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Answering The Call

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Tony DiNozzo ignored the flash of feeling that he had as he walked up to a house in the gated community Royal Woods that they were searching for a terrorist. For as long as he could remember he had always had flashes of feelings from other people, but he knew that he didn’t have the Guide gene or even the Sentinel gene for that matter. He was one hundred percent mundane and most of the time he didn’t mind that at all. He wasn’t sure that he would be able to handle being a Guide or a Sentinel with some of the shit that he had been through over the years. Although if he was perfectly honest with himself sometimes he wondered that if he had been a Guide if he would have been able to keep himself from getting hurt emotionally because he would have been able to sense the dishonesty radiating from the person he was with.

He shook his head to clear his thoughts and knocked on the door. As soon as it was answered he knew something was wrong and quickly said the code word to let his partners know that he needed back up even as he dodged a punch thrown at him by someone standing behind the scared teenage girl at the door. He swiftly pulled the teenaged girl out of the house and behind him even as he identified himself. “NCIS! Freeze!”

The man who threw the punch laughed even as he threw another punch. He pushed his dark hair off his face even as he lashed out with a left handed jab. “I know exactly who you are affiliated with. I saw you at the radio station. You were stupid to come here alone.”

Tony swore as he ducked the punch and kicked out with his right leg. “Damn it, McGee and Ziva, where are you?”

Swearing as the kick found its mark on his abdomen, he scowled and aimed a kick of his own. He was pissed that not only had the agent showed up at his house, but that he had pulled the girl out of his house before he could use her as a shield. He knew that if he could get the agent into his house that the odds would be in his favor since there were three other people in the living room off to the left of the foyer. He backed up a step even as he blocked a punch. “You are out of your league, Agent. You might as well give up.”

Tony snorted and ignored the weird pressure he was feeling as he fought the man. He knew that there were others inside the house, but he would rather face them than let the girl behind him get hurt or killed. With each punch, kick, duck, shift, sweep of his leg, he kept calling for Tim and Ziva. He wasn’t sure why they were not responding, but he was afraid that something had happened to them. He did what he could as he defended himself against his four different attackers once they joined the first unsub.

He bit back a cry of pain when he felt the knife go into his shoulder. The next thing he knew is that all four of his attackers were on the floor and not moving. The pressure that he had been feeling suddenly burst, and then all he knew and could feel was fear, panic, pain, and anger. He knew without a doubt that he had come online as a Guide, but he wasn’t sure exactly what to do in order to build shields in his mind and how to block all the emotions that he was feeling. He knew that while he was feeling everyone’s emotions that they were most likely feeling his. The only thing that he could do was to hope that someone figured out where he was so that they could help him.

Doing what he could to keep an eye on the perps, he took stock of his injuries, he could tell that he had at least three broken ribs, possibly two other ribs that were cracked, a dislocated knee which was the knee that Brad had blew out the final football game he had played in college, a sprained if not broken right hand and wrist, a concussion, and at least two knife wounds that were making themselves known on top of the knife wound in his left shoulder. He felt rather than saw the girl come up beside him and without thinking he pulled her into his side all the while keeping those that we currently knocked out on the floor in his line of sight. He could only hope that he was found soon by Ziva, Tim, or someone else.


Cascade, Washington

Jim Ellison narrowed his eyes as he looked at his lover and Guide across their desks. He knew that something was off but he couldn’t figure out what it was. “Blair, what in the hell is going on? And don’t even bother trying to tell me that it isn’t anything to worry about, Chief, because I know that is a damn lie.”

Blair Sandburg sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “I don’t know what to tell you, Jim. I feel like there is something that is going to happen, but I have no clue what it could be. Have you talked to any of our people on the East Coast today? I know that we are supposed to fly out and see them in the next couple days, but I am thinking that we need to leave sooner rather than later.”

Jim shook his head. “Jack and I are scheduled for a video conference this morning, but he is at the Pentagon today in meetings. If something is happening he will get word to us and he has a whole SEAL Team with him for whatever reason at today’s meetings. I have faith that if something does happen that Jack will be able to handle it. What exactly is it that you are feeling, Chief? Talk it out to me, so I can see if I can help you place whatever is happening.”

Blair nodded and closed his eyes as he ordered his thoughts. As soon as he got his thoughts ordered his eyes snapped open in a panic and with a little bit of fear in them. “Do you remember the day that Daniel came online, Jim?”

Jim swore. “Of course I remember that day, Chief! It knocked several of our Sentinels and Guides on their asses. Are you trying to tell me that whatever is wrong that it is something like what happened with Daniel? Do you have any idea who?”

Blair licked his lips and shook his head. “No, Jim, I don’t have any idea who. Whoever it is isn’t in our systems and that is problematic in more ways than one. It means that whoever it is has no clue that they are a Guide and the only way for that to be is that they were lied to whenever they underwent the testing for it. The person coming online is going to have no clue how to build shield to help protect not only himself, but he isn’t going to be able to stop himself from projecting whatever he is feeling the minute that he comes online! And I don’t know why I think it is a male, but I do. He is going to end up in a situation where he feels everything around himself and then projects it so that others feel it too. The sense I am getting from the Spirit Plane is that he is going to be stronger than Daniel and possibly even stronger than me and that thought is scary.

“He is going to be vulnerable once he comes online until a Sentinel or Guide can get to him to help him. Jim, we need to start heading for the East Coast. It is imperative that we get there as quickly as we can after the event starts. I hate to say it, man, but Daniel, Spencer, and Charlie Eppes won’t be able to contain the newly online Guide for long periods of time at once without fraying their own shields even with their Sentinels help in grounding them. I want an alert put out to warn others that something is going to happen.”

Jim nodded curtly and pulled out his cell phone. He sent a text to his brother asking him to have one of his planes fueled and waiting for him and Blair at the airport. He then sent a text to Simon who was out of the office currently at a budget meeting even as he stood up. He noticed that Rafe, Brian, Joel, and Megan had heard him and Blair and he gave them a tight smile. “We will keep you guys informed as much as we can. I sent Simon a text, but please fill him in once he is back from his meeting.”

Joel nodded. “I will make sure to let Simon know that you couldn’t put off leaving, Jim. You two take care of one another and whoever it is that is in trouble. Let us know if we can help either of you in any way once you get to wherever you are going.”

Blair shot a smile at Joel and then paled and swayed as a blast of power rushed over him. “Oh shit!”

Jim swore fervently as he fought to stay on his feet. “Fuck! Damn it what in the hell is happening to him!”

Blair closed his eyes and leaned against his desk so that he could stay on his feet. “He is in a fight for his life and he’s been injured. I can reach his mind now somewhat, but I’m not able to help him build any shields. Oh my God! It’s Tony!”

Jim looked at Blair with hard eyes even as he pulled a phone out of his desk that he had hoped to never have to use. He made two calls and one he was satisfied that what he asked for would be done he looked at Blair. “Lets go, Chief. We will shop in D.C. for some clothes. I want to get there as fast as we can.”



Gibbs was seated in a chair in front of Vance’s desk as they talked a couple things over. He paused mid-sentence and frowned when his gut started acting up. He knew that something was wrong but he couldn’t figure out what it was right off. He looked at Leon who had also stiffened in his chair. “What the hell?”

Leon froze and then his eyes widened. “Someone is coming online and when they do they’re going to bring several Sentinels and Guides down because of how powerful they are! What in the hell is going on? I don’t think that we have been put on alert about a high level Guide or Sentinel coming online today or anytime soon for that matter.”

Gibbs shook his head as he realized who and what he was feeling, but he didn’t think it was possible. “Leon, that is Tony, and he shouldn’t be able to come online! The last test we have had ran came back once again with him not having the damn genes for either Sentinel or Guide! Damn it!”

Leon abruptly stood and paced. “We can’t put anything into the computer system because if DiNozzo was tested anytime in the last eight years then someone here at NCIS didn’t want him knowing that he had the gene. We are in the dark here, Gibbs, and I don’t think that is a good place to be at all. Where exactly is DiNozzo and what is he doing?”

Gibbs drank the rest of his coffee and sighed. “He is posing undercover in Royal Woods trying to see if they can get a voice print to match the one from the radio station. I sent McGee and David with him as backup so he has that at least. I just hope that they actually do what they are supposed to and are there to help Tony right away. When I gave them their assignments they smirked at one another, Leon, and I have a bad feeling that they may do something that could cause problems for not only them, but Tony as well.”

Leon’s eyes hardened. “If they do something that has caused DiNozzo to get hurt, Gibbs, they will not like the consequences of their actions. If it is Tony coming online and they aren’t there to help him with whatever he is going through they will be brought on charges that they won’t be able to get out of and not just ones from our agency. The Sentinel and Guide Council will go after them with everything that they have in their arsenal. Do you think that they would leave him without backup?”

Gibbs started to shake his head and then stopped. “Honestly, I can’t say for sure if they would or not. Tony and I discussed the assignments for Royal Woods before they left and we both decided that he was the best one to go door to door because he seems to be able to put people at ease more than McGee and certainly more than Ziva does. I would hope that they wouldn’t do something as stupid as leaving Tony without backup, but in my head I can see them doing something like turning the radio down in the car because they don’t like having to listen to Tony’s voice constantly.”

Leon’s eyes flashed. “Of course, the man is going to talk! He is supposed to be getting voice prints of the residents. How in the hell would they think he’d get them if he didn’t talk to people? How in the hell do they not realize that for all that he seems to goof off here at work that he works at least five times harder and smarter than they do? It may gave taken me a while to notice that, but Jackie got my head on straight and made me read his complete file and not just the one Jenny Shepard had on the computer for him. After I read it I called Morrow and had a long talk with him about DiNozzo and a lot of the things in the file that I read because I noticed that he stopped doing them about the time you ended up in Mexico after you almost got blown up.

“Jackie has always stood by her opinion that DiNozzo was latent, but she couldn’t tell if he was a latent Sentinel or Guide. She just never talked about it to him because she could tell that the other times people brought it up to him that it upset him. If she wasn’t out of state currently she’d probably be here demanding that we do something to find him, but we can’t until we know just how far the conspiracy goes on keeping him ignorant of the fact that he is a Guide.”

Gibbs nodded and then blinked as he swayed on his feet as the feeling he had been feeling suddenly burst. He felt his own latent status disappear as he was pulled online. He knew that he wasn’t Tony’s Sentinel, but he also felt that Tony was his son in every way that mattered even if there wasn’t any blood shared between them. “Fuck! He is being attacked, Leon! He is hurt and I’m not there to help him. I never should have sent McGee and David out into the field with them especially since he had just written them up this morning, but informed me he’d wait until after the case to file them.”

Leon sat down and logged onto his computer or rather he tried to log onto his computer. “I am locked out of our system. Something is going on and our systems are locked down. It isn’t even taking my override code. Someone else has figured out that it is Tony coming online and they’re doing what they can to make sure that nothing can be messed with until after whatever has happened is investigated.”

Gibbs nodded because he wasn’t surprised really. “The only person who could lock you out would be SecNav or SecDef and I don’t see Davenport locking you out. If I have to guess it is O’Neill that has had our systems locked down. I wouldn’t be surprised if the building is also in lockdown. I guess we should go reassure everyone that everything is alright. We just have to make sure not to mention, Tony.”

Leon nodded and stood back up. He led the way out of his office and to the catwalk that overlooked the bullpen. He wasn’t surprised to see that all of his agents were freaked out about not being able to access anything on their computers. He gave a whistle and once everyone quieted down and looked up at him he shook his head. “I know that some of you are working on cases, but until further notice you’re going to have to work on them t he old fashioned way. You will not be able to do any computer searches, file any reports, or log onto your computer because we have been put on lockdown. As soon as I know more, I will be sure to let you know. Until then just work on what you can.”


Somewhere in Royal Woods Gated Community

Tim looked up from where he was seated in the drivers seat of a sedan reading a book. He looked at the clock and was surprised to see that it had been over three hours since they turned the radio off. He looked over at Ziva with a raised eyebrow. “Do you think we should check and see where Tony is at? I would like to get back to HQ soon and do some real work.”

Ziva thought about it and then shook her head. “I am sure that Tony will be back soon and then we can tell him that we pulled his arm.”

Tim sighed but nodded. “I think that you mean pulled his tail or pulled his leg, Ziva. Okay, we’ll leave it off another thirty minutes and then turn it on long enough to see where he’s at." He was feeling slightly off and he wasn’t sure why. He soon found out though as power washed over him and the last thing he saw was Ziva’s wide eyes that had fear in them.

His last thought before it was washed away in a torrent of pain, fear, anger, panic, and a multitude of other emotions was that Tony wasn't alright and that his and Ziva’s little joke wouldn’t come back to bite him and her in the ass.