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Boku no Kazoku

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“Kirishima! What about that movie you wanted to watch? The premiere is tonight, let's go”, Tetsutetsu suggested and Eijirou turned around after he had exited the office, the warm, orange evening sun coloring the trees in a relaxing orange.

“Hey man, sorry, the premiere doesn't sound very appealing”, he admitted and Tetsutetsu tilted his cute little head.

“What do you mean? You so looked forward to this movie! C'mon!”, he literally begged.

“I know and I will go and watch the movie sometime soon, but premiere means a lot of people and a lot of people mean a lot of interactions, stressful situations and a stuffed cinema. I'd rather have the evening to myself once in a while”, he explained with an apologetic smile and scratched the back of his head. He didn't really like people, so he stayed away from them as best as possible. His little Omega heart craved a nice evening, wrapped up in blankets and snuggling with pillows. It was the best.

Tetsutetsu sighed audibly, but then smiled.

“I get it. Then go and enjoy your evening. I'll see you tomorrow, 'kay?”, he said and shouldered his bag once more. Eijirou nodded.

“Sure thing. Ah, and we need to talk about that big business tomorrow, don't forget!”, Eijirou warned him while starting to walk away.

“Sure thing!”, Tetsutetsu imitated him with a light giggle and Eijirou laughed, then started to walk home. Damn, he loved working in his office. It was such a nice and calm atmosphere, the people were nice. One of the nicest people were definitely Kaminari and Midoriya. Midoriya was a sunshine. Eijirou had loved the small green bundle of joy immediately when he had first come into the office.

Although being stressed easily, constantly on edge and nervous, fidgeting and avoiding eye contact and anything that could direct the attention to him, he was really sweet. Apparently, he was also going to therapy.

Eijirou had tried to ask him about it, but Midoriya wouldn't tell him, no matter what, so Eijirou didn't pressure him into talking.

He sighed and leaned back, cracking his backbone while walking home. He arrived, opened the door, got into the shower, prepared a nice meal and brushed his straight hair while he waited for the water to boil. He was just in his pajamas to relax a little more and he didn't expect anyone tonight anyway.

He was about to turn on the TV when he heard the doorbell. He was confused, but it was probably just one of his neighbors with a problem they needed help with.

He went to the door and opened it without hesitation.

“Hel-”, that person was unknown to him, “-lo … .” He carefully stepped back a little. The man, an Alpha, was tall, absolutely jacked, muscles everywhere, broad shoulders, small waist, spiky blonde hair and shining red eyes.

“Uhm, can I help you … somehow?”, Eijirou asked since the man wasn't moving.

“Finally”, the man exhaled, as if out of breath. “I'm finally home, my love”

There was a moment of silence and neither of them said something. Until Eijirou chuckled in discomfort and tried to close the door.

“I-I think you have the wrong apartment, have a nice eve-”, he couldn't get any further, the man blatantly put a foot between the door and the door frame.

“I don't think I'm wrong, love”, the man said, voice deep, breathing heavy. Eijirou gulped.

“L-Listen, I-I've never met you before, you must have the wrong apartment, maybe even the wrong apartment block”, he suggested, trying to hide his confusion and worry in his voice.

The man smirked.

“Don't worry, you don't know me yet. But I know you. And that's enough”, he promised and with that he pushed the door open, despite Eijirou still trying to hold it shut.

The impact was strong and harsh, he fell backwards. The man walked inside and closed the door, then offered Eijirou his hand. He didn't take it.

“W-What do you want? W-Who are you?” This was all so sudden, Eijirou didn't understand why this was happening, why there was a stranger in his apartment, why that man thought he was his husband or something.

“Like I said, I'm finally home, Eijirou”, the man said, this time his smile seemed more comforting, but it was rather unsettling. The man was still offering his hand.

“H-How do you know my name?”, Eijirou asked, beginning to feel real fear bubbling up in his chest.

The man rolled his eyes, clicking his tongue, getting annoyed. He just grabbed his arm and harshly lifted him to his feet. Eijirou yelped, but the man put his callused hand on his mouth to prevent any sounds.

“Shh, my love. I'll explain everything”, he said and carefully guided him to the couch, Eijirou didn't know why he was letting this man touch him just like that, but something seemed horribly wrong and Eijirou sensed that one wrong move could result in great trouble.

“I see you're already cooking dinner. Let's do it together later”, the man purred into his ear and Eijirou shivered at the closeness. He didn't answer. They sat down and Eijirou had to calm his shaking hands.

“Now”, the man said and took Eijirou's hand, stopping his trembling. “My name is Bakugou Katsuki. I've liked you for a while now. I saw you and just knew that it was meant to be”, he whispered and nuzzled into his hair.

“I gotta say, I always liked it more when you let your hair down. Suits you more”, he crooned and Eijirou had to suppress tears. What was going on? What was happening? And why?

“I-I … feel more comfortable when it's up”, Eijirou answered as if in an automode. He didn't know what to do. Should he call the police?

“No, you just think that, but you're way prettier with your hair down, trust me”, Bakugou cooed and Eijirou had to suppress the familiar tingle of anger. Trust you? Fucking! What?!

“I-I don't know you! I don't trust you! I want you to get out now or I will call the police”, he desperately tried to get this guy to leave, he was creepy, weird and strange. Especially dangerous. Eijirou didn't want to imagine what would happen if he didn't get him out soon.

“Nonsense, Eiji, I'm here to finally be with you. A family. You'll love it”, he purred and stroked through his hair.

“Don't touch me like that!”, he hissed and tried to wiggle out of his iron grip, which only tightened when Eijirou started to fight him.

“Now, that's not very nice, is it?”, Bakugou grinned and Eijirou started trembling. Bakugou eyed him with a wide grin before pulling him closer.

“Aww, you're afraid, that's so cute. But I already thought that you'd be careful. You must've had a lot of persistent pursuers, but that will end now. I'll protect you”, he cooed into his ear and Eijirou's eyes went wide. Shit, shit, shit! What should he do? What could he do? This was so strange, so sudden, how could he handle the situation? He felt completely lost.

He slowly tried to reach for the phone that was on the small table next to his couch. If he could just grab it and hide it, he could call the police later on.

He gasped in surprise and fear when he felt Bakugou's heavy weight against him, pressing him deep into the couch. He gazed up with wide, fearful eyes.

“No no, bad, no phone”, Bakugou just grinned. “We're supposed to be focused on each other”, he argued and gave him a sudden kiss on his nose. Eijirou yelped and quickly covered his nose, but it was too late, the kiss had happened and Bakugou chuckled in amusement.

“Let's cook dinner together. You must be exhausted after your day at work”, he purred and pulled him up, then guided him to the kitchen. Eijirou felt rather numb and just let his body be brought into another position.

Shock, fear and not understanding anything had him frozen. For Eijirou, it was not only awkward, but straight out creepy. Eijirou inhaled shakily and tried to calm his hands, shaking and trembling while he wanted to add some spice to the sauce.

He had planned to make some pasta, but now his hunger was completely vanished, taken over by a sharp feeling in his guts, dread making it impossible to think straight.

When he nearly let the spice fall out of his hand, Bakugou came to the rescue and grabbed it before it could fall down.

“Ah, we don't want that. You're a lot clumsier than usual. You have to be careful”, Bakugou said and gave him a quick kiss on his cheek, again way too fast for Eijirou to react or even realize what Bakugou was doing.

He just gulped down the lump in his throat and slowly nodded.

“I'll set the table”, Bakugou said with a light smile and Eijirou watched him go to the cupboard with the plates in it and his breathing stopped for a second. How did he know where the plates were? Luck maybe?

His silly hope got destroyed within a second when Bakugou immediately found the glasses and the silverware as well. How long had he been watching him?

“F-For …”, he tried to speak up, but he just couldn't, he was too scared. His lungs wouldn't get anymore air and he couldn't finish his sentence.

“What, my love?”, Bakugou asked and put an arm around him. Eijirou tensed even more, lifting his shoulders to hide more. When he didn't respond, Bakugou's voice got sharper.

“I asked you a question”, his voice dark and for a short time very venomous. Eijirou couldn't stop the first tears that showed up in his eyes, fear and dread making his vision blurry, he nearly passed out from the stress.

He barely felt Bakugou's hand stroking his arm to calm him down. He started mumbling something, trying to make a coherent sentence, but he couldn't, he didn't understand what he was saying, but apparently, Bakugou had.

“How long? Uhm, let me think. I actually didn't think I'd meet someone so beautiful like you and I just got so nervous every time I wanted to approach you. You know, like a teenager, got weak knees and stuff like that. I feel like I have to be extra careful with you, so that you don't break. Because you're so delicate”, Bakugou said with dreamy eyes, a blush on his face.

Eijirou's breathing sped up, he was panicking.

“I guess it was now … two years ago”, Bakugou thought and got the pasta off the stove, Eijirou froze, not knowing what to do.

Bakugou prepared the food after he placed Eijirou at the table.

“This is perfect. Just like I imagined. Now are only the pups missing”, Bakugou gushed and sat down, placing his hand above Eijirou, which he quickly withdrew with a scared gasp, tears threatening to fall.

Bakugou smirked.

“Just imagine. We would all be eating together, the pups would run around, play and annoy the shit out of us”, he said and Eijirou tensed, staring at his plate filled with food.

“I-I can't breathe, I can't breathe. I need fresh air”, Eijirou panicked, he was hyperventilating, his vision got black and dots started appearing. He backed off and stumbled almost blindly to the door, anywhere just away from here.

He felt a firm grasp around his arm that dragged him away from the door again, tears finally freely rolled down his cheeks while Bakugou dragged him back to the table, sat him down and then opened a window.

“Better?”, he asked gently and stroked his shoulders. Eijirou felt as if an invisible hand was grabbing his throat even tighter than before, so he shook his head.

Bakugou hugged him from behind, making the pressure almost unbearable and although Eijirou tried his best to calm down, he couldn't do it. And so his vision got dark and he passed out.


Soft light shone inside. Eijirou carefully opened his eyes. He was lying on something soft. He looked to his left and recognized his TV. He was lying on his couch. Confused, he slowly sat up. Then it dawned him. The Alpha!

But he was lying on the couch … . Was everything just a dream?

Eijirou looked around, there was still pasta on the small dining table, two plates and glasses. Fuck. No dream. But maybe now was his chance. The phone was nowhere in sight, so he silently stood up and made his way to the door.

When he put his hand on the handle, he heard steps behind him. He stopped dead in his tracks, too afraid to turn around.

“Where are you going?” The sound of the voice was accusing.

“I-I … uh”, he cleared his throat and tried to stay calm. Simple task, stay calm, just stay calm, wasn't that hard. “I-I … just felt a bit dizzy. I wanted to get fresh air”, he tried to explain himself and Bakugou got behind him, carefully putting his hands on Eijirou's waist, slowly pulling him with him.

“I opened the window for you. Let's get you there”, he crooned and Eijirou nodded numbly.

They stood at the open window for a while, Eijirou desperately trying to figure out a way to call for help without getting himself killed, all while Bakugou rubbed soothing circles over his lower back. Eijirou didn't know what else to do.

“After you passed out, I put you on the couch. You made a nice nest there. Figured you'd be more comfortable there”, he said and leaned down to give Eijirou another kiss on the cheek, but this time, he saw it coming and leaned away, covering it with nodding.

Bakugou hummed as a response and then followed his movements, placing the disgusting kiss on his face.

“You look exhausted. I'll feed you”, Bakugou purred, his voice dripping with sweet, luring honey, trapping Eijirou even more in this situation.

“I-I can eat mys-”

“I didn't ask, Eiji”, the sharp tone sent shivers down his spine. “I know what's best for you.” Don't you Alphas always say that?, Eijirou thought with despair.

Bakugou forced him to sit down again, pulling the other chair and his own plate over to sit next to Eijirou, it was uncomfortable, but Eijirou didn't know what he could do against the Alpha's will. He was too strong, powerful and determined.

Bakugou put a few noodles on the fork and held it to Eijirou's mouth. Eijirou hesitated and looked at Bakugou again. He just nodded, a signal for him to take the food.

He slowly, hesitantly and reluctantly did.

He barely tasted anything, mind not focused on the food, but more on the terrible situation.

He chewed slowly, body and mind numb, Bakugou eyed him with worry.

“Are you alright? Or still feeling dizzy?”, he asked and Eijirou shook his head. He didn't know if he should answer or not, but he decided it would be better to stay on Bakugou's good side until he figured out a way to escape.

“I-I uh, just … don't feel that hungry, I guess”, he argued and averted his gaze, looking out the window.

The evening seemed so peaceful. As if nothing was wrong. Maybe really nothing was wrong and when Eijirou would turn around there would be no food, no Alpha, just his empty apartment while the water would start to boil.

He turned and everything was just like before. Bakugou eyeing him suspiciously, putting more noodles on his fork and bringing them up to his face.

“You should still eat”, he insisted and Eijirou just nodded obediently. Otherwise the Alpha could hurt him. Eijirou didn't know him and didn't know how he could or would react if Eijirou refused to stay calm.

Bakugou looked pleased when Eijirou complied and ate more. Bakugou took a few bites himself sometimes, but mostly focused on Eijirou.

“We did a good job together, don't you think?”, Bakugou praised him and Eijirou nodded absently. “How about we make the dishes tomorrow? Let's enjoy our evening together”, he suggested and Eijirou nodded again. He felt hopeless and full of dread. He was caged.

Bakugou hugged Eijirou and they went to the couch, lying down while Bakugou wrapped his arms tightly around Eijirou's body, keeping him close under all circumstances.

Eijirou felt the heat radiating from Bakugou's muscular body, he felt them moving with every little breath, with every little movement, the grip tightened while they – or Bakugou – searched for a movie to watch.

Bakugou leaned down and gave him another kiss on his forehead. Eijirou flinched and Bakugou's hug tightened once more.

“You're really nervous, love. Maybe we should skip the movie and go straight to bed”, Bakugou suggested and Eijirou froze. What exactly did he mean with that? Just sleeping or … the other sleeping?

He gulped and slowly shook his head. He tried his best to play the innocent card.

“I-I wouldn't want to ruin our evening”, he said and looked down. Bakugou gently lifted his chin and the gaze he gave him let Eijirou's heart sink straight to his feet.

“I love you”, he said and then pressed his lips against him. Eijirou let out a shocked gasp and wanted to back off, but a strong and big hand on his back kept him close, the other hand snaking around his neck, the big fingers holding him in place. Eijirou just now noticed how big Bakugou was compared to him. He was huge.

His head got pressed backwards when Bakugou leaned more over him, pulling him even closer and Eijirou basically had to look up, big, muscled, thick arms around his body and holding him tight. Like chains. No escape.

Eijirou was so scared. Tears finally spilled and ran down his cheeks, he tried to hold in his sobs and Bakugou softly nibbled at his tight lips, pulling at them and sucking on the soft flesh.

Eijirou whimpered in fear and Bakugou pressed a finger against his jaw, the discomfort causing Eijirou to slightly open his mouth. Bakugou shoved his wet, slimy tongue inside, the hot muscle swirling around his.

Eijirou pressed his hands against Bakugou's broad chest, he felt the rumbling of his breaths under the skin, the soft movement of his muscles, he felt powerless. He never imagined that he would one day experience this kind of treatment.

Bakugou's wet tongue fit snugly against his, he eagerly played with it, sucking and licking every little place he found, not caring or even noticing Eijirou's fruitless struggles.

Eijirou closed his eyes so that he didn't have to see this disgusting Alpha in front of him. He didn't want this!

Tears of desperation welled up in his eyes and he whimpered again, the sound coming off more as a moan than a whimper, Bakugou misunderstood the signs and it made him thrilled.

He rubbed his body against Eijirou's and Eijirou turned his head to escape the grip. But Bakugou's arm now fully wrapped around his neck and held him in place.

Eijirou still didn't understand. Not really. He'd had a stalker? For two years? Who now all of a sudden proclaimed that this was his home and that they would be a family. With pups?

Hell no! Eijirou had never wanted pups and he wouldn't change his opinion now! Why were all Alphas so focused on having pups with the one they loved? Eijirou didn't want that!

He helplessly tried to move, but Bakugou's huge body made it impossible to wriggle out of his grasp. He was held in a vice grip.

Bakugou's lips sucked on his one last time before backing off with lust-lidded eyes, they looked shadowed and dull, his cheeks a bright red.

“You're doing unspeakable things to me”, Bakugou whispered and then chuckled when Eijirou gasped in shock and new tears streamed down his face.

Bakugou selected a movie, shaking his head with a calm smile, holding Eijirou close. After he had put on the movie, he lay on his back and pulled Eijirou with him, then pressed his head on his chest. Eijirou let him do it for now, he needed to be very careful, he didn't want to ruin his chances of escape.

Eijirou didn't focus on the movie, he just focused on Bakugou's breathing. He had to concentrate hard in order not to fall asleep. All the stress, all the fear had exhausted him.

Bakugou buried his nose in Eijirou's hair and it made his stomach twist in a painful way. Breathing was becoming difficult again.

Eijirou didn't know how, but he survived and stayed awake until the end of the movie, the dark now shining outside. However, when the movie was over, Bakugou didn't stand up. He stayed where he was, his big hand heavy on his lower back.

Eijirou carefully looked up, the hand on his head just slumping down in the process. Bakugou's eyes were closed. Was he asleep?

Eijirou lay there for a second, not understanding what was happening. Bakugou was asleep? Right now?

Eijirou carefully took the hand that was still on his back and slowly placed it on the couch. He slowly stood up, trying to make no sounds. Bakugou shifted a little and groaned, but didn't wake up. Eijirou held his breath, fear and panic making it hard to stay calm and quiet.

He slowly tip-toed to the door. This was his chance. Get out, just get out, nothing more.

He opened the door just slightly and heard a shuffle behind him. He quickly turned around, the night breeze whipping his face.

Bakugou sat up, ruffling his hair and groggily looking around.

“Eiji?”, he asked and turned around, spotting Eijirou's frozen figure at the open door. His eyes went wide with realization.

Eijirou's stomach dropped. He couldn't stop himself now. He couldn't stop now!

He turned around and sprinted out of the door before Bakugou could move. He heard the heavy steps behind him as he dashed to the stairs. His instincts were going into overdrive, just run, run, run!

No matter where, no matter how long, just run. His breathing sped up, panic and not being a trained runner took its toll on his lungs.

He panted heavily, the loud steps got closer, he wanted to run faster, the staircase was nearly there, he nearly made it, almost!

He was grabbed by his shirt right when he wanted to reach out for the handrail. Panic drowned out every sound around him when he was lifted from the ground, a tight grip around his waist and a big hand that was placed over his mouth when he wanted to call for help.

He struggled and wiggled in the grasp, but no matter what he did, Bakugou's steps back to the apartment didn't slow down. It was as if he wasn't even carrying anything.

Eijirou was scared for his life, hot, burning tears streamed down his face. He desperately clawed at the door frame when Bakugou wanted to get him back inside, but one violent yank was enough to let the little hope slip from his hands.

Bakugou quickly threw him on the floor and wanted to close the door. Eijirou panted, his trembling made it hard to properly move, but he scrambled to his feet.

The window was closed, it would take too long to open it, so he dashed to the kitchen counter, searching for a knife, or anything that he could use.

Right when he wanted to turn around and bring himself in a fighting stance, Bakugou was already on top of him.

He grabbed his wrist in a vice, it hurt and Eijirou let the knife fall down. He screamed for help, Bakugou gripped his jaw, muffled noises were all that was now coming out.

They continued struggling, Bakugou's gaze was furious, disappointed and confused, Eijirou spilled more tears of pure dread.

“I won't repeat my mistakes”, Bakugou huffed, Eijirou didn't understand what he was saying.

He tried to push Bakugou off of him, but the much bigger Alpha barely budged. They crashed into the counter and Eijirou hoped that the noise would wake his neighbors, anyone! Someone who might get annoyed and would come over to complain.

Eijirou wildly threw his head around in a hopeless try to break free from Bakugou's big hands. Bakugou held him tighter and growled, starting to pull him to the couch.

Eijirou completely panicked and hauled off before hitting Bakugou's face full force. He hadn't really been looking, but he felt the impact and the loosening grip.

Eijirou fell backwards and scrambled to his feet. He looked back and saw blood dripping down from Bakugou's forehead, right above his left eye.

He seemed shocked and carefully touched the place and then stared at the blood in confusion. His face twisted in fury and Eijirou's breathing stopped, eyes widened with fear, more tears collecting in his swollen, hurting eyes.

“Shouldn't have done that, my love”, Bakugou hissed and his lips stretched into a wide smile.

“No! Stop it! Please! Help!”, Eijirou yelled and wanted to run again and lock himself in his room, maybe to just get enough time to flee through the window. He'd rather jump down from the first floor than be at Bakugou's mercy.

He jumped to his feet, but Bakugou was right behind him, before he could even turn around and close the door, Bakugou already ran into it full force and threw Eijirou to the floor.

Bakugou knelt on top of him and pressed his head on the floor.

Eijirou cried louder and tried to wriggle free, tossing and turning his body like a snake, but Bakugou's grip on him was secure, Eijirou thought his back would break from the big weight above him.

Bakugou had no troubles holding onto him while reaching under Eijirou's bed. Eijirou's confused gaze followed the callused hand. There were several boxes under his bed and Bakugou shoved them all aside until there was a small box that Eijirou didn't recognize.

His heart stopped when Bakugou pulled that box out and then leaned down to whisper into his ear, breath hot and damp.

“I was actually surprised that you never found my little gift for you”, he crooned and then started licking his ear shell. Eijirou let out a desperate yelp.

“You're waking the neighbors, shut up!”, Bakugou growled and opened the box. “I have to fix that now, don't I?” His voice changed into honeyed words that sounded good, but promised nothing pleasant for him.

Eijirou sobbed more while Bakugou turned him on his back.

“Why did you have to make this so difficult? We could've had such a wonderful time”, he gently said and cupped his cheek, pressing his thumb between his lips, forcing his jaw to open.

Eijirou desperately wanted to bite down, to rid this stupid bitch of a finger, but even for that he was too weak and small. He probably couldn't even bite a finger off if he had the chance.

Bakugou took something from the box, Eijirou didn't see it. He wanted to look, he automatically tried to see the horror that would haunt him now, but Bakugou just pressed his head more against the floor.

“No looking. Don't want to ruin your surprise”, he purred and it made Eijirou sick. He whined and tried to break free again, but the strong arms were like boulders that held him down.

“I really wanted this to be special, Eiji, but it looks like I have to show more dominance this time. Just to help you understand the situation. You will like it for sure, don't worry, I won't hurt you, no no. But you don't get to participate this time. Maybe next time, if you've accustomed enough”, he explained and grabbed his jaw tighter, forcing him to open his mouth. “I won't make the same mistake again”, he whispered, barely audible, more to himself.

“Nah! Et go!”, he tried to speak, but it didn't really work, only drew an amused chuckle out of Bakugou.

Then he felt something getting pushed inside his mouth. He panicked and shook his head, Bakugou's fingers dug deeper into his skin.

“No! Please!”, he begged and another wave of tears and sobs shook his body. The thing only got shoved deeper past his lips, until it felt locked in place. Bakugou took two straps and connected them behind Eijirou's head.

He tried to feel what it was. A ring gag?, he thought in panic and more salty tears ran down his face. He shook his head, wanted this to be over. Despair filled his body and made it hard for him to breathe, the first trace of saliva ran down his face because of his desperate tries to shove the ring gag out of his mouth.

But it wouldn't budge. It wouldn't get loose. And it wouldn't get out.

Bakugou only laughed more and cupped his face with both hands, wiping away the trace of saliva and the tears.

“Shush now, I have a lot more prepared. You're gonna love it”, he whispered and grabbed his waist, pulling him to his feet, then dragging him to his bed, taking the box with him.

Eijirou struggled against his hold, but his smaller arms and weaker muscles were no match for the Alpha that was currently trying to … rape him?

Eijirou begged in his mind that this would not be it, that this as all a dream, nothing was real and a person called Bakugou Katsuki didn't exist.

He was so lost in his hope that he barely realized how Bakugou was stripping him from his clothes. He opened his eyes in a wild panic, he was lying on his bed, big hands that nearly went all the way around this waist lifted his ass to get him out of his pants.

Eijirou started to give up, he buried his face in the pillow, hot tears drenching the fabric. Within seconds, he was bare naked and it was the most embarrassing and terrifying feeling ever. He shivered under Bakugou's sharp gaze.

Bakugou traced his legs for a while, kneading the skin and pressing soft, toxic kisses on his lower back. He felt so exposed, so terrified.

Suddenly, Bakugou yanked him around and grabbed a thick rope out of the box. Eijirou's eyes went wide and he started fighting again. Bakugou grabbed his wrists without a word, just a happy smirk, and placed them over his head before tying them together, a tight knot securing his hands to the bed as well.

Eijirou yanked at his hands, trying to get them out of Bakugou's grip, but he just took the remaining rope and tied it to a bed post so that Eijirou couldn't get away, even if he wanted to.

Bakugou let his gaze roam over his exposed body.

“Fuck, you look sexy like this. Maybe we should do this more often”, he said, barely any breath left and with a sick smile while a dark blush crept up his cheeks.

Eijirou's eyes went wide and he panicked, struggling against the rope and trying to free his legs under Bakugou's weight and hit him with his feet, but he didn't get out.

Bakugou now got undressed himself and threw his shirt into a corner and then let his pants follow quickly, only to reveal the biggest cock Eijirou had ever seen. Well, he hadn't seen real cocks at all, just in porn, but never ever had he seen something as big and thick as this. This would never fit! Oh no … . The ring gag! No! No! Please!, Eijirou begged once he remembered the ring gag and what exactly a ring gag was for.

He started thrashing again, hips bucking when Bakugou got closer, his semi-hard on already proud on display. Eijirou was nothing against Bakugou in regard to height and muscles. Eijirou was a small mosquito and Bakugou a fucking bumblebee.

Bakugou smiled eagerly and just sat down on his chest, Eijirou's eyes went wide, he was so afraid, he didn't want that, he wanted this to end!

He closed his eyes and tried to forget everything, to flee to a safe place where Bakugou couldn't reach him.

Every struggle was hopeless. Bakugou was way too strong and when Eijirou felt the touch of rough fingers on his cheeks, he opened his eyes in fear. Bakugou was stroking his half hard length while touching Eijirou's face.

“You'll look so pretty”, Bakugou cooed and started to insert the tip inside his mouth. Eijirou immediately backed off and turned his head, but Bakugou's hand quickly had him back in place, shoving his dick even further inside.

Eijirou gagged pretty quickly, not getting enough air while Bakugou invaded him even more, now halfway down.

Eijirou felt the tip now graze the back of his throat and gagged again, making sounds of protest that sounded just lewd. And Bakugou got off of it, still pushing further inside although he had reached the limit.

Eijirou didn't get enough air.

Bakugou then let his dick go and grabbed Eijirou's head with both hands, propping him before starting to fuck his face. A deep groan left his throat and he closed his eyes, hitting the back of Eijirou's throat every time.

Eijirou gagged again, nearly vomiting this time. He wanted to yell that it was too much, that he couldn't breathe, but nothing of that was possible.

Bakugou started increasing his pace, saliva mercilessly streaming down his chin, Eijirou's nose hitting Bakugou's skin every time he fucked into his mouth.

Eijirou choked again and again, choked sounds leaving his mouth and Bakugou groaned lowly, sounding almost like a growl, possessive.

Bakugou fucked him faster, the stretch of Eijirou's lips was unbelievably wide and his jaw started aching. Tears ran down his face, he wanted this to stop, he wanted an end, but he could barely move anymore, the oxygen was nearly out.

Bakugou was fully hard now, his dick growing even bigger. New tears streamed down his face and Bakugou moaned again before finally backing off a little.

Eijirou gasped and tried to blink the black dots away while coughing and excessively inhaling new air. He panted and just let the spit flow out of his mouth. He couldn't stop it anyway.

Bakugou stroked over his chin.

“You did so great, Eiji”, he praised him and Eijirou wanted to curl into a ball and vanish. His eyes felt dull and wet and tired. He thought it was finally over.

But Bakugou was far from done.

Once Eijirou's breathing got normal again, Bakugou pressed his thick cock inside his mouth again. Eijirou gasped in shock and his eyes widened in disbelief.

“Break time's over, love. Don't think I didn't see that you were struggling to breathe”, Bakugou said with a chuckle and thrust inside him, instantly hitting the back of his throat again.

Eijirou gagged once more and tears rolled down his cheeks. Bakugou continued to fuck his face without mercy, Eijirou felt the big dick moving inside him, he wanted to bite him so badly, but no matter how hard he tried the ring gag was preventing him from saving himself.

Bakugou got faster, loud moaning and choked sounds filled the room, a deep groan from Bakugou from time to time while he fucked him harder, faster.

His throat was raw, the cock got shoved in completely and Eijirou couldn't take it anymore, he was near passing out, cheeks red from humiliation and fear.

Every thrust seemed harder than the one before and then Bakugou's dick started twitching. Eijirou wanted to yell, he wanted to scream, but then, all that was taken away when Bakugou came down his throat, pulling him at his hair and pressing his face tight against his skin, cock buried deep inside him. Eijirou felt the come flow down his throat and he instinctively swallowed around the thick cock in his mouth.

Bakugou hissed and finally pulled out.

“That was … amazing”, he panted and finally put the ring gag out of his mouth. Eijirou just let his head fall back into the pillow. He felt exhausted, his eyes lidded and tired. Bakugou leaned down to him and pressed a kiss on his cheek.

“Ready for round two?”, he whispered into his ear, voice husky and deep. Eijirou weakly shook his head. His throat hurt.

“N-No”, he rasped quietly, not brave enough to raise his voice, afraid it would hurt too much. “D-Don't wanna …”, he breathed out and Bakugou tsked, rolling his eyes. Bakugou grabbed his waist and turned him on his stomach again.

He softly traced his back, kissing it here and there and then reaching his ass, softly grazing over the soft flesh. Eijirou barely realized it after such an exhausting procedure while he got draped over Bakugou's lap.

When a sudden pain shot through his back, he was wide awake immediately and tried to scream, but his throat hurt too much, out came a choked sob and a rough caw.

He heard Bakugou laugh.

“Bad boys get punished, Eiji. Are you a bad boy?”, Bakugou asked and Eijirou turned his head slightly to see the huge grin on his face. He broke down, sobbing while Bakugou spanked him a second time, harder.

He cried out, fingers digging into the pillow.

“No, Eiji. You're a good boy. You're just tired. I understand. Which is why this is not a punishment. This is motivation”, Bakugou purred and spanked him again, this time his other side.

Eijirou cried out and sobbed, tears falling down his face and onto the pillow, body taken by surprise and shock only emphasizing the pain.

“Please … stop”, he croaked, trying to ignore the pain in his throat. The answer was just another harsh slap against his ass.

“No no, Eiji. You want this. Don't try to get out of this, love”, Bakugou whispered and leaned over him again, placing him back on the bed.

Bakugou started kissing his neck, sucking on his skin with devotion, accompanied by a softer slap this time.

Eijirou flinched and cried into his pillow. Bakugou lightly stroked through his hair to get better access to his neck, softly biting him and causing one hickey after another. He spanked him again and again, sometimes pausing and making Eijirou believe that he had enough and it was over before shaking him awake with another harsh slap.

Bakugou always changed sides, not staying focused on one for too long, and slapped him sometimes softer, sometimes harder, sucking on his skin and licking over it. He slapped him again and his hand stayed there this time, kneading the flesh and grabbing it tight. Eijirou wanted to disappear.

After a while he gave up on wanting to scream or making any sounds at all. He felt so exhausted.

Finally, Bakugou was done. He pulled Eijirou's waist up, carefully stroking over his sore ass before Eijirou could feel his huge boner between his thighs.

New tears ran down his cheeks while Bakugou started to fuck his legs to get fully hard again. He kissed Eijirou's neck.

Eijirou trembled, breathing ragged and hopeless. The slow movement of Bakugou's thrusts was making him crazy, it was too slow, it didn't stop, it was ongoing and never over.

Suddenly, there was a strong bite force on his shoulder, his scent gland to be precise. Eijirou's whole body shook with fear and disbelief.

He wanted to say something, but the words got stuck in his throat, he couldn't say anything while Bakugou thrust between his legs and increased the force of the bite.

He would mark him! Eijirou wanted to scream, but before he could even try to raise his voice and make choked sounds of protest, it was already too late. Bakugou's teeth broke through his skin and hit his scent gland.

Sudden calmness took over his body, accompanied by the numb feeling of his cock between his thighs, he froze, every movement died. He could just stare at the pillow in front of him, barely realizing the motion around him and that something thick pressed at his back entrance.

“Not this time. I won't fail again”, Bakugou whispered and licked the blood that was dripping down his shoulder.

His inner mind screamed in fear, but his whole body was numb, no muscle moving, the hormonal cocktail of relaxing hormones caused him to stay stiff and not move a muscle. He couldn't even move, even if he wanted to.

The pain when something invaded him was rather dull, but Eijirou was still a virgin, he had never had sex before. He didn't want to lose it to some vile Alpha.

But before he could even react in any way – he physically couldn't react anyway – Bakugou was fully inside him and his ring muscle tore. The pain was numb, but present.

Eijirou could just stare at the pillow like in a trance while his body was rocked back and forth by the force of the thrusts. He just numbly heard Bakugou's groans.

Slowly, his consciousness came back to him and he buried his face in the pillow, crying, accompanied by choked moans.

Despite the pain, Bakugou was being careful and the first hints of pleasure appeared. Eijirou felt so disgusted with himself. He wanted to end this. He just wished he could teleport anywhere safe, anywhere without Bakugou.

Bakugou's thrusts got faster and heat pooled into his stomach. Eijirou moaned weakly, dizziness starting to cloud his mind.

His walls started clamping down on Bakugou's huge dick, the sensation felt relaxing and wonderful, and Eijirou was disgusted with himself. That his body was built to enjoy this. That his body was forced to enjoy this.

He sobbed heavily, dark trails leaving marks on his skin.

Bakugou groaned and hit his prostate every time he pushed into him, it felt like he was shoving it inside, like it was too big and wanted to get it inside anyway.

A tingling and weird sensation filled his walls and made them clamp down on Bakugou even more, slick making it even easier for him to move inside of him, friction causing electricity to shock him every now and then.

Eijirou couldn't stay awake much longer. His eyes got heavy and his mind just wanted to give in while his body was having a party.

After a few more thrusts, the itching feeling got even stronger until Eijirou was thrown over the edge and came with a loud, choked moan.

“Fuck! So tight”, Bakugou groaned and sped up, fucking his sore hole even more and it started hurting, too sensitive, too much!

Eijirou sobbed one last time before passing out with Bakugou still fucking into him over and over again.

Chapter Text

Midoriya Izuku had a great life. He had found the love of his life, he lived in a nice house, he had a nice job and nice colleagues.

But when Izuku woke up this morning, he sensed that something was wrong. And that something would go terribly wrong.

In contrast to most couples, his mate, Todoroki Shouto, stayed at the house and did the chores, just occasionally getting a small job if he was bored, while Izuku was the one who went to work every morning.

Izuku groaned and softly placed a kiss on his mate's shoulder before standing up and quietly walking to the bathroom.

The proud mating mark of the two of them was something Izuku loved very much. The four marks on his shoulder indicated that he was now safe with the person he loved.

He sighed. His life was good. Really good. He went into work with a smile, he loved working in the office and his colleagues were nice and respectful.

He slightly tucked at his curly, green hair and stared at the mirror. He looked tired and he really didn't get much sleep last night. Something just seemed … off. He didn't know what that feeling was and where it came from, but he would try to ignore it as best as he could and just be careful for the rest of the day.

He showered, put on his clothes, made a little breakfast for him and Shouto and then left with his share. He always ate together with his colleagues, he loved that, too. It was relaxing to first calm down with his friends and talk about work and other things in the morning.

Izuku left a lovely note for his Alpha mate and then walked out of the door and to the train station. He didn't need long to get to the office, it was just around fifteen minutes with the train and now it was eight o'clock. Their office would open at nine, so they still had enough time to eat together and prepare their work.

“Good morning!”, he greeted everyone once he opened the door to the office. Izuku himself was working as the receptionist, so he had to be ready once the office would open.

“Morning!”, he heard the others, sitting around Iida's desk.

“Where's Kirishima?”, Izuku asked once he sat down on a chair and got out his meal.

“Don't know. He's not here yet. Maybe something came up”, Tetsutetsu suggested and shrugged. Izuku had a suspicious feeling. Kirishima was never late or didn't show up with no explanation. There must've been an emergency.

“I'll text him later, then he can tell us. Or he really managed it to snooze through his alarm this time”, Kaminari giggled and dug into his breakfast.

Izuku took a bite himself, thoughtful. It's not like Kirishima to oversleep. He might be easily distracted sometimes, but never like that. Work is very serious to him. Maybe there was an accident or and incident with his family. Let's just hope everything's alright, he thought.

“That's a good idea. If he's sick, we should all call him and tell him to get better”, Iida suggested with a smile and everyone agreed.

“I still have some leftover curry from yesterday. I think Kirishima would enjoy it”, Izuku reflected and the others nodded.

“Midoriya, what about that program that Aizawa wants you to schedule? He didn't tell us much about it yet, but it seemed very important”, Uraraka asked him and Izuku swallowed his bite.

“It's just a conference. I already scheduled all of your appointments, so you just need to prepare for it. But I don't know what the conference will be about, I'm just the secretary after all”, he giggled and Tsuyu eyed him in confusion.

“Midoriya, you're not just a secretary”, she said and Iida nodded.

“She's right. Stop joking about your position. You're just as important as everyone else. It's not appropriate”, Iida scolded him and Izuku chuckled.

“It was just a joke, guys, nothing serious. We will know when the time is right”, he told them and they all nodded.

They all finished their breakfast and then they got to their own offices, if they had one. Izuku himself went back to the reception, put his bag next to his chair and got all the stuff he needed. Then he looked at the newest stuff that he had to go through.

The system needed to be reorganized as well.

When it was finally nine o'clock, the people finally started coming to get to their appointments. Izuku stayed friendly and showed them their ways to the office they needed to go to.

Monoma came in late, as usual, apologizing and then getting checked in by Izuku. Izuku just laughed it off, they all knew that Monoma tended to be late, but he compensated the lost time and stayed longer in the evening.

“Sorry! The goddamn train again”, Monoma explained and panted while he leaned on the counter.

“No problem”, Izuku giggled and put his time of arrival into the computer program.

“So, uh. Wanna go out to dinner maybe? There's this great place I know, my cousin's actually”, Monoma suggested and leaned on the counter. Also not the first time that he was trying to flirt with Izuku. Izuku just rolled his eyes and giggled.

“Monoma, you know that I have a mate”, Izuku said and chuckled, Monoma letting his head hang dramatically.

“Oh, Midoriya-chan, you're breaking my heart!”, he whined and started to walk to the offices.

“Yeah, yeah. Until lunch!”, Izuku told him and Monoma laughed.

Izuku sighed in relaxation. Just a normal day at work. He looked at his to-do list. He needed a few folders from Shinsou's office. He got up and walked to the office of the coffee addict.

When he walked inside, Shinsou looked dead inside while typing something on the computer.

“You okay?”, Izuku asked with a giggle and Shinsou nodded. “Great. I just need two folders from the back.”

Izuku went past his desk and heard the groan that indicated him that Shinsou had heard him. Izuku just shook his head with a smile and got the folders he needed.

“You know, I could make you a coffee if you want”, Izuku suggested and Shinsou tiredly shook his head.

“Nah, thanks. This was already my fourth cup. I'm currently trying to drink less and sleep more instead”, he answered and held up his empty cup.

“Sounds like a plan. Tell me if you succeeded”, Izuku said and smiled at him.

“I probably won't”, Shinsou grinned and they both laughed before Izuku got back to the front. People were walking through the aisles, it was a nice and calming atmosphere.

He got back to his desk and to the front, preparing the things he needed for work.

“M-Midoriya?” The question was out of nowhere for him and he slightly turned his head when he had arrived back at his desk, looking at the newcomer. When he saw the two people, he promptly let the folders fall to the floor with a loud thud.

People around them paused in their tracks to look at him in confusion before continue walking. His breathing grew quicker when he tried to analyze and comprehend the situation, but he couldn't, he was practically frozen.

“Deku … ?”

Izuku quickly adapted to the situation and exhaled.

“O-Oh my God, I'm so clumsy. I'm sorry. Kirishima, we all wondered why you didn't come to our breakfast session, but now I see that you're alright”, Izuku said with his shiniest smile, hiding his slightly trembling hands. He tried his best to act normal.

The slightly swollen eyes, the lack of energy, the missing smile, his hair was down and eyes glued to the floor, shoulders tense and lifted.

Anyone could see that something was wrong. And Izuku was way too aware of that Alpha next to Kirishima. Bakugou Katsuki, alias 'Kacchan' when they'd been younger.

Kirishima nodded insecurely, the typical spark in his eyes missing.

“Work starts at nine after all. I'm sorry that I was late. Bakugou drove me here today”, he apologized, no joy or energy in his voice. Izuku feared the worst. Izuku nodded, trying to hide his tremendous distaste.

“Let me check you in real quick”, he said and plopped down on his chair, Bakugou still close to Kirishima's side. Izuku recognized all the red flags immediately. He had to get Kirishima away from him, even if just for a few minutes.

“Thanks, Midoriya”, he said without a smile, eyes begging for help, and Izuku just smiled back, signaling innocence and ignorance. He saw the desperation in Kirishima's eyes and knew that he successfully fooled them both.

“That reminds me”, Izuku said and lifted one of the folders he had gotten from Shinsou. Kirishima looked up with slight hope. “Aizawa handed us a new plan for a conference. Since you were late, he asked me to talk with you about it and prepare you. It's very important business”, Izuku explained, tone getting more serious.

Kirishima quickly nodded and pointed at his bag, wanting to go to the community office.

“Y-Yeah, sure, I'll just-”

“He actually thought about quitting, didn't you, Eiji?”, Bakugou chimed in for the first time, his at first shocked expression now replaced by a stoic mask of frustration, anger and confusion. Disbelief as well, but Izuku couldn't care less.

Kirishima nodded slowly, slightly hugging his bag tighter and Izuku felt an icy feeling well up in his veins. His voice was cold when he raised it, completely ignoring Kirishima.

“Well, until he's quit for good he still has work to do and I need him right now”, he said with a deadly glare towards the Alpha that accompanied his colleague.

“I'm coming with him”, Bakugou insisted and slightly leaned over the counter, a threat.

“I don't recall you working here, Bakugou. I think it's the best if you leave now”, Izuku threatened back and stood up, showing Bakugou that he was not afraid of him.

“I'll wait”, Bakugou just said after a few moments of intense staring at each other. Izuku sighed. He wouldn't get Bakugou to leave, but time alone with Kirishima was good enough.

“Help yourself, there is a lounge where you can sit”, he said and lazily pointed at the chairs. Bakugou scoffed and proceeded to walk there. Izuku grabbed Kirishima's arm and pulled him with him.

“You let your hair down. Looks good! But I like the other one more. You looked more comfortable then”, Izuku told Kirishima, just to strike conversation and make it seem as if he didn't suspect anything. He threw another sharp glare at Bakugou who eyed them suspiciously.

“Y-You think so?”, Kirishima said, Izuku felt him shaking. He had to ignore that for now, just get away. He hummed in response.

“Yes. It still looks great either way, but you just seemed much happier with the other style”, Izuku said with a smile and then they made a turn, finally out of view.

Izuku immediately dropped the facade and pulled stronger at Kirishima's arm. Kirishima gave a noise of surprise, especially when Izuku shoved him into the male Omega bathroom and then into an empty stall.

“W-What? I-I thought you needed to discuss something with me”, Kirishima said and looked down, hiding his face behind his bangs.

“I do, but not this stuff, that's not important now”, Izuku said and forced Kirishima to sit down on the toilet. Kirishima let his bag drop to the floor. “You look horrible”, Izuku stated, it was a fact, nobody had to think twice about that, Kirishima looked like a zombie.

Kirishima shifted under his observant gaze.

“So … you did notice …”, he said quietly, lacking strength, and nervously played with his fingers.

“Of course I noticed. I couldn't let you stay with him. He did something to you, didn't he?”, Izuku asked and there was a moment of silence before Kirishima tensed, first quiet sobs breaking free. Then he just started crying wholeheartedly, barely able to breathe.

Izuku carefully took Kirishima in his arms and held him close, hugging him and providing comfort, although he was not sure if that was what Kirishima needed or wanted right now.

“Shh, it's okay”, he whispered and just combed through his messy hair, trying to calm him down. Kirishima had a complete breakdown.

“You have to call the cops! Please!”, he begged, voice choked and raw, barely enough strength to raise it.

“Kirishima, listen”, Izuku tried to calm him down.

“Please!”, Kirishima croaked silently, burying his fingers in Izuku's shirt, clinging to him like a pup, it was heartbreaking, but Izuku couldn't.

“Listen, Krishima! I can't!”, he said, heart splitting apart when he had to tell him that. He practically saw how every last spark of hope vanished.

“Why can't you! Please! I beg you!”, Kirishima now practically shouted, desperation filling his words, while he screamed and cried and sobbed. Izuku pulled him closer again, hugging him tight and holding him.

It took around fifteen minutes until he had calmed down enough to know the full truth.

“Why won't you call the police?”, Kirishima rasped, face pressed against Izuku's now wet shirt.

“Believe me, I tried”, Izuku explained, feeling the familiar hopeless feeling rising in his body again, numbing his muscles and nearly bringing tears to his eyes.

There was a long pause, until Kirishima seemed to realize something and slowly raised his head.

“Why exactly are you in therapy, Midoriya?”, he asked, serious and stern. He really wanted to know. And Izuku had to tell him.

“I guess I have to tell you now”, Izuku sighed, not wanting to unravel all this, but he had to do it for Kirishima's sake. So he took a very deep breath and shakily exhaled, gathering the strength for this rollercoaster. “Bakugou and I used to go out together.”

“What?”, Kirishima asked after a few moments of dying silence between them, eyes widening in shock and confusion. Izuku prepared to explain everything.

“We basically grew up like siblings. I never liked him the way he apparently liked me. He started to bully me to get my attention, but I didn't get it. I thought he hated me, so I got some distance between us”, he started and sighed, rubbing his face with shaking hands.

“In our last year of Middle School, something happened, I don't know, he just … snapped all of a sudden. He had always been very clear about the things he wanted, what he wanted to achieve. And then just overnight, he suddenly sneaked into my house one night. I got scared and wanted to attack him, I thought he was a burglar”, he told him and tried to fight the painful memories.

“At first, I was relieved, but then, he yelled things about us and that we were meant to be. I was … so confused and angry. My mom wasn't at home because she often worked the nightshift in a hospital, so I couldn't really do much. But I just … didn't understand. I started shouting at him to stop being such an idiot and that we were never meant to be, that he's just doing this to hurt me again. Then he really snapped”, Izuku continued and Kirishima slowly reached out to softly touch his arm and Izuku accepted the touch with relief pouring through his tense muscles.

“He punched me a few times, held me down, then suddenly, he was so gentle, said that he could never hurt me like that, that he's serious, that he just wanted to get my attention. I was way too scared to act now and he brought me to my room. He whispered things about how he was so sorry how he'd treated me and that he was stupid to believe his behavior would make me like him. I tried to tell him that it wasn't too late and that we could still be friends if he would try to be nicer, but he got angry again because I just wanted to be friends and nothing more. I thought that he would hit me another time, but he … kept his promise. He didn't hurt me physically. But he completely destroyed me mentally”, he explained and took another deep breath, feeling the tight feeling in his chest, fighting the panic and trying to regulate his breathing. He couldn't stop now. He couldn't do that to Kirishima.

“He raped me that day, Kirishima”, he finally admitted and Kirishima's eyes became even wider when he gasped in shock. It was painful to tell, but he was kind of relieved. The hardest part was done.

“It continued for almost a year. We were mates, we hung out, he would rape me again and again, scold me for mistakes, threaten me if I was too close with others, he took complete control over my life. But he never punched me again. But there was this invisible leash around my neck and it was getting tighter and tighter every day. When my mother told me half a year later that we would be moving thanks to a promotion I was so relieved. I begged her not to tell Bakugou if he would ever come over. She didn't know why, but she trusted me, so she didn't say anything. I think she noticed something, but she never told me. But she recommended therapy afterwards”, Izuku explained and shook his head. He was getting off topic.

“I managed to keep the move a secret until the school year was over and High School started. During spring break, I got a new phone, blocked Bakugou's number on my old one, didn't tell anyone about the move and got rid of the mating mark with the pill. I never saw him again until today.”

Izuku leaned against the stall wall, hiding his face in his hands and exhaling, long and tired. This was exhausting. He had hoped that he never had to think about that time again.

Kirishima seemed to understand until his face twisted in fear again.

“A-And … why didn't you call the police? If you know how it feels why don't you help me?!”, he accused him, but Izuku interrupted his outburst before he could have a breakdown again.

“Because I once called the police on him, no one believed me, they just believed him. He's a skilled liar and has a charismatic personality. He knows what he wants and at that time he didn't want me to leave. So he made it seem as if I was just jealous of him and wanted to drag him down. And after that he raped me in the most horrible way possible. Still without hurting me even once. But … the worst part was, my body liked it”, Izuku admitted, shame washing over him as he remembered that specific day.

Hard spankings, toxic words in his ears, deprivation of touch and his senses, being fucked against the concrete like a doll, hot wax pouring down his back, him begging Bakugou to stop.

He shook his head to get rid of the images. Kirishima stayed silent for a moment, Izuku's legs were shaking and he didn't think they could support his weight any longer, so he slowly slid down to the floor, sighing deeply.

He hated that he felt shame and guilt, even after so many sessions where his therapists had told him that it was okay to feel the pleasure and that it was not a reason to be ashamed. It was in his nature and he couldn't change that. Nothing to be ashamed of. But then just why did he continue to feel that way?

“I'm sorry. That must've been so hard for you to see him again”, Kirishima said, guilt showing in his voice. Izuku stroked over his arm, Kirishima welcomed the known touch.

“It's okay. I'm not his target anymore. He reacted to you now”, Izuku explained. He blamed himself for feeling relieved that Bakugou was obviously not interested in him anymore, he still felt bad for Kirishima's fate.

“So that means he told you back then that you two were meant to be?”, Kirishima asked carefully.

“Yes. Like basically every Alpha says once they reacted to someone”, Izuku said and rolled his eyes in disgust.

“I don't really get how these dynamics works, I never really looked more into it”, Kirishima admitted and Izuku shrugged.

“It's actually pretty easy. As long as an Alpha, Beta or Omega is not marked or has a marked partner, they can react to multiple people. I broke our bond, so it's only natural that he finds another possible partner. It's just his inner nature telling him that you two will have healthy offspring”, Izuku explained and scratched his cheek, feeling lost.

“Weird stuff. But I never reacted to someone”, Kirishima threw in and Izuku nodded.

“Me neither, until Todoroki. Omegas and Beta women don't react as often. Since we're the ones carrying the pups, we are much more careful in our choice of partner”, he added and saw Kirishima nod.

“Did you study second gender dynamics?”, he asked carefully and Izuku shook his head.

“I thought this was basic knowledge.”

“The only thing I know is basic knowledge is that every second gender can react to someone. And that Alphas can go crazy over that. But that was it”, Kirishima admitted and scratched the back of his neck.

“I took a course when I went to college”, Izuku stated and Kirishima hummed.

They sat there for a few minutes, both playing with their fingers, bodies hunched. Izuku shifted a little and Kirishima did the same, staring at the white tiles on the floor. Izuku's butt started to hurt a little.

“So what now?”, Izuku asked, not knowing what he should do now, what Kirishima maybe needed him to do. But one thing was sure, Izuku would help him, no matter what. He had experienced first hand how Bakugou could be.

“I don't know. But … I'm relieved … . A little”, Kirishima admitted and looked at him, his face was red from the tears and he looked tired, but much more calm this time.

“Why?”, Izuku asked.

“Because you knew him. You know how to deal with him”, Kirishima said and Izuku nodded, understanding what he meant. He remembered all the times Bakugou had punished him because of one simple sentence that had come off as wrong.

“I could give you a few tips to keep him calm so that you can carefully plan your escape. The police won't really do something without evidence, especially since they tend to side with Alphas. They just think we overreact because we're too careful”, Izuku spat. He really hated the police for this. It was one of the major components that took part in dragging his mental health down.

“That's why the police sucks. They're just as sexist as Alphas”, Kirishima said, thinking clearly again after having calmed down.

“Hmm”, Izuku agreed, feeling tired. He really wanted to feel Shouto's embrace now. Shouto and Kirishima currently were the only ones who knew about his past with Bakugou.

“You know … .” Izuku looked up at Kirishima. “Yesterday night, when he … you know … . He mumbled some strange things about not repeating his mistakes. I think … I think he means you”, he suggested and gazed at him with a sad expression. Izuku looked down.

“Makes sense. I ran off without telling him and he couldn't find me because he was just a teenager and didn't have any clues to work with. I'm sure that made him think more carefully about how to get me back, but then he met you. How or where, I don't know, but he reacted to you and changed targets”, Izuku told him, tilting his head.

“That's still so weird. I really thought that you could only react to one person”, Kirishima said and pulled his knees up to hide his head between them.

“No, that wouldn't be very beneficial for nature and evolution. Have you heard of that experiment that scientists have once done? With Beta women and Omegas. Alphas and male Betas worked out until they sweated enough, then sat on chairs for a few minutes. After that, the Omegas and Beta females went into the room without seeing the Alphas or Beta males. They smelled the chair's and sat on the one that smelled best for them. It's like that. Some women and Omegas liked more than one chair, other just two or even one. That's also how the second gender works. It helps you to detect a mate that's suitable for mating”, Izuku started rambling about his knowledge. Kirishima suddenly giggled and Izuku's head shot up.

“What's so funny?”

“I was raped last night, had a mental breakdown just a few minutes ago and now I'm talking about second gender dynamics with you as if nothing was wrong. This is the first time I genuinely laughed since yesterday. I thought that I might never be able to laugh again, but … this gives me hope”, Kirishima said with a light smile and Izuku genuinely smiled back. He knew all too well what Kirishima meant.

“I thought that, too, when I was young. It will pass. But trust me, get a therapist after this”, Izuku recommended and Kirishima nodded.

“So, any tips? I guess I already have an idea how to gather evidence for abusive behavior, but I need to know how to press the right buttons.”

Izuku thought for a moment. It was hard to remember his behavior that he had adopted over that year of abuse and sexual assault.

“Do what he says, agree with everything, but not too much, try to strike a conversation. That part might be very hard, but he will like it if you try to talk to him. It would 'mean' that you accepted him. If you want to anger him, disagree and don't show any sympathy. Be stubborn. Ignore him and his tries to talk to you. If you are nice at first and then act out when you've prepared everything, he won't like that. He will feel as if he's loosing control. I don't know if he's still sworn to not hitting his mate, but if he's not anymore, you might get a few bruises, but it will be worth it if the police has stuff to work with”, he explained to him and Kirishima nodded.

“No, he didn't hit me yet. I honestly don't think he will, but I'd rather have a few bruises than him as a mate for my whole life. I can't do that”, he slurred and closed his eyes. Izuku sighed.

“You wanna … talk about last night? What he did?”, he asked with compassion and Kirishima slightly raised his head.

“W-Well, I don't really want to, but I think it would be better for you to know. You're good at analyzing people. So maybe you can give me a few more tips”, Kirishima argued and Izuku nodded and smiled at him.

“I know, but don't feel pressured. If you don't want to talk about it, I won't force you”, Izuku promised and Kirishima shook his head.

“No, it's okay”, he said and took a deep breath. “Bakugou acted as if we were already together. As if I just needed a little nudge to see him as my one and only mate. We cooked, I had a panic attack, I passed out and then we watched a movie. He fell asleep, so I tried to get out, but he woke up. He caught me and … we fought”, Kirishima started struggling. Izuku softly caressed his legs to comfort him a little. It worked.

“He was not really serious until I managed to hit him and make him bleed. Then he was really angry. He forced me into my room, put a ring gag into my mouth and then tied me to the bed after stripping me. I felt … so ashamed”, he whimpered and more tears collected in his eyes, a few sole ones already running down his cheeks which he wiped away.

“It's normal to feel that way. It's not your fault”, Izuku tried to comfort him.

“I know. But I can't help the feeling. The way he just … fucked my mouth without any care if it would hurt me”, Kirishima said and Izuku lightly smiled.

“And then he's so huge, too. You can only wonder how he gets past the ring gag”, he chuckled and Kirishima looked at him in confusion. Izuku mentally slapped himself.

“Too early?”, he asked and Kirishima nodded and then managed a small giggle.

“At least I can make jokes about it in a few years”, he said and Izuku nodded.

“Won't make it much better though”, he pointed out. Kirishima sighed in exhaustion.

“He was … way too long for me to take and too thick … I … . My throat hurt so much after that. And when I woke up today, I could barely talk. And then … I told him that I didn't want to do it with him and … he got angry, or more annoyed, I don't know. He spanked me … . Hard”, Kirishima seemed very ashamed to use the word 'spanked', as if Bakugou was his parent and had spanked him because he had been naughty. Izuku knew the feeling.

“A-And then … he just …”, Kirishima's voice broke apart and he started sobbing again, Izuku carefully put his arms around his trembling figure. “And I was a virgin, too! And my body still liked it! I-I don't know what to do! I don't even remember much because I passed out after I came and still … he still …”, he cried and Izuku stroked his hair.

“You don't have to finish that sentence”, he whispered and Kirishima nodded slowly. Izuku sighed. This would be problematic. Especially for Kirishima who had to endure it until he would have direct proof that Bakugou was raping him. And Izuku could do nothing but support him with words. He couldn't protect him himself. He felt so useless.

Suddenly, the door was opened and they both immediately went quiet.

“Midoriya? Are you in here?”

Izuku sighed in relief. It was just Aizawa. He signaled Kirishima to stay quiet.

“Y-Yes! It's just me, I'm sorry. Is something the matter?”, he asked and he heard Aizawa sigh in annoyance.

“I looked everywhere for you. The reception won't handle itself. People started complaining”, he said and Izuku swallowed.

“Y-Yeah, I'll come out in a bit, I just … had a slight panic attack, no big deal”, he tried to wave it off, but Aizawa just stepped closer to the cabin.

“Do you need something? A panic attack is not just 'slight', as you might call it”, Aizawa argued and tapped a finger against the stall door.

“N-No, really, I'm used to having these, I know how to handle them. I'll be back in a bit”, he ensured him and Aizawa sighed.

“If you need to go home, just tell me, 'kay?”

“Sure thing!”, Izuku confirmed and smiled out of reflex, even if Aizawa wouldn't be able to see it. They heard footsteps and the door closed. They both exhaled in relief. After a short moment of collecting themselves they made an agreement.

Izuku would protect Kirishima during work under any circumstances and help him as best as he could. Considering that he knew how to behave around Bakugou.

And Kirishima would always keep Izuku up to date, tell him about his plan to get Bakugou in jail and maybe they could even work out an idea where Kirishima would take Bakugou outside and provoke him to attack him again. Then Izuku could record them and call the police.

So the rest of the day, Bakugou sat in the waiting area, always eyeing Izuku with suspicion, sometimes he was on the phone with someone. Izuku found it strange, but focused on his work and how to keep Kirishima away.

When Kirishima needed something from the front desk, Izuku would always get a mail from him and bring him the stuff so that he wouldn't have to get to the front where Bakugou would lurk and wait for his prey.

It really was absolutely disgusting. Izuku despised Bakugou for not only what he did to him, but what he also now did to Kirishima. And that he apparently didn't learn from past mistakes.

“Izuku!” Izuku slightly rolled his eyes. “I can call you that, can't I?”, Monoma asked and leaned over the counter.

“Not really, no. What is it?”, he asked and Monoma grabbed his chest.

“You're so hurtful, Midoriya. I would need your lovely signature here”, he said and held a form under his nose. Izuku noticed how Bakugou called someone again.

“What exactly would I be signing?”, he asked with a playful grin.

“What are you thinking of me, Midoriya? I'm devastated”, Monoma said and put his head on the counter.

“Ah, just something for the new deal with that company. I'll sort out the paperwork and bring to you as soon as I'm done”, Izuku promised and Monoma lit up.

“Thank you so much, Midoriya! By the way, wanna grab some Sushi after work? On me”, he suggested and Izuku rolled his eyes.

“I still have a mate, Monoma. Bye bye!”, Izuku said and waved him goodbye while spinning around in his chair and turning his back on him, fully ignoring possible more attempts.

But he just heard Monoma chuckle and then leave. Izuku sighed in relief and then laughed a little. Interactions with Monoma always were funny, but right now, he wasn't in the mood to joke around. He was still worried sick about Kirishima.

When it was finally time to go home, Izuku anxiously waited for Kirishima to check out. And soon, the red-haired Omega walked through a glass door and got to the reception.

Izuku entered the time and then saw Bakugou practically beaming. The Alpha stood up and quickly walked next to Kirishima, who visibly felt uncomfortable and was afraid.

“Did you hand in your resignation?”, Bakugou asked with obvious hope and pride. Kirishima shrank. No, he didn't. Because Kirishima was acting fearful and submissive and because Izuku didn't receive a request for a resignation form from him.

Bakugou seemed to sense that something was going on, but Izuku quickly jumped to Kirishima's rescue.

“Yes, he did”, he just said and typed something into his computer.

“Can we have a copy of it?”, Bakugou asked – or demanded – and Izuku sighed in annoyance.

“No. He requested it and it has to go through a process. Until the resignation is approved he will still work here”, Izuku said and didn't give Bakugou much room for further discussion, but the Alpha was just as persistent as seven years ago.

“You gotta have a copy on your computer. Let me see”, he demanded and leaned over the counter. Izuku instinctively backed off, but didn't let Bakugou see his computer.

“Wow, Bakugou, you really haven't changed one bit. Still a prying control freak who meddles in someone else's business”, Izuku hissed and threw a sharp glance at him. Kirishima looked mildly surprised, Bakugou just shocked that Izuku would talk to him like that. Izuku turned to Kirishima with a wide smile.

“I'll see you tomorrow then. Oh, and try to keep your boyfriend away, Aizawa doesn't like him hanging around all day. And don't forget that project we're working on, we can't do this without you”, Izuku said and he saw Bakugou getting extremely angry.

But he wouldn't lash out, not in public. And not against Izuku, he had reacted to him once after all. In Middle School, he would've paid a high price for this kind of behavior.

“S-Sure, I'll be on time tomorrow, promise”, Kirishima said and was dragged away by Bakugou.

“Ah! Now you promised! Keep it!”, Izuku yelled after him and he saw a small, soft smile on Kirishima's lips before he went out of the door and was gone.

Izuku's racing heart finally slowed down a bit. He would need some good sex once he got home. And so he quickly finished all of his remaining work and left at five. He said goodbye to everyone and then boarded the train.

He couldn't stop thinking about Kirishima. What Bakugou would probably do to him as soon as they were at home. He sighed. He would ask Kirishima tomorrow. He couldn't do anything right now anyway and that was exactly what was making him feel so guilty.

“Shouto? Shouto! I'm home!”, he yelled once he opened the front door. He groaned and threw his keys onto the small table they had next to the door.

“Shouto … ?”, Izuku asked again when he didn't receive and answer. “Maybe he went shopping …”, he thought and yawned, slowly making his way to the kitchen and then just slumping down at the dining table.

He didn't know what to do. How could he help Kirishima?

Izuku sighed and stared at his own reflection of the glass bottle. He froze. That wasn't only him in the reflection. There was someone sneaking up behind him.

Izuku slowly tried to steady his breathing. He wasn't allowed to make a mistake now. He slowly took the bottle and sighed again to seem more tired. His grip around the bottle was firm and when he saw the figure behind him ready to strike, he whipped around and threw the bottle at his attacker with a loud scream.

Izuku's heart stopped when he recognized that man. Someone who came by their office fairly regularly. A tall, rather lean Alpha with scratch marks on his neck and light blue hair.

The Alpha stumbled backwards, the rope in his hands dropping to the floor when he tried to catch the bottle. He threw it on the ground with an angry huff, but Izuku was already at the kitchen knifes and took one, then facing the Alpha.

“Who are you?”, he asked with a firm voice.

“Oh no, now this isn't necessary, now is it?”, the tall Alpha smirked.

“What do you want? Where is my husband?”, Izuku asked, angry hiss hidden in his words. The Alpha scratched his neck and walked in a circle around him, to one of the cupboards from the kitchen counter.

“Actually, he's still here. But why are you talking about him?”, the Alpha asked, slightly annoyed, before kicking the cupboard open and out rolled a totally beat up Shouto, tied up with bruises all over his face.

“Shouto!”, Izuku cried out and first tears appeared in his eyes. The Alpha made a few steps back and Izuku immediately ran next to his husband. Shouto tried to talk, shaking his head, but the muzzle made that impossible.

“Why are you clinging to him? What about me?”, the Alpha asked, annoyed again.

“You?! I don't even know you! Leave before I call the cops!”, Izuku threatened, holding the kitchen knife up to seem more intimidating.

“Oh, pretty bean, they won't do anything”, the Alpha purred and fear spread in Izuku's body because he knew the Alpha was right. “And you won't call them, pretty bean.”

Next thing he knew, he was being grabbed, the knife knocked out of his hand and then his body thrown onto the counter. Before Izuku could even properly defend himself, the Alpha had grabbed his head and pressed it on the cold surface, making it so much harder to move.

He tried to push against the Alpha's waist with his feet and to kick him off of him, he wanted to get the man far away enough to get out of his grip, but he already was in between his legs and tightly pressed himself against his waist.

Izuku's eyes widened as the Alpha rubbed his hips against his with a light groan, his limbs went heavy as the fear tried to immobilize him. The man's mad smile and wide eyes were frightening while he seemed to enjoy the closeness.

Shouto groaned behind them, trying to move, but he never got close enough to them.

“You're so scared, your expression is priceless! I never thought this would be so exciting!”

“Who the hell are you?”, Izuku pressed through tightly gritted teeth and the man smirked devilishly.

“You should already know me, we met before after all”, he purred and leaned closer to him, smelling the air and pulling his t-shirt out of his way to inhale the scent from his scent gland.

“I get so many customers a day, I don't remember your name!”, Izuku said and tried to fight against the hold again.

“Huh?”, the Alpha hummed and growled, anger flashing in his muddy, red eyes. “How the hell do you not remember me?!”, the Alpha suddenly screamed, the hand that held his face down now lifted him up a little and then slammed his head back down.

Izuku grunted in pain, tears spilling, Shouto groaning furiously. The Alpha's head snapped towards his husband, Izuku feared for him and his safety.

“Oh, now I understand. Ha! Of course!”, he yelled with a crazed chuckle, then pointed at Shouto with his free hand that wasn't holding his face down. “It's him! He's to blame! Not you. No, not you of course! You don't know what you're doing, pretty bean … .” He chuckled again. “I mean, I kind of even understand it. I also wouldn't want other Alphas near you. I only want you to see me, so I get it!”

Izuku felt a long finger tracing his face.

“You're such a pretty bean. So perfect. Fluffy hair. Soft skin. Cute freckles. Warm smile. And so naive, too”, the man cooed and nuzzled into his neck. Izuku was disgusted and tried to move away, away from this foul man.

“My name is Shigaraki Tomura and I will be your new Alpha”, he crooned and grabbed his chin, turning his head to Shouto, still writhing on the floor. “Just look at him, completely powerless. I did that to him. See how I am much better than him? He can't protect you against other Alphas, but I can”, Shigaraki said and Izuku froze in fear.

Memories resurfaced from one second to the other, fear and dread making his body grow cold and unable to move. He could just stare at this man with wide, frightened, tear-filled eyes.

“All I now need is you being unmarked”, he said and pulled a small package out of his pants. A pill. The pill! Izuku panicked and started thrashing.

“Get off of me! Let go!”, he yelled and turned his head, slightly loosening the grip before slamming his teeth into Shigaraki's hand that was still holding onto his jaw.

Izuku bit so hard that he tasted iron and copper, blood running down the hand and on his face. Shigaraki grunted and tried to get his hand out of his mouth, growling menacingly. All of a sudden, he smiled and his movements stopped. Izuku stared at Shigaraki with hatred, confused, but still not letting go in the slightest. Shigaraki chuckled before he just ignored Izuku's struggles and instead directly groped his crotch.

Izuku yelped in surprise and Shigaraki got his hand free. He continued to use his other and tightly pressed his hand against his flaccid dick, while now grabbing his face again, blood smearing over his cheek as Shigaraki held him down.

Izuku started crying and Shouto groaned even more, trying to open the knots, but it was fruitless. Izuku felt hopeless and all these feelings with Bakugou bubbled up inside him again. Familiar feelings triggered familiar behavior. So he gave up. He knew the feeling all to well after all.

“Oh, so you can be obedient if you want to”, Shigaraki chuckled and tried something risky. He let go of Izuku, hips still snugly pressed against his, but Izuku didn't move, just stared at the wall with an empty gaze. It was hopeless. Might as well give up and spare himself the unnecessary pain.

Shigaraki chuckled again, then just started laughing madly out of nowhere, as if he had won the lottery. He grabbed the pill and opened the package, then held the pill over his mouth.

“Open up, pretty bean”, he demanded, still smiling widely. Shouto grunted in protest, shaking his head and Izuku cried even more, but didn't disobey, even though that thought scared him so much. To be without Shouto, his destined mate, his one and only love, the only person he wanted to have as a mate, the only person he never wanted to lose. And would now.

He slowly, with trembling lips, opened his mouth. Shigaraki dropped the pill inside and then closed his mouth again, pressing a hand over it.

“Now swallow”, he ordered, his sick grin shaking Izuku's very core. A wave of trembles shook him, but he followed the command and swallowed the pill. Because in the end, there was no escape. Shouto's struggling all of a sudden stopped, eyes wide and head hanging low, bangs of blood-caked hair sticking to his forehead, defeated. And it was Izuku's fault. He didn't know what to do.

Shigaraki opened Izuku's mouth again to see if he had really swallowed the pill, then he praised him with soft coos into his ear.

Suddenly, Izuku couldn't hold it in anymore, he started to utterly and wholeheartedly cry, covering his face with his arms, he just wanted to hide from the world and not be seen ever again.

“This is just a nightmare, just a nightmare, just a horrible nightmare”, he started mumbling, ignoring all the sounds around him, noises blurring into one big, unclear mass, even when a low chuckle rumbled through the chest of his attacker. Shigaraki leaned down and cupped his face, then pressed his lips against Izuku's.

Izuku immediately fought against Shigaraki again, hitting his shoulders and arms to get him away from him.

His disgusting lips were chapped and rough on his own. He made sounds of protest that were drowned out by the slimy sucking noises when Shigaraki tried to invade his mouth, sticky tongue licking at his lips and hands pressing against his jaw to force it to open.

Shigaraki's hot, wet muscle was tightly glued against his tongue, pressing against it and sucking on his lips. The tears just kept coming and there was no end in sight.

Shigaraki's hand wandered back down between his legs. Izuku whimpered at the touch and Shigaraki groaned into his mouth. Izuku turned his head, just to be captured in another violent kiss, pulling his face back into the original position.

Izuku was lost in his fear, he barely noticed how Shigaraki pulled his shorts down, exposing him to the cool air around them.

Without hesitating, Shigaraki wrapped his hand around his dick and started moving his hand up and down. Izuku choked out a sob, still caged by these foreign lips. Shigaraki shortly parted from him.

“I knew you were cute, but I never thought that you would be that cute down there, too. It's like … soft and weak and so small”, he breathed out and groaned loudly into his ear. Izuku whined in humiliation while Shigaraki licked over his ear shell, sucking on his sensitive skin.

“I don't want this … . Stop it, please …”, he sobbed quietly, not enough strength and bravery to raise his voice any more. Shigaraki giggled, happy like a teenager who fancied over their crush. He directly gazed into Izuku's eyes again, strong red reminding him of Bakugou and causing his body to freeze in submission, remembering the known procedure.

“Still so tight in the grasp of that other Alpha, pretty bean. Not for much longer. You already swallowed the pill, remember?”, he chuckled and Izuku whimpered again, hopeless sniffles shaking his body before Shigaraki unified their mouths again, constantly moving his hand and teasing his sensitive cock, already leaking precome, slick starting to ooze out of him.

Soft moans now accompanied their sloppy kisses and Izuku felt the heat pooling in his lower stomach. Shigaraki quickly stopped kissing him, leaning over him and taking in the whole picture. Izuku's cheeks were red, his lips slightly swollen and a deep pink, eyes lidded, tears and saliva running down, dick red, glistening and hard in the grip of his slender, but big hand, slick starting to drench the skin of his exposed ass.

Izuku shivered when the grip around his cock tightened, the wide smile stretching the dry skin.

“You're already making me hard just by looking like this … . Fuck! You're so sexy”, Shigaraki moaned and leaned down. “I-I can't … hold back anymore.” Izuku's heart stopped for a second, dread making his vision turn black for a moment.

Shigaraki grabbed him by his shirt and lifted him up before gently dropping him to the floor. Izuku's teary gaze met Shouto's, tears falling down his pretty face as well. Izuku's heart broke apart and he looked down in shame.

“Shouto …”, he begged. “Please save me … . Please help me.” His begging turned into a violent scream when Shigaraki had knelt down behind him and suddenly pulled him to the floor, grip tight around his ankle.

“He's not the one saving you”, Shigaraki snarled. “I am.”

Izuku shivered under his predatory gaze and Shigaraki grinned.

“Let's put on a show for your 'husband'”, he spat with barely hidden disdain and obvious excitement.

Shigaraki held Izuku down by his neck while searching the pocket of his long leather coat and then pulled out a very long, black leather rope.

Shouto groaned and tried to wiggle closer to them, but Shigaraki just grinned in triumph and backed off, pulling Izuku with him, his hard dick rubbing over the wooden floor, making him writhe and moan in surprised, heavy pleasure.

Shigaraki chuckled when he slowly lifted Izuku's ass up, Izuku trembled and his breath hitched when Shigaraki spread his cheeks apart, taking in the view of his glistening hole with a wide, satisfied and calm smile.

“It looks so soft, so untouched … . I wonder how many times your 'Shouto' raped you and dirtied you”, Shigaraki whispered and rubbed over his entrance with his thumb, more slick coming out as Izuku whimpered before starting to cry loudly.

“You're the one who's raping me!”, he screamed, despair and hopelessness coloring his broken voice before he hid his face between his arms, sobbing without control.

He felt Shigaraki's hands move between his thighs and then suddenly grabbing his arms, pulling them back between his spread legs.

“Stop it!”, Izuku screamed, thrashing, trying to get his arms out of Shigaraki's iron grip. He cried even more, looking at Shouto when he realized that he wasn't strong enough. But his Omega heart still hoped that Shouto would be. That Shouto would save him.

Shouto tried to get closer and they nearly managed to touch their foreheads, but Shigaraki pulled him back once again while he tied his wrists together. Izuku shrieked in a panic, tears running hot over his embarrassed, red cheeks.

Shigaraki wasn't done, however. He took the remaining leather rope that still hung loose from his wrists and pulled Izuku's body back, his face pressed against the floor, ass up in the air.

Izuku tried to fight once more, but Shigaraki just pulled harder and then tied the rope to his ankles, leaving him immobilized and face glued to the floor.

Shigaraki chuckled before suddenly grabbing his waist and turning him around. Izuku's face grew hot with humiliation as his leaking ass was presented to Shouto, Izuku heard him grunt in fury, Shigaraki chuckled while his disgusting hands wandered over his smooth skin.

“Let the show begin. Are you ready, Shouto?”, Shigaraki taunted Shouto and chuckled again. “God, I really can't wait any longer!”, he grunted before suddenly burying his face between Izuku's cheeks.

He shrieked in fear, Shouto cried out in hatred and Shigaraki groaned while he let his hot tongue slither around his twitching hole, hands harshly grabbing his ass, kneading the flesh while he devoured the slick that dropped out of him, even down his thighs.

Shigaraki licked over his leg and the traced the trail of slick all the way back to his entrance.

“Stop it! I beg you! Stop! PLEASE!”, Izuku cried, screamed, desperate to end this torture. He couldn't do that again. Not with his history with Bakugou. Not when Kirishima needed him! He couldn't do this to him. Just leaving him alone after he had promised to help.

Shigaraki couldn't care less about his pathetic begging, he just went faster, finally pushing his tongue inside, Izuku's hole twitched again, the hot and sudden invasion feeling wondrous and disgusting at the same time.

“Your slick tastes so wonderful. I can't help but feel jealous when I think about Shouto being in my place. How often he got to taste this delicious substance. It's like a drug. Like I never want anything else ever again”, Shigaraki huffed, his hot breath causing Izuku's body to shiver.

“Can you see everything, Shouto?”, he practically spat his name, “I wouldn't want you to feel left out”, Shigaraki purred and rubbed a finger over his entrance, the pleasure reaching a next level and clenching around nothing, a new wave of slick causing the finger to accidentally slip inside.

“Oh my, someone's eager”, he chuckled. Shouto groaned angrily. The worst thing was, that Izuku was on display like this. And Shouto was seeing it all. And Izuku couldn't even see the disappointed expression from his mate, only imagine it.

Shigaraki pulled his finger out again, then let it slip inside again before he suddenly pushed against his entrance with his full hand.

Izuku screamed when Shigaraki invaded him with all his fingers. He didn't go far enough to hit his prostate, but the overwhelming mix of both uncomfortable pain and rising pleasure let him spill more tears of despair, an empty feeling settling in his stomach.

He felt Shigaraki move his hand around for a short moment before pulling out again. Izuku's body whined at the loss, his mind screamed in relief.

“Just look at it, Shouto”, Shigaraki said and inhaled deeply, smelling the scent of Izuku's slick. “You want to smell it, too? Taste it? Yeah, I bet you do”, he taunted him and then started to lick at his own hand, sucking up every little drop of slick he still had on his hand.

Izuku started sobbing again, the sound of Shigaraki eating up his slick was making him dizzy. He just wanted to black out and never wake up again. But I can't leave Kirishima, Izuku thought with regret and closed his eyes, ashamed.

“I could do this all day. And soon, I really can. But now I'm done with the appetizers. I want the real deal”, Shigaraki chuckled and pressed a kiss on his lower back while Izuku heard him unbuckle his belt.

Izuku started writhing, crying even more while silently murmuring that he wanted Shigaraki to stop, that he couldn't do this anymore and wanted to stop. His pleading fell on deaf ears.

Two fingers quickly invaded him again, drawing a choked moan out of him before being pulled out again as Shigaraki then coated the tip of his cock in Izuku's slick.

Izuku couldn't suppress a mewl when Shigaraki softly pressed the tip against his entrance. His hole immediately clenched down on nothing while Shigaraki started off by rubbing his cock at his entrance, teasing the sensitive skin there.

Izuku couldn't take this any longer. He turned into a moaning mess, more masses of slick flowing out of him and down his thighs. He heard Shigaraki grunt behind him.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!”, he cursed and then started to press inside, the tip only. Izuku whimpered at the good feeling that spread inside his stomach, his hole itched, wanting to be filled, his legs twitched at the slow intrusion.

Shigaraki slowly thrust inside him, only the tip, Izuku moaned loudly, not able to repress it, even when he so desperately wanted to.

Shigaraki slowly pushed further inside, but he was slow, lingering in a position for a while before moving again agonizingly slow.

His hole was drenched in slick, Shigaraki's thick cock easily glided further inside and then he was fully inside, groaning deeply and Izuku whimpering in a high-pitched sound.

“I already feel like I'm coming! Fuck, this is embarrassing, but I probably won't last very long”, Shigaraki chuckled. He moved back out completely and sunk his cock back inside, causing Izuku's whole body to flinch in pleasure.

Shigaraki backed off again, so fucking slowly, every little, tiny movement was felt by his sensitive walls as he backed off and then pushed back inside, the slow pace made him see stars as he hit his prostate.

His eyes fluttered shut, no sound passing his lips at the overwhelming feeling. This was pure torture. If Shouto had acted like this once in bed … . Izuku would've thrown a tantrum to fuck him like a man already. But now … . Now, everything was different. Everything was going to be different.

Shigaraki didn't even think about getting faster. He kept that slow rhythm of thrusting inside him and backing off until he almost got out of him again.

The pleasure was so big, too much, Izuku thought he would black out any second, with every thrust, Shigaraki's cock slowly rubbed all the way over his prostate, drawing mewl after mewl out of him, moans loud and high.

Another push accompanied by another wave of slick as he tightly clenched down on Shigaraki's dick, drawing him even deeper inside, not letting him go, as much as Izuku wished he could just knock him off of him.

Shigaraki's cock twitched inside him and he clamped down again, holding his cock in a vice grip, his vision darkened for a second, stars dancing in front of his inner eye.

Shigaraki groaned loudly.

“Ah, fuck!”, he cursed and thrust inside him once again, hitting his prostate hard this time and Izuku threw his head back in pleasure as Shigaraki came inside him.

The movement stilled, Izuku still hot from the pleasure, not moving, his limbs trembling as he tried to calm his body down, the good feeling not rising anymore, just staying still.

As Shigaraki backed off, he chuckled, Izuku moaned at the great feeling, his own orgasm nearing. But Shigaraki pulled out, thank God.

“You're not allowed to come just yet, pretty bean”, he whispered and leaned over him to kiss his neck. Izuku shivered and stifled a sob.

Shigaraki put his pants back up and got two other things out of his coat. Izuku suddenly felt something cold glide inside him. It felt strange, and hurt a little despite the slick. Was that … plastic? It had to be a vibrator.

Izuku shook his head in defiance, croaking out a weak 'no'. Shigaraki then turned it on and Izuku winced, whimpering in unwanted pleasure.

He was so out of it that he nearly didn't notice the second cold thing snap around the base of his achingly hard dick. A cock ring.

Izuku's eyes went wide before filling with tears, he started to fully cry into the floor, whining Shouto's name and begging him to help him out of this misery. But Izuku knew that neither he himself or Shouto could do anything to stop this.

Shigaraki roughly stroked over his head.

“Soon you'll be mine, Izuku. Soon …”, he promised and then muzzled his mouth. Izuku had no more energy left to fight, so he more or less let it happen after turning his head a few times and failing.

The tight cloth perfectly wrapped around his jaw, muffling all of his sounds. Shigaraki undid the ties of his ankles and wrists, then bound his wrists together again behind his back.

Izuku was tired and desperate, so he just hang there with an empty gaze when Shigaraki picked him up. He brought him to their garage, accessible through a door next to their entrance hall.

Shigaraki snatched the keys and unlocked the car. He carefully opened the door and then placed Izuku on the backseat, laying him down and then using one of the seat belts to keep him there for the drive.

Izuku tried his best to push at least the vibrator out of him, the lowest setting was torturing him, keeping his pleasure up, but not making it any better, an itchy feeling had grown in his stomach and he knew that it wouldn't go away for a while.

When Shigaraki noticed his struggles, he just pushed the vibrator back inside, Izuku moaned loudly from the relieving movement and the tight feeling in his dick.

“Na-uh, none of this. If you do, I'll have to punish you, pretty bean. A punishment you will like for sure”, he purred and gave him a kiss on the cheek, leaving Izuku lying there in horror as he closed the door and went back into the house.

Izuku started crying. He still cried when he heard Shigaraki struggle with Shouto. The trunk got opened and something heavy thrown inside.

“Don't make a fuzz! You had him long enough! He doesn't belong to you anymore”, Shigaraki snarled with a territorial hiss and then shut the trunk with a loud bang.

The Alpha got into the driver's seat, turning around one last time to Izuku's slightly writhing figure, stroking over his head and then starting the car.

Izuku lost all hope in this moment. As if everything from middle school got repeated all over again from the beginning, starting with a delusional Alpha that broke into his home and proclaimed that he knew what was best for him.

And he couldn't help but feel regret and guilt. Regret that he had been so stupid. And guilt that he had to leave Kirishima behind. At the mercy of Bakugou, without someone to comfort him during work or give him tips on how to behave around that monster.

It didn't matter anymore anyway. Now, Izuku had to deal with his own monster. Another one. Again.

Chapter Text

The whole ride home had felt horrible. Eijirou's stomach ached, he wanted to get some fresh air, the atmosphere in the car was suffocating as Bakugou drove him home from work.

Eijirou was glad he had found out about Midoriya, but he also felt bad. Bakugou had hurt people before and he wouldn't stop. It made Eijirou hate him even more.

When they got home, Eijirou opened the apartment door, but Bakugou halted.

“I need to make a call. I'll be back in a minute”, he said and closed the door, shutting Eijirou inside. Eijirou was relieved and felt like he could breathe again, as if for a moment everything was back to normal.

He quickly got his own phone out and opened his chat with Midoriya. He should thank him for today. He slowly typed out the message, sitting down on the couch, anxiously listening for footsteps and the door.

Bakugou was back faster than he had hoped. He barely managed to hide his phone in time.

“Who are you texting?”, Bakugou asked once he closed the door and came closer, gaze suspicious and strict. He didn't seem to be in a very good mood.

“N-Nobody!”, Eijirou quickly said and deleted the text he had typed out.

“Let me see”, Bakugou demanded and reached over to grab his phone, but Eijirou turned away, hiding it with his body.

“No …”, he said in defiance. He deleted the rest of the message and got out of the chat as fast as possible.

“Give it to me!”, Bakugou yelled, definitely not in the mood to play around, he was serious, but Eijirou didn't want him to see his phone.

“N-No!”, he shouted, this time his fear was showing more and he quickly wanted to get up and hide somewhere, but Bakugou just grabbed his wrist, pulled him on the couch and then climbed over him, ripping the phone out of his hands.

“Tsk”, Bakugou said with an annoyed expression and looked at the phone while he was holding Eijirou's face down with the other hand, scrolling through some of the messages and chats. Eijirou desperately tried to reach him, but Bakugou was too tall, his phone out of reach.

“Hmm, you really didn't text anyone …”, Bakugou realized and threw the phone on the small table, then stared at him with those angry, red eyes. “Could've said so in the beginning”, he accused him and Eijirou stifled a tired sob.

Bakugou leaned down and kissed the stray tear away.

“If you didn't lie, then why did you act so fucking weird?” The choice of words hurt him. He just glared at him.

“Because I'm scared of you”, he openly said. He would work on setting Bakugou on fire, just enough so that he could soon record everything and then he could hand it to the police.

“There's no reason for you to be though”, Bakugou argued and slowly fiddled with the hem of Eijirou's shirt.

Eijirou's breath hitched, dread pulsing through his body and paralyzing him.

“I'll prove it to you right now”, Bakugou growled now pulled the shirt out of his way with some sort of hidden aggression that Eijirou hadn't seen on him last night. Some weird kind of predatory determination.

Eijirou's breathing sped up, his weak muscles contracting heavily under his pale skin while Bakugou pressed a first kiss against his stomach.

Eijirou flinched and whimpered in fear, wanting to back off, but Bakugou just gripped both his wrists in one hand and held them above his head. Images from last night immediately flooded his mind and struck him like lightning. He wanted to hide.

Just a few more days. A few more days and I can escape this with Midoriya's help, Eijirou thought with a little hope. Yes, he had to go through more assaults, but Midoriya gave him hope and that was more than enough for him at the moment. Just yesterday, he had thought that he would never return to his old life and now he had a chance again.

Bakugou's harsh lips got rougher, the kisses were long and slow, but hard. He wandered to his side and took a piece of skin between his teeth, causing Eijirou to scrunch his face in discomfort while Bakugou sucked on it, licking over his milky skin and increasing the bite force.

When he let go of the spot, Eijirou knew there would be a dark hickey and that it wouldn't vanish for a while. The thought made him want to cry.

He let out a shaky exhale as tears burned in his eyes. Bakugou chuckled and pushed his shirt further up, revealing his pale chest and the smooth skin. Bakugou licked his lips in anticipation and it struck Eijirou with endless fear.

He started struggling, tears streaming down his cheeks.

“Please don't”, he whimpered, quiet voice still rough from last night's blowjob when Bakugou had face-fucked him without mercy, his throat hurting.

Bakugou ignored his protests and just started kissing his chest with a wide grin, even as Eijirou struggled and fought against his grip he managed to grab one of his nipples and started sucking on them so much it was uncomfortable.

Bakugou's passion reached a new level near aggression and it worried Eijirou. He barely knew anything about Bakugou, the only one who could've helped right now was Midoriya. He would know what Bakugou was like.

Bakugou sucked stronger and strongly gripped his sides, kneading them with immense force. Eijirou's eyes widened and he shrieked in fear as he was being manhandled like that. He was scared that it would hurt even more.

“S-Stop it! Slow down! I-It hurts”, Eijirou finally complained when Bakugou's wild behavior reached his other nipple and it hurt even more there.

Bakugou didn't stop, although he did slow down with a smirk. He sucked on his nipple, letting his tongue glide over the delicate skin, this time without biting down so hard.

Eijirou sighed as he felt the rising pleasure that rose in his lower stomach. He was getting hard already, his still inexperienced body not ready for or used to this kind of treatment.

He whimpered as heat collected in his dick. Bakugou bit down harsher again, strongly sucking at his nipple and elicited a loud moan out of Eijirou's mouth.

He immediately blushed in embarrassment as Bakugou looked at him with a wide, menacing smirk.

“You like it rough, Eiji, don't you agree?”, he asked and kissed his stomach again as Eijirou started crying.

“N-No, p-please”, he begged and Bakugou laughed as he started unbuttoning his pants with one hand while still holding down his wrists with his other one. He was so huge and big, it was the scariest aspect about him apart from his quickly changing behavior.

Bakugou freed him of his pants and underwear and greedily licked over his leaking dick. Eijirou shuddered and arched his back.

The cold air hit the saliva on his cock and made him shiver, trembles catching his body off guard and he started crying.

“Please let go …”, he whimpered while Bakugou's hand wandered underneath his butt, kneading the skin as he fully took Eijirou's dick into his mouth, excessively sucking on it.

Eijirou moaned loudly at the foreign sensation and closed his eyes. He wanted to escape this, tears pricked at the corners of his eyes and streamed down his face. The protection he yearned for wasn't granted to him.

Bakugou started slowly bobbing his head up and down, every time he went back he sucked the air in and lightly pulled at the sensitive skin, making Eijirou see stars, it felt so weird.

Eijirou started panting, fear and pleasure mixing and creating this dirty feeling of disgust, especially as Bakugou also started to insert two fingers, his hole leaking slick already.

The intrusion made him moan again, he turned his head to bury his face in the couch while his hands were mercilessly restrained. He was trapped and the sinking feeling of dread let cold sweat appear on his skin.

He was afraid of this, he didn't want this and was scared, he didn't know what to do against it. He didn't understand this. Just how could his body love this so much while it demolished his mind? How could he like this? How could he sink so low? Eijirou was just utterly disappointed in himself. That was it.

As Bakugou softly thrust into him with his fingers all while sucking on his leaking dick, Eijirou carefully tried to move with his waist, trying to get away, even with Bakugou's fingers literally inside of him.

When Bakugou realized that he wanted to get away, he growled lowly. Vibrations shocked his cock like electricity that flowed through his body.

He groaned loudly, his mind slowly retracting, just trying to find a safe spot inside his own head without Bakugou.

He whimpered when he failed to escape. He slowly opened his eyes and saw Bakugou sucking on his cock, eyes trained on Eijirou's face, his lips slightly quirked up into a grin.

New tears rolled down his reddened cheeks and the grip around his wrists tightened. Bakugou sucked stronger, his tongue wrapping around his dick.

Bakugou went back almost completely, sucking with his lips on Eijirou's tip and simultaneously curling his fingers as well, pressing into his prostate.

Eijirou's hips jerked up and he cried out in pleasure and embarrassment.

“Please … . Why are you doing this to me?”, he whined and his legs twitched when Bakugou added a third finger. His gaze met Eijirou's and he slowly went off his cock, not stopping the movement of his fingers or the strong pull of his lips, letting him feel every single movement before he let him go with a plop and smirked.

“You are so gorgeous. How long I've been waiting for this. I'm not stopping now”, Bakugou grinned and then thrust his fingers inside him violently, the slight shock made Eijirou arch his back. His hips bucked and Bakugou grinned, his gaze mad and crazed.

“Look who's all eager for attention”, he crooned and then glanced up at him. “Yes, you are, look at it, you are so eager.” The praise caused his body to tremble in enormous fear. He croaked out a cry and tried to hide his face behind his arm. Bakugou placed his tongue at the base of his cock and then in a painfully slow motion licked all the way up, again curling his fingers before spreading them.

The new sensation throbbed through his body like a wave, his eyes widened in fear and shock. He wasn't accustomed to Bakugou's treatment and he hoped that he would never have to.

Tears now freely streamed down his face as Bakugou lightly nibbled at his tip. His cock was now a strong red, leaking precome and twitching, he was nearly there.

Eijirou felt the itching feeling and his legs twitched again and his inner walls clamped down on Bakugou's fingers with an immense force.

“So eager, so good you are, Eiji”, Bakugou smiled, eyes filled with mad adoration as he stared at his dick. “Yes, I'm going to give you all the attention you need.” It was as if he was talking with his private parts and it was more humiliating than everything else.

“Hah!” Eijirou couldn't stop the loud sigh when Bakugou tried to push his fingers deeper inside, his hand uncomfortably pressing against his entrance.

Bakugou smirked, Eijirou could feel the movement of his lips while he pressed them against the side of his cock before taking it into his mouth, sucking on the side.

Eijirou rolled his eyes, it was a whole new feeling that washed over him and made him feel so ashamed of himself. He was so disgusted that his body liked it and he couldn't even do anything against it. Just how had Midoriya lived like that for one year without ever telling anyone? It was a mystery.

Bakugou noticed how Eijirou's struggles grew more desperate and his dick twitched more often, his hole clenching down in frequent waves.

Bakugou backed off in time and continued to jerk him off until Eijirou came with a loud cry all over his stomach. Exhaustion and the bliss after his orgasm quickly took pleasure's place and Eijirou sank deeper into the couch with a sigh, eyes glazed.

“So beautiful. You have no idea what you're doing, Eiji”, Bakugou gushed and slowly bent down, licking over his stomach all the way up to his chest.

Eijirou's face got hot in humiliation when Bakugou ate up all the come like a greedy animal, not stopping and getting faster the less come was left to be devoured.

Bakugou finally let go of his wrists and grabbed his sides, holding his body in place while licking up his come, not wanting to waste a single drop.

Eijirou closed his eyes in fear and shame, his whole body trembled as Bakugou grabbed him like that, not satisfied until his whole torso was coated in saliva and all the come was gone.

Not only the orgasm, but also the terror exhausted him and so he just lied there on the couch while Bakugou slowly worked his way up his stomach to his chest. When he had reached the hem of his shirt that was still all the way up, he glanced at Eijirou with a grin.

Bakugou sat up and crawled over him. The heavy weight on his chest caused his breath to hitch as the images from last night started flashing his mind, Bakugou's same sick smirk, Eijirou's exploding heartbeat, the horror as he saw the huge Alpha above him, sitting on his chest.

Bakugou stroked over his clothed crotch, his erection pressing hard against his pants.

“Just look at what you're doing to me. Look”, he cooed and pulled his pants down, exposing his thick, large cock.

Eijirou's breathing sped up, he was not able to avert his eyes. He wanted to look somewhere else, anywhere else! But he couldn't, it was like his eyes were glued to Bakugou's dick and he couldn't do anything against it. He was trapped and new tears formed in his eyes.

“Please do this little favor for me, Eiji. Pretty please”, Bakugou's crazed grin etched itself into his memory, striking his body and reaching his very core, body trembling in horrific shock waves.

“N-No, m-my throat still hurts … . Please don't …”, he begged silently, voice cracked and raspy as he slowly backed off with his head when he suddenly felt a hand in his hair, holding him in his place. His breathing stopped for a moment.

“I won't go far, love. I know I've been a little too rough yesterday”, Bakugou admitted with red cheeks. Was he happy about that? Embarrassed that he hadn't been able to control himself? But he had also liked that … . That he had lost control and could use Eijirou the way he must've imagined every day these two years.

Bakugou leaned down and pressed a soft kiss on his forehead, rough lips burning on his skin. Eijirou was scared that every scorching touch of Bakugou would leave a mark.

Eijirou was so shocked by Bakugou's actions that his mouth was slightly open, an ideal opportunity for Bakugou to slip the tip of his cock inside.

He moaned loudly while Eijirou cried and wanted to back off in a sudden moment of realization, fear filling his veins.

Bakugou's grip tightened and he pressed Eijirou more on his cock and forced him to swallow more of his huge dick.

Eijirou cried out, the muffled sounds and the vibrations in his mouth seemed to thrill Bakugou even more when he slowly started to thrust into his mouth.

The hand in Eijirou's hair tightened, violently grabbing his strands in a yet still gentle manner, but with a dominant force that Eijirou just wanted to forget forever and never feel again.

The cold skin of Bakugou's cock shocked his mouth, the strange feeling was horrible. His dick slid further inside, but stopped when he had to gag.

His tongue instinctively tried to riot against this intrusion, but Eijirou was no match for Bakugou's huge dick, the way Bakugou just took what he wanted made him sick. He slid further inside because he wanted to and if he wanted to then he would also find a way past Eijirou's tongue.

Bakugou grunted and now took Eijirou's head with both his hands, just like yesterday. And just like yesterday, it sent a shock of terror down his spine, eyes wide in fear, tears running down his red cheeks, jaw hurting from the wide stretch.

Bakugou went further and stopped just when Eijirou had to gag again, his tip pressing against the back of his throat.

He thrust faster inside his mouth, his lips felt like they were going raw, saliva traced down his chin as Bakugou groaned loudly, closing his eyes in great relief.

The fear that struck Eijirou's body nearly made it impossible for him to move, barely able to close his eyes as he tried to control his gag reflex. Tears burnt in his eyes, he just wished that he could vanish.

One moment Bakugou was jerking him off and Eijirou felt exhausted from the blissful orgasm, nearly blinded by the stars that softly had been dancing in front of his inner eyes, and next Bakugou was fucking his mouth like a wild animal controlled by pure lust.

Bakugou's instincts went into overdrive the same time as Eijirou shook and trembled in dread. The fear pulsed through his veins and he found it hard to think straight without focusing on the wild panic inside his body.

He tried kicking Bakugou with his knee, but he was too short and Bakugou too big. The result was a mere chuckle from the Alpha above him.

“Oh Eiji”, he singsonged and slowed down his movements for a moment, leaning down to him as Eijirou struggled to keep his eyes open. “You still want to fight me, huh?”, he asked and Eijirou just tried to move his head to get Bakugou's monstrous cock out of his mouth. Bakugou, however, kept him in place.

“Oh no, love, no no. You belong right there. Can't you see how beautiful you look?”, he crooned and got out of him. Eijirou gasped for air and blinked his dizziness away. He felt so weak compared to Bakugou.

“I guess I was still a little too rough, hm?”

Eijirou didn't answer, only inhaling in shock, eyes widening in terror when Bakugou leaned down and pressed his lips against Eijirou's, immediately invading his mouth with his hot tongue.

Bakugou changed positions and laid down on top of him, his heavy weight was just another reminder how absolutely done Eijirou was. He wouldn't get out of this.

“Just look at you”, Bakugou huffed, placing a kiss on his neck, “being so irresistible”, he again kissed his lips and Eijirou whimpered in fear, “just the way you are.” Bakugou panted and then demanded entrance of his mouth again.

Eijirou couldn't fight against him, so he just let him. And he hated it. He hated it about himself. Just why was he so weak? Why couldn't he be stronger? Or faster? No, he had to be this miserable picture of weakness. He was absolutely pathetic.

Maybe Bakugou was right. He did belong exactly here.

No! Don't think that … . Just breathe, relax, this will be over soon, he thought and tried to direct his thoughts into another direction, even as Bakugou's tongue wrapped around his and sucked on his lips like he was starved.

Eijirou still felt Bakugou's rock-hard erection poking his thighs. He felt hopeless as Bakugou rubbed his waist against his.

Eijirou still felt too overstimulated, he was still too sensitive from his previous orgasm.

“Just why are you like this, Eiji?”, Bakugou asked between kisses and pressed against his entrance. Eijirou winced.

“Just what are you doing to me? How can you be so powerful?”, Bakugou huffed and leaned down to his neck to leave new hickeys there.

“P-Please stop this. I-I can't … do this anymore”, Eijirou begged and Bakugou chuckled.

“Still fighting me like this, love? I don't think so. You belong to me now. You're mine, Eiji”, Bakugou growled with a possessive, dark spark shading his eyes a darker red than usual, almost dangerous.

Eijirou flinched, breath caught in his throat as he tried to lean away from him. Bakugou bit his neck and sucked on his skin, drawing a croaked moan out of his mouth.

“Mine … . Mine alone”, Bakugou panted and finally was fully inside him. Eijirou struggled against his hold, against this weight on top of him. He felt too weak and small to properly do anything, especially when Bakugou started to thrust inside him and Eijirou had to fight the twitch of his legs when his oversensitive hole cried in defeat.

Eijirou was at least glad that he was taking the pill right now because his heats had always been so intense. It would now spare him of a pup. And he just couldn't imagine caring for a pup while overcoming this nightmare.

“N-Not yours”, Eijirou said with a little more confidence and froze when Bakugou glared at him. He gulped, but continued with fear-closed eyes. “I-I … only belong to myself!”

Bakugou growled again and threw himself hard against his waist, Eijirou cried in too much pleasure.

“You belong … to me!”, he yelled and violently laid a rough, calloused hand over his mouth to keep him quiet. Eijirou tried to fight for freedom again, but Bakugou's strong arm just continued to press him into the pillows below him.

“Mine, mine, mine! Nobody dare to take you from me! You're mine!”, Bakugou yelled and just increased his pace.

Eijirou shook his head as new tears welled up in his eyes, slowly running down his face.

“I won't fuck up again … . Fucked up already. Won't fuck up a second time!”, Bakugou grunted with crazed, desperate eyes and Eijirou now fully understood that he meant Midoriya. Someone betrayed him once already and he wouldn't tolerate this again.

If Eijirou wanted to get rid of him, he would have to get him locked up. To end this for good. So he remembered the part he had to play.

His hands slowly relaxed and Bakugou's eyes went wide as Eijirou grabbed his hand with immense care. He slowly pulled his fingers off of his mouth.

“I-I'm …”, he whispered with a hoarse voice, afraid of the results.

“You're?”, Bakugou asked in a soft voice and Eijirou gulped. Now or never!

“I'm … yours”, he said and choked out a sob as soon as the painful words were spoken.

There was a weird silence after that, Eijirou couldn't hear anything except for his own rapid heartbeat. It pounded against his chest so fast, it was almost painful.

When Eijirou carefully opened his eyes a bit, he froze in fear when he saw the red face of Bakugou, full of disbelief and mad love.

Suddenly, Bakugou's face twisted, the blush vanished and he started to laugh madly, like some sick, crazy man who had lost everything.

Eijirou couldn't move as fear paralyzed him, he could just watch as Bakugou became insane right in front of him.

“I-I- HA!”, he tried to speak, but the laughter barely let him. “You know what? Eiji?”, Bakugou chuckled when the laughter finally died down. His gaze was cold when he met Eijirou's.

“I don't believe you one bit”, Bakugou hissed, his voice covered in spite.

Eijirou's heart stopped for a second and before he could respond in any way and calm him down, Bakugou started moving on top of him again.

Eijirou threw his head back as his body had come down from the high and slowly allowed his nerves to be activated again.

He was too scared to say another word while Bakugou worshiped his body, creating one love bite after another.

He moaned when Bakugou hit his sweet spot and perfectly aimed at it the next few thrusts. Eijirou grew hard again, his erection rubbing against his own and Bakugou's stomach.

Bakugou got faster and grabbed his sides with strong hands, not letting him go while Eijirou just laid there and tried to stifle his cries and his moans.

Then, finally, Bakugou came. And Eijirou came with him.

It still disgusted him so much, but it was hard to focus on disgust when you were too exhausted and tired to actually be disgusted.

Even when Bakugou got up and fixed his clothing, Eijirou was too scared to move or to talk. He didn't want to anger Bakugou any further after he had failed to convince him like that. He wasn't even brave enough to pull his shirt back down.

“What are you waiting for? Get up”, Bakugou then demanded all of a sudden and Eijirou flinched, quickly overcoming his inner shock and scrambled to his feet, searching for his pants on the floor before slipping inside.

When he looked up, Bakugou was on his phone, texting someone. Eijirou wanted to know who it was, but didn't get any closer.

As soon as Eijirou was dressed again, Bakugou turned around and took his wrist without saying a word, the grip painfully firm.

Eijirou's breath hitched when Bakugou grabbed his car keys.

“We're going out”, Bakugou just said and brought Eijirou down to the garage where his big car was parked. They got inside and Eijirou's fear only grew when he heard the doors lock.

“Wh-What's going on?”, he asked quietly and Bakugou just started driving.

Eijirou gulped, but wanted to try again.

“Where are we going?”, he whispered and Bakugou huffed.

“You'll see”, he just said and Eijirou's heart skipped several beats when he saw that Bakugou was heading for the highway that led out of town.

“Please tell me where we're going, I'm getting nervous”, he admitted and Bakugou rolled his eyes, his annoyance clearly showing.

“You'll just have to deal with that”, he growled and Eijirou tried to hide in his seat, his reaction eliciting a blush on Bakugou's face. Eijirou really hated how Bakugou was so unpredictable, annoyed by him one second and the other he looked madly in love.

After nervous fifteen minutes they were on the highway and after another painfully nervous ten minutes Bakugou got off again, an empty road ahead of them, meadows left and right, the evening sun covering the grass and flowers with a nearly magical, orange coat.

Suddenly, Bakugou started speaking again.

“I know you won't like this. Which was the reason why I didn't tell you”, he argued, eyes fixed on the road. It was getting late and Eijirou indeed did not like this.

“Where are you taking me?”, he asked and lowered his head because he was scared of Bakugou's reaction.

“A safe place.”

“A safe place?”

“Where no one can take you from me”, Bakugou said, still not looking at him. Eijirou grew impatient and angry the more he feared for the worst.

“Where's that?”, he asked with a trembling voice.

Bakugou glanced at him, but stayed silent. Eijirou had a bad feeling and it involved being kidnapped right now.

“Where is that?!”, he asked with more pressure, practically shouting now.

“Shut up!”, Bakugou yelled and turned to him, causing Eijirou to flinch and back off into the seat, trying to let the dark material consume him, even when Bakugou sighed and put his hand on his thigh, slowly rubbing over the fabric of his pants.

Eijirou tried to move his leg out of Bakugou's grip, but he just grabbed him tighter and pulled him back, stroking him only stronger.

“I'm sorry for lashing out. I'm a bit stressed”, Bakugou sighed and shortly closed his eyes before focusing on the road again. Eijirou started seething in anger when he heard these casual words. He didn't like this, he wanted to go home and be safe.

“Oh you're stressed? Yeah, it must be so exhausting to rape an Omega and just claim him like that without even asking for his consent! Yeah, I pity you so much!”, Eijirou suddenly yelled. If he really was being kidnapped now, then what did it matter? He felt the stinging tears in his eyes as he started to let all of his feelings out.

“I didn't rape you, what the hell are you talking about?”, Bakugou asked with a frown and glanced at him for a short moment. Eijirou had enough. No backing out now.

“Are you serious?! You touched me! I clearly said 'no'! What was so hard to understand?!”, he shouted full of aggression and hatred directed towards the one who had hurt him. And Bakugou had the audacity to chuckle.

“Oh. That.” Careless. It didn't matter. Eijirou's opinion didn't matter.

“What the hell is wrong with you?!”, he basically screamed and felt the familiar itch in his hands, the tiny pulse that was signaling him that his body was ready to use this fury to strike.

“Fucking quiet!”, Bakugou yelled, turning his head towards him in a swift motion, causing Eijirou to sink back into the seat in sudden fear, his heart beating faster in his chest. “You wanted this, Eiji. Why the hell wouldn't you? We're destined mates. You Omegas always say that so that we have to show our worth to you. And I did.” Bakugou said that as if it was obvious.

“And you Alphas always say to your mate that you're destined to be. You said that to Midoriya, too!”, Eijirou shouted before he could control the exploding anger inside him.

Bakugou's eyes widened the same moment Eijirou mentioned Midoriya's name. Eijirou quickly stopped in his tracks, slowly backing off again and trying to lean away while the grip of Bakugou's hand around his thigh grew immense, the pressure digging into his skin.

“What?” The quiet, non-aggressive question let his breath hitch.

“N-Nothing!”, Eijirou quickly said and looked out of the window when Bakugou suddenly just pulled over and and stopped the car without turning it off. Eijirou froze, but didn't move when Bakugou turned to him with fury in his eyes.

“Say that again to my face!”, he snarled and dared him to repeat his sentence, specifically that forsaken name that seemed to set his nerves on fire.

Eijirou was so scared and felt the first tears in his eyes, but he tightly pressed his lips together, not daring to say anything in Bakugou's intimidating presence.

“What did that nerd tell you about me?” Voice suddenly changed, the fury gone. He was calm. It was way more scarier than when he was openly aggressive. But Eijirou kept quiet and Bakugou sighed, starting to drive again and pulling onto the dusty, dirty road.

“Tsk. No wonder why you're acting like a brat all of a sudden. Gotta fix that as soon as we get to our new home. You better forget everything Deku said to you. He's lying”, Bakugou insisted, eyes focused on the road again as if nothing had happened.

“Why should he though?”, Eijirou asked, careful and quiet so that he wouldn't unnecessarily anger Bakugou again. But apparently, he'd said the wrong thing.

“Because he is a stupid bitch, that's why!”, Bakugou yelled out of nowhere and punched the steering wheel with great force, his words dripping with hate. Then his eyes widened and he calmed down again, a sudden smirk showing on his lips as he glance at him again.

“Or are you jealous?” Eijirou gulped and Bakugou slightly turned his head to him. “Scared that I'll go and run off with the nerd? Never, Eiji!” He laughed. “Gotta fuck that into you, huh?”

“Please stop …”, Eijirou begged. He couldn't hear this anymore, like he was property. He didn't want to be property, he didn't want to have to hear these kinds of jokes.

“Why should I? You're mine. I claimed you and now we're mates. I shouldn't have to hold back when I want to have you”, Bakugou said casually, he sounded sure that Eijirou would like it either way and if he liked it there wouldn't be a problem with it.

“And this is exactly the problem”, Eijirou whispered, suppressing a whimper.

“What?”, Bakugou growled lowly, his gaze again wandering to him.

“I'm not some fucking sex doll!”, Eijirou lashed out with tears in his eyes, turning to Bakugou as his captor's face became dark and unpredictable. It made Eijirou realize his mistake once again, but he gulped and wanted to continue this, even if there would be consequences. It couldn't get any worse than this anyway. … Right?

“You take that back right now …”, Bakugou threatened with a husky voice that sent shivers down his spine. Eijirou started to tremble in fear, but he went on.

“Or what?”, he hissed.

“Or I will treat you like one until you see the difference!”, Bakugou snarled and watched the road for another moment, brows furrowed as he tried to control his anger while Eijirou fully let his own anger out.

“There is no difference! You're already treating me like one! Fuck your so-called 'caring' behavior because it's not worth shit if you don't accept my opinion! I'm not some child who needs chastising!”, he yelled and used the moment when Bakugou couldn't do anything without causing a car crash.

Bakugou's facial features suddenly relaxed.

“True … . You're not a child.”

“What are you doing?”, Eijirou asked with slight fear in his voice as Bakugou pulled over again, turning the car off this time.

“Something I can't do to a child”, he said and reached over to his seat. Eijirou gasped in panic as Bakugou gripped something at the side of Eijirou's seat and caused him to suddenly fly back, lying on his back.

Bakugou got out of his seat belt and climbed over him, only then did he unlock Eijirou's seat belt, too. Eijirou's breath hitched as he looked into Bakugou's threatening, burning eyes.

Then, with the coldest voice possible, Bakugou started talking.

“Turn around. I don't want to see the face of a sex doll”, he snarled with evident disgust. Eijirou froze as panic and fear pumped through his limbs, like they stopped his blood from flowing and numbed everything else.

When Eijirou didn't move immediately, Bakugou's impatient growl signaled him that the Alpha would just do it himself. And so he grabbed him and turned him around without any care and rough movements.

Eijirou grunted as his ass was lifted up while Bakugou pressed his head down with his other hand. His jeans were down faster than he would've liked. Ohh, he would pay for this.

“Stop it!”, Eijirou yelled and started thrashing with his feet.

“These are the consequences of your actions. Face them”, Bakugou snarled and leaned over him, putting more weight on Eijirou's neck and holding him down, nearly choking him.

“Stop it!”, Eijirou croaked out. Bakugou didn't listen. “I said stop! Why do you continue when I say stop!” It was more of a shouted statement rather than a question. But question or not, Bakugou was done hearing anything from him.


Eijirou suddenly froze as every muscle in his body stopped moving, tense and without relaxing. He felt the need for air, but his lungs didn't suck any new oxygen in.

Heavy trembles rocked his body, every last fiber inside him was stuck and allowed no movement at all, his vision getting dark from the sudden amount of dread.

His thick scent of fear filled the car and was so immense that even he could smell it.

He didn't hear Bakugou talk after that. A light touch on his naked ass suddenly yanked him out of his mindless state in a second, he inhaled air with a panic he had never felt before, the fear boiling inside him.

He shakingly tried to reach out to something with his hand, anything. Something to save him while in reality he tried to grab nothing.

He loudly continued breathing, no matter how hard he tried, he still felt like choking.

Don't move”, Bakugou ordered and firmly grabbed his waist. The command struck Eijirou like a lightning bolt, painful shivers causing his body to collapse.

Bakugou had finally used his Alpha voice on him. And Eijirou was so scared of him that he even stopped breathing. The Alpha voice, that was meant to protect and fend off attackers, that would grow more effective the more scared one was of that Alpha, was now his downfall.

And he already was in the last phase. If the Alpha voice caused him to stop breathing, his fear of Bakugou had already reached fourth degree, the worst of all.

Eijirou could only ask himself again as Bakugou entered him without preparation and violent movements, just how had Midoriya survived this for a year without killing himself?

He wanted to scream as the pain hit him, but his throat was dry and he still couldn't move because of the Alpha voice, its effect still prominent.

Eijirou's lungs protested when he wanted to breathe, completely cut off and his throat was tight. Even swallowing didn't work, all Eijirou could do was lie there and feel the immense pain as Bakugou's huge cock got shoved inside him over and over again.

The rubbing pain outweighed the slight pleasure by far and so all he could feel was a burning sensation that rivaled a fire. The pain spread in his legs and his back started hurting from the ruthless thrusts.

Eijirou just started crying quietly, he was too afraid of Bakugou to use his Alpha voice again, it hurt so much. This is what purgatory must feel like, just not in one place but everywhere, he thought with new tears dripping onto the seat, his face was deeply pressed into the rough fabric.

Bakugou pounded into him with too much force for him to take, but he had no choice, all he could and had to do was endure the pain, this horrifying, devastating, shredding pain.

Bakugou started panting and soon after came inside him, leaving Eijirou a trembling mess with tears running down his cheeks.

Bakugou got out of him and after a few moments of silence and quiet shifting, they both were in their original spots again, Bakugou on the driver's side and Eijirou again in an upright position sitting next to him, trying and partially failing the urge to just sob.

Bakugou sighed.

“This is how you treat a sex doll, Eiji. And you're not a sex doll to me”, he explained and started the car again.

“You're going to like it. Eventually. You just have to get used to everything. That's just how you are as an Omega and you have to be picky about stuff like that, I mean you have to look after children, that's just your nature. You'll just have to trust me that I'm making the right decisions. And you'll have company, so it's not all that bad”, Bakugou started rambling, but Eijirou shut down as soon as that bastard had opened his mouth.

Eijirou just kept nodding and croaking out a silent 'yes' when necessary.

“I actually planned this for a while, too. I just needed to set everything up before we could move there. I'll get your important stuff, too, promise.” A promise meant nothing to Eijirou, not a promise from Bakugou Katsuki.

And so Bakugou continued rambling while Eijirou stared at the road ahead of him and tried his best to remember where he would go.

Chapter Text

Izuku felt dull, he just wanted to come so badly, but the cock ring defied him release. Shigaraki's dirty touches all over his body didn't exactly help as he moaned loudly and a trace of saliva ran down his chin past the thick ball gag.

Shigaraki finally pulled the vibrator out.

“Time for the real fun. Now we're finally alone. Just the two of us. I still have a lot planned. But don't worry”, he came down to kiss his cheek, “after this round we're going to have a little break. I don't want you to be exhausted.” He kissed his cheek again and the stimulation brought him both pleasure and disgust.

“Oh, before I forget it. I have two surprises for you”, Shigaraki whispered into his ear, lips closely ghosting over his ear shell, the hot breath causing a new wave of sweat to cover his forehead. “I'm sure you'll like them very much. Well, one of them, the other, maybe not so much. But later, you will love it later”, Shigaraki promised.

The Alpha finally entered him and Izuku moaned loudly again, his eyes rolling back. He was so overstimulated, but also couldn't come, it was making him crazy.

Shigaraki didn't wait one second, the slow movement from earlier today was replaced by brutal thrusts that hit his prostate every goddamn time, Izuku just couldn't take it anymore. A new wave of desperation caused his eyes to tear up again, as he moaned like a pornstar while sobbing into the sheets.

Shigaraki had brought him out of town, to some old farmhouse, Izuku had no idea where he was or what Shigaraki had done with Shouto. Izuku wanted to be comforted by him so badly, just as much as he wanted to comfort him in return.

But Shigaraki had locked Shouto up somewhere before getting Izuku and now he wasn't sure where in this huge building Shouto could be. Or what Shigaraki even planned on doing with him.

Nowadays, a rivaling Alpha just kidnapped the Omega, deleted the previous bite mark with the pill and became the new mate, no more killing necessary. But why did Shigaraki want to torture Shouto like that?

Izuku wasn't able to think about it any longer, because Shigaraki finally wanted to mark him. He licked over his scent gland that was snugly lying over his shoulders. The slow, but pressing licks stimulated his scent glands and they emitted more of his scent.

The pill worked quite fast. Once swallowed, it prevented the scent gland from producing more hormones that would let the mating scar stay. It basically made your body think your mate was dead and thanks to the missing mating hormones, Izuku was also ready to react to someone else again. Although that someone definitely wasn't Shigaraki.

Omegas and Beta women reacted quite rarely to someone else, not like Alphas who could meet up to five mates they reacted to in their whole lives. And although there was scientific proof of that, Alphas really tried hard to deny this and argued that Omegas and Beta women reacted just as often as Alphas and Beta men.

Shigaraki continued to prepare his shoulders, licking over his left one and massaging the right one with careful movements. It really made Izuku feel even hotter, his skin felt so extremely sensitive and his whole body trembled at the slightest touch.

Shigaraki's fast and rough thrusts didn't help that in the slightest. But thank God that Izuku was still on birth control and wouldn't get pregnant for around two weeks, that was when he should have his next heat and his cycle would restart.

Two weeks. That would give him enough time to figure out how to escape and call the police. Because this time, Shigaraki had made a fatal mistake. He had also kidnapped the Alpha. And police never took that lightly. An Omega, they might brush that off and not take it seriously, but kidnapping an Alpha was something different. Somehow.

“I'm close. I wonder what our pups will look like”, Shigaraki huffed into his ear and grunted. Izuku just cried more, feeling himself getting thrown back into this dark place where he had been years ago.

He felt Shigaraki's dick twitch inside him and then, in a swift motion, he bit down on his scent gland and came, while simultaneously getting rid of the cock ring. Shigaraki's last, relieving thrusts that teasingly rubbed over his prostate were enough to send Izuku over the edge and he came so hard his vision turned white for a moment.

The bite caused his scent gland to go rigid, emitting tons of sedating hormones that forced him to relax and made him practically melt into the sheets until he just couldn't take it anymore and tiredly passed out.

When he woke back up, it was to slower, but firm thrusts into his abused hole. He blinked and tried to grasp what was around him.

He was lying on his back, still on the same bed as before. Shigaraki was above him, holding his waist up and fucking into him at a fast, but somehow soft pace.

Izuku's eyes fluttered, he tried to stay awake, but it was barely possible. He wanted to sit up, but Shigaraki noticed and just pulled his waist closer, causing him to lose his balance and sink back into the mattress.

And then he passed out again.

When he woke up a second time, the missing pleasure almost felt weird. Almost. Izuku opened his eyes and needed a moment to fully wake up.

He slowly tried to look around, he noticed that the ball gag was out of his mouth and a heavy blanket was draped over his sore body. What ripped him out of his trance was the head with red and white hair, perfectly split in half.

He jolted up.

“Shouto!”, he croaked, still totally exhausted. Shouto slowly looked up, he was still beaten up and his eye looked worse than before. He had cried and was chained to the wall.

Izuku quickly wanted to get up and run to him, but when he wanted to pull his legs to his body to stand up, he realized that they didn't move. He looked down and saw two chains sticking out under the blanket, going right to the bedpost that was touching the wall. Izuku wouldn't be able to stand up and go to Shouto.

Shouto groaned, he was gagged and violently yanked at the chains, desperately trying to get out.

When the door opened, Izuku automatically tried to back off and hide under the blanket. But Shigaraki was on him in seconds, ecstatic that Izuku had finally woken up.

“You're awake”, he whispered and pulled him into a tight embrace. Izuku didn't say anything and tried to back off, but wasn't allowed any movement. “You probably noticed dear Shouto back here. He's your first surprise”, Shigaraki told him and cupped his face before giving him a long, passionate kiss.

Shigaraki then stood up and walked to Shouto. Izuku honestly didn't see it coming when Shigaraki aimed a fierce kick at Shouto's side.

Izuku shrieked.

“Shouto! No, please don't hurt him!”, Izuku begged, new tears forming in his eyes.

“Ha, I knew it”, Shigaraki growled, slightly laughing. He turned to him. “I knew you wouldn't be over him yet.” He had a mad, angry smile on his face. “Which is why he is here!”

Shigaraki bounced back to him and plopped down next to him, pulling him close.

“I won't hurt him if you suck me off. I'm curious to see just how far you would go to keep him safe, pretty bean”, Shigaraki whispered seductively, before grabbing his chin in an almost painful grip. “And then I can work out the perfect punishment for you. Punishment and training so that you won't love him anymore. Forget him!”, Shigaraki hissed furiously. Izuku started crying. It was an ultimatum in which he would get hurt either way. But he could try to make it as little painful as possible for both of them. Maybe Shigaraki was delusional enough to believe it.

“I already love you”, Izuku whispered and as much as it disgusted him, he cupped Shigaraki face and carefully caressed his cheeks. Shigaraki's eyes went wide.

“I already forgot Shouto the moment you marked me. It's just that …”, Izuku tried to look innocent and averted his eyes. “He still was my former mate at some point. And he was so upset. I feel bad for him. Please don't hurt him. If you love me, too, don't hurt him”, Izuku begged, new tears streaming down his face.

He looked at Shouto for a moment. Shouto looked absolutely crushed. If even Shouto bought that act … . Then how would Shigaraki react? Izuku gulped and faced his enemy.

“Y-You love me already?” Suddenly, all the confidence in Shigaraki was gone, he was bright red and looked down, fiddling with his fingers.

Instead of answering, Izuku just gave him a long, careful and shy kiss. He completely hid his own disgust with Shigaraki and himself. If possible, the Alpha got even redder.

“Then it's perfect … . It's perfect!”, Shigaraki beamed and embraced Izuku again. “He already watched us while you were passed out. He already watched us and now he gets to watch us again before I will get rid of him! He will be completely gone from your mind, don't worry, pretty bean”, Shigaraki said with euphoria, hiding his face in Izuku's scent gland.

Izuku did the only thing he normally would never do and accepted the touch, even pressed Shigaraki's face more against his body.

“What will you do with him?”, Izuku asked cautiously, shortly glancing at Shouto. And finally, Shouto seemed to recognize the defiant spark in Izuku's eyes, realizing that Izuku was only acting to protect the both of them.

“Oh, don't worry, I won't kill him, no no. But I have special plans with him. He won't get hurt, don't worry”, Shigaraki got in front of him again and closely watched his every move. “My perfect, pretty little bean”, he singsonged and then pressed his lips against Izuku's.

Izuku played along and kissed back. He opened his mouth as an invitation and Shigaraki gladly took it, greedily pressing his tongue into Izuku's mouth and stroking his own muscle. Izuku felt every little, slimy movement and it disgusted him so much.

But he had also learned how to shove these feelings aside. He could still be disgusted with himself later, but instead, he had to focus on saving Shouto now.

He carefully glanced at Shouto again while Shigaraki backed off and pulled the blanket off of him, fiddling with the chains on his feet and getting his ankles out of them.

“That's much better, isn't it?”, Shigaraki asked and Izuku nodded, then basically threw himself against Shigaraki and glanced at Shouto again while Shigaraki tried to get him out of his shirt. Shouto had fresh tears in his eyes and he seemed so helpless right now. It made Izuku feel so much worse than he already did.

Shigaraki leaned back and started to kiss his nipples, the shirt now abandoned on the bed. Izuku couldn't suppress the light moan, but instead of trying to hide it, he even moaned louder this time, effectively fooling Shigaraki.

Shigaraki opened his pants while still sucking at his nipple and softly rubbing over the other. Even though it disgusted Izuku, it disgusted him so much, he lowered his hand and grabbed Shigaraki's hard cock, aligning it with his entrance and then slowly lowered himself onto it.

Shigaraki groaned loudly and grabbed his ass, spreading his cheeks. Izuku got red in embarrassment since he was still on display like that. He really didn't want Shouto to see this. Izuku had to suppress the urge to cry. If they would get out again, Shouto would hate him for sure and realize that Izuku was not worth the trouble. He would leave him and in the end, Izuku might fall victim to Shigaraki or some other crazy Alpha again. With no one to help him then.

He just did this for Shouto, this here was for Shouto, the escape was for Shouto. Because Izuku knew that, in the end, Shouto would be disgusted with him and abandon him, just like Izuku was disgusted with himself, he couldn't even blame Shouto.

A sole tear rolled down his cheek and he quickly wiped it away before kissing Shigaraki again, finally all the way down.

He moaned and started to slowly move his hips back and forth and soft wave-like motions, Shigaraki's grip on his ass just got stronger. He smirked maliciously.

“Naw, don't like what you see, Shouto?”, he teased him and the grip tightened before he started shaking Izuku's butt and then slapped one of his cheeks. Izuku had to focus hard not to sob uncontrollably.

Izuku just continued his movements, although he wanted to die out of embarrassment and humiliation. He covered it up with a moan and buried his head in Shigaraki's neck. His scent unsettled him.

Shigaraki used the opportunity and started kissing his neck, licking over his skin and lightly biting down, strongly sucking at his sensitive places.

Izuku felt the heat in his stomach, he felt so dirty and gross, so sweaty and full of pleasure, so much he thought he couldn't take it anymore. Bakugou had always done it once, sometimes twice, but never so long. Shigaraki had now raped him at least four times in a row.

Izuku's slow and rhythmic movements started to not be enough for Shigaraki anymore and he lightly thrust upwards, causing Izuku to bounce on his waist, his dick hard again and the slick gushing out of his stuffed hole.

He couldn't take the pleasure any longer, he needed a break.

“B-Break, n-need a break”, he whimpered and Shigaraki kissed his cheek.

“Everything you want, pretty bean, just once more, okay?”, Shigaraki whispered and kissed his ear shell before licking over it and his hot breath ghosting over his reddened skin.

Izuku whined, but forced himself to nod and whispered a weak 'okay'.

Shigaraki groaned loudly and his thrusts sped up. Izuku glanced at Shouto again, tears in his eyes. Shouto looked crushed and hopeless, he had thick tears streaming down his face and then he turned away. New tears formed in Izuku's eyes and he couldn't stop that one pathetic sob.

Izuku's stomach twisted in fear, but Shigaraki didn't react. So Izuku settled again and moved according to Shigaraki's thrusts.

Shigaraki then harshly sucked at his neck and a half-whimpered mewl escaped his lips. The pleasure almost was too much to take and Izuku just begged for it be over, he couldn't … he just couldn't anymore.

He glanced at Shouto again and sighed in exhaustion, the stress fully taking its toll on him. Shouto's eyes widened in fear and a knot formed in Izuku's stomach while Shigaraki repeatedly hit his prostate.

Izuku's eyes snapped down, looking right into red, muddy eyes, glaring at him with mixed feelings of betrayal and fury. For how long had Shigaraki watched him like this?

Izuku gulped when Shigaraki suddenly threw him off of him, the harsh pull-out hurt a lot and he hit the wooden floor with a yelp.

“So that's how far you went. You went so far that you even denied your own feelings and lied to me!”, Shigaraki yelled and stood up. Izuku was full of fear, sweat of dread forming on his forehead. What would Shigaraki do now?

Izuku didn't want to find out. He weakly tried to crawl towards Shouto, Shouto pulled at the chains, grunting in anger.

“Shouto, please help me!”, he begged, his voice turning into a scream as Shigaraki grabbed his ankles and pulled him back, firmly holding him on the ground, pressing his face on the dirty, dusty floor.

“Fucking Omega!”, Shigaraki snarled and entered him again with brutal force, but the massive amount of slick made it disgustingly easy for him to glide back and forth. Izuku moaned and wanted to try to slither out of the Alpha's iron grip, but it didn't work.

“I hate it!”, Shigaraki growled and pounded into him. “I hate how easily you're getting manipulated by this bastard!” He grabbed his hair and forced him to look at Shouto, his swollen face dark with tears and guilt. “Look at this weakling while I'm fucking you! He's not strong enough to provide for you, but I am! I am!”, Shigaraki yelled and smashed his head back on the wood.

Izuku grit his teeth to ease the pain and slowly blinked the exhaustion away. But Shigaraki's rough thrusts had him seeing stars, his whole body kept trembling.

Shigaraki started saying something again, but Izuku was too tired to hear it, too far gone and so he just passed out once again.


Eijirou was feeling like a doll when Bakugou finally took a turn and drove down a messy, bumpy road towards an old barn house. There was a huge barn and an even bigger farm house. It looked old from the outside, but when Bakugou dragged him inside, he realized that the inside was more modern than it appeared to be.

Eijirou's tired eyes barely realized where they were going or why Bakugou was bringing him down the stairs to the basement. His butt still hurt horribly.

He felt horrifically empty. The only thing that slowly made its way through his fogged mind was the groaning he heard behind one of the doors.

Bakugou went first, the groans getting louder. Eijirou was getting very worried.

“Already at it, it seems”, Bakugou growled and pulled Eijirou with him. What he saw, brutally ripped him out of his lonely trance.

There, on the floor, was Midoriya, completely naked, passed out, head pressed on the wooden floor, with a light-blue haired Alpha above him and thrusting into him with merciless speed and force. And another Alpha, probably Midoriya's mate, was chained to the wall and forced to watch this horrifying spectacle.

Eijirou found it hard to breathe.

“Midoriya! What are you doing?! Get off him!” He made a determined step into the room, he wanted to rip this bastard off of his friend, but Bakugou just grabbed his much smaller neck and choked him while pulling him back.

“Ha”, the Alpha chuckled and slowed down before coming with a low grunt. He panted, Midoriya was as still as a corpse. “I'm not going off my Omega so soon, Omega”, the man taunted with malicious intent and glared lustful daggers at him.

“When did you bring him here?”, Bakugou just asked and his grip tightened, causing Eijirou to gasp for air.

“About an hour ago”, the man said and stood up, pulling his pants back up before grabbing Midoriya and putting him back on the bed.

“We'll talk later”, Bakugou said and rolled his eyes when Shigaraki chained Midoriya's ankles to the bed and then climbed over him again. Eijirou's eyes snapped up to Bakugou.

“Please”, he croaked out. Bakugou glared at him. “Please don't let him do this.” Tears collected in his eyes and Bakugou huffed, his grip tightened again and Eijirou had to fight for air.

“Bye bye”, the Alpha mocked him and Midoriya's mate groaned loudly, aggression hidden behind helpless tears. Bakugou looked at him with some kind of primal hunger.

“I want to kill him so badly”, he snarled, but then just turned around, slammed the door and pulled Eijirou with him.

“Please, please, I beg you”, he choked out and grabbed Bakugou's shirt. Bakugou finally let go of his throat and turned to Eijirou, slowly putting his arms around his waist and pulling him closer. “Please don't let him hurt Midoriya. He's my friend. Please … .”

Tears ran down his cheeks, burning hot and painful as he tried to forget the stinging scorch in his throat. Bakugou sighed and stroked over his cheeks.

“Let's make you some dinner first”, he just said and Eijirou couldn't help the guilty feeling any longer. He started crying and sought comfort in the only warmth there currently was. And that was Bakugou. He clung to his shirt, burying his fingers in the soft fabric. Bakugou just hugged him and pulled him closer, apparently enjoying the shared moment for now.

Eijirou grit his teeth in determination. He would get out of here. With Midoriya and with his mate. He took a deep breath and calmed his tears, turning off his feelings for now and pushed Bakugou away.

“I'll cook”, he just stated with an empty voice.

Bakugou gladly showed him the kitchen upstairs and where everything was. He showed him the utensils and the food with pride.

“Since when have you planned this?”, Eijirou asked with a deadpan as he grabbed a pot, adding water to it.

“Well, I saw the farmhouse one day. It was for sale and I immediately fell in love with it. I just had to imagine our pups running around the many fields and enjoying the nature”, Bakugou gushed and blushed. Eijirou stared at him with hatred in his eyes.

“Ah, so that's why”, he just replied and focused on cooking. He also wanted to have something for Midoriya later. He would need it. And maybe he could sneak something to Todoroki.

The cooking took around one and a half hour. They ate in silence for another half hour and then it was another half hour until that vile Alpha finally came up the stairs, a wide and wicked grin on his face. Eijirou realized just now how malicious that man looked.

The man took a cigarette and started smoking, shortly glancing at Eijirou before letting himself fall on the couch with a content grunt.

“How did it go with the nerd?”, Bakugou asked and prepared a plate for the Alpha.

“Oh, we had sex like our life depended on it. Dear Shouto even got to watch sometimes”, he said before he smirked. “Well, all the time actually.” Eijirou wanted to throw that plate into his face.

“Why is his Alpha here?”, Bakugou then asked with a hiss and gave the plate to the man who took it without a word.

“Former Alpha. I have plans for him. A little money on the side”, the man just shrugged and deeply inhaled the smoke.

“So your little drug show isn't going well right now?”, Bakugou teased with a mean smirk and the man rolled his eyes.

“It's going fantastic. Better than your search for a job any time. How many months have you been unemployed now?”, the Alpha mocked him and smiled widely. Bakugou growled and changed the subject again.

“So how do you want to make money with him?”, he asked instead and the Alpha looked at his food, trying to figure out where to start.

“An orbusexual guy who's into Alphas specifically. He's gonna have a lot of fun taming him”, he said with a grin and finally dug into his food. “God, this tastes good.”

“Thank Eiji for it. He cooked”, Bakugou said and downed a glass of water.

“Thanks, Omega”, the Alpha nodded and continued eating.

“I still want to kill this bastard”, Bakugou snarled and growled threateningly.

“We're in a civilized society nowadays. I can use him for my benefit other than killing him and throwing his corpse out for the crows to feed on”, the man said and Bakugou huffed.

“I fucking know. Just makes me so aggressive. If he hadn't intervened … . He probably hid Deku somewhere! Otherwise I might've found him again!”, Bakugou suddenly yelled and punched the table full force.

Eijirou flinched and Bakugou noticed, softly taking his hand and apologizing in a soft whisper. The Alpha rolled his eyes.

“You really cling to old things, don't you? He's my Omega now and after some time, he will finally move on and forget that two-colored candy cane”, the Alpha said and took another bite.

“Maybe. But I moved on now”, Bakugou said and looked at Eijirou with a soft smile. Eijirou just averted his eyes. This conversation was annoying him. He was getting so frustrated and furious, he had never before felt like that.

The Alpha suddenly looked at his watch.

“He should arrive soon. You better put your best foot forward”, the Alpha warned and put his half-eaten plate back on the counter. “I'll go get the Alpha.”

With that, he disappeared down the stairs again. Eijirou wondered if Midoriya was still passed out. He carefully stood up and took the pot.

“Can I …”, he carefully started and Bakugou looked at him in confusion. “Can I bring … Midoriya something to eat?” Bakugou sighed.

“You can go to him later. I'll bring him his food. First, I need to talk to him. I finally want to know why he left me just like that”, he whispered, old anger flared in his eyes.

“Will you hurt him?”, Eijirou asked, his gaze was accusing when Bakugou stared back. He growled.

“'Course not. Never could and never would. He was still my mate at some point. I just want to finally clear things up and then forget about it”, Bakugou said and averted his eyes in annoyance. Eijirou had a slight suspicion. But his thoughts were interrupted when he heard loud groaning, the chilly jangling of chains and the aggressive steps up the stairs.

Eijirou put the pot back on the stove and prepared two new plates, one for Midoriya and one for Todoroki.

“Don't … be so difficult!”, the Alpha hissed and pulled Todoroki up, causing him to stumble and crash on the hard, wooden floor.

The Alpha chained Todoroki to the wall.

“By the way, my pretty, little bean woke up. If you want to talk to him, you can do it now”, the Alpha said, glancing at Bakugou with a knowing glint in his eyes.

Eijirou just ignored both of them and went to Todoroki, placing a plate before him, Bakugou and the other Alpha watched him with disapproval. Eijirou carefully released the gag and Todoroki yanked at the chains again.

“I'm sorry”, Eijirou whispered and Todoroki managed to calm down a little bit. But then, suddenly his gaze turned to Bakugou, he scanned him up and down, then his eyes narrowed.

“You. You're the one who raped Izuku in middle school!”, he hissed and again, tried to get out of the chains.

“I wouldn't exactly call it raping when he consented”, Bakugou said and rolled his eyes, taking the plate that was meant for Midoriya.

“I'll fucking kill you!”, Todoroki yelled and violently yanked at the chains, almost tearing his skin at his wrists.

“You can't, Halfie. I got over Deku and you will do the same, it's not that hard”, Bakugou just huffed and took the plate downstairs.

“Please calm down”, Eijirou tried to comfort him, but Todoroki shook his head.

“No! He's going down there, to Izuku. He's going to be all alone with that … bastard!”, Todoroki said with desperation and new tears in his eyes. Eijirou wanted to cry with him.

“He needs this, idiot”, the man said and came closer. “Because when he's all soft and upset after that, he wants to be comforted and will cling to me!”, the Alpha hissed with obvious hatred for Todoroki. He bared his teeth.

“Fuck you, Shigaraki!”

“Need another beating!” It wasn't a question.

“Calm down! Both!”, Eijirou yelled and stood between them. He turned to the Alpha, Shigaraki. “You, prepare for whoever is coming here. Leave him alone.” Shigaraki backed off with a growl. “You”, he turned to Todoroki. “You need to eat.” He got much gentler and softly lifted the fork up to meet Todoroki's mouth.

“How can I? How can I eat here while the love of my life is down there in this cold basement, all alone with that rapist? I'm the worst”, Todoroki whispered and then succumbed to his tears, fully crying.

Shigaraki just chuckled and then rolled his eyes, walking out the front door. Eijirou looked after him and made sure that the Alpha was gone before he turned to Todoroki and hugged him.

“I'm really sorry. We will get out of here. I won't just submit to them”, Eijirou said. He needed to give Todoroki the strength he needed. “Listen”, he started and looked deep into his eyes. “They are going to sell you to an orbusexual man. You can probably imagine what that will mean.” Todoroki's eyes went wide. “You have to be strong and hold out. For Midoriya.” New tears welled up in Todoroki's eyes, but then he looked up with determination flaming in his heterochromatic orbs and nodded. He would stay strong. And Eijirou would stay strong, too.

He smiled lightly and offered Todoroki another bite. This time, he carefully accepted it. It would help him and give him some energy.

“How's Midoriya?”, Eijirou then carefully asked and Todoroki stopped eating, head hanging low.

“Very bad. He tried to protect me and told Shigaraki that he already loved him and forgot about me. But Shigaraki noticed. When he first brought me in there … Izuku was … . He was passed out, a-and … . Shigaraki just continued raping him, although he didn't move and was passed out”, Todoroki told him and new tears of guilt streamed down his face. Eijirou felt so bad.

“Everything will be okay”, he tried to comfort him, but Todoroki lashed out.

“No! Nothing will be okay!”, he snapped at him. “Shigaraki raped him in front of me! Several times! I have to watch while my mate suffers and I can do nothing! I'm fucking useless! And he just used him like a doll, again and again and again even though he was passed out! And he looked so guilty, too. As if he thought that I would hate him now. I just want to tell him that I love him no matter what!”

Todoroki started a fit and cried loudly, Eijirou abandoned all food and just hugged him, tightly wrapping his arms around him.

“I'm so sorry!”, he whimpered and started sobbing as well.

“It's not your fault …”, Todoroki croaked and continued crying.

And that's how they stayed for a while.


Izuku was lying on the bed. He didn't want to move. Shigaraki had taken Shouto upstairs. He had woken up to aching limbs. He didn't want to know what Shigaraki had done to him and what Shouto had witnessed.

He was still naked and he shivered, the cold creeping under the blanket that was firmly draped over his body. He carefully stared at the door, as if expecting someone. Then he looked back down and stared at the floor. It was cold.

The door opened. Izuku expected Shigaraki and didn't look at the newcomer. If Shigaraki raped him again, he would just want it to be over. But the scent that engulfed him was weird. Strange. Sharp somehow. Different than Shigaraki's.

Izuku's empty eyes slowly wandered to the door. His eyes went wide and his body froze in fear, too much was similar, too much was like it had been back then.

Instead of a grown Alpha, Izuku just saw a much younger Bakugou with food in his hands, the school uniform from their middle school just leisurely thrown over his torso right after another punishment with Izuku chained up against the cold basement wall, the concrete stinging his back and tearing at his skin.

Izuku was fifteen again.

“Deku”, Bakugou said and suddenly, the image shifted, adult Bakugou was in front of him, kneeling down before him and placing a plate on the bed.

Bakugou sighed and then reached out to touch him, but Izuku just flinched and backed off, violently moving all of a sudden, pressing himself against the wall, the chains rustling loudly, the sound painful in his ears.

“Stay away! You stay away from ME!”, he screamed in fear and fury, wanting Bakugou gone. The Alpha just sighed again.

“I'll go”, he said and a small hope bloomed in Izuku's chest, a small flame that he had learned to ignore. “If you answer one question for me.” Bakugou stared at him in defiance. He wouldn't leave until Izuku would answer that one question.

His eyes were blown wide from the panic. He wanted Bakugou to leave, to be gone, away, away from him!

When he didn't answer, Bakugou assumed that Izuku agreed.

“Why did you leave me?”, he asked and Izuku's face twisted in fury. “Why did you move away without telling me?”

Izuku couldn't control his anger.

“We have nothing to talk about, Bakugou! You're a monster and I hope you die!”, he snarled, hissing in open aggression when Bakugou wanted to get closer.

“Deku …”, Bakugou growled and averted his eyes. “Just … . This one question. Please. I don't want to make the same mistake again.”

“Again?? HA! You already made the same mistake twice!”, Izuku snarled and started to laugh like a crazy madman. Bakugou's eyes slightly widened. “Not only did you bully me for no apparent reason other than a terrible inferiority complex, but then you just proclaimed that you loved me and raped me, Bakugou! You raped me!”

“I didn't rape you! You consented!”, Bakugou finally snapped and growled dangerously, but Izuku was way too furious.

“Yes! How could I forget! From all the 'no's and all the screams and all the crying and all the begging for you to fucking stop! From all these signs that I did not consent, you interpreted them as a 'yes'! Right, forgive me for forgetting your fucking stupidity!”, Izuku shouted.

Bakugou's eyes went wide and he slowly looked down, eyes hidden by his spiky bangs.

“I never wanted you as my mate, but you didn't care! You care about nothing but your own desires! And now you're doing the same to Kirishima!”

That was the final straw. Izuku suddenly felt a huge hand around his throat, the tight squeeze only getting tighter and more painful.

All words forgotten, all sentences gone, just pure primal instinct that clawed at the big hand that was choking him, he desperately gasped for air, forgetting who was choking him.

He saw the furious, piercing red eyes before him, before they suddenly went wide in shock, immediately letting him go.

Izuku sank back into the mattress, coughing and inhaling new oxygen, relieving pain spread in his throat, sore and burning, itching.

Bakugou stood up in shock, slowly staring at his own hands, wanting to say something, if Izuku focused, he could hear a faint series of 'sorry's. Bakugou slowly backed off, desperately reaching for the door handle, but too shocked to be able to grab it, missing it several times.

Izuku regained some of his strength, took the plate and then just threw it right at Bakugou, missing his face by only an inch or two, the plate shattered into thousands of shards, the food hitting the wall and the floor, the sawing sound destroyed his ears.

Bakugou looked absolutely shocked, crushed and confused.

“I hate you!”, Izuku yelled and Bakugou finally turned around, fleeing out the room. “I hate you! You hear me! I hate you! Die! Where the fuck is my mate?!”

The door shut and Izuku continued trembling, breathing heavily and fast, before he let out a violent scream that tore his heart apart.


Eijirou was nervous. That had been quite a commotion down there. Suddenly, someone had started yelling. Eijirou hoped that Midoriya was alright, Todoroki was worried as hell.

But then Bakugou walked up, looking pale and white as a sheet. He looked horrified. What did Midoriya say to him? What did he yell at him? Eijirou couldn't help but feel bad for Bakugou in this moment. But he was afraid to say something.

So Bakugou just continued breathing heavily and then slumped down on the couch next to Eijirou, burying his face in his hands.

“So”, Eijirou tried and Bakugou didn't react. “You're unemployed?” Bakugou huffed.

“Not anymore. I'm Shigaraki's bodyguard now”, Bakugou just croaked out. There was another moment of silence and then Bakugou took a very long, very deep breath and looked up. “I'm better now.”

With these words, he looked exactly like before, as if nothing had bothered him in the first place.

“What happened with Midori-”

“Shut up, I don't want to talk about it”, Bakugou growled and glared at him. Eijirou flinched and Bakugou's eyes immediately got much softer. Whatever happened down there, it made Bakugou realize something. But what that was, Eijirou didn't know.

Bakugou slowly wrapped his arms around Eijirou and pulled him closer, cradling him in his broad, muscled arms and pressing him against his chest.

“I'm sorry”, he just whispered and gave him a soft kiss on his head. Todoroki was eyeing this situation with careful movements and suspicion.

Suddenly, they heard a car out front, a pretty loud engine. Bakugou let go of him and Eijirou stayed seated while Bakugou stood up and walked towards the door. When he opened the door, Shigaraki entered. Bakugou quickly gave Eijirou a signal to stay quiet.

Eijirou nodded and in came a third Alpha. He was tall, with an orange trench coat and a black top hat. His whole attire felt like a magician. Eijirou felt uncomfortable, his dark, curly hair somehow made him look even more threatening.

So that guy was orbusexual, someone who reacted and loved the second genders he couldn't naturally reproduce with, Alpha men and Beta men.

“So, let's get straight to the main attraction, my old friend. Where's the Alpha?”, the man asked and Shigaraki grunted.

“Impatient as always, Sako”, he grunted in annoyance.

“Why waste my time with meaningless talk when I can cut right to the chase?”, Sako asked and tipped his hat. His gaze met Eijirou's and a look of distaste marked his face. Eijirou had met orbusexual people before. They were the nicest people on earth, but this guy … . Somehow his presence sent chills down his spine.

“An … Omega. How delightful”, he said with sarcasm and turned to Shigaraki. “Are you trying to mock me?” Oh, so that was the reason. He thought, Shigaraki was offering Eijirou to him, an Omega. That would be like punch to the face.

“Not the Omega. That's my mate”, Bakugou huffed and closed the door. Shigaraki frowned.

“The Alpha is behind the couch, securely chained to the wall. Take a look”, Shigaraki said and motioned behind Eijirou.

Sako now moved without much hesitation, seeming extremely excited. Eijirou slowly turned around with them, he saw how Todoroki unconsciously cowered a little under the now very stunned and thrilled stare of the other Alpha.

“Oh, what do we have here?”, Sako asked in a mocking tune and wanted to grab Todoroki's chin, but he just turned his face.

“Don't fucking touch me!”, he snarled and reached out to bite the foreign Alpha's hand. Sako quickly pulled his hand back.

“A rather defiant one”, he said with a smirk. And not the good kind. He turned to Shigaraki and Bakugou. “A nice deal. You didn't exaggerate, Shigaraki.” The man sat down on one of the armchairs.

Bakugou sat down next to Eijirou, partially shielding him, Shigaraki sat down next to Bakugou and eyed Sako with annoyance.

“So, it's a deal then, Sako?”, Shigaraki said and scratched at his neck.

“Probably, but enough about me. We can talk about business later”, Sako chuckled and tipped his hat again, Shigaraki's eyes slightly widened in confusion. “Now that I confirmed the Alpha's presence and worth, we can have a nice and friendly chat”, he smiled at Shigaraki.

“I don't want to have a chat with you”, Shigaraki stated and tilted his head, looking grim.

“So harsh”, Sako smirked. “How are things going with your newly obtained Omega? Deku, I think was it? That's what your new bodyguard called him at the official meeting at least.”

“Good for now. He's adjusting”, Shigaraki said and then glared at the Alpha. “You better focus on your own 'newly obtained Alpha', don't you think?”

Sako looked at Shouto again.

“That delicious looking Alpha will be the start of a great relationship, I can tell”, he said and licked his lips.

“Eww, keep your orbusexuality in your own room”, Shigaraki huffed, weirded out and looking very much confused.

“Good, you do that with your filiusexuality”, Sako said with a chuckle. Eijirou found this whole conversation weird. That guy was so open with his orbusexuality like any other Alpha with his filiusexuality. The 'normal', 'natural' sexuality where you were attracted to second genders you could have children with.

Eijirou didn't have anything against orbusexuality, or overall just loving whoever you loved, but somehow … . That Sako … . Something about his openness was weird. And slimy … . And dangerous. Eijirou gulped. This would not end well for Shouto.

“And you were once in a relationship with Shigaraki's Omega? Isn't it weird now? How did you two meet anyway?”, Sako finally asked and looked Bakugou up and down. Bakugou just rolled his eyes with a grunt.

“We met through stalking”, Shigaraki just said and Sako's eyebrows furrowed.

“Stalking?”, he asked.

“Yeah. We both noticed each other at that office after a while, but I never went inside. He also never told me who he liked. He just told me it was the Omega at the front desk. I was kinda shocked when I found out that he meant Deku”, Bakugou admitted and suddenly snaked an arm around Eijirou's waist, pulling him closer.

“How delightful! A match made in Heaven”, Sako cheered and stretched his limbs.

“I thought you hated transactions like these! What are you still doing here?”, Shigaraki finally asked and violently scratched at his neck in annoyance and frustration. Sako blinked.

“I'm not leaving anytime soon”, he just stated calmly and Shigaraki's eye twitched.

“Why not? I want to go back to my Omega instead of amusing you”, Shigaraki said and Bakugou huffed in agreement.

“Why leave when I can stay the night in this lovely farmhouse and have a taste?”, Sako smirked and Shigaraki sighed.

“You didn't even pay for him yet”, he snarled.

“And I won't”, Sako shamelessly admitted, but before Shigaraki could lash out, Sako held up a hand and stopped him. “Let's just say I want to have a little sample. If I'm satisfied, you'll get your money tomorrow and the Alpha will come with me.”

Shigaraki pondered over this for a moment before relaxing into the couch again.

“Sounds okay. But no money tomorrow and I'll kill you”, Shigaraki threatened. Sako just laughed.

“You could never!”, he teased him. Shigaraki pouted and then just stood up.

“You can have the room upstairs. Bakugou, you know which room, show him”, Shigaraki ordered, Eijirou quickly looked between them, slightly panicking.

“Can't keep it in your pants for a while?”, Bakugou said with a frown and Shigaraki smiled viciously.

“What can I say? I never liked sex before, but now it's like I'm addicted!”, he hissed with euphoria and wanted to go downstairs. Sako stood up, followed by Bakugou and they went to get Shouto. Eijirou couldn't wait any longer.

“No! Wait!”, he called out and jumped after Shigaraki, grabbing his arm.

“What the fuck?”, Shigaraki snarled and turned to him, aggressively glaring at him, but not moving to hit him in any way.

“Please, let me see him! I want to talk to him, please”, he begged and Shigaraki's gaze hardened, but also softened in some way.


“Bakugou already said that before. Not later, now!”, Eijirou demanded and suddenly felt Bakugou's firm grip around his arm, pulling him away from Shigaraki.

“He decides when you will see him. If he's not okay with it now, he will be some other time”, Bakugou argued and glared at him. Eijirou gulped. Something seemed as if he had made a mistake. He would probably find out soon.

With these words, Shigaraki continued on his way downstairs while Bakugou let go of him, slightly leaning down.

“You called me 'Bakugou'. I'm not happy about that”, the Alpha growled with a seductive tone to his voice and Eijirou's eyes widened, shivers raking down his spine.

Then, Bakugou joined Sako and they grabbed Todoroki.

“Don't fucking touch me!”, he yelled and Eijirou turned around. Todoroki was fighting, but he couldn't do much. Bakugou gagged him again with a new piece of cloth and then they both proceeded to drag the Alpha upstairs. Eijirou threw an apologetic and guilty glance at him while Todoroki continued to struggle. He looked down at him once though, tears gathering in his heterochromatic eyes, pleading.

But there was nothing Eijirou could do. And they both knew that.

Eijirou plopped down on the couch again, not ready for what might happen later with Bakugou. He didn't want to accustom. He didn't want to speak out Bakugou's first name. He didn't want to do anything in that regard.

It didn't take long until Bakugou came back down. He walked up to him without much of a word and grabbed his arm before yanking him up. Eijirou yelped and wanted to protest, but he didn't get far anyway.

They heard a door slam, then loud stomps up the stairs. Shigaraki?

When the Alpha emerged from the staircase, he was absolutely fuming.

“He has bruising around his neck! What the fuck happened?!”, he yelled, immediately grabbing Bakugou by the shirt and pushing him on the couch. Bakugou's eyes widened, but then he just averted his eyes and admitted his deed.

“I choked him …”, he said and Eijirou unconsciously covered his own throat, knowing the feeling, although maybe not enough. Bakugou had never been so mad at him before, he couldn't even imagine what buttons Midoriya had pressed to get Bakugou to choke him that hard … .

Shigaraki's initial fury was suddenly replaced by a cold voice.

“What?”, he asked, fully calm. Somehow, that was even more unsettling than him being angry and throwing a tantrum like a child.

“Listen, I'm sorry”, Bakugou immediately said and held up his hands. “I didn't mean to hurt him. He kept yelling at me and I lost it. I won't go near him anymore, I promise.”

Shigaraki eyed him for a second before sighing.

“You better”, he said with an icy tone.

“What?”, Bakugou asked, surprised and suspicious.

“Don't be so wary. I can understand it. If I understand one thing it's that having a mate can cause you to short-circuit sometimes. And my pretty bean left you without notice, never to be seen again, claimed that he didn't love you and now you see him again. That can be hard”, Shigaraki admitted. Eijirou never would've thought he was that kind of guy.

“But”, Shigaraki then started and Bakugou looked at him, completely aware how much he fucked up and listened closely, “you raise your hand against MY Omega one more time and I will let all of my subordinates take turns with yours.” Bakugou's eyes widened. Shigaraki smirked. “And you will watch while they fuck him into oblivion.”

Suddenly, Bakugou was on his feet in no seconds.

“Leave Eijirou out of this! He didn't hurt Deku, I did! If I ever do that again, just kill me”, Bakugou proclaimed, but Shigaraki shook his head with a chuckle.

“I know you did it. It's just that I prefer to watch people suffer while being alive. It brings me no joy when they're dead. And neither would you”, Shigaraki threatened and Bakugou was stunned completely silent. There was an uncomfortable moment, even if Eijirou had consented to all of this, he'd feel just as out of place as he did now.

“So, now that that's settled, let's get back to our routine”, Shigaraki cheered and turned around. “I wanted to fuck my mate. And feed him, he didn't eat yet. Oh! But first his second surprise! That'll cheer him up after you were so harsh to him! I'll need your Omega”, he suddenly said and quickly prepared a new plate for Midoriya. Bakugou sighed.

“Come on, go, you can finally meet Deku again”, Bakugou said and slightly nudged Eijirou towards the basement stairs.

Eijirou gulped. Shigaraki rushed to him and gave him the plate.

“You go to him first, he will be happy for sure!”, Shigaraki said with confidence and Eijirou just nodded numbly.

Bakugou stayed upstairs while Shigaraki led Eijirou downstairs. Somehow, Eijirou was starting to get nervous. How would Midoriya react?

Shigaraki led him to the hallway until they halted before the same door Eijirou had already seen earlier. Shigaraki opened it and signaled Eijirou to stay outside for now.

There was an eerie silence.

“Pretty bean, how are you?”, Shigaraki asked in a sickly sweet voice. There was quiet shuffling, probably Midoriya turning away from him. Shigaraki chuckled.

“I thought you might still be mad, pretty bean. That's why I got you your second surprise”, he offered. Eijirou tried to catch a glimpse inside. But he didn't have to wait any longer. Shigaraki fully opened the door and waved Eijirou inside.

Eijirou slowly came closer. He felt his nerves sparking and rioting inside him. He felt a hidden aggression coming from that room and although it wasn't directed at him, it made him just as nervous.

Midoriya way lying on the bed, turned away from them as he had assumed. However, when Eijirou lingered for a while and his scent managed to make its way over to Midoriya, he shifted slightly and carefully turned his head to glance at him.

Clear tears ran down his cheeks and Eijirou heard him whimper in emotional pain. He needed someone right away.

Eijirou almost dropped the plate as he rushed to Midoriya's side, dumped the food on the nightstand and hugged Midoriya's naked, cold form. He heard Shigaraki leave and quietly closing the door while Midoriya full on clung to him, crying heavily.

“I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!”, he sobbed and Eijirou couldn't stop his own tears.

“Not your fault. It's not your fault”, Eijirou comforted him.

For a long time, they only cried into each other's arms, not caring about anything else for the moment. And it lasted for several minutes, very long minutes, until Midoriya slightly calmed down and just relaxed into his shoulder.

“I'm sorry you have to be here, too”, Midoriya said and pressed Eijirou more against him. Eijirou leaned into the touch. The first touch he really wanted since Bakugou had … done things.

“It's not your fault. Bakugou and Shigaraki met while stalking us. You couldn't have prevented any of this”, Eijirou tried to comfort him, but Midoriya just let out a pathetic sob.

“It is! If I hadn't left Bakugou back then”, he started sobbing again. “I-If I had just stayed with him. It wouldn't have been that bad. Not as bad as it is now … .” Midoriya full on started crying, the hot tears soaking Eijirou's shirt. “It's all my fault. If I had stayed with Bakugou, I never would've taken that job in the office … .” Now his voice was just a mere whimper. “He never would've met you … . And Shigaraki never would've met me. It's all my fault because I ran away.”

“Hey, no!”, Eijirou said and cupped Midoriya's face, lifting his chin so that he had to look at Eijirou. “You're not to blame for wanting to be free and happy! Don't you dare blame yourself for actions that others did! Bakugou didn't learn from his mistakes and repeats them in this very moment. And Shigaraki might've met you anyway. And then he would've taken you away from Bakugou. Then it would be Bakugou up there with an overly thirsty Alpha! And you would've had no one to help you. You would've just been passed on like a sex doll. And I could never imagine you in a situation like this all on your own … .” Eijirou's eyes softened as Midoriya whimpered and new tears rolled down his cheeks.

“Please, Midoriya”, Eijirou begged and hugged him again. “This is not your fault.”

“We need to get out”, Midoriya choked out between sobs.

“I know”, Eijirou assured him, but then, suddenly, Midoriya's body stilled and the cries stopped.

“What do you mean with 'an overly thirsty Alpha'?” Midoriya slowly looked up, eyes swollen and looking exhausted and tired. “Where is Shouto?”, he asked with a broken and raw voice. Eijirou sniffled full of guilt. He averted his eyes.

“Upstairs. They let him alone with an orbusexual Alpha. They want to sell him. If the Alpha is satisfied in the morning, he'll buy him”, Eijirou croaked out and Midoriya stiffened.

“Then we don't have much time”, he whispered and pushed himself away from Eijirou.

“Time for what? Escaping?”, Eijirou asked. Midoriya nodded.

“I did it once. I can do it again”, he said, his sadness now replaced with pure determination that blazed in his eyes. “We all can get out. It is already too late for both of us, but maybe we can save Shouto. You can get access to Bakugou's phone if you play nice.”

There was a moment of silence where Eijirou just froze, his limbs locking in place and not moving as he stared at Midoriya wide-eyed.

“W-What?”, he was utterly shocked, horrified, scared. He trembled just thinking about what that suggestion implied.

“Tell him how much you love him! That he passed the trials and you now accept him! Give him a nickname, anything!”, Midoriya begged, the expression on his face was so incredibly desperate. But Eijirou couldn't. No … .

“I-I … I can't! I can't just … .”

“You have to!”, Midoriya insisted and grabbed his shoulders, lightly shaking him.

“I can't … I can't just possibly fool him! The things he will do to me if he'll find out! He'll never believe me!”, he stuttered, new tears burning in his eyes.

“Kirishima”, Midoriya tried to calm him.

“I-I can't fool him! He'll find out! He'll find out! They'll punish us all. I can't! Please, Midoriya, don't make me do this!”, he begged and started crying, Midoriya just watching him with a very dark expression. Eijirou was scared, he was so terrified that Midoriya would force him, but none of that happened.

Midoriya just carefully stroked his hair and lifted his head to look at him. He smiled gently while tears were running down his cheeks.

“It's okay, Kirishima … . I understand”, he just said and Eijirou couldn't take the guilt.

“I'm sorry!”, he cried and then stood up, rushing outside and slamming the door. On the way up, he nearly crashed into Shigaraki.

“Done already?”, he asked with a smirk. Eijirou glared at him and just ran past him upstairs to the living room and the kitchen. He tried to calm down and managed to look mostly normal apart from his red, puffy eyes.

Bakugou was still on the couch, typing something on his phone. He looked up at Eijirou once he noticed him. His eyes widened.

“What happened, Eiji?”, he asked and stood up, immediately coming over to him and wrapping his arms around him. Eijirou just accepted the touch with a sigh.

“Got a little emotional”, he lied and Bakugou hugged him tighter.

“I'd love to show you our room. Would you like that?”, he asked in an attempt to cheer him up. Eijirou just nodded, because what else was there he could do?

He couldn't fool Bakugou, he would never buy it … . Eijirou would just make it worse for all of them, they would be punished and it would be all Eijirou's fault. Because he had failed to put up a simple act. He couldn't do this!

Bakugou led him past the table and down a hallway. The first door on the left was their destination. Bakugou opened it and let Eijirou go inside first. Though it felt more like trapping him inside this room so that he couldn't back out.

Eijirou took in the decoration. There was a bookshelf on the left, filled with thick novels. Then there was a bed in the right corner and a desk, also on the right side of the room, but closer to the door. Eijirou felt a huge pressure in his lungs. His breathing sped up and he clutched his chest.

“I-I can't do this”, he panicked and wanted to turn around. “I can't do this!” He fully panicked and wanted to run past Bakugou, but the Alpha easily blocked the only exit with his huge arm. “Let me out, please!”, he begged, tears streaming down his face.

He couldn't stop all these horrible, terrifying images in his head from popping up, he only saw his future life with Bakugou right in this small, confined room.

Bakugou grabbed his waist and lifted him up, simply carrying him into the room and then closing the door and locking it. Eijirou wiggled and struggled, but the grip was too firm and he felt as helpless as never before.

“Let me out of here!”, he cried and tried to aim a nice kick at Bakugou's lower stomach. Eijirou saw Bakugou roll his eyes and then just grab his leg before he could even properly haul off. Bakugou was getting really mad and growled threateningly while throwing him on the bed.

“How many more times do I have to show you that I'm serious! I'll never stop pursuing you, Eiji”, Bakugou yelled, his voice turning into an icy whisper at the end.

“I don't want this! This is too fast!”, Eijirou argued and shook his head with ragged breathing, trying to stop the tears, but they kept on coming.

“I've had it with playing nice! The last time I did that my mate ran away and broke my heart!”, Bakugou yelled all of a sudden. Eijirou wanted to respond, but when he saw the lifted hand, the words got stuck in his throat. The pain was worse than he imagined it. Probably because Bakugou was so damn strong and big. Eijirou didn't know what to think when his head was thrown to the side, he was too shocked to move or do anything other than lightly touch his cheek in confusion and fear.

“Aww, now don't look so sad”, Bakugou suddenly crooned and leaned closer to him. “It was only to remind you who's in charge. And that's a good thing. I will take care of you, I promise”, he said and then softly kissed the cheek he had just slapped seconds ago.

What had happened that Bakugou had lashed out like that? Everything had started when Bakugou had met Midoriya again. Was he maybe … ? Maybe he was … . He really was, wasn't he?

Eijirou got ripped out of his thoughts when Bakugou grabbed his face and pressed him into the mattress. He quickly opened his shirt. Eijirou could never imagine how much it would hurt if he had to act as if this was nothing serious, nothing painful.

He started crying heavily while Bakugou pinned him down and pulled his pants down. He didn't give him much room to struggle. He was naked way too fast for his liking and continued sobbing while Bakugou finally turned him around, not undressing himself.

Raping him from behind really seemed to be Bakugou's favorite. He also seemed so frustrated right now and didn't even prepare him this time. Eijirou heard the clatter of his belt as he opened his pants. It was a sound Eijirou detested.

Bakugou entered him, stretching him out to his absolute limits. Eijirou bit his lip and grunted in pain. He wasn't ready for any of this, his body not prepared or aroused in any way. But Bakugou knew that and so he stopped for a moment when he was fully inside.

“Love this angle”, Bakugou whispered and kissed his back. The electricity was painful to him. “Love to see how tiny you are.”

Eijirou sobbed, every little movement inside him tickled his nerves, it slowly made him hotter, a weird feeling of arousal forming in his stomach.

Bakugou slowly thrust inside him once, not backing off far, knowing full well that Eijirou wasn't ready yet. The sweet-smelling slick slowly started to make its way out of him, coating Bakugou's huge cock and his inner walls.

He whimpered when Bakugou thrust into him again, twice this time, the arousal slowly taking over and Bakugou finally started to move more frequently, the thrusts didn't hurt anymore, instead they felt electrifying, hot like burning iron, gliding back and forth so disgustingly easy.

Eijirou started fully crying as Bakugou sped up and leaned down to bury his face in the pillow. Arousal took complete control over his body, all governed by someone else, someone vile and controlling. By Bakugou.

Eijirou sobbed and desperately rubbed his face in the pillow. Bakugou sped up again, the claps of skin against skin was the only sound Bakugou seemed willing to listen to, thriving on it and sucking up the wet noises as he fucked his slick-oozing ass.

“Fuck!”, Bakugou huffed and firmly grabbed his hips, fingers digging into his skin. “So fucking tight …”, he breathed out before he groaned wildly.

Eijirou stifled a sob and moaned, the pleasure was too much to take. He felt the itching feeling coming, faster and faster, faster than he would've liked, but Bakugou was too fast, too rough and his body liked it too much.

Eijirou didn't last long and felt his entrance tighten around Bakugou's cock, grabbing it in a vice and brutally clamping down on him.

Bakugou groaned so loudly, it drowned out Eijirou's crying for a moment. Eijirou felt his orgasm build up as he came on the sheets, but Bakugou kept thrusting as the bliss took over his mind in this very second.

But, Bakugou hadn't come yet. And he didn't stop. The pleasure was gone all of a sudden, his entrance painfully tight, Bakugou's fast movements just kept on hurting him more and more, the overstimulation was too much to bear, he wanted the Alpha to stop!

“Too much! Too much!”, he begged and panted and tried to blink the stars on front of his inner eye away.

“You can take it, Eiji”, Bakugou grunted and threw himself harder against him.

“Just … stop … for a moment!!”, he whispered before yelling out all of his frustration. It was too much, he hated this feeling of no control, he hated how it made him hollow inside, writhing and screaming in agony as he was completely helpless.

Bakugou responded accordingly to him and just went faster. His grip on his waist tightened and he fucked him hard. He groaned again.

“You want this, Eiji. You need this”, he just told him through clenched teeth and Eijirou whined.

“I don't … . Please, why d-don't you … listen to me?”, he pressed out and started to wholeheartedly cry, his hot, endless tears staining the pillow.

Bakugou held out a lot longer than usual, so long, that even the pain started to become dull and the first hints of pleasure welled up again.

Suddenly, there was a loud crash. Bakugou stopped in his movements and Eijirou nearly rolled his eyes because of the relief he felt in that moment.

“Let go of me!”

“Just come with me, you'll love it!”

There was another crash, then a moment of silence, followed by frustrated grunts and quiet sobs. Eijirou felt really bad, but was much too exhausted to do something, to think something, to even feel something.

“Guess he moved Deku upstairs now”, Bakugou huffed and caught his breath in this short break.

“W-Will … he hurt him again?”, he asked, breathless. He still felt incredibly guilty, just letting Midoriya down like that. But just the ever present touch on his hips was enough to remind him that he could never fool this beast above him. Bakugou would notice. And then all of their lives would be hell.

Eijirou didn't want to be the cause of that.


Shigaraki had chained him to the wall. Again. But this time, it was upstairs. Izuku had put up quite the fight, but one hit and an unfortunate smash into the wall had beat some sense into him.

Now, he just let Shigaraki do whatever he wanted. Because Kirishima wouldn't help them all. Izuku could understand it, he had been in the same situation himself after all. And still, it hurt. It hurt so much he thought his heart would burst.

So it didn't matter. Shigaraki would win in the end. He would never leave his phone around Izuku unguarded. He was too cautious, too smart and much too focused. So he couldn't do anything by himself, not on such short notice.

Izuku moaned.

Shigaraki was currently fingering him while also giving him a blowjob. He shivered and whined in humiliation when Shigaraki spread his thighs wider to get better access to him.

Izuku's dick wasn't big, even for an Omega, he was rather small, both in body size and his male privates. And Shigaraki teased him about it endlessly. Told him how cute it looked. It made Izuku hot with embarrassment. He had never felt so horrible about his own body before.

Shouto had teased him, too. But Shouto had been gentle. Shouto had apologized afterwards. Always. Shouto never truly meant it. And Izuku had teased him back. He couldn't tease Shigaraki back. Because if he did, he would get a hit with the fist.

Shigaraki curled his fingers up and hit his prostate, Izuku moaned again. He finally needed a break. He didn't want to anymore. Did Shigaraki never have enough?

Shigaraki sucked on his dick and then let go, getting back up agonizingly slow. Then he smirked maliciously.

“Yeah, you like that, don't you?”, he asked and gave him a teasing lick which made Izuku tremble in pleasure, more slick flowing out of him and covering Shigaraki's fingers. “See how good it can be if you let me take the lead?” The smirk got wider.

Izuku trembled and a new wave of tears streamed down his flushed cheeks. He was completely helpless and at the mercy of this horrible man. He hated this. But Shigaraki loved every second of it. He would never stop. And now, this would be Izuku's life. And nothing he would ever do would change that. So why even fight anymore?

Shigaraki chuckled and cupped his cheek with his free hand, curling his fingers more and perfectly pressing against his prostate. Izuku mewled and Shigaraki pressed his thumb between Izuku's lips, coating them with saliva.

Shigaraki went back to licking over his sensitive skin, sucking at the base and swallowing the precome.

One more time, Shigaraki went all the way down while simultaneously hitting his prostate again and Izuku came with a loud moan, throwing his head back against the wall.

Shigaraki got off and out of him and huffed, a hungry grin on his face, straight-out creepy was that damn smile. Izuku didn't want to see it anymore. Shigaraki was, in his own way, much worse than Bakugou.

“You did so well, pretty bean”, he cooed and stroked his cheek. Izuku just let his head hang low in defeat. “How about that”, Shigaraki suggested and sat up, crawling next to him and pressing him against his body. “What about one last activity today? You seem so tired and you're so pretty when you're tired. You know, before today, I often watched you in your house. You're pretty at everything you do”, Shigaraki chuckled and kissed his head. Izuku leaned away.

“So, one last thing? For me?”, he asked and then took Izuku's chin, slightly moving his head around. “Oh yes, Tomura! I'd love to! Anything for you!”, he mocked him in a high voice. Izuku wanted to die.

With that, Shigaraki started laughing and stood back up. It was only when he opened his pants in front of Izuku's face that he felt the fear creep back into his limbs and veins.

“Now, that's something I've been dreaming of ever since I saw you suck on dear Shouto's cock for the first time. You really gave it your all back then. I wonder … . Will you give it your all to avoid this now, too?”, he asked with a sick smirk and tilted his head.

And he was right with one thing. Izuku would never let that cock inside his mouth. Not willingly. Shigaraki would need to use brute force.

Izuku glared up at him with defiance. Shigaraki just chuckled and grabbed his face in a vice. He slid his pants down just enough so that he could free his dick.

Izuku jerked his head, trying to yank it out of Shigaraki's grip, but he only got grabbed tighter. Shigaraki's grin widened, he was so enjoying his disobedience.

Shigaraki came closer and closer, ready to force Izuku to open his mouth, but he glared up at the Alpha one more time.

“I will bite you”, he said, cold and quiet. Shigaraki chuckled and just continued. Izuku's gaze hardened.

“Try it. Go on. See what will happen”, he threatened. Shigaraki really stopped. He really paused and hesitated for a moment, not wanting to risk getting his dick bitten off.

All his hatred, Izuku put all his hatred into his glare, sent to the Alpha above him, staring him down with vicious intent should he get any closer than he already was.

And so, finally, Shigaraki backed off and pulled his pants back up with a groan. Then, he walked out of the room and slammed the door so hard, Izuku felt the walls shake. He sighed in relief and gave in to his desperation.

He started crying and he knew, it wouldn't stop anytime soon. Nothing of this would stop anytime soon. He hated how it had all turned out and despite of what Kirishima had said, Izuku knew, deep down, it really was his fault. Then Kirishima hadn't been involved.

He utterly sobbed and pulled his cold legs closer to him, burying his face between his knees, unable to hug himself for comfort thanks to the chains that kept his wrists secured behind his back.

He wished he could go back in time, scream at his younger self for thinking he could ever escape an Alpha's grasp.

Alphas were so disgusting, they were animals. Not even claimed Omegas and Beta women were out of bounds for them, if they wanted the person, they would try to get them.

A prize to hoard. Izuku just cried harder. He wished this would be over.


Eijirou gasped when Bakugou grabbed his nipples, pinching them. He was still on all fours, although his strength started to waver. Bakugou still thrust inside him, slower this time, still clothed. Eijirou thought it was unfair.

He moaned loudly when Bakugou hit his prostate. He was gone in the bliss, his body enjoyed every second of it while his mind was locked up and tortured by this.

He was still crying, he didn't even know how he still had the water to produce more tears, he felt so drained and didn't know when Bakugou would finally be done.

Suddenly, they heard stomping steps and then their door got kicked open. Bakugou didn't seem disturbed, but Eijirou flinched, not only in fear and shock, but also in humiliation. He was fully naked while Bakugou was fully clothed.

Shigaraki grunted in frustration and walked inside.

“I'll need that ring gag”, he demanded, aggressive and furious. What did Midoriya do? Why does he have to hurt him so much?, Eijirou asked himself and stifled a sob.

“In the drawer”, Bakugou grunted and growled possessively while smacking against Eijirou's butt again. He moaned, embarrassed and hid his face in the pillow again.

Shigaraki strolled over there like it was the most normal thing to walk in on an acquaintance, room reeking of sex and slick and sweet pheromones.

“He's going to pay this time”, Shigaraki growled and Eijirou tensed.

“What did he do now?”, Bakugou asked and groaned, grabbing Eijirou's ass and kneading his skin there. Eijirou whimpered.

“He threatened to bite my dick off if I would try to get a blowjob!”, Shigaraki shouted and searched the drawer, his face lighting up immensely when he found the ring gag.

Eijirou stared at it with wide eyes, he remembered everything about that thing and what it made Bakugou able to do.

And that was the moment that Eijirou knew he couldn't just be selfish. Sure, it terrified him. But Shigaraki was hurting Midoriya. And he would continue hurting him, Bakugou would continue hurting Eijirou if he didn't do something now.

So he bit his lip and swallowed his fear. He had to.

“Wow, he never did that with me”, Bakugou chuckled and slowed down his pace again, Eijirou moaned again in pleasure, turning into a high-pitched whimper.

“Aww, lucky you”, Shigaraki spat. “Isn't this strange for you? Me, walking in and asking for a ring gag to face fuck your old mate?”, he then asked and Bakugou shrugged.

“Well, it's a little weird since me and the nerd had a thing once, but now it's different”, he just said and continued fucking into Eijirou.

“Aha. Anyways, thanks”, Shigaraki said and was out of the room. Bakugou sped up again and leaned over him, his breath brushing his hair.

Eijirou felt enormous guilt. Shigaraki would hurt Midoriya. In that way. Eijirou would put an end to this. He would save them.


Izuku was still crying when Shigaraki returned. He immediately tried to suppress his sobs and sniffles, but Shigaraki noticed anyway. Apparently, he loved to see him suffer, because he chuckled as if Izuku deserved this.

Izuku ducked his head when Shigaraki got closer. He grabbed his face in a painful grip and pulled him up, forcing him to look at this vile face of a monster.

“You know, Izuku?”, he asked and tilted Izuku's head. “When I want something, I just get it. I never asked for permission once in my entire life. And you won't be the first one to deny me the access to what I want.” It was a dark promise.

Izuku's eyes went wide when the Alpha got a ring gag out of his pocket. Izuku whimpered and threw his head to the side, trying to get rid of Shigaraki's hand, but in vain.

Shigaraki slapped him, hard. Izuku was shocked, his muscles loose. The Alpha grabbed his face again and shoved the ring gag into his mouth in a moment of weakness. When Izuku finally found the strength to move again, it was already too late and he uselessly tried to get the ring gag out with his tongue.

“That's more like it, pretty bean”, Shigaraki crooned and stroked his cheek, securing the ring gag and then working on his pants.

Izuku shook his head, sobbing and wanting the ring gag gone.

“Shh, it's alright, this is not going to hurt”, Shigaraki said with a dark smile. Izuku just cried more and leaned away as his eyes fell on the cock before his face.

He was terrified and frozen, he couldn't move, even if he wanted to. He felt Shigaraki's fingers, the feather light touch sent shivers down his spine, causing him to tremble.

And then, as he saw Shigaraki getting closer, he knew that he couldn't do anything. He knew that no matter how hard he would struggle now, it would make no difference.

Izuku was Shigaraki's Omega now. And he would not be able to change that.

So he went slack.

And gave up.


Eijirou stared at the ceiling. Bakugou was done, they had put fresh clothes on and now all Bakugou did was stare at him. He just lay next to him, softly stroking his chest and arms while he admired him. Eijirou didn't want to look at him.

Bakugou sighed dreamily.

“I love you, Eiji”, he said and gave him a deep kiss. Eijirou knew that. And he hated it. He hated everything about this.

Wordlessly, Eijirou stood up and readjusted the sleeping clothes in front of the mirror of the wardrobe. He looked like a mess. Hair standing into every direction, eyes red and tired. Overall, he looked completely exhausted. And he felt like it, too.

His whole body ached from the sex they'd had. His waist was hurting because Bakugou had grabbed him so tightly. He felt shivers creeping over his back, icy fear spreading in his body. He wanted to help, but he was still unsure if he could do this. He was still terrified.

“You know, you have a lot in common”, Bakugou suddenly said and Eijirou's gaze flicked over to him. He could only mean Midoriya, couldn't he? “Your smile is as bright as his. Your heart is as big as his. You're kind, you're loving and caring, tender, you could never hurt anyone on purpose. With Deku, it was my fault because I bullied him and drove him away. I'm not repeating this mistake and have you break my heart just like Deku did”, Bakugou growled with determination.

Eijirou knew it. He knew it and he had already thought so earlier.

“You're not fully over him”, he finally spoke the silent truth, eyes glaring into Bakugou's rotten, black soul.

“I never was and I never will be. But I'm with you now. You're the one I want to spend my life with. Deku left me”, he admitted and stood up, slowly walking over to him. He wrapped his arms around his waist and gave him another long kiss, on his cheek this time.

“And I'll leave you, too, if you don't change your behavior”, Eijirou stated coldly, eyes blank.

“Don't you dare do this to me …”, Bakugou whined, like a child that didn't want to give up its favorite toy, as he leaned closer and buried his face in the crook of his neck.

“I will if you don't change”, Eijirou just said again, same piercing coldness in his voice.

“I'm behaving totally normal!”, Bakugou suddenly yelled and lashed out, throwing a punch at the wardrobe while still having a painfully tight grip around his lower body, pulling him only closer as he trembled with barely detained fury.

Eijirou flinched horribly, for a moment, emotions took over again and he was afraid again, openly afraid, trembling.

“How many more times?!”, Bakugou asked and let go of him, Eijirou backed off in shock and fear. The strength in Bakugou's legs gave out and he just dropped to his knees before slowly, as if in trance, sitting cross-legged, burying his face in his hands. He looked like he was about to cry. “I just want to spend the rest of my life with you, why are you being so cruel?”

He made it sound as if it was Eijirou's fault. But … . Deep down … . He knew what to do. He had decided that earlier. And now was the perfect opportunity. He sat down opposite of Bakugou, staring at him, first tears breaking through, lip wobbling with locked up dread.

He forced himself to have a wobbly smile, tears in his eyes.

“You passed”, he silently whispered.

Bakugou stopped moving in that second, completely shocked. Then, slowly, he looked up at him, eyes wide in utter disbelief.

“You passed!”, Eijirou said, louder, with more confidence and adding a giggle. He was actually amazed how easy it was to throw on this mask, this act. Not difficult at all! Like a switch was pulled and gone he was. So Eijirou continued as Bakugou just stared at him wide-eyed.

“Everything I did, everything in the way you responded. You're a mate that I can be sure won't just run away and leave me.” Eijirou slowly crawled closer to him and Bakugou even backed off a little, that's how disturbed he was. “I made it quite the challenge, didn't I? I'm sorry. But I needed to be sure. When you came in that first evening … .” Eijirou blushed and averted his eyes, mentally somewhere else completely. His blush deepened. He didn't know how, but it did.

“You looked so fucking amazing. So big … and strong”, he slowly put a finger on Bakugou's muscled, defined stomach and traced his six-pack. “God, it was so hard to hold back my desire for you. You're so hot after all and what would you, an absolute beauty, want from someone scrawny like me?” Eijirou averted his eyes again.

“Eiji …”, Bakugou whispered and slowly cupped his cheek. The disgusted repulsion was just a tingle at the surface of his skin and Eijirou leaned into the burning touch.

“Every time I hid my face was because I didn't want you to see that I was actually smiling. Because I loved it so much. So, Katsuki. No”, he corrected himself, “if I may? Kacchan … .” A nickname he just pulled out his ass. Bakugou's eyes went even wider, pupils blown wide with desire and lust. “Put a baby in me.”

It was that sentence that triggered Bakugou, finally. He grabbed Eijirou and yanked him on the mattress, leaning over him and ripping his clothes away. And it led to the most passionate and hottest sex Eijirou ever had. And that made him hate it even more.


Eijirou slowly blinked while Bakugou was fast asleep. He was still as a rock. The betrayal, the feelings of hatred all bubbled up inside him again, he wanted to wash himself so badly. But he couldn't.

He slowly grabbed Bakugou's phone from the nightstand. Now that Eijirou had been open and told Bakugou 'the truth', he was less careful, convinced that Eijirou finally loved him back with all his heart and that they would be a happy family.

Eijirou could only smile a broken smile when he thought of what he was about to do. If he would be discovered, he would be just a sex slave to Bakugou, just like Midoriya, just like Todoroki. He needed to succeed.

The only number he knew by heart was Kaminari's. Apart from Midoriya, they had always been best friends since day one in the office. He was probably already wondering where Midoriya and he were.

He added Kaminari as a new contact and then spelled out a message.


[23:17] Unknown: #location#


[23:18] Unknown: Please help us. Call the police. Don't respond. Don't call this number. Or else he'll know. They'll know. Hurry, we have to be free by tomorrow, or else they will take him away. There's three Alphas who hold us captive. Save me, Midoriya and his mate.


He hit 'send'.

He let out a quiet, but long sigh of relief, breathing out the shaking panic, immediately deleted the messages, the chat and the number again. Then he put the phone back on the nightstand, exactly how he had found it and then let the curtains down again, opening the show.

And yet he couldn't shake the feeling of fear. What if the police wouldn't be fast enough to save Todoroki, too? What if Bakugou found out? Or worse … . What if they found out that it had been Midoriya's idea initially? Then Eijirou would probably never see him again … .

He couldn't do this any longer. It would be okay, it would be okay, they would be saved, everything would be okay.

He snuggled into Bakugou's chest and fell asleep.

Chapter Text

Shouto tiredly looked around the room. His head hurt and he felt dizzy. Everything on his body hurt. But his instincts told him to move, to fight.

Not only that, but also his heart desired his mate. He needed to save Izuku. But he felt so desperate. He didn't know how to do it. How should he free Izuku when he himself was at the mercy of such a violent beast.

He slowly looked up.

Sako had watched him for a while now, not moving, only sitting in the armchair, legs crossed while he stared at him, only checking his phone from time to time, but other than that he did not move a single muscle.

Shouto was chained against the wall again, his eye hurt and he was pretty sure that it was nearly black by now.

It had been horrible. When Shigaraki had broken into their home. It had been horrible. The teasing, the kicks, the punches. Everything about it had been horrible, but what had been the most terrifying had been that Shigaraki had told him relentlessly what he was going to do to Izuku once he got home.

And that had terrified him. And now it was over, it was happening this very moment. And Shouto could do nothing. Just sit in that cupboard, all folded together like a box and shut in there. All while he heard his mate come home and call out to him.

The fear that had possessed him was still eating at him. He didn't want to lose Izuku. Izuku had been the one thing to give his life meaning again. He had been heavily depressed and Izuku had been the first Omega ever to not tell him to just 'suck it up'. Izuku had been so special.

Everything with Izuku had been special. And now it was ruined. Shigaraki had ruined it. And now he was destroying Izuku in every way possible. And Shouto did nothing. And it hurt him more than anything else. That he couldn't be there for Izuku like Izuku had been for him.

He felt the tears in his eyes. He remembered all the words from his father. Alphas don't cry. And then there was Izuku. Who had told him that everyone cried and that it was healthy and okay to cry. It showed that Shouto cared, that it was important to him. So he should cry and show his emotions. That was what Izuku had taught him.

Even though it had been hard, Shouto had accompanied Izuku to many therapy sessions. It had been painful to hear about all these horrible things that Bakugou had done. And now Bakugou was down there, had talked to Izuku, cornered him and who knew what else. And he was now doing it to another Omega, too.

Shouto never wanted this to happen. He didn't want that another Omega had to go through this pain. And Shouto also had a slight feeling that he would soon know that feeling, too.

He glared at Sako, the Alpha just chuckled. He didn't take him seriously, didn't recognize him as a serious threat. It was what angered Shouto the most.

Shouto kept his eye on the clock. It had been hours. It was eleven pm. And Sako hadn't moved a muscle. Shouto didn't really know how to feel when another Alpha stared at him with something else other than jealousy or hate.

No, it was greed and hunger. Did Omegas feel like that all the time? Like a fresh piece of meat? Because that was how Shouto felt in this very moment.

Shouto had had many fights already. Only some of them had resulted in a punch that had put the rivaling Alpha or Beta male in their place. They had tried to woo Izuku while Shouto hadn't been looking and every time Shouto had noticed, they had not given in, not even giving Izuku a choice, just assuming that they knew better than him.

That sexism was still deeply rooted in their society. Omegas were now equal to all other second genders and treated normally and not like a treasure to lock away. But that had only been around for about sixty years and the stereotypes were still present. It would take another hundred years until everyone would learn to control themselves and could be fully equal.

Because Omegas raping Alphas wasn't taken seriously.

Because Alphas were supposed to be tough and not show weakness.

Because Omegas were still expected to want kids and stay at home to look after them.

Because the second gender told you who you had to be.

Shouto's father was a perfect example. They had been a very traditional family. His mother had stayed at home while his father led a company and went to work. His father had reacted to his mother and he hadn't given her a choice. She hadn't seen her family in years.

Touya was just like his father. A sexist idiot who treated their Omega siblings like they were below him.

Natsuo and Fuyumi were treated badly because they were Omegas. They hadn't had contact with their mother since the incident where she had poured boiling water over his face. And they were immersed in the stereotypes, thinking that it was an Omega's role to stay at home.

They had come to Shouto at times to cry their heart out and Shouto had let them, comforting them, not being the typical Alpha who didn't take an Omega's feelings serious.

Shouto had been there for them. But he had never told them about his own problems, about the pressure on his shoulders to some day lead the company.

That as well as the hatred he got from Touya because their father hadn't chosen him as his successor had made Shouto weaker and fragile.

It wasn't until he had met Izuku that he had gotten back the strength to pull through and to cut ties with his family. He still talked to Fuyumi and Natsuo, they had now left their family behind as well and they had all reconnected with their mother who was now in a mental hospital ever since Shouto had been four.

And that was all on Izuku. Izuku had encouraged them to choose their own lives. And now Shouto had been happier than ever.

And now it was ruined again. He wanted to rebuild it. A new home, a better home, for Izuku and everyone involved. And he wanted to get these bastards behind bars.

It was ten past eleven when Sako finally stood up.

“I thought about you, pretty boy”, he said and snickered, the malicious intent clear behind his dark eyes. He came closer and pulled the gag out of Shouto's mouth.

Shouto immediately backed off and turned his head away.

“Why are you doing this? You didn't even react to me, so why?”, Shouto asked because he genuinely wanted to know before he would turn this guy into past tense.

“My boy, why pursue someone I reacted to when I can have someone as pretty as you?”, he smirked and grabbed his jaw, pressing his face together. Shouto violently yanked his face out of that Alpha's grip again.

“You're disgusting! Get away from me!”, he spat with deep hatred.

“Ahh, I'll love to break that spirit”, Sako cheered and went to a smaller suitcase he had gotten earlier.

Shouto's eyes widened in fear when Sako opened the suitcase and took a collar.

“This will keep you in place”, Sako told him with a dark promise and Shouto backed off. But his wrists were bound and tightly secured in the chains, he could barely move. So it didn't take Sako much effort to put the collar tightly around his neck.

It was uncomfortable, but no matter how much Shouto moved, the collar just didn't go away.

Then, he received a light shock. He flinched as the electricity coursed through is body. He shivered as the pain slowly subsided and stared up at Sako in fear.

“A little something. I wouldn't want you to be disobedient, do I?”, he asked and tilted Shouto's head. It made Shouto feel so incredibly powerless. He tried to suppress the tears, but couldn't. He felt lost, defeated and guilty and he hated all of these emotions, but he couldn't help it.

Sako seemed to drink in the sight of him in this state. He smirked and stroked over his cheek in a soft manner, as if mocking him.

“Don't worry your pretty, little head, Alpha. You're a sensitive one, aren't you? It's cute”, he teased him with a malicious grin and Shouto flinched. He wanted to keep his mate safe and instead they were now both in need of help.

The shock collar was tight around his neck when Sako grabbed him and threw him on the floor. Shouto felt a heavy foot on his upper back that mercilessly pressed him on the cold, wooden floor. He couldn't move a muscle, his feet were tied together and chained to the wall, he couldn't free himself and he could not fight against metal that was snugly securing his limbs.

“Now let's get to the more fun part. If you act accordingly, you get to stay with me. Wouldn't that be so nice?”, Sako asked and chuckled darkly. He took a whip out of his suitcase, still pressing Shouto against the floor.

Shouto flinched when Sako let the whip snap against his butt, it hurt, but not too bad. He was sure that Sako would whip him bloody if he disobeyed him.

So he did what no Alpha ever liked to do. He gave up and just let Sako do as he pleased for now.

The Alpha pulled him up by his hair and then smashed his face against the wall. The pain from his already bruised cheeks and jaw was pulsing in waves through his whole body and he felt a terrible headache coming.

Sako took a leather band and latched the shock collar into a hook in the wall. Then he stood behind him and knelt down. Shouto looked back into these dirty, promising eyes, filled to the brim with painful intent.

“Let's have some fun, shall we?”, Sako asked with a sickening grin.

“Fuck you!”, Shouto spat and turned to bite Sako's hand, but the Alpha was fast enough and got out of reach quickly. He just chuckled. As if it was a joke to him. As if he loved to see Shouto slowly break under this pressure. As if he wanted to see him get crushed.

Shouto started crying, he was so embarrassed by his open display of emotion, because he only wanted to be vulnerable with Izuku, only show him who he truly was.

Sako loved to see him like this. He licked his lips while he started to grip his pants and slowly pulled them down. Shouto blushed in humiliation and Sako grinned.

“Let's mark this perfect skin, shall we, my boy?”, he asked with a crazed smile. Shouto was afraid and didn't want to find out just how far this Alpha wanted to go. He dreaded finding out. It disturbed him how he called him 'boy' instead of by his name. It made him feel all the weaker and like Sako already owned him.

“For your nasty choice of words earlier and just now”, Sako suddenly said and then gave him a violent stroke with the whip. Shouto cried out in pain, but quickly bit his lip. He hated being exposed like this!

He started trembling. What if Sako really went further? Shouto didn't want to find out and instead just tried to suppress his tears. Because he had to be strong for Izuku. He wanted to be brave for Izuku.

“Oh! What a nice mark. A very beautiful red”, Sako chirped and touched the hurting skin. Shouto bit back a hiss of pain and grunted instead. “Your pale skin of perfect for this!”

Sako seemed to be so happy about it. Like a child that was gifted with everything they desired for Christmas. Shouto asked himself just what was going on in that man's head.

“You know … . I never reacted to someone before”, Sako suddenly said and took a few steps around the room.

“I never had someone I loved. Really loved. Not even someone I didn't react to. Oh no”, he chuckled. Shouto found it strange that he started talking like that. So … normally.

“I don't give a fuck!”, Shouto spat and immediately earned another harsh lashing. This time, he suppressed his cry of pain. He pressed his face against the cold wall to help him calm down.

“A foul mouth can still taste sweet”, Sako grinned and grabbed his chin, pulling him closer and then pressing his disgusting lips against his. Shouto backed off and ripped his face out of that man's grip, resulting in another stroke on his butt and another pained grunt.

“As I was saying”, Sako continued. “I never experienced the joys of … love.” He said it with some kind of disgust that wasn't clear to Shouto. “I had a few sexual experiences, sure, but nothing ever lasted. They all gave in too quickly and then just wanted more.” Sako sounded bored.

“I don't care about that”, Shouto hissed in defiance.

Sako chuckled loudly and hauled off, hitting him again with that painful whip. Shouto cried out again this time.

“Oh, but it is very important for you!”, Sako told him with a sick smile. “After all, I have a feeling that you're going to break, yes, but not like the others. I have a feeling that you will stay interesting, even when you're crushed!”

Shouto's eyes narrowed and spat fire because of the burning hate inside him.

“I won't break”, he said. He got whipped another time. Sako just laughed while he was enjoying the view.

“I can see right through you, Todoroki Shouto. And I also know your father. Not a very pleasant man, but hot, I gotta say that. You got his good looks”, Sako praised him and for a short moment, really gently, caressed through his hair. Shouto couldn't get away because of the collar.

“Don't compare me to my father!”

“Oh, this time, you're actually right”, Sako chuckled and didn't hit him again. “You're not like your father. Because you're not the typical Alpha. You're weak.”

Shouto's eyes widened in disbelief. So even an orbusexual Alpha, who should understand this feeling of being an outcast and this toxic Alpha behavior more than anything, thought of him as a weak person. A weak Alpha.

Shouto quickly tried to shake the thoughts. Sako was a crazy Alpha. And Shouto knew just what crazy Alphas were capable of doing.

“You see, my boy”, Sako started and used that forsaken nickname again, “I think that you're easy to read. You're scared, but you don't want to admit that. You had depression.”

Shouto froze at that word. It triggered so many memories, memories he wanted to forget.

“How do you know, huh? You don't even know me”, Shouto hissed and got another stroke, this time it was softer, more of a teasing manner instead of supposed to be painful.

“I know the signs of depression. Also, these scars on your wrists”, Sako pointed out with a wide grin. Shouto stared down at his slightly showing wrists in shock. “Those are from self-harm.”

Sako was right. He was right about everything. Shouto would break eventually. Because Sako knew how to push his buttons, even though he did not know him in the slightest.

Shouto started crying and received another, more painful lash again his butt. Sako seemed to enjoy this to the fullest, hurting him like that.

“I love to see that face of yours!”, he cheered and grabbed his jaw again, turning his head to get a better look at his bruised, with tears covered face. Shouto wanted to defend himself so badly against him, but he … couldn't. The strength was suddenly missing.

Shouto just wanted to go home. He wanted to go back home with Izuku, kiss him all over and make him feel good, make him feel safe. Give him a home he loved to come back to. Hug him and comfort him, get comforted by him and loved by him, hugged and kissed all over by him. He wanted to be with Izuku again. Izuku was giving him strength.

Sako threw his head to the side again and whipped him again. This time, Shouto cried out his pain. All of it. The stinging pain of the whip, Izuku's loss, that it was all his fault, that he should've protected his mate better. He wasn't worthy.

No … , he thought. I'm not worthy to be his mate. But at least I can try to become worthy. Izuku had taught him to always believe in himself, no matter what. To put him first sometimes. And that it was okay to do that. Because it was human.

Well now was that time. Shouto would put himself first. And not Izuku. And what Shouto wanted was clear to him. He wanted to stay strong and not give up. He wanted to go through this and come out alive and stronger than ever before. And he would. And he wouldn't give up.

Sako laughed when he whipped him again. Shouto didn't scream. His head snapped around, glaring at Sako with a deadly promise.

“I won't give up”, he just said and Sako grinned even wider, if possible.

“That's the spirit”, he rejoiced and whipped him one final time, before all of a sudden smoothing out his coat and then putting the whip back into the suitcase, softly closing it.

“Good. I've decided”, he proudly proclaimed. “I'm going to buy you. We will have so much more fun when we're back at my house, Todoroki.”

With that, Sako went to bed, leaving Shouto on the floor while he was under the covers. But Shouto's determination was mightier than ever.

He would survive this.

Chapter Text

Eijirou woke up to soft kisses and an incredibly good feeling. It took a while until he had fully woken up and realized that Bakugou was slowly thrusting inside him from behind, lifting his right leg so get better access.

“H-Huh?”, he drowsily asked and Bakugou pressed another wet kiss on his cheek.

“Stay still, Eiji”, Bakugou whispered and nibbled at his ear. It took his all to not scream in fear because why in the world thought Bakugou that it was a good idea to have sex with him while he was still asleep?

“K-Kacchan?”, Eijirou used the nickname he had given Bakugou. He had to keep up that farce, keep fooling everyone around him. Just long enough until the police would arrive.

Bakugou groaned loudly when he heard that name and his thrusts sped up.

“F-Fuck, Eiji! Just look what you're doing to me”, he panted and Eijirou moaned into the pillow. “Can't even control myself when you're asleep, Eiji. You're just too beautiful.”

Eijirou moaned again loudly, pressing the same buttons he had pressed yesterday.

“F-Faster, Ka-Kacchan! M-Make me pregnant”, he huffed and moaned again loudly instead of trying to suppress that sickening sound.

Bakugou thrust inside him faster, rougher, Eijirou's walls clenched around his huge cock. Bakugou moaned deeply and licked over his neck, then biting down.

Eijirou moaned in a loud, high-pitched manner and then clamped down hard, coming over the sheets with a whimpered mewl.

Bakugou came with him and the feeling made Eijirou's throat dry. It caused a few tears to collect in his eyes, but he could never let Bakugou know the true reason for that.

As soon as Bakugou calmed down from his orgasm, he noticed Eijirou's slight tears and immediately sat up, cradling him and pulling him closer to his rumbling chest.

“What is it, love? Is something wrong?”, he asked with worry. Suddenly, there was no more aggression, not even a trace, in Bakugou's rough, husky voice. Eijirou found it to be rather hypocritical.

“I'm sorry, Kacchan”, Eijirou said and let the tears come. He wouldn't have been able to keep them in much longer anyways. But he would also keep the act up. “I-It's just that my heats have always been really intense, so I used to take the pill to make them more bearable. And now I won't get pregnant for a while … .”

Damn, pregnancy seemed to work wonders for Alphas. Not the Omegas were the ones who desperately wanted pups, no, it was the Alphas. Bakugou had talked about pups and family since their first evening together. Crazy bastard.

Bakugou immediately pressed him closer against his muscular body, trapping his much smaller body. He whispered sweet promises into his ear and Eijirou tried to let his body relax. He had to keep his act up. At all costs. And he didn't know for how long.

“Thank you”, he purred with a fake, light smile and looked up at Bakugou. The Alpha stared down at him as if he was in Heaven. “I'll make you extra nice breakfast!”, he chirped and then got out of Bakugou's grip. And for the first time, Bakugou excitedly let him.

“Really?”, he asked, cheeks red like a child that was waiting for their favorite meal cooked by one of their parents.

“Of course. I tortured you long enough after all”, Eijirou lied with flushed cheeks. Bakugou started beaming and quickly came after Eijirou, hugging him tight one more time, before grabbing his hand and letting Eijirou take the lead.

Eijirou prepared breakfast while Bakugou sat on the chair at the table, happily bouncing and waiting for Eijirou to be finished already.

“You're taking too long, Eiji”, Bakugou pouted. Wow. Eijirou would even say it looked cute. Bakugou could really be a great mate. If he would just scratch that stalking and raping and hitting part … .

“Silly. It has to be perfect”, Eijirou just giggled, hiding his trembling hands that had trouble cutting the vegetables.

“You're just continuing to torture me, Eijiii”, Bakugou complained and slumped down on the table. Eijirou just hid his nervous anxiety with another giggle.

Just when Eijirou was about to finish, he heard another set of footsteps. He turned around and saw Shigaraki coming out of the hallway. What surprised Eijirou even more was Midoriya right behind him, being pulled along with dull and tired eyes.

Eijirou felt a pang in his chest. But he had changed his mind about the plan. He had contacted Kaminari. He had to signal Midoriya that they would be saved.

Shigaraki let go of Midoriya's hand and instead grabbed his wrist, sat down and then pulled the Omega on his lap.

“There, that's a good little Omega, right, pretty bean?”, Shigaraki whispered and gave Midoriya a kiss on his cheek. Midoriya did and said nothing. But Eijirou would now bring new life into these empty eyes.

“Midoriya! I'm so glad you're feeling better!”, Eijirou suddenly chirped and turned around, bringing the food to the table for everyone to eat. Midoriya slowly looked up at him, completely baffled and confused.

“Hm”, he just rasped and then averted his eyes while Shigaraki played with one of his curls.

“So you took my advice?”, Eijirou asked and Midoriya completely froze in confusion, staring at him with a very, very befuddled look.

“Huh?”, he just croaked out while Bakugou and Shigaraki looked first at each other and then back and forth between Eijirou and Midoriya.

“Yeah, I know, I'm not quite supposed to give out relationship advice when I was still testing Kacchan myself”, that nickname let Midoriya's eyes widen all of a sudden, “but I finally deemed him worthy yesterday evening. And you seem to have made some progress, too! I'm so happy for you!”, he cheered and Midoriya finally got it. He got it! And it made Eijirou so much happier!

“R-Really?!”, Midoriya asked in tired and exhausted excitement. To Bakugou and Shigaraki, it would probably seem as if Midoriya congratulated them on becoming an official couple, but in truth, he was getting confirmation.

And these two Alphas were way too caught off-guard right now anyway. Their eyes were widening and they stared at the Omegas in the highest confusion possible, even with disbelief. Eijirou could already see all the question marks floating around their heads.

Eijirou just smiled warmly at Midoriya with red cheeks.

“Yes. I can't believe it myself”, he said and scratched his neck, sitting down.

“Advice? What are you talking about?”, Shigaraki finally asked and stared at Midoriya expectantly. And Midoriya was as if a lever had been pulled. He tried his best to put on a slightly crooked and worn-out smile.

“Kirishima helped me”, he just rasped, still seeming entirely tired and much too overwhelmed. Eijirou quickly took over for him.

“I told him yesterday that he was a bit too harsh with you and that he should trust you a bit more. But how could he when the first thing Bakugou did back then was hitting him the first time he declared his love for Midoriya?”, Eijirou tried to explain with a little delight and gave it his all to let it sound completely harmless. Midoriya didn't even look at Bakugou, who stiffened.

“That was the reason? That was the reason?!”, Bakugou said with disbelief and Midoriya grit his teeth. Eijirou would answer for him again.

“Midoriya told me that you bullied him. He thought that you hated him. That was so not cool”, Eijirou said and glanced sharply at Bakugou. The Alpha seemed as if he wanted to disappear in the ground. This was still risky, but Eijirou tried his best to let it all sound more playful rather than serious.

“What do you mean? Too harsh …”, Shigaraki finally broke out of his state and asked his question with red cheeks and a slight stutter. Eijirou hadn't seen him that insecure and uncertain before. Alphas really were a complete mystery to him.

“That he's still trying to figure out if you'll be a worthy mate or not”, Eijirou answered for him, because Midoriya still seemed pretty overwhelmed with everything. But Eijirou could barely believe that Midoriya had switched from dead inside to almost cheerful in a second. Was that because of his long time with Bakugou? Because he had been forced to put on a mask back then, too?

“How do I still have to prove myself?! You Omegas never make sense!”, Shigaraki pouted and now Midoriya turned to him.

“You hit me, smashed me into a wall and my head against the floor.” Midoriya's voice was still weak and quiet. It was a rhetorical question. And Shigaraki blushed madly because of that.

“I wasn't that violent …”, he pouted and averted his eyes.

“I still can't believe it. I finally know what I did wrong!”, Bakugou cheered and let himself fall back with a relieved sigh.

“Well, there were two times when I almost wanted to stop it all and tell you that you're not suitable, but my patience has been rewarded”, Eijirou said, lying with every sound he made. Somehow, all this acting felt so much easier the more he imagined that these were his actual feelings. That this had really been his plan all along.

Bakugou stiffened and gazed at him in horror and shock.

“What?! When!”, he demanded and stood up, but this time, the aggression was missing. He was really panicking right now.

“Well, you were really aggressive on our car ride here and then you hit me when you showed me our new room. And then I thought, wow, this guy is way too violent! He would be never good with kids! But then I saw how desperate you were and decided to forgive it this once. But hit me again and I'm off”, Eijirou threatened with a playful smile that was so easy to put on.

Bakugou gulped and looked at his plate in shame.

“Yes, Eiji”, he whispered. Eijirou couldn't believe it. That Bakugou was so docile and almost … nice. All that just because Eijirou had agreed to dating him.

“So Bakugou bullied you when you were younger? God, now I want to see you in your school uniform”, Shigaraki said and pulled Midoriya closer by his waist, kissing his neck. For a short moment, Eijirou saw through the facade and that Midoriya was absolutely horrified, but also hopeful and seemed to have trouble figuring out what to do.

“I haven't decided yet. You're just as violent as Bakugou, if not more”, Midoriya argued with his gaze locked to the table, words still whispered and utterly strengthless. Shigaraki grunted, not very pleased.

“Why? I didn't harm you that bad, pretty bean, I could never!”, Shigaraki said in frustration.

“Then why did it hurt so bad?”, Midoriya asked and looked away, Shigaraki stuttered. But Eijirou continued before giving Shigaraki the chance to answer.

“He's mainly talking about his previous mate”, Eijirou replied and Shigaraki's eyes went ice cold for a second. “You could have just challenged him directly and ended it, but you kidnapped him, too, instead of doing it the traditional way and making it quick.”

Shigaraki rolled his eyes and glared at Eijirou, then back at Midoriya.

“It's a money thing, pretty bean. You'll understand soon”, Shigaraki purred and stroked over a few of Midoriya's curls. “My world is a dangerous one. That's why I need as many friends as possible”, he argued and gave Midoriya a kiss.

“That's not exactly helping my judgment here”, he rasped and tried to clear his throat. Eijirou remembered the ring gag … .

“Does that mean that you forgot dear Shouto already?”, Shigaraki asked with excitment. Midoriya's sigh was a perfect cover for the way he truly felt.

“I haven't … decided yet”, the answer was short and said everything, not even once did he look at Shigaraki.

“Not very talkative, are ya?”, Shigaraki grinned and nibbled at Midoriya's neck. Eijirou just couldn't watch this any longer and instead looked out of the window. He hoped the police would arrive soon. He wondered how long it would take.

They all ate breakfast and Shigaraki and Bakugou discussed some plans while Eijirou and Midoriya threw glances at each other from time to time.

Midoriya looked at him and smiled lightly, he seemed to be near tears. Eijirou just smiled back. They would need to talk alone. And their facades would help them with that.

As soon as they were done, Eijirou used the opportunity and wanted to take Midoriya away while Shigaraki constantly tried to feed him. And Midoriya wouldn't let him. Which frustrated Shigaraki quite a bit.

“Midoriya, I want to show you my and Kacchan's room! Come with me”, he said with fake excitement and stood up. Midoriya nodded and wanted to get up, too, but Shigaraki's grip around his waist tightened.

For a moment, Eijirou thought that Shigaraki wouldn't let them go, but then the Alpha just gave Midoriya a passionate kiss, smirked and then let go.

Eijirou covered his terrified hectic with excitement and basically dragged Midoriya with him. As soon as they had closed the door, Midoriya threw himself against Eijirou and hugged him, he immediately started crying.

“Thank you! Thank you so much!”, Midoriya whispered while burying his face in Eijirou's shoulder. He shivered from the fear of being discovered, but he felt relieved that Midoriya seemed better.

“I'm so sorry I denied you this request … . I'm a horrible friend”, Eijirou whispered, afraid that the Alphas might sneak to the door and listen in on their conversation.

“Don't say that … . It was horrible of me to demand that even though you were so scared. I'm sorry”, Midoriya apologized quietly and Eijirou sniffled, not able to keep the tears in any longer. He was so afraid.

“I'm still scared. But if it means that we can get out, I'll try to forget it”, he said under his breath, hiding every possible sound.

They got away from the door and sat down on the floor next to the bed. Eijirou really didn't want them to sit on the bed because of all the things Bakugou had done on that bed, especially since there were still stains and the blanket hadn't been washed yet.

“Was Shigaraki very violent yesterday?”, Eijirou asked and Midoriya grabbed his throat, coughing slightly.

“A bit. And even though he promised that he would stop after that, he just continued. Apparently, Alphas can't control themselves in even the slightest”, Midoriya whispered bitterly and Eijirou nodded with pity.

“I woke up to Bakugou raping me”, he said quietly and lowered his head. “Even if I would be in a consented relationship, this is not okay.”

“I hate him … .”

“Me too … .”

“How did you do it?”, Midoriya then asked and Eijirou tilted his head, tired and exhausted.

“I told him that he passed and that I would accept him now. He raped me again and when he was asleep, I got his phone. I know Kaminari's number by heart, so I texted him and deleted all the messages so that Bakugou wouldn't see them”, Eijirou told him and Midoriya nodded.

“Let's just hope they get here before Shouto is gone”, he whispered and trembled. Eijirou put an arm around his shoulders and offered comfort when Midoriya started crying again. Eijirou just followed blindly. He was way too exhausted and tired. He wanted to go home.

“I don't know if I can do this much longer!”, he whisper-yelled and sobbed. Midoriya clung to him and hugged him.

“You can do this … . We both can”, Midoriya assured him.

“I hope you're right”, Eijirou quietly said and tried to suppress his tears, wiping them away. “Let's just hope they don't have any major plans for today.”

“They probably have. Shigaraki talked about today all the time. He still has some free time before he has to go to work again. Which could cause some problems”, Midoriya said and tried to calm down a bit.

“We have to continue pretending. They can't know what's really going on. I hope the police will come today. Otherwise we might not be able to save Todoroki”, Eijirou said under his breath and turned to Midoriya. “No matter what, you have to control your emotions.”

Midoriya lowered his head in shame.

“I'll try …”, he promised and leaned against Eijirou's shoulder while Eijirou leaned against Midoriya's fluffy, comfortable head.

They both sighed deeply and used the moment to gain a bit of new energy.

“Let's …”, Eijirou slowly started and wiped his tears away. “Let's just assume that we really would get out now. What should I do? How would I learn to accept everything that happened?” It was something that had bothered him since he was allowed to hope again.

Midoriya hesitated for a moment, but then sighed deeply.

“First things first. You need a therapist. And second of all, you shouldn't be alone. And continue your current routine as best as possible”, Midoriya explained to him and Eijirou let his head hang low.

“But … . My family lives further away. I'd have to quit my job. And I can't just leave …”, he thought and sobbed one time before trying to regain control over his emotions. But then he felt Midoriya's hand on his shoulder.

“Then how about you move in with me and Shouto?”, he asked quietly and Eijirou's eyes widened in surprise.

“You would really do that for me? Even after I almost let you down?”, Eijirou asked and Midoriya lightly smiled at him.

“You didn't let me down, Kirishima. I wanted too much. I didn't consider your feelings at all. So let's just please forget that it ever happened. I would love it if you moved in with us”, he said and took Eijirou's hand.

Eijirou's eyes started to fill with water all over again and he allowed himself to just silently cry into Midoriya's shoulder for a while before they both calmed down again, just sitting there and staring at the wall.

“We have to go to them again”, Eijirou then sighed after two or three minutes and helped Midoriya to get up. They both just wanted to go home and they both had enough of this. Eijirou himself didn't want to go out there again. Maybe they could manage to get access to one of the cars in the garage and then just drive off.

Eijirou shook his head. He didn't have time for such stupid daydreaming. He had to focus, always keep his composure.

He took a deep breath and opened the door.

“And the bed is just great! I really love it. So cozy and small”, he chirped and got confused when he felt the door hitting something. He heard a pained grunt.

Midoriya and he slowly looked outside and saw Bakugou and Shigaraki directly in front of the door, Bakugou holding his arm. They had eavesdropped.

“What are you doing?”, he asked and played the dumb one.

“I-I wanted to know what you thought of the room”, Bakugou said and blushed, then angrily averted his eyes and scoffed. Eijirou hid his disgust and just smiled brightly instead.

“Oh, that's why”, he said. “I like it a lot. You don't have to spy on me, Kacchan. Next time, just ask”, he added and Bakugou blushed even more.

“Where's my Omega?”, Shigaraki asked and tried to look past him. Eijirou just stepped aside and Midoriya slowly emerged from behind him. Shigaraki's eyes widened in joy and delight.

“There you are! I had such a nice idea”, he then said and grabbed Midoriya's wrist, pulling him with him.

“Well, I should clean up the mess in the kitchen”, Eijirou said as an excuse to get away from Bakugou. But the Alpha was hard to shake.

“Shigaraki won't have to work for another three days. Meaning I can do whatever I want. I'll help you”, he said excitedly and followed him closely.

“Thank you, Kacchan. That is so nice of you”, Eijirou said gratefully and Bakugou blushed with a proud smile.

“Aw, come on! This will just prove to you how good I am!”, Eijirou suddenly heard from the living room.

“No! Get off!”, Midoriya hissed and Eijirou quickly hurried to the kitchen and the living room. He gasped in shock when Shigaraki pressed Midoriya over the back of the couch, holding him down while Midoriya tried to get Shigaraki off of him.

“What are you doing? You think that this will help him realize that you're a good mate?”, Eijirou growled angrily and Shigaraki stopped his tries to pull Midoriya's sleeping pants down.

“Huh? What's that supposed to mean?”, Shigaraki huffed in annoyance and grunted when Midoriya tried to move out of his grip. The Alpha tightened his hold on the smaller Omega.

“You Alphas just don't get it, do you?”, Eijirou said calmly and Shigaraki glared at him. Bakugou laid a hand on his shoulder and lightly pulled him back.

“I know you're worried, Eiji. But it's his relationship. We shouldn't meddle”, Bakugou said and Eijirou had to control himself hard in order not to scream at him.

“I'm just saying that you think convincing us is physical. But it's mental. Just be nice, supportive, take us seriously. That does much more than … that”, Eijirou argued, hoping that it would keep Shigaraki from hurting Midoriya any more than he already had.

“Like Bakugou said. This is not your relationship, Omega”, Shigaraki hissed furiously and firmly grabbed Midoriya's neck and looked down at him. “See how he struggles? That's his way of testing me. That's what he wants and needs!” Shigaraki was not happy right now.

“Ignore what he said”, Bakugou tried to calm him down and stepped in front of Eijirou. “We'll leave you to it.”

“I don't care. Stay if you want to”, Shigaraki huffed, but calmed down. Eijirou saw how Midoriya tried his best to suppress the tears while Shigaraki undressed his lower body.

Eijirou averted his eyes when Shigaraki entered him and he heard a low grunt and a whimpered moan. Eijirou had to do something! He wished for super strength and speed right now, just so that he could ram a knife into his crusty chest.

Unfortunately, he wasn't gifted with neither strength nor speed. So he just tried to blend out the noises, the clapping of skin against skin, the groans and the mewls.

Bakugou took their plates from the table and brought them to Eijirou and he hesitantly started cleaning them. He scrubbed over them, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't drown out Midoriya's moans. It pained him that he stood here and did nothing.

Suddenly, Bakugou grabbed him and threw him against the table. Eijirou gasped in surprise when Bakugou towered over him and wanted to lay him down.

“I can't control myself with them fucking in the background. I'm sorry, Eiji”, Bakugou said and pressed his lips against Eijirou's. His eyes widened in shock and he had a hard time suppressing his urges to shove Bakugou away.

“N-Not here. That's embarrassing”, Eijirou tried to tell him, but Bakugou didn't care right now.

“It's not embarrassing. Trust me, you're beautiful”, Bakugou purred and kissed his neck, sucking on his skin until it would bruise.

“Ah, shut up with your lovey-dovey bullshit”, Shigaraki hissed and grabbed Midoriya's hips tighter than before, strongly pulling him back with every thrust he made.

Bakugou didn't give Eijirou any time to think, not even any time to agree or disagree, he just pushed him down on the table and pulled the pajamas down, exposing his privates. Eijirou blushed madly in humiliation and tried to not show the tears.

Bakugou leaned down and started sucking on his limp dick immediately, still holding Eijirou down to prevent him from sitting up. Eijirou had to pretend, he had to pretend.

“Hah!”, he moaned and threw his head back when Bakugou licked over his short length and then took it into his mouth, gliding up and down and sending shivers down Eijirou's back. He grew hard incredibly fast at the fast and wet pace.

Eijirou turned his head and looked at Midoriya. They both caught each other's gaze and Midoriya nodded with thick tears in his eyes, barely noticeable. Eijirou nodded back. They would get out of this together.

Bakugou quickly let go of Eijirou and lined himself up with his only slightly leaking hole. Then, he pressed inside him way too quickly, causing Eijirou to hiss in discomfort. Bakugou noticed and apparently tried to slow down a little.

But to Eijirou's bad luck, Bakugou didn't have enough control to wait very long. He soon started thrusting inside him at a faster and rougher rate, tightly holding his legs and spreading them even further.

Eijirou moaned loudly and despite his deep hatred, he reached out and intertwined his fingers with Bakugou's, letting him have his way, because Bakugou didn't care anyways. He never cared and he never would, even with Eijirou seemingly agreeing to everything.

It was already embarrassing to be on display like this in front of Shigaraki and Midoriya, but when he heard a door open and close and chains rustling, he was nearly panicking. Sako and Todoroki would come down. And see both of them like that. Eijirou blushed madly and closed his eyes, hoping it would help him to disappear.

Eijirou just hoped that Todoroki would be able to keep his calm. And that maybe Sako wouldn't leave immediately and give the police more time to arrive.

“My my! What a show! Almost makes me want to join!”, Sako cheered from the top of the stairs, leaning over the handrail.

“Shut up, Sako”, Shigaraki hissed and pulled Midoriya closer again with a rough movement, causing the Omega to whimper and then moan loudly. “Did you think about the Alpha? Because if yes, drop the money and leave. If not, just leave”, Shigaraki grunted and leaned over Midoriya, biting his neck.

Eijirou saw the tears in Todoroki's eyes. He trembled and just avoided looking at Midoriya. Eijirou was grateful for that. Maybe then they could keep the Alphas here together for as long as possible and the police would come on time.

“I had a nice start yesterday. I'll definitely keep him”, Sako said and dropped a suitcase on the counter. “You can count the money later.”

Eijirou's eyes went wide. Sako would leave! He couldn't let that happen! However, he was surprised when he didn't have to do anything. Sako was arrogant enough to just keep standing there, leaning against the counter and watching the two Alphas fucking their Omegas with a weird interest, tilting his head.

Eijirou moaned loudly when Bakugou hit his sweet spot, the Alpha grunted and firmly grabbed his waist, fucking into him at a rougher pace.

“See, my boy? That will be you soon”, Sako promised and grabbed Todoroki's jaw, forcing him to look at what Bakugou did to Eijirou. Eijirou blushed in embarrassment and humiliation, he just wanted to lie in a ditch and never appear again.

“Don't let that fucker look at Eiji like that! It makes him uncomfortable”, Bakugou snarled and turned to Sako.

“Why so aggressive? He's chained up, isn't he?”, Sako teased him and Bakugou growled, the thrusts getting harder and causing Eijirou to groan lowly.

“You're orbusexual, I don't give a fuck what you do, but that guy's not!”, Bakugou hissed and grunted. “You never know with Alphas like him. They're like dogs.” He threw a dark, threatening glare at Todoroki. “You look away for one second and they steal your Omega. First Deku and now he probably wants Eiji, too.”

Todoroki gave him an icy glance, but then ripped his jaw out of Sako's grip and looked away.

“What a drama! I love it”, Sako chirped and petted Todoroki's hair. Eijirou moaned again and threw his head back, trying to forget the disgust that welled up inside him while Bakugou forced him closer and closer to his own orgasm.

Sako suddenly looked outside and tensed.

“We have a few visitors”, he stated coldly and glared at Shigaraki. “What is the meaning of this?”

“The fuck do you mean?”, Shigaraki said and grunted while Midoriya let out a high-pitched mewl. They both came and Shigaraki rather quickly got out of Midoriya, closing his pants and walking to Sako, looking outside.

When his eyes went wide as plates, Eijirou had a strange feeling in his guts. Even Bakugou stopped his movements and looked around, trying to catch a glimpse outside.

“Excuse me, I'm very sorry to disturb you!”, someone from outside yelled through a megaphone. Bakugou tensed and got out of Eijirou.

Eijirou immediately scrambled to his feet, pulling up his pants and looking if Midoriya was okay. They both sought refuge behind the couch. Todoroki managed to slowly crawl to them, too, without any of the Alphas noticing. Eijirou was confused what was happening and he didn't allow himself to hope just yet.

“Your house is surrounded. Every exit is secured and you have nowhere to go. If you would now be so kind and step out of the house with your hands up in the air”, the guy outside demanded and Eijirou felt his heart skip a few beats.

The police was here.

The police was here!

Eijirou couldn't suppress the tears he felt upon these news. Todoroki and Midoriya looked at each other, first happy, before Midoriya suddenly averted his eyes.

“I-If … you are now disgusted with me … I can understand that”, Midoriya whispered quietly and Todoroki grabbed Midoriya's arm, pulling him closer.

“I could never be disgusted with you. If all, I'm disgusted with them”, he growled quietly while the Alphas were cursing and trying to figure out what to do.

“R-Really? You forgive me?”, Midoriya asked through thick tears and Todoroki shook his head.

“There's nothing to forgive. I love you”, he said and pressed a kiss on Midoriya's lips. Midoriya's eyes went wide and he quickly kissed back passionately.

Eijirou felt so happy. Happy for Midoriya and Todoroki, happy that there was a chance now. And Eijirou had the moment of surprise on his side. He could attack Bakugou or Shigaraki or even Sako from behind when they would least expect it.

Suddenly, Todoroki received a fierce kick to his face. He grunted in pain and hit the floor. Shigaraki had a furious look on his face and kicked Todoroki again.

“I told you, you can't leave an Alpha like that out of your sight for even a second”, he snarled and took Eijirou's arm, pulling him away from Todoroki.

Shigaraki absolutely seethed in rage and grabbed Midoriya. The Omega whimpered in fear, but froze when Shigaraki suddenly put a knife on his throat.

“Play along, pretty bean”, he whispered seductively and then turned to the other Alphas. “The officer looks like an Alpha. He won't do anything if he thinks that we're ready to kill one of them. Play along and we can get out of this.”

“Let's go”, Sako said and took a knife himself, pulling Todoroki along with the thick chain around his neck.

“This better work”, Bakugou said and softly looked at Eijirou. “Don't be afraid. They won't hurt you. I won't let them”, he promised and nuzzled into his neck.

Eijirou had trouble keeping his calm while Shigaraki pushed Midoriya towards the door, Sako opened it for him.

They all stepped outside and Eijirou saw it. He saw the dozens of police cars, the many officers who now froze in shock as they saw the knife at Midoriya's throat.

But Eijirou froze even more when he recognized the police officer who held the megaphone. That was Aizawa! Their boss … . How?

“So this is how it's going to go”, Shigaraki announced with a triumphant smirk. Aizawa narrowed his eyes, but kept his calm. “You let us go, or this Omega gets it!”, he snarled and pressed the knife stronger against Midoriya's neck.

Midoriya whimpered and closed his eyes, Eijirou wished he could just do something! Maybe now was the time to act, but Bakugou had a firm grip on his wrist and wouldn't let him go. Would they now just be imprisoned again?

Eijirou was ripped out of his desperate thoughts when Aizawa just chuckled. He had a wide, calculating smile on his face and let go of the megaphone, then started to walk closer to them, pulling out his gun.

“Step any closer and I'll kill him!”, Shigaraki now yelled, the knife so close to ending Midoriya's life. But Aizawa just kept walking towards them.

“Don't move closer!”, Shigaraki yelled again, absolutely losing it, Eijirou heard panic in his voice for the first time.

“Just empty threats”, Aizawa suddenly said and stopped moving. “You Alphas never hurt or kill the person you reacted to. That's not what your instinct commands you to do.” With these words, he pointed the gun at Shigaraki. The Alpha's eyes went wide and he immediately reacted and pushed Midoriya aside, the Omega hitting the wooden floor with a loud thud.

Aizawa shot at him and hit his shoulder. Shigaraki grit his teeth and stumbled, but still charged at Aizawa with a violent, frustrated yell despite his hurt shoulder.

Aizawa rolled his eyes, evaded the strike with the knife with skill and caused Shigaraki to stumble, throwing him on the ground and kneeling over him. Shigaraki's eyes suddenly went wide.

“Y-You're an Omega!”, he growled in disbelief.

“I'm an Omega, yes. Does that change anything? Would you have otherwise not run at me with the intent to kill me?”, Aizawa asked and Shigaraki's gaze became bitter.

“No good Alpha ever hurts an Omega”, he told him.

“Says you who kidnapped and raped an Omega”, Aizawa deadpanned and Shigaraki grunted in fury. He was still the same, he would never understand. Some Alphas just had little control over how much their instinct set off and even fewer then resorted to violence when it wouldn't play out the way they wanted. Shigaraki and Bakugou were a rare case. But one of the reasons why Omega and Beta women teachers took regular self-defense classes and Alphas and Beta men teachers had to take a psychological test before teaching students. Because an Alpha student shouldn't be able to rape a teacher and an Alpha or Beta man should have enough control to not rape a student. And a psychological test showed if the teacher had these tendencies or not.

The reaction sure did some crazy things to people's minds.

“He's my mate! I saved him!”, Shigaraki yelled and tried to wiggle free, but the other officers already helped Aizawa to put cuffs around Shigaraki's wrists.

“I'm really sorry if I'm not taking you seriously, but do you have any idea how many times I've heard this sentence already?”, Aizawa chuckled and got up, glaring at Bakugou and Sako. “Now what about you?”

“Fuck”, Bakugou whispered and Eijirou stared at him. He seemed to think about a way to escape, but there were police officers everywhere.

Midoriya slowly stood up and then charged at Sako.

“Let go of my mate!”, he screamed and punched Sako full force. Eijirou had to smile. In a swift motion, he turned around and kicked Bakugou into his lower stomach so hard the Alpha went completely pale in a second.

Sako crashed into the wall and Bakugou sank to his knees. Eijirou and Midoriya took the opportunity and grabbed Todoroki. They quickly ran towards Aizawa who stood in front of them protectively while the other officers immediately tried to get the chains off of Todoroki.

Bakugou looked up at Eijirou in disbelief, but Eijirou had enough, he didn't need to pretend anymore and shot him the coldest, iciest glare, because he hated him so much, despised him and just wanted him to be locked up forever.

Other police members now tackled Bakugou and Sako and cuffed them as well. Everything happened much too fast for Eijirou to fully grasp what was happening.

While Bakugou, Sako and Shigaraki were asked a few questions close to the cars, a few medics checked Eijirou, Midoriya and Todoroki for any wounds and treated the cuts on Todoroki's face and the bruises. Midoriya had gotten a tiny cut on his throat, but not nearly deep enough to seriously harm him. Shigaraki really did use Midoriya as a decoy only. In that regard, Alphas were a little weak.

“How were you so sure that he wouldn't kill me?”, Midoriya then asked when Aizawa came to check on them.

“I've done this for years. Alphas never kill an Omega they 'love'”, he said and made little double quotes with his hands. “Heck, they don't even kill any Omegas or Beta women, they just get them out of their way, tie them up, beat them unconscious, I don't know. Saw a lot of that already.”

“Alphas really don't regard Omegas and Beta women as real equals as long as they think like that. In their eyes, Omegas and Beta women are worth everything and nothing at the same time”, Todoroki said bitterly and Aizawa raised his eyebrows.

“To hear an Alpha say this. I guess the world can still surprise me”, he chuckled. Eijirou was still confused.

“Thank you for helping us. Not many police officers would have”, he thanked him and Aizawa waved it off.

“I'm an Omega in the field. I take such things seriously because I know what you went through”, he just explained and got a cigarette out of his pockets.

“You had similar experiences?”, Todoroki asked and they all stared at Aizawa in interest.

“No, and I'm grateful for that. But I got to know a lot of Omegas who did and how they had been rejected by the police. I wanted to change that”, Aizawa stated and deeply breathed in the smoke to calm his nerves. “Hella stressful though.”

“But if you're actually a police officer, why were you the boss in our office?”, Eijirou asked in confusion.

“Undercover mission. I was placed in your office because we got an anonymous hint that some shady business was going on, but instead of illegal activities I find out about not just one, but three kidnappings, two sexual assaults and one past sexual assault. Not exactly what I had in mind. And definitely not what I had expected when Kaminari called me in the middle of the night and informed me as well as the police”, Aizawa told them. He seemed almost bored to anyone who didn't know him. Eijirou smiled.

“Wh-What? Shady business?”, Midoriya asked nervously.

“I soon realized that that was just a pathetic attempt to damage your office's reputation, nothing important. But you seriously worry about that?”, Aizawa asked in disbelief. Midoriya lowered his head with a sigh.

“Well, sexual assault is nothing new for me, as bad as this may sound. And we got out mostly unharmed. Shouto, uhm, I mean, Todoroki, wasn't hurt too much and thankfully not raped like me and Kirishima. And I know a lot about dealing with rape, so me and Kirishima decided to move in together. There will certainly be a few more nightmares after this”, he just said and averted his sad, tired gaze.

“Aha …”, Aizawa said and took another deep breath of the cigarette. “I'm not paid enough.”

“He will move in with us?”, Todoroki asked in surprise and looked at Midoriya and Eijirou.

“I-If you don't have anything against it”, Midoriya said and stuttered, cheeks red. “I should have asked you. I'm sorry.”

“Don't be sorry. Of course I don't have anything against it. He helped you and me. You know how to handle everything, he needs every help he can get”, Todoroki just smiled. He seemed almost excited and happy to help Eijirou like that.

“Thank you. That means a lot to me. I just hope that something like this will never happen again”, Eijirou said and he and Midoriya hugged each other. “Thanks for taking me in.”

“The fun's about to begin”, Midoriya said with a humorless smile, but it did make Eijirou chuckle.

“I really don't think I'm up for the challenge”, he giggled and Todoroki smiled. “How did you two meet anyway?”, he asked once Aizawa left them alone in the care of the medics and began interrogating the Alphas again.

“Well, we actually met in university”, Midoriya gushed and became red as a traffic light. Todoroki, too.

“I struggled with my family and although I reacted to Izuku, I didn't like him at all. Because he seemed like he had a perfect life, a perfect family and everything was as it should be. I have to admit, I was a little mean to him at the start”, Todoroki told them bashfully and scratched the back of his neck.

“You? Mean? Todoroki!”, Eijirou said with disappointment.

“Not as bad as Bakugou's bullying though, so it was okay, mostly. I just wondered why he didn't like me and wanted to avoid him at all costs. But then I saw him crying once. Behind the school. And I felt so bad, I gave him my lunch. And, well, we talked and he opened up. And then I opened up and we started dating after that”, Midoriya explained and his cheeks grew even redder.

“How romantic! You have to tell me everything. Actually, tell me even more than everything. I want to know all the details! I can't explain it, but I feel so … free and liberated right now. I feel like I'm being reborn. I still can't believe it”, Eijirou gushed and Midoriya smiled sadly.

“Believe me, enjoy this moment. Because it won't stay like that forever. You'll probably feel a lot worse tomorrow”, Midoriya said and lowered his head, Eijirou too, but then Todoroki grabbed them both and softly caressed their heads.

“But no matter what is wrong, you can always come to me if you need to talk. You as my mate, Izuku, and you as my friend, Kirishima”, Todoroki assured them.

“But you to us, too”, Eijirou said and Todoroki nodded.

“Thank you.”

Eijirou then looked up. Bakugou was staring at him. Eijirou sighed. He wanted to explain Bakugou exactly what he did wrong.

“I'll be back in a bit”, he said and Midoriya followed his gaze, then smiled with sympathy.

“Don't force yourself. Good luck”, he said and Eijirou nodded, then walked to the captured Alphas. Aizawa was in the middle of pressuring them into revealing more of their plans when Eijirou came up next to him.

“Can I talk with Bakugou for a moment? It won't take long”, Eijirou pleaded and Bakugou's gaze hardened. Aizawa looked confused, but then nodded and took the other Alphas away, leaving just one officer with them in case Bakugou would try anything.

“Why did you betray me?”, Bakugou asked, his voice harsh and shaking with rage. “Why did you lie to me?” Eijirou had to be honest with him.

“Because I never loved you, Bakugou”, he said honestly and Bakugou's eyes widened before they narrowed enormously.

“Why do you keep lying?”, he asked and Eijirou sighed heavily, burying his face in his hands.

“Will you please listen for a moment? And not say anything? Then I will tell you everything and give you the answer, Midoriya could never give you”, Eijirou begged and Bakugou stayed silent, averting his eyes.

“I'll take that as a 'yes'”, Eijirou said and sighed again. “When I acted like I fell in love with you”, Bakugou glared at him again, “you were very nice and considerate.” At that, Bakugou's eyes widened in surprise. But he didn't seem as if he trusted him enough yet. So Eijirou continued. “Let's go back to when you met me. You said it was two years ago?” Bakugou nodded. “If you would have spoken to me, asked me on a date maybe, or overall just gotten to know me the normal way, I might have fallen for you. Because you can be nice.” Bakugou still seemed wary and closed off. “It is just like I said to Shigaraki. Convincing me was not physical. It still isn't physical. Neither was it with Midoriya.”

“So what was I supposed to do then, huh? Just ask you out and hope for the best? Not happening, Eijirou”, Bakugou snarled. Eijirou sighed again.

“Why not?”, he asked.

“Because I can't fucking live without you, damnit! I need you!”, Bakugou snapped and wanted to stand up, but the officer just pushed him back down. Eijirou didn't flinch.

“You got over Midoriya. You never would have thought that, would you?”, he asked and Bakugou glared at him and growled. “You can get over me, too. There are many Omegas or Beta women. And next time you react to someone or fall in love with someone, remember to listen to the other person. Consent has to be spoken. And if you don't let someone give you their consent … . Well, you see how that ended”, Eijirou explained and pointed at all of the police cars.

Bakugou lowered his head, bangs hiding his face.

“On the first night, when you came to my apartment. Do you have any idea how scared I was? I was ready to jump out the window and break both my legs just to escape”, Eijirou said, slowly getting angry at the lack of response he was getting. “Do you understand?”

“No! I don't understand! And neither do you”, Bakugou yelled.

“I really hoped we could sort this out, Bakugou”, Eijirou sighed.

“You're supposed to call me by my first name …”, Bakugou insisted, avoiding eye contact.

“But I don't want to, Bakugou”, Eijirou said and repeated his last name, just out of spite. Bakugou tensed.

“The thing is. I do understand. Reactions can be bad and crazy and insane. But nobody told you to keep it all in and deal with it yourself. There are more than enough therapists out there who specialize in second gender reactions. You could have gotten help. You can still get help. And finally not repeat the same mistakes.” That sentence seemed to wake Bakugou up.

“The same mistakes?”

“The same mistakes. You just have to listen. Why in the world would you think that me or Midoriya or any Omega or Beta woman would lie to an Alpha or Beta man for no reason?”, Eijirou challenged him and Bakugou growled.

“Because you're testing us”, he hissed, but Eijirou snapped.

“Testing you for what?! For what exactly?”, he yelled, but quickly calmed down when Bakugou flinched. “Something as 'testing' an Alpha doesn't exist. You know what you just proved to me? That you're childish, don't listen to others, are not sympathetic or empathetic at all, will raise pups just the way you are, they will learn that their other father has not a word to say and you would have let them harm other Omegas and Beta women and even encouraged it, teaching them that an Omega or Beta women doesn't even know what they want themselves! Which is why I never wanted to have pups with you. The thought alone makes me sick”, Eijirou said and Bakugou looked completely crushed, defeated. Eijirou almost felt bad.

“If you were raised like that or just don't have control over your emotions, I don't know that. But go see a therapist. And don't make the same mistakes.” Eijirou stood up. “I can understand you, Bakugou. I really do. But do you understand me?” He turned to leave.

“Wait …”, Bakugou whispered and slowly looked up, his gaze empty and tired. Eijirou glared back with hate. “I'm … sorry.”

“I'm just glad you will try to get better. So that future people don't have to suffer. But for what you did to me …”, Eijirou averted his eyes. “I can never forgive you.”

Bakugou let his head hang low again and Eijirou felt freer than ever. He had said everything he wanted to say, finally. Without the fear that Bakugou would lose it and rape him again. With the security that Bakugou was forced to listen. And maybe, he would finally try to change.

Eijirou looked at Todoroki and Midoriya. Those two were so horribly in love, it was crazy. Eijirou could practically see the pink aura and the flowers around them. They exchanged shy kisses and Midoriya was careful not to hurt Todoroki's face while Todoroki cradled Midoriya in his arms. They were a match made in heaven.

Eijirou sighed, relieved. In the end, it had all started and ended with Bakugou and him. And now it was over. Eijirou was alone again, the police officers all around him, walking back and forth. And Eijirou felt content with that.

He had support now. He would get better. Who knew? Maybe he would find a loving mate one day. A mate who would listen to him. And care for him. And maybe Eijirou would even want pups then. But for now, he had his friends, his job at the office, and Midoriya and Todoroki. And soon, a therapist himself. He would need that.

He smiled at Midoriya and Midoriya noticed, looked up and smiled back, warm and welcoming. Eijirou was near tears because he was so happy.

They would get better again. They would together.