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jealousy, jealousy

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Jane had never taken Jacqueline as the jealous type. Well, that's because she wasn't. How could she? A woman who could have anything - and anyone - had no reason to be insecure. She and Jacqueline have a established relationship privately, but the way Scott addresses Jane seem to bother the older woman. The three of them stayed late to a meeting. Jacqueline suggested her office, so she was already there when the other two arrived.

"Hi" Jane said smiling. Jacqueline smiled widely at her lover in response, whereas she just acknowledged Scott giving him a nod when he went through.

"Thank you for doing this so late, Jacqueline."

"Not a problem." It's not that she didn't like the guy. She didn't even know him, but she did know the way he looks at Jane. She knows because she's been there. "Please, sit."

Jane sat on the couch. Scott sat where Jacqueline thought to be unnecessarily close to the younger woman. She flinched at that. Jane noticed. Jane notices everything.

"So, I suggested that we came here and discuss this piece with you before it's out, because, well-"

Because I want your approval. Jacqueline smiled gently. Jane straightened up, ready to continue:

"So, Scott had some ideas - that I find very interesting - I'm just not sure it fits, you know?"

"And what are these ideas?" The blonde said making her way to the desk. When Scott didn't answer, she looked back at him, who gave an immediate response. Jacqueline started to pour the scotch for the three of them.

"Uh- Well, I was thinking it would be interesting to have the perspective of a man on this piece."

"Mhmm... The male gaze..." Jacqueline said taking a sip of her drink.

"Well, it's more than that."

"Oh, is it?"

"I mean-"

"What is it so special that you have to offer?"

Jane looked at her as if asking for a truce. She knows. Damn you, Jane. The brunette stepped in:

"He's trying to say that maybe it would be nice to have a different perspective. We have millions of readers on this magazine and-"

"Mostly women." Jacqueline said raising an eyebrow.

"Yes, mostly women. But also men. And lately it's been increasing, especially with social media. They want to debate this kind of subject."

"Well, you seem to have made up your mind."

"Yes, but I wanted to hear your opinion."

Jacqueline tilted her head and raised an eyebrow. "And why is that?"

Jane looked down and took a sip of her drink. This was a game Jacqueline liked to play. Come on, you know why.

"Because you are her boss and she respects your opinion." Scott said. Jacqueline almost felt sorry for him. She leaned back at her chair, ready to answer when Jane cut her off:

"Also, I knew you'd have scotch, so..."

They both laughed at this. Unpretentiously, Scott put his hand on Jane's knee. Jane froze at that touch and immediately looked at the blonde. Jacqueline had her eyes glued to Scott's hands. She was wearing that smile Jane knew very well. She was pissed. It was absolutely out of character for Jacqueline to make a scene or even say anything about it. She slowly looked up at Scott again - who let go of Jane as soon as he met Jacqueline's eyes. Jane stood up abruptly to get the scotch.

"So, what do you think?" The young man asked nervously.

"I think you should do whatever you want." Jacqueline made sure to say that looking at Jane. "I trust your judgment." She paused cautiously. "Most of the times." Jane withhold a smile. She was good.

"Okay, so... We'll work on that." Jane said nodding.



The three of them stayed silent for what it seemed to be eternity. Jacqueline was longing to see how far this would go, considering she and Jane had plans to spend the night together.

"That's it, then. Thank you, Scott. Sorry to keep you so late." The brunette said to Scott.

"Absolutely. Thank you. Uh- Are you leaving? We could-" Jacqueline raised her eyebrow at his proposal. Jane didn't dare to look at her.

"No, I'm not leaving just yet. You can go."

"Are you sure? I can wait-" Jacqueline tried not to laugh. She turned around to face her desk and pour herself the last glass of alcohol.

"I am sure, yes. Thank you, though." Jane reassured.

"Well, it is pretty late and you live kinda-"

"I've got her, Scott. You can go." Jacqueline said cutting him off. They both looked at her. Jane smiled politely. He nodded and left. Jacqueline couldn't help but let out a chuckle.


"Your boyfriend can be persistent." She said sitting on the chair again.

"You know he is not my boyfriend."

"Does he know that?" Jacqueline laughed before proceeding. "Unbelievable...."

"You are unbelievable..."

"Me? What did I do?" The blonde asked incredulously.

"Jacqueline-. The guy was squirming the whole time!"


"Why? Are you kidding?"

"I don't understand."

"You know, you used to do this to me."

"Oh, please-"

"You did! The worst thing is, you still can. God- You can intimidate anyone. And you know that!"

"Can I? Huh..."

Jane watched her carefully. So this is how Jacqueline Carlyle looks like when she's jealous. Nonchalant. Cold. Defensive. Jane would be lying if she said she didn't enjoy this night, partly. Jane made her way to the chair and sat on the blonde's lap. She removed the lock of hair of Jacqueline's neck, making room to kiss it. Jacqueline closed her eyes at Jane's touch. The brunette took her lover's glass and carefully put it on the table. Their gaze met and Jane kissed her gently on the mouth. She left a trial of kisses on Jacqueline's face until the blonde finally laughed softly.

"Alright, stop it-"

"Look at me."


"Hey, look at me."

"I am looking."

"You're not." Jacqueline took a deep breath and looked up, meeting Jane's gaze.

"He's just my writer." She said gently. Jacqueline smiled sweetly and started to play with Jane's shirt. Was she nervous?

"You were just my writer." The blonde said almost in a whisper

"That's completely different."

"It isn't. And you know it."

"You once said I was never just a writer..."

Jacqueline scoffed. Jane examined her. She was still messing with Jane's shirt, thoughtful expression on her face.

"You were never 'just' anything to me."

"Neither were you. So, don't worry."

"I am not."

"Right, you're just jealous." The brunette said jokingly. When the blonde leaned back and didn't respond, Jane was shocked. She expected Jacqueline to tease back, deny it, laugh at her, maybe? But never, in a million years, consent to that statement. "Really? You're not gonna deny it?"

"Well, I-"

"Jacqueline Carlyle-"

"Don't even-"

"-Is jealous of me?"

"Now you're just ruining it."

"What a night-"

"And it's ruined. Let's go home."