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an alternate ending to an episode or scene

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“You're not writing it for me. You're writing with me.”


“But Patrick-”


“It's Scarlet. It's still my magazine.”


Jane releases a soft laugh. “Yeah.”


The relaxed smile on Jacqueline's lips, a stark contrast from the worry Jane had seen in her eyes earlier that day, gives Jane a fluttery feeling in her stomach. 


She's smiling wide and unabashedly, beyond the point of caring whether she's being too intense. It might be wishful thinking, but Jacqueline's eyes grow fonder as she looks at her.


She takes a step forward and raises her arms. She catches the way Jacqueline raises her eyebrows, surprised, before she leans in and allows Jane to wrap her arms around her. Jane laughs a little more. Her whole body is warm and her skin tingles under the touch of Jacqueline's arms.


She's staying. Jane shuts her eyes tightly and hopes she's not dreaming. Jacqueline is staying.


“Jane,” Jacqueline mutters to her ear. Jane opens her eyes, but doesn't move until Jacqueline steps back. She tries not to show her disappointment. At least Jacqueline is still holding her hands, her eyes gleaming with gratitude. “Thank you,” she whispers. 


Jane squeezes her hands back, trying to put all the emotion that she's feeling into that one touch.


“Would you like to have a drink?” She asks, smiling hopefully.


“I'd like that.”