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H.I.M (He Ignites Me) 2

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Bucky will admit that he softened up a bit. . .well a lot since the civil war days, but he'd never thought that he would find such pleasure in someone massaging his scalp while he watched 90s sitcoms. And it made it ten times better knowing that someone was Sam.

Bucky's head was nestled in Sam's lap, the faint smell of laundry detergent and the softness of Sam's sweatpants was comforting as he threaded his fingers through the silky locks.

It's been a full week since the night Bucky confessed to Sam his almost decade long crush on him. So Bucky guessed that they were going steady. . .right?

Sam would go heavy on the nicknames just to tease Bucky, and Bucky found it cute, but he eventually drew the line at sugar plum. Sam would also let Bucky lie on top of him to cuddle and they mostly spent nights together. And when they'd go out to visit Sarah and the boys or to go grocery shopping, Sam would place a hand on Bucky's hip to bring him closer. But nothing beat the way Sam looked at him now. Sam looked at him as if he was his whole world. And maybe Sam already looked at Bucky like that to begin with and he just didn't notice, but there was an openness to Sam's gaze. Like he didn't have to hide it anymore.

Sam laughed at something Uncle Jesse said to Danny and Bucky smiled at that. He hummed quietly when Sam shifted his fingers down to the nape of his neck, playing with the wisps of hair there.

"You hungry?" Sam asked moments later when the episode ended and the credits were rolling.

Bucky, who was half asleep, answered Sam with a drowsy, "Huh?" He moved onto his back and unfortunately that meant Sam stopped massaging his scalp which was why he was half asleep to begin with.

Sam was already looking at him once he turned to meet his gaze, a soft smile on his face. "Look at you, all sleepy from a scalp massage. You're like a puppy." He teased before moving his hand down to brush away a lock of hair that fell on Bucky's forehead.

Bucky blushed but couldn't help but smile, "It's White Wolf, Sammy."

"Same difference," Sam jested.

Bucky's eyes trailed down to Sam's lips that he dreamt of kissing. The two still haven't shared their first kiss and Bucky was bothered at the fact. He constantly stayed ready, always popping a mint and immediately brushing his teeth and swishing mouthwash around right after having his morning coffee to ward off the dreaded coffee breath.

He couldn't remember it ever taking this long to kiss someone he was going steady with or liked, whatever it may be. Before the war when Bucky had men and women falling at his feet, it took no time for them to be necking in a dark alleyway away from homophobes or on the dance floor with Ella Fitzgerald singing in the background. He used to come back with faint red lipstick marks all over and the feel of beard burn around his mouth. Now, it was different but then Bucky had to remind himself that Sam was different.

Sam noticed Bucky's change in attention and he dropped his gaze to Bucky's lips as well. The position was awkward and Sam would have to fold himself in half to even be able to kiss Bucky so Bucky sat up and shifted back until he was claiming his spot on his lap.

Sam took the new position in stride, wrapping an arm around Bucky's waist while Bucky settled his hand on Sam's neck, rubbing at his pulse point. They tilted their heads the opposite way at the same time and as they edged closer and closer, Bucky could feel Sam's breath on his lips. The anticipation was killing him. If he could lean forward just a little more—

Suddenly, the doorbell startled both men and they moved apart on instinct. Bucky groaned inwardly and wanted to curse whoever interrupted their moment.

"Who could that be?" He wondered aloud, the frustration in his voice not going unnoticed by Sam who chuckled.

"I asked if you were hungry 'cause I ordered pizza." Sam said before carefully moving Bucky off of him and getting up to go answer the door.

As Sam opened the door to greet the delivery person and grab their dinner for the night, Bucky threw back his head on the couch cushion, at the start of his existential crisis.


It was morning, but the room was still bathed in darkness due to the heavy clouds as last nights storm still carried on into the morning. There was an electrical surge last night that shorted out their lights and Bucky cursed when he realized it after going to use the bathroom earlier and the lights wouldn't click on. He looked towards the window moments later, and realized the rain was starting to pick up again. The rain beat against the window harshly and Bucky watched, still a bit drowsy with sleepy, as two raindrops joined and trickled down, leaving a trail in its wake. Thunder groaned low in the distance before a bright lightening streak surged through the clouds.

Bucky, who was perched on his knees to look outside, looked back down at Sam who snuggled even further into the pillows, the thunderstorm not even bothering him. He remembered one time randomly where Sam told him the rain helps him sleep. It could be a category 5 hurricane and he'd still be sound asleep and that amazed Bucky.

He looked over Sam's face that was slack with sleep, mouth that looked soft to touch slightly open to emit small puffs of breath. Sam looked younger as he slept, like the last couple of years of fighting and heartbreak ceased to exist. The furrow that he usually held in his brow smoothed out, his bottom lip was free from the clutches of his pretty whites where he would worry it when he gots anxious or nervous, and his body was visibly relaxed, not tensed and ready to snap into action at any given moment.

Sam was always beautiful.

It made Bucky just want to reach out and cup his face, moving the pads of his thumbs just under his eyes where his lower lashes met. Gently, he would move as if Sam was a piece of glass.

An intrusive though suddenly made its way into Bucky's mind. He just wanted to kiss Sam so badly. To wake him up by planting a fat one on his lips. A kiss so unexpected that it was sure to wake Sam up with a start.

"I'm impressed, you're starting early this morning." Sam's voice broke the still air, save for the storm outside and random show chatter that they forgot to turn off before heading to bed last night.

Bucky blinked and just watched as Sam fully stretched, the movement rustling the sheets that pooled around his waist. Sam cracked an eye open and an immediate grin broke out on his face at the confused look on Bucky's face.

"The staring, Buck." Sam clarified as he rubbed his eyes as to rub away the rest of his sleep.

Bucky smiled a sheepish one and ran his hand through his hair, tugging at the ends, almost like a nervous gesture. "I think that's just your ego talking again," Bucky dismissed, trying to play it off like he didn't just get caught staring at Sam again.

Sam laughed but he just let it go, much to Bucky's relief, and reached out a hand to Bucky, making a grabby gesture.

"Come here, you're too far." Sam complained.

They spent the next few hours in bed cuddling and listening to the rain while Bucky imagined how soft Sam's lips would feel against his.


Sam had to be purposefully messing with Bucky now.

He just had to, because there's no reason why Sam would take extra care to lick his lips to rid of the whipped cream while remaining eye contact with Bucky the whole time.

It was infuriating.

Bucky, Sarah, and Sam decided to take the boys out for ice cream after school after finding out they aced a test they’ve been studying hard for. The boys piled their sundaes up until it was a mess of chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and pieces of brownie bits.

Sam dug into his classic banana split as soon as they sat in a colorful booth that was to mimic an ice cream sandwich. Bucky tried his best to ignore Sam, asking AJ and Cass about school and telling Sarah about how they never had this many toppings to choose from when he was growing up. But Sam still got his attention anyway.

The teasing smirk is what got Bucky the most, like he knew what he was doing to Bucky's heart, and inside his pants if he was being honest. He just want to toss his ice cream aside, climb on top of the table, and grab Sam's face to plant a kiss right on his lips, licking away some of the whipped cream too. But the logical part of him knew that it wasn't possible, that if he listened to his intrusive thoughts, then he'd for sure make headlines.

“Former Winter Soldier Frightens Children In Ice Cream Parlor by Kissing New Captain America.”

Lengthy, but he could see it now.

Instead, he grumbled and pointedly looked away from Sam, shoving a spoonful of rocky road in his mouth while Sam laughed. Cass, AJ, and Sarah looked reasonably confused until Sam started up another one of his action stories.


Locks of hair fell down and pooled around the stool where he was perched in front of the toothpaste flecked mirror. Sam was behind him, snipping away and humming to himself, occasionally running his fingers through Bucky's hair.

"Jesus, I swear your hair grows an inch a second. Didn't we just do this last week? I outta be charging you." Sam teased, locking eyes with Bucky in the mirror who rolled his.

"I pay for it when you hog the blankets all night."

"Yeah, and it's so romantic when you literally take my breath away by laying on top of me. You weigh a ton, if you haven’t noticed."

"You're warm." Bucky defended.

"Hush before I give you a Mohawk." Sam threatened, moving Bucky's hair this way and that, mouth twisted to the side, focusing.

"Somehow I think you'd like that." Bucky accused as he brushed off a piece of hair that fell on his shoulder on the way down.

"How'd you know I always wanted a boyfriend with a Mohawk?" Sam asked sarcastically.

He ignored the fire raging inside him at the fact that Sam just called him his boyfriend.

Instead, Bucky shrugged, "Lucky guess."

They locked eyes again and laughed before Sam finally set down the scissors on the ceramic counter top.

"Look at me." Sam demanded softly and Bucky obliged, turning in the wooden stool to face Sam who stood between his legs.

Sam's attention was on Bucky's hair while Bucky's was on Sam. He watched as Sam furrowed his brows and ran his fingers through his hair, fluffing it out at some parts. Bucky couldn't help but to think how intimate a moment like this was. How lucky he was to have a partner that would do something like this for him without a second thought. It made him feel loved.

"The barbershop on 29th could never." Sam said with a smirk, an amused glint in his eye as he dusted off the rest of the stray hairs from Bucky's t-shirt.

Bucky turned his head towards the mirror and as always, Sam did a damn good job. He ran his hand through his hair and gave a little smile at his reflection.

"You did alright I suppose." Bucky replied, turning just in time to see Sam reach out and push him off the stool. Bucky stumbled but managed to brace himself against the cool ceramic sink.

"Get outta my chair. And just for that, you're on sweeping duty." Sam said, grabbing the broom that was leaning up against the mauve colored bathroom wall and shoving it in Bucky's hand.

Bucky sighed dramatically, "Fine."

Sam smiled, all teeth, at Bucky's distress and Bucky thought what an adorable asshole.

"What? No kiss for my services?" Sam asked, noticing how Bucky began to move the stool back to its place near the counter before sweeping the scattered hair.

Bucky's head snapped up at the sudden request and his heart could almost burst with joy. Finally, he thought, finally we'll be able to have our moment. But before they could even place their hands on each other, a thundering knock sounded out on the bathroom door. Both men could've jumped out of their skin it startled them so bad.

"Sam! Carlos is gonna have your ass if you don't get out here in the next five minutes!" Sarah warned and seconds later, the sound of her footsteps retreated further down the hall until the only sound left was the humming of the air vent above them.

Sam cursed, "Damn it, I almost forgot." He patted his jean pockets, Bucky guessed, to check to see if his wallet, phone, and keys were present before side stepping Bucky to get to the door. "You look great, baby. I'll see you tonight." Sam called over his shoulder in a rush and then he was out the door.

Bucky huffed, despite the blush creeping up his neck from the compliment, and started to aggressively sweep the hair together until it was clumped and could very well make a great toupèe.


Bucky was lounging on the couch with a book in hand and a steaming cup of dark roast coffee with one sugar, just the way he liked, sitting to his left on the table stand. He sighed as he relaxed back against the couch, putting his sock covered feet on the tufted ottoman that Sarah made sure matched the color of the drapes.

It was early morning. Sarah sent the kids away to school about an hour ago, Sam was out for his morning run, and Sarah left to go meet new distributors, hoping to be first in line for the snow crab catch.

The silence was almost deafening. Bucky loved and hated it. Living with the Wilson's, he quickly got used to the chatter whether it be from AJ and Cass running around with the shield in hand, or folks from the neighborhood joining them for a cookout. But at times, he can appreciate the silence, especially when he's engrossed with a new book like he was now.

The paperback book felt glossy to the touch and light in his hands and it all felt so vividly familiar. He used to read a lot before the war enough to say that it was a hobby of his. Bucky never realized how much he missed reading until he picked up a book again. He remembers talking his mom's ear off about something exciting that happened in the book that he wasn't expecting. She never got annoyed, just smiled and nodded every once in awhile. A pained smile formed on Bucky's lips at the thought. Memories, such as those, are a pleasure to even remember. But at times they can be so painful that it's easier just to forget.

The screen door slamming shut interrupted his thoughts and he knew it was Sam. It became a routine. Sam would come in through the back door panting like he just ran a marathon and sometimes, Bucky thinks that he does because Sam always overdo it. The man is so hard on himself about keeping in shape, feeling as though he has to work ten times harder with no serum running in his veins. Sam would then down a full bottle of water in ten seconds flat, greet Bucky, then make his way upstairs to shower.

This time was different.

Suddenly Sam's hands were on his shoulders and Bucky tensed, startled at the sudden touch but he didn't have time to dwell on it much because Sam was planting a kiss in his hair. The moment went as quick as it came and Sam was jogging up the steps, two at a time.

Why couldn't it have been my lips? Bucky thought in anguish.

He ran his hand through his hair where Sam's lips were just a moment ago and sighed.


It all went wrong so quickly.

Before Bucky even had a chance to dodge the man's punch, it connected with his cheek and instantly, pain surged through without a second wasted.

Definitely a super soldier, Bucky thought.

The punch caused his ear piece to be snatched from his ear and was stepped on and smushed into the ground for added measure by the super soldier.

Bucky had time to regain focus, square his shoulders, and he took the super soldier down with a swift punch and a low kick, causing his legs to give and the super soldier fell with a heavy thud on the concrete.

Bucky felt at his ear where the ear piece once was and cursed under his breath. All communication was lost with Sam. He looked towards the sky and he could faintly see him soaring through the night sky towards the helicopter trying to get away. If Bucky didn't know any better, he'd think Sam was just another star.

Once everything was handled on the ground and the super soldiers were taken into custody, Bucky started towards the quinjet, anxious to see Sam. In the midst of all the red, white, and blue lights shining from the ambulance and police cars, and the spotlights from the news reporters, he saw Sam.

Sam was stalking towards him with purpose and suddenly, Bucky stopped in his tracks, a little nervous. Had he done something wrong? Sam's facial expression was unreadable which was unusual. Once Sam was a few feet away, he finally called out to him.

"Sam?" Bucky questioned warily and then Sam's arm wrapped around his waist, and they were soaring in the air in the next second.

Bucky let out a surprised yelp, reaching out quickly to fling his arms around Sam's neck, holding on tightly. Bucky couldn't help but to look down as the air rushed past him and the people below were getting smaller and smaller and the lights just looked like splotches of paint on a black canvas.

Soon, his feet touched the ground and before he even had a chance to take a breath, Sam was pulling Bucky even closer by the waist and leaning forward to connect their lips. Bucky let out a noise of surprise at the back of his throat but took the kiss in stride, stepping closer in Sam's embrace. The kiss was fierce and held meaning with the way Sam gripped Bucky's waist, making sure he was as close as he could be to him almost as if to instill in his mind that Bucky was still there. He was real and he's in Sam's arms.

All that Bucky could think was finally.

Finally, he got to kiss him after yearning for Sam's lips on his. This felt like the final piece of the puzzle and the realization of it all had Bucky feeling light headed.

They soon broke the kiss, but never left each other's space, heavily panting and staring at each other with their pupils blown wide.

"I thought something happened to you. Your comms went out and I just—" Sam shook his head, "I couldn't think straight. The leader got away." Bucky looked over Sam's face and the stoicism was gone, being replaced by genuine worry and shame.

Bucky listened and rubbed the back of Sam's neck with the pad of his thumb as a way of comfort. "The super soldier got one over on me. Smashed my ear piece." Bucky explained. "I'm sorry I worried you."

Sam nodded and sighed, the night's events slowly taking a toll of him. "I always worry about you."

"No wonder I'm starting to see so many gray hairs." Bucky jested which earned him an eye roll. "I should be the one worried about you." He countered.

"Yeah yeah." Sam waved him off but couldn't help the smile on his face.

Bucky looked at him, a light dancing in his eyes. "You know that was our first kiss." He said.

"I thought I should finally give one to you after watching you suffer for the past week." Sam said, and Bucky could see the beginnings of a smirk.

Bucky gaped at him, "You knew how bad I wanted it didn't you?"

"Yeah, just thought I should watch you suffer for a bit. It was so funny watching you get all mad." He teased.

Sam became familiar with Bucky's "I'm about to argue with you" face so he quickly shut him up by covering his lips with his own again.

And there the two stood, fully suited up, making out on the roof of an abandoned BlockBuster's.