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It was T.C. 4767.

What a hell of a year that was, in such a short time-span the world around us had changed dramatically.


The world as we knew it had descend so quickly into disarray, many people were killed alongside many- many battleships.

So many lives were lost back then.

Even I couldn't stop the events that were unfolding at the time.

No one could.

None of us could.


It wasn't just the present shit I couldn't escape from, the past somehow caught up with me as well.

I stopped the link, I killed almost all of my comrades.

But- am I really a coward that he says I am... even though I admitted my mistakes?

Am I really that much of an monster?




Maybe, just maybe I'm afraid.

After all this time, to stand up and speak out for what's purely the truth-


Can I really take it, can I handle what people will end up saying knowing the burden that I hide?


Well, there's only one way of finding out.

Thus Spoke Eternity Pt.2 - Exoneration