover though. He’s not in danger.” Hyunjin says. 


“Yeah I’m not risking getting someone like you like Chan did and have them find out every detail ever about my personal life.” 


“Hey he did it to me first.” 


“Yeah cause you were wanted.” Minho laughs, “you did it to torment him.” 


“He’s easy to torment.” Hyunjin smirks. 


“I’m sure you know all about that.” 


Hyunjin giggles, “yeah I might.” He steps out into the cafeteria, Minho and Seungmin following behind.


They fall into a comfortable silence and break away from each other to find their own food. 


Hyunjin yawns while waiting for his wrap to be made, his eyes down on his phone. Jisung’s stupid plan from earlier runs through his mind again. It’s dumb, but with a little more thought put into it it could work. 


But he can’t. He keeps having to remind himself he can’t, it will be bad. 


Even if every fiber of his being is telling him to do it. To sit down and plan with Jisung and Felix properly. How good it would feel to actually get his hands on that stupid box. 


“You couldn’t have waited for me?” Chan’s voice makes him jump, he looks back and feels the older man’s hand slide across his back. 


“You were busy.” Hyunjin slips his phone into his pocket and leans into him. “What’d you find?” 


Chan sighs, “not much, everything was burned to a crisp like we assumed it would be. It was definitely arson too, not some scary curse. The painting was there, looks just like the other ones. I don’t know where to even begin to look.” 


Hyunjin hums softly, “what about the area around it? Or the stuff in the fire?” 


Chan makes a noise, “burned, there wasn’t anything to be salvaged.” 


“What about a glass slipper?” 


“Burned into the floor.” 


Hyunjin pouts his lips, thinking hard. 


“How long has this guy been active for?” 


“Almost a year. When I talked to you we were looking for about seven months. He has no pattern, nothing, the only thing is each crime gets a little more intense.” Chan explains, “you know this, we read everything yesterday.” 


“I know but I wanna hear it again. How did you get his case?” 


“Because we knew nothing about the guy and crimes were escalating. They think he’s similar to you.” 


Hyunjin scoffs, “he’s nothing like me. His forges are shit, he’s messy, there’s no similarities.” 


“We knew nothing about you but I caught you.” Chan smirks. 


“Yeah cause I started to engage you. If I didn’t taunt you back we’d be in a very different place right now.” 


“So you’re telling me if you never reacted to me I would have never caught you?” Chan raises his brows. 


“Hmhm.” Hyunjin smiles, “do you think I’m similar to this guy?” 


“I think you both want attention when it comes to your crimes and you both enjoy the chase. The crimes themselves aren’t similar, everything you did was clean and you didn’t leave a trace. While this one is always messy, but still doesn’t leave a trace.” 


“Can I see my case files?” 


Chan raises a brow, “why?” 


“I just, I wanna look at something.” 


Hyunjin has a hunch, he could be wrong, could be way off. Or he could be right. 


“What are you thinking?” 


“I can’t tell you until I see my own files.” 


Chan narrows his eyes, “what’re you up to babe?” 


“Nothing yet. You think he knows I work with you?” 


“He might. Whoever framed you and Cinderella have no connection so they wouldn’t know through that.” 


Hyunjin hums, there’s something too similar about this guy. These crimes, they remind him of his own. The ones he did so long ago, before he was known. 


Only he, like Chan said, was clean. 


“What’re you thinking? Don’t tell me you can’t say.”


“I can’t though, I’m not sure yet. If I’m right I’ll tell you.” He smiles and is met with Chan’s stern gaze. 




“Babe I’m probably wrong that’s why I’m not saying it…and I need to know what you all know about me before I say anything out loud.” He bites his lower lip and winks. 


Chan rolls his eyes at him, “do you think you know who it is?” 


“Oh I have no clue who it is. But I do have a pattern he might be following.” 




Hyunjin hums, “something like that.” His name gets called for his order and he grabs it. “Hurry up and get lunch. I have to tell you what that bitch said to me.” 


Chan laughs and orders his own food. Soon after they pay and head back up stairs, Minho and Seungmin left him behind the second Chan came down apparently. 


They go up into Chan’s office and dig into their food. Hyunjin sits cross legged and reads over one of the few files Chan gave him on himself. 


“He told me Lix is dead.” Hyunjin says while wiping his mouth with a napkin. “And that he’ll terminate my consulting position if we’re even friends let alone sleeping together or dating. Oh and he asked me what I knew about the box.” 


Chan stares mid bite, “That’s a lot for one conversation.” 


“He wanted to make me upset. He focused a lot of it around Felix so I think he’s under the impression I’m still looking for him, or I was. He even hit me with the ‘you’re not next of kin you can’t take his body’.” 


“Felix isn’t dead…does he not realize, you’ve seen him?” 


“He asked me and I said no. He thinks he and Jeongin are dead, he just wanted to know if I knew anything different.” 


Chan hums and takes a drink, “what about the box?” 


“Same stuff everyone else has asked.” He shrugs. 


Hyunjin watches the older man set his drink down and shift in his chair. “Do you actually think Felix and Han’s plan is stupid?”


Jin looks up, surprised, “yeah, you don’t?”


“No I do. I just wanna figure out if you’re gonna do it or not.” 


“I don’t have a death wish babe.” Hyunjin takes another bite and watches Chan carefully. 


He shifts around and taps his fingers to his desk. 


“What?” Hyunjin finally asks. 


“Nothing, it’s dumb, you, you’re a bad influence.” Chan goes back to his lunch trying to act like he didn’t just say something cryptic. 


“Me? I’m sitting here!” He pouts back. Then he cocks his head to the side and really takes in Chan’s behavior. “You want me to take it.” 


Chan’s eyes flash up, “no, no I do not.” 


Hyunjin gasps, Chan’s tell when he’s lying is he does a little eye flicker thing. He’ll jump from one place to another very quickly and then stay there. 


It’s very subtle but Hyunjin picked up on it years ago. 


“You do! Don’t lie to me, you’re bad at it.” He smirks. 


Chan shakes his head, “no do not go after that box Jin.” 


“Why ask me if I think their plan is dumb then? Or do you just have that little faith in me?” Hyunjin gives him a pointed look, his arms crossed over his chest. 


“I have faith in you, and I was asking because I wanna know if you plan on changing it.” 


“You do want me to take it.” Hyunjin whisper yells at him, “don’t lie to me bunny, you’re asking me because you want me to get it.” 


“No no-“




Chan glares at him, “I never want you to steal anything.” 


“Except this.”






His boyfriend rubs his face, “I don’t want you to take it. I don’t want you getting into trouble. But, I don’t want that fucker to get it either.”


Hyunjin lights up, “help me.” 


“No absolutely not. God you just lit up like a Christmas tree babe, you wanna steal something that bad?” 


Babe you have no idea how hard it is to manage my impulse control right now. I know you don’t believe me but sometimes I really can’t help taking stuff. Not that I have recently, it’s just, really hard sometimes.” 


Chan hums, “you should tell your therapist that.” 




“What you just said about stealing.” 


Hyunjin pouts, “is that, not normal?”


“Well, I wouldn’t say that. I just think it would be good to bring it up. The fact you’re aware your impulsiveness leads to trouble is enough to bring it up.” Chan leans on his hand. 


“Do you, nevermind…” 


“Ask babe, it’s okay.” 


“Do you not, feel like you have to do something or something is gonna happen? Or something is too tempting if you don’t do it you’ll miss out. I, have to finish things, even if it takes a while.” He explains quietly this conversation is something they’d usually have while curled up on the couch or cuddling in bed. 


“Not really no, I get anxiety about things sometimes really bad and that makes me do something to make it stop. But I don’t feel that kind of temptation pull.” Chan explains. 


“Are you telling me to get the box?” 


“No Jin, I was just asking what you thought.”


Hyunjin shifts around in his seat, he groans softly, “you shouldn’t have talked about it. Now I want it, I need it. It’s gonna bother me until I have it.”


“No. You’re not taking it.” 


“But if I get it Al doesn’t.” 


Chan sighs heavily, “no, because if you do something and I find out about it I have to tell the higher ups.” 


“You don’t have to.” Hyunjin mumbles. 




“Okay okay. I will try really hard not to get up to no good. But you know deep down you want me to take it.” 




“I have Aera tonight…if you want to stay over.” Chan says quietly while they pack their things to leave. 


Hyunjin wraps his arms around himself, Chan hates that he did this. 


“I don’t want to be around her if you don’t want me to.” 


Chan shakes his head, “I want you to be. I want you in my life, that includes around her. I know I hurt you, I’m trying to make up for it now,” 


Hyunjin shifts his weight, “okay.” He says softly. 


They walk into the elevator and Hyunjin keeps a good amount of distance between them. 


“Is Hana gonna be there?”


“She’s gonna drop her off but that’s all.” 


“Maybe I shouldn’t then.” 


Chan’s face falls, he reaches out and pulls Hyunjin close, the younger nuzzles into him for a moment. 


“Hana is just going to have to get over herself. You’re a part of my life, a huge part, I love you. If she can’t get passed that it’s her issue.” 


“What about the custody battle.” 


“It’s on hold for now. Aera has voiced her opinion on it lately.” Chan sighs heavily. Throughout all the chaos that goes on at work and with Hyunjin, he’s still had to deal with Hana’s custody threats. 


Especially right now Hana is breathing down his neck since Hyunjin is in his life again. 


However after Hyunjin left the previous week Aera snapped at the two of them. She snapped on a way she never has before. 


Her anger was intense and she genuinely yelled. 


It killed Chan to see their ten year old in such anguish over her two parents. This was never the life he wanted for her, he knows their fighting is going to lead to years of therapy. He knows the way she’s grown up for the past eight years has caused her trauma. 


He desperately wants to fix it, to make things better for all of them. 


Aera likes Hyunjin, she made that very clear when he left. She made it clear to the both of them that it’s not fair she can’t even make new friends without them arguing. 


It ripped him apart to hear that. 


“What did she say?” Hyunjin asks softly, snapping him from his thoughts. 


“She pretty much told us both to shut up.” 


Hyunjin laughs, “I promise I didn’t tell her to say that.” 


“Oh I know.” Chan sighs and grabs his keys. They walk off the elevator and head towards the car. A few people in the parking garage with them. 


Chan watches a man brush up against Hyunjin by accident. 


Hyunjin’s laughter makes him look, “if you’re gonna pickpocket someone choose a better target.” He pulls the man’s hand from his jacket with ease. 


Chan moves to step in, but waits a moment. 


He realizes the man is actually a kid. 


“Also your hand is too heavy. Everyone is gonna notice when you do it, use two fingers, that’s it.” Hyunjin plucks his wallet from the kid’s grip. 




Chan shakes his head, Hyunjin is giving a pickpocket lesson. Only him, only he would do this. 


He watches Hyunjin walk with the kid a few steps and pretty much do the same move the kid tried but on a fully grown adult. 


“Sorry about that. Are you alright?”


Chan’s eyes follow Hyunjin’s right hand as his left stays on the man’s chest. Two fingers slip into his inner pocket and easily take the wallet from inside. 


“Fine, don’t worry about it.” The man waves him off and continues walking. 


Hyunjin turns to the kid and smirks, presenting the wallet he just successfully snatched like it was nothing. 


“Woah! You’re good!” 


Chan shakes his head and goes over to them, “yeah he’s been to prison too.” He takes the wallet from Hyunjin’s hand and heads over to the guy they stole it from. 


“This was a teaching moment.” Hyunjin whines. 


“Sir you dropped this.” Chan hands him the wallet back and he accepts it graciously. 


“Word of advice, don’t try and steal from the people coming out of the FBI building.” Chan looks down at the kid with stern eyes. 




“Here.” Hyunjin pulls his own out and gives the kid the cash that’s inside. “Save it, don’t spend it all tonight. Use it to get yourself nicer clothes and food, it’s easier to pass as an adult if you’re dressed well.” 


“Thank you.” The kid can’t be older than thirteen maybe. He’s taller which is why Chan first mistook him as an adult. But actually looking at him he’s clearly a child, someone that’s lost and alone. 


“There’s a shelter not far from here. You should stay there for the night.” Hyunjin continues. 


Chan watches him curiously he never thought about it but it’s altogether possible that Hyunjin has been homeless. 


“Okay, thank you.” 


The kid takes off out of the garage. 


“Don’t look at me like that.” Hyunjin scrunches his nose up, “if you told him don’t do it, he’s just gonna do it again and then get caught. Either way he’d try again, at least now he has a less likely chance of someone catching him doing it.” 


Chan just hums, “I wasn’t gonna say anything.” 


“You just gave me your dad eyes.” 


He laughs, “I did not.” 


They walk back to his car, their hands locked together. 


“When Jisung and I were thirteen we ran away from our foster home for good.” Hyunjin murmurs while looking out the window. “We had no food, no home, the clothes we had were only what we could fit in backpacks.” 


Chan looks over at him, “Hyunnie, did you, finish any school?” 


Hyunjin looks over with a smile, “I got to seventh grade, then we ran. What I lack in school I made up for by reading every book I could get my hands on.” 


“Seriously? I thought you got to high school, that’s what we guessed at least.”  


“You guessed?” Hyunjin giggles. 


“Yeah, we knew your IQ was incredibly high but we figured since-“ Chan looks over and finds Hyunjin smirking to himself. “What?” 


“What’s my IQ Channie?” 


The elder rolls his eyes, “you don’t know?” 


“Nope.” Hyunjin leans on his hand towards him now, his playful eyes on. 


“I don’t know it off the top of my head babe.” He looks away, maybe he does know how smart Jin is off the top of his head. But he’s not blushing because of that, he’s blushing because of Hyunjin’s gaze on him. The look on his face is making him squirm. 


Hyunjin hums, “you can continue on with how smart and amazing you thought I was.” 


Chan rolls his eyes,” shut up.” 


Hyunjin leans over and kisses his cheek, his fingers trace up his inner thigh too. Chan bites his lip trying to ignore his roaming hands. 


He should not be this horny right now. Not after last night, after he called Hyunjin sir, or after he asked for baby bunnies, or when he came so hard he squirted, all over his boyfriend. Even just thinking about it makes him squish his legs together a little. 


“What’re you thinking about bunny?” Hyunjin sets his head on his shoulder and holds his inner thigh. Not high enough to brush against his dick, but close enough for him to want to grind down on it desperately. 


“I’m thinking you’re such a little shit.” He mutters and feels his fingers flex between his hips. 


“You’re so cute.” 


Chan lets out a breath he didn’t realize he was holding as Hyunjin pulls away from him. 


“Do not get me hard when my daughter is going to be around in less than half an hour.” He scolds. Hyunjin just giggles and shifts around in his own seat. 


The rest of their drive consists of Jin still teasing him. But now he is purposely grabbing at his nipples, and kissing his neck. 


“You’re a brat.” Chan states the second he parks in the driveway. 


Hyunjin just smirks and gets out, he’s in a very playful mood clearly. Which is good considering this morning fucking sucked. 


The second they’re inside Chan grabs him around the waist and pins him to the countertop. Hyunjin giggles and wiggles back against him. 


“How am I the brat?” He rolls his hips back. 


Chan bites his lower lip and holds Hyunjin’s waist in place. The thought of ruining him against the countertop floods his mind. 


He lets him up before his mind can wonder too much. 


Hyunjin turns around and sticks his tongue out at him. “I’m gonna shower don’t run away.” He tells him sternly. 


“Hmhm.” Chan hits his ass gently as he brushes by him. 


How domestic it is to have Hyunjin shower in his house, to have him wear his clothes and cook dinner. It fills his heart in a way that’s a bit scary for him. 


He heads up to his room too and changes into sweatpants and a sweater. He also pulls out stuff for Hyunjin who’s already in the shower. 


“What do you want for dinner?” 


“I don’t care.” Hyunjin turns the water off and grabs a towel while Chan is still in the steam filled room. He watches his boyfriend step out and his eyes trail down his body. 


The water drips down his toned muscles, the bite marks all over him glisen. He’s covered, his back is ripped apart. Chan blushes deeply at the sight, he did all of that. 


“Like what you see Babyboy?” Hyunjin smirks while grabbing a towel. 


“Yes.” Chan answers honestly and grabs him around the waist. The younger shrieks softly and lets himself get tossed over his shoulder. 


“Put me down.” Hyunjin whines. 


Chan smiles and sets him down on the edge of his bed. Hyunjin pushes his wet hair from his eyes and glares up at him. 


Chan just sticks his tongue out and then goes back downstairs. 


Hana won’t be over with Aera for another fifteen minutes or so. He decides to wait on dinner so Aera can choose, instead he grabs the case files he brought from work and sits on the couch. 


These are Hyunjin’s. 


He’s looked these over hundreds of times, far too many. His messy notes cover the papers, three years worth of hunting Jin down. 


He sighs softly and sets the large stack down and then grabs the Cinderella files too. A much smaller set of files in comparison. He’s not sure what Hyunjin is looking for, but then again even though he knows how Jin thinks. He never really knows what goes on in his head. 


“I didn’t see you sneak all that in.” Hyunjin jumps on the couch and gets in his lap. Chan hums and kisses the side of his head, arms around his waist. 


“It was in my bag.” 


Hyunjin leans forward looking over the tops of the files. Chan scoots him out of his lap so he can grab the others. 


“Before you go digging in these, what are you looking for?” He asks him. 


“I can’t tell you.” 


“Jin,” Chan groans. 


Hyunjin kisses his cheek, “I don’t wanna incriminate myself Channie.” He giggles and sits back down fully. 


Chan shakes his head, he already knows Hyunjin is going to tease him for the notes. Especially in the ones before he knew Hyunjin, actually knew him. 


These are his files on him, the ones that stay in his office usually. So they’re covered in his three am ramblings. 


“Fine, do whatever you gotta do babe.” Chan sighs and hands the files over. He decides to just let Hyunjin do what he wants to, he might as well get options for dinner out. 


That way Aera can’t ask for pizza or some other takeout. 




“You’re not staying up all night, no.” Hyunjin looks up, Hana’s voice fills his ears. He sinks further into the couch wanting to hide from her. 


“Yeah but daddy said we could watch movies next time I came over.” Aera drops her things off without even noticing him on the couch. Or she almost doesn’t notice him. 


She’s nearly by him until she looks over at his laid out body on the couch. 


“Oh my god can you braid my hair again?” She shrieks and climbs up on the couch in seconds. 


Hyunjin groans as her boney elbows dig into his stomach. 


“Ow!” He yelps, “get your boney knees off me.” He whines as she gets in his lap. 


Hana stares from her place in the doorway that leads to the kitchen. 


“You’re here.” She states. 


“I am.” Hyunjin sits up with the small girl in his lap still. 


“Hyunjinnie, please can you do my hair again?” Aera turns his face so he’s looking at her instead of her mother. 


He laughs, “yes, maybe take your shoes off first though.” 


Chan comes in from the kitchen and leans against the wall, “oh I don’t even get a hello now?” He teases. 


Aera giggles and scrambles up to hug her father. Hyunjin sits up fully and sits cross legged, he closes the file he was reading and looks up. Hana is glaring unsurprisingly at him. 


“Hi daddy, what’re you making?” Aera tugs Chan into the kitchen leaving him and Hana alone. 


Hyunjin waits for her to yell at him but it doesn’t come, instead she just follows the pair into the kitchen too. 


He stares for a moment, shocked he didn’t get told off like he usually does. When it doesn’t happen he simply picks up the file he’d been reading previously. 


It’s the first of many on himself. 


His eyes scan the typed and written notes. 


Subject name: unknown

Hair: unknown

Eye color: unknown

Age: unknown

Ethnicity: unknown


File name: Ghost 


He can’t help the smirk that comes across his face. 


Ghost, how cute. Chan must have come up with that. 


He reads how this got flagged, a mere blip in finances for a company. He smiles reading it, he was only sixteen when he worked for this place. He and Sungie did, although Jisung ran all the behind the scenes stuff. Like he still does now. 


Avanian Enterprises. 


They conned that place out of so much money. Hyunjin learned a lot from the CEO, he got his style, how to speak, how to flirt. 


He met Felix there too. 


His heart pangs as the memories fill his mind. 




Thirteen years ago 


“If you follow me this way. Mr Mendes will be with you shortly.” The inter shows him the way and he sits down, eyes scanning the area carefully. 


This building is huge, way bigger than he or Sungie thought it was. Next time they’re gonna have to come beforehand and scope things out. 


This is probably the riskiest thing they’ve ever done, but it’ll also land them the most money if they pull it off. And at this point, they’re willing to try anything. 


He shifts in his seat, fidgeting with his poorly fitted suit. He can do this, he knows he can. 


He’s charmed people his whole life, he can charm this guy too. 


Hyunjin sighs softly and looks up, his eyes lock with the small secretary behind the desk. He feels his cheeks heat up as they stare at each other. 


The boy looking at him is beautiful. Prettier than anyone else he’s ever seen before. He bites his lower lip, shifting in his chair again. 


He could talk to him, it wouldn’t hurt the plan. 


Hyunjin feels himself get up and go to the desk. 


“Can I help you?” The boy stares up at him, he’s so cute, ridiculously cute. 


Hyunjin takes in his appearance, a crisp white flowy shirt that exposes his collarbone, paired with tight black pants. A few golden necklaces lay against his chest. 


But his outfit isn’t what has caught his attention, no, it’s the thousands of stars that litter the boy’s cheeks. Freckles that dot across his skin like the constellations in the sky. 


His smile too, it looks addicting, sharp little fangs for teeth too. 


He’s adorable. 


“Sir? Is something wrong?” The boy asks him again and he blinks himself out of the trance he’s in. 


“Oh sorry, you’re really pretty.” Hyunjin smiles and leans on the desk. He watches the boy’s cheeks turn a dusty pink color and immediately knows he wants to see him blush like that every day for the rest of his life. 


“M-me? Thank you…you’re pretty too.” The boy bites his lower lip and shyly looks down. “Can I help you with anything or did you come over here just to flirt with me?”


“Will I get in trouble if it was just to flirt with you?” Hyunjin winks. 


“No.” The boy giggles and Hyunjin thinks he’s in love. 


“What’s your name?” 


“Felix, what’s yours?” Felix stares up at him with wide innocent eyes. 


“Sam. You’re Mr. Mendes’ secretary?” 


“Hmhm, more like a fancy intern. But either way I work for him. What are you here for?” 


“I’m going to pitch my business idea.” Hyunjin smirks. 


“You should have worn a nicer suit.” Felix gestures to him. “You look nice, but he’ll know you’re just a kid.” 


“Huh?” Hyunjin turns red, his eyes getting big. 


Felix giggles and stands up to lean over his desk, “from one kid to another trying to be an adult, your clothes matter the most.”