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Satoru Mikami, now better known as Rimuru Tempest, had always thought of his life as fulfilling yet incredibly lonely. At 37 years old and without ever having had a girlfriend despite his attempts. He had died prematurely without being able to enjoy certain… pleasures that life offered.

He actually was an adorable little blue slime that could take on human form, although his body lacked either sex. He used to think that if he had known, he would have asked for some other body. Although, for some reason, he believed that he had ended up being a woman.

Despite his extraordinary circumstances, he was incredibly popular in his expanding monster kingdom. From hobglobins, through Kijins, to primordial demons. Even the occasional human had joined, as the other inhabitants called it, Rimuru Tempest's unofficial Harem. These women used to lead quite a few unsuccessful attempts to attract the attention of their leader and compete for the position of First Official Wife.


"I have decided it! I will definitely become Rimuru's wife when I grow up". She proudly announced, despite the silence her words elicited, before turning around and pointing at the surprised man “You have to wait for me! You are not allowed to marry anyone else, not even Chloe!”.

Rimuru giggled nervously as he scratched his cheek, being a Demon Lord definitely didn't prepare him for this kind of thing. With an affectionate sigh, look at the children argued among themselves "Tell me those things in ten years". He almost whimpered.

Forty years of life and only a 9-year-old girl was romantically interested. His life was really sad "I would be a lousy anime protagonist." Rimuru thought as he went to finish the fight.


"Rimuru-sama!" Carrera nearly ran over a couple of residents and Diablo in her rush to get to her leader "If you need a wife, I'm your best option". She pointed to herself in a proud pose, puffing out her breast.

As the brunette straightened up, glaring at her with his golden eyes, Diablo took a step forward to placate his partner. What had she gotten into her head now? Rimuru-sama didn't plan to get married in a short space of time.

One hand of Rimuru rose in the air, stopping the demon, before landing on his chin “Wife? What are you talking about?".

"Obviously from the meeting you had!" She raised her nose in the air, clearly proud "I read the papers and… I'm clearly your best option!".

"Uh...". It was the only answer Rimuru could think of, ignoring the fact that the blonde had interrupted without permission in his private office.


Chloe was sitting in the shade, rereading one of her favorite books. She was the only one who wasn't so… intense in the fight for the title of First Official Wife. She knew that her greatest rival had always been Shizue and her beloved teacher was not with them… As much as she missed and loved her, she preferred it this way.

And why was she so calm? Because she had the help of Chronoa and, through her travels in time, she was clear that Rimuru would be hers. She just shouldn't be overconfident and make sure he knew she was there. It was only a matter of time.


First The Great Sage, then Raphael and now Ciel; she was a Ultimate Skill, with her own awareness and feelings. Her appearance was exactly the same as her master's, with the only difference being her crimson eyes.

Ciel materialized in the middle of one of the usual noisy female arguments, hugging Rimuru and resting his chin on Rimuru's chest as she stared at them “What are you talking about? The only one with the right to be her wife is me”.

She ignored the "not you too" from her counterpart as she snuggled like a cat against his side. As her Unique Ability Ciel would find a way to grant both of them the ability to spawn a beautiful and great family.


"Rimuru!" There came the anguished cry of Eren who was running, with two of her bodyguards following her, with a face distorted by worry and guilt “Rimuru, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry!". She finally stopped short, panting as she rested her hands on her knees.

"Just tell me what happened". Rimuru turned, watching the blonde catch her breath. He had a bad feeling about all this and was glad that Testarossa, Ultima and Carrera were away for what might happen.

"I... I lied to my dad...". Eren looked at Kaval and Gido, as if asking for support, but both men just looked away "I told him you're my fiancé!".

Rimuru went completely blank, not listening to Eren and only noticing Ciel's not so disguised anger. A single thought crossed his mind. Now I should marry Eren? Ciel, immediately after, began to work to get him out of "such a horrible problem" in her own words.


The goblin had always loved and respected her leader, even before his human form and his ascension as a Demon Lord. She had been the one in charge of taking care of him and cleaning him the first time that Rimuru had entered into sleep mode after appointing them.

Haruna understood that she wasn't the most beautiful girl in the growing city, as she couldn't compete against Shuna or Shion, but sometimes she wanted her lord to look at her.

Therefore, when she began the official competition for the title of First Official Wife, she couldn't help but write her name in the last free line. She didn't have high hopes, but she intended to do her best.


Sakaguchi had to admit that sometimes she felt a little… uncomfortable. Her relationship with Rimuru Tempest had only started to go well recently. Several assassination attempts and being controlled by Him… She hadn't made the best first impression.

That's why, currently, her hand was shaking as her cheeks burned like crazy. She could hear, in the background, some of the Tempest residents complaining that she was taking so long.

After a sigh, she shakily jotted down her name before rushing out of the scene. She didn't know if she should thank or murder that brat for her new feelings for the slime.


"Rimuru-sama, Ramiris gave that you have to sign this!" One of her multiple tails moved behind her back as she watched her sleepy boss. Better than she had planned. Kumara stood in front of the desk, making sure her kimono stayed lower than usual, without showing too much.

"Um… what is it about this time?" The man began to sign almost without reading it, methodically stopping to dip his pen and continue writing.

"Oh, just paperwork to change something on one of the floors." She began to play with her hair, while she watched him arrive at the only table that interested her and that she had skillfully mixed among the others.

Disappointed, she watched as, in what seemed like an involuntary movement of Rimuru’s hand, the piece of wood crashed hard and shattered in front of her feet. She pouted at her failed attempt, now she had to join that stupid competition.


"I am a Demon Lord!". Protested certain pink hair as she left little holes in the stone floor of her new home “I don't need to go through that nonsense! Rimuru is my best friend and future husband!".

Carrion and Frey watched, with mild concern, the destruction that the "younger" was causing in her fury upon learning of the contest that was being organized by Rimuru Tempest's hand in marriage.

"I know!". She slammed her fist against her open hand "I will go to Tempest and show them that I am the best choice!" Frey didn't get a chance to open the window before Milim took flight, breaking it into thousands of pieces in the process.


"Ramiris-sama?". Beretta fidgeted at her floating and very angry mistress. She had been like this all morning and part of the afternoon, after her "infiltration" on Jura Tempest.

"It is unforgivable!" Her tiny wings flapped wildly, causing her to lose her balance and plummet to the ground, herself being caught by Beretta before she hit the ground. The demon lifted his hands until the fairy was within reach of his eyes, watching her with concern.

“They have forgotten about me! Milim was there and she didn't say anything to me! But wait and you will see. I will be Rimuru's wife! " Without saying goodbye to Beretta, she began her flight to the capital of Tempest in order to register in the competition.

"At least Rimuru doesn't have... a reproductive organ... That would kill her." Beretta thought idly before shuddering at the mental image.

In a beautifully decorated office an adorable slime sneezed "Am I catching a cold?".


Ririna knew that Rimuru, despite their wide difference in power, felt slightly intimidated in her presence. She also knew that it was all due to Gobuta and his group of bums.

For this very reason, the globin always made sure to show the most adorable and kind behavior around Rimuru. She didn't want their marriage to be based on any difference in power between them.

“I would have to tie those four down though. Surely they would find some way to destroy such a wonderful day".

Rimuru remained completely still, feeling a chill run through his entire body "Ciel, is my resistance to cold still active?".


The inhabitants of Tempest ran through the streets, away from the Plaza Mayor and the immense evil aura that both Kijin were emitting. The weaker monsters felt their knees shake.

Both women, one with long pink hair and the other with lilac hair tied in a ponytail, laughed menacingly on either side of a small table that contained a list in the middle along with a pot of ink and a pen.

"Princess, I should be the first to sign, after all I AM the one closest to Rimuru-sama on a daily basis."

More giggles echoed through the square as Rimuru was informed of the dangerous situation by a very distraught Rigurd.


Shizue was walking through a grass full of flowers, wearing a beautiful white dress that stood out with the black of her hair, knowing that in the background she would meet her destined person. She smiled as she quickened her pace when she saw the blue-haired boy.

The grass caressed the soft skin of the bare feet of her "Rimuru". She sat next to him with the dress fluttering around her, creating a truly heavenly image. She had been watching his development since her own death, feeling very proud of him.

"In our next life I will marry you." She leaned down, joining their lips in a chaste kiss, feeling her cheeks moisten as Rimuru disappeared into the world that belonged to him. "Never forget me, my most beloved".

Rimuru woke up from an overwhelming sleep, feeling the first tears flow from his eyes and touched his own lips "Shizue".


She felt her smile stretch almost unnaturally, staring at what was usually her friend with annoyance. “Shion-san, it is obvious that I am a better choice to be Rimuru-sama's wife. I will never embarrass him in public".

She tried to assert herself over Shion, both auras fighting each other, unaware of the damage they could inflict on the other inhabitants.

Sideways she saw Rigurd appear, followed closely by Rimuru. She immediately shut off her aura completely, enjoying how Shion's expression went through victory, surprise, and guilt at being scolded.

When no one was aware of what she was doing, she wrote her name on the list. She couldn't help but frown at the crowd of women who signed up, she even saw Haruna on one of the lines.


Souka sighed deeply as she pointed herself at the somewhat battered wooden plank. She felt bad, as if she was being unfaithful in her nonexistent romantic relationship with Souei. ouka should learn not to lie to her father.

Although he looked so happy with the news… That Souka would feel bad if at least she didn't put in an effort in the competition, even though she had no intention of marrying Rimuru. They couldn't even give his father an heir... Although it's not like she's ever fantasized about it!

She screamed at the familiar presence behind her "You too?" Cold ice blue eyes studied her meticulously "I will intensify your training; you must be prepared". Souei just disappeared, causing her to want to sink to the ground and cry. She had no dignity left.


"Oh, is Rimuru-sama coming?" Before the gaze of her sisters and brother, she unbuttoned her dress, lowered it to better show off her cleavage and fastened it again, knowing that it would be the first thing that her leader would look. She had to look her best to seduce him and win the stupid competition before it started.

Ultima touched her flat chest with a dark look, Diablo shook his head before Carrera proclaimed that she could do the same, she came out behind her and began to unbutton her shirt.


Ultima had tried to seduce Rimuru, just as her sisters did, before realizing that it wasn't the best course of action for her. Her body was… underdeveloped and, in general, she looked like an undeveloped pre-teen.

That is why she had started to observe the most "tender" girls to copy her behavior. Being Kurama and Shuna the main source of her knowledge.

She pointed out her name with a loud snort “No matter how big your breasts are, nothing can compare to my adorableness! I'm going to win this competition ”.

“Ci… Ciel, is there someone? I felt… an evil presence ".

"No, but I will investigate the problem".


And so began what would be one of Tempest's least bloody but longest wars for the position of First Official Wife. Where women flaunted their attributes or sabotaged their rivals.

The men could only stay out of the way as they watched, from a distance, their poor leader deal with too many overly aggressive and powerful women. Would Jura Tempest survive this tournament? Who would be the winner?