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a shocking announcement (or the reaction to it)

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Jacqueline remains unconvinced. “Maybe it's a sex thing?”


“Well, we did sleep together, so it could be.”


Jacqueline's eyes immediately leave the binder and find Jane. Jane feels the intensity of the stare to her core, fully aware of what it means. Jacqueline wants her to elaborate.


“It didn't work out,” she explains. She refuses to acknowledge that it had been a one night stand (the only one she's ever had) and that the shame she feels about it follows her everywhere. “The only reason I have her number is because of this article.”


Jacqueline hums, looking back to the binder. “And you have no idea of what she could have meant when she sent you that text?”


“No idea,” she shakes her head.


“Is this something you've always been interested in?”


Jane frowns. “You mean…?”




“Oh. Er- Yes, I guess. I had a girlfriend in high school,” she says, still confused. Jacqueline is never afraid to ask personal questions, but it's never without the purpose of helping her grow as a writer. This particular line of questioning seems unnecessary.


“Huh. Interesting.” 


Jane shakes her head to herself and decides to not ask any questions.



“I just had the weirdest talk with Jacqueline,” Jane says as she walks into the closet and sits down next to Sutton in a futon.




“We were talking about this article,” she starts to explain. “And one of my sources had just sent me a message. I showed it to her, because it was important and I thought she should know. But she got really weird when she found out I slept with my source.”


Sutton perks up at that. “Ooh, was he cute?”


Jane sighs. “Yeah. It's just… I didn't know it at the time, but she's not a good person. It wasn't going to work out.”


“Wait, wait, wait-” Sutton stares at her, wide-eyed. “ She?


She narrows her eyes. “Yeah.”


“When did that happen?”


“What do you mean when did that happen ?” Jane gapes at her. “Does nobody know I'm gay?”


“No! Why didn't you tell us?”


“I thought you knew!” She retorts defensively. “I thought it was obvious. But apparently, it isn't.”