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We Make The Rules

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Kat left her friends in the fashion closet to go meet Adena in the lobby. As the elevator coasted further down she took a moment to let the events of the evening wash over her. She got the girl, the job, the friends. She was far from the “out and proud hetero” girl she was when she first rode this elevator up to Scarlet. She isn’t the person she dreamed of. She’s more. She’s the person she never imagined she could be.

The elevator comes to a stop and the doors open to reveal her future. Adena, sitting quietly, waiting for her. Who allowed her to look so good in the color red?

“Ah, Joonam there you are” Adena smiles, noticing Kat walking towards her.

She stands and meets her halfway, taking her hand gently. Kat leans and presses a soft kiss to her lips.

“Sorry that took a little bit, we got a bit caught up in the moment,” Kat says.

“It’s no problem, I understand,” Adena responds kindly. “The night is still young, what should we do?” she then asks.

“Well, I actually had an idea,” Kat smiles

“Oh, you do? Well, I am in” Adena laughs.

Kat smiles and pulls her into a hug. They hold each other for a long moment. It still didn’t feel real. Kat is the first to pull away and she smiles brightly.

“Okay then, let's go” she says, walking hand in hand with Adena out of the Stafford building.

Kat hails them a cab and directs the driver to the water, the place where so long ago they had walked along. Adena smiles, knowing where Kat was taking her.

As they reach the park, Kat offers her hand and helps Adena out, and the two start to walk along. It didn’t matter that it was probably too cold, or a bit late. It was perfect.

The faint sound of a violin lulls them further along the path, and Kat is stunned to see their violinist, playing quietly for a few passersby. Adena squeezes her hand and they walk closer.

“Did you know?” Adena asks

“I...I didn’t. It’s late and chilly, I just figured he wouldn’t….” Kat trails off

They stop beside him to listen, Kat moving to wrap her arms around Adena and be with her in the moment, the way she taught her to years before. The violinist gives them a kind smile as he plays on.
A wave of emotion washes over Kat and she turns her head into Adena, hiding as she wells up.


“What is it?” Adena asks, concerned.

“I shouldn’t have ever let you go” Kat whispers.

Adena turns to her and holds her face in her hands.

“We both made mistakes, Kat. But that doesn’t matter now. We’re doing this. We make the rules right?” Adena smiles, gently rubbing her thumb on Kat’s cheek

“Yeah, we do” Kat smiles, leaning to rest her head on Adena's chest.


Adena smiles and gently rubs her back, swaying slowly to the music. Kat wraps her arms around Adena's waist. This time she wasn’t ever letting go. This time was it.


“I love you” she whispers softly. She feels Adena's heartbeat intensify as her head rests on her.

“I love you too Kat, I never stopped” Adena whispers back.