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The Silent Inquisitor

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She had never spoken to anyone. She grew up in the woods, alone. Now she was in a dark room, being questioned by an angry woman.

"Who are you?" the woman demanded. She shrugged. Again. "You don't know who you are?" the woman glared at her. This time, instead of shrugging, she used her hands to spell out Tharanil. "Tharanil?" Tharanil was taken aback. Most people did not know her sign language. She nodded. "And you have no idea why you have that green mark on your hand?" Tharanil shook her head.

"Cassandra!" another woman burst into the room. "It's getting worse. We have to do something!" Cassandra sighed, and unlocked the chains around her hands, tying them with rope. Tharanil stood up, and Cassandra lead her out of the dark room. As she stepped into the brightness, Tharanil noticed that in the sky, a green vortex had appeared, and chaos had strewn the landscape.

"Come on, we have to get to the breach!" Cassandra led her through a small town, and out. They followed a road that led to the breach. They came across a small breach, flooding the area with demons. Soldiers lay dead or dying everywhere. Tharanil franticly searched for a weapon while Cassandra hacked and sliced through the demon army. Tharanil noticed a bow and a quiver lying on a supply crate. She grabbed it. She had experience with a bow, so she nocked an arrow, and loosed it. Arrows sprouted out of demons, and Tharanil didn't know if all of them where hers.

Cassandra killed the last demon. Tharanil felt someone grab her hand and thrust it into the mini breach. Her eyes widened in surprise, her mouth open in an 'O'. The mini breach convulsed, shrinking into nothingness. The other hand fell away, and Tharanil stared at hers.

"Solas! What are you doing?" Tharanil turned to face an elf, leaning on his staff. The elf shrugged.

"I thought that the mark would close the rift. I was right." Tharanil could detect smugness in Solas's voice.

"Isn't anyone going to thank me?" Tharanil turned again, but saw no one. A sigh, then the voice spoke again. "Down here." Tharanil looked down. A dwarf stood there, holding a crossbow.

"Varric! You're not supposed to be here!" Cassandra yelled.

"So, you're not going to thank me? And here I was thinking you liked me." Tharanil could see the dwarf Varric's easy going, joking nature, and from what she knew about Cassandra, could tell that they did not get along.

"Varric.. Aaargh!" Cassandra turned away from the newcomers, shaking her head. "Fine. Your help will be... welcome."

Varric clapped Solas on the back and said, "All right! Let's take these demons out!"

Solas readied his staff, Varric his crossbow, and Cassandra her sword. There was some debate about if Tharanil should get a weapon, but eventually they decided to let her have her bow. Fighting through waves of demons, they came across a second rift. Solas told her how to close it, and they continued on.

They approached the breach, and more demons poured out of it. They reached a bridge, where fortifications had been made against the demons. "Cassandra! Thank the Maker!" The other woman from the dark room. She had clearly been arguing with a man in a white robe.

"What is it, Leliana?" Cassandra looked around. Several solders where there, along with some people in white robes, with the symbol of a sun adorning there hats and robes.

"We have too options. We can ford the mountains to get to the breach, or organize a full on assault on the breach." The man Leliana had been arguing with stood up, and they continued bickering.

"Let Tharanil decide."