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The Unexpected

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One day Calli Gade from the King of Random was walking through the streets in the city. It was a warm day and she wore a spring dress, which didn’t even go past her knees.

As she passed an alleyway, a man grabbed her and pulled her out of the street. She was about to scream for help, but a hand clapped over her mouth. Calli kicked and struggled but it was no use, her captor was much stronger than she was. He proceeded to drag her farther down the alley, then went into one of the buildings lining the dark path.

Calli studied the inside of the room, with no clue as to where she was, or how to get out. The man removed his hand from her mouth and she immediately started to yell. He slapped her, telling her to keep quiet. She whimpered slightly, no longer yelling. The man reached up, and with one forceful pull tore her dress off completely, leaving her standing in just her bra and lace panties. Not wanting another slap, she stayed quiet but turned red, only standing in her underwear. The man smirked, then also ripped off her bra and panties. She was pushed down to her knees, the man pulled down his pants, and out sprang a 9-inch cock, rock hard.

She stared at the cock, marveling at its size. She pulled back at first, refusing to suck it, but when he raised his hand as if to slap her, she slowly resigned to her fate as she tentatively sucked on his dick. The truth was, she had fucked many men, she was an expert at sucking cock; she just didn’t like to be demented so much when doing so.

Her tongue ran circles around the tip, teasing him. She licked his shaft up and down and before you know it, she was deepthroating his large member. The man face-fucked her intensely, slamming his huge cock down her throat. Cumming, he pulled his dick out of her throat and emptied his load in her mouth. She swallowed the gushing cum and licked her lips. Looking at his cock, she saw that he was still hard.

With a sudden motion, he grabbed Calli off the ground and picked her up. She was chest-to-chest with him, his hands holding butt, his cock at the entrance of her pussy. He quickly thrust into her, making her moan at the sudden filling of her twat. He got into a rhythm and was soon pounding her pussy relentlessly. Calli never stopped moaning, she loved being fucked, she loved the abuse, she loved the cum.

Out of the shadows to Calli’s right appeared another man, completely naked, sporting a 10-inch cock. The second man walked behind her, Calli strained her neck to see what he was doing, but couldn’t quite see. All at once, Calli felt something fill her ass. The man’s monster cock was in her ass, stretching her tighter hole. The two men alternated, making sure there was always a hard cock buried within her. Jiggling with each hard thrust, her butt was a sight to behold.

Calli’s eyes rolled back slightly and she moaned loudly as an orgasm began to crash over her. Thrusting balls-deep inside her two holes, the men emptied their loads. Calli came, feeling the hot cum deep within her womb and rectum, filling her to the brim. As her mind cleared the men pulled their dicks out of her, she looked down and saw two cream pies fall out and splatter on the floor. Despite the cum that fell out, she could feel tons more, deep within her sexy body.

Calli glanced to her left and saw a small bed, funny I didn’t see that before, she thought to herself, it looks like a bed that somebody should get fucked on, she thought, smiling to herself. The men lowered her to the ground, she smiled at them and walked over to the bed sexily, showing off her amazingly hot body. She laid down on the bed, her breasts up, head hanging over one end, and her butt over the other end. “Fuck me like there’s no tomorrow,” she said, grinning.

The first man walked to where her head was and slapped his still-hard cock down between her large breasts. Calli pushed her boobs together so that his shaft, still wet from fucking her pussy, was sandwiched between them. She licked and fondled his balls expertly with her mouth as tit-fucked her round boobs. Thrusting into her pussy, the second man bottomed out inside Calli, making her gasp at the sudden invasion. It wasn’t long before another orgasm washed over Calli. “I’m cumming!” She screamed. The man who was pounding her pussy pulled out and drank from Calli’s flow of juices as she squirted intensely. After 30 seconds of her squirting, the man thrust back into her pussy, still sensitive from its recent orgasm. Calli moaned more and more, she had never felt such pleasure in her life. Both men reached their orgasms, one from fucking her tight pussy, and the other from fucking her pillowy tits. They each pulled back and came all over her, spraying her unbelievably sexy body in their cum. Calli basked in the shower of cum, catching what she could in her mouth and slathering the rest over her belly and breasts.

Silently walking into the shadows, the two men left Calli on the bed in her compromising position. She stayed still, unsure of what to do, when 3 new men emerged out of the darkness; two with 9-inch cocks, and the biggest man, with a cock that measured a full 13 inches. Calli’s mouth gaped, she had never seen such a large dick before, and her mouth wasn’t the only thing about to be gaping. The large man picked her up and held her like the other men had held her earlier. How do these men have such big penises? she thought to herself, I’ll never be able to enjoy a regular cock again.


Without warning, the 13-inch dick was thrust into her pussy, all in except 2 inches. He pulled out and thrust again, his cock-head popping into her womb, going balls-deep inside her. Calli moaned louder than ever, never having been stretched so much. Looking down she saw a bulge in her belly from the humongous cock. As the man continued to pound her twat, Calli heard the other two men get behind her get into position. What could two men do with my ass? she thought, oh no... Held firm in the grasp of the huge man, Calli could do nothing but wait as she felt two cockheads pressing against her small ass. They slowly pushed inside her, past her sphincter and into her very hot rectum. Calli decided it then and there, she was addicted to anal. The 3 men thrust harder and harder, abusing her holes, fucking her senseless. Stretched to their limit, Calli’s holes sent insane pleasure to her brain. Calli came twice before the men came to their orgasms. The 3 thrust balls-deep into her tight holes, sending their creampies deep within her. Calli came one last time as the cum filled her. For the next minute, the men did nothing but cum. My god, will they ever stop cumming? Calli thought.

The men pulled out, and this time, but for a few drops, the cum stayed within her. Looking down Calli even saw a slight bulge around her stomach from all the cum. The men laid her on the bed and Calli fell asleep immediately, exhausted from the hardcore fuckfest.