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Making a Choice

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Both women had bought simple and elegant silver engagement rings for each other and they bought necklaces as well so they could put their rings on the necklace when they’re at work. Vera had invited Joan to her house for lunch as both women are not working that day – both women ordered Italian foods to collect on the way to Vera’s and they’ll eat in the house.

“It’s lovely house.” Joan said when walking in the house toward the kitchen.
“Thank you. I’ve changed everything in this house after my mother died so it’s more homely for me and Grace.”
“You have good taste.” Vera chuckled at this comment and prepared the table for their lunch while Joan took out the boxes from the bag and laid all out on the table.
“What would you like to drink? I have wines, brandy, vodka, water or juices.”
“Umm... White wine would be lovely. Thank you.” Vera poured 2 glasses of wines and set them down beside their plates.
“Is Grace coming back here today?”
“Yeah, Jake should drop her off about dinner time.”
“Hope I can see her today before I go home.”
“Yeah, you can stay here until she’s home. No rush as I’m not kicking you out anytime soon!” Vera laughed which made Joan laugh as well.
Both women enjoyed their lunch and emptied the bottle of wine. Joan stood up, put piles of plates and cutlery in the sink and began to wash them, “Joan, just leave it there. I’ll do it later.”
“It’s alright. I prefer to wash the dishes pretty much straightaway so we can chill out after it’s all done.”
“Okay, thanks.” Vera sat down on the counter beside Joan so she could watch her washing the dishes.
“It’s rude to stare for long time.” Joan looked at Vera and raised her eyebrow.
“No, it’s not rude to stare at beautiful woman standing in front of me and knowing that she’s all mine.” Vera winked.
“Oh, really?” Joan had finished washing the dishes and dried her hands with the towel before walked over to stand in between Vera’s legs.
“Hmm.” Vera wrapped her arms around Joan’s neck and kissed her. Joan deepened the kiss and they fought for dominance with their tongues. Vera wrapped her legs around Joan’s waist to pull her body closer until their bodies touched with no space in between, Joan moved her hands from Vera’s waist to her firm ass and lifted Vera off the counter then walked away from the kitchen to Vera’s bedroom while still kissing Vera hard.

Leaning forward gentle until Vera’s back touched the bed and set her body weight on top of Vera’s body. Moving her lips to Vera’s neck, sucking there quite hard which she knew will leave a mark there for Vera to find later. Vera was getting impatient by grabbing Joan’s blouse and moved it upward which stopped Joan from sucking anymore on her neck as she sat back on her knees so she could remove her blouse and bra before moved forward to kiss Vera again. But before she could move forward again, Vera sat up and removed her own top and bra before lying back again. Both women moaned quietly when their breasts touched each other. “This feels good.” Vera said and stroked Joan’s back.

Joan moved her way down, kissing every space of Vera’s skin until she reached Vera’s nipples. Began to lick and suck on one nipple while her hand is stroking around the other breast. Vera ran her fingers through Joan’s hair and the sounds coming from Vera is getting louder and louder, Joan enjoyed listening to the sounds. Vera removed her hands from Joan’s hair, reached down to unbutton her jeans and pushed the jeans and underwear down her hips but couldn’t move them any further because Joan is in the way. Joan removed her mouth from Vera’s breast, kissed her way down Vera’s stomach and used her hands to push Vera’s trousers/underwear down at the same time as her kissing on Vera’s stomach. Joan removed her trousers and underwear as well before kissing her way back up Vera’s body.

Vera is writhing below Joan as she’s so turned on and need her release very soon, “Joan, I need you now.” She gasped loudly when Joan latched her mouth on Vera’s clit without any warning. Joan moved her tongue at painfully slow speed, up and down over the clit. Vera moved one hand down until it reached Joan’s head and rested there while her other hand is squeezing hard at her own breast, “Fuck. Ohhhh… Yes! Yes!” Vera chanted out various things when Joan is changing the speed down of her tongue down there. Joan entered Vera with 2 fingers and stroked inside hard. Eventually, Vera squeezed her eyes shut, moaned loud and arched her back when Joan had brought her over the edge. It was an intense orgasm for Vera that made her squirt all over Joan’s mouth.

Panting hard, opening her eyes slowly and the first thing she saw was Joan smiling down at her beside her as Joan is leaning her body on her elbow and stroking Vera’s stomach. Vera moved her legs closer and realised the bed is wet below her legs, her face turned into deep red as she realised that she must have squirted which had never happened before.
“Vera, it’s okay. Nothing to be embarrassed about it.”
“I… I’ve never squirted before. Fuck.”
Vera tried to turn away from Joan, but Joan stopped her by cupping her cheek, “Vera, it’s okay. It was hot watching you and it’s making me feel good. So, you have nothing to worry about.” Joan smiled and kissed Vera on the lips.
“Are you sure?” Vera asked when she pulled back from Joan’s lips.
“Of course.”

Vera rolled over to be on top of Joan and moved Joan’s leg over her hip. Both women groaned when their clits met. Vera moved her hips slowly and steady. Vera held Joan’s leg up against her shoulder with one hand and other hand is holding Joan’s hip. Kissing and biting around Joan’s thigh while rocking her hips against Joan. Their moans and groans become louder when they’re nearing to their orgasms. Joan rocked her hips faster which made Vera to rock her hips faster as well. Joan reached up to squeeze Vera’s breast and squeezed her own breast as well. It didn’t take Vera that long to fall over the edge as she was already sensitive which left Vera hunched over Joan’s hip and Joan moved her hips to stroke her clit up and down Vera’s thigh until she fell over her own edge.

Few moments later, Vera lifted her body and moved down until her face is facing Joan’s pussy. She licked several times from Joan’s entrance to the clit. Joan’s eyes rolled backward and she arched her back when Vera stopped licking and began to suck hard on her clit, Oh god. Vera!” Eventually, Joan had her second orgasms which had left her out of breath and her body is feeling so good. Vera crawled up Joan’s body and kissed her. Joan moaned when she tasted herself on Vera’s mouth.

“You’re getting so good at pleasing me.”
“I have a great teacher.” Vera winked.
“I fucking love you.”
“I fucking love you too.”

Vera rested her head and body on top of Joan. They fell asleep for an hour before getting ready for Grace to come home.