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His Majesty's ship

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It was a fine hot day in Port royal,The waves crashed lightly through the sandy beach.There stood a wonderful yet elegant girl sitting by the docks,watching the seagulls flew by,making out those loud and obnoxious squawking noises. She was waiting for the sunset,There stood a few meters behind her was Lieutenant Gillette.

He locked gazes at her,she sat there all alone,Maybe it was his chance to talk to her. He took a deep breath as they approached Dauntless. Fidgeting his fingers behind his back.

At first,She didn't noticed him still gazing at the sky,Gillette cleared his throat. She then noticed his presence behind her and turned to look at him. Her amber eyes caught him off guard.She smiled at him,"I am sorry that i didn't notice you,It was rude of me!" She stood up and approached Andrew.

"Oh! No no miss,It is alright!" Andrew grinned at her,"I have been ordered by the Commodore stationed me and a few men aboard the HMS Dauntless." He continued."What for...?" She questioned.

"James Norrington has been searching Captain Jack Sparrow.",A simple 'oh' escaped her lips,"We are going tomorrow." Andrew said.Dauntless frowned,"That's quite dissapointing.","Whats wrong?" Andrew looked at her,She glanced at him "I wanted to stay here a bit." She answered.

"...We could both stay here,a little while." She looked at him with that warm smile,"...Oh!- D-did i say something?-" Andrew tugged his cravant."No,silly.Of course ill stay here with you!" She beamed. It made Andrew's freckled face reddened,he tilted downward as if the floor was the most interesting thing in the world.

He was completely flustered by the invitation but sadly he had to decline."That is sweet of you...But i have to engage in an important activity with my fellow men.","Well. It was nice,erm,meeting you!" Dauntless looked at him."Andrew looked at her one more time,Her brown hair still swaying with the wind as she waved at him good bye,"...Ill see you tomorrow." Gillette soon walked away from her. He was actually happy to talk to a sort of lady like her.