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Riddles in the Dark

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Heath stirred from his languid position on the living room couch at the sound of the subtle noise he knew all too well. He knew better than to break the strange blue silence that accompanied the early, early morning hours- still, though, wouldn’t hurt to have another drink…

Instinctively, Heath’s fingertips brushed the rim of his wineglass on the side table. With a slight groan he stood up, purposely leaving his back to the apartment door as he topped off his glass with the rest of the Merlot bottle he’d set on the coffee table earlier in the evening.

A sudden presence behind him made the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end- and the rough hands gently pressing on his shoulders made him shiver.

“Hello, doctor.”

Heath grinned and settled into the embrace as the presence ran its hands down his chest and set its head on his own. “Hello, love.” He set his glass down and shrugged his shoulders free so he could properly hold his lover’s hands, bringing them briefly to his lips to kiss them- a movement so natural, so fluid that it was over in an instant- before flicking the couch’s side lamp on. “Got some time off, then, Evar?”

Evar’s gravelly chuckle resonated through Heath’s body. “Once in a blue moon, darling… busy season for arms dealers this year.”

“I never can tell if you’re joking.”

Evar laughed. “Maybe an exaggeration. Maybe not. You’re no saint,” he mumbled, leaning his head around to kiss Heath’s temple.

“Mm. So,” Heath gently twisted around to face Evar, draping his arms loosely around the other man’s broad shoulders, “What’ll it be tonight? A heated few hours of passion, or a lovely early morning spent butchering some hapless strangers?”

Evar pulled Heath forward and pressed his lips to Heath’s own. Between kisses, he muttered, “I’ve been at work all day… you make a guess.”

Heath allowed himself a small giggle.

“Sounds like you guessed right,” Evar murmured, pulling himself even closer to Heath as he ran his fingers around his shirt collar, starting to undo the top buttons.

Heath let out a pleased sigh. “Alright, big man, bedroom.”

Undeterred, Evar flexed his arms and scooped Heath up, bridal-style, and swept towards the bedroom door without a word.

The lock clicked with a small snck.



Evar’s eyes flickered open. He glanced over Heath’s head beside him at the bedside clock- four thirty-seven in the damn morning. He groaned, and twisted around to face the window before drawing his legs over the side of the bed.

Heath mumbled something incomprehensible and pulled the covers over his shoulders.

With a stretch and another groan, Evar stood up and groggily put his pants on before stumbling slightly to the balcony door.

The rush of cool summer wind and distant city noise brought a small sigh to his lips- exhaling gently, Evar leaned onto the balcony railing and took out a cigarette, lighting it absently and taking the first drag slow and smooth.

For a few minutes, the city lights shone through a smoky haze like a collection of lighthouses adrift in the sky. Evar thumbed at his most recent scar- a curved slash on the back of his other hand, still a little red around the edges- and then reached into his pants pocket for another cigarette.

Behind him, in his red bathrobe, Heath padded over to his side and took the cigarette from his lips, pressing it to his own for one quick drag before holding it back out to Evar.

“Smoking kills, darling,” he said teasingly, before taking it. “Shame on you.”

Heath hmmm ed. “At least you’re out here doing it.”

“I’m aware of the ‘no smoking in bed’ rule, darling, even though I frankly don’t give a damn about what the owners think,” Evar grumbled. “We all have our vices.”

“Very astute, Evar, but you don’t have to come home to this place every night.” Heath hesitated, before adding, “I wish you would, though.”

Evar looked away and took another long, silent drag from the quickly disintegrating cigarette. “Not the kind of job you ask for vacation days from. Much less leave.”

“I know. Still doesn’t stop me from fantasizing about being a house-husband who cooks for you anyways.”

Evar barked out a laugh. “You’d do the cleaning too?”

“Don’t push it, love.”

Leaning towards Heath, Evar kissed his forehead gently and lay his hand on top of Heath’s own. “Won’t be pushing anything you don’t want, darling. I’m going to get some more sleep.”

As Evar slipped back inside the bedroom, Heath crossed his arms and laid them across the railing, staring into the night-morning mist. A faint smile skipped across his face.

A few minutes later, Heath joined his lover in the warm sea of blankets inside, where they stayed until the sun was well over the horizon.