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bucky and his reporter friend bring a little chaotic bi energy to instagram

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iambuckybarnes 148,000 likes
iambuckybarnes still trying to figure out why there are little statues in the subway
View all 13,512 comments JustAPeterParker because they're fun
iambuckybarnes @JustAPeterParker you're actually not wrong
JustAPeterParker @iambuckybarnes wait were you transferring to the L or from it?? did you come to queens??
iambuckybarnes @JustAPeterParker sorry, kid, didn't transfer to the E
JustAPeterParker @iambuckybarnes you should come to queens
iambuckybarnes @JustAPeterParker flying down to louisiana for thanksgiving and queens has the airports, don't think I can avoid it
JustAPeterParker @iambuckybarnes that doesn't count
AntMan interborough rivalries are fascinating, they're enough to make a high schooler from queens argue with captain america's sidekick on instagram
JustAPeterParker @AntMan I will argue for queens against anyone
DarcyLewisPhD @JustAPeterParker I don't care enough to argue about it but I like Astoria and Woodside
JustAPeterParker @DarcyLewisPhD thank you! see, somebody gets it
5 days ago

iambuckybarnes 121,408 likes
iambuckybarnes I've been informed that these are old subway cars that they had to put back in service because they didn't have enough after everyone came back after the blip, and you can tell
View all 8,120 comments rebeccalehigh whoever told you that was absolutely correct and is clearly a source you can trust about everything else, too
DarcyLewisPhD @rebeccalehigh is right, the L retired all those cars years ago and it's so weird having them back
AntMan @DarcyLewisPhD how the fuck do you know which train that is?
JustAPeterParker @AntMan because the little statues are at that specific stop and it's an empty car so it's obviously the L not the ACE
iambuckybarnes @AntMan the kid's right, the train is empty because it's the end of the line
5 days ago

rebeccalehigh 41,416 likes
rebeccalehigh guess how long I've been waiting for the fucking G
View all 137 comments DarcyLewisPhD 45 minutes
iambuckybarnes @DarcyLewishPhD it's the g so the real question is whether those "2 minutes" until it comes is accurate
rebeccalehigh update: it was accurate
iambuckybarnes @rebeccalehigh shocking stuff
5 days ago

iambuckybarnes 150,990 likes
iambuckybarnes the worst part of visiting the brooklyn botanic garden is getting there, how did I get talked into taking the 45 on a fucking weekend?
View all 4,550 comments rebeccalehigh if you're going to a place with other people who don't say "I need a jog to clear my head, let me run down to coney island and back," you have to take the train and suffer with the rest of us
iambuckybarnes @rebeccalehigh I fucking hate waiting for the 45, it's torture
CaptainAmerica brooklynites complain too much
iambuckybarnes @CaptainAmerica you haven't spent enough time visiting me, if you had you'd understand
CaptainAmerica @iambuckybarnes I've registered your complaint and will pass it along to my people
1 day ago

Text messages between Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes

Sam Today 12:03 PM
Sam: I'm getting complaints from fans that I'm not in new york enough, please find a time for me to visit

Bucky: fuck off

Bucky: I'm your boyfriend, not your assistant

Sam: I'm captain america, I don't have time to do things like book plane tickets or look at my calendar

Sam: isn't that what your vibranium arm is for?

Bucky: it is not at all what my vibranium arm is for

Sam: you're not being a very helpful sidekick

Bucky: be less annoying

Sam: if that's what you want, sure

Bucky: oh fuck off

Bucky: you know it isn't

Sam: as long as you know it, too

rebeccalehigh 71,800 likes
rebeccalehigh interviews with @iambuckybarnes are fun to do, but it's always nice to just be able to turn off reporter brain and just have him make facesView all 6,460 comments CaptainAmerica my sidekick makes great faces
iambuckybarnes @CaptainAmerica she said chaos bi was a thing, I was just embracing the chaos
CaptainAmerica @iambuckybarnes buck, you embody chaotic bi energy without even trying
iambuckybarnes @CaptainAmerica thanks, I think
CaptainAmerica @iambuckybarnes 💖💜💙
1 day ago

iambuckybarnes 723,262 likes
iambuckybarnes I can't really get drunk, but when @rebeccalehigh is drunk, she gets weird enough that I feel like I'm halfway thereView all 43,024 comments rebeccalehigh see btu the great thng about you is that I dont have to wory about geting home, you'll figure it out for me 💖💜💙
1 day ago

CaptainAmerica 2,011,000 likes
CaptainAmerica Louisiana in November >>> BrooklynView all 50,812 comments TheScarletWitch @CaptainAmerica You're protesting too much.
CaptainAmerica @TheScarletWitch fuck off I am not, it's fucking frigid in new york right now
TheScarletWitch @CaptainAmerica I thought "your people" were looking at booking you more time in New York for the winter?
CaptainAmerica @TheScarletWitch my people are incompetent
iambuckybarnes @CaptainAmerica HEY