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Don’t leave me here

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"Anne!" Marcy's heart felt all fuzzy and warm as she saw her friend standing at the door.


Marcy and Anne had been friends for so long now. Longer than they could remember. Ever since kindergarten they had been extremely close, and still were to that day. Anne was her everything. She wouldn't know what to do without Anne. They'd always laugh and smile with each other. Marcy often stayed at school until Anne left, and then she'd awkwardly catch up to walk home together. It felt weird sometimes. Sometimes she felt oddly panicky if she wasn't with Anne the whole time. Sometimes she'd even feel physically weird if Anne wasn't there. Like nausea or a sore throat. But that was normal right? All friends cared about each other like that.


She just never wanted to be separated from her.


"awwe I missed you so much since the last time we hung out!" The raven haired girl squeezed her friend into a very tight hug. "It's been like what, 2 weeks?"

Be careful before she’ll leave you again.


"Pffft, c'mon Mar-Mar!" Anne chuckled. "I think you've been just fine those 2 weeks!"

They both stared at each other for a moment. Marcy's arms still being wrapped around Anne as she looked up to her. Anne awkwardly looking back with a small smile. Both of them couldn't help but snort at the weird situation.


Marcy hugged firmer and dug her face into Anne's shoulder for a second, before finally letting go. "Haha, yeah, I guess you could say that." She figured.


"..Should we go inside now?" Anne gestured with a single finger to the door.


"yyyyyeah.. yeah, yeah let's go!" She couldn't help but stumble a little. Was this odd pit in her stomach because of the staring just now or was it just random?


They both headed into the dinky little house. The walls were painted a slightly off white, some of the walls already getting discoulored. The living room had a couch, two chairs, and an average sized tv. Cabinets were lined across the walls here and there. Most of them contained small little glass statues. They were shaped like creatures such as lions, dragons, tigers amongst others. One of the statues was custom made to look like Marcy and her family. It was the household's most prized possession. If anything happened to it a riot would break out within the family.


"My parents aren't home so we can basically do whatever we feel like." Marcy shrugged, motioning with her hands. Anne couldn't help but smile a little at that. It was an odd little habit that Marcy always had.


"Eh" Anne shrugged aswel. "I guess we can just go to your room like always. We played Wii Sports last time, didn't we? Should we do that again?"


Marcy's eyes immediately lit up with joy. She quickly started flapping her hands in excitement like she always did.


"Oooooh my gosh yes! Argh that was so fun last time! You beat me in tennis but that was totally unfair because you're on the varsity team for that!" She rambled, a playful little smirk on her face.


"Hehe" Anne snickered. "Maybe I'm just better than you at Wii Sports?" She teased back.


“Nuh uh! I beat you at all other games!" Marcy crossed her arms, and stuck her tongue out.


Both girls stayed quiet for a few seconds, before they both bursted out laughing. Marcy always loved that so much. They always poked fun at each other and teased each other, and they were able to laugh so much about it. Laughing with your friends is the best feeling in the world, Marcy thought. She wouldn't want anything else than that.


Let’s hope you don’t get separated, then.


"C'mon, c'mon! Let's just go upstairs then!"


Not even being able to reply, Anne was pulled along by Marcy. Marcy always so passionately held Anne's hand. It felt a little... overwhelming sometimes. Anne could sometimes not help but feel just a little flustered.


After climbing a small fleet of stairs, they were already at Marcy's room. It was relatively small for the most part. The bed sheets were basically thrown off her bed and weren't bothered to be picked up again. She had shelves with countless pieces of video game merchandise. Not only that, but she had video game posters aswel. They completely covered the walls. There was probably not more than a single square inch of wall that wasn't covered by a poster. She had a pretty old and heavy tv on top of a bookshelf, with a Nintendo Wii hooked up to it. The games and controllers for the console were scattered over the floor.


"Wow, sometimes I forget how messy your room is." Anne commented. "I mean, I'm here pretty often, but I always manage to notice more new messy thing every time I come over."


"Ah, yeah-" Marcy rubbed the back of her neck and chuckled awkwardly. "I know, I know- I have trouble keeping clean sometimes-" she waved off, trying to change to subject back to Wii Sports. "But let's just play, shall we?"


Did you forget your bed sheets are messy because of the nightmares?


She quickly bent down and smacked the power button on the Wii and tv. She grabbed the crappy little cardboard sleeve that Wii Sports came in and inserted the disc. She always wondered why Nintendo didn't just give Wii Sports a regular case like all other games. The cardboard was so cheap and flimsy that it basically disintegrated within her sweaty gamer hands.


"Huh... I thought you had a hamster." Anne pointed out. "Now that I think about it I haven't seen that hamster in like two months. What was his name again? Luigi?"


“Oh yeah, Luigi kinda died. I let him into the hamster ball but I guess I didn't close it correctly. He managed to get into the oven somehow and when my mom cooked dinner in the oven he exploded. Took a while to clean that mess."


Anne's face quickly contorted into one of horror. "That... that is horrifying-"


“Ah nuts, the batteries are dead." Marcy pouted. The blue lights on the controllers would only blink for a few seconds until they turned off again. "I'll go have to get some fresh batteries, gimme a sec."


And off she was. She dashed downstairs and ripped open a kitchen cabinet to look for some non deceased batteries. Her mom would always get annoyed with Marcy constantly asking if she could pick up batteries for the Wii while doing groceries. She chuckled a little as she thought about it. If she constantly had to pick up batteries for someone she'd probably be annoyed too.


After a few seconds of aimless searching, she realized they were actually out of batteries.


"Oh come on." She frustratedly breathed out. She was looking so forward to this, but the stars had conveniently aligned against her.


She dissapointedly walked back upstairs and pointed the battery problem out to Anne. "We're out." She sighed. "I think I forgot to ask my mom to pick up batteries last time."


"Oh, no it's fine!" The puffy haired girl waved with her hands. "I can just pick some up from the shopping district. I came here with my bicycle so I can just use that. It won't take long."


“Oh that's great! Lemme grab my shoes-"


“Uhh.. Marcy? You.. don't have a bike-"


"..I know? I can just sit on the back of your bike-"


“Marcy. You can’t do that.”


Suddenly, that pit in Marcy's stomach returned.




"It's not safe for you to do that. Plus, I don't think it's even legal to do that in a few states hehe- I'll only be gone for 10 minutes, 'kay?"


Marcy suddenly wanted to vomit.




She suddenly wanted to run away and violently vomit.


Her hands were sweaty, her heart was jumping in circles and her chest felt tight. The situation was so small, so why? Why did she want to scream and cry and weep?


Tears brimming at her eyes, Marcy followed the other girl downstairs. Anne put on her shoes and grabbed her keys. She padded down her shorts to make sure she had everything with her. And she did. Her phone and a dollar, that's all she needed.


"Alright, I'll be right back!" She exclaimed, as she headed out the door.


You’re separated from her. Again.


Everything suddenly came crashing down on her shoulders. Anxiety, fear, pure dread. Why? Why was it so scary? Why was it always so scary when Anne left? Anxiety consumed her being whole like some sort of parasite. The world started to spin and become foggy. Her vision got obstructed by copious amounts of tears.








She couldn't breathe. She couldn't process what was going on. No. She wanted Anne to come back. Every second felt like an hour. She was alone. Something could happen to her. Something could happen to Anne. What if Anne forgot about her? What if she got left alone forever and everyone forgot about her? She already got mercilessly shoved into lockers almost everyday, what was stopping Anne from doing the same and leaving her?


It was like a raging sea. Everytime she tried to think in some kind of rational way, a wave of anxiety and fear crashed over her again. She was such a fool for just ignoring it all. Everytime they hung out again she ignored it and forgot about it. But once that moment of separation happened again it'd hit her like a bag of bricks. She'd have nightmares, she'd panic excessively, she'd cry so much. She didn't want to lose her best friend. She didn't want to separate from her best friend. She felt so incredibly scared of that, and for seemingly no reason. The only truly peaceful days for her was when they were having a sleepover. She'd be with Anne the whole day and they could even sleep close to each other. But without Anne there, it would all go so wrong.


Her face was hot with warm tears rapidly streaming down her cheeks. She started backing up.


Something can happen you while she’s gone.


When was she coming back?


She’ll forget about you.


It all felt so overwhelming.


She’ll leave you.


She kept backing up, until she hit the cabinet containing some of the glass statues. They all came crashing down, including the prized family statue. But Marcy was so wrapped up in her violent sobbing that she didn't even notice. The fragile objects shattered into pieces and cut into her hands as she slowly sank down.


"C-Come back.." she hicced.




”I just don’t want to be alone...”




Anne opened the front door. She wanted to say her greetings, but quickly fell into stunned silence as she was met with broken glass, small droplets of blood and intense crying.


She didn't waste a single moment. She threw the worthless batteries aside and sprinted over to Marcy. Not a single word was said as Anne wrapped Marcy in the tightest hug she'd ever given.


"Anne? ..Y-you're back, I-" The teary eyed girl sniffled.


"Marcy. I'm here. There's nothing wrong." She reassured.


The poor girl quickly sank into Anne's body. She clung on for dear life. She was sobbing intensely into Anne's shoulder, to the point her shirt was getting wet.


"Marcy, hey. Marcy, look at me. What's wrong?" She said in her most soft tone.


“You, I-" Marcy stumbled over her words. "I-i don't know... I always get so scared when you leave- I-I'm sorry-" She dug her face deeper into the other girl's shoulder. Anne could feel Marcy shaking.


Silence fell. The only sound filling the room was Marcy's weeping. Anne reconsidered what to do or what to say multiple times. She didn't want to scare or upset the girl more. She just wanted to see her friend smile again, that's all she was asking for in that moment.


It felt odd to Anne how she never knew what Marcy was going through. Did the poor girl really get this scared when Anne was gone? She never noticed a single thing. Marcy was always her happy, bubbly self. The knowledge of it all made her feel stupid and guilty for never knowing earlier. If she would've known, she could've helped Marcy feel better about it. She could help practice being alone, or sleep over more often, or visit more often, or at the very least comfort Marcy when she felt so terrible again.


"Don't feel sorry." She replied, starting to rub comfortable circles on Marcy's back. "We'll figure it out, okay? I'll help you through it. I'll help you feel less scared when I'm gone. We can fix this, together."


“B-But.." She mumbled. "Th-the statues I... I ruined it, I destroyed it! I can't-... I ruined everything- I destroyed the most important statue-"


Cutting off Marcy's sentence, Anne planted a kiss onto Marcy's forehead.


"It's okay. If your parents are mad, they'll have to through me first." She said half jokingly, trying to lighten up the mood a little.


Tears welled up in Marcy's eyes again as she once again dug her face into Anne's shoulder.


"Y'know what," Anne said. "I'll sleepover today if that helps you feel better. What d'ya say?"


Marcy sniffled and lightly nodded.


“I’d like that.”