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He Left Me

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Alberto stared into the fire, knowing Luca was right behind him. The taller boy worked so hard to keep his past hidden, to forget his father, the man who walked away with no hesitation. The man who abandoned Alberto, who showed Alberto that he wasn’t worthy of lasting relationships. Alberto had come to accept this fact as the days blended together and morphed into months, accumulating into years, that is until Luca shyly climbed into the freckled boy’s heart. For a brief moment Alberto felt like he was with the big fish in the night sky, away from the worries of his mind, away from the feeling of being unworthy of love.

Living in the human village was not so bad, Alberto was able to connect with Massimo, a man who frightened but also made Alberto feel safe in ways he can’t explain. But he slipped up, he allowed hope to build up, he believed Luca would never leave him. But he saw the way Giulia and Luca acted around each other. Alberto knew it was only a matter of time before they left him, like everyone around him was bound to do at some point. Exposing his identity was not something Alberto planned either, but it still went wrong in so many ways. That betrayal from Luca hurt, even if Alberto expected the outcome.

Luca asked about the tally marks hidden behind the Vespa poster, Alberto didn’t feel like lying but his emotions were too much. He had kept these feelings to himself for years, literal years. The weight of the emotions felt unbearable to the 14 year old, so despite his best efforts, Alberto exploded. Tears burst from his eyes, causing lines of scales to appear on his face, Alberto yelled, angry at his own father, at Giulia for being so kind, at Luca for being such a kind soul, at Massimo for giving him hope, at himself for allowing himself to be fooled. At the end of the day, everyone was the same, leaving Alberto behind without a second thought.

Chest heaving, Alberto yelled at Luca, told him to leave, that their friendship was a mistake all together.

Watching as Luca imitated what Alberto had done on their first full day together, Alberto felt a glimmer of hope in the depths of his heart. Alberto smiled as he watched Luca jump into the sea and swim over to the human village of Portorosso. The freckled boy’s mind kept telling him to ignore the feeling and return to being alone, trying to convince him that everyone would be better off this way.

“Silenzio Bruno”, Alberto whispered as he walked back to his fire, a small smile set on his face.

The fanart since it's only posted on tiktok

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