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“La Rivista Della Televisione, con mio! Vinny Vevecci!” A sonorous voice boomed overhead, followed by a string of exuberant Italian before Kay heard her name and walked out in front of the black curtain to shake the surprisingly handsome host’s hand, pleased when he planted a kiss on either of her rosy cheeks. “Kay Wilson! Buona sera, buona sera.” Flapping out the jacket of his linen suit, Vinny sat down in his wooden chair, motioning for Kay to take the seat opposite and grabbing a fresh cigarette. 

“Thank you for having me, it’s great to be here.” Kay began, hiding her fidgeting fingers below the round tabletop.

A rapid fire trail of Italian escaped Vinny’s pink lips, almost none of which Kay understood, beyond the titles of some of her films. Blinking, Kay looked around the studio, confused. “Oh, um…” Kay swallowed. “I’m sorry. I...I don’t speak Italian. I told the producer backstage…”

Vinny stared. “You don’t speak Italian?”


Head dropping, Vinny flubbed his lips. Then, turning to the left, he gestured wildly and berated his producer, who sat at a nearby table eating spaghetti, the two building to a heated argument before Vinny refocused his attention on Kay. “My apologies. Now…” Vinny picked up the pack of smokes, arching a dark brow. “Would you like a cigarette before we begin?”

Sighing in relief, Kay nodded. “Yes, please. Thank you.”

Vinny extracted one and Kay poised the cigarette between her lips, dipping forward toward his lighter. Flick, flick, flick. Nothing.

“Ah!” A blast of Italian expletives left Vinny as he smacked the defective lighter against his palm. “Here.” Vinny directed Kay to come in close, aligning his own smoke with hers and cupping a large hand over her fingers. Faces inches apart, Vinny ignited her cigarette with a smirk before leaning back in his chair, two plumes of satisfaction tumbling from his flared nostrils. “There we go.”

As they settled in, Kay couldn’t help but notice how devastatingly debonair Vinny appeared in his crisp linen suit, his black tie; effortlessly graceful as he draped himself over the arms of the chair and casually tapped a lengthy finger on the tabletop before posing his next query. “So...Miss Wilson. You are an actress in America, si? Your most recent film, Wicked Myth , has a lot of, how you say…” Vinny groped in the air, searching for the word. “Buzz.”

“Yeah, I suppose that’s true.” Kay replied, taking a puff. “It did well at Cannes, so we’re pretty excited about that.”

Vinny nodded, his cobalt gaze sticking somewhere around the vicinity of Kay’s cleavage before he tapped his ash into the alarmingly overflowing tray. “Very good. So, many of your movies have been successful. But this is no surprise, as you are-mi bella-” Lifting a prominent brow, a slow, sexy smirk spread over Vinny’s pink lips before he wrapped them around the cigarette once more. “Very beautiful.”

“Oh well…” Red cheeks worsening with flattery, Kay emitted a high giggle. “Thank you. But I like to think my acting has something to do with it, too.”

Waving through the cloud of smoke, Vinny shook his head. “In Italy we are very vain. You could be the best actress in the world, but if you are not beautiful, no one will see your movies.” Then, seeing Kay’s faltering features, Vinny attempted to course correct, leaning over and adding a dollop of honey to his tone. “I, of course, have seen all of your films.” Making his expressive brows dance, Vinny flashed a winning, uneven smile. “Multiple times.”

Kay noticed Vinny’s knee grazing hers beneath the table. Despite his somewhat lecherous nature and tone deaf questions, she couldn’t deny his appeal, and angled into his touch. “Oh yeah? You don’t say?”

Unblinking, Vinny nodded, dragonish as two curls of smoke left his expanded nostrils. “I do, mi bella.”

A moment of silence passed before Vinny’s producer cleared his throat and he realized the camera’s were still rolling. “Thank you to my guest, Kay Wilson!” Vinny motioned to Kay and rose from his chair, coming around to the front of the table and gesticulating exuberantly. “That’s our show, goodnight! Arrivederci! Arrivederci! Buona sera!”

Circling back, Vinny lowered his voice surreptitiously and dipped down. “Would you like to stay awhile? Maybe share a bottle of vino with me, eh?”

“Oh…” Kay caught the sparkle in his sapphire eyes, the way Vinny’s pinky finger trickled over her own, and shivered. “Yeah. Yeah, okay. That sounds good.”

Sitting back down, Vinny unearthed a bottle of wine from beneath the table, a loud tinkle indicating it to be one of many, and popped the cork before rummaging for two glasses. “Ah, here we are.” Vinny poured them each a generous portion of burgundy, swirling his around and sniffing deeply before taking a sip and humming in appreciation. “Ah. Squisito.”

“Mmm…” Kay agreed, nodding. “Delicious.”

Slowly the studio cleared out as the two drank and chatted, Vinny inquiring about how Kay came to be an actress and how she enjoyed her time in Italy thus far. Off camera she found Vinny much less smarmy, and wondered if he maintained that persona purely for the audience’s sake.

“So…” Vinny asked once they neared the bottom of the bottle. “What kind of project would you like to do next?”

“Oh, I don’t know…” Somehow their chairs drifted closer together during their discussion, and Kay allowed her toe to nudge up the back of Vinny’s calve as she pondered. “I think I’d like to do something a little more serious. A heavy drama, maybe. So far it’s only been rom-coms and action flicks. And you know…” Sighing, Kay rolled her eyes. “People tend to kind of dismiss you as a young actress when you stick to those kinds of roles.”

“A mistake, to be sure.” Vinny took a risk, reaching out to cup Kay’s pink cheek. “You are a woman to be reckoned with. Any idiot can see this.”

Eyelids heavy under Vinny’s touch, Kay smiled as his large thumb polished over her freckles. “You think so?”

“I do.” Vinny neared, voice low and soft. “Truly.” Fingers flowed into black curls, lassoing Kay into Vinny’s supple lips with a purr of pleasure. She tasted tannins and tobacco and something distinctly Vinny as their tongues twirled, his big hands surprisingly delicate on her tanned skin as he held her face and tilted to deepen the kiss.

“Mmm...mi bella…” Vinny whispered, snaking his hand down to encircle her waist. Kay vacated her chair, intending to straddle Vinny in his, but he held up a single finger and pointed to the table. “No.” Vinny shook his head and grinned. “I must taste you. If you’ll let me.”

A spasm of anticipation lit over Kay as she scooted back onto the tabletop and nodded. “Yes. Yes, Vinny. Please.”

The expression on Vinny’s handsome face as he sank to his knees, bunching up her skirt and hooking his big thumbs beneath her panties, proved voracious. All glittering wonky eyes and smirking pink lips, unconcerned with sullying the knees of his unblemished suit on the floor as he tossed his black tie over one shoulder and parted her legs. “Mmm...delicioso.”

For a moment Vinny simply stared at Kay’s pussy, tenderly petting over the lips with fingers that never knew a hard day’s work before he adhered a kiss to one of Kay’s thighs, and then the other. All the while he kept up a font of the most gorgeous Italian phrasings. And though Kay knew not what he said, she could tell he spoke poetry, worshipping her body with words before his tongue ever touched down.

“Oh...Oh Vinny… ” Kay gasped once his sharp jaw bore forward, tongue swirling a sonnet of glory as she slickened over his square chin. “ Fuck! So good!”

Huge hands kneaded over her flesh as if he were creating the most delectable pasta, cascading up from her legs, over her belly, her breasts, and brushing past her face. Kay fell back, grinding against Vinny’s chiseled countenance as an aria of ecstasy poured from her lips. “ Oh fuck! Vinny, yes! Yes! Don’t stop! Please! Keep going! Yes!”

Vinny slid his sizable hands behind and urged Kay to the utmost edge of the table, balancing the entirety of her weight on his sturdy jaw as he hummed into her dewy depths. Then, he inserted two thick fingers inside of her, causing Kay’s spine to arch and provoking the first scream. “ Oh Vinny! Vin! Fuck! Fuck! I’m gonna cum! You’re gonna make me cum so hard!”

Doubling his ministrations, Vinny growled into Kay’s sensitive skin as his tongue flickered and he tamped within her pulsating pussy. As he felt her constrict, Vinny surrounded her swollen clit with his pink lips and sucked, tongue merciless until her screeches echoed off the back rows of the studio. “ Oh Vinny! Vinny! Fuck! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Vinny rose, dabbing his face with his pocket square and breathless. “Mi bella…” Vinny massaged over Kay’s breasts, the curve of her hip as he looked longingly into her brown eyes. “I want to make love to you. If you’ll let me.”

“Yes.” Kay whined, nodding feverishly. “I want you inside me so badly, Vinny. Please.”

Taking her by the waist, Vinny pulled Kay to her feet. Then, spinning her around gently, directed her palms onto the tabletop. “Like this?”

Backing her round ass into Vinny, Kay sensed his burgeoning erection through the thin fabric of his pants and smiled. “Yes. Fuck me, Vinny.”

As Kay heard the lowering of Vinny’s zipper, and the unwrapping of a condom, she also heard his deep, rumbling chuckle.

“What’s funny?”

“Oh nothing…” Vinny continued giggling to himself as he painted the wide head of his cock through the drenched lips of her pussy. “It’s just...American girls. Always so forward. I never get used to this.”

Kay laughed and rocked her hips back, drawing Vinny inside and eliciting a groan from the lascivious talk show host. “Well, I think it’s about time you did, Vedecci.”

A line of Italian swearing left Vinny and he offered Kay’s ass a light slap. “Oh mi bella…” Vinny rotated forward into the restrictive heat, curling his arm around to fiddle Kay’s clit in time with their movements. “Bene…”

Bracing herself on the table, as they rolled together, Kay marveled at the practiced, expert nature of Vinny’s actions. Every comb of his fingers through her brunette tendrils, every swivel of his tall frame, designed to bring about the utmost euphoria. 

Vinny scooped her to himself, molding her to his broad frame and bending his knees as he began pounding her wet pussy. Breath hot at her ear and words fire, Vinny kept up a constant spout of both Italian and English, an orgasmic opera which lured Kay to the cliffs of rapture like never before.

“Oh mi bella… So beautiful… You feel so good… Bene… Your body is music and light… I love being inside you… I could stay forever… I just want to make you feel so good… Kay, all I want is to make you mine. Make you feel so good. Mi bella…”

Kay arched back, hands scrambling over Vinny as she rutted out of sync and her mouth dropped. “ Oh Vinny! Yes! Fuck me! Harder! Yes! So good! Fuck!”

Vinny tipped Kay forward, propelling his massive cock faster and racing his lengthy fingers over her engorged clit. “ Ah, like this, Kay, yes? Like this? Yes! Si! Si! Mi bella! Fuck! Bene! Si!”

Eyes rolling and limbs quaking, they knocked the ashtray off the table, butts spraying haphazardly and glass tinkling to the ground as Vinny hammered forward recklessly, rejoicing in Kay’s screeches. “ Oh Vinny! Fuck! I’m cumming! Yes! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

Vinny hooked his arms beneath Kay’s shoulders, rocketing forth with eyes closed and normally pristine chestnut hair plastered to his high forehead with effort. “ Ah fuck! Kay! Mi bella! Si! Si! Si! Bene! Si! Si! Si!”

With a deep, shuddering grunt, Vinny’s hips leapt forward and he yanked Kay back onto himself three, four, five times before he fell limp. 

Slowly they untangled themselves, Vinny dropping back into his chair and zipping up his pants as Kay adjusted her dress. Vinny cracked open a second bottle of wine, offering Kay a swig with a cheeky wink of his left eye. “Welcome to Italy!”