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Game Night part 2

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Katrina relaxed and slumped against the countertop the second she got to the kitchen. She didn’t like lying to her- well she supposed she was kind of friends with Carol, but she was much too friendly for her liking. But she didn’t like lying. She could keep secrets just fine and had at one point in her life kept multiple secrets for the Russian government- not that anyone could prove anything anyways as that was sensitive information.

Janet and she had agreed that the second she finalized the divorce with her husband, they would… well nothing would change really except the fact that Janet would be living in a new apartment. Neither of them wanted to do a big “Coming out” whatever because they both agreed that it was stupid and why should other people give a shit about what’s happening in their love lives?

She smiled though, at the thought of Janet being hers. She got up from where she was leaning against the counter and poured the drinks, grabbing a can of sparkling water (disgusting) from the fridge for Carol.

As she walked back and handed the vodka to Janet and fizzy water to Carol, she noticed the tension in the air had eased somewhat. They were chatting about what movie they should watch, and Katrina was happy to just sit next to Janet and listen, giving a few suggestions that they both immediately brushed away, because apparently “Russian horror movies are not what they’re looking for.”

When they finally agreed to some stupid movie called “Legally Blonde” that they were both bewildered to learned she had not seen before and insisted they watch it.

“I hate rom-com's,” Janet said, “But this movie is amazing.”

Katrina reluctantly agreed after seeing that she didn’t have much of a choice, and resigned herself to watching the movie.

About halfway through the movie, they heard an odd noise and Janet paused the movie.

Carol was incredibly spooked, “Katrina go check what it is.”

“Why me?” Katrina asked, raising an eyebrow.

“You’re the scariest, and whatever it is is less likely to attack you because you would fight back,” Janet pointed out.

Katrina tilted her head a bit in a sideways nod, “Da, I think you are right, actually.” then walked outside to check what the odd noise was.

She glanced around for a bit on the porch before announcing loudly into the night, “I'm a highly trained professional in five types of martial arts, so whoever you are that is snooping around Janet’s household, you better start running. I will give you the count of one. One.”

A frightened squeak came from the bushes and a small blonde woman ran out and into the woods, who Katrina recognized as Kris’s old neighbor. Well, that’s weird as fuck. Hopefully, Katrina yelling at her would scare her off from her crazy stalker-like behavior.

She sighed and closed the door shaking her head. “Who was it?” Carol asked.

“It was Kris’s old neighbor, I think her name was Deborah or something. She was hiding in the bushes and being her usual stalker self. I scared her off though.”

“Damn, that woman has issues,” Janet grumbled, sipping her vodka and shaking her head.

“Well I’ll be,” exclaimed Carol, “That woman is just too paranoid for her own good.”

‘Yeah no shit, Carol,” Janet said, walking back to the couch and plopping down in the middle. After the others joined her, sitting down on either side of her she hit play on the movie and set down her now empty cup on the coffee table, and tipped herself to the side, resting her weight on Katrina and laying her legs on top of Carol’s thighs. Neither of them thought this was any weird because although she was being significantly more touchy than usual, she was just bordering on tipsy and they were all quite tired.

After a bit, Janet looked over and realized Carol was asleep. She turned over to Katrina and pecked her on the lips, smiling.

“What are you doing, милый?” She murmured against Janet’s lips looking at her through half-lidded eyes.

Janet grinned and whispered, “Carol’s asleep,” before pressing their lips together again.

Katrina sighed against her softly before pulling back. “We shouldn’t push it, she might wake up, after all, she’s completely sober,” she mumbled, wrinkling her nose in disgust at the thought.

Janet pouted slightly and leaned in again, capturing Katrina’s mouth in her’s once more before leaning back and flopping down on her stomach.

She closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep as she felt Katrina’s breathing begin to slow as well.

~not really a flash-forward… Idk~

Katrina awoke to Janet’s weight comfortably resting on her chest as the light was streaming in through the window. She looked over her still-sleeping... girlfriend? Lover? I have no fucking idea. To see that on the other side of the couch Carol was gone.

She felt herself wake up more and she strained her ears until she realized there was crackling coming from the kitchen.

She gently lifted Janet off of her and lay her on the couch before getting up and walking to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee to see that Carol was looking through all of Janet’s cabinets mumbling something, pancakes, and bacon on the stove.

“Carol? The fuck are you doing?”

The southerner whipped around, frazzled, and asked, “Where the fuck is the syrup? I’m trying to show a little southern hospitality by cooking breakfast for ya’ll but I can’t find anything in this kitchen!”

“It’s in the fridge, top shelf on the right,” Katrina replied before grabbing a mug from the cabinet and putting it under the Keurig, and going to the pantry for the coffee pods.

Carol grabbed the syrup and sighed with relief before furrowing her brow as she watched Katrina flit about the kitchen preparing her coffee. “Say, Katrina, how did you know where the syrup was in the first place?”

Katrina froze and was about to make some none of your business quip before deciding that would only make her appear more suspicious and eventually decided on the excuse, “I saw it when I was looking for the vodka last night.”

Carol raised her eyebrow and looked at the other incredulously, “You were looking for vodka in the refrigerator? And what about the coffee?”

The latter swallowed hard, “I don’t know how these American kitchens work! And for the coffee, I just happened to see it and I… uhh… have a photographic memory?”

“Oh, a photographic memory, huh? Then what’s the name of the lady who runs the daycare?” Carol shot back, taking no shit.


Carol sighed, “Not even close,” and figured it was best to just mind her business, “Go wake up Janet, the pancakes are done.”