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Boku no Kazoku

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Eijirou woke up to soft kisses and an incredibly good feeling. It took a while until he had fully woken up and realized that Bakugou was slowly thrusting inside him from behind, lifting his right leg so get better access.

“H-Huh?”, he drowsily asked and Bakugou pressed another wet kiss on his cheek.

“Stay still, Eiji”, Bakugou whispered and nibbled at his ear. It took his all to not scream in fear because why in the world thought Bakugou that it was a good idea to have sex with him while he was still asleep?

“K-Kacchan?”, Eijirou used the nickname he had given Bakugou. He had to keep up that farce, keep fooling everyone around him. Just long enough until the police would arrive.

Bakugou groaned loudly when he heard that name and his thrusts sped up.

“F-Fuck, Eiji! Just look what you're doing to me”, he panted and Eijirou moaned into the pillow. “Can't even control myself when you're asleep, Eiji. You're just too beautiful.”

Eijirou moaned again loudly, pressing the same buttons he had pressed yesterday.

“F-Faster, Ka-Kacchan! M-Make me pregnant”, he huffed and moaned again loudly instead of trying to suppress that sickening sound.

Bakugou thrust inside him faster, rougher, Eijirou's walls clenched around his huge cock. Bakugou moaned deeply and licked over his neck, then biting down.

Eijirou moaned in a loud, high-pitched manner and then clamped down hard, coming over the sheets with a whimpered mewl.

Bakugou came with him and the feeling made Eijirou's throat dry. It caused a few tears to collect in his eyes, but he could never let Bakugou know the true reason for that.

As soon as Bakugou calmed down from his orgasm, he noticed Eijirou's slight tears and immediately sat up, cradling him and pulling him closer to his rumbling chest.

“What is it, love? Is something wrong?”, he asked with worry. Suddenly, there was no more aggression, not even a trace, in Bakugou's rough, husky voice. Eijirou found it to be rather hypocritical.

“I'm sorry, Kacchan”, Eijirou said and let the tears come. He wouldn't have been able to keep them in much longer anyways. But he would also keep the act up. “I-It's just that my heats have always been really intense, so I used to take the pill to make them more bearable. And now I won't get pregnant for a while … .”

Damn, pregnancy seemed to work wonders for Alphas. Not the Omegas were the ones who desperately wanted pups, no, it was the Alphas. Bakugou had talked about pups and family since their first evening together. Crazy bastard.

Bakugou immediately pressed him closer against his muscular body, trapping his much smaller body. He whispered sweet promises into his ear and Eijirou tried to let his body relax. He had to keep his act up. At all costs. And he didn't know for how long.

“Thank you”, he purred with a fake, light smile and looked up at Bakugou. The Alpha stared down at him as if he was in Heaven. “I'll make you extra nice breakfast!”, he chirped and then got out of Bakugou's grip. And for the first time, Bakugou excitedly let him.

“Really?”, he asked, cheeks red like a child that was waiting for their favorite meal cooked by one of their parents.

“Of course. I tortured you long enough after all”, Eijirou lied with flushed cheeks. Bakugou started beaming and quickly came after Eijirou, hugging him tight one more time, before grabbing his hand and letting Eijirou take the lead.

Eijirou prepared breakfast while Bakugou sat on the chair at the table, happily bouncing and waiting for Eijirou to be finished already.

“You're taking too long, Eiji”, Bakugou pouted. Wow. Eijirou would even say it looked cute. Bakugou could really be a great mate. If he would just scratch that stalking and raping and hitting part … .

“Silly. It has to be perfect”, Eijirou just giggled, hiding his trembling hands that had trouble cutting the vegetables.

“You're just continuing to torture me, Eijiii”, Bakugou complained and slumped down on the table. Eijirou just hid his nervous anxiety with another giggle.

Just when Eijirou was about to finish, he heard another set of footsteps. He turned around and saw Shigaraki coming out of the hallway. What surprised Eijirou even more was Midoriya right behind him, being pulled along with dull and tired eyes.

Eijirou felt a pang in his chest. But he had changed his mind about the plan. He had contacted Kaminari. He had to signal Midoriya that they would be saved.

Shigaraki let go of Midoriya's hand and instead grabbed his wrist, sat down and then pulled the Omega on his lap.

“There, that's a good little Omega, right, pretty bean?”, Shigaraki whispered and gave Midoriya a kiss on his cheek. Midoriya did and said nothing. But Eijirou would now bring new life into these empty eyes.

“Midoriya! I'm so glad you're feeling better!”, Eijirou suddenly chirped and turned around, bringing the food to the table for everyone to eat. Midoriya slowly looked up at him, completely baffled and confused.

“Hm”, he just rasped and then averted his eyes while Shigaraki played with one of his curls.

“So you took my advice?”, Eijirou asked and Midoriya completely froze in confusion, staring at him with a very, very befuddled look.

“Huh?”, he just croaked out while Bakugou and Shigaraki looked first at each other and then back and forth between Eijirou and Midoriya.

“Yeah, I know, I'm not quite supposed to give out relationship advice when I was still testing Kacchan myself”, that nickname let Midoriya's eyes widen all of a sudden, “but I finally deemed him worthy yesterday evening. And you seem to have made some progress, too! I'm so happy for you!”, he cheered and Midoriya finally got it. He got it! And it made Eijirou so much happier!

“R-Really?!”, Midoriya asked in tired and exhausted excitement. To Bakugou and Shigaraki, it would probably seem as if Midoriya congratulated them on becoming an official couple, but in truth, he was getting confirmation.

And these two Alphas were way too caught off-guard right now anyway. Their eyes were widening and they stared at the Omegas in the highest confusion possible, even with disbelief. Eijirou could already see all the question marks floating around their heads.

Eijirou just smiled warmly at Midoriya with red cheeks.

“Yes. I can't believe it myself”, he said and scratched his neck, sitting down.

“Advice? What are you talking about?”, Shigaraki finally asked and stared at Midoriya expectantly. And Midoriya was as if a lever had been pulled. He tried his best to put on a slightly crooked and worn-out smile.

“Kirishima helped me”, he just rasped, still seeming entirely tired and much too overwhelmed. Eijirou quickly took over for him.

“I told him yesterday that he was a bit too harsh with you and that he should trust you a bit more. But how could he when the first thing Bakugou did back then was hitting him the first time he declared his love for Midoriya?”, Eijirou tried to explain with a little delight and gave it his all to let it sound completely harmless. Midoriya didn't even look at Bakugou, who stiffened.

“That was the reason? That was the reason?!”, Bakugou said with disbelief and Midoriya grit his teeth. Eijirou would answer for him again.

“Midoriya told me that you bullied him. He thought that you hated him. That was so not cool”, Eijirou said and glanced sharply at Bakugou. The Alpha seemed as if he wanted to disappear in the ground. This was still risky, but Eijirou tried his best to let it all sound more playful rather than serious.

“What do you mean? Too harsh …”, Shigaraki finally broke out of his state and asked his question with red cheeks and a slight stutter. Eijirou hadn't seen him that insecure and uncertain before. Alphas really were a complete mystery to him.

“That he's still trying to figure out if you'll be a worthy mate or not”, Eijirou answered for him, because Midoriya still seemed pretty overwhelmed with everything. But Eijirou could barely believe that Midoriya had switched from dead inside to almost cheerful in a second. Was that because of his long time with Bakugou? Because he had been forced to put on a mask back then, too?

“How do I still have to prove myself?! You Omegas never make sense!”, Shigaraki pouted and now Midoriya turned to him.

“You hit me, smashed me into a wall and my head against the floor.” Midoriya's voice was still weak and quiet. It was a rhetorical question. And Shigaraki blushed madly because of that.

“I wasn't that violent …”, he pouted and averted his eyes.

“I still can't believe it. I finally know what I did wrong!”, Bakugou cheered and let himself fall back with a relieved sigh.

“Well, there were two times when I almost wanted to stop it all and tell you that you're not suitable, but my patience has been rewarded”, Eijirou said, lying with every sound he made. Somehow, all this acting felt so much easier the more he imagined that these were his actual feelings. That this had really been his plan all along.

Bakugou stiffened and gazed at him in horror and shock.

“What?! When!”, he demanded and stood up, but this time, the aggression was missing. He was really panicking right now.

“Well, you were really aggressive on our car ride here and then you hit me when you showed me our new room. And then I thought, wow, this guy is way too violent! He would be never good with kids! But then I saw how desperate you were and decided to forgive it this once. But hit me again and I'm off”, Eijirou threatened with a playful smile that was so easy to put on.

Bakugou gulped and looked at his plate in shame.

“Yes, Eiji”, he whispered. Eijirou couldn't believe it. That Bakugou was so docile and almost … nice. All that just because Eijirou had agreed to dating him.

“So Bakugou bullied you when you were younger? God, now I want to see you in your school uniform”, Shigaraki said and pulled Midoriya closer by his waist, kissing his neck. For a short moment, Eijirou saw through the facade and that Midoriya was absolutely horrified, but also hopeful and seemed to have trouble figuring out what to do.

“I haven't decided yet. You're just as violent as Bakugou, if not more”, Midoriya argued with his gaze locked to the table, words still whispered and utterly strengthless. Shigaraki grunted, not very pleased.

“Why? I didn't harm you that bad, pretty bean, I could never!”, Shigaraki said in frustration.

“Then why did it hurt so bad?”, Midoriya asked and looked away, Shigaraki stuttered. But Eijirou continued before giving Shigaraki the chance to answer.

“He's mainly talking about his previous mate”, Eijirou replied and Shigaraki's eyes went ice cold for a second. “You could have just challenged him directly and ended it, but you kidnapped him, too, instead of doing it the traditional way and making it quick.”

Shigaraki rolled his eyes and glared at Eijirou, then back at Midoriya.

“It's a money thing, pretty bean. You'll understand soon”, Shigaraki purred and stroked over a few of Midoriya's curls. “My world is a dangerous one. That's why I need as many friends as possible”, he argued and gave Midoriya a kiss.

“That's not exactly helping my judgment here”, he rasped and tried to clear his throat. Eijirou remembered the ring gag … .

“Does that mean that you forgot dear Shouto already?”, Shigaraki asked with excitment. Midoriya's sigh was a perfect cover for the way he truly felt.

“I haven't … decided yet”, the answer was short and said everything, not even once did he look at Shigaraki.

“Not very talkative, are ya?”, Shigaraki grinned and nibbled at Midoriya's neck. Eijirou just couldn't watch this any longer and instead looked out of the window. He hoped the police would arrive soon. He wondered how long it would take.

They all ate breakfast and Shigaraki and Bakugou discussed some plans while Eijirou and Midoriya threw glances at each other from time to time.

Midoriya looked at him and smiled lightly, he seemed to be near tears. Eijirou just smiled back. They would need to talk alone. And their facades would help them with that.

As soon as they were done, Eijirou used the opportunity and wanted to take Midoriya away while Shigaraki constantly tried to feed him. And Midoriya wouldn't let him. Which frustrated Shigaraki quite a bit.

“Midoriya, I want to show you my and Kacchan's room! Come with me”, he said with fake excitement and stood up. Midoriya nodded and wanted to get up, too, but Shigaraki's grip around his waist tightened.

For a moment, Eijirou thought that Shigaraki wouldn't let them go, but then the Alpha just gave Midoriya a passionate kiss, smirked and then let go.

Eijirou covered his terrified hectic with excitement and basically dragged Midoriya with him. As soon as they had closed the door, Midoriya threw himself against Eijirou and hugged him, he immediately started crying.

“Thank you! Thank you so much!”, Midoriya whispered while burying his face in Eijirou's shoulder. He shivered from the fear of being discovered, but he felt relieved that Midoriya seemed better.

“I'm so sorry I denied you this request … . I'm a horrible friend”, Eijirou whispered, afraid that the Alphas might sneak to the door and listen in on their conversation.

“Don't say that … . It was horrible of me to demand that even though you were so scared. I'm sorry”, Midoriya apologized quietly and Eijirou sniffled, not able to keep the tears in any longer. He was so afraid.

“I'm still scared. But if it means that we can get out, I'll try to forget it”, he said under his breath, hiding every possible sound.

They got away from the door and sat down on the floor next to the bed. Eijirou really didn't want them to sit on the bed because of all the things Bakugou had done on that bed, especially since there were still stains and the blanket hadn't been washed yet.

“Was Shigaraki very violent yesterday?”, Eijirou asked and Midoriya grabbed his throat, coughing slightly.

“A bit. And even though he promised that he would stop after that, he just continued. Apparently, Alphas can't control themselves in even the slightest”, Midoriya whispered bitterly and Eijirou nodded with pity.

“I woke up to Bakugou raping me”, he said quietly and lowered his head. “Even if I would be in a consented relationship, this is not okay.”

“I hate him … .”

“Me too … .”

“How did you do it?”, Midoriya then asked and Eijirou tilted his head, tired and exhausted.

“I told him that he passed and that I would accept him now. He raped me again and when he was asleep, I got his phone. I know Kaminari's number by heart, so I texted him and deleted all the messages so that Bakugou wouldn't see them”, Eijirou told him and Midoriya nodded.

“Let's just hope they get here before Shouto is gone”, he whispered and trembled. Eijirou put an arm around his shoulders and offered comfort when Midoriya started crying again. Eijirou just followed blindly. He was way too exhausted and tired. He wanted to go home.

“I don't know if I can do this much longer!”, he whisper-yelled and sobbed. Midoriya clung to him and hugged him.

“You can do this … . We both can”, Midoriya assured him.

“I hope you're right”, Eijirou quietly said and tried to suppress his tears, wiping them away. “Let's just hope they don't have any major plans for today.”

“They probably have. Shigaraki talked about today all the time. He still has some free time before he has to go to work again. Which could cause some problems”, Midoriya said and tried to calm down a bit.

“We have to continue pretending. They can't know what's really going on. I hope the police will come today. Otherwise we might not be able to save Todoroki”, Eijirou said under his breath and turned to Midoriya. “No matter what, you have to control your emotions.”

Midoriya lowered his head in shame.

“I'll try …”, he promised and leaned against Eijirou's shoulder while Eijirou leaned against Midoriya's fluffy, comfortable head.

They both sighed deeply and used the moment to gain a bit of new energy.

“Let's …”, Eijirou slowly started and wiped his tears away. “Let's just assume that we really would get out now. What should I do? How would I learn to accept everything that happened?” It was something that had bothered him since he was allowed to hope again.

Midoriya hesitated for a moment, but then sighed deeply.

“First things first. You need a therapist. And second of all, you shouldn't be alone. And continue your current routine as best as possible”, Midoriya explained to him and Eijirou let his head hang low.

“But … . My family lives further away. I'd have to quit my job. And I can't just leave …”, he thought and sobbed one time before trying to regain control over his emotions. But then he felt Midoriya's hand on his shoulder.

“Then how about you move in with me and Shouto?”, he asked quietly and Eijirou's eyes widened in surprise.

“You would really do that for me? Even after I almost let you down?”, Eijirou asked and Midoriya lightly smiled at him.

“You didn't let me down, Kirishima. I wanted too much. I didn't consider your feelings at all. So let's just please forget that it ever happened. I would love it if you moved in with us”, he said and took Eijirou's hand.

Eijirou's eyes started to fill with water all over again and he allowed himself to just silently cry into Midoriya's shoulder for a while before they both calmed down again, just sitting there and staring at the wall.

“We have to go to them again”, Eijirou then sighed after two or three minutes and helped Midoriya to get up. They both just wanted to go home and they both had enough of this. Eijirou himself didn't want to go out there again. Maybe they could manage to get access to one of the cars in the garage and then just drive off.

Eijirou shook his head. He didn't have time for such stupid daydreaming. He had to focus, always keep his composure.

He took a deep breath and opened the door.

“And the bed is just great! I really love it. So cozy and small”, he chirped and got confused when he felt the door hitting something. He heard a pained grunt.

Midoriya and he slowly looked outside and saw Bakugou and Shigaraki directly in front of the door, Bakugou holding his arm. They had eavesdropped.

“What are you doing?”, he asked and played the dumb one.

“I-I wanted to know what you thought of the room”, Bakugou said and blushed, then angrily averted his eyes and scoffed. Eijirou hid his disgust and just smiled brightly instead.

“Oh, that's why”, he said. “I like it a lot. You don't have to spy on me, Kacchan. Next time, just ask”, he added and Bakugou blushed even more.

“Where's my Omega?”, Shigaraki asked and tried to look past him. Eijirou just stepped aside and Midoriya slowly emerged from behind him. Shigaraki's eyes widened in joy and delight.

“There you are! I had such a nice idea”, he then said and grabbed Midoriya's wrist, pulling him with him.

“Well, I should clean up the mess in the kitchen”, Eijirou said as an excuse to get away from Bakugou. But the Alpha was hard to shake.

“Shigaraki won't have to work for another three days. Meaning I can do whatever I want. I'll help you”, he said excitedly and followed him closely.

“Thank you, Kacchan. That is so nice of you”, Eijirou said gratefully and Bakugou blushed with a proud smile.

“Aw, come on! This will just prove to you how good I am!”, Eijirou suddenly heard from the living room.

“No! Get off!”, Midoriya hissed and Eijirou quickly hurried to the kitchen and the living room. He gasped in shock when Shigaraki pressed Midoriya over the back of the couch, holding him down while Midoriya tried to get Shigaraki off of him.

“What are you doing? You think that this will help him realize that you're a good mate?”, Eijirou growled angrily and Shigaraki stopped his tries to pull Midoriya's sleeping pants down.

“Huh? What's that supposed to mean?”, Shigaraki huffed in annoyance and grunted when Midoriya tried to move out of his grip. The Alpha tightened his hold on the smaller Omega.

“You Alphas just don't get it, do you?”, Eijirou said calmly and Shigaraki glared at him. Bakugou laid a hand on his shoulder and lightly pulled him back.

“I know you're worried, Eiji. But it's his relationship. We shouldn't meddle”, Bakugou said and Eijirou had to control himself hard in order not to scream at him.

“I'm just saying that you think convincing us is physical. But it's mental. Just be nice, supportive, take us seriously. That does much more than … that”, Eijirou argued, hoping that it would keep Shigaraki from hurting Midoriya any more than he already had.

“Like Bakugou said. This is not your relationship, Omega”, Shigaraki hissed furiously and firmly grabbed Midoriya's neck and looked down at him. “See how he struggles? That's his way of testing me. That's what he wants and needs!” Shigaraki was not happy right now.

“Ignore what he said”, Bakugou tried to calm him down and stepped in front of Eijirou. “We'll leave you to it.”

“I don't care. Stay if you want to”, Shigaraki huffed, but calmed down. Eijirou saw how Midoriya tried his best to suppress the tears while Shigaraki undressed his lower body.

Eijirou averted his eyes when Shigaraki entered him and he heard a low grunt and a whimpered moan. Eijirou had to do something! He wished for super strength and speed right now, just so that he could ram a knife into his crusty chest.

Unfortunately, he wasn't gifted with neither strength nor speed. So he just tried to blend out the noises, the clapping of skin against skin, the groans and the mewls.

Bakugou took their plates from the table and brought them to Eijirou and he hesitantly started cleaning them. He scrubbed over them, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't drown out Midoriya's moans. It pained him that he stood here and did nothing.

Suddenly, Bakugou grabbed him and threw him against the table. Eijirou gasped in surprise when Bakugou towered over him and wanted to lay him down.

“I can't control myself with them fucking in the background. I'm sorry, Eiji”, Bakugou said and pressed his lips against Eijirou's. His eyes widened in shock and he had a hard time suppressing his urges to shove Bakugou away.

“N-Not here. That's embarrassing”, Eijirou tried to tell him, but Bakugou didn't care right now.

“It's not embarrassing. Trust me, you're beautiful”, Bakugou purred and kissed his neck, sucking on his skin until it would bruise.

“Ah, shut up with your lovey-dovey bullshit”, Shigaraki hissed and grabbed Midoriya's hips tighter than before, strongly pulling him back with every thrust he made.

Bakugou didn't give Eijirou any time to think, not even any time to agree or disagree, he just pushed him down on the table and pulled the pajamas down, exposing his privates. Eijirou blushed madly in humiliation and tried to not show the tears.

Bakugou leaned down and started sucking on his limp dick immediately, still holding Eijirou down to prevent him from sitting up. Eijirou had to pretend, he had to pretend.

“Hah!”, he moaned and threw his head back when Bakugou licked over his short length and then took it into his mouth, gliding up and down and sending shivers down Eijirou's back. He grew hard incredibly fast at the fast and wet pace.

Eijirou turned his head and looked at Midoriya. They both caught each other's gaze and Midoriya nodded with thick tears in his eyes, barely noticeable. Eijirou nodded back. They would get out of this together.

Bakugou quickly let go of Eijirou and lined himself up with his only slightly leaking hole. Then, he pressed inside him way too quickly, causing Eijirou to hiss in discomfort. Bakugou noticed and apparently tried to slow down a little.

But to Eijirou's bad luck, Bakugou didn't have enough control to wait very long. He soon started thrusting inside him at a faster and rougher rate, tightly holding his legs and spreading them even further.

Eijirou moaned loudly and despite his deep hatred, he reached out and intertwined his fingers with Bakugou's, letting him have his way, because Bakugou didn't care anyways. He never cared and he never would, even with Eijirou seemingly agreeing to everything.

It was already embarrassing to be on display like this in front of Shigaraki and Midoriya, but when he heard a door open and close and chains rustling, he was nearly panicking. Sako and Todoroki would come down. And see both of them like that. Eijirou blushed madly and closed his eyes, hoping it would help him to disappear.

Eijirou just hoped that Todoroki would be able to keep his calm. And that maybe Sako wouldn't leave immediately and give the police more time to arrive.

“My my! What a show! Almost makes me want to join!”, Sako cheered from the top of the stairs, leaning over the handrail.

“Shut up, Sako”, Shigaraki hissed and pulled Midoriya closer again with a rough movement, causing the Omega to whimper and then moan loudly. “Did you think about the Alpha? Because if yes, drop the money and leave. If not, just leave”, Shigaraki grunted and leaned over Midoriya, biting his neck.

Eijirou saw the tears in Todoroki's eyes. He trembled and just avoided looking at Midoriya. Eijirou was grateful for that. Maybe then they could keep the Alphas here together for as long as possible and the police would come on time.

“I had a nice start yesterday. I'll definitely keep him”, Sako said and dropped a suitcase on the counter. “You can count the money later.”

Eijirou's eyes went wide. Sako would leave! He couldn't let that happen! However, he was surprised when he didn't have to do anything. Sako was arrogant enough to just keep standing there, leaning against the counter and watching the two Alphas fucking their Omegas with a weird interest, tilting his head.

Eijirou moaned loudly when Bakugou hit his sweet spot, the Alpha grunted and firmly grabbed his waist, fucking into him at a rougher pace.

“See, my boy? That will be you soon”, Sako promised and grabbed Todoroki's jaw, forcing him to look at what Bakugou did to Eijirou. Eijirou blushed in embarrassment and humiliation, he just wanted to lie in a ditch and never appear again.

“Don't let that fucker look at Eiji like that! It makes him uncomfortable”, Bakugou snarled and turned to Sako.

“Why so aggressive? He's chained up, isn't he?”, Sako teased him and Bakugou growled, the thrusts getting harder and causing Eijirou to groan lowly.

“You're orbusexual, I don't give a fuck what you do, but that guy's not!”, Bakugou hissed and grunted. “You never know with Alphas like him. They're like dogs.” He threw a dark, threatening glare at Todoroki. “You look away for one second and they steal your Omega. First Deku and now he probably wants Eiji, too.”

Todoroki gave him an icy glance, but then ripped his jaw out of Sako's grip and looked away.

“What a drama! I love it”, Sako chirped and petted Todoroki's hair. Eijirou moaned again and threw his head back, trying to forget the disgust that welled up inside him while Bakugou forced him closer and closer to his own orgasm.

Sako suddenly looked outside and tensed.

“We have a few visitors”, he stated coldly and glared at Shigaraki. “What is the meaning of this?”

“The fuck do you mean?”, Shigaraki said and grunted while Midoriya let out a high-pitched mewl. They both came and Shigaraki rather quickly got out of Midoriya, closing his pants and walking to Sako, looking outside.

When his eyes went wide as plates, Eijirou had a strange feeling in his guts. Even Bakugou stopped his movements and looked around, trying to catch a glimpse outside.

“Excuse me, I'm very sorry to disturb you!”, someone from outside yelled through a megaphone. Bakugou tensed and got out of Eijirou.

Eijirou immediately scrambled to his feet, pulling up his pants and looking if Midoriya was okay. They both sought refuge behind the couch. Todoroki managed to slowly crawl to them, too, without any of the Alphas noticing. Eijirou was confused what was happening and he didn't allow himself to hope just yet.

“Your house is surrounded. Every exit is secured and you have nowhere to go. If you would now be so kind and step out of the house with your hands up in the air”, the guy outside demanded and Eijirou felt his heart skip a few beats.

The police was here.

The police was here!

Eijirou couldn't suppress the tears he felt upon these news. Todoroki and Midoriya looked at each other, first happy, before Midoriya suddenly averted his eyes.

“I-If … you are now disgusted with me … I can understand that”, Midoriya whispered quietly and Todoroki grabbed Midoriya's arm, pulling him closer.

“I could never be disgusted with you. If all, I'm disgusted with them”, he growled quietly while the Alphas were cursing and trying to figure out what to do.

“R-Really? You forgive me?”, Midoriya asked through thick tears and Todoroki shook his head.

“There's nothing to forgive. I love you”, he said and pressed a kiss on Midoriya's lips. Midoriya's eyes went wide and he quickly kissed back passionately.

Eijirou felt so happy. Happy for Midoriya and Todoroki, happy that there was a chance now. And Eijirou had the moment of surprise on his side. He could attack Bakugou or Shigaraki or even Sako from behind when they would least expect it.

Suddenly, Todoroki received a fierce kick to his face. He grunted in pain and hit the floor. Shigaraki had a furious look on his face and kicked Todoroki again.

“I told you, you can't leave an Alpha like that out of your sight for even a second”, he snarled and took Eijirou's arm, pulling him away from Todoroki.

Shigaraki absolutely seethed in rage and grabbed Midoriya. The Omega whimpered in fear, but froze when Shigaraki suddenly put a knife on his throat.

“Play along, pretty bean”, he whispered seductively and then turned to the other Alphas. “The officer looks like an Alpha. He won't do anything if he thinks that we're ready to kill one of them. Play along and we can get out of this.”

“Let's go”, Sako said and took a knife himself, pulling Todoroki along with the thick chain around his neck.

“This better work”, Bakugou said and softly looked at Eijirou. “Don't be afraid. They won't hurt you. I won't let them”, he promised and nuzzled into his neck.

Eijirou had trouble keeping his calm while Shigaraki pushed Midoriya towards the door, Sako opened it for him.

They all stepped outside and Eijirou saw it. He saw the dozens of police cars, the many officers who now froze in shock as they saw the knife at Midoriya's throat.

But Eijirou froze even more when he recognized the police officer who held the megaphone. That was Aizawa! Their boss … . How?

“So this is how it's going to go”, Shigaraki announced with a triumphant smirk. Aizawa narrowed his eyes, but kept his calm. “You let us go, or this Omega gets it!”, he snarled and pressed the knife stronger against Midoriya's neck.

Midoriya whimpered and closed his eyes, Eijirou wished he could just do something! Maybe now was the time to act, but Bakugou had a firm grip on his wrist and wouldn't let him go. Would they now just be imprisoned again?

Eijirou was ripped out of his desperate thoughts when Aizawa just chuckled. He had a wide, calculating smile on his face and let go of the megaphone, then started to walk closer to them, pulling out his gun.

“Step any closer and I'll kill him!”, Shigaraki now yelled, the knife so close to ending Midoriya's life. But Aizawa just kept walking towards them.

“Don't move closer!”, Shigaraki yelled again, absolutely losing it, Eijirou heard panic in his voice for the first time.

“Just empty threats”, Aizawa suddenly said and stopped moving. “You Alphas never hurt or kill the person you reacted to. That's not what your instinct commands you to do.” With these words, he pointed the gun at Shigaraki. The Alpha's eyes went wide and he immediately reacted and pushed Midoriya aside, the Omega hitting the wooden floor with a loud thud.

Aizawa shot at him and hit his shoulder. Shigaraki grit his teeth and stumbled, but still charged at Aizawa with a violent, frustrated yell despite his hurt shoulder.

Aizawa rolled his eyes, evaded the strike with the knife with skill and caused Shigaraki to stumble, throwing him on the ground and kneeling over him. Shigaraki's eyes suddenly went wide.

“Y-You're an Omega!”, he growled in disbelief.

“I'm an Omega, yes. Does that change anything? Would you have otherwise not run at me with the intent to kill me?”, Aizawa asked and Shigaraki's gaze became bitter.

“No good Alpha ever hurts an Omega”, he told him.

“Says you who kidnapped and raped an Omega”, Aizawa deadpanned and Shigaraki grunted in fury. He was still the same, he would never understand. Some Alphas just had little control over how much their instinct set off and even fewer then resorted to violence when it wouldn't play out the way they wanted. Shigaraki and Bakugou were a rare case. But one of the reasons why Omega and Beta women teachers took regular self-defense classes and Alphas and Beta men teachers had to take a psychological test before teaching students. Because an Alpha student shouldn't be able to rape a teacher and an Alpha or Beta man should have enough control to not rape a student. And a psychological test showed if the teacher had these tendencies or not.

The reaction sure did some crazy things to people's minds.

“He's my mate! I saved him!”, Shigaraki yelled and tried to wiggle free, but the other officers already helped Aizawa to put cuffs around Shigaraki's wrists.

“I'm really sorry if I'm not taking you seriously, but do you have any idea how many times I've heard this sentence already?”, Aizawa chuckled and got up, glaring at Bakugou and Sako. “Now what about you?”

“Fuck”, Bakugou whispered and Eijirou stared at him. He seemed to think about a way to escape, but there were police officers everywhere.

Midoriya slowly stood up and then charged at Sako.

“Let go of my mate!”, he screamed and punched Sako full force. Eijirou had to smile. In a swift motion, he turned around and kicked Bakugou into his lower stomach so hard the Alpha went completely pale in a second.

Sako crashed into the wall and Bakugou sank to his knees. Eijirou and Midoriya took the opportunity and grabbed Todoroki. They quickly ran towards Aizawa who stood in front of them protectively while the other officers immediately tried to get the chains off of Todoroki.

Bakugou looked up at Eijirou in disbelief, but Eijirou had enough, he didn't need to pretend anymore and shot him the coldest, iciest glare, because he hated him so much, despised him and just wanted him to be locked up forever.

Other police members now tackled Bakugou and Sako and cuffed them as well. Everything happened much too fast for Eijirou to fully grasp what was happening.

While Bakugou, Sako and Shigaraki were asked a few questions close to the cars, a few medics checked Eijirou, Midoriya and Todoroki for any wounds and treated the cuts on Todoroki's face and the bruises. Midoriya had gotten a tiny cut on his throat, but not nearly deep enough to seriously harm him. Shigaraki really did use Midoriya as a decoy only. In that regard, Alphas were a little weak.

“How were you so sure that he wouldn't kill me?”, Midoriya then asked when Aizawa came to check on them.

“I've done this for years. Alphas never kill an Omega they 'love'”, he said and made little double quotes with his hands. “Heck, they don't even kill any Omegas or Beta women, they just get them out of their way, tie them up, beat them unconscious, I don't know. Saw a lot of that already.”

“Alphas really don't regard Omegas and Beta women as real equals as long as they think like that. In their eyes, Omegas and Beta women are worth everything and nothing at the same time”, Todoroki said bitterly and Aizawa raised his eyebrows.

“To hear an Alpha say this. I guess the world can still surprise me”, he chuckled. Eijirou was still confused.

“Thank you for helping us. Not many police officers would have”, he thanked him and Aizawa waved it off.

“I'm an Omega in the field. I take such things seriously because I know what you went through”, he just explained and got a cigarette out of his pockets.

“You had similar experiences?”, Todoroki asked and they all stared at Aizawa in interest.

“No, and I'm grateful for that. But I got to know a lot of Omegas who did and how they had been rejected by the police. I wanted to change that”, Aizawa stated and deeply breathed in the smoke to calm his nerves. “Hella stressful though.”

“But if you're actually a police officer, why were you the boss in our office?”, Eijirou asked in confusion.

“Undercover mission. I was placed in your office because we got an anonymous hint that some shady business was going on, but instead of illegal activities I find out about not just one, but three kidnappings, two sexual assaults and one past sexual assault. Not exactly what I had in mind. And definitely not what I had expected when Kaminari called me in the middle of the night and informed me as well as the police”, Aizawa told them. He seemed almost bored to anyone who didn't know him. Eijirou smiled.

“Wh-What? Shady business?”, Midoriya asked nervously.

“I soon realized that that was just a pathetic attempt to damage your office's reputation, nothing important. But you seriously worry about that?”, Aizawa asked in disbelief. Midoriya lowered his head with a sigh.

“Well, sexual assault is nothing new for me, as bad as this may sound. And we got out mostly unharmed. Shouto, uhm, I mean, Todoroki, wasn't hurt too much and thankfully not raped like me and Kirishima. And I know a lot about dealing with rape, so me and Kirishima decided to move in together. There will certainly be a few more nightmares after this”, he just said and averted his sad, tired gaze.

“Aha …”, Aizawa said and took another deep breath of the cigarette. “I'm not paid enough.”

“He will move in with us?”, Todoroki asked in surprise and looked at Midoriya and Eijirou.

“I-If you don't have anything against it”, Midoriya said and stuttered, cheeks red. “I should have asked you. I'm sorry.”

“Don't be sorry. Of course I don't have anything against it. He helped you and me. You know how to handle everything, he needs every help he can get”, Todoroki just smiled. He seemed almost excited and happy to help Eijirou like that.

“Thank you. That means a lot to me. I just hope that something like this will never happen again”, Eijirou said and he and Midoriya hugged each other. “Thanks for taking me in.”

“The fun's about to begin”, Midoriya said with a humorless smile, but it did make Eijirou chuckle.

“I really don't think I'm up for the challenge”, he giggled and Todoroki smiled. “How did you two meet anyway?”, he asked once Aizawa left them alone in the care of the medics and began interrogating the Alphas again.

“Well, we actually met in university”, Midoriya gushed and became red as a traffic light. Todoroki, too.

“I struggled with my family and although I reacted to Izuku, I didn't like him at all. Because he seemed like he had a perfect life, a perfect family and everything was as it should be. I have to admit, I was a little mean to him at the start”, Todoroki told them bashfully and scratched the back of his neck.

“You? Mean? Todoroki!”, Eijirou said with disappointment.

“Not as bad as Bakugou's bullying though, so it was okay, mostly. I just wondered why he didn't like me and wanted to avoid him at all costs. But then I saw him crying once. Behind the school. And I felt so bad, I gave him my lunch. And, well, we talked and he opened up. And then I opened up and we started dating after that”, Midoriya explained and his cheeks grew even redder.

“How romantic! You have to tell me everything. Actually, tell me even more than everything. I want to know all the details! I can't explain it, but I feel so … free and liberated right now. I feel like I'm being reborn. I still can't believe it”, Eijirou gushed and Midoriya smiled sadly.

“Believe me, enjoy this moment. Because it won't stay like that forever. You'll probably feel a lot worse tomorrow”, Midoriya said and lowered his head, Eijirou too, but then Todoroki grabbed them both and softly caressed their heads.

“But no matter what is wrong, you can always come to me if you need to talk. You as my mate, Izuku, and you as my friend, Kirishima”, Todoroki assured them.

“But you to us, too”, Eijirou said and Todoroki nodded.

“Thank you.”

Eijirou then looked up. Bakugou was staring at him. Eijirou sighed. He wanted to explain Bakugou exactly what he did wrong.

“I'll be back in a bit”, he said and Midoriya followed his gaze, then smiled with sympathy.

“Don't force yourself. Good luck”, he said and Eijirou nodded, then walked to the captured Alphas. Aizawa was in the middle of pressuring them into revealing more of their plans when Eijirou came up next to him.

“Can I talk with Bakugou for a moment? It won't take long”, Eijirou pleaded and Bakugou's gaze hardened. Aizawa looked confused, but then nodded and took the other Alphas away, leaving just one officer with them in case Bakugou would try anything.

“Why did you betray me?”, Bakugou asked, his voice harsh and shaking with rage. “Why did you lie to me?” Eijirou had to be honest with him.

“Because I never loved you, Bakugou”, he said honestly and Bakugou's eyes widened before they narrowed enormously.

“Why do you keep lying?”, he asked and Eijirou sighed heavily, burying his face in his hands.

“Will you please listen for a moment? And not say anything? Then I will tell you everything and give you the answer, Midoriya could never give you”, Eijirou begged and Bakugou stayed silent, averting his eyes.

“I'll take that as a 'yes'”, Eijirou said and sighed again. “When I acted like I fell in love with you”, Bakugou glared at him again, “you were very nice and considerate.” At that, Bakugou's eyes widened in surprise. But he didn't seem as if he trusted him enough yet. So Eijirou continued. “Let's go back to when you met me. You said it was two years ago?” Bakugou nodded. “If you would have spoken to me, asked me on a date maybe, or overall just gotten to know me the normal way, I might have fallen for you. Because you can be nice.” Bakugou still seemed wary and closed off. “It is just like I said to Shigaraki. Convincing me was not physical. It still isn't physical. Neither was it with Midoriya.”

“So what was I supposed to do then, huh? Just ask you out and hope for the best? Not happening, Eijirou”, Bakugou snarled. Eijirou sighed again.

“Why not?”, he asked.

“Because I can't fucking live without you, damnit! I need you!”, Bakugou snapped and wanted to stand up, but the officer just pushed him back down. Eijirou didn't flinch.

“You got over Midoriya. You never would have thought that, would you?”, he asked and Bakugou glared at him and growled. “You can get over me, too. There are many Omegas or Beta women. And next time you react to someone or fall in love with someone, remember to listen to the other person. Consent has to be spoken. And if you don't let someone give you their consent … . Well, you see how that ended”, Eijirou explained and pointed at all of the police cars.

Bakugou lowered his head, bangs hiding his face.

“On the first night, when you came to my apartment. Do you have any idea how scared I was? I was ready to jump out the window and break both my legs just to escape”, Eijirou said, slowly getting angry at the lack of response he was getting. “Do you understand?”

“No! I don't understand! And neither do you”, Bakugou yelled.

“I really hoped we could sort this out, Bakugou”, Eijirou sighed.

“You're supposed to call me by my first name …”, Bakugou insisted, avoiding eye contact.

“But I don't want to, Bakugou”, Eijirou said and repeated his last name, just out of spite. Bakugou tensed.

“The thing is. I do understand. Reactions can be bad and crazy and insane. But nobody told you to keep it all in and deal with it yourself. There are more than enough therapists out there who specialize in second gender reactions. You could have gotten help. You can still get help. And finally not repeat the same mistakes.” That sentence seemed to wake Bakugou up.

“The same mistakes?”

“The same mistakes. You just have to listen. Why in the world would you think that me or Midoriya or any Omega or Beta woman would lie to an Alpha or Beta man for no reason?”, Eijirou challenged him and Bakugou growled.

“Because you're testing us”, he hissed, but Eijirou snapped.

“Testing you for what?! For what exactly?”, he yelled, but quickly calmed down when Bakugou flinched. “Something as 'testing' an Alpha doesn't exist. You know what you just proved to me? That you're childish, don't listen to others, are not sympathetic or empathetic at all, will raise pups just the way you are, they will learn that their other father has not a word to say and you would have let them harm other Omegas and Beta women and even encouraged it, teaching them that an Omega or Beta women doesn't even know what they want themselves! Which is why I never wanted to have pups with you. The thought alone makes me sick”, Eijirou said and Bakugou looked completely crushed, defeated. Eijirou almost felt bad.

“If you were raised like that or just don't have control over your emotions, I don't know that. But go see a therapist. And don't make the same mistakes.” Eijirou stood up. “I can understand you, Bakugou. I really do. But do you understand me?” He turned to leave.

“Wait …”, Bakugou whispered and slowly looked up, his gaze empty and tired. Eijirou glared back with hate. “I'm … sorry.”

“I'm just glad you will try to get better. So that future people don't have to suffer. But for what you did to me …”, Eijirou averted his eyes. “I can never forgive you.”

Bakugou let his head hang low again and Eijirou felt freer than ever. He had said everything he wanted to say, finally. Without the fear that Bakugou would lose it and rape him again. With the security that Bakugou was forced to listen. And maybe, he would finally try to change.

Eijirou looked at Todoroki and Midoriya. Those two were so horribly in love, it was crazy. Eijirou could practically see the pink aura and the flowers around them. They exchanged shy kisses and Midoriya was careful not to hurt Todoroki's face while Todoroki cradled Midoriya in his arms. They were a match made in heaven.

Eijirou sighed, relieved. In the end, it had all started and ended with Bakugou and him. And now it was over. Eijirou was alone again, the police officers all around him, walking back and forth. And Eijirou felt content with that.

He had support now. He would get better. Who knew? Maybe he would find a loving mate one day. A mate who would listen to him. And care for him. And maybe Eijirou would even want pups then. But for now, he had his friends, his job at the office, and Midoriya and Todoroki. And soon, a therapist himself. He would need that.

He smiled at Midoriya and Midoriya noticed, looked up and smiled back, warm and welcoming. Eijirou was near tears because he was so happy.

They would get better again. They would together.