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Several months ago, Tommy began manifesting hybrid traits after going his entire life thinking he was a human. He grew sharp teeth and claws, furry ears, and a bushy tail. About a month ago, Tommy found himself living in Technoblade’s basement and then later his house, all while grappling with new instincts and a changed body.


A few weeks ago, an unrelenting heat came over Tommy, filling him with a burning want that could only be alleviated by another’s touch. A few weeks ago, Tommy’d had wild, unprotected sex with the one and only Technoblade in an attempt to stop the heat.


Today, Tommy woke up to the urge to puke.


With his head in a toilet, heaving up his guts, Tommy was pretty certain he knew what this sudden nausea meant. He wasn’t a complete idiot— he knew hybrid biology was screwy, especially when it came to the internal stuff, and considering he’d gone into heat , there was an obvious conclusion. Still, Tommy clung to a bit of hope.


There was a chance, infinitesimal as it was, that Tommy had an unrelated case of sickness that caused nausea but only in the morning. Tommy could ignore the strange feeling in his stomach and the part of his hindbrain that had been screaming at him to start nesting for the past few days. Tommy decided to just keep quiet until he had undeniable proof that he wasn’t just sick.


As he tried to go about his day, though, the idea was still there, an ever-present worry that the unthinkable had happened, that Tommy was…


No, Tommy couldn’t even think it. It was too much, too soon, and even letting the word into his brain felt like admitting defeat. Tommy would go down kicking and screaming before admitting he was wrong. But Tommy was seemingly not the only one who knew that.


So, see, the thing was that Tommy had kind of maybe been avoiding Technoblade since the whole heat debacle. He’d let Technoblade cuddle him their morning after, mostly because it made Tommy feel warm and safe, but every day since, Tommy had been steadfast in his refusal to interact with Technoblade at any point in the day except mealtimes, which were spent in silence.


Despite this, Tommy still found himself being watched. Technoblade was gentle with Tommy, cautious and nonconfrontational, as though Tommy would bite him or something— which, to be fair, was definitely something Tommy would do— but Tommy could tell he was getting impatient. Technoblade would try and say something over dinner and Tommy would desperately ramble about nonsense until Techno got the clue and shut up.


Today was different.


“Tommy we need to talk about it,” Techno started. Tommy blinked, a strained smile on his face.


“It? You mean the turtle farm? It’s going great, I hear, how’re the little guys doing anyways-?”


Tommy -”


“What, wrong thing? Sorry, man, you’ve just got so much stuff out here, easy to lose track of it all, innit? What all’ve you got-”


Tommy we need to talk about your heat -”


I actually don’t think there’s really much to talk about,” Tommy squeaked out, his voice rising in pitch and volume, “considering that nothing even fucking happened-”


“Tommy, I took advantage of you!” Technoblade finally shouted. For a moment, Tommy was taken aback. Really? That’s what this was about?


“You didn’t do shit to me, bitch! I’m a big man, I can make my own decisions!” Tommy shot back, tail bristling.


“Tommy you were in heat, you’d have fucked Dream if he’d offered!” Technoblade’s words sent a prickle of instinctive fear down Tommy’s spine before the rage set in.


“Oh, you think I’m easy then? I’d’ve spread my legs for anyone who walked by?”


“That’s not what I meant-”


“But it’s what you said! Look, who was in heat, you or me? Have you ever even had a heat, eh?”


“No, but-”


“Then how do you know shit about-”


“I know that when piglin hybrids go into heat they go feral-”


“-And I’m not exactly a piglin, am I!? Look, Techno-”


Tommy ,”


“-No! Shut the fuck up and listen to me!


A beat.


“I wasn’t fucking feral, okay? I was of sound mind or whatever, and while the heat was a lot, I was fully prepared to tough it out with some sweat and tears. You offered, but it was my goddamned choice, okay?” Tommy was a little out of breath by the end of his rant, but at least Techno was actually listening to him. The other paused for a long moment, seeming to weigh his words.


“Alright,” Techno said with a sigh, “I believe you. I’m still sorry for doing what I did to you, though.”


“Hey, don’t apologize,” Tommy said, shoving potatoes into his mouth, “Best damned sex I’ve ever had.” Technoblade snorted.


“And the only sex you’ve ever had.”


Tommy hissed. “Ah, well, see…” Technoblade sat up.


“… Tommy.”


“Uhh, we’re not having this conversation, thanks for the meal, bye! ” Tommy leaped out of his seat, sprinting for the stairs.






After that argument, things went sort of back to normal. Tommy went back to talking with Technoblade, despite his nerves, and Technoblade stopped walking on eggshells around Tommy. There were still awkward moments— how do you return to normalcy after mind-blowing sex with a guy five years older than you?— but for the most part, things were alright.


Tommy didn’t even mind the aspects of their relationship that had changed. Technoblade was much more physically affectionate these days, giving Tommy gentle headbutts and nuzzles as a way of greeting him. While Tommy was very much not a clingy person, he was very happy that Technoblade didn’t mind all the hugging. Tommy could trill at Techno and he’d always get a quiet chuff in return.


But while that problem sorted itself out, Tommy’s other— arguably much more pressing — issue only got worse. It got to the point where one morning while puking up his guts, he was at it for long enough that Technoblade showed up to hold his hair away and rub soothing circles into his back. Pressed against him like that, Tommy was filled with a mix of gratitude and shame.


Technoblade didn’t say anything, but he started making more soups and other easier foods on Tommy’s stomach. A part of Tommy wanted to profusely thank Techno. Another part wanted to apologize. Tommy said nothing, because nothing was wrong. He was sick with a stomach bug and nothing else.


This whole scare was stressing Tommy out. He knew this because one day, shortly after Technoblade left the house to do chores— the usual run around the property that Tommy wasn’t doing with him because he was sick— Tommy suddenly burst into tears. Unable to think of why Tommy fell into deeper hysteria until Technoblade came back and found Tommy sobbing.


It was only when Tommy was wrapped up in Technoblade’s arms, being gently rocked back and forth, that he calmed down enough to reassure Techno that nothing was actually wrong, Tommy was just being dramatic.


“Well now I know something’s wrong,” Technoblade said, “You’d never admit to being dramatic.” Tommy had laughed and shouted and had a generally fun time exaggerating the bit, because, truly , nothing was wrong.


And then in the bathroom one day, Tommy looked into the mirror, lifted his shirt, and let his eyes trail downwards. And then his brain stalled.


Tommy wasn’t exactly the meatiest guy, and exile had only made that worse. When Tommy had first arrived at Technoblade’s, he’d been sort of malnourished, and while he’d gained a lot of weight back, Tommy had never really had a lot of pudge to him— it just wasn’t how he was built.


But right now, there was a slight roundness to Tommy’s stomach that hadn’t been there before. And it was the straw that broke the camel’s back.


And then Tommy kind of had a breakdown in the bathroom. Technoblade heard and came in to find Tommy a sobbing mess for the second time that day. With a strong but gentle touch, he picked Tommy up and carried him to Technoblade’s room. When Tommy was sat on the bed, still curled up in Technoblade’s arms, he realized with a start that he’d have to tell Technoblade what was happening.


“Techno,” Tommy managed to whisper, his voice broken beyond hell, “I have something… really important to tell you.”


“What is it?” Technoblade asked, looking down at Tommy with soft eyes.


“Technoblade, I’m- I’m pregnant.”


For a long moment, Tommy could see the cogs turning in Technoblade’s head, the way his face scrunched up in confusion and disbelief.


“You… what…?” Technoblade murmured, “Like, seriously? You’re not joking right now?” Tommy huffed, wiping tears from his face.


“Yeah, no joke,” He said dryly. This only seemed to further confuse Techno.




“I’m… I’m a hybrid?” Apparently it was Tommy’s turn to be confused. “Sometimes they have weird internal differences from humans.”


“That’s a thing?” Technoblade asked with wide eyes. “That’s a thing that can happen?”


“You’re literally a hybrid, how do you not know this?”


“I didn’t exactly have anyone to coach me through puberty.”


“Right, sorry, forgot— Technoblade the slayer of orphans is an orphan himself.”


“Hey can we loop back around to the fact that you’re fucking pregnant? Wait-” A lightbulb went off in Technoblade’s head- “Oh prime, I’m the father.”




“I’m not ready to be a dad?”


“I’m not exactly all too prepared myself.”


“Oh,” Techno seemed to realize something. “Are you going to keep it?” Tommy blinked.




“The baby. Are you going to keep it? Or would you rather not have it?” The way Technoblade said it made a weird feeling rise in Tommy’s gut. Realistically, he should want to abort this baby. He was a teenager, turning seventeen in April and apparently having a baby a few months after that.


But at the same time, a large part of Tommy wanted this little thing inside of him. He’d been so scared to admit that he was pregnant that he hadn’t even thought about what he’d do if that were the case. But thinking about it now, it was easy to come to a decision.


“I want to keep it,” Tommy said. “I want to keep them.”


“You don’t have to.”


“I know.”


“And you can change your mind.”


“I know.”


“Well… if that’s all…” And then Technoblade picked Tommy up and spun him in a circle before tugging him into a tight hug. Tommy felt his tail start swishing behind him.


“We’re dads, I guess,” Technoblade said, nuzzling Tommy’s hair.


“Yeah,” Tommy said, his previous tears all but forgotten, “We are.”




In Tommy’s opinion, it was weird to have a baby daddy that he wasn’t dating. Technoblade was very soft and affectionate, and Tommy knew just how gentle he could be, but they didn’t cuddle much or kiss. And Tommy was in a weird mindset where he really wanted to be cuddled and maybe also kissed? Tommy wasn’t actually sure about that one yet.


The thing was, Tommy had no idea how the hell he was supposed to approach this. What was he going to do, walk up to Technoblade and say “hey, you know how you knocked me up? since you’re the father of my unborn child, I think you should give me more hugs and kisses, please and fuck you.” Tommy would rather choke.


Luckily for Tommy, Technoblade didn’t seem to mind being used as a pillow all that much. As a matter of fact, Technoblade was often the one to pick Tommy up and move him into Techno’s arms and/or lap. Which was not helping with the kissing thoughts, but it did make Tommy feel very safe and fuzzy.


It also meant that Technoblade’s face was very often placed right next to his. Or, in the current case, right next to his neck. Seated in Techno’s lap while the other read a book, Tommy could almost feel the phantom sensation of when tusks had pressed against his throat, scraping the sensitive skin there. Tommy was having a weird pavlovian response to the sensation of Technoblade’s breath against his skin, and it was not good. At all.


“Tommy,” Technoblade whispered, his voice delectably low and gruff, “Can I kiss you?”


Tommy felt his mind draw a blank.


“Y-yeah,” Tommy stuttered, twisting to face Technoblade with wide eyes. “Yeah, you can.”


A warm, calloused hand came up to cup the side of Tommy’s face, and he closed his eyes and leaned into it. Then Technoblade’s lips were on his, the piglin hybrid’s tusks poking the edges of Tommy’s mouth. Tommy sighed into the kiss, moving his hand up to curl around Techno’s neck. Stubble scraped against his chin, and Tommy gave a little laugh.


“I think,” He murmured when they broke apart, “That I might be a little bit in love with you.” Technoblade hummed, pressing their foreheads together.


“But you’re not sure?”


“Not sure yet. I think I need more evidence to prove it.”


That got a laugh out of Technoblade, but it also got him another kiss, so it was a win in Tommy’s book.




According to Technoblade, Philza Minecraft’s visits had always been sparse and sporadic. The man had only visited twice in the span of Tommy’s time in Technoblade’s house. Both times had happened within a week of each other, and then he didn’t visit for three months. And a lot happened in those three months. The biggest thing was, obviously, Tommy’s pregnancy.


Only about twelve weeks pregnant, Tommy already had a fairly sizeable bump on his stomach, which was a little surprising, but Tommy didn’t know enough about pregnancies, hybrid or otherwise, to know if that was normal or not. It wasn’t obvious that he was pregnant, though, especially if he wore more baggy clothing.


This was why, when Technoblade got a message indicating an imminent visit from Tommy’s father, Tommy was quick to put on the biggest shirt he owned and prepare to lie his ass off. What was Tommy gonna do, tell his father that his best friend had gotten his teenage son pregnant? That was the worst possible idea.


So when Philza came swooping in, shaking snow off of him as he entered their house, Tommy and Technoblade were very carefully standing at a measured distance away from each other at all times.


“Been a while, ain’t it?” Phil said, looking up at his boys with a smile, “Sorry I didn’t come by sooner, things have been a little crazy in L’Manberg.”


“Oh yeah? What’s happening?” Tommy asked, leaning against the couch.


“Tubbo thinks you’re dead, yeah? And he put Dream on trial over it. For pushing you to suicide or something.”


Tommy’s eyebrows raised, a pleasant sensation of surprise filling him.


“Really? How’d that go?”


“Dream’s in prison.”


A beat.






Philza fucking laughed at their reactions like it wouldn’t have been normal to be shocked.


“They convicted him! Sam had this prison built at some point and the SMP banded together and locked Dream up inside of it,” Phil explained. Tommy was winded by it.


There was a part of Tommy— a part still perpetually stuck in exile— that didn’t want Dream to be in prison. It would be lonely. It would be torture. A part of Tommy mourned the loss of his only friend.


A much bigger part of Tommy was celebrating the defeat of a tyrant.


“I should probably go back,” Tommy mused aloud. Phil’s brows raised. Techno’s head snapped towards Tommy. Realizing how that sounded, Tommy was quick to backtrack.


“Not- not, like, permanently,” He assured, “Just like… they should know I’m alive, y’know?”


Technoblade relaxed some, tilting his head.


“It wouldn’t be a bad idea,” Phil offered, “Maybe I could take you back sometime.”


“I don’t know if that’s a good idea,” Technoblade started, making a face. Tommy glared at him.


“I don’t know what you’re talking about, that sounds wonderful,” Tommy growled, glancing emphatically at Philza.


“It’s not safe for you,” Techno argued.


“I’m not made of glass, Tech, I can do shit on my own.”


“It’s not like he’s still exiled, mate,” Phil cut in, “And with Dream in prison, he’d be safer than ever out there.”


“That’s not-” Technoblade was cut off by Tommy throwing one of the couch’s cushions at him. Technoblade caught it, of course, and glared at Tommy as he did so. Phil laughed at their antics, especially when Techno tossed the pillow right back, causing Tommy to squawk and duck out of the way.


Despite Technoblade’s obvious frustration, he got the point and didn’t bring up his concern over Tommy’s safety again, though that didn’t mean Tommy had won. The conversation was benched, to be discussed whenever Tommy’s dad wasn’t around to find out his son was pregnant.


Phil started talking to Techno about boring things after that, so Tommy just sat curled up on the couch, idly watching the two talk. Tommy had never really paid attention to them when they talked— because, again, boring — but with his recent and reasonable fixation on Technoblade, Tommy figured he was allowed to stare.


Technoblade got all soft around Philza. Not like Techno was around Tommy, but in a way that made Tommy realize he’d never really seen Technoblade around friends before. The man was so stand-offish most of the time, preferring to stick to himself and he was surprisingly awkward around most people.


But not Phil, apparently. Technoblade was animated as he talked with Tommy’s father, eyes bright and engaged. It was a different kind of love than the soft adoration techno showed Tommy, but it was love nonetheless. Tommy smiled against his hand, feeling a strange fluffy feeling in his chest. It was nice, seeing Techno unabashedly happy.


As the day dwindled by, Techno sent a glance towards the window, seeming to realize how late it actually was.


“We talked for a while huh? You gonna stay the night, Phil?” Techno asked, ear twitching. Phil glanced out the window as well. It was snowing softly outside.


“If you’re fine with letting me stay, I’d sure appreciate it, mate,” Phil answered.


“Alright then, you can take the guest room,” Techno said, standing up. Phil laughed.


“Techno, Tommy sleeps in the guest room. I’m not gonna kick him out.”


Oh. Shit.


After Techno and Tommy started sort of dating, they were quick to start sleeping together in the more literal sense. Tommy hadn’t actually slept in his own room for two whole weeks. And the two of them hadn’t exactly realized what their sleeping arrangements might imply.


“I can sleep on the couch,” Tommy offered. Techno gave him a look.


“Tommy it’s your room,” Phil tried to say, but Tommy cut him off.


“No, no, it’s fine, you can take my room and rest your old man bones.”


“I don’t-” Techno started, but Tommy shushed him.


“Techno. It’s my room. I can just sleep on the couch .” Tommy tried to be as obvious with his implications as he could, and Techno seemed to get the message, quickly backing down.


“Yeah, okay,” He mumbled. Phil sent them an odd look but seemed to accept the interaction.


Tommy pretended to settle himself on the couch as if he were going to be spending the night there. A while after both Phil and Techno had left for their rooms, Tommy crept down the hall and into Techno’s room. The door was left slightly ajar for him, and Techno looked up when Tommy slipped through the door.


Techno lifted the blanket and Tommy was quick to hop underneath it, sidling up next to Technoblade and giving a soft chirrup. He received a chuff in response as Technoblade wrapped his arms around Tommy. The two fell asleep like that, intertwined and pressed together.


In the morning, Tommy woke up in those arms. As much as Tommy would’ve liked to stay there forever, his bladder was being annoyingly insistent that he get up. With a grumble, Tommy wriggled out of Techno’s arms, rolling out of bed and padding down the hallway, one hand against the wall.


After he’d emptied his bladder, Tommy felt a little too awake to go back to bed. He was also sort of hungry, craving something salty and sour. So he took a detour to root through the kitchen, on the hunt for something specific rather than just any snack.


He was so caught up in his search that he didn’t realize he wasn’t alone. When Tommy emerged from the refrigerator with a jar of pickles in hand, he turned around, ready to sit at the counter and munch on them for a bit before going back to bed. He nearly jumped out of his skin at the sight of Philza sitting at the table, watching Tommy.


“Fucking Prime,” Tommy wheezed, tail fluffed up behind him, “Say something next time, won’t you?” Phil gave a low chuckle, gesturing towards the chair next to him. Somewhat apprehensive, Tommy took a seat next to his father, setting his early morning snack down with him.


Philza had made himself a cup of tea, which he nursed while looking out the window, where snow still fell lazily to the ground. Tommy decided to just enjoy his father’s company, unscrewing the pickle jar’s lid and pulling out a pickle, biting into it with an audible crunch.


He gave a pleased him as the taste hit his tongue. Tommy didn’t even really like pickles, but the taste of them right now? Addicting. Tommy barely had the chance to finish his pickle when Philza finally spoke up.


“So, you and Techno, huh?”


Tommy stilled, hand frozen halfway through reaching for the jar. Tommy carefully looked at Phil.


“What about me and Techno?” Tommy asked, trying his damndest not to sound guilty.


“I know you didn’t sleep on the couch last night, Tommy,” Phil said, glancing over at Tommy, “I saw you two in Techno’s room.” Tommy’s ears flicked backward, a flush rising in his cheeks.


“Is he good to you?” Phil asked. Tommy looked away, hiding his face in his hands.


“… Yeah,” Tommy admitted after a long pause, “Yeah he is.”


“Then I’m alright with it.” That should’ve been it. Tommy should’ve thanked him or just said nothing, but— in Tommy’s defense— it was early in the morning, and Tommy’s brain was still running a little slow.


So instead of saying something normal, Tommy blurted out, “I’m pregnant.”


Philza, who had been mid-sip, suddenly lurched forward, spewing out tea and coughing, patting at his chest and bracing a hand against the table. After he’d collected himself, Phil turned to look at Tommy with wide eyes.


“You’re what!? ” He shouted. Tommy winced, curling his tail so he could hold onto it and thread his fingers through the blonde fur.


“I’m… pregnant.” Tommy’s words were just as shocking to Phil the second time. He made an unintelligible noise, looking down at Tommy’s stomach. Unsure what else to do, Tommy just patted his stomach with an awkward smile. Phil stared for a moment before pressing a hand to his face.


“And Techno’s the father, then?” Phil grumbled, looking back up at Tommy. Tommy gave a small nod, still fiddling with his tail. Phil growled something that Tommy didn’t catch, glaring down the hallway.


“I’m going to kill him,” Phil said, “I’m actually going to kill him.”


“I’d prefer if you didn’t, actually?” Tommy didn’t mean for it to sound like a question, but it still made Philza sigh and slouch in his chair, picking his cup of tea back up.


“Fuckin’ hell, mate. You doing okay?” Phil gave Tommy a look of concern.


“I’m fine, Phil,” Tommy assured, “Techno’s been taking care of me.”


“He’d better be,” Phil said, “Or he’s gonna fucking get it.”


“Who’s gonna get it?”


Tommy looked up at the sound of Technoblade’s voice, low and rough from sleep. Tommy grimaced, sending an apologetic look towards his partner.


“So, Tech,” Phil started with a sickly sweet smile, “What’s this I hear about you knocking up my son?” Tommy only felt a little bad for laughing at the way Techno went white.




“I don’t think this is a good idea.”


“It’ll be alright, Tubbo.”


“Look, I get that you think that because you’re all buddy-buddy with him, but I was president of L’Manberg and you know how Technoblade is about governments.”


“Tubbo he won’t kill you.”


“But he might maim me!”


“He won’t hurt you. Just trust me, alright?”


“… Alright.”






Tommy was kind of freaking out a little. See, after Phil had calmed down about the whole ‘my best friend got my youngest son pregnant’ situation, he’d been a lot more understanding about the whole thing. He’d also offered to bring Tubbo to Techno and Tommy rather than take Tommy to L’Manberg. Tommy was still of the opinion that he wasn’t fragile and didn’t need to be babied, but secretly, Tommy was relieved to be able to do this confrontation from the safety of his den.


So, Phil had left and assured them that the next time he visited, he’d bring Tubbo with him. That was three weeks ago. Today, Techno had gotten a message stating that Phil was on his way, Tubbo in tow. Now, Tommy was sitting on the couch, leaning into Techno and resisting the urge to fidget.


Warm fingers carded through his hair, rubbing gently at the base of his ears, and Tommy’s eyes slipped shut. A happy trill escaped him and he heard a small whuff of laughter. Leaning up, Tommy rubbed his cheek against Technoblade’s jaw, a pleasant shiver going down his spine at the scratch of stubble. Technoblade hummed, low and happy.


A knock at the door interrupted the soft moment, Tommy’s ears perked up and he practically threw himself off the couch. Distantly, he heard Techno let out a laugh at Tommy’s enthusiasm, but he was too busy trying to get to the door to really care. Swinging it open, he saw Philza and, standing a few paces behind him, Tubbo. The moment Tubbo laid eyes on Tommy, he went still, his jaw dropping and eyes widening.


“… Tommy…?” Tubbo asked, voice quiet.


“Tubbo!” Tommy flung himself forward, tackling Tubbo into a hug. Arms wrapped around Tommy and squeezed. Tommy buried his face in Tubbo’s fluffy jacket, squeezing his best friend with all his might. When he felt Tubbo start to push at him, Tommy reluctantly pulled back, but still kept his hands on Tubbo’s arms, ready to pull him into another hug at any moment.


He expected tubbo to say something to Tommy, maybe ask why Tommy had left or what he was doing at Techno’s or how he was alive. Instead, once enough space was between them, Tubbo stared down at Tommy’s stomach.


“How the hell are you pregnant?” Tubbo asked. And, right. Tommy had started to much more visibly show these past few weeks. “You’re human!” Tommy snorted.






“Tubbo look at me.” Tommy purposefully twitched his ears and let his tail swing around so it was in view.




“Yeah, oh .”


“Who’s baby is it?” Tubbo asked before making a face. “W-wait, I mean, you don’t have to- to tell me, if you don’t want to, that is-”


“It’s Techno’s.”


Tubbo’s eyes went wide.


Techno’s? like Techno the Blade?”


“Yup,” Tommy said, popping the p. Tubbo’s gaze unfocused for a moment, before a look of triumph crossed his face.


“Hah! He can’t beat me up, now! Because he loves you! Wait, does he?”


“I do,” A voice said, and with it came a hand on Tommy’s waist. Tubbo leaned back, looking further up to see Techno behind Tommy.


“Well, this is nice, isn’t it?” Phil said, clapping his hands together. “But it’s cold as shit out here, let’s get inside.” While Techno and Phil retreated indoors, Tommy paused. Noticing Tommy’s hesitation, Tubbo tilted his head.


“What’s up?”


“We… we need to talk,” Tommy said, “About exile.” Tubbo’s face contorted, a grimace briefly marring it before he got it under control.


“Yeah,” Tubbo said simply, “We do.”




Tommy ached.


Plainly put, being pregnant kind of sucked. Four months in and already looking like he’d swallowed an entire cantaloupe, Tommy was not feeling the best. Most days he felt moody or hungry or sleepy and more often he felt all three at once. It was physically and mentally taxing, both on Tommy and Techno.


Which was why Tommy felt so bad about whining. Techno hadn’t asked for this, and he was probably only so nice because he felt bad. Tommy kept waking him up in the middle of the night because of his nausea or bladder or weird cravings and he hated it, he hated feeling weak and tired all the time.


What Tommy hated most was feeling needy. And the thing was, Tommy was never not needy these days. It was like he had separation anxiety or some shit. He’d always feel like crying whenever Techno left the house or the room or even just if he wasn’t being held. It sucked and it made Tommy feel stupid and dumb and worthless and he hated it!


With a panic building in his lungs, Tommy had let his fearful hybrid brain take over and escaped down into the tiny hole beneath Technoblade’s secret basement. There were still a few blankets and pillows strewn about from his thieving days, so— ignoring the dust coating everything— Tommy curled up among them, shivering and choking down quiet sobs.


Being down here again reminded Tommy of another hole in another basement. He remembered how the cold stone felt then and he remembered the way it became clogged with smoke and ash. In his mind, Tommy could see a porcelain mask and a lime green hoodie. You’re okay, Tommy tried to tell himself, Dream’s in prison. He can’t get you.


He wouldn’t like your kit. Oh, gods, that thought was terrifying. Tommy had always wondered what Dream would do when he found Tommy, but it wasn’t just Tommy now, was it? If Dream found Tommy as he was now, what would he do to Tommy’s child? Suddenly, Tommy felt a swell of anger replace his fear.


Tommy had rolled over to Dream, would’ve done so again if he were alone, but it would be over Tommy’s cold corpse that he let Dream do anything to hurt his kit. Tommy snarled, a wild feeling taking over him. He curled further into himself, wrapping his tail around him. Looking down at his stomach, Tommy placed a gentle paw there.


“I won’t let him touch you,” Tommy said, “I promise.” As if in response to his whispered oath, Tommy felt a movement inside of him. A kick. Tommy smiled, a warm and fluffy feeling filling his chest and pushing out the fear and anger. His child, who wasn’t even born yet, was already so loved. Tommy would do anything for them, even the things he hadn’t had the strength to do for himself.


When Techno found him there, several hours later, Tommy was quick to interrupt his frantic worrying by taking Techno’s hand and pressing it to his stomach. The widening of the piglin hybrid’s eyes told Tommy that he’d felt the little kick from their baby. And then Tommy was being swept up in Techno’s arms and swung around.


“I love you,” Technoblade whispered against Tommy’s lips.


“I love you, too.”


“Marry me.”


“What?” Tommy blinked. Techno got down on one knee, holding Tommy’s hands in his.


“Marry me. Be my husband. I don’t have any rings, but I can make some. Your- Tubbo was president, wasn’t he? He can officiate our wedding, we can go to L’Manberg to do it if you want, just-”


“Yes,” Tommy said breathlessly, “Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!” Tommy threw his arms around Techno’s shoulders, making him rock backward.


“I love you,” Techno said again, “I love you so much.”


“I love you too,” Tommy responded.




After everything— after being exiled and abused, after running away, after being found and saved, after getting knocked up and falling in love— Tommy was back in L’Manberg. Despite everything, this place was still one of Tommy’s homes. He’d died twice over for this land. He’d lived and loved here, he’d built the foundations of this country. For all its flaws, this was still Tommy’s L’Manberg.


People had fun reactions to Tommy. While many had been told previously that Tommy was actually alive, a few had still been hesitant to believe it. It had been fun to spook them with his return from the grave. Most of the people’s surprise centered around the prominent belly Tommy was sporting. Gone were the tiny cantaloupe days, Tommy already looked like a fucking beach ball.


“I don’t think it’s supposed to be that big,” Jack had pointed out.


“Are you calling me fat?”




The absolute prick.


The biggest surprise had come not long after entering L’Manberg.


“Oh, Tommy! Hello!” Ghostbur, floating slightly off of the ground, had greeted Tommy with his blue-stained hands, a warm smile on his face.


“Come meet Alivebur, Tommy!”


At those words, Tommy had felt his brain stall. When he followed Ghostbur, he found a familiar face standing next to Phil and leaning against a crutch.


“Hey, Toms,” Wilbur had said. He looked tired, but a lot less grimy than he had before he died. There was a white streak in his hair and a strange glow behind his eyes. And, more than anything, he was alive.


They’d hugged, and Wilbur had whispered in Tommy’s ear, “Why the hell did you not use protection? You should’ve learned from when Sally got me knocked up.” It had sent Tommy into hysterics.


But Tommy was here for more than seeing old friends. He was back in L’Manberg for a very specific reason. Today was the day Tommy was going to marry the love of his life and the man who got him pregnant six months ago— Technoblade.


“This is weird.”


“Tommy, stop complaining.”


“Look, I’m just saying, I don’t know if I can rock the dress.”


“Tommy you look great,” Tubbo insisted, “And the second Technoblade sees you, I bet he’s gonna cry.”


“You think?” Tommy was in a wedding gown, mostly because a suit would probably look comical on him with his belly, but also because gender norms were bullshit. The dress was a brilliant crimson because Tommy wanted to be as bold as possible in this.


“Absolutely,” Tubbo assured.


Phil was the one to walk him down the aisle to where Technoblade and Tubbo stood, Tubbo in full presidential regalia despite not even being president anymore and Techno in all black with a red tie as his only other color.


Technoblade did start to cry when he saw Tommy, and Tommy got a little misty-eyed himself when he stood across from Technoblade. Tubbo gave his opening speech and then let Tommy and Techno say their vows.


Technoblade’s were long and poetic and really revealed the fact that he was an English major. He talked about compromise, about change, and about how Tommy had made him a better person. He said, “I want nothing more than to have a family with you.”


Tommy’s vows were… shorter. And a lot more informal. He cracked a lot of jokes, because he was Tommy Innit, but hidden in those jokes were sincere thoughts and praises to Techno. because to Tommy, Technoblade was safety and strength and a pillar that Tommy would always be able to return to. Tommy may have said pogchamp in his vows, and the crowd may have groaned and laughed.


Two golden rings that Techno had forged himself were brought forward and slipped onto the couple’s fingers. Tommy found himself staring at the ring for a while, before being dragged back into the moment.


“Technoblade, do you take Tommy to be your lawfully wedded husband?” Tubbo asked.


“I do,” Technoblade said, voice choked with emotion.


“Tommy Careful Danger Kraken Innit, do you take Technoblade to be your lawfully wedded husband?”


“I do,” Tommy said, a smile stretching his face.


“Then by the power vested in me, I pronounce you husbands. You may now kiss the groom.”


Technoblade placed a hand at the small of Tommy’s back, leaning them both forward and dipping him. His lips pressed to Tommy’s, and above all the cheering, Tommy could only think that he was the happiest he’d ever been.




Tommy felt like pure shit.


His due date was quickly approaching, and with it came a theory Tommy wasn’t too happy about. Doing what he did best and disregarding it, Tommy still had a lot to deal with. His kid was more aware than ever and it seemed their favorite pastime in the womb was playing kickball with Tommy’s bladder.


Tommy had gone past beach ball size and was now basically a walking hippo, and that fact alone made him feel like shit.


“Am I fat?” Tommy had asked Techno.


“You’re pregnant,” Techno had said diplomatically, “I think your baby’s the one who’s fat.”


Philza was around nearly every week, nervously waiting for the day Tommy went into labor. With each day he didn’t, the entire house became tenser and tenser. They were all worried— what if something went wrong? What if something already was wrong, but they didn’t know? After one too many times being carefully led around by his father, Tommy barked at Phil to get the hell out of his house and to not come back for the rest of the week.


“That was mean,” Techno had said after Phil had left, looking like a kicked puppy.


“If he wants to baby someone, he can baby Wilbur and Ghostbur. I am a big man who doesn’t need any coddling.”


Technoblade pointedly looked at Tommy, sitting in his lap and curled up under his chin.




The two of them went to sleep that night, Techno curled against Tommy’s back with one hand laying protectively upon Tommy’s stomach.


Tommy woke up that night with a slick feeling between his legs. The smart thing to do would be to wake up Techno and tell him that Tommy’s water had broken, but something in Tommy’s hindbrain protested the idea. Instead, Tommy pried off Techno’s arms and crawled out of bed, walking down the hall on shaky legs.


The room Tommy had stayed in before he’d moved into Techno’s room was still furnished and it had just what Tommy needed. Tommy pulled the blankets off his old bed, dragging them behind him as he waddled downstairs and then dropped them further down into Techno’s basement. Climbing down the ladder while heavily pregnant was difficult, but with considerable effort, Tommy managed to climb his way down into the basement and then the secret basement and then into Tommy’s old raccoon hole.


Being back here made Tommy feel safer, he thought as he dropped the blankets down and began arranging them into a nest. Once he was satisfied with it, Tommy removed his pants and laid down. He waited for a while, unsure of what to expect and tense as hell. And then the pain hit.


Pain. Pain like nothing Tommy had ever felt before. It was manageable at first, but soon enough had him digging his claws into the soft material beneath him, biting into a pillow to keep him from screaming. Tremors wracked his body as contractions washed over him. Tommy arched his back, tail bristling as he shuffled his legs, trying to find a better position.


Tommy found a spot that seemed right and braced himself. Tt wasn’t as easy as that, though. Tommy had to sit and wait, ignoring the awful pain and the way his body was screaming at him to push. It wasn’t time, yet. Tommy didn’t know how he knew, but some part of him could tell that he wasn’t ready.


Then, after hours of pain and pain and pain, something seemed to slot into place. Instinctively, Tommy braced himself. With a snarl, he began to push with all of his might. It hurt like hell, but through the fog of pain, Tommy managed to birth a tiny child with a tuft of blonde hair on its head and a thin, twisting tail.


Relief swept through Tommy as he held his baby, up until another contraction hit him. Confusion, and then dawning, awful realization. Tommy’s stomach had shown before it should’ve, been bigger than it should’ve. If Tommy really focused, he could still feel something shifting inside of him.


With a sigh, Tommy set down his tiny blonde baby and braced himself once more, prepared to play the waiting game again. Through it all, he didn’t scream once.




When Technoblade woke up in the morning, Tommy wasn’t in bed with him. As a matter of fact, it seemed like Tommy hadn’t been in the bed for a while. When Techno made his way downstairs to investigate and he still couldn’t find Tommy, he started to get worried.


“Tommy?” He called out. Distantly, he heard a noise. It didn’t come from another room or upstairs, but beneath the floor. Glancing down, Techno saw that the hatch leading to the basement was open. Climbing down and then down some more, Technoblade dropped into his secret basement. Looking around, he saw an open hole in the stone.


“Tommy, what are you doing down-?” As Techno crawled down into Tommy’s little den, he froze at what greeted him. Tommy lay half-naked in a bunch of blankets, tail curled around himself and two little balls of fluff. Tommy chirred at Techno, smiling wearily.


“Oh, Tommy,” Techno murmured, taking a few steps forward and kneeling next to Tommy’s nest. Tommy’s tail swept back, revealing the two tiny bodies curled up next to his stomach. Techno chuffed in delight, reaching out to gently touch one. One had a fluffy pink tail behind them, the other a thin blonde one.


“Surprise?” Tommy said with an awkward smile. “It’s twins!” His voice sounded hoarse and tired. Technoblade reached out and cupped Tommy’s face with his hand. Tommy melted into the touch, eyes fluttering shut.


“Do you wanna take them up or stay down here a little longer?” Techno asked. Tommy hummed softly.


“We can go up,” He decided after a moment. Technoblade nodded, reaching down to pick up one of his babies. Tommy scooped up the fluffy-tailed one and followed as Technoblade climbed back up into his house. The two settled on the couch, leaning against each other and looking at the children.


“What are we gonna name them?” Techno asked. Tommy hummed thoughtfully. Then he leaned over and booped the baby in Techno’s arms on the nose.


“How about Clementine for her?” Techno let out another happy chuff, nuzzling Tommy’s head.


“I like it,” Techno told him. Then he looked down at the pink-furred baby in Tommy’s arms.


“What about them?” He said.


“Ah, they’re both girls, actually.”




“Yeah, and they’re not even identical.”


Technoblade hummed.


“What about Atalanta?” He said. Tommy side-eyed his husband.


“Is that one of your Greek heroes?” He asked. Techno gave a quiet laugh.


“Yeah,” He admitted, “Atalanta was a fierce warrior raised by bears. She was also one of the only women in greek mythology who wasn’t raped by Zeus or killed.” Tommy made a face.


“Well, that’s… something.”


“We can pick something else?”


“Nah,” Tommy said, leaning down until his nose brushed the baby’s forehead, “I actually kinda like Atalanta.”




A week later, Philza frantically swept into the house.


“Did I miss it!?” He asked. “Is Tommy okay!?”


When presented with little Clementine and Atalanta, the first thing Phil did was start crying.


“Oh they’re beautiful,” He murmured, running a finger along Atalanta’s fluffy ear, “I wish I could’ve been there for you when you had them.”


“You and me both,” Techno grumbled.


“Shut up, both of you,” Tommy mumbled, “Let’s just be a quiet family for a little while, okay?”


And they were. Until Atalanta began screaming for food that was, followed soon after by Clementine. Tommy sighed.