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a scene fully without context

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Jane stares into Jacqueline's eyes, breathless. Jacqueline's hands remain pinned above her head, and if the way her chest rises is any indication, Jacqueline is as flustered by this as Jane is. 


“I should move,” Jane says, gulping.


“You are absolutely right,” Jacqueline agrees.


Neither of them moves. 


Jane's thigh is locked between Jacqueline's, and she's beginning to be painfully aware of the heat coming from Jacqueline's body. She shifts in an attempt to ease the tension building low in her core. She accidentally brushes her thigh against Jacqueline's center.


Jacqueline gasps. Jane's eyes widen, clocking every single detail of the pleased expression. She doubts she will be able to get that image out of her head any time soon.




“That's okay,” Jacqueline says, her voice coming out raspy. She clears her throat and looks away. “It was an accident.”


“Uh huh,” Jane nods. She shuts her eyes tightly. Her thigh is still pressed against Jacqueline's center. She can hear the breathing of the woman underneath her coming out in soft pants and it's making Jane feel her blood pumping hot in her ears.


It's maddening.


She feels Jacqueline's grip on her hands tightening. Jane opens her eyes and meets Jacqueline's. She instinctively licks her lips at the heat she finds in them. She pushes her thigh forward again, this time with a certainty to her movement.


Jacqueline breathes in sharply. Her hips thrust up, seeking to further the contact. Jane takes that as the go-ahead it is. Holding onto her grip of Jacqueline's hands, she slowly begins to grind against her. 


Jacqueline throws her head back, a breathy “Jane” leaving her lips. She lifts her hips to meet Jane's movement, and soon Jane has her boss pinned down on the mattress and riding her thigh.


“Jane, please, I-” she whimpers. 


Jane nearly moans out loud at the plea. “What do you need?”


Jacqueline leaps up, closing the distance between them as their lips meet. Jane's head goes blank. All her brain can process is the feeling of Jacqueline's soft lips taking her breath away.


“Don't stop,” Jacqueline mumbles against her mouth, and Jane realizes that she was so distracted by the kiss she stopped.




She shakes her head. “Just touch me,” she breathes out.


Her thigh finds the heat between Jacqueline's legs as she kisses her again, muffling the guttural moan that leaves Jacqueline's lips. Jacqueline sneaks her hands out of Jane's loosened grip and grasps the back of Jane's head to deepen the kiss.


“Harder, Jane,” she gasps out.


Jane complies, gripping Jacqueline's hips with both hands as they jerk. The sight of Jacqueline's eyes rolling to the back of her hits her with a wave of arousal. It's as intoxicating to her senses as the warmth of Jacqueline's hands on her neck.


“God, Jacqueline.”


Suddenly Jacqueline stiffens and her mouth opens in a silent scream, her nails digging into Jane's neck. She watches her close her eyes as she composes herself. Her cheeks are pink and the skin of her arms and neck is glistening with a thin layer of sweat. 


Jane swallows at the sight. She's pretty sure her panties are ruined.