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Computer Programming

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Christopher opened a new tab on the computer and typed in “Programming course”.

“What is this programming? Is it some kind of hypnosis?” asked Dirk.

“Hi Dirk, didn’t see you there. When did you come in?”

“Recently. If you are looking for hypnosis it’s not very powerful. Apparently in order for it to work the victim has to want it to work,” Dirk peered over Christopher’s shoulder.

“Nah, I’m looking for a computer programming course so that I can make a video game.” Christopher scrolled along the search results.

“Ah, so one with this programming can make videogames? I wish to acquire it.”

“Programming can make video games yeah. Although it would take a long time to learn. I’m going to try for a bit and then let you have a go okay?”

“Sure, Ill be in my bedroom.”

A few days later.

“So Christopher, how would you like to have infinite amounts of money?”

“Did you learn to hack?”