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It was a typical day in Foxgrove.... before the trouble started....

Aly was sitting in Foxgrove one day, with Demurei.
They were doing their favorite pass-time:making nations.

As they did this together Aly gazed deep into her eyes. “Oh,Demurei , I have something very important to tell u.”
“Yes, splenda-filled honeybunches of oats ?” she said, batting her eyes.
Aly said, ”I hate you now!”
Then he took her arm and tore it off. Aly took her arm and started hitting her with it.
She exploded because she was a demon, but she was okay.
Aly walked away. “Cool guys don't look at explosions."
Demurei giggled.

The next day...
A/N I got bored with the story but then I read this really cool story about putting the characters in high school! It will be full of love and family issues and other cool stuff@

Seether is like the school bully but everyone likes Him. And Aly is like the loaner who just does snakeboard tricks on her own because no one likes her. It's really unfair to Aly because she is really cool actually but no one at the school knows about her superpowers.

Aly was in class. She was paying well attention because Aly wanted to go to the best universities. But like always, annoying Seether was being an meany as always. He was annoying other people in class and the teacher but his rep protected him. Until Aly could take it no more.
Aly stood up and said: "Look, that you want to spend the rest of ur life in a call center aint my problem!"
Seether stopped and looked at hero with fury. Others in the class gasped. No one said that to Seether (althoguh everyone ws secrfetly thinking that).
Seether laughed and got up from his seat and grinned masly. "What do you want,pointdexter? are u here to tell me what to do, huh?"
Aly gulped. She had not thought of what to do next now.
But then Demurei and Rei rized from tier seats too. Aly looked at them. they nodded back at her and with their arms crossed they looked like they could take Seether on!
And when Aly looked on her right, she saw that the teacher had hid himself behind the desk. Even the teacher thought it was suicide to confront Seether like this!
So Seether rose up and walked to Aly and he said: "I will see you after school. In my turf. U know where to find it!"
"I'll be there, said Aly certain of herself!
And Seether left, leaving behind a trail of cold and shivers went down Aly's spine. This wasn't going to end well.
Our heroes arrived at Seether. He just stood there.
Its time you saw my true form, mortals.
"Mortals?" said
"What does he mean?"
"Maha. Fools...behold..."
With that he ripped his mask off!

His horns sprung up, he was actually Satan all along!

"Satan!" said Aly
Aly suddenly got on her nee's and bowed.
"My Lord!"
Satan was shocked.
"Aly was going on!?!?!"
"Satan is my Lord. The one true god that I follow and worship"

"I am a Satanist!"
"Yes Aly has always been my faithful servant" said Satan.
"OMG!" said everyone.
"And now I will have to kill everyone as that is my masters wishs"
"Arggg...." said everyone as Aly killed them.
"Thank you" said Satan.