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switching lanes

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As Johnny leaves the company event with a tipsy Taeyong in his arms, it hits him at that moment that being a manager isn’t easy. Especially being a manager for a rambunctious idol like Lee Taeyong, who currently has an arm slung around Johnny’s shoulder as he stumbles back to their car.

A relatively new solo artist, Lee Taeyong, caught many people’s attention with not only his insanely good looks and addictive songs, but also his scandalous streaks that has caused controversy among fans and critics. His most recent scandal was when photos were leaked online of him walking out of a well known gay club with another man.

Taeyong had denied that it was him in the pictures during a meeting with the company higher ups, considering how blurry the image was and the face could hardly be made out because of the hood covering any distinctive features. Yet people pointed out that the hoodie in the picture is very similar to one that Taeyong owns.

That incident had caused an uncomfortable rift between him and his fans and the company had put him on probation for a couple of weeks, which consisted of him being stuck in his apartment with Johnny visiting him daily to make sure he didn't sneak out.

It was a stressful time for the both of them where Johnny had to consult a sullen Taeyong, but also remind him that it was for the better. It had resulted in long nights together with Johnny staying at Taeyong’s apartment and listening to him rant about how unfair everyone was treating him and the only person he could truly confine in was Johnny, who actually treated him like an actual person with real feelings and not just a figure on the screen.

Taeyong had confessed one particular night when Johnny snuck a few bottles of beer into his apartment that the leaked photos were indeed him. Johnny had remembered how vulnerable Taeyong was that night, explaining how stuck he had felt and that he had no freedom in this industry and wanted to get away for just one night. He said that he did intend on sleeping with the man that he left with that night, but hesitated at the last moment.

As Taeyong retold that experience, Johnny had recalled the tears welling in his eyes and all he could do at that moment was pull the other close to his chest in an embrace. The tension was high, the beers that they had consumed making them red in the face. Johnny wasn’t sure who made the first move, but one minute Taeyong looked up at him with glossy eyes and pouty lips and the next minute was their mouths connecting in a desperate kiss.

That night was a heated blur of passion and desire as their bodies meld into one and Johnny vividly remembers how his name fell from Taeyong’s mouth throughout the evening. The next morning was painfully awkward as they were both rudely awakened by Johnny’s alarm that reminded them of a schedule that Taeyong had.

A one and done thing or that was what Johnny believed what that night was because they never spoke about it after, but Taeyong’s scandal had died down since then and everything seemed to go back to normal. Yet there are times when Johnny could feel eyes boring into the back of his head and Taeyong just so happens to turn away whenever he looks at him, so yeah. As normal as it can get.

Now as he carefully guides Taeyong to the back of the car, helping him get the door open and making sure he doesn’t hit his head, Johnny is back thinking about how everything had led up to this point. When he sits Taeyong down and is about to close the door, the idol grabs at his hand and the look that he gives Johnny has his heart in his throat because it’s reminiscent of the same look that Taeyong had given him that one night.

There’s a pause as Taeyong fiddles with Johnny’s fingers before saying, “I’m tired.”

Johnny nods cause so is he and replies, “Then let’s go home.”

The grip on his hand tightens and Johnny swallows down the lump in his throat and he can only hope that Taeyong can’t feel the sweat gathering on his palm.

Taeyong’s gaze shifts from his hand to his face and mutters out, “Will you put me to bed?”

“Of course.” It comes out slightly shaky and unsure.

As Johnny pulls away, Taeyong tugs him back and the sudden action has Johnny falling forward. He luckily catches himself with one hand holding onto the passenger seat headrest, his other still in Taeyong’s hold as the weight of gravity pushes them both down. Taeyong didn’t hesitate to bring his face up closer to his, the distance between them minimal as Johnny can even smell the lingering alcohol in his breath.

Taeyong parts his mouth and Johnny’s eyes lock in on the slippery tongue that peeks out for a moment and he almost misses when Taeyong whispers, “You promise?”

It’s like Johnny’s in a trance and Taeyong is only ever so forward when he’s got alcohol in his system. He knows that he shouldn’t let this escalate, especially not in the parking lot of a restaurant establishment where the majority of their higher ups are still present.

Johnny pushes himself away, much to Taeyong’s disappointment and reassures him, “Yes, I promise.”

He can’t get caught up, not right now even though it’s difficult to resist the way Taeyong’s pouting at him. He gets up, closes the door and walks to the driver seat to start the car. As he adjusts the rear view mirror, he catches Taeyong’s eyes through the reflection, the intense stare that Taeyong was giving makes him quickly shift his own eyes away.

Johnny doesn’t understand why he’s acting so flustered and cautious and he definitely made sure that he didn’t drink any alcohol during the event because he knew he had to keep tabs on Taeyong. Now, he kind of regrets not getting a few drinks in him because he feels so worked up for no reason. But he couldn’t since he’s their designated driver and he had to get them home in one piece.

He finally pulls out of the lot and onto the road, focusing all his attention on driving and ignoring the heat creeping up the back of his neck. He senses Taeyong staring and doesn’t say anything, opting to open his window slightly so the breeze can clear his mind.

The sun has set, the sky is a soft purple and gradually turning darker as Johnny drives on. They would have left the event earlier if not for their superiors demanding them to stay longer for a couple more drinks and as always, they couldn’t refuse. Johnny had to pace Taeyong as their superiors kept pouring drinks for him every time they noticed that his cup was empty.

But Johnny knew how sensitive Taeyong gets when he has a bit too much alcohol as the idol kept pressing up against him, his face slowly turning pinker. It wasn’t until Taeyong tried feeling up Johnny when he was having a conversation with a higher up about upcoming schedules that Johnny had to abruptly stop their conversation, gripping Taeyong’s hand to stop from going up any higher on his thigh and announcing that the idol wasn’t feeling that well. That was how they made it out.

Now as Johnny drives them down the highway, the road surprisingly clear, he’s optimistic that he’ll get them home within 20 minutes. He hears some shuffling in the back seat and figures Taeyong’s getting comfortable, maybe even closing his eyes for some rest. But when Johnny takes a quick glance in the rear view mirror, he spots Taeyong unbuttoning his top and his smooth skin showing with each pop of the button.

Johnny chokes and almost swerves the car when Taeyong notices that he’s looking and shrugs his top off his shoulders. Cheeky bastard.

“What are you doing?” Johnny asks as he pulls his gaze away from the mirror and his grip on the steering wheel tightens.

Taeyong answers with, “It’s hot in the back,” and Johnny knows it’s bullshit because the cool breeze that is blowing from his window says otherwise. Johnny knows that the alcohol is part of the reason why Taeyong is acting this way and it makes him much more reckless.

“Well, I can turn on the AC or open more windows,” Johnny suggests, but Taeyong doesn’t choose any of the options and instead leans forward, his elbows against the center console armrest and lips right next to Johnny’s ears as he emphasizes, “I’m. Hot.”

Times like these, Johnny realizes that he doesn’t quite have a hold on Taeyong. It seems like the idol has Johnny wrapped around his slender fingers and uses him as he likes. And Taeyong knows Johnny will never refuse him because that is what a good manager is supposed to do, right?

All relevant thoughts goes flying out when Taeyong climbs from the back seat to the passenger side, all while Johnny is still driving and preventing them from dying from a car crash. Johnny glances at him like he’s insane as he grips the wheel when Taeyong’s leg accidentally bumps into Johnny’s arm and the car swerves just a bit.

“What the fuck!” Johnny curses. Taeyong plops down in the passenger seat with an audible oof and giggles like he didn’t just almost threaten their lives. Johnny is really glad there aren't any other cars close to them.

Johnny’s mouth is hanging open in disbelief as a shirtless Taeyong sits beside him. It’s when Taeyong kicks his feet up on the dashboard where Johnny finally snaps his mouth shut and whips his head towards Taeyong like he’s insane. Taeyong, with an elbow resting on the side of the door and his cheek in his palm, looks at him smugly as he gauges his manager’s reaction.

“What are you doing?” Johnny hisses, bringing his eyes back onto the road ahead of them. Johnny doesn’t know what has gotten into Taeyong for him to act like this and he’s about to tell Taeyong to get his feet off the dashboard because this is a rental car and if they dirty it, then he’s the one paying the fees.

But he doesn’t exactly get the words out when he feels Taeyong’s warm hand land on his thigh, a bit too close to his crotch. And if Johnny isn’t currently driving, he might have entertained whatever Taeyong is going for. Taeyong is persistent as he strokes his thigh and Johnny’s mouth open and close, trying to form a sentence yet all that comes out is a shuddery sigh.

Taeyong is definitely enjoying this, a satisfied curl on the side of his lips as he watches Johnny struggle to grasp at not only the wheels but also his sanity. Johnny’s face is slowly heating up from the caresses of Taeyong’s hand, his eyebrows scrunching up as he tries to level his breathing.

“What are you doing?” Johnny repeats, much more unsure than last time.

“Just,” Taeyong starts, eyes flickering from Johnny’s face then to his crotch. “Stay still.”

“Stay still? I’m trying to get us home in one piece,” Johnny grits out.

“You need to relax,” Taeyong mumbles. “You’ve been so stressed these days. It’s not a good look on you.”

Stressed isn’t exactly the right word to describe how Johnny’s feeling right now. It is absolutely mortified when Taeyong slinks his hand up to not so discreetly brush over his dick.

What -“ Johnny is immediately cut off when Taeyong’s fingers skillfully slip past his waistband as he leans closer to him and whispers in an octave lower, “Let me help you relax.”

Johnny takes one look at the side view mirror for cars and makes a hard right turn onto the grass next to a wooded area that is by the highway. He puts the car in park before pulling Taeyong’s hand out of his pants.

“You’re a fucking menace, you know,” Johnny swore, biting down on his tongue before he says something unnecessary. Taeyong doesn’t seem fazed in the slightest at Johnny’s outburst, instead there is a glint in his eyes that means nothing but trouble. Johnny notices the pink tongue poking out of Taeyong’s mouth to wet his lips and he narrows his eyes at the other.

“I know,” Taeyong replies with a hum. “And what are you going to do about it?”

A challenge that Johnny isn’t sure he should accept. This brings him back to that particular night when Taeyong gave him the same heated stare and it just makes him weak. It isn’t supposed to happen again, it was supposed to be something that stayed in the past. But that doesn’t mean Johnny hadn’t stopped thinking about that moment; intrusive dreams every couple of nights that has him waking up in cold sweat.

And it seems like Taeyong is the same if the way the idol is looking at him with anticipation says anything. The air is heavy around them, the tension thick to the point where Johnny almost couldn’t breathe. He hates whatever effect that Taeyong has on him, but that doesn’t mean that he’ll let him get away with everything. Johnny decides it’s time to put him in his place.

“What am I going to do?” Johnny retorts. “I’m going to teach you a lesson.”

The smile on Taeyong’s face grows.


Ten minutes later, Taeyong is situated on Johnny’s lap in the driver’s seat, his tongue down the man’s throat as they share a messy kiss. It is unrefined and hurried as if they’re chasing something that will escape their grasp if they slowed down. Johnny has a hand down Taeyong’s pants this time, stroking languidly at his cock.

The moans that spill out of Taeyong’s mouth were swallowed down by Johnny as he twists and tugs at the hardening length. He knows that he’s doing a good job with the way the idol’s thighs are shaking and his cock leaking at the tip. The hot appendage in his hand throbs with each flick of his wrist and it’s so nice to see Taeyong lose control over his own body and let Johnny take over.

Taeyong ruts in Johnny’s hand, the slow pace that Johnny’s going at is not enough as he whines into the man’s mouth for more. Johnny clicks his tongue and pulls away from their kiss and says, “So desperate and needy … can’t even control yourself.”

“Please. Please. I want more,” Taeyong demands, rocking his hips and fucking his cock into Johnny’s fist. But before Taeyong can get any more, Johnny stills him with a hand gripping his waist and a stern look that gives him shivers. Johnny rarely looks at him like that and he likes it.

“I don’t think you’re calling the shots here, hm? I’ll give you more when I think you deserve it,” Johnny states, pulling his hand out of his pants much to Taeyong’s dismay.

“Now open your mouth and suck.” Johnny’s fingers probe at Taeyong’s lips and the idol obediently opens up and takes the long, slender fingers into his mouth. He lets his salvia coat each inch of the digits because he knows that’s the only lubricant that he’s going to get in a place like this.

He sucks and laps at Johnny’s fingers to the point where salvia is dripping from the corners of his mouth. He goes at it so wet and sloppy that it makes Johnny’s cock pulse in his pants and Taeyong probably notices the reaction that it got out of the man because he looks up at him through his lashes and sucks his fingers down like he’s taking cock in his mouth.

“Fuck,” Johnny curses and curls his fingers against Taeyong’s tongue, feeling the wet muscle rub between his digits. “Imagine if your fans knew what a big whore you are.”

Johnny shoves his fingers deeper into Taeyong’s mouth, hitting the back of his throat causing him to choke and sputter. Tears quickly fill Taeyong’s eyes as he feels Johnny pushing down on his tongue and all he can do is hold onto Johnny’s arms in an attempt to slow him down.

“So pretty gagging on my fingers.” The praise has Taeyong whining again as he rocks his hips against Johnny, in need of friction. Johnny pulls his fingers out of the other’s mouth, a string of salvia connecting the tip of Taeyong’s tongue to his fingertips. His other hand pushes at Taeyong’s pants and with the help of Taeyong raising his hips to get his pants down to his knees, Johnny reaches back to caress at the puckered hole.

He circles at the tight rim before breaching in with a wet finger. Taeyong groans at the penetration as he tries to get the finger deeper inside. Johnny fingers him open with one, two, then three fingers until Taeyong is trembling in his arms. His hole contrasts around his fingers every time he spreads them, feeling his walls flutter delightfully and Johnny can’t wait to bury his cock inside.

Mmmm … hurry,” Taeyong moans as he rocks his hips in rhythm with the fingers filling him up. “Want you inside.”

“Yeah? How bad?”

Johnny watches as Taeyong struggles to answer as he teases his prostate with the tip of his fingers, enjoying the way he pants so desperately.

“S-So bad. Been wanting this since the last time we fucked,” Taeyong confesses.

That happened months ago and the fact that Taeyong has also been thinking about it and even admitting that he wants more is enough for Johnny to stop his incessant teasing and blindly search for the seat back adjuster. He pulls the lever and reclines until he’s fully laying down with Taeyong sitting on top of him.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” Johnny says, gesturing at his pants. Taeyong quickly undoes the button and pulls out Johnny’s throbbing cock. Johnny spits into his own palm and lubes up his cock amidst Taeyong clumsily shucking his pants off to the side.

With the little space that they have, Taeyong plants a hand against the window to steady himself as he grips the base of Johnny’s length and carefully sinks down. They both groan at the initial intrusion, Johnny’s cock slowly being consumed by the hot, wet vice that is Taeyong.

Fuck! You’re so tight,” Johnny grits out, his hands holding the other’s hips so strongly that he might bruise.

Taeyong hums. “Haven’t fucked anyone after you. Could only think about your cock ruining me.”

Johnny squeezes his eyes shut as Taeyong finally bottoms out, his cock snug inside Taeyong’s ass after so long. It takes him back to that night, the familiar heat surrounding him to the point where he is breathless. After that time, he had tried to replicate the tight heat with his hands but it was never the same. But now, with Taeyong fucking himself on his dick, he finally gets to relish in this addictive sensation.

The sky outside has darkened by now, the street lights all turned on and illuminating Taeyong’s features. A few cars have driven past them and hopefully none of them are questioning why there is a car parked on the side of the highway. It is probably too difficult to see inside anyways with how the windows are fogging up.

Johnny cants his hips up with every downwards thrust that Taeyong does, meeting him in the middle. It makes Taeyong shudder with pleasure, face twisting in pure bliss as he rocks down on his hard cock.

“S-Shit,” Taeyong stutters. “Feels so fuckin’ good.”

“Yeah? Like my cock deep in you?” Johnny hums.

Taeyong nods, biting his lip as he rocks his hips. He leans back against the wheel, his body on full display for Johnny. Johnny stares, enchanted by the way Taeyong bounces on top of him with the idol’s leaking cock slapping against his stomach, the creamy precum sticking to his skin. Johnny reaches his hands out to stroke up his body before pinching at his nipples, rubbing it harshly with his thumbs.

“Look at you. So needy for cock that you’re willing to sit on one in the middle of the road, hm. What if someone walks up to the car right now and sees you bouncing on my cock? What will they think of their precious idol now?” Johnny taunts, loving the way Taeyong bends for him.

A broken cry tumbles out of Taeyong’s mouth as he rides him harder, a shaky “Johnny” spilling from his mouth. His face flushes with embarrassment at the thought of anyone seeing him like this, but it doesn’t stop him from grinding his hips down. Each flick to the hard nubs on his chest has him clenching down unforgivingly on Johnny’s cock, the velvety walls rubbing so deliciously against him.

“Keep going, keep going!” Taeyong chants, his movements getting more and more frantic. Johnny can tell that he’s getting close with the way his eyes roll to the back of his head and his nails digging into his shoulders hard that it will most definitely leave indents.

He helps Taeyong chase his release with a hand wrapped around his cock, stroking it up and down in tandem with the thrusts. Taeyong is riding him with so much vigor that he’s hitting his head against the ceiling of the car, but he doesn’t seem to care as he’s so lost in ecstasy.

Johnny pulls him down into a rough kiss, teeth nibbling at Taeyong’s lips. He’s close, his abdomen tightening and he might just snap at any moment. Taeyong is panting into his mouth, eyes screwed shut as Johnny pounds into him relentlessly. There is no rhythm anymore, just mindless fucking as they get closer and closer to their climax.

“I’m … gonna cum,” Taeyong gasps.

He’s withering in Johnny’s hold like he can’t keep up with his pace. Johnny shifts his hips slightly and the new angle has his cockhead nudging at Taeyong’s prostate.

“FUCK! Fuck! Oh my god. Don’t stop,” Taeyong pleads and Johnny doesn’t think he can stop even if he wanted to.

“Cum with me,” Johnny groans out. He works his hand faster on Taeyong’s weeping cock, and with one swipe to the sensitive tip has him spilling his load into Johnny’s fist and onto his shirt. Taeyong gets impossibly tight and it tips Johnny over the edge as he pushes his cock deep and cums inside.

There is a moment where they just laid there, basking in their post-orgasmic haze and catching their breaths. But a particular honk in the distance pulls them back to reality and Johnny suddenly remembers that they are still parked on the side of the road.

“Fuck,” Johnny mutters, carefully pulling his dick out of Taeyong’s hole. Taeyong grimaces at the feeling of cum sliding out of him and onto the floor and Johnny winces because this is not their car. This is a rental car and he needs to clean up their mess before it stains.

He quickly opens the storage compartment and pulls out a couple of tissues to catch any more cum that is leaking out of Taeyong. There is no use wiping his shirt, the sticky cum already settling into the fabric.

As he cleans Taeyong up, the idol hums delighted as he lays on top of Johnny, too fucked out to move. Taeyong looks up at him and says, “We should do that again.”

Johnny cocks an eyebrow as he bunches the dirty tissues in his hands and jamming it into the cup holder and mentally reminding himself to throw it out once they get home.

“Do what? Desecrate a rental car that I need to return at the end of the week?”

“No,” Taeyong scoffs. “Not my problem, by the way.”

Johnny rolls his eyes.

“I mean. Like. Sex.”

“Oh?” Not going to lie, Johnny’s a bit taken aback by his offer. Not that he doesn’t want to because he really wants to. But it’s risky, especially with the work relationship that they have and if any of their higher ups finds out, then none of them are safe and could possibly ruin Taeyong’s career. That’s not something Johnny wants to risk because as his manager, it is his job to protect him and this doesn’t seem like the best idea.

“I like have sex with you,” Taeyong starts. “You make me feel really good and I trust you won’t exploit me or some shit like that. I want to continue this, but only if you want to too.”

And despite all the risks, Johnny replies with, “Yeah, I want to,” because he knows that if he refuses, Taeyong will probably go off with another man and it makes Johnny’s stomach turn just at the thought of it. He wants Taeyong to himself, no matter how selfish it is.

Taeyong grins at his response and leans up to press a quick kiss to his lips before getting back up with a huff. “Great! I look forward to our future sexacapdes,” Taeyong beams, sticking a hand out for a handshake.

Johnny snorts, pushes him away and says, “Hurry up and get your ass back into the seat. We were supposed to be home 30 minutes ago.”

They tidied themselves up as much as possible, with Taeyong digging around butt-naked in the back for the clothes that he carelessly discarded earlier, before buckling up and pulling back onto the highway. Johnny is much less tense compared to before, probably because he got the energy fucked out of him.

“You’re still putting me to bed later like you promised, right?” Taeyong mentions a moment later.

Johnny looks over at Taeyong, the lights flashing across his face as they drive down the highway and his stomach flutters just slightly. “Of course, that’s my job.”