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Tales from the Havoc Marauder

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Hunter - Drinking is hit or miss for Hunter. He's happy to babysit the Batch with some juice in hand, but on the odd occasion when he does drink, he ends up hammered. Hunter's tolerance is all over the place since rarely drinks. He'll drink pretty much anything he's given, and doesn't have too much of a preference. Hunter usually sticks to lagers, but once he gets tipsy, he moves onto any and every cocktail.
Hunter regularly declines shots, unless he's already hammered. In that case, he's the one buying shots, and oh boy, he buys more than enough. Tech and Crosshair will finish the shots off whilst Echo and Wrecker carry Hunter outside so he can throw up.


Tech - This man will decide how drunk he wants to be, and will then calculate the units in each drink to help him achieve his desired tipsiness. He tends to start with a lager, and then moves on to... anything! He'll drink literally anything, and can usually handle his alcohol well. The only time he slips up is when shots have been purchased, and the Batch can't finish them - Tech doesn't want to waste money, so he shrugs and downs them himself.
Tech usually plays it safe and purchases Jagerbombs for the Batch to drink. He's not fond of Vodka, Tequila, or Sambuca, and usually tries to encourage Crosshair not to purchase those drinks. He also cried when he tried Absinthe for the first time, and has never ever touched it since.


Echo - Back when he was in the 501st, he'd drink lager, simply because that's what the rest of the squad drank. But now that Echo is in a new group, he's decided to branch out more. Most booze makes him gag or scrunch his face up in disgust, but he doesn't mind Vodka and mixer (usually lemonade or cola.) His tolerance is so-so, and it's rare that he gets black-out-drunk.
Echo used to do shots all the time with the 501st, so his tolerance for them is decent. He's not too keen on tequila, and prefers to do a Jagerbomb, but he'll drink what he's given.


Crosshair - Whiskey. On the rocks. Crosshair doesn't mind most alcohol, but his personal preference is anything dry and bitter to match his personality. He can hold his alcohol extremely well, and it takes a lot for this man to get drunk.
He's always happy to do shots, but isn't keen on 'fun' shots like Jagerbombs, Archers, Sourz, and so on. If Crosshair is buying then the Batch will end up with Vodka, Tequila, or Sambuca. If he's feeling especially mean, then he'll find a backstreet shop and purchase Absinthe, which makes everybody cry.


Wrecker - This man loves his fruity cocktails. He only really drinks cocktails, the fruitier, the better. Wrecker doesn't believe that drinks are 'gendered,' and who in their right mind would approach this giant of a man and call him out for drinking a 'woman's drink'?
Wrecker doesn't mind shots, but his alcohol tolerance is low, so he'll be out cold after a few of them. The Batch has collectively dragged Wrecker home one-too-many-times. He's easily influenced when buying shots, so he'll purchase whatever people are asking him to; usually, Crosshair is down his ear egging him on to purchase the nastiest booze the bar sells because 'its funny seeing everybody's reaction.' Little does he forget that he also needs to down that shot. Oops.

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"Be quiet," Crosshair orders through gritted teeth. Despite having you hand over your mouth, and one of Crosshairs hands wrapped around your throat, it's still not enough to silence you.

His thrusts come to a halt, and you watch as Crosshair peers around at both of your discarded clothes. He notices something, then looks at you with a brow raised as he picks up your panties, bunching them up in his fist. "If you won't be quiet, then I'll just have to make you stay quiet," he smugly states, and stuffs most of your panties into your mouth, muffling you for good.

"Much better," Crosshair smugly laughs, and returns to fucking you. His hands find their way to the bend of your knees, and he pushes forward, pressing your knees against your shoulders, almost folding you in half. The slight change in position allows him to drive his cock even deeper, fucking you silly, and testing how well your new gag works. 

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  • Hunter knows how to somewhat control his emotions and feelings, and can prevent his crush on you from taking the wheel and turning him into an embarrassing mess.
  • But despite his ability to remain cool and calm, it's still obvious that he has a thing for you.
  • Hunter automatically clings to you; he'll always be sitting/standing beside you, he'll find an excuse to playfully touch your arm, he turns his focus to you first out of everyone else.
  • If anything, you'll be the one doubting yourself because, well, this is Hunter after all, and who wouldn't get flustered around him? If you shy away from his advances then he'll back off, worried that you're not interested, and you'll need to make the next move to re-kindle things.
  • Hunter wants to know if you're truly into him, and he has the confidence to do so. He'll become more flirty, sending compliments and glances your way, and might even find some time to pull you aside and ask if things will go further.


  • Wrecker just wants to be around you 24/7. You make him so happy, and he wants to try and give you the same in return.
  • He'll constantly be cracking jokes, showing you cool things, maybe lift heavy items here and there in an attempt to impress you.
  • You'll receive compliments galore, but not an excessive amount. Wrecker will ensure that you know you're good-looking, that you look like you slept well, that your outfit looks nice, and so on, but he knows when enough is enough.
  • However, Wrecker is easily flustered and stumbles all over his words whenever you reciprocate his compliments; his cheeks will turn vibrant red, he'll struggle to maintain eye contact, and he'll often rub the back of his neck.
  • His crush on you is painfully obvious, and both you and him will be teased about it by certain members of the batch (Crosshair and Omega.)




  • At first, Echo might avoid you. He was forbidden from relationships when he followed the Jedi, but now that he's in an independent group, he's able to slowly become curious about his feelings, and explore them.
  • Echo will shy up and that's due to his lack of experience. He has a lot of self-confidence issues, especially physical ones, and he can't wrap his head around the odd idea that you might actually like him back.
  • You'll need to make the first move. Send him a few compliments and flirty glances, and then, if he still doesn't understand that you're interested, then a Batch member will pull him aside and point out the obvious.
  • Echo's never really flirted before, so expect a lot of stuttering and pauses. It'll go on like that for a while - you flirting, and Echo attempting to flirt back.
  • Until one day it finally sinks in that you really do like him, and then he'll suddenly pull you aside to admit his feelings, and ask you to date him before he "makes a fool of himself."




  • Tech has a hard time reading other peoples emotions and social queues, so he doesn't realize that you're interested in him until a Batch member pulls him aside and informs him.
  • Poor Tech didn't even realize he was flirting back until that same Batch member pointed that out also. Tech always assumed that you were simply interested in his mind full of information, and not that you were only listening to him ramble because you fancy him.
  • To make things worse, now that Tech knows you're into him, he suddenly doesn't know how to function, nor flirt. He'll attempt to compliment you here and there, but he now has this overwhelming fear that he'll drive you away.
  • He'll probably pull some strings and create an opportunity to be alone with you, which is when he'll confess that he has a soft spot for you, and that you make his mind so hazy that he can no longer think straight.
  • Give that poor man a kiss and watch how quickly his goggles fog up.




  • Crosshair's style of flirting can be summed up in two words: Playful bullying.
  • He picks on you all the time, but there's always a light, flirtatious, teasing tone to it. It's painfully obvious that he's flirting, mostly because Crosshair never follows up an insult with a compliment.
  • That being said, he can still be considered distant. Crosshair likes his 'me time,' and he sets that boundary from the very start. If you're clingy, then things will quickly turn sour; he needs someone who can still give him his independence.
  • He's always asking to have a shooting contest with you, which is his excuse to get you alone. Then he can really lay the flirting on thick as he shows off in front of you.
  • If your tone matches his, then he'll snatch you up then and there. Be prepared to deal with a lot of jealousy, as Crosshair wants every inch of you all to himself, along with a lot of rushed make out sessions during the heat of battle.

What Omega does to help
Hunter - Omega's a smart kid who quickly notices the way that you're looking at her dad, and because she likes you, she decides to do something about it. This child has the nerve to literally take matters into her own hands by grabbing Hunter's hand, then grabbing yours, and physically putting your hands together as she goes "that looks about right." She then leaves you two to it, hand in hand, both as flustered as each other. Maybe it's time for a talk?

Wrecker - Since Wrecker is easily flustered, she gives him pointers on how he can approach you more confidently. Omega will hype Wrecker up to talk to you, followed by pointing out a few conversation starters and things he can compliment you on. If Wrecker's eyes keep trailing off into the distance as he speaks to you, then don't turn around - Omega is in the background cheering him on and pointing out what to talk about next.

Echo - Echo needs hyping up, and Omega is there to help. He has no problem admitting to Omega that he likes you, and explains why he hasn't made a move yet. Omega looks like she's about to cry when Echo expresses his self-doubt, but she quickly buckles down and begins lecturing her brother on all his strong points, and why you two are perfect for each other. She won't take no for an answer, and gives Echo that push that he needs to approach you.

Tech - Omega tries to talk to Tech about his blatant crush, wanting to help, but he brushes her off. She tries a few times, and is eventually met with "I highly doubt they'd ever reciprocate my feelings, so let's leave it at that." So, with that doubt in mind, Omega straight-up approaches you and asks "do you fancy Tech?" and when you reply yes, she goes back and tells him. Omega is met with a very embarrassed Tech who wants to tell her off for getting involved, but he thanks her, as now he no longer doubts himself and can begin making a move.

Crosshair - Despite the flirting going both ways, Crosshair still wants to ensure that you're interested in him. He offers Omega two credits to go and find out if you're actually into him, and pays her when she reports back saying yes. He then offers her another two credits to find out what things you like, and goes with Omega into a nearby town to pick up a present for you. Cue Omega and Crosshair bonding over which treats you'll like the most.

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  • From what we've already seen, we know that Tech regularly gets help from Echo and Omega when he's working, and Wrecker whenever he needs something heavy lifting, but what about Hunter and Crosshair?
  • Crosshair helps Tech with fiddly work because he has nimble fingers. Tech's fingers have a tendency to ache/cramp as he does more tedious work than the other Batch members, so when they cramped for the first few times, Crosshair noticed and offered to help, with Tech's guidance, of course.
  • Hunter goes shopping with Tech whenever he needs to purchase things for his work. Tech is awful at bartering, but Hunter is great, so he always tags along to help haggle the price down.
  • As we know, Wrecker lifts Gonky on the regular, but since Omega arrived, she likes to sit on top of Gonky whilst Wrecker is lifting them. Omega will often cheer Wrecker on, or fiddle about on her holopad.
  • Hunter has a tendency to walk around the ship every night and tuck in people who have fallen asleep at their stations. Tech is a regular since he always falls asleep whilst working, so Hunter will put his holopad on charge and place a blanket on him.
  • Crosshair either falls asleep with his arms crossed, sitting back against a wall, or slouched on his bunk with his rifle in hand as he fell asleep whilst cleaning it. Hunter always moves his rifle, and puts a blanket on him. Crosshair is a light sleeper who usually wakes up, but always pretends to be asleep.
  • Omega and Echo like to do puzzles together, usually jigsaw puzzles, which are rarely finished as they slide off the table whenever the Marauder takes a sharp turn.
  • Hunter helps Crosshair dye his hair. Crosshair used to make a mess when he was new to dying it, and Hunter offered to help. By now, Crosshair knows exactly what he's doing, but he refuses to dye it without Hunters help. It's one of the few things they do together.
  • Hunter and Crosshair also gave each other their face tatttoos. Hunter's was done with a tattoo gun, whereas Crosshairs was done by stick and poke.
  • The Batch aren't ones for hugs because they've been raised as soldiers, but since Omega joined, they've slowly become accommodated to hugging and hug each other on the regular.
  • Echo can almost always be found in the cockpit when the Marauder is in hyperspace. When he was in the 501st, he was never on the bridge, so it was rare that he saw hyperspace. Now he never misses the opportunity to gaze out at it, and will chat with whoever comes and joins him.


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  • Originally, you joined the Batch as their pilot, but you've proven your worth through an array of other skills: combat, shooting, medical, and technology.
  • Everybody was pouring their praise onto you, happy with their newest member who can hold their weight, and more, until you spoke up about something technology related.
  • Hunter asked a question, and since you knew the answer, you replied. Nobody responded, and you were met with an variety of shocked expressions.
  • At first, you had no idea why the Batch had turned ghost white, until you locked eyes with Tech, who was red in the face and absolutely furious.
  • Oh, yeah. Tech's the Batch's nerd... he was rather upset with you beating him to the answer, and to prove his worth, he began expanding your answer to Hunter, as if to prove that he knows more than you do.
  • It was petty, childish, cringe worthy, but after Hunter spoke to you later on, he explained that Tech can take these things personally, and feels like you're attempting to 'take his place,' despite that not being the case at all!
  • After that, Tech had it out for you, and it was clear how much he did NOT like you.
  • You've literally saved him from death multiple times, only for him to mutter "thank you," under his breath, furious that he had to rely on you.
  • He's always trying to one-up you. Sometimes, when a technical question is asked, Tech will pause and wait to see if you'll answer. If you do, he'll find a way to state that you're wrong, followed by giving his version of the answer.
  • The bickering is extremely petty, and the Batch soon find their ways to ignore it.
  • Hunter has tried talking to Tech multiple times, as has Echo, but he won't listen to them. He NEEDS to be the only person in his role, as in his mind, that's all that he's 'good at.' Technology is his 'only strength', and having you come along has damaged his confidence and self-worth.
  • Until one afternoon where you're attempting to work on a project of your own. The grappling line on your utility belt failed last time you attempted to use it, so now you need to figure out why.
  • You take the small contraption apart, cleaning it through, then put it back together, but it still fails to launch.
  • Grumbling to yourself, you rummage around the ship, looking for replacements. You find scraps here and there, enough to replace the worn bolts and screws, and get to work on repairing it.
  • Tech is nearby, tapping away at the ships control panel, focusing on his own job. He's hyperfocused, mouth slightly parted and eyes fixated on the screen, but the sound of you cursing under your breath draws his attention away.
  • He watches for a while as you fiddle about with the gadget, unable to repair it, cursing over and over in frustration. 
  • Tech doesn't want to directly ask if you need help, so he covers up his offer by saying, "you're ruining my focus," followed by explaining where you're going wrong.
  • You're glaring as you mutter "thank you," and attempt to do things his way.
  • Tech watches you work like a hawk, and soon rises from his seat and settles beside you, prying the gadget from your hands and fixing it whilst explaining what he's doing.
  • "-And as you can see, doing things my way always works. Look, this device is as good as new, all thanks to myself."
  • "Yeah, yeah, I get it," you grumble. "Thank you, Tech."
  • Tech returns to his work station, and you decide to ask an important question. "Does this mean you'll stop being bitter with me now?"
  • "What ever do you mean?" Tech questions, his eyes glued to his work.
  • "Well, you've finally one-upped me, so surely we can get along now?"
  • Tech surprisingly flashes you a smug grin as he replies, "we can get along, but that doesn't mean that I won't jump at future opportunities to prove that my intelligence is superior to yours."
  • Oh, it's like that, is it?
  • After that, your previous bickering turns playful, and the Batch is surprised to see you two getting along, let alone working together. You and Tech make it a competition, and of course, Tech is winning, not that you mind.
  • It'll only be so long until the feelings finally come out... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Hunter's taken you out for dinner. He's free from his armour, wearing a formal shirt and pants, his hair tied up in a ponytail, his bandana long gone. You opted for something flashy, revealing, tasteful, complimented by a thin pair of panties. The aim is to get him worked up tonight, and you start the second you both sit down at the dinner table.

Hunter knows when you're toying with him, he knew from the second he arrived at your apartment that you had something planned, but what he wasn't expecting was for you to trap him whilst out. The main course arrives, and you're starting to feel slightly damp, rubbing your thighs together lightly to work yourself up even more. It works, and you begin feeling your wetness spreading across your inner thighs, soaking through your panties.

Your poor partner can barely eat, let alone finish his food, and he keeps gawking at you, innocently eating without a care in the world. "I know what you're doing," Hunter groans. You deny it, shrugging playfully, all whilst overstimulating your wetness. "Mesh'la, I can smell you from here... You're- Kriff, we need to leave."

"But I'm enjoying my meal," you groan.

"Yeah? And I want to enjoy mine, but I don't mean this one," he gestures to his food.

"We can leave," you sweetly smile. Hunter lets out a deep sigh of relief, his arousal growing heavier as every second passes, but his face drops when you say, "after a few more glasses of wine."

Oh, he'll get you back for this, probably by over-stimulating you with his tongue, and his tongue alone.

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He's pinned you down to his bunk, furiously pounding into you without a care in the world. Are both of you being too loud? Yes. Could anybody be overhearing you right now? Probably. Does Crosshair care? Of course not.

He lets out a grunt, breathing heavily through his nose, his teeth clenched together, threatening to snap the toothpick that's been in his mouth since before you two began. The only time he took it out was to kiss you, needy and hungrily, as always, before popping it back in as he told you, "I need you right now."

Crosshair tightening his grip on your hips, smirking when you cross your ankles over behind his back, pulling him close. "Loud and desperate, huh?" he smugly comments, his eyes squinting happily when you pout in response. "Let's tone it down a bit. Those sounds are for me, and me alone," Crosshair states, and with a heavy thrust, he slams his cock deep into you and holds it there.

One hand is placed beside your head, holding his weight as he bends forward, his face approaching yours. He only gives you a one worded order, his eyes flicking down to gesture exactly what he's on about. "Hold," Crosshair orders.

Lifting your head up slightly, you pick the toothpick from his lips, pressing it between your teeth, holding it just like he does. He grins at the sight whilst commenting, "it suits you," and before you can reply, he's began pounding into you again.

A firm hand wraps around your throat, leaving more than enough space for Crosshair to begin leaving his marks along your throat. Others still may be able to overhear you, but the hickeys covering your neck are a reminder to everybody that you're already taken for, and there are two things that Crosshair isn't usually one for sharing: his girl, and his toothpicks.


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"Do I plug it into this port?" you question with weak breaths, legs constantly trembling as Tech continues working beneath you.

"Uh-huh," he mumbles whilst his tongue is lapping over your folds.

You sigh, and state that "you didn't even look at what I'm pointing to!"

When Tech offered to reward you for good behaviour, this isn't what you had in mind, but his technique is definitely working. Every time you mess up your project, Tech eases up his assault on your pussy, returning to kissing your thighs instead, breaking your orgasm down until you're at square one again; and when you do well, Tech rewards you by pulling your ass down onto his face, and working at you until you're a mewling mess on top of him.

"You know what you're doing, cyar'ika," Tech comments before wrapping his lips around your clit and sucking. "I would know, I taught you myself," he adds with a light laugh, then slips his tongue into your entrance, fucking you with it, paying no mind to the lewd sounds filling the air.

"Kriff-" you mumble, taking a deep breath to help stabilize yourself. "Okay, I'm just going to plug it in..." your words nervously trail off, and on a whim, you plug the wire in your hand into the port. Your eyes light up when the control panel lights up, now fixed, all thanks to you and your hard work.

"Good girl," Tech praises. "I knew you could do it, thanks to my excellent teaching methods," he smugly praises himself, and you're not one to argue with his positive and efficient methods.

"Don't get cocky," you groan, and boldly push back onto his tongue. Tech takes a firm grasp of your thighs, and to your surprise, he encourages you to rock back onto his tongue, fucking yourself as part of your reward.

Both of you spend some time savouring the moment, panting and mewling on top of him, resting your forehead on his armoured thigh as a form of support. Tech's been going for a questionable amount of time, and you're surprised that he hasn't tapped out from exhaustion, or from almost drowning due to the amount of times that you've climaxed on his face already.

Yet again, this clone is full of surprises, as he comments, "let's go again. The ships hyperdrive still needs to be fixed."

"B-but that's such a long job!" you whine, nearing the breaking point of over stimulation.

"Exactly," Tech grins, and trails a thick stripe over your lips before stating, "we better get to work!"

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"How about now?" you question after adjusting a few screws, attempting to find the perfect sensitivity for Echo's new part.

When you joined the Batch, you weren't expecting them to warm up to you, let alone eventually invite you to become one of their own, but they thankfully did, and you're content with your new life on this far-too-small ship. Echo clicked with you straight away, and after learning that you enjoy tinkering with mechanics, he decided to pluck up the courage to ask an important question.

"It's just, well, I don't really have a-" Echo had gestured to his crotch, and sheepishly admitted that he misses his sex life, as short and rushed as it may have been. His parts were no longer there, but he still had that pent-up mentality, with nothing to help his release.

So, you agreed to fix him up in more ways than one, and now that you're back on Kamino in your small, shabby barrack, you two are able to gain the privacy to install his new device...

"Yeah, that feels better," Echo nods, one leg twitching as you finish calibrating his groin.

"Finished," you sigh, leaning back onto your stool, over-looking Echo's body as he relaxes on your working table. "Well, go on. Try it out!"

Echo's skin flourishes into a shade of deep pink, his index fingers nervously tapping together as he comments, "here? now?"

"If you want," you shrug. You know that Echo can be shy and awkward, but it's not like you've spent the last few days creating a faux cock for him! You've seen this man inside and out, and now he's nervous about touching himself in front of you? "I mean, I can give you some privacy?" you suggest.

"N-no, it's alright. I just, uh, it's been a while... you know?" Echo sheepishly laughs, and you nod, understanding his dilemma.

"Do you need some help?" you suggest. You've always had a soft spot for Echo, which grew even more when he expressed his trust, coming to you with this issue. The Batch has teased both of you for the way you are around each other, and you'd be lying if you said that you didn't assume that this installation progress was going to end romantically. You are, after all, rekindling his sex life, and surely he picked you for a specific reason?

"Please," Echo groans, and groans once more when you wrap your hand around his new and hopefully improved length, slowly pumping him, starting at a calm and steady pace.

"If we're going to ensure that this new addition works properly, then we should perform a series of tests. Don't you agree?"

Echo nods feverishly, muttering "please," at the same time.

"Good," you innocently smile. "Let's get started..."

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You're both as clueless as each other, aren't you? It's blatantly obvious that Hunter has a soft spot for you, and just as obvious that you reciprocate those feelings. You've always questioned why Tech and Echo roll their eyes at each other whenever Hunter states that you'll be going with him when the Batch splits up during missions, or why Wrecker will playfully nudge Crosshair when Hunter buys you a drink at 79's. The feelings are as clear as a hot, summer day, only you two have your heads buried in the dirt.

Tech and Echo shared that same look earlier when Hunter laid out his plan, and as always, you're buddied up with him. This is meant to be a stealth mission, but it's been hard keeping your gasps quiet as you face an enemy around every corner. This place is crawling with them! Of course you're going to be surprised!

"Here-" Hunter whispers and grabs your wrist, pulling you down another corridor, praying that nobody will be down it.

Yet again, he's wrong, and you both notice the shadow of a figure approaching, soon to be trapped between two enemies. "In here," you gesture to another door, praying that it leads to safety, and you're pleasantly surprised when you discover that it leads to a storage closet.

It's a painfully tight squeeze, especially with your armour, padding your body out. Hunter is quite literally pressed against your chest, cold plastoid touching yours, both of you attempting to calm your uneasy breaths.

You switch your helmets vision to thermal imaging, and quietly inform Hunter that there are enemies outside the door. From the looks of things, they seem to be having a conversation, and hopefully their chit-chat will soon come to an end.

To your surprise, Hunter doesn't reply. The small room suddenly feels thick and tense, and only now do you realize that your hands are pressed on Hunters forearms, one of his hands lingering around your lower back, the other hanging by his side. "Hunter?" you question, awaiting a response, but the only thing he lets out is a deep, shaky breath.

Hunter's heightened senses are both a blessing and a curse, and as of right now, they're a curse. He can feel everything; your deep breaths, light heartbeat, heat pooling in your stomach, and all these added sensations are making him feel uneasy. Nervously, Hunter reaches up and removes his helmet, his gaze refusing to meet yours as he begins taking deep breaths, attempting to stop the sweat on his forehead from thickening.

"Oh," you sigh, and remove your own helmet, not wanting to be expressionless in Hunter's time of need. "Are you having a sensory overload?" you question, offering to help him the way you usually do.

That question alone yanks at Hunters heartstrings, and his eyes flick up to the ceiling as he shakes his head. "It's not that, It's just... this room is small, I guess," Hunter denies, not wanting you to see how he blushes at your offer. He's had wary times like this before, and you two by now have a routine to help with his sensory overloads. But if this isn't one of those times, then what is it?

You're not quite certain what he means, but wanting to give him room, you begin peering over your shoulder, trying to find somewhere to perch in hopes of backing off. The more you fidget, the worse Hunter gets, and his eyes finally meet yours as he grabs your wrist, urging you to stop.

"Stay still, please," Hunter politely demands, loosening his grip on your wrist slightly, but not enough to let go. You lightly nod, remaining pressed up against Hunter's chest, unable to peel your eyes off his.

Hunter's eyes make minor movements, focusing on different elements of your face; your warm and loving eyes, kissable lips, lightly flushed cheeks, and so on. His gaze is intoxicating, and you didn't realize you were holding your breath until you let a heavy one out. Hunter can't help but softly laugh at your tension, moving his hand up to cup your jawline, sensing your panicked heartbeat beneath your skin.

Moments ago, Hunter was the one panicking, and now it's your turn. You can't help it, not when you're confined to such a tight space with the man that you've had eyes for ever since you first met. You move into his touch, knowing far too well that he's aware that your cheeks are slowly burning up, only for your temperature to steady out as Hunter finally pops the tension by taking a gamble and kissing you.

At first, the kiss is light, testing out the waters, finding the perfect way to slot your lips together. However, once you've both found it, desperation and neediness becomes higher, catching up on all those missed opportunities. Hunters hand moves along your jawline, settling on the back of your neck, holding you there, as if to confirm that you really are here with him right now, kissing him in a storage closet.

You take a gamble and lightly nip at his bottom lip, to which Hunter growls and tightens his grip on your neck, fingertips threading in your hair. His kisses are becoming erratic, sloppy and lustful, and you're almost certain that he was about to drop his helmet, pick you up, and press you against the wall until his comm link beeps.

Both of you let out a disappointed sigh, debating ignoring the call, but it beeps again. "What?" Hunter grumbles as he answers, then lightly smiles as he notices how flustered you look, all thanks to his hard work.

"Fancy regrouping with us?" Echo asks, his sassy tone coming through loud and clear.

"There are enemies outside the door, we'll have to wait until they pass-"

"-That's us, you idiot," Echo bites back. You and Hunter share a confused expression, and nervously, you peer out the closets' door to find all four of them waiting for you.

"That was you? This entire time?" Hunter questions as he follows you out the room, instantly relaxing as the cool air hits his face.

"Yes," Tech nods. "We attained what is needed without being caught, and not wanting to risk using our comms, we decided to come and find you using the tracking devices installed in all of our uniforms," Tech explains.

"Why didn't you let us know sooner?" Hunter grumbles, threatening to snap at the Batch for waiting so long.

"We wanted to let you two finally confess your feelings," Crosshair laughs from under his helmet. "Storage closets are perfect for such encounters."

"Maker," you sigh, rolling your eyes as you pull your helmet on.

Hunter keeps his mouth shut, his disappointed expression fading beneath his helmet as he pulls it on. The only words that he speaks are "let's go," and leads the way, grumpily leading his herd with you following close behind, as always.

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"Do you think you've been a good boy?" you sweetly coo, batting your lashes innocently.

"Of course, I-I have," Crosshair replies with a soft sputter, chewing on his bottom lip, fighting the urge to cum. He's trembling, sweating lightly, panting and groaning as you continue jerking his length.

Crosshair becomes absolutely weak whenever you treat him to a sloppy blowjob, and moments ago, he had begged you to remove his cock from your mouth, pumping his length instead. It's been well over an hour, and he was previously refusing to cum, hooked on being edged for as long as possible. However, Crosshair seems to be reaching his breaking point, eyes struggling to stay open, tugging at the ropes securing his wrists to the bed post.

He looks utterly debauched, but you don't plan on allowing him to climax yet. After all, Crosshair is just as mean whenever he's edging you, denying your orgasm over and over as he chuckles menacingly, turning you into a begging mess. It's about time you got your revenge!

"Hm, I'm not so sure about that," you sarcastically sigh. "You'll have to wait a little longer for me, sweetheart-"

"-Please!" Crosshair whines, cutting your sentence short. "Mesh'la, c-come on... please," he continues whimpering.

The sound of wet, sloppy, skin against skin fills the air as you continue jerking him, putting on your thinking face, debating his plead. "You interrupted me, Crosshair. If you were a good boy, then you'd wait until I finished speaking."

The sound that Crosshair makes to your denial is a sound that you'll forever savour, putting a whole new meaning behind the word desperate. He can no longer keep his eyes open, pressing his forehead on his forearm, panting heavily through his open lips as he attempts to hold himself back for you.

Crosshairs desperation kicks it up a notch as he begins begging once more. "P-p-please, love. C-come on! I'll do anything, mesh'la- beautiful, please!!"

"Hm," you exhale, putting your thinking face on once more. You maintain eye contact with Crosshair as you bend forward and let a slow trail of spit fall from your lips, directly onto the tip of Crosshairs red, swollen cock, slicking his length up even more. He whimpers at the sight, and tears begin forming in his eyes when you answer, "I'll think about it..." 

Chapter Text

"How're you doing down there, Sergeant?" you question, chewing on your bottom lip at the sight of Hunter.

He groans, rolling his eyes despite you not being able to see his face. Hunter's told you to stop calling him that whenever you two are having sex, but it's hard to resist the urge, especially when he's bottoming. "Fine," Hunter grumbles from beneath you, his words muffled from his face being buried into the pillow.

Hunter's comfortably laying on his front, his cock pressed between his toned stomach and your mattress. His hands are bound behind his back with thick, vibrant red rope, and the same rope trails up his body to his hair, keeping it off his face in a messy ponytail. Hunter was exhausted when he reached your apartment, worn out from his mission, and the only words he said to you were "take care of me, please."

Well, you are taking care of him, you just wanted to ensure that he looks pretty in the process, and red really is his colour!

You slam your cock down particularly hard, feeling the tip hit his prostate, causing him to shudder beneath you. He's a groaning, whimpering mess, desperate for release, but held back from his bandana, tightly tied around the base of his cock. You two have been going for hours, your previous releases being pushed out of Hunter's ruined hole, spread over his cheeks and dripping down onto his swollen balls.

"You're making quite the mess," you coo, and overhear Hunter mutter "sorry," against the pillow. "Maybe I'll let you cum once you've cleaned up."

"I-If that's what you want, Sir," Hunter replies, his words shaking as you continue pounding into him.

You soon come to a halt, slowly slipping your cock from Hunter's ass, grinning to yourself as you spread his cheeks apart, admiring your work. "Pretty," you murmur, and land a firm slap across his cheek before working on Hunter's restraints, freeing him so he can begin cleaning up this mess.

"Thank you, Sir," Hunter sighs once he's free, panting heavily as he slowly picks himself up off the mattress, a few joints clicking from being bound for so long.

"It's alright, my good boy," you praise. "Now, get to work..." 

Chapter Text

"Tech, please, for the love of the stars, shut up," you frown, glaring up at Tech from being perched between his thighs.

"I'm sorry," he whimpers, grabbing fistfuls of the blanket, attempting to find any form of support to help stable himself.

"I haven't even put your dick in my mouth, and you're already screaming!"

"Again, I apologize, but I'm rather sensitive, and your hands alone are working wonders-"

"-Tech, sweetheart, it's fine," you cut his words short, else he'll babble on for hours, giving you every reason behind his loud moans. Maybe it wasn't the best idea to initiate this in your private quarters, as the Marauder's walls are paper thin; poor Hunter bunks next door to you, and he's bound to overhear Tech due to his heightened senses.

"-And if you can't keep the noise down, then I'll find a way to quieten you myself," you threaten, noticing how Tech's cheeks turn a deeper shade of red at your dominant words. He silently nods, and begins chewing his lip again when you slip his cock into your mouth, going at a slow and steady pace.

You could give this man the laziest blowjob in the world, and he'll still be a whining mess. Tech is biting at his knuckles, half-lidded eyes watching you through his tinted lenses; he manages to keep the noise down for all of twenty seconds, until the tip of his cock hits the back of your throat, and that causes him to cave in on himself.

Tech's moans turn into whimpers when you slide off his cock. You cast him a glare, and continue frowning as you climb off your bunk, rummaging around your room to find a solution to your problem. Tech doesn't mutter a word, knowing he's in for it now, watching nervously as you go "ah-hah!" and pull something from a set of draws.

Climbing back onto your bunk, you beckon Tech forward. He's obedient, loyal without a fault, and moves into your touch without knowing what's in store. "You need to learn how to restrain yourself, Tech," you instruct, slipping a ball gag between his lips, to which he accepts flawlessly. "And until then, this will help," you explain, fastening the gag as you talk.

You sit back, admiring the sight of your partner. He's still incredibly flustered, his cheeks are almost the same shade of red as the gag, as are his knuckles, tightly grasping onto the blankets. "Let's try again, shall we?" you softly ask, and Tech eagerly nods at your words. You plant a kiss on his gag, somewhat mocking his silence, before trailing kisses down his body, ready for your second attempt.

Chapter Text


  • As someone who's always happy to help, and deeply cares about you, Hunter is there for you before your cramps have already kicked in. Heightened senses and all that, you know?
  • He has a rough idea of how to help, but will appreciate any suggestions that you have.
  • Medicine is a must, and whilst you're taking it, Hunter prepares a hot water bottle for you.
  • He'll tuck you into bed, and if you ask, he'll stay. Hunter almost climbs straight into bed, but then remembers his armour, and makes quick work of removing it.
  • You don't need to ask for a cuddle, because Hunter's already wrapping his body around yours. His hands will roam as you curl against him, fingertips trailing over your skin, keeping his touches light and comforting.
  • "I've heard that stomach rubs can help. Do you... want one?" Hunter awkwardly asks.
  • Spooning is a great position for stomach rubs!
  • His hands will lightly rub your stomach as he chats with you about anything and everything, attempting to distract you from the pain, asking every so often how you're feeling.
  • You'll definitely fall asleep on him, Hunter is just so comforting! He stays in bed with you, eventually drifting off after planting a gentle kiss on your temple, smiling to himself when you sleepily smile at his small gesture.


  • This man was built to give out love and affection, and maybe punch through walls, but mostly to care for others.
  • So, the second he sees you in pain, he heads straight over to help.
  • Wrecker makes it his personal mission to help you out however he can, but he's not exactly sure how to...
  • He puts on his thinking face for a few seconds, and then decides to ask Tech for some medical advice. Tech hands him medicine, along with instructions on how to care for "a generally ill person, as I've never researched into cramps before."
  • Following Tech's advice, Wrecker urges you to take the medicine, and then begins caring for you to the best of his abilities.
  • He'll make you a pillow fort, or some form of den, depending if you're on the Marauder, in the Barracks, and so on. He only has so many pillows and blankets to work with, but it's cosy enough, with a holopad inside, waiting to play some of your favourite holoshows.
  • If you want, he'll let you curl up in his lap, or sprawl across his chest. "Whatever makes you the most comfortable!" he'll say with a nod.
  • Wrecker has his own secret stash of snacks, and he happily shares them with you, feeding you himself because "you need to rest," and for some reason, that means you're not allowed to move your arms.
  • Naps are one of Wreckers favourite past times, and he encourages you to have one after a few episodes of your holoshow. You're free to sleep wherever you like, and Wrecker is the perfect cuddling partner!


  • Tech doesn't notice that you're in pain at first, until you let out a heavy groan. He then finally catches on to how you're feeling.
  • "Unfortunately, I have never researched the pain that you're currently feeling, so you'll have to guide me on what I can do to help."
  • After listing to your demands, Tech decides that the first thing you need is some medicine. He orders you to get comfortable in bed whilst he finds something that will help, and he appears moments later with medicine and a hot drink.
  • Tech is tapping away at his holopad whilst you take your medicine, soon to put it down as he states that he's quickly researched a few things that can help.
  • He disappears, and reappears a few minutes later with a hot water bottle. Tech remains sat on the edge of your bed as you snuggle down into it, frozen like a deer in the headlights.
  • If you ask him to join you, then he'll look slightly shocked, but accepts and begins the lengthy process of peeling off his armour. The goggles, however, always stay on!
  • "My... research also indicates that c-cuddling and stomach rubs may help. Would you like them?" Tech awkwardly asks whilst lying back beside you.
  • Tech is understandably tense at first, but once his hand begins gently rubbing your stomach, and the other massages your scalp, then he begins to relax.
  • He'll talk about anything and everything; the deeper the conversation, the better. This is his attempt of distracting you from the pain, and for some reason, him telling you all about ion cannons really does help.
  • Tech's so deep in his rambling that he doesn't realize you've dozed off, cuddled up to him. He smiles to himself whilst peeling off his goggles, and finally enjoys a well-deserved nap.


  • Echo isn't too sure on what he should do. He's never been in a situation like this before, and he didn't exactly get trained on how to handle cramps whilst on Kamino.
  • He's going in blind, but he's also going to do everything in his power to help.
  • "Whenever I'm unwell, I take some medicine, grab some snacks, and put on a few of my favourite holoshows. Do you... want to do that?"
  • The second you nod in agreement, Echo begins walking off, making it his mission to retrieve medicine. He suddenly stops in his tracks, turns to you, and orders you to get into bed and wait for his return.
  • Echo doesn't take long, but his arms are full of things that he think will help: a wide array of snacks (that thankfully aren't ration bars,) some drinks, medicine, and a stack of DVD's.
  • He instructs you to take your medicine whilst he sets everything up. Echo puts a holoshow on, goes through the snacks that he's brought for you, fluffs up your pillows, tucks you into bed, and so on.
  • He's about to leave you to it until you ask him to stay, to which he freezes up whilst questioning, "you... want me to stay?"
  • With your permission, Echo snuggles down into bed with you. If you want to cuddle, then he'll hold you tenderly, ensuring that you're on his left side so his prosthetic doesn't accidentally jab you.
  • Echo's rather tense. He wanted to help out however he could, but he didn't think that you'd want him to stay! Give him some reassurance, and he'll be back to his usual self.
  • However, don't be surprised if he falls asleep on you. That poor man doesn't get much rest, nor does he ever get to relax in an actual bed. He's at peace, and you're so warm and comfortable, he can't help dozing off!


  • The first words that Crosshair asks are, "what can I do to help?"
  • He knows that some people have a set routine, or specific things that help ease them, so Crosshair wants to know what yours are.
  • He'll ensure that you're somewhere comfortable and quiet, and if you're stuck on the Marauder, then he'll shoo everyone into the cockpit, shut the door, and begin padding out one of the racks to use as a bunk.
  • Crosshair will order you to get cosy whilst he finds something to help; medicine, food, tea, whatever. Your comfort is currently his top priority, and it's a sniper habit of his to ensure that he reaches his target, which is easing your pain.
  • "Drink," is all Crosshair says as he hands you a hot drink and medicine. He stands there with his hands on his hips until you've taken it, studying your body language to see if the medicine has already begun taking effect.
  • If you ask, Crosshair will happily join you on the bunk. He'll strip himself of his armour, knowing how uncomfortable it is to cuddle, and lounge about with you.
  • Crosshair isn't much of a talker, but suddenly he wants to talk about anything and everything. He's doing whatever he can to distract you from the pain, and with him, the conversation usually ends up as a bitching session.
  • Now is the time to let off some steam; rant about anything and everything that's bothering you. Crosshair is going to encourage it, nodding and chuckling along, adding his thoughts and comments.
  • Before you know it, the pain has passed. Crosshair will shrug and say, "I don't want to get up. Pretend your pain is back."
  • You two will spend as long as you'd like cuddling and gossiping, maybe sharing some snacks, ignoring everyone who walks past to use the refresher.

Chapter Text

Tech had proposed the idea of teaching you a few basic repairs around the ship; fixing the control panel, hyperdrive, gravity functions, and so forth. They're apparently "minor" repairs, but that's coming from Tech's perspective. Your knowledge of technology is oh-so-slim, and no doubt, Tech is going to struggle to teach you. However, you're persistent, and so is Tech, and you're both willing to spend as long as it takes to teach you these 'basic' repairs.

"Do you not own any protective gear?" Tech questions, gesturing to your casual attire when you state that you're ready for your first lesson.

"What? No. I don't own many clothes," you shrug, not understanding the fuss Tech is making.

He hums, resting his hands on his hips as his left heel lightly bounces against the floor. "I suppose that for today's lesson, all you'll need is protective eye-wear. I have a spare pair of goggles that will be efficient, if that's fine with you?"

"Sure, i'll wear them!" you nod. For some reason, you're excited to see yourself with a pair of Tech's large goggles on. You've always found his style to be cute, and you've debated trying his goggles on before, but he's never taken them off whilst in your presence! He even sleeps with them on!

Tech returns moments later, handing you a spare pair. "You'll need to adjust them to your size," he gestures to the strap. You decide that it's best to put them on in the mirror, heading down the Marauder's hallway to use the refresher. The door is left open, considering you'll be in and out in no time, only the strap doesn't want to budge, so you defeatedly call out to Tech for help.

"This pair hasn't been used in a while," Tech begins explaining as he takes the goggles from you, fiddling with the adjusting strap. "That would explain why the strap has become rather stiff."

Tech uses his hidden strength to yank on the strap, tightening it slightly, enough to fit comfortably on your head. You pull the goggles on, smiling to yourself in the mirror through yellow tinted lenses. They're comically large on you, covering half of your face. However, you can't help but gush over the sight of yourself, looking rather adorable in Tech's goggles, grinning as you finish adjusting them.

"Cute!" you compliment yourself in the mirror

"Incredibly," Tech agrees without a second thought. His eyes instantly turn wide as the words slip from his mouth, his cheeks turning a vibrant shade of red, and he looks away when you gaze in his direction, in awe at Tech's accidental compliment. "L-let's get started, shall we?" Tech quickly attempts to divert the conversation.

As much as you want to press on the compliment, you don't want to rile Tech up, nor make him feel any more embarrassed than he already is. You agree to begin the lesson, still smiling to yourself at Tech's found confidence, and you continue smiling as you both get into position, lying on your backs on the cockpits floor, peering up at the array of wires dangling from beneath the control panel.

Tech's attempting to teach you the basics, but his words are coming out in jumbles, sputtering and stuttering every so often. He's incredibly tense, fully-aware of your shoulder press against his, your head slightly leaning on him as you tilt your head to watch what he's doing, your knees accidentally bumping his whenever you change your posture.

This is going to be a long lesson, the first of many...

Chapter Text

Coming home to the sight of Crosshair lounging about on your couch is a welcoming one, rare, but extremely welcoming. He's had your spare apartment key for months, and even created a small compartment in his armour to keep your key safe, considering he usually comes straight to see you after missions.

However, your suspicion grows when Crosshair scrambles up from your couch to greet you, gawking over how much he missed you, smothering you in kisses, purposely being annoying and overbearing so that you have to push him off, giggling at his new-found neediness. Crosshair informs you that you have a gift waiting on your bed, and instructs you to get ready so that he can take you out somewhere.

Hmmm. He's a strange man, a quiet and sneaky sniper who often keeps within his own company. It took some time for his personality to start coming out to you, and you found that under his outwards layer of cynicism, he's incredibly needy, smug, playfully cocky, and affectionate in his own, personalized ways.

The said gift on your bed is a flashy new outfit, and as always, Crosshair has your style down to a tee. It doesn't take long for him to get ready; he props himself up against your bedroom door frame, arms crossed, toothpick between his lips. He's wearing a crisp burgundy shirt, the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, paired with black pants and leather suspenders, strapped over his toned shoulders.

Obviously, your mouth is watering at the sight, and little do you know that Crosshairs teasing has only just begun.

He spends the entire night finding ways to playfully rile you up: his hand is always around your waist, or trailing up your thigh, getting dangerously close to your crotch. Crosshair is whispering the most sinfully delicious things in your ears, telling you in detail about how he's going to ravish you later, how he'll have you screaming so loud that your neighbours will file a noise complaint, and so on.

"The outfit wasn't the only thing that I brought for you," Crosshair whispers whilst swirling the whiskey around in his glass. "Yes, you look breathtaking in it, but you'll look even better tied up in the burgundy silk that I've brought. Would you like that, cyar'ika? To be bound and in my control?"

Your skin turns as red as the silk he's described, and suddenly you're incredibly dehydrated, chugging your drink and dragging Crosshair to the bar to purchase another one, or ten, with Crosshair chuckling as he follows you.

And Crosshair is right, you do look even better tied up for him, the burgundy silk decorated elegantly over your body. Crosshair's made you wait all evening for this, dragging his teasing out, smirking whenever you turn flustered. However, just because you're in the bedroom, that doesn't mean that you'll receive anything just yet.

This is Crosshair, after all, and the man takes pride in his work. He spends what feels like hours taking his time with you, kissing all over your body, working you open painfully slowly, and starting from square one whenever you complain. You're almost in tears when he finally slips his cock into you, but still, he's dragging things out even more.

Crosshair's thrusts don't start at first. He locks his eyes onto yours, hovering over you, his cock fully sheathed and twitching deliciously. "Beg for it," Crosshair orders, and you think you're about to burst from sexual frustration.

Once Crosshair has decided that you've begged enough, he'll plant a delicate kiss on your lips to shut you up, and instantly begins thrusting hard into you the second the kiss breaks. Crosshair will make everything up to you, you'll find that the wait was worth it, as he has you climaxing over and over, again and again, eventually freeing you from your restraints with the order, "dig your nails into me, mesh'la. I need to feel you on me for weeks on end."

You almost pass out from exhaustion when things are finally over, content with sleeping in the messy puddle on your bed. You'll clean it in the morning, along with yourself and Crosshair, but for now, you just need to be held and drift off in his arms, but not before asking "what's got into you?"

Crosshair understands what you mean. He's not always like this - he's always one to tease, but not to this extent. "I was just showing my appreciation, that's all," he replies with a chuckle, placing a kiss on your damp forehead before popping a toothpick between his lips, content with todays turn of events, and the sensation of you in his arms.

Chapter Text


  • Hunter is instantly drawn to you the second he first meets you.
  • Surprisingly, he stutters and stumbles over his words whilst introducing himself, earning a sea of confused expressions from the Batch, and a flirtatious grin from you.
  • It doesn't take long for Hunter to bring up your style, and he confesses that he finds the look "sexy and alluring."
  • He has a weakness for dark red lipstick, especially when it's slightly smudged after a heated make out session. He'll ask you to leave lipstick marks along his neck whenever you're in public, as a subtle way of showing that you're already taken for.
  • Hunter loves clothes shopping with you, but you two always seem to end up in the lingerie store. Hmm, could that possibly be because he has a thing for lacy lingerie? Or corsets paired with fishnet stockings?
  • One of Hunters favourite intimate acts is undressing you. There's often a lot of layers to your outfits, and he has fun slowly peeling away each layer, stripping you down to the gorgeous lingerie that Hunter has no-doubt brought you.
  • He always removes your stockings with his teeth. He has to, it's his thing.
  • Hunter loses his mind whenever you wear red and black. Those are 'his' colours (and the Batch's,) so seeing you incorporate them into your outfits turns him into mush.
  • Needless to say, he's extremely supportive, and loves showing you off.
  • He gets extremely smug whenever he notices the disappointed expression of a stranger from across the bar, as Hunter weaves his hand around your waist, you accepting his gesture with a kiss.


  • Wrecker is so head-over-heels for you, it's silly!!
  • He adores you so much, regardless of how you dress/choose to present yourself. However, Wrecker always encourages you to be yourself, and all that mushy stuff!
  • His favourite compliment is calling you "HOT!" because you are, and he needs to ensure that you know it.
  • Wrecker has a thing for seeing you in tight clothing, skimpy or not. His mouth is always watering at the sight of you, but there's something deliciously playful about seeing you clothed, but still in a sexy manner.
  • He makes sure you know which outfits are his favourite, which seems to be every single outfit. However, you can tell which ones his true favourites are, and he becomes putty whenever you wear them, especially if you tell him that you put this outfit on for him.
  • Wrecker enjoys spending every single second with you, but one of his favourite moments is having you sitting in his lap whilst you apply your makeup. He'll sit cross-legged on the floor, your body settled in his lap, and will watch curiously as you get to it!
  • Lingerie is a favourite of his, especially if it's lacy. He adores lacy sets with flowers on them, and always calls you "pretty (and HOT!)" whenever he sees you in them.
  • Black knee/thigh high socks are another favourite of his, paired with one of his oversized t-shirts. Wrecker sobs whenever he sees you in that outfit.
  • Wrecker will take up any and every opportunity to ensure that everybody knows you're his girl. He used to pick fights with anybody who looked eagerly at you, but after a tender chat, he now resorts to looping his arm around your waist, and asking you to leave a few kisses over his cheeks.
  • You always sleep in Wreckers oversized shirts. However, recently you've noticed that his shirts are slowly becoming more 'your style', with skull patterns, and other generic goth prints.
  • He states that your style is rubbing off on him, which is somewhat true, but Wrecker actually wants you feeling comfortable in his clothes, so he's brought a few t-shirts just so you can wear them and still look 'the part.'


  • There are few things that cause Tech's brain to malfunction, and goth girls are at the top of the list.
  • Tech hides his feelings well, but the Batch can sense that he's melting beneath his armour, and make it their mission to find out if he's soft on you.
  • After relentless teasing, and noticing how bright red Tech becomes before storming away from the conversation, they decide that he does have a crush on you, and nudge you two together over time.
  • Poor Tech is oh-so-flustered. You two are so different, and he's in constant denial that you're actually into him. It's going to take a lot of kisses and reassuring words to shoo those negative thoughts away.
  • You've peered over Tech's shoulder many times to see his nose buried in his holopad, researching anything and everything to do with 'goth': architecture, clothing, movements, and so on.
  • It takes Tech months to realize that you just want to dress this way, and that there's no deeper meaning behind it. It takes months... and an awkward encounter where you notice smudged marks around Tech's eyes. Days later, he reveals that he tried your eyeliner on during one of his research binges, and failed to fully remove it.
  • Tech has been teased relentlessly by his brothers for having your lipstick marks on his neck/cheeks. He rarely ever looks in the mirror, so how is he meant to know that half of his face is covered in kissy marks from when you were smothering him earlier?
  • He's extremely smug whenever you two go out together. Tech knows he's as lucky as a loth-cat for being the guy that gets to date you, and has no problem with public displays of affection, simply because it shows that you're clearly off limits.
  • Sometimes, Tech zones out from his work to watch you do your makeup. If you want him to stop staring, then just ask if he's eager to try it on. That always forces him to look away, hiding his flustered cheeks!
  • Out of curiosity, you once tried on one of Tech's t-shirts, paired with fishnets. Poor Tech had to excuse himself seconds later, and it took him months to confess that the sight of you alone caused him to cum.


  • This is Crosshair that we're talking about, of course he's going to be smug as fuck about dating you! Crosshair was designed to have a goth gf in his arms!!
  • He finds everything about the style hot and sexy, and is regularly hyping you up. Worried that your outfit doesn't match? Crosshair will shrug off your doubt by saying, "it doesn't matter what you go out in. Those clothes will end up on my bedroom floor in a few hours anyway."
  • You're pretty certain that he teared up the first time he saw you in lingerie.
  • He's a sucker for fishnets, and adores the act of undressing you, layer by layer, finishing with slowly peeling your fishnets off, or ripping a hole in the crotch and fucking you with them on!
  • Crosshair is also a sucker for black lipstick. It's a pain to remove, but he's always smirking to himself as he wipes off the marks along his neck, trailing down his body, finishing around his cock.
  • He's always happy to come shopping with you, and is brutally honest about the items you pick out. Although, if you like it, then he likes it, but if you're uncertain, then he'll give his honest opinion.
  • Crosshair finds fastening your choker for you to be a very intimate act, and refuses to have you put your chokers on yourself. He needs to be behind you, clasping it around your neck, followed by kissing the surrounding skin, leaving a few fresh hickeys here and there.
  • Your style will definitely influence Crosshairs. He's secretly a sap for matching/similar outfits, such as wearing the same pair of fingerless gloves, or wearing similar knee-high boots.
  • Of course, no matter your style, Crosshair is going to flaunt you at any given opportunity. However, he's noticed the way strangers double-glance at you, curious about you, and he's always there with his arm tightly around your waist, showing everybody that you're off-limits for good.
  • If you wear anything latex/pvc then he will die. That's it, game over. Crosshair has gone to horny hell.


  • No matter how you choose to present yourself, Echo is always extremely supportive.
  • However, he has a soft spot for goths, or any alternative style really.
  • He's extremely flustered when he first meets you; he can't maintain eye contact, avoids you at all costs, keeps his replies short, etc.
  • His nerves take over, and both yourself, and the rest of the Batch realize why Echo is acting this way. He has a crush on you!!!
  • You'll have to make all the moves, and once Echo finally realizes that you like him back, his confidence begins to grow, and he slowly comes onto you.
  • Echo's love language is gift giving, and he's surprisingly spot-on with the gifts that he gives you. They always match your style; crystal necklaces, pretty rings, chokers, and so forth.
  • Echo's always gawking whenever he sees you in the things that he's brought! He compliments your attention to detail, and how you weave his gifts into specific outfits. It makes him feel so warm and fuzzy inside!
  • Speaking of style, Echo's favourite outfit on you is actually your sleeping attire. He loves seeing the side of you that only he gets to see; makeup-less, messy hair, groggy, usually wearing one of his oversized t-shirts.
  • Sometimes, Echo likes to sit nearby and watch you do your makeup. He finds it interesting, and has attempted to do your makeup for you on the odd occasion. He's not the best at eye makeup, but he has mastered the art of lipstick!
  • Overall: Echo is completely and utterly weak for you in any and every style, but he'll always have a soft spot for goths. He's extremely proud to be dating you, and loves flaunting you at any given opportunity!

Chapter Text

Tech will proudly gloat at his own work, because he knows he's good, and he needs to vocalize that to ensure that everybody knows he's the smartest man in the room. And right now? he's gloating. Of course, he's gloating. You're absolutely drenched, shaking and groaning, forehead pressed against Tech's thigh as he holds you firmly on top of him.

"Absolutely delicious," Tech moans against your folds. "You're drenched, cyar'ika, and that's all thanks to me."

"You're so smug," you grumble. You feel Tech chuckle against you, the vibration of his voice running up your spine. He playfully nips at your clit, distracting you as a third finger is slipped in, sliding in with ease due to your slickness.

"Can you blame me?" Tech shrugs, then wraps his lips around your clit and begins to suck, pumping three fingers into you at the same time. You're so full, and the sensation tips you into another climax, whimpering heavily, attempting to muffle your moans by burying your face into Tech's thigh.

"Shh," Tech coos. No doubt, the other Batchers have overheard you by now, but you can still attempt to keep the noise down. They're unlikely to investigate the sound, especially since Tech gave them a strict order to not enter the cockpit, using the excuse, "your presence will distract my work, and I have nimble, specific repairs to attend to."

"My love, you need to keep the noise down," Tech coos. His fingers slow down, and kisses are placed on your inner thigh, letting you recollect yourself before he continues. "How about you finally undress me, and silence yourself by wrapping those pretty lips around my cock, hm?" Tech suggests, and chuckles when you shudder at his words.

"Yes, Sir," you nod, and slowly force yourself up onto your trembling knees, using weak hands to begin freeing Tech's cock from beneath his armour.

"Good girl," he smirks. "Anyway, back to business..." 

Chapter Text


  • Dumb bitch.
  • Honestly, Hunter never smokes, so when he does, he has no idea how much he should smoke, and always over does it.
  • He's one of those people who begins with taking two drags, complains that he doesn't feel anything instantly, and then gulps down the entire joint.
  • Poor man must forget he has heightened senses, because when the high hits, it hits hard.
  • Hunter is absolutely off his tits - in another dimension - but he's stable enough to somewhat speak, and the conversations never seem to make sense.
  • One second you're talking about what his life was like before the batch, and then he's telling you the tragic tale on how he found out he's allergic to meiloorun's.
  • He's a disaster when he's high, so tuck him into bed, and join him, just to ensure he doesn't whitey.
  • He will tightly cling onto you, nestling his head in the curve of your neck. Hunter needs physical contact right now, and for you to listen to his incoherent babbling.
  • Somehow, Crosshair always seems to drop by whenever Hunter's high, just so he can laugh at the absolute state his Sergeant is currently in.
  • Please play with this man's hair. The tingly scalp sensation feels godly, and Hunter completely melts whenever you do it. He'll become unresponsive, but that's because he's experiencing so much relaxing pleasure.
  • Hunter will manage to stay awake for an hour or two at most, and then he needs to fall asleep on you. Hold him as he naps, and don't be surprised when he begins sleep talking.


  • Munchies mayhem.
  • Wreckers stomach is an endless void, and his snacking seems to never end!
  • Wrecker prefers to smoke from bongs because rolling is a fiddly and tedious task, not designed for men with large hands, like Wrecker.
  • Also, bongs make funny bubbly sounds, and he loves that.
  • He wants to show you all his favourite and weird food combinations. Surprisingly, a lot of his combinations go together, and that makes you question how many weird combinations he's tried in the past to find these perfect ones.
  • He somehow has the energy to cook whilst stoned. He'll happily cook a three-course meal if you ask, and he has a fun time whilst doing so!
  • Wrecker will tell you to put some music on whilst he makes a shit tonne of food, and will then cosy up on the couch with you, munching away together, sharing comments and laughs when you pull up something awful to watch.
  • He always asks for a cuddle, and you can take his advance romantically, or platonically. Despite being a large, toned guy, his body is extremely soft and snugly, and he makes the perfect cuddle partner!
  • Wrecker is happy as long as you're happy, and he's content with however you want the night to go. (aka. if you wanna fuck, then he's down to fuck, but its cool if not.)
  • The night always ends up with you two napping together, conked out on the couch, the TV quietly playing in the background.


  • Does not shut up.
  • It's a good thing. Tech has a burst of energy and wants to show you anything and everything that piques his interest.
  • He'll go through all his favourite things: TV, films, music, games, hobbies, etc. But you'll have a hard time butting in to show him yours; he attempts to show interest, but his mind is in over drive, and "oh! you reminded me of this specific thing. here, let me show you!"
  • Tech isn't one to smoke regularly, and it surprises even himself on how much energy he suddenly seems to have. He's not quite hyperactive, but much bouncier and bubblier than normal.
  • He will somehow end up using your stomach as a pillow. You don't even realize he's lying on you, nattering away, until your hand instinctively begins stroking through his hair.
  • Tech doesn't mind. If anything, he wants you to play with his hair. He craves such comfort and slight intimacy, but he never has the nerve nor confidence to say it. After all, why would anybody play with his hair? (he has a lot of self doubts!)
  • His eyes will fall shut, but his mouth continues moving. Tech has never felt so calm and content before, and the sensation of his tingling scalp is slowly stirring him off to sleep.
  • Eventually, his words become incoherent babbles, until his body finally drifts off. Even then, Tech sleep talks, but it's not loud enough to wake you as you relax, Tech still leaning on your stomach.


  • His true colours will shine through!
  • Crosshair doesn't just smoke with anybody; he needs to be close to you, either romantically, or platonically. If you're a stranger, or an acquaintance, then he may share a drag here and there, but never an entire joint.
  • He rolls the most beautiful, perfect joints, and it’s all thanks to experience; sometimes, he attempts a cross joint, or a rose joint, depending on how bothered he is.
  • His personally really comes out. He's still his usual dry and sarcastic self, but he's bubblier, obviously flirtatious, and laughs with ease. It's as if his mental barrier has been broken down, and that's not something that he allows just anybody to see.
  • Speaking of being flirtatious, Crosshair will make a move on you. If you reject him, then he eases off, no problem! But if you accept him, then he'll enjoy a cuddle with you, or more, depending on yourself.
  • Crosshair is one of those stoned cuddlers who can't keep their hands still. He has to squeeze you every so often, as if to confirm that you're still there, whilst his hands fiddle and fidget with everything he can grasp.
  • His hands mostly stroke along your back and forearms, kneading at the fabric of your shirt before his hands find a way to slip beneath it. Crosshair enjoys skin contact, even if it's just his fingertips lightly running along your spine.
  • If you show no signs of discomfort, then he'll run his hands lower to begin playing with your ass. His boner is painfully hard against your stomach, and it only seems to worsen as he grips and kneads at your ass, engulfed in how pleasurable you already feel.
  • He's waiting for your consent, and you'll need to give it by making the next move.


  • Deep talk time!
  • Now is the time for both of you to get anything and everything off your chest.
  • Echo will talk about his biggest fears, self-doubts, insecurities, and so on. Yes, the conversation could be considered negative, but it's a fantastic outlet to blow off some steam, whilst helping lift each other up.
  • He will definitely want to cuddle, especially whilst talking about negative things, but he's too shy to ask!
  • You'll need to make the first move, and Echo will consider your move to be only platonic, because in his mind, who the kriff would be romantically interested in him?!
  • If you want, you can lead things on from here, and show him just how wrong his self doubts are. However, Echo is fine keeping things platonic!
  • Echo will ensure that you cuddle up to his left side, as he doesn't want his prosthetic jabbing you. He'll convince himself that he's uncomfortable to cuddle, and will apologize over and over for being the 'worst cuddle partner ever.'
  • Please reassure this poor man that he's fantastic in every single way.
  • Don't be surprised if he tears up at your kind words; he's not felt such kindness in a long time, and can't hold back the tears pooling in his eyes.
  • Stay with him whilst he sleeps. Hold him tight, and he'll hold you tight in return.
  • He'll apologize for his behaviour the next day, and attempts to ramble on about how he shouldn't use you as a punching bag, how it was the drugs talking, how he didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable, and so on.
  • You will have to interrupt his rambling to reassure him that everything's fine, and that you enjoyed your time together. Echo might not believe you, but he always appreciates reassurance.

Chapter Text

  • Multiple rounds later, you fall back onto the bed, panting and wiping the thin layer of sweat from your forehead. You're sore, and you know you're going to be sore for days to come, but you weren't expecting to be in this much pain.
  • The pain sets in even more once you've slept, awakening to stiff joints, and a snoozing Crosshair beside you.
  • Just when you think things couldn't get any worse, the pain gets heavier as you slowly get up, walking with a limp to the kitchen, groaning as you attempt to scavenge some form of breakfast.
  • Crosshair has fucked the soul out of you, and it's your turn to spoil him with a hot meal, and a cup of caf on the side, exactly how he likes it.
  • You can overhear Crosshair chuckling from the bedroom, exiting moments later with that smug, cocky smile plastered across his face.
  • "What's so funny?" you grumble, locking eyes with him.
  • Crosshair pulls the strings on his sweatpants, tightening them around his hips, noticing how your eyes flick over his bare torso. "Sounds like someone's a little sore," Crosshair chuckles as he stands behind you, slipping his arms around your waist, his head resting on your shoulder.
  • "And who's fault would that be?" you question as you quirk a brow, peering at him in the corner of your eye.
  • Crosshair chuckles as he replies, "mine," followed by planting a soft kiss on your shoulder. "Are you alright? If you're in pain, then I-"
  • "-I'm fine, honestly," you cut his words short.
  • Crosshair rolls his eyes; you're just as stubborn as he is.
  • His hands move from your waist, his palms pressing on the back of your hands, and he takes over cooking, using you like a puppet.
  • You playfully attempt to push him off, but he's not having it. Crosshair has the audacity to instruct you whilst he continues cooking, "-you need to flip the pancake now, mesh'la. Don't make such a mess-"
  • Playful laughter fills the air as both of you finish cooking breakfast, the sounds fading into silence once your favourite holoshow is put on.
  • Breakfast is scoffed down, and Crosshair insists on giving you a massage in an attempt to ease your pain, and make up for his brutal pace.
  • He pulls you back into bed, and knows exactly what he's doing as he kneads as your ass and thighs, working at the muscles, untying knots, and so forth.
  • Crosshair's gentle touches soon lull you back to sleep. You deserve a lazy nap, despite waking up almost an hour ago. It's your day off, so why not enjoy it?
  • As he removes himself from you, lying back on his pillow, he can't help but grin at the knowledge that he fucked you so good that you're struggling to walk. He's a smug, cocky bastard, but he deserves to be one.
  • Despite climaxing so much last night, Crosshair's cock stiffens up again, eager for one last release. He frees himself from his sweatpants, lazily stroking himself at first, wincing at his own soreness.
  • Overstimulation doesn't seem to be an issue. Crosshair's mind repeats everything that happened last night; how good you looked beneath him, how you were almost in tears from climaxing so hard, how sweet and sinful his name sounded coming from your lips.
  • He orgasms with a soft grunt, his release covering parts of his chest and stomach, the final drops trailing over his knuckles.
  • After cleaning himself up, he curls up against you, sneaking his arm beneath your head as he pulls you into a spooning position.
  • Gentle kisses are placed along your shoulder before Crosshair lets his eyes fall shut, content and still smug, eventually drifting off to sleep with you in his arms.

Chapter Text

This pair know exactly what they're doing. You've been the centre of their attention all night; you've been brought any drinks you want, switched between sitting on their laps, had their lingering touches all over you. At first, you assumed they were ensuring that you were seen as 'taken' in the eyes of the other clones, since 79's is busier than usual tonight. However, you're now on the dance floor with them, tucked away in the darkness with neon lights glowing overhead; Crosshair is pinned up behind you, a firm grip on your hips, whilst Hunter stands in front, trailing his thumb over your bottom lip before cupping your jawline.

"Couldn't take your pick, huh?" Hunter questions, just loud enough so that he can be heard over the music. He's not quite shouting, but his tone of voice is still alluring, thrilling, exciting.

You shake your head, not realizing that you had to choose. Your bottom lip slips into a pout, and Crosshair chuckles from behind as he notices your sulked expression. "Maybe you don't have to," Crosshair whispers against your ear, tightening his grip on your hips when you shudder at his words.

Your eyes flick from Hunters, peering behind to look at Crosshair; he has a lustful grin, his expression matching Hunters, and when you turn back to face the Sergeant, he's taken a step closer, pinning you between both of them.

"Do you really think you can handle both of us?" Hunter asks, his thumb brushing back and forth over your cheekbone as he speaks. You suck in a sharp wave of air, almost forgetting how to breathe at the thought of being spoilt by both of these men at once. One of them is more than enough, more than enough to pleasure you, to keep you up all night, to leave you aching the next day, wanting more; but two? Bless the Maker, this is a real treat, and you're ready to be spoilt.

Eagerly, you nod, and as your nodding stops, Crosshair ducks down to place a kiss behind your ear, trailing his kisses down your neck. "Are you sure, sweet thing?" Hunter questions again, either because he's eager for your certain consent, or he wants to hear you beg - maybe both?

"Please," you whimper. Hunter dips his head down to lean into you, only he stops, ghosting his lips milometers away from yours. His eyes are half-lidded, hazy and hungry, and they remain fixated on yours as he orders, "I think it's time we got you into a taxi then, huh?"

Chapter Text

"Keep staring, and I'll give you a reason not to look away," Crosshair remarks through gritted teeth, flicking his toothpick at you in order to catch your full attention.

"Huh?" you snap out of your daze, shaking your head slightly. Crosshair's words run through your mind, taking you a few moments to realize what he just said. "Oh," you sigh, and forcefully meet Crosshair's antagonizing gaze. "Sorry," is all you reply, before attempting to turn heel and walk away, only for him to reach out and grab you by the arm.

You're yanked back into position, your toes almost touching Crosshair's as you're forced to face him. He glares down at you, and you're certain that he's about to cuss you out for gorming at him all the time - it's not your fault, he's interesting! and hot! - but his glare turns into a smirk, and Crosshair raises a brow as he speaks up again. "Fascinated in me, are we?" he questions, a flirtatious tone to his voice.

"I-I uh... I was erm-" you stutter, nervously looking away.

"I've been observing you, just as you've been observing me. It seems that whenever I slip a toothpick between my lips, you can't look away," Crosshair states. As he talks, he takes a minor step forwards, bridging the gap between your bodies. His chest is pressed to yours, and his eyes remain fixated on your expression; smugness continues creeping across his face as he notices how red your cheeks are turning, flustered from his few words.

Crosshair moves two fingers up to cup your chin, gently tilting your head in his direction. There's no looking away now, keeping you locked onto his gaze as he continues talking. "Is that what's caught your eye, girl? My mouth?" he questions, his grin growing when you take a while to reply.

"S-sure," you stutter. "I mean, not just your mouth," you shrug. You were meant to gesture to Crosshair entirely, curious about all of him, but he takes your words another way.

"Oh?" Crosshair raises a brow. "How about I give you a reason to stare, huh? How about I show you just how skilled I am with my mouth alone? Maybe then you'll have a reason to be so hooked on me?"

You tense up at his words, almost letting out a choked cough at the thought of being pinned under Crosshair's grasp. It takes you a while, but when you nod, it's firm and eager, and Crosshair chuckles at your neediness. "Name a time and place, doll. Then I'll give you a reason to be fascinated."

And just like that, he's gone, walking down the Marauder and re-entering the cockpit. You're left at the back of the ship, trembling as lust takes over your body. Thank the Maker that everybody else is up front, or else they'd certainly notice the wet patch forming between your legs, and how much you struggle as you begin walking to the refresher, desperate to let off some steam before you land. 

Chapter Text

  • Tech is always on his holopad because he’s actually busy playing Neko Atsume and maintaining his kitty farm.
  • Hunter is a beast at fruit ninja and plays it when he’s not on dad duties.
  • Echo’s prosthetics are magnetic and he often gets magnets stuck on them without realizing.
  • Omega often braids Hunters hair, and he forgets about it, then goes about his day looking stupid.
  • Crosshair cries on the regular because “E-girls are ruining my life!!”
  • Echo spent his life insurance money (after he was blown up) on designer gear. My man has the Guicci prosthetics and Versace headpiece. Mans is goated.
  • Echo is also waiting to turn Omega into a hypebeast.
  • Omega plays Fortnite, sometimes with Wrecker.
  • Tech used to be an iPad kid, and passed his rights down to Omega when she joined the Batch.
  • Wrecker only owns an iPad because his hands are too big for a phone.
  • Tech has a neon PC set-up and uses it to stream Minecraft. He dropped 600 credits on a swanky gaming chair, and blares lo-fi out his speakers 24/7.
  • Tech also does unboxing videos, and tried to do an Echo unboxing video when he was new to the Batch. Crosshair flagged his Echo unboxing video, and it was taken down because he’s a little shit.
  • Crosshair likes to sit in the background of Tech’s streams eating sandwiches because his sexy ass gets his bro more views/donations. The comments section is full of thirst, and it goes right to Crosshair’s head.
  • The entire Batch has light up sneakers which they can’t turn off, so they’re always fucked during stealth missions.
  • Omega used to own sneakers that squeaked as she walked, but Hunter threw them out after a day because they were so annoying.
  • Tech had to be kept on a leash as a child because he would run off to inspect everything.
  • Crosshair loves pickles.
  • Omega eats mayo straight out of the jar for dessert.
  • Tech is a hypochondriac who googles his symptoms. He thinks hes dying of an incurable disease every single day.
  • Omega and Echo own tamagotchis.
  • Wrecker kins Knuckles from the Sonic universe.
  • Wrecker sometimes accidentally sits on his brothers because he doesn't see them already sat there. Echo has been crushed multiple times.
  • Crosshair loves ligma/sugma jokes. Wrecker constantly falls for them, and Echo is the only person who Crosshair hasn't caught.

Chapter Text


  • He's more than happy for you to take the lead. If anything, he encourages it.
  • Hunter is always in charge, seeing as he's the Sergeant and all. That mindset often follows through to the bedroom, but when you wag your finger and instruct him that you're in charge tonight, he instantly submits.
  • In some ways, this is Hunter's time off, a moment to breathe and relax, even if you're turning him into a whimpering mess.
  • He's a laid back guy who enjoys most sexual acts; guidelines and safe words are always spoken about before you two begin, and the second it begins, he instantly snaps into a submissive mindset.
  • Hunter feeds on praise, gentle touches, stimulation - anything giving. You can deprive and tease him every so often, but don't make a habit of it. The poor man needs somebody to care for him, not somebody to punish him.
  • Thanks to his heightened senses, he's incredibly sensitive, and it's going to take a while to find that perfect balance. You can always use this to your advantage though...
  • Hunter will lose his mind if you tie him up, sit opposite him, and get yourself off whilst declining his pleads to touch you. He can feel how fast your heart is beating in your chest, the lingering scent of your heat, even the faint taste of you dancing on his tongue. He needs you so badly, but you're in control, so it's up to you how long you drag this out for.
  • Orgasm denial is a 50/50 topic for him. You're allowed to deny him here and there, but don't go overboard. He needs his release; he's always pent-up, and this moments alone with you are rare. He wants to enjoy them!
  • Despite being submissive, Hunter still has a dominant glow to him. He'll go down on you, mouth occupied with the task at hand, but he has that look in his eyes as he locks his focus onto you. It's in his natural persona to at least have one hand on the reigns, even if it's subconscious and not intentional.
  • Please spoil him during after care. Give him a massage, clean him up, run your fingers through his hair as you praise him over and over. He needs it.



  • The goodest boy to ever grace this earth.
  • Despite his large and intimidating size, Wrecker is a switch, and he enjoys a 50/50 balance throughout his sex life.
  • He knows damn well how to play both parts, and always make a show of it.
  • Wrecker is far from bratty - he would never dream of being bratty! He wants to be your good boy, and he's going to be the most obedient, submissive, goodest boy to ever grace the galaxy.
  • Wrecker has few limits, but for the more extreme things, he needs a heads-up. This can be anything from casually letting him know what you'd like to do later, to making a game of it and riling him up throughout the day.
  • Pull him into a quiet corner, look him dead in the eyes as you place your hands on his chest, and maintain eye contact as you begin going into detail on what you want to do later.
  • The others know you two are discussing certain things, all thanks to Wrecker's gasps and whimpers. He attempts to keep the noise down, but you're making it so hard for him!
  • He's the king of praise, and needs to be gifted compliments every few minutes. Tell him over and over about how good his tongue feels, how much his cock stretches you, how perfect he's fucking you, and so forth.
  • Wrecker has no problem begging, he has no snooty attitude that gets in the way. If he's desperate for something, then he'll beg over and over, practically nagging your ear off!
  • It's impossible for Wrecker to be quiet, even if he's gagged, so most of your intense sexual acts take place in hotels. Even then, you've had noise complaints, but hotels were designed for this kinda stuff - right?
  • After care is one of his favourite moments, and he snaps out of his submissive stage the second the sex is over. He wants after care to be a mutual thing, even if you've really worn him out. He's going to clean you up, just as you're cleaning him up, and he won't take your protests for an answer!



  • Echo's always been a switch, both before and after Skako Minor.
  • Before, he was always extremely down to be submissive, sometimes more than he is dominant. But after Skako Minor, he almost always needs to be dominant.
  • He's lost a lot, both mentally and physically, and sex is one of the few times when he can truly be in control.
  • However, there are days when Echo is so exhausted, needy, overwhelmed, desperate, etc. Those are the days when he's more than happy to submit to you, because he needs someone to take the ropes, someone to remind him how fantastic and beautiful he is, someone to praise him over and over until he's practically in tears.
  • If you haven't already guessed it, Echo needs a gentle, kind, and considerate dom. He enjoys being 'whatever you need' when the roles are reversed, but when it's his time to be on his knees, he needs nothing but pure love and affection.
  • Edging is an act that Echo really enjoys; it's one of the few things that truly makes him feel alive, having his body feel oh-so-desperate for release. He doesn't care if he becomes a sobbing, whimpering mess - if anything, that's all the better!
  • But during his edging journey, you need to be reminding him often on what a good job he's doing, how he's your good boy, how strong and resilient he is, how he's perfect in every single way.
  • And the second you allow him to cum, he's thanking you, over and over until you silence him with a kiss. He's not just thanking you for allowing him to climax, but for everything - for being there for him, for making him feel alive, for your support, kindness, consideration. Literally everything.
  • After care is just as intense, and Echo is exhausted when the sex is over. He always softly protests, telling you that you don't need to clean him up, that he can do it himself, but he makes no physical effort to get away from your gentle touches.
  • Honestly, he loves having somebody caring for him, but the voice in the back of his head scolds him for it. Continue cleaning him up, pull him into your arms, let his head rest against your chest, and plant kisses on him as he drifts off to sleep.
  • That's all he needs. That's all Echo's ever needed - somebody to care for him.



  • Are you really surprised that Tech has a locked-away, deep and endless knowledge of sexual activities? He has minor experience with sex in general, but he's dived deep into the adult side of the holonet, both out of curiosity, and arousal.
  • So, when you inform Tech that you want to take the lead, he begins questioning everything that you have planned for him.
  • Tech needs an in-depth discussion before you two begin. He wants to know your limits, favourites, pros and cons. He wants to ensure that boundaries are set, and safe words are agreed on. Even if you're not doing anything too extreme, Tech wants to ensure that both of you are safe.
  • Don't be surprised if Tech pulls out a list of sexual activities that he'd like to try, marked from highest to lowest priority. His living space may be a mess, but his holopad is laid out flawlessly.
  • It takes a couple of sessions to 'break him in.' He often snaps out of character, wanting to ask questions, suggest future ideas, and so forth. He can't help it, his mind is always in overdrive!
  • At first, you need to follow his lead and reassure him when needed. But when he's still blabbering on after a few sessions, that's when you pull the ball gag out and inform him that he needs to keep his mouth under control, or else he won't be allowed to cum later.
  • Tech's submissive mindset finally sets in, and oh boy, he is the whiniest, loudest, most sensitive man you'll ever meet. The slightest touch has his mind spinning, and if you think that's bad, just you wait until you begin denying and edging him.
  • Tech will try almost anything once, and he'll know almost instantly if he's enjoying it or not. But out of everything, he adores being gagged and tied up, edged and denied over and over, all whilst you're telling him about what a good, smart boy he is.
  • Seriously, rile him up by going into depth about how much you adore his exceptional mind. He'll lose it. That's his weakness!
  • After care is a mutual activity. You'll be telling him about how good he was, and he'll be thanking you for treating him so well. Tech almost always ends up falling asleep in your arms after, and he'll fall asleep even quicker if you play with his hair.



  • Oh boy.
  • You're going to need to be extremely patient, firm, and dominant when it comes to having Crosshair submit to you. He's the brattiest brat you'll ever meet, but it's worth the time and effort when you finally 'break him in.'
  • He needs to be close to you in order to truly submit, really close. Crosshair's truly submissive side reveals that he's a whiny mess of a man, and he's not comfortable with just anybody seeing that side of him.
  • At first, Crosshair is full of back chat, petty comments, follows your orders wrong, or refuses to do them overall. He has made it his mission to rile you up, so you need to make it your mission to train him.
  • If you want him to stop being smug, then pull him over your knee, and give him a spanking. Seriously. He'll understand that you mean business after the first slap, and the more you spank him, the more his walls begin to break down.
  • You'll spend months getting through to him, but each session breaks his walls down ever so slightly, and you'll know when they're truly broken down.
  • Crosshair will never openly admit to this, or at least, not at first, but he loves being your personal fuck toy. He wants you to fuck him however you want whilst degrading him, maybe humiliating him every so often.
  • Mock him for how pathetic he looks as he's bound and gagged for you, desperate for his first release. It's been hours, and you're still riding him, chasing yet another orgasm, and you've lost count of how many you've already had. He's so desperate for one, just one, but you've trained him not to speak unless spoken to, so until you give him the all clear, he won't beg, he'll just take it.
  • There are few things that he's not okay with. Feel free to choke him, slap him about, use him however you want. However, you need to make up for everything when he is finally allowed to cum.
  • Crosshair is going to have tears pouring down his cheeks when he releases. Soothe him, praise him, remind him over and over about how wonderful and perfect he is, how proud you are of him, how much he means to you.
  • He's so exhausted that he allows you to clean him up and tuck him into bed. Seriously, you two have been going at it for hours, of course he's tired! Please pull him against your chest, run your fingers through his hair, and snuggle him tightly throughout the night.

Chapter Text

With a firm grip in your hair, holding your head steady, Crosshair rams his cock forward, hitting the back of your throat. You can't help but gag, the sound coming out muffled due to his thick shaft still in your mouth. Crosshair sympathetically eases up, slipping his length out and smirking when you cough, filling your lungs with air again. Thin trails of spit keep your lips connected to the tip of his cock, and only do they break when Crosshair is sliding into your mouth again.

"Good girl," he coos, although his tone of voice implies that he's mocking you. "My good girl, always so eager to please her Commander," he continues his praise, and you hum in appreciation at his words. He's fucking your mouth again, his thrusts are shallow and relaxed, but more than enough to have you lightly gagging. It's not too intense, especially when you breathe through your nose, eventually finding the perfect rhythm.

By now, there's a thick layer of spit pooling from the corners of your mouth, dripping down your chin and over your chest. You're quickly becoming a mess, all thanks to your Commander, who takes obvious pride in his work. However, he's greedy, and has every reason to be; Crosshair decides that it's time to turn up the heat again, and does so by moving one hand from the back of your head, and pinching your nostrils, cutting off your air supply.

"Hold," Crosshair orders, referring to your breath. With little warning, he begins bucking firmly into your mouth, hitting the back of your throat over and over. Your eyes scrunch shut, tears forming beneath your lashes, fists clenching in your lap as your Commander uses you as his personal fuck toy.

He doesn't keep it up for long, not wanting to ruin you just yet. You're gasping for breath when Crosshair finally lets go of your nose, slipping his cock out in the process, pulling off you completely and smirking as you begin catching your breath. Spit trails from your mouth, and you know that there's no point in wiping it off your chin and chest; your Commander wants you looking like this, so you might as well wear it with pride.

"Such a good girl, you did well," your Commander praises, your pussy clenching at his words. "Your orders are to continue, once you're ready," he instructs.

After a few moments, you're ready to continue. Now in control, you begin by pumping Crosshair's length a few times. A wet, squelching sound fills up the air; Crosshair's cock is soaked with your spit, trailing over his balls and dripping onto his thigh armour. It glistens in the light, and you can't deny that he looks delicious like this. You decide to take him by surprise, so whilst still pumping his length, you dip your head down and slip his balls into your mouth.

Surprisingly, he gasps, and his breath trails into a groan the more you suck. You switch back and forth, soon pulling off them with a pop! Your Commander locks his gaze onto yours when you move up to slip his cock into your mouth, and you notice the rosiness to his cheeks. He's letting his facade slip, all thanks to you.

Soon, your eyes shut, putting focus into sucking your Commander's cock, massaging his balls in the process. Your other hand pumps the base of his shaft, the area that you can't quite reach, whilst you focus on swirling your tongue around the tip, then letting it press against the base of his cock as your mouth moves along it. Spit continues dripping from your mouth, and this is easily the sloppiest blowjob that you've ever given. Crosshair is groaning by now, watching hungrily as you make a mess, unfazed that his thigh armour is becoming soaked.

"Perfect," Crosshair mutters. "My dumb cockwhore, sucking me so perfectly," he praises, and you groan at the name, your sound mostly muffled from his thick cock hitting the back of your throat. "You're going to let me cum inside that pretty mouth, aren't you?" he questions.

"Uh-huh," you confirm with a nod. Crosshair is spilling inside your mouth seconds later, moaning through gritted teeth, bucking his hips again. He lets out a heavy breath as his cock is slipped from your mouth, and deliciously, you stick out your tongue to display his load on it, before closing your mouth and swallowing.

Your Commander groans yet again, and dips down to pull you up onto your feet. He's lightly trembling, worked-up from such an intense orgasm, and captures your lips with a soft and thankful kiss. Crosshair is completely unfazed by the spit covering the lower half of your face, or the taste of himself on your tongue, and addresses your appearance when the kiss breaks.

"I'm not going to bother cleaning either of us up. I have more plans with you, and they include getting messy," he smirks. "Would you like your reward?"

"Yes," you sigh. "Please, Commander."

"Let's get to it."


Chapter Text

"Hunter, sweetheart, I've barely touched you, and you're already whimpering for me?"

Hunter's whimpers turn into a grunt as he props himself up onto his elbows, staring down at you between his thighs. All you've done is kiss along his body, trailing from his neck over his pecs, following the neat line of fuzz on his stomach that leads down to his cock. You kissed the tip of his flushed, aching cock, and that's when his moans turned into mewls.

Hunter removes his hand from his hair, pushing his hair back in the process, his bandana long gone. Despite the thick tattoo on half of his face, you can still see the redness from his cheeks peeking through, and he looks as if he's already climaxed a hundred times over. "Y-Yeah," Hunter softly shrugs at your remark, unable to come up with much of a reply.

"I love it, but try and keep it down, okay, Sergeant?" you purr, ensuring there's a flirtatious tint to the roll of his military name. Hunter nods, and keeps his half-lidded eyes fixated on you as you return to your work.

Rather than give him what he wants just yet, you kiss down his cock, trailing further south and planting kisses on his inner thighs. He's going to have to gain his composure before you give him his reward, and to your surprise, Hunter is struggling with such a task. He falls back from his elbows, his head hitting the pillow with a groan, eyes scrunching shut as he attempts to breaths steadily.

Hunter almost manages to gain control of himself, until you kiss along his v-lines, and that's when the mewling and whimpering starts up again. "So inconsiderate," you jokingly scold as you fully move away, reaching over the bed to rummage along the pile of your discarded clothes. Ah, there it is!

Hunter's beloved bandana is fished out from amongst the pile, and you signal for him to sit upright so you can fasten the red fabric around his mouth. The Sergeant allows you to, and even lifts his curly locks out of the way to make your job easier for you. You plant a kiss on his cheek as you softly murmur about how handsome he looks, before lightly pushing on his chest, forcing him to fall back down onto the bed.

"Let's try again. Quietly, this time." 

Chapter Text

"You're a mess," Crosshair blankly states, allowing you to cling onto him, sandwiched between the sniper and the bar.

"A fun mess," you correct him, and Crosshair actually chuckles at your bubbly statement.

"Maybe, but I'm still getting you a glass of water," he rolls his eyes, followed by signalling for the bartenders attention. Whilst ordering himself a glass of whiskey, and water for you, Crosshair manhandles you, moving you to sit on one of the stools. Your hands find the bar top, resting on it for support, all whilst Crosshair keeps a hand on the small of your back, the other fishing money from his pocket.

Minutes later, the bartender is back with your drinks, and after payment, they wander off to serve the next customers. "For you," Crosshair jokes as he hands you your glass of water, to which you forcefully take a few gulps from, emptying half of the glass. The sooner you drink this, the sooner you can go back to drinking alcohol, and Crosshair is a stubborn man who won't allow you to avoid this chore.

Crosshair is stood almost beside you now, swirling the ice around his glass before taking a sip. His thumb begins subconsciously rubbing against your lower back, soothing your drunken state, and it remains there as the conversation picks up again. "I'm gonna order a drink now, and by the time it's here, my water will be finished," you instruct, and Crosshair instantly tuts you.

"No. You're going to finish your water first, and then we can get another drink," he sighs.

You scoff at him, and you're about to flag the bartender down, but his hand darts forward after his whiskey is slammed down onto the bar top. Crosshair somehow manages to wrap his single hand around both of your wrists, pinning them with ease on your lap. "I said no," he groans.

With your wrists pinned together, Crosshair moves so that he's directly behind you. The hand that was once on your lower back is now gone, picking up your glass of water, and bringing it up to your lips. "Be good, and finish this for me," he instructs.

You grumble, but wrap your lips around the rim of the glass. Slowly, Crosshair tilts it, the water flowing into your mouth. The grip on your wrists disappears, only for Crosshair to grip elsewhere, finding your throat instead. Kriff, his presence on your neck makes you shudder, teasing you in every aspect, and keeping your head steady as more and more water flows into you, your throat bouncing against the palm of his hand with every gulp.

"Almost there," you hear him mutter from behind, directing his words against your ear. You can almost see him in the corner of your vision, smiling chaotically, but you remain focused on the task at hand, soon finishing off the remaining water.

Finally, you're able to breathe, but Crosshair keeps his hand wrapped around your throat. He peers over your shoulder as he places the now-empty glass on the bar top, and his eyes meet yours as you look up at him. "I'm still thirsty," you boldly announce, and Crosshair, the devilish bastard that he is, catches on to what you're hinting at.

"Open up for me," he smirks. There's a wicked glisten to his eye when your mouth opens, tongue out, waiting patiently for him to top you up. Crosshair bends his head down and spits directly onto your tongue, followed by muttering sweet praise as you close your mouth and swallow his spit, smiling innocently at him.

"I'll pay for this round, seeing as you've been so good for me," he chuckles, removing his hand from your throat, and uses that same hand to flag the bartender over.

Chapter Text

  • This man is the epiphany of a dom, a somewhat stereotypical, text-book style dom, who over time, adjusts his own kinks/preferences based on what you're into.
  • That being said, he still enjoys subbing, and has no problem handing over the reigns when he needs you to take over, or when you need to be in control.
  • He's a sucker for spanking, both giving, and receiving, but mostly giving. That man doesn't mind using a paddle, whip, etc, but he much prefers using his own hand. He enjoys the burn that builds up on his palm, knowing that it's all for a good cause. He'll bruise you if you allow him, and he'll enjoy tending to your wounds during after care, like the gentleman that he is.
  • Crosshair is going to leave as many marks as you allow, in every form possible. Bruises, hickeys, hand prints from spanking, etc. The more covered you are, the more you feel like his property, his and his alone - Crosshairs little fuck toy who he can do anything and everything to, because you're his well-trained slut.
  • Crosshair loves wearing suits, or just a shirt and tie. He loves dressing up, especially when you end up fully nude, on your knees between his thighs, peering up at him as he sits back on a chair. Maybe you won't be fully nude, maybe you'll have a collar and leash on, wrapped around Crosshairs fist as he pulls you down onto his cock, earning another gag and choked moan from you as his tip hits the back of your throat.
  • Spitting is always fun. Crosshair likes to take his time with the motion, watching his spit slowly fall from his lips onto your tongue, and you're not allowed to swallow it until he's given the order.
  • Choking. Yeah. Need I say more?
  • He loves brat taming, mostly because he knows he's good at it, and because it's overall fun. There's nothing better than seeing the before and after video, because yes, he loves to film everything. You used to be so smug, so needy, kicking up a fuss and back chatting everything and anything; and now you're his obedient whore, loyal without a fault, so eager to please him however you can.
  • Face-fucking. Throat-fucking. He wants to see tears in your eyes as you gag over and over on his cock. He wants to see spit falling from the corners of your mouth. He needs to feel your throat squeeze the tip of his cock as you struggle to keep him down there, he'll make it worth your while, he always does.
  • If you wear makeup, then Crosshair will make it his mission to smudge that stuff all over your face. He wants to see dark, heavy circles beneath your eyes from where your liner/mascara has run, and lipstick smeared across your cheek and around his cock.
  • Crosshair doesn't have many specific fantasies, but more of a tick list of things that he wants to do. Such as fucking you in a public place, restaurant bathrooms, the park late at night, the cinema, alleyways, the back of his car in a parking lot, and so forth.
  • He loves it when you dress up for him, revealing outfits, his favourite outfits, lingerie, costumes, whatever.
  • He'll dress you up in a maid outfit and have you clean his rifle, even though you don't really know what you're doing.
  • Or a doctor/nurse outfit and diagnose him with horny, and state that the only cure is having multiple orgasms.
  • If you're in charge, then you can dress up as a Separatist/Sith, capture him, and fuck him however you want because he's the "big, dumb sniper who was stupid enough to put his guard down."
  • Speaking of being big and dumb, Crosshair loves degrading and humiliation, giving and receiving. But especially receiving.
  • If you're a Jedi then oh maker, that's it, Crosshair is going to lose his mind. You're a powerful and strong Jedi who keeps sympathy fucking the defective clone, maybe as a 'thank you' for having him save you during a mission, or maybe because you feel really bad for him.
  • Bondage is always fun, especially when Crosshair's on the receiving end. Tie his hands behind his back, sit him on his knees, and order him to go down on you without using his hands. Restrain him on the bed and ride him for as long as you want. Tie a rope collar around his neck and connect it to the base of his cock, preventing him from cumming, and moving.
  • (female headcanon) Pussy spanking is so fun, watching you squirm as he smacks your clit over and over. He wants to see you red, puffy, leaking for him. Maybe he'll use a pussy pump on you too, and have you suck his cock whilst the pumps slowly doing it's thing. He just wants to ruin you, and he doesn't mind receiving help from tools to achieve his goal.
  • (male headcanon) He loves jerking both of your cocks together, the undersides of your cocks pressed together, wrapped around his large hand. He always makes it a game to see who falls apart first, and sadly, Crosshair is an expert at keeping his composure. He'll tease you if you cum early, and continue jerking you through your orgasm, using your cum to continue slicking both your cocks up.

Chapter Text

"Where are my-" you mutter to yourself, digging around your room, trying to find a certain pair of underwear that you haven't seen in a while. You've done at least two loads of laundry since you last wore them, and they're yet to show up. You fear that they may have been left in the washer, but you're certain the Batch would have returned them to you, considering you're the only woman on board.

After turning your room upside down, you come to terms with the fact that they're not here. The only other place they could possibly be is Crosshairs room, so you dart across the hallway and enter his small quarters unannounced, barely interacting with him as you shut the door behind you. "Have you seen my underwear?" you ask, and Crosshair chuckles at the random interaction: having you randomly storm into his room and ask where your clothing is.

"Which pair?" he questions, looking up from you on his bed. His legs are crossed, back against the wall, with his holopad in hand.

"My favourite pair, you know the one," you vaguely explain, waving your hand as you talk. Before Crosshair can answer, you've already begun digging through his room, rummaging through the few items that he keeps.

"Why would they be in here?" he raises a brow, watching you pull out his weapons locker from beneath his bunk and flick through it. You're not going to put it past Crosshair to keep a pair of your panties in his kit, maybe wrapped around his rifle for good luck, shrugging the sight off whenever people question it.

"I dunno," you mutter as you shove the kit back under his bunk, and begin slipping your hands beneath his duvet, rummaging under his bedding, just to be certain.

Crosshair lets out a mixture between a laugh, and a grumble, with a nervous tone to it. "Cyar'ika, they're not here," he rolls his eyes, and attempts to pull your hands from beneath his bedding.

"Let me be sure," you frown, moving your hands up the bedding until you reach his pillow. Nothing is beneath it, and you're about to begin rummaging through his set of draws, until you feel the odd sensation of bunched up fabric in a corner of his pillow.

Pulling the pillow towards you, you slip your hand beneath the cover, heading in the direction of the anomaly. Your eyes lock onto Crosshair's, who, for the first time in his life, looks sheepish. His expression alone reads, "well, I've been caught," yet his eyes turn even wider as you pull out your missing pair of panties from his pillow.

Holding them up in one hand, you glare at Crosshair. Tension is thick in the air, sprinkled with confusion; Crosshair gulps, and after what feels like hours of silence, you speak up. "Why?" is all you ask.

Crosshair has the audacity to shrug, so you playfully swat him with your missing panties. "I'm not mad, I'm just... confused," you explain. That statement alone helps Crosshair relax, but it still takes him a few moments before he finally speaks up.

"I like to masturbate with them," he lightly shrugs.

"Oh," you sigh. In some ways, you're a little hurt, not that he sometimes masturbates alone as you do to, but that he can't come to you to retrieve a clean pair. "You mean, by wearing them? Or-"

"-Smelling them," Crosshair finally coughs up the truth, and gulps heavily again when the words fall from his lips.

"Oh," you sigh once more, raising your brows curiously. The missing pair of panties is quickly dropped onto Crosshairs bunk, and you stand up off the floor, a sly smile plastered across your lips.

"What are you doing?" Crosshair mutters as you shimmy down your pants, your current panties falling to your ankles seconds after, to which you step out of them and pick them up, holding them tightly in your grasp.

"Giving you a fresh pair," you wickedly reply, and Crosshair groans at your dominant tone, his hands reaching out to grab at you as you begin climbing onto his bunk, noticing his semi-hard cock straining against his comfortable sweatpants.

"Here's what you're going to do as your punishment for stealing my things. I'm going to hold my panties against your nose as you jerk yourself, but you're not allowed to cum until I give you permission, got it?"

"Yes, Mistress..." 

Chapter Text

  • Tech treats his girl like she's the sweetest thing in the world (because she is,) and the Batch overhear Tech baby-talking to Sprocket all the time, but they have a mutual, unspoken agreement to never bring it up, and never tease him about it.
  • Tech has found a large amount of comfort in Sprocket, and teasing him about his new-found love is only going to push him into a corner.
  • Sprocket has her own armour that Tech crafted himself, just to ensure that she's safe. She never comes on missions, and guards the Marauder instead, but you never know what might happen!
  • Sprocket, like the lovely lady that she is, gets along with everyone in the Batch.
  • She loves play time with Wrecker and Omega, who enjoy playing piggy in the middle with her, even in the small confinement of the ship.
  • She goes to Crosshair for nap time, because he's calm and relaxing, and will fuss her lovingly without her having to ask.
  • Echo is also comfortable to lounge about on. The Marauder is a hot ship with a lot of machinery in it, and since Sprocket is a dog, she can sometimes overheat easily. Echo's prosthetics are metal, always cold, and Sprocket loves lounging about on them to cool herself down.
  • Hunter is the only person who she's iffy about, simply because he smells like wet dog. Tech keeps her clean and pristine, so why would she hang out with a large, stinky version of herself?
  • Everybody spoils her. She's literally an angel, how could they not?
  • Sprocket can often be found lounging around Tech, sitting at his side, listening to him mutter away about the work that he's currently doing.
  • Tech swears that she can truly understand what he's saying. She may not be able to speak, but she understands what he's feeling and saying, and provides him with so much comfort when times are tough.
  • She's one of the few people that Tech will listen to. Sprocket always reminds him when to eat/drink, when to have a nap, have a break, and so forth.
  • Tech has trained her with all the common tricks, but he's also trained her to retrieve certain items when asked, and she is oh-so-gentle with everything as she brings it over to him.
  • Tech is often the last to go to bed. Sprocket will coop up with one of the Batchers, but mysteriously wakes up whenever Tech finally retires for the night.
  • She'll move from her current bunk over to Tech's, climbing up her doggy ramp that Tech built for her. She often curls up on his chest, or in the curve of his arm, and he cuddles her like a teddybear.
  • Again, the Batch wouldn't dare tease him about this. It's obvious that Sprocket is much more than just a pet, a service dog, possibly? And not just for Tech, but the entire Batch (but mostly Tech!)

Chapter Text

These are soldiers that we're talking about, stern men with little to no free time. No doubt, they don't have a sex life, and I wouldn't be surprised if they're virgins too. During the minor free time that they do have, it's spent sleeping, resting, cleaning their gear, or finding solitude so they can get themselves off.

They know what the internet is, of course. They masturbate as often as they can, to porn or imaginary scenarios, although Echo and Tech have dived deeper into the many forms of porn by trying audio and written erotica too.

And then a woman joins the Batch. Fuck. They adore you to bits, their newest teammate, but you're a woman, a living and breathing woman who is constantly a few meters away from them. You've had physical contact with each of them before, hands on their shoulders, patting their back supportively, even cradling them when they've been hurt - and vice versa.

It takes a while for them to get use to you living with them. As in, weaving you into their daily routines. Echo is the one to suggest that they create a chore rota, and they quickly whip one up the day before you join to make themselves look somewhat presentable and organized, because Maker forbid that you learn about the slobby state they were previously living in.

You, without question, adjust to their living methods. You join their chore rota and do the cooking, cleaning, laundry, washing up, etc whenever it's your turn. They too quickly adjust to the rota, and silently agree between themselves that this new idea is actually quite nice, and for the first time in their lives, their living space is comfortable and clean.

However, the Batch does their laundry together. The only things in their baskets are their under armour, and underwear, seeing as they don't really wear casual clothes. It's rare for you to see pyjamas in their baskets as they tend to sleep in their underwear, or naked.

This being said, your clothes join the pile, and it's painfully obvious which clothes belong to you. You're not fussed about them seeing your underwear - they're handsome men, surely they've seen panties before, right?

Wrong. Not really.

As previously stated, they don't get much free time, meaning no time for hookups. So, when they notice your panties casually in the laundry, every single one of them gets flustered. They can't help but get curious about them; the feeling of the fabric, your choice in colour and style, and especially the once-damp patch in the crotch area.


Hunter smells the scent of your underwear before he discovers them. He's just trying to do the laundry whilst the rest of you are occupied with your own things, and suddenly he notices a sweet and slick scent lingering in the air. He finds the source of the smell, and almost breaks down because you smell so karking good, and he can only imagine what the real thing is like.

He knows it's wrong to do this, to objectify you, to get off to you without your knowledge. Hunter checks around him to ensure he's alone, and mutters under his breath for your forgiveness as he bunches the fabric up in his palm, brings it up to his nose, and sniffs. What a terrible idea, as now he's starving for you, and he has to continue doing the laundry with a tight strain to his pants, and your panties bunched up secretly in his pocket.

Wrecker doesn't mind doing chores, if anything, he finds them somewhat soothing as it's one of the few things in his life that he can actually organize. He doesn't pay any attention to clothing as he begins doing the laundry, until something bright catches his eye, and that's when he discovers your panties.

Kriffing hell, they're pretty, cute, and he knows that they'd look even better on you. Wait, no, this is you that he's thinking about, he can't objectify you in such a way, can he? But he does, after ensuring that he's alone on the ship, preventing anyone from catching him as he fiddles with your panties in his hand. He wants to pocket them so he can wrap them around his cock as he jerks himself off later - surely he can do that, and have them washed before you notice their absence? We'll see...

Echo does what chores he can, considering that his scomp link attachment isn't the best tool for washing the dishes. Laundry is always on his list, nice and easy, and the Batch is fine with him not being able to fold the clean laundry. Anyway. Echo's loading the washer, and he's about to close the door and turn it on, until he realizes that a certain item of clothing has fallen from his grasp as he was loading it.

It's a pair of your panties, and for some reason, Echo's shocked. The item is a silent reminder that there's a woman on board, a pretty lady with a nice choice in underwear, and the first thing that Echo imagines is peeling that specific pair slowly off your body. He silently curses himself for reacting this way before shoving the final item in the washer. But after a few weeks, and many cycles of laundry, Echo can't help but steal a single pair, only for a night.

Tech is utterly shameless about stealing a pair of your panties. Tech's always wanted to try this - masturbating whilst sniffing a pair of women's used underwear - but he's never been given the chance. He puts the laundry on hold as he sneaks a pocketed pair back into his room, swiftly getting himself off with the fabric pressed against his nose.

Tech's calculations are always corrected, and this given research has proven that the scent of a woman's slick does indeed improve masturbation. The panties are back in the laundry before anyone even notices he was gone, and it becomes Tech's newest bad habit. So long as nobody finds out, he's safe, until one day when he forgets to return said underwear, and you come knocking on his door hours later to ask if he's finished all the laundry as you're missing something.

Crosshair is a man who feels little to no shame, especially when it comes to his sexual fantasies and desires. He chuckles to himself when he first notices your underwear in the laundry pile, and holds them up proudly as he examines them, unfazed if anybody sees. Thankfully, he's alone, and he ensures that he's alone before curiously smelling them.

They smell good - you smell good. Crosshair slips them into his pocket before continuing with his chores, and enjoys pressing the fabric against his face later as he jerks himself off. If your panties smell this good, then what's the real thing like? You're alone in your own room right now, and given your playful and flirtatious attitude, surely Crosshair could innocently return your 'lost' panties and earn something as his reward?

Chapter Text

Echo is the only person who wouldn't get caught. He partakes in pantie snatching shenanigans, but he constantly feels so guilty about it, so much to the point that he physically cannot forget to return them. But you've just caught four of the five men doing it, and given Echo's panicked expression when he returns to find that you've changed his bedding, despite not finding anything, you assume that he's just as guilty as the rest.

The men are silent. They know. You know. They know you know. You know they know. Tension is so thick in the air that you could slice through it with a knife and eat it up for dinner. What the kriff do they do now? Are you going to mention it? Should they mention it?

It doesn't really bother you, if anything, you have the opposite reaction; you're glad that they see you in that way, considering you touch yourself to the thought of them every night. If anything, they deserve to enjoy your panties, since you're often cumming in them to the thought of these men.

You're uncertain how to move forward that you leave it, at first. Your panties stop going missing, and suddenly your underwear draw is overflowing. Ugh. You want things to return to previous ways, so you chalk up a plan to encourage them to use them again.

Minor adjustments are made to your wardrobe. You begin to wear tighter fitting clothes, ensuring that your pantie line is visibly pressed against your ass beneath the clothing. Sometimes you wear a thong, and settle the bands over your hips, peeking out from beneath your pants, as if to remind them that you're wearing underwear today.

You bend over more often. Tech is the perfect victim for your crime; he's always dropping tools whenever he's working away, and that's your opportunity to flaunt what you have whilst 'helping him.' Tech doesn't notice at first, not until you're shoving the tool back into his hand, and he jumps at your sudden appearance, dropping another tool yet again.

"Careful, Tech," you tut as you pick the tool up. "If you treat your tools carelessly, then that makes me question how you'd treat a woman." Tech is attempting to stutter a reply as you smile and walk off, leaving him with a hazy mind.

Crosshair is another victim to your bending over shenanigans. It's part of his routine to clean his rifle, and you're lucky one day, lucky in the sense that you overhear Crosshair grumbling to himself because he's just sat down and forgot something from his kit. You offer to retrieve it, and Crosshair watches hungrily as you band over and begin rummaging through the box, taking your time to retrieve said item.

"For you, Sir," you playfully announce as you hand over the missing item, and Crosshair accidentally drops the toothpick from between his lips at your bold name. You're gone before he can even think of a reply, and he makes a mental note to get you back for it.

You ask the boys if any of them want to come clothes shopping with you. Wrecker says yes, and you enjoy dragging him through the underwear isle specifically, asking for his opinion on every single frilly, lacy, bright pair of undies that you pick out. He tells you that they all look "nice," and the poor man looks like he's about to pass out at any given moment.

Hunter is a hard one to catch slipping, so you create an opportunity to rile him up. Whilst he's alone, you strike up a conversation, and eventually ask, "have you ever misused that knife of yours?"

"What do you mean?" Hunter quirks a brow.

"Oh, I dunno.... Used it during sex, maybe to help undress someone? Cut off their panties, maybe?" you shrug. Hunter can't even attempt to string together a reply, too flustered at those thoughts that you've put into his head. "I'll take that as a no," you laugh, and as you begin to walk off, you turn over your shoulder and state, "let me know if you ever want to practise."

Echo has managed to act the most normal around you. He always politely averts his gaze whenever you're flaunting yourself in front of the boys, and you can't deny that his politeness isn't winding you up, just a little. One day, Echo's going through his usual routine of oiling his joints, a task that you sometimes help him with. You offer a hand, as always, and he accepts it.

Usually, you'll work on his legs whilst he works on his arm, but since he's already started, he decided to do his arm first. You settle between Echo's thighs, looking up at him innocently as you begin working on his legs. Echo has nothing to distract himself, and struggles to keep eye contact as you slowly work the oil into each crevice, slicking the mechanical compartments up. All colour that Echo had managed to gain drains from his complexion, and once you've finished and left, he has to remain seated for a while, concerned that he's going to pass out.

Your shenanigans have been going on for a few weeks, and you decide that it's time to finally inform them that you know.

"I'm going to bed," you announce one evening. The Batch say goodnight, and you find your way into your room, quickly stripping off and changing into pyjamas. "Oh," you sigh as you exit your room, turning to face them. "I don't know whos turn it is tonight. You can fight amongst yourselves," you say with a smirk, and toss todays pair of panties at them.

"Goodnight!" you sweetly smile once your panties land within their crowd. You don't linger around, you've seen more than enough of their ghost-white expressions as they figure out what's happening between them. You enter your room, the door shutting behind you, and grin to yourself as you get into bed.

The Batch is frozen. Every single one of them has their own shocked and embarrassed expression plastered across their face, unable to move, until Echo finally breaks the tension by letting out a cough (he forgot to breathe.) They decide to speak about things, and two questions swiftly rise up in conversation:

1. You're clearly aware of what's going on, so how should they approach the matter?

2. Who gets your panties for tonight?

Chapter Text

Hands. Calloused hands from years of working, hidden beneath a fresh pair of gloves. Crosshair always has his hands occupied, usually wrapped around his rifle, and currently, they're wrapped around his beloved firearm, with a cloth in his other hand, wiping away the imaginary dirt. Crosshair has it drilled into his mind that his rifle dirties up after every single use, and he'll rub a slick coat of gun oil at any given opportunity; maybe he enjoys the process, maybe he really is that paranoid, or maybe he just enjoys the act of having something/somebody to spoil.

You don't even realize you're staring at first, until Crosshair, whilst still cleaning away, darts his eyes up to lock onto yours. His brows are furrowed, the toothpick between his lips rolls from one side to the other, before he chuckles softly at your embarrassed reaction. "Caught you staring... again," Crosshair states as he raises his head, his elbows settling on his thighs, back slightly slouched.

"S-Sorry," you sheepishly stutter, and go to swivel your chair away from his gaze, your holopad still in your hands. You were meant to be working, with Crosshair cleaning his rifle a few meters away, but as always, his presence is distracting.

Crosshair chuckles once more as he straightens his back, raising a brow curiously at your flustered expression. "Don't be," he shrugs. His words catch you off guard as you turn to look at him once more, silently questioning his response. "I'd be staring, too, if I were you."

Eugh, what a cocky bastard. You grumble and roll your eyes at him, to which he laughs at your reaction. "I wouldn't just be staring, though," he states, and you remain silent as he continues his explanation. "My mind would be occupied too. Thinking. Observing. Imagining... things."

"Like what?" you innocently question, falling straight into his trap.

Crosshair smirks as he stands, propping his rifle against his seat. His frame towers over you, goosebumps appearing all over your form as Crosshair approaches you, bridging the gap. He looks at you for a moment before bending down slightly, and boldly reaches his hand out, ghosting it over your throat. "About what my hands would feel like around that pretty neck of yours," he smirks.

You're lost for words, gawking up at him silently. But you don't need to reply, your expression gives it all away; Crosshair knows what you've been specifically staring at this whole time, and how filthy your thoughts have been as he mindlessly works away. He's an observer, a man who knows every single detail in the room, including how flustered you get whenever his hands are at work.

Crosshair lightly presses his thumb and index finger to your throat, dancing over your pulse points, fitting oh-so-perfectly. They remain there for a split second, just enough to leave an imprint of gun oil on your skin, marking where his hands would be if things were to progress past this point.

And with that, Crosshair leaves, his rifle in hand, smugly wandering down the Marauder to pack his rifle away and get up to more mischief. Maybe you should follow him, and take him up on his hinted offer?


Chapter Text

"That is a good password!" you grunt, huffing once more as Tech lectures you about your awful choices in technology.

"For the last time..." Tech sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose as he attempts to keep his composure. "...'Password' is not a good password!"

"Why not?!" you cry out, winding Tech up even more, pushing every button possible. "How am I meant to remember my passwords?"

"You could note it down somewhere-"

"-And what if I lose that note? Then I'd have to pester you to hack into my holopad every time I want to go on it."

Tech sighs, moving his goggles to sit on his forehead, so he can rub his face in frustration. "What about a series of numbers instead? Is that easier to remember?"

"Yeah, okay," you shrug, feigning innocence. Tech grumbles as he hands you your holopad, silently waiting for you to change the settings. Originally, you had handed your holopad over to Wrecker after he asked to borrow it, and casually mentioned that you set your password to 'password' when he asked you to unlock the device.

Tech, being Tech, snapped his head over his shoulder as he heard the most disturbing set of words in his entire lifetime. He had to butt in, he just had to, and Wrecker swiftly handed your holopad back before excusing himself from this bubbling situation.

You tap away on the device, mumbling to yourself, just loud enough for Tech to overhear. "Settings... okay, change password... set number lock... 1, 2, 3, 4, yeah, that sounds right!"

"You can't be serious," Tech cries out, yanking your own holopad away from your grasp. "That is not an adequate password choice! Such a simple set of numbers, they're so predictable! If you truly value your own privacy and protection, then you'll set your password to something sensible!"

Tech's voice is raised, his cheeks a vibrant shade of red, and he looks like he's about to burst as he continues lecturing you. He stands, pacing back and forth, waving your holopad about as he talks, going into further detail about security and whatnot. You're chewing your bottom lip, biting back the urge to tell him that it's a joke, that you were only riling him up, and you've accidentally taken this further than you were mean to.

"Actually, you know what?!" Tech snaps. Before you can reply, he's already begun answering his question, "I'm revoking your holopad privileges. I'll be keeping this device safe until you can muster up a suitable password choice."

And with that, Tech begins storming off down the ship, heading for his room to hide your device. You leap up after him, calling out, "Tech! Hey! It was a joke, you can't take away my holopad, that's mine-"

The door shuts in your face, and he locks it before you get the chance to open it. You begin pounding on the door, screaming at him to open up, but knowing Tech, he'll refuse to come out until you reassure him that you're going to play fairly.

You grumble, and decide to call for backup, knowing that this is the only way you'll have your holopad returned. "Hunter? Hunter?" you begin screaming, and exit the Marauder to find him...

Chapter Text

"What a pretty sight," you chuckle, propping yourself against the door frame. The toothpick between your lips slowly rotates as you chew on it, your arms crossed against your chest, fully dressed in a pair of Crosshair's blacks.

He gawks at you, wide-eyed, realising the position he's got himself into. "You think so?" Crosshair asks as he raises a brow, gesturing to your pair of lacy underwear, sitting snugly around his hips. You made sure to pick out the frilliest pair you could find, a wine red colour, his favourite shade; the fabric does little to nothing to cover him up, considering his cock is pressed upwards against his stomach, his erect tip peeking out. It's not like he has space to tuck it away.

"Mhm," you confirm with a nod. You saunter over to him, shifting the toothpick from one side of your mouth to the other. Despite Crosshair having his height as an advantage, you manage to take control, tilting his head down to meet your gaze. "You're my pretty boy, aren't you?" you question.

Something stirs within Crosshair, a new and strange sensation. His cock twitches, pressed against the tight, lacy fabric. "Mhm," he agrees with a nod, and moves his hand from his side to touch himself.

"Did I give you permission to do that?" you sternly question, raising a brow.

"N-no," Crosshair shakes his head, and adds "Mistress," onto the end of his words.

"Good boy," you coo. "Do you think you deserve to be touched?" you question.

Crosshair lightly groans, swiftly biting his bottom lip in an attempt to hold back on the strange sensation that you're stirring, deep within him. "Eventually," he says with a light shrug.

"Mhm, maybe," you chuckle. Your hand moves from his chin to pluck the toothpick from your mouth, and you hold it between your fingertips as you comment, "maybe after I've whipped some obedience into you." The toothpick is flicked against Crosshair's chest, who can no longer hold back on his whimpers, ready to submit himself to this alluring and dominant side of you.

"As you wish, Mistress," Crosshair groans, his hands bunching up into fists as he fights the urge to play with his solid erection. Precum trails from his tip, running over your panties, seeping into the frilly fabric. 

"Get on the bed," you order, nodding your head in the direction of your bed. "We've got a lot of work to do..."

Chapter Text

Tech's a whimpering mess beneath you; his cries are barely muffled by the thickness of the duvet, his face buried in it, fists on either side of his head as he grips desperately onto the thick fabric. You're towering over him, fucking him at a steady pace - enough to satisfy him, but still leaving room for more.

"Enjoying yourself?" you coo, tenderly kissing along his shoulder blade.

Tech groans as he lifts his head up, followed by letting out a heavy pant. He's a mess, utterly debauched; his dark curls are scruffy, a few loose strands falling over his forehead. His goggles are long gone, leaving behind red rings indented in his skin. And his entire body is shaking, complimented by the light layer of sweat covering him, glistening in the dim candle-lit lighting of your room.

"Very much," Tech mewls, stumbling over his words. He lets out a choked cry as you grind down, hitting his prostate with the tip of your strap. Tech's fists tighten, his knuckles turning white, and he buried his face into the duvet as he pleads for any form of sympathy from you. "I must request... the device around the base of my shaft... I-It's too much," he whimpers.

"Oh? You mean you can't handle being pegged, and having a cock ring restrain you at the same time?" you tease, kissing along Tech's neck, speaking directly into his ear.

Tech groans, and you can feel his body shudder at your words. "N-No," he confirms, shaking his head at the same time.

Your thrusts come to a halt, pushing deep inside him as you rest on your elbows. You playfully hum, weighing out your options. "You know, whenever I tell you it's too much, you always chuckle before upping the vibrations. Maybe I should treat you the same way?"

"T-That does seem fair, given how unforgiving I have been in previous scenarios," Tech reluctantly agrees, burying his face into the duvet, refusing to look at you out of shame and embarrassment.

"So you agree? That I can up the vibrations? Okay!" you playfully tease. Before Tech can reconsider and protest, you've pressed said button on your vambrace (Tech's vambrace, strapped to your wrist,) upping the vibrations on his cock ring. He cries out, breathing heavily as you begin thrusting into him again, attempting to soothe the burning heat in his stomach by kissing along his shoulder blades.

"Just a little longer for me, my smart boy," you praise. "Then I'll let you cum wherever you want..." 

Chapter Text

"Karking hell," Hunter curses through gritted teeth, swiftly bringing his hand up to bite along his knuckles. "So tight," he mutters, engulfed in the sensation of his cock in your ass, buried deep to the hilt.

Hunter huffs, and eventually moves his hand from his mouth, wrapping it around your waist. He's spooning you, reaching down to press the pads of his calloused fingers against your clit, rubbing it firmly. "Hunter," you groan.

"What is it, sweet thing?" he asks with a chuckle, acting as if he wasn't the one pleading moments ago.

"Move already," you urge, pushing your ass back against his crotch. Hunter groans at the sensation, and slowly begins thrusting into you, stopping himself from going too quickly - he's only just slid in, you need time to adjust to his size.

Hunter's breaths are heavy, his half-lidded eyes threatening to snap shut, mouth hanging open. You've only just begun, and he's already losing himself, a debauched state swiftly washing over him. "We shouldn't be doing this," Hunter mutters. "I shouldn't be doing this," he corrects himself.

"What do you mean?" you question, rolling your head back to rest on the pillow. You peer over your shoulder, locking eyes with a man who's struggling to keep his composure.

"Y-You're our medic, I shouldn't be hooking up with you," he groans, but makes no effort to stop his thrusts. "I shouldn't be buried in your ass- your tight ass," he corrects himself. "F-Feel so karking good around me, t-too good."

Ah - his heightened senses! You wonder just how good you must feel around him right now, snug and tight, warm and welcoming. Hunter's bound to feel everything tenfold, every tensing of your walls, every shudder that runs down your body. He continues attempting to rub your clit, but his motion is becoming sloppy, too fixated on how you feel.

"How about you stop complaining..." you begin flirtatiously commenting, reaching down to move Hunter's hand so that it rests on your waist instead, giving him the right grip to pound into your ass faster, "...and kriff me already?"

Hunter groans, letting out a heavy sigh at your words. "Yes, Ma'am," he agrees with a swift nod, tightening his grip on your waist. Finally, his thrusts pick up, the sound of skin against skin filling your room. If he's going to do this, then he should be doing it right.

Chapter Text

Morning comes around, slow and steady - well, you assume it's morning, given that the Marauder doesn't have windows in the Batch's individual quarters. The sound of life can be heard through your bedroom door, shuffling from the other's as they rise and begin their morning routines, which usually consist of chugging caf, suiting up, and waiting around for everyone else to get up.

Tech, for once, isn't up early. He's too occupied, snuggled behind you, his head firmly in the curve of your neck. He begins to grumble, stretching parts of his body as his eyes lazily open. A gentle kiss is placed on your shoulder, and you overhear Tech murmur "morning," from behind you.

"Good morning," you reply, smiling to yourself as Tech tightens his grin on you, pressing your back tightly against his chest. He's hit or miss when it comes to mornings, either wanting to spend them tucked away in the darkness of the duvet, or wanting to get up early and have a head start on the day. Given that he's currently placing featherlight kisses along your neck, you assume he wants to be lazy.

The hand on your waist moves lower, trailing over your body, still nude from the night before. You can feel Tech's cock hardening against your ass, riling himself up as he begins grabbing your hips, lightly rutting himself against you. The same hand then finds your thigh, dipping between your legs to knead at the soft inners of the muscle.

Only it catches you off guard, and you let out a light yelp. A minor sensation runs through your leg, and Tech props himself up on his elbow swiftly, peering over you as he asks, "sorry, did that hurt?"

"No," you say with a laugh, reassuring him. "I'm just a little sore from last night," you purr.

"Oh?" Tech playfully sighs, and softly chuckles to himself. "Given your current state, I assume morning intercourse is off today's schedule?"

"Hmm," you ponder. You tense your thighs, assessing the damage, and swiftly conclude that you could go for another round. "It's on the schedule, as long as you're slow and steady."

"Slow and steady?" Tech repeats, raising a brow. "Hm, I assure you, I can do that..."

Chapter Text

  • Whose idea was it? Yours? His? Neither. This just... happened.
  • Since you first joined the Batch as their medic, you two have always had this flirty, teasing, bullying type of... thing going on. It was a thing, at first, a weird thing where you two spoke to each other like garbage, with sweet and flirtatious undertones.
  • "Messy job," Crosshair once commented as you bound his arm. "I thought those nimble hands could work better than that," he added with a laugh.
  • "Ugh, bite me," you hissed through gritted teeth, attempting to focus on your work.
  • "Where? Point it out, and I'll leave my mark," Crosshair snickered.
  • You were silent for a few moments, focusing on fastening the bandage around his arm. Without thinking, you gestured to your neck, one of your favourite areas, and before your hand could move away, Crosshair had dipped his head down and begun nibbling along your neck.
  • Things went on from there, despite Crosshair's minor injury.
  • At first, it was a strict 'no strings attached' arrangement, mostly because you two wanted to keep this a secret, not wanting to put a wedge between the Batch, or work, (even though it was painfully obvious, and the Batch knew. Neither of you were exactly quiet.)
  • One of you would leave after each session, depending on whose room you were hooking up in. It was usually yours since your bed is comfier, given that you purchased proper bedding, rather than sticking to the GAR assigned garbage.
  • And maybe that's why Crosshair fell asleep against you one night. It was your comfortable bedding, right? He just wanted to sleep in a proper bed, right? Even though you were cuddled up in his arms, both worn out from a heated and heavy session.
  • Crosshair was gone before you woke, leaving you with the question, 'what the kriff happened last night?'
  • He distanced himself from you for a while. He became blunt, snappy, no longer flirtatious and playful.
  • Everybody noticed. Hunter pulled him aside and informed him that he needs to knock it off, and then pulled you aside to ask what happened. You told him nothing, reassuring him that everything's fine, that Crosshair must have been going through one of his distant patches.
  • A week passes, and now that everybody's back on Coruscant, it's time to celebrate with a night out at 79's!
  • You head to the bar to purchase another drink, unfazed by the multiple shots already flowing through your blood stream. The music is pounding, the lights are blurry, and you don't mind the stranger that approaches you and begins chatting away.
  • Oh, but Crosshair does.
  • He watches, at first, death-gripping his own drink, the glass threatening to shatter in his grasp.
  • He slams his now-empty glass down on the table, not muttering a word to his brothers as he slips out from the booth, heading straight to the bar.
  • The sensation of somebody slipping their arm around your waist startles you, and you peer over your shoulder to see Crosshair, fire burning in his eyes.
  • "They're taken," is all Crosshair says, swiftly shooing the stranger away, who obviously do not fancy getting himself tangled up in this mess.
  • "Since when?" you question as you turn back to Crosshair.
  • He doesn't answer you.
  • Instead, he orders a drink, and pays for yours whilst he's at it. You repeat your question, failing to draw another answer from him.
  • "So much for no strings attached, huh?" you slyly comment.
  • Crosshair finally snaps. "It's not like you've moved away from me," he says as he gestures to his arm, still snugly around your waist.
  • "I don't want to cause a scene," you innocently shrug.
  • "I do," he huffs. "We can cause one right here..." Crosshair begins saying. He firmly grasps your chin, keeping your gaze fixated on his furrowed brows as he continues talking.
  • "...How about I kriff you right here, huh? For all these regs to see?" Crosshair continues, and dips his head down to kiss along your neck, nipping at your jawline, leaving his marks on your skin.
  • "Maybe then they'll realise that you're taken, that you're mine."
  • "Cross-" you gasp, and gasp once more when you feel his hand slip down your waist, kneading firmly at your ass. "Restroom, now," you order.
  • Crosshair chuckles, moving his lips from your soaked neck. He swiftly downs his drink, and you do the same, followed by grabbing his hand and pulling him to the nearest restroom.
  • Before you enter, you turn to him, your brows slightly furrowed as a stern tone takes over your voice. "But after this, we're talking about things, alright?"
  • "Alright," Crosshair agrees with a chuckle, slyly smiling as he urges you on, ready to bend you over the restroom sink for all the regs to see.


Chapter Text

Hunter - He doesn't say anything. It's none of his business, you're free to dress however you want. Your appearance doesn't faze him, he finds it 'meh,' not unattractive, but not something he lusts after. However, he does listen in whenever you explain to others why you chose to stretch your ears, and the only question he eventually asks is, "did it hurt?"

Wrecker - Loves them! He thinks they're "badass!!" Obviously, Wrecker is also concerned that the process hurt, and when you inform him that it didn't hurt, he lets out a sigh of relief. If your gauges are large then he will try to stick his finger through your tunnels when he thinks you're not looking, and instantly apologises when you inform him that he can 'look, but not touch.'

Echo - Like Hunter, it doesn't faze him. He's likely to ask general questions, such as if it hurt, why you chose to do it, and other questions linking in to self-expression. Echo is aware that for some people, it's a cultural thing, and asks if your decision was based on your culture. Echo is the type to sit and listen; he wants to understand your choices, and supports them either way.

Tech - Like Echo, he asks a lot of questions. Tech gives you a small nod as you answer them, and then dips from the conversation. You assume he's being rude, until he appears an hour later and begins informing you about the history of stretched ears; how it can be a cultural thing, how some cultures start from birth, different areas of the body that can be modified, and so on. Tech finds your decisions interesting, but supports your choices and self-expression regardless.

Crosshair - He loves them. He's all for self-expression and body mods, and laughs as he says "it would be hypocritical of me to scold you for it," whilst gesturing to his tattooed face. He natters away with you about the topic, saying that he's always wanted to stretch his ears, but it's hard to since his head is always banging about in his helmet, and he doesn't want to irritate them and get blowout. Crosshair finds it attractive in a partner, but not something that his partner must have. 

Chapter Text

"Kriffing hell! Are you serious?" you snap, shooting daggers at Echo, who's just beat you at another round of Sabacc.

The Batch chuckles, waiting for you to remove another item of clothing.... your final item of clothing. You're free of everything, minus an oversized shirt that barely reaches your thighs. Thank the Maker that you're playing around a makeshift table, covering you up from the waist down. In your defence, you were wearing the least amount of clothes to begin with, and none of them suggested that they should remove their armour... their many, many pieces of armour. This is beyond unfair!

"What's it gonna be?" Crosshair slyly chuckles, knowing damn well what's about to happen next.

You cast him a dirty glare, and the Batch snickers at your response. A heavy, dramatic huff slips from your lips, just as your hands reach the hemline of your shirt, and Hunter rushes to speak up.

"You don't have to remove it, if you don't want to," he intervenes.

Ah. Hmm. Well. As much as you appreciate Hunter's concern, he's unintentionally placed you in an awkward position. The thing is, you really want to remove it; the Batch are a desirable bunch, and you'd be lying if you said you hadn't thought about every single one of them intimately before. If you state that you don't want to remove it, then you'd be lying. And if you state that you do want to remove it, well, that brings up the playful and suggestive question of 'why?'

"Erm..." you stutter, and quickly chalk up a plan to flip your options to be in your favour. "Well, I mean, rules are rules, right?" you confidently state with a laugh. "Plus, I know that if the tables were turned, then every single one of you would back out in this final moment."

There's a mixture of scoffs and scowls, sour faces looking in your direction as they begin to protest.

"I would not back out!" Wrecker chimes in, huffing under his breath.

"You are correct. Rules are rules, and we agreed to them before playing," Tech rolls his eyes, resting his head on his hand.

"Smart move," Crosshair quietly comments, sitting beside you, whilst the Batch are continuing their protests. You side-eye him, shooting him an expression which hopefully reads 'shut it,' and Crosshair slyly grins at your annoyance.

"Well then," you begin, reaching for the hemline of your shirt again. "I guess this has got to come off," you state, before finally taking a plunge, and pulling your oversized shirt up and over your head.

Still wanting to keep the upper hand, you playfully toss your shirt across the table to Wrecker, who's flustered expression appears as your shirt falls from his face onto his lap. "You, uh... you did it," he states, attempting to avert his gaze out of politeness.

"So, they have," Tech states as he adjusts his goggles, not bothering to hide his gaze on your body.

You allow the Batch to eye you up for a few moments, breaking the final, thin sheet of ice. Your elbows come to rest on the table, your head settling in the curve of your palm, and you dramatically sigh as you state, "so, now what? Does this mean I'm out?"

"No, no," Echo laughs, but his tone of voice suggests that he's uncertain on his reply.

"We can find other things for you to bet with," Hunter comments with a raised brow, and you raise your brow in response, matching his cheeky expression.

"Favours are greatly appreciated here," Crosshair chuckles, picking up on what Hunter is referencing to.

Oh. So, they do feel the same way?

Feigning innocence, you pretend not to catch on. "Like what?" you ask as you bat your lashes. "Wait, how about you just show me instead?"

A cheeky laugh escapes from multiple lips, and hungry eyes meet yours. Surely they must know that you're joking, playing along with your little game, letting you enjoy this fun before the tables turn once more.

"We are more than happy to show you," Tech chimes in, and turns his gaze from your body, checking with everyone else. "Are we ready to continue?"

Everybody nods, and the next set of cards are dished out, ready to tally up the awaiting chores that you'll end up with before the night is over.


Chapter Text

When you presented Tech with the opportunity to teach you, he jumped at it. Finally, the chance to info dump and share his vast knowledge! Sure, it's only a few key details within the ship, basic repairs and whatnot, but it's more than enough to make Tech happy.

You two have already enjoyed your fair share of lessons, bonding over 'boring' topics, such as how to repair a hyperdrive, and what to do if the ships gravity begins feeling off. Todays lesson is based around fixing... Gonky, since he is a vital member of the Batch, and also, part of the ship.

Given a recent turn of events, Gonky has fried his circuits, leaving him motionless and out of power. The poor box droid looks miserable, despite not being functioning, and face-less, but your heart still bleeds for him.

"Okay," Tech mutters as he finishes directing you through a set of instructions. Tech's method of teaching is to walk you through the required repairs, but not actually repair the item. He'll point and gesture to the specific steps, and then allow you to properly perform the repair under his supervision. "That is how you will be fixing Gonky. Any questions?" Tech asks as he turns to look at you.

"No, that seems pretty straight forward," you say with a nod, mentally preparing yourself to take on the task.

"You may begin when ready."

Tech shuffles on his knees, moving back from the open circuit board on the side of the motionless droid. You take his place, and with Tech peering over your shoulder, you begin performing the procedure. "So, with the circuit board removed, I now have access to Gonkys main power supply. These specific wires have been fried, meaning they'll need to be replaced, and refitted onto this power board," you begin explaining, gesturing to the specific area.

"Very good. Continue."

You begin removing the damaged wires, checking them over to see what type of wires they are. "This one is a positive charge wire, and this one is a negative charge wire," you observe, holding up the said wires to Tech.

"They are. Tell me more about them, please."

"Well..." you pause, pushing your own pair of goggles up the bridge of your nose. You begin relaying information that Tech has taught you over previous lessons, explaining how electricity flows, and the damage it can cause when not properly maintained. Tech has a small smile spread across his lips as you relay the information, pleased with how much you've progressed.

And then, in the midst of your ramble, Tech feels a shift between his thighs. He's... hard, and his cock continues hardening the more you talk. There's just something about you, an unknown pull that's stirring a feeling deep within Tech's chest. You're relaying this information as if you've known it your entire life, cracking jokes about electricity, of all things, and Tech's there laughing along with you.

Tech feels his cheeks begin burning up, a light layer of sweat appearing above his brow. Thankfully, you turn away from his gaze, and begin reattaching the replacement wires within Gonky. Tech's eyes follow your movements, watching your nimble fingers solder the new wires in place. Your hands are hidden beneath the thick pair of gloves that Tech has loaned you, but despite your health and safety, Tech wishes they were off right now. He wants to see you work, he wants to see how careful and gentle you can be, he wants to place his own bare hands over yours, and assist you with your work.

"Tech?" you call out to him. Tech softly shakes his head as he snaps out of his fantasy, his nervous eyes meeting yours. You're gazing at him, the warmth of your eyes seeping through your goggles - his goggles, the pair he's also lent you for your protection.

"Oh," Tech sighs. "I apologise, I suppose the heat from the soldering iron is getting to me."

With a concerned expression, you slip one glove off, and bring the back of your bare hand up to press on Tech's forehead. Soft. So soft. Tech huffs and shuts his eyes, biting his tongue in an attempt to hold back his lustful feelings towards you.

"You're burning up, and you're sweaty," you state as you move your hands away, letting out a sympathetic sigh.

"I'm fine, honestly," Tech attempts to brush you off. "Continue, please."

"We can stop. We can pick things up when you're feeling better-"

"-I'm fine, I promise," Tech shakes his head. "As stated, it's just the heat getting to me. I can be... sensitive to heat," he lies, jumping on the first excuse that pops into his exceptional mind.

"It doesn't help that you're wearing your armour," you state with a soft laugh, attempting to lighten the mood. "I'd constantly be sweating if I had to wear all those layers."

Tech laughs along with you, and for once, he brings his goggles down his nose, attempting to hide his vibrant cheeks beneath the thick plastoid lenses. Following Tech's request, you pick up the next set of items, and go to continue working. "Let me know if you need me to stop, alright?"

All Tech manages to do is nod. With your gaze now fixated on your work, and your mind occupied with the task at hand, Tech's apparent 'sensitivity to heat' slips to the back of your mind.

Tech's mind, on the other hand, is running on overdrive. "It doesn't help that you're wearing your armour." Maker, if only he could take it off - no, if only you could take it off. Tech would jump at the opportunity to have you figure out how to remove each item, laughing along together as you run your hands over each surface, searching for the small clasps that keep each item pinned to his body.

You'd be so gentle removing each piece, leaving them in a neat pile on the floor, before pushing Tech down onto the bed. In just his blacks, his erection would be painfully obvious, desperate for freedom. Tech knows you'd happily follow his needy request, straddling his lap and kissing him tenderly, all whilst slowly jerking his length-

"Done," a voice appears in Tech's fantasy, and yet again, Tech shakes his head softly as he returns to reality. You turn your attention to Tech, who hasn't muttered a word, not even a soft mutter of praise whenever you do something right, which is Tech's usual teaching style.

"Are you sure you're alright?" you ask, your voice heavy with concern.

Tech eagerly nods as he replies, "right as rain."

You raise a brow, and let out a soft huff as you silently question if he's telling the truth. "Why don't you go and lie down for a while? I can finish the final touches on my own," you suggest, gesturing to the almost operational droid.

"Yes, alright," Tech agrees with a defeated sigh. He slowly stands, wincing a little at the sensation of his erect cock pressing against his codpiece, but given your lack of awareness to his current situation, you assume he's just in some minor pain.

Tech turns to walk away, but stops in his tracks to turn back to you. "You did well, yet again. I apologise that todays' lesson didn't go as expected."

"It's fine, Tech. Now, go and lie down. I'll bring you some water soon, alright?"

Tech goes to protest, but he knows that you're a stubborn soul who won't take no for an answer. With a small nod, Tech agrees, and finally walks away, eager to lock his bedroom door and jerk some sense into himself.


Chapter Text

So, it all comes down to what your heat is actually like. Is it a single day thing? Does it last for a few days? Are you somewhat stable? Or are you a complete and utter mess? Are you whiny and desperate? Or snappy and demanding? So many factors to consider!

Either way, the Batch is going to help. They'll do a mixture between a group session, and taking it in turns. They chalk up a rota, and spend a few hours with you every day, taking care of your needs, however you see fit.

The first shift is spent with Hunter, of course. He's going into this blind, just like everybody else, since Tech can only find so much about your heats. You've not had one in years, so you're also uncertain on how things will go.

Hunter is extremely caring. He's heavily concerned, not just for your physical needs, but for your mental wellbeing. Hunter needs to make sure that your heat doesn't scramble your brain too much, and the second you show signs of things becoming overwhelming, he's there.

At first, he attempts to be calm and caring. He'll fetch water when needed, and ensures that you're eating, whenever you can stomach food. Hunter won't come onto you until you ask, and even then, he's still soft and gentle. Fuck, he's worried he's going to hurt you - you're hyper sensitive right now, so every touch feels tenfold.

It isn't until Hunter removes your underwear that he realises just how bad you are. Fucking hell, you stink, and Hunter has to shut his eyes and let out a deep breath as he attempts to calm himself. Curse his heightened senses, they're really not helping right now.

He wants to relieve you with his fingers and mouth, he wants to hold back as much as possible, but no matter what he does, it's not enough. You need to be full, over-flowing, stuffed to the brim, and after hours of listening to you beg, he finally snaps. Hunter swiftly fees his cock, leaving the rest of his armour still on, and pulls your knees up over his shoulders. He folds you in half, mating press style, and lets out a heavy sigh as he slides into your slick heat.

Even now, Hunter's trying so hard to be careful and gentle, but you're clawing at his armoured back, whining and moaning his name, and he decides that fuck it, he's going to pound this heat out of you, or at least attempt to. Hunter manages to keep you busy for a few rounds, enough to stabilise your heat for a few hours, until he eventually has to tap out from exhaustion.

His shift is up, thank the Maker, and he crawls back to his room due to exhaustion, leaving poor Echo to take over where he's left off.

Echo, like Hunter, attempts to be calming and gentle with you. It doesn't take a genius to realise that Hunter's just spent the last few hours tending to your needs, mainly because the air stinks of sex, but for now, you're stable.

Echo has a nap with you, letting you curl up against his chest, huddled under the warmth of your blankets. Thankfully, you manage to get some rest, only to wake up hours later with that throbbing pain between your thighs again. Your whimpers wake Echo up, and he's greeted to the sight of you mewling in his arms, grinding yourself against his thigh as your heat worsens as every second passes.

Sadly, Echo isn't entirely sure what to do. He's not hooked up with anyone since before Skako Minor, and despite not losing his cock in the blast, he hasn't really touched himself since then. He considers himself to be inexperienced, somewhat of a virgin, and he can't keep eye contact as he explains that to you. However, he insists that he wants to help, he just needs you to take the lead.

Despite the overwhelming desire to mate, you manage to suppress your needs, enough to give Echo the reassurance that he requires. This time, you're the one being gentle as you straddle him, slowly undressing him whilst you make out. Echo is the one whimpering as you slide down onto him, holding yourself steady until he gives you the signal to move.

Fuck, you're aching, burning up between your thighs, but you continue fighting your natural urges. Echo notices this, and encourages you to pick up the pace, telling you that he's content and relaxed with how things are going. You trust him, and you know that if he needs you to stop, he'll tell you to. With that knowledge in mind, you pick up your pace.

To your surprise, Echo begins bucking up into you. Your heat is so damn tight, wet, slick, and ah- Echo only manages to last a single round. Knowing that you're aching right now, he swiftly cleans himself up, and leaves a gentle kiss on your forehead as he tells you that he's going to get you more help.

Tech is surprisingly not on his holopad as he enters your room. He's somewhat formal, informing you that he's here to tend to your needs, and help however possible. You're biting back a laugh, but your cheeky smile is wiped off your face as Tech shows you the little device that he's been working on this whole time.

It's some sort of vibrator. You're able to attach it wherever you need it to go, and Tech helps fasten it in place, smirking to himself when the device turns on, and you instantly let out a groan. It's perfect, stimulating you enough to keep most of the heat down, but you're still aching to be filled up.

Tech has no problem filling in that role, and informs you that mating press is the perfect position to hit all the right spots. He swiftly strips down before manhandling you into position, and wastes no time sliding into you, letting out a groan as his cock begins filling you up. Of course, Tech's thrusts are calculated and accurate, paying attention to how you react to different angles, speeds, and so on. You tell him exactly what you want, and Tech delivers.

With Tech's accuracy, and the vibrating device working away, you reach peak multiple times, as does Tech. He fills you up, over and over, until you're overflowing with his (and the others) loads. Tech can't help but push his leaking release back into your hole, making a smug comment about how you seem to be so desperate to be filled up, yet you can't even hold onto what he gives you? Tut tut.

He's sweating by the time you two are finished, both out of breath, exhausted, and somewhat stable. Tech makes quick work of cleaning both of you up, and doesn't bother redressing as he crawls into your bed, pulling you tightly against his chest. Your heat is far from over, but for now, you can enjoy some more rest, before the next Batcher comes along to tend to your needs.

Wrecker is up next, and thankfully, he brings food! Haven just woken up, your heat hasn't returned to its agonizing state, so for now, you can enjoy some snacks whilst you and Wrecker mindlessly chat away.

After snacks and a cuddle, your heat begins building up once more, and Wrecker seems surprisingly eager to help you out. You've spent the last day being pounded over and over, leaving your hole open and leaking, giving Wrecker an advantage when he slips his thick cock into you. The others have filled you up perfectly, but Wrecker is something else, boarder lining painful. He remains still as you adjust to his size, and when you're ready, he goes slow.

However, Wrecker holding back and going slow only seems to make you worse, and you practically have to beg to get him to speed up. He knows he's big, and he doesn't want to hurt you, but seeing as you're almost in tears from the sensation between your thighs, Wrecker decides to pick up the pace.

When Wrecker delivers, he delivers, and goes above and beyond to help you out in any way possible. He's worth the stretch, and his massive frame is doing things to you, peering up through your hazy eyes to see nothing but Wrecker, towering over you, keeping you pinned beneath him as he fucks you senseless.

Wrecker's grunting and moaning as he cums, and he only needs to stop for a few, brief seconds before picking up speed again. How he can fuck like this is a mystery to you, but you're not going to ask questions, especially when you're this cock-dumb.

Finally, after hours of progress, and days of your overall heat, the burn is slowly starting to settle down, and it's only taken four men to help you out! Wreckers' load spill out of you when he finally pulls out - not like your bed isn't already soaked. He wraps you in a blanket and settles you on the floor as he pulls on some light clothing and strips your bedding, insisting on cleaning up before the final person takes over his shift.

When your bed is remade, you're left bundled up in it, and Wrecker ensures that he's smothered you in more than enough kisses before leaving your room.

Crosshair takes a while to arrive, and you almost drift back to sleep whilst waiting. He's brought you some water, and helps you up as he hands it over. He doesn't say anything, at first, but when he finally speaks, all he tells you is that your room stinks. Like, it reeks, and it's drifted out and smothered the entire ship. Crosshair is laughing as he tells you that Hunter has had to camp outside, as the smell is really getting to him, but Crosshair is here to finish things off.

Crosshair makes a comment about how you've saved the best for last, and places the kindest, most tender kiss you've ever felt on your temple, before he shrugs the blanket to you and gets to work. Whilst the others have been gentle in their own ways, Crosshair isn't - he knows what you need, and he's insistent that he's going to be the one who fucks this heat out of you.

Crosshair wants you on all fours, head down, ass up, wrists pinned behind your back. You're still stretched out from Wrecker's thick length, and Crosshair's chuckling as he slides in, making comments about how fucked out you are, about how you need five different men to satisfy you, about how needy and forgetful you must be if you forgot to take your supplements.

As Crosshair's pounding into you, you can feel everybody's previous loads being pushed from your hole, dripping onto the bed. Ugh, the covers are going to need changing again, but that chore disappears from your mind as Crosshair slips two of his fingers in alongside his cock, fingering you as he fucks you in an attempt to keep you full.

He can't help but make even more comments, both praising and mocking you for how well you're taking his fingers and cock. After the first set of orgasms, Crosshair flips both of your bodies over, and lays back on your bed. He has you lie on him, your back against his chest, and he holds your legs up against your shoulders as he begins fucking up into you.

Crosshair is grunting against your ear, leaving the occasional mark on your neck. He's not holding back - why would he? This is what you need, and Crosshair's here to supply it. One hand moves from your legs and wraps around your throat, whilst the other slips between your thighs to touch you feverishly. He's ordering you to cum for him, demanding it, and the final orgasm that you have almost causes you to black out.

During your hazy, fucked-out state, Crosshair carefully rolls you off him, and begins taking care of you. He cleans you up, helps you put some light clothing on, and curls up into bed beside you. Crosshair's large frame wraps snugly around you as he takes the position of big spoon, planting gentle kisses on your shoulder as he asks how you're feeling.

Finally, your heat is over, and now comes the following soreness from being fucked silly over the past few days. Oh well, it was fun, and maybe now you'll learn to take your supplements regularly?

Chapter Text

It's a lazy Sunday. The Batch has been blessed with being stationed on Coruscant, meaning Tech finally has an opportunity to see you, after being away for many, many moons. He unexpectedly appeared on your doorstep a few hours ago, and both of your eyes filled up with tears as you reunited, followed by quickly dragging him into your apartment so you can smother him with kisses and affection.

Since then, you've gone out and enjoyed yourselves, having dinner before retiring for the night. As of right now, you're both lounging about in bed, not quite ready to go to sleep. The air is silent, enjoying each others company without a forced conversation, or light chatter. It's peaceful, content and cozy; Tech has his arm wrapped around you, and you're bundled up against his chest. One of his knees is propped up, his holopad resting against it, mindlessly reading something to do with ion cannons.

Your eyes flutter shut, not that you were reading the article anyway, and the sound of Tech's heartbeat becomes your main focus. It's so lulling, a steady drum, syncing up with your own heartbeat. You've never felt so warm before, so loved and cherished, and there's a subconscious smile on your lips as you rest.
Tech's hand has been lightly trailing over your back and hips, skin against skin, minus the brief moments where he comes into contact with your panties. You're so used to being nude around him, but as of right now, all you're wearing is panties, matching outfits with Tech as he's only wearing his boxers. You lightly smirk as you feel Tech pull on the thin fabric, fidgeting without realising, almost threatening to slip them down off your hips.

His fingers move from your panties and glide over your ass, rubbing sweet circles on your skin, and you both chuckle as he firmly gropes you. You soon return to your peaceful state as Tech's fingers continue exploring you, but Tech's cheeky smile remains on his lips as he moves his fingers to your thighs. They continue gliding over your skin, and after a while, begin exploring the inner sections of your thighs.

Before you know it, Tech's fingertips are trailing over your folds, separated by the thin layer of fabric. His touch is still featherlight, teasing you, whilst he continues putting most of his focus into the article that he's reading. The silence in the air is broken as you let out a soft whimper, your hips involuntary shifting upwards in an attempt to harden Tech's touch.

This is unfair. His touch is far too light to be satisfactory. However, you know by now that Tech is a man who's all about accuracy and precision. His touch is meant to be light - he's teasing you, and the more you protest and demand, the longer he'll draw things out for.

As expected, Tech moves his fingertips away from your heat, and caresses your thighs once more. There's nothing you can do apart from lie and wait patiently, and a few, long, excruciating minutes pass before Tech rewards your patience by touching you again. Knowing that Tech feeds off praise, you let out another soft whimper as a way of indicating that you're enjoying this, and he smugly smirks at your sounds.

Your eyes remain shut, enticed by the slight sensory deprivation. You have no idea what's coming next, and you'd like things to remain that way. In all honesty, you're surprised Tech hasn't blindfolded you, or bound you so you're helpless, resting against him as he continues his research, subconsciously fiddling with his girl.

Finally, Tech's hands move up to your stomach, only to dip beneath the waistband of your panties. Calloused fingertips trail over your bare folds, instantly slicking up from your arousal. You let out a moan as Tech finds your clit, rubbing firm circles around the bud; you bury your head into his chest, eyes still shut, and Tech places a gentle kiss on your forehead whilst his eyes remain focused on his work.

You peek your eyes open, praying that he's almost done with his work, only to find that he's moved onto another article, and he's barely scraped the surface of the page. A frustrated whine escapes you, and wanting to be a distraction, you move your hand from around his waist to begin caressing his hardening length, only for him to pick your hand up, and move it back to his waist.

"I'm working, darling," Tech states with a smug and playful tone. Ugh. This man.

"You deserve a break," you reply, hoping to play against Tech at his own game. "You've been working for an hour, surely you-"

"-Nice try," Tech cuts you off, chuckling softly. "I am more than capable to work for longer than this without rest. Besides, this is light reading."

"Won't your eyes strain?" you question, peering up to meet his gaze.

"They won't, since I have been taking short, regular breaks. You have kept your eyes closed the entire time, preventing you from seeing me taking those breaks."

"Mhm," you hum in frustration, accepting defeat.

"And it won't be long until I finish this article. Until then, you'll just have to be patient," Tech coos, and begins rubbing your clit again, this time, with more intensity. Your train of thought derails, and you let out a moan as your eyes fall shut, snuggling deeper into Tech's chest as desperation and arousal takes over.

"I know you can be patient with me, darling. And I also know that you're fully aware of my... fidgeting. I hope my chosen method is satisfactory for you. Plus, fidgeting helps improve my focus," Tech explains, confidently smirking as he feels you writhe in his grasp.

All you manage to do is nod, consenting to Tech's 'fidgeting.' If he wants to make this his new favourite method of fidgeting, then you're fully down for it. Sure, it's drawn out and somewhat merciless, but Tech always delivers in the end, and in some instances, he overly delivers. Maybe tonight will be one of those scenarios.

"Good girl," Tech praises, and places a loving kiss on your forehead. "Not long now, I've almost finished this article. Then, I'm all yours..."

Chapter Text

I'm not saying our boy isn't kinky, nor is he vanilla, but I think Echo prefers passionate, romantic, intimate sex. Echo isn't one for one-night-stands, he can't jump from one person to another, and he struggles to let people in to begin with. If Echo's going to sleep with you, then he needs to know you well, and (probably) already be dating you.
Even if you are dating, it's going to be awhile until you two have sex. As we know, Echo has been through a lot, and that's resulted in a series of complications. I mean, the poor man clearly has PTSD, anxiety, body confidence issues, and so forth. So, when you two do have sex, it [needs to be intimate. Echo [needs to know that you're totally and utterly devoted to him - you adore him, you love him, and you'll need to express that during sex.
Say, you'll be riding him as he's sitting upright. His hands are all over you, gliding around your waist, kneading at your thighs, cupping your jawline. Echo's roaming hands are a subconscious way of reminding himself that you're here, you're really here, loving him, having sex with him, admiring everything about him. You're the one who's muttering praise, sweet and affectionate words that inform him of how much he means to you. You're taking the lead, and Echo's blindnessly following, because he loves you, and trusts that you'll take things at his pace, and be there if he needs you.
Over time, Echo may suggest shaking up your sex life. I can't see him ever being into dildos because he doesn't want a 'substitute.' He may enjoy butt plugs, or putting you in light restraints - but never being restrained due to trauma reasons. However, overall, Echo doesn't dip into kinks too much. He doesn't 'need' to. He adores you for you, and doesn't 'need' anything else to make himself happy. But if you want to try a few things, he's down, so long as it's safe and comfortable.

Like Echo, I can see Wrecker being a very intimate and passionate lover. He's the true definition of a gentle giant, who definitely holds back the first few times you two hook up. You'll practically have to beg him to go harder/faster, and even then, he still holds back.
Wrecker has been raised to be a big brute, or at least, that's how the Kaminoans viewed him. He's a unit who can break through anything - he was designed to be that way, and so long as he sticks to that image on the battlefield, then the Kaminoans are happy. Jokes on them because he's a total sap!
But this is why Wrecker holds back. He knows his own strength, and he knows that his own strength is likely to be too much for you. That's why he's gentle, and because he wants to reassure you that he can be. Wrecker is so much more than a giant, and he wants to show you just how tender, soft, and loving he can be.
If you want it rough, he'll deliver, all whilst checking in on you regularly to ensure that you're comfortable. Wrecker will use his size/strength to his advantage, usually by picking you up, manhandling you, pinning you beneath him, and so forth. He loves size kinks (since everyone is small in comparison to him, I mean, the guy is 6'6ft for Makers sake,) along with some light power play.
However, Wrecker also loves submitting to you. I mean, who wouldn't love to see Wrecker on his knees, following your every command like the good boy that he is? He doesn't even realise that he has a praise kink until you tell him how pretty he looks whilst tied up and restrained. And you're riled up over the thought that, despite being restrained, Wrecker could easily escape if he wanted to, but he doesn't - he's at your mercy, and he's no brat. Wrecker is going to follow your every order flawlessly, and go above and beyond, just for you.

Again, Hunter strikes me as a passionate man who would rather make love to you, rather than fuck you silly. I mean, he'll do that too, but only when the time is right. There's a lot of love stored within him, but from what I've seen, he doesn't always express it. Yes, he'll tell you that you're working well, or that you look good today, but his true romantic and passionate side can only come out in private, and it often slips out without him realising.
You'll be pinned beneath him, your wrists held down on either side of your head. Hunter is rolling his hips, filling up the room with the sound of skin against skin. He's panting lightly, and struggling to maintain eye contact as something takes over him. And then, he's burying his head into the curve of your neck, kissing and nipping at your skin. His hands move from yours, and he wraps them around your lower back as he pulls your hips up, repositioning you so he can drive his cock deeper. Words slip from his lips without realising - "Maker, I love you. You're everything to me, so good, so perfect. I adore you, I'd do anything for you-"
Hunter loves passionate sex, but when the moments right, he enjoys dabbling in kinks. It's obvious that this man would love to bring his battlefield skills into the bedroom, by delicately slicing your clothes off your body, and trailing his viroblade lightly over your skin, never leaving a mark - he'd never hurt you.
He's totally a switch. Hunter often likes taking control, it's in his nature to, but he's also happy to submit to you. Sometimes, everything is too much, his heightened senses are in overload, and he just needs you to take over, and make things right. There'll be times when he wants you to be soft and loving, and other times when he needs you to rough him up and straighten him out.
Hunter has few limits when it comes to kinks, but the right time and place is crucial for him.

I'm putting Tech as the second kinkiest member simply because he's unreadable. I've seen headcanons where people class him as vanilla, or even uninterested in sex, and others where they class him as the kinkiest fucker to ever exist. Tech is totally unreadable, and that's what makes him kinky in my eyes.
Will this man have missionary, lights-off sex with you? or go through every single kink to ever exist? We don't know. I don't know. You don't know. The producers don't know. Which is why he gets second place.
That being said, Tech is obviously a man who's all about research, practise, and precision. He'll discover a kink whilst deep in the holoweb, do his research, and then practise it over and over with you, until you two reach a point where the kink is mutually beneficial and pleasurable.
Let's take bondage, for example. More specifically, shibari. Shibari is much more than a kink - it's art, and Tech will definitely express that when he suggests you two try it out. Tech's arousal for this kink comes from the process of tying you up, and perfecting his work, as well as how good you look when fully restrained. There's also the mental side of the kink - submitting yourself to Tech, and having that trust since you're helpless in Tech's control. All these factors work perfectly together, and that's what Tech looks for when it comes to kinks; pleasure is fun, but mental pleasure is on a whole other level.
I also think that Tech is the type to try (almost) everything at least once, as "how can I be certain that I dislike this kink without testing it out first?" And throught that mindset, he comes across many, many kinks that he enjoys, but wouldn't assume he would enjoy from surface level.
The idealism that the man is usually the dom in the bedroom doesn't exist in Tech's mind. If he wants to submit, he'll submit, and he'll encourage you to really get into your dominant role. Limits are always discussed before every session, so you'll know exactly where you can and cannot wander whilst playing with Tech.
He loves his technology, and has no problem bringing all sorts of weird and wonderful devices into the bedroom. A basic dildo? boring. A vibrating dildo where the speed is controlled using Tech's wrist device? perfect.
To summarise: Even when in the bedroom, Tech is still a man of research and practise. You never know what's in store when it comes to sleeping with him.

Did you really think that anybody else would be here in first place? Of course Crosshair is the kinkiest member of the Batch - just look at him!
So, it's clear that he's a man with few limits. He'll probably try anything at least once. Anything. But his favourites are things that you wouldn't expect. Crosshair obviously loves 'surface level kinks', such as bondage, sub/dom, spanking, role play, etc. He definitely has a gun kink, whether that's you getting yourself off on his gun, sucking the barrel, or having him hold it against you as he rails you - probably everything and anything to do with guns.
However, as much as Crosshair is a hard dom, he's also a bratty sub - or at least, he's a brat at first. Crosshair needs to be trained and broken into, and he has few limits when it comes to sub training. He enjoys being a sadist, just as much as he enjoys being a masochist. You're free to really rough this man up when training him, and if anything, Crosshair encourages it. However, he won't allow just anybody to do this to him. You two need to be [close, whether that's through dating, or long term fuck-buddies (that totally [don't have deep feelings for each other.)
Spanking Crosshair is the first thing that comes to everybody's mind, and like the bratty sub that he is, he'll mock you for thinking of something "so vanilla." If you really want to break Crosshair, then deprive him. Humiliate and degrade him. Deny his orgasms over and over until he's a begging, sobbing mess. It's going to take time, and by that, I mean weeks, possibly months worth of training. Crosshair doesn't give up. Ever. And he doesn't even realise he's given up until he reaches that deep breaking point, where he's consensually bawling his eyes out as he begs you to let him cum. He really is your dumb sniper who needs to be put in line, isn't he?
Crosshair's never been into dildos, because "why would you need some plastic substitute when I'm right here?" Until he discovers fucking machines, and discovers how good you look whilst fully restrained, and slowly becoming an unhinged mess as a machine fucks you over and over. Sure, he could do what that machine is doing, or he could lie back and relax, chewing on a toothpick whilst watching you becoming cock dumb. Maybe he'll spank you whilst the machine does its work, or have you gag on his cock. Maybe he'll completely ignore you, and clean his rifle whilst you're begging him to pay attention to you. Who knows? That man is unpredictable.


Chapter Text

  • The idea of being a guard isn't exactly enticing to Crosshair. He's a sharpshooter, he should be out on the field, or more specifically, nesting in plain sight, taking down clankers with a pull of the trigger.
  • Standing around, following some politician, and listening to all their obscure views on the galaxy is... ugh. Yawn.
  • It's a private assignment. Crosshair has been specifically selected due to his sharpshooting skills. There's currently a bounty on your head after a recent turn of diplomatic events, yet you still need to attend the Senate, so, the best they can give you is a private guard.
  • You were expecting Shock Troopers, but instead, you're introduced to a clone far slender, yet taller than the others. He's kitted out, helmet on, with his rifle hanging loosely in his grasp, standing almost as tall as he is.
  • After being briefly introduced, you two are left to it. Already, he's nothing like the others. For starters, he's one of those 'special ops' clones, a mutated one, or whatever it was the Kaminoans said.
  • What really stands out is that he speaks out of term. The other clones never speak unless spoken to, or unless they're close to their Senator, but this one is instantly cracking sarcastic comments.
  • "So, you're the one who's been causing all this trouble, hm?" He questions with a soft chuckle. His drawl is thick within every word, and his accent alone indicates that he really is different to the others, despite not being able to see his face.
  • You two click right away, and despite the banter and a few flirtatious comments, he still holds his head high, and remains professional, especially when in the presence of other Senators.
  • Maybe this guard job isn't so bad after all? Especially since his Senator is attractive? And not like the others?
  • As time goes on, Crosshair finds himself attached to you, without realising. He claims that he's only doing his job, but he's extremely protective over you, more than the average clone would be.
  • And he doesn't tolerate playful jabs from the Batch, either. Wrecker suggested that they should paint a pin-up style mural of you on the Marauder, and Crosshair almost screamed for suggesting something "so disrespectful."
  • Yeah, it's obvious that he has a thing for you, but he's not going to admit that. He's just doing his job, right?
  • So, when you almost get shot, and Crosshair has tears falling from his eyes, hidden beneath his helmet, as he protects you from your attacker, that's just part of his job, right?!
  • And it's also part of his job to get flustered when you finally see him without his helmet, and instantly call him pretty, matching his usual, playful tone.
  • There was also that time when you were invited to a party, and Crosshair stood on watch nearby, seething beneath his helmet whenever that disgusting Senator flirted with you.
  • Yeah, all part of the job... The job that Crosshair didn't want to begin with, and now refuses to let go with the excuse of, "they're a valuable asset, and it's clear that bounty hunters are constantly after them. I should stay, for protection purposes, of course."

Chapter Text

You're on your knees between his thighs, gazing up at him with a playful glisten in your eyes. Tech is attempting to remain relaxed, hands tied behind the back of the chair, ankles tied to the chair legs. His goggles are propped up on his forehead as minutes ago, they fogged up from the amount of heat radiating off his body. He's in his blacks, his shirt pushed up over his chest so you can play with his nipples, and his pants are around his thighs, cock out and currently in your grasp.

Tech has his focus on your hands, his mouth hanging open as he pants softly at the sight. You've been edging him for... shit, how long? Tech's lost count, for the first time in his life. He whimpers as you move one hand away from massaging his balls, stretching two fingers out and placing them beneath his chin. You gently prop his head up, drawing his eyes to your own.

"You doing alright, pretty boy?" You ask in the softest voice ever.

All Tech can do is nod. He's fucked out, literal putty in your grasp. You wickedly grin at his debauched state, and comment," you look so pretty when you lose yourself in your own lusts," with a taunting glisten to your words.

Tech whines. He softly nods, agreeing to your statement, and bucks his hips up when you move your hand off his chin, moving down his body to play with his nipples.

"What do you think, Tech? Does my smart, pretty boy deserve to cum?" you mischievously ask.

Tech licks his lips before mustering up the strength to reply. "Please," he whispers with a slight stutter. "I do, I-I've been so good."

"That's right. You have been so good," you agree, moving your hand down to massage his balls once more. Again, his hips buck up into your grasp, urging you to pump his length quicker. As much as you want to treat him to his release, you have one last challenge for him.

"You can cum, on one condition..." you begin, and Tech nods eagerly, ready to accept your proposal. "I want you to tell me five facts about ion canons, and then you can release. Alright?"

"B-But..." Tech pants. "Darling, I can't," he admits. His poor mind is fried, the total opposite to the usual, confident persona that you see on the daily.

"You can," you encourage. "Come on, Tech. Just five facts. You're a smart boy, my smart boy. You can manage for me, can't you...?" 

Chapter Text

"Tech... Oh, honey. You've done it again," you sigh.

Tech's about to ask what he's got up to this time, but you're already removing his goggles, placing them on his desk. You rummage around his draws and find a packet of tissues, pulling one out and dampening part of it. "Here," you mutter as you gently cup his chin with your fingertips, holding his head up, so you can begin wiping away the oil smeared on his face.

There's not many smears, a few here and there from where he's had oil on his fingertips, and then adjusted his goggles, not realising his gloves are dirty. This is a common occurrence, and seeing as Tech never looks at himself in the mirror, he never notices. You're always there to tidy him up, and Tech always appreciates the loving gesture.

His eyes fall shut, and he lets you get to work. Wiping the oil stains only seems to move them across his face, not quite removing them, so you quickly tell him you'll be right back as you rush to the refresher.

You return moments later with a series of items, and a damp cloth to really clean up his face. Tech remains silent as you begin, using a gentle face wash to help remove the oil. His hands rest on his lap, head tilted to the side whenever you silently signal for him to move.

In all honesty, Tech is internally melting. You're so gentle , so soft , yet again, acting as his anchor. Yes, he may be smart, but during his hyperfocused sessions, he always forgets the bare minimum: toilet breaks, eating, sleeping, drinking, and so forth. You're always there to remind him to take care of himself, and to distract his eyes whenever they begin to strain.

Tech silently watches as you finally remove the last bit of oil, and pick up another product - moisturiser. You place a small amount on your fingertip, and then press onto multiple parts of Tech's face, including the tip of his nose, to which you both softly giggle. Yet again, you're oh-so-gentle as you begin massaging the moisturiser into his skin. Tech's eyes fall shut, and there's a soft smile on his lips as he melts into your touch, relaxing for the first time in hours.

"You should join me for a shower later," you hint as you work the moisturiser up to his receding hairline, brushing a few loose strands off his face. His hair's a little greasy and scruffy, and knowing Tech, he won't notice until he starts to really smell - or until you gently point it out.

"I will," Tech confirms with a nod. His eyes are still shut, but flutter open after you plant a gentle kiss to his lips, and softly state, "done."

You pick up Tech's goggles, ready to hand them back, only to notice the state that they're in. "Never mind, I need to clean this part of you up too," you huff, and open the draw where Tech keeps the cleaning products for his goggles.

As you begin cleaning his lenses, Tech gently pulls at your hips, and positions you to sit on his lap. You're hunched forward over his desk, scrubbing away at his goggles, whilst Tech keeps his arms wrapped around your waist, smiling to himself as he presses his head against your shoulder blade.

There is not a lot of calmness in Tech's life, given the war, and what he was bred to be. However, you're his single ray of sunshine, a small glisten of hope, someone who keeps him going when times are tough. Tech calls out your name to catch your attention, and you reply with a soft, "hm?"

"I don't tell you this often, but..." Tech sighs, biting his tongue to prevent himself tearing up your gentle gestures. "I love you," he admits.


"I love you too," you say as you turn to face him, his goggles in hand. You carefully pull them over his head, putting them in place, and even do Tech's signature move by pushing them up the bridge of his nose. "And I love you even more when you're nice and clean."

"Noted, ner cyar'ika. I will try to improve my appearance," Tech nods, smiling up at you sweetly as you get comfortable on his lap.

You softly laugh at his Tech-ish response. "Don't worry, sweetheart. I'm here for that reason..."

Chapter Text

"C'mon, what's up?" Wrecker questions.

You've been awfully quiet. It's not like you can help it; tonight is your first date with Wrecker, and you decided to go all out, splurging on a fancy outfit that, unfortunately, you don't feel confident in. Wrecker complimented you before you two set off to head downtown, but despite his words, you still don't feel your best.

There's no point in brushing him off. Wrecker knows something is up, and he's always willing to help in any way possible; whether that's talking things out, listening to you vent, giving advice, and so forth.

"I just..." you sigh, keeping your gaze locked onto the floor. "I don't feel great..."

"Oh, are you sick?" Wrecker questions. Before you can answer, he's stopped both of you in your tracks, moving his free hand to press against your forehead, the other entwined with your own.

"No, it's not that," you reply as Wrecker moves his hand away. "I mean, I don't think I look great... I tried a different style tonight, and I don't think it's working for me," you confess, still keeping your eyes averted.

Wrecker pouts, and the hand that was briefly pressed to your forehead moves to cup your jawline, gently nudging you to look up at him. Your eyes meet his, and you're reminded that he truly is the definition of a gentle giant. Wrecker is a unit on the battlefield, being bred specifically for his strength, and trained in explosives. He could punch through a Separatist base with his bare hands - the same bare hands that are oh-so-gently cupping your jawline, his thumb softly brushing over your cheek.

"Well, I don't think that," Wrecker states. "I think you look great! You look..." his words fade away, and Wrecker's brows softly furrow as he moves his gaze from yours. It's clear that he's attempting to find the right words to express his attraction to you, and during his pondering thoughts, he looks up at the night sky.

Wrecker lets out a realisation sigh, and then turns back to you with a grin. "You're prettier than the stars above, you know that?" he exclaims.

It's hard not to smile when Wrecker's grinning at you, searching for that twinkle in your eye as you smile back at him. Ah , there it is - you're blushing, gawking at the man who almost burst from excitement when you said yes to going on a date with him.

"Thank you," you reply, melting into Wrecker's touch.

"Anytime," Wrecker nods, gazing at you with nothing but pure admiration in his eyes. "Anyway, let's carry on. I don't wanna be late for our booking, our... uh, booking that I definitely didn't make weeks in advance before I had even asked you out..."

Chapter Text

  • Crosshair is somewhat of a cocky, smug bastard, regardless of whether his chip is active, or not.
  • So, even if his chip wasn't activated, he'd still get cocky and tease you about your little crush. Yes, the feelings are mutual, but he needs to torment you before he makes a move.
  • Crosshair is a perceptive man, always on his toes, taking in every sight and sound that he can get his hands on. He always pays attention to small details, including certain elements about you.
  • Despite being a soldier, you don't fall in line like the other members of his squad. Something is... off about you, and Crosshair realises what it is pretty swiftly.
  • Eye contact is the main thing. You can never look your Commander in the eyes, especially when he's directly talking to you. And on the odd occasion where you have, your cheeks always turn a deep shade of red, and sweat appears above your brow - blatant signs that something is unsettling about you.
  • You're always tense around him. Yes, your back is straight, and your arms are at your sides, just like the other soldiers. However, nervousness is always radiating off you, and your uneasy breaths do little to hide your crush.
  • Yeah, it's pretty obvious, and your Commander decides to test a few things out, just to be certain.
  • Before dismissing his soldiers, your Commander asks to speak with you privately. The rest march off, and you're left alone with Crosshair.
  • With your helmet tucked under your arm, there's no escape, no way of hiding your reaction to Crosshair's next set of words.
  • He stands before you with his usual, glaring expression, an odd expression for what he's about to say. When he does speak, his tone of voice is still bitter and venomous, but you're almost certain there are flirtatious undertones, especially since he's praising you.
  • "You did good today, Trooper. Although, your shooting skills could do with amending. The offer is there if you'd ever like one-on-one lessons."
  • Internally, you're screaming.
  • Externally, you're gorming at the floor whilst attempting to keep your cool, questioning if your Commander is hitting on you, or is planning to get you alone so he can murder you.
  • Your mouth goes to open, but nothing falls out, minus a soft squeak. Kriff, you're only making the situation worse!
  • You're almost certain you can see your Commander smirking in the corner of your eye, but you dare not look up and check, not wanting to lock your gaze onto his, and worsen the sickly feeling in your stomach.
  • "I'd be willing to take on those lessons, Commander," you eventually stutter.
  • "Huh, willing," he replies with a purr. "Now, that's a word I enjoy," Crosshair chuckles.
  • And just like that, he's turning his heel to leave. "The shooting range, 1800 hours. You are dismissed," he says over his shoulder, barely glancing your way as he excuses himself.
  • All you can do is stand there, wide-eyed, ready to pass out at any moment as your mind spins into overdrive.
  • Well, better go and get ready for your date lesson... 

Chapter Text

It's all Crosshair's fault. Seriously, who just walks into someone's room? No knocking, no patience, nothing. Crosshair simply marched into your room as if he owns the place, and then had the nerve to smirk and make a cheeky comment when he realised what you were in the middle of doing.

Masturbating, that's what you were doing.

And now you're staring at Crosshair with wide eyes, the covers messily pulled over your naked form, and a cheeky Crosshair standing in the middle of your room. "Why did you stop?" Crosshair has the audacity to ask.

Your mouth falls open, uncertain what to reply. "Because you walked in?" you stutter, asking a rhetorical question.

"And?" Crosshair shrugs.

Your eyes roll heavily at his bluntness. "Just because you'd continue if someone walks in on you, doesn't mean that everyone else would do the same."

Crosshair shrugs again, still standing like a lemon in the centre of your room. You let out an irritated grumble, weighing out your options. Unsure if Crosshair is just toying with you, you decide to ask once more. "What do you want?"

Crosshair's smug expression turns even smugger as he looks you dead in the eye, and with a wicked grin on his lips, he slowly and clearly responds, "lay back and touch yourself. I want to watch."

Yeah, he's serious. Alright, so this is really happening. You silently nod in the direction of your desk, signalling for him to take a seat. He does, and relaxes with his legs slightly spread, and his hands resting on his lap. If it weren't for his codpiece, you're certain you'd see some kind of movement in his pants. Oh well, surely it won't take long for his equipment to come off?

If it's a show he wants, then it's a show he'll get.

Chapter Text

Hunter - Your words will definitely catch him off guard. He'll blink heavily as his brain re-boots, processing what you've just said. You just said what he thinks you just said, right?? After a long and awkward pause, Hunter's brows furrow as he begins telling you off for being 'inappropriate.' This man has a reputation to uphold, he is a leader, after all, and he won't allow anyone to throw him off when he's attempting to lecture you. "You really think that's appropriate, huh? I'm trying to stop you from getting yourself killed, and you're-" blah blah blah.

Wrecker - It's pretty much impossible to get into an argument with Wrecker, but if you somehow manage it, then this will be the line that totally throws him off guard. Hang on, what were you two even arguing about? Is it suddenly hot in here? Why is Wrecker now dying for a drink? His cheeks will turn a vibrant shade of red as sweat forms above his brow, and Wrecker can't maintain eye contact as he blurts out, "yeah, I do! So what?!!?!" before storming off, needing some time alone to process what's just happened. Expect an apology from him later on, even if he wasn't in the wrong.

Tech - Altercations aren't rare for Tech. He's grown up with three brothers who make him want to rip his hair out, so when you start getting snappy, Tech tries to put you back in your place. However, you now have the upper hand with that one little line! Tech shuts down. He stops working. Does he really want to kiss you? Wait, no... focus! You two were arguing about... uh... "We may continue our discussion when you decide to be appropriate," Tech grumbles before storming off, locking himself in the cockpit. He needs some time to think about you the argument.

Echo - Like Wrecker, it's impossible to get into an argument with Echo. He's such a pacifist, and knows that team issues can always be resolved by talking them out. Then again, this is the Bad Batch, and situations can often become tense and heated. Echo looks like a deer in the headlights when you drop this line; he's torn between telling you off, admitting that you're right, or simply walking away. You can physically see his mind and body deciding on which path to go down, and Echo soon decides to walk off, not wanting to do or say anything that he might later regret.

Crosshair - You're in the middle of arguing with this sarky sniper, and just when you're about to pull out your winning line, Crosshair beats you to it. "You want to kiss me so bad right now, don't you? I can see it in your eyes. This argument is an attempt to cover up your true feelings for me," Crosshair boldly states, his hands resting on his hips with a smug grin on his face. Well, uh, now it's your turn to decide where you take things. Maybe ensure that the others aren't around, or else they're never going to let you live this down!

Chapter Text

Finding a lover is a challenging task; there is so much dirt to shovel through, so many dull dates, and awkward moments with strangers. The last place you ever thought you find one is in the GAR, but it seems that the Maker is rooting for you, as they blessed you with five partners. Yes, five - five men who love you unconditionally, who worship the ground that you walk on, who hold you high and mighty whilst showing you off to the galaxy.

Every day with them is unreal, like you're living some kind of fantasy. There are times when it'll be just one on one, you and one of your boys, and other times when more will be involved. As of right now, you're totally spoilt, a true pillow princess with five men filling you over and over, not leaving a single area of your body untouched.

You've lost count of how many orgasms you've already had, and which of your boys is yet to have their second release. Hunter has just finished slipping his softening cock from you; he lies back on the bed with a sigh, and mutters, "keep her busy, boys," whilst he catches his breath.

"With pleasure," Wrecker nods. He's straight between your thighs, introducing his tongue to your clit. Wrecker's admitted before that his favourite place in the entire galaxy is between your thighs, but with his mouth, followed by his cock. He'll have you climaxing multiple times from his tongue alone before he even considers slipping a finger into you, let alone his length.

Your breathy moans are instantly muffled as Echo catches his lips with yours, kissing you tenderly. He's so sweet, kind and gentle, a heavy contrast against the man who is currently sucking your nipples. Crosshair flicks between them, massaging them at the same time. You're so over-stimulated, breathless and exhausted, but there's a permanent fire burning in your chest, and you won't stop mingling with these men until you pass out, or until one of them decides to let you rest (usually Tech.)

Speaking of Tech, he's currently leaving purple marks along your collarbone, adding his own to the collection of bruises that your boys have left throughout tonight. Some are fading, marks from previous sessions, and Tech wants to top up his fading hickey.

Wrecker does something to you, you're not entirely sure what it was, given your hazy and debauched state, but it causes you to break your kiss with Echo to let out a whimper. You can overhear Wrecker chuckling between your thighs, followed by Crosshair commenting, "such a pretty sound."

"All for us, isn't it, mesh'la?" Echo asks. You weakly nod against his lips.

"Speak up for us, dear. Not everyone is fortunate enough to be kissing you, right now," Tech chimes in, peering up at you through his tinted lenses.

"They're all for you, and you only," you blurt out. You're met with four lovestruck pairs of eyes, followed by a fifth pair as Hunter respawns.

"You spoil us. You know that, right?" Hunter chimes in. He kneels down beside Wrecker, and kisses along your hipbone before speaking up again. "And you mean everything to us."

"Everything," Wrecker reiterates. "You have no idea..." he laughs, and plants a tender kiss to your inner thigh.

"I have attempted to find the correct words to describe how we feel about you, but nothing quite expresses it correctly," Tech mutters against your neck, kissing over the sea of love marks.

"Not to get all mushy, but you're ours, and ours only. We wouldn't want it any other way," Crosshair perks up. His hands trail along the curve of your breast before his lips return to your nipples, still switching between them.

"We're going to do everything we can to make you feel loved and appreciated, cyar'ika," Echo comments. He tenderly kisses your forehead, followed by the tip of your nose.

"And we're going to do that now by getting one more orgasm out of you, if you can manage it?" Hunter suggests. His gaze is locked onto yours whilst he continues kissing over your hips, awaiting your reply.

With a shaky breath, you nod in agreement. "Please," you stutter. "Take as many as you want," you sigh, feeling welcomingly overwhelmed as your boys continue stimulating you.

"Atta girl," Hunter smiles.

"Our girl," Wrecker adds. "Now, where was I?" he says with a chuckle, and returns his lips to your clit, drawing that final orgasm of the night out of you. That is, if you crash out after this one, and even if you do, each and every one of them will be here to clean you up, hold you tenderly, and remind you of how loved you are.

Chapter Text

“Atiniir, cyar’ika. Take all of me, just like that.”

It was your idea to try something different, something taboo. Crosshair's ears perked up at the word, and he smugly grinned as the suggestion left your lips. "You want me to kriff your ass?" Crosshair bluntly reiterated, and chuckled once more when you eagerly nodded in agreement.

"You've got some training to do, sweetheart," he purred.

Crosshair was right. You two spent countless hours on the holoweb researching into the activity; how to clean yourself, how to stretch, how to train, etc. Whilst Crosshair was asleep one night, you snuck out to visit your local adult store; Crosshair almost had a heart attack a few days later when you two went to have sex, only for you to reveal the pretty butt plug in your ass.

"Maker," he swore, cupping your cheeks and spreading them apart. "You really are a treat," Crosshair sighed before going down on you, soon to slip the plug from your ass, and replace it with his fingers and tongue instead.

A week has passed since then, and you've done more than enough training. You're ready, and Crosshair is eager to sheath himself in your tight hole. He tore his clothes off the second you whispered, "I'm ready," and ran after you into the bedroom.

Now you're here, peering over your shoulder, watching as Crosshair slicks his cock up with even more lube. The last thing he wants to do is hurt you, and the more, the merrier!

Crosshair smirks to himself as he taps the tip of his cock against your slightly gaping hole, already stretched open during foreplay. "Ready for me?" he asks, locking his gaze onto yours.

"Ready," you reply with a swift nod.

Crosshair slowly begins pushing his cock into you the second you finish giving consent. He's so excited, more than you are, and for once, Crosshair isn't hiding his emotions. His mouth drops open as the tip of his cock sinks into your ass, and he lets out a deep moan, already losing himself in the sensation.

"Kriffffff," Crosshair sighs. He watches through half-lidded eyes as his cock slowly disappears inside you, fighting the urge to cum already. "Atiniir, cyar’ika," Crosshair moans. "Take all of me, just like that.”

You whimper as Crosshair finishes sinking his cock into you, filling you entirely. The sensation is strange, yet welcoming, setting alight a different kind of fire in the pit of your stomach. Crosshair waits patiently for you to get comfortable, following what you've both learnt during your research.

And when you finally give Crosshair a nod, his eyes light up, and he chews on his bottom lip as he begins moving... 

Chapter Text

Maker, what in the galaxies name has got into Tech? He's never like this - rough, heated, dominant - Tech is usually a passionate lover, when he's not testing a new toy on you. As of right now, he has you pinned beneath him, his hips thrusting faster than they ever have. There's a light layer of sweat forming all over his body, gathering from the amount of work that he's putting into this session, and his lips can't stop spewing out sinful words and phrases.

"Eyes on me," Tech orders, noticing how yours are scrunching shut.

Your eyes meet Tech's, and you instantly notice how wide his pupils are. He's full of lust, a fire burning in his chest, and he now wants to share that warmth with you. Needless to say, you're welcoming to this dominant streak, and are curious as to where it'll go.

There is a possibility that Tech is pounding you into the mattress because of what happened earlier. Nothing happened, so to say, but a stranger approached you at the bar whilst Tech was in the restroom, and even after you said no, the stranger refused to leave. Cue Tech rushing over to shoo him away, and for the rest of the night, there was a slight glare to his expression, and he refused to not be touching you in some way.

"Cyar'ika?" Tech suddenly asks as his thrusts come to a halt, his cock buried deep inside you.

"Y-yeah?" you whine, feeling full to the brim.

Tech's eyes wander from yours, and after nervously swallowing, he locks his gaze onto you and sputters out, "who owns this pussy?"

"Tech?!" you yelp with wide eyes. Maker, that occurrence from earlier must have really riled your partner up. He never speaks like this. Never. But you're extremely welcoming to this new and unleashed side.

"Tell me," Tech hisses, maintaining eye contact. Still fully sheathed, Tech begins grinding against you, catching your clit with every roll of his hips. His cock is solid inside you, throbbing eagerly, wanting to return to your heated session.

"Kriff, ah-" you yelp. "Y-you, Tech! My pussy belongs to you!"

"Say it again."

"My pussy belongs to you, Tech," you sigh, keeping your gaze on his.

Tech licks his ever-drying lips before asking one last time. "Say it again, but properly, cyar'ika."

It takes you a moment to process what he's truly asking for, and your lips gently fall open when you come to realise. "My pussy belongs to you, Technician."

"Excellent," Tech sighs. His entire body shudders, and before you know it, he's rolling his hips against yours once more. After his dominant burst, Tech travels down the tender and loving route by pressing his forehead to yours, his eyes falling shut. He lets out a deep breath, steadying his racing heart, and admits, “call me selfish, but I don’t ever want anyone else to touch you.”

"Nobody's going to," you reassure him. "Only you can touch me, you know that."

"I do, I know that," Tech agrees with a soft nod. "However, frequent reassurance is always beneficial."

A loving smile appears on your lips, "and I'm always here to give it."

Tech lets out another deep breath before pressing his lips to yours, only for a few seconds, but it's more than enough to seal the deal. When he pulls away, his brows are furrowed again, and you notice the dominant glisten returning to his pupils.

"Now, where were we?"

Chapter Text

Sleepovers with Tech are never just that - a sleepover. Oh, no, not at all. There are many clashing factors that you have to consider, things that put a wedge in your late night gigglyness.

For starters, the others are... right there. You are on Kamino, after all, and you'd much prefer to stay in Clone Force 99's barracks, rather than have Tech stay in your dorm with the other Bounty Hunters - the ones that are being commissioned to train the clones, yourself included.

Bonding with the clones is always risky, and the Jedi are right, attachments can be dangerous. However, it's far too late to consider any of their teachings, or the fact that you shouldn't be doing this. But hey, the Bad Batch aren't going to rat you out, and neither is Tech, not when you're cooped up in bed with him.

"As long as you two are quiet, then we don't care," Hunter had said the first time you stopped over.

"And don't even think about getting handsy with each other," Crosshair chimed in, venom laced within his words. Or was it jealousy? Hm.

It's hard to be loud, let alone handsy when your favourite movie is on. Tech has his holopad propped up against his knees, with you bundled up against his chest. His hands are trailing over your clothed form, subconsciously fidgeting, not that you mind. Tech's heartbeat is steady, a faint drumming sound in the distance, along with his steady breaths. He is, for once, calm and content - a rare pair of emotions for a Soldier.

"Unbelievable," Tech mutters to himself as the main plot takes a turn for the worst. It's his first time watching this movie, your favourite, that you wanted to hold it off for a while. Whilst you enjoy sharing all your favourite things with Tech, he can be rather... critical, and you wanted to ensure that you two are serious, before opening yourself up even more to him.

And from the way his reactions are going, he seems to be well-invested.

"I should have predicted that this series of events would occur, but I, for some reason, had faith that the protagonist wouldn't be such a blind idiot," Tech grumbles as he lets out a frustrated sigh.

Biting back a giggle, you peer up at him, wanting to soak in the sight of his reaction. As your head moves up, Tech hand also moves so he can push his goggles up to rest on his forehead; his hand begins rubbing at his auburn eyes, easing the indented ringlets on his skin, and for a split second, you're almost certain that his eyes are glossed over.

"Has the movie made you that upset?" you tease.

Tech's brows furrow as he looks down at you, his soft curls bouncing as his head turns. "Frustrated, yes. Upset, no. Why?"

"I thought you were crying," you chuckle.

Tech sarcastically rolls his eyes as he mutters something about the lighting's reflection making it look as if he's tearing up. He then pauses the movie to tap a few buttons on his holopad, dimming the lighting in his bunks; with his bunk curtain drawn, it's almost pitch black. Whilst the darkness is kind on your eyes, you still assume that Tech was tearing up, and this is his attempt to hide it.

Nice move, Tech. Well played.

Tech continues playing the movie, but your eyes don't turn back to the screen. Instead, you shuffle up the bed, and begin planting feather-light kisses along his jawbone and cheek, muttering teasing phrases like, "it's alright to cry at a movie," and "even geniuses get emotional, huh?"

Tech knows you're only teasing, and he encourages your playful advances. After every kiss, Tech tilts his head to allow you to kiss a new area; wherever he wants a kiss, he presents it - his cheek, the tip of his nose, his forehead, and so on.

Giggles fill up the sound of Tech's bunk, only to soften out as you move your kisses lower, soon settling on a pulse point just below Tech's jawline. Ah, his weak point! Tech's breaths instantly deepen, and the last laugh to slip from his lips softens out into a moan.

"Darling?" Tech asks in a raspy voice - a tone that informs you that he's getting frisky.

"Mhm?" you ask as you trail your kisses back up to his face, dancing them over his cheek bones.

Tech's eyes flutter shut as a soft smile forms on his lips, soaking up all the attention that you're giving him. "If you keep kissing my face like that, then I will have to retaliate."

"Retaliate how?" you chuckle, and continue winding him up by moving your kisses down his face, returning to his neck.

"By- ah!" Tech whimpers. "Well, I suppose we won't be finishing this," Tech sarcastically comments as, through half-lidded eyes, he locks his holopad and discards it on his bunk. With his hands now free, Tech pulls you up onto his lap, your knees resting on either side of Tech's hips.

The second that you're comfortable, Tech's lips are on yours. You're instantly reminded to keep the noise down as the distant sound of Wrecker snoring fills the room, muffling your little make out session. Thank the Maker that Tech decided to install curtains on his bunk when you two began dating, for privacy reasons, of course.

However, there's only so much that can hide your shenanigans. The way that Tech is kissing you is just so... yes. You can't help the soft mewl or whimper that slips off your tongue, along with the shocked sigh that you let out when Tech decides to switch things up by flipping you over.

"Darling?" Tech quietly asks as he guides your legs to wrap around his waist, his crotch grinding against yours.

"Tech?" you pant, followed by groaning as Tech pins your wrists down on either side of your head. There's pure lust woven in his pupils, looking down at you, with you pinned beneath him. Tech's dominant side doesn't come out often, but when it does, it always seems to be during inappropriate circumstances. Yes, you two shouldn't be getting frisky right now, not when the other Batchers are asleep in their barracks. Kriff, you shouldn't even be sleeping over! let alone dating Tech!

"I have a simple request for you," Tech states as he moves his lips to dance over your neck.

"Go on," you urge.

"Try and stay quiet for me, can you do that?" Tech questions, followed by a soft chuckle. He's clearly mocking you, teasing your inability to stay quiet. It's not like you can help it - he's so good at... well, everything.

"In all honesty, I don't think I can, not when you're acting like this," you whimper. Tech removes his hands from your wrists to push the hemline of your shirt up, and his lips move lower, introducing themselves to your stomach and waist.

"Well," Tech lets out a heavy sigh. He peers up at you, his goggles still resting on his forehead, and despite being in the dark, you know he's painfully hard beneath his blacks. "You'll just have to try. I'm sure you can manage just fine, dear. And if not, I have multiple solutions to our little problem."

"Multiple?" you repeat, and Tech nods in confirmation. "How about we try some out? Let's see if you can keep my volume down."

Tech confidently smirks up at you, "if you insist..." 

Chapter Text

  • As we know, Tech is quite cocky about his intelligence. I'm sure the Kaminoans have hyped him up into developing that cocky persona, but then again, if you possessed almost all the knowledge in the galaxy, then you'd also be cocky about it, right?!
  • That being said, Tech can get somewhat... irritated around people who don't have common sense.
  • Tech finds intelligent people attractive. He likes that competitive aspect, and he yearns for someone who might be able to put him in his place.
  • And then you come along.
  • You're a bit ditsy, your heart is in the right place, but your mind is... full of air. Maybe you've lived a sheltered life, or maybe you just can't soak up information like the average person can. Dumb is the kindest way of describing you, but you're well aware that knowledge isn't your strong point, and you excel in other areas.
  • Maybe weapons is your speciality, and you've been partnered up with the Batch as an extra set of hands on some upcoming missions.
  • Wrecker loves you from the start because you're just like him - not the brightest in the bunch, but you know your speciality.
  • Hunter and Echo like you because you're kind, friendly, selfless, and you're clearly trying to show your worth, which they appreciate.
  • Crosshair thinks you're cute, a "little airhead," as he likes to call you. He's patronizing, scruffing your hair up after praising you on a mission, but later when the Batchers are asleep, he'll come over just to talk about weapons with you.
  • Tech, unlike the others, hates you. You're just so... stupid. Seriously, how can't you grasp even the tiniest bit of information?!
  • "I refuse to repeat myself for the fifth time. If you cannot grasp basic information, then you clearly shouldn't have been stationed with us," Tech will grumble every time he has to repeat himself.
  • Hunter has pulled Tech aside multiple times to scold him for being so harsh on you, to which Tech brushes him off and goes about his day.
  • It isn't until you one-up Tech, that he realises that hey, maybe you're not so bad, and yeah, he has been too harsh on you.
  • Wrecker and Tech are knee-deep in a conversation about explosives, when you chime in and inform them that they're both wrong.
  • "I don't remember seeing this explosive in the Kaminoan armoury, which would explain why neither of you know much about it, but..." you say before explaining the ins and outs of said device, followed by explaining how you know so much about it.
  • Wrecker is beaming with joy as he watches you relay the facts, which Tech is turning redder by the second.
  • "-I can assure you, I'm not wrong. You must be mistaking this device with another, similar one. As you can see..." Tech cuts you off, and whips out his holopad, searching for the device in the armoury archives.
  • He begins reading out the basic specs, only for his words to trail off as he comes to realise that, actually, you're right.
  • You're so right, it hurts.
  • "Oh..." Tech mutters. "It appears that... you are correct," he sheepishly admits.
  • Wrecker bursts out into laughter, nudging Tech, teasing him about being wrong, for once. Tech shoves his holopad into Wrecker's hands and tells him to "read up on it, seeing as you were also wrong," before excusing himself and scurrying off.
  • Tech disappears down the Marauder, locking himself into the refresher. He pulls his goggles off, giving his eyes a much-needed rub, as his brain turns into mush. How the kriff was he wrong?!
  • As his hands move away from his face, he locks his gaze onto his reflection, and begins internally questioning how he's just been one-upped by a woman who didn't even know her left from her right when she first joined.
  • That's when Tech comes to realise that Hunter, along with the others, are right; Tech has been way too harsh on you. Yes, you're dumb in some areas, but intelligent in others.
  • He needs to apologise for the way he's been treating you.
  • And that's exactly what Tech does. He pulls you aside when the timing is right, during a late night on the Marauder when you're on watch duty, and everyone else is asleep.
  • Or meant to be asleep.
  • Tech enters the cockpit, asking if you're free to talk, and you greet him like a friend, not a co-worker who lashes out regularly at you.
  • "I've been meaning to apologise for... my treatment of you. I mistook you for a lesser intelligent being, someone who doesn't deserve to be working with us, when my perception of you has been completely wrong," Tech begins apologising, keeping his gaze locked on hyperspace, unable to look at you.
  • He begins babbling away, stumbling over his words, explaining over and over how he shouldn't view anyone as 'lesser' than himself, begging for your forgiveness.
  • "Does this mean that you aren't going to correct me from now on? Because I've been enjoying your information dumps," you tease, cutting his apology short before Tech runs out of breath.
  • "You do?" Tech stutters, his curls bouncing as his head snaps over to gawk at you.
  • "Mhm," you say with a nod. "I've learnt a lot from you."
  • "Oh..." Tech blinks hard, wrapping his head around this turn of events. "Well, I'd be more than happy to continue... teaching you, if you'd like?" Tech suggests.
  • "I'd like that," you say with a smile, agreeing to his lessons.
  • Through each lesson, Tech's unknown soft spot grows more and more. He's blind about his feelings towards you, but the rest of the Batch can see it clearer than the light of day.
  • "At least they're getting along now," Hunter comments whenever you two are having 'lesson time.'
  • "Tech never helps me out like that," Wrecker sulks.
  • "Guess she won't be our ditsy girl for much longer," Crosshair chimes in.
  • "Or our girl at all, Tech's clearly got a thing for her," Echo points out.
  • And Echo is totally right.


  • NSFW headcanons:
    You're the one who initiates things with Tech. He may be book-smart, but you know what you're doing in bed, and you offer to 'show him' one night.
  • However, despite your sexual knowledge, Tech still likes to act as if he has the upper hand in this area. You'll be on your knees between Tech's legs, looking up at him whilst he relaxes in his pilot's chair, keeping your mouth busy.
  • "A little lower, love. That's it, you can take more. You know exactly what you're doing, don't you, darling?" Tech will blabber on. He's mostly cheering you on, but he's also subconsciously remind himself that he's the knowledgeable one out of you two.
  • Tech loves teacher/student role-playing. That is how you two got to know each other, after all. He'll pull you over his thighs, your bare ass turning a deep shade with every spank he lands. He'll order you to resite what you learnt today, and every slip up earns you another slap.
  • However, every fact that you get right earns another pump of his finger, working you open for his cock.
  • "You almost feel ready for me, my student. Resite a few more facts for me, and then I'll praise you for being so good. Don't slip up now, I'd hate to remove a finger from you."
  • Tech didn't realise he had a kink for degrading until you two became a thing. He loves pet names, especially when they're mean and nasty.
  • "My silly girl, dumb girl. You're lucky to have me, else I'm not sure how far you would have made it. At least you're pretty, you stupid slut. Now, come here and show your Technician just how much he means to you, hm?"

Chapter Text

Wrecker is more than eager tonight; he's practically bursting at the seams, ripping off his gloves before he manhandles you into position. He hasn't even removed his helmet, let alone the rest of his armour, and for some reason, that's got you wetter than usual.

"Huh, already soaked, and I ain't even done anything yet!" Wrecker chuckles as he slicks his fingers up against your folds, soon to spread you apart and gawk over how much you want him.

Finding alone time whilst around the Batch is hard by itself, but tonight, Wrecker pulled you to the Marauder to help him "look for something." Huh, yeah, the others know exactly what's really going on, seeing as Wrecker couldn't explain what the 'something' is... Still, you'd much rather be here than cooped up in their Kaminoan barracks.

You'd followed Wrecker up the ship's stairs, only to be pushed against the cockpit wall as the door closed. "Don't you think you should undress first?" you suggested as Wrecker began pulling your pants down.

"No time," he blurted out. "Need you now."

Well, he wasn't lying.

With one leg resting on Wrecker's hip, and your back pinned against the wall, you peer down through your lashes, watching as the armoured man slides his first finger into you. In unison, you both let out a groan; Wrecker can never contain himself when it comes to doing anything sexual with you, and you're whimpering away from the size of Wrecker's fingers alone.

Wrecker's breaths are heavy and muffled, hidden behind the thick plastoid armour of his helmet. Despite not being able to see his face, you know exactly what he looks like right now; flustered cheeks and parted lips, red at the tip of his ears, with half-lidded eyes. He's a sight to behold, and you're lucky to have seen him in that state many times.

"Karking hell," Wrecker grunts as he continues slowly opening you up. "Think you can take another one, babe?"

"Anything for you, big boy," you purr.

Wrecker straightens his back before letting out a deep sigh, "you know what that nickname does to me," he grumbles.

"That's why I say it- Ah!"

Your teasing is cut short as Wrecker plunges another thick finger into you. He knows what he's doing, curling them and searching for that spot, and once he's found it, he rubs his fingertips against it, back and forth. Your knuckles are almost turning white as you grip onto Wrecker's armour, holding yourself as steady as you can; even if you fall, Wrecker will be there to catch you, and probably lay you down before kriffing you senseless into the ship's floor.

"Kriff, babe, you're soaked for me," Wrecker pants. You shakily nod before moving your hands down to find the clasps on his codpiece, flicking them open and letting the piece of armour fall to the floor with a clang. From there, you manage to slip his blacks down to his thighs, freeing his thick cock.

Wrecker lets out a long and restless groan as you begin pumping his already-hard cock, smearing the light beads of precum over his shaft. Wrecker decides to one-up you by picking up the pace of his fingers, unfazed by the squelching sound coming from between your legs.

"Kriff," Wrecker grunts again. “You take my fingers so well, don’t you?"

"Uh-huh," you nod in a sweet daze. "But I can take this even better," you spur Wrecker on, gesturing to his thick cock.

"Oh?" Wrecker says with a chuckle. With that, he slips his fingers from you, and begins manhandling you into position. You're picked up and pinned against the wall, your legs struggling to wrap around his large frame.

"Let's see how well you can take the rest of me..."

Chapter Text

"We need to talk."

Your hands instantly find your hips as you spit out, "do we?"

Seriously, do you and Crosshair really need to talk? What happened, happened. You had a clear shot, a risky one, but you were guaranteed to succeed. Until a certain someone shoved you out the way, sputtering under his helmet about how "dangerous" it was, and how you "shouldn't push your training."

What training?! You're a marksman, a gun for hire - specifically someone that the Republic hired to aid their special forces. As much as you enjoy working with the Batch, it's clear that Crosshair hates no longer being the only gunman, and views you as competition, rather than a co-worker.

"Yes, we do," Crosshair drawls as he pushes a toothpick between his lips, rolling the thin piece of wood against the tip of his tongue. His arms cross against his chest, and his signature scowl creeps upon his face. If you didn't know him then maybe, just maybe, you'd find him intimidating, but after finding out that he borrows Lula to snuggle with on tough nights, you know deep down that he's as sappy as Wrecker.

"That stunt you tried to pull earlier was far too dangerous, girl," Crosshair hisses, his voice dripping with venom.

"Stunt?" you repeat. "What's wrong, Crossy? Are you all worked up because I thought of the idea before you did?"

Sure, you possibly shouldn't be winding Crosshair up, but you know that deep down, he's jealous. It was a brilliant idea, one that Tech said had a "86% chance of success, if you had gone for it."

Wrecker's playful jab at Crosshair certainly didn't help his mood, but he was the one who almost let the mission slip, so now he's clearly taking his anger out on you. That would explain why the rest of the Batch hurried ahead to the barracks when Crosshair told you to stay behind on the ship. Hunter will certainly give him a mouthful after his little scolding session, and it's not like you're going to soak up Crosshair's judgement.

"It was too risky," Crosshair explains again. "There was far too much at stake, and a silly move like that would have given away our position."

"Really? Because the others agree with me. They said it would have worked just fine," you huff in return. As much as you want to match Crosshair's scowl, you also don't want to stoop to his level, so you settle with resting your hands on your hips, your chest subconsciously puffed out in an attempt to match his size.

"Of course they would have said that," Crosshair grumbles. He yanks his toothpick from his lips, and flicks it away. You're surprised that he's not flicked it at you, seeing as he takes great pleasure in such a small, petty move. "The others may be soft on you, but I refuse to join them."

"Soft on me?" you repeat, questioning the meaning behind his words. Sure, the Batch are sometimes flirty, and always go out of their way to help you. Can you blame them? You're probably the first woman that they've interacted with in months, possibly years.

"Yes, soft on you. You get away with all sorts, and that's only because they've got a weak spot for you," Crosshair hisses.

A heavy grumble slips from your lips as you shift your weight from one leg to the other, questioning Crosshair's claims. "They're not like that, at all, Crosshair," you frown.

"Aren't they?" Crosshair questions as he raises a brow. "Just because you're pretty, it doesn't mean you can get away with anything, including risky shots," Crosshair comments as he points a finger at you.

Instantly, your eyes turn wide. Crosshair has never complimented your looks before - he's complimented the odd shot here and there, along with your sassy attitude, but your appearance stays off the table. You've noticed, especially since the others like to send praise your way, and thinking about it now, Crosshair always seems to be scowling in the background whenever Hunter points out the slight change in your hairstyle, or Echo says you're looking well-rested.

"You think I'm pretty?" you sputter. Heat rises to your cheeks as Crosshair's scowl instantly vanishes; his eyes turn soft and dart away from yours, and the finger that was once spitefully pointing at you is now rubbing the back of his neck.

It's clear that Crosshair is thinking of a reply; his lips go to open multiple times, only to stop as words continue to fail him. "That has nothing to do with this," Crosshair finally decides, and attempts to frown as his eyes meet yours again.

"Oh, yes, it does," you purr. "You think I'm pretty," you repeat. The urge to wind him up is a hard urge to fight, but you can enjoy a little sprinkle, as a treat.

"Whatever," Crosshair grumbles with a wave of his hand. "Back to what I was saying... don't do that shit again, alright?" Crosshair blurts out. His feet are leading him out of the Marauder before he can finish his words, and you watch in awe as Crosshair awkwardly makes his escape across the landing bay, getting as far away from his feelings as possible.

With that off his chest, it all makes sense now. Crosshair is jealous. He's jealous of how his brothers treat you. He didn't get his foot in the door when you first joined the Batch, and now, all he thinks that his only option is to sit and scowl on the sidelines.

Maybe you should go and show him how wrong he is? And thank him for his accidental compliment?

Chapter Text


  • Idk about anyone else, but when I'm high, I become less aware of my surroundings. I'm in my own little bubble, a zone, and the world around me no longer exists
  • So, Crosshair is in his own little bubble whilst he's jerking himself off.
  • Sure, he shouldn't have chosen your bunk to jerk off in, but moving is such a chore, and that poor sniper is so baked. He's just going to stay here where it's comfortable.
  • It's not like you'll be back any time soon, right?
  • "Ah, kriff! I forgot my datapad," you grumble as you tap your hands over your pockets, confirming that it's been left back on the Marauder.
  • "Idiot," Echo curses under his breath. It's playful banter, but he's damn-well right. You dummy!
  • "We can wait here whilst you go and fetch it?" Hunter suggests. It's not like you've gone far, and the boys don't mind waiting for a few minutes for you.
  • "Nah, I'll find you in town," you decide, and flash them an awkward 'I'm not normally this stupid, I promise!' smile before heading back in the direction that you've just came.
  • Minutes pass, and you're boarding the Marauder. Kriff, it smells funky in here... Echo is right, the boys are smelly.
  • Is Crosshair around? You wouldn't be surprised if he's having a nap, or went for a walk.
  • Whatever. Where the kriff is your datapad? It's not in the cockpit, or on the control panel... your bunk, maybe?
  • As you approach your bunk, you notice that the curtains are drawn. Huh, weird, you could have sworn you left them open?
  • There also appears to be... life coming from your bunk. You can hear movement, which would explain why the curtains are shut.
  • "Crosshair?" you call out. "Cross, you in there?"
  • The sudden sound of Crosshair coughing catches you off guard, and you listen as he scrambles about. What is he doing in your bunk??
  • Enough is enough. You pull the curtain back to see Crosshair pulling his shirt down, now wide-eyed and gorming at you.
  • He looks messy, to put it politely. Crosshair has his sweatpants clinging to his hips, his silver hair is slightly ruffled, and he's rushed to pull his black pyjama shirt back on. His eyes are red, half-lidded, and you instantly understand what that funky smell really is.
  • "Is somebody baked?" you playfully ask.
  • Crosshair lets out an awkward laugh, followed by a cocky smile as he dryly replies, "yeah."
  • "That explains why you look like shit, but that doesn't explain why you're in my bunk."
  • Crosshair slowly eyes up his surroundings, and his jaw drops are he asks, "this is your bunk? I thought it was mine."
  • Was that sarcasm? Or is Crosshair this stupid when he's stoned?
  • "Nope, your bunk is up there," you explain, pointing to the highest bunk in the stack. "Let me guess, your baked-ass got tired whilst climbing up, and you decided that my bunk was suitable for a nap?"
  • Another cocky smile appears on his lips as he replies, "so smart, aren't you, Princess?"
  • You're about to mock him, and remind him that he always over-estimates how much he can smoke, until an item of clothing that definitely doesn't belong to him catches your eye.
  • "Cross..." you mutter as you fish your pair of panties out from under your pillow. "What were you doing with these?"
  • Sweat begins to form above Crosshair's brow as he sputters out, "those aren't mine."
  • "Yeah, I know," you laugh. "They're mine, but I put them in the wash basket last night. How did they end up under my pillow, huh?"
  • Crosshair keeps his mouth shut. Oh, you know damn well what he was doing with them, and he knows that you know. Kriff. Oh kriff.
  • "Dunno..." Crosshair eventually mutters, along with a soft shrug. He's chosen to feign innocence, huh? He's going to act as if he's totally oblivious to everything?
  • And now he's watching as you climb up onto your bunk, your head ducking slightly as you straddle Crosshair's thighs.
  • Heat is rising to his cheeks, setting his tanned skin ablaze. He's tensing in a way that is meant to hide his hard-on, but instead, it presses against the thick fabric of his sweatpants, confirming your suspicions even more.
  • "Crosshair?" you ask, looking down at him through your lashes.
  • "Yeah?" Crosshair shyly replies, mentally deciding that this is definitely some weird stoner dream. Crosshair is a careful man, a professional at remaining hidden - there's no way anybody would ever catch him, especially when he's doing something like this.
  • He watches as you bunch your used panties up in your palm, and then press it firmly against his nose. "Carry on, for me," you order.
  • Crosshair lets out a muffled groan, and inhales your slick as he takes in a series of deep breaths. You watch as he slowly pulls his cock out from his sweatpants, and continues where he left off, this time, with your help.

Chapter Text

  • Tech has never been fussed about finding a mate, or anything to do with his Alpha genes, really.
  • The clones were bred to be soldiers at the Republic's disposal, they just so happened to (mostly) be Alphas due to the donor being one.
  • The Kaminoans tried to remove that trait, but their attempts became too costly, so they accepted it for what it is.
  • Some clones dream of having a mate, others have secretly gone out of their way to find one. Tech, on the other hand, is one of the few who isn't fussed.
  • Well, he wasn't, until a certain Bounty Hunter was paired up with his Batch for a series of missions.
  • The second Tech meets you, his mind turns into mush. He can't think straight, can't jump into conversations with his usual facts and figures, can't even follow a basic plan.
  • Kriff, he can barely pilot the Marauder.
  • All that Tech can think about is you.
  • And things get ten times worse whenever you're within ten meters of him. He can sense you. He knows you haven't got a mate because your scent is your own, not mixed with an Alpha's.
  • His brothers know what's up, and in respect, they haven't bothered trying to mate with you. They've had their fair share of one-night stands and heated hookups, and they've mutually decided it's about time Tech has his time to shine.
  • From your perspective, Tech is a little... odd. You'll witness him talking perfectly to his brothers, but as soon as he speaks to you, he's a flustered and fumbling mess.
  • At first, you didn't think he was an Alpha. Maybe a shy Omega who thinks you're an Alpha?
  • Until one mission where you're unfortunate enough to be doused in freezing water.
  • You're pulled to safety with the help of the Batch, and you're shivering to death as they coop you up in the Marauder.
  • You rush to take off your soaked clothes, unfazed by those around you, although a thick towel that Wrecker threw over your shoulders is helping with some form of privacy.
  • To everybody's surprise, Tech is the one to shoo his brothers out of the room as he brings you a dry change of clothes. Whilst you change, he powers up a heat generator, using its warmth to spark some life back into your bones.
  • Soon, you're dry, but still cold both inside, and out.
  • Tech pulls you into his grasp, attempting to share his body heat with you. In the moment, he seems fine, perfectly stable and doing everything he can to keep you warm.
  • However, internally, Tech is screaming.
  • You're bundled up in his arms, jittering away whilst he rubs some life back into your arms and back. Once you're finally warm, you remain there, cooped up in his lap.
  • Tech pulls you in tighter, and his nostrils flare as your thick scent trails up his nose. You're perfect, so damn perfect, and Tech would do anything to have you right now.
  • He wants to make a move. He wants to mate you. He wants to slowly work you open using his fingers, then slip his cock in and knot you for the night.
  • But he can't. The timing isn't right - kriff, you almost died!
  • However, this turn of events has knocked some sense into Tech. He'll make a move eventually, and when he does, he'll ensure that everybody in the galaxy knows you're his.

Chapter Text

  • The first time it happened, you didn't realise what you were doing until Wrecker pointed it out.
  • Deep in a makeout session, you were straddling Wrecker's thigh, just one thigh, since straddling his entire lap can sometimes be uncomfortable.
  • Wrecker had you in his grasp, his hands resting on your hips, squeezing them every so often.
  • You had begun craving more, craving Wrecker, and instinctively, you began grinding down on Wrecker's firm thigh.
  • It was small movements, at first, enough to scratch the itch. However, your urge continued to grow, and with it, so did your movements.
  • "Gettin' all worked on my thigh, huh?" Wrecker eventually pointed out.
  • You tensed up, only for Wrecker to begin moving your hips for you as he commented, "oh, no. You're not going all shy on me now. Come on, babe, let's see how much this does to you."
  • Needless to say, your first orgasm was on Wrecker's thigh that night.
  • Since then, thigh grinding is a regular sexual activity.
  • Sometimes, you start it. Other times, Wrecker is the one pulling you onto his thigh, and urges you to begin grinding by moving your hips back and forth with his large hands.
  • Wrecker adores it when you grind on his armour. He loves seeing the glisten of your release on his matt armour, a memento of your mischievous activities.
  • In return, Wrecker gives your thighs more attention. He'll kiss and nip them whenever he goes down on you, sometimes paying more attention to your thighs, rather than your cunt.
  • Exposing your thighs to Wrecker always spurs him on, but something that really riles him up is when you cuddle up to him on his lap.
  • Your back will be pressed to his chest, his legs crossed beneath yours, quite literally cooped up against this giant of a man.
  • It's an innocent position, good for cuddling, especially when you're watching a movie together.
  • However, Wrecker likes to fidget, and somehow, his hands always end up fidgeting with the waistband of your pants, or the hemline of your skirt, depending on what you're wearing.
  • Before you know it, he's rubbing your clit, the calloused pads of his fingers separated from your skin by your thin pair of cotton panties.
  • "Don't get too comfortable," Wrecker mutters against your ear. "I'm just starting you off. You'll be straddling my thigh in no time, sweet thing."
  • At least he's giving you a warning...

Chapter Text

Hunter - He's going to wake up in a sweat; dishevelled, panting heavily, spends a few seconds in a daze until he figures out it was a dream. I mean, you were right there, straddling him on his bed, grinding down on his crotch as you whisper the filthiest things into his ear. As much as Hunter wants it to be real, he knows it isn't, and he knows the likelihood of it ever becoming real is thin (to him, at least.) Hunter will grumble as he rolls over, ignoring his semi-hard cock, to instead focus on how unlikely that scenario is to happen. He'll wallow in a pit of sadness until he falls asleep, then be somewhat distant the next day.


Wrecker - He'll groan your name a few times as he comes back to the light, soon to realise that, sadly, that was all a dream. Wrecker grumbles and pouts to himself, staring up at the ceiling as he curses the fact that you two don't do anything more than flirt. After his few seconds of self-pity, he realises that his cock is still painfully hard, and rolls onto his stomach. With his cock pressed against the mattress and his stomach, he starts dry humping his bed as his mind continues chasing the dream, soon to roll over and finish using his hand, spilling on his stomach as your name slips from his lips.


Echo - Similar to Hunter, Echo wakes up in a sweat. He doesn't have wet dreams often, and whenever he does, they usually send him into panic as he can't imagine anyone wanting to do that with him. However, Echo knows you well, and he's been told multiple times that you have a soft spot for him. Maybe, just maybe, that dream could one day become a reality? Regardless, Echo chases after the dream, using nothing but his fist and his wild imagination. Once he's finished, and cleaned himself up, he makes a mental note to finally make a move on you, despite knowing that it'll take the galaxies help to pluck up the courage to make a proper move on you.


Tech - It doesn't take long for Tech to realise that this is a dream, and unfortunately, not reality. However, Tech has practised lucid dreaming before, and manages to control his movements within the dream. To put things bluntly, Tech hooks up with his dream version of you, and only spirals back to reality when he cums untouched. Now, his bed is a mess, but he doesn't seem too bothered. Guilt becomes present in his mind whilst he's cleaning up, and he disregards it with the understanding of it only being a dream. There's no harm in that, right? Hm, if only someone like you would really be interested in a guy like him...


Crosshair - The dream wakes him, and his brows turn down into a scowl once he realises that it was nothing more than that. Yet again, he's lying awake on his bunk, his erect cock pressed against his slender stomach. Sure, he could finish himself off and go back to bed, or he could pick up his holopad and drop you a simple message. "Are you still awake?" he asks, and overhears your holopad ding from your room. It's about time Crosshair did something about these reoccurring wet dreams, and his silly little crush on you.

Chapter Text

  • Hunter wants to be tied up, more than he wants to tie you up.
  • Restrain his hands behind his back, tie his bandana around his mouth, and tell him, "I'm in charge tonight, Sergeant."
  • Hunter.exe has stopped working.
  • Wrecker gets off really easily. He'll usually hump his pillow, pretending it's his small, cute, petit partner beneath him.
  • If you ever question why his pillows are weird and lump, he'll go, "uhhhhh........ I sleep funny," and swiftly move the conversation along.
  • Whilst Echo says that he prefer giving, he secretly prefers receiving. It's a form of reassurance and validation for him, something that he's constantly craving.
  • He'll rarely, if ever, ask you to go down on him, but every time you do, the tips of his ears turn pink, and he'll struggle to stop himself from squirming.
  • He loves blowjobs.
  • Whilst Crosshair is a dom, he loves being a sub, but only to the right person.
  • And I mean the right person. Seriously, you have to tick 100 different boxes in order for Crosshair to submit to you.
  • The first few sessions will be difficult on your end. He's so picky, bratty, hard to tame. Crosshair wants to ensure that you know exactly how to dominate him, and he'll essentially train you into dominating him.
  • Tech is a little porn freak.
  • He has folders upon folders of organised videos, pictures, hentai, erotic audio, etc.
  • You could be casually chatting to Tech about porn - a conversation that he's open and comfortable with - and mention some minor details about a porno that you enjoyed.
  • "One moment," Tech mutters before furiously tapping away on his PC, soon to pull up the exact video that you're on about. He looks so fucking smug about it, only for his smugness to turn into a scowl when you begin teasing him.
  • Calling Hunter Sarge makes him so weak.
  • You've completely ruined the name for him, and every time somebody else calls him Sarge, his mind floods with memories of you calling him it.
  • He once suggested that you call him something else, 'to be professional,' but nothing hits as hard as Sarge does.
  • Wrecker has a thing for food play.
  • I mean, it makes sense. His two favourite things in the world: you, and food. Why wouldn't he combine them?
  • It doesn't necessarily have to be having sex using food. You could be having sex whilst snacking, and that'll make him just as happy.
  • Echo is a big fan of JOI. (Jerk Off Instructions.)
  • It's his favourite porn category, and when you two become a thing, he hinted heavily at you giving him a hand. But not literally a hand. Oh, no, Echo wants you to instruct him on his he should touch himself.
  • Put your dominant face on, take a seat opposite him, and sweetly instruct him. Poor Echo isn't going to last long.
  • Crosshair is a big fan of humiliation and degrading, on both the giving end, and the receiving end.
  • Oh, but he'll never admit to how giddy the receiving end makes him.
  • You could do practically anything, and Crosshair will follow; dress him up, tease him, spank him, play with his ass, call him insult after insult, the lot.
  • He's obsessed with it, yet he won't admit to his deep admiration.
  • Tech loooooves face sitting.
  • He can't quite figure out why, nor how his love for it began, but he's obsessed with having his partner sit on his face. No matter what genitals you have, he wants you on top, fucking yourself, using his mouth however you want.
  • That is Tech's happy place.

Chapter Text

  • On some days, Crosshair has no problem asking for a kiss and a cuddle.
  • Other days, however, it's his biggest challenge.
  • It usually boils down to who's around, if he's having a good day, if he's stressed about anything, how sleepy he is, and so forth.
  • He's always in denial about being needy. Point it out, and Crosshair will let out a huff as he comes up with any and every excuse.
  • "You're far worse than me."
  • "Is showing affection now considered being needy?"
  • "Fine, I'll keep my hands to myself, then wait for you to backtrack, and beg for affection."
  • One of Crosshair's favourite things is head rubs. Give him a good fussing, and he'll forever be yours.
  • Again, Crosshair doesn't openly ask for it. He'll rest his head on your thigh, and hope that you'll automatically begin petting him.
  • If you don't pick up on his hint, then he'll pick up your hand, and rest it on the crown of his head. You can't make that any more obvious, right?
  • Crosshair tends to be the bigger person in bed, but on the odd occasion, he'll want to be the little spoon, or rest his head on your chest as he snuggles up to you.
  • Again, that is the perfect position for more head rubs.
  • Crosshair isn't one to double text - he'll text you once, then wait for your reply - but on days when you're busy or distant, Crosshair will send another message after a few hours.
  • It's often something small, such as "are you alright?" or "I'm here when you're ready."
  • A minor sign to show Crosshair's presence, and patience. Honestly, talk to him when you're ready. He'll never get stroppy over your schedule, especially if you're having an off day.
  • He does the same after an argument. You'll storm off into separate rooms, and after some cool down time, Crosshair will be the one to text you, "do you want to try and talk this out?"
  • Crosshair doesn't get jealous easily, and if he is showing signs of jealousy, he'll never admit to it.
  • If somebody is paying too much attention to you, Crosshair will simply loop his arm around your waist, and stand there patiently as the stranger puts two and two together.
  • The aftermath, however, is a total sign of neediness.
  • Holding hands. Making out. Sitting on his lap. Crosshair will go through every trick in the book to show that you're his.
  • And even after the stranger has left, he'll still cling onto you like an affectionate tooka; maybe it's some form of reassurance, or maybe Crosshair is simply letting his guard down.
  • Who knows? Enjoy it whilst it lasts!

Chapter Text


With groggy vision, you peek your eyes open, instantly knowing where the disgruntled sound is coming from. By your side lies Wrecker, currently tossing and turning in his sleep. He soon sits upright, rubbing his eyes, clearing the gunk from his vision, before turning around and searching the bed.

"Are you alright?" you ask, sitting upright beside him.

"Can't find her..." Wrecker mumbles, sounding ready to collapse back into a deep slumber at any moment.

It only takes you a millisecond to realise who he's on about. "Oh, Lula," you sigh, and begin searching with him.

Wrecker knows that she hasn't gone far, but that doesn't stop him from grumbling and panting. He needs her - he needs his Lula - one of the few things that brings him peace and comfort.

"Here she is," you say as you gently pull her up from the side of the bed, pinned between the wall and the mattress.

Wrecker lets out a deep sigh of relief, and engulfs her into his grasp, ecstatic to be reunited at last! He places a gentle kiss on her forehead before expressing his gratitude. "Thank you, don't know what I'd do without her."

"I know, big guy," you say with a smile. Like Lula, a tender kiss is placed on your forehead, followed by Wrecker urging you to lie down, and snuggle up to him.

With Lula in one arm, you bundle up opposite her, sharing Wrecker; it's not like you two have to fight for his affection. Wrecker has more than enough love to warm an entire planet, but thankfully, he only needs to warm a few special people.

Resting your hand on his chest, you snuggle up to him more, and Wrecker welcomes you by tightening his grasp on your waist. A soft, "love you," can be heard, and you repeat Wrecker's words, sending your love right back at him.

Peeking one eye open, you rest your hand over Wrecker's, who is holding Lula by his side. "Love you too, Lula," you whisper.

Wrecker is beaming with joy, and with a sappy grin, he plants a tender kiss to your forehead. Finally, he's able to sleep, with his favourite companions in his arms.

Chapter Text

Another series of missions completed. Another hoard of cheers and praise. And another awards ceremony to attend.

"Kriff," Wrecker curses, struggling to collect himself, and look somewhat presentable. "They don't make these things easy to put on, do they?!" he grumbles to himself, although his words are always loud enough to catch the attention of others.

Whilst the Batch don't pay him much attention, you aid his needs, letting out a deep sigh on your way over. "Come here, big guy," you motion, and begin working on fastening Wrecker's bow-tie, biting back a smile at the way that Wrecker awkwardly bends down to reach your height.

"We've got five minutes. Let's wrap it up," Hunter commands as he finishes pinning his hair up, freeing himself from his bandana, and keeping his hair off his pristine blazer.

You must admit, the Batch look rather pleasant all dolled up, sporting classic tuxedos. Of course, they're matte black, with a red bow-tie to match their colour scheme. You've picked out a fitting dress, blending in with their scheme, seeing as you're "somewhat of a Batcher, but not quite in the Republic's eyes," as Echo would put it.

However, the Empire is still giving you a medal for your efforts.

With Wrecker's bow-tie now fastened, the Batch are practically ready to set off. Hunter checks himself out in the mirror one last time before opening the Barrack's door; he makes his way out into the hallway, a silent attempt at hurrying his squad on. As much as the Batch don't enjoy playing by the rules, following the Kaminoan's orders is one that they tend to adhere by.

As you're about to follow, you notice that Tech is still having trouble. He's sitting on his work bench, a single shoe in hand, attempting to pick at the mysterious knot in his lace. Tech's brows continue to furrow the more that he picks at it, only for them to turn upwards as you outstretch a hand, and order, "hand it here."

Begrudgingly, Tech hands over his shoe, and you take a seat beside him as you begin unpicking at the knot in his lace. Through his round glasses, he watches you, and grumbles to himself when you manage to unpick the knot with ease.

"It seems my frustration had caught the best of me," Tech comments, and takes his shoe from your grasp with a sheepish, "thank you."

You watch as Tech slips his shoe on, finalizing his lavish outfit. A peek of fuzzy, tanned skin catches your eye, and although you've seen Tech's bare legs many times before, the item wrapped around them causes you to bite back a giggle.

"Tech?" you call out.

"Yes?" Tech replies without looking up from his in-depth knot tying, double-knotting his laces, of course.

"What are you wearing around your shins?"

Tech huffs as he finalizes the knot. He slips the hemline of his pants up, revealing a devilish pair of sock garters.

Oh, of course Tech would wear such an item! You chew on your bottom lip, attempting to hold back a giggle at his fashion choice; Tech, however, notices, and can't help but comment on it.

"How is this humorous to you?" Tech questions in a huff, furrowing his brows once again.

Tech's outrage is the final push that you need, and you burst out into laughter, chuckling at his fashion choices. "It's not that! It's... It's just-"

"-Sock garters are an excellent way of preventing socks from slipping down your leg. Do you really think I want to spend the entire ceremony pulling my socks up, hm?!"

Still with giggles in your system, you place a hand on Tech's shoulder, shaking your head as you reply, "no," over and over.

"I understand! I'm not laughing at you," you continue, attempting to cool Tech off. "I just... wasn't expecting you to wear such a thing."

Tech's brows only continue to furrow as you dig a deeper grave, with Tech standing at the top of it, sock garters on show, ready to push you in and bury you alive!

"Why not? What ever do you mean?!" Tech huffs, deeply offended at your nitpicking.

After taking in a series of deep breaths, your giggles come to an end, and the next words slip from your mouth before you can think them through. "Well, they're rather... slutty for you, Tech."

Tech's face instantly drops, and he begins stuttering in disbelief. "S-slutty?!" he whispers beneath his breath. "I fail to see why my practical clothing implies that I am a satyriasis!"

"I mean..." you groan. "They're garters, Tech. They're sexualised on women, so they might as well be sexualised on men," you explain with a mindless shrug.

"You two, come on!" A voice calls from outside. Ah, kriff! The ceremony! Hunter's patience is running dry, and you don't fancy explaining that you're late due to Tech's fashion choices.

With a groan, you rise from your seat, and turn to silently question if Tech's going to follow. His brows are still slightly furrowed, and only now do you notice how deeply red his cheeks are, barely covered by the thin rims of his round glasses.

Knowing that Tech is still in a huff, you gamble another impulse decision. You pull up the hemline of your dress, revealing your own garters, holding up a pair of stockings. "I guess this means we're both sluts, Tech," you say with a purr.

Tech looks like he's about to burst, but you're uncertain what from. Anger? Embarrassment? Arousal? Maker, you may never know!

Before he can even muster up a reply, you drop the hemline of your dress down, and head for the door, leaving Tech in a puddle of mixed emotions.

If anybody's going to be late, it'll be Tech. Although, his reasons are... understandable.