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Primal Need

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The human population would be amazed to learn that werewolves are real. Not the kind that have to be bitten or scratched to turn; or have their fleshed ripped apart as they transform every full moon. True werewolves don’t even need the moon to change. They just feel a greater urge to do so during the full moon. They walk among humans every day undetected. Most gravitate toward positions in the various armed forces. The daily life of structure and order syncing well with how they were raised in their pack. That’s how Tim first met other lycans, as they prefer to call themselves, outside of the pack in which he was raised.

After the military, law enforcement is another natural career path for his species. Which is why Tim was surprised that in his eight years of training police officers, he had yet to train another lycan.

Until Lucy.

It made sense for Sergeant Grey to pair them together despite Commander West’s insistence that Tim train his son or Grey’s own desire to have Nolan wash out of the program as soon as possible. Jackson and Nolan aren’t like him and Lucy. A lycan himself, Grey knew what was necessary to achieve the best results for Lucy’s training. He could assign them both to the night shifts that weren’t on a full moon without question. Tim would be able to watch out for Lucy in case any trigger might cause a slip that would lead to their discovery, while she wouldn’t have to explain herself to him about her excellent agility or how a keen sense of smell or sight led to arresting a suspect. And Grey probably figured due to Tim’s alpha status, Lucy would willingly follow his orders without complaint or contradiction. Well, two out of three ain’t bad.

Truthfully, it was going quite well. Lucy excelled far better than any rookie Tim had ever trained. She was born for this job. Not that he’d ever tell her that while he trained her. He couldn’t let her get too pleased with herself. She needed that hunger to impress in order to push herself. Really, Tim thought Grey had the right idea when he paired the two of them.

Until today.

He senses the issue the moment she steps into the briefing room. Quickly scanning the room, he observes no other lycans around. “Boot, follow me.” He doesn’t look back to see if she does. Knows she will. Would hear her footsteps anyway. He leads them to an empty interrogation room.

“You need to go home. Now.”

Lucy knows his cause for concern, but she refuses to listen to his complaint. “Tim, it’s fine. I’ll be okay. I swear.”

“You’re in heat. If I can smell it, then so can any unmated lycan within a mile of you. I’d rather not spend the day being distracted on calls.”

“So I’m not allowed to do my job because we might run across another lycan who can’t keep his hormones in check?”

Fighting to keep another lycan away from her is only his secondary concern. He is more worried about being able to resist his own urges if he has to share the shop with her for the next several hours. “That’s not the issue here, and you know it. Without a mate, the next few days are going to be difficult for you.”

“I don’t need you to mansplain my own body to me.”

“Then stop being stubborn and go ask Grey for sick leave. You know he’ll understand.”

Whether he gets through to her or she just doesn’t want to fight him anymore, she leaves and heads to Grey’s office. Tim doesn’t have to worry about her being alone with him. Grey has been mated to his wife Luna for years. He wouldn’t become aware of Lucy’s current status unless she tells him. Perhaps that’s why he didn’t consider this would be an issue when he assigned Lucy to be Tim’s rookie.

So really this is all Grey’s fault. Tim wonders if he can use that as his excuse should he ultimately give in to his desire.

Probably not.


After his shift ends, Tim goes straight to Lucy’s apartment. He knows Jackson is on the night shift so she will be alone. Their argument from this morning wasn’t settled, and he knows the next few days will be tough for Lucy. He won’t leave her in discomfort even if they are fighting.

Her hackles are already raised as she opens the door glaring at him, but at least she steps aside to let him through. She is wearing a comfy pair of the LAPD issued sweatpants and shirt. Her hair is loose from the bun she usually wears for work, and he aches to run his hands through it. To put it plainly, even in this casual attire she looks absolutely ravishing. And he knows his lust for her has nothing to do with her being in heat. He has wanted her for a while now. Resisted crossing that line for over a year. With less than a month left in her training, this is the absolute worst timing. He needs to hold out and be strong.

“If you’re here to tell me I’m being an idiot, you can save it.”

“I didn’t say you were an idiot. I said you’re stubborn. Sometimes that can be a good thing. Just not today.”

“I don’t think it’s right that because my biology decides to act crazy once a year, I’m forced to put my life on hold.” She wishes there was some switch she could flip for when she’s ready to have pups. And until then she gets to live her life as any normal human would. This time of year is wasted on someone who doesn’t want to or isn’t ready to start a family. Thank God for birth control, but it does nothing to curb the increase in her sex drive which wouldn’t be so bad if she had a mate to share it.

“You know we all have to make sacrifices in order to blend in with the rest of the world. We can’t afford to let anything expose who we are.”

“And yet it’s always the female of the species who has to make the biggest sacrifices.”

He can’t argue with that. Not that he’d ever be dumb enough to do so. “I know it’s not fair. But I can’t do anything about it. I made the right call today.” She makes no comment either way so he continues. “You know this isn’t some romance novel. You don’t need to find a permanent mate right now. A temporary one can help you through this time.” A mate, even a temporary one, would ease her sexual appetite while the scent of another lycan on her would keep unmated ones from approaching. He’d have to deal with the stench of another on her during that time, but he’d suffer through it for her.

“So now I need to be in a relationship in order to have a life? Have you been speaking with my mother?”

“Who said anything about a relationship? You just need someone for sex for a few days.” Not that he is eager for her to go out and find someone, but if it helps her out...

“You know what, maybe you don’t have an issue with women – lycan and human—willing to bend over for you anytime you want, but I’m a little more discerning with my tastes. Not just anyone can get me hot and bothered.”

“Is that right?” He moves closer; leaning into her space. Barely any room between them as he dips his head to lightly nuzzle her neck. He hears her heartbeat increase as his lips trace a path to whisper in her ear, “Because your scent is so heady right now, I can practically taste it.” He nips at her lobe as he slips a hand inside the waistband of her sweats but goes no further than just beneath the lining of her underwear. “I’m willing to bet if I checked, I’d find you soaked right now.” He moves his head back a little so he can stare directly into her eyes. “So which is it, Lucy? Will any lycan do or is it me that gets you hot and bothered?”

She answers by kissing him. He moves his hand away so he can grab hold of her as she wraps her legs around his waist. Neither breaking the kiss as he walks them to her bedroom. Only separating so he can place her on the bed.

They quickly remove their own clothes, but he leaves his jeans on knowing he needs the barrier to keep him from moving too fast. He wants to savor this moment for as long as possible. Lucy attempts to remove her panties but he stops her with another kiss. She lowers herself back onto the bed as he crawls over her. One of his hands reaches out to trace a path down her body, caressing one breast as his mouth teases the other. Eliciting a moan from her. Her hips lean up almost involuntarily as she is desperate for some much needed relief below.

His smiles against her skin. “Patience,” he tells her even as his hand dips lower. This time he finishes the journey he started in the living room. Easing one finger inside her as his thumb lightly brushes against her clit. She moans again. He was right; she is slick with desire. Finding it easy to place another finger inside, he begins to pump them to give her a little friction. “This can’t all be from being in heat. You’re practically dripping.” He is salivating at the thought of tasting her, but he wants answers. “What were thinking about before I got here? Tell me.”

Even as she whimpers at his touch, moving her hips in an effort to get more friction, she stubbornly refuses to admit anything to him. She never gives into him too easily. Never backs down from a challenge. It’s one of the things he loves about her. But right now that tenacity goes against his plans. The quicker she tells, the quicker he can start pleasing them both. “Tell me, and I’ll give you want you want.”

Finally, Lucy lets out a frustrated growl as she lifts her head to look at him. “I was thinking about you eating me!”

He can’t stop the wolfish grin forming on his face. “My pleasure.” Removing his fingers from her temporarily so he can hook both hands around her panties. Sliding them down teasingly as he follows their path with kisses along her skin. Throwing her underwear over his shoulder as he takes in the sight of her gorgeous naked body for a moment. Then he follows the path back up to where they both want him to be. Lucy watching his every move. He waits until their gaze locks, sure the heated desire he sees in her matches his own. He slowly licks along her slit before sucking on her clit. Pleased as he watches her head fall back down on her pillow as she gasps in more pleasure. He continues to feast on her, unable to contain his own moans at her taste. He could dine on her for life and never have his fill. His fingers join his tongue as his strokes have her begging for more.
Doesn’t take long before her orgasm comes crashing over her in a wave of rapture. Tim lifts his head to watch as she screams his name, but his fingers remain inside to let her finish riding out her bliss. Only when her panting starts to subside, and she opens her eyes to look at him, does he remove his fingers. He brings his hand to his mouth so he can lick the remains of her need for him as she watches.

He removes the last of his clothing; watching her eyes drift over him. As he stands before her naked, his hardening cock juts forward. She licks her lips as the sight of him. There will be time for that later. And he is certain there will be a later. But for now he wants to be inside where she needs him most. He leans forward to place a quick kiss on her lips, letting her taste herself. But before she can reach out to touch him, he moves back into a standing position.

As she is about to question him, he gruffly tells her, “Turn over.”

She smiles because she knows exactly what he is asking for. Maneuvering herself so her back is toward him as she braces herself on all fours. Parting her legs so he has a clear view of how eager her pussy is for him. Ready for him to mount her. She glances back over her shoulder with a teasing smile. “Is this what you want?”

He positions himself behind her and grabs hold of her hips as he tantalizingly eases the head of his cock inside her. As her heat envelops him, he has to restrain himself from pushing forward. First, he wants an answer to his earlier question. “Who do you want, Lucy? Another lycan or me?”

She tries to push back to bring him all the way inside her, but he holds her hips in place. Knowing he won’t relent, she tells him the truth. “You, Tim. I want you. Only you.” Her sincere tone changes quickly though to one of a rougher quality. “Now fuck me.”

He howls in laughter, but gladly does as she asks. As he plunges into her, he doesn’t think he’ll ever want to leave. “You’re so hot and tight. A cozy little den just for me.” He stays still letting them both adjust to the feel of him inside her. After a little while, he pulls out almost all the way before pushing back into her. As they start to build a rhythm, he knows he’ll never get over the sight of her ass in the air as his cock dives into her cunt. Can’t wait for more images to join his memory. On her back again as he makes love to her. On her knees as she swallows him. Looking down at him as he is on his own knees worshiping her again. Above him as she rides his cock. And so many more positions for them to try. He plans on using them all. Multiple times. Because now that they’ve started, they won’t be ending their mating anytime soon. This is not temporary.

After a couple more thrusts, he switches the angle which induces a new sensation for them both. Changing his depth a little each time. Repeating when he finds a particular motion that makes her release a long moan. She is so responsive to his moves. The talkative Lucy he knows morphs into one who now communicates in a series of moans, howls, whimpers, and even the occasional growl if he doesn’t give her what she wants in a timely manner. He loves every second of it.

Her hands grip her bed sheets as his one of his hands eagerly rubs her up and down her body. Circling around her to massage her breasts. Every nerve in her body feels like an electric charge is running through her in the most delicious way. She is close to the edge of coming again, but she needs more. Knowing her so well, Tim moves his hand down to rub her clit while he holds her steady and continues pounding her from behind. The dual sensations trigger her orgasm in rolling waves.

As she comes down from her high, she feels Tim all around her. He is keeping her from collapsing completely onto the bed while one hand gently strokes her back, neck, shoulders, anywhere he can reach. She can tell he is barely hanging in there, but it means everything that he wants her to be comfortable first. She wants to feel him come inside her. Wants to know she can bring him over the edge just as much as he can for her. Repositioning so she can brace herself again and nods for him to continue. Only a few more deep thrusts, and he reaches his own peak. Coming hard inside her. He leans forward as his hands intertwine with her own. Careful not to crush her as he places gentle kisses along her back. After a few moments, he pulls out of her.

She lays down on her side, stretching out on her bed completely sated. He lays down beside her, pulling her to him so her back is flush to his chest. He wraps his arm around her, lightly stroking her belly. Not willing to let her go. Needing to still be close to her. They rest this way for a while, letting their breathing return back to normal. Eventually, Lucy turns around to face him. She curls into his chest while he continues to hold her, laying his head down to rest above the top of hers. Traces soothing patterns along her back. Loving the feel of how easily she fits along his body.

“How long does your heat normally last?” It can be different for every lycan.

“Usually the full two weeks.”

“I’ll let Grey know we need the next few shifts off.” He never half-asses anything in his life. He certainly isn’t going to start now. Her only answer is a contented sigh as she cuddles against him so he takes that as tacit agreement, but he’ll be sure to check with her again later.

One thing he knows for certain is he won’t allow any other lycan the chance to get her hot and bothered. She is his.

Figures she won’t have a problem with that since he is just as much hers.

He wants the combined scent of them to linger on each other for days.





Every lycan for miles will know they belong to each other.