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Disabilities, Strength, and Perception

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Raon - The Loss of Flight

Dragons were free, capable of overcoming the chains of gravity and of the earth to soar into the sky. Venion hated that and, one day, Raon couldn’t move his wings anymore. They were mangled and misshaped as if someone had bent it into odd angles. Even after being freed by Cale, Raon sometimes felt shackled to the earth because of his broken wings.

Although he could use flight magic, he hated that he couldn’t move his wings, couldn’t flap them once to take off and fly… But over time, he realized from observing Cale, who sometimes couldn’t do the things he wanted to do because his body was so weak, that his people were his wings. His new family were his freedom and power to overcome the hardships and limits set upon him. Like how Cale needed Raon to push open a rusted garden shed door because his arms were so weak, Raon had Cale to fall back on when he needed help, when he wanted to travel the world, when he wanted to do things he couldn’t do. Cale and his family were his wings that enabled him to fly in the sky called life.


Choi Han - The Loss of Taste

After spending a lot of time in the Forest of Darkness eating monster meat and sometimes poisonous plants, Choi Han lost his sense of taste. With his sense of taste, his memories of Korean food and what it had tasted like also disappeared. In the Forest of Darkness, Choi Han had also lost the memory and feeling of eating his mother’s and grandmother’s homemade cooking, the family BBQs, everything that revolved around food.

Although he still couldn’t taste food when meeting Cale though, Choi Han cried over the food Cale had given him because he ‘tasted’ the kindness within. When Cale realized he couldn’t taste food and got Choi Han to eat with them, Choi Han began to enjoy meals again because although he couldn't understand the flavor, he could taste happiness as he ate with his family again.


Alberu - The Loss of Hearing

Since Alberu could remember, he couldn’t hear what people said.

But Alberu didn’t mind because he realized that people often say more when they knew that you couldn’t hear.

'Why is he still the crown prince?’

'Don't think too hard on it. It doesn't matter. He’ll soon be overthrown and kicked out into the wild where he belongs anyways.’

' You’re right. What he does, doesn’t even matter. Even if he looks this way and we talk about all the bad things we’ve done to impede him, he wouldn’t even be able to know, ha.’

Little did they know, Alberu could read lips and thus he did know. Collecting information this way - by acting stupid and reading their lips from afar was one of the many ways he could collect information on his rivals, enemies, and people.

People also often underestimated him, thinking that he was a lost cause and any move he made wouldn’t matter.

Alberu really didn’t mind that because one day, he was going to show them that rather than him not mattering, it was them and their every futile thought that wouldn’t matter. It was these common perceptions and misconceptions about Dark Elves, about dark-attribute beings, about necromancers, and about people with disabilities that wouldn’t matter in the end.

One day, it would be revealed to the world that they were people just as capable and just as worthy to walk in the light as they were.

Until then, Alberu bided his time, training magic and the sword, earning the support of the knights, taking advantage of the sympathy from good nobles, blackmailing and taking out the bad from the shadows, collecting and using information, and becoming a crown prince respected by the people he wanted to rule over.


Rosalyn - The Loss of Arms

Arms were said to be the most important part of a human body for controlling mana and to lose even one hand cuts a mage’s ability in half. Rosalyn was born without arms, but with a high sense for mana. Although she couldn’t hold things with physical arms, she could move things with her mind using mana.

Although many people tried to bring her down because of her disability, Rosalyn overcame their disparaging words and gained the admiration of her family and people by proving that she could persevere and live powerfully even without arms. She becomes one of the best martial artists and mages in Breck despite everything.


Mary - The Loss of Touch/Pain

Since she could remember, Mary couldn't feel anything. Touch, hugs, warmth, pain. Everything felt like water. She felt like water gliding through a phantasmal world of illusions and nothingness.

She wanted an anchor. She wanted to touch something. She wanted to be touched, warmed with a hug like kids would be by their parents, like friends and lovers would be by each other. She wanted to be able to feel - to know the joy of warmth, the sorrows of pain. 

When given an option, Mary chose to become a necromancer because she wanted to know pain. Despite her choice, she still couldn't. Necromancers were said to understand life because they always knew the pains of death, but Mary couldn't. Understand. It.

It was frustrating. 

It was numbing.

She felt empty inside. The life she was supposed to understand still felt meaningless.

But then one day, Mary met Cale and Raon and a whole bunch of other people. They talked with her, uncaring of the black veins on her face. They smiled and offered a place to live. They took her to adventures in the forest and showed her many things. They protected her and fought with her in battles. They taught her joys and sorrows in other ways.

Though she couldn't feel it, they held her hand, patted her on the shoulder, hugged her, pulled her to places she never could have imagined-

Mary couldn't feel pain, couldn't feel many things, but she could feel life.

It was a beautiful sensation - everything she had ever dreamed of.


Beacrox - The Loss of Love

When the massacre happened, when he had saw his mother been cut down right before his eyes, Beacrox lost his sense of love. From there, he lived as if he had no heart. 

His father was important, but Beacrox held him at a distance and his father was only that. Important. The one he learned sword and assassination techniques from. The one he would listen to because he was protected by him.

Cooking felt good, but Beacrox treated it like an art to master. There was no love in his works, only a meticulous desire to perfect every detail like how a robot perfects its task, completing every step with finesse, but only that. 

Jour, Cale's mother, once laughed at him, teasing him and pinching his cheeks, telling him that one day he would learn how to love because being without love was no way to live. 

Beacrox just said, "Tell me how to love and I will try it."

Jour never did. She had died before she could and Beacrox's heart only felt colder, vindicated in its deadness.

He was going to live his whole life without love. Beacrox was sure of it. He wouldn't ever love a thing in this world. Nothing would ever make him love it.

He lived this way for a long time and that was how he thought he was going to live forever... but then Cale Henituse changed. The estate changed. The people around him changed. 

They traveled together, they fought together, they lived together.

They protected each other, they got angry for each other, they became happy because of each other.

They did countless things together, little things, big things. 

And Beacrox loved.

When Cale saved his father's life, when Cale brought back his father's arm, when Cale got hurt and fainted, when Cale trusted him with his back, when Cale brought back his family home, when Cale avenged his family, when Cale disappeared, when Cale came back-

When the people around him ate his food with joy, helped him with the kitchen, spoke to him nonsense, trusted him in a fight, defended him and also were defended by him-

Beacrox learned how to love.

He learned it in the opposite way of what he once said.

He tried it and now he could tell himself how he loved.