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Like a Love Song

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Damiano kisses like he sings.

His kisses are like his songs, demanding and begging, coaxing and conquering. Teasing and seducing, raw and soft, angry and happy, passionate and tender. They're like his voice – all screams and shouts, purrs and whispers. Damiano's kisses are like water in a desert, like fire and ice, all milk and honey, they are promises of heaven and threats of hell.

His kisses are earthshaking and all-consuming when he drinks Ethan's moans from his lips to swallow them all like they were precious gems and treasures. They're sugar, salt and pepper all together when Damiano takes his face between his hands and pushes his tongue deep into Ethan's mouth to claim and surrender, to gift and demand, to give and take until Ethan's mind is spinning and he doesn't know his own name any longer.

Damiano kisses like he sings, and kissing him is like drowning in the sea and rising from the fire like a Phoenix from the ashes all at once. It's everything.

Ethan doesn't know for how long he's been in love with him, but he still remembers the moment the world stopped spinning and realization hit him like a hammer. The moment he knew that he was in love, deeply, madly and hopelessly in love with Damiano David.

It was when he kissed Damiano on the stage, right after their victory, and Damiano kissed him back like he was singing their song again just for him, just for Ethan. It was a kiss that didn't last longer than a blink of an eye, but it was enough to turn Ethan's world upside down and make him never be the same again because Damiano kisses like he sings, with every fiber of his being and all his heart.

Damiano fucks like he dances.

He fucks like he dances onstage, when thousands of shouting people are watching him with hungry eyes, jumping and turning, striding, whirling and rolling, all long limbs and swaying hips and graceful motions.

Damiano takes what he wants without any mercy, and yet offers all of himself at the same time, abandoning himself to his own pleasure as he moves above Ethan, slim but strong thighs pressing into Ethan's sides as he rides him with his head thrown back and his hands braced against Ethan's bare chest.

Damiano fucks like he performs, like a rockstar, without hiding or holding himself back, pouring all of himself into his motions and the sounds he's making until Ethan is his biggest fan in the world, ready to jump from the highest bridge if Damiano just asked him to do so.

Damiano looks like an ancient Roman or Greek god come to life.

He looks like an angel and like a devil, too beautiful for this world. He fills every room with his mere presence, no matter how small the room or how big the hall might be, and Ethan can't take his eyes off of him. Sometimes he wishes that he was a painter so he could trap Damiano's ethereal beauty on canvas forever, and he always finds himself searching for the familiar silhouette in the crowd like a moth is drawn to the light that will burn it. Unable to stay away from the danger Ethan can't help but think that he'd burn gladly if it meant that he can see Damiano's face one last time before he goes up in flames.

Damiano loves like he lives.

He loves with all his heart and soul, unconditionally and without any restraints and boundaries. Damiano loves with a passionate fever that knocks you off your feet and carries you away on the wings of his love, so high up in the sky that you feel like Icarus when he came too close to the sun, his love burning you alive and taking you apart until you fall.

Damiano loves in a way that all you can do is love him back all the same.

When Damiano loves, there is no hesitation, no maybe or doubt. There's confidence, commitment and devotion, and all Ethan wants to do is lose himself in Damiano's love, a love so strong and powerful like a tornado and any other force of nature imaginable.

Damiano's love is like one of his songs that touch the deepest parts of your heart and soul, sometimes sweet and soft, sometimes hard and loud. His love is enticing and unforgiving, dangerous and yet making you feel so safe, and it's always everything Ethan ever wanted. Everything he imagined that Damiano's love could be.

All he'll ever need to be happy, no matter who, what and where he'll be.

Another country, another city, so many in such a little time span. Another hotel room, unfamiliar, cold and impersonal, but as long as Damiano is there, it feels like home and like the one place where Ethan wants to be.

Damiano is moving faster, chasing both of their release, and he looks down at Ethan with shining eyes, his hair tousled and his makeup smeared around the edges after another night onstage, after rocking their audience and turning their world upside down with just a crook of his little finger and one look lout of those bottomless soulful dark eyes that are looking straight into Ethan's soul now. Finding all of his secrets there so easily, the ones Ethan doesn't hide as much as those he's still trying to hide sometimes.

“Ti amo. Love you so much,” Damiano whispers, and all Ethan can do is pull him down and into another bruising kiss, a kiss that is like a love song. They're as close as two beings can possibly be, and yet it is not enough. Ethan wants to crawl into him until there is no telling where he ends and where Damiano begins any longer, and he turns them around to press his beautiful dark angel into the mattress and push deep into him, deeper and deeper, again and again, like there's no tomorrow ever again.

“Love you, Damià,” he whispers into the beautiful mouth surrendering to his kiss with such sweet eagerness, drowning in Damiano's taste and scent, and his whole body feels like on fire with all the love and passion he feels for the other man. Damiano's moans of pleasure are the sweetest song Ethan has ever listened to, and he swallows them all as he thrusts hard and deep, rocking their united bodies back and forth on the mattress in the ancient and eternal dance of love.

Damiano's hardness is rubbing against his sweaty abs, and Ethan feels ridiculously proud and happy that he's the one who can make him be so hard, so needy. That he can make him burn with desire like Damiano's always making him burn with just one look, just one smile. That for a few precious hours, Ethan is Damiano's entire world like Damiano is always Ethan's whole world, his reason to live and breathe.

His tongue is buried deep in Damiano's mouth like his cock is buried deep inside his body, and Ethan wishes that he could feel what Damiano is feeling right now, so full with Ethan everywhere inside him and around him as he surrenders himself to Ethan's desire unquestioningly, his arms wrapped tightly around his back and his hands fisted in Ethan's long hair. He comes with Ethan's next thrust against his most sensitive spot, arching up against him and crying into Ethan's mouth, his voice still raw and hoarse from their concert earlier tonight, and yet still all milk and honey and the sweetest music to Ethan's ears.

Sensing Damiano's pleasure pulls his own orgasm from him, and Ethan is grateful for the strong arms holding him as he shudders through his ecstasy to the words of love breathed against his lips until he has nothing more to give and needs to bury his face in the warm crook of Damiano's shoulder to catch his breath and regain his composure. He feels like he's been broken apart and put back together by Damiano's kisses, kisses so beautiful like a love song.

Afterwards, they lie side by side, looking in each other's eyes, and Damiano is smiling and carding his fingers through Ethan's long black hair like Ethan once saw him stroking a stray tomcat in the streets of Rome with his long elegant fingers until the small cat started to purr and looked up at the boy with the same adoring look in its eyes Ethan is looking at him with right now.

As if Damiano was the whole world and all it would ever need.

“Ethan?” Damiano asks when he sees the expression in his gaze, the raw feelings that are showing there because he's so bare and exposed after their lovemaking, so vulnerable.

“Damià,” he murmurs back, because there is nothing else to say.

“Ethan,” Damiano repeats his name, his voice soft and apologetic, and Ethan smiles and reaches out to cup his warm cheek and pull him in, the solid weight of Damiano's hand still holding onto his long hair welcome and grounding.

“Nothing. Just kiss me,” he breathes against his soft lips, and Damiano makes a purring noise like the small tomcat did all those years ago, and kisses him.

Ethan wonders whether that was the moment he fell in love.

His thoughts vanish when Damiano's tongue pushes into his mouth and he loses himself in Damiano's kisses again.

Kisses so sweet and beautiful like a love song.