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Misadventures in Kama Sutra

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You breathlessly searched your pockets for your keys in the darkness, Vinny’s hands were on your hips urging you to hurry so you could get inside and finally have some privacy. His patience was almost non-existent, his lips finding the back of your neck nipping at the sensitive skin. “Let’s go baby” He mumbled into your ear as you fumbled to slot the key into the lock. You turned around, grabbing a handful of his shirt pulling him in for a kiss and over the threshold into the house. Vinny slammed the door behind you, blinding, pushing you back into the living room while his hands searched your body. “I’ve been wanting to do this all night” He whispered to you sending shivers running down your spine at the urgency in his kisses. It had been a long day and all you had wanted was to be wrapped up in Vin’s arms preferable while under him at the same time.

You tripped falling back onto the sofa with a laugh as he clambered on top of you not missing a beat. “You’re not getting away from me this time…” He chuckled, his fingers working to quickly undo the buttons on the front of your thin cotton dress. The minute you’d put it on you knew he’d love it; the white fabric clung to all the right places against your sun kissed summer skin. (And as a bonus when he looked closely enough he could see the red brassier and matching panties you were wearing underneath...all for him, of course.) He hadn’t been able to take his eyes off you at dinner that night; your hand inching up his thigh under the table certainly hadn’t helped. He’d leant over muttering in your ear so none of his friends would hear the threat. “Just wait until I get you home, I’m going to teach you a lesson.”

His tangled dark curls fell into his face, as he pulled his t-shirt over his head, throwing it aside with little regard to where it landed. “There is something I want to try…” You looked up at him slyly, trailing a hand down his chest over the fine dark hairs that stood in stark contrast to his pale skin. “Oh?” Vinny smirked, kneeling on the end of the sofa helping you up right. “I found it online…” You leant down reaching the shelf on the coffee table, lifting up the photography books retrieving the one you had been careful to hide from Vin. Holding it up, you let him study the cover, watching as his face lit up. A grin tugged at his bitten red lips, his cheeks dimpling and his green eyes narrowing as he snorted slightly in reaction to your revelation. “The kama sutra? Missionary not working out anymore? Am I boring you already?” He raised his eyebrows, taking the book from you flipping through the pages.

Vinny paused at the page you’d bookmarked with a post-it note, studying the illustration and reading the description before looking up at you wide eyed. “Are you trying to break my back? What is this?” He looked at the picture again, shaking his head with a pout to show his apprehension. "Come on, it'll be fun...Don't tell me you're scared of a little yoga" Across the top of the page the words 'The Bridge' was written in cursive and below an image of two intertwined bodies. The man was in a reverse table top position, a woman straddling his hips in the throes of ecstasy surrounded by a beautiful garden. The colour palette was romantic but you had a inclination in reality that it would be far from. You felt your spine tingle and a slight tremble in your legs as you imagined how it would feel being in that position with Vinny.

"I thought yoga was supposed to be about gently welcoming the day...not this" He turned the page upside down with a puzzled look. You pulled yourself to your feet, standing in front of him with a coy smile, unbuttoning your dress the rest of the way. "Do it for me?" You asked in the sweetest voice you could muster, pulling it off one shoulder teasing that you could take it off completely. "That's not fair" He shook his head, slowly standing up and pulling you into his arms. Vinny brushed the hair away from your cheek, tucking it behind your ear before pressing a soft kiss against your lips. "I have an idea that might save me spinal surgery though...wait right here." He reluctantly let go of you, leaving the room with an impish smile. You could hear Vin running down the stairs to the basement. "Ta-dah" He returned triumphantly showing you his drum stool, setting it down in the middle of the living room.

"Watch" He noticed your skepticism, sitting down and lowering the height to demonstrate. Planting his feet firmly on the ground Vin slowly leant back until his hands were touching the floor, the stool supporting his lower back and hips. He looked utterly ridiculous peering up at you with a grin but you couldn't help but smile, lightly placing your palms on his chest and leaning down to kiss him. "Okay, let's do this" You smirked offering a hand to help him back up. "Let's" Vinny pushed your dress off your shoulders letting it fall to the floor with a satisfying sound. He'd seen you naked more than a million times but there was still the same thrill in his doe eyes as he pulled you flush against him, trailing his hands up the curve of your spine toying with the clasp on your bra. You let out a sigh as he kissed along your neck and collar bone, tangling your fingers in his dark curls, tugging at his hair guiding him in the way he liked.

Vinny undid your bra, adding it to the collection of clothes randomly flung around the room. He trailed his lips between your breasts, nipping at the sensitive skin as he started working one with his mouth and the other with his hand. Each move was carefully measured, adding just enough pressure to make goosebumps raise across your skin. He knew your body like the back of his hand - every spot that made your toes curl and whimper. It amazed you how confident you'd become in your time together, no longer squeamish or awkward about sharing every part of yourself with him. The way Vinny looked at you made you feel flustered, adored and insatiable. The thought spurring you on, your hands working on quickly undoing his jeans and slipping past the fabric of his boxers roughly stroking his cock.

The added sensation made him groan, the sound reverberating against your skin with the warmth of his breath. You couldn't wait for him to be inside you - the intangible, unexplainable feeling of being complete when he filled you. Vinny ghosted kisses down your body, looking up at you from his knees. You lightly moved your fingers along his jaw, and then his lips, encouraging him to keep going. Hooking his fingers through the sides of your panties, he slipped them down your legs, inching your thighs apart for better access. You gasped at the feeling of his tongue tracing over you, finding your clit as you began rocking against him. "Fuck that feels so good" The words were a breathless sigh on your lips, your fingers tangling in his hair in response. He moved in gentle motions against you leaving you aching for more before leaning back with a grin. He had you and he knew it.

Vinny pulled himself to his feet, ridding himself of his jeans and boxers before sitting down on the stool, giving you a slight eye roll before leaning back like he had done before. You straddled him, listening to the sound of him clicking his tongue as he tried to get comfortable. “You okay?” You asked, stroking his cock, getting him worked up before lowering yourself onto him. Vinny gave a small whine as you placed your weight over him, making you pull back a bit, curling your fingers around his waist to brace yourself and tensing your thighs to stay upright. "Fuck, you feel so tight" Vinny groaned in response to the sensation as you focused on the tension in your core wondering if you'd just been tricked into a work out. "But I can't see you" You could hear his pout without having to see it. You could see the bob of his Adams apple as he swallowed, his head hanging off the side out of view.

His skin looked pale and taut as he stretched out, the muscle and bone visible under the surface. "Give me a second…" You clambered off him, moving to the wall on the opposite side and grabbing the mirror from its hook. Propping it against the sofa you angled it carefully so Vinny could see as you climbed on top of him again. "How's that?" You smoothed your hands over his chest and back to his waist, his skin felt impossibly soft beneath your fingertips. "Do I look better or worse upside down?" Vinny pondered out loud, slowly turning his head to check himself out from the different angles. "You look perfect all the time" You gave a sigh as he filled you again, beginning to move up and down on his cock. "Fuck" You were barely in contact with his body as you rode him and that tension built in your core to stop yourself from toppling over. The only things to focus on were the warmth of his skin under your hands and his cock.

You slid a hand to your clit, rubbing in circles picking up the pace as the tightness in your thighs made the heat increase triple fold. Vinny was so deep in you, hitting the sweet spot inside you with every movement of your hips. You closed your eyes, completely lost in the motions as your body trembled, sighs and moans leaving your lips. The rhythm was incredible, you felt yourself clenching around Vin's throbbing member getting closer to the edge. "Baby I'm so close" You moaned, your eyes opening for a moment catching a glimpse of yourself totally lost in ecstasy. Vinny was biting his lip, focusing on the feeling of you bouncing on his cock while he pulsed getting harder by the second. His cheeks were flushed pink, from the blood rush caused by the awkward angle. The knot in your core came undone as you felt yourself being dragged under by a wave of pleasure, clenching around him as your body tipped forward grinding relentlessly riding out your high.

You lifted yourself off Vin, resting your head against his chest letting your breathing slow down. You felt the familiar ache settle between your legs, missing him almost instantly. He was still hard, far from finished, itching to push you onto your back and take control. The air seemed to still, lingering heavy mingling with the sound of your ragged breaths. There was a crashing noise as you felt yourself colliding with the plush rug on the living room floor and Vinny's sprawled out form. The drum stool had given way at the uneven weight distribution when you'd leant down on Vin. "My back! Fuck me!" He groaned, rubbing the small of his back as he rolled out from under you. "Come here" He stopped writhing around, letting you help him up onto the sofa. Fluffing the pillows, you carefully pushing them around him to make him more comfortable.

"Are you okay?" You pressed a kiss against his cheek, brushing the tangled curls away from his face. He looked helpless, pressing his lips together, his eyes glossy studying you. "I feel motion sick, and I'm cold, and my back hurts, and I think I'm getting blue balls…" He counted each of his complaints out on his fingers, holding his hand up for you to see. You pulled it closer to you, pressing a kiss to each of the pads of his fingertips to sooth him. "Well I can help with a couple of those things..." You offered, rubbing your palms over his arms and chest to warm him up, trailing your eyes down to his hardness with a quirk of the eyebrow. "Was that good for you? It felt... super tight...intense...when you came" He asked slowly propping himself up, curious to hear your perspective. "It was...very good" You gave a small chuckle. "But maybe we should start with some beginner level yoga first…"

You kissed his lips, trailing down his chest and past the fine hairs beneath his navel to his cock. Vinny hummed in anticipation, meeting your gaze as you lowered your head to him not breaking eye contact. Licking up his length, you captured the tip in your mouth and twisting your hand around the base. You loved the symphony of pleasure leaving Vinny's lips, there was something primal about the sounds he made that made your shiver. Taking him deeper into your mouth you worked him in the way you knew would drive him wild. "That feels so fucking good, don't stop" His fingers were tangled in your hair, guiding you at the pace he needed. Vinny shifted restlessly, his breathing picking up pace as he felt himself fall off the edge releasing himself onto your tongue while it lapped at his slit. When you looked up he was hazy, a sweet smile on his lips and a lust drunk look in his eyes. You adored him, there was no way around it. "I love you" You whispered, burying your face into the crook of his neck, draping yourself over him.

"I love you too...but I don't think my back agrees"