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fushiguro megumi x reader one shot fluff!

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You slowly opened my eyes as the daylight shone through the window causing rays of sunshine to be reflected into your eyes.

"What time is it," You grumbled, eyes half parted. You reached for your phone to check, but suddenly, hearing the shifting of covers, you slowly turned to your left, a clear vision of a raven-haired male sleeping beside you. Events of what had happened yesterday quickly came back to you, you scooted closer to him, a sigh escaped your lips as you took a moment to observe his beautiful features. How beautiful. You thought as you used your delicate hands to gently caress the male's cheek. Out of the blue, you felt an arm tug around your waist, pulling you closer to your pretty boyfriend.

"Staring isn't good, babe" Megumi whispered dangerously close to your ear with one eye opened. You yelped in surprise, giving Megumi a good morning laugh

"Good morning to you too" you blurted out of nowhere. You jumped out of the bed you and Megumi were cuddling in, the tips of your ears tinged a hue of red, embarrassed that he caught you staring at him.

"Todays our break, what do you want to do?" Your boyfriend queried, breaking the tension between you two. You pondered for a moment, slowly coming to a decision.

"Do you want to stay in or go out?" You asked first, you didn't want to disrespect his choices.

"Anything you want." Megumi shrugged. You furrowed your eyebrows, As you thought of an idea, your eyes widened.

"Let's bake biscuits! We can make some for maki-san, Kugisaki-san, itadori-kun, panda-senpai and inumaki-senpai!" You exclaimed, beaming from head to toe. All Megumi could do was chuckle at the sight of you and your excitement.

❥๑━━━time skip brought to you by Megumi's shikigami━━━๑❥

You mumbled the ingredients needed for the batch of biscuits you were going to make with Megumi later, you were in charge of the ingredients and Megumi was in charge of making sure you didn't burn the kitchen down, like before

"I'm back from the mi-" Megumi started to say, cut off by the scent of smoke invading his nostrils, he immediately started panicking, thinking that a curse came in and started the fire. He quickly started looking for you, in the end, finding you in the kitchen, trying your best to put out the fire you accidentally started.

"Gumiii, I said I was sorry already." You pleaded with the irritated raven-haired boy.

"You could have gotten injured y'know." He grumbled. I laughed it off, telling him I won't do it again.

This time, Megumi was determined to look after you although you kept pleading that you would not set the kitchen on fire again, but to no avail whatsoever.

"Finally, that's all, right?" I asked Megumi, arms behind my head. Megumi just nodded, as he looked down at the cart of groceries that you picked out. Paying the cashier, you walked back to the dorm with a spring in your steps, visibly excited to start baking.

"First, combine flour, baking powder, sugar, and salt in a large bowl and mix it well." You muttered under your breath, entirely focused on nailing the recipe. Megumi sat at the island you were working on, seeing you focus made his heart flutter. Not being able to resist himself, he secretly crept up to you and gave you a surprise back hug, hugging your waist while you were mixing the biscuit batter.

❥๑━━your POV

While mixing the batter, I suddenly felt someone walk behind me, engulfing me into a back hug, while hugging my waist. After a few minutes, a felt a head lay on my shoulder, the fluffy black hair making contact with my neck, tickling me as I tried to do carry out the next step.

"Gumi stop it, it's ticklish," I said, trying to hold back my giggles.

"Mmm," Megumi groaned, "Let me help you." Slowly, the next step was taken over by Megumi, despite me complaining that I could handle it by myself, all I got in reply was an eye-roll from Megumi, clearly not believing me. I sighed, knowing that there was no point in arguing, letting him take care of the next few steps.

"Babe, its almost ready." You heard a deep voice call out for you from the kitchen dorm.

"Comingg," I said, dragging the last syllable. Once I had reached the kitchen island, I spotted the biscuits sitting on the table, a smile forming on your lips without you knowing.

❥๑━━ Megumi's POV

As I called out to her, I swiftly took the batch of biscuits out of the oven, placing it down on the kitchen island, letting the aroma spread into the air. As I saw y/n's small smile, I urged the temptation to pull her in for a kiss. Ugh, Megumi, what are you thinking?

"Sugoi!" A familiar voice exclaimed, I turned around, standing face to face with the one and only itadori Yuji.

"Itadori-Kun!" Just in time, gumi and I just finished baking biscuits for you guys!" Y/n said, smiling with a bright smile. I swear my heart almost skipped a beat. Cute, I thought. Not knowing that the tips of my ears were bright red.

"I'm gonna go give the biscuits to everyone!" Y/n said.

"I'll go with you.' I said, just before she could leave the dorms.

"Oh! Sure babe." Y/n said, ending with the softest smile I've ever seen. My heart felt like it was about to melt into pieces just by looking at her. Taking her hand, ( and ignoring the itadori judging them, while eating his share of biscuits) we went room to room, giving the biscuits to all the first and second years.

"Y/N-CHAN! Why didn't you give any to me?" I swivelled my head around, although I knew who it was. The man child, also our sensei. Gojo-Satoru.

"Sensei! Gomen, I couldn't find you, but I also have your biscuits too!" y/n beamed. I couldn't help but stare at her for a few seconds, always mesmerised from the cheerfulness she always carried with her, something I could not possibly have, but she made up for it. After giving the biscuits to the man-child. We both escaped back to the dorms.

❥๑━━ 3rd person pov.

"Y/n, do you want to stay over at my room tonight?" Megumi asked y/n out of the blue.

"Sure! I would love to." Y/n said with her usual cheerful smile that won't ever stop giving Megumi a heart attack every time.

❥๑━━━━time skip brought to you by my laziness━━━━━๑❥

You and Megumi had finally finished washing up and prepared to go to sleep.

"umph" You pouted as you fell on your boyfriend's bed. "me want cuddle," You said, crossing your arms in front of your chest. At times like this, all Megumi wanted to do was admire you, and fulfil all your requests. with a tight smile, Megumi fell on the bed as well, opening his arms to you, like ushering you to come closer to him. You immediately scooted closer to him, your hands on his chest, and his arm acting as a pillow for your comfort.

"I love you, so so much," Megumi whispered into your ear, planting a kiss on your forehead. Looking up to him, you gave him a peck on his lips before returning what he said.

"I love you too, Fushiguro Megumi."





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