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The Quiz

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It was a normal day. Jason was laid out on the coach in his third-best safehouse, absently taking buzzfeed quizzes to find out which Jane Austen hero he should marry, what type of cheese truly represented his soul and what his supervillain name should be. Or should have been instead, if you ask certain people. It was apparently The Magenta Eagle.

“Both a color and a bird still, huh?” he mumbled to himself. He was about to swipe on to the next quiz when he had an idea. Re-take this one - but pick the answers as if he was Bruce. His first instinct was to be a little shit about it, but it seemed even funnier to be overly serious. Really analyze each question, what Bruce might think. He did pick what he felt were true answers though, not the sanitized ones Bruce might or might not have tried to hide behind. And it was fun, yeah, but also a bit uncomfortable.

“What is the most important thing to me?” one question asked. ‘My stupid moral code’ wasn’t an option. ‘My family’ was. It took Jason almost ten minutes to click.

Apparently, Bruce’s supervillain name should be The Blue Giraffe.