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Arthur wakes up and Eames is in bed with him.

Arthur has no memory of Eames coming to bed. Arthur is pretty sure he went to bed alone. And Eames is on top of the blankets and fully clothed so Arthur is also pretty sure that there were no wild and crazy sex shenanigans that went on. He just…went to bed alone and woke up to Eames.

It’s like magic.

He lays next to Eames and watches him sleep until Eames wakes up, opens his eyes, looks back at him.

“What are you doing here?” Arthur asks.

Eames smiles and closes his eyes and stretches. “I knew you wouldn’t remember.”

“I remember…” Arthur pauses. “Your house is underwater, and you kissed me by the tree, and I think you told me that I need some cosmetic work.”

“You said that,” Eames says, opening his eyes again. “Wallpaper removal.”

“And some new coats of paint,” Arthur recalls. “It was all a metaphor.”

“Everything has been,” says Eames, and gives him that smile Arthur remembers from the night before, and Arthur wriggles forward and kisses him, because Arthur remembers also that that is totally appropriate.

Eames kisses him back and pets his hands through his hair and says, “You begged me to come back here. I poured you into a cab and you wouldn’t let go of my shirt until I promised to be here in the morning when you woke up.”

“You’re lying,” Arthur says uncertainly.

“Yusuf has it on tape,” Eames tells him.

“Oh, my God,” says Arthur, and turns his face into his pillow.

Eames laughs and says, “I’m joking. But only about the Yusuf part,” and kisses Arthur’s shoulder. And then Eames says, “So where’s this house you found me? Or is that part of the metaphor?”

Arthur sits up suddenly and says, “Your house! Yes! We have to go!”


The house isn’t a house at all. It is, in fact, a row of empty, deserted shops. Eames stands at the former cash register of one of them and lifts his eyebrows at Arthur in silent query.

Arthur says, “The owner is selling the entire strip. It’s a rare opportunity. You’d be right downtown, it’s prime real estate, zoned commercial.” Arthur pauses, relishing this. “And residential.”

Eames catches on. Eames looks around him, then back at Arthur. “Zoned residential?”

Arthur nods.

Eames looks at the height of the ceilings, at the old-school marble floors, at the iron scrollwork around the doors and windows.

Arthur says, “It’s not move-in ready. But it’s not a fixer-upper like work. It’s all yours, to be whatever you want.”

Eames pushes Arthur up against the wall and says, “You’re a fucking genius.”


Arthur wins the episode entirely because Eames uses up his entire budget on the flood damage.

But Arthur doesn’t care about the fucking episode, because Arthur’s pretty sure he’s won at life.

And sometimes Eames makes public appearances wearing one of Arthur’s ties, and the Internet goes crazy with speculation, and they sit in bed and giggle ridiculously over the whole thing.

And sometimes Eames sucks possessive marks into Arthur’s neck, not quite where his tie would cover, and the makeup artists get annoyed and Eames has to go all innocent and pretend he had nothing to do with it and says that Arthur has shocking bedmates.

And the show is still a hit, and Eames still flirts outrageously, and Arthur still rolls his eyes and sighs heavily, but he smiles a little bit more, shows a little more dimples, and often when the cameras aren’t rolling Eames corners Arthur somewhere secluded and says, “Banter with me,” and Arthur kisses him until they’re both mussed and completely inappropriate for filming.

And Eames remodels his row of shops and wins some kind of prestigious design award for the transformation and there’s a whole ten-page feature on it in Vogue but the thing Arthur mostly likes about the place is when Eames nuzzles into his neck, “Move in. Stay forever.” And Arthur walks into Eames’s rooms and does just that.

Arthur looks around at what Eames has accomplished and he says, as the homeowners say on the show, "I've made a decision. I'm going to love it."

Eames says, "Aha! Victory for me!" and takes to kissing Arthur's dimples in public, just every so often.

The Internet loves it. Eames and Arthur love it more. In fact, they love it forever.


The end.