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tona sonea

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great spirit
the universe is out there, somewhere
it exists, as stars do
and the spirit is the universe
it exists, as we do
they exist within, within reach

On the music teaser for Earthblade:

tona sonea
indena niona indena
seta nian
tonea nian indena
seta nian
nian awena

The contents of the explanation of the actual fanfic should not be regarded as a good way to learn linguistics. I'm just a lawnchair linguist, a conlanger, if that.

Let us pretend that Earthblade takes place some time after Rebel Nature.

Let us also pretend that, in Rebel Nature, although there may be land, the world that Res Waveborn knows is primarily composed of water. In this instance, if Res Waveborn and Scraper were to make a language, it may have a system that includes grammatical gender. Something that Waveborn seems to focus on is what is near, and what is beyond. If the language moves to land, this could potentially evolve into the aquatic and terrestrial genders.

Why I am looking for a plausible system of grammatical gender is that it may be necessary for the Earthblade poem - 'tona' looks suspiciously like 'tonea', as do 'nian' and 'niona', as if they were inflections of the same words.

Now that the aquatic/everyday and terrestrial/mythological genders exist, they can be matched up.

Assuming a Subject-Verb-Object word order (for some reasons, I didn't really like where VSO and SOV were going in terms of how things matched up), some things go well with this idea.

Let us pretend that 'tona sonea' and 'indena niona' have the same gender going on, and 'nian' is an inflection of 'niona' for a subject or subjects of the opposing gender. Let us also pretend that the former lines are based on Waveborn's mythological/unknown gender (which would become a terrestrial gender by Earthblade).

Waveborn could have named the universe mythologically, something beyond the sphere of the known.

tona/tonea was chosen to be 'spirit', because of Bionicle reasons.

Logic and creativity follow to produce the meaning of the English "translation".