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Haechan could smell him the moment he stepped over the threshold. Caramelization, marzipan, all those rich, good, thick almond pastries that sat dense in your mouth and then melted away. It coated his palate, drool welling up under his tongue. Gums itching to bite.


Everyone had cleared out - it was only polite to give them some alone time. ”Baby,” he called, toeing his shoes off. “Where are you?” There was no response. Haechan set his sneakers down and padded quietly through the dorm, letting the scent get to him - just a little. Just enough that he was hot and pulsing between the legs, getting ready to be heat-mounted.


The door to Mark’s room was ajar and his light was on. Haechan shivered in excitement. Not even in the typical alpha way - he liked seeing Mark in his heats and everything that came with it. He could seriously be so adorable; lounging on him, all goopy like he got in pre-heat, scenting Haechan as much as possible until he was saturated in that buttery, candy smell, letting everyone know he was clamping down on omega knot. 


“Haechan?” Mark said, not quite begging - not yet. Haechan slipped a hand to his groin, crushing his clit with his palm and pressing hard at his pussy with the blunt of his fingers through his clothes. It helped a little. He shook his head, dizzy, feeling his knees tremble. There was nothing he could do about the pheromones, but he could try to make it more about Mark than himself. He wanted that - he really wanted that. Mark was so cute in his heats. He was the alpha, he looked after Mark. That was how it worked. Okay.


The light was Mark’s cheap little IKEA lamp, tilted to the wall to allow its light to soften to a glow. That might have been unintentional, because Mark’s room had been dismantled. It looked like it had been pulled apart to create a mass of pillows, blankets, and clothes that overspilled from Mark’s bed to the floor, and partway to his ensuite.


None of that really mattered, when Mark’s head poked up from the huddle, just his messy hair and wide, gentle eyes visible. Haechan's heart did frantic little skips - he was so adorable. Oh God, he was purring, his steady little rumble because he was already so happy that Haechan was even in the same room as him. Unbelievably cute. Haechan fought very hard to not squeal and stamp his foot.


“Hi,” Mark said, muzzily. He rubbed his face and slumped back down, invisible, in his nest. Haechan might have thought he was uninterested if his purring didn’t get a little lower and more contented. If he’d had a tail he would have been thumping it on the mattress. If Haechan had a tail it would have been wagging so fast and hard it might have been dangerous. He wanted Mark in him, right now. His smell all over him - to be coated in it from his toes to his hair.


“Hiya,” he cooed, instead. He took a step forward and was rocked by a wave of Mark’s happy-kitty pheromones that made his cunt squeeze. “How’s my baby doing?”


Mark made a luxurious noise and stretched fully, his toes emerging from the nest to point. “I’m - I’m good,” he laughed, quietly. “I was kinda waiting for you honestly. I hoped you would come over soon.”


“I texted you,” Haechan replied. “Hyu-ung, you don’t look at your phone.”


Mark sat up a little, indignantly. “I’ve been sleeping all day - seriously! I’m in heat, that’s not fair.”


It wasn’t, not really, but it was fun to tease Mark. Now that he’d propped himself up, Haechan could see the roundness to his cheeks and trotted over to pinch them. He got as far as pressing his knuckles to one, watching Mark’s eye squint as he tested the bounce, before Mark started champing at his hand - chewing on his fingers like a kitten. He hadn’t stopped purring the whole time.


Haechan let him, using the opportunity to squeeze the other cheek and giggle at Mark’s little growl. So cute.


“Ang!” Haechan crooned, pinching and tugging. “Mark, aegyo please. Do paws for me.” Mark bit him again.


“Go on,” Haechan whined, “It’s so cute.”


“Haechan-,” Mark started.


“I’ll let you scent me,” he cooed, pretending like that was something he could hold over him when he needed it just as bad. “You don’t want me in your nest?”


Mark rolled his eyes and scrunched his nose, but he balled his hands into fists and pushed his cheeks, making himself pout a little.


“Mmr,” he chirruped, making his eyes big and glossy like how he knew Haechan liked. Oh my God. 


“Cutie,” Haechan squealed, feeling a little out of control - damp with sweat behind the knees already. “My little chubby puppy.”


Mark purred, agreeing. He knocked his face against Haechan’s hand, spreading a little of his scent. Haechan tried not to grab himself through his jeans again. 


“Take your pants off first,” Mark blurted, offended when Haechan just picked up the blanket and started to slide in.


Haechan scoffed. “You’ve got all your clothes on.” But he wrestled them down his legs and took off his cardigan, leaving his shirt and underwear on. Mark could stand to work for it, at least a little. He held the blanket open, and the minute Haechan was in he dropped it over both their heads.


It was so much - dim and hot and Mark’s scent. Haechan started shivering, salivating until it clogged up his mouth and he had to swallow. His nipples had gone tight and his belly was swooping with arousal. He wanted to have something in his mouth to chew on - he wanted a knot in his desperate, dripping pussy.


But Haechan had never treated Mark like that - not in a heat. Sometimes for fun during normal sex he’d climb on top and ride him hard and brutal, making him give up his throat to Haechan like they were both alphas. Mark’s heats were precious, though. His true colors shone through - he was really just a big cat, content and happy with lounging around. Haechan had no need to make him submit to him, it was in his nature. He just wanted to cozy up to him and make sure they smelled the same.


That didn’t mean that heats weren’t sexual for him, however. Haechan leaned over and licked Mark’s mouth a few times, giving him a little sip of alpha pheromones. His eyes were dark and big, his lips full like he’d been chewing on them. He pulled back, hoping he’d laid good bait, and was happily proven right when Mark seized him around the wrists and pinned him.


“What’s a guy like you doing in a place like this?” Mark said, smiling, like he was so funny. He released him to put one hand on Haechan’s cheek, and he had enough time to get dizzier from that chewable marzipan smell before their noses were bumping and their mouths followed.


Romantic, Haechan thought. Mark always kissed him before scenting him. He assumed it was a side-product of his Canadian prudishness, his no-mate-before-marriage culture.


Mark kissed him so gently, closed mouthed, sweet little presses like he was appeasing him. Haechan wished he could let him do that forever, but he really wanted to mate. It devolved - mouths opening, spit mixing, Mark forgetting he could kiss and not just lick meekly at Haechan’s open mouth and cheeks in submission. Neither of them were as interested in kissing as they were in each other’s scent glands. Mark’s main ones were in his cheeks and under his chin, which wasn’t unusual for a male omega. Haechan had a fairly normal alpha set-up as well - his were on either side of his vulnerable carotid, his armpits, and groin - easily defensible areas that an omega could only really get to if he was allowing scenting.


There wasn’t a lot that Haechan really wanted more than to be scented - out of his mind with desire for it. “Go on, hyung,” Haechan commanded, baring his delicate throat. He pushed his head down meanly, forcing Mark to press his cheek right over his hot-spot.


Mark’s purring reached a sedating frequency that made Haechan’s limbs go lax. He rubbed his face and hair over Haechan’s head and neck, rumbling kicking like a diesel engine when Haechan leant back into it, pressing their cheeks together and humming - trying to reciprocate.


“Muh-huh,” Haechan moaned. “Just like that.” He gripped a handful of Mark’s unruly hair, turned him so he could press his face to Mark’s throat and inhale and inhale - getting slicker and needier with each pull. Mark’s hands had landed on his waist while they were kissing, still chastely over his t-shirt, and he started to squeeze and release, alternating between each palm, still rumbling contentedly away. He’s kneading, Haechan realised, heart panging from how adorable that was.


Haechan wanted to be naked. He wanted Mark to be naked almost more, keen to see how mate-ready he was. He could feel him hard against his thigh, body hot and making him bead up with sweat. He was smothering, his soft stomach pressing against Haechan’s. He sucked in a desperate mouthful of that thick, digestible heat smell and sank his greedy fingers into Mark’s heavy hips.


It felt mean, every time. Cruel, because Haechan knew Mark could sometimes be embarrassed about it. But one of Haechan’s favorite things about Mark in heat was that he filled out. In the weeks leading up to his heat - even up to his pre-heat, he became lethargic, driven by the biological imperatives that were telling him to store fat to prepare for the trials of mating season. Not that that mattered anymore - but the instinct remained. He couldn't resist the need to eat and keep eating. It was never enough that he didn't manage to shed it - he’d put it on fast and burn it off faster - it was heat-pudge, it happened. It was in the top five categories on PornHub. It was normal.


Haechan had sat on this bed with him a week and a half ago, stomach flipping in self-hate, guilt, and horrible, tantalising excitement as he opened the strawberry cream cake, knowing Mark wouldn't be able to stop himself. 


"I got you a present," he'd said, interrupting Mark's thoughtful guitar strumming. He'd looked at the way Mark's thighs pooched out as he sat, how his cheeks were full and pinchable. 


Haechan had pushed a forkful of strawberry cream onto Mark's tongue, wishing he wasn't wet already, just from that. He'd fed him almost the whole thing, slow, methodical, bite-by-bite, watching him chew and swallow it - smearing parts of cream that he missed back into Mark's mouth cheerily with his thumb. Talking to him about music and video games, the whole time wondering how fat he'd be when he saw him again in a week.


At one point, he’d held a strawberry by the stem playfully in his mouth, shaking his head so it swung just out of reach. Mark had giggled at him, but lent in to try to carefully take it. The movement pressed his oversize sweatshirt to his abdomen, and Haechan had seen the way his stomach curved out, stretching the material, full and tight with everything he’d let Haechan put into him.


It had twisted him up inside so brutally that it burned. He’d excused himself to the bathroom and frantically touched himself, biting his shirt and panting through his nose as he came in record-time, imagining pressing a hand to Mark’s belly while he filled up.


Now, Haechan wasn’t sure how to ask if he could feel Mark up like that. He grabbed Mark in safe areas - his ass - full and fat and making Haechan whimper while he groped it, so turned on there must have been a puddle of wetness under him.


“Do you think you can fuck me?” he asked. “Do you want to?” If Mark said no, he was going to climb out of bed and stuff himself full of fingers in the bathroom again. Mark was unusually unmotivated during heat, preferring scenting first, knotting later. He also wasn’t particularly inclined to do a lot of work, but that was okay - Haechan liked him just fine all goopy and heat-drunk, purring while Haechan tried to ease himself open on him.


“Yeah,” Mark said, drowsily. “Probably only if you’re on top, though.”


Yes, Haechan thought. He snapped at Mark - nipped and bullied him off so he could roll on top, sit back, and look.


It had been obvious from his face that he’d put on weight. In his green sleep shirt there was no hiding it. His arms were thicker, filling out the sleeves, and his chest had softened out into squeezable mounds, soft nipples pressing at the fabric. Straddling Mark forced his legs apart further than usual - his hips and thighs were wide with fat. He whimpered like a cub, rubbing his pried-open pussy against Mark’s cock.


“You’re my chubby puppy, right?” Haechan panted, desperate. In his frenzy to climb on top he’d knocked Mark’s shirt up, baring a little slip of skin above his sweats. Mark’s belly rose in a compelling curve, matching the rest of him. Haechan’s palms itched with the desire to grab it, to - to feel his waist to see if he’d filled out there as well - to see how deep his belly button had gotten.


Mark laughed at him. “You’re such an alpha, man.” His hands had landed on Haechan’s thighs, and he was still kneading a little - his scent still sabayon thick. “Yeah, I’m your chubby puppy,” he parroted, indulgently. “Why do you smell so stressed?”


“I’m fine,” Haechan barked, gentling immediately. “I’m just - don’t you think it’s weird?”


Mark stopped his rhythmic massage. “What - that you like me in mating season? Honestly, I’d be upset if you didn’t, dude.”


“Don’t call me dude right now,” Haechan said, reflexively. He squeezed his eyes shut. It was now or never. “I feel really bad about it.”


“Why?” Mark asked. He looked genuinely concerned, even in the depths of his heat. That made it worse - Haechan had never intended to talk about this. Like, ever. And yet, Mark found a way.


Haechan took a deep breath. “It’s weird, hyung - I know how annoying it is for you to lose it after, and I’d hate it if someone was - was feeding me on purpose, so I’d-” He trailed off, skin prickling in that hot mix of shame and desire. The thing was, Haechan was really uncomfortable when his rut rolled around and the same impulses hit him. He tried to suppress hunger until it made him angry and volatile, soothed only by familiar scents - it felt grotesque that he liked Mark going through the same thing.


“I thought it was very cute,” Mark said. He carefully cupped Haechan’s cheek, eyes soft. “You know I could smell you, right? I was wondering why you didn't want to have sex."


"I'm not supposed to be cute," Haechan whined, falling forward to hide in Mark's shoulder. "I'm supposed to be sexy, and handsome, and-"


"I take it back," Mark groaned. "You're not cute at all." Haechan leant up and slapped him - lightly, just a playful tap. Not like how he did it when Mark asked him to.


They lapsed into silence, Haechan clinging to Mark’s shoulders like a life-raft. It made him feel a lot better to have it brought up, and to still have Mark dazedly purring - licking his cheek and neck - cleaning him, showing their pack bond.


"Do you know why you like me fat so much?" Mark asked, smile tucked into his tone.


"Don't say it like that, hyung," Haechan gasped, flushing. "You're not, like, fat."


"Okay, but you like it. Why?"


"I don't know," Haechan mumbled. "It's just - you're all cuddly, and it makes me happy to see you full. Like I did a good job of looking after you."


"Whoa! So you're sexist," Mark joked. Haechan turned his head and bit his throat, feeling his purring stutter for a second. It felt good to bite, finally - cleared his thoughts a little.


“I guess I feel so bad about it,” he started, “because it’s like - you’re not supposed to put on weight, and it feels like I’m taking advantage of you. And it’s something I’d hate if you did to me, hyung. If you were into me in the same way - I’d freak out. It doesn’t feel fair.” Haechan paused, daring to look upwards of Mark’s collarbones. He was calmly listening, idly playing with the hair over his sideburn. He swallowed, tongue feeling nervous and clumsy.


“I kinda want to make fun of you for getting fat,” he confessed.


“Well,” Mark said, “Isn’t that what the puppy stuff is about?” Haechan shrugged a little, still guiltily turned on.


“I think you’re really really really cute,” Mark sighed. He rolled them so they were facing each other, leaning in to brush their mouths together, sucking on his upper lip a little. Haechan shivered - Mark’s thigh was prying his legs open, pressed tight to his pussy. “You’re so obvious.”


“Sorry,” Haechan drawled, sarcastic. 


“I like it,” Mark said, simple as anything. “I can smell how hot it gets you. ‘M making my alpha happy.”


“Now who’s sexist,” Haechan mumbled. Mark liked it? But it was embarrassing - for both of them. He was so strange.


Mark snuffled happily along his jaw, totally unconcerned. “It’s true, seriously. I got big for you and you like it,” he said, beguiling. His thigh pressed purposefully against Haechan’s clit, rubbing in circles. He moaned, shocked, looking at Mark's smug face.


“Tell me something you like,” Haechan commanded, somewhat breathily. “Something I don’t already know.”


“I like anal,” Mark said.


“That’s not - I know you do,” Haechan huffed. Haechan had let Mark fuck his ass more than once. It was hardly a secret.


“On me, idiot,” Mark continued. “I wanna get bred while I’m in heat.” Oh.


“Is that why you got all fluffy?” Haechan said, losing control of his mouth - pussy aching from how turned on he was. “You’re getting ready for puppies?”


Mark swallowed, gaze flickering over Haechan's eyes, like he was trying to assess if he was messing with him. Oh, God, they were going to do that. Haechan was gonna go fucking crazy - stuff up his hole real good for him. “I’ll fill you up,” he panted, rutting against the plump width of Mark’s thigh. “I wanna do that for you - please, hyung. Can you knot me? I wanna be under you. You don’t have to fuck me - just put it in,” he begged, sliding his damp underwear down his legs.


Mark’s purring kicked up again fiercely at the pheromone release - Haechan didn’t really know what he smelled like, but it must have been good. “Okay,” he agreed, sitting up and clumsily wriggling his sweats off. He was thick and hard and wet at the tip, and Haechan wanted him in his mouth almost as much as his pussy. Instead, he reached down and squeezed Mark’s inner thigh, heart in his throat at the way the flesh dimpled under his grip.


He laid himself out on his back, watching Mark watch him, and purposefully spread open his pussy with his fingers. “I want you in here,” he told Mark. “You’re going to make me so happy.”


“I think I’m already making you very happy,” Mark replied. “You already smell like I knotted you.”


“Then imagine what I’ll smell like once you actually do,” he said, churlish in his need.


Mark play-growled at him, grinning at how funny a game he was playing, and Haechan really growled back, frowning when Mark giggled at him and nipped his ear. “Come on,” he moaned, rubbing both hands over his needy, sucking pussy. In a last ditch effort he swiped them over his own scent glands, magnifying his desire.


“Come on,” Mark laughed, “I said I would - it’s just nice how much you want me.” Haechan whined at him, tugging his shirt off as well so he was fully bare. When he emerged, blinking, Mark had pressed close, nudging between his knees before he got in missionary, body suffocating on him.


Haechan shuddered, skin goosebump tight. Mark was so heavy and soft, his full stomach squeezing against him, his hips tipping his legs far enough open that the stretch slit his pussy apart. Haechan scrabbled at Mark’s shoulder blades, then at his waist, drunk off his body, his heat-scent. The head of Mark’s cock teased at his hole, deliciously solid and blunt.


“I’m sorry,” Haechan started, compelled to be nice now that he was so close to getting what he wanted. “You just - I want you so bad.”


"Mmr," Mark purred, "I don't think you're really that sorry." And then he bit him - bit Haechan, his alpha - right on the hot-spot, fucking in to the start of his knot.


Haechan yowled, thrashing. His legs came up, digging into Mark's sides to try and dislodge him before the penetration registered and he hooked them in a sweetheart's cross against his back instead. He fisted both hands in Mark's hair, body trying to figure out if he wanted more or less from him. 


"Mark!" he yelped. He felt so fucking good - Mark's knot teasing at his hole like it could slip in at any point, the rest of his dick finally, finally in him. He was dizzy, almost nauseated from how much of Mark's thick, custardy scent he'd been inhaling. It felt like it was filling him up more than Mark was, but he couldn't stop swallowing it. His cunt fluttered around Mark's cock - for a swooping, spine-tingling moment, Haechan felt like he would lock too soon, internal muscles jumping with the thrill of his almost-orgasm.


He panted, clinging on. He was so close to being knotted. Mark hadn't released his throat. He'd relaxed into a gentle, mouthing hold, drool streaming down Haechan's neck into the nest. He didn't seem to know what to do once he'd bitten, and pulled off to start scenting him all over again.


"In, Mark, put it in," Haechan chanted, trying to nuzzle him and arch back on his knot at the same time. 


Predictably, Mark had lost steam almost instantly, overwhelmed totally by his heat. This close to Haechan he was soaking up his pheromones, which were practically screaming what a good job he was doing of mating him. Once he'd knotted him he fell into a kind of drugged stupor, completely and utterly content, whether he came or not. The only problem was that he hadn't got all the way in, but didn't seem to care, alternating licking over Haechan's scent glands and rubbing his own over the top of them, uncaring that he was undoing his own work.


Normally, Haechan could just sit on it, but he'd asked for this - asked to be pinned under Mark, able to grab and squeeze - to be smothered. He didn't want to make Mark roll over either - he was so happy, trilling while he purred, eyelids heavy. 


"Oh my God," Haechan laugh-moaned, petting Mark's pheromone-perfumed hair. "You can't even move." Mark blinked sleepily at him a few times. He looked like he'd been scooped out completely, heat-wrecked. Haechan wondered what he'd look like once he had him up on his knees - he was going to buy the fattest cock he could, with a big, mean knot. His sweet, fat little puppy, totally stuffed. He grabbed Mark's thick ass, grinding down, feeling his knot spread his pussy, threatening to pop in. If I had a knot, he thought, I would breed this bitch so good he'd look like he already took.


He gritted his teeth, sick and feverish with that idea, digging his heels into the mattress, grinding until Mark slipped in.


Haechan couldn't help it. He locked and came, squeezing down on Mark and shivering along with the involuntary rolls of his pussy, clamped neatly on the perfect fit of Mark's knot. Mark chirped at him while Haechan’s scent spiked - dripping off him along with his sweat.


He came down, hugging Mark tightly to him, loving the rumble in his ear, even if he was being chewed on a little. Mark was so perfect. Haechan could have laid like that forever, basking in his mate, but there was one small problem.


"I really need to pee," he said.