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Ties of time

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-Lan Zhan, I'm back! You should welcome me back. 

Lan Wangji wrapped her arms around his husband.

- Why are you so cold?

-I was out in the wind for more than half the day! Let me borrow your warmth. 

Wei Wuxian rolled around in his bed and sheets with such dirty clothes; however Lan Wangji did not seem at all bothered. After warming the other with his body, Lan Wangji spoke:"Take off your shoes at least."

-Of course." Removing his boots from each of his legs before crawling back into the blanket to freeze Lan Wangji. 

After fifteen minutes Lan Wangji accompanied Wei Wuxian on the bed hugging the smaller body, while kissing Wei Ying's forehead.

The corners of Wei Wuxian's lips twitched, sketching a big smile. "Lan-er gege let me sleep. I'm tired."


-... Don't talk, even if you say a single word, I won't be able to help but respond... Okay, Lan Zhan, let's go to sleep. I... I can't anymore... I really have to sleep... See you tomorrow, Lan Zhan... 

He kissed Lan Zhan's neck and then, he fell fast asleep.

A moment later, Lan Wangji planted a soft kiss on the center of Wei Wuxian's forehead. He whispered: 

-Wei Ying, see you tomorrow.




-Brother wakes up.


Reki feels like a bucket of water is thrown on him, shaking him out of his dreams. He sees his little sister with an annoyed face.


-Until you finally wake up! You're going to be late.


- Mom already woke him up," is the last thing she says before turning over.


Reki gets out of bed wondering why he had that dream again. Who was that person in her dreams, who will be the owner of those golden eyes that look at her as if she were a precious treasure. Those dreams feel so far away and yet so close leaving a deep sense of longing.


After getting ready, he goes downstairs, grabs his skateboard and walks through the door he hears his mom yelling at him before he leaves. He speeds along on his skateboard, feeling the soft breeze on his face, dodging people on the sidewalk, lost in thought, thinking about those dreams.


When I was a kid, when I saw heroes on TV and stuff, the hero would say, What's your happiness? I hated to end up not knowing what happiness is but no one knows the answer to the meaning of happiness. I thought maybe Getting rich? Being popular with girls? Getting into a good school? Being respected? Of course, I'm sure for many that is happiness. 




None of that is happiness to me. Nothing can take away this feeling that something is missing, a part of him.


A half of...


"Ah"...Reki stops that line of thought to turn back, stopping her skateboard. 

-Hey Reki, That face of yours looks awful, did you get in a fight?

-Of course not.

-You don't learn your lesson, you got injured the other day too. 

Reki leaves all her belongings on her desk except for a notebook and sets out to finish a design for a new skateboard, ignoring her classmates' questions. 

- Hey, are you drawing something again?

-You're interested!" Reki says aloud with sparkling eyes.

- No! They are dangerous things. 


Before Reki could answer, the teacher's voice was heard asking them to take a seat.


-I'd like to introduce a new classmate. 

There are murmurs from the girls and boys "A foreigner" "How cute!" "He's tall!". Reki looks up with curiosity to know why so much commotion being transfixed by the person in front of her, getting lost in those golden eyes.

She feels everything fade away, leaving only the tall boy, sky blue hair resembling snow and those golden eyes resembling those of her dreams but without the warmth she had grown accustomed to, she feels her heart racing.


-I am Hasegawa Langa. 


Reiki feels her whole body shudder as she listens.


That voice... 


"Between you and me there is no need for thanks or sorry."


- I came here from Canada.


So similar and at the same time not. 


"Wei Ying, I love you,I love you, only you, can't be anyone else but you."




-So a new student, you say.


A returnee from overseas and half-Japanese, right?


-Yeah. - "It's like that guy really..." ahh...


-Are you okay?


-Yeah, I just dropped a box. -Yeah...


- Ah... There hasn't been a time when you say "I'm fine" and you're really fine.


''I just need some air, I'll go outside for a moment'' Reki mutters before grabbing her skateboard and heading out the door.


Moving the skateboard from left to right without any fixed direction lost in his thoughts, so much so that he doesn't notice when a cat suddenly appears making him fall off the board and it continues to ride alone on the street.


-Fuck. Getting up in a hurry to catch the skateboard before it goes any further, he spots a tall figure up ahead and tries to get its attention as much as he can.


-Hey, can you stop that? She sees the boy look up a little confused before stopping her.


-A scooter?


-You saved me, transfer student. The red-haired one says as he reaches the golden-eyed one.


He raises his eyebrows, looking at him puzzled.


-I'm Kyan Reki and I'm in your class! He expresses with an expression of disbelief before pulling himself together.


-Oh, I'm sorry!


- Do you want to skate?" asks the red-haired boy with a smile on his lips, waiting for an answer from the taller boy.


-" Well... no thanks" . The golden-eyed boy answers, trying to return the skateboard to its owner.


Reki pouts, looking puppy-eyed, before scowling and pouting. -You were looking at her, weren't you? Are you sure you don't want to?


He watches as the golden-eyed one snorts and makes a small gesture of acceptance before hopping on the skateboard, not even making a little progress before falling face up, hearing the laughter of the russet-haired minor.


-What was that? He asks with tears of amusement, trying to hide his laughter. -You didn't move a hair.


-This thing wasn't made for people to stop! Pouting, he sits down on the street and looks at the reddish-haired man, losing himself in that smile "He shines like the sun" "What?!" he hears a voice that pulls him out of his train of thought and directs his gaze to the gray-eyed boy.


-Of course he does! -. Claims the younger boy before reaching out his hand to the boy on the ground. Just as their hands touch they feel an electric current run through their bodies and the sound of a Dizi and Guqin duetting is heard. They pull their hands away as fast as they can and stare at each other with wide eyes for quite a while.


Reki is the first to break the silence between them: You? You heard that, didn't you?


Mnn... whispers the golden-eyed one a bit confused by what just happened. Reki inhales sharply before reaching out her hand again and when they touch again, they feel the same electricity run through their bodies, they feel their heartbeats quicken and the same love tune of the Dizi and Guqin is heard.


-What the hell?