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Impmon's Tamer

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'' Come on, let me - ''
'' Stay back! '' A little flame flies past Renamon's cheek what makes the Digimon freeze in her movements. Impmon looks at her a moment, feeling a little guilt for attacking her. After all she just wants to help him. But it's his fight! Not hers.
'' Try to understand...'' He says a bit friendlier but her silence lets anger control him again...!

' Why don't you have a partner Impmon?
What?! Don't asks so stupid questions! Digimon that team up with Humans are pathetic nothin' more! '

'' That's my fight so stay down! '' Renamon's cold eyes watch him, bore through him but she isn't moving, she leaves him space. Rika, Renamon and Calumon now watch how Impmon turns towards the Ultimate-Level. They all know that Impmon doesn't stand a chance against Indramon as long as he's still just on the Rookie Level , hell probably even Impmon knows that! But after the 'incident', how Impmon likes to call it, with his former Partner, he does everything he can to proof that he can Digivolve without a human at his side too!

' I could vomit if I see Digimon like ya! Disgusting! '
' I don't understand you, why do you hate Humans so much? '
' In case ya didn't realize it Foxy, they're all egoistic idiots! '

'' You can both fight against me if you want. ''
'' No chance yer ma opponent, no one else's! '' Indramon gives a cold, barking laugh but that only makes the Rookie angrier,
'' Watch out it's ma turn! Summon! '' A ball of fire shoots out of the earth and hits the Ultimate right onto his chest but he doesn't even flinch,
'' Pah! You are too weak to fight me! '' Impmon gives a shocked noise and short time later a scream of pain as Indramon hits him with his hoof and sends him flying through the air. He soon stands back up and balls a fist at the horse-like Digimon,
'' Listen up dude! Guys like ya really annoy me, getting together in a heap of idiots and then startin' to tell 'round that yer the number one and stuff! How lousy can ya be?! '' The arrogant Digimon just snorts and hits poor Impmon another time. In that moment Henry and Takato arrive but stop abruptly as they see the Deva,
'' Hey Rika what- A Deva! Terriermon you need to Digivolve! ''
'' No wait! '' Renamon's voice interrupts Henry's move to grab the Card to Digivolve.
'' Why should we wait Renamon? '' Takato asks while looking at Impmon a moment.
'' That's Impmon's fight. He wants us to stay out of that. ''
'' But he has no chance against a Deva! '' Takato protest but before anyone else can say something Impmon gets hit again and thrown almost right in front of their feet. Once more he forces his body to stand up but the Tamers see that he won't hold out much longer if nothing happens. Coughing the dirt out of his lunges he smirks cheekily at the Deva,
'' And all that stupid talkin' bout ya gods ya can spare me from too! Ya should admire toilet paper, at least ya can use that! Hahaha! '' He starts laughing with glee but for the mighty Deva this now is the last line to cross,
'' I won't let you insult our gods any longer! Someone weak as you has no right to that! '' He attacks the Rookie multiple times so that the only noise around the Tamers are his pained screams.

' Digimon that once were held by a human all have the same scent. '

'' We need to help him! '' Rika says while watching Renamon fighting with herself to ignore Impmon's command to stay out of this fight and finally interrupt this torture. They all know that Impmon has no chance against Indramon but if they interrupt now, Impmon will blame them for his lose. As much as Renamon hates it, this lesson he has to learn on his own, even if it's painful.
'' Wait up I'll show 'im, I still have a lot power! - Ah! '' Another smash against his tiny body makes him scream in pure agony but instead that Indramon leaves him some time to get up again, he just keeps on beating Impmon.
'' Henry we need to help him or he'll get loaded soon! ''
'' Yeah you're right... Now I know that Deva are evil! ''
'' Damn this... Come on Impmon you can do it! '' Takato calls what makes Impmon look at him,
'' Shut up I don't wanna get cheered up from humans you idiots just leave me the- Gah! '' Another hit interrupts him in his words but once more he forces himself up.

' What were you thinking about Impmon? '
' None of ya business Foxy! '

Impmon suddenly stops dead in his tracks, a cold shudder flows over his back on the feeling of being watched from a human he knows all too good. Only her eyes give him a shudder like that.
'' This can't be...'' Indramon snorts with a cruel grin, his immense body turns a little to look at the bridge,
'' I can smell your Human, it seems like it is watching you. '' Impmon makes a sharp turn to look with wide eyes at the destroyed bridge until his eyes meet with his former Tamer. She just stands there, observing him with a blank glance, not blinking or moving.
Eh is she watching this to show me I was wrong?! I'll show her! I don't need her! I don't need anybody and especially not a stupid creature like a human!
Impmon's eyes narrow to slits while he turns back towards his opponent. Now that she's here he feels the need to win even more just to show her that he can be strong without her too! The others look towards the bridge too but the girl has already disappeared. On Impmon's pained gasp, they look back to the fight but Renamon's eyes won't leave the spot where the girl disappeared. As Impmon starts screaming and lands with a hard thump on the floor, the slow footsteps Renamon hears become faster and only stop as the girl is close to Impmon but still out of eyesight for the others. Said Digimon now lies on the ground, his body covered in dirt as he forces himself to breathe. His eyes are wide and filled with shock and fear of dying as he feels his body threatening to devolve back into Data.

' Wait a second, no partner anymore? Does that mean you had a partner once? '
' Leave me alone already! 'Course I wanna Digivolve too! I wanna get strong too! '
' So you really had a partner then? '
' No! No! No! I never needed one of these damn humans! I don't need them! '

'' I feel... bad...''
'' Why don't you call your human for help? ''
'' Forget it...! I can... still- ahhh! '' Another strike from Indramon makes him scream in pure agony. The girl now looks with wide eyes at the scene in front of her, fighting with herself to interrupt the fight and save Impmon's life... or let him do this on his own through what he'll probably get killed. Indramon lifts his hoof to give the final strike and load the unworthy Digimon but the others now have seen enough. Renamon starts running towards Impmon, closely followed from Guilmon and Terriermon but they're too slow and Indramon's hoof is too close. Everything seems to happen in slow motion, Indramon's hoof come closer and the others are still too far away. Even Renamon can't reach them anymore. Impmon's eyes flutter close, images of his former life dance across his inner eyes. About his former life, his Tamer, the house he lived in and the happiness he felt while being loved. Flashes of the fight they had and of their departure.

' Everythin' that ever happened to me was all yer damn fault! '
' ...Why do you say that? ...I never...- '
' Yer the reason I'm so damn weak you pathetic human! '

Guilt fills him as he remembers the tears in her eyes as he screamed at her, blamed her for everything. Even if it wasn't her fault, not really.
I shouldn't have done all these things... I hurt her... Maybe I deserve all of this...
He hears the hoof swooshing down to him, he feels the breeze of air it gives but that's not all he hears... There are footsteps running towards him. Not the light steps of Renamon or the tapping steps of Terriermon, not even Guilmon's heavy steps. No, these are the ones of a human!
Can it be...- no! No it can't be her. She wouldn't come to save me, why should she?
He already feels the hoof swooshing down on him, soon it'll be over. He will be deleted and no one will remember him. But the hoof never comes... instead he feels how someone crashes into him and he is suddenly pressed against another body. A warm, human body. Alice's body... He would recognize this smell everywhere 200 miles against the wind. They roll over the ground until he hears Indramon growling in rage from missing the lump that dared to insult his gods! Suddenly Impmon hears her screaming slightly as they gain on speed after a hit from Indramon's hoof. Slowly they come to an halt where Alice sits up, blood covers her head and her elbows and knees. She stares at him, her left hand supporting his head while her right one softly strokes his belly in a calming manner,
'' You should learn to see your limits... Impmon. '' She whispers, her eyes warm and a small smile graces her soft lips. For a moment everything seems to stop. Emotions how hate, anger, self-loath and sadness leave him as he feels her stroking his belly softly like she often did when he had trouble feeling asleep. He feels like home again, but the voice in the back of his head destroys the comfortable silence, telling him not to trust her, to push her away and to not let her have any influence on his mind again. The voice wants power! And the power he wants he only can get I he stops getting close to her and pulls this through on his own! His emerald green eyes which were filled with happiness just a few seconds ago, change into a hateful glare,
'' Limits are for losers. '' Her soft glance changes into a emotionless stare.
She always could do that... hiding her emotions like that...
'' Better accept to lose a fight instead of getting yourself killed. If I saw that right you still were afraid of dying a few seconds ago. '' Slowly she lifts from the ground to put her hands in her hips. Obviously she's not done talking yet so he keeps silent. Another thing he learned while living with her is not to interrupt her when she's not done talking. For a human, a woman to add too, she can get very dangerous if she's angry.
'' Furthermore one would think you either got cleverer... or killed by now. From what I don't know what exactly would be the best for you. Personally, I think getting cleverer by now would be better. '' Grinning down at him she sticks her tongue out a little,
'' Impy sometimes you can be a real idiot. '' Even if her face sows her usual playfulness, her tone shows that she's dead serious.
'' Eh?! Shut up ya got no idea what yer talkin'- ''
'' I don't have to! Your wish to Digivolve takes over your whole mind! And you can't even see that! How long do you want to keep going like this? Until you really die? Well I got news for you Impmon: A few seconds ago you would have died! ''
'' So what?! I didn't ask ya for yer stupid help! How about ya just leave me the fuck alone! ''
'' Impmon I beg you, stop it already. You had control over it once, what happened to that? '' She kneels down again, her eyes showing a mix of pleading him to stop and of the wish to hit him for his ignorance.
'' Watch out! '' Takato's voice makes Impmon look over to him for a moment but when he looks back to his former Tamer, she already took a protecting position in front of him. Her arms stretched out widely to prevent any coming attack to hit him, her shoulders tensed. Her smell gets spicy from sweat,
She's afraid... of what is she afraid?
His eyes widen as Indramon's hoof hits her hard and slams her right into the next car what it gets a slight bulge. Sliding down the jeep, Alice remains on the floor. Impmon knows enough of the Human Anatomy to know that Alice must be hurt terribly after such a hit and the following impact with the jeep.
'' Alice! '' His own voice sounds strangely hollow to him as he watches with terror how his former Tamer spits blood onto the ground before forcing herself to stand up. His breathe hitches in his throat as he looks into her eyes. Instead of being filled with pain and fear of getting hit again, her pupils are strangely wide while a somehow frightening aura leaves her. Her eyes only show anger and hate while she glares at the gigantic Digimon that looks at her a little confused. The other humans a few meters away from them look wide-eyed at the young woman who walks now predator like towards Indramon. A hit like that should have broken every bone in her body and she just walks around like she simply got pinched. Either this girl got a very good bone structure or she's just insane enough to simply ignore the pain.
'' Who is she? '' Rika asks while watching how Alice knocks off the dirt of her black springer boots which got rivets over the cap and her heel. A kick with these things and the person will probably go to the intensive station in hospital. Moving upwards she continues to wipe away some dirt which is mixed with blood off her black and gray military pants from which you see just a little bit because most of her body is hidden under a black and blood red coat. Her black hair with some blood red parts sticks widely in every direction from her bottom lip on. Under that line her hair is even and soft looking. On her lip there is a small piercing, a ring with 2 skulls at each end. A typical punk. No wonder Impmon was her partner once. A normal person would probably have big problems with his character but an anarchist is just right.
'' That's Impmon's former Tamer I would presume. I smell her already since the beginning of the fight. She must have come here right after the Digiwoarb field appeared. '' Renamon explains calmly. The Tamer listen carefully but never leave Alice with their eyes. Just Rika looks a bit confused at her,
'' 'Former' Tamer? I didn't know a partnership can break...''
'' I didn't knew that myself until now. Normally such a bound is very strong. Something terrible must have happened between them that it broke. '' Renamon continues while eying Impmon carefully who doesn't leave Alice out of his sight. Only as Indramon snorts again, her eyes move back to the Deva.
'' Digimon that live with a human are an insult for our god and don't deserve it to live in this or our world! '' Alice reached Impmon's side by now and looks with a hateful glare up at him but her pupils seems to be almost normal again and her aura isn't this scary anymore,
'' When I'm talking to you, you will see that because then I'll look at you. I can't remember doing so though so shut the fuck up you ugly bastard or this pathetic human here will kick your damn ass back where it belongs! You can stick your stupid gods where the sun doesn't shine and piss off! Go eat a carrot or something like that. '' She makes a dismissing wave with her hand while smirking up at the Digimon, showing not the tiniest hint of fear or regret. If Impmon would have the strength to face-palm, he would love to do it right now,
'' How dare you to insult me you pathetic human! I'm a Deva, a servant of our god! Scum like you must be eliminated! And the worthless Digimon on your side will get the same fate! ''
'' You want him asshole? Come get him! '' She takes a position that shows that she's ready to fight Indramon but now Renamon puts herself in front of Alice, stopping her in her moves.
'' Get Impmon and leave. We will take care of Indramon. '' The human girl seems to consider this for a moment but Renamon sees the reason in her eyes. With a short nod she lift Impmon from the ground who is by now too tired to protest and leaves the fighting area.
'' Renamon, get ready! '' She looks over to Rika and nods. The other Tamer tell their own partners to get ready too and not half a minute later the 3 Champion Digimon start fighting the gigantic Deaver.
From far away Alice sees how the red dragon-like Digimon she never saw before Digivolves onto his Ultimate-Level and beats Indramon. Her look falls onto her former Partner who fell asleep 5 minutes after they left and smiles softly, feeling happy to see him again after such a long time even if the circumstances aren't that pleasant.
'' You are an idiot...'' The duo arrives at a house that isn't all to far away from Rika's own place. Quietly she takes off her shoes and places the sleeping Digimon in her arms softly into a bed upstairs where she tucks him under a warm blanket. She puts a glass water and some cookies, she remembers he always liked, next to her bed on a night table and leaves the just as quiet the room. Walking into the living room, the adrenaline slowly begins to leave her system so that now the pain hits her in one full move. Gasping she kneels down to hold her upper body, feeling her ribs hurt badly with every breathe she takes.
At least they're not broken like the last time... I don't know if I could stand another 2 weeks visit at the hospital. One time was more than enough for me... Okay my own fault but who would have guessed that a Sniper Rifle could break your shoulder blade an the upper ribs if you don't press it hard enough against your body. Well I learned my lesson.
With a sigh which ends in another pained gasp she moves to the bathroom to get the medicine-kit out of the shelf. Throwing the coat into one corner of the room the black top he wears under it follows soon too so that she now has a full view on the deep green and purple marks that formed all over her upper body.
I really got one hell of a beat up... Hadn't had these deep marks since the Military! Okay I'm happy that my ribs aren't broken but they still hurt as hell! I need looots of pain killer...
After swallowing some painkiller she wraps a bandage around her upper body in a tight way so that it hurts but not too much. The same she does with her head and arm which is probably almost broken too.
Well poop... good that my body heals mostly pretty fast.
When her wounds are taken care of and the painkiller slowly starts showing it's effect she walks back into the living room just to hear her phone ringing.
Oh damn... I forgot to say that I leave town... again...
'' Yes...? ''
'' Alice Vladim! Where the hell are you now again?! What did I tell you about telling me when you want to travel somewhere! '' The young woman rolls her eyes annoyed and curls her hand to a fist,
'' Sorry daddy... You know I tried to contact you but your phone was turned off and I was so lonely in the mansion... I know I should have told you...'' Having a slightly high but sad tone she grins a little when she hears him sigh,
'' I'm sorry that I'm so busy but you have to understand that you can't just go wherever you want to without telling me. Where are you now? France? Germany? England? ''
'' No I'm still in Japan. Actually I'm not that far away. I'm in Shinjuku. ''
'' Shinjuku? If you want to go there why didn't you come with me a few months ago as I had a business trip there? ''
'' I don't know. I felt like going here now and as you were here I was in America. ''
'' Okay fine. Just... take care of yourself, call Irene and James everyday and eat properly. Take your me- ''
'' I will. Don't worry I'll be fine. I'll call you later, a theater show starts in half an hour and I still need to get ready. ''
'' All right honey, see you later. ''
'' Bye Daddy...'' Sighing slightly she sits down on the couch while rubbing her eyes and forcing down the anger that bubbles up inside her.
Don't worry... I won't spoil your daughter's pretty reputation with her problems... Should I go and look after Impmon...? No I better let him rest... If I now interrupt him he'll just make a scene instead of resting properly. Maybe a nap will be good for me too. I have the feeling that I will be able to sleep good again now that I know he's safe upstairs. I would say that I only now realize how much I missed him but... that would be a lie...
Shaking her head she lies down on the comfortable big-couch to take a long and relaxed nap.


A few hours later Impmon starts to stir in Alice's bed. First he is a little confused about this place, after all he can't remember getting here but her smell lingers in the air and as it hits his nose, his whole body tenses with excitement, confuse and... fear... Fear of how she will react now that they're alone. She seemed to be slightly happy to see him but she was tensed the whole time too. He sits up slowly and looks around. The room seems comfortable. It's slightly dark what makes it easier for him to ignore his headache. The bed has king-size like every bed Alice and her family owns. He remembers that Alice was a pretty lonely child because her father was gone so often and most of the kids were pretty cruel about her eyes and her personality. Always saying she was just some rich spoiled brat that will never get any friends if she won't get any nicer to the others even if they just liked her because of the money for what they despised her so much. But as lonely as she was, she never showed the hurt she felt on the bullies. She always hid it behind her mask and only let it out when she was alone. What all of them didn't know was that she would give anything she has for a life like theirs. With parents that loved her and played with her.
His eyes stop on the plate with cookies and the glass of water next to the bed. Slowly grabbing out to take one he takes a small bite. Realizing that his throat is killing him he hurriedly takes a long sip of the cold water to swallow the cookie bite. Taking another long sip to relax his throat he slowly starts eating again,
'' Long time ago since I had these things. '' He closes his eyes as images of their first met flows through his mind. He remembers the pain he was in back then and the ignorance of all the humans. How he hid in a paper box to avoid the rain. As a Digimon on Training-Level he had no chance to get food or a place for himself to stay so he was begging silently that one of the humans would notice him, would take him in... but no one did. Except Alice. She saw him and without questioning she took him in, took care of his wounds and gave him food.
The small Digimon starts smiling to himself as he remembers the look on her face as she saw him. First there was pure joy, amazement and fascination but all of that changed into concern as she saw the wounds he had. Abruptly she took of her jacked to wrap it around him, completely ignoring the fact that she got wet and would probably end up sick. She hurried to her home and damn! What a home it was! It was gigantic, a mansion even. They really had everything: A butler or two, people that cleaned the house and just the best furniture. But her room showed the loneliness she felt. It was full of pictures she made but even if her room was full of toys and stuffed animals, it felt somewhat empty. To live here as a young girl must be hell. 3 weeks after she took him in the D-Power appeared and the first few Digimon started to show up, searching for power by deleting poor Yaamon but as Alice started to get into danger through these attacks, Yaamon Digivolved to Impmon. The new power he felt was amazing. To beat and load his enemies just felt... right. And even if Impmon knew he had everything he wanted with Alice as his friend, he always felt the slight ache for more power. But for her, he held it back as long as he could. He knew how much she hated him to fight, why though, she never told him.
Shaking his head widely he balls his hands to fists.
I can't think about that now! Gotta leave as soon as possible before Alice comes here to look after me. I don't wanna confront her... Not yet. Maybe even never... Gah get a grip! Ya don't need her! Ya don't need anybody! Human's are just a plague! They're weak useless creatures and I don't wanna be close to one! Hurry up and get outa here before she sees you!
Jumping out of the bed he sneaks over to the door to open it. After reassuring himself that she isn't close he walks down the stairs but stops at the sight of the door.
Damn Alice's just in the room next to the door! She'll see me. Gotta be fast and quiet...!
He manages it to sneak past the room Alice is in without hearing her moving but as his hand touches the door handle, he freezes,
'' You don't need to sneak out you know? '' Color rises into his face as he turns towards her with fake anger while making wild moves with his arms,
'' I-I wasn't sneaking! Don't ya dare even think that! I'm a Digimon! We don't sneak! ''
'' Hey hey you proud Digimon hurry up and get a grip of yourself you start floating around again. You still use the same body moves while sneaking. I won't hold you here, if you want to leave, just do it. Anyway how about a 'thank you'? After all I just saved your life. '' For a moment he stops as he sees hurt in her normally controlled eyes. Shaking off the silly thought he glares at her,
'' I never asked ya for yer help! What'cha even doing here?! Ya live in Koto! ''
'' I'm traveling a lot for the past 2 years. My school is over so who cares? It's not like I'm being missed somewhere. '' Even if she shrugs her shoulders in an uncaring manner, Impmon knows her well enough to say something's bothering her. A lot. She never avoided his eyes like that and she only bites her lip like that when she's not feeling well. The last time she looked like that, it was on her Grandma's funeral where she pretended that she's fine until Impmon told her to tell her the truth for almost an hour. She started crying after that for the whole night, didn't even stop in her sleep to do so.
Damn stop caring you idiot! Her problems aren't your problem anymore you forgot that?! You need to get out of here! C'mon, just walk out of here and leave her, it's easy!
'' And ya accidentally come to Shinjuku and find me? Ya could 'ave gone to every place in Japan, why here?! What'cha ya still want from me?! I think everything was said back then or am I wrong?! ''
Why am I saying that? Why am I being so rude to her? She just helped me...
An uncomfortable silence takes over the hallway, Alice's friendly and somewhat cheeky glance changes into a empty stare. Impmon narrows one eye while the other one seems to get bigger as he observes her move.
Either she's extremely pissed, or she's sad. Pissed I would more likely say.
She musters him for another moment until the tension that build up in her shoulders suddenly leaves her while she leans relaxed with a cheeky grin against the door frame, one eyebrow lifted,
'' Therefore that you pretend to be so pissed to see me again you seem to have enjoyed the cookies. '' Blushing embarrassed, the small Digimon starts wiping his mouth furiously,
'' Shut up! ''
'' Interesting to see the all so proud human-hating Digimon still loving my self made cookies. They're pretty good therefore that they should have been a cake back then huh? '' Looking away while still pretending to wipe his mouth he mutters a 'don't flatter yerself I was hungry that's all'. A small smile appears on her lips as she watches the red slowly leaving his face.
'' Where do you want to go now? '' She asks suddenly dead serious.
'' Eh here and there. Ya know when yer free, ya can go wherever ya want, no one will hold ya back. '' Rolling her eyes she snorts before putting one hand on her hip.
'' Yeah bad Alice, holding you hostage for almost 3 years! I'm a horrible person bla, bla, bla...''
'' Hey don't make fun of me! ''
'' Oh I'm so sorry! Would be so kind to forgive me so that my soul can find its rest? ''
'' Stop it already! ''
'' Impmon you act as if I really held you hostage. The D-Power appeared 3 weeks after we met. You had 3 weeks to leave but you didn't because you didn't want to, not because I stopped you. And just for protocol, you know just as well as I do that the D-Power only appears if there's a strong bound between the Digimon and the Human. It doesn't just appear for fun. ''
''... But still! Ya always just held me back and don't ya dare say ya didn't cause ya damn well know ya did! ''
'' Oh I'm so sorry for preventing you from dying! My bad the next time I just let you die on the street and you know what? I'll not have the tiniest of problems with it! Honestly Impmon, if you despise me so much, why do you keep talking to me instead of just leaving?! The door's not locked you can just leave it won't be a problem for me! Come on, go! I don't need you here! I never did! '' A little taken aback from her harsh words he stops a moment, over thinking everything. After what seems like an eternity to them, he turns and leaves out of the front door. Just before it closes he turns around as he hears her whisper,
'' It was nice to see you though, you can always come back here if you want... Please... take care of yourself, don't get yourself into trouble you can't get out of. '' Before he's able to answer her, the door closes what leaves him alone with mixed feelings.
'' Pah! I don't need her! '' Crossing his arms behind his head he turns around and jumps onto the next rooftop. Curiosity makes him turn and look inside a window of Alice's new house. He sees her climbing up the stairs, a expression of pure agony on her face, while she holds her upper body as if she wants to keep it from breaking apart. Her skin looks suddenly even paler than before while her lips are pressed to a thin line. Impmon's heart aches a little as he sees her stopping a moment to give a pained gasp. Everything in him screams to go to her, help her but he stays where he is.
Was she in that much pain before I left too? What's wrong with her? Is it bad? Wait a second... Why do I care?
He keeps watching how she moves to the bedroom he woke up in and pulls off her shirt to reveal a blood soaked bandage. With shock filled eyes he watches as she peers the bandage from her body carefully and reveals deep blue and green marks, a aggressive red scar on he back takes most of his attention though. She looks at it in the mirror like she never saw it before,
Did she get all these because she wanted to protect me...? Stupid human! Why's she always acting without thinking?! She could have been killed! Even if she actually still feels something like friendship for me, it's no excuse to get herself into such a great danger!
'' Even though she didn't react all too friendly. She was angry almost all the time I talked to her. She just pretended to be happy to see me... I'm sure of it. '' Looking back at her he sees how she makes herself a hot bath while getting new bandages and some kind of creme for the wounds. Looking at her putting all the items into the bathroom, he realizes that there's a bandage with a splint wrapped tightly around her left arm. Searching in his mind for the reason of this he almost falls off the roof as it hits him!
She's got a broken arm!? She needs a hospital! Someone needs to take care of her! I need to- No... I don't need to do anything. It's not my business anymore! If she needs something she can get it herself, I didn't ask her to throw herself in front of me after all!
Jumping from one roof to the other he walks around until he gets tired and stops somewhere down in the sewers. By now the bad conscious is eating him alive.
Maybe I shouldn't have left her. She got hurt because she wanted to protect me after all. I could go back now but... would she even let me in? It's all my fault... I'm no good for anybody... But... maybe she wants my help after all, she told me I can come back whenever I want to right?
He shakes his head and forces a smile on his lips,
'' She wouldn't want me... She wasn't in pain, she just had to control her disgust for me, that's all. She hates me, I deserve that... I provoked it...'' Looking down on the water he sighs deeply before closing his eyes a moment to relax his by now once more aching muscles.
'' Maybe I should do her the favor to just disappear... I owe her at least this much...'' Thinking of their conversation just a few hours ago he looks at the flowing water beneath his feet,
'' Would she come and get me once more? ...No... I lost that chance by leaving again, I totally messed up with her. '' An earthquake interrupts his self pity and makes him look up to the crackling ceiling.
'' What now even the earth wants me to go? '' Even if his lips are formed to a smile, there's no fun in his voice. His green eyes won't even show the typical mischievousness like they usually do. Out of boredom he starts humming around a small melody he knows,
'' ...No one likes me, everybody hates me...~ -Huh? '' A strange sound makes him look to his right side. A white light surrounds him, inside it Data fly around. Obviously a portal to the Digiworld.
'' Does that mean... I have to go back? Is that... the only place where I'm allowed to live in peace? But... I don't wanna go yet... I don't wanna leave this place so soon...'' He says to himself, refusing to let his thoughts escape his lips but he can't suppress the thought to hall around in his head:
I don't wanna leave Alice alone so soon...
'' So what, feeling pity for yourself? That out of all Digimon someone who is destined for great things like you, lets himself slip so low is a shame! '' A deep, rough voice makes Impmon wince slightly but he shakes it off pretty fast. Standing up he balls his fists while barking at the portal that would lead him back,
'' Oh just leave me alone will ya! ''
'' You crave power don't you? ''
'' Ha?! Yeah I crave being left alone too so what?! ''
'' You have the ability to Digivolve, we all do. I could help you...'' He stops a moment on that, just starring at the portal while his arms slowly relax again. This bastard managed to hit his most vulnerable spot.
I can Digivolve too? Is he telling the truth?
'' He must be lying! '' He spats while looking down again.
'' You think I'm fooling you?! '' The voice suddenly roars in anger what makes Impmon fall back while giving a slightly startled yelp,
'' Gah! N-no 'course not! ''
'' Then what are you waiting for?! Don't you want to Digivolve anymore? ''
'' Okay what's the charge for that? ''
'' All you have to do is promise to be faithful to our god! '' Balling his small hands to fists he looks away with narrowed eyes,
'' I don't believe in any god! ''
'' Then stay a weak, pathetic Digimon that got tamed by a human! '' His eyes widen while he looks gaping t the portal,
Who is that guy?! Why does he know all of this!?
'' No! Wait... I-I wanna Digivolve! I want power! '' Without waiting for the voice to answer he storms through the portal. Slowly he feels the real world fade around him while his body starts devolving back to data. He feels himself falling through the different levels, which look like computer disks, to the Digital world. His eyes fall close as his body begins to tingle from the change and they only open again as he falls through the last plate that separates him from the Digiworld. His arms slowly glide through the disk after what the rest of his body follows steamy so that a few seconds later he just still hangs there with the edge of his tail. After looking down, every wish to Digivolve leaves him abruptly!
'' Gosh is that deep! H-hey ya know what?! Eh, I-I changed my mind! I don't wanna Digivolve anymore just le' me go ba- '' He interrupts himself as nothing stops him from falling and soon the swooshing sound from falling from a great height takes over his mind,
'' Why me?! '' He screams while falling down...