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Ocean's Treasure

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   A sweet August blush glows through the window, tiny dust particles dance in the quiet of the living room. The house is at peace, a gentle hush all around. With a sigh of content, Eijirou Kirishima lays his backpack down on the couch. He smiles tiredly; he had gotten lucky. After a night of no sleep, a long day of advanced placement classwork and even his extra curricular work, he had somehow managed to get home first. Good, he should still have about an hour to rest until his parents get back- the thought made his shoulders relax, his brow un-furrow.  One hour to enjoy his freedom; one hour before the yelling, screaming and violence ensues.

   Just as his eyes drift slowly closed, an aggravated curse calls from the other side of the front door. Eijirou sits bolt upright in a panic. They shouldn't be here yet! As he scrambles to get up and race to the top of the stairs, he hears his father growl from the doorway. He had just gotten to the top stop when his father snarls, "And where the fuck do you think you're going?"

   He gulps, turning to face the irate man. Eijirou was fairly big for a middle school kid, about 5'5" and 196 lbs, but he felt minuscule compared to his father. 6'8" and 275lbs, his father could scare the shit out of even an MMA fighter; his bulging eyes deranged with misplaced rage and hard liquor. No one could stand up to him physically, not that anyone was ballsy enough to try. Eijirou's only calming thought was that at least it was just his dad- if it was just his dad, maybe he could get away with a punch or two and he would let him go. If his mother were around, all hell would break loose. His father was a physical threat, but his mother could at least out rank him verbally. No one was more verbally abusive than his mother, so at least Eijirou only had to contend with one of them today. 

"You fuckin' deaf, you worthless piece of shit? Get down here, NOW!"


   Trying not to anger them further Eijirou quickly came back to the ground floor. "S-sorry sir," he whimpered.

   His father grunted, eyeing him as he placed his work helmet on the dining room table with an echoing thud. "Why isn't dinner made?"

   Eijirou's eyes fell to the floor. "I'm sorry dad. I just got home a minute ago and-"

"I don't need your goddamn life story, you shit! How many times do we have to have this talk? Dinner needs to be on the table when I walk through that fuckin' door, got it, brainless?"

   Eijirou frowned, trying to get the courage to speak. "B-but dad, I have my entrance exam to study for and-"

"You fuckin' talkin' back boy?!" his father roared, backhanding Eijirou in the jaw; the force of the blow knocking Eijirou to the ground. His vision blurred as he tried to sit upright. His jaw smarted as he went to feel for injures; it felt dislocated. A puddle of blood sat on the floor beside him. Shit, my teeth must have gotten my lip, he thought, gently brushing at it. He winced as he heard his mother's steps draw near.

"Oh get up, Eijirou. Never seen such a pathetic brat in all my life," she snapped under her breath. "Hiroto, if you're gonna waste your time bitchin', then just go do it yourself. And have more common sense, you lout- I'm tired of all the goddamn phone calls from the school about 'this bruise this, or that cut there,' if you're gonna beat 'em, then do it right! Or else deal with the fuckin' school yourself.. waste of a goddamn parent," she fumed, hauling Eijirou up by the arm hard.

"I don't remember asking for your advice, Yuna; and look who's talkin', ya bitch! You're probably the poster-child for two- faced, unbridled rage! Sometimes there doesn't even need to be a trigger! You just fly off the damn handle!" his father shouted.

"Ha? You gotta bone to pick with me, Mr. Father-of-the-Year?" his mother smirked venomously. She yanked Eijirou up by the arm into the middle of the conversation. "Let's see what he thinks! Go on Ei, why don't you tell your father what a waste of fucking space he is!" she laughed, pushing Eijirou closer to his father. Eijirou gaped up at his father's enraged features, shaking his head in refusal as quickly as his neck would allow. His father shoved Eijirou back toward his mother, who promptly moved out of the way and let him smash into a large curio cabinet. The glass windows shattered on impact, and the shelves with all their fragile inhabitants, came crashing down on top of him. Eijirou howled in pain, shards of glass cutting his arms, neck, chest and face.

   His mother kicked a shelf away from his face and glared down at him. "You will replace all of that. And clean it up. And you're grounded for a month. If I hear even a single bitch or moan about any of this, you'll never see the light of day again, got it?"

   Eijirou quietly began pulling glass out of his body, careful to curl up against the wall as his mother strode past and began stacking shelves on the floor. His father strutted over and grabbed him by his shirt collar, lifting him off the floor. He yelped, hands feebly trying to pry his father off of him. Eijirou felt something cold and sharp pierce his rib cage as his father pulled him up to eye level. "Mommy won't always get to intervene, just remember that kid. And you better not mention this to anyone at school; you remember what happened last time, don't you?" he sneered.

   Eijirou felt the shard of glass carve back and forth along his rib bone and bit his lip to prevent him from crying out. He nodded quickly and stifled a groan as his father dropped him and walked away. He trembled on his knees, his limbs numb and bloody. He gasped, trying to control his breathing and shut off his emotions for fear of crying. Before he could stand, his father peered around the corner.

"If dinner isn't ready in 15, you will regret it," he cooed a murderous, happy grin on his face.