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Mainframe Wonderland

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You see a sea of white. 

An unfamiliar voice resounds in your head. 

The Matriarch is broken.

We put far too much trust in her.

ALICE is in chaos.

Only you can bring peace back to this land.

Our future is in your hands now...

In your holo-lenses, a white text box appears. In the corner of it is a cartoon rabbit head. Your AI visual companion helpfully informs you the rabbit is named Usagi-san. 

Text flows from left to right, accompanied by an androgynous, monotonous voice. 

"System match detected."

The cartoon rabbit head seems to perk up a little, and its voice becomes a bit more...charged, for lack of a better word.

"Welcome to ALICE! Your mission: defeat the rampaging avatars and stand up to the nasty brutes infecting the system!"

And before you can say a word of protest-

Usagi-san (and their dialogue box) vanishes. 

And you find yourself falling down through the white sea speckled with tiny colorful orbs of light.