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Named by a slime

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Laying on an old tree branch was a small brown cat with heterochromia with eyes being yellow and blue, quite a bit of fluff on her head. Any novice adventurer would appear to be an ordinary cat, but monsters and older adventurers would know the truth. The cat was a dual-creature, powerful enough after living a while and enough skill to evolve to become a beast person.


The only ones to know about the cat were the goblins from the nearby goblin village, as she was protecting them as best she could. After Veldora had vanished, wolves had been entering the area, intending on wiping out the goblins so they could secure the place for themselves.


Goblins being one of the weaker species in the forest, were easily killed, but wolves had also been killed by the dual-cat and a named goblin. But now it had just been the cat as the named goblin had been killed recently protecting the others. But, unfortunately, she had been at a different location, so she wasn’t able to save him.


Either way, she was currently laying on a branch, a little injured, waiting to heal up, finding it quicker to heal in the sunlight, one of her few magic skills she has. Sitting up in a panic, though, feeling a strong and terrifying presence getting closer, something even more substantial than her.


If it were to attack, she and the goblins were sure to be killed; hopefully, they would ask them for their help.


However...the cat wasn’t expecting the overwhelming presence she was be coming from a slime.


Watching as it bounced along, its small blue form quite a different contrast from the presence it was giving; the cat thought maybe it could be a shapeshifter.


‘I once heard a human say don’t judge a book by its cover,’ The cat thought while looking at it, ‘I think this is what they meant? I wonder if the goblins can feel it too….’


Depending on the strength and magical energy a dual-creature has, they could end up speaking. But this cat hasn’t really spoken to anyone; she’s been waiting for someone interesting to talk to. Sure she could speak with the goblins but wouldn’t know what to say.


The cat’s ear twitched, seeing many goblins from the village approach, standing not too far from the slime, looking absolutely terrified by the way they were shaking.


“Strong one,” Redcap (the cat’s nickname for the goblin as they don’t have names either) swallowed his fear and spoke, “Do you have business here?”


The cat watched as the slime looked around in confusion before it formed a question mark on its head, ‘Well, the slime is intelligent to know what they're saying.’


The cat watched with interest as the slime seemed to think after Red cap nodded before speaking. Well, speaking was an understatement, more like yelling and sounding like it was echoing all around. The cat jolted from how loud it was, falling off the branch and onto Redcap, who was on the ground holding his ears.


Her ears were echoing a lot, and unable to hear what the slime was saying; Redcap taking the chance when the slime was quiet, “We’re well aware of how strong you are, sir! Please, quiet your voice!”


The slime realized the mistake it had made before speaking quieter than before, “So, did you need something?”


Redcap started to get up, being careful and placing the cat on the ground next to him, “We sensed a powerful monster, so we came here as a precaution.”


“I don’t sense anything like that.” The slime looked around, confused.


‘Does...does the slime not know it’s the one they could sense?’ The cat tilted her head while looking at the slime.


“Surely you jest!” Redcap thought the slime was tricking him, “Even if you face us in that form, we won’t be fooled! Strong one, having seen your power, we wish to ask a favor.”



Redcap and the other goblins lead the slime back toward their village, the cat following along with the slime. The cat could sense the slime looking at her with interest as if it could tell what power she held as well, but they didn’t speak to each other yet.


They were led into the central building of the small village belonging to the elder. The slime was given a small place to sit for the conversation,  the cat laid to the side, already knowing what they were asking the slime.


“I am the elder of this village, “The old goblin spoke.


“Hi, nice to meet you.” The slime rocked forward a little as a nod, “So, what favor did you want to ask of me?”


The cat stared at the slime what the goblins were speaking to it, slightly curious of what the slime could be thinking, eyes barrel shining, planning to delve into its mind. Usually, no one could sense when she did this, but the slime gave her a quick look, confused as if deciding but let her see its thoughts.


‘Their god? Does he mean Veldora?’ Were the first thoughts she could hear from the slime.


Wanting to delve further, she saw all the memories of Veldora the slime had, and well, she got quite a bit of information. Veldora named the Slime Rimuru, and because of the name Rimuru gave Veldora, Rimuru Tempest was their full name. Apparently, they were reincarnated in this world as well.


All of that was interesting...but the most was the fact that Veldora was actually inside Rimuru right now. But she didn’t want to say anything to the goblins, as that would be Rimuru’s choice to do so.


“But I’m just a slime,” Rimuru answered after they had requested their help, “I doubt I can do all the things you expect of me.”


“Please, don’t be modest,” The elder spoke with a smile, “A mere slime would not emit such an intense aura. Your aura is stronger than the dual-cat’s.”


‘Aura? What’s he talking about? I don’t have one of those,’ Rimuru thought, the cat still able to see their thoughts, ‘Grat sage, cha- huh?’


Rimuru was confused when great sage interrupted them, asking if they wanted to see through the cat’s perspective as it was given permission. Rimuru was surprised but interested, turning and looking at the cat, nodding. Then, RImuru’s vision changed to where they could see themselves from the cat’s eyes, seeing the aura they the others could see.


‘Whoa! I’ve been emitting an aura this whole time!” Rimuru sounded embarrassed in her thoughts, “I feel like I’ve been walking down a major street with my fly open!’


The cat couldn’t understand most of what RImuru had said, but...a small cat-like snicker sounded throughout the tent. Rimuru and the goblins looked at her in surprise, hearing the noise.


“Are you able to speak?” Rimuru asked her curiously, the goblin’s eyes wide, wondering if this would be the first time hearing her speak.


“...” The cat was quiet for a few seconds, making them nearly think she wasn’t going to speak, “...yes.”


“The dual-cat spoke! We must be blessed today!” The elder had tears going down his face in happiness and going to bow with Redcap.


“Do you have a name to address you with?” Rimuru asked her.


“No...I have no name.” The cat shook her head.

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The dual-cat observed as Rimuru swallowed in that entire fierce aura, acting like it was intended to be a test. But the dual-cat could tell they were embarrassed and just hiding the fact; to be reasonable from the memories she had seen, Rimuru didn’t know about it. Rimuru looked at the dual-cat, “You mentioned she had a large aura? She must be quite powerful as well.”


“There’s only so much one can do with the amount I have against overwhelming numbers,” The dual-cat rocked her head, tail just swinging softly.


Rimuru pondered what the dual-cat was talking about, looking at the elder, “Does this involve what you wanted to speak about?”


“Ah, as for the favor we wish to ask….” The elder unsteadily held his cane.


The dual-cat had heard most of this before when first coming to their defense, about how Direwolves have been assaulting them when they couldn’t sense Veldora anymore; she’d blame Rimuru, but they wouldn’t know this could happen. But it takes about ten goblins to just have a chance to match the strength of just one Direwolf.


While she could manage a few by herself at a time, her healing abilities aren’t all that great, so it takes most of her power to recover before the next onslaught happens; if she can rest, she can fully utilize the rest of her skills. So when listening the elder talk about Rigur, her ears flattened, dismayed. Still feeling responsible for not having reached in time to save him.


The elder looked to the floor as he stammered, “There are about a hundred Direwolves in total.”


Wait, how does he know the amount? ’ The dual-cat tipped her head; this was the first she’s heard of it.


“How many do we have?” Rimuru inquired, worried already.


“Including females and the dual-cat,” The elder was counting in his head, “We have about sixty-one who can fight.”


That’s a pretty devasting difference in strength, ’ The dual-cat had almost forgotten she was still reading Rimuru’s thoughts, watching them slump, “ It’s like an impossible video game.


‘Video game? I’ll just ask later.” The dual-cat was interested.


“So did that Goblin warrior fight them knowing he couldn’t win?” Rimuru peered at the elder.


“No...That warrior gave his life just retrieving information on the Direwolves for us,” The elder bent his head to the ground, Redcap doing the same as tears filled their eyes, “The warrior was my son and his elder brother.”


“Hey, let’s split up today. This way we can cover more ground,” he knew, ’ The dual-cat also had angry tears, claws digging into the dirt, ‘ If I figured what he was doing, I would have stopped him. That stupid idiot!


Redcap had spotted the reaction of the dual-cat, remembering something as he spoke through the tears, “He wanted you to know that you shouldn’t blame yourself for his death; it was his choice.”


“...he still shouldn’t have gone alone.” The dual-cat murmured sadly; her tail had halted.


“I see, forgive me for asking that,” Rimuru winced as they could have worded that kinder, looking at the goblins peeking through the curtain entrance, then back to the elder, “Elder, tell me one thing.”


The elder lifted himself back up after the tears had stopped, Redcap doing so as well, “Y-Yes?”


“What will I get in return for helping this village?” Rimuru asked; the dual-cat knew they were putting on a show, “What can you guys give me?”


“W-We will offer you our loyalty!” The elder pleaded, easing his head to the floor, “Please grant us your protection! If you do, we will swear our loyalty to you!”


The dual-cat perched up and looked towards the doorway, having detected the Direwolves howl before anyone else. It wasn’t a sign for an attack; it was more like regrouping; presumably they had planned to attack tonight. The elder and his son got up, going outside of the tent to calm the others.


“Excuse me, my skill Great Sage told me you’ve read my memories?” Rimuru turned to converse while the other goblins were outside, “And you're not bothered at all by me?”


“At first, I wanted to read your mind to know your intentions, with your aura on show for everyone,” The dual-cat commented seeing, Rimuru get flustered, “But I know you mean no harm. So can you please help protect this village?”


“I wasn’t going to say no to them,” Rimuru began to move across the ground, “You're still going to help, right?”


The dual-cat stretched out and rose and followed beside Rimuru, “I haven’t stopped and don’t plan to.”


“There’s no need to fear,” Rimuru calmly called out to the goblins as they exited, all heads turning their way, “We’re going to defeat them.”


“Y-You mean…” The elder slowly trailed off, looking at both of them.


“In lieu of the Storm Dragon Veldora, I, Rimuru Tempest, will grant your wish!” Rimuru declared to them all, the dual-cat just nodding beside them.


All the goblins bowed to the ground in happiness, the elder the happiest, “We are your loyal servants, great Rimuru!”


“Could you all gather in front of us, please?” The dual-cat requested, and while they moved, she looked at Rimuru, “Can you communicate by thought?”


“I don't think any of the monsters I consumed had that ability.” Rimuru shook their body side to side as a no.


“It can also be taught, and since you have Great Sage,” The dual-cat concentrated on Rimuru, and instead of reading memories, she sent a message, ‘ This can help.


...Great Sage is truly amazing, ’ Rimuru managed to speak to her back before looking at the goblins, ‘ I shouldn’t expect many who can fight the Direwolves.


Most of the best fighters have fallen in battle, and personally, I don’t want to see more die. ’ The dual-cat observed the goblins; some did look ready to fight, but all had fear in their eyes.


“Everyone, do you understand our situation?” Rimuru asked them.


Redcap stood up straight and saluted, “Yes! We are prepared for a life-or-death battle!”


“No need to get all worked up. Just relax,” Rimuru calmed them all down, sounding cool while doing it, “Think only about doing the best you can.”


While the goblins cheered happily at the praise, the dual-cat smiled with a slight tease, ‘ Trying to be all cool, huh?


I didn’t mean to sound that cool… it just felt right to say, ’ Rimuru could be seen blushing as two spots of red appeared on their slime, before realizing something, ‘ You said most fighters died, what happened to the others?


Seriously wounded but alive, ’ The dual-cat nodded her head to the tent beside the elder’s one, ‘ In there. Why?


“First, take me to where the wounded are,” Rimuru asked out loud to the others, ‘ I might have an idea .’


The elder led them to the then where all the wounded were, all of them covered in bandages from different kinds of wounds inflicted by the wolfs, from simply striked hard in the head, a bite on the leg, or as critical as the goblin with deep claw gashes which refused to stop bleeding. A few buckets of water lying around for them, but that’s all.


“We did all we could for them, but….”  The elder whispered lightly, the cane quivering a lot in his hold.


The dual-cat wandered up the heavily bleeding one, it was recent, and she had managed to save him, but at this point, he was suffering, “I’m sorry….”


That’s deeper than I’d imagined, ’ Rimuru moved over to them as well, ‘ Did their claws and fangs do that much damage? And how are you fine?


I’m not…. ’ The dual-cat used her tail to part areas of her fur, showing but and claw marks that have faded a little, but it slows her down.


Rimuru looked at her, then back to the goblin hiding their own thoughts for now, before suddenly jumping on the goblin and consuming him in his slime. Shocking both the elder and dual-cat, but only after a few seconds, Rimuru spat them back out, and they were completely healed. No scars, no injuries, completely fine.


Remembering that Rimuru spent a while in that cave and gobbled up many herbs; likey they used one of the potions they had made and used it, being highly effective. Watching as they continued the process until all the goblins were fine again, Rimuru did stop and look at her.


“Would you also like healing?” Rimuru asked, tilting their body.


The dual-cat thought about it, and even though the healing process was weird, she nodded, “It will catch them off guard.”


Rimuru nodded before consuming her in their slime; it was a weird sensation indeed floating there, but having the potion used on her and feeling better than before was worth it. Instead of being spat out like the others, she jumped out of Rimurum, glad that her fur wasn’t wet.


The dual-cat jumped around on her feet a little before running around the tent fully energized, “This feels much better.”


“Y-You are magnificent, Great Rimuru!” The elder bowed once again, other goblins joining him.


“What’s next?” The dual-cat questioned Rimuru.


Rimuru looked happy they healed all the goblins, “We’ll build a fence. Fortify the village’s defense.”



The moon was now high above; the fence was built with a few jutted sharped logs for extra defense. The goblins were behind it, wielding bows, spears, and axes ready for the coming battle. Rimuru and the dual-cat were outside the front gate, ready to face down the wolves when they arrived.


Well, they would have to survive the traps they set up for them.


They’ll be here soon, ’ The dual-cat ears twitched, able to hear them from a distance, ‘ Wonder if their leader is still angry at me.


Rimuru looked at her confused, ‘ Why would their leader be angry at you?


The dual-cat showed Rimuru just short memory of when she had encountered him, having managed to scratch out his right eye from a sneak attack, forcing them to back off and allow the goblins to breathe for a little. If only for a few hours at least.


It’s impressive you managed to hold them off for so long. ’ Rimuru was impressed, looking at her.


The dual-cat just smiled, hearing a large group of howls from the mountain, ‘ Well, hopefully, this will end soon.


Bushes were heard rustling in the distance as the ground shook a little as dozen of wolves appeared through the forest in front of them but stopping abruptly, seeing the defense the goblins had put up. A scar-eyed wolf, the boss of the pack, laughed at the sight.


“What good will suck a flimsy fence do?” The boss mocked.


A second wolf, the shape of a star imprinted on the fur of its head, stood beside him, gesturing with his head to Rimuru and the dual-cat, “Father…


“The feline bitch who took my eye,” The boss growled, blinking when looking at Rimuru, “And, a slime?”


“Turn back now, and we won’t take any action,” Rimuru shouted a warning to them, “Leave this place at once.”


“Otherwise, it will be the last place you see.” The dual-cat smirked, arching her back and claws digging into the dirt.


“Insolence! No mere slime or cat can order around us, Direwolves!” The boss howled angrily, not taking their warning seriously, “Trample down that fence! Spill the blood of those lowly Goblins!”


A large amount of the wolves charged towards them, the boss and his son staying back. Rimuru and the dual-cat didn’t react or move, watching them bear down on them. They didn’t need to as some of the wolves’ bodies were sliced by an invisible force; others tripped and shot with arrows.


Some of the wolves had tried from a different angle but ran over specific patches. A purple beam shot from the ground through them, dropping dead to the ground with huge holes torn through them, having been cauterized simultaneously. The dual-cat was happy to use her skills.


The sliced wolf’s blood revealed thin, shining strings as it dripped heavily from them.


Rimuru kept looking at the Boss, “That’s our skills, Steel Thread.”


“And Void Burst,” The dual cat’s fang flashed from the moonlight, “It’s been a while since I could do that.”


“This is your doing?” The boss growled at both of them, getting lost in his rage, “Puny monsters like you dares do this?! I will squash you!”


The son of the boss called out as his father started running, “Father!”


The boss was faster than all the other wolves, running around their bodies and snapping through the threads with ease, jumping as the glow of the dual-cats trap revealed underneath him, missing the cat’s smith. Then, opening his jaws wide as he fell towards them, he was suddenly suspended in mid-air.


“That’s Sticky Thread,” Rimuru confirmed casually.


“Illusion.” The dual-cat shrugged its shoulders.


“This won’t hold me!” The Boss struggled between the threads, unable to move.


The dual-cat then looked at Rimuru with a nod, “End it.”


“Skill: Water Blade!”


Rimuru glowed brightly from the inside, watching bubbles rapidly forming together before being fired out of Rimuru’s mouth in a large curved blade. Sliding through the Boss’s neck with ease as blood was spraying out the back with his body going limp. The Boss’s head sliding off and hitting the ground with a splatter; the rest of the body soon followed.


Rimuru slowly approached the body, the other Direwolves growling in ager, “Hear me, Direwolves! Your boss is dead! I’ll give you a choice: submit or die!”


The dual cat noticed the other Direwolves not reacting, gazing at the body coming up with an idea, ‘ Why don’t you use your Predator skill?


Oh! Predator! Thanks for reminding me! ’ Rimuru thanked her happily.


Rimuru dived upon the body, engulfing it in their slime. Becoming small again after doing so, before black smoke surrounded Rimuru; once the smoke dissipated, Rimuru now stood there imitating a Direwolf, nearly the same as the boss but without the scar this time. Rimuru looked at the dual-cat for a bit.


Great Sage analyzed the body, and it did have the skill Thought Communication, ’ Rimuru’s thoughts were louder and more precise than before, ‘ This will make things easier to speak like this.


Makes sense; you still have to deal with the others first. ’ The dual cat grinned.


“Hear me! I will let you go just this once,” Rimuru tried doing an intimidating laugh at the wolves, the dual-cat just held her laughter, “If you refuse to yield to me. I will allow you to leave this place!”


The dual cat knew what would happen next as she flattened her ears, as Rimuru used Menacing Howl. It sent out small shockwaves and larges gusts of wind, with the wolves struggling to approach. Although even the goblins had to cover their ears, it was less effective behind Rimuru.


The dual cat did find it painful, but it was worth it for the outcome as she watched the wolves crawl forward; before laying on the ground in front of them, “Our pack yields to you!”


Huh? They could have just run away, ’ Rimuru thought, bewildered at the outcome, seeing the cat’s ears flat, ‘ Are you okay?


The dual-cat let her ears up, rubbing one with a paw, ‘ I’m fine, it was just loud.


“U-Um,” The elder from behind the fence, confused as well, “D-Did we win?”


“Yeah, looks that way,” Rimuru changed back into their slime form, sounding cheerful, “It’s good that there’s no need for fighting anymore.”


“I agree; nothing beats peace.” The dual cat smiled.



Though, there’s a lot more in this village now. ’ The dual cat looked at the crowd.


After that relatively quick and easy fight was complete, everyone rested up for the night; now they all were gathered as Rimuru, and she sat on a stump. And frankly, both of them didn’t know what exactly was supposed to happen next.


“Okay, listen up!” Rimuru called out, continuing when they were focused, “So, I’m going to have you all pair up and live together!”


“Pair...up?” Collectively both Goblins and Direwolves were confused.


“Great Rimuru,” The elder looked at Rimuru, “What does “pair” mean, exactly?”


“It means to form up into groups of two.” The dual cat answered for Rimuru; hearing it from her made sense to them.


Rimuru and the dual-cat watched the goblins pairing up with wolves as there seemed to be even numbers between them; only a few didn’t have one, including the elder.


“Good! Yesterday’s enemy us today’s friend!” Rimuru beamed, their slime body waving in excitement, “You’re all to work together and get along as friends from now on! Got it?”


“Yes, sir!” They all called out.


“Remember to work together and make it work.” The dual cat smiled, tail swaying against the stump.


“So, um. What’s going to be important now is food, shelter, and clothes,” Rimuru continued one, “We should form teams to hunt food, build houses and strengthen the village defenses. We’ll start with...”


The dual cat tilted her head and looked at Rimuru, “You okay?”


“Hey, what are all your names anyway?” Rimuru knew the dual cat didn’t have a name but wondered if the goblins did.


“We monsters do not normally have names,” The elder explained to Rimuru; the dual cat groaned, having forgotten to inform Rimuru of that, “Even without names, we can communicate our thoughts to one another.”


“Oh, really? But it’s more convenient to have names,” Rimuru looked between everyone, coming to a decision, “So I’d like to name you all. Is that okay?”


“N-Name us?” The elder asked, surprised but held excitement; everyone else was equally shocked, “A-Are you certain?”


The dual cat stared, surprised as well, “Rimuru, are you sure?”


“S-Sure,” RImuru answered slowly, getting cheers from the crowd.


Sounds a little confident. Did Great Sage already explain it to them? If so, I won’t stop them, ’ The dual cat was thinking to herself, but her tail had been swaying happily, ‘ I hope.


Rimuru planned to name all the goblins first as he got them in a line; the dual cat just sat beside them waiting till last, the elder was at the front of the line.


“Okay, we’ll start with you. Hmm, let’s see,” Rimuru seemed to have an idea but had to ask, “What did you call the son you had died in battle?”


“Rigur.” The elder answered.


“Rigur, huh? Then you’ll be Rigurd,” Rimuru smiled before announcing, “Rigurd!”


“Thank you so much!” Rigurd cried; happily, a glow flashed over him quick before vanishing, “I am so moved!”


“You’ll inherit your brother’s name,” Rimuru turned to Redcap; the dual cat will just use it as a nickname from now on, “Rigur!”


The dual cat smiled, watching both of them thanking Rimuru with happiness, looking at Rimuru, ‘ Thank you for that.


Two goblins were named so far, and so many to go with names like Gobata, Gobichi, Gobtsu, Gobte, Gonzo. The dual cat grinned with a sweat drop as she realized a lot of them had gob, to begin with; she couldn’t really blame Rimuru; it would be hard to find many different names.


“Um… We truly do appreciate you giving us all names, but….” Rigurd approached as some of the goblins were cheering to the side as they had names, “We are aware that your magical power is immense, but are you sure it’s all right to give all of us names at once.”


The dual cat eyes glowed a little, scanning Rimuru, there was still plenty of magicules to spare, so it seemed fine.


“Well, I don’t see any problem.” Rimuru just nodded, feeling alright.


Rigurd just sighed, “Well, if you are certain.”


Rimuru faced the line-up again and continued to name the rest of the goblins until there was none left; next would be the Direwolves which were patiently waiting, with all their tails wagging in the air.


“Oh, Rimuru,” The dual cat got Rimuru’s attention before they could start naming the wolves, “You only need to name the leader, as it’s a joint thing for them.”


“She is correct,” The Direwolf who sat at the front was the son of the boss, who was apparently holding no grudge.


“That helps a lot,” Rimuru nodded, understanding a little, taking a few seconds before finally coming up with a name, “All right! Your name is Ranga!”


The dual cat had been scanning Rimuru, watching their magicules levels, knowing this would cause a considerable dip, sharing some of hers with Rimuru without them realizing. But, on the other hand, she didn’t exactly want to wait a few days for a name, sitting still as Rimuru faced her.


“Hmm,” Rimuru was thinking of a name for her already, but she stopped them.


“Before you name me, I must let you know that whoever names a dual beast has their souls connected,” The dual cat explained, seeing Rimuru confused, “It’s like...if one of us gets hurt, the other will feel it, and they can also get powers from the other.”


“Ooh, that sounds like it could be helpful for a lot of situations,” Rimuru agreed, though it felt like they didn’t fully understand what she meant, tilting their body, “Thanks for explaining, Catra.”


That was a nice name; Catra’s body glowed before coming normal and smiling. And completely forgotten about the magicules level as it dipped into the low.


“W-What’s going on? M-My body…” Rimuru seemed like they were melting, but they were going into rest mode.


Catra’s body fumbled, struggling to stay awake, already feeling the effects of connecting souls, “W-Well, a nap should be fine.”


Catra collapsed, falling asleep next to Rimuru, who had fallen asleep as well.

Chapter Text

Catra could sense that three days had passed as she slowly emerged from the slumber, finding herself under a cloth that acted as a blanket. However, her body felt different as she couldn’t feel her normal four legs; instead, it felt like she had a single pair. Trying to learn her body again, she managed to get the blanket off her.


She discovered why her body was different; she had evolved from a dual-beast to a dual-beastman. Actually, she should have suspected it since Rimuru did name her. Speaking of, Rimuru was still in sleep mode but could sense they’d soon wake up by feeling their soul.


“...Why did I wake up before Rimuru?” Catra muttered, rubbing her eyes to get the sleep dust out of them


Answer: Magicule transfer woke you five minutes earlier ,” A voice echoed inside Catra’s head, alarming her at first as her ears stood up. But not sensing any threat from the voice, “ Gives you time to wear something .”


“A-Are you…Rimuru’s skill, Great Sage?” Catra questioned, getting a hmph as yes, “What do you mean?”


The minute Catra stood up, she realized what she had meant. Her new body was of humanoid shape though she was still covered in her soft fur, tail swishing behind her and ears perking on her head. It was a new feeling to have arms, but it felt useful; her claws were larger in this form too.


Catra looked down at her legs which definitely felt strong, it must have been from all the time she traveled before reaching the forest, but she also noticed what Great Sage meant. Because of evolving into her new form and shape, she now had breasts that could fit in her hands. However, she knew how soft they could be…being a small cat and being picked up had its advantages.


Her other….asset was covered up by her fur, but she didn’t really need to inspect it when Rimuru would wake up soon. Looking around the tent they rested in, she noticed a small bundle of clothes. The goblins must have seen her changed form and got her clothes.


Though the clothes weren’t much, the top had a single strap attached to a large piece that covered her breasts, though it was slightly loose meant to hold bigger ones. At least the cloth tied at her waist covered her privates and part of her legs; unfortunately, the tail wasn’t taken into account; so she would have to keep it down for now.


Catra couldn’t blame them, as they didn’t exactly have any experts in that regard. Her ears twitched hearing the curtain of the doorway open, and in walked a goblin. Because of the naming rule, they would now be hobgoblins, the females would be Goblinas.


Though if she was correct, it was Haruna who entered.


“Oh! You’re awake, Great Catra!” Haruna rushed over in excitement, inspecting the clothes Catra was now wearing, “I’m sorry, but we didn’t have much you could wear.”


Catra blinked at being called ‘Great Catra’ but could assume as they knew her soul was linked with Rimuru they held her to the same regard, “I-It’s better than nothing, thank you, Haruna. When did I change?”


“Sometime yesterday, we made sure to cover with the cloth and kept the males out,” Haruna explained, making Catra thankful, sighing as her tail swayed low. Then, Haruna looked over at Rimuru, “Will the Great Rimuru wake up soon too?”


“Should be.” Catra nodded, though not knowing how Rimuru would react to constantly being called Great Rimuru.


Catra noticed Rimuru slowly regaining their bright blue color, watching their form flatten at first before jumping and becoming their usual shape, “Full Recovery!”


“Oh! Great Rimuru! Good Morning!” Haruna greeted them excitedly, kneeling in front of them; Rimuru was looking confused at her, “You seem to be all better. I’ll go get Elder Rigurd.”


As Haruna left the tent, Catra could hear Rimur’s thoughts again, ‘ Did this village have cute girls in it?


“Rimuru,” Catra got their attention, blush hidden from the cute comment. Kneeling beside them as she tilted her head, “Be honest, did Great Sage not explain the concept of being named?”


Rimuru looked at her closely, observing every detail as to give them a hint, before noticing the different colored eyes, “Catra? What happened?”


“At least you remember me….that would have hurt,” Catra sighed in relief, ears relaxing a little. Shaking her head getting back to explain, “When you name a monster, it takes magicules, the named monsters evolve to the next rank. I’m now a dual-beastman; Haruna and the other goblins are now Hobgolbins and Goblinas.”


“That would have been helpful knowledge before all the naming,” Rimuru complained slightly about a deadpan voice. Their slime body shaking looking at her, “Was that why Great Sage said I got a transfer of magicules?”


Catra fidgeted slightly and tapped her claws, not looking at them, “I-I did…didn’t want to wait for you to wake after three days then sleep again. But when you name anyone again, you have more to use.”


“Huh? What do you mean?” Rimuru tilted slightly.


Answer: From the act of linking souls, your magicule count as doubled, ” Great Sage interrupted, causing both to jump. Rimuru noticed and was confused, “ And the ability to use the others skills.


“I-It’s going to be a bit before I can get used to hearing her in my head,” Catra admitted rubbing her head; Rimuru agreed with her words.


“Great Rimuru! Great Catra! Have you awakened?” Ridgurd’s voice sounded out but heavier and confident than before.


Rimuru’s small slime eyes blinked at being called that twice now, “We’re not going to get used to that quickly either, are we?”


“Me more than you. I get called Catra once before sleeping, wake up, and now I’m ‘Great Catra.’” Catra joked with a small laugh, Rimuru joining her in laughter.


When it comes to evolving, there’s an extreme difference and no differences at all. So when Rigurd entered the tent, Catra could immediately tell it was the first. As Ridgurd just three days ago was a frail old goblin with a walking stick; now, he seemed to have the muscles of a dwarf and towered over her even when standing.


Rimuru couldn’t comprehend it either, “Who are you?!”


“I am Rigurd!” Rigurd grinned happily, smirking as he was happy with his new body.


“I didn’t think when they evolve, the difference would be this big, Catra!” Rimuru sort of shouted but was still shocked, looking towards her.


Catra was blinking at the sight, focusing back on Rimuru, having a sheepish look on her face, “...I guess old ones get younger and stronger too?”


Catra’s ears twitched as something large was sprinting in their direction from outside, quickly ducking down as best she could as the front of the tent burst open, wood and leaves send flying. A large wolf with a horn on its head in the middle of a star symbol walked in.


“Master, allow me to express my utmost joy at your recovery!” The wolf was happily panting with tail wagging excitedly behind it, staring down at Rimur with joy. Also noticing Catra’s new appearance, tilting its head, “Catra looks different as well.”


Direwolves were one of the creatures that didn’t know of dual-creatures existence, so Catra wasn’t really surprised at the response; RImuru looked at the wolf while mumbling, “That Horn…The star on your forehead… You’re Ranga, right?”


“Yes!” Ranga announced happily with his tail picking up speed, starting to cause typhoon-like winds.


Before Catra could be picked up from the fast winds, she had managed to move and latch onto Ranga’s back, knowing he would be the most stable thing. But, in her quickness, she forgot to take into account grabbing Rimuru; as they were sent flying up through the air from the gusts.


Forming like a small twister, Catra will soon learn the meaning of the link soul pain as well.



The pain wasn’t all that terrible as she only got a few scratches when Rimuru had impacted against the ground; because Rimuru was a slime, they just regenerated. However, as it is a race-specific skill Catra doesn’t have the same ability maybe; she’s unwilling to lose an arm to discover.


But her own healing ability had improved as the scratches gradually disappeared while in the sunlight, feeling refreshed not too long after. Catra didn’t always have the skill, though, as she was taught by someone when she had entered the forest the first time.


Anyway, nearly everyone had changed in appearance when evolving, almost, as Gobta didn’t change much at all. Honestly, he didn’t really need to change as he was a friendly guy, a bit stupid sometimes but great all the same. All the Direwolf’s had evolved too, now being called Tempest Wolves; Catra thought that was a badass name.


Also, apparently Ranga can change his size too, which would have been nice when meeting him again that morning. Though, Catra thought it was an excellent entrance for Ranga.


Soon, everyone gathered around the stump again, though Catra couldn’t exactly fit on the stump now; but she did lay on Ranga’s back as his fur was comfy. Ranga didn’t mind either as they were beside the log; Rimuru was waiting for everyone to go quiet.


Catra wondered why they were waiting, peeking into their mind. Apparently wanting to play a joke, only she would get it…well, not much unless she actively looks at the memory.


Once everyone had silenced, Rimuru started speaking, “Right, it took five minutes for all of you to quiet down.”


Rimuru ,” Catra’s tail swayed through Ranga’s fur as her chest was resting on his back, glad he was the size like a bed as she sent Rimuru a thought message, “ They wouldn’t know the joke, different world and all.


“Great Rimuru, what did you mean by that?” Rigurd wondered while looking at Rimuru; the rest just had blank faces of confusion.


“F-Forget about it,” Two pink spots appeared in the slime, embarrassed their best joke had no effect. Then, focusing their attention on the crowd of goblins and wolves, “As you can see, we’re a huge family now. So to avoid problems, I think we should set some rules.”


Rules are a great thing to have in place ,’ Catra thought to herself, looking at all the confused faces, ears twitching, giving a small yawn, ‘ Depends on the rules, though .’


“There are three rules,” Rimuru announced, forming a small slime hand with three fingers; Catra liked the creativity, “I’d like you to uphold them, at the very least.”


Rule 1: No attacking humans. Catra could simply see that rule as Rimuru was a human in their past life, but maybe Rimuru could explain it in more detail.


Rule 2: No fighting amongst yourselves. It’s a nice rule to have; it makes things harder to progress if you can’t have your own family getting along.


Rule 3: No belittling other races. Catra felt that one, while not on the same scale Rimuru might be explaining, but because of her size where she came from; well, they didn’t think she was strong.


Catra nodded to herself, finding those rules acceptable, though she’d probably accept any rules from Rimuru as they were connected now. Then, knowing there would be some questions watching as Rigur, who still wore his red cap, raised his hand, “Sir!”


“Yes, Rigur-kun?” Rimuru pointed at Rigur.


“Why aren’t we allowed to attack humans?” Rigur asked with a child’s curiosity, willing to follow the rules but wanting it explained.


Rigurd got nervous, thinking Rigur was too question, shouting with a bit of a stutter, “H-Hey, Rigur!”


“Rigurd, it’s fine,” Catra got his attention, helping him calm his nerves, pointing her claw at Rimuru, “It’s alright to be curious. Rimuru would be happy to explain.


“Catra’s right. The reason is simple, it’s because I like humans. That’s it!” Rimuru happily answered, Rigur happily accepted it. Catra raised her eyebrow curious and tiled her head, so Rimuru continued, “Um, so listen…Humans live in groups. If you mess with them, they could retaliate in a big way.”


“Meaning if they came after us insistently, we probably wouldn’t be able to handle them alone.” Catra stretched around on Ranga’s back, resting her chin on his head and between his ears; it was too comfortable on Ranga. Ranga didn’t seem to mind at least, “Besides, working with them works better in the long run.”


“Exactly what I was thinking, Catra,” Rimuru smiled, suspecting that Catra read their thoughts; Catra just sheepishly shrugged her shoulders, not confirming nor denying. Finally, everyone nodded at their words, “Any other questions?”


“Me!” Gobta raised his hand quickly, with Catra and Rimuru facing him, “What did you mean by “no belittling other races”?”


“Well, you’ve all gotten stronger by evolving, right? It means you shouldn’t let that get to your head and push weaker races around,” Rimuru answered Gobta’s question; if Catra had to use a word that this could fit, complacency, “Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’re better than them. You don’t want them getting stronger themselves and retaliating someday, do you?”


Gobta took a few seconds to understand Rimur’s words, nodding with everyone else, “Yes, sir!”


“That’s about it. Do your best to follow those rules,” Rimuru was happy the rules could be understood by them. Though having to re-enforce those rules themselves could be complicated, thought communicating with Catra, ‘ Can I assign them certain positions?


“With how they are basically revering you, yeah, just put someone you trust into the position.” Catra nodded after thinking about it, pointing a claw subtly towards Rigurd.


Rimuru took the hint and suggesting turning towards Rigurd, “Also, Elder Rigurd, I declare you the Goblin Lord. The lord of Goblins! Lead your village well.”


“Yes, sir!” Rigurd knelt down, bowing towards Rimuru, tears of happiness and pride rolling down his face, “I, Rigurd, accept this responsibility on pain of death!”


“Good. I’m counting on you.” Rimuru listened to his words, not having expected him to be so moved, “ I feel a bit terrible.


You shouldn’t; it’s actually a great honor, even if you’re just dumping the job on him ,” Catra shook her head, sitting up, stretching a little.



After that, Rimuru had assigned all the goblins jobs, with one team assigned to watch the surrounding area, using platforms in large trees to increase their light of sight and range. While another group collected food, with the goblin half to collect fruits from the trees, the wolves hunted animals for meat.


The team delegated to building and clothing wasn’t going so great. Catra was seated on Ranga’s back while Rimur was in her lap; Rimuru had happily accepted it; not knowing their reasons but was happy regardless. They were surveying the construction of a house…or something that was supposed to look like a house.


Rigurd and Rigur looked after this team and were mildly embarrassed at Rimuru’s comment, “That doesn’t look like a house.”


“I can’t exactly blame them; they’ve only had the use of tents before,” Catra was just casually stroking Rimuru’s head, tail swaying behind her. Then, watching the attempt of a house crumbled to the floor, “They aren’t experts at this stuff.”


“This is most embarrassing,” Rigurd rubbed the back of his head, unable to look towards Rimuru after the failure. Rigur felt the same as he bowed his head, “Forgive us.”


“And as for your clothes….” Rimuru trailed off, looking up towards Catra’s face, which she tilted her head in confusion. Rimuru grew flustered, “I-I think they’re a little too revealing! That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but….”


I find it a little too revealing, but Rimuru didn’t sound all too opposed to it .’ Catra thought to herself, confused, cheeks becoming red with ears and tail standing up; Catra figured out where Rimuru’s stare was focused but didn’t attempt to stop them, ‘ Guess they really like boobs .’


“There is no one here with the skill to make them,” Rigur explained to Rimuru, gaining their attention.


“I-If you can’t make them, couldn’t you get them from somewhere?” Rimuru was shocked at the reveal but tried figuring out a solution.


Rigurd rested a hand on his chin, thinking about Rimuru’s suggestion with a slight nod, “There are some with whom we have attempted to trade a few times. Aside from clothing, they are also quite skilled, so they may know how to build houses, too.”


“It is worth a try, as these are probably not going to get anywhere, no offense,” Catra gestured to the crumbled pile of materials, sitting up straight. Then, feeling the shift of her top as it didn’t fit well, bouncing softly in the large cloth, “A-And I r-rather have new clothing already.”


Rimuru seemed to agree, mainly to the first part, as their eyes were trained somewhere, “Who, and where, are they?”


“I think Rigurd is talking about the Dwarves that live in Dwargon.” Catra guessed, purring when she was correct.


“Dwarves!” Rimuru immediately perked up excited as an exclamation form on their head, missing the fact it pressed into Catra’s chest, “You mean the famous masters of metalworking?!”


Catra blinked but then remembered Rimuru’s memories, ‘ It must be exciting to see things they couldn’t witness in their world.


“We’ll try going to Dwargon!” Rimuru announced in their excitement as Ranga stood up; Catra held onto his sides as Rimuru was secure in her lap, “Rigurd, can you look after the village while we’re away?”


“Yes, sir! Leave everything to me!” Rigurd showed off his muscles simultaneously, proving he would protect the village.


“This will be fun. I’ve always wanted to go there.” Catra smirked happily, fangs glinting in the sunlight.

Chapter Text

Catra was perched on a tree branch as their small group settled down for the night; it was the second night on their journey to Dwargon. Catra, Rimuru, and Ranga were accompanied by Rigur alongside two other goblins riding on Tempest Wolves; Gobta was part of the group to act as a guide, as he’s the only one being to Dwargon.


Having traveled north alongside the Ameld River, Rimuru had a heart to heart with Ranga to see if he held any grudges for having killed his father; but Ranga held no ill intentions towards them. But another conversation that involved Rigur a day before plagued her mind as she kept thinking back to it.



Catra sat beside Rigur as the group rested on a rocky beach beside the river, her ears twitching as she listened to the following stream, loving the beauty of nature surrounding them. Thinking back to the days before she arrived in the forest and all the sights she’s witnessed, but wouldn’t trade her decision to stay at all.


Rimuru was located on her lap, which they were getting used to as Catra simply placed them there whenever they rested, a question in their mind. Then, turning in Catra’s lap and facing Rigur, “Rigur-kun, who gave your brother his name?”


“That’s something I wondered as well. He never told me.” Catra’s tail swayed as she focused on the conversation as well, wondering where the name came from.


“Sir! Mam!” Rigur addressed them both; Catra was still getting used to all the titles. Rigur had twisted in their direction, hands on his knees with respect as he answered, “I’m told he received his name from a passing Demon called Lord Gelmud. He saw promise in him.”


Rimuru was confused at the name, missing Catra’s tense reaction, “Gel…?”


“Gelmud is an officer in one of the Demon lord’s armies,” Catra answered with a slight hiss; she had an encounter with Gelmud before, who insisted on trying to name her. But, escaping his grasp with illusion magic, she didn’t want to link her souls with him, “He tried to name me, but I wouldn’t allow it.”


“Oh…” Rimuru understood Catra’s reasoning based on her explanation when they named her but felt honored that Catra wanted to be named by them instead. But suddenly moved their slime body to look up at Catra, shocked, “One of the demon Lord’s armies? As in more that one Demon Lord?”


“Yeah, but they mostly keep to their own affairs.” Catra shrugged, not feeling too bothered, not knowing if she should explain her connection to at least one of them. 


Rimuru was lost in their own thoughts before their gazed focused on Ranga, silent for a few seconds, “Catra, can you place me down? I want to speak with Ranga.”


“Sure.” Catra smiled, her fangs flashing from the setting sun.



I still can’t remember who Gelmud works for. They must be planning something, ’ Catra thought as she looked at her traveling companions all asleep around the fire. Sitting upright on the branch, ‘ I guess I should keep quiet while testing the new skills–’


“Hey, Catra,” Rimuru’s voice startled Catra as she thought they were asleep, nearly falling from the branch as she latched on. Rimuru either didn’t notice or didn’t want to voice it to save her from embarrassment, “Couldn’t sleep either, huh?”


Catra relaxed as she focused on Rimuru, who had joined her on the branch, shaking her head as tail swayed, “We slept for three days; I don’t need rest yet. I was curious about the new skills…as the connected soul is still a new feeling. I only knew cause it was like a biological thought.”


“It feels different for me as well. Though I can tease you a little as you been leaking the same amount of aura when we first met,” Rimuru chuckled slightly, watching the fur on Catra’s cheeks flush red as she managed to mask the aura. Rimuru stayed focused on her, “Since we share skills, you can always as Great Sage. I asked her a little about your skills as well.”


“Oh,” Catra blinked, surprised, “Which ones?”


“Well, I asked about your healing skill and asked her to analyze it to see if we can improve the properties. I want it to be somewhat par with mine,” Rimuru explained as they didn’t want Catra to get injured, having felt it anytime she would. Then, Rimuru bounced a little closer, “She said it might take a few days.”


Catra felt thankful that Rimuru was looking out for her, making happiness bubble inside. Then, having wanted to test it herself, “Great Sage? Am I able to use the Skill: Water Blade?”


Answer: Based on magicul levels, it is easy to conjure, ” Great Sage responded immediately; that was another thing for her to slowly get used to. Rimuru was surprised to hear her as well but figured since they were close right now, it was possible, “ However, with the difference of species, its form has changed to suited to you.


“So I can cast it, but it would just be different?” Catra surmised, getting a confirming hum as a response, rubbing her chin gently, “Wonder what it looks like?”


Rimuru was also curious as they watched closely, “How about summoning one?”


Catra wondered for a few seconds before holding out her hand, “Skill: Water Blade!”


Glowing energy shone from her hands as the water rose from the nearby river and directed to her hands, her claws gripping a hilt made from water, a blade forming soon after. Aiming it back towards the river felt a tug inside; pulling on it, the blade shot from the hilt and slashed into the river.


Acting as a separate force, it caused a sizeable straight gap through the middle for a few seconds before the water splashed back into place, the water from the blade returned to her hand. Catra was surprised at the power from that single attack, starting to witness precisely how powerful Rimuru was with her soul, “Woah.”


“That was awesome!” Rimuru slime eyes widened at the skill in Catra’s hand, trying to form energy to replicate it. But unfortunately, their attempts were cut short by Great Sage.


Answer: This form is unable to replicate the skill’s form, that can only use Water Blade. A humanoid form is required, ” Great Sage's explanation caused Rimuru to pout but understood, “The Skill: Water Blade evolved in Catra’s possession, to Water Sword.


“So that’s why it felt different from watching Rimuru do it,” Catra thought, ears twitching, looking at the sleeping goblins and wolves below. But curiosity was far greater than trying not to wake them, “Should we test to see if our other skills have changed?”


“Sounds exciting,” Rimuru agreed with Catra, giving a nervous laugh, “Let’s just move a bit, so we don’t wake or hit them by accident.”



“Gobta.” Rimuru looked towards Gobta as they sat around the warmth of the fire.


It was the third night into their journey, having journeyed quite the distance, made more accessible as the Tempest Wolves were fast as the wind; it could usually take two months, but they’d arrive tomorrow by this rate. So the wolves slept to regain their energy from running all day while the goblins feasted on boar meat.


Catra was once again laying on a tree branch as it was a habit she kept despite evolving; she would continue to do this until they had beds; honestly, she might still nap in them. Biting into her piece, she was excited to learn new tricks and skills alongside Rimuru the night before.


Like the fact she could switch back and forth between her old form, she wouldn’t do it much as she didn’t see much need; that and another reason. She can switch forms; however, her clothes weren’t designed for the process. She wasn’t paying attention when switching back; she ended up kicking Rimuru from being looked at. But she apologized after.


At least she was more aware of her clothes situation now, ensuring her position on the branch wouldn’t reveal anything to them down below.


Gobta, who had been eating, swallowed before looking at Rimuru, “Yes, sir?”


“What is the town we’re heading for like?” Rimuru questioned him, wanting to learn as much information as possible before arriving. Catra’s ears twitched as she listened closely as well.


“W-Well, it’s officially called the “Armed Nation of Dwargon.”, Gobta started describing the best he could. Having not visited in a while, “It’s a beautiful city constructed from a modified natural cave system, and it’s home not only to dwarves, but elves, humans, and lots more.”


“Elves?!” Rimuru excitedly shouted.


Catra didn’t even need to ask as images flashed in her mind of beautiful and captivating elves thanks to Rimuru’s thoughts, involuntary purring at the idea of being carried by one. Willing to transform into her smaller form just to experience it, she bets Rimuru loves their form right now.


I’m not going to interrupt Rimuru’s thoughts, ’ Catra thought to herself as her cheeks were reddened. Tail swaying at the images as her focus on the conversation was lost, ‘ Such pretty elves.


Rigur was the one ultimately that brought Rimuru back to their senses, “Great Rimuru?”


“I-Is it okay for monsters like me to enter Dwargon?” Rimuru instantly asked, a bit of red in their slime, freezing slightly. Then, turning to peek up at Catra, “ You didn’t see anything, did you?


No, ” Catra thought quickly, unable to look at Rimuru.


You answered way too quickly! ” Rimuru embarrassedly turned back to Rigur, realizing that Catra saw those images.


“No need to worry,” Rigur answered, unaware of the thought communication between Catra and Rimuru, waving his hand like it was fine, “Dwargon is a neutral free-trade city. All fighting is prohibited by the king.”


“I see…” Rimuru hummed, nodding at his words.


“Rigur, before you continue, did you make it?” Catra interrupted as she gazed at him, curious if he did as she requested.


“Oh, right,” Rigur revealed an eyepatch before tossing it up towards here, “Here you go.”


Rimuru stared at the eyepatch curiously as Catra put it on, covering her left eye, “Why are you wearing an eyepatch?”


“I don’t want to reveal to everyone I’m a dual-beastman,” Catra shrugged a little knowing Rimuru would understand quickly, “And if something happens, they will underestimate me.”


“As long as you hide your aura,” Rimuru teased, watching Catra just hide her face, regretting having made fun of Rimuru’s aura when they first arrived. Then, paying attention to Rigur again, “Please continue.”


“It’s all made possible by the Armed Nation of Dwargon’s immense military might,” Rigur grinned while clenching his fist and flexing his arm, “It’s said that the dwarven army has been undefeated for a thousand years.”


“A thousand years? That’s impressive,” Rimuru was shocked and equally impressed at that accomplishment, voicing his hidden thoughts to Catra, “ No one would be dumb enough to get on that king’s bad side .”


Even I wouldn’t want to mess with them, though I was just a small cat before. I’d be interested in having a duel with the king, ” Catra has listened to adventurers along the road, many tales about Dwargon mostly. Then, seeing Rimuru’s shocked reaction as she chuckled nervously, “ I wouldn’t unless I had your permission, of course.


I don’t even think we’d win, but that’s not why we’re going there in the first place ,” Rimuru sighed at her last response, feeling relieved she wouldn’t fight a king.


“Last time I went there–”


“There won’t be any trouble!” Rigur exclaimed with a bright smile on his face, cutting off Gobta’s quiet mumbling.


Hm? I’m pretty sure a huge flag just went up,” Rimuru had heard the beginning of Gobta’s sentence, but thanks to Rigur, he couldn’t hear the rest, asking for Catra’s support, “ Was it just me?


Catra has been learning concepts from Rimuru’s old world; the red flag was one of them, “ No, I felt it too.”



So that’s where the elves– I mean, the Dwarves are, huh? ” Rimuru quickly reorganized their thoughts learning from the last time Catra could hear, but Catra didn’t stop them, maybe Catra didn’t mind. Losing their thoughts just as quickly, “ I hope some beautiful Elves– I mean, some skilled Dwarves are waiting there for us.”


They stood on the edge of a forest to an open field where a path led straight to Dwargon’s gates. It looked like a fortress that would presumably increase the city's defenses, having not witnessed what it was liked beyond the walls. Yellow banners hung from the top of the stone tower, unable to see the emblem attached.


Catra shook her head before thinking a little, blushing in thought, “ I mean, couldn’t we find elves after we find the skilled dwarfs?


Brilliant suggestion! I’m glad you’re coming in with us, ” Rimuru felt happiness, sure they trusted Gobta but trusted Catra more. Then, turning and addressing the others, “Gobta and Catra will be accompanying me into Dwargon. I want the rest of you to stay here.”


Rigur seemed like he was unsure when Gobta was mentioned first but was replaced with relief that Catra would be going in as well. But, “Are you sure you want us to stay here?”


“Yeah,” Rimuru bounced up into Catra’s arms, getting held tight so they wouldn’t be dropped, “We don’t want to try too much attention by going in a big group. Gobta will show us the way.”


“Don’t worry, we’ll be fine,” Catra smiled to reassure the group, mostly Rigur and Ranga, who was saddened of staying behind. Then, turning around to start down the path to the gates, “Wait for us here. We shouldn’t take too long. Hopefully.”


Catra added that last part quietly as Gobta quickly caught up to walk beside her, hearing Ranga’s sad howl behind them as a sign of them to be careful. It was about a five to ten minutes walk as they approached, starting to see a line to one of the smaller doorways besides the colossal gate.


Many different races wanted to enter. There were mainly humans, lizardfolk, and half-beast folk from the human appearance but animal parts like ears or tails. Some appeared to be adventurers, and others were traveling merchants; a few might just be here to visit family or friends.


They approached the back of the line to begin the waiting game. Rimuru tilted in her hold, “This is quite a line. They must be strict about checking everyone.”


“At least they don’t have to check me much,” Catra muttered, feeling a little conscious of the little clothing she wore, wishing that would be one of the first things they’d look for. Gobta carried a bag on his back, so that would need to be checked, “Can we please find clothes first?”


“That is one of the main priorities,” Rimuru had a silent glare to people in the line ahead, having noticed the gazes towards Catra. Rimuru might have their fantasies but wouldn’t make ones they trust uncomfortable, “Maybe we can ask them if they have spare clothes lying around? It should be fine, right, Gobta?”


“Y-Yeah, once we’re inside, we can move around as we please,” Gobta nodded at Rimuru’s question, embarrassed as well, “And they do have spare clothes…I lost mine last time.”


“I would ask how, but maybe I won’t.” Catra wondered how he could lose his pants but decided not to question it. But if the dwarves had spare clothes, yay.


“Hey! Hey, hey, hey!” A voice called out as a pair of footsteps approached from behind, alerting the three. Turning around, there were two men, who had scars on their faces and aggressive looks, “What’s a couple of monsters doing here?”


“We’re not inside yet, so we can still kill it,” The second idiot pointed his knife to Rimuru, who was still in Catra’s grasp, “Right?”


And there it is! We’re already in trouble! ” Rimuru replied casually to Catra, recalling the conversation about the flag, “ Flag collected!


Catra figured the men were trying to be intimidating, but they just looked stupid, “ I mean, they don’t look like they cause much trouble.


“Hey, Gobta-Kun,” Rimuru looked at Gobta, who seemed frightened, noticing the people ahead in the line worried and wary backing away, “Did you hear something?”


“Yes, I did,” Gobta answered, terrified, unable to look away from the duo, “I was beaten up here last time I tried to get in, too. It’s the fate of us weak monsters.”


“I mean, you wouldn’t be weak anymore,” Catra’s tail hung low, not loving that Gobta was hurt before, “That was a while ago, right?”


“Hey, weakling monster!” Idiot one glared at them, hating the fact they were being ignored, “Don’t you ignore us!”


“Wait, isn’t a talking slime pretty rare? I bet we could make a fortune off of it!” Idiot two looked towards his partner with an evil smirk, pointing his knife at Catra, “Why don’t you hand it over? Otherwise, we’ll have fun with you instead.”


Rimuru, can I kill them? ” Catra asked cheerfully in her mind despite her tight grip and an angry aura pouring out of her.


Don’t kill them. We don’t want too much trouble. But, yeah, you can deal with them, ” Rimiru declared to her, gaining Gobta’s attention, “Gobta-Kun, do you remember our first rule?”


“Of course, sir!” Gobta saluted with the fear dissipating for a few seconds, “Rule one: no attacking humans!”


“All right, now,” Rimuru saw the people in the line quickly moving away as if they could sense the confrontation escalating, “Close your eyes and cover your ears.”


Catra placed Rimuru on the ground to stay beside Gobta as she approached the two idiots, “Sorry, we’re you talking to us? Can you repeat that? I don’t pay much attention to idiots.”


The two stared shocked at her, before:


“You’re just a puny, little weakling! Don’t you mess with us!” Idiot one shouted.


“You’re dead now!” Idiot two pointed his dagger towards her, “I was gonna let you live, but you’ve pissed us off!”


“A puny, little weakling? When did you ever think I was weak?” Catra laughed, finding their reactions hilarious, exactly what weaklings would say. Then, flashing her claws menacingly at them, “I could take the both of you down easily.”


“Okay, now you’re dying.” Idiot one had enough as he unsheathed his sword, ready for a fight.


The second idiot looked behind him to where three more people of their group, “You guys get her, too!”


The five of them moved to attack her, the first one simply with his sword, the second slashing with his daggers that form the same slash as a projectile towards her. The third slammed his axe into the ground, causing a tremor of rocks to approach her; the fourth cast a fireball. The last formed a magic barrier around them.


All the attacks were absorbed into her, minus the sword that phased right through, confusing the five of them. Then, clapping was heard from behind the group as the illusion faded; Catra smirked at them, “Cool attacks, my turn.”


Catra’s blue eye glowed brightly, smiling and showing her fangs as she arched her back and flexed her claws, wanting to have used this move when first witnessing it. Then, howling loudly as a burst of wind shot from the ground from the force of her shout, having used the skill menace.


Blasting the magic wall to pieces as they experienced the shout full-on, however, Catra might not have considered the range of the scream as it affected the whole line of people. After a few seconds of the continued shout, Catra realized and quickly deactivated the skill, noticing many people lying on the ground, except for Gobta and Rimuru.


“Ahh,” Catra nervously tapped her claws together at the damage she caused, a sheepish smile as she looked at Rimuru, “Shit.”


Results of Menace to follow: 16 fled. 68 became confused. 92 fainted. ” Great sage started listing all the effects Catra caused, making her embarrassed further, “ 34 solids themselves. 1 disrobed of clothing.


Disrobed of clothing? Who… ” Catra flushed with embarrassment as the flimsy clothes she had been wearing had rocketed off somewhere from the massive blast of wind; only the eyepatch remained. Then, quickly changing into her cat form, “ Start with that first next time!


Great Sage should have started with that,” Rimuru had tried their best not to look but failed for a few seconds. Then, acting like they saw nothing as Catra approached, “ Maybe it was too much?


“Hey! You there!” Dwarf guards had run from the gate to see what caused the commotion, the leader looking at them with confusion, “Huh? A slime and cat?”


Rimuru and Catra looked at each other for a few seconds before both innocently smiled at him. Finding themselves locked in a cell not long after.

Chapter Text

“Maybe Great Sage should have added another casualty report,” Catra murmured, reclining on a bundle of clothes placed on a barrel, currently Rimuru’s cell. Her uncovered eye monitoring the snoring goblin, “One fell asleep. How did Gobta fall asleep to that?”


The three of them patiently waited in the cell, though due to Catra’s and Rimuru’s size and ability to slip through the bars, Rimuru was placed inside a barrel. Catra promised to stay on the lid as she helped explain the situation to the guards; since, as promised, they had given her some clothes.


As some witnesses who watched reported to Kaido, the Captain of the guards of Dwargon, her form changed. It was meant to be an interrogation, but it seemed more like it was a casual conversation as apparently that lot always got into trouble. Kaido seemed to have enjoyed seeing them run in fear.


Rimuru sighed while listening to the noises Gobta made; their muttering echoed inside the small space, “Some guide he turned out to be. He has some nerve to be sleeping now.”


“Well?” Kaido paced calmly beyond the bars, clutching the report in his hands as he patiently waited for more information to be offered.


“Oh, sorry,” Catra bowed her head in apology as she refocused her attention, having momentarily forgotten she was in the middle of a conversation, “I’ve got nothing to add.”


“Well, since you’re a slime, goblin, and….” Kaido trailed off, trying to figure out what to categorize Catra since it isn’t a typical occurrence to obtain the ability to switch forms, having a theory in mind from her eyepatch. Then, shrugging his shoulders to respect her privacy, “And a cat, they probably saw you as easy targets.”


“Catra was only trying to scare them off. I might have done the same after some of their comments,” Rimuru admitted while unintentionally making Catra flustered, making her thankful she can’t be seen at the moment, “We’re very sorry for all the trouble we caused!”


“Well, your confessions match up with the reports of the witnesses,” Kaido agreed while thankful this didn’t take long, moving to grab the keys, “Just this one, I’ll let you three–”


Catra’s ears perked up, hearing frantic sprinting approaching the hallway towards them, “Umm, I think you got something more important to deal with.”


“Captain! We’ve got trouble!” A guard emerged, panting heavily, answering Kaido’s unasked question. Sweat trailed down his face while trying to regain his breath, “There’s an Armorsaurus in the mine!”


An Armorsaurus? ” Catra’s heard tales and seen pictures drawn in books but never encountered one in person. Then, conversing with Rimuru as she listened, “ Have you, Rimuru?


Y-Yeah, but I don’t recommend looking at my memory of it. It’s not a pretty sight ,” Rimuru warned Catra before she could dive into their memories, “ I’ll try and show you later.


“What?!” Kaido faced the other guard with shocked alarm, concern washing over him, “Where’s the suppression force?”


“They’re already en route,” The guard responded, clearly pondering his following words. Then, failing as he bleakly continued, “But Garm, his brothers, and Entrapta were deep in the mine gathering magic ore. Entrapa avoided and extracted them without major injuries, but not having reacted quickly as the others were badly hurt!”


Catra sensed the change of emotions coming in waves from Kaido, changing from concern to fear and worry, “Do we have potions?”


“Not enough,” The guard apologized in between his explanation, “We’ve allotted most of them to war preparations.”


Rimuru, how much of the potions do you have left? ” Catra wondered, stretching and arching her back, before jumping to the floor. Then, wanting to provide help to Kaido, as he’s treated them nicely, “ We should help him.


Rimuru managed to slide the lid off and place it gently on the ground, removing themself from the barrel as a bit of shine was left behind, “ Plenty to spare. I…did collect every herb I saw. But I filled up the whole barrel just in case.


Catra and Rimuru quickly squeezed through the gap in the bars and were standing behind Kaido, who hadn't noticed them yet. Catra tilted her head, “Sir.”


“Sir,” Rimuru repeated what Catra said, realizing he wouldn’t focus on them soon. Then, extending a part of their slime to act like a tendril, and tapped him on the back, “Sir.”


“Huh?” Kaido turned around, confused and staring ahead, before noticing them sitting on the ground patiently, “How dare you two leave the cell!?”


“Don’t worry, we’ll hop right back in after,” Catra’s tail swished about while relaxing him, as they planned to keep their promise, “We got something that can help.”


“Yeah, look,” Rimuru faced the cell, used the tendril, and formed it into an arrow, pointing to the barrel. Entirely filled with healing liquid, “You need that, don’t you?”


Kaido inspected it under his gaze as if he couldn’t believe what he was seeing, “What’s that?”


“Healing potion. The best around!” Rimuru happily explained, “You can drink it or apply it directly!”


“It works wonders, I’ve experienced it before, and it’s amazing!” Catra grinned happily while tilting her head as her ears twitched;, withholding the part where she was inside Rimuru when healed.


Kaido listened to them both carefully while discussing the decision in his mind to trust them or not. His answer was apparent as he pulled out the keys for the cells. The other guard watched on with shock as he unlocked the cell, “Captain! You’re going to trust the word of monsters?”


“We don’t have time!” Kaido ignored his companion’s complaint as he slipped the lid back on, slamming it to keep the potion contained. Then, easily lifting the whole thing over his shoulder, facing him, “Let’s go!”


“Yes, Captain Kaido.” Immediately following his orders as he rushed on ahead.


Kaido turned to Catra and Rimuru for a few seconds; uncertainty was evident, but he didn’t question them, “You two better stay in the cell!”


The pair watched as he disappeared through the doorway and out of sight before they wordlessly slipped back inside the cell. Finally, Rimuru voiced their hidden thoughts, “He was really worried about his subordinates.”


“He was friendly when talking with us, too,” Catra agreed as her tail swayed, strolling to the clothes left behind, “He’d be a good friend to have.”


“He’s a good guy,” Rimuru spoke softly, noticing Catra heading for the clothes. Then, growing embarrassed and swiftly facing away from her, “I won’t look as you get changed.”


Rimuru definitely wants to peek but doesn’t want to disrespect me,’ Catra jumped as she shifted appearances, reaching for the bundle promptly. Then, gripping the waistband of the leather pants as she slid her legs through the holes, fur feeling unconformable as she pulled them up, ‘ But Rimuru isn’t the only one around. At least Gobta is still sleeping…somehow.


Using a claw to slice a tiny gap in the back for her tail to slip through to make it fit perfectly. It was obviously designed for humans, but she’d rather this than nothing, ignoring the blue frilly-looking articles as she grabbed a simple shirt. Shivering as it dragged over her breasts as she put it on, before finally sitting when she was finished, “I’m done.”


Rimuru swiveled around carefully in case Catra had said that while putting on the last piece, looking relieved when that wasn’t the case. Changed to shock after a few seconds when noticing the untouched bra and panties on the ground. Sputtering embarrassedly, “H-H-How come you a-aren’t wearing those!”


“Huh?” Catra tiled her head innocently as she eyed the remaining pieces, confused as she viewed them, “But they don’t cover me fully. So why would I pick those?”


“W-Well,” Rimuru wondered how to explain, as Catra knew at least the importance of clothes, but since Catra mainly had been a cat before, she hadn’t needed to. But from their understanding, Catra didn’t know about underwear, “Do…your clothes feel comfortable?”


“Not really…I feel irritated around my chest and….” Catra listed on her fingers before fur flustering as she slowly understood, Tapping her claws shyly, sheepishly asking, “Can you please face away for a few moments?”



Beams of moonlight entered from the barred window, as it had been a few hours of them waiting for Kaido to return, hopefully with encouraging news. Catra now felt relaxed in her clothes after the little mishap, leaning against the wall with Rimuru on her lap; both felt bored.


“A cradle! A diamond! A hand drum! A boat!” Rimuru was passing the time playing with the skill, Sticky Thread, creating objects with precise precision; Rimuru explained that it was a modified Cat Cradle. Catra watched with amazement at the items they formed with the thread, “And now…Tokyo Tower!”


It was the most complex construction Rimuru created with their string, but Rimuru had pulled it off perfectly; of course, Catra searched Rimuru’s memories to see the real thing. Her tail is standing as the image was shown in her mind, eyes sparkling, “I want to try.”


Answer: Inaccessible with the base form ,” Great Sage interrupted before Catra could test but wasn’t finished, “ Proposal: Possible while simultaneously activating the skill Body Armour.


“I think that’s the first time Great Sage proposed an idea, but she is intelligent,” Rimuru remembered the first moments when hearing Great Sage for the first time, hearing her explanations in vast detail; some parts were hard to understand unless asked to dumb it down. Finally, curiosity caused Rimuru to bounce off Catra’s lap for safety precautions, “Let’s see, “Body Armour!”


Rimuru’s appearance didn’t alter much at first, with just a bit of darker blue covering their form until a few spikes popped out at a few places, making them look like a spike trap. Then, Catra allowed Rimuru to look through her eye to see their own appearance, a hum of delight coming from them, “Ooh, I look like it might hurt to step on me. At least I can still move.”


Catra looked at her own arms as she tried to imagine the effects, before with confidence holding out both arms, “Body Armour!”


A tingling sensation zipped down her arms at the activation as, beginning from the elbow, her fur slowly vanished and was replaced by dark blue scales. Then, racing up through her hands and fingers as they gradually changed, just more of the blue scales, and her claws gained a bit of density.


“Woah…” Catra tapped the scales with one of her claws, feeling how hard they were, “Guess there’s a reason they called it an Armoursarus. Now, let’s try, Sticky Thread!”


Small holes appeared on her scaled palms, and darkness covered the view inside; with a bit of force, some of the thread shot out, causing her to yelp and duck her head. Then, being careful, she intertwined some of the stings between her fingers before trying to create something like Rimuru did.


She couldn’t try anything complex, but she got a shape similar to Rimuru, “Look! I made you!”


“Oooh! That’s impressive, Catra!” Rimuru eyed Catra’s creation with enjoyment but was interested in how a skill’s form is different for each person. Though Body Armor's look on Catra was admittedly cooler, “We should experiment on other skills that I collected, see what we can do together.”


Rimuru’s speech was interrupted by the still snoring Gobta; Catra heard he was a deep sleeper, but not this deep. But the snoring was starting to annoy her ears. Rimuru and Catra looked at each other and approached the sleeping goblin with a silent agreement.


He was wrapped in a cocoon of string a few moments later, hanging from the ceiling and still snoring.


“This guy is a deep sleeper….” Rimuru stared at Gobta, both Catra and Rimuru having unactivated the skill. Of course, Gobta would wake up at some point and question it, and they would say it was punishment, but in truth, they were bored, and it entertained them.


Catra’s ears twitched at movement as a group of dwarfs entered behind Kaido. They weren't soldiers from their outfits, but it was likely Garm and his brothers from their smiles. Catra had assumed that Entrapta would be with them; then again, she wasn’t injured, so she might not make an appearance.


“You saved them,” Kaido spoke; first, his gratitude was evident, “I thank you.”


“I heard you gave us that potion!” The first brother spoke up; they didn’t know which one was Garm, so they wouldn’t guess. But he wore a tank top that showed the tattoo's on his shoulders, “Thank you!”


Rimuru cheerily responded while feeling flustered, “Don’t mention it.”


“My arm was nearly ripped off. Even if I’d survived, I would’ve lost my job,” The second brother answered while pulling back the sleeve of his right arm, revealing no damage whatsoever, “Thank you!”


“Glad to see you’re in one piece then.” Catra grinned while rubbing the fur on her arms.


The third brother was next, but he hummed and nodded instead of speaking. Confusing them, “Say something!”


The brothers chuckled as they expected this type of reaction from the pair, ignoring the upsidedown goblin as they moved to head home, “Really, thank you so much!”


Catra picked Rimuru and held them in her arms as Kaido approached the cell door and unlocked it. Rimuru and Catra looked at each other before Rimuru asked, “Are we free?”


“Naturally.” Kaido smiled at them.


From how late at night, Kaido invited them to stay the night in his home and provided them with food; Rimuru didn’t need food and couldn’t taste it regardless, so they let Catra eat while they explained to Kaido the reason they were in Dwargon. Since Kaido was thankful for them saving the brothers, he decided to introduce them to the best blacksmith he knew tomorrow.



Dwargon was vastly different from the small tribe of goblins they lived with, who only had basic construction of small huts and wooden fences. While Dwargon had perfectly constructed buildings of stone, brick, and other materials, a few had smoke rising from chimneys but perhaps converted to unharmful.


One huge change was while the goblins only had the simple fire to keep things bright at night, Dwargon had technology and electricity as lights shone from bulbs hanging on wipes above the street and flooding out of the windows of buildings. And there were all different types of races enjoying and going about their day.


Catra’s sense of smell was like fireworks when the familiar scent of bread drifted out of a bakery as they walked by.


Rimuru let out a noise of amazement while cuddling into Catra’s arms, “I can tell we’re in dwarven country! It looks so much more civilized than the Goblin Village.”


“Think about it, Rimuru, if we find the right people, we can slowly start to build up the village,” Catra’s soul thrummed at feeling Rimuru’s enjoyment, holding them close as she looked around, “I wouldn’t mind if we get a few recipe books too, I think we had a goblin who wanted to learn. I don’t remember his name, though.”


“We’ll probably remember when we return,” Rimuru answered, still indifferent about food, “We still need to worry about shelter and clothing first.”


“This way,” Kaido stood ahead of them since he was guiding them, waiting for them to catch up, “Don’t get lost, now.”


Kaido approached the storefront of a blacksmith, assuming from the layout of the area and other stores they passed where all the ready and prepared products were upfront to sell, while the actual smithing was done in a building out the back. From some of the items sold, they were excited to meet who Kaido’s recommendation was.


Many forms of armor types were placed delicately on stands, showing exquisite designs integrated into them with the ones with most had a sense of power emanating from them. Shields hung on the walls in different shapes and sizes based on the height of the person or the type they wished to use, one large enough to cover Catra’s height.


Swords were located also hanging on the walls and some of the tables, but the one that caught Catra’s eye immediately was the one whose blade was glowing with energy.


“Wow! Such detailed workmanship!” Rimuru gazed with eagerness, their slime bouncing slightly in Catra’s arms as they turned and looked in every direction. Then, seeing the same sword, Catra couldn’t look away, “What’s up with that sword? Is it actually glowing?!”


“I think it’s a weapon created from Magic ore,” Catra guessed as her eye sparkled, smirking with her fangs showing, “I wonder who made it.”


“Actually, that weapon was made by the guy I'm introducing you to,” Kaido excitedly explained while pointing at it, proud of it, “The blacksmith we’re about to meet.”


Heading out the door in the back to an empty street compared to the bustling one they came from were small rows of buildings with fences keeping them separate, all with different insignias depending on the blacksmith. The one they were going toward was an ax that overlapped a sword in a cross.


“This is the place. I guarantee his skills are top-notch!” Kaido practically promised them as he walked to the door, calling as he got close, “Hey, Bro, you here?”


“Bro?” Rimuru questioned.


Catra snickered as she looked at Kaido, “Bet he was trying to keep quiet and leave it as a big reveal.”


“Hey, Kaido, I’ll let you in.” A girl’s voice sounded out as the door opened; a flash of purple was seen at the edge before vanishing.


A short girl wearing heavy-looking gloves which seemed stained with oil, boots, a bug-eyed looking mask perched on her head; also wearing overalls like pants with a white shirt underneath appeared. The most noticeable feature was her big, long lilac twin-tail hair, which acted like arms fixing an object, as she wrote something on a piece of paper, “He’s still a little busy because of Vesta, it wasn’t nice of him….”


“Thanks, Entrapta. I still intend to find out why he even agreed,” Kaido sighed in annoyance, noticing her trail off when she noticed their guests, “Right, this is Catra and Rimuru.”


“Nice to meet you, Entrapta,” Catra smiled, though she was focused on the fact Entrapta’s hair was moving, perhaps from a skill.


Rimuru formed a hand from a tendril and waved to her, “Hello, Entrapta.”


“Ohhh! I knew I wasn’t going crazy!” Entrapta cheered as her hair sped off and deposited the object somewhere before she bounded forward and embraced them like she had won a reward. Then, laughing as she got out a book that she likely took notes in, writing, “Log. A dream vision finally came true! The slime named by Veldora and dual-beastman connected to the slime appeared!”


That last part from Entrapta came out as a whisper as if only to reveal she knows. But that just left them with one thing in mind, “What?”