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The Three Faces of Lucy Bannerjee

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(a possible) Season Finale:

Soto found her sitting on a park bench. He joined her, sitting there before pulling out a small photocopy of a family photo: mom, dad, daughter.

"How did you...?" Lucy asked.

"Madsen and Hauser aren't the only ones with contacts," Diego said, not entirely joking. "So, this is true?"

Lucy stared at the document a long while before swallowing and nodding twice.

"You were born Brianna Banner, the daughter of Bruce and Kati?"

She gave a silence that confirmed it.

"Well, I can kinda see why you changed your name," Soto said. "For one, your dad's Bruce Banner. For two, you're seven years old."

"Perceptive. You can see why I argued that you need to stay on the team," Lucy said.

"Thanks, I - wait... Can we get back to that in a minute? You're a time traveler?"

"Involuntarily, yes."

"You were on Alcatraz?"

"No. I was part of a research team studying temporal displacement."

"You made this happen?"

"We weren't the only team working to succeed."

"So you have an idea why all this is -"

Lucy started to hold up a hand, a gesture that meant hold up there in her time as much as it means that now. "I said I worked on an attempt. But we never achieved more than a few seconds of displacement. What moved me... it had a point of origin somewhere outside our facility. Do you understand?"

Diego nodded. "So you might not have been the equivilent of the US nuclear program. Maybe more like the German or the Japanese attempts?" Could've been working down a blind alley, a wrong turn, which would make any 'how does it work?' answers from her just misdirection. Not deliberately.

She nodded. "Or America before we got it right." I have considered, on more than one night, the possibility that my colleagues from a year or ten years Later, may have been responsible for relocating me to Earlier.

"Thank you for telling me this. I'm honored.

You're the best person to tell. Even if I don't count this as payback for you saving my life ten years from now, I wanted to do this. "Secret?"

He nodded. "Like nothing else."


NOTE: Bruce Banner, aka the Incredable Hulk. creation of Stan Lee.