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been missing you, daddy <3

come home soon <3

here's a little picture for encouragement <3

jesus fuck.

johnny groaned silently in his office as he opened his messages from his sweet angel, taeyong.

taeyong was johnny's young lover, emphasis on young. johnny was roughly twenty-eight and working as a chief of editing for a popular teen magazine here in korea. originally, johnny was working in chicago, apart of the editing department of a sports magazine until his boss told him he had a promotion for the young man but it would be across the ocean and for a completely different type of magazine.

the latter didn't mind it since the job literally paid twice than his current paycheck and that editing was editing. he didn't care for what magazine truthfully. in less than a month, the young chicago local moved to seoul, korea and started his new life.

but it was quite difficult to get used to.

the elder man couldn't control a proper social life due to the piles of work that the editing department refused to do. that caused the elder to whip them into shape and re-organize the entire department. 

the poor man wasted almost two months of living in seoul just on his job. so there johnny was, at some random bar near his apartment, drinking a cold beer at the stool. he sighed heavily at another long work day. he knows it's going to be better soon but jesus, this was getting far too tiring.

"you okay there, big guy?"

johnny peeked his head up and side-eye the voice coming from his left. the elder saw a quite younger man leaning against the bar, his elbows on the dark wood for him to be in a comfortable position for the latter and flashed small smile, "you look like you just fought the war or something," the younger giggled, revealing a bigger smile, pretty white teeth flashing johnny's eyes.

"mm, long day at work," johnny answered his question, picking his head of of his hand, letting it rest on the bar as his eyes continued to look at the latter, "how about you?"

"just finished my final exams," the younger shrugged, "now i'm waiting to see if i'm gonna graduate or not,"

johnny instantly took note of the two's age gap, something that was going to stop johnny from dating the younger.


four beers in and many, many sloppy kisses later. the two ended up going on a few dates before johnny confirming their relationship together. it's been almost a year since that unforgettable day and johnny was more than thankful from that day.

or well, he was.

because now here he was, staring at a racy photo of taeyong in a lacy black lingerie bodysuit. the pretty lace covered over his pink little nipples and cupped his cute cunt perfectly. taeyong always took his photos at the lower angel, right at the corner of the bed as he spread his legs and made johnny get a perfect shot of his cunt peaking through the lingerie with the nice underboob shot of his tits.

his breath hitched in his throat as he stared at the photo--something you think johnny would be used to but oh did taeyong always keep johnny on his toes.

but johnny had to shake off the star-struck look in his eyes. he knew taeyong had to do his studying for his nursing course. the elder started to type back at his naughty lover.

daddy: you should be studying right now.

yongie<3: but daddy :( i miss youuuuu

daddy: go study or i'm going to punish you.

yongie<3: hmph! then punish me!

daddy: asked for it, angel.

johnny sighed at taeyong's stubbornness, something that made the younger really cute and interesting--but also something that made johnny easily irritated when he knows he needs to get things done.

the elder continued his day, emailing his colleagues, going to meetings, and finalizing edits to certain pages of the next month's magazine. the day was average as johnny clocked out at five pm, waving goodbye to everyone in his department as they wished their boss and goodnight and to see him tomorrow. 

he made no haste as he got into the elevator, letting it take him to the parking garage before exiting the death trap to his sleek black car and getting into it. he started up his car, allowing himself to buckle up and driving out of the building and to his apartment. thankfully, there was hardly any traffic as he reached his apartment complex, parking in an empty slot and turning off his car. the elder got out and locked the doors as he walked to the main ground floor of the building, pressing the button of elevator and getting inside. he pressed the 'four' button and let it take him to his floor before exiting it and going down the right hallway to his door.

the elder took his keys out and unlocked the door of the apartment, walking inside before shutting the door.

"i'm home," johnny called out, shucking off his shoes before placing them on the small shoe rack and stepping into the small hallway that opens up to the conjoined living room and kitchen.

"yongie?" the elder turned his head to the small three-wall corner, revealing the three doors that lead to their bedroom, a bathroom, and a small storage. he walked towards the doors and placed his hand on the door on the left.

"taeyong? are you in here?" johnny called out as he opened the door to see the room to be dim.

the faintest of light coming through the semi-opaque curtains, the elder walked inside and saw his sweet angel laying on the bed. the softest of snores wept out of his young lover as his chest slowly raised in every breath.

taeyong back in his regular clothing yet again. all johnny could see was a simple green t-shirt that adorned his lover's upper half and what he was going to assume was some pretty panties adorning his lower half.

johnny had the softest smile on his face as he looked at his angel. he unbuttoned his suit jacket and let it hang off the computer chair, loosening his tie to take it off and to hang along with his jacket. the elder unbuttoned his wrist buttons and let his sleeves roll up a little as he looked down at taeyong sleeping face.

"yongie? time to wake it up, baby," johnny said in a gentle voice, his hand reaching out to shake the latter's shoulder.

taeyong muttered softly in his sleep before letting his eyes flutter open, opening his mouth up to make a loud yawn.

the sleepy latter blinked a few times to focus his vision, seeing his older loved standing off the opposite side he was laying on, showing a tired smile and a soft sigh, "hi daddy,"

johnny let the corners of his lips tug up in a small smile, "hey princess," johnny said as he let his knee sink into the bed as he leaned down and gave his lover a gentle kiss against his forehead, "did you study like i said?"

taeyong pouted at the sound of johnny trying to lecture him again, "not yet, i wanted to nap," the latter said matter-the-factly.

the elder tried to not show a disappointed expression on his face but it was obvious through his body language. taeyong quickly picked up on johnny's dropped in energy and gave a frown up to the elder, "it's not the end of the world! i can study later,"

the younger sat up from his position, folding his arms over his chest, "you act like you don't skip studying sometimes when you were still in uni,"

johnny sighed at taeyong's defiant behavior, "it doesn't matter, taeyong. i told you to study and instead you do the opposite,"

"and what?"

those words caused a twitch in johnny's eyebrows. the older looked down at the latter who's eyes were staring back at his, holding their ground. johnny will applaud him. taeyong has always been the type to never listen and does on his own accord but with something like losing a scholarship to nursing school being on the line; johnny will have none of it.

"and now, you're going to be punished."

taeyong's ears perked up at the sound as johnny removed himself off the bed, letting his knee sink, making him stand on the floor as he walked over to the small closet. the older opened the shuttered door and picked up the black box at the way top of all the hanging clothes.

"i told you that i was going to punish you," johnny simply said, his back to taeyong as he grabbed the box and held it in between his palms.

"b-but, it's just for one night!" taeyong tried to defend himself, "johnny, please,"

"who's johnny?"

taeyong's lips pursed together in silence as johnny peered over his shoulder, looking at taeyong with a lowered look, "tell me who's that, yongie?"

the latter felt a shiver go down his spine. he shook his head and tried to look at johnny with soft, puppy eyes, "s-sorry daddy, i meant to say daddy,"


johnny hummed as he turned around, walking towards the bed as he stood at the foot of it, placing the black box at the edge, "you were naughty twice then? didn't call daddy by his title and refused to listen to daddy?"

taeyong felt his mouth go dry as he tried to gulp down the barely there salvia down his throat and nodded meekly, "y-yes daddy, i'm sorry,"


taeyong can't explain the power in johnny's voice when he hears him be so firm. the way his voice drops an octave, commanding taeyong's body to do whatever he wished and taeyong can't go against it. the younger easily took off the t-shirt he wore, removing the blanket that was covering his lower half to reveal a cute pair of dusty pink panties. his thumbs tugged down the waistband and let the panties get kicked off his ankles as it joined his t-shirt on the floor. 

"d-daddy," taeyong stuttered out as he saw johnny open the black box.

the black box contained some things that were strictly for punishments. taeyong wasn't exactly a brat but he did get a punishment almost once a week. he knows what's in that box by heart by now.

a simple spreader bar with black leather straps, a pair of black fuzzy handcuffs, a gag toy with a little red gag ball, two bullet vibrators, a cat tail butt plug, safety tape so johnny can tape anything to taeyong's cunt or nipples for overstimulation, and lastly a black leather paddle. thankfully, johnny hardly used the paddle. it was by far taeyong's least favorite of the bunch.

"lay your back on the bed, spread your legs like the fucking whore you are,"

taeyong whimpered at the degradation the older used. he followed his command as he scooted himself to the middle of the bed, a little forward so he can lay his head down on the pillows and allowed his legs to spread out, letting the cool air hit in cunt--that was developing wetness at the sound of johnny's voice.

"i have the prettiest baby," johnny spoke as he looked up to see taeyong scramble to his request, eyeing the pretty, pink pussy that was opened to him, "so pretty that so many fucking idiots chase after him even when he says he has a daddy,"

the latter couldn't help but let his lips escape a gasp when he felt his lover's cold fingertips tough his ankle, ghosting over the skin, "i can't blame them for wanting my baby," johnny wrapped his fingers around taeyong's ankle, lifting the latter's leg up as he leaned down to place a soft kiss on the inner ankle bone, "i would chase after him too,"

his daddy's words made him blush, a soft shade of pink flushed over his cheeks at his eyes peered up at the older. he placed his leg back down and let the balls of his feet to touch the sheets again, "this is what i'm going to do, okay?"

johnny moved back to the front of the bed, taking the box and placing it on the floor, "daddy is going to eat your pretty, needy cunt out. make it nice and wet for me," johnny leaned over onto the bed, letting both of his hands sink into the mattress, "but you can't touch and if you do, i will spank you, got it?"

taeyong whimpered softly before giving a weak nod at the older. johnny smirked in satisfaction as both hands removed themselves from the bed and around the meatiness of taeyong's thighs, pulling the slender boy towards him at the edge of the bed.

the swift motion caused taeyong to yelp--he always got surprised at johnny's strength. taeyong felt his thighs spread open even further by two large hands that place themselves on the inside of his thighs. there was johnny with a smirk on his face, going slowly onto his knees as his face leaned in. the latter whimpered when he heard an audible sniff coming from the older before he left out a hot breath over his pussy that caused a jolt to spring through the younger.

"smells so good," johnny whispered, chuckling at how the pretty little cunt glistened, "can't wait to taste it,"

taeyong moaned softly as he threw his head back into the pillow as he felt johnny take a long, slow, excruciating lick on his pussy. getting all of the slick that taeyong produced in one lick, humming in pleasure as he tasted the sweet wetness that his pretty boy produced for him, "just as delicious as always,"

johnny deeply chuckled into taeyong pussy before engulfing the cute little clit into his mouth, playing with the sensitive nub with the tip of his tongue, flicking it before he would pull away with a teasing suck. the older loved seeing taeyong jolt at the sensation, jittering in place as his fingertips clawed at the sheets as he repeated the action--trying to elicit another response. 

taeyong let out a strangled gasp, slightly caught in his throat as he arched his back slightly off the bed. the feeling of his daddy's tongue flicking his neglected clit and giving it the proper attention it was waiting for, felt so fuckind good.

the latter gripped the cotton sheets into his fingers as he felt johnny's teeth grazed over the sensitive nub, causing a taeyong to jolt his back off the bed, moaning loudly.

"f-fuck, d-daddy," taeyong whined, feeling his legs tremble at his daddy's action, earning a smirk from the older, "did that feel good, baby?"

"y-yes," taeyong let out a breathy whimper, staring at the older as he sunk back down into his pussy, letting his tongue slide back and forth in his folds, not giving any particular place attention.

it made the latter let out a string of soft moans, closing his eyes as his eyebrows knitted in pleasure. johnny loved hearing how vocal taeyong can be by just him eating him out. but this was suppose to be a punishment.

and johnny knew how to make it one.

johnny slide his arms underneath the thick thighs of taeyong's before they looped and let his fingertips grip into the soft flesh s they held open the inner thighs as he dove back into the wet cunt, taking large laps against the now swollen clit. the older tried to mimic a similar method that taeyong loved to do when he would ride his face and it was grinding his sweet pussy against johnny's flat tongue but johnny did the work this time.

"f-fuck," taeyong's pretty lips escape a breathy sigh, moaning at the harsh pace johnny kept, "d-daddy, m-more, please," taeyong begged as he struggled to keep his legs open, thighs slowly creeping around johnny's head before the older roughly opened them back up, causing a muffled scream to come from taeyong as he felt the roughest lick to his clit as johnny opened his legs.

"d-daddy," taeyong was absolutely breathless; he felt sweat beading around his forehead and chest, the smalls of his hair sticking to his forehead as he panted like a wild animal at the feeling of johnny's tongue grinding harshly against his clit, "g-gonna c-cum," taeyong said in a barely audible gasp, feeling a familiar knot build up in his stomach.

johnny just hummed against taeyong's sopping pussy, stopping his lapping to pay direct attention on taeyong's pretty clit. he let his lips wrap around the nub and sucked on it, letting his tongue dart out to flick it every so often. 

taeyong yelped at the sudden change and let his back arched off the bed, a similar glow of white almost flashing in his eyes as he felt the knot be pulled tighter from both sides, creating an almost euphoretic feeling to bubble up in taeyong's stomach, "c-cumming!"

a wicked grin pulled across johnny's lips as he quickly detached himself from taeyong's cunt, showing a bright pink color, showering in pure slick and johnny's salvia.

a loud whine was heard above him as johnny's eyes shot up to look at taeyong, who's head was off the bed and looking down to meet the eyes of his lover, whimpering loudly as his thighs tremble, "d-daddy, p-please, i-i wanna c-cum so bad," taeyong begged as he felt the best orgasm that he was about to achieve just rip away from him, he could still feel his body blistering with heat as he desperately felt his clit almost twitch and vibrate at the feeling of being forgotten after almost reaching it's climax.

"this is a punishment, baby," johnny had to remind the latter with a small smirk on his face as he brought the back of his hand to his mouth, wiping the slick from taeyong's pussy off of his face, "i didn't say i was going to make you cum,"

"o-oh but daddy," taeyong whined, following the gaze of the older man as he stood up from his kneeling position.

johnny just smirked at his pouting baby, unbuttoning his shirt and letting it fall to the floor as his hands traveled down to his belt, unbuckling it and letting it go to the floor as well, "only good boys get to cum,"

the older unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, letting it fall and pool around his ankles as he stepped out of it.

"i-i am good," taeyong rebuttal, looking up at his lover with eyes that were being pricked with fresh tears, "i'll be so good,"

"you didn't study like i said," johnny combatted, "my angel doesn't disobey me but he suddenly did? sounds like he's naughty,"

"i'll be good, daddy," taeyong tried to tell johnny as he saw the older reach down next to his right, assuming that he was reaching for something in the box to further his punishment, "i'll be the best boy, please, oh please,"

"is that so?" johnny spoke, halting his movement as he saw his sweet boy nod quickly as he got the attention of his daddy, "i'll be the most perfect boy. your sweet angel," taeyong said in a breathless sentence, "p-please just fuck me good, really wanna cum, daddy,"

"mm, is that why you'll be good? just so daddy will fuck you?"

taeyong shake his head, trying to reason with johnny, "n-no, daddy! i'll be good all the time but my pussy is missing you so much, daddy!" the latter looked down at his pussy, seeing it glisten and drip with slick again, as if johnny licking it all up did nothing, "it wants you in it so bad," the younger whined softly as his hole flutter, johnny catching the action as it hitched his breath in his throat.

"daddy, please," taeyong whine, pulling his legs together and lifting them up, showing his bare, raw, pink pussy to johnny. the pretty little cunt squirting with slick, dripping down that it left a trail down to his bum hole, pretty little cunt waiting for johnny's cock to slide in, "put it in,"

johnny chuckled at the desperate angel that laid on his bed, "no, you were naughty," the elder let his knee sink into the edge of the bed as he prompt himself on the sheets, "instead of fucking your pussy," johnny pulls from the box, a fleshlight that he hid from taeyong, "daddy is gonna fuck his new toy and and my new toy is gonna fuck your pussy"

taeyong shouldn't have moaned at the sound of it but fuck, that was something he never knew he wanted to try.

johnny walked around the bed to open the bedside table, taking the bottle of lube out before closing it and returning to his spot in front of taeyong. the latter's excitement was far too obvious as his eyes watched the elder's movements.

"you're gonna be a good boy for me?"

johnny's words snapped taeyong back to reality as the latter nodded, still holding his legs up for johnny to insert before the older's large hand tapped his arms to release his legs and they returned to its previous state of being wide open for johnny.

"be the best boy for me then, and maybe," johnny said as he opened the cap of the lube bottle and squirted some over the fleshlight, stroking the thick liquid over the toy, "i'll take your offer of making you cum, hmm?"

taeyong was about to sass the older again before he felt his hole being opened--the fleshlight opened up taeyong's walls, breaching in by the second as it made taeyong throw his head back for a loud moan. the relief of finally being filled up was too much for taeyong to think as he felt the end of the toy stop at the entrance of taeyong's cunt, the toy snugly sitting in his pussy.

"took it so well," johnny praised with a slight smirk being held at the corner of his mouth, "let's see how good you'll feel when i fuck it in and out of you,"

johnny slicked it cock up with a little lube before he inserted it into the toy, groaning at the feeling of the silicon walls gripping around his cock, "oh fuck," johnny groaned as he pushed his cock into the toy, bottoming out as he felt the slickness of the toy grasp around him.

"d-does it feel good, daddy?" taeyong asked curiously, peering up with tears brimming his eyes, "better than mine?"

johnny felt his eyes soften as they met his angel's before he shook his head, "never gonna be better than yours, angel,"

taeyong smiled small at the confession before johnny removed his hips from taeyong's, reaching out halfway before slamming his cock back into the toy, feeling the silicon grasp around the his harden member, causing the older to groan loudly.

the latter felt his breath hitch as he let out a high-pitched whine when he felt the small tug of the toy exit from his pussy just for it push itself back into his pussy to hard and rough, grazing his g-spot so quickly, "d-daddy!"

taeyong moaned out loudly as he felt the tears around his eyes to drop down the side of his eyes, the feeling of ecstasy filling him up. the feeling was mutual to johnny as he took a deep breath before repeating the action again--not being used to being so gripped in the beginning of him pounding taeyong's cunt. not that it was a bad thing, he loved fucking taeyong's loose cunt as the latter would trip into pleasurable bliss before his pussy would slowly clamp around him when he would reach his climax, making sure johnny would be milked out of his cum in a matter of seconds.

but this. this was different.

the toy felt snug around his cock and made sure that johnny wasn't going to go before cumming into the damn thing. 

the older begun to create a slow but steady pace, taking half of his cock out to slam it back into the toy, as the toy would also be taken out almost a few inches just for it to be slammed back with momentum of johnny's cock.

the feeling of basically being stuffed twice but in one hole made taeyong's pussy gush with slick--almost like he was a fucking omega.

it caused the latter to loll his head back onto the bed, his eyes rolling to the back of his head as he felt the toy constantly get slammed back into his pussy, hitting his sweet almost each time but also feeling the strong and rough thrusts of his lover. it really felt like johnny suddenly grew a second cock and stuffed it into taeyong tight little pussy and decided to fuck the shit out of it because he goes dumb off the older's cock.

taeyong moans quickly turned into blissful babbles of pleasure as he felt his heartbeat slowly creep up into loud beats, his body basically covered in sweat that it was almost clammy at the touch. his mouth grew dry as the heavy panting he was releasing through his lips--god, taeyong just knew he sounded fucking filthy. he must have sounded like a stupid bitch finally getting breed from some hot fucking alpha wolf.

"f-fuck, feeling good, baby?" johnny said through his groans, slowly been picking up the speed of his thrusts.

taeyong babbled out an almost complete sentence, "y-yesh, s-so g-gwood, d-daddy," the latter said as he let whine after whine as the toy hit his sweet spot perfectly, the familiar knot from before being formed in his stomach.

"s-such a good boy for me," johnny stuttered as he picked up his leg, firmly placing his foot on the edge of bed, right over taeyong's spot as he tried to snap his hips back into taeyong's in a rougher, faster tempo, "taking daddy's toy so well, taking his punishment so fucking well,"

johnny moaned as he felt his own knot begin to form into his stomach, the feeling of his cock about to burst was becoming more and more apparent. the older's hands immediately attached themselves around taeyong's hips, drilling taeyong's pussy back into his thrusts to meet up with an earlier orgasm than usual but johnny fucking needed it.

taeyong felt floaty at the feeling of johnny's hands around his hips before being snapped back into reality when his felt himself be pushed back into johnny's rough and fast thrusts. the moment of connection made taeyong scream with indescribable pleasure.

the feeling of the knot begun to quickly pulled tight at each end, marking taeyong's orgasm about to happen, "d-daddy! c-cumming!" taeyong announced at the top of his lungs and johnny just grunted out, "give it to me, baby! cum on the fucking toy!"

and that was all taeyong needed.

taeyong felt the knot to quickly unravel as a wave of pleasure washed over, his whole body trembling as his cunt cums around the toy, making taeyong feel each thrust and convulsion. he felt his cum slick around the toy as johnny continue to slam it back into him, causing moment of overstimulation as his lover tries to reach his own high, moaning each time the toy fucked itself back into his worn, spent pussy.

"f-fuck," johnny cursed as he felt his orgasm build up, his own thrusts slowly becoming sloppier by the second as he feels his high come to the goal, "c-cumming, baby," johnny moaned loudly as he thrusted.

one, two, three.

on his fourth thrust, he pulled his hips back, making his cock slip almost all the way out of the toy--his cockhead being caught just for it thrust in one swift movement. his cock feeling the gripping silicon as he bursted his nut into the fleshlight, groaning at the feeling of his cum circling around the tip of his cock.

"oh shit," johnny groaned as he panted, sliding his leg off the bed and letting his hips slowly pull out his cock from the toy.

the older moaned at the sight of his cock being covered in his own cum in the first four inches of the member, seeing small dribbles coming out of the toy. he let his hand reach up and let his fingertips grip onto the fleshlight's base, looking down at his angel's tired and fucked out expression. still on a high as his eyes were slowly unrolling from his skull.

"gonna pull it out, okay, angel?" johnny told his sweet boy as he slowly nodded after a few seconds. 

johnny gently took the fleshlight out of his baby's pussy, hearing a small 'pop' noise as the "cockhead" of the toy was released from taeyong's fluttering hole.

"did so good, baby," johnny said as he placed the fleshlight to the side and leaned his body over to give soft kisses all over the latter's chest and neck, "you were so fucking good, my good boy," johnny said as he looked over taeyong's expression, a blissful smile appeared as the latter's tired arms wrapped around his neck, "m'good for you," taeyong tiredly said.

it made the older chuckle as he leaned down and gave his angel a sweet kiss on the lips, promising him that he'll clean him up good and get him his favorite snacks and a cup of water. 

he endured his punishment well. he really is johnny's good boy.