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A Bold Request

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Lena sighs softly, allowing her head to drop down to Kara’s shoulder as her legs stretch out across Andrea’s lap. She nibbles on the inside of her cheek, her thoughts jumbled and slamming into each other inside her head. She shifts, jostling the others on the couch as she forces herself to watch the movie Kara had pulled up on Netflix.

Her legs are gently lifted when Andrea’s phone vibrates, Andrea excusing herself and murmuring to Kara that there’s no need to pause the movie. Lena pulls a face as she watches her leave the room, missing the warm weight beneath her and struggling to find another comfortable position. She smiles when Kara hugs her close, a soft kiss being left on her jawline.

“Yeah, just give me three seconds to find a computer. I left mine at work,” she hears Andrea say as she steps back into the living room. Andrea’s eyes dart around the room for a few seconds before her gaze lands on Lena’s laptop, and she quickly sets it up on the breakfast bar as Lena’s heart attempts to escape her body via her ass.

“Wait, no,” Lena wriggles, attempting to escape the warm arms around her, but she’s too late. The screen illuminates Andrea’s shocked face, and Lena swallows dryly as she watches perfect brows quirk upwards. Andrea gazes across at her with a small smile playing on her lips before she remembers what she’s supposed to be doing.

“Sorry, yeah, I’m still here.” Andrea returns to the call with a smirk, the only thing giving her away as her fingers tap on the keyboard. Lena escapes to the bathroom on shaky legs, slamming and locking the door behind her.

She stares into the mirror, her hands braced on the sink as she realizes, with horror, that Andrea knows exactly what she was getting up to last night. Lena sucks in a deep breath and slowly blows it out, easily spotting the blush that rises up from her chest as she stares at her reflection. 

Wide eyes gaze back at her and if Lena didn’t know any better she would be convinced that she’s being judged. Lena runs the faucet and scoops cold water into her hands, splashing it on her face in a weak attempt to cool herself down. Her heart pounds, terrified that she’s upset Andrea, but an annoying throb settles between her legs as she imagines the cocked brow that’s waiting for her in the other room.

“Lena?” She startles when she hears Kara’s voice, knuckles gently rapping on the bathroom door. “Are you okay? You kinda ran out of there like someone was chasing you.” Lena winces at the concern in Kara’s voice, feeling a little guilty about worrying her over something as simple as porn.

“I’m fine,” Lena calls back. “I’ll be right out, just go watch the movie.” She listens to the creaking floorboards as Kara heads back to the living room, cursing herself for causing an unnecessary scene. It’s not even that big of a deal, right? It’s not like none of them haven’t watched porn before. Sure, her choice was a little more…. adventurous than what they'd usually watch together, but they’re not going to judge her.

Lena sighs and towels her face dry, rolling her eyes at her own antics as she steps out of the bathroom. Andrea and Kara are waiting for her on the couch, the former wearing a shit-eating grin whilst the latter simply looks confused and a little concerned. They part like the red sea as Lena approaches them, leaving a space for her to sit down between them.

“I feel like I’m missing something,” Kara states, turning to lean her elbow on the back of the couch as Lena sits down. “Was there something on your laptop? ‘Cause you freaked out as soon as Andrea — Oh. ” Kara grins, her eyes twinkling, “someone’s been up to no good, huh?” She wiggles her eyebrows and gazes across at Andrea’s salacious smirk.

“What exactly has dear Lena been watching to entertain ourselves whilst we’re gone?” Lena swallows, her clammy hands clasped together as Kara strokes her hair. Short nails travel to the nape of her girl, lightly scratching as blue eyes remain fixed on Andrea.

“Perhaps you should take a look,” Andrea says, “that is, if Lena is willing to share it with us.” Andrea carefully studies the squirming one between them, one brow tilting upwards when Lena finally meets her gaze, a surreptitious nod giving her the go-ahead. “I think she’ll surprise you, Kara. It seems Lena has been holding out on us.”

Andrea grins to herself and reaches behind the couch cushion, producing Lena’s laptop with an exaggerated flourish.

“Be a sweet girl and hold this, will you?” Andrea winks as she places the computer on Lena’s knees, reaching across her to unlock the screen and tilt it backwards. “Let’s make sure Kara gets a good look at last night's viewing, hmm?” Lena squeezes her eyes closed, listening as loud moans and cries reverberate around their living room.

“Oh no,” Andrea murmurs, one finger tipping Lena’s chin upwards, “I think you need to watch this, too.” Emerald eyes slip open, Lena barely resisting the urge to squirm as she stares at the screen. “This is what you like to watch when no-one is home to take care of your needs, huh?” Andrea’s smirk widens and she rests her hand on Lena’s thigh, fingertips mere inches from her covered cunt.

They watch in silence as a naked woman is drawn across another woman’s lap, her cunt and ass being tenderly explored by wandering fingers. Lena’s cheeks flame with her embarrassment, her breathing shallow as she watches — tentatively waiting for Kara to see the part that Andrea has already stumbled across.

Andrea chuckles as the spanking begins, Kara turning several shades of pink before her handsome features settle on cherry red. The woman scolds as she spanks, and Andrea is more than aware of the other two squirming in their seats. Lena even goes as far as to tightly grasp the couch cushions, knuckles straining white.

It’s not until the spanker stops, though, that a whimper escapes Lena’s lips, emerald orbs all but hidden by blown pupils. She stares as the crying young woman’s cheeks are pulled apart to reveal her most secret place. Lena desperately wants to look away as a small plug is produced, but the connection between brain and eyes seems to fizzle apart — her unblinking stare intently focused on the screen.

“I’m — I’m kinda into it,” Kara admits, bashful, blushing. Her pupils are dilated, her breath hitching as she leans closer to the screen. “I’ve never… I guess I never really thought about it, but yeah…” she trails off, her flushed cheeks redder than Lena has ever seen them. She glances at Andrea, not missing the way she shifts in her seat, thighs surreptitiously rubbing together.

Lena's own cunt throbs, her underwear damp and clinging to her folds. It’d been a fantasy, a delicious little secret for when she was alone with her vibrator after a long day at work, and the mere thought of acting it out sends a trickle of excitement down her spine.

“And you want us to do that?” Kara asks, eyes darting between the two women. “Or you want —”

“Definitely you doing it to me,” Lena cuts her off, feeling the apex between her thighs growing warmer and stickier with each passing moment. “I mean, if you wanted to. I just — yeah…” Lena trails off, her mouth dryer than the Sahara and her pulse all but vibrating in her ears.

“You’ve thought about this a lot, hmm?” Andrea squeezes her thigh, fingers slowly inching upwards until she’s cupping Lena’s mound. “I wonder… does our secretly kinky girl have any toys that we don’t know about?” 

Lena’s furious blush and the way her teeth capture her bottom lip tells Andrea all she needs to know. The spanking continues on screen, but neither of them pay attention to it, two sets of hungry eyes watching Lena’s every reaction.

“Where?” The husky, simple demand zips straight to Lena’s clit, her underwear ruined for sure as she stares back at her. “In your underwear drawer, perhaps? Your closet? Tell me where they are, pretty girl, and maybe you’ll like what happens next.” Andrea pushes the laptop aside and climbs onto Lena’s lap, straddling her and pinning the blushing one in place.

“Are you too embarrassed to tell me, darling?” Full lips trail along Lena’s sharp jaw, teeth lightly nipping at the sensitive skin as Andrea slips her hands between them. She firmly grasps Lena’s cunt through her clothes, grinding down on Lena’s thigh. “Did you imagine it was you? Was it your ass being spanked raw with a cute little toy buried between your cheeks?”

“Yes.” It slips from trembling lips, a whisper wrapped in a quivering whimper. Her cunt pounds from the pressure, left unsatisfied by the barrier of clothes between them both. She can feel Kara watching them, staring at them, and can hear every labored breath. “There’s — there’s a box in my closet,” Lena chokes out, hips bucking forward as Andrea’s grip tightens.

“There now, was that so hard?” Andrea hops from her lap with a self satisfied smirk. “If you don’t want me to get them, just say the word.” She bends down to tenderly kiss Lena’s forehead, “say the word and we’ll say no more about it.” Lena gazes up at her, eyes wide and her tongue darting out to wet her lips.

“It’s at the very back,” Lena murmurs.

“Good girl.” Andrea beams down at her with darkened eyes filled with want, “why don’t you get undressed and put yourself across Kara’s lap. I’m sure the Girl of Steel can satisfy your needs.” She saunters from the room as though heading off to do some laundry, or something else as equally mundane, and leaves the two squirming ones alone.

“So….” Lena sucks in air between her teeth, awkwardly glancing between Kara and the floor. Kara takes pity on her and pats her lap encouragingly with a warm smile.

“I’m certainly no expert, but I don’t think I can spank your butt if you’re sitting on it,” she teases, watching as Lena’s blush somehow deepens. “If you want, you can just lay across my lap for now. Maybe we can just ease you into it,” Kara shrugs. Lena nods, her bottom lip trapped firmly between her teeth as she forces herself to her feet.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Lena asks. “It’s okay if you don’t, I won’t hold it against you.”

“I’d like to at least try .” Blue eyes widen when Lena abruptly drags her leggings and underwear down to her knees in one fell swoop, the CEO unable to even look at Kara as she haphazardly dumps herself across Kara’s knees. “Well, so much for easing you into it.” She grins down at her and rubs Lena’s bottom, fingertips lightly kneading and pinching the soft flesh.

“If I can’t do it now, then I never will,” Lena mumbles, resting her cheek on her folded arms. "I think I'd hate myself if I didn't grab the opportunity." 

Kara nods, she can understand that, and there's no way she isn't going to try it now.

“Okay, so, I haven’t done this before. I’m gonna start off light and let you tell me if you need more or not, okay?” Kara continues to rub Lena’s bottom, her enhanced senses easily picking up the heady scent of Lena’s arousal. “Just boss me around as much as you like — I don’t want it to hurt more than you want it to.”

“I — I can do that,” Lena nods. She wriggles a little to get more comfortable, gulping down a deep breath in a weak attempt to relax.

The first spank is barely a tap, as though Kara is trying to get her attention instead of actually spanking her. 

“Definitely more than that,” Lena chuckles, some of the embarrassment slipping from her tense shoulders. The second one stings, deliciously so, and it wipes the amused smile from Lena’s lips. “Yep, like that,” she huffs.

Kara quickly finds a rhythm, watching Lena like a hawk as her bottom blushes pink beneath her steel hand. Her eyes flick back and forth, determined to ensure both ends of the precious one are doing okay. 

The video plays in the background, the cacophony of spanks, cries and whimpers settling against Kara’s clit. The noise would be annoying — too much — if she weren’t so damn turned on.

“Harder,” Lena suddenly whispers, her embarrassment only serving to deepen the throb in her cunt. “Do it harder please.” Her eyes screw shut, mortified by the words that are somehow being said in her own voice.

“Yeah, Kara, make sure she feels it,” Andrea announces her return. She carries the small box towards them with a raised brow, “Lena’s definitely been holding out on us. Naughty little thing.” Andrea clicks her tongue and rests the small box on the coffee table.

"What do you me — oh." Kara's eyes widen as Andrea produces a bottle of lube and a plug. It's small, and actually pretty cute. A shade of deep purple and somewhat T shaped, different than any others Kara has seen online before. The tip is about as thick as her finger and the flare only an inch or so wider — perfect for beginners, she assumes. 

“It’s adorable, right? Perfect for a sweet little tushy,” Andrea grins, drawing a disgruntled whine from the embarrassed creature across Kara’s lap. “Oh, and this too,” she adds, producing a tiny, bullet shaped vibrator. "Although, there are several vibrators in the bedroom so I don't know why the troublemaker had to buy this one." She peers down at Lena, watching as her pink bottom wiggles impatiently.

“It’s for holding against the base,” Lena murmurs, wincing as the spanking suddenly resumes. “I didn’t want to use a vibrating plug in case I couldn’t get it to turn off,” she admits through gritted teeth, heat slowly building in her bottom.

“Hmm, well I guess you could always try one now that we’re in on your little secret.” Andrea perches on the edge of the table, casually perusing the small stash of toys that Lena has been hiding from them. “So that’s where the wooden spoon went,” she chuckles. Kara pauses the spanking, allowing her fingers to drift between Lena’s legs as she gazes at Andrea, bemused.

“Baby, why didn’t you just talk to us about it?” Kara asks, “was spanking yourself really that much fun?” Lena huffs, squirming as one finger inches inside her cunt.

“No, but I didn’t know what else to do. It’s embarrassing , and I was scared you’d say no.” Andrea shares an endeared glance with Kara before kneeling down beside Lena’s head, her fingers tenderly stroking through her hair.

“If we’re going to do this, then you have to promise that you’ll talk to us the whole time,” she murmurs. “I want to hear if you’re enjoying it, or hating it, or if it’s not quite what you imagined.” Andrea’s gaze shifts to the laptop lying abandoned on the other end of the couch, watching as the young woman is demeaned and scolded. “You’re in charge here, Lena.”

“I’d like the plug please.” The request is quiet, timid, forced out through a haze of nervous humiliation.

“Good girl,” Andrea smiles, dropping a kiss to her forehead. “You just stay where you are and we’ll take good care of you, but I’ll stop if you don’t communicate with me.” She remains on her knees and scoots closer to Lena’s ass, glancing up at Kara. “Can you pull her cheeks apart please? Just hold them open so I can see what I’m doing.” There’s another embarrassed whine from Lena, but a soft pat to her behind quietens her down.

Kara’s hands are gentle, tender, as she carefully prises the pink cheeks apart to reveal Lena’s puckered hole. It twitches, Lena clenching and unclenching beneath the scrutiny, the secret keeper squeaking when Andrea reaches out to trace it with the tip of her finger. Her cunt, too, clenches — gaping and dripping as her bottom is fondled.

Andrea’s brows knit together as she uncaps the lube, squirting a thick glob straight onto Lena’s hole. It drags another squeak from Lena as she buries her face within her arms, pushing her bottom outwards in a silent request for them to continue.

Lena feels one long finger massage the lube into her bottom, the very tip briefly dipping inside the tight ring as she gasps and squirms. Her heart pounds wildly and her cunt leaks, exposed and vulnerable as Kara firmly holds her open.

The tip of the silicone rests against her bottom hole, slick with lube and smaller than she remembers it. Perhaps it's easier to have someone else insert it, she thinks, less stretching and bending to find the right angle.

"Are you okay, Lena? You want to keep going?" Kara gives her cheeks a reassuring squeeze, the plug poised at the entrance until Lena chokes out a desperate plea for them to continue.

It pushes inwards, stretching her fluttering hole just enough for her to feel it. Lena takes a deep breath, reminding herself to relax as she thinks back to the first time she pushed it inside herself. She remembers the mild panic, how the intrusion had confused her, convinced her she had to use the bathroom.

Her body had fought against it, attempting to push the plug back out until she had relaxed, gentle pressure easing the flare insider her whilst her bottom fluttered and pulsed around it 

This time feels nicer, pleasurable enough to make her clit tingle. Andrea is gentle, perhaps scared of hurting her, taking her time as she inches the flare into Lena's bottom. Lena gasps as her bottom sucks it inwards, the T handle flush with the crease between her cheeks.

"Oh Rao."

"I couldn't have said it better myself," Andrea breathes out, her voice deep and crackly. "Look at our pretty girl." Lena melts beneath the blanket of praise, proudly wiggling her butt. "I'm definitely glad we tried this. Lemme just get the box out the way." Andrea hastily scrambles to her feet, but is stopped by Lena's hand wrapping around her wrist.


Andrea gazes down at the wide eyed troublemaker, bemused as Lena flushes bright red and stumbles over the words that can't quite escape the tip of her tongue.

"What is it, pretty girl? Are you okay?" Andrea waits, and waits, but no response comes. "If you need something, you can just ask me, Lena. We're not leaving you like this, I promise." Andrea kneels down again, "tell me what it is, baby? Do you need to come?"

"No, I —" Lena looks away, sucking her lips inwards, unable to voice the thoughts that bustle around in her mind.

"Well, I made myself pretty clear, baby. I'm not going any further if you can't communicate." Andrea stands and heads towards the hall, only making it halfway before Lena tumbles from Kara's lap.

"Wait!" She stands there, bare from the waist down, an almost ridiculous sight as she reaches back to rub her bottom. "I'd like the same as the video," Lena mumbles, the words forced around a sudden lump in her throat.

"Which part?"

"Just, you know…" Lena trails off, pouting as she glances back at Kara, hoping for some help.

No such luck.

“I’m not doing anything until you use your words, Lena.” Andrea stands firm, her hands on her hips as Kara silently watches it unfold. “We agreed that you’d talk to us throughout this, and I don’t want you to get hurt just because I’ve misconstrued something.” Lena recognizes the tone usually saved for the middle of Catco’s bullpen, stern and unyielding — stubborn.

“Ask me for what you want, and we can go from there,” Andrea continues. “You might find that I’m amenable to your request, but you have to make it first.” Her eyes shine with badly concealed amusement, and Kara struggles to hide her grin as she watches Lena flounder. Andrea’s enjoying herself, it seems.

“You’re mean,” Lena grumbles, emerald eyes darting towards Kara before settling on Andrea again.

“Isn’t that exactly what you want?” Andrea cocks her head, playing dumb in a way that has served her well in the past. “You want me to scold you, to demean you, to make you feel small and dirty — well, ask me .” Andrea steps closer, a fierce fire burning in her eyes even as a wry smirk tugs on her lips.

“It’s — I just want the same as the video,” Lena murmurs, a whine creeping into her tone. Andrea raises a brow, her smirk blossoming into a full blown smile as she turns to Kara.

“Are you seeing this, Kara? Little Miss Lena is standing here, ass spanked pink and adorably stuffed full, and yet she still has the nerve to disobey.” Andrea sighs, tsking as she glances back towards their troublemaker. “Perhaps you and I should just take this to the bedroom and leave her to suffer out here alone,” Andrea suggests.

“I mean, if she doesn’t want to be a good girl then I’m not sure what else we can do,” Kara shrugs. She leans forward, as though ready to stand, when Lena suddenly lets out a disgruntled whine.

“Oh my God, fine .” Lena sucks in a deep breath, chest and face flushed almost as pink as her ass. “I want more than a spanking,” she blurts out. “I — I would like you to be mean to me. I want you to take control and tease me, and make me cry, and only let me come if you think I deserve to.” It seems to flow out of her in one humiliated breath, her chest heaving with a relieved sigh.

“Okay. Get on your knees.” Lena blinks, swallowing thickly, surprised by the easy agreement. “Did I stutter, darling?” Andrea asks, her tone dipped in dangerously saccharine sarcasm. A perfect brow lifts, “have you changed your mind?” Andrea narrows her eyes, a slow smile stretching her lips when Lena shakes her head.

“Then get on your fucking knees before I put you there myself.” Kara’s brows almost fly off the top of her head at the tone of Andrea’s voice, normally so soft and loving with their girlfriend, and she watches as Andrea descends on Lena like a sudden storm, thundering and intense. She holds her breath, her thighs twitching with the urge to rub together as the throbbing between them intensifies.

Kara swallows thickly, blue eyes widening as Lena drops to her knees seconds before Andrea can reach her. She sinks further into the couch cushions, her heart and breath caught in her throat and her eyes never leaving the scene in front of her.

“This is what you wanted, isn’t it?” Andrea reaches out, her touch almost harsh as she grips Lena’s chin between her thumb and forefinger. “You wanted to push my buttons until I gave you what you wanted, hmm? Too embarrassed to say all those dirty thoughts out loud.” Andrea clicks her tongue, glancing back at Kara with a sly smirk.

“Yes, Ma’am.” It slips from Lena’s lips in a whisper, strangled by her arousal. Andrea grins, her eyes gleaming with cruel amusement as she slips into her new role with surprising ease.

“Luckily for you, I'm in a good mood and I’m going to give you everything you want,” Andrea murmurs, her hand leaving Lena’s chin in favor of gripping her hair. She tugs, forcing Lena’s head upwards as she sneers down at her. 

"Although, you may live to regret it, little girl, because this is going to be the longest night of your life."

---- ---- ----

“You look so pretty on your knees, Lena.” Andrea’s tone is surprisingly soft, her touch gentle as long fingers stroke a trembling chin. “We need to pick a word, hmm? An emergency stop button, just in case. I don’t want to go further than you want me to, pretty girl.” Kara slowly stands, her gaze locked on the woman kneeling down to chastely kiss the top of Lena’s head.

“Red, maybe?” Lena peers up through her eyelashes, emerald eyes wide and darkened, her bottom lip firmly trapped between perfect teeth. “On the websites, they— they use red sometimes, but I don’t want to reach that point.” She’s suddenly nervous, as though worried that she’s asking for too much— that she’s giving them too many rules to follow.

“Good, because I don’t want to reach that stage either.” Andrea tilts her chin upwards with two long fingers, her gaze briefly softening. “This is all about you, honey, you’re the one who’s really in charge. I don’t want you to be scared about telling me if something isn’t to your liking. This won’t work if you can’t use your words.”

“I’ll use them, I promise.” Pretty green eyes dart between her girlfriends, her throat bobbing with a swallow that Kara is convinced is painful— dry. It seems to be enough for Andrea, and Kara’s stomach performs a full gymnastics routine as Lena is pulled to her feet with a firm hand around her wrist.

Kara’s chest feels tight, her lungs burning, as she watches Andrea urge Lena towards their bedroom. The role, that she seems to have slipped into so easily, is frighteningly suited to sharp features, Andrea clearly enjoying the control that has been handed to her. 

As she lingers behind them, her hands clasped together in front of her to stop the urge to wring her fingers together, Kara feels her pulse quicken. Her eyes never leave the women in front of her, but her legs refuse to take her closer— knotted nerves settling deep in the pit of her stomach.

Andrea’s touch is contradictive, gentle, as she eases Lena across the edge of the bed. Her hips rest on top of two pillows, pushing her bottom high in the air and allowing her glistening cunt to peek out from between spread thighs. Kara blows out a shaky breath, her gaze fixed on the purple base that hides Lena’s bottom hole from view, swallowing whenever pinkened cheeks clench around it.

She barely recognizes this Lena, one who so easily submits and hands over the reins. Lena, who is so in control in every other aspect of her life, seems relieved, comfortable, to just give in to her desires and hand herself over to them. Kara can barely believe the way Lena relaxes and leans into Andrea’s hands, her legs falling further open as the plug is gently tugged.

“She’s so pretty like this,” Andrea murmurs. She glances towards Kara, “don’t you think? So needy and compliant, a whimpering little thing that’s just begging to be taken apart.”

Kara is jealous of how easily Andrea seems to slip into her role. Lena had always told her that, in college, Andrea was a little…. bossy. A woman on a mission in the bedroom, an untameable force, a tornado that whips through and leaves destruction in her wake in the best possible way, but Kara? She’s entirely new to this.

Sex was always gentle, a way to show her love when her words were just not enough. The thought of hurting Lena, or even Andrea, makes her stomach feel weird, like a flock of small birds have taken up residence in her gut. Even with their permission it would take a lot to get used to, as though using her superior strength would somehow be a disadvantage for once.

Her stomach flips when Lena cries out, bottom cheeks jiggling In a silly attempt to shake the pain away, and Kara feels her chest tighten further. She stares as the plug is pulled halfway from Lena’s bottom, her hole fluttering around the flared part as Andrea holds it there for a long moment. The gargled moan reaches her ears, but it’s hazy— as though blocked by a thick curtain.

It’s too much. It’s too fast. A playful little scene, a careful toe dipped into shallow waters, blurs into something else entirely, the water suddenly choppy and threatening to wash her out to sea.

“Red.” It tumbles from her mouth before Kara can stop it, not that she tries to, but the whisper doesn’t break through the slaps and cries, disappearing into the atmosphere as Kara fights to pull much needed air into her lungs. “Red!”

Andrea is suddenly on her feet, the stern facade gone in an instant. She cradles Kara’s face, her eyes wide as they stare deeply into panicked blue. 

“You’re okay, honey, just breathe.” Andrea’s thumbs stroke soft skin, her throat bobbing with a tense swallow. “In and out, baby, just copy me.”

Lena joins them, unsure and unsteady on her feet, a grimace decorating her pretty features which each step forward. Andrea’s arm wraps around her waist, one hand still warm and solid against Kara’s jaw, and Lena sinks against them with her chin resting on Kara’s shoulder. Emerald eyes are wide, terrified, guilty, Lena holding herself personally responsible for Kara’s upset.

“I’m sorry,” Kara murmurs. “It was just… a lot. I just need a minute.”

“Don’t apologize, you have nothing to be sorry for. Take as much time as you need.” Andrea leans forward, soft lips brushing Kara’s brow. “We can stop if this is too much. We agreed that we’d only go ahead if all of us were comfortable.” The arm around Lena’s waist squeezes gently, a silent reassurance that Lena is not to blame— that there’s no blame in the equation at all.

“We’re going to sit down and have a little chat,” Andrea murmurs. She glances towards Lena, “go cover yourself up, baby.”

“I— I don’t want to stop,” Kara shakes her head, “I just need a minute. Maybe two.” Kara instantly misses the warmth of Lena’s body as she moves to grab her robe, covering herself and watching Kara warily. “I just needed a break.”

“That’s okay.” Andrea places a reassuring hand at the base of her spine, gently urging her towards the bed. “We’re still going to talk about it, and make sure everyone is on the same page.” Her touch grows firmer. Not harsh, just an added pressure that encourages Kara’s legs to do as they are told and move forward, almost buckling beneath her own weight as she is propelled towards the bed.

Andrea and Lena sandwich Kara between them, both taking a clammy hand into their own and Lena allowing her head to drop back down to Kara’s shoulder. None of them speak for a long moment, Andrea silently taking charge as she lightly trails her nails through the baby hairs at the nape of Kara’s neck— a tried and tested method of calming her down.

Kara zones out for a second, focused only on breathing until she feels Lena squirming beside her, uncomfortable on a reddened bottom. She blinks, her cheeks puffing outwards as she sighs.

“Too fast,” Kara finally mumbles. “I felt like I couldn’t keep up, like it was happening on fast forward or something.” Kara pulls a face, her nose scrunching as she glances at both of them in turn. “I’d like to do this with you, but I don’t think I can go further than the little spanking I gave you, Lena. Not even consensually. It— it freaks me out,” she admits.

“That’s okay.” Lena kisses her shoulder, “I don’t want you doing anything you’re not comfortable with. I’m sorry that we rushed ahead. I guess,” she glances at Andrea, “I guess we got a little too caught up in the moment.”

“Yeah,” Andrea nods. “That won’t happen again, honey, I promise.” Andrea reaches out and uses two fingers to carefully tilt Kara’s chin towards her, “thank you for safewording, but I’m sorry I pushed you to that point.” Andrea sighs, “perhaps I need to do some research if there’s going to be a next time— educate myself on being the one to take charge.”

Andrea frowns, another sigh puffing her cheeks as she moves to kneel in front of Kara, her hands resting on warm knees.

“What do you need, honey? You name it and I’ll move the Earth on its damn axis to give it to you.” Andrea gazes up at her, features soft— concerned, and Kara doesn’t question the sincerity for a second. “If you want to stop completely, just say the word and I’ll make sure my two girls get all the sugar, water, and attention in the world that you both need. No questions asked.”

“I— I’d like to try again,” Kara murmurs, nibbling her bottom lip. “But, maybe less involved— less in charge.” She blushes as Andrea studies her for a long, drawn out moment, her eyes boring deep into hers, as though ensuring that Kara is being entirely honest with her. “I’ll let you know if I feel uncomfortable again, I promise. I just needed to slow things down enough to think it through.”

“Alright.” Andrea nods, glancing behind them towards the pillows as a small smile quirks her lips upwards. “I think I have an idea, but you need to keep using your words.”

“I can do that,” Kara reassures her, letting her head rest against Lena’s for a short moment. Andrea kisses her cheek, her lips lingering for a few seconds longer than necessary and her nose nuzzling against Kara’s.

“When you’re ready, take your clothes off and lie against the pillows,” Andrea murmurs against her skin. “I’m going to make sure you’re well taken care of, baby.” Kara follows Andrea with timid eyes as she stands and makes her way to the walk-in closet, listening as she roots around amongst the rails and shelves.

Lena is still watching her when she turns her head, emerald eyes wide and wary, her lower lip at risk of being chewed completely raw. Kara smiles, her thumb blocking perfect teeth from their nervous assault as her lips brush against a furrowed brow.

“I’m okay— I promise. You have done nothing wrong, sweetheart.” Kara rests their foreheads together, taking a moment to just drink Lena in, allowing her tender touch to silently reiterate her words.

“You’re sure? Don’t feel like you have to do this for me—” She’s silenced by Kara’s lips against hers, the kiss deep and slow, tender and filled with a silent promise. “Okay,” Lena murmurs. “I believe you.”

Kara grins, pushing herself to her feet with a groan that is born of habit— of years of pretending to be human. She makes a show of removing her clothes, feeling Andrea’s eyes on her from somewhere behind as she slowly reveals each inch of sunkissed, toned flesh. 

Lena stares , remaining rooted to the spot even as Kara gracefully climbs onto the bed and settles against the pillows.

Kara watches with bated breath as Andrea steps into the harness usually saved for special occasions and gently tugs Lena to her feet. Her enhanced hearing easily picks up the murmured conversation— Andrea checking in with Lena and passing on instructions that make Kara’s clit twitch. 

Andrea’s features are serious, firm, and she doesn’t continue until consent is murmured from quivering lips.

“Green is good, yellow is slow down, and red is stop,” Andrea states, her hands on her hips as she stares both women down. She turns to sternly watch Lena, “and pink is your behind for the rest of the week if you don’t do as I ask.”

Lena’s eyes briefly widen, a firm pat to her tender bottom sending her scrambling to the bed. She crawls upwards, slyly peering up at Kara as she settles between her legs. Her breath is warm on sensitive skin, a smirk tugging at the troublemaker’s lips when Kara shivers.

Kara’s head sinks further into the pillows, the feather-like touches between her thighs causing her fingers to curl inwards, trapping the sheets in a steel grip. Soft kisses and tender nuzzles slowly move upwards, warm hands pushing trembling legs further apart as Lena leaves an open mouth kiss on swollen folds.

She groans, deep and guttural, when Lena’s tongue licks a broad stripe from entrance to clit, watching through hooded lids as Andrea settles into place behind their troublemaker, seven inches of black silicone protruding from her hips. Kara feels Lena shiver against her, a stuttering whimper leaving a trail of goosebumps down her spine.

Lena pauses, her cheek resting on Kara’s inner thigh as the strap pokes against her drooling entrance, her cunt clenching when her bottom is firmly smacked— stinging encouragement to continue with her goal.

Kara feels her toes curl when Lena moans against her clit, her gaze flicking upwards to watch Andrea’s hand disappear between Lena’s cheeks, the bullet vibrator held firmly against the base of the plug. Another sharp spank has the stalled tongue darting outwards again, the tip lashing at Kara’s swollen clit as one longer finger presses inside.

“You don’t get to come until Kara is satisfied,” Andrea reminds the brat between them, inching her strap inside Lena’s cunt, one hand still teasingly tapping the plug with the bullet. “Who knew you were such a dirty girl,” she muses, grinning across at Kara. “You doing okay there, honey?”

“Ye—yeah.” Kara sucks in a deep breath, her back arching as Lena’s lips close around her clit, a gentle suck all but encouraging her soul to leave her body. “Green,” she adds, not missing Andrea’s expectant expression.

“Good girl.”

The shiver that runs down her spine at those two little words is almost alarming, her body reacting in a way like never before. The praise, so warm and genuine, makes her feel like she’s floating amongst the clouds, her heart light and her head fuzzy. Even as her body stiffens, her release coating Lena’s chin, Kara can’t stop hearing those words playing on a loop inside her mind.

The tongue buried within her folds doesn’t let up, suckling, flicking, filthy open mouth kisses that draws a stream of warm liquid from her cunt— Lena makes sure to steal every ounce of pleasure from her tired body until Kara reaches out to stop her. Her hand finds sweat-slicked hair, her fingers tugging just enough for Lena to feel it.

“She’s had enough, troublemaker.” Andrea punctuates her soft scold with a sudden thrust forward, filling Lena to the brim in one fluid motion. Lena gasps, her breath hot and damp against Kara’s stomach as she is jolted forward, Kara unable to do more than pet her hair as Andrea drives into her again. 

Lena pants against her, full lips dropping open against toned abs, Lena’s voice all but stolen from her throat. Kara tightens her grip on dark hair, easing Lena’s head upwards as she stares deep into hooded emerald eyes. There’s something about meeting her gaze, as her body is fucked against her, that paralyzes Kara in a way that she doesn’t entirely mind.

Every quiver of Lena’s upper lip, every scrunch of her brow, every breathy gasp from her slackened jaw— a work of art that should be hung in the Louvre for everyone to see. 

Kara shifts just a little, her head tilting to get a better view, her core pounding at the thick ropes of arousal that drip from Lena’s cunt, each thrust producing an obscene squelch and a shuddering gasp. 

Lena comes loudly and messily, soaking the sheets beneath them as she buries her face in Kara’s hips, fingers curling and leaving crescent moon indents in the soft flesh of her thigh. It’s beautiful, she thinks, an honor to see someone truly let go and witness the rewards— Lena’s mewls and whimpers ingrained in her mind.

Andrea still thrusts into her, gentler now, her own breath growing ragged as the insert drives her closer to the edge. She holds Kara’s gaze, her bottom lip folding inwards as her whimpers grow higher, breathier, exhausted pants causing her toned stomach to heave.

By the time she flops forward, her strap still nestled inside Lena, there’s a thin layer of sweat shining on her pretty features. Dark hair, usually immaculate, sticks to her forehead, and the remains of her mascara is smudged on her cheeks. It seems to take all of her efforts to slide out from Lena’s cunt, her fingers shaking and taking a couple of attempts to unfasten the strap.

It falls to the floor with a muted thump, Andrea resting her head on Kara’s other hip and curling her body around an exhausted Lena. She stares up at Kara in silent question, her brows slightly furrowed and her gaze suddenly wary— terrified that Kara had been unable to voice any lingering uncomfortable feelings.

“It’s okay, I promise you it’s okay,” Kara murmurs, reaching down to smooth Andrea’s head away from her face. “I like it when you’re bossy,” she teases. Andrea grins, rolling her eyes as she pulls Lena closer.

“Well, I guess it’s a good thing our troublemaker forgot to close her tab after getting herself off.”

Lena blushes furiously, but a small smirk still graces her lips. She seems content, happy, relieved almost that one of her girlfriends stumbled across her secret porn— perhaps contemplating allowing herself to be caught again in future.

“I know exactly what that little grin means, brat.” Andrea pokes Lena in the side, eliciting a disgruntled squeak that has the troublemaker attempting to escape. “Oh, I don’t think so. You’re stuck with us, I’m afraid.” Lena sighs, chuckling lightly as she wiggles around to get more comfortable, green eyes filled with trouble as she glances between both of her girlfriends.

“I have more videos I can show you.”