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Alex looked at how in love Luke and Reggie were and all he could think about was how bad he was hurting. Luke and he broke up and it seemed like Luke was now suddenly with Reggie, great I am sure they are so happy together he thought. Yes, he was bitter. So, he figured Luke would not rub his new relationship in his face. He seemed like Luke is in a great place, like Luke never loved him, like all his thoughts were consumed by Reggie, the dumb guy, Peters, and what he and Luke were doing. Alex had been so upset by this he would spend his nights alone crying, yes crying even though he and Luke were over he still loved him. He did all he could not to let this affect his drumming or the band in general but just seeing them together made him want to vomit. Luke Patterson was his first boyfriend and first ex and he seemed unaffected by what they had and shared; the talks, the lingering kisses, the hand holding, and now it felt like he was in Hell. Luke was in the honeymoon stage with Reggie and they had jokes and touches and now it was like Alex never ever even existed in Luke's orbit. Alex had wondered if Luke was doing all this on purpose. They were in a band and had to be professional. He would be damned if he would enjoy seeing Luke's and Reggie’s happiness when he was just miserable and hurt and fed up with how cute they were. One day Alex had his limit after band practice and yelled at Reggie and Luke, good for you both you guys look so happy not me (he thought) not that any of you even cared enough to worry or ask. Luke looked at Reggie then at Alex shocked by how much he hurt his first love and he felt terrible, even worse was he never really even thought about it or how Alex would feel and that just hurt and left Luke feeling crappy, almost as crappy as how Alex felt.