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FableCraft SMP : Return Of Demurei : Unofficial, and Uncensored!!!

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Demurei and her friends were eating rocks

They always enjoyed eating rocks to relax when things were getting stressful. They thought nothing eating rocks all the time - it was just a way of life.
But things were different today.
Someone was watching them enjoy eating rocks, and it was starting to get creepy.
"The creepy guy is creeping me out", said Seronich.
"Yes, me too. "
Just then the man walked over too us.
"I am a talent scout"
"Owww...THAT explains it"
"Demurei, I have been watching you while you did some eating rocks. Your skilled. VERY skilled."
"Oh, yes, Demurei is great at it" said SERONICH.

"INDEED. maybe the greatest. Look at Demureis body. Her buttock! Her hand! Her toe! Its like she is built for eating rocks! Every aspect of her perfect physique built for that one divine purpose. "

"I am thus going to officially invite Demurei to the eating rocks championship!" continued the talent scout.

"We are going to the championship!?" said Seronich
"Yes, the ticket has a +1. And you both go straight to the final!"
"But you will be fighting against someone else that made it to the final...someone you know well....Seether!"
"Then its settled" said Demurei. "We go. We cant let Seether win at anything. Even eating rocks."

So they left for the stadium.


The next day, Demurei was day dreaming.

Seronich snapped her out of it by bursting into her room.

"Demurei! The contest starts soon! Your late! Noah and Seether have already changed into their eating rocksing kits! "
"Oh, nooes I over slept! Thats not like me at all. "

Demurei got dressed on the way down stairs, and skidding into the Arena.
The audience was already there and she got a big appose as she entered.

" made it I seee. Had a nice night?" Seether sneered.

At that moment Demurei realized she had been drugged! That explained the strange dreams last night. Seether must have drugged her while they were talking the other day.
It was too late to do anything about it though. Shehad to hope there was no more surprises.
The starter walked on at that moment, told them to get ready.
Seether grinned at hero. Showing all their evil teeth
"Blam!" The starter fired the starting pulse pistol and the contest had begun!

Noah took the early lead, but Demurei quickly caught up with the eating rocksing. Noah was sweating like mad trying to stay in the contest.
Seether was relaxed though - barely eating rocksing at all!

"Whats he upto? Its like he is not even trying"
"And why does he care anyway? He always said eating rocks was stupid "
"I know, somethings not right" said Demurei while pulling of a particularly difficult eating rocks move.
Just then disaster striked!
There was a loud bang BANG! and Noah collapsed.
Demurei eating rocksed backwards for a bit.

"Noah! Are you ok?"
"urg...sabotage..." Noah collapsed.

"Who did it? Who...?"

Seether grinned.


Just then the gong went. It was half-time.


As Noah was carried taken to hospital by terrain wagon, Demurei and Seronich retired to the locker room.
Seether was already there, still grinning.

"Oh what a shame. Noah isn't going to compete any more. Even doing nothing I'm going to come second. You know...I might just let you win..out of my....generosity... " Seether sniggered again.

With that Seether left out the backdoor.

"Gosh darn-it" Seronich said. "Seether drives me mad! "
"You know, I think he had something to do with Noahs accident "

Demurei was thinking. hard.

"Seether is never generous. Lack of generosity is his number one defining characteristic. Well, that and evil"
"That means..." said Seronich, her slow cogs working.
"...He wants to come second!" said Demurei, thinkingly.
"Do you think thats..."
"....because he wants the second prize medal!" said Demurei, winning again.
"It must be because the second prize is really Froden "
"Yes, now that Iook at the second prize I notice it now. Its clearly the Froden"
"That explains why someone would want to become second!"

"So we have to beat Seether by being the best at coming second? How are we going to do have never lost before! "
"I know" said Demurei. "I am not sure I know how"
"You got to though. Just this once you got to come second!"
"No I cant. But I have an could compete!"
"Me?" said Seronich, surprised. "Do they even allow girls like me to do eating rocks?
"Yes, its a modern contest, a few girls like me have already competed. I'll win the contest as normal, and you will come second. You can do this!"
"Ok Demurei, I'll do it. I'll do it for you"

Then the Gong went again, the final leg of the eating rocks contest had begun!


As they walked into the eating rocksing Arena again there was applause from the crowd.
Seether was lying down relaxing - clearly pretty relaxed.
"I want to compete!" shouted Seronich, proudly wearing a eating rocksing kit already.
"What!?" said Seether sitting bolt upright in panic.
"Yes, I am competing" said Seronich.
"I have checked the rules and its allowed" said Aly, who was the eating rocksing referee.
"GAH! I'll bet you anyway" said Seether as he desperately starting eating rocksing.

Demurei was already well in the lead by now, so he turned around and watched the real contest - the one between Seether and Seronich.
Seronich had to get that second prize. The The World depended upon it.

"You cant defeat me" screamed Seether as he started eating rocksed internsely.
"I have to! Demurei believes in me! "

The contest went on a long time. Aside from Demurei, Seronich and Seether were the best eating rocks-ers in the world.
The crowd went wild as they approached the finish.

"Come on Seronich! You can do it! " said Demurei who had already won an hour ago.

Spurred on by Demurei Seronich put in a last burst of effort, doing a stunning eating rocks move and finnishing spectacularly.

"Nooooooooooooo...." screamed Seether.

Aly fired the shotgun that officially marked the contest as over.

"Nooooooooooooo...." screamed Seether.

"Well dont Seronich! You have come second and officially get the second prize award " said Aly as she handed Seronich the second prize award.

"Nooooooooooooo...." screamed Seether.

Seronich looked at the prize and it was the Froden! Demurei had been right all along. She gave it to Demurei as she knew only they should be trusted with it.

"Nooooooooooooo...." screamed Seether.

"Ok, the The World is safe now " said Demurei.
"Thank you Demurei!" screamed the crowd.
Demurei took a bow.

With that Seether got arrested and everyone else went home.

-The End