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Fate/Beyond the Hollow Lens

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A Bad Break

He was eating dinner at his favorite diner when he got the call. Not from his normal, amami-network exclusive cellphone, but his burner purchased from outside of Amami City. He groaned a bit, taking a bite from his burger and answering it as he swallowed, greeting with “Samona speaking”. He heard a gruff voice on the line answer “It’s me. I need a job done”. He replied with “Got it. Where and what?”, the voice answering “I need the file Nemissa.exe from the Algonsoft NS Buildings servers. Need it done now, they’re there and security is down”. With a nod, he got up quickly and headed for his car, saying “Got it. Anything I should know before going in?”. The voice hesitated as the car started up and began to move at his demand, before it replied “A summoner is confirmed on-site. I don’t know who though. Just that he and a whole squad are there. Be careful”. The man hesitated for a single second, saying “A summoner… or a devil summoner?”, to which the voice clarified “Devil summoner. His squad are familiar masters though”. Nodding, he chuckled and said “Well they aren’t gonna stand a chance. Not with what I’m packing” and retrieved his secret weapon; A gun-shaped PC. “Please tell me you’re at least picking up extra storage. The file needs to be retrieved tonight” the voice said, trembling a bit in the middle. “Nah. It’s got plenty. I’ll just wipe a few if I need to. Oh… and payment. Can I assume the usual?”. An affirmative sound came from the phone as he left a tunnel and saw it in the distance. “Got it. I’m nearing it. I’ll call when the job’s done” he said, and hung up. He pulled out his gun PC and opened it with a pull of the trigger. After that he stated “Username, Urabe Kouichirou. PIN, JF29”. With that, the gun PC came to life and a single prompt flashed on screen. ‘Boot Devil Summoning Program?’. “Yes” he stated clearly and the screen turned to white before running code. He knew it’d take a few minutes to boot. That gave him enough time to navigate to the building and park. Once it was done, the computer had a single prompt. “Summon?”. He decided against responding for the moment and decided to go inside first. After all, if they were here then that meant that all security was shut down. That meant he had free reign over the facility. 


Once inside, he saw a few salarymen running away. They were screaming loudly. He stepped aside as one stopped, saying “R-Run away! Monsters are tearing the floors apart!”. He frowned and looked towards the elevator. He could feel it. A small reality marble had been activated inside this building. The summoner no doubt. If they had gone this far… “Understood. Get in your car and drive. Don’t stop until you reach tokyo. Take the first flight out. Whatever money you have, forget it”. The man hesitated, as he simply said “Trust me. If you aren’t dead here, they’ll make sure you are out there” and continued into the building. The man gasped, backing away before screaming and running. He knew it was pointless. However, some small part of him hoped that he’d be overlooked long enough for his advice to work. He entered the elevator and pressed the button for the fourth floor. It didn’t respond and he groaned. It meant they had shut down the elevator. He left and looked around the expansive lobby, seeing stairs not too far away. Groaning he made his way over. 


As he entered the fourth floor, the feeling of the reality marble worsened. He could practically taste the mana filling the air. He frowned. With a press of his button, three figures appeared around him. A large-headed humanoid with a stocky body, a creature with a boys head but a spiky wooden body like a caterpillar, and a woman with long elfin ears and pink eyes. “Master” the female greeted “How may we serve?”. “Eyes open. You can guess the situation. Don’t wanna get jumped” Urabe stated, stalking deeper inside “We’re doing a grab and run. Electronic so might need to make space later”. With a nod, the female stated “I cannot speak for them, but I live to serve. If you need rid of me, merely do so. I shall accept”. “Yeah, yeah!” the boy caterpillar stated “We just wanna be helpful!”. The stocky humanoid laughed, saying “Course… it helps that ya supply such… fresh prana. Mmmmmm…”. All followed, quieting down. They focused now on their environments. They weren’t about to let another of their kind slip by them and hit Urabe. After all, he was their master. So long as he held the gun pc, it was proof. Yet, they were unnerved. There was no sign of other masters despite sensing them. There wasn’t even a hint of others like them, that would flock here first chance they got. Once they got to the server room, the stocky humanoid took point by the door, while the caterpillar boy crawled up the wall and waited above it to ambush anyone dumb enough to walk in. the woman kept her eyes focused as Urabe connected his gun pc to the mainframe computer. For several minutes, nothing changed. Then the woman reacted visibly and said “They’re coming. Four of them… no, they’re summoning now”. Clicking his tongue, Urabe sighed saying “From where?”. “Five floors down. Taking the stairs. They’ll be here in about ten minutes”. Urabe nodded, saying “Then I gotta cut and run. Sorry. This program… it’s massive”. Biting her lip, the woman said “Hurry. You have five minutes. The other five will be spent running”. With a nod, Urabe said “Delete the devil summoning program, code a-f-f-l-comma-9-2-1”. Code ran on the gun PC and all three of the summoned beings vanished. Then, the download began. Urabe checked his gun. It was hard to get firearms in Japan and it was mostly useless in his world. However, it was all he had. He knew he could take most summoners they employed, but a squad was trouble. Their familiars, while weak in comparison, were still distractions. As such, he opted to cut and run. No need to fight directly. Once the program downloaded, he turned to leave and then saw him. His worst nightmare. 


“Well, well, well… if it isn’t Urabe” the man before him stated, his accent thick. He was caucasian and had brown slicked back hair. His sideburns connected with his goatee and matched the sunglasses he wore. He wore a black vest over a white button-up shirt and black slacks. He wore a belt with a golden buckle and was tightening fingerless gloves over his hands as he took a puff of a cigarette, saying “It’s been too long, friend”. Urabe spat on the ground, saying “Don’t you dare call us friends after what you did”. The vested man laughed, saying “True, true… but ya know, that’s your fault right? If ya hadn’t-” but was cut off as a gun shot rang out. Something materialized and swiped its arm, sending it flying. However, Urabe used this moment to run for the door. The creature that had appeared, taking on the appearance of a bat winged baboon, leapt for Urabe, screeching as the vested man yelled “Don’t let him get away!” . Urabe slammed the door shut on its face, creating a deep dent in it. He turned to run but saw a few individuals with red-eyed dogs waiting. “Shit!” He yelled and ran the opposite way. He was relieved to see the stairs but despaired. They only went up. Growling, he turned and quickly muttered a spell under his breath on the door, locking it. He saw through the window the door from the server room fly off its hinges as the baboon ran out. He ran up the stairs, not wanting to give it a chance to catch him. 


“Hey… got some bad news Kinap” he stated, pressing the last few keys on his gun PC. “What?” the gruff voice asked. He answered “Well I got the program… but I’m cornered. So I gotta ditch it. Hope ya find it” and then the PC flashed a message ‘Password Accepted. Locking’ before closing in on itself. “What!? Urabe! Don’t be reckless!” the voice began but he cut off saying “You know… it wasn’t all bad. Even after he killed them, you gave me a path forward… and before that, I got to enjoy life like a normal human… something being a mage normally wouldn’t allow….” before turning to the city skyline and continued “He’ll be here soon. Then we’ll talk… and settle things”. “Urabe! I can open a path forward! I just need ten-” but was again cut off as Urabe continued, saying “Don’t bother. He’ll be here in 2. I don’t have my demons. I’m through…” and with a swing of his arm tossed the gun PC over the chainlink fence surrounding the building top. “I only wish… I had appreciated the time I had with them before it was too late” Urabe stated, moving the phone away as the voice called out “Urabe!” before he hung up. He dropped the phone and fired his gun into it a few times as the door swung open. Seeing the sight, the vested man stated “Urabe… an unusual outburst. You used to be so calm and collected. You were on the fast track. I just gotta know… why throw it all away?”. Urabe simply pointed his gun, as the baboon appeared again along with a tall, red giant with a horn on its head and he responded “You know why, Finnegan. It isn’t my fault you can’t understand what having a family means”. Sneering, Finnegan simply nodded and both creatures flew at him. He only fired once before they tore him apart. That was the end of the soul known as Urabe Kouichirou.